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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  February 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. . we are counting down to our debate tomorrow night in houston. donald trump leaving every other can't in the dust. he might just be unstoppable whether the rest of the gop likes it or not. what will the gop do with a candidate who refuses to play by the rules? and is there really a bombshell in trump's taxes that could derail him? here to discuss all of this, jeff dewitt is a trump surrogate
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a a thanks for being here. mitt romney told fox news he thinks there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. what do you think about that? >> it's ironic for him to now come out and use the harry reid tack trick on donald trump. i don't know what bombshell is going to be will. mitt romney was trying to pretend he was the average guy and not playing to his true self, which was he was wealthy and ran away from being a successful person. and donald trump is out there saying, yes, i'm a very successful person. we all know he'ses one of the most successful people of all time and he pace lot of money in taxes. as the state treasure for
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arizona, the only bombshell you're going to indonesia ofindh the government wastes on fraud and abuse. that's the bombshell on his or anybody else's taxes. we all know he's very successful and pay as lot of taxes. there's nothing to hide there. >> anderson asked him about it tonight. >> tax returns are very complicated. i have many, many companies. frankly i frankly, i get audited every year. unlike everyone else who never gets audited, i get audited i go through large audits. that's the way it is. we'll make a determination over theneck couple of mon next coup. it's very complicated. >> but does mean you will release them, it's just a matter of when?
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>> no, it's a complicated situation. i'll make that determination over a couple of months. >> mitt romney who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. >> his financials are throughout. he released his financials and i'm talking everything detailing $10 billion of all his companies way before the deadline last summer. if you want to know about donald trump's finances, go online, go to the sec, you it k read everything about it. it's just the establishment trying to hit back and derail what is a movement in this country to take our country back. >> lieutenant governor, you are supporting ted cruz. is he going to asked donald trump about his taxes tomorrow night in that debate? >> i'm not sure. here's what i want to talk about, don. i want to talk about the fact that this is a two-man race,
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even though there are five people on the stage tomorrow night. >> with all due respect, we'll get to that. >> i hope we'll get to that. i'm not interested in talking about the tax returns. >> lieutenant governor, one of the reasons we have you on is to answer the question about the taxes. we'll get to the other questions. >> don, i apesnswered the quest. i don't know if ted cruz is going to ask him and donald trump said he's going to release them -- >> let me give him the opportunity to respond to what he's going to talk about. lieutenant governor, what else can we expect from your candidate tomorrow night? >> there is where we are in the race. the only person who can defeat donald trump is the person who defeated him in iowa and that's ted cruz. after super tuesday, don, ted
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will win texas and the lion's share of the delegates. i'm not sure who will be in the lead but they will are very close. marco rubio is not going to win a state on tuesday. he said he's not going to win one on the 5th or the 8th. he's waiting until the 15th. but march 15th when they get to florida where rubio trails ted cruz, 50% of the delegates will have been chosen in is a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz. one out three republican voters have been voting for donald trump. two out of three have decided not to. when it's a two-man race those two out of three coalesce behind ted cruz. and then you have ted crz winning more than 50% of the vote in these winner take all states. for all those folks out there who don't know the math and know how the states work between now and march 14 the, all of the states are proportionate. texas is the wig aboutest share of next tuesday's volte with
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about 15% of all the delegates. if you don't get 20% of the vote in texas, you don't get any delegates. by next wednesday more, we should have kasich, carson and rubio ready to step eye ai side. once that happens, two ut of thee vote who are have been voting against trump will vote for ted cruz. >> do you agree with with his assessment, jeff? >> no, not at all, especially when you count -- he keeps saying two-thirds voted against trump. well, 46% of nevada just voted for trump. so if you're trying to say that 53% is going to add up to something, donald trump just got in the last election we just had, the last state which we just had over nevada, he got more than ted cruz be and rubio put together. so that's a terrible assessment. >> don, ilt not a terrible assessment because if you average the volts, nevada is a very much small state.
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if you take iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, dpt is with 35% of all the volts so far. in fact, next tuesday texas has more delegates, don and jeff, than iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada combined. most people don't know this, don, texas has early voting. we started early voting last voting, a head will do very well in texas and oert states will be on super tuesday had be divided by i'm just telling the the person all going to be in to supported is going to be ted cruz. it's going to be longer than some thought and ilt going to be a tough road. >> governor, i've got to let
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jeff respond. >> when you see a candidate who has a ceiling, people who aren't voting for them aren't going to volt for them later. donald trump's ceiling is about a third, 35% of the vote. >> if you want to talk delegates, donald trump has 82, ted cruz has 17. early ballots in texas have been out for a little while and yet the texas governor just endorsed him. ted cruz is a first term senator. if you go back to 2012, lieutenant dan said he would never support him in that campaign because -- >> you no, no -- >> let him finish, lieutenant governor. >> governor, let him finish. >> yes, hang on, both of you hang on, hang on, both of you. when we all speak, the viewer gets nothing out of it. lieutenant governor, let him
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respond. >> you of say he gets the final word and each misstates the fact. >> i know, i'm going to let you speak. >> in 2012 you got in a shouting match with ted cruz calling him a liar about what his campaign was putting out there and you supported david duherst in that race for senate. >> jeff, here's the problem. >> he needs to drop out of his home state of texas. >> jeff, here's the problem with donald trump. that's all can you do is attack and throw around words like liar. i just said if donald trump wins the nomination, i'll be in to help him defeat hillary clinton. why don't you just talk about public policy and -- >> i was quoting you. >> let him finish. is there the reason donald trump is not going to win this is you can't insult your way as jeb bush said, you can't insult your
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way and attack everybody to the nomination. the people voting against donald trump so far who voted for jeb when he was in the race, were voting for carson, rubio and ted, they've already made the decision, they're not going to vote for donald trump. they don't like the act. they want to hear something about public policy. when it gets down to two people on the stage and ilt two hours for two men, donald trump might able to get out of a 15-minute in a debate butch swlu to actually talk policies because moderators like you will be asking detailed questions, don, ted cruz will show the american public he has a record, who hasn't changed his mind on every record. >> i've got to go and get to a break. >> thanks, don. thanks for having me. >> stay with cnn for all the events in politics. tomorrow night the fiech remaining republican candidates take to the stage for the last debate before super tuesday. the cnn debate moderated by wolf
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i made it. president barack obama is turning up the heat, insisting he'll nominate a candidate to fill the open it saeat on the
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supreme court. republicans vowing not to consider any candidate, even if it is a republican. joining me is alan dershowitz. i'm so interested to talk to but this. i wanted to ask you about the presidential race and your former student ted cruz. do you think he or others have any shot at wrestling this nomination away from donald trump? >> it's very difficult. it's getting harder and harder. i do think rubio has a better shot. if hypothetically cruz were to drop out and it would be a one against one, rubio against trump, i think it would be a very close race and rubio might win. i'm not sure that cruz can do that. he's a strong candidate but he's very extreme and might very well do to the republicans what barry goldwater did to them back many, many years ago, give them a devastating loss as a liberal democrat that would please me
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butch as but as a loyal american, i want to see very strong candidates run. i want to see when the two candidates run against each other that i would be satisfied if either of them one, even though i prefer one candidate over the other. it just doesn't look like it's moving in that direction right now. >> what do you have expect from tomorrow night's debate? >> you know, you never know. what we've had in this election is the most unpredictable element in trump. he violated -- i mean, the kennedy school of government has to start from scratch and reinvent itself, everything it's been teach beiing the students t how to become president has been proved wrong. who know what is to previous district abo -- predict about any element of this campaign. it's unpredictable. >> i'm sure you saw my last two guests and nobody is listening to what anyone is saying.
8:17 pm
>> and -- what did you have want to say? >> i think the president has been handling it absolutely brilliantly. he has a job, he has to nominate. because it's a republican senate hereby should nominate a moderate, somebody already aproved, someone who comes from an et nick group who has never been on the court before. he has to be very careful and very selective and he's doing it meech has . he has to put it to the republican and say i have done my job and now you have to do your job. i don't think the public will not accept that does not give the american people the right to hear what he has to say. >> he says a sterling record, a deep respect for the judicial role, an understanding of the way the world really works, that's what i'm considering as i
8:18 pm
fulfill my constitutional duty to appoint a judge to our highest court. who what kind of person do you have in mind? >> he can pick a real liberal and know it would be rejected and give the democratic nominee a terrific political issue. that would be politicizing the court. i think what he's going to do is pick somebody who is either currently serving on the d.c. circuit, who has been approved by republicans or a republican or somebody who is a conservative. remember in that skotus blog, he also said he wants someone who doesn't make the law but who understands that the role. supreme court is simply to apply the law. i think he's going to go that middle road. i thip he's going to pick somebo sho somebody who is terrific, who it will be very hard to jeekt. >> aren't they taking a chance
8:19 pm
if they do rejudiciary committee that person? what if the next person is a democratic? >> but there are several possibilities. the next president is a democrat and the senate is republican. weep could have a vacancy for years until there's a turnover in the senate. this could really be a very dramatic moment in the relationship between the they three branches. i think everybody who cares about the constitution doesn't the democrats would have done the same thing if the shoe had been on the other foot. so let's not make this good guys vaerts bad guys. both the democrats and the republicans have politicized the nominating process to the supreme court far, far too much. sfli want to talk to you about apple. what happened with this apple case? do you think that apple should allow the government to be able
8:20 pm
to look in their phones? i'm talking about this dies compute with the fbi. >> there is a very important issue for the this is the worst case for apple, dead guy, phone owned by the company, company consents. we're talking about two, three weeks of data that aren't on the dloud sprep bad case for apple to -- >> tim cook is the ceo. efficiency on. >> this is not a position that we would like to be in. it is a very uncomfortable position. to oppose your government on something doesn't feel good and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties, which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic.
8:21 pm
>> what do you think, alan? civil liberties, a threat? >> civil liberties are involved. we should all be concerned about everybody's civil liberties, not only people who have iphone. let's assume apple invents a new technique that nobody can open the phone, not even apple. and we have a phone that has on the location of a nuclear bomb in new york harbor that's going to blow up in 24 hours. should apple be allowed to prevent itself in an emergency from opening up a phone? i don't think so. the ticking bomb scenario is a realistic one. it could happen in the united states and nobody should able to have a phone that under no circumstances, even the most extreme emergency can't be open. appropriate balance has to be struck. the best place to strike it is initially in the legislature and then in the supreme court. i think this is hard case that's going to make bad law.
8:22 pm
>> it's it's happened before something happens that god forbid what you said happens. >> well, we all hope that doesn't happy but we have to be prepare for when we come right back, donald trump has a solid lead in the gop race. but is he the odds-on favorite to win the party's nomination? we'll do the math next. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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six days to go until the super delegates contest. who is the favorite? greg, good to you have here. quickly, explain to our viewers what pivot it's looking at when it comes to think of pivot as a realtime marketplace that combining polling date, real
8:27 pm
time market data, pof intering. sh shoo? er that thing the question who do you think will win, which is the nest and answers, if if sflnchs. >> so right now what the market is telling suss that donald trump has about a 71% chance to win the republican nomination. those odds are about 14% higher than they were last night following the nevada caucus. and it's a meaning no what would
8:28 pm
be the o mchlgs the highest they've ever been for him. but not ever. just for him snochl so nor rubio as chances right now are about the 27%, that's about a 13% decline following the nevada caucus. it's also a significant decline for him. flfrms. >> so based on your data, is donald trump untopable? >> we try to just look at the data and kind reflect back the narks had it represents general scopes us among the hundred thousand or so people engaged in this. what it would tell us right now if you look at the primary
8:29 pm
responsible p states m particular, dm fch owe the odds are him winning senator rubio's home stay flochl nr.i. wanted about 38% and most people would say those two states are highly inparticular difficult of. . from let's move on tho at that nafrmt so hillary versus trump. what to we have? >> so, you know, in a hypothetical patch yuch and that's what these are, you nope, in if you create a hypothetical market like this, hillary rm many move plooi about a 65%
8:30 pm
chance of winning in a head no. (. and i think the takeaway there is while there's a moderate different, it really not a fell f i think either one of the fwop candidates will -- so the easiest thing to is to go to cnn the come/predict, register, open an account. temperature is a free to play game if. and all thoch it is a fun thing to do, odd no, are pan sflrnls and you are floup having some enjoyment and gauging with the news when it happens and produce
8:31 pm
a very hull rabble what guess persian gulf nnks we appreciate you are coming on. >> thank for having us on. >> i want to bring in the republican strategist, margaret hoover, cnn police call commentator and eel lannist and c florida. >> if you put them um nmgt marco rubio versus hillary clinton. hillary clinton wins 640%. up heard him says that he pretty even odds there what do you think, ba carry? i actually laugh when you pick
8:32 pm
up florida in the the primary season. a emore no. i zwrus sfwlil me you it up f you are the edge band nachlkt why is that? >> well, i think the reason is because hillary's biggest achilles heel, don, is clinton fatigue. and nobody's going to hammer that harder and hammer it better than donald trump. the other thing about hillary that i've in theed is i just asked a couple friends mine tonight, hey, what's hillary's campaign tag line right now, does anybody know? not a single person knew. one of the things that donned p donald's done very well is be
8:33 pm
consistent, consistently simple, consistently hammering. his point of view, i mean, obviously he doesn't have much policy to speak of but i think he's the strongest, the most graechs and the person that could put on the best attack, burr i still think hillary is going to trump trump. >> up you walked out on the street and said make america great again, people would say donald trump, wouldn't they? >> of course. >> a tag line does not a president make. that's the other thing. maybe it does. who knows. >> but it certainly making for a republican nominee, margaret. because he doesn't have any policy, doesn't have a lot of sub stance but everything is repeating what he says. >> but. >> well, so, look, i think this engagement tool is an interesting engagement tool.
8:34 pm
it's an trig analytical tool for quantifying ebb sensely what the conventional wisdom is right now. . we know that donald trump is more likely that be not to be the republican nominee and there's also really good polling that goes into this, too. i'll just remind my friend bakari sellers when you look at the real clear average of -- the average has marco rubio beating hillary clinton in a mchup by 4 percentage points. so it's not just that hillary clinton walks away with this. by the way, this is a reflection of the moment now. we all know that these races are dynamic, they're not status and that events change thing. while alts fun, engagement tool, this -- >> i've got to get fill nip here before you respond. we're asking people who they're o voting for and asking them
8:35 pm
even that f they're voting for swb else, who has the best we're talking about these kwour candidates pak saying that something has a 60% odds of happening or not happening -- i any there is a strong case to be made it donald trump will voters and will appeal to working class white voters but i think he will turn off a lot of republican and non-write voters. if. >> everyone stay with me pop today's gop, they revere ronald reagan but what would the 40th president i thi of the current state of his party? we'll fwauk that when we come right back. you totaled your brand new car.
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reagan was also a pragmatist willing to compromise, able to improvise in pursuit of his goals and most of all eager to expand his party's appeal. it goes on to ask how did the inclusive forward-looking party of reagan become the crass,
8:41 pm
xenophobic party of donald j. trump and ted cruz? margaret? >> i'm glad you brought it up. eye talked to a lot of republicans, could ronald reagan get elected in today's -- you can go to the reagan presidential library. a lot of them would say probably not in today's republican party. i don't know if it's a reflection of the republican party, i've written a lot about it. i'm sorry are of for a party that can polarize a new generation. the millennial generation, the ones born at the beginning of the reagan era, they are outnumbering baby boomers now. in terms of people eligible to vote. and the oldest of them were 8 years old when reagan was leaving office. the majority of them weren't even alive. so if republicans want to bring a new generation of people not
8:42 pm
in the geo political concerns with different graphics. if you're going to bring a wave of people in, you have to represent, be it climate change, to immigration reform, to lgb issues. >> what do you think -- would ronald reagan recognize a jobe gou in. >> when he talks about rach margan i could dpornl she hit the nail on the head. but i have to dig a little bit
8:43 pm
that ffrm that is not what is happening now. the fact of the matter is and this is just very blunt to say but can you not be president. ups with simply white conservative men. you can't. the party has to begin to expand, the party has to begin to pro. drumm about but he beat everything that ne want the republican party to look like. so the republican party has a severe identity problem because the country is getting browner. ful they understand and talk about new issues that bring in new peerj the 24 h 1president of the united states is going o have a did-buyer now? >> what i don't think ma nnks for i think that's the
8:44 pm
interesting thing to watch is that the rules have been flipped on their head and i love hfg what ha-- having that. if it were rubio, he's the guy that would probably appeal to a wider pace but instead up see people coming out in droves and, you know, beating the drum, as it were, to get somebody who is as divisive, who is as nasty and who lacks policy and substance on every single issue like trump. so it's becoming somewhat of a joke to watch. >> i'm sure you remember the gop's -- if you look at who is winning right now, it seems like what happened to that autopsies report? >> they called it an autopsy
8:45 pm
because the party's dead. >> they didn't call it an autopsy. >> i don't think the republicans from last year would recognize the republican party. we're talking about a dramatic shift in the focus of the republican party, talking about an electorate than is actually less conservative in three of the -- >> so what happened so fast? it was quick. >> the autopsy report focused on immigration. there was a big push toward immigration reform, driven by a lot of the establishment republicans and went very much con tranitrairry to the base of republican party and the next thing donald trump is the front-runner by stumbling on to the issue of immigration. while america is going to be getting browner being gilgts to be getting grayer.
8:46 pm
by 250 20 2050 there are going to be more people over 60. >> you know that autopsy expr s expression. >> that's your term. the republican party doesn't call it that. ♪ they say that in life, we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component...
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donald trump coming off a huge victory in nevada. he surprised a lot of people with the level of support he got from hispanic voters. joining me to talk about that, democratic strategist maria cardona. i'm not even going to try guerra. >> guerra. >> the director -- rnc's director of hispanic media. just little things we talk about in the break. how should i pronounce that? ruth guerra. >> there you go. ruth consideration you hear me? >> don, since 2012, we have launched our engagement program
8:51 pm
and we can honestly say woo have been in the hispanic community for over two years now. the amount of volunteers we're gathering and the amount of staff we're in the midst of hiring about 1,300 people to join us full time paid staff. a lot of people are going to be in hispanic community and are going to be hispanics themselves. who better than another has panic to tell them why they are republican. >> so you think that approach is working? >> well, here are the facts. the facts that are we started back after 2012 and what we saw in 2014 mid terms were in colorado, for example, with wins with senator corey gardner. in pueblo county, a highly democrat and highly hispanic county, we made major gains and
8:52 pm
the senator won that state. also in texas, you look at senator john cornyn who won the hispanic vote. we're seeing gains when they are present talking to them about the issues they care about. we know in every poll that we look at it, is the jobs, it is the economy, it is national security and education. these are the top issues and these are the issues that these candidates took to them because of their election. >> i want to get maria in there because i want to you listen to donald trump, what he told anderson coomme cooper about th hispanic vote. >> we got 46% of the latino vote. obviously it's not the whole nation, but it's what we had to deal with. we were dealing with that area and we got 46% of the vote. i think that's very indicative
8:53 pm
of the nation actually. >> marchia, why did you call th results astonishing? >> they were astonishing not just because of donald trump's spin but no matter how small that sample could be or is because it was a very small sample that the majorities of those would go to donald trump. i think that speaks more to the dismal campaigns that the other two latino candidates were running, marco rubio and ted cruz, the fact that donald trump could garner more than double the support that either one of them got among the latino electorate. but, look, the bottom line is that it doesn't really matter. because even with ruth's amazing spin, the republican party is in huge peril, hugely underground with the hispanic community, and no candidate, no matter who the nominee is is going to be able to get to the white house with
8:54 pm
at least 42% of the hispanic vote and right now they are probably, maybe on a good day 17 or 18% of support. >> ruth -- >> i would just add to that that no candidate is going to get to the white house if you're not trusted and if you're not honest. and hillary clinton has -- her numbers are underwater when when it comes to that. march maria, i get it but when you look at hillary clinton in nevada and the fact that bernie sanders was leading her, especially among young latinos, when she's supposedly has a fire wall with the latino vote. >> actually, that's not true. she actually won the hispanic vote. when it comes to latinos, hillary clinton is beating every candidate on the republican side out of the water. >> but she's not getting what
8:55 pm
barack obama got because bernie sanders is taking that away. >> when she becomes the nominee, she will be very, very competitive and win the hispanic vote and be ail to get into the white house. >> that's going to have to be the last word. appreciate that. i'm out of time. maria, i appreciate it as well. we'll be right back. models need their look to last the whole day.
8:56 pm
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. before i leave you tonight, i wanted to say a few words
8:59 pm
about something we talk about a lot on this show. it's an issue all americans are struggling with and that's police and race. we talk about it with our friend and our families, the candidates are talking about it out on the campaign trail and tonight it took center tstage, on the top rated abc show "blackish." >> it appears a decision about the indictment has been made -- >> what's an indictment? >> it seems as if some people were supposed to protect us didn't do the right thing but it doesn't happen very often. >> it happens all the time. >> it doesn't happen all very often. but this time it didn't d and if it did, they'll get in trouble. >> so the cops are the bad guys? >> no. >> yes. >> it is a very powerful episode. i hope up get to watch it. it is a great job of balancing humor with a very serious
9:00 pm
subject and wit and they did a wonderful job, thanks to abc's "blackish". thank you so much for watching. stay with cnn. our republican debate tomorrow night good evening from houston, texas. tonight, the latest on the race for the white house and my conversation with donald trump who has now won three states in a row. could take many more on super tuesday. whether you believe pundits, polls or prediction markets, could take it all. all the candidates sharing the debate stage with him tomorrow night are scrambling to navigate a republican landscape he has shaken to the core after his crushing victory in nevada. >> reporter: we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> which gets to the heart of what his opponents face. especially r a


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