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tv   New Day  CNN  February 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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ahead of super tuesday, but there's something much more important than politics going on, and let's get to alisyn in new york. tornados carving the path of destruction from florida to pennsylvania, leaving dozens of homes damaged and destroyed and four people, including a 2-year-old boy, were killed in virginia. this morning, more than 100,000 homes without power. let's get to cnn meteorologist, chad meyers, with breaking details. what are you seeing today, chad? >> it's better today, yesterday and the day before, a lot like april and may, certainly not february. another deadly round of storms pummeling states up and down the east coast. >> he opened the front door and when he did, he says, mama,
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tornado, tornado. he ran and i ran. >> two days of storms and 50 tornados reported and seven killed and thousands without power in the last 48 hours, and in virginia a state of emergency declared. dozens injured, seven critically and four dead. >> this is tragic. never seen anything like this before. >> three people from a mobile home were killed, including a 2-year-old boy. >> our prayers goes out to the three people that lost their life and we thank god that -- you know, we went through a lot of damage but the church is still standing and we're going to recover. >> the cars were tossed about. i am just so sorry people were killed. >> the tornado tearing down power lines and splintering trees. >> i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> three more tornados touching down in the sunshine state,
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packing ferocious winds. four people were inside this home when heavy rains and winds sent trees toppling on the roof. >> our hearts go out to anybody that has lost their homes or loved ones or anything in this. >> road island and boston, you can go back to sleep for a while. my dog would have been under the bed. snow across parts of michigan and parts of ohio and west virginia, and that's all part of the same system that is making 41 degrees for you -- sunshine today, up to 70, but it's the same cold air that pushed all this warm air up from houston all the way down to the gulf coast. >> i will take low temperatures anytime over what those poor people are dealing with in those communities all over the country, and it's good to know
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you are going to stay on this story and they need help there to mobilize things. big debate tonight, donald trump setting his sights on super tuesday. he is talking about wrapping this race up. the frontrunner just got two big endorse mament endorsements, big for him because they are his first two, and they are of the congressional running mate. trump's rivals intensifying attacks, but is it working? and the gop's last gop, what is he talkinging about? >> good morning, chris. this debate comes at such a pivotal time in this race and already there are indications
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this could get heated very fast. marco rubio and donald trump telling each other they can come against each other. >> i have done totally prepared. >> the gop frontrunner set to face-off with his four remaining rivals tonight in the last debate before super tuesday. >> so far everybody that attacked me has gone down. >> donald trump has already doubled the number of delegates than his closest competitors, marco rubio and ted cruz combined. >> trump notably absent from the town hall from megyn kelly. >> we're the only campaign in a position to beat him on super tuesday and win the nomination. >> a majority of republican
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voters are now supporting donald trump, and once this race begins to narrow a little bit you will see more of the support consolidating. >> and donald trump warns about a bombshell coming in his tax records. >> i have a very complex system of taxes, but we'll make a determination over the next couple of month. >> i will release the remainder of what we have, and i released the five years. >> i will release them, not very complicated. >> and the senator of the delegate rich state securing the endorsement of its governor. >> we can't be fooled by barnam. >> meanwhile, marco rubio is now
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targeting trump by name. >> he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> previewing a big fight for tonight, and this is so important for so many of the candidates because this is the last chance before the big day, super tuesday. let's discuss. with us this morning, brother matt lewis, and cnn international reporter, mave. we have the state of play tonight and then the intrigue that just came up with mitt romney. what do you think is going on here, the irony and trump quick to catch it, and mitt romney talking about taxes and his tax return showed he was benefiting from the ability of an investor
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to move income into investment gains and pay a low tax rate. what do you think is going on now. >> that did hurt mitt romney because he went through the campaign apologizing for being rich. and donald trump is a different phenomenon, he talks about being rich. i don't know what the bombshell s. but i would be surprised if anything we learn would actually hurt trump. so far nothing has. he seems to be teflon. building this up as a bombshell, i don't know what the end game is here, it's a game. >> he's not the only one talking about trump's taxes and he is not the only one talking in the gop about what else may be there. >> for sure they are all talking about what the end game is to take down donald trump, and also having mitt romney in 2012 it's
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very unusual for him to throw this punch out there without having something behind it, and i don't know what or if anything is there, but most of his moves are calculated, and i think in this case it's to point out the fact that we really do know very little about trump's business background and there's not a lot of transparency around his business dealings, and what he's giving to charity, and tax returns can tell you a lot of a candidate, and i don't know how much it will matter for those voting for trump, but for the independents and others it could make a difference. >> is there a chance that his tax return shows that he is worth less than he is? of course. marco rubio is going to come out
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guns blazing and take it to trump. do you buy this? >> i don't. there's tragedy of the -- those that want to believe the republican party needs to stop donald trump. we think rubio should go after donald trump. i think it's rubio's thinking i have to take down ted cruz. my thought is he will counter if trump attacks him. >> my theory is you do not beat trump by playing his game and going after him and you have to offer a better alternative and we don't know that has happened yet looking at the polls. i understand why they want to go at each other, and marco rubio and cruz are at the same number, which is unusual. >> the stage has been so large
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and there's so many candidates, as anybody really tripped up trump on foreign policy, journalists have but the other candidates have not done a good job of demonstrating as marco rubio would like to do, that he is more knowledgeable on foreign policy than trump is what his argument would be, and i don't know if he would go after trump because he has seen so many candidates fall -- >> he's had his own problems. >> he probably learned his lesson from that confrontation, but we could see more pressure on trump to really exspleen what he's going to do, and whether the depth of his foreign policy knowledge is to be president. >> he has been talking about what is he is going to say, and
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there's been a little suggestion back and forth. >> the frontrunner in this case, donald trump, eluded to the fact -- >> what do you see as rubio's biggest vulnerabilities. >> we'll be prepared and people have not done very well against me, and so far everybody that has attacked me has gone down. >> true, going head to head to him has not been easy, and to my point, you have to show you are something better, and at the end of the day, it's not who is the harshest person, it's who is the best person. >> almost every single debate he has shown that he has command of the stage and these other guys have not figured out how to take him on and we have to see fireworks from cruz. >> he sees the antidote, and he is seen as the remedy -- >> he's almost unstoppable. i don't think rubio or cruz have
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the sense of urgency that everybody else has, and i think that, you know, rubio is hoping to win florida and virginia and cruz is looking at texas. it's not trstrategic. >> you hit the panic button and what does that mean? >> one narrow i propose is to look at what the wigs did in 1836. >> in 1836? the wigs? >> let rubio win florida unopposed and let kasich win ohio unopposed if they are the nontrump candidates and deprive trump of the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. the premise here would be force a contested convention because that's as good as it gets because there's no way rubio or
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cruz could win the nominee. >> that sounds crazy. >> we are at that point. >> any suggestion of anything along those lines? >> we don't know that that is going to happen, the 1836 -- >> no. >> we do know there is going to be a lot of gaming on the stage tonight. >> i think we are once again going to see cruz and rubio take each other on really hard, and that's what cruz did immediately after the nevada results were announced, he didn't go after trump but marco rubio, and they are going to try to knock each other out to emerge as the alternative. >> we'll all be watching. tonight will be the big night and you will join our esteemed colleague, wolf blitzer, as he guides these candidates in their discussion tonight. a really big moment, the last
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one before super tuesday, and that will be tonight, 8:30 eastern, and of course only on cnn. alisyn, back to you in new york. two days out now from the south carolina democratic primary and there may be signs bernie sanders who is well behind in the polls there is writing off the state, and hillary clinton getting a major endorsement from sanders' top senior colleague. >> reporter: you might be wondering why after two days left in south carolina is bernie sanders campaigning here in ohio and illinois and michigan, and you have to look at the calendar and do math. the sanders campaign looking ahead to more than two dozen contests this week, and so here's where the math comes in. because the delegates are awarded proportionately, sanders can fight clinton to a draw, and in a place like ohio where the
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sanders campaign doesn't talk about winning the nomination, they can put points on the board and that's going to be huge because in south carolina, sanders despite putting time and money into that state still lags behind clinton by double digits and she has such huge support among the african-american community, and listen to what she told a town hall just yesterday. >> there's something wrong when african-american families are denied three times more often trying to get a mortgage than white families with the same financial background. >> hillary clinton also got a big endorsement yesterday, senate democratic leader, harry reid, saying he supports clinton, and she has support among the so-called super delegates, and those are your establishment delegates behicli, and she will be talking about breaking down barriers today and
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that's a theme aimed directly at black voters, but sanders has been campaigning there for months and back there tomorrow so they are not writing off the state. >> good to know, and thank you for that update. donald trump hoping for a super tuesday sweep, and in the process pundits saying he is changing the face of the republican party. we'll discuss that, next. how does rock and roll work? ♪ you need a team... ♪ working together... ♪ doing all kinds of jobs. ♪ and the best place to find the job that's right for you is on the world's number-one job site.
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donald trump heading into super tuesday states with three straight wednesday under his belt and he has been defying his position. let's welcome our tkpweguests. you can't fit him into a box. he is pro business, and that's
3:21 am
republican. anti-illegal immigrant, that fits. pro military. here is where it gets interesting. supports imminent domain and he had been vocally pro choice -- >> we are certainly living in an election cycle where ideology is not breaking down along the lines we are used to. the candidate that made the hardest bet, it's struggling in the face of the bet, right. what people want is somebody who is going to seem tough and take on the government. what you are seeing is that is where trump is doing well. where i have been struck by what trump does, he stands on a debate stage and defends planned parenthood. i don't know that anybody else would be able to do that. >> right. >> he has support across
3:22 am
demographic groups, and what he has done in these open primaries, new hampshire and south carolina, he is taking advantage of a open primary and bringing out people that never voted before, and whether these are people who remain in the gop coalition, we will see. >> it's more like a hostile takeover, at least one article i read compared it to sort of a pirate taking over a ship, you know. >> i like that imagery. >> where is he going to take the ship? that is an open question and a very important one. there are a lot of people -- paul ryan comes to mind, speaker of the house, who are committed ideally.
3:23 am
>> you can't argue with the enthusiasm engagement he infused into this race. look at the voter turnout numbers. it's striking. in 2016, nevada, south carolina, new hampshire and iowa, look how many more people are turning out -- republicans, to vote. maggie, is this the trump factor? >> i think almost no question. i don't think it's the only factor, and i think the republicans are out of power from the white house and they want to recapture it. i do think that you have seen all of these new people come in. and trump's campaign manager said to us a couple weeks ago before new hampshire they were targeting voters who never voted before or barely voted in recent cycles, and that's low
3:24 am
propensity voters. it's not driven by the trump campaign, but it's a force of personality trump presents and the promise of i'm going to make things better. that seems to be enough of a sell for a lot of people to hear. i would caution this is not going to hold in a general election. the general electr-- >> why not? >> because the republican primary base is very different and has a different set of concerns than the electorate at large. trump has a low ceiling, as we all said, and i was guilty of that -- >> that he busted through time and again. >> he had 46% the other night, and rubio got no bounce. >> he is getting a little more establishment now endorsements or support? >> he has gotten a couple of congressional members of congress, really the first to
3:25 am
come over, and so that plus the lieutenant government of south carolina, and that is showing a little bit of cracks in the wall there, and there's going to be a period in which county chairman and state chairs and members of congress here and there are going to say if this guy is going to be the nominee, i don't want to be the last guy to sign up. it gets interesting in that what that means for the party. they are going to just step aside and say we are going to ignore the will of the people. the party organization will have to follow the people. >> i agree. i just think that -- for house members where their districts are carved specifically, i think it's a lot easier to establish a connection to trump without risks. i think where you are going to start to see it get interesting is where it gets statewide races
3:26 am
and gubernatorial races. and paul ryan, a colleague of mine wrote a piece about he is on a collision course with trump right now. trump just a couple days ago blamed paul ryan for the party's loss in 2012, and not based on data, just his argument. you will see in purple states, it's going to be interesting to see how people handle having trump at the top of their ticket. >> it already has been interesting. thank you so much for the analysis. what happens if president obama tphaupl tphaeuts a republican to the supreme court? the white house is already vetting one gop governor? would they consider him? we will let you know who it is and how that might all play out straight ahead.
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we have breaking news for you this morning. these are live pictures. this is the coast guard stepping in to rescue crew members after their fishing boat ran aground in rock away beach, new york.
3:31 am
there are between five and seven crew members that needed to be rescues. if the cameraman pulls out -- we can't control this, and if they do you will see the boat in the rough seas. it's unclear how this fishing boat ran aground, and the boat sent to help also ended up overturning in rough waters. we will keep an eye on this when we pull out. let's see if we can see the boat in distress. you can see the boat just there on the left side of your screen that is unstable. look at this. it looks like somebody is -- that looks like one of the coast guard emergency teams, but they have rescued, we understand, between five and seven crew members from this ship. we will keep an eye on this and bring it to you as we have. the u.s. and china agreeing on a draft resolution punishing
3:32 am
north korea for the violations. kim jong-un's claim of a hydrogen bomb test and a rocket test earlier this month violate the agreement. cook tells nbc, it's the software equivalent of cancer. cook fears the requests could have a domino affect and trample on the rights of others. let's go back out to houston where all the excitement is. chris, hello. >> it will be interesting to see if tim cook comes up tonight in the debate. what is going to be going on
3:33 am
here tonight is going to be a reflection of what is going on in politics. another big issue is what is going on with the battle to replace justice antonin scalia. sandoval is his name. he was a judge. what does that mean? will that be good enough for senate republicans to hold a hearing? history here can predict what the future will be, and we'll discuss it coming up. reminded him of his magic eraser. it's not just for marks on walls... it's tough on kitchen grease... and bathroom grime too. he's your... ...all around-tough-cleaner, mr. clean.
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very interesting development in the battle to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. we hear the obama administration is vetting a nevada republican governor. his name is sandoval. they are looking at him if it's just a rouse. by the way, politically, this is not unusual talk.
3:38 am
here's a look at brian sandoval. on the bench, we didn't see him deal with a lot of issues that come to play in the culture wars right now, but he did have a pretty middle of the road record in terms of how he looked at the constitution and its application to current law, and he does put a very interesting twist on the race. let's discuss it now with delaware senator, he sits on the senate judiciary committee, and he's called the gop response to the vacancy, elementary. explain why you use that word. >> well, chris, what i was saying was that the constitution requires us to provide advice and consent when the president nominates somebody from a vacancy on the supreme court, and for our response to be no, no, no, we refuse to hear from
3:39 am
you or refuse to do any hearing or to meet with a nominee, that's an elementary school level response, and rather than doing our job under the constitution, having hearings and having a vote, and if the republican majority chooses to reject president obama's nominee, that's their pdecision but to refuse to meet with the nominee is in my view akin to slamming your door shut and saying i refuse to talk to you, which is not advice and consent. we should be doing our job under the constitution. i have called on the president to nominate somebody who is a c consensus candidate and deserving of a nomination. >> mitch mcconnell is driving the republicans and here is what he says about his thinking and
3:40 am
why. >> presidents have the right to nominate just as the senate has its right to provide or hold consent. in this case, the senate will withhold it. i don't know how many times i have to keep saying this, the judiciary committee recommended there be no hearings, and i said repeatedly that this decision ought to be made by the next president, whoever is elected. >> to the extent that the constitution is relevant here and not just typical political maneuvers, he says we have the right to advise and consent, but they have the duty to do so under the constitution, and he also says they have the right to withhold it, and that's not in the constitution. do you think you can make a salable case that they are doing something that violates the constitution here or is this just about how they choose to
3:41 am
play politics? >> i think this is an unfortunate political move to continue the objectionism. in the 2012 election, president obama was elected to a four--year-term and under the constitution he can and should nominate somebody for the supreme court vacancy that has gone on several weeks. if there's a vacancy throughout of the rest of this year, it will hauble the court's ability to decide issues from affirmative action to unions. >> but senator, you know, you know this all very well, but why is it -- why push them to do something that your party has also not wanted to do in the
3:42 am
past, and not just anybody talking about it, your big shots have talked the same talk, and chuck schumer talked it in 2007, and now president barack obama was in favor of the blockage they were having in 2006. you had biden talk about it in the early '90s. this is what out of power parties do in situations like this when they are at the end of a presidential term. how is this different? >> let's be clear how it is different, and this time they are refusing to hold a hearing or even offer a vote and in some cases to meet with a nominee. he did not hear unanimously from the judiciary committee, he heard from his republican side of the judiciary committee. >> right. >> and to set the record straight about what vice president biden did, not what he said, but what he did, every single bush nominee to circuit
3:43 am
and district courts in his last election year got a hearing and vote, and frankly in the last -- >> but not a supreme court justice nominee. >> they got a hearing and got a vote, except a few who withdrew on their own. >> important perspective there. thank you for making the case on "new day" this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. we are going to have much more of the breaking coverage of the coast guard rescue happening right now off of long island. this is very much an active operation. you can see live pictures here. there were five to seven crew members on this fishing boat that needed to be rescued. right after the break we will bring you the latest on what is happening onboard. abdominal pain? bloating?
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you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. back to our breaking news now. you are looking at live pictures of the coast guard rescue under way here off of rockaway beach, new york. what you can see in the crowd, the fisherman, he is in the red protective gear.
3:48 am
he has just been rescued off this fishing vessel right here called "the carolina queen", and she just ran aground, and you can see listing wildly in pretty rough seas, and the coast guard went out to save the five to seven crew members on this fishing ship, and their coast guard boat overturned on the seas, and there's a chopper hovering overhead and sending down the sort of metal nets to pick everybody up. you can see one of the fishermen being rescued off of their. we believe there are still about six crew members from the fishing boat, as you can see live here, still onboard to be waiting rescued, and they have donned protective gear that they will need, and it looks dicey
3:49 am
because the coast guard boat overturned. you can see them trying to get warm after their scary ordeal. we will be following this for you all morning and bring you the latest as it happens. meanwhile apple's ceo apple cook is speaking out and calling the fbi's request equivalent to cancer. that's just ahead. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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the only way we know would be to write a piece of software we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write and we have never written it. >> that was apple, ceo tim cook, speaking about the battle with the fbi. law enforcement is trying to unlock the san bernardino's terrorists phone. let's bring in the former senior director of information security at apple and the vice president and chief security office of the security firm code 42. thank you so much for being
3:54 am
here. tim cook said a lot last night in that interview. basically what he said was that complying with the fbi in this terror investigation would be, quote, bad for america. obviously there are other people that think helping to stop possibly a future terror attack would be good for america. where do you fall? >> i think that all corporations are going to want to do things that resist terrorists activity, but they stop short when it requires putting a hole in the entire product line that not only creates a backdoor for all systems and devices, but when things are narrowly focused i think corporations are want to go help. >> is the situation that apple cannot unlock this phone with their current technology even if they wanted to help? >> correct. over the years companies moved
3:55 am
towards the path of product strengthening, and there are thousands of development hours that get put into that, and you have products that are very secure and there is no capability to unlock that, and so now the conversation turns into can you be forced to write new code to break what you have been building for years. >> apple engineers are going so far as to develop new technology to make it impossible for the fbi or law enforcement ever to be able to unlock the phones. is this a bridge too far? at some point, could there be a scenario where it would be so vital to national security to get some information off one of these phones that making it impossible is not wise? >> i don't know that making things impossible, but what they
3:56 am
are saying is they are unwilling to build something to get there, so the possibility is there and the question is should they go and build something? what they are saying is that relative to the security of all of their customers they don't want to build something that puts a hole in the software for all of the devices out there. they are not saying it's impossible, they are saying they are not going to build it. >> okay. it sounds as though they are even trying to harden the system to make it harder for law enforcement. obviously the public is always wrestling with this same debate, with privacy and civil liberties versus national security. let me pull up for you the latest pew poll on how americans are feeling about this, and it's interesting because they are almost evenly divided. should apple unlock the terror suspects' iphone was the question, and 51% of americans said yes and 38% said no, and
3:57 am
11% said they don't know. if you add the categories, it's almost evenly divided. during your tenure at apple we understand there were nine other criminal investigations that the fbi and law enforcement went to help with, and they involved drug traffic, and a murder and child pornography. do you know if apple ever helped law enforcement? >> you know, there are times where all companies have court orders and things like that coming in, and i don't know of any instances where apple turned over encryption keys or decription keys. it could be stolen devices and all kinds of things out there, but relative to encryption and decryption.
3:58 am
certainly this thing is on a path for escalation and it's not for me to provide legal opinions on that. >> but you think something is heating up, and whatever -- >> i do. >> okay, thank you so much for your expertise in this field. we will be following closely. tornadoes tearing up the east coast, and a high stakes republican debate tonight, so let's get all to it. >> he opened the front door and he said, mama, tornado, tornado. >> you could hear stuff tossing and turning. >> i have never seen nothing like this before. >> this is just, like, not even real. super tuesday -- >> i can win. >> the democrats desperately do not want to run against me. >> all of a sudden he is getting tough. >> we will not give up on our country.
3:59 am
>> are you ready to make history on tuesday? >> senator sanders, he wants to start all over. we're not going to do that. >> a united people can never be defeated. >> i don't know what part of democracy they are afraid of, but they are determined to turn the clock back. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's february 25th, now 7:00ish in the east. we are live from houston. tonight the five remaining republicans take the stage trying to convince -- except trump, trying to convince republicans that trump is poison, and there is no question senators rubio and cruz need to make something happen here tonight. first, we do have breaking news for you. >> another string of deadly
4:00 am
tornadoes ripping through the east coast. three men and a 2-year-old boy killed in virginia. more than 100,000 homes without power at this hour. let's get right to cnn meteorologist, chad meyers, with all of the breaking details. what are you seeing this hour, chad? >> weather that should be in spring. we don't expect this in february. i know tornadoes can happen in any month in the u.s., and this should be march and april, not february. another deadly round of storms pummeling states up and down the east coast. >> he opened the front door. when he did, he says, mama, tornado, tornado. he ran and i ran. >> two days of storms, over 50 tornadoes reported, seven killed and hundreds of thousands without power in the last 48
4:01 am
hours. in virginia, a state of emergency declared. tornados leaving dozens injured, and three people in a mobile home were killed, including a 2-year-old boy. powerful winds lifting a trailer almost 300 yards and slamming it into a church. >> our prayers go out to the three people that lost their lives, and we thank god the church is still standing and we're going to recover. >> cars crumbled like aluminum cans on the highway. the tornado tearing down power lines and trapping some residents in the wreckage. >> i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> three more tornadoes touching down in the sunshine state packing ferocious winds. five tornadoes causing a path of mass destruction. four people were inside this home when rains and wind sent a
4:02 am
massive tree toppling on the roof. >> our heart goes out to anybody that lost their homes or loved ones or anything in this. >> the weather has pushed offshore into maine and massachusetts, but cold air is coming in behind it that is making snow into indiana, illinois, michigan and even in parts of west virginia, and look out for slick spots across new york and pennsylvania as some of the rain turns to snow. >> we have to remember for the people hit by those tornados, life will be different for weeks and months so keep them in your thoughts and prayers. we'll be back with you in a little bit. here in houston, the story is politics. donald trump is confident and super tuesday is looming and he is talking about wrapping this thing up and looking at running mates, and he is escalating a
4:03 am
dust-up with mitt romney. why is mitt romney relevant? that's a story in itself, suggesting there could be a bombshell in trump's tax returns. mitt romney channeling harry reid, it seems. >> this is so fascinating, chris. this debate comes at such a pivotal time. this could get very heated very fast. donald trump and marco rubio dropping hints they are preparing tonight to take each other on. >> i will be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. >> the gop frontrunner is set to face-off with his four remaining rivals tonight in the last debate before super tuesday. >> so far everybody that has attacked me has gone down. >> donald trump already has double the number of delegates than his closest competitors, marco rubio and ted cruz combined. >> there has never been a
4:04 am
candidate like trump. >> trump absent from the town hall last night, and they are arguing it's only a matter of time before his ballooning lead pops. >> we are the only campaign in the position to beat him on super tuesday. >> obviously, once this race begins to narrow a little bit you will see more of the support consolidating. >> this has 2012 gop nominee, mitt romney, talking about tax returns. >> i have a very complex system of taxes. we'll make a determination over the next couple of months. >> i will release the remainder of what we have. i released already five years worth. the nice thing is, i have not made enough money where my tax returns are not that interesting. >> up for grabs on super
4:05 am
tuesday, cruz' home state of texas. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnam. the time for the dancing bears has passed. >> marco rubio is targeting trump by name. >> he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> that was a small but significant shift there from marco rubio who typically avoids taking on donald trump directly. donald trump, meanwhile, he tells cnn he has been saving his fire for the debate tonight. chris, he predicted there will be some good action tonight. >> yeah, i think that's probably a safe prediction. thank you very much. let's continue the discussion, we have the arizona state
4:06 am
treasurer. very good to have you on the show with us this morning. >> good to be here. thank you. >> so let's talk about what is going on with mitt romney. first, let's play the sound from him and then we will figure out what it means to you. >> we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes, where he is nowhere near as wealthy as he says he is, or he is not paying money taxes like he should be, or hasn't been giving money to the vets like he says he has been doing. >> do you accept what he is saying now about donald trump, that that's why you are not putting out the tax returns, there's something in there you don't want us to see? >> no, there's been no requirement to put out tax returns. it's a very new issue. as the establishment goes
4:07 am
through the circle of political attacks and none of them work, this is just the latest one, as you pointed out. it's what harry reid did to mitt romney four years ago, and in this case it was very effective. with mitt romney you had a guy that made a lot of money and was trying to come across as a normal average guy that had not made a lot of money, so the taxes were a bombshell on that end of it. with donald trump, he already filed everything. if you look, he already filed all the details of all of his financials, minus the taxes, and all the information about the money he made showing $10 billion in assets. with mr. trump we know he is one of the most successful businessmen of all-time, and he's not running away from that, and it's what we want, we want somebody that knows how to do something. it's telling when you have marco rubio and ted cruz saying our
4:08 am
taxes are not that interesting because we have not done anything, so is that somebody we want in the white house that has not done anything? no, we want somebody that knows how to build jobs and a company and that's what donald trump brings to it. >> let's unpack that. what the senators are saying, it's not that they have not done anything but have not made a lot of money, but you are entitled to your spins of the information, that's for sure. you do know that candidates very often put out their tax returns because it's been part of the vetting process, so saying there is no requirement, this is not about a letter of the law thing, this is about doing the types of disclosure that is ordinary. who knows what it's going to mean? it could mean donald trump over states his wealth and he's not one of the most successful, maybe one of the most celebrated and popular but not one of the most successful, so the question
4:09 am
again is, why haven't you put them out? >> again, this is a new attack on him, and it's now something that he is considering. i don't think there is any doubt we will see the tax returns at some point, but why bother right now, is the first thing? there's nothing on a tax return that shows a summation of assets, they will show the net income but not a summary of wealth and that is what has been put out and it has been stated, here's a summary of the wealth and you have seen attacks coming in, he is only worth $7 billion or $8 billion, and let's support he is not worth $10 billion, he is only worth $8 billion, and is that a big difference? >> even if trump is overstating his wealth by a lot, he will still have a lot. what real difference will that make? there are two real concerns from your perspective i want to address with you. the first, donald trump is big about coming at hillary clinton
4:10 am
about what she doesn't turn over and what she keeps secret and hidden and you might say there's a hypocrisy risk here if he doesn't play by the same rules he wants to apply to her and others? and the second one, is mitt romney is party play from the gop elders? what is your take on those two? >> no question the establishment is scares and they are stealing from our grandchildren and running up the debt for a long time and want that party to continue and donald trump is going to fix that. yeah, the establishment is looking for anything they could do. they predicted donald trump would have a 35% ceiling in nevada and we busted through that, and they are now saying over half of america doesn't vote for him, and if they use that logic, 80% of america is not voting for rubio or cruz.
4:11 am
as the arizona state treasure, there's going to be a bombshell in taxes, and that's what the government does after they receive the taxes. donald trump pays a lot in taxes, more than you or me or anybody i know, and what the government does in fraud and race once they receive that money, that's the bombshell and that's what we need to talk about, and we're in debt and that's what we need to fix. >> would you expect romney to make a case against the plan you put out where they suggest you will add more to the debt and deficit. certainly the debt service the way they see it, than even by president obama. he is making a disclosure case. we are going to see tax returns at some point, and can you put any kind of window on it? >> no, as mr. trump said yesterday, you know, in the interviews he gave, he is considering the best timing for that.
4:12 am
obviously we want to be strategic with that. no question. we are not going to do it based on somebody else's timeline. >> why? >> here's what they do. they pore through every piece and they are looking for more information. you go fishing and you say, give us more -- >> you sound like you are running hillary clinton's campaign. you sound like you are running hillary clinton's campaign. that's what she said about the e-mail disclosures and that's what she says about the goldman sachs speeches. >> let me give you a great comparison between hillary clinton and donald trump. hillary won with 6,300 votes, and donald trump won with 35,000 votes in nevada. that's the big difference.
4:13 am
donald trump will wipe the floor with hillary clinton in the general election, and that's what he is going to bring to the table. we are going to win states republicans never thought could win those states again. nevada is a perfect example of that. >> i am saying you put him in the same league in terms of people vetting information they have yet to disclose, and that's the category i am putting him in for this conversation. we look forward to the tax returns coming out, and thank you for coming on "new day." >> thank you, chris. tonight is the big night. you are going to get wolf blitzer at his best moderating the final debate before super tuesday. the republicans square off tonight, 8:30 eastern, only on cnn. we have tense breaking news to bring everyone. a dramatic coast guard rescue under way at this moment off of
4:14 am
rockaway beach, new york. we are looking at videotape from a few moments ago of the fishing vessel listing. there are five to seven crew members, and it's a 74-foot fishing boat. some of them have already been rescued after their boat ran aground early this morning. nassau county police sent a vessel to assist this fishing boat and it also overturned in the water. joining us on the phone is petty officer with the coast guard. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> you got this distress call at 2:00 a.m. what did they say? >> the command center received an urgent distress call and it was a 76-foot fishing vessel and they reported they had been taking on water. you are right, there were seven
4:15 am
men aboard. they had the vessel under control but had run aground in east rockaway. the waters were producing 10 to 12-foot waves, so large waves and the vessel capsized. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> the rescuers going out to rescue the fishermen, their boat capsized. what happened to those members on that boat? >> there were five members on the coast guard boat and they were able to swim safely to shore. >> what happened to the fishermen still trapped on the boat that had run aground. >> the coast guard launched with a helicopter and they are currently removing people from the fishing vessel and taking them to the beach. >> in fact we are seeing that right now, we have videotape on
4:16 am
the screen and you can see a fisherman draped in a blanket who just had been rescued and on the beach, and i think we are looking at -- this is a live picture, i think, and you are looking at the coast guard helicopter setting down its big metal basket and then retrieving, and do you know what the status is of the fishermen onboard. >> they were wearing emersion suits for cold water and they are very protective and protects against hypothermia. >> very lucky, and we see them in the red suits in case they were going to go overboard. are all the fishermen off now or are there still some fishermen trapped on there? >> i know there are still
4:17 am
fishermen onboard, and i know there are no injuries or medical concerns at this time. >> man, the coast guard does some good work, and they are so brave to go out even in the high seas and when people need rescuing. we are watching the people being loaded into the metal basket and brought up to the chopper and it's dangerous for the coast guard members to do this. we see it all the time. they go out, despite what the weather is and the winds and the seas are. >> i agree. our coast guard men and women are very brave and they do their best. >> yeah, and we are looking here, again, and that's the 74-foot "carolina queen," this fishing boat that ran aground. you think something went wrong with it before it ran aground, it was taking on water before it ran aground? >> i don't think anything was wrong with the vessel, i think
4:18 am
the weather they were in was a problem. obviously the waves over took the coast guard vessel, and i can imagine what it would do to a commercial fishing vessel. >> what is the coast guard telling fishermen? are the seas too rough today? >> you know, i know that fishing near long island sound is a big -- a big moneymaker, but you have to be careful. if you are going to go out, make sure that you have that protective gear onboard, make sure you have signaling devices and make sure you have life jackets or emergence suits because those are the things that will give you extra time if you do end up in the water and do need to be rescued. >> that's a good word of warning. i think we are watching as the second to last fisherman now comes off that boat in distress there up to the coast guard
4:19 am
helicopter. thank you so much for all the information on this breaking story. we'll keep you posted to make sure everybody is off the boat. meanwhile, the democrats getting ready for south carolina's primary, and a big boost for hillary clinton. we'll tell you what that is, next.
4:20 am
4:21 am
[music] [splat] [evil laugh] [grunt] [page tearing] [grunt] [music] thank you so much for all the
4:22 am
4:23 am
south carolina democrats go to the polls in just two days, and there may be signs bernie sanders who is trailing hillary clinton in that state is trying a different tact, while clinton gets a different endorsement. what do you have, chris? >> good morning, alisyn. you may be wondering why with two days left until the south carolina primary, you have to look at the calendar and do math. the sanders campaign is looking at the next two dozen contests in the next two weeks, and here is where the math comes in.
4:24 am
those delegates are awarded proportionately. sanders could fight hillary to a tie in some places, and if they could be competitive and put points on the board that would be huge for them, because if you look at south carolina, bernie sanders has spent a lot of time and money there and is still lagging hillary clinton there, and that's because she has so much support from the african-american support and that's support he has been trying to cut into. let's hear what he said at a rally just last night. >> it is a campaign that understands that 150 years ago, african-americans and their white allies began the process of saying that in america we will not tolerate racism and
4:25 am
bigotry. >> reporter: for hillary clinton part, she got a big endorsement yesterday and she continues to coalesce that establishment support. she is in south carolina all day today campaigning about breaking down barriers. that's the theme aimed directly at black voters. for sanders' part, his campaign argues he has been working hard there for months and he is going back tomorrow and they are not writing the state off yet. >> thank you so much. an intriguing option being floated to fill antonin scalia's seat in the supreme court. it could be a republican governor. how are the republicans reacting to that? >> that's the big question, and look, as the fight over when to fill the vacancy left by justice scalia goes on, several republicans are hardening their positions saying they will not
4:26 am
even hold hearings on a potential nominee, and that's a move that is unprecedented. and the president spoke about ten minutes about the issue yesterday delivering a point by point bulletin to republicans. >> i think it will be difficult for mr. mcconnell to explain how if the public concludes this person is well qualified, that the senate should stand in the way simply for political reasons. >> so the white house believes the public will ultimately be on their side when it comes to the president's right to name a nominee, and many of the potential candidates that could end up on the white house short list are federal judges. yesterday we learned about a former federal judge that is now the republican governor of nevada, brian sandoval. senate minority leader, harry reid, told cnn he would support
4:27 am
sandoval, who is hispanic. a republican nominee could be harder for a senate gop to block, and there's no indication that naming a republican will make a real difference here as both sides are digging in their heels on this. >> we will have much more on the supreme court battle ahead. will the republicans refuse to consider a nominee? we'll debate it. stick around. n a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right listerine® total care strengthens teeth, after brushing, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition
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the breaking news this hour. you are looking at the beach, this is rockaway beach, new york, in queens, and you can see there's a fishing boat there, a 74-foot fishing boat named the "carolina queen" that ran aground. a distress call went out at 2:00 a.m. to the local coast guard, and this fishing boat had five to seven crew members onboard that ended up having to be rescued by the coast guard. we watched all that unfold, and this boat ran aground in shallow water there, and you can see the waves all around it. they are very big today, 10 to 12 feet. interesting the coast guard
4:32 am
vessel that responded to the scene capsized in the rough waves and water. the coast guard crew members had to rescue themselves, they had to swim ashore and had to get a chopper to come out and rescue the fishermen onboard this 74-foot vessel. chris cuomo, i know you know these waters well and fish here, and what do you see? >> i know that real well. there's a working boat. the two rods coming out the side of it, those are stabilizing mechanisms they use to keep that boat level in water. this boat, in all likelihood, was not fishing here in the ocean waters off the south part of the island there. what happens at this time of year, you have the nor'easters coming, right, alisyn, and we had super storm sandy and that
4:33 am
changed the sand mix and the different water levels there and the nor'easters add to it, and so what you are seeing is wave action coming over sand bars, and what the fishing boats like to do is find the easiest route to shore, and what can easily happen when you are running at night is you get the bar wrong, and you get where you are wrong and the depth changes very quickly. these boats are very heavy and they can sustain hull damage pretty easily even though they are made of metal, obviously. they start to take on water, and the tide will pull you into shallow water. you think what is that boat in, four or five feet of water? it's the wave action. that's the second part of the story, and as you pointed out this morning, they respond quickly, and they jump in a boat and come flying out and the waves get to be 8 and 10 feet,
4:34 am
and that boat loaded up with equipment and crew couldn't handle it and got tipped over. the coast guard guys got to swim in, and they are lucky the ambient temperatures have them in the 50s and it was not overnight. this could have turned badly quickly. there were no serious injuries, and the biggest concern for those commercial fishermen is their boat. remember, this is not about pleasure, this is their life and how they make their living and they want it to get it salvaged before it has to be repaired. >> you are right, luckily no injuries or any loss of life. >> as you pointed out, it shows how the coast guard comes to the worse situations and get there the fastest and save lives. we will follow that throughout the morning. we will take a turn to houston, and this is going to be the place where the republicans
4:35 am
have their showdown before super tuesday. there are big issues they will take on tonight, like the supreme court. the latest twist in that is that we are hearing the white house is vetting the nevada governor. he's a republican, a former federal judge. when you look at his opinions, he did seem to be middle of the road in applying the constitution to current law in terms of his outlook, and the question is, is this political strategy in play to break a congressional log jam. and we have the host of the ben ferguson show, ben ferguson himself, and we have mr. sellers. you have the case to hold the hearing and the case not to. both sides firmly represented in politics current and past. you make the case why what the republicans are doing right now is wrong in your opinion? >> it's pure obstructionism.
4:36 am
that's what we are seeing right now. we have not had a delay like this in the entire history of our country. most justices are nominated and there's a vote on those justices in 100 or so days. >> you know and you had schumer saying it, and barack obama saying it -- >> delay, delay. >> joe biden gave that speech from the floor and that's what my colleagues like to say, and biden gave that speech in june, and you had a few months left in session. we also clipped that speech because he goes on to say he would support -- >> that's your out, because your out is to say you would support them so you don't look like obstructionist. this is a brilliant move because they are hoping -- they are hoping they will take the bait and say that's somebody i could
4:37 am
support. >> do you think it looks bad to not even hold a hearing? >> i don't. in a election year when you come out you don't want to be a republican senator or congressman that supported putting barack obama putting somebody very liberal on there. i want to say i don't think it's ever going to be this guy. they put a name out there that would get pressure and maybe get republicans saying that's somebody we would look at, and if you are a republican in leadership, i would send an e-mail out saying do not comment. >> do your job. the president has every right to nominate the justice he deems fit. there are senators like rob portman that this would bode well voting for, so there are swing state senators. >> you don't want to get caught being too much of an obstructionist. >> i am going to say i am
4:38 am
fighting and vote for me to put the next person in the supreme court so the court does not go liberal, 5-4. that's something your supporters, if you are running as a republican, it's going to matter. it's an election year issue, and if i know my vote is not just for that senator but for the next supreme court nominee and the presidency, this is a campaign issue that your side is going to want. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are going to use it to their advantage as well, and they are going to say these guys are horrible and this has never been done before. it has been done before. people have paused quite a few times in history. >> it would be the longest time ever. >> no doubt about that. >> if you are saying no to something, you are saying no to it. democrats are on the record of doing this, and in 2006 when they got control of the house that was a big issue with a lot of appointees. >> both sides do it. >> they do it. >> but is this worse -- >> i don't think in an election year when the supreme court is
4:39 am
going to matter to voters. >> is it, because this president had more of his judicial nominations blocked than any president in previous history. it's part of a larger narrative and a part of mitch mcconnell coming out and saying his goal was to make sure this president failed. it's pure unadulterated obstructionism. that's what we are seeing. to get to the point of governor sandoval, this is -- it cuts both ways because for democrats this is probably one of the more uninspiring picks the president could make. >> he won't make it. >> vetting is so far away -- >> it's a political move where somebody said let's throw a name out there where maybe we could get republicans on the record saying that's acceptable, and then give the name we really want, and then saying it was okay a week ago and why is it not now.
4:40 am
i would say do not comment on hypotheticals. unless you give us the actual nominee, when they are standing there at the white house and the president says this guy or lady is my pick, that's when you respond to it. hypotheticals, i wouldn't waste a moment on it. >> i think the president will get to the point and i am hopeful he will nominate somebody like jackson who is now on the federal district in d.c., and it's paul ryan's cousin. i think we will get to the point and that will energize the base, because for a long time this has been an issue that drives the republican base. i think this is an issue that can drive the turnout machine for the republican party. >> one of the reasons obstructionism continues in washington is it works for both sides on some level, and if you go too far it works for both.
4:41 am
good to have you here. what is going to happen tonight? who knows? we do know this. it's going to matter. marco rubio is looking to get on the debate stage and show himself at his best against the man he has most to worry about, donald trump. will he take him on head to head? what will that mean? rubio's senior adviser joins us live next. you both have a
4:42 am
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4:44 am
i think the biggest change in this campaign is going to be when the people not named donald trump, the choices begin to
4:45 am
narrow and we start to give the republican voters a clearer choice of who they want to get behind. >> that was senator marco rubio making the case that a smaller republican field will help his campaign, but is it too late to beat donald trump? joining us now is senior adviser to marco rubio. good morning, jason. how is senator rubio preparing for tonight? >> obviously tonight is an important debate. we have super tuesday around the corner, and so i think a lot of voters in those dozen or so states will be watching tonight to help inform their decision next tuesday. >> i don't have to remind you of the somewhat awkward performance senator rubio turned in at the debate in new hampshire. in case anybody missed it, here's a little clip. >> let's dispel the fiction barack obama doesn't know what he is doing.
4:46 am
he knows exactly what he is doing. >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> was that a candidate that was overly prepared or not prepared enough, and how do you avoid that tonight? >> well, you know, listen, that was 90 seconds of about 30 hours of debate that, you know, he didn't perform as well as he had previously, and i think he demonstrated since then and throughout the process that he is probably the most articulate and inspiring political ortory we have in the campaign. marco rubio has a specific message about what the agenda is and what the problems are in the obama administration. i think chris christie was disingenuous trying to exploit the situation to his benefit and we see how it worked for him as he was out in a few days.
4:47 am
>> you have to figure out who you are going to train your sights on, so tonight will senator rubio go after ted cruz or donald trump? >> there's going to be five people on the stage but really only three candidates that have viability moving forward and among those i think the race is shipping up to be a two-person race. donald trump has been ideology klee two years ago compared to today, where marco rubio has been a consistent conservative his entire career, and so i think as it shapes up into the two-person race, there will be a responsibility of both campaigns to draw a contrast between their visions for the country. >> you say it's a two-person race, but something interesting is happening. in the nevada entrance polls, it shows that voters feel that marco rubio is the person who is most electable.
4:48 am
let me pull this up for you. there are 51% of voters that say he is the candidate who can win. that's over trump's 33% and over ted cruz's 11%, but why, then, isn't that translating to an actual win in a state? >> i think it's starting to translate. i think we have been trending up. caucuses in nevada -- this is the third time nevada republicans have done a caucus. those are unique processes and much different than a primary. we will have a number of real primaries coming up on tuesday. i think senator cruz has a lot at stake in his home state of texas. if he can't win at texas or at all on super tuesday i think it will be difficult for him to maintain there's a reason for him to stay in the race. but i think everybody recognizes marco is the best candidate in nevada, the best candidate to unify our party and the conservative movement, and
4:49 am
probably just as importantly, to reach out to nontraditional republican voters and explain to them why the republican party provides the most opportunity for them in the future. >> mitt romney, former presidential candidate, is calling upon the gop candidates, the concern the ones, to release their back taxes. let me play for you what romney said. >> frankly i would like to see a number of things from the candidates, not just their positions on the candidates in detail, and some candidates are more thorough in laying out what they are going to do than others, but i would also like to see their back taxes. this will give us a sense on whether they are on the up and up or whether they have been telling us things about themselves that are true or not. >> he did release them all for 2010, and i expect we will see the taxes from that point forward. >> donald trump just tweeted out a response to mitt romney's
4:50 am
request. he says, mitt romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in on tax returns. dope. exclamation point. >> are you looking for a response? >> i am. >> you know, i think this is kind of a pattern that any time anyone says something donald trump doesn't like he tends to two after them. i think this maybe demonstrates something different of what our expectations of how a president would behave. and i think that is something voters have to take into consideration. i know folks on the republican side and non republicans are very frustrated with washington and they like in donald trump somebody that is willing to break some china. but i also think we have to maintain a certain level of decorum. and this is the leader of the free world. and someone we want our dhirn to grow up to emulate and i think that kind of attack, which you
4:51 am
see very frequently doesn't happen the process. >> we'll be looking forward to watching the debate tonight. thanks so much. >> thanks a lot. >> unraveling one of the biggest scams in history. a cnn money investigation you need to hear about. that's next.
4:52 am
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alone. that is more than 60 times as many as bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. and the person behind it? we go on the hunt for this mysterious clairvoyant. >> reporter: as the question we've been asking months. >> who was maria duval. >> maria duval. >> what the name maria duval means to you. >> to some a gifted psychic, to others the face of one of one of the biggest cons in history. >> fake, a bottom feeder. >> the worst criminal. >> world renowned psychic. >> incompetent. >> in a theater, always saying i can predict the future. >> she's a leech that will suck you dry of all of your money. this was a woman who lived her life with a very high level of integrity. >> she was certainly ripping people off. >> she was breaking the law. >> shame on you maria duval.
4:56 am
>> but our fascination didn't start there. it started with a pile of junk mail we received. it was all originally sent to two american women. one suffering from brain cancer, the other with dementia. in in the pile a letter from a psychic. patrick waren from a company called destiny research certainty. we did a little digging. it turns out psychises frequently target the elderly and others all over the world. the scam seemed simple. send in money and in return she'll use her psychic abilities to improve your fortune. the letters double down on people who respond, asking for locks of hair and personal photos. in return people receive things like crystals that supposedly contain cosmic energy. >> it's reach in massive.
4:57 am
in u.s. and canada it allegedly rakd in over $2.5 million from 1.5 million people.ed in over $ 1.5 million people. >> my father was responding, spending money. it was close to 4 hundred if not more. >> my mother was eighty and suffering with onset alzheimer's. i came across checks she was writing twice a week. and twice a day. and all of these checks added up to over $2,400 in the span of a year. >> what was this like for you to see someone take advantage of your mom like this? >> oh -- it -- it was so painful. >> joining i now from cnn money investigation, melanie and blake. great to have you both here. what have you do learned in your investigation? what is this shad by figure
4:58 am
maria duval. >> even though her name is on letters sent all over the world and she's claimed millions of victim, no one really knows who this woman is. there is an elderly blond woman out there that claims to be here but even investigators don't know if she's really behind the scheme or if she even exists. so that's what we've been focusing on trying to get to the bottom of and we really want readers and viewers to follow along and help us solve the mystery. >> oh my gosh. now why has this been able to go on so long without authorities cracking down on it. >> that was one of the craziest things. we were one of the longest mail fraud rings in history. it's moved from country to country. there are letters in japanese. letters in russian. u.s., canada, germany. all over the country -- all over the world. >> and no one has been able to stop it. all of these different country, government agencies have tried to crack down on it and they shut it down in one place and it
4:59 am
just pops up in another. >> and even in the u.s. they thought they had shut it down in 2007 but letters kept going out. so there is currently a lawsuit going on by the department of justice try try to shut it down entirely. even they say how do they know letters just won't start going out from a different mailbox again. >> what are you both going to do? what's next in this? what is the next step? >> so whoeve is behind this has done a really good job covering their tracks. so each week we're launching a new chapter where we dig into this web of shad owy figures. >> shell companies. >> and trying to figure out who's behind this and it's taken us all over the world and if you stay tuned there is and ending that gets to the bottom of this that you definitely would not expect. >> even we were shocked. so every thursday you want to tne? >> you have hooked me. melanie, blake, thanks so much. can't wait see the the ending.
5:00 am
for more go to cnn slash maria duval. they will have a new chapter releasing online every thursday. a lot of news this morning. including previewing tonight's critical gop debate. let's get right to it. >> it just demolished everything. -- -- captions by vitac --
5:01 am
good morning. welcome to your "new day." this is thursday february 25th, just after 8:00 in the east. mic is on assignment. alisyn in new york and we are in houston. because tonight a big question at the big republican debate. will donald trump close the door on the gop nomination? or will one of the others find a way to stand out and stand up to the front runner? with super tuesday looming, this debate could be make or break for each of their campaigns. but first we do have breaking news. so back to alisyn. >> all right chris, there's been another outbreak of ferocious and deadly tornados in the east coast. 16 reported overnight from florida all the way to pennsylvania, leaving dozens of homes damaged and destroyed. four people, including a
5:02 am
two-year-old were killed in virginia. and more than a hundred thousand homes are without power. let's goat to chad meyers, he has all of the breaking details. how's it looking kah chad? >> okay. right now. things are better but this is what happens when you put tornados in populated places, unlikely when you put them out west and there is only a home every couple of miles or so. put them on the ground in february when it should be march or april or may and off also you have people by surprise. >> another deadly round of storms pummelling states up and down the east coast. >> he opened the front door and said mama, tornado, tornado. and i ran. >> seven killed and hundreds of thousands now without power in the last 48 hours. in virginia a state of emergency declared. tornados leaving dozens injured,
5:03 am
several critically and four dead. this is three in a mobile home were killed. lifting their trailer almost 3 hundred yards and slamming it it into a church. >> our prayers go out. and we just thank god, you know, that we went through a lot of damage. but we gonna recover. >> and cars tossed about. and i'm just so sorry that people were killed. >> reporter: the tornado tearing downpour lines and splintering trees. trapping some residents in the wrej. >> i didn't know what to do. it was scare. >> three more touching down in the sunshine state. in oklahoma fi-- heavy rains an wind sent a massive tree toppling onto the roof. the residents emerging safely.
5:04 am
>> our heart goes out to anybody that's lost their homes or, you know, their loved ones or anything in this. >> so for this round, this low pressure that has moved on by its over. there is still snow but the severe weather is over. it's pushed into the atlantic ocean. there are snow in michigan, indiana, illinois, west virginia. watch out for slick spots and also for wind. there will be significant wind delays at a lot of airports today alisyn. winds will be 25-30 miles per hour. >> good to know, chad. thanks so much for that. we're following more breaking news for you. bauds that powerful storm system that chad just described is also causing very rough seas. and it led to this dramatic coast guard rescue off of rockway beach new york we watched unfold live this morning. supervisor seven crew members on board. you can see they had to be rescued one by one. in the metal net there was a
5:05 am
basket that was lowered by the coast guard. the fisherman's boat ran aground in shallow waters but it is because it was facing these 10-12 foot waves. and then look at this. the coast guard vessel that was responding, it capsized in the rough waters and coast guard members had to swim to shore to save themselves. we're happy to report everyone made it out fine without injury or any death. people were saved. so it was dramatic but ended well. so let's get back to chris in houston for the big night. >> all right. let's see if we can say the same thing about what's happening out here. dramatic but will it end well? just over 12 hours from now donald trump and his four remaining challengers will debate for the final time before the all important super tuesday. trump is coming off three straight wins. just picked up his first two
5:06 am
congressional endorsements. and is even talking about the type of running mate he wants. then mitt romney, what kind of move is this? we want to see trump's taxes. what could be in there? lot of intrigue. we got the story covered only the way cnn can. sunlen surfati, good to have you. >> this debate comes at such a pivotal point and already indications it could get very heated, very quickly. and both trump and rubio indicating tonight they intend to take the other on. >> i'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. >> the gop front runner is set to face off with his four remaining rivals tonight in the last debate super tuesday. >> so far everyone who's attacked me as gone down. >> his closest competitors marco rubio and ted cruz combined.
5:07 am
>> there's never been a candidate like donald trump. in a whole lot of ways. >> trump notably absent from last night's fox news town hall hosted by megyn kelly, where they continue to argue that it is only a matter of time before his ballooning lead pops. >> in a campaign to beat him on super tuesday to win the nomination. >> and majority of republican voters are not supporting donald trump and obviously once this race begins to narrow you will see more of that support consolidating. >> this as mitt romney warns about a bomb shell to trump's tax records, asking all of the candidates to release them. >> tax returns are very complicated. i have many many companies. i have tremendously, i have a very complex system of taxes. but we'll take a determination over the next couple of months. >> i'll release the remainder of what we have this week. >> i've released already i think five years worth. look the nice thing is i haven't made enough money that my tax
5:08 am
returns are not that interesting. >> i'll release them they are not that complicated. >> cruz's home state of texas. the senator of the delegate rich state securing the endorsement of its governor. >> we can't be fooled by p.t. barnem. the time for the clowns and acrobats and dancing bears has passed. >> meanwhile at a rally in houston marco rubio is now targeting trump by name. >> donald trump has alluded to the fact that he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> and marco rubio, that was a shift for marco rubio, who typically avoids taking on trump directly. donald trump meanwhile telling cnn that he has been saving his fire against marco rubio for tonight predicting chris that it will be a good night of action. >> talking about me is easier than talking to me. that is true right now sunlen but it is true about tonight. let's see how they do when her on the big stage. thank you for the reporting.
5:09 am
all right there is a lot to talk about because there is a lot at stake for everybody tonight. especially ted cruz. let's bring in ken kuch nelly. and former virginia attorney general. good to have you with us ken. >> good morning chris. >> so much to talk to you about. let's start with this little bit of spreeg. here is a coat from a report. members of a secretive cabal of prominent conservatives known as "the group" led my tony perkins, and you ken, held a conference call tuesday to reevaluate their positions on cruz. are you rethinking support even though called a surrogate? >> that report is 100% false. there is no way any movement conservative would ever rethink supporting ted cruz. he's the only conservative -- well that is not true. ben carson season a conservative but he's the only conservative
5:10 am
with a track record left in the race. and that report you cite is absolutely 100% false. no call took place. none of us are thinking our support. there is no reason to. and unfortunately his very unique qualifications to pick a justice for the supreme court which every republican president has gotten wrong in one way or another in my lifetime, ted is better prepared for that than anyone else. >> let's put that aside. ted cruz calms sri vin a vsrini friend. how do you reconcile the two things and he won't even hold a hearing. >> first i think at this period of time first of all no supreme court appointment would happen before the end of this term so you are only talking about a few
5:11 am
months of the next term. and when you are in the throes of a political election that is going to be a change election. barack obama is term limited out. he's not coming back. that it is appropriate to let the american people have a say in this process. that is part of the constitutional process. for the timing of this vacancy that is the right position the take. ted is in the right place on that. >> well ken you were the attorney general so i'm not going to trade thoughts about the law with you. but the tuiticonstitution that advise and consent. not delay. but the politics are clear and it's been done in the past. >> not just the politics but the senate is making a constitutional choice and its role of adviser and consenter to whoever barack obama may send over. that in an election year, the people ought to have a say in that. so you literally voting for not just a president but also the choice of a supreme court and that is an unusual form of
5:12 am
accountability. and ted cruz thinks the american people should have a say. >> ted cruz is the originalist as scalia would coin the phrase in terms of looking at the constitution. but it would be hard to argue that part of advise and consent is discretion to neither advise and consent to process involved. but again this is largely a political question. >> that is the decision -- well i don't think it's -- >> that's right. that's a the political play. >> -- you can say it's political. you can say they accept their advise and consent role to say no. that is their advice and that is their lack of consent. >> couple of the big head lines -- >> only time in a year and a half that a republican majority in the u.s. senate has mattered to the republican grassroots. so to cave on this for the senate would really be a tremendous failure. >> and that is the calculation, that caving would be seen as weakness and not play well with the base and that this take on the situation will help. so we'll leave that part of the
5:13 am
discussion as that. now we get to what's going on with the taxes and romney coming out against trump ostensibly saying i think there is something hidden in his taxes. ted cruz saying romney is right to do this. why? >> i think just a question of openness. ted has already released i think five years of his taxes. and look, openness has been a big question with hillary clinton. she's not releasing speeches to goldman sachs and anybody else. and the e-mail situation with hillary clinton so the contrast is very bad. our side needs to be very open. there was an issue in my governor's race as well. how much -- and how much weight it carries we'll see going forward. this is not something that the cruz campaign initiated but we have already taken the stech, our candidate has, about being very open about his finances. even when there are mistakes. >> it is a new age. you know, it is no longer just about the candidate. it is very often they are in couple where is the spouse is
5:14 am
the earner. and certainly that is the case with your man ted cruz. and because of what happened with the loans from the bank that his wife is attached to, do you think her taxes become relevant? should she be part of the disclosure process? >> it is my understanding they filed jointly. so what ted has released includes some of that information. and that was my allusion earlier to the full disclosure. we've had a discussion about that loan they took out on ordinary terms. paid back and disclosed in one form but not on another. and, you know, we had to discuss that. and that was a mistake and it had to be explained. it was acknowledged as such. and we'll see if donald trump is as forthcoming and as open with the american people. >> now ted cruz is making the case. he's the only person who can beat trump. where does the confidence come on that? he did well in iowa. deadlock with marco rubio. >> well we're the only team that has beaten him. and yes things move to state to
5:15 am
state. but you have got to win states. you don't win a nomination without winning states. and i just came from. >> but cruz hasn't been close since iowa. cruz hasn't been close since then. >> super tuesday is a day that ted has invested most of his time in in the last 8 month, if you think about state by state. this is where we expect to start regaining traction. we will win states on tuesday. i don't think marco rubio is going to win any. he told george instead of nop lis his speculation in the first state he'd win is florida. that is after making the case for winning nevada where he grew up and frankly had an awful lot of volunteers coming in from other states but it didn't make difference. you have to win states to win the nomination and only tim cruicruz has done that other than donald trump.
5:16 am
>> and that is always why tuesday looms so large and why we call it super tuesday. not just the number of states but their impact. all right. and that is why tonight is so big. because this is the last big look at these gop candidates before super tuesday. and we have the man. wolf blitzer in the chair to moderate. the republicans are going to square off tonight, 8:30 eastern only on cnn. >> very exciting chris. can't wait to watch it. south carolina democrats go to the polls on saturday. and hillary clinton getting a major endorsement. cris frates is live in ohio. with more. what have you learned chris. >> good morning alisyn. you may be wondering why just two days before the south carolina primary bernie sanders is here in ohio and going to states like illinois and michigan. and to understand that you have to look at the calendar and do a little math.
5:17 am
the sanders campaign is looking forward to the next two dozen states, where the bulk of the candidates, the dulg of the delegates who will be coming forward that they need for the nomination will go forward. here is what bernie sanders had to say on the campaign trail yesterday. >> there is something wrong. when african american families are denied three times more often trying to get a mortgage than white families with the same financial background. >> reporter: so hillary clinton also getting a big endorsement yesterday. senate democratic leader harry reid telling manu raju he supports hillary clinton. coalescing the established lead going forward and going to be on the south carolina trail all day today alisyn talking about breaking down barriers. that is going to be huge as she talks to the african american community. bernie sanders however saying that he will be back in south
5:18 am
carolina on friday. and that they have not written off that state yet. alisyn. >> chris, i know it's great that a horn section follows you around to announce the pageantry of your live shot but it does make it harder for you. thanks so much for the update from that event. we're three days from another big event, the oscars. and the drama is building towards the 88th academy awards. will leonardo dicaprio finally win his first oscar? it is his first nomination and we'll see if the his role in the revenant scores him the golden statue. and it could make for the director. no director has ever had back-to-back best picture wins. everyone will be watching the host chris rock to see how he addresses criticism over the lack of diversity in the acting nominations. more next on the democratic race. how is hillary clinton holding on to her so called fire wahl in
5:19 am
the south?wall in the south? we'll ask next. i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting."
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5:23 am
performance in south carolina saturday can continue her momentum into super tuesday. let's take look at her strengths and weaknesses today going into the general election in november. karen finney is the senior spokesperson and senior communications advisor for hillary clinton's campaign. good morning karen. >> good morning. >> so let's get a little status report of how voters are seeing hillary clinton's strengths and weaknesses today. because we do have some polling numbers that are interesting to look at. let's look at these are the entrance polls in nevada. and this is against bernie sanders. so let's start with her strengths. this says who can win? the electability question. and she is far and ahead of her closest rival bernie sanders. she adds 80% to his 15%. and then it says who has the right experience. this is her strength. 92% to sanders 8%. this must be why she seems to have a new spring in her step since nevada. does something feel in the
5:24 am
campaign as though something as turned? >> well, you know, look alisyn. we have always believed that this contest, this is about the four easterly sta-- early state. so we've always looked and been prepared to go beyond the first two state, perhaps beyond the first four states into the march states. we had people on the ground in those states. i have visited a number of those states. we've made it clear from the beginning we're not taking any one or anything more granted. so of course we were happy to see the results in nevada and in iowa. and we certainly hope we'll win here in south carolina. hillary is working very hard. sanders campaign has put a lot of money and resources into this state. but yeah, we're prepared for this race to go on and we're going to ultimately win, but we're going to win by working hard. >> okay. not so fast, karen. because it is not an entirely
5:25 am
rosie picture. some of the entrance polls suggest some real weaknesses for secretary clinton. let's look at that. it was asked who is honest and tru truts worthy sanders is seen as much more. he is also winning with younger people. sanders gets 72% of those 17-44-year-olds. and then of independents, which are always important he gets 71%. she gets 23%. so it is not -- these are challenges still out there for her. >> well, a couple of things. those are entrance polls. but what i think is pretty clear from the results in nevada is that people there believe -- they know, they can trust hillary clinton to be the person who is going to deliver real change for them and their families. and actually here in south carolina, hillary is winning among young people of color. so i think -- and this is, you
5:26 am
know, as you know i was at the dnc when we added south carolina to this early part of the process. and the idea there was let's increase the diversity, not just ethnic but geographic diversity into the early process. what i think is important about that is let's look at the whole picture. and the picture i see is someone who has now won two states. i certainly hope e we win here on saturday. and we see someone that people trust to deliver the change they and their families really need. so i guess we see a little bit of a different picture. i can also tell you having bin here in south carolina, the last, you know, couple of weeks, we have had huge crowds, so much enthusiasm for hillary. an amazing event if other night with gab giffords and mark kelly and the mothers of the movement sabrina fulton and gwen carr. the response we're seeing has
5:27 am
been really incredible in south carolina. >> let's talk about one of the issues that came up at the recent town hall. and that was about whether or not she would release her transcripts to the speeches she gave to wall street firms. let me show you how she responded to that. >> will you agree to release these transcripts? they have become an issue. >> sure, if everybody does it. and that includes the republicans. because we know they have made a lot of speeches. >> how does she feel about that today? will she be releasing those transcripts? >> you know, i have to tell you something alsz. i know there is a real fascination on the part of the media and certainly the sanders campaign is interested in sort of driving that narrative, on sort of trying to drive a negative there. but the truth is that is not what people are talking about on the ground here in south carolina. it is not what people are talking about when i've been to colorado or birmingham alabama. what people are talking about, what they want to know have you
5:28 am
going to invest in african american america. communities of color where there has been not enough investment. how am i going to send my kids to college? talk to me about how you are going to build on a progress president obama has made and what you are going to do to preserve healthcare, the affordable care act and make sure republicans don't strip that away. that is what people are talking about here. >> since this keeps coming up, why not just be transparent. why not just release them and lead the way on that if there is to hide in there. >> i think the issue is what is it that voters, her responsibility as the candidate is talk to voters about the issues they care about, her plans, her ideas, what she would do. as she pointed out if everyone else is going to release their stuff, then i suppose she will do. she's been incredibly transparent here already. this campaign is about the
5:29 am
issues that matter to the american people. they get to have their say. and so far what they have said is they want hillary clinton. >> karen phinney, we'll be watching on saturday. thanks so much. finney. let's get over to chris. >> all right alisyn. we'll take it from here. the white hot spotlight on tonight's republican debate, blinding us already here onset. and there is political intrigue at play as well. mitt romney calling on all candidates to make their taxes public. but saying specifically that donald trump's taxes could contain a bomb shell. guess what? donald trump has a response. we'll show it ahead. ha ha ha your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, to bring our best thinking us to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience.
5:30 am
call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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5:33 am
we are laughing here because we're talking about naughty things. now politics is at play. mitt romney throwing a curve ball ahead of tonight's republican debate. it is the only thing to call it. he is bringing up donald trump's taxes saying they could contain a bomb shell.
5:34 am
guess what trump said? a lot. here it is. the tweet from this morning. "mitt romney whose one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics is now pushing me on tax returns? dope." now we love to read these tweets was a they are words we are otherwise never allowed to say on television. so is this wisdom worthy of the white house? is this relevant to the race? let's discuss. cnn political commentator anna navarro. support supported bush's campaign, now a free agent. if anyone is interested. and jeffrey lord, a donald trump supporters. an anna, any chance you jump on board with jeffrey. >> no. there is more chance i stay on the titanic than go on the donald trump boat. i find him completely unpresidential, unacceptable.
5:35 am
i don't like his methods. i don't understand he's got any policies. i think his attitude, his behavior is just unacceptable for someone who's going to be in the oval office. >> and yet right now he's got a commanding lead and here is mitt romney. who as we'll recall harry reid got up on the senate florida and said we have reason to believe mitt romney hasn't played a cent of taxes in ten years. he made a an outlandish statement but it made a real political problem because mitt romney like in invests paid on the investment side not the income side so he was paying less than a lot of people. so he hated that tactic. why would he do this? and what could be the bomb shell. >> he can do this this is the kind of thing he could do with donald trump but it is the kind of thing he never had the chops to do with barack obama. >> this is the problem with
5:36 am
republican moderates. they have tougher on their conservative kpad rays than the democrats. >> stop the come padre thing. i'm not sure there is too much between romney and trump right now. look it is a completely different set of circumstances. donald trump unlikely mitt romney is not awkward about his money. he has no qualms about saying i'm rich. he might even say it in spanish today. [speaking foreign language] . so mitt romney, for him it was a little more difficult to deal with his health. trump embraces it. the only thing might worth him in there is he's not as filthy rich that he says he is. the other thing is ostensibly, trump if he were the nominee would not be running against a community organizer, against
5:37 am
barack obama who was raised poor and lived poor a lot of his life. he's going running against a woman who is very awkward about her life, a newfound life that clintons are very wealthy about as well. >> why not put out the returns though for one simple reason. maybe they will show he's not what he's worth. i've been investigating -- >> [ inaudible ] >> it is hard to do. it is all private. so really it is his word about what he's worth. and i think that is probably a side issue. because he's going to be worth a lot of money no matter how you look ate it but from the disclosure perspective donald trump is all over hillary clinton about not putting out the e-mails and what she did put out and now it is his turn to show i'll disclose and his peoples making the same argument as hearse. we don't want the people to go on a hunting extraditipeditione >> i don't think it matters. >> then put it out.
5:38 am
>> the point is for decades he's been a cultural figure in this country. people think they know him. they don't care. i think this is truly irrelevant. unlikely most politicians who are politicians first and then maybe like hillary clinton or barack obama they become culturally figures. his opponents here are all a budge of polls. and for them people want to know who are you and what have you got. in donald's case i don't think they care. >> who do you think comes after him? what do you think he goes after? is there any point of emphasize. >> he'll probably go after ted cruz and ted cruz will probably go after him. and again i think we've had so many of these debates. at this point if they couldn't sink him. >> -- as opposed to going for yourself? i know that sounds, you know, too goo goo but isn't the only way to beat him is to offer something better? >> i think you have to do both things. i think there are a lot of people who don't like donald trump and there is still a
5:39 am
significant mass of us who want a candidate who has the ability and back fwoen take him on. i think it is important mookie do marco does that tonight. i think this tax issue is actually a good issue for marco to take on. yes marco rubio who has been raised paycheck to paycheck all his life. i think for a lot of donors, for a lot of supporters, for people like jeb bush and others who have cropped out, it is a litmus te test. do you feel the ability, the will and backbone to take an donald trump. >> or do you want to be vice president. >> or nominee in 2020. and if that is the case, then get off the stage. >> well there you have it. >> we'll tell them. get the word out. marco? >> anna, jeffrey, appreciate it. as always. it is going to be a big night, boy. and no question trump has the momentum. he's been winning the race, the polls all show it and he's been
5:40 am
proving it every time people vote. but tonight is a another big opportunity. so what can be done for konld and against him. a panel of republican voters y saying what they want to see, next. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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>> apple's privacy fight is not helping it's stock price. investors were ditching shares even before. apple is down 10%. a stunning 30% down from its high last april. why? iphone sales are also slowing and may even decline this quarter. it is probably in pretty much all of the 401(k)s out there. >> i thought it was indestructible, frankly. >> used to be and now it is just going down. >> thanks so much christine. nearly 6 million americans suffer from bipolar disorder. among them an actress using
5:45 am
comedy to help remove the stigma. dr. sanjay gupta that is this week's turning points. >> koekkoek, gonzo, loco. schizo, weirdo. >> this actress, was in denial for five years. >> i was hearing things. seeing things, believing things that weren't there. >> victoria has bipolar disorder can cause severe episodes of the mania, depression, even hallucinations. >> i ran down the street looking for god in a psychosis and even that didn't wake me up. >> it took two and a half years to find the right medication. >> there is a big stigma about being on psychiatric drugs that somehow because i can't cope i'm on medication. and no it is because i have a certain kind of system and in order to function really well i need medicine. >> in 2001 she saw a flyer for a disability festival and entered.
5:46 am
>> schizophrenic man attacks police. they never splash the headline diabetic man attacks police. >> for the last ten years victoria has performed her critically acclaimed shows to help remove the stigma of mental illness. one she knows all too well, dr. sanjay gupta cnn reporting. >> turning points. brought to you by cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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5:50 am
what do the voters think? especially in this key super tuesday state? what do they want to hear tonight? what do they want not what hear? let's ask. great to have you all here. excited for tonight? >> absolutely. >> let's start with some of the obvious points. you were with trump, period, amen.
5:51 am
75% plus of his supporters say they wouldn't go for anybody else. they are a hundred percent revolved. are you in that camp. >> absolutely. >> differently with the other candidates. are you 100 percent? i am. won't look at anybody else. >> same for you? >> hundred percent. >> what happens if it is not your guy. would you support the nominee anyway? >> i would support the nominee. >> it depend on who the nominee is. >> a what if it's his man donald trump? i would have to take a look and see. i would say'd fully support the nominee if it's donald trump. >> what's driving your support? give me one or two reason, why donald trump? >> he's a businessman. he's not a politician. politicians have gotten us where we are. we need someone who knows how to run a business successfully, worldwide economy. i think he can bring that over to the presidency and do a wonderful job. >> all right. cruz. >> i think ted cruz is a
5:52 am
principled grassroots conservative, someone who has defended the constitution and religious liberties over and over again and i think he's proven himself as the leader that we need at this time zl rubio. >> he has a very positive story. his story is very similar to mine and he resonates, his message resonates with millions of americans across the country. the fact that he wants to strengthen the military is very important. we need to be leaders in the military again and that is why i'm supporting him. >> yes he has the immigrant story that makes america so unique on so many different levels but he is not on the position that latinos and the hispanic community cares about the most which is immigration, path to citizenship. haes not where a lot of latinos want him to be. the numbers are about 50/50 in terms of favorability, what does that mean? >> with immigration i think within the hispanic community that is not the number one issue. the economy and education is what they are concerned about. they are concerned about the security. they want border security. they want this country to be secure.
5:53 am
they want immigration to be fixed. it is just the rhetoric that is causing problems, not so much the issues. >> both with rubio and cruz, there is a new poll out this morning and you can look at it in the washington post about the latinos in the community. they identify as why they don't support them as much as they could. cruz has a higher negative than positive. does that bother you? >> yeah, any time your candidate that you support has a negative that bothers you. but like i said he's principled, he stands for family values, pro second amendment. pro life, pro family. all of the things that i think are important to me and definitely could resonate with others as well. >> mitt romney questions donald trump's taxes. he calls him a dope. a guy protests at one of his events he says he wants to punch him in the face. do these things trouble you if. >> seeing how rom's taxes is what got him in trouble when he ran for president is a little
5:54 am
hypocrisy there and i think trump's taxes will stand for themselves and i don't think his economic standings with his taxes have anything to do with his qualification to be a president. >> is it a qualification to be president that when someone disagrees with you you call them a dope and say you want to punch them in the face. >> his lack of p.c. correctness doesn't bother me one bit. >> to me it is. >> i generalized a lot of things together when i said pc correctness. >> yes. >> it doesn't bother me in the least. >> why is that though? >> i think the amount of good and strength he brings to the table over weigh. >> that is what it is. >> that is what it is. >> it matters more than that. >> the good he's going to do is going to overcome the few things we all don't like. >> do you want to see rubio go at donald trump tonight? do you need to see that to feel the confidence in your man that he can do the job. >> no i think he needs to stay
5:55 am
on message and talk about the american people and what he's going to bring at president. he's not running against crump or ted cruz. jese he's running to be president of the united states. >> i agree. i think he needs to stay on message. focus on issues. al i think that trump will take care of himself. >> it is not surprising to me that women do not immediately see the need for two men to fight in order to prove which one is better. it is a uniquely male dynamic but it is at play on the stage tonight. we'll see how it goes. good luck to each of your candidates. appreciate your being here. >> thank you. >> all right. so we're talking about the politics. always nice to have an an dote. so we have the good stuff coming up. ecdote. so we have the good stuff coming up. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
5:56 am
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are you powered by protein? milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life. let's close out the show this morning with some good stuff. here is a great story. larry sloan and his wife bought a theater space in iowa. and during renovations stumbled across a wallet under a floorboard. they they had a look at the id and tracked down the owner who had misplaced it more than 71 years ago. >> i said i think we found your
6:00 am
wallet. he said well i haven't lost my wallet. >> i thought it must be some sort of joke and i thought well it couldn't be. >> what are you going to do with these things now? >> well i'm going to just kind of cherish them i think. >> other items in the wallet, family photos, a pocket calendar from 1934 and ration stamps from the war. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning carol. >> good morning alisyn, have a great day. great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --


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