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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. happy saturday to you. so grateful for your company as always. i'm christi paul at the cnn senter in atlanta. of course, victor blackwell is not here. >> yeah. i'm live in columbia, south carolina, here on the campus of the university of south carolina. as people across this state, democrats are voting in the primary here. it is 10:00 eastern and the polls are open. voteors trickling in. it's a big contest on the democratic side. republicans voted last week. bernie sanders, hillary clinton fighting for every last vote
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here. so far, clinton is leading by a wide marge anyone the polls in south carolina. she spent most of the week campaigning hard across this state. this afternoon, she's in alabama, looking ahead to super tuesday. but she'll be back in south carolina tonight for a watch party. now, for bernie sanders, there was a concert and rally here in south carolina last night. he's also looking ahead, though, to super tuesday. he'll be campaigning in texas today. he'll be in minnesota tonight. cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns is live from a polling station in lexington, south carolina. joe, we understand there is a large number of absentee votes cast. >> absolutely, that's right. perfect day weatherwise for people to come out and vote here in south carolina, at least this part of south carolina. but absentee ballots up quite high, 53,000 absentee ballots, we're told, have been returned to the state election
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commission. that sf just a little while ago. checking with them. and that number is up substantially over 2008, something like 35,000 were returned in that election. so that bodes well for turnout here in the state of south carolina and the democratic primary, even though authorities have suggested we will not see the kind of record turnout that the republicans had during their primary last weekend. we've seen a lot of african-american voters flowing through this polling station here in south carolina. and that is what hillary clinton has been focusing on so much in the state, trying to get african-american voters to the polls to have a big turnout to make a statement going into super tuesday. we listened a little bit to her last night in her closing arguments in columbia, south carolina. >> nobody is perfect. and nobody has a right to look
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down on anybody else. so i need your help tomorrow. the south carolina primary is personally important to me because i want to send a strong signal that south carolina is ready for change, ready for progress. >> so again, our new nugget, 53,000 absentee ballots in south carolina, that's according to the state's election kmicommiss. we don't know who the ballots were cast for. they'll not be counting them or releasing the numbers until 7:00 eastern time when all of the voting has ended here in south carolina. victor, back to you. >> all right. joe johns for us there in lexington, south carolina.
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joe, thank you so much. of course, we've seen the race for the white house is heating up on both sides as the remaining candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday, just three day as way now. many of the candidates see this as a do or die day for them. here's the latest now from the campaign trail. >> friends, do not let friends vote for con artists. >> he was so scared, like a little frightened puppy. >> the rowdy republican cnn debate spills on to the campaign trail and marco rubio comes out swinging, taking aim at donald trump's tweets. >> and i only reach two conclusio conclusions, number one, that's how they spell the words at the warton school of business where he went. or, number two, just like trump tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets. >> reporter: then a former trump rival hits back at rubio. >> marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy.
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showing a lot of desperation today, throwing punches from every angle. but none of them are landing because america has made their decision. >> reporter: governor chris christie made his decision to endorse donald trump. >> donald trump represents strength and marco rubio represents washington, d.c. >> reporter: on the democratic side, polls open in south carolina, the state department releases another 1500 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails with the final batch coming monday. >> we take our obligation to the court seriously. and we're making every effort to comply with the order. >> reporter: and bernie sanders hopes to regain the momentum lost after the setback in the nevada caucuses. sanders rallying at a hiss tore -- historically black university. >> you don't own the black voters. >> let's bring in terry alexander, a bernie sanders supporter and a political commentator and democratic strategist. and also a hillary clinton
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supporter. some of the have video we saw at the end of the piece was claplan university. the reporting is that there were fewer than half of the numbers students expected there. and that they were expecting 400 and he is not as strong here, a young college students, african-american college students, why? >> i don't think that's the case that he's not strong. he has a strong following with the young african-american people here in the south carolina. why they didn't turn out, i don't know. maybe there were a lot of things going on. bern why i is resonating with the young folks. they want to see a change. they want something different to happen in washington, d.c. they are tired of the same old business being led by the same old people. and bernie represents something new. he represents a revolution that's going to adjust how business is being done in washington, d.c. and you can see that revolution
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taking place even in some of the remarks that hillary clinton is talking about. now she's beginning to talk about those issues that bernie has been talking about everywhere. not only in a black state of south carolina, not in harlem, but bernie sanders has been talking about that in iowa, in new hampshire. so he's been talking about those issues that are relative to the african-american community from the very beginning. >> we'll see if the young voters show up at the polls today. maria, let me come to you. does this expectation that hillary clinton will win by a large margin hurt her potentially, maybe some of the voters who were -- might have been excite philadelphia this were a much tight erase might stay home and this margin will be narrower? >> that is not a message they're putting out there. what they've been talking about from the beginning is she is hard at work earning and trying to appeal to every voter in south carolina. she has spent the majority of her time in the last two weeks
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in south carolina making the case for african-american voters, for white voters, for every person who lives in south carolina. and who has been hurt by this recovery that has not helped everybody. and, you know, with all due respect to mr. alex ander, these are not issues that are new to mrs. clinton. she's been talking about the issues for the past four decades, since being in south carolina in the '70s talking about juvenile justice reform, to health care for millions of kids in the '90s to criminal justice reform in the senate. the list goes on and on. that's why you see a very robust support for mrs. clinton among african-americans including young african-americans, not just in south carolina, but in other southern states, in georgia, in texas, in louisiana, and all of that is going to help her going into super tuesday. >> let me ask you about that. after new hampshire, there was a strong narrative for bernie
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sanders. does bernie sanders need make a change? >> the loss in nevada wasn't really a loss. two weeks in nevada, he was down by 15, 18 points. and he narrowed that gap to five points. so it's really not a loss. >> there's a winner and a loser. >> i understand. but they expect him to lose by a larger margin. so him losing by 5% to 7%, in my mind, that is a victory for him and we're relying on that victory to take us not only here in south carolina but across this state in terms of narrowing the marbling ins th margins that exist. >> does secretary clinton have to adjust her campaign? we know there have been rhetorical changes and some attribute those to senator sanders. but does she need to adjust her campaign to attract more younger voters? >> well, i think that she has focused on doing exactly that, victor. and she's been very open in terms of talking about it. she's going to do everything that she can to appeal and to
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attract every voter. but i think what is so interesting about what she is saying is that even if young voters don't support her, she's going to support them, meaning, she will continue to push policies that are going to help them pay for college that, are going to help them pay for their families once they have those young families. and while, you know, mr. sanders is focused on beautiful rhetoric, talking about a political resolution which is wonderful to hear, mrs. clinton is focusing on real solutions instead of a revolution because that is what middle class families, young voters, latinos, african-americans want and deserve. they want real action and they want to see real change. >> all the -- they will all nbt polls today. we have to wrap it there. maria and terry alexander in columbia, thank you. still ahead, ron brownstein is going to join us. he wrote a peace for tiece for atlantic that says trump is
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when we cook together, we find harmony in the kitchen. we make more than a meal. enjoy fresh ingredients and healthy recipes, delivered to your door each week. subscribe today, at a con artist, a liar, a choker, a light weight, interest tl are a few of the insults flying between donald trump and the man that wants to beat him, marco rubio. the two are taking their fight from the cnn debate, what we sa campaign trail. here's jim acosta on their war of words. ♪ >> reporter: donald trump trying to turn the page after cnn's firry debate, rolling out a jaw dropping endorsement from chris christie. >> this was an endorsement that meant a lot.
7:15 am
>> there is no better fighter than donald trump. he's going to fight for the american people. >> other than that, i rest my case. >> reporter: it was a good move for trump after he seemed rattled by marco rubio at cnn's debate. >> if you didn't inherit $200 million, do you know where he would be right now? i would be selling watches in manhattan. >> that is so wrong. >> reporter: rubio decided the only way to take down the frontrunner is match insult with insult. >> last night in the debate during one of the breaks, twost breaks, he went backstage and having a meltdown. first he had this little makeup thing applying, like makeup around his mustache because he had a sweat mustache. then -- then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know. the podium goes up to here. he wanted a full length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> reporter: in texas, rubio ridiculed his misspellings in his post debate tweets.
7:16 am
>> marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is he is a chocker. and once a chocker, always a choker. i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled choker, chocker. >> he was sweating so badly. >> reporter: he mocked the florida senator as drowning in sweat backstage at the debates badly in need of tv makeup. >> i'll not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i need water. help me. i need water. help. when you're a choke artist, you're always a choke artist. >> reporter: it was a continu g continuation of the alley fight on obama care, rubio got the last word over who repeats himself the most. >> that's the only part of the plan? just the lines? >> the nice part did -- you have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating. no. no. >> here's the guy that repeats
7:17 am
himself. you repeat yourself every day. i watch him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> reporter: trump wondered if he'll land the support of mitt romney. romney trump joked would never win in 2012. >> when you walk into a state, can you not walk like a penguin. >> that was jim acosta reporting for us. now donald trump continues that frontrunner status, continues to hold on to. that there are a lot of people that see no way of stopping him on the way to the nomination. for the atlantic, we have ron brown stein who wrote this. he said that trump displayed remarkably consistent support from voters across the gop's ideological spectrum and raz run as well among voters who are evangelicals as well as those are who are not. and we have ron brownstein us with. he is the senior editor for "the
7:18 am
atlantic" and also senior political analyst for cnn. ron, good morning you to. trump is winning a two front war. explain for us. >> yeah, he's doing something that john mccain and mitt romney could not do which is he is winning on both sides of the gop's demographic divide. his support fissures the party in different ways. best way to understand super tuesday is a two front war. you have a group of southern states that are heavily evangelical and blue collar. so that is arkansas, alabama, oklahoma, tennessee, texas. in all the states, 60% of voters were evangelical christians and 60% are noncollege voters. donald trump is very strong in all of those. as we talked about, before he broke ted cruz's hold on the voters or who are also blue collar and are responding to the populous messages, anti-elite, his, you know, attacks on trade and immigration. so if he can win those states
7:19 am
against ted cruz in the south on one front of this war, it very hard for cruz to go forward even if he holds his home state of texas. on the other side, you have northern and border virginia, vermont and massachusetts where they're smaller part of the population and white collar. those are critical states for kasich or rubio, anyone that wants to hold that conservative mainstream conservative part of the party. romney and mccain won all of the states in '08 and '1267. trump is ahead as well. we talked about before, the white collar side remains fragmented. he's in position to do something that neither mccain or romney could do which is win at both ends of the geographic and demographic divide and demonstrate how big a hill his opponents face. >> trump's critics said repeatedly that they're looking for a candidate who can bring the party together.
7:20 am
maybe they already have that candidate and his name is donald trump. i want to play for you something that the daughter of former governor and presidential candidate mike huck aabee said. >> they create this type of tension. i think the person ultimately sadly ends up being at times good for is hillary clinton. >> she says she doesn't like the in fighting however she is supporting donald trump. i want to ask about marco rubio's new strategy. there are some voters who are not considering voting for trump because they don't like the street fighter style. how does marco rubio attract the voters by adopting that style? >> there is significant resistance to trump in the party. there is no question in particular if you look at college educated voters, post graduate voters, they are much less supportive of the agenda, temporary ban on muslims, mass deportation. they're also less likely to view
7:21 am
him as a presidential material. that is the constituency that is most available for marco rubio. the bigger problem is i think he has been pitching his agenda several clicks to the right of where those voters are. he left a lot of space for john kasich as a more moderate alternative. you're right. he is essentially decided very belatedly, i think at the 11th hour with the super tuesday and march 15th, perhaps and more important looming, to go after trump full throttle. but in the process, does he raise some of the same questions that are holding the voters back about trump. having said that, i think the trump issue is much larger for those kind of mainstream conservative white collar voters who still, i think, the biggest hurdle they have is envisioning donald trump actually functioning as president. >> let's look into something governor chris christie said long before he endorsed donald trump. >> donald is a great guy and good person. but i just don't think he's suited to be president of the united states. >> why?
7:22 am
>> i don't think his temperament is suited for. that he has great experience and doing things in business. i'll give you an example. if he doesn't give what he wants from john boehner, he can't fire him. >> obviously change in tone from chris christie. i want you to answer this. what does he bring, his endorsement. we know what sarah palin brought. jerry fallwell helped with the questions from evangelicals. trump doesn't need an attack dog. what does chris christie bring? >> he brings some credibility from elected officials. that's bnt been the big missing piece. there have been no endorsements from any sitting elected officials. in fact in "the new york times" there was an article on the enormous anxiety among senate republicans and discussions of cutting donald trump loose if he is the nominee underscores to what extent he would represent elite into the electoral unknown for the republican party. he does bring the possibility of
7:23 am
mobilizing a lot of blue collar white voters, older white voters. he risks stamping the gop as a party of racial backlash to the growing pop larts of minorities. you have a lot of republicans deeply anxious about that. to continue to see a process of prominent leelected officials le chris christie says no, we can take this leap. i think that helps trump with the kind of voters we have been talking about, those mainstream conservative, mostly white collar voters out of the south and the big suburbs of the country who have been resistant to him if polling. >> three days until super tuesday. ron brownstein, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. still to come, bernie sanders struggles to gain the black vote, or at least grow that share of his support, a rapper says sanders is the best choice. he'll join us in a moment.
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the polls here are open across south carolina. democrats choosing their choice for the nomination. bernie sanders is in super tuesday states today, texas, minnesota. will not be returning to south carolina this evening as a results come n hillary clinton will be here for a watch party. want to bring in one of sanders' supporters, atlanta musician and
7:28 am
rapper mike renld der. >> the reporting there is that there was a much smaller crowd expected, one of the smallest crowds that he received recently. this is supposed to be his strong hold. young people, college students. why is he struggling here? this is not what we saw for clinton when she was in south carolina state. >> he campaigned here a few time. her husband campaigned here. but i dare to say kids were in school. i was on the college campuses yesterday. and throughout the college campuses, i saw bernie buttons. i saw kids saying i'm voting for him. they were walking down the street going to vote. so the narrative i'm seeing on the grassroots and ground level is far different. i haven't watched much television. i don't know the story. but as i'm meeting people on the
7:29 am
ground here, younger people overwhelmingly are voegt beting bernie. >> i want you to read something i read in the daily beat from a cnn contributor. put it up on the screen. he writes, from his bouts with the president to the laws he contested to the company he keeps, sanders raises alarm bells for obama supporters, especially those from the african-american community. one of the surrogateses, one of the supporters who has been very controversial, very critical of the president, he is the right ambassador to african-americans for bernie sanlders? >> cornell west? >> yes. >> i think cornell west is a great ambassador for african-americans, for human beings. i want to encourage african-americans, as we look at our history, let's look at it truthfully. martin luther kin said a revolution needs to happen. people in atlanta at the time said we have to figure it out go. to alabama and get it figured out. he went to alabama.
7:30 am
he was called a radical. he was told he was out of line with the black middle class. and he fought through it. in the last years of his life, in fighting for the poor people's campaign, and the rights of workers, he was ostracized, broke, band ond by many who had been supporters. i would rather be on the side of someone who match what's dr. king's philosophy like a cornell west in terms ff you're not radically shaking up something, not much is happening. you're familiar with the labor figure called lucy parsis. the smamost progress happens af shaking things up. that includes our president of the united states and our more radical people that are willing to shake things up with us, dr. west is one of those people. >> and part of your interduction last night, you said if people tell you are wrong, walk past your mother being walk past other members of your family. do you think is a natural resistance to bernie sanders and to his message that some of the younger supporters who might consider voting for him have to
7:31 am
get past older voters, older african-americans? >> i don't think older voters resist the policy. i think his policy is firmly in line with what civil rights and abolitionists 100 years before and firmly in line with human rights. i think that what we're afraid of is the democratic party for the last 51 years have been black people's only protection against mis-use of us against laws that we're racist, against people that were mean and evil. i think that the democratic party is good of a job as they've done, they have a lot to go. a long way to go. i think that our standards, however high could be raised higher. i think that we could require more of the party we tow the line for. and i think that if you give me 12, $15 as an option. i think if you say, hey, we'll look into reversing some of the crime deals that have caused black men to be locked up, i think it's fair to say we'll decrease the prison population. i'm not saying good isn't good. i'm saying good isn't good enough. we should expect great out of this great party. >> mike render, good to have you
7:32 am
with us this morning. i appreciate the conversation. >> thank you so much. >> all right. thank you so much. south carolina's turn to cast the ballots for the democratic presidential nominee. coming up, we'll talk to voters to find out how they're making that decision. we'll also take a look at who is picking up support from african-american voters across south carolina in the last few hours. (engine noises winding up)
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(water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. voting to day in south carolina. the candidates are looking ahead to soup tuesday. you see here on the right of the screen the former president bill clinton. he is in edmond, oklahoma, campaigning for his wife at the university of central oklahoma. let's listen in for a moment. >> they say they want to build walls. she said, no, let's build letters of opportunity and empowerment and tear down barriers. they say they want to make america great again.
7:36 am
she said, i don't think we ever stopped being great. we stopped being whole. let's make america whole again and let everybody go along for the ride. let's get the incomes up, first of all, creating more good jobs and jobs in areas that have less than average wages. jobs cannot be sent overseas. let's begin with a big plan to modern yiize our infrastructured be the clean energy superpower of the world. your neighbor, i think it is interesting that your neighbor, texas, which brag os on being t oil capital of the university gheshgts a third of the electricity from the wind. one of those states, iowa, creates the lowest electric rates in america. there is no accident that they're growing like crazy. and we still need the oil because if you got any clothes on, chances are it has petroleum
7:37 am
in it. so we got to do this. if we put up 500 million solar panels in the in the next four years, that will create a lot of jobs in america. if we modernize our bridges and ports it will create a lot of jobs. you're upset by what you saw in flint, michigan. you couldn't be a person and not be upset of what you need to know is it is far from the only place in america where children have elevated lead levels in their blood. it is everywhere in america where there are old, lead pipes that have been allowed to rust out because we were too short sighted to modernize what is under the ground and that's a big part of her program, too. if you -- >> former president bill clinton there campaigning for his wife on the campus of the university of central oklahoma there in
7:38 am
edmo edmond, oklahoma. now secretary clinton expected to win here in south carolina, in part, due to the strong support she has from the african-american community here. a recent cnn poll found that 65% of black likely voters here support clinton over 28% who support bernie sanders. now that's a far cry from the last time clinton cam panld hpa eight years ago when barack obama won by 28 points. some attribute that in part to the harsh comments from president bill clinton and senator clinton. so how did the clintons win back south carolina's black voters? let's bring in our cnn political commentator charles lowe. good to you have here. i want to take people back to 2008 and hear what was at the center of the controversy. watch. >> you sned 2004 there was no difference between you and george bush on the war. you took that speech and you're running on that off your website in 2004. and there is no difference in your voting record and hillary's ever since. give me a break.
7:39 am
>> dr. martin luther king jr. led a movement. he was gassed. he was beaten. he was jailed. and then he worked with president johnson to get the civil rights laws passed. because the dream couldn't be realized until finally it was legally permissible. >> jesse jackson won south carolina twice in '84 and 'wi88. he's a good candidate with a good organization. >> those comments angered a lot of people. he endorsed hillary clinton. >> i hope he understand what's that means. you get excited in the campaigns. i can understand he wanted to defend his honor and his own record. and that is to be expected.
7:40 am
but you can do that in a way that won't ingender the kind of feeling that's seem to be bubbling up as a result of this. >> so, charles, how did the clintons win back the support of black voters here in south carolina? >> well, i think it's a lot of things happening. first of all, two people running are very different. bernie sanders doesn't have the kind of -- he doesn't have the presence that barack obama, neither one of them have the charisma of barack obama. but also, you know, there was kind of a historical resonance for a lot of black voters that if nominated and elected, become first black president. there was a very strong appeal for him, particularly after he won in iowa. but in addition to that, i think a lot of people look at her coming on to this administration and being loyal to him as a way of, you know, looking at it this time around as repaying that loyalty. whether or not you agree with that that, they should do that, i think that is a sentiment that
7:41 am
exists. those two are able to get over it themselves, then maybe question get over it. i think that exists in the body of politics. so all of that is happening. i think, you know, in 2008, it was such a shock to the clinton system, both of them, that he was able to win both in iowa but also in the south. if you look at the last 40 years of democratic nominees from the south, southerners do incredibly well. so you have -- you have carter, clinton, gore. they all won every southern state. carter didn't win west virginia. wasn't in west virginia. people who are not from the south don't do that well. i think when you were coming to south carolina and you realize she's not going to be able to win every southern state which is i think what they were counting on. they count on that history. you saw the crack. you saw a big shock by it in a way. >> let me show you something
7:42 am
else that i think shocked the senator -- sorry, the secretary. when we saw just earlier this week black lives matter protester who showed up at a private event holding a sign saying we need to bring them to heal, referencing a statement she made back in 1996 and supported the crime bill that passed. she then wrote in or told "the washington post," put up that on the screen. i think we have the wrong thing up here. what she said is i should not have used those words and i would not use them today. unfortunately, today there are way too many of those kids, especially those in african-american communities that we haven't done right by them. we need to. is that enough? has she solved that issue with the black lives matter movement and people still have questions about the crime bill. >> well, my feelings of it may be different from south carolina voters. i believe that if you say something out of your mouth that's wrong, then you need to say something out of your mouth to fix it. this idea of issuing a statement rather than giving the clip that
7:43 am
will be on sound. this is a strategic move, right? you don't want to be in the middle of a campaign saying apologize for something. i shouldn't have used that statement. right? it doesn't say that after indica advocating for that bill was a problem. even her husband said that, he signed the bill into the law said that it made the situation worse not better. i think at some point she has to come to terms and say that. i don't think she'll say it in the middle of a political campaign. but she's had 20 years to deal with that and has not. and has been in front of many black audiences and could have done it. you know, so my feeling is i would like for you -- there to be some atoning for what -- for some of the policy positions you advocated in front of a camera, out of your mouth. you said things out of your mouth that advocated those positions.
7:44 am
so i think there should be some reckonning. >> this is not the last time the black voters will be part of the democratic electorate. so we'll see if that comes. charles, good to you have here in columbia. quick break and we'll be back. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. rightabreva can heal itold sore, in as few as two and a half days
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common core education standards are a staple for every
7:48 am
republican candidate. the controversial way to evaluate students, schools, teachers. it started under the bush administration. and now conservatives are one of the biggest opponents. there is someone making it part of her life work to support that curriculum. in an interview with cnn's aaron burnett, melinda gates explains why she backs common core. >> all right. another thing that you have fought passionately for and made a very, very big impact with the common core which is obviously, a set of standards in education in the united states where it says by a certain age or certain grade level you need to be able to do certain things. part stems from the fact that american kids are way behind in stem. and a way to fix that is say you need to be able to do fractions by this age. you need to be able to do things. it sounds uncontroversial but it is incredibly controversial. i'll play for you a couple things that have been said. >> if i'm elected president, i will direct the u.s. department
7:49 am
of education that common core ends today. >> so common core is a total disaster. we can't let it continue. >> whether yn you hear those co, what do you say? >> i say, don't we want kids to learn what they need to learn to participate in the economy and in society long term? we know u.s. kids are behind the other nations both if reading and in math and in science. so if they need to learn what is important to learn to be part of the information age and to go on to get a great job, to me, that just makes sense. and the other thing, it's almost like we forgot history. it was over 40 governors at the state level who decided they want common core. so it's funny to me that we're talking about this from a federal level. it's actually the state that decided and that are implementing it. the other thing that is interesting is the more teachers are teaching to the common core, they're saying that they're seeing the benefit of it and
7:50 am
seeing their kids advance. to me the evidence is. there it should take hold and will. >> so this whole it's coming from the fed and pushing this down on everybody is just -- not accurate? >> no, when you're in the schools, it's been this past fall in kentucky, it's been the state implementing the common core the longest and guess what? it's the states getting the biggest gains in reading and math across the nation. so when you talk to the teachers, they say we don't even listen to what's going on at the national level. we're just teaching what makes sense notice classroom and this is working for our kids. i'd rather trust the teachers than i would, you know, some noise going on a political level. >> they discussed so much more including a topic she's really passionate about which is poverty. you can see that entire interview at you know sh music mogul has his own answer to this oscar controversy that we've been seeing bubble up. coming up, how russell simmons plans to use comedy to make his point about race in hollywood. and at the top of the hour, live
7:51 am
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[jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! russell simmons is addressing the oscars controversy with his own award
7:55 am
show. he put together the movie awards, really very quickly in ten days i think he said. he wants to impart to use comedy to highlight the issues in hollywood. i talked to him about it earlier regarding using humor to open up that dialogue. i understand there were words such as best picture, best actor, best actress, best producer, a lifetime achievement award for will smith. there are other parts, right, that were a bit of -- it is fair to call it a parody of the oscars in such that there were awards such as the best black survivor in a movie and best helpful white performance award? at the end of the day, i know that it's a serious topic. how do you think those comedic elements help us further this conversation? >> realize that comedy, poetry, art, expression is always the best way to broach these subjects. the poets and artists reach inside themselves and then find
7:56 am
the real inspiration that comes from inside. i think it's great to do it in a funny way. can you say things that are more cutting, biting, inspiring, uplifting through art. and so comedy is a way to really express a lot of what i believe we want to express. the segregation is so deep. there's not a person of color that can get affected by the movie. >> you can see the full interview tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. on "new day weekend." it's really -- gives you snog think about, certainly. also, want to let you know that don lemon will be on the oscars red carpet for hollywood's biggest night tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern am you can see it. there we hope you'll would be us tomorrow morning fl we'll be back here then. right now we can say good-bye to you and hey, victor. >> coming up in atlanta, the next couple of minutes, cnn
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it is decision day here in south carolina for the democrats. hillary clinton hoping to pull out a big


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