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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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it's sure to be a spirited debate, right. thanks so much for joining me today. at ♪ hello everyone. i'm kate baldwin. >> and we begin with a degree of political mayhem. first, take a look at this. this hopefully is the debate hall at houston, a live look where tomorrow night five candidates will try to sell ideas, settle scores or perhaps all of the above. now, look at this. in a few minutes inside this building in virginia, we will see the man with the math and the momentum, donald j. trump. this is his first event after the mayhem he caused in nevada. not just a win, a big win. >> how big you ask?
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if you ad up all the votes for marco rubio and ted cruz, it's still less than what donald trump won. that is three straight wins now for donald trump. and now a very real possibility, fear, hope, depending on where you stand, that trump really is unstoppable. and here in virginia beach, virginia. so, phil, donald trump, very happy as he heads to virginia today? >> reporter: well, guys, donald trump will be here in about an hour speaking with pat robertson. and first a speech of his own and then speaking with pat robertson. one of the big questions is donald trump inevitable? obviously a sweeping victory in nevada. this will be the first of a number of visits down south for donald trump, all sort of pointed towards that sec
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primary. this was supposed to be when ted cruz was going to strike, head nothing to that sec primary. has a ton of staff in that area and yet you look at every single poll and donald trump is up by double digits. there's lot of concern that he's right on the verge of putting this entire thing away. so,io you have ted cruz with a full week ahead. and marco rubio has a ton of big name donors flowing his way. is there anybody that can get in the way of donald trump and stop him? for ted cruz, it's now, for marco rubio, a couple weeks from now and in the winner take all in ohio and florida. and you can't forget, john kasich, the ohio governor and ben carson, the retired neurosurgeon still in this race. i think a lot of people thinking that time might be running out. >> definitely running short, i think a lot of folks are
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starting to think. great to see you. we'll keep an eye on that event when donald trump heads there today. let's discuss more about the state of the rarace. margaret hoover and steve ministery. a former advisor to rand paul's campaign. can we say super tuesday. hello, everybody. so, margaret, to sum up what happened last night. wow. >> wow. wow can be an exclamation point or terrifying. look, this is donald trump's to lose. anybody with their head screwed on right has to admit this is donald trump's to lose. marco rubio and ted cruz may not understand that. it seems to me that they're really focussed on each other and feel if they can knock the other out, they can get together just enough of the mainstream
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coalition to by the way, not win. block and tackle and keep trump from getting the 2700 delegates he needs for the election. but nobody thinks cruz or rubio can win the sheer volume they need to win. >> if you look at the entrance polls -- first of all, it was a blowout period. if you look at moderates, conservatives, latinos, didn't matter about education and income level. donald trump won, period. so, is margaret right? do these guys need to get off their chairs and go after donald trump instead of each other? and will we see this in tomorrow night's debate. do they need to go after each other tomorrow night? >> well, there's no question donald trump is the frontrunner. there's a poll just out yesterday where donald trump is
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at 36%. if you look at the national polls, he's consistently in the low 30s to high 39s. so, 2/3 of the party is still against trump. and there's more delegate said in texas than the previous states combined. >> there are but depending on which poll, it's a close race and donald trump is near the top. it's proportional alication here in texas. even if ted cruz wins. even if he wins tksexatexas, no getting 155 delegates. >> it is a winner take all by congressional district. if you go back to september and october, donald trump led ted cruz in texas. donald trump's numbers actually have come down. so, ted cruz will win the state of texas. it will be oo life preserver for
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him. the problem is they keep your head above water but don't necessarily get you to shore. so his problem is in the other southern states. >> you are the former chair of the republican party in texas. how important is this indorsement from the texas governor right now coming cruz's way? >> it's very important. governor abbott is very, very popular. he has a great organization. ted cruz is very popular and something else, most of the vote in texas will be in by this friday. an estimated 55%. a third of the vote is already in. i checked last night here in harris county, 110,000 votes were already in as of yesterday. so, ted cruz already has a lead here in texas and i expect he will win somewhere between 90 and 110 delegates out of 155.
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>> he has had an impressive organization all the way. what about marco rubio? where's he going to win? >> none of the states for the march 1st ballot speak to a marco rubio clear run away. flal f florida is the first place he's going to go all in, although trump is doing very well there. if you look at tennessee, georgia where rubio is polling well and hopefully they can spin that and say we can demonstrate we have strong second but i don't think there's any place he can win on march 1st. >> he is confident as of march 15th. listen to what he said.
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>> i think what people need to understand about these contests between now and march 15th. they all award delegate sas. that's where you have to start winning states. and we feel comfortable where we're going to be come march 15th. >> where does that confidence come from? >> he's trying to say look i may not win any of these states but i'm going to start accumulating delegates and hopefully it will be enough to keep donald trump from getting the number he needs to win. >> define what win means. >> the best hope we have to not having a donald trump nominee after march 15th is a contested convention where you have enough delegates accumulated to block donald trump from getting nominated. . the fact is he has so much momentum and energy heading in
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his direction. >> steve, i know you were quoting ted cruz's 55% of the people voting but the fact remains the field is what it is and he won in new hampshire, conservative evangelical south carolina, the wild west of nevada. he's sort of won everywhere with different types of voters and different types of places. texas aside, cruz may have a home court advantage but texas aside, can't donald trump compete everywhere? >> if you look at the head-to-head match ups, between say trump and marco rubio. if those two are only in the race, rubio is actually in front of him. if you won every single delegate from now up until march 15th, that doesn't give you 50%. there's only 728 delegates.
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so, there's plenty of time. i happen to work in the 1976 regan campaign. and ronald regan lost every primary from january to may from iowa to texas except for north carolina. it looked absolutely hopes all and then he went on a winning streak. so, if he can get a one on one, he definitely has a chance. ted cruz has taken body blows. with two 3rd place finishes. if they coaless around marco rubio, you could have this down to the convention. >> and what does this look like? the debate on thursday? how does all of this shake out on the debate stage? >> i think you have clear indications tru s he is going r trump. apparently the gloves are coming
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off. nobody wins in a one on one with trump. somebody is going to have to land a punch on him, if they can't, there's no way they can take on hillary clinton. that's sort of what this demonstrates and to be clear, by march 15th, 50% of the delegates will have been chosen. they put a bunch of winner take all states. there's in fact no reason to think it will go to convention as long as it's are going to donald trump's way because there are so many winner take all states stacked up against it. and march 15th, it's much harder for a rubio or cruz. >> he said they have to land a punch. marco rubio hasn't even landed a punch. does he need to start doing that? >> well, right now his race is with ted cruz, as far as i'm concerned. there's a contest within a contest. but when he gets to that point,
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i think a key punch is donald trump's favorability rating is only 16%. in the state of texas, 39% of our residents are of hispanic descent. 29% of our registered voters. we won the hispanic vote, john cornern won it 49-48. governor patrick got 46%. in texas, if we do not split the hispanic vote, you could lose texas and its 38 electeral votes and i think marco rubio and others will make the point you can't have a candidate that shuts down the hispanic vote. >> it was a small sample size. he did win the latino vote. >> 8%. >> i'm just saying it's out there. >> and you're seeing ted cruz
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move more towards donald trump on the issue of deportations of the illegal immigrants. >> and let's not go away thinking donald trump can win all of these hispanic voters. this is not going to make in -- >> they didn't vote against him though. >> a, they're hispanic republicans and 8%, guys. it's like 2500 votes. this is not going to bode well for a national election or even be a forecaster. >> mathanks so much. and everybody, the five remaining republican candidates will meet head-to-head in the next gop debate tomorrow night in houston, texas. wolf blitzer will be nominating. this is a cnn moderated presidential debate. at 8:30 p.m. trump will speak after his
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big win in nevada. and you saw it behind steve, that's tomorrow night. plus, let's call it the carbon copy accusation. bernie sanders says hillary clinton's campaign message is sounding a lot like his and now with him embracing president obama more, will hillary clinton accuse him of the same. republicans say no matter what it's not dpoeing to happen. out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it.
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bernie sanders after facing questions from voters in the cnn town hall last night is now facing questions from reporters this morning in south carolina. >> we want you to listen. >> billionaires in wall street, executives pour hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process in order to elect candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful and the poor remain invisible. powerless, not heard from, most don't even vote.
8:19 am
>> cnn washington correspondent, joe johns. i think i heard your voice in that room, joe. what was he doing the morning after the cnn town hall? >> reporter: well, for one thing i think he was just making his appearance felt here in south carolina. there has been this running narrative in the pall meadow state that bernie sanders has been writing off south carolina because hillary clinton has such a big lead in the polls and that has been sort of spurred by her strong support in the african american community. sanders, this morning saying he has not been writing off south carolina but also tipping his hat to the idea that he might have to worry about doing better in some other states. listen. >> we came to south carolina and if you look at the polls we were like 7, 8, 9% in the ebolapolls.
8:20 am
we were 60/70 points behind. we have picked up a lot of support and closed the gap very significantly. but this from day one was going to be a very difficult state for us. we're not writing off south carolina. >> so, if you look at his schedule, it tells a slightly different story. after sanders' news conference, he went on to kansas city. from there, to tulsa oklahoma, then tomorrow, to the states of ohio, michigan, illinois, minnesota. so, it's pretty clear that the sanders' campaign is looking forward, not just to super tuesday but even beyond the 15th of march, that's when ohio sis. so, the fact of the matter is hillary clinton continues to run pretty strong in south carolina
8:21 am
according to the polls. >> the number one tell about where a campaign is going is where they're headed. joe johns, thanks very much. joining us now cnn political commentator and strategist. you are not picking sides in this one. but after the it cnn town hall last night, just a few days before the south carolina primary, where the heck are we? the. >> well, there's no question that south carolina is going to turn the tide for one of the democratic candidates, in large part because we have a much more diverrerse electorate in south carolina. with 65% of the voters projected to be african american. i do believe south carolina will not just turn the tide one way or another but also give one of the candidates needed momentum going into super tuesday. while you may not come in first place, if you're able to capture
8:22 am
15% or more of the voters, you're able to acrew delegates. and i'm happy to see not only hillary clinton but also senator sanders doing so well reaching out. >> i want to remind our viewers of something bernie sanders did last night. it sure seems like the first time he's gone so out of his way to embrace president obama during this primary, at least in this way. listen here. >> look, you can disagree with obama all you want, but to say that the president of the united states, who won an election fair and square, was not a legitimate president, really undermines what we are as a nation. >> now, it's everything that we know that has gone on, especially bernie sanders, basically accusing hillary clinton of taking on his campaign message.
8:23 am
does that help bernie sanders embracing president obama last night? >> well, the president is enormously popular with democratic primary voters across the board. so, it makes sense for both candidates to talk about the president and talk about the relationship to the president and remind voters how they feel and how we all feel about him. certainly that he has encountered a lot of obstructionism and unfair criticism from republicans. that's something that all democratic primary voters typically agree on. also, it you look at lot of the exit and entrance polls, you see clinton has the advantage for folks who want to see a candidate continue obama's policies while sanders has the it advantage among those who want to see a candidate go further. what comes first? that we can't really tell from the exit and entrance polls but
8:24 am
it does make sense to have that conversation. >> mari want to know if she's p issues behind her. there's been the issue of should she release transcripted and she said i will when everybody else does, including the republicans . a federal judge saying they may have to testify and hillary clinton said i don't think the voters care buabout that. >> i think each one of these news stories, i don't think they change a lot of minds. that's not to say that they can't hurt her because whenever these issues are in the news, that just takes up oxygen that can be better spent from the clinton's campaign pint of view, on other topics. >> that line from hillary
8:25 am
clinton last night, i'll release all my transcripts when everybody else does, tincluding the republicans. >> i want her to release her love letters. come on. it is true these are serious issues and the campaign, like the secretary must take these issues very seriously. but at the same time they're distractions especially when you're trying to have a conversation with voters. so, i wish she could put all of these issues behind her. >> but bernie sanders is the one pushing it. >> look, it's a contest and he's saying he didn't give up quote on quote data about her emails but perhaps he cares about her transcripts. he wants to know what she said in those meetings. but i think she has what i call a terrific record. her record is someone who has been a champion for issues of the middle class. she's fought to insure that wall
8:26 am
street is properly regulated. she hasn't sold out, so to speak. her values are still the same whether she gave speeches as a nonelected official and now that she's running for the preside y presidency. she is not just running the democratic primary, republicans are attacking her every morning. yes, i'm on the list for the republican national committee, don't take me off. i have not seen one attack on bernie sanders. they love to attack hillary clinton. they attack her before she puts on her pajamas at night and before she gets up to wash her face. and i'm sure bernie sanders will agree. she's one tenacious fighter because she knows what anchors her in this life and that's her faith in the american people and her faith as a leader. and that being said i like
8:27 am
bernie sanders too. so i'm neutral and i'm going to keep it that way. >> one staffer for ted cruz says that cruz has had enough. he's about to go hard at donald trump. we're going to ask what an angry ted cruz really looks like. plus moments ago, other senate republicans lay into the presiden president's plan to close the guantanamo bay detention facility. hear why they say it's such a bad idea. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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the republican led senate has said it would not even consider any supreme court nomination. and moments ago, they got support from the other side of the capital. house speaker said they have a right to block a nominee. >> everything is up for grabs. congress, presidency, supreme court and we owe this country a choice and we're going to give them. let's not forget the fact that congress is a separate but equal branch of government and the senate has every right not to act on a nominee and there is a precedence not acting on a nominee in the middle of a presidential election. >> let's bring in cnn's senior political reporter.
8:33 am
as we were discussing yesterday, you've been doing great reporting what they're going to do about it, how they're responding to the president. paul ryan making it pretty clear. >> he said there's not much precedent for acting in a year and there's no precedent since they became common for supreme court nominees. virtually everyone whose has been given a nominee hearing unless they have voluntarily withdrawn and there's no real appetite to going through that process of these courtesy call visits that the nominee will go through in meeting with all 100 senators. something republican leaders are also being hesitant about. yesterday had a chance to ask mitch mcconnell about it. he wasn't too excited. >> sounds like the president
8:34 am
will still nominate someone. can you talk about how far you're willing to go in preventing this nominee from going forward? the first step is often courtesy calls with each senator. will you not meet with a nominee? >> i don't know how many times we need to say this. the judiciary committee has unanimously agreed that we hold no hearings. i don't know the purpose of such a visit. i would not be inclined to take one myself. >> so now the question is where do things go from here? the president still plans to nominate someone but does he nominate a more moderate person to the bench that could get republican support or does he aim for someone squarely at firing up the democratic base? democrats say that's not mutually exclusive. but that's going to be a key
8:35 am
consideration going forward. because it looks like no matter who he proposes, they're not going very far on capital hill. >> we just heard moments ago from senator john mccain and lindsey graham on the propose tool close the detention center at guantanamo bay, which by the way, mccain has for years said it should be closed but both came against him. >> you're seeing republican opposition building. mccain and graham, or p particularly mccain should be someone he could win over but he's been saying all along, that president missed his window. he had an opportunity to build support in congress for this plan but right now he does not think the president has moved aggressively enough and he thinks the options have been
8:36 am
pretty vague. heer here's more. >> this is a series of facts, a wish list that is nonspecific. and it clearly does not meet the requirements that we laid out in law requiring for them to submit a specific plan. >> so, as we know, the president wants to move forward with this plan, assuming he laze out more specifics. he'll need support from republicans on capital hill. and if he can't get john mccain's support, he probably won't get other support. >> and even lindsey graham saying they met with the president on guantanamo bay, it looks like the discussions did not go the way the senators wanted. and ted cruz is pinning his
8:37 am
presidential epi presidential hopes on the home state of texas. will it be enough to help him top trump? cruz supporters joining us live. >> the big winner in nevada, the big winner in south carolina, he is set to hold his first big event of the day. he is in virginia today. a key super tuesday state. we will take that event live. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how: invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in
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all right, at this hour, we're waiting to hear from donald trump. he is getting ready to speak in that room in virginia beach,
8:42 am
virginia. virginia, a key super tuesday state. they vote in six days. the state that voted yesterday, by the way, nevada, gave trump a huge win. >> so what do voters in virginia want to hear from donald trump? let's get back to phil mattingly. he's following the trump campaign and speaking to some of the folks who live there and vote there and will be hearing donald trump there today. phil. sfwlrks >> reporter: obviously a big week for voters. this is a trump supporter and a naval veteran and retiry. what is it about donald trump that appeals to you? >> i like that he's an outsider. he's not a professional politician. he supports our military, our veter veterans. that's probably the dominate
8:43 am
motive. >> and wrone of the interesting things is veterans. what is it that stands out to you and appeals to you? >> i think rebuilding our military. it's really been degraded over the last seven or eight years and we need to be strong. rebuild the military. >> guys, as you can hear, a veteran, donald trump very appealing and that matters in this state. obviously a big veteran presence. donald trump going to be giving brief remarks and taking questions from the audience and pat robertson here in a couple minutes. the first word out of his mouth was "outsider." and that's what they said they wanted. >> you see that in almost every state really. that's a big motivating factor. phil, thank you so much. thank you so much to hear straight from the voters what they want to see from
8:44 am
politicians. let's talk about another man running for the white house. a big indorsement for ted cruz. the governor of his home state, greg abbott announcing he is backing cruz. >> texas offers the biggest pot of delegates on super tuesday, 1 155. and at this point, a victory not guaranteed. here a ted cruz supporter. thanks for being with us. a lot of people saying he should do this, he should do that and some supporters, including these iowa guys, they both said overnight, essentially, he should stop talking about marco rubio at all and direct all of his attention towards donald trump. your thoughts? >> well, first let me separate the media research center from
8:45 am
personally. because one can't indorse and one can and i have obviously indorsed ted cruz. i agree in this sense. i think it's time for ted cruz to take the gloves off. he has been hit by one chief shot after another by both donald trump and marco rubio. i'm not suggesting any cheap shots. i'm suggesting he go full frontal, goes after donald trump for the position that he's been a fraud in this campaign. expouzing an ideology that up until this campaign, he never believed in across the board. i think he's in a relatively good position. with all the media hype, we've only seen 5% of the votes. and by the way ted cruz is going to win texas. he has 155 electeral votes. if cruz wins that, when he does, i think mak marco rubio is out
8:46 am
the campaign and that's because he will lose his own state. >> and it's fascinating you talk about the two-man race because that's what ted cruz wants. but he also says that if you are -- about donald trump, if you are the 65% of people who don't want donald trump and don't think he can take on hillary clinton, there is one candidate you will support. listen. >> if you're one of the 65% of republicans across this country who doesn't think donald is the best candidate to go head to head with hillary, who believes we do better in elections when we actually nominate a conservati conservative, then the first four states have performed a vital function in presenting a clear choice. >> donald trump laughs at that
8:47 am
suggestion. he says if kasich, rubio and carson drop out, the voters are going to come to him too, not just ted cruz. why do you think ted cruz is right there? >> because the polling data backs him up. it backed up the fact that the only person who loses to hillary clinton at this point is donald trump. every other candidate beats her and it's showing that a head-to-head match up between cruz and trump that cruz wins overwhelmingly against trump and that's the data. with donald trump it's bluser, blurs bluser. and there's going to be a point where serious attention is paid to his record, by the press. . the pres is so infatuated boo ithe guy, they have to start looking at his actual record. >> has there been a rough patch in the cruz campaign? i mean, he lost evangelicals in south carolina, and nevada.
8:48 am
these are both groups that in theory would would tihink he would win. and a supporter he said last week we debated trump and islam, no wouldy cares about that stuff. does there need to be a change in the cruz campaign? >> i think so. and if you were in first place, we wouldn't be having this conversation but he did come in third last night. but that said, there's a long, long ways to go and these campaigns go up and down. and everybody knows he's got the funds to stay in this for the long hall and i wonder if marco rubio is going a have that. certainly carson doesn't. >> you really think it's the media's fault that donald trump is running the board right now in these states? you don't think this has
8:49 am
anything to do with what voters think about donald trump or ted cruz or marco rubio? >> no, i didn't say that. i said the media is playing a roll in this. i think there is infatuation. when is the last time you covered a cruz speech live? >> whenever they're live in our hour. >> i don't know about that. but look, there's no question, when we did an analysis and donald trump is getting more coverage than 16 other candidates combined. think about that. >> we just heard from a voter, about to heard donald trump and the first words oout of his mouth was donald trump is an outsider. >> and if there's a serious conversation about him, you will find out that he's the ultimate insider that brags about the
8:50 am
deals he make president washington who has praised hillary clinton has called himself a democrat, talks about working with washington, talks about making deals with him. that's the real donald trump. i think that conversation needs to be had. >> that will be one of the conversations thursday night for that big cnn debate. >> thanks so much for coming on, thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. coming up, in six days one of the biggest days of the entire primary season. in fact, the singling-biggest day of the primary season and some candidates may not get past it. i'm talking about super tuesday. it may not be so super for all of them. we'll discuss who needs to do what on that day. you both have a
8:51 am
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just six days away from the single-biggest day of the entire primary season, super tuesday, and for some candidate there is may be no wednesday -- if you know what i mean. on the republican side there are 11 states up for grabs, 595 delegates, about half the delegates needed to seal the nomination. >> joining us is the former spokesman for good morning's presidential campaign as well as
8:55 am
governor john sununu and errol lewis, i can't say your name even though we talk all the time. great to see you both, thank you for both being here. so we're short on time and we want to fire through this, erroll. let's go through the map, put up the map of super tuesday. what is the path for success for ted cruz on super tuesday. >> ted cruz has to win texas, that's more than just sort of a personal embarrassment if he loses his own state and he's got to do well in the deep south. he has to do well in georgia and alabama. his claim to fame to be sort of a leader of the evangelical seriously conservative wing of the republican party will be called into question if he can't do well in those states and by well i mean second place, a close second, somehow try to keep up with donald trump who is, of course, still the favorite in almost all of these states if you look at the polls. so he has to do that at a bare minimum. hard thing to do. he has to clear a threshold and
8:56 am
texas. you have to get 20% or you get zero delegates so he's got to do that and invest in that even if his time and money would be better spent elsewhere. >> talking about marco rubio, how many of the 11 states will he win? >> probably none. he's in second place in many of the polls in these states. minnesota seems to be his best state but his job is to narrow this with a two-person race with him and trump. he needs to come in second, cross the thresholds to get the proportional allocations in many states but he doesn't have a state where he'll win. he needs to come in second, build up delegates heading into some of the winner take all march dates aened show momentum. minnesota is probably the best opportunity for him to maybe squeak out a win, perhaps. >> if you look at the map, errol, it's not mathematically possible for trump to lock in the nomination after super tuesday but there's more to this than math. do you think he will effectively have locked it in without locking it in?
8:57 am
>> it depends on what kind of victories he wins. if he wins the state that's one thing, but if he wins the state the way he did in south carolina, you know, when you win the whole state, you know, because virginia, for example, is similar to south carolina in that you get some proportionally, you get some just for winning the state. if nobody wins any of the congressional districts, if rubio doesn't sort of try and focus and maybe win some of the district that cover the suburban areas around washington, d.c. trump gets a big blowout victory. he has a much stronger claim, he has a lot more momentum and in this very hyperlinked environment that we're in, media environment, everybody in all the other states starts to see it and there is something called a bandwagon effect where people want to be with the winner. >> and that could matter on super-duper tuesday march 5. ryan williams, errol louis, thank you for being with us. and we're talking about donald trump. he'll be live in virginia beach, virginia, his first live event since crushing the competition in nevada.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
hello, everyone, i'm ash league banfield, welcome to "legal view." six days out from super tuesday, donald trump is about to take the stage live at regent university in virginia beach, virginia. we're going to liste


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