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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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so i think he is in trouble and i think the people of texas are -- >> we have to leave it there. lou, thank you. katie, appreciate your time. i home you both have a very nice weekend. what an unbelievable day on the campaign trail. if you didn't think it could get more interesting, it all got turned on its head. -- captions by vitac -- if you don't like the conversation, then change it. that donald trump just did. >> it's rubio! >> donald trump pouring one out for his homey after introducing a surprise endorsement. governor chris christie. looking running matish there on stage. >> where has this marco rubio been? after eight months, where rubio
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barely mentioned trump's name, he continues to clobber trump on the trail. calling him a conartist, calling him old, suggesting that maybe trump wet his pants. plus the lead exclusive with justice antonin scalia's sons. a controversial man, sure, but also a man of family, the law and faith. good afternoon, every one. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll start with our politics lead. surprise, surprise. donald trump la rough flight and a not so great morning but now he's hoping no one will remember any of it. he just unveiled his biggest, loudest endorsement yet. bringing chris christie out on to the stage for a huge announcement. a source close to the new jersey
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governor telling me that christie is backing trump because, a, he believes the mogul is inevitable and the party needs to rally around the nominee now. and two, that trump would be the strongest possible opponent to face hillary clinton. cnn's sarah murray is in texas where everything unfolded today. you were at this press conference. this endorsement was an incredibly closely held secret. what was the reaction in the room when christie walked out there with trump? >> reporter: jake, it was sort of amazing. chris christie just kind of sidled in behind donald trump. everything is bigger in texas. it means endorsements, insults, and it men a huge crowd going wild when they took the stage. thought it's a trump tries to change the narrative after his rough night. two of the biggest, brashest personalities in the party are teaming up. >> i said let's keep it as a
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secret for the people in texas. let's do it. >> reporter: donald trump snapping up his most prominent endorsement to date. new jersey governor chris christie. >> he is rewriting the play book of american politics. >> reporter: and trying to shift momentum back in his corner as marco rubio comes out ready. >> friends do not let friends vote for con artists. not one three, three tweets misspell words so badly. and i only reach two conclusions. number one, that's how they spell those words at the wharton school of business where he went. or number two, just like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. >> reporter: rubio poking fun at trump's performance at thursday night's republican debate. >> last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks he went backstage. he was having a meltdown. first he had this little make-up thing applying like make-up
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around his mustache. he had one of those sweat mustaches. then asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why. the podium goes to here but he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> reporter: but trump and christie were ready. banding together to take down a mutual foe. >> it's rubio! >> reporter: trump taking aim at rubio's performance. >> an enormous basket case. here's a guy, you had to see him. you had to see him backstage. he was putting on make-up with a trowl. honestly, i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared. like a little frightened puppy. >> reporter: and even his appearance. >> i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. >> reporter: while christie piled on. >> do we need a united states senator from florida who doesn't show up for work?
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>> reporter: the increasingly vicious battle spreading across the field. as ted cruz labels trump a new york liberal. >> donald trump is adopting the rhetoric of a populist. donald trump like hillary clinton is a rich new york liberal. >> reporter: at least for today, it was clear. rubio is now trump's top foe. >> rubio is a baby. a guy like ted is tougher. >> reporter: now marco rubio is already brushing aside this endorsement saying he has plenty of his own but there might be a couple bruised feelings in the case. chris christie and john kasich are friends. but the adviser says that kasich didn't have a path forward. he did not though call the governor ahead of time and warn him that this dormant was coming, according to a kasich staffer. >> tough business. sarah murray in ft. worth,
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texas. how did all this happen? in addition to the inevitability argument and the idea that trump would be a tougher rival against hillary clinton, the christie source tells me the new jersey governor was not likely to endorse ted cruz because he thinks that he is too ideologically rigid. as for marco rubio, let's say the disdain governor christie expressed at that new hampshire debate was not just politics or debate theatrics. he really thinks rubio is rather callow. joining me now, ray washburn who helped broker this endorsement. good to see you again. let's just go through the basics. how did this happen today? how did this come about? how did the phone calls go on? the secret trip to texas? >> reporter: well, i wouldn't say i participated in the brokerage of this endorsement. governor christie was always going to endorse donald trump but he was waiting for the right time to do it.
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yesterday afternoon he came tom decision. he and mr. trump talked about it. they kept it very, very secret and didn't tell anyone until this morning we showed up. and as i understand it in the press room when he walked in, a lot of people in the set fell out of their seats. it was kept such a secret. this is really something. they go backle many years and they have a very, very close relationship and it was just a matter of time and governor christie figured this was the time to get in. >> a lot of people in the governor's orbit are surprised. some even a bit dismayed ten decision. what are you telling them as they express disbelief? >> reporter: i'm sorry. a bus just drove by. you mean that governor christie is backing him? >> yeah. >> reporter: well, i wouldn't know if it was disbelief. governor christie is pretty strong in his feelings toward the other people left in the race. i don't think it was a question that he was going to be endorsing donald trump. this was just the right time to
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do it after the debate last night and before super tuesday. this was a great time for him to do it. and where i think this endorsement will have a big impact and carry a lot of credibility to the trump campaign. >> all right. here come the part of the interview where i read that governor christie has made about donald trump from months before. and you explain how he came to this decision. in recent months, christie said that trump isn't suited to be president of the united states, doesn't have the temperament for the job. what changed? >> reporter: you would have to ask governor christie that question. >> christie and trump had serious policy disagreements. i don't need to till. here's one such agreement christie told me in august. >> in an interview there week with cnn's dana bash, he call for deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country and then letting the good ones come back through an expedited process.
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what should be done about the 11 million or so that are already here? >> first off, i've had seven years of law enforcement as a u.s. attorney. there are not enough law enforcement officers, local, county, state and federal combined to forcibly deport 11 to 12 million people. this is like building a 2,000 mile wall across the border that mexico will pay for. it sounds really good. you pound your chest but the question is how? >> in addition, on another issue on, trump's proposed muslim ban, christie said back in december that this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and no idea what they're talking about. again, help me reconcile that chris christie with the man we heard today. >> well, i think governor christie will sit down with mr. trump. yesterday they had a long, long discussion about a lot of these issues. they have over the last few days. and governor christie is going to sit down as an adviser to mr. trump and walk through all these
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things. so the things that he's expressly concerned about over the last few months are something that he can obviously sit down and i think mr. trump is open to hearing governor christie's ideas on these things. >> all right. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. he attacked donald trump over his business deals. then marco rubio read trump's mean tweets out loud. so will rubio be able to top chris christie's endorsement of donald trump? how does he respond to attacks like this one? the staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane.
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. welcome back to the lead. marco rubio isn't holding back. he's been spending the last 18 hours going in for the kill, when it goes to going after trump. today, rubio went even harder after trump, calling him a con artist. he even did his own version of jimmy kimmel's mean tweets. doing this at a rally. >> wow, every poll says i won the debate last night. now, this is him about himself,
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okay? >> great honer. i think he men to say great honor. i don't know how he got that wrong. the e and the o are nowhere near each other. just like trump tower, he must have hired foreign workers for his tweets. >> he is a nervous basket case. here's a guy, you had to see him backstage. he was putting on make-up with a trowl. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. >> and joining me now, the chairman of the oversight committee and has endorsed. >> he can't be saturday night live every day, every hour. this is the presidency of the
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united states of america. and i think mr. trump, he routinely deflects from the issues. that's what frustrates me. i'm a policy guy. i want a conservative to be the president of the united states. but any time you get serious about policy, it is the politics of personal destruction and it is the distraction and he tries to get off topic. that's what makes the news. >> to be fair, marco rubio had some fun at donald trump's expense this morning reading the tweets. making fun of his spelling errors. it is not as though this comes out of nowhere. >> i heard somebody actually say, you know, it's time to make spelling great again. come on. marco rubio is doing what he sees fit. and he is letting it all fly, letting it all hang out there. if you go back and really watch the sum of the debates, i realize he threw an interception there in december in one debate. but marco has been very policy oriented and i think is the best policy side.
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but you are still left wondering, what does donald trump actually stand for? what are his principles? that is i think still a great mystery. >> let me ask but the christie endorsement that has surprised a lot of people in the establishment. the biggest establishment figure to endorse donald trump. does this take some of the stem out of marco rubio's campaign? >> i remember when he got governor haley's endorsement. you can see those two are starting to get the bigger endorsements. marco has by far more endorsements. but at the end of the day, people will vote for who they believe in. ultimately you'll come down to marco rubio versus donald trump. it is a real choice. they are different. >> i guess big question for people looking at the big campaign is, when will he win a
1:18 pm
state? >> marco rubio has to win in florida. ted cruz has to win in texas. and the governor kasich has to win in ohio. it is not about who wins the most states. it is who wins the most delegates. we're still in the first quarter to use a lot of sports analogies. mr. trump has been doing well. he's won three in a row. >> do you think he can win any states on super tuesday? >> i don't know. a lot of these states are proportional. even though you may have a couple thousand votes go this or that direct, bits the most number of delegates. a state hike utah. we're a small state. donald trump is polling in third. so there is a lot of states and millions and millions of votes to be cast. >> you talked about how rubio needs to win his own state of florida. according to the last poll, he was trailing donald trump in that state. >> i don't think there's any doubt that marco rubio is going to win in florida. and he has to win. so he has a machine there.
1:19 pm
there's a reason why he was able to beat the establishment, and charlie crist. everybody had written him off. he surged up. and they've seen him up close and personal. >> donald trump is a master brander. he calls jeb bush low energy. it gets applied to him and jeb bush is no more. he is calling marco rubio a choke artist. that's his term for him. do you think it might stick? >> first of all, he needs to learn to spell the word choke. >> fair enough. >> i don't. that's ridiculous. if you look at who is articulating policy, go through the debates. talk about who can go out on the stump and just fall asleep talk, what do you do with the department of education, marco is as good as we have. >> the voters don't seem to care. you keep talking about policies and that may be. but donald trump is, he's won three contests out of four.
1:20 pm
marco rubio has won none. and i think one of the reasons chris christie endorsed trump is he thought, this thing is over. >> i don't. donald trump has yet to break 50%. he got less than one-third of the vote in south carolina. those things matter. when mitt romney went into nevada, he got the majority of the vote. i realize he's winning the plurality but i think as the race whittles down and they start to understand, at some point, hopefully by the time we get to sooner rather than later. that debate in march 21 in salt lake city. i think you will see two, maybe three people in the race. marco has to run in all 50 states. he has the finances to do and it the organization to do it. >> last question. marco rubio is calling donald trump a con artist. would you support a con artist over hillary clinton in. >> well, everybody can assess their own name to it. anybody in my opinion is better
1:21 pm
than hillary clinton. including a con artist. i have deep seated concerns. we would have to spend hours about hillary clinton, for her to be honest and candid and those things. look, i want to put forth the very best republican we can. and i want it to be a conservative. that's why i want marco rubio. >> congressman from utah. thank you. always good to see you. marco rubio and ted cruz ganging up on trump over trump university. >> there are people who borrow $36,000 to go to trump university and they're suing them now. $36,000 to go to a university that's a fake school. >> by the way -- >> do you know what they got? a cardboard cut-out of donald trump. that's what they got for $36,000. >> what is trump university? we wonerere. and here. and here. here. and here. uh, here. also in here. back there. behind here. even next to these guys, here. in the nation's largest, independent study,
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welcome back, senator cruz. let's take a listen. >> if i am president, america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel on economic policy. donald trump agreed with hillary and barack obama in support of the wall street tarp bailout. i think it was wrong to bail out the big banks in new york. donald trump supported it. donald trump agrees with hillary and bernie sanders that obamacare doesn't go far enough. that it should be and panelled to be socialized medicine. to be the government in charge of your health care. and most strikingly on the question of ethics. donald trump said he would not hand over his tax returns. why? apparently he doesn't even know
1:27 pm
he's being audited. he said two, then three, then five years. he was unable to hand over any years' tax return. it ain't complicated. if donald trump hands over his tax returns later in the election, that the good folks will have a heyday. i have to say his justification for not handing over his tax returns, that he is being audited several years, although apparently he doesn't know how many years he's being audited for. that makes it all the more important to hand over his tax returns. if there is something in there the audit will discover from a republican perspective, if you want to stop the nightmare that has been the obama-clinton economy, the assault on our rights, the obama-clinton foreign policy, the last thing we want who in an audit demonstrates tax improprieties
1:28 pm
or tax frauds. we need to see those tax returns so there can be scrutiny. the voters need to know. additionally, the general election, look, we're all familiar with hillary's e-mail assistants and those will continue to no doubt grow. but a far bigger potential scandal is the clinton foundation. it appears they used this foundation as essentially a corrupt buyingyback where you had fortune countries, heads of state, foreign countries, giving six and seven-figure check to the foundation while hillary was the sitting secretary of state, making policy decisions. the foundation was on the take from entities that had an interest in those government decisions. the republican nominee for president needs to be able to make that case against hillary. and donald trump is uniquely incapable of doing. that if he tries to do that on the debate stage, hillary will laugh out loud and say donald, you gave $100,000 to the clinton
1:29 pm
foundation. you apparently didn't think it was a problem. i think last night made very clear to the voters that donald trump is not the right candidate to be the republican nominee. and for the 65% of republicans who believe that, who recognize that donald trump is a very good chance, donald loses to hillary in november. i would encourage those republicans to continue to unify behind our campaign. it is abundantly clear, there is only one campaign that can beat donald on super tuesday. that's our campaign. >> chris christie didn't talk about you at all while he was endorsing trump. he did talk about marco rubio. are you worried that people are looking at this as a two-man race? >> i don't doubt media will do everything they can to frame the race as anybody but the proven conservative with a conservative record. to win the nomination, you actually have to win states. you have to win delegates.
1:30 pm
there are only two candidates who have won states. that's donald trump and me. and i'll tell you, on tuesday, we're going to have a very good night. we saw yesterday in my home state of texas. we got a double digit lead in the state of texas. the crown jewel of super tuesday. 155 delegates. nearly 15% of what's required for the nomination. in contrast we saw yesterday, poll numbers showing that marco is behind by double digits in his home state of florida. anyone who wants to win the nomination has to win a state somewhere. and i believe we're going to have a very good super tuesday. and that in turn will tee up a very clear choice. do you want to go with donald trump? and have the general election in november be two rich new york liberals, or do we want a real choice of a proven constitutional conservative who will fight for the working men and women? and let me know, one of the things that was abundantly clear
1:31 pm
last night. donald trump has framed the corner piece of his campaign around illegal immigration. and yet the debate last night highlighted that donald trump is the only person running who has had a million-dollar court judgment against him for participating in a conspiracy. that's what the federal court found was a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. not only that but it was reveal that donald right now today. this is not even in past practice. this is today what he's doing right now. continues to bring in hundreds of foreign workers at his florida hotel, rather than hiring american workers. it was reported yesterday that roughly 300 americans applied for those jobs and he hired only 17 americans. and yet he certified to the government he couldn't find any americans to do the job. i have to say it was striking. donald did an interview on cnn after the debate last night where he said the reason he brings in all these foreign workers is because no american
1:32 pm
is willing to do the job of being a waiter or waitress or being a bell hop. that is astonishing statement. go down to tgi fridaysful this is quite a hotel in palm beach. donald trump is maintaining there are no americans he can find willing to be waiters and waitresses at a fancy hotel in palm beach? what he is really saying is from his perspective, he would rather foreign work here's can't quit. who are captive. he can pay a lot lower wages. and a man who has a multidecade history of exploiting the immigration laws to take advantage of the little guy is not someone we can trust to stand with the working men and women of this country. just three years ago, 2013 was the epic battle over amnesty. anyone who cared about amnesty, cared about illegal immigration. where you stood in 2013 answers everything the voters need to
1:33 pm
know. when i was leading the fight against the rubio-schumer gang of 8:00 a.m. necessity bill, donald trump was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apresent it is. not only that. donald funded the gang of eight. donald gave over $50,000 to the gang of eight. five of the eight members. donald trump gave over $50,000 to. now, how can a candidate possibly hold himself out as opposed to the illegal immigration, opposed to amnesty, when he financed the politicians that led the epic effort to push for amnesty. and by the way, donald's natural response, he said, when i gave money to politicians, i was doing it to help my business interests. for me to get rich. well, that says something if donald puts his own financial interests above the national security of this country. above the interests of working men and women of this country.
1:34 pm
above the interests of all the people who are losing their jobs. and the people whose futures are at stake that i want to speak to here in tennessee and all across super tuesday are the men and women, the construction workers, the karm enters, the electricians, the mechanics, it is the people getting hammered by the obama-clinton economy i have spent my whole life fighting for you. donald trump's socialized medicine will take away your jobs, will kill even more jobs, will hammer small businesses. and donald trump's proposal to allow the 12 million people here illegally to become u.s. citizens will that only continue to drive down the wages of working men and women. there's only one person on that stage that has fought against amnesty at every stage. has beaten amnesty in the u.s. congress, despite donald trump giving $50,000 to the authors of the amnesty bill.
1:35 pm
and there is only one person i believe the voters can trust, will stand consistently with the working men and women against the corrupt career politicians of washington and the special interests. last night, donald trump said ted, i know washington politicians a lot better than you do. he's right. that's why he supported jimmy carter and harry reid and chuck schumer and john kerry and hillary clinton and joe biden. donald trump has supported liberal democrats for 40 years. he supported open border democrats for 40 years. and i think the stakes are too great. the threats to the future of our kids are too great to roll the dice with a donald trump nomination, or a donald trump presidency. instead, we need a proven consistent conservative. you know, donald has said, the day after he's elected president, he can be an entirely different person. he can be the most politically correct person on earth. let me tell you, the day after
1:36 pm
i'm elected president, i will be the same person i am today. consistent, steady, standing by my principles. that's what the voters want. we've been burn too many time. >> senator ted cruz talking to reporters in nashville. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia left an enormous hole on the bench. what about the hole it left in his family? for the first time since justice scalia's passing, we will hear from two of his sons about their father's legacy.
1:37 pm
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"could you double check "scothe envelope?"wins." "best actress, 1984." "and i can't deny the fact that you like me." "life is like a box of chocolates." "you never know what you're gonna get." "we're gonna need a bigger boat." "xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." welcome back. the late justice antonin scalia leaves behind a legacy as one of the greatest minds in legal history and one of the leading voices on the u.s. supreme court. his opinions were unforgettable,
1:41 pm
even if your social beliefs and philosophy clashed with his. what about nino scalia? father of nine children, a devout catholic. the personal stories about the man that the american people rarely had a chance to see. joining me now, gene scalia, two of the nine children of justice scalia. this is the first interview they've done cynic their father passed away. thank you for joining me. and first off the bat, how is your mom doing? how is the rest of your family doing? >> well, this is where nine children and 36 grandchildren make all the difference. she's not alone and she's got plenty of people there to support her. and to come by and visit her. a lot of life around her. >> 55 years of marriage is quite a thing. >> that's right. >> and nine children and 56 grandchildren. it helps to have a priest in the
1:42 pm
family. >> when your father passed away, eight of his colleagues peered all together without their black robes. something you don't see very often. father paul, you were there leading the prayer. what did they have to say to you and your family? >> we had a chance to visit with them before and after for a longer time after that brief prayer. and they were very gracious and expressed their pain and their mourning. they genuinely really liked him. even those who are so opposed to him. in terms of jurisprudence. they really felt the loss as well. it was consoling one another, that loss. and they had some great stories to tell as well. >> it is really a remarkable thing, how many people who didn't agree with a word he had to say on the law, loved him
1:43 pm
dearly. you saw the outpouring of individuals who boring at the supreme court and one of the most touching is his friendship with ruth bader ginsburg, perhaps the most liberal member of the court. >> it was a wonderful friendship even before their time together on the court of appeals they both served. on as has been reported, the families would have dinner together on new years eve. and i remember years back, sitting there and feeling comforted that my father had such a wonderful friend on the court and that my mother also was so close to her husband marty who was a wonderful man. it was wonderful to see, although they didn't always agree on cases there was still that strong friendship between my father and that colleague. >> your homily for your father was very beautiful. and that's the right term, right? >> he would prefer sermon.
1:44 pm
>> okay. >> but you persuaded him that was wrong. >> one of our last conversations, we had that argument yet again and i think i got him around to my way of thinking. >> so i'll go with you, given that you're the judge here. and you started it with a very interesting writerly, sermonly method. you started talking about, well, let's take a listen. >> we are gathered here because of one man. a man known personally to many of us. known by reputation to even more. a man loved by many, scorned by others. a man known for great controversy and for great compassion. that man, of course, is jesus of nazareth. >> of course, we, i thought you
1:45 pm
were talking about your father, not jesus. it seems like that's something your dad would have liked. based on my limited knowledge of him. he would have liked the cleverness of it and the focus back on the faith. >> well, he certainly did not want it to be about him. and, which is why he didn't like eulogies at funerals. there's a place for eulogies, a place to remember the good a person has done and to tell the stories. but the funeral mass is different. and it is really focused on jesus christ. on giving thanks for what has been accomplished. and even more so, praying for the deceased. >> was it difficult for you as a son or others in your family, when you heard the way that many liberals, progressives and even many main stream people in the media talked about your dad? he was a lightning rod. >> he had his critics.
1:46 pm
he got used to it, we got used to it. certainly we understood that there were many people who didn't agree with him on certain legal questions. who nonetheless had a lot of respect for his approach to the law. and i think we're seeing that even more now. so we got used to it and we certainly have drawn support from a lot of the nice thing that have been said over the last couple weeks. >> you also in the homily or sermon referred to an interesting moment between you and your father. let's play a little of that. >> he had found himself in my confessional line. and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you. the feeling was mutual.
1:47 pm
>> what role did faith play in his life? >> well, it was, i mean, very important. it was central. and i think faith and his family were the two most central things. most people of course will see him as just the legal scholar. that's what he was most known for and visible for. but behind that is really how much he valued the family and his faith. and i mean, i think each sibling has different takeaways and everything. most important to me is the example he set and how i saw him strive to live that. >> obviously the vacancy has become a huge political issue in washington. just hours after he passed away it became, i'm sure he would have wanted to be replaced by a conservative justice. do you have any idea what he would have thought about this debate about whether or not the next president should be the one who decides to fill the vacancy
1:48 pm
or whether as the president, the current president argues, it is his constitutional duty to submit a name? >> i would only be speculating. my father was careful to try to avoid getting into what is a political controversy now unless it appeared before him as a case. i should stay clear of that one, i think. >> lastly for both of you, what do you want people to know about him. they know he was a brilliant legal mine, that he was a conservative icon, they know he had a way with words. what are we missing? what should we also know? >> well, i think what i said before about how devoted he was to the family. how much he saw that really as his achievement. to be the father of a big family and to have all those kids and grand kids around behind that he really treasured and that's not
1:49 pm
some go that shows up a lot. >> how wonderful his wife was for him as well. and his faith. again, easy for paul to talk about. that's his job. but i didn't appreciate until now how important his faith would be. dealing with the circumstances we're now in and finding grace in it. >> we're so honored that you came here. our deepest condolences on your loss. i know it is a big loss. >> thank you for having us. people pay thousands of dollars to learn the art of the deal from donald trump and his top executives. they claim, some of them, that they were had. now marco rubio and ted cruz are seizing on the billionaire's legal troubles from trump university. that story next. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of
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welcome back to the lead. let's go to our national lead. waste, fraud and abuse. it has a ring to it.
1:54 pm
the problem, however, with donald trump's line last night is that we still don't know how the billionaire would really get the country out of $19 trillion in debt as he says he box tonight we'll take a closer look. >> the colonel deficit this year is $544 billion. where will you come up with the money? >> waste, fraud and abuse. all over the place. waste, fraud and abuse. >> okay. so let's imagine that we had accurate accounts of all the government's waste, fraud and abuse and president trump fixed it all like magic. quote, improper palts for nearly $137 billion. that's less than one-third of this year's deficit. according to the best available estimate from the government account theability office. there are 639 billion potential
1:55 pm
cuts. that's well above the annual budget. so it all depends on who you ask about what their definition is. when the watch dogs in washington can't even agree, it becomes a question. donald trump's plan becomes even more perplexing. even if trump's plan were to fix deficit, it would do nothing to fix the $19 trillion in long term debt that already exists. at last night's republican debate, donald trump found himself taking quite a bit of fire from his rivals, hoping to halt his momentum. including this attack from marco rubio over trump's now defunct school, trump university. >> there are people who borrowed $36,000 to go to trump university and they're suing him now. that's a fake school. >> by the way -- >> you take a picture of a cardboard cut out of donald trump. that's what they got. >> trump is being sued by a
1:56 pm
number of former students who enrolled at the university and who now claim the real estate billionaire is nothing more than a fraud. drew griffin has been looking into the allegations. he filed this report. >> this was the promise of trump university when it laumped. direct from the university chairman's own mouth. >> at trump university we teach successful that's what it is about. successful it will happen to you. >> it operated from 2005 through 2010 and enrolled 10,000 students in real estate courses that ranged from free seminars, up to $35,000 for advanced training and mentoring. trump university took in an estimated $40 million from people who believed they too could someday become successful. >> put proven donald trump secrets to work for you. >> it turns out not everything trump promises comes true. and not all of his businesses lead to success. trump university is closed. >> and it ended. why did it end?
1:57 pm
>> the economy crashed. the real estate market crash asked demand fell off a little bit. >> this is donald trump's attorney. he is defending the school from three separate lawsuits. two class action lawsuits filed in california and one filed by new york attorney general eric schneiderman. >> it is one of the california cases donald trump has been named as a witness. pretrial motions in may. trial date set for august. but all three cases are similar. new york attorney general eric schneiderman filed his in 2013. then went on cnn to explain. >> it was a classic bait-and-switch scheme. a scam. starting with the fact that it was not a university. they promised they would teach people with hand picked experts by donald trump. the teachiers wr neither has not picked nor experts. >> he was very involved. from the early stages he was meeting regularly, every week, every two weeks with the people who would run the day-to-day operations of the course. >> so the allegation that he had nothing to do with this, that he
1:58 pm
didn't pick a single expert has is untrue. >> it is untrue. >> the new york attorney general declined to be interviewed but gave cnn six of the 150 affidavits he says he's collected from students who mostly claim their education was worthless. >> those suing claim they were promised the tools and strategies and mentoring it would take to make them success envelop real estate. in reality they claim they learn not much at all. one student wrote, i've been been able to get in touch with anyone after i signed one the trump gold elite program. another student who paid $25,000 to have special access to high level mentors, claim he hand been able to get in touch with his nonexistent power team. >> at least 10,000 people who pafld you can go pick three or four affidavits or 30
1:59 pm
affidavits. it is a miniscule number. >> he did provide cnn with 14 affidavits from satisfied student. he said they will continue to fight all three lawsuits until he eventually wins. >> even if legal fees wyoming out any profit he may have made. >> it is a strategy donald trump reiterated last night. he intends to fight this case and win it. but there is a real possibility that the republican presidential candidate could be called to a witness stand in a fraud trial right during the middle of a presidential campaign. we're a long way from that though. pretrial motions set for may. the trial date is in august. but this years long case could drag on and on for a lot longer than that. be sure to follow me. don't forget to watch the state of the union at 9:00 a.m.
2:00 pm
eastern and noon eastern. john kasich and ted cruz. i am jake attempter. thank you for watching. i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is right next door in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. jersey shoring up support in the middle of an all out political brawl. donald trump brings in a veteran slugger to help him battle his gop opponents. new jersey governor chris christie, a former rival is now in trump's corner. spelling it out. marco rubio scoffs at trump's misspelled insults, saying that like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. no holds barred. mudslinging isn't enough. now trump and rubio have gone from hurling insults to throwing water. what's next? and how will all of this look to voters? and carolina


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