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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. it is decision day here in south carolina for the democrats. hillary clinton hoping to pull out a big victory over bernie sanders. each one wanting that momentum heading into super tuesday. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield, we're live in columbia, south carolina. the polls are open for another seven hours in south carolina. up for grabs are 53 delegates in the democratic primary. there's a widely held expectation of a big win today for hillary clinton.
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this is a state that she lost to barack obama back in 2008 and it helped give him the momentum to become the democratic nominee. so what's going to happen this time? clinton is actually at a get out to vote event in fairfield, alabama, not here in south carolina. she will return to the palmetto state tonight for what is expected to be, her camp is hoping will be a victory party. our chris frates is in alabama where clinton will be. chris, what is to be expected there? >> reporter: hey, good morning -- good morning, actually, fred. hillary clinton in south carolina today. because it's the end of the road here in south carolina. the beginning of the sprint to super tuesday. super tuesday, of course, the biggest primary day of the year. 11 states going to the polls for democrats. 20% of the delegates that hillary clinton and bernie sanders need to get that nomination are going to be up for grabs.
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that's why she is here in alabama. she's doing a get out to vote rally and it's no surprise she's here in the south. she's looking to have a big night here in tuesday, in the south, we're talking alabama, her home state of arkansas, georgia, texas, these are all places where hillary clinton feels that she needs to do well and she can do well largely on the street of african-american voters. these states look like south carolina. not that hillary clinton wins sc sc, the clinton campaign feels comfortable that they're going to pull out a big win there tonight. what is the margin of votes that she brings for african-americans? does she bring the drive out larger than expected? that will be a big harbinger of things to come going up into super tuesday. they want to get a rollout in south carolina and get a boost of momentum. bernie sanders for his part not going back to south carolina, no surprise there. he's in texas and missouri.
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he wants to stay even with clinton, he wants to fight her into a draw and win where he can. that's his home turf, we're talking new england, massachusetts, vermont. they feel good if they can pick up those states. colorado, they want a fight and texas as well. bernie sanders still understanding he needs to make inroads with that african-american community because going forward these states have a much bigger constituency. unlike iowa, new hampshire, much whiter than the rest of the country. he wants to make inrhodes, he spent money doing $1.7 million in south carolina. hillary clinton spent $2.1 million. starting to introduce it in new hampshire going big in south carolina, even this week, talking about african-american youth unemployment is higher than whites. african-american women have a bigger age disparity than white
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women. he's stuaarted to talk about th reform, racial inequality. he's trying to make inroads and the african-american community in south carolina that will be good news for him going into the south carolina race. fred. >> and chris, former congresswoman gabby giffords who barely survived being shot in the head has made an emotional appeal on behalf of clinton. and here it is. >> i'm fed up. we have a gun violence problem. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. she's tough. she will stand up to the gun lobby. she will fight to make our families safer. it matters. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> so, chris, how does this resonate in alabama, where is a
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big second amendment state? >> reporter: well this resonates well with democrats across the country but they're not airing it here in alabama. that ad is airing in massachusetts. those ideals and ideas play bigger up there. they're trying to take on bernie sanders on his home turf. he's soft on gun control according to the hillary clinton people that's because he's a senator in vermont. they have a different gun culture in vermont so he's been a little more conservative with his record. hillary clinton trying to exploit that. when you look at the spending there, the ads, hillary clinton spending $1 million. bernie sanders, $2.6 million. he's making a stand. hillary clinton trying to eat into his lead there so that is part of had his battle and things are getting a little nasty out there, fred. >> nasty indeed. thank you so much. chris frates, appreciate that in fairfield, alabama. so hillary clinton has big supporters there at that rally where chris is, as well as supporters here in south
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carolina. like congressman jim clyburn, and the mayor of south carolina who was featured in an ad released this week in fact. >> i'm the mayor of south carolina's capital city, but this is my most important job. that's why i took the time to write an open letter to my daughters explain why i'm working so hard to elect hillary clinton. yes, i know she'll get equal pay for women, make college more affordable and top the republicans from taking this back. and she'll fight for our sons and daughters. >> and the mayor is joining me right now. last hour, i spoke to representative justin bamberg, a bernie sanders supporter, who justified why he feels like his vision is the vision of the future. what's your best argument that you're making to your daughters in that open letter and to the rest of south carolina, about why it's hillary clinton as you see as the candidate of the future. >> sure, i appreciate that.
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and i appreciate justin and everyone else who has that opinion. the thing is today the voters of south carolina will be able to express their collective opinion and we believe the message will be clear that hillary clinton will win and win big in south carolina. we need candidates on both sides of the aisle who can appeal to a broad swath of the electorate that focus on issues at the matter. i don't believe that they're african-american issues, they're american issues. how we're going to fight for thoughtful criminal justice reforms. who has a record of working with these issues of health care reform. i will tell you, the letter i wrote to my daughters was really not just about telling our children what's possible without you showing them what's possible. i saw in 2008 when president obama won. it's one of the reasons i ran for mayor of the city in 2010. i want my daughters to see if
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they work hard, get good grades to serve their community, that they also have a chance to break through the brick ceiling that's been there for women. hillary is not only the most qualified person in this race, for the nomination or on both sides of the aisle, but she may in fact be the most qualified person who has run in the last century. usually -- >> what makes you say that? >> usually these elections are in terms of domestic issues, who's strong on foreign policy issues. it's rare that you have a candidate that has strong policy on both. >> because of what record? >> hitting the ground here, 45 years ago, childrens defense fund. working on juvenile justice issues trying to get young black kids out of adult prisons. her health on health care reform two decades ago. the issues regarding women wage
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issues and the reality that women still in 2016 don't earn what their peers make, across the -- i hear it, believe me, in a houseful of women, i hear that on a regular basis. but looking forward, how do we actually get thoughtful solutions. many people forget the narrative when she was a junior senator from new york. when people didn't see her as a threat. that might run for president some day. republicans would consciously talk about the hard working disciplined coalition building approach that hillary clinton has brought to the table. and that's what it's going to take to move america forward together. >> so what has happen, you talk about these are american issues that need to be conveyed. and you spell that like she's the candidate of your choice. but when you look at the electorate, it seems like there is a divide. whether it will be among religion, race and generation. and i feel like your letter to your daughters might really symbolize the message that
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underscores the distinction of how these candidates look to the electorate, based on their age? >> yeah, yeah. >> so you've got the millennials who say i see bernie sanders as the one who is speaking to me in terms of hope. but then you have a number of elders, those who are older than the millennials who say i can look at the record of a bernie sanders or a hillary clinton. so what explains that kind of divide? you know, 0 are thor that gap b generations? >> well, i'm a public servant and a mayor whose task is getting things done so i'm not going to pretend to be a psychologist, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are appeal to get passions of people. i'm not one who believes that we need to have the press or different dem graphics showing up. we need as many people as
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possible showing up on every election day. so it makes a -- >> a record turnout for the republicans, do you see that for the democrats? >> i've been to a few boxes this morning. it's been a brisk turnout. i'm encouraged. i hope and pray that we're able to continue to have this really issues of the democratic e - primary, unlike what we're seeing on the other side of the aisle that keep people encouraged that make hillary clinton and bernie sanders better candidates. it gets them speaking to the real issues. at the end of the day, whoever the nominee is, they'll come together and push for a real picture to victory in november. i hope and pray it's hillary clinton. >> mayor benjamin, thank you very much. it's starting to warm up here. i can take off some of my layers here. i appreciate your time.
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are you going to support whoever the republican nominee is? or -- >> no. >> no? what will you do? >> i'm an independent. >> okay. so you could vote democrat or something else? >> most definitely. >> so, among the democrats then -- >> hillary. >> why? >> she's the most qualified. and i'd vote for bill again. >> all right. so, very unpredictable race here. and you can just hear that from the voters. no question, hillary clinton has made her support here in south carolina but will that momentum roll into super tuesday? that's when 13 states will choose their naum anyway awarding more than 1,000 delegates in a matter of hours. it could be a complete game-changer or cement clinton's past two nominations.
9:17 am
john king breaks it down. >> as we look for the play of super tuesday, we're finishing february, the 27th, south carolina democrats are voting today. we'll see the results tonight. hillary clinton is expecting a big win. if she gets it we'll go on to monday and super tuesday. then across the country, the first multistate primary day. a dozen states voting by the time we wake up wednesday morning, 21%, almost were 22% of the democratic delegates will be chosen. nearly 30s of the republican delegates. let's take a look at what that could mean starting with the republican race. donald trump heads into super tuesday, 82 delegates with senator cruz and kasich, need 1273. trump has now won three or four contests. he clearly has momentum going into super tuesday. look at this scenario tuesday night. trump could run the boards. he could win all 11 states on tuesday. if he did that, he would start
9:18 am
to pull away. let's stay in the sake of argument, in the one state where public polling does show trump losing, texas to cruz, trump second, marco rubio, third, kasich in fourth. that's the only one where we say that's likely to happen, at least probable to happen. even then, trump would win 10 of 11 on super tuesday, fred. and look what he would start to pull away. the question for opposition for trump is it looks like he's going to have a big day tuesday. it's almost guaranteed. he's going to start to pull ahead then how do you stop him in march? that's likely the conversation wednesday morning. let's go to the democratic race super tuesday. south carolina is voting. most people assume it's coming out like this, 60%/40% ratio. with the big lead in the superdelegates. >> all right, thanks so much, john king.
9:19 am
i don't mean to short-change you. marco rubio now speaking outside of atlanta. let's listen -- >> we're going to continue to work with perspective to feel good about tuesday. we're going to get a lot. we want to win states on tuesday. we're going to win states on tuesday. i don't care if i have to get there like i did around the country, donald trump will never be the nominee. >> how important is this state for you? >> very important, we wanted to do well today. we're excited about it and feel good about the momentum. >> senator -- >> i think the message for conservatives is for the first time in eight years we're going to have it follow the constitution. and the embrace free enterprise. you're going to have challenges and solve the problems.
9:20 am
you're going to have a president that understands the challenges we face and also optimistic about the opportunities we face. >> senator, two questions -- >> how are you going to raise the cost of higher education? >> raise the cost? i want to lower the cost. >> i'm sorry -- >> i apologize, i didn't understand the question. the only republican running with over $100,000 in student loan debt. we're the only republican that outlines a plan in how to deal with it it's on our website, we offer crediting models that allow you to acquire college credit without sitting in the classroom and the automatic method of repaying loans. today, people cannot afford to pay back the loan payments that they're facing. and right to know before you go, which will produce students with more information before they
9:21 am
borrow money. >> senator -- >> senator, on tuesday, how do you make a claim to the nomination? >> well again, we're in a proportional part of the process. here's the bottom line people need to be in on, 1237 delegates. donald trump will never have 1,237. we won't let that happen. i'll number this race as far as i need to be. >> with all due respect, a lot of republicans think -- >> here's the bottom line, as the field continues to narrow down, you'll see more and more people rally. there's a growing concern that we cannot nominate -- as we power ahead -- in the republican primary who stands and agrees with hillary clinton on planned parenthood -- on -- these are their talking points. and this is a dream for the
9:22 am
democratic party. to have a republican party like that. you know the media, you guys are sharpening your knives, as soon as he's the nominee, they're going to be standing around him to tear him apart. we're not going to allow someone like that to be our nominee, a conservative to be ahead of the party. >> senator -- >> we are going to win. we're going to win in florida. >> are you going to win on anything else. >> we'll find out, this is not a traditional race. usually in a race like this, people are pushing you. at some point there needs to be said, everybody needs to get out. that's not what's going to happen with donald trump. the majority of republican voters do not want donald trump to be the nominee. they're going to support whoever is left standing that's finding against him so we do not nominate a con artist in this very important election fight.
9:23 am
>> senator, senator -- [ inaudible question ]. >> them, they have a right to be in the race. i'm not going to ask anybody to drop out of the race. they have a right to be here as long as they want to be. ultimately, the race will narrow down and when it does it will be a clear choice. and when voters have a clear choice between two people, that's when donald trump will be out. the sooner that happens the better. i think part of it he's not as rich as he says he is. is this a guy who inherited millions of dollars from his father. if he put that money in an index stock fund he would be the richest person in the world. richer than warren buffett. it's part of the fraud he perpetuates. he took four companies into total bankruptcy. this is a guy who had his creditors put him on an allowance. he had calls all over the place
9:24 am
in the last 48 hours. bankers calling us. one of them when he took one of his companies bankrupt, they put donald trump on an allowance. it's part of what con artists do. they come to you and help you believe that they're something that they're not. that's how he got people into trump university and they realized it was a con. and they lost their money. we're not going to let that happen to the country. >> senator, could you not have taken that aggressive approach three or four months ago? >> look, i hoped that voters would see this as the way it is. obviously, we live in a different dynamic than before. if we're going to save this society from being taken over by a conarti artist, we have to bee aggressive. >> marco rubio outside of an atlanta suburb in kennesaw, stumping for votes taking
9:25 am
questions from reporters there using language like called donald trump a con artist. and even calling attention on the final history of donald trump. you know this has been going back and forth and marco rubio forever, since that very fiery cnn debate. we're going to talk more about that i'll be joined by political analysts after a short break. again, we continue to watch the road to the white house. many of the candidates stumping in various states from there, georgia, alabama, is texas, super tuesday states ahead of super tuesday. we'll be right back. this is my family. being a part of helping people in need is who i am. working at brookdale for me is not just a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i formed many connections with the residents.
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angeles in 2012. we're in over 3,000 cities across the u.s. and canada. we think we're changing the way people care for their pets. all right. welcome back. live from sk is where the democratic primary is under way. also happening at this hour, republican candidate marco rubio is holding an event in kennesaw, georgia, outside of atlanta. you see the crowds right there. moments ago. you heard him talking to reporters when his events there addresses the crowd, we'll listen in and bring that to you live. meanwhile, let's talk to our panelists with what we have heard him say. here in south carolina, daryn johnson, and a former advice mayor kasim reed. also joining from us d.c., ford o'connell, republican strategist and former mccain-palin presidential adviser and larry
9:32 am
sabato joining us from university of virginia. hello, to all of you as we look sat these live pictures out of kennesaw, georgia where any moment marco rubio will be emerging there addressing the crowd. we did hear marco rubio talking to reporters in an exchange there he said, quote, the majority of republican voters do not want trump as the nominee. wonder here as you're south carolina why is it that he wins the primary races? >> rubio knows he's got to win a state. you see the rhetoric from him getting stronger and stronger. you're right, fred. how do you stop this guy. i think what rubio knows while he's in georgia and beginning his trail across the nation for some of the area states that are coming up, he's got to go hard and basically get it back to a policy debate. but with the recent endorsement of chris christie who is we know is not a rubio fan and i think rubio is going to turn up the
9:33 am
rhetoric. >> and ford, you worked with the mccain/palin campaign, if you were advising marco rubio, would you recommend that this is the strategy to adopt at this juncture, just days away from super tuesday or is it too little too late? >> what you have to do is undermine the vision he's selling, the feeling he's selling and that is to make america great again. what you basically have to say, question the fact is donald trump going to help the little guy or is it a con artist? a successful police man or biproduct of a silver spoon berth. the problem is, he's waited too long to knock trump around. i think frankly, he's pretty much unstoppable. >> and so, larry, at this point, we're seeing that donald trump is appealing to the white collar
9:34 am
americans. he's appealing to blue collar americans and conservatives in upcoming super tuesday states, sass ted cruz is a little concerned now about the outcome potentially in texas. so, donald trump doesn't have any indianocencentive to change ways, does he? >> not at all. particularly when you have events like vice president chris christie endorsing him or attorney general christie endorsing him. they'll probably start moving to him especially after super tuesday if indeed he does come close to running the table. i don't think most people think he's going to carry texas, but he could carry most of the other states, the other republican ten contests up. fred, let me throw something up here. i think ford may have heard some of the same things there's been
9:35 am
an adjustment behind the scenes for the anti-trump votes in the republican party. most of them no longer think they can stop him prior to the convention. they now believe the only way to stop him, and this is the rubio campaign, too is he convention with a contested convention. >> i actually agree. i've heard that. i totally agree with you dr. i give trump a 70% of winning. the 30% is more likely to be a contested convention than, say, marco rubio, so, yes, i do agree with you. >> you think that's realistic? you agree with that? >> i think that's bad news for the republican establishment. one of the ways donald trump has been successful is running against the establishment. one of the rubio strategies is to get one of the mighty jeb bush supporters. i think, donald trump is more than likely going to be the republican nominee. i think he's going to be stronger and stronger as the contest goes on. >> on that issue of the establishment, wondering whether
9:36 am
the republican establishment is isn't trouble. you had chris christie who did represent the assistant, so to speak. donald trump not representing the establishment. christie being critical of donald trump and it wasn't that long ago. >> i'm really glad that donald noticed me, that's so nice. and i'm happy to take any oranges he has even if he can only do them at 140 characters or less which seems to be the only way he can communicate. i just don't believe the skills that you're talking about that donald has are transfersable but you cannot fire the speaker of the house or the senator majority leader because you don't get what you want. show time is over, everybody. we're not electing an entertainer in chief. >> first things first, this is the way politics is? >> no, understand that trump got cuban sandwiched in the debate
9:37 am
on thursday night. instead of allowing marco rubio to take a victory lap, he basically snatched away the media narrative from marco rubio on friday and he used chris christie to do it which has a big ax to grind on marco rubio. the media i.q. is literally like istein. >> thank you so much. one accusation getting thrown at trump might just stick. >> there are people that borrow $136,000 to go to trump university and they're suing them now. >> trump university heard that, what is that? and what could a civil case mean for donald trump?
9:38 am
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welcome back. we're keeping a close watch on this huge turnout for marco rubio, outside of atlanta in kennesaw, georgia. of course, when marco rubio emerge, we'll take you there live. all right. meantime, let's talk about the controversy over trump university. >> there are people. >> that's $6,000 to go to trump university and they're suing them now, $36,000 that's a university that's a fake school. >> by the way -- by the way -- >> you know what they got, a cardboard cutout of donald trump? that's what they got for $36,000. >> how do you forget that moment thursday night? the cnn debate, the attacks kept coming particularly from marco rubio. trump facing a civil suit by a number of former trump university students. they enrolled in the new defunct school trump university set up
9:43 am
for people to learn from donald trump and build the same kind of wealth that he's amassed. several trump university students claim the real estate billionaire is nothing more than a fraud. they might even agree with rubio calling trump a con man. cnn investigative correspondent drew griffin has been looking into the allegations and filed this report. >> reporter: fred, the attacks involve one of donald trump's businesses that actually failed. and now, donald trump is defending himself, both politically and in court, over his trump real estate school, that is some claim was a fraud. this was the promise of trump university when it launched, direct from the university chairman's own mouth. >> the atrump university, we teach success. that's what it's all about. success. it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: it operated from 2005 through 2010 and enrolled 10,000 students in real estate courses that range from free
9:44 am
seminars up to $35,000 for advanced training and mentoring. trump university took in an estimated $40 million from people who believed they, too, could some day become successful. >> put proven donald trump secrets to work for you. >> reporter: but it turns out not everything donald trump promises comes true. and not all of his businesses lead to success. trump university is closed. >> and it ended. why did it end? >> well, the economy crashed. the real estate market crashed and demand fell off a little bit. >> reporter: alan garten is trump's attorney for the school. he's defending three different lawsuits, two filed. >> pretrial date in may, trial date set for august. all three cases are similar. new york attorney general eric schneiderman filed his in 2013
9:45 am
and then went on cnn to explain it. >> it was a classic bait and switch scheme. it was a scam, starting with the fact it was not a university. they promised they were going to pick people with hand-picked experts from donald trump. the teachers were neither hand-picked nor experts. >> he was very involved meeting every week, every two weeks with people running the day-to-day operations. >> so the allegation that he had nothing do with that he didn't pick a single expert as the new york attorney general has claimed you say it's false? >> it's the completely untrue. they provided cnn with six of 150 affidavits he said he's collected from unsatisfied trump university students who mostly claim the education was worms. those suing say they were promised the tools and strategy and mentoring it would take to make them successful in real estate. in reality they claim they
9:46 am
learned not much at all. one student wrote, i've not been able to get in touch with anyone after i signed up for the trump goal elite program. another student who paid $25,000 to have special access to high-level mentors claims he's not been able to get in touch with his nonexistent power team. >> there's at least 10,000 people who paid. you can go and pick four affidavits from people. 20 affidavits, or 30 affidavits, it's still a miniscule amount. i happen to have in my bag people who loved the course. >> reporter: he did, providing cnn with 14 affidavits from satisfied students. he says he will continue to fight all three lawsuits until he eventually wins. even if legal fees wipe out any profit he may have made. fred, that's a strategy that donald trump reiterated in that feisty debate thursday night. he intends to fight these lawsuits and win, but, yes, there's a real possibility this republican presidential
9:47 am
front-runner could find himself in court smack dab in the middle of a political campaign. fred. >> all right, drew griffith, thank you so much. let's bring in law professor avery freeman joining us from cleveland. avery, i'm sorry, i may have to cut you off because marco rubio has a moment any. moment now in kennesaw. so, do you see that donald trump could find his way on the stand? he's already said that civil suits no big deal to him. is it a big deal? >> yeah, it say big deal, especially, i think the north case where they have evidence he created the university he knew it wasn't a university because you have to have a charter. new york officials tried to get him to stop it. it took six years, that's correct, three cases indeed there's a final pretrial in california on the 6th of may. of course, mr. trump denys it but it deals with un ethical
9:48 am
behavior and fraud and deceptiveness. we saw the new york attorney general create 50 affidavits. we saw then 1 v50 affidavits. it is deadly serious. >> avery freeman, thank you for your expertise and your dedication for hanging out with us like this. let's go to the atlanta suburb of kennesaw and listen to marco rubio. [ applause ] >> but first we have to win this primary. and this primary has been an interesting ride. and we're going to talk about it in a little bit here today. yes. now, i want to be frank with you, you deserve the truth about what's happening. here's what's happening, our party after four states have voted according to all the polls is on the verge of being taken
9:49 am
over, the party of lincoln and reagan is on the verge of being taken over by a con artist named donald trump. now, how do con artists work? here's how a con artist works. a con artist identifies people who are struggling and convinces you that they have something that will help turn that around, jock and donald trump has done this before he had a school or thing called trump university. what he would do, he'd go to people looking to make more money. they've been calling our office nonstop after the debate. literally, e-mails, phone calls, we're talking to a lot of them. you're going to be hearing from them very soon. people who paid as much as $35,000 because they were told that donald trump's great real estate genius was going to give them the secrets to making money. they were told to max your credit card, you could make more money if you sign up for the gold course or whatever it is. and they did. at the end of the process, all
9:50 am
they did is a certificate is and got to take a picture with a cardboard cutout of donald trump. that's what they got, okay? that is called a conjob, okay? that is what he's doing now to millions of americans. millions of americans hurting. people are struggling. you're struggling some of you are. you're working as hard as you have and you're running in place. you have trouble moving ahead because the world has been unfair. here comes this guy and tells you i am going to help to turn this around because i've been very successful in business. not really. he inherited millions of dollars. if he had taken those millions of dollars and put them into the stock market just like say normal person would do just into the stock market, he would have more money today than warren buffett, instead, he invested in holds that went bankrupt. he bankrupted a casino -- how do you bankrupt a casino?
9:51 am
the house always womenins. here's what's not funny about that, anytime he bankrupted a business the people who paid the price were the character contra had hired. we're also hearing from them. small businesses that didn't work, he pulled his money out and they never got paid. he is not some great businessman. he's taken four companies into bankruptcy. ever here of trump air? it's gone. four companies bankrupt. please not a genius. he's a guy that inherited millions of dollars had he invested in the stock market he would have been better off. he says i'm going to take on immigration. he's the only one running for president that ever hired immigrants to work for him oh, no he's going to protect you from immigrants taking your jobs. why isn't he hiring foreigners to do the jobs at his hotel that
9:52 am
americans are trying to get, and he's hiring foreigners to do the job. he's fighting for the little guy, the little guy are the people he's cheated the whole time he's been in business. time and again it is a con job. he puts himself oh, i'm a strong leader. the other day he told the protester i'm going to punch you in the face. he has never punched anyone in the face. never punched anyone in the face. okay. he's been a guy that's been protected his whole life and privileged his whole life, insulated his whole life. nothing tough about any of that. this is a massive fraud that he's perpetuating. here's the problem. the stakes are not just a free degree. stakes are giving control of the party of lincoln and reagan, the union, the united states over to a con artist. i will do whatever it takes, i will campaign as long as it takes i will stay in this race as long as it takes.
9:53 am
donald trump, a con artist, will never get control of this party. and the time has come for you, i know some of your friends have bought into this. listen, friends don't let friends vote for con artists. it is time to open our eyes. it is time to open our eyes. we cannot allow a con artist to get access to the nuclear codes of the united states. it's a big fraud. and it's time to open our eyes and we will in the days and weeks to come, i'm confident of it. what happens when you attack donald? he goes on twitter. you guys want to have a little fun today? all right, all right. well, last night, he actually was pretty calm after i punched him around a little bit.
9:54 am
he -- i think he's -- well -- yeah, he's learning how to spell, i guess somebody said here. but he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting, so, here's the one tweet he put out. he put out a picture of having makeup put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that the guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on makeup. donald trump likes to sue people. he should sue whoever did that to his face with that -- all right. so, let's move on, because this is an important election. why am i so fired up about this? this is not just because i want to save the country from a con man. it's not because i want to save the party from a con artist. but because this election is so important for our future. what is at stake here is not just who the next president is
9:55 am
going to be. what is at stake what kind of country is america going to be in the 21st century. and we have a chance to make this country better than it ever has been. but that is not the road that we are on right now. that is not the road we are on right now. the last eight years have placed us on a road that will leave us as the first americans, who will leave our children, worse off than ourselves. that's the road we're going stay on if we nominate someone who cannot win. if you nominate a con artist, i promise the media will rip him apart. watch the media coverage. there's reasons they're laying off of him. i'm convinced the recorders are scared of the twitter hate. i think the biggest reason is their licking their chops. the day he's the nominee which of course is never going to happen, they're going to tear him to shreds. the democrats are gleeful about it, they know if i'm nominated,
9:56 am
we're going to win. they attack me more than anyone else in this race. the democrats attack me more than anyone else in this race. they know if i'm nominated we will win. we will unite this party and we will grow it. but they're holding back and we know if we nominate donald trump, they're going to win. they can't wait to shred him and they did. we cannot afford to lose this election. if we stay on the road we're on right now, if bennie sanders is elected president, we will -- bernie sanders is a socialist. now, usually, when you call someone a socialist in american politics, they get bad about it. bernie says it in his commercials. he's a socialist. we don't want to be a socialist country. if you want to live in a socialist country, move to a socialist country. we want to be america.
9:57 am
hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states because she took classified information, put it on her e-mail server because she thinks she's above the law. no one is above the law. and hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. because, because, on september 11th of 2012, four americans died in the service of our cover in benghazi, libya, and she knew that they died because of a terrorist attack. and she told their families it was because of a movie. anyone who lies to the family of americans who have lost their lives in the service of our country can never be the commander in chief of the united states of america.
9:58 am
we cannot lose this election. we cannot lose this election. if you nominate me, we will not lose this election. unlike anyone left in this race, i will unite this party. we don't have to agree on everything. we agree on most everything. we will come together. we won't just come together, we will grow this party. we will take our message to people who don't vote for us now. people who live the way i grew up. people living paycheck to paycheck. people struggling with the cost of student loan debt. like i had student loan debt. over $100,000 of student loan debt. yeah, don't clap for student loan debt. it's not a good thing. i have never met her but i paid sallie mae a lot of money. someone asked my is that my prom date, when is the prom, i don't know. the last time i went to the prom i had a tacky tuxedo on, a long
9:59 am
time ago. when is the prom? march 12th. i think that's after the primary, but i may come back and do the prom, what do you think, huh? we are going to win this election, because we will take our message that don't vote for us, we'll grow it and win. when you make me president of the united states, for the first time in eight years, you are going to have a president that follows the constitution of united states of america. a president that defends your first amendment right. your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your fate and every aspect of your life. a president that defends your
10:00 am
second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. and a president who believes that our solutions are not found in a big federal government. they are found in our homes and in our communities. and if it's even found in government, it's at the state level, not in washington, d.c. for the first time in eight years, you're going to have a president that follows the constitution. that means on my first day in office, in my first moments in office, i will cancel every sing. one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. every one of them. when you make me president, when you make me president, we are going to have a president that embraces a free economy. free enterprise works, i know it, because my parents, we're not rich people. my f


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