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  Anderson Cooper 360 Post Debate Special  CNN  February 25, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> you see what happens. many religious groups -- >> that seems like an easy answer for you to release the ones that aren't audited? >> no, i can't do that. i have almost a thousand pages. the ones from previous relate to the ones later and it doesn't make sense unless they're all released. >> you know what would you do if somebody else what it. would you say what are you talking about, just put the tax returns out. >> i think for ten years, 12 years, i get audited. nobody would ever put out their returns that's under app audit. it's very unfairway that i'm audited all the time. i've always passed the audit. >> why wouldn't you put it out if you're under audit? >> of course you would never do that. your lawyers would never allow you to do thatbut do you think
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that people tonight had a chance to see the best the who senators -- >> i don't know if they were good, bad or indifferent. i just enjoyed it. i thought it was a great debate. >> i reallyin 'tis patrioted it. i was prepared for it. i thought would happen. they're desperate. they're losing that's under suspicious because of what he did to lost very badly since then. i'm leading with evangelicals, with men, women, everything. he's under a lot of pressure. the politicians are under a great deal of pressure have you heard anything from
8:02 pm
former presidency sent fox? >> i think he should apologize for his foul mouth. if i did use that word, i probably wouldn't be used on the stage stagin. >> i think we're doing so welfare reform. i think the debate was really one of my west debates. where. >> it best to be tested, though, right? >> it was a goo, fwrrks chris kwom talking to dpt immediately after the debate. let's continue with our fanl, kevin madden, what did you make of what you saw tonight?
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i? think knee he i am gfrm the fact that donald trump went wh pressed for details doesn't have any. those fepgs and beyond kind of two stenss, he wasn't able to -- >> one of the questions and i think john ehuded to this earlier, if -- i think marco rubio that is here tonight is going to have to do this 24/7. >> i want to go to jake tapper. >> thanks, anderson. i'm here with senator ud i remember it is wonderful to be
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at home in is sfrofrmt m it's the best april larm clark you can have. i love being home in texas. stwli saw you talking to your girls during the break. very sweet. let's talk about the debate. donald trump sailed he thought he had a good debate, especially considering the fact that boldt you and rn. >> look, i think this debate provided a lot of clarity. it became very clear that donald trump is not a good can't to face candidate fwrnkt. >> -- for decades he's argued for socialized medicine. tonight on the debate stage he want away frm it frrmt -- he doesn't like it when anyone founts his record. he's literally for 20 years if
8:05 pm
by whether it was on libya or whether it was on israel, where he said he wouldn't stand with recall. instead he agrees that the fwrshlgts sfwhrnlt. >> he also, as you say, he called you a liar and also called you a basket case at one point, i think. since you won iowa, he has been going at you a very hard. beforeiowa, pe if flrjs -- you have come in third two times in a row and lost the vefl vote in south carolina and nevada. are you afraid at all that highs branding powers are stilling
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oup -- >> there's a reason donald is attacking me so hard. he recognizes i'm the only candidate in in field what can beat him. >> i'm the only candidate has, in. >> marco rubio is down to dnld 15 minutes to his home state of florida. if you can't win your home state, that's a problem of so what he just does is he attacks and he goes fwrrks it was amazing seeing him criticizing vicente fox for use pro it frerks tend of the day, this has
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been fun with donald in the race. ilt entertaining. it's like going to the circus. you have ak crow bats and clowns and dancing bears. but the stakes are serious. if we get this wrong, you and i both have little kids. this election is about what kind of country our kids inherit. and donald trump, if he's our nominee, the last ten polls, eight out of the last ten he loses to hillary clinton. and the last ten nationally, eight out of the ten i beat hillary clinton. and the fact that donald refuses to sign over his tax current and his execution is i'm being audited. that especially means they should be handed over. and if donald is our nominee, he can't raise that issue because hillary will laugh at him and
8:08 pm
say, well, gosh, donald, why did you donate to the clinton foundation? >> marco rubio has gotten a lot of good marks from pupd it's this evening -- >> i'm shocked. that has never happened. >> including by some of your supporters, glen beck, but has dweetle were what did you think of marco rubio as performance. >> he did something tonight that he's never done. which is that he actually for the first time took on donald trump and i'm glad he did. marco is not my enemy. marco and i are friends. we would both make a much better candidate and president than would donald. i like donald personally. he's a charming guy, though he can turn on you in an instant. one minute he says he's my friend heeshs terrific, i love him and then he comes back and
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starts hurtling personal insults on you if his number, that seems important to have that clear distinction. >> both of you were stronger than you've ever been. i think one of the questions that a lot of republicans might have be people who doesn't want trump to have the nomination, is why wait until the tenth debate to draw these distinctions? why not early why? wshlg the rest of the field has been unwilling to do so. the only one twrms i said it was really a shame he wasn't going to be on the debate stage and
8:10 pm
efrfrmt and for whatever reason the other candidate himself been afraid to -- >> to be fair to the other candidates, there's an elephants graveyard of others that took him on, you have survived of course. >> well, not onable. >> if you're one of the 56% of republicans who thinks donald trump is the wrong candidate to face hillary clinton. super suess is the br sfwlrjs stand with us. if you vote for someone else. he wants those vote splintered.
8:11 pm
if conservatives continue sfrfrls and we'll gone to beast hillary clinton or secret service or whatever socialist the democratic party put forth. >> i want to quickly welcome our u.s. and international viewers and give everyone a sample of what we are talking about, have been talking about and you gr to talk about over the next it it it it park. >> you're sfrrchlts. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> well, hold on. >> and by the way, i've hired tens of thousands of people. you've hired nobody. >> you hired a thousand people from another country -- >> let me just say that did, if
8:12 pm
so -- >> that's wrong. poet will n you'll see a million dollars for hiring illegal workers on one of his contracts. he did. [ cheers and applause ] >> that happened. >> i've hires tens of flchlts the have i sent oo fox said today, i'm quoting him, i'm "i'm not going to pay for that, quote, fing wall." so if you don't get a chuck for $8, 12, how will you make them pay for that sfwhal. >> i will and the wall just got
8:13 pm
20. >> and i deed if you look at the gang of eight, one individual on this stage broke his promise to the men and women who elected him and wrote the amnesty bill. but donald funded the gang of eight. >> i can only say this and i've said it load aupd clear and i've said it for years. you're a lobbyist and you're specialist and donors because the audience is packed with them and they're picked with you. i've had an amazing relationship with politicians, both democrat, republican, because afs businessman. a dwrshlgs i got along with everybody. up get along with nobody. you don't have one republican -- you don't have one republican senator and you work with them every day of your life, although you skipped a lot of time, these
8:14 pm
are minor details. but you don't have one republican senator. not one. you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump tower, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> such a cute sound bite. >> it not a sound bite. it's a fact. go online and you'll see it. the second thing up made about -- >> you know what, because they edevalue their currency. >> well, then make it in america. >> well, you don't know a thing about business. they devalue their currencies, china, china,es that our businesses can not compete with them.
8:15 pm
but you wouldn't no noe anything about it because you're a lousy -- >> i don't know anything about bankrupting four companies you -- >> and you know what -- >> that was a fake university. a fake university! there are people that borrowed $36,000 to go to trump university and they're suing them now. it a fake school. they got to take a picture bay card board cutout of donald trump. >> they actually did a very good job but i won most of the lawsuit. >> most of the lawsuit? >> senator rubio, you accused senator cruz in a previous debate of lying when you said he said one thing in spanish and another one in english. so in what sense did he lie? >> it not true that i'm not going to get rid of daca. up read all the transcript in spanish. i said it will have to end nap will be when i eliminate the
8:16 pm
executive order and the people who have those permits, when they expire -- i don't even think we should be taking new enrollees in the program now puch allow the people who are on it. when the program expires, they cannot renew it and they will go away. >> i. >> i have to say he lied this time. he lied. 100%. >> you lied about the polish workers. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 38 years ago. >> he lied 38 years ago. i guess there's a statute of limitations on lies. >> some of the remarkable exchanges we witnessed over the last couple of hours. marco rubio clearly came ready to score points against department. was he effective? >> i thought so. i got lots of texts all night from friend and other strategists like this marco is
8:17 pm
legit. i got one text saying welcome to the campaign, marco rubio. the problem that john has identified and everyone else has, why did it take so long in you have to wonder. there's pro answers for this. one is they were waiting for this graveyard of former candidates to do this scared them or are did they wait just long enough where they got through the tough part, waited till sort of the finish line to pull all of this stuff out. the stuff on trump university that's correct been out there but no one's really brought it up. pointing out how trump's uncomfortable relationship with hillary makes him a touch match, that's been out there. maybe they waited strategically long enough. we won't know until super tuesday. but i don't know that waiting as long as they did is going to be
8:18 pm
fatal. >> ilt like giving a team five touchdown saying we're not going to score until the end. >> rubio and cruz peeled his skin off. they questioned his conservatism and his character. i get that he's tough. i guess he's a chain shaw whaw you attack him. as long as they all stay in the race, trump doesn't have to get new people. if he just keeps what he has, he's going to have a huge day on tuesday. >> i think one of the most
8:19 pm
effective things that emerged tonight was this idea of donald trump ripping off the little guy. they talked about trump university. and then also said he looked over merng workers and went to hire illegal immigrants. that is trump's brand. >> also referencing these 200 du duke. >> he said, listen, if you build the wall, who is going to do it? ilt going to be illegal immigrants. so i think if they carry that through, we know that part of the base of donald trump's support is a pissed off, working class wouk be.
8:20 pm
>> let moo say something about trump university. i looked into this about three years ago before i knew donald trump because it struck me as curious, why would a billionaire be many. times over defraud people of a few thousand dollars. this made no sense to me on its face. i looked into it. number one, the attorney general of new york been going to donald trump himself, to his family members and won't. >> she accused the attorney general, aform state senator, of corruption. there is o o.
8:21 pm
>> you can say why have a tie line if you're a billionaire? donald trump is interested in businesses as much as possible. >> all i'm saying is i looked into it and i found a whole other side to it but the attorney general. he licenses his name than any one of these candidates have until now, and this is bargaining. >> did true. in it's better late than never. there were a lot of good, specific attacks that exposed donald trump on many vulnerabilities.
8:22 pm
also marco rubio, when he kind of mocked him on the i many florida things will add up. do the atakes create enough of a question mark to say, hey, maybe in guy f ffrm -- do you see any signs that any of those people were appealed away tonight? >> no. you had donald trump on stage, other than dr. carson, i this if and dealing with the
8:23 pm
politicians. at the bombed frchl -- >> let's check in with jake tapper. >> thanks, anderson. that's right. i'm stilling here with two from the stage who are no running, from and to the o normt having done the republicans once before from the cheap seats, looked like rubio and crews really had approximate approximately. >> right from the opening bell, he came out swinging. it was two-on-one. when one of them goes after mod.
8:24 pm
go fwrfrmt the hard thing is to try to keep them from talking over each other. that's not that easy when they're as passionate and excited that frnl nurnlt they're going to keep invoking each other but you want to bring in kasich, you want to bring in carson. it wasn't just that rubio hit back. he came with a box of opposition research. i mean, he was talking about the "new york times"s investigation and decades-old story about
8:25 pm
trump and to and the praud it, who is head of opposition research, he should probably get a bonus for tonight because of all that information. >> and really, going in, fwrrk he was getting a lot of pressure from the so-called establishment to say this is your moment. you got to do it. you got to him hitt pim or it game over. because you've done this as well, you have a lot of questions ready to go. there were many that we didn't get to because we didn't actually because the stakes are so high. >> and some of the topics i'm sure you had plenty of tom iks that you wanted to get into. but at the same time it good for a debate to take on a live.
8:26 pm
fr from. referring to marco rubio as a choke artist. we got some new terms in the trump branding program that we've had this campaign. >> but what i thought was really good was we focused it on the most important issues, the domestic and economic issues, future of the economy and future of baim about immigration, the wall along the u.s. mexico border. they got into that. what are you going do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants? what are you going to did with the children born here in the united states?
8:27 pm
. >> yes, they were calling each other names. but what we came at them with were substantive questions. >> sure i view to get back to. >> i think one of the big questions and we'll sao this on tuesday with super tuesday with the results from the the state was it too little too. >>. >> and also will it matter? i think marco rubio made the case that there sant lot of there there when it comes to donald trump's position on health care reform and what he would place obama care with?
8:28 pm
but does that man nrchl and they will be critical in deciding which direction this cane campaign is moving. >> i know. like mules. >> ilt our busy season. >> anderson back to you. >> that i can, from and a reality check on one of the claims made on the stage tonight. we'll be right back. be good.
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we're back in the day bait hall. with us now is candidate donald trump. it was almost a tag team at times. house of representatives can it feel? >> i was told that that was going to happen.
8:33 pm
so i spaekd it. been offer -- do you look at what they're saying on the campaign trail but -- recall -- the politicians talk. they do a lot of talking. the first debate was good. i think we did very well in the report persian gulf. i guess the more important polls, we just came out with a poll of couple of hours ago. it like double digit lae ltz i love texas. i love the people of texas. i have so many friends here. i guess we're pretty much even.
8:34 pm
>> you knew the state of mitt montana was going to be brought up. mitt romney was thweatting a berelease -- >> i know the audit process very well. i have friends that be very rich, they've never been audited. until you shl. >> what about the old returns from five years ago? >> no, because they all mess, they interrelate. ilt become a fairly famous picture. which tells you how ridiculous the system is. when you have to go that much, millions in legal fay fooes and auditing fees -- >> are you saying point blanc
8:35 pm
tonight, once this ad sit done,ly guarantee -- oh. >> mike: but you are sure -- >> oh, yeah. >> i've been under audit for years. beyond this administration, many years and i think it's unfair. i'm always being ad ud ud if yet i'm audited every year and i thit it's very unfair gluch suggested to chris cuomo that -- i don't think there are problems
8:36 pm
fwrshlg whereas other people at that are very rich people are never audited. >> a couple days ago, i talked to you and it sounded like you were perhaps ever releasing returns. no, i'm not backing away but i have who get the audit done. of fwrchl two or three things when you're looking at the candidates -- >> i'd like to take scalia and use him as my template. up know my sister is a very high ranking jum, she's on the court of appeals. she signed a decision with judge aleet i don alito, who i think is a
8:37 pm
fantastic judge. this was not in the ball game. i think he would be the perfect person. you're never going to find that. but we're going to get a conservative judge who is very good, who is a scholar, who is pro-life and i think we're going to pick somebody from fall in i don't specific -- >> david soulter was a disaster. john robert was a disaster. he may be good in many other ways -- >> what would you ask to make sure? you are say you're a good judge of people -- spl if you notice i said to cruz tonight, i'm not even blaming you for it, it was a mistake but if you look at the various articles he published, he was really pushing hard for
8:38 pm
john roberts -- >> but what would president frum do? >> that is not necessarily my world. i'm very much into the world of legal and legality, but that is not my world. i would go to people i have straight respect for and say who would you wreck? fwrrchl i had the most beautiful head of hair you'd ever see pimt still not so bad people hanging in pretty good. that was like 35 years ago, i guess. to bring certainly like that up when i've had deal ever deal
8:39 pm
after deal, frnl your own pon engts are going to repattedly bring that up. it you were a guy o who even 30 years ago -- it was never, frn flork it -- on the palm beach thing, it's very, very hard. you may not palm beach. i hope you do know palm beach. it's hot as a pistol pup. . ghfrm this is a four-month, five-month jobs. so we do hire some people. but we have to bring in because
8:40 pm
fwrrp they come totally deally and from different parts of the world. we have no choice. >> he says every dchl asked this, he said eliminate the barriers and keep the one thing you look in the obama care, the prohibition, you are. >> if you remember are. >> theeld it for $380,000 to a lobbis and then the lobbyist got legislation prove tonight -- you're saying the same thing
8:41 pm
things a rn to were. >> -- they'd rather have florida and they'd rather have texas than go all over the country because they're not going to do it. the insurance company take care of gchl and that's the buoy of it. anywayry are. from it requires in texas and stays in the rat chgt sflufrmgt. >> i was surprised that he said that but he said it a number of
8:42 pm
times. assume i'm a gifted politician and it might be vangous for me here, i'm going to win. i love texas. i have so many friend frchkt let's go back to jake tapper. jake? >> thanks. let get more date and al sis with michael smerconish and ghoria borger. a lot of pupd it seem to think that -- i'm not sure that he's the beneficiary of a dwoord middle of. tupio. from if you were a trump porer,
8:43 pm
they'd, too. i any the trump score consistency is going to get those if. if we look at our expit polls, the late deciders flrmt if you're a trum supporter, you watch this, you say being tagged by rubio and cruz is not going to change your mind. i do think that mubia dwrshlg go trump in a fachlt go on the attack in frch. >> on super tuesday, not sure. cruz certainly came out also. this is his home state of texas, won't hurt him here.
8:44 pm
but i think that the big question, fwrim. from -- we learned tonight for the first time, seemed to be a new excuse for dupt he says that he cannot release hines come taxes because one audit depends on another, depend on past years. and romney, who is ld request yrks -- obviously we saw after the nam debate when which ises with ychls with in effect marco rubio had been doing better in the polls and we learned from exit polls a lot of people defected. some went to case being being others went to cruz and trump.
8:45 pm
with a brrk are there just too many states l. fr from. >> is it too big of a playing field to have that kind of impact that we saw in new hampshire? >> when you look at the states that have already voted in either a primary or a focus. you did in the that the same are riders don't go in trump's. from sfwrchlgs. >> in all likelihood, $ had pfrmt nfrmt. >> maybe you'll want norchlt
8:46 pm
fwfrmt. >> he's hitting back. >> he was out there and the other candidate who is tried against trum of -- he was the first one. but cruise had a bromance with trum. there is. from interest. sfwhfrmt, where were you? where were you? >> i'm very proud of the fact that i worked for jorjt wncht per termiliness they fwhfrm is.
8:47 pm
>> >> jake, a lot more to talk about our panel. just ahead the most important critics with all. a i think it landed last tuesday. coming up, in a moment, we'll have some of the sharpest exchanges. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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>>you thought it was a good dae bait, everybody! >>. [ cheers and applause ] . >> this is a room full of republicans. folks, we want to tell them about what they do here. they is a vau poll. literally they use straws.
8:52 pm
the winner in this room, ted cruz. >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm going to pick this up and this shows you the straw poll is over. ted cruz came in first and in the 30. coming in second place, marco rubio with 12, donald trump with 10, ben carson with 4 and john kasich with 1 2/. all right. you can see there's one of the two you have to had but it's -- >> this room looks about 80% also. were any you i sulted by what donald trump has been saying the that wants to come here illegally back to mexico. anyone insulted by it?
8:53 pm
who is not insulted by it. raise your hands. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted to fshl with the property coming up, that's a really important consideration. >> what do you think of trum snp. >> i think trump has been very nonspecific sfvlgts snf-- is th your mother? >> you supported trump. does that insult you at all that he talks about sending everybody back? >> absolutely not. >> why? >> because if they come to this country illegally, they should
8:54 pm
be sent back. >> do you like trump? >> he just has that passion that seems to rub off on you and makes you feel like this is the greatest country in the world. >> these people have one thing in common. they do all think this is the greatest country in the world. are you all voting on tuesday? >> an enthusiastic crowd here, el paso, texas. you can literally jog to mexico. >> please thank everybody for sticking around. >> that marketing, that constant refrain, it really sticks. >> pride, passion, leadership, strength, winning. he has branded himself very well and the blue collar stuff, i'll fight for you, with why did they wait ten debates? i do think donald trump because of his experience in business and in television understands
8:55 pm
branding. he has built himself a strong brand now in this race. in nevada it was a 40% at least brand, we know it's at least a 30% brand. he has built that brand and strengthened that brand but it stuns me they waited ten debates -- >> this is open to everybody. do you think that was because they assumed -- they didn't take him seriously that, he would flame out? >> they deployed hope as a strategy. many of them vildly believe the campaign believed it's not our fight to have. in a campaign, one of the most important elements is controlling the environment. we saw the rise of donald trump
8:56 pm
happen -- >> and donald trump did take control. >> absolutely. there are two different things, one months ago, he was doing a television interview with sean hannity, and he rolls his eyes with disdain on his face. you think is not a good place to be going here. >> we have to take a quick break. here in houston, the dust now beginning to settle. a lot of heat on that stage. we'll show you more moments when we come back.
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>> welcome back. we're here in houston the site of the most republican debate before the most important day of the campaign so far, super tuesday. donald trump had three straight victories and his rivals went in knowing this might be their last chance to try to stop him. it made for an explosive mix at times. here is a quick look. >> the nice part, you have many different plans.
9:01 pm
you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, ya i'm not no. i don't pretty myself. >> you don't repeat yourself. >> here is the guy who repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> i watch -- talking about pret repeating, i watched him repeat himself five times a few weeks ago. >> i watched you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> i watched him meltdown on the stage like i've never seen anybody. i thought he came out of the swimming pool. >> let's talk about your plans. >> i see you repeat yourself every night, everyone's dumb, he's going to make america great again, we're going to win, win, win. >> are you talking about getting rid of kim jong-un.
9:02 pm
>> what i'm telling you is you look for any means you can to be able to solve that problem in north korea and in the meantime put the pressure on the chinese and what we're doing is beginning to work against them. they are the key to being able to settle this situation. >> i'm a negotiator. i've done well over the years through negotiation. it's very important that we do that. in all fairness marco is not a negotiationer. i watched him meltdown. these people may be tougher than chrissist chris christie. >> a deal is a deal. >> a deal is not a deal when you're dealing with terrorists. >> this guy is a choke arrtist and this guy is a liar. you have a combination of factors. you can't do it for the obvious
9:03 pm
reason and he can't do it because he doesn't know how to tell the truth. i rest my case. >> this is what he does. he -- >> governor kasich. you have the floor. you will have a response, but i promised governor cakasich he could respond. >> could somebody attack me please? >> wolf -- >> i'm beating him in the polls. >> but you're not beating hillary. >> i can't beat her you're really going to get killed, aren't you? let me ask you because you're really getting beating badly, i know your embarrassed, i know politicians better than you do and it's not good. >> i believe you know politicians much better than i do because for 40 years you've been funding liberal democratic politicians -- >> i funded you. i funded him.
9:04 pm
>> you can have the check back. >> i gave him a check. i gave him the check. >> you never funded me. >> let's be clear. donald claims to care about either -- >> he send me his book with his a autograph. thank you for the book. go ahead. >> donald, you can get back -- >> i'm having fun up here tonight. i have to tell you. thank you for the book. >> donald relax. >> i'm relaxed. you're the basket case. >> some of the moments that voters will be weighing perhaps and will be looking at closer tonight as we look haahead to super tuesday. i want to bring in our panel tonight to talk about tonight.
9:05 pm
it's hard when you're on that stage in the midst of a battle like that to kind of get a sense of the eb and flow of things, but what stood out to you. >> i'm here to drag down your ratings. >> that was a comment that trump had made. i felt like i walked into a scene from dead wood. >> but all prays to wolf blitzer, he kept it moving forward and he got a lot of ground covered. i can't tell who won, but i can tell most of the incoming was at donald trump. it really was. so i don't know if he withstood it and grew stronger or if he bleeds out. >> we have seen in nevada that those who had made up their minds closer to election day that there was some movement there from marco rubio. does this -- does tonight change anything you think in voters' minds. >> i think we'll know in four or five days.
9:06 pm
i think marco rubio had a very good debate today. he did what he had not done until tonight. he finally took off the gloves and took on donald trump. i think it was a great idea. i'm happy he did it because he's been fighting for number two with ted cruz for a long time and it's gotten awfully exhausting and small. he needs to elevate himself and he needs to take on the front-runner and he came in today with the intent of getting under donald trump's skin. one thing i noticed was he didn't follow the rules. we saw that jeb bush was not effective in landing blows on donald trump because he kept following the rules. marco rubio today interrupted. he would not let himself be shut down by donald trump. i will tell you i'm from miami i had a hard time following this tonight. >> let's see an exchange between rubio and trump. >> senator rubio, you accused
9:07 pm
senator cruz in a previous debate of lying when he said that you said one thing in spanish and another one in english. so in what sense did he lie? >> because it is not true that i'm not going to get rid of doca. i said it will have to end. that point will be when i eliminate the executive order and the people who have those permits, when they expire will not be allowed to renew it and new people will not be able to apply. i don't think we should be taking new enrollees in the program now. that's how it ends and you wind it down. you allow the people on it, when the program expires they cannot renew it and it goes away. i will cancel the executive order as soon as i step in the oval office. >> he lied 100%. >> you lied about the polish workers. you lied at the students for trump university. he lied 38 years ago. i guess there's a statute of limitations on lies.
9:08 pm
>> sometimes when you're on stage you catch things that don't come out on camera. obviously it felt like it must have been tense up there on the stage. >> it was extremely hot, hotter than the previous three i've done and hotter than march. i do believe marco rubio looked like he swallowed the bird. i think he got what he thought he was going to get. ted cruz looked like he got what he wanted. donald trump, he's a master at this stuff and i defer to the people who watched it. he was not ruffled, but he was under fire. it was -- he was having to go back and forth so praise to him as well. >> the thing that's interesting is we talked before about how donald trump band is all about winning, but this is the first night i think you really see him get rattled by a number of questions that threaten his ability to win in a general election. cruz went very deliberately at
9:09 pm
that question saying you donated money to the clinton foundation. donald trump hurts your ability to go after the foundation. so if the combination of attacks from rubio and cruz can just put that question mark in people's minds, republicans want nothing than to just win after losing the white house for two sickles, if people worry that donald trump will not win, that's the beginning of donald trump going down. >> we keep talking about brand, what is marco rubio's brand? it's been a little bit uncertain coming into this. he hadn't made an effective case for his candidacy, it also sounded like talking points about his being the consensus candidate, is the brand now him as the trump slayer and is that enough to kind of peel the voters away from donald trump, to peel voters away from ted cruz? i think there's still some questions about how he makes the
9:10 pm
case that he should actually be president and maybe it's not enough just that he's able to take on donald trump. >> then you put the drama of tonight into the context of where we are in the race. there's no question that donald trump came under aggressive sustained attack than any other debate and whether he was rattled that it kept coming because in past debates there were exchanges and they were off to something else, but the question is what's the impact? most of them are winning by margins if he loses some ground because of tonight, he's -- my question is rubio has to win florida, which we have to wait for, kasich has to win ohio, which we have to wait for, so on tuesday rubio is hoping to come in second, it looks like it will be cruz and trump in texas, that's the best rubio can hope for. >> he needs to spend the next
9:11 pm
four days there in the most winnable because i don't know how you get to march 15th with 15 contests and you have nothing to show but silver and bronze medals. >> rubio in the exit polls his momentum that closes the state by state thing is that limited to nevada or does that transfer to other states? >> i think there's no question that rubio's standings have improved. the problem with rubio is we're out of the single state period of the campaign where you can go to nevada for a couple of days or iowa or new hampshire, now if he wants to win one he's going to have to pick one and spend more time there and i don't know if any of them are within reach. >> which one do you think he should pick? >> he should go for a smaller more moderate state. >> mark rtrump is ahead in thes states today and only today did he start buying advertising.
9:12 pm
one thing rubio did tonight is if you have skeptical donors can you wait in until the end. if gets an opening he seems better prepared to get it, but trump is ahead in all of these states and he has an early start. >> even if he wins one or two states on tuesday, is that even really enough? you have to sort of sweep from trump or a split from cruz, if he wins virginia or georgia is that enough. >> i want to toss it back to jake taper and then we'll come back. >> let's stay here with cnn political commentator, one of the interesting moments of the night came with dana bash and then trying to get donald trump to be more specific about what he thinks should replace
9:13 pm
obamacare or what his position on health care is. here is a brief excerpt. >> on obamacare, both donald and i say we want to end it but for different reasons. i want to end it because it goes too far, it's killed jobs. donald wants to end it because he says it doesn't go far enough. what's maefamazing is donald ha been advocating socialized medicine. he says the government should pay for everybody's health care. he said if he don't support national health care you're heart heartless. >> i do not want socialized medicine. he goes around saying i want it. >> true or false, you've said the government should pay for everyone's health care. >> that's false. >> you never said that. >> i said it worked in a couple of countries. >> you never said on this debate stage and said it works great in other countries and we should do
9:14 pm
it here. >> no. >> did you say if we want people to die on the streets, you have no heart. did you say -- >> excuse me. let me talk. >> talk away. explain your plan, please. >> my plan is very simple. we're going to have private health care, but i will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country if i'm president. you may let it and you may be fine with it, but i'm not fine with it. >> yes or no. just answer the question. >> we are going to take those people and they're going to be se serviced by doctors and hospitals, but we're not going to let them die in the streets. >> it seems to me that the trump health care plan is removing state barriers so that insurance companies can all compete within states, some sort of bare minimum of medicaid so people don't die in the streets,
9:15 pm
perhaps he would expand it and that the government would pay for and then in addition the government would cut better deals with the pharmaceutical companies. what am i missing? >> i think that's what dana bash was kind of pushing on because trump's solution really seems to be as he said getting rid of the lines around the states, allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines, but when you push and when cruz tried to push about socialized medicine beyond what we have now, medicaid, he didn't -- he didn't get specific. what he did was he turned it around, which trump is really good at doing and said i don't want people to die in the streets and who can be against that? nobody can be against that. so nobody touched him on it, although it did to me leave you wondering where are the specifics in this. i mean everybody a else has a six point or five point plan and
9:16 pm
it's trump's messages i'm going to make it work better for you obamacare's a failure, it's costing a lot of money, it's not working, your premiums are going up, i'm going to fix it and privatize it. >> he said contradictory things about the individual man date and i couldn't help but think as i watched them on the stage talking about their desire to end the individual mandate these are candidates who in every other circumstance are trumping personal responsibility. when it comes to insurance what they're saying is when it comes to your health insurance we're going to leave you of the responsibility of making sure you cover yourself, which i find to be a major condition diction and one that will be aten waited in the fall. >> it was pointed out by dana or wolf that when governor kasich was a member of congress back when it was republican wisdom to support the heritage foundation was behind it and this was at a
9:17 pm
time when the clintons were pushing employer mandate, he did agree with it. >> absolutely. the origin, many would say of the affordable care act going back to the heritage foundation when it arose out of this conservative think tank, which is people ought to take care of themselves so they're not showing up in an e.r. and burdenening a society. >> it would be a republican principal because it's against free loaders, people who can afford health care. >> you didn't hear that on this stage. >> you don't hear it among republicans at all. i know that you're somebody who thinks that governor kasich doesn't get enough attention from the media so why don't you tell me what you thought his strongest moments were this evening? >> i think he distinguished himself the uglier it got i think the better he looks
9:18 pm
because he doesn't play that game. you can make the same argument about ben carson, but i don't think he has a path. strong moments would be apple, what a president would do is lock everybody in a room and not come out until you iron out a solution, i thought when pressed on the religious questions bake the cupcake i'm for protecting religious, but when it's commerce, you have do your job. >> i was talking to some kasich people today and some of them urged him to actually take on donald trump a little bit this evening. >> he wouldn't do it. >> he wouldn't go near it and i think in just there was a sense with republicans why did you let those guys out there alone, you
9:19 pm
needed to take on trump, particularly because you're running by the way in super tuesday and there was a sense from republicans that kasich didn't really perform the way he should have like rubio and like cruz and take an opportunity to actually take on trump. >> it distinguishes him. >> i will say, though, having been in washington for a long time, congressman kasich, not governor, if congressman kasich had been asked is waste fraud and abuse enough to solve the debt problem, he would have unloaded with a string about how that was nonsense, but that john kasich -- that's 20 years ago. >> who prides himself on balancing the budget. >> anderson, back to you. >> we're going to continue the discussion here. we're going to take a quick break. we'll hear from governor kasich himself as our special coverage continues. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> tonight there was a lot of sound and furry. two exceptions, ben carson and john kasich. we spoke with governor kasich a short time ago.
9:24 pm
>> reporter: john kasich did not go after donald trump tonight and he doesn't look poised to win any of the states coming up on march 1th, nonetheless he still says he's confident. why don't you tell me it was a demolition derby. >> in the beginning, but i'm happy with what happened. i think i was able to demonstrate the fact that i not only have the experience, but the plan to take it to washington, get this economy moving again and clearly the ability to express what is a clear policy on foreign affairs, whether it was libya, north korea, syria, whether we're talking about the apple and the bo back door, i felt i was able to project what it means to be an executive across the board. it's leadership that i think i was able to show tonight. >> reporter: you did not go after donald trump tonight, but obviously ted cruz and marco rubio did. is that a gift for them to hit
9:25 pm
the front-runner. >> i think it's a campaign strategy on their part. i've been promising people that i'm doing to stay positive and at some point this race is going to head north and it's probably the field is going to shrink and i think when that happens i will be in a better position to explain who i am as opposed to somebody like donald trump. so i'm not worried about any of that now. no one ever thought i'd be on the stage at this point. we're growing and getting stronger. our polls are rising all across the country. we're raising more money. we're in a good position and i'm thrilled. >> reporter: so when we head into the march 1st states, but what are the strong states for you. >> nobody is going to win but tru trump. >> reporter: you think nobody is going to win? >> no. >> reporter: you think cruz is going to lose texas. >> it's very close, but i will come out of vermont and massachusetts, we're spending a lot of time in virginia, we hope those are going to be productive
9:26 pm
for us and we'll move to mississippi. when it goes to illinois, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and then over to new york and new jersey and connecticut, who do you think is going to come north and beat me there. >> reporter: you don't think donald trump could beat you in new york? >> i think it's it gets closer to a two-person race i think i'm in a good position to be a t nominee. >> reporter: what does it feel like being in your position. >> i have to perform. it's about accumulating delegates all along. we've spent very little money and i'm almost even except for trump in the delegate count. we husband our resources and we apply it in places where we think we have the best chance. i'm not going out to predict victories, but i'm saying we're in this for the long haul.
9:27 pm
>> reporter: how does it feel to have people like marco rubio's campaign say john kasich should drop out. >> maybe they should drop out. if they don't win florida, we'll have to see. when people talk about me dropping out they're washington types that i beat 25 years ago and i'm going to beat them now. >> reporter: thank you governor. so you saw a pretty defiant john kasich there. now march 8th and 15th is not far, but the challenge is to keep up momentum where they can get to states where they feel confident they can win. >> you hear governor kasich talked about states being productive for him, doesn't mean he wins those states. >> fourth is the new first. these guys are in a bind. it's hard to run for president
9:28 pm
and they have egos and they have put hours and money into this. tonight you did see with rubio and cruz going after trump so aggressively maybe you think there's going to be one last chance before trump pulls away. if you're kasich, i understand the rational. a lot of people say get out but your supporters consolidate on rubio. his answer is he hasn't won a state. right now rubio says he's going to wait until at least florida, kasich says he's waiting to ohio and cruz is waiting for texas. the longer all those guys stay in, the longer donald trump racks up the delegate leads and pulls ahead. he's not on the the point where he can't be stopped, but he's starting to inch out there. >> there were opportunities for kasich to go after donald trump he was asked about getting rid of waste fraud and abuse is that
9:29 pm
enough to get rid of the deficit. >> it's like kasich is trying to be the default nice guy. marco rubio is talking earlier in the week about the possibility of taking it to the convention. it's like everyone just keeps trying to extend their firewall more and more because no one can reca really believe that donald trump will be the nominee. so they're setting up scenarios so maybe i'll get this this way or that way because no one can come to terms that donald trump may roll through super tuesday. so they have strategies that they think it's plausible. >> it's the second stage of grief. none of those strategies include actual wins. that's the problem. >> the problem is when you get into a room with donors, which is where this brokered convention idea was brought up, the first question is what is
9:30 pm
your path to victory? if you're getting to march 15th without having won a state, you have to come up with something outside the box. the timing, you talked about cruz in texas, kasich in ohio and marco in florida, because for cruz that test comes in four days on tuesday. if he wins texas he's going to get a bump out of that. whereas kasich and marco have got to wait until 15 days. >> the question is even if they win their home states, how does it, can it, will it change the dynamics of the race. >> if they don't win it it changes. >> let's say tuesday cruz wins let's say a healthy margin in his home state, donald trump will get delegates and he might win the other ten and so then on -- if rubio and kasich both win on the 15th, donald trump
9:31 pm
wins the rest of them. >> do you think he can stands on the podium and give a victory speech. >> i think you saw the beginning dump trump movement to take on donald trump. let's say ted cruz does win texas, a lot of people on the stop trump at any cost train will say maybe ted cruz is our guy. this is still going on. we have to remember how fast this primary calendar has been designed. things can change very fast in this environment. >> they designed it hoping to get an early nominee. >> here is my question to you guys who know republican donors, where is the big money? if you thought that cruz and rubio effectively present the arguments tonight and you did that on a sustained consistent basis you could stop or slow trump, where is the republican super pacs to go after donald
9:32 pm
trump? >> the thing i thought was interesting really in the last 48 hours is mitt romney throwing these attacks out there. i don't know what the donors are going to do. they're scared and they've been in the press talking about it, but there's a lot of people on the sidelines. there's people in the race who if they decided to start throwing bombs in the press forcing donald trump to answer questions, it could have an effect. >> if you're marco rubio do you start or even ted cruz do you start to have president conferences with some of those polish workers who were hired by donald trump, do you start to have people from trump university who are suing donald trump at a press conference? >> there's two tracks right now. a debate like tonight changes things. marco rubio had a fantastic night. he was aggressive. this was the marco rubio people wanted to see for so long. the question is how do you change the foundmentals which are very deeply rooted right
9:33 pm
now. marco rubio has to have the night he had tonight every day 24/7 until donald trump is knocked down to size and then it becomes a two-man race or ted cruz does the same by coming out of texas with a big win. that is every single day it doesn't happen is a wasted day. >> the republican party is changing here. the era of bush, this was no small thing with jeb bush's defeat and withdrawal. this party is on the verge of becoming the party of trump. you have all these people out here who are terrified and yet at the same time they want to be with the winner and they're standing there freezing on the sidelines, they're not going to do what amanda saying because they're terrified if they make the wrong decision he'll remember. >> also tonight we're going to get a reality check this time on claims candidates made on stage.
9:34 pm
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9:38 pm
some of those facts were. we have a reality check now. >> i'm sure a lot of people had no idea they would be hearing so much about polish workers tonight, but it started with a fierce exchange between marco rubio and donald trump. listen. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been find for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. you hired some workers from poland. >> i'm the only one on the stage to higher people. you haven't hired anybody. >> you hired worker from poland and he had to pay a million dollars. >> what are they talking about? they're talking about something many of you have probably seen when you've gone to new york, trump tower which opened in 1983. to put this building up, they had to tear the old building down so trump hired a subcontractor whom this lawsuit says brought in undocumented workers from poland and then there were 200 polish alleens on the job sometimes referred to
9:39 pm
the polish brig aid who were paid less than half of what union workers would have made, 12 hour workdays and then the lawsuit and "the new york times" found there was inadequate physician and pension payments. when the company went bankrupt some of their missed their paychecks all together and didn't get paid. trump said he knew nothing about any of this. it was being handled by the subcontractor, didn't know about people on the job who were undocumented. nonetheless the court found trump was part of the conspiracy to withhold wages from these people and the prosecutor said it might have been millions of dollars. we'll never know because the lawsuit was settled with undisclosed terms. so we don't know where rubio got his $1 million claim, but overall what he said about trump was mostly true and trump's response to all of it was false.
9:40 pm
it was also false when he said he's the only one up there who hired anybody. they all had to higher people on their staff. another big talking point here as it has been in every debate has been obamacare, which cruz and rubio both went after. listen. >> i want to end it because it goes too far, it's killed millions of jobs. >> it is a health care law that is forcing companies to lay people off, cut hours, move people to part time. it is a job killing law and i will repeal it as president and we will replace it with something better. >> republicans have enjoyed saying this a great deal, which shows that only 4% of employers had moved workers to part time to try to not pay health care benefits for them and 4% also had reduced their staff to deal with this. it does not suggest the amounts
9:41 pm
they suggested. it was confirmed by another study. on top of which the employment situation has been slowly improving with the economy and it's really impossible to establish a firm cause and effect between obamacare and what's happening with some of these jobs so we're going to have to say the claims are false. if you want to know more about all of this, how we make these decisions and many other things that our team looked at, go to >> all right. back with our panel. do you think this knock on donald trump about hiring illegal workers which was a lawsuit that went on for a long time is in the weeds. >> i find it hard to believe that polish workers is going to be the rallying cry for defeating donald trump. it's not a major issue. >> it's no the the polish workers, it's the hypocrisy. tonight is not going to be the end all be all on that issue.
9:42 pm
there needs to be ads in the next four or five days surrounding that issue and effective ads we haven't seen any memorable ads in this election sikle. >> there was a lot of material on the issue of hiring illegal workers, when he was talking about he couldn't find good help in palm beach, those are rich people problems. those aren't things that regular people struggle with. it's in places like palm beach that are swanky. >> i think it's donald trump sticking it to the little guy whether it's the university or polish workers. >> do they continue those attacks? do you start to see those opportunities showing up in ads. >> do they find those people and get them to participate in campaign events? that would be good if you can
9:43 pm
personalize an attack and do they have the resources, these candidates in the race they have money, cruz has more than rubio who has more than kasich, but it's hard when you're running all these states at a time. do they have the resources or do the super pacs step up and decide to mount some anti-trump campaign. it's hard to break through when the election is so close. >> it's interesting because these issues -- i asked donald trump about the polish workers my first interview with him and his response was the exact same, this is something you're bringing up from 30 years ago, is that all there is, but it's something that nobody has run commercials on it previously. >> they have left him alone for nine debates. >> bush went after him, but all the people can tell you it has to be repetition. >> it has to be done when the
9:44 pm
voters are forming their opinions about the candidate and a problem with waiting this long is that people's opinions of donald trump, they are dug in and when they hear one attack in one debate about polish workers and what they've heard for six months is i'm going to build a wall on the issue of immigration, which is going to have a greater impact on their perception of donald trump? i would argue that the argument that was made over the longer period of time, the wall is going to win. >> i want to play another exchange. >> somewhere when this campaign is over we're going to find out when these opposition campaigns began their research on donald trump and i'm willing to bet they didn't do a whole lot because they didn't take him seriously. >> that or it looked like the manhattan phone book and they didn't know where to start. >> this is another exchange between rubio and trump. >> if he builds the wall like he built trump tower he'll be using
9:45 pm
illegal immigration to do it. >> such a cute sound bite. >> it's a facts. donald trump, polish workers. the second thing about the trade war is because your tie and the clothes you wore is made in china. >> they devalue their currency -- >> make it in america. >> you don't know a thing about business. let me tell you they devalue their currency. they do it to such an extent that our businesses cannot compete with them, our workers lose their jobs. you wouldn't know anything about it -- >> i don't know anything about bankrupting four companies. i don't know anything about -- >> you know what -- >> one at a time. >> one at a time. >> a fake university. there are people who borrowed $36,000 to go to trump university and they're suing him
9:46 pm
now. $36,000 to go to a university that's a fake school. they got to take a picture of a cardboard cutout with donald trump. >> they did a very good job. i won most of the lawsuit. here is the guy -- here's the guy that buys a house for $179,000, he sells it to a lobbyists for $380,000 and then legislation is passed. you tell me about this guy. >> here is the guy that hired at $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, do you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches in manhattan. >> that is so wrong. i took $1 million and you turned it into 10 b$10 billion. i borrowed $1 billion. >> so that happened. that was quite an experience.
9:47 pm
>> i just felt such pity for whoever was having to do the simultaneous translation. they need a raise. >> i think what's going to be interesting is what is trump do now with marco rubio because he has been so great at branding other opponents, ted cruz he's a liar and jeb bush has low energy. marco rubio is going to be branded by trump at a time when he needs to start winning and to start finding himself. >> someone else made this point, choking, we're start together hear that word a lot tonight. i sense we're going to hear that a lot in the days ahead. >> i think what we lerarned is that marco rubio is aggressive. he looked like a boxer. he did the one thing that donald trump hasn't really experienced during this campaign which is somebody relentlessly attacking him and interrupting him and
9:48 pm
stopping him and coming back. he hates that. he had some tough moments there. >> the one thing i thought was most interesting about that exchange was how marco rubio brought up the issue of trump university and not they went to court and those kinds of things, but he charged students $36,000 and it probably wasn't a quality education. look at what's going on on the democratic side of the aisle, student loans is a huge deal. a lot of people on the left want automatic lo automatic loan forgiveness. that is devastating. >> we have to take a quick break. more with our panel, more of tonight's remarkable moments. we'll be right back.
9:49 pm
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but this year, i can go to block and pay half, what i paid my other guy. you can switch to block and pay half too. half price is a better price, when you think about it. so follow us, we're going to h&r block. [richard] switch to block and pay half. >> we showed you some keys moments from tonight's debate and as much as you can pack into one minute. put it together. >> you don't know anything about business. >> i don't know anything about bankrupting four companies. >> where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers he'll be
9:53 pm
using illegal immigrants to do. >> do you know where he would be right now selling watches in man hat hat an. >> a lot of these positions that he's taking are new to him. >> when you say crazy, are you talking about you. >> you may not be aware of this because you don't follow this closely. >> i know you're embarrassed, but keep fighting. swing for the fences. >> i watched him meltdown and it was one of the saddest things i've ever seen. i've had a lot of fun up here tonight. i love the book. thank you. >> donald, relax. >> i'm relaxed. >> it is like a housewives reunion. just moving forward, what happens tomorrow? do we see that marco rubio out on the campaign trail. ? >> i think you have to see that on a consistent basis, but trump
9:54 pm
has a history if he wakes up. >> wakes up. >> he will be heard from again. >> the who. >> the former president of mexico. >> i think that's the question, what does trump do? i think away know what he's going to do, he's going to go nuclear on marco rubio going forward and then i think the problem that marco rubio has he had a fantastic night tonight, but on tuesday the debates going to be in the rearview mirror if he can't win, five contests and right now the data isn't there to suggest he will do that well. >> i think the rubio campaign if they're going to be effective, they have to take this debate atmosphere and start using it and executing upon this strategy that they have of going right at
9:55 pm
donald trump all the way from here all the way through the march 1 and march 15 contest. >> i think cruz going into super tuesday is something you touched on a number of times is you can't trust donald trump because he wants to be a washington deal maker and that is also a slight to marco rubio because he also did the washington deal with the gang of eight. if he can ties those together, it looks like he's going at trump, that's where he's going to go. >> i think the gang of eight will come back. i think the fox thing, this is not a small thing. this was donald trump's hot button issue. this is what i think got him here and this guy has stirred it. this is like poking a hornets nest. >> i think what you're going to
9:56 pm
see tomorrow is you are going to see donald trump focus his cannon at marco rubio. for the last few weeks donald trump has been focussed on ted cruz that he's not worthy, i think you're going to see a shift on that. he has a new target and that target's name is marco rubio and marco has a new target, donald trump. >> we'll have more ahead. stay with us. we wonerere. and here. and here. here. and here. uh, here. also in here. back there. behind here. even next to these guys, here. in the nation's largest, independent study,
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>> it been quite the night. that does it for us. right now it's a presentation of the cnn republican presidential debate. it's the big night for the republicans. five candidates remain and the biggest round of voting yet. >> in the heart of texas, the final gop debate before a primary night blockbuster. >> on to super tuesday -- >> i need your votes. >> voters in nearly a dozen states could tip the scales of the republican race, just five days from now. >> if you're not going to vote for me, do not vote. >> tonight, the republican candidates in a hard-hitting clash of ideas, appealing to voters all across the nation. >> usa!