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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 24, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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and that does it for us, live from the campus of the university of houston. we'll see you the 12 a.m. eastern for another edition of "a.c. 360." don lemon is on now. >>. >> we've had three in a row now, three special groups of people, but the whole country is special, the people. i sort of think it's a movement, anderson. >> but mitt romney says something in trump's taxes could derail him. is he right? or will the trump train just keep rolling right not nomination? meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for every last vote in south carolina, but will black voters make all the difference there? and i want to begin with mitt
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romney's accusation that could be a bomb shell in donald trump's tax returns. mark, mitt romney launched a bomb shell tonight by predicting a bomb shell for donald trump. what happened? >> reporter: he did. donald trump is motoring towards in nomination, causing a lot of fear among the republican establishment. a few hours ago on fox, mitt military speaking about donald trump's taxes had this to say. let's take a listen, don. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> i think will's something there, either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing and i think that's the reason that i
7:02 pm
think there's a bombshell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays and says, well, we're working on it. hey, we're not talking about the taxes that are coming due this year. of course they're working on those. they won't be ready for months. we're talking about taxes already filed, back taxes. >> and there you have mitt romney just a few hours ago, not only questioning whether there is a bombshell but really perhaps indicting donald trump on his charitable givings. the eye rirony behind this is t same thing happened to mitt romney himself. >> you know donald trump is going to respond. he did this with anderson. >> you've been asked when you'll release your tax return. monday you said you'll do it at some point. today mitt romney said, quote, i
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think there's a bombshell in trump's taxes. romney refused to release his taxes for quite a while. eventually he did. why not just get them out there? >> because they're extremely complicated. i'll make a determination in a couple of months. the reason mitt romney brings it it up is because he lost badly. i have a very complex system of taxes and, frankly, i get audited every single year. so mine are unlike everybody else who never gets audited, i get audited every single year, which i think is unfair. but i go through large ad itudi and that's the way it is. >> does that mean you will release them, it's just a question of when? >> no, i'll be making that
7:04 pm
determination over i would say over the next couple of months, we'll make that determination. absolutely. >> mark, it is standard that presidential candidates release their tax returns. i don't know if they're obligated. is donald trump going to release his tax returns? >> at some point he'll have to. i don't know that there's enough pressure in the republican primary that he'll have to do so. he has won three of the last three contest, came in second place in iowa. if he does win the republican nomination, though, don, he probably will be pressured into doing so heading into the general election. >> okay. we have to play this -- go ahead. >> reporter: no, i was just going to say i do have to tell up the pressure is going to build on him, no doubt. at one point donald trump and mitt romney had better times. >> so, mark, there are some different advice for mitt romney
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pu . you mentioned mitt romney back in 2012 when he was under similar scrutiny. what did he say back then? >> reporter: let's take a listen. there was better times between mitt romney and donald trump back in 2012 when he was under the scrutiny, donald trump was defending mitt romney at that time. let's listen to what he had to say. >> going back to tax returns, barack obama released seven years, john kerry released 12 years, mitt militaromney's fath released a dozen years. what's to stop your friend mitt, people still don't see the offshore records, here it is going back 12 years. >> as far as i'm concerned, i'd la like to do a swap. his returnss are beautiful.
7:06 pm
i looked at them. those returns are perfect. i would say if i were mitt and i'm not and i've never discussed this aspect of it but if i were mitt i'd say i'll released all. rest of them, he's already released a lot, i'll release the rest of them if you release your college records and your college applications. >> and there you have donald trump defending mitt military ju -- mitt romney just a few years ago. donald trump is on a roll heading towards the presidential nomination, mitt romney part of the republican establishment. the republican national convention establishment is doing their best or trying to figure out how to stop donald trump from winning this nomination, don. >> mark preston, always a pleasure. i want to bring in hugh hewitt. he'll be one of the questioners tomorrow night. >> hey, don, how are you? >> i'm great. you've spoken to him about his
7:07 pm
taxes. how big of an issue is this for him? why not release him? >> i do believe it's the easiest thing to take last year's tax returns and dump them out. 2014 are finished, thaey're in the box, put them out there, get it out. there's an old adage in politics, hang a lantern in your program. it was parse moanious in his chari charity giving, it will be over. john kasich hasn't released his tax returns. it typically does come down to the front-runner has to lead the way on tax returns. i suspect that he will do it, pressure will grow and a lot of republicans will say let's get them out beef get to super tuesday, march 15th, to make
7:08 pm
sure there aren't any surprises. >> do you think there's any there there to these mitt romney allegations? the reason he hasn't done it is because there's some sort of bombshell. do you think there's something there? >> a bombshell could be any number of things. it could be charity giving not at a level one would be consistent with billions of dollars. it might be can overseas tax situations, such as mitt romney had grand cayman cultures. it could be with anything that provides a grip with which to launch an attack. i think donald trump has the best accountants in the world, has one of the best countries in the world. you're not going to find any misdoing there. you're just going to find a lot of money and a lot of people's eyes are going to roll in the back of their heads because it can be complicated. i'll also say, though, i think john kasich and ted cruz have to put them out there because it's not enough to blunt the trump
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momentum. he's coming off of three in a row. history tells us no one has ever been stopped who has won three in a row. of course history has strange. reality politics, not normal politics. nevertheless, i'd play it straight, put out 2014, get past it and move on. >> so he is riding, hugh, a high as a clear front-runner. you talked about last night that was a big win. but there's a huge debate tomorrow night right here on cnn. can anything happen there, maybe you have a crystal ball that, could derail him? >> i got a note from a staff campaigner that said "expect the red wedding." i tend to stay away from the night nightmares and i saw the set during the rehearsal this
7:10 pm
donald trump stands on the middle, on his left is ted cruz, on his right is rubio. both of them is got to shoot to politically wound if not kill him, at the same time john kasich is playing happy, ben carson is playing a very, very long game and interesting game. so it will be fascinating. the amount of preparation that went into it today, wolf blitzer, the consummate pro at this, dana bash, great questions. i expect it to be the most interesting debate we've seen to date. >> and you'll be there as well. i want to talk about trump looking ahead in is what he said today about his possible v.p. pick. >> i do want somebody that's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed that's sitting there for years and years and years we have things sitting there that would be so good, including proper health
7:11 pm
care and so we're going to probably choose somebody that's somewhat political. >> so an outsider who wants an inn sie insider. >> let me be very shermanesque. if asked, i shall not run. i think he's going to choose someone with a lot of political experience, swup like john kasich, like chris christie, someone like scott walker, if he is willing to do it, someone like governor nikki hale haley. a governor would be at that an great pick. not another business person, as he said, but someone who has been a genuine successful reformer and not got any of his immigration issues. he can't ask arnold. he can't be his vice presidential nomination because we know he genuinely is
7:12 pm
disqualified from running for president. >> nikki haley is an interesting choice, a woman and a governor. she endorsed rubio. if trump is the nominee, maybe she'll come over. >> it doesn't matter. george herbert walker bush banged away at ronald reagan for seven months. after gerry ford said no, he turned to the man he had been in a knife fight with for eight months and picked reagan. >> hugh, a lot of people are having fun where you are. >> the houston people, they're upset with me because i said go navy, beat houston. >> oh, that's it. >> thank you, don, be well. >> are angry voters the key? and melania trump has said
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donald trump's big win in nevada moves his closer to the gop nomination, but marco rubio and ted cruz are looking ahead to super tuesday and more key races in march to boost their campaigns. i want to talk about all of this with a republican writer kayleigh mcenany and jason rose is here with us as well. guess where i'm going to start. mr. madden, having worked for mitt romney -- >> taxes, taxes, taxes. >> he thinks there could be a bombshell there. why do you think he says that, especially after taking heat if his own campaign over his own taxes? >> yeah, well, i think there's something going to be questions about whether or not he's the most effective messenger. i think the case he's trying to make is that donald trump is at
7:18 pm
some point going to have to endure a higher level of scrutiny if he's going to be the potential nominee. and the tax question is one that not only did donald trump -- not only did mitt romney have to face in 2012, but so many of the other candidates have had to face. it's something that the democrats are going to bring up. if there is going to be a debate and if he is going to get a level of scrutiny here, has to come forward now. otherwise everyone is going to continue to question whether or not he has something to hide. i think that's the point of that controversy today. >> so all of them will have to come forward. because donald trump is a front-runner, he sudden be leading the back in doing it first? >> the way he responded to it today i think invited more questions. he said, look, my taxes are very complex and they take a while to put together. we're talking about taxes that have already been filed. he could release those right
7:19 pm
away. the democrats will make that argument. the media will continue to make that argument. any time he doesn't come out and make those disclosures, there are going to continue to be more questions. >> kayleigh, donald trump brags about his financials and all the taxes he's paid, why not release them m. >> because he's not going to play the rules that everyone has set? he hasn't played by them thus far and it served him well. if you try to push donald trump in a certain direction, he's probably going to go the other direction and good for him. quite frankly i wonder why mitt romney even waded into this and put these questions out there. when i first heard the story, i asked myself is this hillary clinton who put these questions throughout about a republican's taxes? no, it was a republican, mitt romney. >> really quick, these are routine questions that candidates get in campaigns. these are routine in is standard
7:20 pm
operating procedures. >> roof teutine questions they d get by democrats, not republicans. >> no, from everybody. >> saying there might be a bombshell in his taxes. you have to ask whether mitt romney is trying to push the establishment in another direction. >> kellyanne, why are you are smiling? >> it is standard operating procedure. the delay by romney was perplexing because we youall kn he'd be running again. i'm smiling because i'm thinking of how well donald trump would do under ted cruz's tax plan. 10% flat tax and you file on a postcard. >> that's what i call a pivot. jason, your turn. what do you think? >> the reality is no one is going to become president of the united states without releasing
7:21 pm
their tax returns. marco rubio released his tax returns when he ran for senate this 2010. he's going to be releasing them shortly. listen, by donald trump's own admission, his are very complex. so we probably need a lot more time to go through them. so i would say the sooner he releases them the better. >> let's move on. kayleigh. so last night three big blowout wins for donald trump. is the game over? is he unstoppable? >> i think he's unstoppable. look, anything can happen of course, politics is crazy at times butch i think to me the biggest indicator of his strength is looking at home states, and looking at the fact that now a poll just came out showing cruz and trump tied in texas. the latest poll we had, which is unfortunately a january poll in florida, shows trump winning over rubio by 20 points. in ohio he's beating john kasich by 5 points when. you're beating these candidates
7:22 pm
in their home states, you got to start and ask yourself the trump train is coming through. it's maybe time for people to get on board instead of questioning it. >> those who are riding the trump train, kevin, they're angry americans. 94% of nevada republicans either angry or dissatisfied with the federal government. trump won that group. and 61% say the next president should come from outside the establishment. those voters went big for trump as well. it is these angry voters prop propelling trump to the top. is that who is propelling him right now? >> donald trump has really tapped into this feeling that many voters have that there's this canyon between their community and washington. and there's a lot of frustration about the idea that washington is not listening to people and their every dave concerns. donald trump's candidacy for many of these voters has become
7:23 pm
a vehicle for those frustrations. and he has talked about it, whether it's been about the economy, whether it's been about immigration, whether it's national security. he has not offered real substantive positions, but instead he has offered clarity. he has defined what he thinks is the wrong approach by washington and offered really simple recommend dips. >> a lot of people in the beginning didn't believe he could it it, that he to have more substance, that the people in the republican party misjudged the anger of the people. >> and they really shouldn't have. >> absolutely. >> go ahead, kellyanne. >> they really shouldn't have because the three people who are the front-runners, marco rubio in 2010, ted cruz in 2012 and donald trump in 2015, what do
7:24 pm
they all have in common? they were the outsiders challenging the establishment. so cruz and trump are still doing that as the outsiders and they have a coalition of close to 70% in some places and marco rubio of 2010 is gone. he wears the establishment label proudly. he has endorsement after endorsement this week. he has the scarlet e. >> jason does not like that. >> senator rubio was asked by george stephanopoulos, tell us which state you'll win. senator rubio said i'll win florida on march 15th. by march 15th 50% of the delegates and 26 of the territories and states will have voted. he's skipping the first four contest, 0 for 4, he's not going to win anything on super tuesday according to senator rubio himself, nothing on march 5th, nothing on march 8th. then we get to florida and each may have win florida. i think cruz has a much better chance of winning texas than
7:25 pm
rubio does of winning florida. >> he's going to say how dare you call him an establishment candidate? >> well, he is the the original tip of the spear of the anti-establishment. when he ran for u.s. senate? 2010, he ran against the anointed establishment candidate, charlie crist. everyone told him he shouldn't do it. the establishment tried to talk him out it have. he rejected that and he ran. not only did he run and win and beat the establishment candidate and turn that guy into a democrat he beat him so many badly. as a senator he got a 98% conservative rating from the american conservative union. he's the tip of the spear for the conservative movement and god bless that ted cruz came along. the way you win elections is by addition, not subtraction. ted cruz does not have one single endorsement -- >> you need delegates, not endorsements. >> we've got to take a break right here. hold your thoughts.
7:26 pm
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live now to the university of houston campus. there is the debate hall. cnn's final republican debate before super tuesday, which is next week. i'm back with my panelists here. listen, there are three candidates who need to win their home states to have a chance at the nomination, ted cruz in texas, marco rubio in florida and john kasich in ohio. all of them stand a decent chance of losing their home states to trump. who at this point has the best chance to win? i'll let you have a crack at it first, jason. >> i think after senator cruz loses texas, there's going to be very little chance for him to remain in the race and marco starts to consolidate the non-trump vote and that's when we start to take off and win the nomination. >> you think he can win his home
7:31 pm
state, though? he has a chance of losing to donald trump. >> listen, it's weeks away and this thing is shifting constantly. listen, we can look at nevada and look at that 46%, but that's an anomaly just like ted cruz winning iowa was an anomaly. at some point cruz is going to understand there's not really a place for him. >> kevin, who has the best chance of winning their home state? >>. >> i think cruz is in the best position in you look at some of the polls that we're seeing. one of the challenges that marco rubio has in florida is donald trump is well known there, he has a home there. for a lot of these candidates, all of three of them with regard to their home state, the time has passed to be managing
7:32 pm
expectations. they have to either meet or exceed expectations right now given the level of momentum donald trump has because of his three wins in the first four contests. >> here is someone we don't hear from very often on the campaign trail, and this is melania trump. she was interviewed on msnbc this morning. >> in what areas do you advise him? >> i follow the news from a to z. and i know what's going on. i'm on the phone with my husband if you times a day he calls me. i call him. i tell him what's going on, he's on the road and i give him my opinions. >> kayleigh, do you think melania trump is going to be an as tote h as eset to her husband's campai? >> no doubt. she speaks five languages, she
7:33 pm
very articulate and intelligent. she's very likable. she's done a ton of philanthropic work for braek organizations. i like seeing the closeness in l relationship. it reminds me kind of michelle obama and barack obama. they have a similar relationship. i think michelle was an as tote barack obama and i think melania will be an as tote donald. >> kellyann, do your think she's going to be an asasset? >> absolutely. people forget she's an entrepreneurial success in her own right. i would just add to this conversation that for candidates to have a family, in this case the wife and the children that are all in is incredibly important. and there are very few families that have had to sacrifice as much as the trump family to do this, in my mind's eye. i know first hand heidi cruz is
7:34 pm
sacrificing her job and they have two small children on the trail. would have been easy for the trump children to have said to their dad, this was fun for a couple of month, let's go back to the trump corporation again, we make a million dollars a week here. we see his wife and his children at his side, at the debates they're in the audience and at his side. every female partner in america could relate, sometimes he agrees with me, sometimes he doesn't. sometimes i express my children, sometimes i don't. >> as adults who have all been in relationships, sometimes you agree, most times you don't. thank you for being with us. tomorrow might the five remaining republican candidates take to the stage for the last debate before super tuesday.
7:35 pm
the last presidential debate is in houston. when we come right back, i'm going to talk to two south carolina voters who questioned the candidates in our town hall last night. did the answers they got change their minds? we'll see.
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the south carolina primary is this saturday. voters got a chance to question hillary clinton and bernie sanders in our live town hall last night. two of those voters are with me now. they are angela hulamar-smith and kyla gray. >> nice to be here. >> you got to ask secretary clinton a question last night at last night's town hall. you really spoke from the heart about some of the challenges you're facing every day. let's look at this and we'll talk. >> recently i started wearing my hair natural and i notice a difference in the way some people address and look at me in the wake of ferguson and black lives matter and the recent
7:40 pm
backlash against beyonce for her video. my question is what do you intend to do to help fix the broken race relations in our nation? >> kyla, first of all, thank you for being so candid and brave for being able to stand up and say this about yourself. it really helps to shine a spotlight on what are one of the many barriers of people standing in the way of people feel like they can be pursue their own dreams, they can be who they are, they can have the future that they can be in our country. we have serious challenges. and i think it's important for people and particularly for white people to be honest about those and to recognize that our experiences may not quip us to understand what a lot of our african-american fellow citizens go through every single day.
7:41 pm
>> kelly, you sap sy she did a great job answering your question but didn't say what she would do specifically. does she still need to work on her message? >> i think she just needs to be a little more clear and what she intonds dends to do. i think she knows what needs to be done but didn't say how she would do that. >> you brought up natural hair and how you're looked at different. explain for our viewers. >> i honestly don't think my experience is all that different from any other black woman's experience. it's sort of just small things. it's nothing really major. a lot. times it just the way somebody wrinkles their nose when they look at your hair or i think everybody black woman has that
7:42 pm
one can i touch your hair story, basically those moments where there's always somebody who asks can i touch your hair or, you know, some people who even go for it without even asking. and. we just have these experiences, maybe not every day but they're frequent enough that you notice them when they do happen. >> and the answer is no, you'd never ask a black woman if you could touch her hair and just don't touch it, even if you're involved with her and even if you are, sometimes you can't touch it then. angela, you asked bernie sanders if he could not be beholden to any big interest groups for 30 years. here has how he responded. >> in this campaign not only do i not have a super pac, we don't raise money from corporate america, wall street or billionaires. you know what we have done, angela? we have received 4 million
7:43 pm
individual contributions from well over a million people. you know what the average b contribution is? $27. so, angela, i guess i am indebted to the people who have contributed 27 bucks. those are the people i will stand for and fight for. >> because of this issue, the one that you asked, angela, hillary clinton suggested that bernie sanders is a one-issue candidate. how do you feel about that? >> i don't believe that that's the case. he's expressed various different opinions as far as things that he would address if elected to the office of president. he talked about income inequality, he's spoken about free college tuition, he's expanded on issues that relate to the african-american community as far as police brutality. i certainly don't believe he's a one-issue candidate.
7:44 pm
>> who do you believe will be the better candidate for black people in this country? >> hmm. i would have to say bernie sanders. in my limited opinion. >> well, i don't imagine it's limited but it's your opinion, you have the right to it. why do you think bernie sanders? >> you know, his passion really comes across to me when he's out on the campaign grounds. and i believe the heart of anyone and what they'll accomplish comes from how committed and how passionate they are about it. i'm a big believer in that. i feel that if he has the opportunity to continue to campaign, the american people will see that passion and will come on board to him and join him in his campaign. >> so i would imagine helped cement your decision, yes? >> it did, it did. this coming saturdy i'm voting for bernie sanders.
7:45 pm
>> and kyla, did dass night help up decide who to vote for? >> not really. they both raised a lot of really good points and brought a lot of goold ideas to the table. i just have a lot of research to do before it's time for me to vote. >> well, you're not alone. i spoke to a lot of people who feel the same way you guys do. thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come right back, the majority of democratic voters in south carolina are black. which candidate will win them over? [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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south carolina's democratic primary, saturday, saturday. 53 delegates at stake. let's discuss. mr. mark lamont hill. bakari sellers, good to see both of you. mark, the majority of the electorate in saturday's south carolina primary black people. we just heard from two voters. one says she's decided now, the other one has not decided. do you believe that hillary clinton will end up with most of these voters or did bernie sanders win voters over?
7:50 pm
>> i sure bernie sanders won some over but black voters seem to be committed to the clintons, for reasons most of which i don't believe in -- >> did you hear bakari is ha-ha-haing you. >> i think you have to say who can make policy that operates in our best interest and that's a question for bernie and hillary. >> hold your thought. who can make our dreams come true, revving to african-americans. listen to bernie sanders last night and then can you answer the question. >> when youth unemployment in the african-american community for high school graduates is 51%, 51% unemployed or underplayed, we've got a plan
7:51 pm
continue to vest -- invest in jobs and education, not jails and incarceration. >> there you go, bakari. did he get that message across that shows he can get the concerns of african-americans and make them come true or fix them? >> well, i mean, i think we have to readily admit both candidates have come a long way in this process. i think is an argument that mark lamont hill is making, one of head versus heart. if you take that measure and you believe it's about being practical and pragmatic, you hear what bernie sanders says, it sounded great, but how much do we do it and implement it and get rid of this back breaking generational poverty that is ungulfing communities of color throughout the country? and hillary clinton is the one putting forth idea and has the
7:52 pm
experience to get it done. what i am saying is that i'm glad that we're having this debate, this substantive debate about persons of color because this isn't something that been at the forefront of presidential politics for a very long period of time. i'm glad both of these candidates are going out of their way to make sure they're talking about issues near and de dear to the hearts of african-americans. >> but, mark, we talked about black issues a lot with then candidate obama, right? >> that's the problem. black issues tend to get designated only for the black candidate. right now what we see unfortunately is that as we get toward south carolina, black voters are ter center of discussion, but what will happen a month from now, two months from now.
7:53 pm
i don't think it's a head versus heart argument. i think there are legitimate intellectual reasons why one would not shoes hillary clinton, particularly given her experience with the crime bill, the three strike bill. if she supported those things and did not remain silent, does what mean her vision of policy is something connected against the black folks and as someone who still engages in troublesome trade policies, someone who is not tough enough on wall street, does it have a trickle-down effect on black people? i'm not a bernie supporter. we have to ask critical questions on bernie sanders, too. nobody's clean here. >> that's the point. i'm sorry to ask you, dr. hill, but that's the exact point. if we're going to examine hillary clinton, let's use the same lens to examine bernie sanders. >> we had this discussion just a
7:54 pm
short while ago with another professor. i'm having deja vu right now. >> because we're smart people, don. i assume you mean cornel west. >> that's fine. i want people to judge hillary clinton and judge bernie sanders with the same one because he's complicit in this as well. mass incarceration is as large an issue to you as it is to me. we've probably had relatives caught in this trap of impoverishment. the question is how do we get out of that? who has the plan to move us forward? who is talking about adopting the solutions put first by the 21st century ferguson commission and lift african-americans out of back breaking generations -- >> you mention ltd ferguson, ferguson went went on to -- we started discussing other issues and other things happened with police officers around the country.
7:55 pm
"blackish," the television show, took that issue on. i was fortunate enough to be part of that. >> it appears a decision about the indictment has been made and is about to be announced. >> what's an indictment? >> it seems some people who were supposed to protect us didn't do the right thing but it doesn't happen very often. >> it happens all the time. is there it doesn't happen very often. but this time it did. and if it did, they're going o get in trouble. >> then the cops are the bad area? >> yes. >> no. >> it's a gray area. >> charcoal gray. >> basically black. >> did you think at this point it would play such a role in the president digs racial race?
7:56 pm
>> conventional wisdom would say it doesn't. i it's because young people have resisted and we've rebeld in baltimore and ferguson all over the country that we have a spot right here, that black lives matter is a chant, a call and a rallying cry for this political election and i hope it continues. >> we'll continue to discuss. when we come right whaback, don trump is the odds-on favorite to take the nomination but he might be even farther ahead than you might think. i'm going to talk to a wizard of political prediction. 1) what'so be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone.
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only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. . we are counting down to our debate tomorrow night in houston. donald trump leaving every other can't in the dust. he might just be unstoppable whether the rest of the gop likes it or not. what will the gop do with a candidate who refuses to play by the rules? and is there really a bombshell in trump's taxes that could derail him? here to discuss all of this, jeff


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