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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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wallet. he said well i haven't lost my wallet. >> i thought it must be some sort of joke and i thought well it couldn't be. >> what are you going to do with these things now? >> well i'm going to just kind of cherish them i think. >> other items in the wallet, family photos, a pocket calendar from 1934 and ration stamps from the war. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning carol. >> good morning alisyn, have a great day. great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --
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>> and clinton's interrupted. >> i'm not a super predator -- >> we'll talk about it -- >> would you apologize to black people for mas incarcerations. >> as clinton and sanders battle for minority voters. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." i'm carol costello. thank you so so much for joining me. tonight's cnn republican debate may be the nastiest yet. senator marco rubio appears to have changed his tactics. attacking donald trump by name and accusing him of not being an honest broker. donald trump says he's ready for rival attacks at tonight's debate. >> what do you see at senator
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rubio's biggest vulnerability. >> well i think i'll save that for tomorrow night. we have to keep some good action for tomorrow night. but we'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me. so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down. >> the candidates now gearing up for their last chance to try to slow trump's momentum before super tuesday and the stakes are high. 595. that is how many delegates will be up for grabs. a your of what's needed to win the nomination. -- a quarter of. more from sunlen surfati live in houston this morning. good morning. >> good morning carol. as you can see the debate here in houston is set the stage is set up for the candidates and this really does come at such a pivotal time in the race. and already there are big indications that it could get heated very quickly, very fast here tonight. both donald trump and marco rubio dropping big hints that tonight their preparing to take
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the other on. >> i will be totally prepared. people have not done well against be. >> reporter: the gop fruner is set to face off with his four remaining rivals tonight in the last debate before super tuesday. >> so far everybody who's attacked me has gone down. >> reporter: already more than double the number of delegates than his closest competitors combined. >> there's never been a candidate like donald trump in a whole lot of ways. >> trump absent from last night's town hall hosted by meg kelly. where the freshman senators continue to argue it's only a matter of time before he pops. >> we're the only ones to beat him to win the nomination. >> the mngt of republican voters are not supporting donald trump and once the race begins to narrow you will see more of that consolidating. >> this as mitt romney warns about the bomb shell to come in
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trump's tax record, asking all of the candidates to release this. >> tax returns are very complicated. i have many, many companies. i have, you know, tremendously, i have a very complex system of taxes but we'll make a determination over the next couple of months. >> i'll release the remainder of what we have this week. i've released already i think five years' worth. the nice thing is i haven't made enough money that my tax returns are not that interesting. >> i'll release them. they are not very complicated. >> up for grabs on super tuesday, cruz's home state of texas. the senator of the delegate-rich state sewering the endorsement of its governor. -- securing. >> we can't be fooled by presidep.t. barn barnum. the time has passed. >> meanwhile at a rally in houston, marco rubio is now targeting trump by name. >> donald trump has alluded to the fact he thinks parts of obamacare are pretty good. >> and that was a small but important shift there for marco rubio who typically avoids
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taking on trump directly. trump telling cnn that he is saving his fire for marco rubio for the debate tonight. carol. trump predicting it will be a night of good action, carol. >> all right. we'll see. sunlen surfati live from the debate stage in houston. so as senator marco rubio takes on trump there is another fight brewing. mitt romney now the latest republican to take on trump. he's warning there is, quote, a bam shell in the front runner's tax returns. >> i think there is something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says or he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we would expect or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or the disabled like he's been telling us he's been doing and the reason i think there is a bomb shell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes he dodges and delay asks says well we're working on it. >> all rather ironic. right? because remember back in the day
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mitt romney dragged his feet on releasing his own tax returns because they did contain a bomb shell. romney paid percentagewise far fewer taxes than middle class americans so why put yourself out there mr. romney. with me to talk about this is chief political correspondent for usa today radio networks and also joined by former chief of staff for rnc mike shields, also the president of the congressional leadership fund. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so mike, trump endorsed mitt romney for president back in 2012. here are the pictures. you can see it right here. remember how awkward and goofy it was. and it was. trump tweeted that this morning. i digress. why is mitt romney attacking trump now? >> i think it is a legitimate question, first of all. i think when you are going to run for president of the united states, eventually people are
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going to start asking about your taxes. there are a lot of people looking for who's viable. they know these type of questions are going to come up. i don't know if it's going to stick to donald trump. nothing has so far. he's like a science fiction monster. it is a legitimate question. of course it is. he's a wealthy man. running on his business record. running on what he's done in the private sector. all of that's done in his taxes and the way he's conducted himself. certainly the democrats will bring it up in the fall and all the candidates are talking about how they are going to have to release their taxes if they are going to be a general election candidate. >> why doesn't mr. trump just release his tax returns and be done with it? >> let's first go back to benedict romney. when snard reid was going against mitt romney, donald trump went to his defense so i think it is ironic right now. what about a loyal friend here. others could have sat here and pulled this out and said release your taxes but i think it is
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interesting that mitt romney is being called in to do this. as for releasing your taxes, he's going to doilt. he said he has. but once again we're seeing donald trump being held to different standards that others are not. where are the records? where are the paperwork from everyone else. >> you just heard the candidates say they are perfectly willing to turn over their tax records. so that is not true. >> it is not just tax records. what about applications to college? what about grade transcripts? even birth certificates? other things. it is always mr. trump that's been asked and held accountable to release things when other candidates are given basically scotch guard and are able to get away with just saying oh i've got them. it is not just tax records. >> so mike, should all of the candidates turn over things like birth certificates and grade point averages and the like? >> i think they all have to look
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at themselves as the general election candidate. the democrats have built a machine. hillary clinton's machine is going to come after i whoever our candidate is. there is talk this week they are going to have to have a scorched earth approach to winning the general election. she is so mistrusted by the american people and her numbers are so terrible the only way hillary clinton is going to get into the white house is by destroying the republican candidate. we're having debates and a contest right now and one of the questions is with which of the republican candidates is going to be able to withstand that. how can they go into the general election and take on the democratic machine and hillary clinton. so these are legitimate questions. what is in their background? how do they answer those questions? we need to find out now and that is what republican primary voters are doing and will happen probably in the debate tonight. find out how the candidates are going to stand up in the general election to the machine hillary clinton is building. so these are all fair questions. >> scotty, why not just get it over with right now and donald trump with deal with it and move on? >> and i think he will. but he's not going to sit there and be commanded by other
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politicians who've last their right to release records. he's going to do it at his own pace and own time. and i think it is kind of sad the republican establishment sitting here well hillary clinton is going to couple out against him and she's going to take down our candidate when 17 other candidates have done nothing. it is all about what the people want. and obviously the people want mr. trump right now. so instead of sitting here and continuing to destroy him and saying well, you know, we're going to wait for the democrats to do it. why don't they just go on and focus on uplifting him and unifying our party. that would be a better use of their energy. >> so they should just -- okay i have to leave it there. thanks both of you. wolf blitzer moderates tonight's debate at 8:30 eastern, live from houston, only on cnn. right now virginia is under a state of emergency after violent storms spawned tornados killing four people. the state's national guard is
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deploying to help with the clean up. in the meantime a dramatic rescue off the storm battered east coast this morning. you will see it in a minute here. look at that. violent waves flipping a coast guard rescue boat after the fishing vessel ran aground in queens. meteorologist chad myers is following it all. >> good morning carol. the werather over the last coupe of days is really more like march, april or may. rarely this kind of storms in february. but here it is and the fatalities are still adding up. >> another deadly round of storms pummelling states up and down the east coast. >> he opened the front door and says "mama, tornado, tornado." and he ran and i ran. >> seven killed and hundreds of thousands now without power in the last 48 hours.
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in virginia a state of emergency declared. toornds leaving dozens injured. several critically and four dead. >> this is a tragic man. i never seen nothing like this before. >> three people in a mobile home killed including a two-year-old boy. powerful winds lifting their trailer almost 300 yards and slamming it into a charge. >> our prayers go out to the three people that lost their life and we thank god that we went through a lot of damage but the church is still standing and we're going to recover. >> cars crumbaled on the highway. >> cars tossed aabout a. i'm just so sorry people were killed. >> trapping some residents in the wrej. >> the grass started caving in on me and i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> three more tornados touching down on the sunshine state. in north carolina, five
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tornados. heavy winds sent this massive tree toppling on to a roof. residents emerging safely. >> our heart goes out to anybody who's lost their homes or their loved ones or anything in in this. >> they were watching the storms on radar and rotating through virginia, north carolina, south carolina, parts of georgia and the day before all the way through louisiana. finally now this weather is off shore moving away. but the snow is still coming down in parts of michigan, ohio, indiana. illinois and west virginia. that is the cold side of the storm. maybe it will stay cold for a while so that we don't get this type of severe weather, at least for a couple more months when we should be having severe weather season, not like yesterday which was quite unreasonable. >> i know. you usually see tornados in the spring. it was very strange. chad meyers, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> still to come in the "newsroom." where a black lives activist was kicked out of a private event in
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happening now a hearing on worldwide terror threats under way on capitol hill. national security leaders expected to testify before the house permanent select committee on intelligence. that includes the director of national intelligence in the heads of cia, fbi and nsa. of course we'll monitor if thr you and bring you any developments. on to politics now. bernie sanders is fighting hard to erode hillary clinton's support among african american voters and he got a little help from black lives matter. a protester, a member of that group heckled clinton at the private event in charleston, south carolina last night. >> south carolina became the first state with body cameras. there is more work to be done. but you have to lay down the markers. you have to build toward common sense. >> we want to apologize -- >> okay. we'll talk about. >> i'm not a super predator
6:19 am
hillary clinton. >> okay. we'll talk about. >> would you apologize to black people for mass incarceration. >> well can i talk and then maybe you can listen to what i say. >> you're being rude. >> -- super predators. >> -- not appropriate. >> -- that's rude. i know that you called -- please explain your record. explain it to us. you owe black people an apology. >> that protester was talking about a speech that hillary clinton gave back in 1996 when she was the first lady. the speech coming two years after the passage of president bill clinton's crime bill which has been criticized for sparking a surge in prison population and disproportionately hurting black and latino communities. >> not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators. no conscious. no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way but first we have
6:20 am
bring them to heel. >> joining me now to talk about this cnn's chris frates. in e cleveland where sanders will make his first stop. and jim newell is a staff wrier for chris, this 1994 crime bill, is it damaging to clinton? because clinton was first lady then but bernie sanders voted for it. he was in congress. >> right. so certainly hillary clinton has distanced herself from her husband on that. and as you point out, bernie sanders also o voted for that. so this is not something that they really want to make an issue. and it is interesting carol as well to see bernie sanders here in ohio. he's going on to michigan and illinois today. just two days before the south carolina primary. and that might seem a little strange. except if you look at the calendar and do a little bit of math. see, the sanders folks are looking over the next couple of
6:21 am
weeks is about two dozen contests that will award the bulk of the delicates a candidate needs to win the nomination. so all of those delegates are given out proportionally. sanders has a chance to essentially fielgtd hillary clinton for a draw. in ohio he'll be able to fight her to a draw, put points on the board. and that is important. if you look at south carolina he's spent a lot of time and a lot of money in that state and he's still trailing her by double digit asks that is largely because she does have huge support among the african american community. that is something that bernie sanders has tried to cut into over the last few weeks. he's starting to talk about criminal justice reform. racial inequality and that is no mistake. because he knows he needs to build with black voters from south carolina going forward. hillary clinton is in south carolina all day today. she's talking about breaking barriers. that is clearly targeting black
6:22 am
voters. but bernie sanders campaign makes the point they have been there months and they are going back tomorrow. they have not written off south carolina yet nor can they. because they really do need to build support among african american voters if they are going to continue to advance and compete with hillary clinton going forward. >> that is why this 1994 crime bill instituted resonates. >> i want to tell you. bill clinton told the naacp that this crime bill was a mistake. what more can they say to appease black lives matter? >> well think think you have to look at the way the democratic party was in the 1990s. it was worried there was a fear of a crime wave. a fear in the super predator comment, which turned out to be a myth. that there were youths going around committing crime without remorse, without empathy and set off a wave of state bills that tried juveniles as adults. that was a different era.
6:23 am
crime has rapidly declined. not necessarily because of that crime bill and the democratic party, and the republican party, are both looking adderalling back the cars ral state and getting non violent offender s out of jail. it doesn't look like this is really going to hurt her that much. >> black lives matter. how much do black -- how much does this group resonate in places like south carolina among, you know, just african american voters who don't belong to any particular group, jim? >> reporter: i think you will see support for everything that black lives matters activists are saying and also black lives matter, it should be said they are not, you know, in league with bernie sanders. they have heckled both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i think they have done a good job. and if you remember around this time last year when they started interrupting speeches there was a lot of talk about how maybe
6:24 am
this was an inappropriate way to bring up their issues. but if you see now, if you listen to both hillary clinton and bernie sanders speeches they are talking a lot about the issues that black lives matter has brought to the fore. >> and just the last question for you, jim. is there anyway in your mind than bernie sanders can overcome this huge deficit he has with hillary clinton among african american voters? >> you know, it hasn't really happened yet. so it is going to be difficult. if you looked at after the new hampshire primary there is this thought that well, she's going to have this huge loss on her record for 11 days until the nevada nevada caucuses. and then another week until the south carolina primary. and that's the time for national addsudiences to get to know ber sanders and decide to switch. if you look at the nevada caucus results she won still something like by 60% or so among black voters and that probably guay her the difference and looks like those margins are holding up in south carolina and other states with high black populations.
6:25 am
so it doesn't look like he's able to break this firewall she has among black voters. >> back to ohio and chris frates. looks like a good crowd on hand for bernard. that's a good sign, right? >> absolutely. and they are expecting about a thousand people to gather here in ohio, which is smaller than the events they had in oklahoma and kansas city last night and had over 7,000. so this will be a small e event for bernie sanders. but essential certainly they are trying to build a lot of momentum here to be able to compete with hillary clinton going forward. it is almost a war of attrition and these aren't the places where bernie sanders thinks he can win. he's stronger in the new england state, places like massachusetts. home state of vermont. they also think they can do well in colorado, in texas. they are looking to put some wins on the board where they can. and they also want to compete with her closely. and that is why you are seeing these kind of gatherings today. they are hoping to maintain the momentum going forward and continue to make sure they get people to the polls, carol. >> i have to leave it there,
6:26 am
thanks both of you. >> to come in the "newsroom." marco rubio takes off the glove, calling out donald trump by name on the campaign trail. but is it too late? s the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. iher life's work has been about breaking barriers.age. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country.
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i wanted foe get rid of obamacare. i'm the only one who's done
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anything meaningful. and he wants to be an honest broker. we will not be an inl partial advocate when it comes to israel. when i'm president we are going to take sides. we are going to be an israel's side. >> i'm joined by two of our cnn political commentators. anna navarro and amanda carpenter. welcome both of you. so nanna, just yesterday rubio' campaign manager told me on the air that rubio would stay positive and not go on the attack. so why the change? >> well because donald trump is the front runner. and i think this fight between ted cruz and marco rubio has lasted a very long time. it is getting exhausting. it is getting tiring. it is getting repetitive. they have been bogged down, arguing with each other about amendments in the senate and immigration and who did what in what year.
6:32 am
you know, it is getting historical and he fleeds to come out of that bog down with cruz and need for number one. competing for number two doesn't count when you are running for president. only one thing matters. the gold medal if you want that nomination. you don't want a, sr. you don't want a brobz. been giving a lot of victory speeches answer number two and three wins. marco needs a win. he needs to take on donald trump and show he can be the republican nominee. >> it is in our culture to win, americans. we like to come in first place. second place is like losing in most american's minds, so i can understand your line of argument there. amanda senator cruz has also stepped up attacks on trump. will we see a joint attack led by cruz and rubio on trump? >> yeah. i think i'm in the camp at stop trump at any costs. nobody wins if donald trump
6:33 am
continues his march. so i think there is going to be a test of strength between ted cruz and marco rubio in to who can pin down donald trump. this is really make or break time. there is a matter of days between super tuesday, where more than 500 delegates will be rewarded. to date marco rubio has been much more focus opd ted cruz. but that isn't getting him into first place. this is when it has to happen. something bolland has to change the dynamics of this race. otherwise donald trump will win. the thing does that get mif hope is this is an election are where anything can happen. debates have had consequences in the past. so i'm hoping for one tonight that puts donald trump in an inferior position. >> i have to say i do understand the timing of marco not going after trump before that. and it's because trump has been focused on cruz. and trump has proven to be a very effective counter attacker.
6:34 am
rubio and trump have been tag teaming cruz with this narrative that he's a liar who resorts to dirty tricks. and i it has been fruitful. we've seen cruz go down in the polls. he's lost in some races that he thought he was going to do better in. and i think it is because both trump and rubio took him on in a joint effort. >> during the debate -- i just want to get this question in. so during the debate tonight. let's say marco rubio and ted cruz gang up on donald trump. donald trump just has to stand there. he doesn't really have to go on the attack because he's leading both candidates by such large margins it doesn't really matter what he says in the debate. does it? >> well we have elections to decide what happens. as i said before these previous debates had had consequences. what's going to happen is donald trump is in a position of strength but that is his whole marketing -- that is his whole brand. strength strength. so if there is a way for the
6:35 am
other candidates to ding at that. to possibly put him on the defensive. force him to answer questions about his previous positions. his character, which i think looms larger more than anything in the past because i think voters have accepted he is malleable, that he can't be counted on for much. he's a lot of bombast. if they can turn this into a mart of his character i think that is probably the way to go but listen it is a very hard thing to do and it get harder at time goes on. >> the trick with donald trump is to try to figure out how to get under his skin. ie think we've seen it happen in one debate only and it was was when jeb bush took him on in eminent domain. i this think if marco rubio or ted cruz take him on the tax issue. that may where b where he might bristle. it may be the tax returns show he has less money the than he says he has. but it is a very tricky thing to try to get under the guy's skin. he's going stand is there and say to ted cruz.
6:36 am
and, you know, marco rubio you sweat like a pig and he's not -- he's not going to take any effect of it. we've seen donald trump have bad debates. good debates. neither have really hurt him. the one that really did hurt him was when he didn't show up in iowa. but other than that, debate pmplszs have not been make or break for donald trump. >> donald trump's usual strategy has been very quiet in these -- >> i know we can't shut up today carol. what can we tell you. >> i know. you guys are debating but i like it. mostly you are agreeing with each otherich which is a beautiful thing. i always a pleasure. thank you so much. still to come in the "newsroom," apple's ceo is speaking out and he's not backing down. his latest argument on why the fbi's plan is bad for america. i try hard to get a great shape.
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committee. and yes they are talking about apple. they are talking about enkrimgs. we are monitoring it for you but the subject has come up. as for what apple is saying about creating that back door, that is the software equivalent of cancer. that is how tim cook is describing it. in a recent interview he told abc he is standing firm on his refusal to unlock an iphone used by the san bernardino shooter syed farook. >> if we knew a way to get the information on the phone that we haven't already given. if we knew a way to do this that would not expose hundreds of millions of other people to issues we would obviously do it. >> joining me now with more seriously the equivalent of cancer is this. >> it's pretty extreme words. you have to remember what they are asking for is to essentially make a security feature, disable a security feature that makes it so when you are trying to guess
6:42 am
as many passwords as possible it will e erase your phone. that is what's at the heart of it. apple has said in order to do this, they have to build new software. so that is what it comes down to and what tim cook said in this interview is this will really uncomfortable. he said it is uncomfortable to fundamentally disagree with the government and this is one of the most significant challenges he has. listen to what he said in this interview, carol. >> this case is not about one phone. this case is about the future. what is at stake here is, can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s. >> and you would have to write that system in order to unlock that phone. >> yes. the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer.
6:43 am
we think it is bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what it's stake here. >> he goes on to say what happens if they are compelled to writing an operating system and they have him put a camera in there or surveillance. or if this is decided court by court, what if one judge thinks they should build it out for a divorce case or tax case. he did go on to say if this is decided, this is decided in congress the people should vote on this and they will abide by the law carol. >> so apple is going to fight and i guess we'll see what happens in court. >> absolutely. and one thing, we're beginning to hear security folks talk about apple building out new security features which will make it even -- which could potentially make this whole conversation moot. this is what apple did at with ios 7. they were asked to do data extractions. and they were giving over a lot of data. they built a security feature that disabled them from even doing that.
6:44 am
and now we're hearing they will probably build a hardware or software security feature that will make it difficult to even comply with this request. >> still to come in the "newsroo "newsroom." he can be crude, rude, brash and effective so why are so many different kinds of people finding donald trump so funny and so charming? we'll talk about trump's secret, next. (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives.
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were hours from tonight's big republican debate that's in houston. the final meeting of the candidates before super tuesday.
6:49 am
and they may be asking themselves this question. how does a guy who grew up rich and went to wharton harness the fury of the working class? talking about donald trump and his fit across all demographic group sfls we won with women. i love the women. we won with women. we won with men. men. i'd rather win with women. >> all right. did you catch what trump did. he slugs his shoulders and he's kind of flirting with the audience. he's a gifted performer but it's got to be more than that right? a political psychologist and professor at emory and body language expert tonya drew, let's concentrate on what trump just did. when a normal, when i say normal politician would say, oh, i love the women more, the men, oh,
6:50 am
that might insult some, but not from donald trump. why? >> i think that would kill off most candidates. i think there's a couple things going on with him. you're right. he's a performer. and he's done it for a long time, and you can picture him with his finger on the button going, you know, that nuclear weapon going, you're fired. you know? and with decisiveness. i think really it's a couple things. one is we're in uncertain times. the average person has no idea whether they're going to be able to put food on the table next week. here's a guy who comes in and says i'm certain. and it doesn't matter whether he has his facts right. he just exudes a certainty and confidence which many of us read as narcissism, but others don't. the other thing i was going to say is that this is also a time in which the average person
6:51 am
knows that the government is rigged for the rich and well-connected. and candidates are being bought and sold on the open market. and here's a guy who says hey, look, i bought them all. i bought hillary. i bought jeb. i don't need to buy anyone and nobody can buy me. that's appealing the same way bernie sanders is appealing by saying i'm not taking money. nobody can buy me. >> your trump impression is most excellent. tonya, it almost sounds like drew is saying that america wants a father figure and donald trump fills that role. dad can make it all better. >> the scary thing is he's overthe top and overwhelming. he has big exaggerated arm movements. take that into consideration with the fact that he only uses primarily one syllable words and then it becomes even scarier, because we have somebody who comes in and just repeats the same thing over and over again,
6:52 am
and yeah, he comes across as strong, but there are certain traits. everyone is like he's the alpha male. one of the biggest facts of that is they're not over the top. they don't use large, expanse i have movements. they have power because they exude powers. there's where there's a disconnect and i don't understand what people are saying when they say he's the guy if all he's doing we're going to make it great. >> hold that great. we have an example of how he talks and why it connects to people. listen to what he said about the war on terror and what to do with guantanamo bay. it's very simple. let's talk. >> this morning i watched president obama talking about gitmo, which, by the way, we are keeping open. and we're going to load it up with some bad dudes. believe me, we're going to load it up. >> the language is simple. the solution really isn't. why don't voters, many voters,
6:53 am
want to pin trump down on those issues, on the gray areas there? >> well, first thing is i think i think you would probably put trump, gitmo towers as a name. it is scary, because he is making those kind of appeals, mostly appeals that are -- they are prejudice and they draw on the worst of people. but the thing to remember is he is -- he has the -- very high unpopularity ratings as well as he's got 30 % of republicans that just adore him, but the rest are -- a lot of them are scared as, you know what about this guy. and he doesn't have a lot of crossover appeal. if he could -- if he could break 50% with republicans, he might be even more scary, but that's
6:54 am
pretty worry some. it sounds like george w. bush on statements. >> well, he is popular among a great many republicans. i don't think that we can sugar coat that. he is popular, and he is popular among demographic groups. >> look right now. do you see what he's doing? >> he appeals to a certain part of the electorate that worries about the future, and he talks in a way that they understand, and in a politician, in any politician, tonya, i would think that's what you want to do. you want to connect with voters. you want to make them believe you can do something, and there's value in just that. >> don't you want to also connect to those people who he seems to feel it's okay to insult? i love the uneducated people. i love the women voters. he makes fun of the handicapped. i understand he's unfiltered and that's what makes him lovable. at the same time, there's a very large population that he hurts, and when he does that, i think he loses voters, and the scary
6:55 am
thing is the stronger supporters say yes, that's what was on my mind. i just didn't say. >> thanks to both of you. we'll be right back. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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6:59 am
checking top stories. evacuations underway in malibu where a brush fire broke out after 3:00 a.m. local time. it's already burned about 20 acres. around 120 children have been evacuated from a nearby camp. so far there are no reports of any structures burned and crews are working to protect homes and buildings in malibu. the u.s. and china have agreed on new sanctions against north korea. they're being described as the toughest yet and are aimed at ending further nuclear activity. the it's expected to be approved by the u.n. security council.
7:00 am
isis has a brand new target. a video created by a group of isis sympathizers was posted online. it shows photos of mark durkerberg and jack dorsey engulfed with flames and marked with bullet holes. it was apparently from their sites wanting to stop terrorist activities on their sites. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now, targeting trump. >> there has never been a candidate like donald trump. >> donald trump has alluded to the facts that he thinks parts of obama care are pretty good. >> five candidates, one debate stage. and the front-runner says game on. >> we're looking forward to a good week next week. >> and clinton interrupted. >> a predator, healthcaillary c. >> could you apologize to --
7:01 am
>> a fundraiser is crashed as clinton and sanders battle for minority voters. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. thank you for joining me. let's head to houston. a big debate tonight. rubio taking on trump, and trump saying bring it on. right now the republican presidential candidates are gearing up for the cnn gop debate. it is the last time all of the candidates will share a stage before the all-important super tuesday. rubio already attacking trump by name and accusing trump of not being an honest broker. trump says he's ready. >> what do you see as senator rubio's biggest vulnerability? >> well, i think i'll save that for tomorrow night. we have to keep good action for tomorrow night, but we'll be totally prepared. people have not done very well against me.
7:02 am
so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down. >> okay. with super tuesday around the corner, the stakes are high. 595. that's how many delegates will be up for grabs. let's head to houston. >> reporter: good morning. the debate stage is all set, and behind me, as you can see, at center stage is where donald trump will be standing as the front-runner. he will likely be taking fire from all sides, but it's interesting. there's a battle brewing off stage. former republican nominee mitt romney saying that all candidates should release their tax returns and specific canically taking exception with donald trump, throwing it out there, he said he believes there's some sort of bomb shell in donald trump's tax returns. here's what he had to say. >> i think there's something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is or he
7:03 am
hasn't been pieing taying the k taxes we would expect him to pay, or he hasn't been giving money like he says. the reason i think there's a bomb shell in there is because every time he's asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays and says well, we're working on it. >> reporter: donald trump immediately shot back to romney calling him a fool, calling him yesterday's news, and he said he rejected the notion that there's any sort of bomb shell in his tax returns. here's what he told cnn's anderson cooper. >> my returns are extremely complex. i'll make a determination at the right time. i'm no no rush. mitt romney lost in the last election and lost badly. i have many companies. i have a very complex system of taxes, and, frankly, i get audited every single year. so mine are unlike everybody else who never gets audited, i
7:04 am
get audited every single year, which i think is unfair. >> now, in that interview trump left open the door to potentially not releasing his tax returns. he says it's something he'll decide in the coming months. his opponents are latching onto this. cruz was asked. he said romney has a point. i think we should be releasing our tax returns. likely that will be a big flash point tonight. >> we'll see. live in houston this morning, thank you. there's little doubt donald trump will be a target tonight. let's talk about that with a trump supporter and also with commentator for the washington examiner. thanks for being here, both of you. jason, why has mitt romney injected himself into this campaign? >> well, why not? he's concerned about his party, and the way that it's going. clearly not the direction that
7:05 am
mitt romney wants this party to be going in. everything else has been tried against donald trump so far. why not come out and say that he should release his tax returns. maybe there is a bomb shell in there. he had the event in iowa. he skipped the debate and had an event in iowa. there's no evidence that he donated that money. why not try to get involved? >> we did talk to one very small veteran's group that did accept a donation from donald trump on that day. but they're smaller veterans groups across the country, not the big larger ones. i wanted to throw that out in fairness. why not just release -- why doesn't donald trump just release his tax returns and be done with it? if he has nothing to hide, what's the big deal? >> because donald trump is bucking the political rules. he's shown himself to do that and it's proven successful and fruitful. here's the thing.
7:06 am
donald trump plays by his own rules. it's worked. he's winning in every category. i have to wonder why mitt romney would come out and speculate as to there being a bomb shell in donald trump's past. when you listen to him, you think you're listening to hillary clinton. he knows nothing about donald trump's taxes and it's wrong of him to come out and speculate. it's one of the worst things we've seen in the campaign trail, to speculate about something you have zero knowledge about. it shows me he's trying to prop up rubio or cruz. >> jason, some people might say that romney sounds a lot like harry reid did in 2012. other people say mitt romney is a big guy. he knows what's up with the tax returns of the wealthy and maybe he knows something. which is it? >> to be fair, i'm donald trump's tax returns are complicated. there's a lot of money and lots of companies. i'm sure it's a lot process
7:07 am
toing to figure out how to release that. sometimes i think donald trump sounds like hillary clinton. that's why planned parenthood was out thanking donald trump for all the nice things he's been saying. it cuts both ways on this issue. >> let's talk about tonight's debate and where the attacks will come from. rubio is now on the attack. cruz has upped his attack. it will probably be krooucruz a rubio ganging up on trump. >> i see that. all eyes are on the front-runner. everyone wants to attack donald trump. that's the thing that's going to be so successful and fruitful for donald trump is that he is be best when he's on the attack. we haven't seen him attack rubio yet. i think we'll see that tonight for the first time. there's a lot of ammo there. rubio has to answer for why he's missed so many senate votes, important ones. why was he with hillary clinton
7:08 am
on invading libya and egypt and toppling dictators? there is so much material there, and if rubio attacks donald trump, trump will attack him back. i don't think it will be a very good night for rubio. >> what do you think, jason? >> well, i expect, of course, cruz and rubio to try to gang up on donald trump. that's what's been happening thus far. so far he's weathered all the attacks based on his policies. we know that donald trump isn't a real conservative based off his support for planned parenthood, and he has a long history -- >> why do now keep saying that? he's called it an abortion factory. >> he also said -- donald trump also said that there were good things that planned parenthood did. he did say that. >> sure, and there are some good things that planned parenthood does. maybe we need to remove those and put them in a different entity, but women's health is a good thing. you can be for women's health
7:09 am
and funding but be against the abortion aspect that's been egregious for this company. >> jason, last word? >> my recommendation for cruz and rubio is these attacks on donald trump's policies haven't worked. they need to show his character isn't up to snuff for a republican party. he has a long history -- there was an article yesterday about vile things he said about having sex with women on the howard search show. show that he's -- burst this bubble, the cult of personality he has. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. five republicans, one stage, head to head, tune in for the cnn republican presidential debate live from houston, texas, 8:30 p.m. eastern only on cnn. the black lives matter activists interrupts an hillary clinton event demanding an
7:10 am
apology. we'll tell you why, next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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7:13 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the black vote has dominated headlines ahead of this weekend's south carolina primary. both candidates ramping up
7:14 am
outreach as clinton enjoys a commanding lead with this key group, but at a private event last night in charleston m, her past fight on crime came under scruti scrutiny. >> south carolina became the first state with body cameras. there's more work to be done. got to build toward common sense. we have somebody saying here, we have to bring them -- >> we want you to apologize for mass incarceration. i'm not a superpredator. could you apologize to black people for mass incarceration? >> could i talk? >> yes, and super spread dors. >> you're being rude. >> super predators. >> you want to hear the facts or just talk? >> i know that you called black youth super predators in 1994.
7:15 am
explain your record. you owe black people an apology. >> let's talk about this. chris frates is in ohio near cleveland, and john avalon is also with us. john, i want to start with you. that episode there, it was set up by ashley williams and she wanted to prove a point. will it resonate with black voters, though? >> i think if you look at the polls in south carolina nationally, hillary clinton is trouncing bernie sanders when it comes to support from the african american community and african american millennials. there is a robust debate going on inside the democratic party right now. and the activists many of whom are supporting bernie sanders, are confronting hillary clinton. i don't know that that young woman represents, and there's not a lot of evidence to suggest that she represents the vast majority of african american voters. the opposite seems to be true,
7:16 am
particularly in south carolina. >> i want to play the specific comment that hillary clinton said back in 1994 that this woman is protesting. it was when hillary clinton was first lady and her husband was president. he passed that crime bill. let's listen to what hillary clinton said back then. >> not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids who are called super predators, no conscious, no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heal. >> so, john, i know bill clinton apologized for signing that crime bill into law. bernie sanders actually voted for this bill when he was in congress, so, again, how much does this all matter? >> look, i think it matters as much as people need to be held accountable for past statements and policy as a matter of
7:17 am
consistency, but let's have a reality check about the crime bill for a second. america was averaging 24,000 murders a way. there was a massive bill. in the wake of the crime bill, we now average around 10,000 fewer murders in america. that's not all due to the crime bill, but it was an important piece of policy. many of the reduced number of dead come from african american communities. it is normal, and it is important that every reform itself needs to be reformed down the line, and now we need to deal with the unintended consequences of mass incarceration. it doesn't fit the facts. >> let's go to chris frates. he's at a big bernie sanders rally. bernie sanders has talked about this a little bit, but does it matter as far as he's concerned either? >> well, i'll tell you, bernie sanders has known for weeks now that he needs to start talking
7:18 am
to the african american community. he's been doing that throughout the speeches. he talks about racial and economic inequality. let's take a listen. last night he was talking about this issue. here's what he said. >> it is a campaign that understands that 150 years ago african americans the and their white allies fwbegan the proces of saying that in america we will not tolerate racism and bigotry. >> so there you have bernie sanders talking about one of the big themes of his campaign. progress in terms of racial equality and the struggle for that 150 years ago. those are the kinds of things wlouf you've been hearing from bernie sanders on the trail. if you look at south carolina, secretary clinton is leading him by double digits largely because she does have such strong
7:19 am
support among the african american community, and that's part of the reason also why bernie sanders is here in ohio today. he's going to michigan then and illinois because he's taking a 50 state strategy. it may seem strange with south carolina two days to go, but part of the reason is looking at the calendar. there are 24 contests coming up in the next few weeks, and they will dole out the bulk of the candidates they need to win the nomination. if you look at the math there, they will be given out proportionally. that means that bernie sanders could fight hillary clinton to a tie in a lot of these places, and in a place like ohio, if he can put points on the board, that's important for him because these aren't strongholds for him. bernie sanders strong in the new england states, vermont, massachusetts ma, colorado, also they think they'll do well in texas. they're stay even with her. this campaign understands going
7:20 am
forward after south carolina, they do need to pick up more african american support, because that is a huge base for these primary voters. look for bernie sanders today and going forward to talk about these important issues to the african american community. >> all right. i have to leave it there. chris and john, thanks to both of you. still to come in the news room, super tuesday with a large number of delegates up for grabs, the stakes are high. texas is the crown jewel thanks to trump and rubio, cruz's home state might not go to him. we'll talk about that next. a n. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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your iphone and what the government can do with it dominated a capitol hill hearing on world-wide terror threats. the director of the national intelligence and the heads of the cia, fbi, and nsa just wrapped up testimony before the house permanent select committee on intelligence. they talked a lot about apple. evan perez monitoring the testimony. evan, what happened? >> carol, normally these hearings are dominated by talk about isis and even the threat posed by russia and the war in syria, but today, definitely, apple was on the minds of many members of congress. you can actually see some of the split there among the members of this intelligence committee. some of them were asking questions about the slip that might happen if the fbi gets access to this one cell phone that was used by one of the terrorists in san bernardino. that this could lead to other cases and that could limit our privacy rights.
7:26 am
james comey, the director of the fbi, had some answers. he says, essentially, that this is really about this one phone, but he admitted that there are broader implications at play. here's what he had to say. >> this case, and all cases are very very important. there's a broader policy question that is far larger than any individual case that we all have to grapple with. but to the case, first i think the answer would best come from a technical expert and a good lawyer. i'm neither. i will take a shot at it. i do think that it is potentially, whatever the judge's decision is in california, and i'm sure it will be appealed no matter how it ends up, will be instructive for other courts and there may well be other cases that involve the same kind of phone and the same operating system. but what the experts have told me is the combination, here's where i'll get out of my depth, of a 5 c and this particular operating system, it's unusual and likely to be a trail blazer
7:27 am
because of technology being the limiting principle. but sure, a decision by a judge j the judge weighing a decision in brooklyn right now, all those decisions will guide how other courts handle similar requests. i used a tool as a young prosecutor so courts can have their orders give an effect and how judges interpret that in any particular jurisdiction is not binding on others but will be important. i think that's fair to say, but i think the larger question is not going to be answered in the courts and shouldn't be because it's really about who do we want to be as a country and how do we want to govern ourselves? >> and, carol, what he is referring to about the broader implications is that we now know according to court filings in a case in brooklyn and san bernardino, that the fbi and apple are fighting over 12 cases where a federal agent si is
7:28 am
trying to get into a cell phone. this has big implications for security and privacy. >> absolutely, and while you were playing that what james comey said before congress, before that intelligence committee, laurie segall was sitting beside me shaking her head. what bugd you? >> i think what you'll hear is when they say this is limited, this is for a specific type of iphone, the first thing you'll hear when you talk to security experts is they'll tweak the code a little bit. the implications are much broader. when you heard tim cook last night talk about it, he touched on that. he said it's one of the most significant challenges he's had as a ceo. he disagrees with the government. evan touched on the fact that that's where we stand. he also said this is about the future. this is about people being able to protect themselves. listen to what he said in this interview. >> this case is not about my phone. this case is about the future.
7:29 am
what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the u.s.? and you'd have to write that system to unlock the phone? >> yes. the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake here. >> he goes onto say what if they are compelled to build a operating system with surveillance tactics or a camera built in. he says this is just the beginning. and he also goes onto say that this shouldn't be decided in court. this should be decided in congress. it should be decided by the law. he said what if one court says as precedent for a divorce case
7:30 am
and another sees a precedent for a tax case? i think you're seeing almost policy catching up to technology which is this classic case, and this is the one that could absolutely set the precedent here. >> we've been doing that for a long time, right. the internet sort of surprised everyone when it shouldn't have. lori, thank you so much. evan, thank you to you too. i'll be right back. aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how: invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in to the body through the kidneys
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we are just hours away from tonight's cnn debate. days away from super tuesday, and senator ted cruz is putting it all on the line with his home state of texas.
7:35 am
>> super tuesday, i am convinced will be the most important day in the entire presidential election cycle. and the crown jewel of super tuesday. is the great state of texas. >> that crown jewel comment is no exaggeration. the state has 155 delegates up for grabs. as gary tuchman found out, winning texas is far from a sure thing for the tea party favorite. >> this ranch owner in texas, his ranch a short walk from the mexican boarder in one of the most violent boarder areas there is. >> are you carrying a gun right now? >> yes, sir. it's a normal thing out here. >> reporter: would you ever talk down here without carrying a gun? >> no. >> reporter: because? >> i'm no fool. >> reporter: he's never voted for a democrat and that will continue this year. in the illegal immigration issue has a lot to do it.
7:36 am
? we need to secure the border and prosecute those who came in illegally. deport but secure the border first. >> reporter: the rio grand separates from one end of texas to the other. there are fences and walls in this state but not right here, and you can see the rio grand right over here which separates the two countries. mexico is ore hever here, as nor in it. the only water is in this area here. about a half mile away, there is a border fence, but it comes to an end. anyone can just wander around it. one more reason george and his wife want this area more secure asap. so who is their choice for president? >> my cards are on the table for trump. >> reporter: he says he has faith in the new york city billionaire. duke y do you think you know what he's talking about? >> absolutely.
7:37 am
>> reporter: there are registers republicans in texas who don't like trump. this man likes carson. >> reporter: do you think carson is tough enough on that? >> i believe he is tough enough and fair. i believe that donald trump is over the top. he really is. what he wants to do with immigration, especially in this area on the border is just -- it's going to breed ill will between the two countries. >> reporter: but this republican says the reality show host is not over the top saying he was thinking about rubio, but will vote for trump. >> reporter: does it trouble you that he talks about sending everyone back that's undocumented? >> i'd help him. i think a lot of people would. >> reporter: and george is one of them. he wants his land back from the people crossing through it illegally. he wants his safety back so he doesn't have to carry a gun nearly everywhere he goes. >> i'm retired.
7:38 am
my roots are deep. my property is paid for. i'm staying. >> it's cruz who is king in texas. it's his home state. he's tea party royalty there. not only is there support in texas for drurp, but support for others like carson and rubio. i am joined by the chairman of the republican party of texas. welcome, sir. >> good morning, carol. how are you doing today? >> i'm good. i'm glad you're with me this morning. ted cruz must win texas if his southern strategy is to work. do you foresee a win for cruz in texas? is it a sure thing? >> well, nothing is ever a sure thing. but i think that certainly senator cruz is very well-positioned to take our state. as you indicated, 155 dell dpeg are at play which is one eighth of the number of delegates necessary to get the nomination.
7:39 am
we're the gorilla in this vote. >> could trump win texas? is it possible? >> well, i'm not a pundit. i'm not going to get into predictions or anything like that, but i guess anything is possible. but the probability is very strong that senator cruz will take his home state on tuesday, and will do very well here in texas. >> as you well know, the republican debate is tonight, and as a republican, as the republican chair in texas, when the candidates go on the attack against each other and they're expected to go on the attack tonight. it's expected to be nasty. what goes through your mind when you're watching them attack each other? >> well, i certainly would prefer that there would be a positive discussion about the future of our country and the future of how to go forward as a team. ultimately i think the succe successful candidates is one that can bring everyone together on the republican side of the
7:40 am
aisle. i hope they'll be gracious to one another. i understand they have to show separation and differences between themselves for the voters, but at the same time, what i'll be looking for is to hear a clearer articulation of people's vision for this country and how to move us forward and to address the issues we're facing as a nation. >> as you probably know, mitt romney has injected himself into the race. he's pressuring mr. trump to release his tax returns. mr. trump says he'll release his tax returns when he's good and ready. do you think that mr. trump should release his tax returns? >> well, you know, i think there's a bigger question here, perhaps, that deals with transparency with respect to what the people have a right to understand and know about the different candidates. whether he chooses to do that or not, i know that that's part of his political strategy. but i think the voters probably have a right to receive that kind of information and i think it's important whenever they decide how they're going to decide to make their vote.
7:41 am
i think it's helpful that all candidates release the tax returns. i think it's an important part of transparency to the people. is it possible as romney has intimated that there could be a bomb shell in donald trump's tax returns? >> well, i certainly wouldn't go down that -- i'm not going to speculate as to -- i think even mitt romney indicated yesterday he's not saying there's something there. he has no intimate knowledge of anything. you know, it's -- i wouldn't want to speculate as to what's there or not there. >> and just a last question, because this election season is perhaps one like no other, so if you step back and you look at this, i don't know. i just want to pick your brain. what do you think about it? some people say it's crazy. some people say it's good for the country. what do you think? >> well, it's certainly one that i've never seen. i've been doing republican politics for over 30 years.
7:42 am
this is one like none other. it's certainly been an interesting experience to see 17 candidates initially and now we're down to five. but i think there's a tendency for people to say that there's a problem with this one or that one, but i think we need to remember that the perfect candidate is never running. there is no perfect candidate, and so it's an opportunity for people to get to know the voters, to hear their visions of what they would do and what they think is appropriate in how to lead the country. i think that it -- it's a unique experience, for sure, and it's a good time to be a republican. i certainly like our side of this situation much better than what the democrats have. you have a socialist in bernie sanders. you have hillary clinton who her activities are being investigated by the fbi. i certainly like our team and choices much better than what i think the democrats are greating over at this time. >> all right. tom, thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> five republicans, one stage.
7:43 am
head to head, tune into the cnn republican presidential debate live from houston, texas. that's tonight, 8:30 p.m. eastern only on cnn. coming up, devastating and deadly. powerful storms slam parts of the east coast. today, a look at the damage left behind. someone's hacked all our technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico.
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virginia is under a state of emergency after unusually v violent storms. over the last 48 hours more than 50 tornadoes were reported in eight states. one town was hit especially hard, a toddler among three killed when their home was lifted in the air and slammed into a church. our meteorologist is following the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning, carol. it started on tuesday.
7:48 am
louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and georgia. and then yesterday across the virginias, carolinas, and all the way on up even into pennsylvania with damage up there. even big thunder and lightning in boston overnight. 4:00 in the morning, maybe you woke up without an alarm clock this morning. february, tornadoes every month of the year in the u.s. some more than others. obviously the middle months, april, may, june, those are our big monthinmonths. in 2008, 80 tornadoes. down here, 52. tornadoes happen in february, and it's typically that outbreak kind of weather where we get a bunch of them and then they're gone for a few days. now they're gone for a long time. cold air is coming back in for the next four days. no chance of anything really developing across the east coast exem except for light snow and cooler air. not warm enough that we're going
7:49 am
to get any shot this weekend of more severe weather. there is the snow. going to see at least a little bit, maybe 2 to 3 inches against the lake effect areas. d.c. 61 by sunday. and atlanta making a run at 70. all of florida warming up again. >> wow. that's amazing. chad myers, thank you. there was a dramatic rescue this morning off the storm-battered east coast. the coast guard lifting a fishing crew to safety after the vessel carrying them ran aground. the waves so violent one coast guard boat flipped over as it rushed to the fishing vessel. we are following this part of the story. that's scary pictures. >> very scary. one emergency suddenly becomes two emergencies. it started this morning at 2:00 in the morning. that is when a fishing boat in the far rock away waters, outside of new york city.
7:50 am
they make an urgent call to the u.s. coast guard saying their fishing boat with five to seven fishermen on board was filling with water. the u.s. coast guard immediately comes out. they get out there, their boat capsizes because it was 10 to 2 12 foot waves. somebody called emergency personnel. a helicopter came and rescued the fishermen. the five coast guard people swam to shore. everyone is accounted for. no injuries. pretty scary. >> i can't imagine how cold that water must have been. i'm glad everybody made it to safety. >> that fishing boat is their employment. >> that's a big issue. thank you so much. another developing story this hour. evacuations now underway in malibu, california. firefighters are working to contain a brush fire. the fire started just after 3:00 a.m. california time. around 120 kids at nearby camps
7:51 am
have been on stand by to evacuate. no reports of any structures being burned and crews are working to protect homes and buildings around the fire. if you're watching the oscars this sunday, keep and eye out for joe biden. he'll be advocating for awareness on sexual assaultings. another message also taking center stage, the lack of diversity among the nominees. stephanie e lum has more. >> the focus is supposed to be on the best in film. >> the oscar goes to -- >> much of the conversation leading up to the oscars is being dominated by the lack of diversity. >> the best actor is -- oh, my god, i knew it. it's a five-way tie. all the white guys. >> for the second year in a row, the academy award acting nominees are all white. the immediate backlash dominating social lead ya and
7:52 am
led by jada pinkett smith. >> let's let them do it with grace and love and let's do us differently. >> and film maker spike lee. my wife and i, in all good consciousness, we cannot attend the academy awards. >> in response to the controversy, the academy's leadership moved to institute more changes to increase diversity among oscar voters. the goal? to double the number of women and people of color by 2020. >> the academy is overwhelmingly white, and overwhelmingly male. a lot of the academy members believe they're ageist and reverse racism. >> i don't think there's a group of white people saying let's make sure we don't give anybody who is black or latino -- i don't think that's what's happening. it's about a multiplicity of the people that this country represents. not having access at a very
7:53 am
early point in this process. >> you got a snapshot of how americans people. >> reporter: academy voters can't cast their ballots for movies that represent a wider condition if the films aren't made. >> the change needs to come from the top of executive suites. it's getting those kinds of minority-driven movies into the oscar conversation. that is the difficult part. >> i would like to see more people step up, because we're going to be in the right side of history. >> cnn, hollywood. still to come in the use ro -- donald trump is known for his attacks. there are a lot of people donald trump loves.
7:54 am
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all right. the gloves will be off tonight in houston at 8:30 p.m. eastern
7:58 am
time. the last republican debate before super tuesday gets underway. cnn will be covering. wolf blitzer is the moderator. you'll want to be sure to tune in. donald trump, of course, will be attacking his rivals, but he also has a lot of love to share. here's genie moez. >> reporter: donald trump is a man in love with love, and we're not just talking about his wife. >> i love my kids. >> i love the bible. i love our police. the beetles i love. do we love our vets? i love the evangelicals. >> reporter: but the donald's latest love left some dumbfounded. >> we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. instantly hash tag i love the poorly educated began to trend. it was mocked on twitter. make america dumb again. but donald seems submiten with various demographics.
7:59 am
>> i love the women. >> reporter: why stop at love? >> i cherish women. >> reporter: of course, there is geographical love. >> i love iowa. i love the country. >> reporter: and there is passive aggressive love. >> i love protesters. i love "the new york times." it's great. >> reporter: but the kind of love that tends to worry the recipient is also followed by a but. >> i love the mexican people. i love the muslims. they're great people. i love china. >> reporter: but. >> they are ripping us. >> reporter: there is one sure way to win trump's affection. >> oh kanye west, i love him because he loves trump. >> reporter: even when he expresses his devotion to a cookie. >> reporter: i love oreos. >> reporter: he bites back. he's boycotting nabisco because it moved some jobs to mexico. >> we love you. >> i love you folks, very much. we love you.
8:00 am
>> reporter: to the donald, love is blind. >> i don't know who is in this room. but whoever it is, i love you. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> everybody loves me. >> oh, thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. the time for the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> the vast and overwhelming majority of republicans don't want donald trump to be our nominee. >> we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab. >> we're not elected class president. it's the president of the united states. >> i believe that things are starting to happen here. >> we weren't expected to win too much, and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. and soon the country is going to start winning.


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