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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 26, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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our police are incredible people. in fact, i just took people backstage. they're incredible people. i just want to -- we have to put out the plug, everyone, throughout. one bad incident, whether it's a mistake or somebody was just a bad apple, and it's played for weeks and weeks on the news. the thousands and tens of thousands of great jobs they do, they don't get appreciated. so let's hear it for the police. so i'm in laredo. we want to stop the drugs from pouring across. we're going to stop the drugs. this is going to be a real war. this is not going to be a toy war. these guys, they have no clue.
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politicians, all talk, no, an, it never gets done. when i said self-funding before. beauty of that, the beauty of self-funding, is that the insurance companies, the drug companies, the lumber companies, all the companies, they're not going to take advantage of trump because they never gave me anything, okay. big difference. i don't know i get the credit for that. i said to somebody the other day, jeb bush had $150 million. what a waste of money. i would imagine at some point between him and romney, they'll be supporting rubio, do you think? runs one of the worst campaigns in the history of politics. he should have beaten obama easily. for two months, he disappeared. say what you want, obama was on jay leno, david letterman, he was on every show, and romney was like a lost soul.
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i don't know what happened to this guy. and then he comes out and tells me about my taxes, and actually if you know the real story, harry reid shamed him and made him look like a baby and harry reid pushed him and pushed him and really made him look so stupid and weak. and when did romney file his return? right? what's today's date? today is what? come on, tell me. what? okay. so you know when romney filed his return? september, september 21st. that's a long time from now. this guy, what a terrible -- i endorsed him. and about two weeks later, i said, he's never going to win. number one, when you walk on to a stage, you cannot walk like a penguin. said, this is a problem. somebody tell him, take some steppings. anyway, romney turned out to be a disaster. but i know he'll support rubio. he probably has no choice.
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honestly, if he wanted to support me, i would not accept his support. we have to be honest. i will show you this, i supported john mccain and we lost. i supported mitt rockmney and w lost. this time, i said i'm going to do it myself, okay, big difference. so the border control is incredible. and they're told to stand back, stand back. we don't have a border. if you don't have a border, we don't have a country, folks. and they're going to be serious borders. and they're going to be very
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powerful borders. in the case of the southern border, we're going to have a wall. we are going to have people come into our country but they're coming into our country legally. we want people to come in. we want people to come in. we want people to come in. we don't want people that have been here. look at kate, beautiful kate in san francisco. illegal immigrant five times came across the border and shot kate. jameel, his father became a friend of mine, incredible guy, his son was an unbelievable young boy. good student. was going to go to college on a football scholarship. maybe stanford. and he was shot in the face three times by a guy that did it because he was just told to shoot somebody. that's the only reason he did it. just got out of jail.
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and you have the female veteran, 65 years old, recently in los angeles, raped and killed by an illegal immigrant. we're going to be different, folks. we were going to be strong, we're going to be smart, we're going to be tough. we're not going to play games anymore. we're not going to play games anymore. not going to happen. not going to happen. so we're going to be the strongest on borders and we're going to set the example for other parts of the world. and we're not taking in syrians that we have no idea who they are, where they come from. we've already taken in thousands. thousands. and we don't even know where they are. but you have no idea -- i spoke to the top law enforcement people. and they said mr. trump, they
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don't have papers, they have absolutely no identification. and do you ever notice the migration -- and i want to help people. i say you build a safe zone and i'll get other people to pay for it because i don't want to pay for it. we owe $19 trillion. we're not paying for it. but we'll get the gulf states to pay. they have more money than anybody and they're not spending their money. we've got to loosen up their wallets, folks, and i'm very good at getting people to do that, believe me. because i like the idea of a safe zone. ever notice the migration companies acroy comes across an look and there's so many young men, right. i say where are the women, where are the children? they're there, but not like they should be. so law enforcement is telling me -- is that a protester? oh, good, turn the cameras. turn the cameras. good.
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i love protesters. look at this. look at this. we have 10,000 people here today. look at this. is that a protester? please be a protester. the only way we can get the cameras turned, the only reason they turn the cameras is if there's a protester because that's a bad thing, right? i'm going to develop my own protesters. but look, it can't be a protester, because those cameras won't turn, they won't turn. i'll tell you what, i think the media is among the most dishonest groups of people i've ever met. they're terrible.
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"the new york times" which is losing a fortune which is a failing newspaper which probably won't be around that much longer but probably somebody will buy it as a trophy, keep it going a little longer. i think "the new york times" is one of the most dishonest media outlets i've ever seen in my life. the worst, the worst. the absolute worst. they have an agenda that you wouldn't believe. and they're run by incompetent people. they're totally incompetently run. "washington post," i have to tell you, i have respect for jeff bezos but he bought "the washington post" to have political influence and i got to tell you, we have a different country then we used to have. he owns amazon. he wants political influence so that amazon will benefit from it. that's not right. and believe me, if i become president, oh, do they have problems. they're going to have such problems. one of the things i'm going to do, and this is only going to
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make it tougher for me, and i've never said this before, but one of the things i'm going to do if i win, and i hope we do and we're certainly leading. i'm going to open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and mohorrib and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. we're going to open up those libel laws. so when "the new york times" writes a hit piece which is a total disgrace or when the "washington post" which is there for other reasons writes a hit piece, we can sue them and win money instead of having no chance of winning because they're totally protected. you see, with me, they're not protected because i'm not like other people but i'm not taking money. i'm not taking their money. we're going to open up libel laws and we're going to have people sue you like you've never
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got sued before. we have many things to do. we have many, many things to do. when i came down on the escalator with milania, it was june 16th, and i said look, let me tell you, it's not easy running for presidents. you get low lives like a guy like rubio saying horrible things, horrible things. really, who needs it? this is a low life. cruz lies but at least it's reasonable lies. this other guy says terrible things. i will tell you when you to this and when i agreed to do it, it takes guts to do it. it takes guts. especially i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. and when i came down the
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escalator, there were cameras. look at all those cameras back there. look at it, look at it. how you doing. son of a gun. it looks like the academy awards. i said to my wife, i looked at the iran tedeal, which is one o the great insults in the history of deal making. we give them $50 billion. we get absolutely nothing. we get nothing. and then they attack. they take us hostage, our ten sailors, and the only reason we got them back -- why did we get them back? because the money wasn't paid. it went in two days later. so the persians are great negotiators. they gave them back. they would have kept them otherwise. unless trump was president. believe me, they wouldn't be keeping them. they wouldn't be keeping them. if i was president, the hostages would have been released four years ago. because i wouldn't have negotiated until they released the hostages and if they didn't
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release them, i would have increased the sanctions and we would have had those hostages within 24 hours years ago. i'll tell you one other thing, your second amount is under siege. it's under siege. every time you have a mental disturbed person like you had last night, and like you will have, and immediately you look to guns. well, the guns don't pull the trigger. and we are going to protect your second amendment 100%. 100%. if you look at what happened. if you look at what happened. killed by two people that were radicalized. she probably radicalized him.
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how about this country? we can't even get the cell number. i like safety. i want security. when it comes to terrorists, we got to knock them out, folks. we got to knock them out and knock them out big, big, big. when you look at what happened in california with the 14 people and many people in the hospital in very bad shape. and these were people that gave the two radicalized -- the couple, this couple, so-called couple. i don't even like to call them a couple. you know what i'd like to call them. it gave this couple anniversary parties and baby parties and showers. these were people that knew them, were friends. and they went in and just blew them away. and then you look at paris. where you have 130 people that were killed. many people in hospitals. gravely injured. these animals just walked in, took their guns and said bing, bing, bing, you, get over here, bing. if we would have had guns,
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bullets flown in the other direction, you wouldn't have had that big problem. it would have been much smaller. so we're going to protect the second amendment. it is so true. take california. you're a tough cookie. this guy right here. if a couple of you -- you right over there with that big beautiful beard. if these guys -- i have to pick a woman, that's right, you, raising your hand, she's going crazy, she wants to carry a gun. but if we had a few people, right if we had a few people with a gun on their side or a gun around their ankle so when these animals start shooting, the bullets start going the other way. you know paris is probably the toughest place in the world to have a gun. except if you're a bad guy, then there's no problem. you just have a gun. so if we had people or if we had
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people in los angeles, would have been a whole different story, folks, would have been a whole different story. so just remember your second amendment with me is protected. your borders are protected. common core -- common core -- common core is out. it's out. in the top 30 nations, in the world for education, we're number 30 but we're number one in cost per pupil by a factor of -- there is no second, okay, we're number one. so we're number one in cost. we're number 30, we're last. you have norway, sweden, denmark, china. you have lots of places. you have some countries you never even heard of are ahead of the usa. not going to happen anymore, folks. we're going to get up that list.
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we're going to start climbing up that list. you know, the american dream is dead but we're going to make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. remember that. but, but, it's very hard for a person to live the american dream without good education. so we're going to work very, very hard on that. common core is out. it's dead. common core is dead. we're going to bring it locally. i've seen the local it's unbelievable where the parents and teachers and everybody, there's love in the room, and it's a beautiful thing to watch. it's a beautiful thing to watch. you know, another thing that we have to talk about, i've had tremendous support from evangelicals and christians. in fact, pastor jeffers is here right now. pastor jeffers, where are you? come here, come here, come here.
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i saw him. get him over here. he has been so supportive. i didn't meet him. i've seen him on television for years. one day, i'm listening to him and he said donald trump may not be perfect but he's the best leader, he's the strongest guy, he's going to knock out isis, he's going to do great for our economy. he may not be perfect. didn't like that but that's okay. i love this guy. he just -- i'm just watching him and highly, highly respect him. also jerry fall well jr. is so incredible. and many others. the reverend paula white. so many others. we've had such support. we have unbelievable support from sarah palin. she is incredible. she's a great, she's a great person. come on up here. pastor jeffers.
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i didn't know him and i love him. say a few words. let me just say briefly i know three things about donald trump. number one, he sincerely loves this country. you know, he has 10 billion reasons he doesn't have to do this but he does it because he wants to make america great again. the second thing i know about donald trump is that he is truly pro-life. i have talked to him in trump towers. he believes in protecting the unborn. that's an issue we as christians care about. some of you who say, well, i don't know if his pro-life conversion was real, let me tell you something. hillary clinton doesn't claim any pro-life conversion. if you go for hillary clinton or bernie sanders, there's no doubt you're going to have the most pro-abortion president in history.
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here's what i finally know about donald trump. donald trump cares about and loves evangelical christians. you know -- [ cheering ] one time when ronald reagan was running for president of the united states, the first time, he met with a group of evangelical leaders and he said although you can't endorse me, i want you to know, i endorse you. and i have met -- i have met with mr. trump on several occasions. and i can tell you from personal experience if donald trump is elected president of united states, we who are evangelical christians are going to have a true friend in the white house. god bless donald trump.
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wow, how about that? i'm telling you, i saw the pastor on television like a year ago and he was saying all these good things and i never met him but i've been watching him. i said we have to meet this man. like, i just have such great respect for him. you can see that. thank you very much. that's really amazing. really. i'm going to give the pastor a little bit of a present because what i say i mean. i think it's very important for the christians in the room. christianity is under siege. every year, it gets weaker and weaker and weaker. and i had a meeting with various ministers and pastors about two months ago, and i'm pretty good at figure things out. and i sat with them. and some of them said we love you.
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we want to endorse you so badly. but we're afraid we're going to lose if we do that, our tax except status. i said, what's all this about? that takes you and it makes you less powerful than a man or woman walking up and down the street. you actually have less power. and yet if you look at it, i was talking to some -- we probably have 250 million, maybe even more, in terms of people. so we have more -- we have more christians, think of this, then we have men or women in our country. and we don't have a lobby. because they're afraid to have a lobby because they don't want to lose their tax status. so i am going to work like hell to get rid of that prohibition. and we're going to have the strongest christian lobby. and it's going to have happen. and it's going to happen. this took place during the presidency of lyndon johnson.
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and it has had a terrible chilling effect. when i said that there has to be a temporary ban on certain people coming into this country, we have no choice, there's something wrong, there's something really wrong. and when i said muslim, i was met with furor. if i would have said christian, people would have said, oh, we can't do anything about it. that's going to end, folks. we're going to say merry christmas now on christmas. we're going to start going to department stores and stores and you're going to see big beautiful signs that's going to say merry christmas and happy holiday.
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that's one of the first things i want to do. politically, if we use that power, we're going to start going up, up, up. because we are being decimated. just remember that. just remember i said it. pastor, it starts here. you like that what i just said? he's happy. that's the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face. i'll do it. you can hold me to it, pastor, all right? you're responsible. so, again, we're going to have a great country again. we're going to have a smart country again. we're going to have tremendous borders and tremendous strength and people are coming in but we're going to have real borders. we were going to have unbelievable trade deals. i have kyle icon. some of the best businesspeople in the world. we have right now political hacks negotiating these massive trade deals. the biggest trade deals in the world, we have people who don't have is the slightest clue.
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we're going to get rid of obamacare. we're going to make something great. we're going to get rid of common core. we're going to have local education. we're going to protect our second amendment. we're going to protect christianity. we're going to be back. and, folks, i'll tell you, and it's very simple, my whole theme and your whole theme because we're all together, i'm just a messenger, our whole theme is make america great again. that's what's going to happen. we're going to win a lot, folks. we're going to win all the time. thank you very much. i love texas. i love texas. get out there and vote. get out there and vote. thank you. thank you. >> wow. what a day on the campaign trail. what a moment. you just heard donald trump speaking there live if ft. worth, texas. what has transpired in the last three hours, all live, right
11:25 am
here on cnn. you have seen it. just an hour after marco rubio comes out with the a flurry of insults against donald trump at a rally, donald trump walks on stage in ft. worth, texas, with governor chris christie for a huge bombshell surprise endorsement. let's take a moment to listen to chris christie. something that just took the wind out of marco rubio today. watch. >> i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard political playbook against junior senators and run them around the block. they do not know the playbook with donald trump because he is rewriting the playbook. he is rewriting the playbook of american politics because he's providing strong leadership that's not dependent upon the status quo. and so the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on
11:26 am
that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. and so i am thrilled to be here this morning to lend my support. i will lend my support between now and november in every way that i can for donald to help make this campaign an even better campaign that it's been. and do whatever he needs to do to help make the country everything we want it to be for our children and grandchildren. he's a good friend. he's a strong and resolute leader. he is someone who's going to lead the republican party to victory over hillary clinton which is the single most important thing he can do. i thank him for his friendship. i thank him for all the kindnesses. i thank him for leaving the private sector, for seeing there was a need for strong leadership in this country, and for being willing to step out of the private sector and come and offer himself. >> okay, now, remember, this endorsement for donald trump is very big. it also comes from a man who
11:27 am
trump has insulted before at rallies, on twitter, et cetera, criticizing governor christie. christie comes in and says this is the man i think should be president. we were going to talk about the thinking here, the strategy what led to this all in a monment, bt let me take you back to earlier today when marco rubio held a rally and, really, he held nothing back. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is, he is a talker. and once a talker, always a choker. i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled choker c-h-o-c-k-e-r. he meant to say lightweight but he spelled it l-e-i-g-h-t. so he got that wrong. looks like a little boy on stage. it's not that i looked like a little boy. i wouldn't even be the youngest
11:28 am
president, but he would be the oldest president ever elected and it's like an eight-year term so you start to worry. every poll said i won the debate last night. now this is him about himself, okay. great horner. i think he meant to say "great honor." i don't know how he got that wrong because the "o" and the "e" are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. >> this is a whole new level. let's go straight to sara murray live for us in ft. worth. the crowd there huge. the crowd cheering for donald trump. he actually just went after marco rubio as well. >> yeah, poppy, everything is bigger in texas, and i guess that means endorsements and it also means insults. take a listen to what trump just had to say about rubio. >> and let's assume it's marco. [ crowd booing ]
11:29 am
let's assume it's marco. no, i agree with you, we don't want him, boo, boo. and putin's sitting there waiting for a kill. when they put marco on to refute president obama's speech, do you remember that catastrophe? and he's like this, and we will -- and he's like this, and we will, ah, i need water, help me, i need water. this on live television. this total choke artist is refuting -- you know, i tell you, you know about sports, i love sports, we love sports, we're athletes. so you notice in sports, almost always true, when you're a choke artist, you're always a choke artist, it doesn't really change. >> now both marco rubio and ted cruz went after donald trump in
11:30 am
that debate last night, as well as on the campaign trail today, but you almost would not guess it from this donald trump rally, he went hard after marco rubio and was almost kind to ted cruz in comparison, poppy. >> sara, can you just take us into some of the thinking here from the christie camp about why they decided to do this endorsement for trump, why right now? >> interest are a lot of different elements. one of it is trump and christie and their families have a long personal relationship already. there was already a certain level of comfort and friendliness there. he has a certain level of disdain left for marco rubio after that tough debate after they attacked marco rubio against him in new hampshire. for him this is also a pitch about electability. he thinks donald trump has the best path to the nomination at this point and he also said in the press conference you held together that hillary clinton already knows how to run against a first-term senator, what she doesn't know how to do is run against someone like cdonald
11:31 am
trump, a guy who has rewritten the politically playbook from top to bottom. that's how christie ended up in texas, throwing out this endorsement and surprising pretty much everyone. >> the ultimate case study will one day be written on all of this. sara murray, thank you. let's talk about all of what has just happened. political strategist angela rye, former executive director of the congressional black caucus, mckay coffins, buzz feed, daryl scott, new spirit rerival center in cleveland and a trump supporter. also with us, jamie weinstein, senior editor of the daily color. thank you for being here. we have so much to chew on. let's begin, jamie, with you. react to the turn of events just this afternoon. >> well, it's pretty remarkable. i think it needs to be pointed out how big of a sellout this is for chris christie. christie based his campaign in new hampshire on the need for
11:32 am
entitlement reform. if we don't reform social security, medicare, medicaid, we will go bankrupt. so christie has kind of gone against his entire campaign by endorsing donald trump. help also just endorsed a man who in that speech basically called for the end of the first amendment. he said we want to open up the floodgates of libel laws. this is not something that -- something that's kind of amazing. the only thing these two maybe have in common is they were both total failures in atlantic city. maybe that's the only commonalty other than this endorsement. >> mckay, then why do you do this? if you're chris christie and our jake tapper reporting some of the thinking from the christie camp. was inevitable. the rally needs to rally behind someone looking more and more inevitable by the day. also defeating hillary clinton. seeing him, trump, as the best option. and then also in terms of his feelings towards rubio, why not back rubio, he really genuinely feels very opposed to rubio the
11:33 am
same way that was displaced on that debate stage in new hampshire. katie, you know, is this about becoming attorney general? is this about a vp spot? >> there certainly is an element of calculation here. i think christie also is known for practicing politics at the gut level and he just does not like marco rubio. we saw that time and again throughout the campaign especially as they battled in new hampshire to become the establishment bearer. in that last debate, christie, i know from sources in his camp, was very angry and upset that he kind of so ruthlessly and effectively took apart rubio on that debate stage and didn't end up benefiting from it very much in the polls. he felt his ego was kind of bruised from that. he felt very upset by that. i think there was a lot of animosity between the christie and rubio camps. i think there was an element of personality here.
11:34 am
but, i mean, you know, it is pretty remarkable at a time when the rest of the republican establishment is rallying around marco rubio as kind of their last best hope to take down donald trump, to see somebody like chris christie get behind trump is a pretty remarkable development. >> angela, we know part of the thinking from the christie camp is they think this point, donald trump has the best shot at defeating -- you know, there's no playbook, what's the playbook for beating donald trump? your thoughts? >> well, i think there's several things. one is we saw some of the things that rattled donald trump on the debate stage last night. we saw for the first time really in debate ten senators teaming up that don't even really like each other and haven't been very supportive of each other to attack trump. the thing that works the best on donald trump is attacking him on his finances. whether it is the tax returns that he claims are still being audited and therefore cannot share publicly.
11:35 am
whether it's a loan from his father that he says was a small loan of $1 million which most of america doesn't understand a small loan of $1 million. or the fact that marco rubio talked about the $200 million that he received from his father yet to be fact checked. i haven't seen that but we know it was a substantial inheritance inheritance. donald trump was going on today that he had to split amongst five of his brothers and sisters. the things that he responds to are attacks about his money. how wealthy he is or how wealthy he is not. trump university is something else that came up. from what i understand from the democratic side of the aisle is that they only use about 20%. so they just scratched the surface on attacks to come with opposition research that exists. >> pastor daryl scott this is your candidate this is your man, donald trump. you've gotten behind him very vocally. he was, indeed, ruffled a bit last night from marco rubio. your take? >> i don't really think he was ruffled. i think he was irritated. the same way you get irritated
11:36 am
at a gnat or a fly around your head. you have this new rubio, new tough guy rubio on here. i call him marco choke-o. he probably prepped for the debate by looking in the mirror and saying, i will not let donald trump punk me. so he went in with the attitude of not getting punked but he came across as a smart aleck kid and as a man who is used to respect -- i mean, he's an executive, he's a leader, he was actually an annoyance, an irritant, a smart alecky little fresh-faced kid trying to get on my nerve. he irritated him, that's all, minor irritation. >> got to get a quick break in. we're going to be back with all of you. don't go anywhere. your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to
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it's ok!
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it's rubio!
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>> all right, donald trump just moments ago at his rally in ft. worth, texas. another jab back at marco rubio. this is what's been going on all day. i've got my panel back with me. we're going to break it down with them in just a moment. brian, the numbers came in last night and they were huge in terms of how many fox watched this all transpire. >> the numbers just came in, 14 million viewers. that's the highest debate since december when cnn was in vegas with all the candidates. it's only 18 hours later and it feels like a lifetime ago because this christie trump news has changed the race. this debate was significant last night but now of course a whole new development today. it's almost as if we've seen roles reversed. i saw on twitter this really
11:42 am
smart point. rubio is the one out there mocking trump. using very personal language. trump is the one getting a valuable endorsement. >> very interesting. all right, brian, stay with us. want to bring my panel back in. the christie endorsement, first of all, no one leaked it, which is a phenomenon. we were all surprised. do you think christie endorsing trump is a signal to the establishment that says in so many words, hey, guys, we have to rally around trump because if we don't and if we don't do it soon, he's going to lose to whoever the democratic candidate is? >> to a degree. two important aspects of it. one it dominates the news cycle. gets his pummeling last night out of the news and we are talking about this big major encoursemee endorseme endorsement. i don't know if it rallies the establishment around him but it may bring some people from the
11:43 am
sidelines who have been kind of leaning towards him to come out fully endorsing him. i'm thinking rudy giuliani or newt gingrich. it might bring some of those people who have been saying nice things but haven't officially endorsed him to maybe come out and put their necks on the line and actually come out and endorse trump. >> mckay to you, interesting, you were just reporting about an e-mail that the rubio camp sent out last night. what was the key from that? >> it was just a couple hours after the debate. they sent out a fund-raising e-mail to their supporters saying marco showed tonight he is the only candidate who can take it to trump. what that says is that last night was obviously a calculated move. rubio knew that he was going to get bruised by getting in these skirmishes with trump. you can't get into a fight with trump and not emerge with at least a couple, you know, scrapes and cuts to show for it. what rubio did show was that he, much more than ted cruz or any other candidate on that stake
11:44 am
w stage was the one going head to head with trump. you showed him reading angry tweets from trump on his phone to supporters. the trump supporter on our panel was saying he came off like a smart alecky kid. i think there's some truth to that. i think some people read it that way. i think there's a lot of republican voters who are going to kind of delight in seeing a candidate play trump's game basically and mock him back. and that's what at least the rubio campaign is counting on. >> angela, where's ted cruz in all this? >> well, it's interesting, right, because ted cruz joined in on the piling on of donald trump yesterday. but i thought that donald trump's response to him, which has been very effective before and i think was effective again last night, you're a liar and you committed something that was fraudulent against ben carson. someone who i like, right. and everyone liked ben carson. i just don't think many people want ben carson to be president because he says things like i'm going to consider the fruit
11:45 am
salad of their lives. and so i think that ted cruz was effective last night, but i think he did get lost in the shuffle a bit, as again you saw today with both of their rallies. >> we haven't seen him at all today so you wonder how he's going to get back in the headlines and jump into this mix and sort of what shape that's going to take. it will be a huge endorsement, what is it going to be. pastor, to you. look, donald trump always says i don't attack, i only counterpunch. i only attack when i am attacked. let's take a moment to just all listen to a man who was running against these guys not that long ago, senator lindsey graham. >> most dishonest person in america's a woman. who's about to be president. how could that be? my party is going [ bleep ] crazy. [ applause ] >> you heard what he said there at the end about how his party is going blank crazy.
11:46 am
pastor, to you, when you look at this and how this entire game has changed, as a pastor, are you at all concerned about the words being thrown back and forth? >> well, i mean, this part of the fiber of american society now to engage in -- >> i don't know we've seen an election like this, this is new. >> you know what it is, it seems like everyone that once criticized trump's style is trying to copy is now. this shows you right there that trump is an innovator. trump hasn't changed his strategy, but everybody is trying to "out-trump" trump now and that's not going to happen. rubio and cruz is like a new couple now, like a new rap group, choke and liar. choke on this side, liar on this side, trump in the middle trying to fend them off. how can we out-trump trump? they used to accentuate the fact that we discuss policy. they're not discussing policy
11:47 am
anymore. they're just discussing trump. and so they've turned themselves into trump clones. but they're knockoffs. they don't come across as good. it's a bad look for cruz and rubio. >> do you think it's too late, too little too late for rubio? the latest poll shows rubio beating him in his own state. >> it's interesting, a pastor endorsed donald trump. that kind of is contradictory. the two things he's sensitive about is, one is his financial situation. the comedy central roost that he did. he asked the comedians not to make fun of maybe he's not as worth as much as people say he is. the other thing is he's apparently sensitive about claims he has short stubby fingers. he gets very angry at this. so i would suggest that marco rubio bring that up in the
11:48 am
debate and you might see trump meltdown on stage. >> a chance to respond to what jamie said? >> you're saying that marco rubio's entire campaign strategy should shift from discussing american policy to try to get under donald trump's skin? that shows you how much of an influence donald trump has in his life. you went from running for president, now you just want to irritate donald trump. that shows what a lightweight you really are. >> it's remarkable -- >> think about the campaign on the democratic side versus the republican side right now. something really big is happening amid all these insults. this may be a break-up of the republican party. certainly a hijacking of the republican party. i'm sitting here almost afraid to take a sip of water because donald trump is making fun of marco rubio about that. i think for a lot of viewers at home, it makes people very uncomfortable to see how personal and how insulting this has been. even the curse words sometimes
11:49 am
we see -- >> -- not using those words anymore -- >> i'm on the edge of my seat but it's also uneverybody nervi >> the more the argument is about the words and personal things, the less the argument is about issues that affect millions of americans. i'm not talking about what works in a campaign. i'm just saying that the issues are ultimately what impact the american people. hold your thought, we're going to take a break. we're also going to speak with the man who wrote a book about governor chris christie. knows him inside and out. what does he think about this endorsement next. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris. to get 60 sheets of drywall into my van, i invented the fold-o-matic 5000. my metris also holds over 2,500 pounds of payload. hauling 2,500 pounds in my small van is no problem. i just divide and conquer. hauls more, stows more, tows more and fits in your garage. the mid-size metris from mercedes-benz.
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11:54 am
the world then donald trump. >> a wild presidential race just took a stunning turn. new jersey governor, former presidential candidate, chris christie, just endorsing donald trump. let's dissect this really unexpected endorsement with matt katz, he covered the governor for wnyc, new jersey public radio. he also wrote a book on the governor, called "new jersey governor, chris christie's bridge to redemption." walk me through the personal relationship that has spanned years between christie and trump. >> when christie was u.s. attorney about a dozen years ago, he was going around meeting federal judges and he met donald trump's sister who's a federal judge in new jersey and she said, my brother wants to meet you. he went across the hudson river, went to trump tower, had dinner with donald trump. donald ordered food for him. christie wasn't able to pick his own food. trump talked a lot at that meal.
11:55 am
then they would have dinner pretty regularly with their families. trump invited christie to his wedding, his third wedding. christie went to that wedding. in fact, he introduced himself to bill clinton there. clinton, the christies and the trumps were all hanging out. and they continued to remain friends through the years. >> oh, my, how things have changed. hey, look, this is a guy, chris christie, let's not forget, there's no love lost. chris christie is someone who has called trump someone who doesn't have the, quote, temperament to be president. someone who is, quote, entertainer in chief. listen to what donald trump said about chris christie back in december. >> honestly, it was terrible, they had the flood, they had the hurricane and obama went to new jersey and he was like a little child, like a little boy. oh, i'm with the president. remember, he flew in the helicopter and he was all excited. i said, i would have put you in my helicopter, it's much nicer. i thought it was a terrible
11:56 am
thing. >> does that not matter to voters? >> yeah, you know, he went even further, he said maybe even christie voted for obama. trump has also said that christie knew about bridge-gate, this lane closure scandal that hit christie so hard in 2013. trump has gone further in saying christie is guilty for bridge-gate. they both went after each other on the campaign trail. kric christie would do this impression of trump, make fun of his voice as a regular theme at his town hall meetings but, you know, they've decided i guess to bury the past and move forward. i think there are various reasons for this. if you're chris christie, obviously, they have a personal -- >> hang on for me one minute, matt, stay with me as we listen to marco rubio speaking to reporters live. >> -- are you comfortable with the level --
11:57 am
[ inaudible ] >> he's a conman. i think it's time to unmask. he's trying to take over the conservative movement even though he's not a conservative. more importantly, he's a con. he's a con man who's taking advantage of people's fears and anxieties about the future, portraying himself as some sort of strong guy. he's not a strong guy. he's never, you know, he's never faced real adversity before. he's a guy who portrays himself as some sort of great business man. he's hat colossal business failures. he's built much of his empire by taking advantage of people. we're going to work every day to make sure the conservative movement does not fall into the hands of someone whose policy positions are indistinguishable from hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> did you study donald trump's insults for this morning's stand-up routine? >> study his insults? no, i'm not sure about study his insults. he portrays himself as something he's not. we look forward to unmasking him. what's at stake now is important. he's the front-runner acording to the polls and the elections.
11:58 am
he could become the nominee. we're not going to let that happen. there's no way we're going to allow the party of reagan or the conservative movement to be taken over by a con man. >> will you support him as the nominee? >> the republican party will be split apart if he's the nominee. can't allow the party of reagan to be taken over by a con man. >> do you think that's enough to get you where you need to be? >> obviously, it's an important group. what we're debating here, when they start their businesses, trying to do that now, so they have as much at stake in this country. the other thing i say, i won't just unify the republican party, i'll grow it. part of it will be to take our message to people that perhaps in the past have not voted for republicans. >> are you concerned about -- >> with this -- are you afraid of not appearing presidential --
11:59 am
>> no, i'm not concerned about not looking presidential. i think it means the ability to answer serious questions about important topics and donald again proved last night he has no plan for health care and no idea on how to balance the budget. i wish wolf blitzer and the moderators would have pressed him more on that. and everyone for that matter. a guy that doesn't know what the nuclear triad is. has no idea that south carolina con tributes to the agreement we have with them. and he wants the power to send young men and women off to war. we're going to unmask him for the con man he is. >> -- time and money left before march 1st to slow or stop donald trump -- >> sure, look, he's the frounter, no doubt about it. there's no sense of urgency about it. the republican party and the conservative movement could fall into the has beens of someone who basically has conned a significant number of americans into believing he's something he's not and this is important. this is the party of reagan. a party built on optimism and limited government.
12:00 pm
last night, you had the front-runner in the republican debate defending planned parenthood. you had the front-runner in the republican debate saying he's not going to take sides between israel and the palestinians. that would be a stunning shift in this party and quite frankly would make us indistinguishable from the democrats. >> senator, your campaign is guaranteed that you -- >> we'll win florida, we will win florida -- >> what happened if you don't -- >> are you comfortable with the phrase anti-trump? the anti-trump candidate? >> well, he's the front-runner. i think the only way he's going to be stopped is if voters coalesce around someone to stop him. a significant majority don't want donald trump. right now they're all divided up among all these other people that are running. think it's time to coalesce around someone who can stop him and also around someone who can unite the party and grow it and that's the argument i'm making -- >> -- is that the direction we can see in the --
12:01 pm
>> guys, donald trump is the front-runner. he's won the last three states. he leads every poll, he likes to remind us every day. the time for action is now. it goes back to what i said. a sense of urgency. it's about the idea that the party of reagan and the conservative movement can fall into the hands of someone who's a conman. who's pulling the ultimate con job on the american public. this is a guy who claims to stand for the working class when in fact his entire business career he's been sticking it to working class americans. he's the guy who claim he's the strongest anti-immigration guy in the race and yet he uses illegal immigrants to built trump tower and has inported foreign workers to take away jobs from americans in my own home state. he's not a tough guy. this is a guy who inherited $200 million and had it not been for that, he'd be selling watches in times square. so my point to you is we're not going to let someone like that take over the conservative movement after everything that this party has gone through and this country's gone through.
12:02 pm
the last thing we need is a con man as president. >> -- that you think you can win -- >> i'm sorry -- >> [ inaudible ] >> well, the way to grow our economy is to make our country the easiest and best place in the world to start a new business or grow an existing one. why now we are not that, because we have the highest combined corporate tax rate in the world. i have a plan to lower that. not only lower the tax rate but allow businesses to immediately expense their investment. we have to roll back and cap the growth regulations. i have a plan to do that through our regulatory budget. we need to deal with social and medicare so we can save those progap grams and bring debt und control. we need to fully utilize our energy resources. which is important to manufacturing across this country. we need to repeal and replace obamacare. and that involves a lot more than donald trump's plan to
12:03 pm
get -- we have a plan to help get all americans access to health care in a way that allows then to control their choices, not the government -- >> all right, there you have it, marco rubio speaking live to reporters in oklahoma city where he is campaigning. what a day. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. you're watching cnn. what a day. an unbelievable day on the campaign trail. over the past three hours, marco rubio and donald trump had started trading insults, in the middle of it all, a bombshell endorsement. we begin with new jersey governor chris christie who just announced he is backing trump. the one person hillary and bill clint on clinton do not want to see on that stage is donald trump. they know how to run the playbook against junior senators and run him around the block. they do not know the playbook with donald trump because he is rewriting the play week.
12:04 pm
he is rewriting the playbook of american politics because he's providing strong leadership that's not dependent upon the status quo. and so the best person to beat hillary clinton in november on that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. >> christie said he made his mind up thursday night after watching the debate. then a huge, huge announcement this morning. just after rubio held quite a rally, really taking on donald trump. cnn's sara murray is in ft. worth, texas, where the news conference with governor christie and trump just wrapped up. sara, trump tore into marco rubio repeatedly, repeatedly after that rubio rally, just back and forth, all day long. >> well, poppy, you can tell how big the stakes are going into march 1st, because everyone just flipped a switch and turned it up to 11. whether that means attacks, whether that means endorsements. today, donald trump just threw everything he had at marco
12:05 pm
rubio, take a listen. >> we are going to beat guys like that. see, it's guys like that -- and he's a nasty guy. i called him a nasty little guy but i wouldn't say that because -- he's a nasty guy. and we don't need nasty. we don't need nasty. honestly, there's no place for it. you know, there's no place. he's a nervous basket case. here's a guy, you ought to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. no. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears, i will not say that. he was just trying to cover up -- he was just trying to cover up the sweat that pours -- i never saw -- did you ever see a guy sweat like this? >> so poppy, you heard him there. he called rubio a choke artist,
12:06 pm
said he was scared like a little puppy. you would have almost guessed that it wasn't ted cruz and marco rubio who were attacking donald trump because by comparison, he was almost friendly to ted cruz. whereas he just ripped into rubio over and over again here at this rally today. >> right, right, but in a sense it sort of seemed like cruz and rubio united against trump last night at the debate. so we'll keep watching. sara murray live for us there in ft. worth, thank you. when it comes to last night and that cnn debate hosted by our very own wolf blitzer, more than 14 million of you watched it, as republican front-runner donald trump took incoming fire from his -- literally from his left and right, from both sides, between marco rubio and ted cruz, as the two senators hurled attack after attack, insult after insult against trump, and the debate was certainly not the end of the smackdown. it looks like it is just beginning. what appears to be really a new marco rubio taking a much more conversational and trump-like frankly tone. continue to pump trump through
12:07 pm
the morning, all morning today and this afternoon starting with trump's tweets. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is he is a talker. and once a talker always a choker. i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled choker c-h-o-c-k-e-r. looks like a little boy on stage. he meant to say lightweight but he spelled it l-e-i-g-h-t. so he got that wrong. looks like a little boy on stage. it's not that i looked like a little boy. i wouldn't even be the youngest president, but he would be the oldest president ever elected and it's like an eight-year term so you start to worry. wow, every poll said i won the debate last night. now this is him about himself, okay. great horner.
12:08 pm
i think he meant to say "great honor." i don't know how he got that wrong because the "o" and the "e" are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. great honer. all right. >> all right where do we begin. we've got the best to talk about it. cnn political commentator, republican strategist margaret hoover. alex burns is with us, national political reporter for "the new york times." ryan william, a former spokesman from mitt romney's campaign. jackie kucinich, daily beast. thank you all for being here. margaret, let me begin with you. just first off the fact that this chris christie endorsement comes as a bombshell. it didn't leak at all which is amazing in this day and age. this comes an hour after marco rubio is gaining so much steam in that rally there and taking on trump just like trump takes on everyone else. >> yeah, look, this has become an incredibly interesting day in the presidential race. nobody could have expected the magnitude of what that means with chris christie endorsing
12:09 pm
trump. what it means is you finally have a -- the pit tina of seriousness around donald trump. chris christie is a serious guy. he's been elected twice as a governor. he's in charge of making serious and cones gwsequential decision about other people's lives. even when he was running against trump two weeks ago, he didn't think trump was serious enough. >> he called him entertainer in chief. >> now he does and that actually really has serious consequences think for the race. if you don't mind, poppy, i think what you're going to see is basically two strategies from republican establishment for trump. chris christie is establishment. one strategy is, do what marco rubio's doing right now, fight and do everything you can to stop him. the other one is going to be christie's which is maybe get on the inside and influence the candidate and hopefully influence him to making good responsible, you know, justified decisions. >> alex, to you. you've said following the debate last night, all the back and forth, following the rubio
12:10 pm
remarks at this rally and then following trump sort of mocking. you said this actually has quite big effects for the general. not necessarily positive. >> i think it certainly does, poppy. if you look at the attacks they traded on stage last night, this is not just irrelevant material that's going to go away when the primary is over. trump talking about rubio's credit cards, his mortgages in florida, his personal finances in a number of ways. both rubio and cruz bringing up the whole trump university saga. there's a pretty influential conservative group now running television ads about the trump university issue. this stuff is going to drag on for as long as the primary goes and whoever emerges, even if it's not trump, even if the national party gets the guy they want, there is just no prospect for a neat and swift conclusion to this primary anymore. >> jackie, i just wonder, to you, you know, taking the other perspective here and that is the people have spoken and they've spoken loudly and they keep speaking en masse for donald
12:11 pm
trump. so is everything turned on its head, politics as we know it? have we reached the point where perhaps comments like this don't come back to bite donald trump if he makes it to a general? >> it's hard to think it wouldn't come back to bite him if he makes it to a general. but he's got to get there first. we have to see with super tuesday coming up. and then you have the 15th. march 15th is going to be a very big day in this race. see if trump even gets there. not to mention if someone tries to mount some kind of convention challenge. there's a lot of variables still out there, poppy. >> i think i lost you guys but if i do still have you with me, ryan, can you hear me? >> yes. >> ryan, when you look at all this, where's ted cruz in all it, because obviously he was sort of front and center next to trump in the debate last night, today, not a peep. you ran strategy, you worked with romney. if you're sitting there thinking, oh, my gosh, they're getting all the headlines, how do we jump in?
12:12 pm
>> ted cruz has been washed out in the day after debate coverage. he's not engaging with trump. i think rubio is very smart coming out as he did kind of hot and heavy in the morning. people wanted to i think see that from rubio, to sustain the attacks he did in the debate. cruz has been largely quiet today. he's going to have to jump back in the fray here if he's going to have the attention. he's going to need to do well on super tuesday. a lot of people want to see him get out of the race now. they want to see the party coalesce behind rubio to take on trump one on one. unless he makes some noise or does something in the next few days, he's going to be in a weak spot heading into super tuesday and afterwards. >> i think it's important for the viewers and voters to remember that chris christie and donald trump have many a time traded tough words. here's just one example from december. >> bmdz went to new jersey and it was like he was like a little child, like a little boy, oh, i'm with the president. remember, he flew in the helicopter and he was all
12:13 pm
excited to be in the helicopter. i said, woe hai would have put my helicopter, it's much nicer. >> you have christie who called trump the entertainer in chief, margaret hoover, has also said he doesn't have the temperament to be president, now he's backing him. margaret, do you read this at all as a move by christie to say to the quote/unquote establishment, which he's part of, you've got to rally behind this guy or we're going to lose in the general? >> look, i think that's where chris christie is coming from. he's a chief executive of a state. he thinks it should have been a governor who should have gotten the nomination. donald trump is an executive so he does make decisions. there's bad blood between rubio and christie. it's weird because you've sort of gotten -- this entire thing has sort of turned on its head. donald trump is running on his own.
12:14 pm
rallying into washington. now has an establishment figure endorsing him. meanwhile, it's the same day that marco rubio has found his inner donald trump and he's actually frankly found a line of attack that may be the only thing that works with donald trump. fight fire with fire. give him his own medicine. it looks like jimmy kimmel up there reading negative tweets movie stars get about themselves. it might be funny and might be the only thing that works to push back against trump. >> ryan, wonder what you think, coming from your experience with mitt romney's camp and any insight you have into rubio. margaret has an interesting point, found his inner donald trump. ultimately this is a long drawn out campaign, we have months and months ahead, and whoever you really are comes through. is what we saw from marco rubio this morning in that rally, is that really the real marco rubio or is the debate stage marco rubio the real marco rubio? >> i think the marco we saw last night, the young dynamic energetic candidate that many people have been waiting to see for a long time. he took the fight to trump which
12:15 pm
he prosecuted him not just on his flip-flops on policy but his business record as a con man. someone who claims to be for work americans but built his empire on the backs of people who weren't here legally, on projects that resulted in bankruptcies. that is the effective line of attack. he's narrowed at least in the press today this to a two-person race which is what his campaign wants heading into super tuesday. >> alex, when you look at all of this, and you look at all the back and forth and the fact that ben carson and john kasich have not been mentioned once all day. no one is talking to them. there's a lot of talk about some people having to get out of this race, to narrow it down, either before super tuesday or the day after. what do you foresee happening? >> it all goes to the point you made about cruz having been totally lost in the shuffle today. rubio trying to sort of fight this on trump's terms. they're all fighting on trump's terms. really successful debate
12:16 pm
performance last night. earlier in the campaign for any of these candidates would have involved not just taking it to trump but sort of changing the terms of the debate in this race so it is not just about who's trying to deliver the harshest insult on the stage but where they're making affirmative case for themselves, breaks through, and sort of elevates the tone of this campaign some way. it's clearly too late for that at this point. the question now for somebody like rubio, and really rubio more than anyone else, is can he get folks like kasich-kae get folks like cruz on board with the idea that unless we ban together we're all going to be swept away. >> they'd all like to be the front-runner in the group of three and they don't want to have to jump on someone else's ship. let's take a moment and listen to senator graham. whatever you think about him, this is someone who's been in the game for a long time, someone who was running for president, dropped out. here's what he said about his own party today. >> the most dishonest person in america is a woman.
12:17 pm
he's about to be president. how could that be? my party has gone [ bleep ] crazy. >> jackie kucinich, your thoughts? >> graham may not be in this race but he is winning this race every time he opens his mouth. he's having a blast. he is a sort of folksy character. you never know what he's going to say next. managed to turn his frustration into something he can laugh at. >> take a look at this photo. want to show you this photo from last night. trump standing there. rubio comes over to cruz, shakes hands. maybe we can rerack it and play it again. let's just talk about that. you know, jackie, just add on to your thought. it looks like almost an alliance some are saying between the two.
12:18 pm
>> go ahead. >> that's right, he almost looks like he was going to shake donald trump's hand and then thought better of it and turned away. donald trump was having none of it. there's this moment there after it. i don't know if it's an alliance as much as a collegiality. both are neck and neck. both basically second and third, within a couple tens of a percentage point. trump is trouncing both of them. so it's like the enemy my enemy is my friend here. >> ryan, you worked with, you worked for mitt romney. what do you think is going on here? any insight into why mitt romney jumped into all this with the tax returns? >> mitt's raising an important point. which is where are trump's tax returns? a very standard question that those running on both sides get asked. during our campaign in 2012, we had a lot of problems with it. we waited a while to release them. it hurt us. the governor wants to see a republican win. we have a nominee who's vetted. trump should release them as rubio and cruz are doing.
12:19 pm
what does he have to hide? is it a tax issue? is he lying about his wealth? we don't know. he should put them out. that's a point governor romney has raised by ejecting himself into this campaign. >> romney went through months and months of bad press in the election before he released any of his. so he knows what that's like. margaret hoover, final point? mitt romney is getting involved in this debate but the way he can make a serious impact now is to endorse. i'm not sure why mitt romney is waiting on the sidelines. if there's a moment to do it, it's now. if there's a like hihood he will endorse marco rubio, not trump. >> is he going to get behind anyone soon? >> i wouldn't talk to him about it but perhaps he'll make an endorsement at another point. >> i should note, if we can show that handshake again that happened in the middle of the debate by the way. that wasn't the end of the debate. this happened in the middle of the debate and donald trump
12:20 pm
stands there staring straight through it all. much more, including the other man of the night we haven't talked about yet, and that is our very own wolf blitzer, who somehow, somehow, managed to be an expert moderator despite all of the back and forth and jabs here and there. wolf is live with me next. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour- the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. my cloud feels like somebody's hugging you. (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. and now through february 28th, save up to $300 on one of our most popular tempur-breeze mattress sets. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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it's rubio. >> just one of the many jabs back and forth traded today between marco rubio and donald trump and last night on that debate stage in the cnn gop debate, the final one before voters head to the polls on super tuesday. how on earth do you moderate something like that? you know who knows how to do it extremely well? this man, our very own wolf blitzer. wolf, have to get in your head and hear what it was like being on that stage moderating through all of that. first, though, i just want your
12:25 pm
take from your years and years of experience in politics on the really surprise bombshell endorsement of governor christie backing trump today. >> it was a surprise. i was surprised. i thought christie might sit it out for a while. for him to come in and so aggressively positively endorse trump is a big deal today. obviously it's going to dominate the news cycle right now. it's very good news for donald trump. he really did a lot of the work for donald trump. donald trump doesn't have any trouble retaliating against let's say marco rubio or ted cruz but chris christie really went after marco rubio today. so it was a double team, if you will, on marco rubio. yesterday, last night at the debate, it was a double team against trump by both cruz and rubio and donald trump, you know, when you attack him, he attacks you right back. so it's been a lively, lively 24, 48 hours and it's probably just beginning. >> probably just beginning. we're looking at images of marco rubio to rally in oklahoma city.
12:26 pm
speaking live. we'll take you to that in just a moment. what do you make of what has transpired today wolf? then rubio comes out with this rally where he is very sort of trump-like in his insults against trump and then trump comes out and does the same thing in ft. worth, texas? >> i think both rubio and cruz realize the next few days are do or die. if someone is going to bring down donald trump and presevent him from getting the nomination, they have to do it right now. rubio last night came right out and immediately started. a new strategy, if you will, no holds barred. he really went after trump and trump responded, as he always does. cruz did exactly the same thing. cruz has got big race coming up tuesday, super tuesday. in texas, he's got to win in texas. if he doesn't win in his hope state, that's a big, big problem. and rubio as the so-called establishment candidate right now with jeb bush out and others like chris christie out, jeb,
12:27 pm
marco rubio knows if he's going to bring down trump, he has to do it now and he came out swinging. it got very, very tough. i think it's going to get even tougher in the next hours and days. >> what moment to you, wolf, stood out last night? what was it like last night, what stood out the most? >> well, right at the beginning, almost the first question we were talking about immigration, we were talking about major issues, all of the questions involved serious substantive issues. whether the economy, obamacare -- >> actually, wolf, let's listen in really quickly to marco rubio talking about that right now. >> let me tell you something, i will never quit, i will never stop until we keep a con man from taking over the party of reagan and the conservative movement. he's a con man. he's a con man. he's a con man.
12:28 pm
look, people are angry, frustrated, scared about the future, okay. people are working harder than they've ever worked in their lives and they're running in place. he swoops in and he's taking advantage of that. he's telling people, i'm going to fight for the little guy. i'm fighting for the working class. here's what he doesn't tell them. he has spent a career in business, 50 years, sticking it to the little guy. sticking it to the little guy. when his companies went bankrupt, the first people who didn't get paid were the sub contractors, the plumbers and the pipe fitters and all those people who work for a living. they didn't get paid. he's going around telling people, oh, i'm fighting to keep other countries from taking our job. what is he talking about? have you ever -- if you buy a trump tie -- >> all right, that's marco rubio speaking in oklahoma city. wolf, back to you. you were just saying the moment that stood out the most last night. >> when rubio really came out
12:29 pm
right at the top and he started swinging, i thought it was going to get intense. i was pretty surprised how quickly the conversation got to that level of back and forth. the rules of debate like this, if a candidate is criticized or attacked by someone else, that candidate has a chance to respond. and of course they were going back and forth. you have to give the other candidate a chance to respond. and then they started talking over each other. there's a delegate balance. it's a debate. you want to see them debate. you want the voters to get a better appreciation of where these candidates stand on important issues. the important thing is to have an opportunity to keep it going, keep the important subjects there and try to give everybody a chance to respond. it's not an easy challenge for a moderator, i can tell you that. >> it's not an easy dance at all. you danced it extremely well, my friend. where do you think, wolf, this marco rubio has been? >> the one we're seeing now?
12:30 pm
>> yes. >> i thought, you know, i don't know if his strategist probably thought earlier on the way to go was to avoid a direct attack on donald trump because trump makes it clear, you attack him, he's going to come right back. he's really going after marco rubio in ways that, you know, making fun of him with the drinking of the water and all that kind of stuff. and rubio's not stepping back. i think rubio has been told by major figures in the republican party, the republican establishment, it's do or die right now. if you're going to bring down trump and prevent him from getting the republican nomination, you got to do it in the coming days. there's super tuesday coming up. the florida primary in mid-march is coming up. that's his home state. if rubio doesn't win florida, if cruz doesn't win texas, they're both in big trouble right now. and trump moves on. it's a critical period. it's going to be lively. no question, it's going to be lively. more than 14 million people we just found out we're watching.
12:31 pm
thank you so much, wolf. we'll tune in, "situation room," in just about an hour and a half from now. let's tune in to marco rubio speaking live. i believe about donald trump's tweets. >> working hard part is true. the problem is, he's a choker and once a choker always a chocker. he misspelled it. "cho "chocker." we had two commercial breaks in the middle of all this combat on stage. he looked like he was it panic mode in the back. first he took out like this little makeup compact. i caught him, like right here. he had like a sweat mustache. and then, then he asked for a full length mirror. why do you need a full length mirror? the podium goes up to here. i said maybe he was worried his pants were wet or something. i don't know. he wanted to see. then huddled in the corner with
12:32 pm
somebody. someone was like, calm down. calm down. all right, not a good night for donald trump. he was melting down, all right. then at 7:48 a.m., so i guess he took a shower or whatever he did. he went over, wow, every poll said i won the debate last night. great honer. i think he meant horn but he spelled it honer, h-o-n-e-r. all right. then at 8:56 a.m. leightweight chocker. think he meant lightweight. it's not that i'm a little boy. i wouldn't even be the youngest person ever president. which is a problem because you can serve like eight years, you know, if he gets -- you know, you start to worry a little bit. i look, how can this guy get this wrong, these misspells, because some of these letters aren't even next to each other.
12:33 pm
concluded one of two things. either that's how they spell chocker at the wharton school of business or he must have hired foreign workers to handle his twitter handle. [ applause ] so, so we are not going to lose the party of reagan and we are not going to lose the conservative movement to a con man. we are not going to let that happen. the reason why is because this election is too important. in this election is a referen m referendum. you have to decide what kind of country will america be. we know what kind of country it's been until now, it's been special. unique in all the world, okay. most countries in the world, you can only be what your parents were before you. that's the only thing you're allowed to be. not in america. here we believe everyone has a right to go as far as their talent and their work will take them. but that was not an accident.
12:34 pm
you know why that happened? because the people who came before us did what needed to be done. they embraced the principles that made america special. they embraced limited government. they embraced and followed the constitution. they embraced free enterprise. they embraced the strong national defense. for over 200 years, each generation has left the next better off. now the time has come for us to do that. now, that's not what's going to happen if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins this election. so we can't lose this election. we will win this election if donald trump is the nominee. watch what the press is doing. the press is treating him with kid gloves. some of these press reports in the morning was, wow, donald trump, what's he going to do to marco rubio today, he's so unstop ibl an. they don't touch any of the stuff he's about. they were written articles about how when i was 18 years old, okay, i got a citation from the cops for drinking beer in the park after hours. you can't be president if you haven't drunk beer in the park after hours, okay? [ applause ]
12:35 pm
at least not in some states in the country anyway. but the point is, this is the level of investigation. they haven't even touched him. you know why? they're waiting for him to be the nominee. then they'll tear him apart. they'll tear him apart and it will be bernie sanders or hillary clinton or whoever wins the nomination. that will be a disaster. bernie sanders is a socialist, okay. by the way, in most politics, when you call somebody a politics, they deny it. he says it in his commercials. so i'm not saying anything he wouldn't say. he's a nice guy. he's a socialist. hillary clinton is under fbi investigation. that usually means you don't get to run for president but if you're a democrat, i guess that's okay. but this is more serious. she's disqualified from being commander in chief. because -- because hillary clinton on september 11th of 2012, four americans died in
12:36 pm
benghazi as a result of a terrorist attack. she knew that. she knew that. she told their families -- she told their families that it was because of a movie. she lied to them. anyone who lies to the families of those who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states! [ applause ] disqualified. so we cannot lose this election. if you give me your vote and you nominate me, we will not lose this election. we'll unify this party. we'll bring it together. we don't have to agree on everything. we can have differences on some issues. we cannot win if we're fighting against each other. i'm the only one left in this race that can bring us together as a party. we also have to grow. which means we have to take our message of conservativism to people that don't vote for us now. i can and i will. i'll take our message to people
12:37 pm
who live today the way i grew up. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i lived paycheck to paycheck. people asked me recently, how do you define paycheck to paycheck? i said paycheck to paycheck is when you write a check on wednesday but you know the money doesn't get there until friday so you date it saturday. i'm not saying i ever did that. i'm just saying i know what -- we're going to take our message to people that are living paycheck to paycheck. we're going to say to then, i lived the way you live now. i grew up and faced the things you're facing now. i'm a conservative and you should be too. that's the right way forward for me, for you and for the united states of america. we are going to take our message. we are going to take our message to young americans. some of whom are living with student loan debt.
12:38 pm
by the way, if you took out a student loan to go to trump university, the only thing you got was a piece of paper and a picture with a card board cutout of donald trump. so my apologies if you went to that university. and their football team is no good either. and so there are millions americans today. we had a 500% increase in student loan debt in this country. i'm the only republican that talks about it all the time because for me it's personal. because i had to face it. i had a plan to deal with this issue. we're going to take our message to families raising their children the way jeannette and i are raising ours now. it's become harder than ever to raise kids with the values they teach in church instead of the values they try to ram down our throat in popular culture. if we do that, we will win. that's why the democrats don't run to run against me.
12:39 pm
in poll after poll, i beat hillary clinton and the democrats know that. they attack me more than any other republican in this race because they don't want to run against me. hillary clinton does not want to run against me. i cannot wait to run against hillary clinton! [ applause ] >> we'll win. we'll win this election. and then we'll get to work. now, what kind of president will you have when i am president of the united states, number one, you are going to have a president that for the first time in eight years that, like, follows the constitution of the united states of america. that means a constitution that says you have a first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of your life.
12:40 pm
a constitution that says you have a second amendment right to protect yourself and your family! the power of government should largely reside in the states and in the local communities. if it's unconstitutional, i will be against it. that's why when i become president of the united states, on my first day in office, i will repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. by the way, there's an opening in the supreme court now. we shouldn't do anything on that opening until after this election. you have a right to weigh in on it. you know what kind of justices we're going to appoint? people lining antonin scalia, god rest his soul that understand the constitution is
12:41 pm
supposed to be applied to its original meeting. it is not a living and breathing document that means whatever you want it to mean. because if it means whatever you want it to mean, it means nothing at all. we're going to have judges that apply the constitution according to its original meaning. by the way, if you want to change the constitution, there's a process for that. it's called article 5. article 5 says you the citizens can call a convention of states. it's not an effort that it won't do anything with the first amendment, the second amendment, all those things stay in place. the only thing he's seeking and i support is term limits on congress, term limits on judges and a balanced budget amendment for america. now, number two, when i'm presented president of the united states, you're going to
12:42 pm
have a president who believes in free enterprise. when i was mayor, we created 100,000 jobs. i say, really, you hired 100,000 government workers? because unless you hired 100,000 government workers, you didn't create 100,000 jobs. the private sector did. i can say that to you because my parents had a job as a bartender and a maid. because the private sector created their job. someone who had access to money risked that money to open up a hotel. and hire them. that's how they were able to buy a home and raise a family and retire with dignity and give us a better life. we are going to make america the best place in the world to start a business or expand an existing business when i'm president of the united states. we don't have time here today to go through all the details. but go on my website. you will see i have the best plan out there to bring our tax code into a globally competitive one. we have the best plan out there to roll back all of these crazy regulations that jim inhofe
12:43 pm
fights against all the time. we're getting rid of all these crazy regulations. we have the best plan out there to save social security and medicare. my mom is on social security and medicare. but also bring our debt under control. we have the best plan out there to allow us to folully utilize r energy resources. when i'm president, we are going to use it! and i'm the only one running for president that's ever done anything against obamacare. that wasn't a long speech. it was actually something we did. here's what we did. they created a bailout fund. when obamacare passed, the insurance companies got them to create a bailout fund. they were going to bail out insurance companies that lost money with your taxpayer money. i led the effort and we got rid of the bailout fund. when i'm president, we will get rid of the rest of obamacare and put you back in charge.
12:44 pm
the federal government is involved in all kinds of things it's not supposed to be involved in. here's the one thing it does have to be involved in, national security, okay. and it's not doing a good job now. we have a weak, very weak commander in chief, okay. eight years of barack obama. the world has gotten more dangerous. there is a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. the chinese are taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin is sewing instability in europe and the middle east. iran is going to get $100 billion of sanctions relief. radical islamic jihadists are spreading all over the worrell, especially isis. in the face of all these growing threats, we're gutting our military. we are gutting our military, okay. our army will soon be the smallest it has been since the end of world war ii. the navy will soon be at its
12:45 pm
smallest size in 100 years. so the world is getting more dangerous and we're gutting our military. by the way, how unfair is that to our men and women in uniform? we're still putting them in harm's way. now we're putting them in harm's way with older weapons and less people along side them. with rules of engagement that don't even allow them to win. that's going to change. when i'm president of the united states, we are going to undertake a reagan-style rebuilding of the u.s. military! [ applause ] when i'm president of the united states, we're going to have a real war on terror. the best intelligence agencies in the world are going to find the terrorists. the best military in the world is going to destroy them. and if we capture any of these terrorists alive, they're not going to have the right to remain silent. they're not going to get a court hearing in manhattan.
12:46 pm
they're not coming somewhere in oklahoma. they're going to guantanamo bay, cuba. [ applause ] when i'm president of the united states, we're going to have a foreign policy of moral clarity. which means our allies know they can count on us. for example, in all of the middle east, there's only one nation that is pro american, a free enterprise economy and a democracy, israel. that's right. maybe donald trump is confused and he wants to be impartial but i am not. if push comes to shove, i know whose side i'm going to be on. i'm going to be on israel's side every single time. every single time. and that is going to begin -- that is going to begin on my first day in office. because as soon as i walk into the oval office, i will cancel barack obama's deal with the ayatollah of iran!
12:47 pm
when i'm president, we are going to take care of our veterans again. it you are a veteran, if you are a veteran, would you lift your hand so we can thank you for your service to our country? god bless you. god bless you. well -- [ applause ] i have a brother that is 21 years older than i am. my parents had him in their late teens, early 20s. i was born 21 years later. which means my parents were incredibly optimistic people. in 1968, my brother joined the army. he became a green beret in the 7th special forces. he served from '68 to '71. when he was in the army as a
12:48 pm
green beret, one day in a training mission, he jumped out of an airplane, he landed wrong, knocked out his teeth and so every 5 to 10 years he has to go fill a dental claim at the va and it's always a hassle. it's always the same thing. how do we know this happened in the military? he says, it's the only time i jumped out of a plane. and a quarter of the calls to my office, bet you jim would say the same, a significant number of calls are a veteran having to fight with the va. we act like we're doing them a favor. they did us the favor. they took cash of us. >> you're listening to marco rubio speaking live in front of this rally after his debate performance last night. we will continue to monitor this but i want to talk about what we heard from him so far, what we heard earlier from donald trump at his rally in ft. worth, the back and forth, punching, counterpunch, et cetera. katie packer, former deputy campaign manager for mitt romney's campaign, supporter of rubio and also runs an
12:49 pm
anti-trump super pac. thank you both for being here. katie, where has this marco rubio been all this time? >> i don't know the answer to that. you'll have to talk to his campaign about that. i do think a lot of voters in the republican party, a majority of whom are not for donald trump, have been looking for a candidate that is going to take it to donald trump and think he showed last night he's got the grit and the fire to do that. a lot of people whether they were for marco or not are celebrating today that somebody's putting him in his place. >> is it too late though? do you worry about that? i know you're a supporter of him. look at the polls. you've even got the latest poll in florida showing that trump is beating rubio in his own state. >> well, there's one poll in florida that shows that. i've seen polls that have shown the race in florida very, very close. the common denominator is all of those polls were taken before
12:50 pm
the debate last night. i think a lot will move here in the next several days. i did mitt romney's campaign in 2012 and we were running a much more dominant race. we went on to fight for two more months. at the end of the day, it's a delegate count. you have to race to get the most there's over 2,000 delegates to be chosen. and only a couple hundred have even been decided yet. of course it's not too late. lots of time, lots of states left to vote. it is only the media pundits are suggesting it is all over. >> things are not all over and they change daily and hourly. you're a trump supporter. you're on his co-chair there. how do you think we'll see him strike back? he said i don't punch until they punch me. now it is sort of, no holds barred between rubio and trump, lou. >> i think mr. trump will continue to stay on his message
12:51 pm
which is very clear, to make america great again. and i thought it was incredible that senator rubio just spoke about the kind of person who should be president. and he spoke about people who have built businesses. that's something that senator rubio doesn't have or never has done. he's a great eloquent speaker and i commend him for that. what he doesn't have is the leadership skills, the tenacity, the drive, the enthusiasm to make america great. he can speak certainly very clearly and very eloquently. when it comes time for the rubber to hit the road, it is clear it hasn't. one only has to look at him in the u.s. senate where he has missed a tremendous amount of time while on the pay roll for the people of florida. >> let's talk about that, katie. he has, senator rubio did miss the most votes when you look at the senate calendar and the vote
12:52 pm
schedule for 2015. i should point out president obama missed quite a few when he was running in the last go-around. what about that criticism that can come back to bite him. his record, whereas with trump, there is no political record for people to point back at. >> i'm not a spokesperson for senator rubio. the rubio campaign has discussed those things and rubio has responded to that. i think lou is confusing leadership with bullying and coercion and intimidation. these are things that are not attractive qualities in a candidate or a president. they're not attractive in a human being. we've seen time and time again that donald trump will trample over the hearts and needs of good people to get to his goals. >> what's an example? >> well, trump university. several people, there is a group out today with several ads from several individuals talking about how he defrauded them out of money. made big promises and all they got was a picture of themselves
12:53 pm
with a cut out for donald trump. he threatened to move a woman out of her home $to build a parking garage. and in scotland, he wanted to build a golf course. he coerced good people in scotland, misrepresenting americans to those people. example after example. this is a guy that has pursued an agenda of personal greed at the expense of a lot of people that are sort of new jersey and helpless. >> your response? >> first, i know a little about leadership as the ceo of a company, as a former military officer. i understand what leadership is. and mr. trump has demonstrated leadership. he has gone to the heart of what people in this country are concerned about. things like border security, jobs, things like veterans benefits. et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. he has demonstrated, senator rubio has been on the side
12:54 pm
lines. both in the senate and in in this campaign today he is attempting to come out. it's not working. >> i think it is working. >> people want bold dramatic dramatic change. mr. trump offers that change. that's why he is doing so well in the polls. that's why he's won as many of the primaries thus far. that's why after last night's debate, he is running in all the overnight polls. substantially. >> katie, let me ask you about the endorsement, big endorsement bombshell. chris christie backing donald trump today. that obviously has to sting. and just wonder what big endorsement you guys want? >> again, i'm not here to speak for marco rubio. maybe that got lost in translation. >> you are a support he, am i correct? >> i have no idea what --
12:55 pm
>> who would you like? who would you like to see -- >> i want to go back to chris christie. chris christie treatments establishment of new york and new jersey just like rudolph giuliani does, just like donald trump does. this is a guy who spent his whole life driving around in chauffeurs him scenes, has presidents and first ladies attending his wedding. he's been very much part of the pay to play process with elected officials of new york. donald trump is so blixt that it will make your head spin. this idea that he is running against establishment is sort of laughable. >> like marco rubio hand taken tremendous amounts. >> i'm not here to advocate for marco rubio. >> lou, look. when you look at donald trump and you look at the minority vote that is critical, right? if one thing was learned from romney's campaign, and the rnc learned and they put out this whole memo autopsy, you have to get the minority vote on board.
12:56 pm
what is the best strategy, do you believe, to do that? >> i think talking about what the minority population is concerned about. that's about jobs and job security. that's about veterans benefits. that's about a greater america. everybody, one america for everyone, may they be minority, may they not be, they all deserve the same opportunity for success. the success that mr. trump has achieved and a lot of others have achieved. >> within the $200 million inheritance from your father. >> as trump said on the stage last night said i inherited $1 million and i turned it into this. when you saw chris christie standing there next to donald trump today, did you think vp? here's the ticket? did you think attorney general? did you think any of that? >> certainly that thought has crossed my mind. and i think that governor
12:57 pm
christie has demonstrated leadership in difficult times and would certainly be on mr. trump's short list. that's for mr. trump to decide. he recognizes there's a long road here to the nomination and he isn't going out and making those kinds of decisions without having the information. and without being able to select who he believes will be the best people for his administration. i'm sure that governor christie is certainly somebody who is held well in esteem and i think there are a lot of other people out there as well. i think that's a possibility. >> let's remember, although donald trump and chris christie have a long history, their families have spent time together, they have both really criticized each other and gone hard against one another. let's listen to one example of chris christie taking on trump in december. >> i'm not going to answer every crazy thing that donald says. i've known him a long time. longer than probably anybody on that stage. donald is a great guy and a good
12:58 pm
person. i don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think his temperament is suited for that and i don't think his experience is. he has great experience. if he doesn't get what he wants from john boehner, he can't fire him. >> katie, to you, the fact that he called him entertainer in chief, et cetera, the fact that donald trump has said, christie knew about bridgegate. he blamed him for the aftermath of sandy, et cetera. does that not resonate with voters? >> i think it is a huge problem. we saw chris christie in 2012 give barack obama a big fat wet kiss right at a pivotal time. i think republicans saw that as a real betrayal of the party and the country. and i think he's turning around and doing the same thing. if he can't win, he will make sure the party can't win. it is an agenda of christie's that i don't understand. that chris christie ever called somebody else's temperament into question is a little bit funny. birds of a feather flock together. >> hey, lou, where is ted cruz
12:59 pm
in all this? this is ahead of super tuesday, texas being critical with 155 of those critical delegates for the cruz campaign. >> i think if he gets a majority in texas, i would be surprised. i think if one wants to speak about temperament and the ability to forge relationships, ted cruz is certainly not one person who has been able to do that in his career. i think that senator cruz is a very intelligent guy but i think he lacks the basic skills necessary to be able to do the kinds of deals that are necessary in government. i don't think he'll be able to foster those relationships. in the senate, he has not been able to do it. he hand gotten one u.s. senator to even endorse him. you would think somebody who sits in that chamber would have that ability to do. and that really speaks for it.
1:00 pm
so i think he is in trouble and i think the people of texas are -- >> we have to leave it there. lou, thank you. katie, appreciate your time. i home you both have a very nice weekend. what an unbelievable day on the campaign trail. if you didn't think it could get more interesting, it all got turned on its head. -- captions by vitac -- if you don't like the conversation, then change it. that donald trump just did. >> it's rubio! >> donald trump pouring one out for his homey after introducing a surprise endorsement. governor chris christie. looking running matish there on stage. >> where has this marco rubio


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