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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  February 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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breaking news, donald trump wins big in the nevada caucuses. 94% of the precincts reporting. 94%. 45.9%. out front by a mile, out front by ten miles. the real question, who will come in second. and right now marco rubio has the edge. 23.8%. ted cruz pulling in the rear at 21.5%. trump triumphed in nearly every county. trump was hugely popular among voters who say they're angry, dissatisfied with the federal government and among those who say they want the next prettysit to be an outsider. in his victory speech trump was ecstatic about his win. >> we won with evangelicals, we
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won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. we're the smartest people, the most loyal people, and you know what i'm really happy about because i've been saying it for a long time. 46% with hispanics. number one with hispanics. i'm really happy about that. >> he is happy. the win in nevada puts trump well ahead of the delegate count. he now has 20 more than all of the other candidates combined. now they look at the biggest cache yet, super tuesday next week. >> joining us to break down the nevada results and the numbers looking forward, cnn political reporter tal kopan. again, i think people are going to wake up going wow.
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they went to sleep and the results weren't in. maybe they heard donald trump was ahead or leading. this is a blow out. nearly 46%. >> yeah. in fact, it was such a blowout, pretty much everyone called it at 12:00 a.m. on the dot eastern time. it was without a doubt've then. the polls showed that he was up by a lot going into the caucuses, but nevada polling is sort of notoriously difficult and off a little bit. it wasn't off. he won by a lot. and there are a lot of folks in the republican establishment this morning wondering if there's any reality left to a notion that someone could take him down. he certainly seems to be on a roll and there's no indication that he's going to stop. >> he won new hampshire and south carolina and now nevada. he said, look, people are going to try to add everybody else up
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and say, look, somebody else could beep beet donald trump, but no way. take a listen. >> tonight we have 45%, 46%, and tomorrow we'll be hear, you know, if they could take the over candidates and add them up and if you could add them up because you know the other candidates amount to 55%. so if they could -- they keep forgetting that when people drop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. you know, they keep forgetting. they don't say it. >> i mean you point out, you can't really put a ceiling on trump support. >> absolutely. you know. he's right. and, of course, his naysayers are right, too, in a sense, that there is a scenario where if all the other candidates drop out and there's one candidate that can consolidate their support, it is possible that that person who probably in most cases would be marco rubio. he's in the best position for it right now.
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when you start to run the numbers and they about that scenario if ted cruz were to drop out of the race at some point, which there's no indication he's going any time soon, if he were, a lot of that support might go to trump. donald trump is not wrong in that case. so while it's certainly possible someone can hang in long enough until moderate states can start to vote and rack up counts, it's possible he puts it away. >> want to point out wut thing, nevada is a caucus state with very low turnout. turnout, i think, is double wait was four years ago, so donald trump is drawing more voters and still winning big. let's talk about ted cruz. we've been talk about marco rubio. he did take the stage last night. he said this is all about super
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tuesday next tuesday. let's listen to what he said. >> i've been told folks in nevada like their guns. as a texan, i understand. let me tell you something. you look at those super tuesday states, they like their guns too. and if you want to protect that second amendment to stop a liberal justice from reading the second amendment out of the bill of rights ask yourself who has led the fight to defend the second right to keep and bear arms. >> super tuesday coming up. ted cruz. you know, you can see 155 delegates at stake in his home state. rick tyler said texas is a must-win state but it will be a battle. >> absolutely. you know, a lot of the polling coming out, it's a little bit
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all over the map but most of it shows donald trump ahead almost everywhere and texas is absolutely a must-win for ted cruz. it's a home state. he mentioned it in his concession speech last night, saying it's going to be good go back there and sleep in his own bed tonight. it is a must-win for him. sometimes they give out the worst week in washington awards. you can argue that ted cruz is up for that this week. he was battered by both sides on this dishonest city issue and had to fire a staffer. it turned out to be completely wrong and he finishes a third most likely and gives this tired deflated speech about moving on to super tuesday.
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>> you did not hear from marco rubio last night. he left. he was out campaigning. getting a good night's rest so he'll be on tv this morning trying to tout what looks to be a number two position in nevada. the five remains will meet head to head in the next gop debate. that's tomorrow night in houston, texas. it will be only on cnn. there was another big cnn event. they made their final pick to voters just a few days before their primary. cnn town hall event. we saw some new strategies, new line. a new campaign direction. wheel break it down next. the future belongs to the fast.
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breaking news. we're follow the caucus results. donald trump with a soiled win, 45.9%. it's becoming clear who won second place. marco rubio a couple of thousand vote ahead of ted cruz. ben carson and john kasich in single digits. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, you add up all their votes, still less than donald trump. big. also overnight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their case. both confronted racial issues in
2:13 am
a state where african-americans, they will play a major role in the democratic primary which is on saturday. right now polls show "headline news" right now polls show hillary clinton with the lead. they've asked why she's not released the tran scripts of page speeches she gave to wall street banks. cnn correspondent jeff has more on that. >> the topic of her paid speeches to goldman sachs and other wall street firms has been one of the issues throughout the course of this campaign. take a listen to what bernie sanders said about the paid speeches he has or hasn't given.
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>> look, it's against the law. i have given paid speeches way, way back that was donated to charity. it's way, way back. if i can find the transcripts, i'll be happy to give iet. hillary clinton said she'll do it if everyone else. well, i'm happy do it. here it is, chris. there ain't none. >> hillary clinton said a different standard is being used for her. she said she would only give up her transcripts if others did the same. listen to her explain. >> all the more reason to move this as an issue. you know everybody's not going to bring up transcripts. >> why is there one standard for me and not everybody else, chris? at some point, look, i'm on record. i have a record. it certainly is far different from the republicans because they think actually and have said the cause of the a great recession was too much regulation which is an absolute
2:15 am
joke. i have been up front and strong on this issue for a long time, as strong, i would argue, as my esteemed opponent. so you know what? if things are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field and i'm happy if that were the case. >> now, this is just one of the issues driving this democratic campaign. of course, a lot of bernie sanders supporters are concerned about this. hillary clinton has a commanding lead in south carolina. it's hard to believe any minds may have been changed by this democratic town hall. bernie sanders is going to be campaigning in super tuesday states. john and christine? >> thank you for that. let's bring back cnn politics reporter tal kopan. this is a demographic that hillary clinton crushed bernie sanders with in nevada, nearly
2:16 am
3/1. bernie sanders, now making a concerted effort for outreach. he backed jesse jackson twice in the 1980s. got arrested protesting for equality and civil rights in the 1960s and he talked about that arrest last night. let's listen. >> my answer would be to the kids. they would say, think hard. what do you believe. what kind of community, what kind of country do you want us to be? and are you prepared to fight for that? are you prepared to take on very powerful special interests in order to achieve the vision that you have. >> so obviously bernie sanders knows he has to make up some ground soon. >> yeah, absolutely. you saw him working that in to several of his answers. like you mentioned, he brought up that arrest. and, of course, the photo from him getting arrested just
2:17 am
surfaced in the past week and so it's sort of been in the news and he skille slippfully slip t and he turned it into a conversation about gop constructionism and what he blames as racism. so he was really trying to speak to african-american voters last night and it would be unfair to say he hasn't been speaking to them to a certain extent on the campaign trail this whole time but we're definitely seeing a concerted effort from him in the past few weeks to try to close that gap with him and last night he sort of slipped it in wherever he could in a way to reach out to them. >> and hillary clinton has a gap to close with bernie sanders and that is with young people, particularly young women. there was a young law school student who talked to -- asked a question of hillary clinton and asked her why does hillary
2:18 am
clinton think young people are not energized by the clinton campaign. listen to what she said. >> what do you think has been causing this common generational gap i see between your supporters and bernie sanders supporters? >> i'm not sure, to be honest. i want you to know if you end up supporting me, i will support you. i will support the young people of this country because that has been my life's work. >> something that strikes me about that particular exchange and sort of this idea among young women the idea that the first female president isn't resonating with them. for that young woman, tal, probably most of her life she only remembers a female secretary of state, for example. there's already been such a trail blaze for women. the way gen x women feel is
2:19 am
different than millennial women. >> yeah. you heard her speaking to the young woman about her student loan issue. you can see the frustration. of course, bernie sanders is a few years older than her. it's not like he's captured that electricity because of his age. it's because of his campaign message and strategy and she hasn't been able to tap into that excitement. you mention feminism and her potentially being the first woman president which she mentioned subtly but can't run on. when asked about it, she says, of course, true feminism is a woman being able to make up her mind about who to vote for on the merits and not necessarily because there's a woman running. so it's hard for her to make a pitch. you have to support her because she would be ground break because, of course, the truth is people should be able to make up their minds and that's the
2:20 am
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sweeping to a victory with the
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nevada caucuses. 96% of the precinct results in. marco rubio has pulled ahead of ted cruz by a couple thousand. ben carson and john kasich in single-digit votes. right now in kalamazoo, m, 45-year-old shooter was charged. authorities say the gunman did not have a gun license. one victim was shot while protecting her children from the shooting. a witness told cnn what she saw. >> at first i actually thought she had tripped because she was right near the curb. >> she fell right there. >> yes. so i thought she had tripped. and then she kept asking about her babies and saying why did he shoot me.
2:26 am
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breaking news this morning. they're still counting votes in nevada. the nevada caucus, donald trump with a huge, huge win there. there is a battle for second place. marco rubio has moved out in front of ted cruz. the votes are still coming in, and we are counting them live. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling it out on the cnn town hall stage, each laying out new strategies ahead of a crucial primary. we'll tell you what those
2:31 am
strategies are. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. we have so much going on. breaking news this morning. donald trump wins big. not just big. huge in the caucuses in nevada. with 96% of the precincts reporting, he's got nearly 46% of the vote. there's been a question over the last few hours about whou would come in second. marco rubio has moved ahead of ted cruz, very than two points ahead of ted cruz. back in single digits, ben carson and john kasich. i have to say this. the big story is absolutely donald trump. he won every county in the state. it shows he was hugely popular among the voters who are angry at the government. they want a next president to be an outsider. donald trump crushed it there. he gave his victory speech a couple of hours ago.
2:32 am
he was clearly ecstatic. let's listen. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated -- i love the poorly educated. we're the smaefrt people, we're the most loyal people. and you know what i i'm really happy about because i've been saying it for a long time. 46% f were the hispanics. 46%, number one with hispanics. i'm really happy about that. >> i'm really happy, he says. the win in nevada gives donald trump a pretty comfortable delegate lead right now. he has twice as many as all the other candidates combined. now all these candidates look ahead to super tuesday next week with so many more. >> joining us to break this down, cnn politics reporter tal
2:33 am
kopan. good morning, good day or good evening to you because you've been up all night. this is another decisive victory. with all of those people who have been looking for an establishment insurgeon says are just not getting it. donald trump is clearly resonated here. >> absolutely. and you see his numbers only grow. we kept talking about some sort of ceiling for donald trump. oh, he can't break 30 in a poll, oh, he can't break 40, and now we're past polls and into primaries and caucuses and he's continuing defy expectations. there doesn't seem to be the anchor around his neck that the pun dentary and others would have occur. the candidates are fighting with each other more than they've been fighting with donald trump, clawing their way into second place hoping if everyone drops
2:34 am
out, maybe they could take trump on. while it's not possible, it's not clear. >> he just wins category after category. almost any way you slice the demograph demographic, hes with winning there except when you look in at recently decided voters. they tended to go for marco rubio. and people who want or value experience in their commander in chief, again, marco rubio. everything else was donald trump. >> that's right. you know, he keeps bringing up that stat about how hispanics went toward him. it's a very small sample size but that's what it shoes and once again it defies conventional wisdom about the comments he's made about illegal immigration and building the wall on the border and having mexico pay for it and the comments he made about mexicans early on in the campaign saying they were rapists and things
2:35 am
like that. it hasn't sullied him at all with voters, it seems. and, yes, he actually won the latino vote in nevada when you had two in the race who could potentially be the first. it simply defies expectations left and right. >> everyone says they need a winning field. if you look at the math from last night if you add up ted cruz and marco rubio, you still don't get to donald trump. if you look at the total vote and the percentages from last night and add up all of marco rubio's votes it's still less than the number of votes picked up by donald trump. let's talk about next tuesday, super tuesday, a treasure trove of delegates at stake there. what do these other guys do to stay in the game? >> that's right. stay in the game is the perfect word for it because right now
2:36 am
they're not pledging a victory. if you ask marco rubio when are you going to win a state, he demers. you know, his campaign believes until he's the only one left standing he probably won't win a state, which is a stunning admission when you think about it. it showed him way ahead, but, of course, we only only got a small percentage of the total that will beal indicated over time. the strategy is stay close. pick up delegates in every state here and there. try to keep that margin low and hope that later in the calendar when you've got more moderate states voting and winner take all so the winner -- doesn't matter by what percentage. that's the hope that the establishment candidate can kind of pull away with it then. again, it's not clear if that's a likely scenario anymore. it's still possible. >> and hope is all they have because they certainly don't have the numbers.
2:37 am
they're not getting numbers. they just aren't. you're not going to hear from marco rubio. we didn't hear from him because he was on plane going to other states and he left going to super tuesday. we did hear from ted cruz though. let's listen to what he said last night. >> at this point history teaches us nobody has won the nomination without the primaries. donald trump and us. the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> he got some low marks for that. he seemed kind of low energy. >> yes. to borrow a phrase coined by donald trump, that was the words we kind of put on that speech. it's understandable he's tired. it was very late in the night if
2:38 am
you've been on east coast time and i can attest to the fact it's grueling. but, still, when you're trying to tell your supporters, it's not over and you're still very much in the race, you really don't want to seem deflated. he is right, of course. he is the only candidate that's won a race besides 2ku7 at this point. of course, he won in iowa, the first caucus state. since then, no one else has beaten donald trump. and, so, yes, history tells us that it's really not the case, that usually someone who doesn't win one of those first states goes on to win the nomination. he has a point there. of course, donald trump has won three auto of four. so it's a limited point to make. >> history is a guide until it's not. this campaign is one of those that -- i don't know. i wouldn't put history on it. >> well said. >> i've got to say, the cnn die bait will be huge. tal, thank you so much we had a big convenient last night.
2:39 am
bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they were on stage at a town hall. they flashed new strategies with how to deal with each other and also with voters. we will discuss next. ♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? to be ready is to anticipate. prepare. emergency lights, alarm panel. ready. ready? ready. ready is safe. you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do.
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all right. the breaking news this hour, counting the votes in nevada. the results coming back from the republican caucuses and donald trump is way, way ahead, 22 points ahead of his nearest challenger. this is a blowout. there's been a little bit of a race for second place all night. marco rubio pulling ahead of ted cruz. but, look. you add up all their votes and it still doesn't equal donald trump. ben carson and john kasich in
2:44 am
single digits. hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a south carolina pollipoll i ing. chris cuomo asked secretary clinton whoo why she's not heeded sanders' call to release transcripts of those paid speeches she gave to wall street bankers. she said she would do it if all the other candidate including the republicans did so. >> why is there one standard for me and not for everybody else, chris? you know, at some point, you know, look, i'm on record. i have a record. it's certainlily far different from republicans because they think actually and have said the cause of the great recession was too much regulation on wall street which has been absolutely a joke.
2:45 am
i have been up front for a long time. if people are going to ask for things, everybody should be on a level playing field. >> bernie sanders said, sure, he'd turn over all of his transcripts to wall street banks because there ain't none. here they are. chris did not catch them, by the way. >> i want to bring us back to cnn political tal kopan. it's not that he's ever been running against obama out loud but he seemed to go out of his way last night to cozy up to the president. i want to listen to one thing. >> literally, literally, it turns out, on the day obama was inaugurated, they said what can we do. they can obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, make it as difficult as he could to do anything. now, we have had to fight
2:46 am
through that, and i've been at the president's side time and time again and this is on top of this birther issue which we've heard from donald trump and others, a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. >> he said no one has asked me for my birth certificate because i'm white. >> this is a different tone for bernie sanders. >> for sure. part of it is that hillary clinton has been hitting him pretty hard over the past several weeks for supposedly not supporting president obama in the past. she brings up the fact that in 2012 he brought someone from the left to run against him as an incumbent and there's a book blurb he wrote. he wrote this favorable blurb for the cover. so it really hasn't looked good for him in a democratic
2:47 am
electorate that's still very favorable and as he tried to make up ground with african-american voters, hillary clinton is beating him with minority voters and those two things seem to be effective. we see him now making an emphasis to not only embrace barack obama but also talk about his bona fides with the minority community and what he can do for african-americans and sa thatso that's why you saw him, who he might pick for a nominee and who his past favorite justice was. >> for her it was to connect with the voters, try to show a personal connection. she, too, got a question about race that many of her supporters this morning are saying was one of her strongest moments. let's listen to that, tal. >> my question to you is what do you intend to do to help fix the broken relations in our nation?
2:48 am
>> we have serious challenges, and i think it's important for people, particularly white people, to be honest about those, and to recognize that our experiences may not equip us to understand what a lot of our african-american fellow citizens go through every single day. >> in south carolina i think in the polls she's ahead of sanders maybe 2/1 with african-american vot voters. >> that right. she began wearing her hair naturally and feels like people treat her differently for it. clinton at the end of her answer made a little comment about it and encouraging her to continue to wear her hair how she liked and also over the course of that answer on a much more serious note, she had a group of women stand in the audience. she fehred to them as mothers of the movement. she lost children to gun violence even at the hands of
2:49 am
the police and random senseless acts and she spoke to their plight and spoke to their understanding of where they came from. it was a very effective answer from her. and for a candidate who over the course of time has been told she needs to come off as more human, more warm, this night offered her a few opportunities to do that. >> all right. tal kopan. a big night. >> thank you. you get to go sleep for the first time since saturday. >> yes, thanks. >> let's look at what's coming up on "new day." >> donald trump scores another big victory. he wins with across-the-board support. so we will break down all of the different demographic groups that he won over as his rivals make a big push for super tuesday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both looking for votes as you've been talking about in
2:50 am
last night's cnn town hall moderated by chris. we'll get both campaigns to weigh in on how they think they did as well as chris. another bought of deadly weather in the south. several states rocked by a band of violent storms. we'll have the amazing pictures to show you and the latest on the cleanup and still the recovery efforts there when we see you in ten minutes. >> those pictures are unbelievable. thank you. >> donald trump with this big, big win in the nevada caucuses. i think there's a new batch of votes being approached as we speak. we're tracking it. first, you heard ailallisyn talg about it. stay with us. there are real pee trusting you with their hard-earned money.
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breaking news, donald trump sweeping to a victory. resounding victory in the nevada
2:55 am
caucuses. here we go. 96% have reported donald trump the clear winner. the only contest was for number two. marco rubio claiming second place over ted cruz. ben carson, john kasich way back with only single-digit support. three big, big wins for donald trump. >> we also have more breaking news. deadly storms tearing through the south. more than a dozen tornadoes reports in three states with one fatality confirmed in mississippi. two others in louisiana. look at the destruction in pensacola. tornados tore through homes with six people injured and leaking gas overnight. just devastation there. more than 160 homes mangled by a tornado. two fatalities reported with seven other people critically injured. residents there during just an
2:56 am
awful, awful night. >> i was lying down in bed with my dog and all of a sudden i heard a big rumbling sound. the whole entire house started shaking. i knew there was a tornado. i ran to go to the bathroom, and my mom's fiance was already running into the bathroom and his parents were. i got in the bathtub with my dog. they were praying, and i was crying, and i was so scared. i mean the house would not stop shaking the whole entire time. it was just terrible. >> it had to be terrifying. in nearby prairieville, this is all that's left of a gold's gym. this is a customer who was working out when the tornado came through. >> it gets so bad when the roof of the gym you're working out blows off including the walls, especially when you're doing curls. >> in mississippi a 73-year-old
2:57 am
man was killed when his home was crushed by a tornado. look at these homes. >> san antonio, hundreds of windows broken and rooftops damaged. dow futures down after a rough day yesterday. oil dropping $30 a barrel. shares in asia also lower overnight. oil has a choke hold on the stockmarket and the correlation between the two has never been closer. we saw it hit a recent bottom and rebound. this is not normal. over the last decade, the correlation, that number has been near zero. until this relationship ends you can expect more wild swings for oil and stocks. one analyst tells us there's nothing on the planet more volatile right now than oil
2:58 am
prices. >> except maybe the presidential race. donald trump with a huge win in the nevada caucuses. just a few votes left to count. now the question is can anything and anyone stop donald trump. "new day" starts now. now we're winning, winning, winning. i didn't just become a conservative when i thought about running for president. >> the only a campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> i love the poorly educated. >> i support the young people of this country. >> every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me it's proved to be nothing. >> psycho analyst would have an
2:59 am
interesting time with donald trump. >> do you see that? i can see the top of the tornado. the door started sucking in. >> the whole entire house started shaking. i was so scared. this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". chris is in south carolina. michaela and i are here in new york. we do begin with breaking news. because donald trump winning big in nevada. this is his third consecutive victory heading into super tuesday. final votes still being counted. trump blowing away his closest competitors by a nearly 2-1 margin. marco rubio and ted cruz in a tight fight for second. no signs of anyone coalescing an alternative to trump. >> too the big question, can anyone stop the billionaire's accelerating march to the republican nomination? democrats in the game hitting
3:00 am
the final stretch here in south carolina. we have a 2016 race covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with sara murray live in vegas. sara. >> reporter: good morning, chris. this is what you call a blowout for donald trump. he has proven he can win in the conservative south in south carolina. last night he proved he can win in a western state. his rivals are still squabbling about who is best equipped to take on trump. donald trump emerging victorious for the third contest in a row. we love nevada. we love nevada. >> 46% with the hispanics. number one with the hispanics. >> we won with


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