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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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life. a president that defends your second amendment right to protect yourself and your family. and a president who believes that our solutions are not found in a big federal government. they are found in our homes and in our communities. and if it's even found in government, it's at the state level, not in washington, d.c. for the first time in eight years, you're going to have a president that follows the constitution. that means on my first day in office, in my first moments in office, i will cancel every sing. one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. every one of them. when you make me president, when you make me president, we are going to have a president that embraces a free economy. free enterprise works, i know it, because my parents, we're not rich people. my father was a bartender and my
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mother was a maid. the reason they had a job is because free enterprise works. because someone who had access to money risked that money to open up a hotel and hire them. free enterprise works because it is the only economic model in the world where you can make poor people richer, and you don't have to make rich people poorer. we are going to save free enterprise. we're going to fix our tax code. i have a plan out there to do that we are going to roll back these crazy regulations that come out of the federal government. we are going to save social security and medicare and balance our budgets. we are going to fully utilize the energy resources that god has blessed america with. and we are going to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all.
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when i'm president of the united states, you will have a real commander in chief, not like the weak one that we have right now. the world has become a very dangerous place. there is a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. and some would say a lunatic trying to get ahold of nuclear weapons in america. but that's different. we have a lunatic in north korea with nuclear weapons. we have the chinese government taking over the south china sea, building up their military, stealing our inventions and making donald trump's ties. and hats. yeah. it's amazing, he's going to bring back jobs from overseas, but he makes all his tacky clothes in china and mexico. and russia, vladimir putin is sowing instability in the middle east and europe. you have in the middle east -- >> you're listening to marco
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rubio outside of atlanta in kennesaw. perhaps this has been the most fiery and perhaps even comical marco rubio that we have been able to see in a very long time. he's rallying support there past last-ditch effort, he hasn't won a contest yet. and he reiterated that. you got to win a contest. haven't done that yet. he's hoping that the folks there in georgia, one of the 13 states, super tuesday states will get behind him. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield live from you at the university of south carolina where democrats are voting today. but that hasn't stopped republicans like marco rubio stumping in various states leading up to super tuesday. we're also waiting right now to hear from donald trump. a rally could start at any moment now there in arkansas. perhaps his folks are listening to marco rubio who was unleashed there who went as far as saying donald trump he is not some great businessman, why sell
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hiring foreigners to do the jobs of meramericans and he even classified donald trump to be protected and privileged. he's not a tough guy, he's been protected and privileged his whole life. now perhaps the trump camp are thinking about, how will they respond to the words of marco rubio. just moments ago, before marco rubio took to that huge crowd there in kennesaw, he had this to say when addressing reporters. >> i don't care if i have to get in my pickup truck and drive around the country like i did when i ran for the senate, donald trump will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. he's going around and telling people he's a great successful businessman. he took four companies to bankruptcy. part of what con artists do, they come to you and help and make you believe that they're something that they're not. that's how he got people into trump university, they realized it was a con, they lost their
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money, we're not going to let that happen to the country. >> marco rubio in kennesaw saying he's going to stay in the race as long as possible. cnn's jim acosta is in bentonville, there on the right-hand side of the screen, you see the location of the donald trump -- my producer -- sorry -- say that one more time. >> okay. apparently, people are -- go ahead, jim. >> reporter: yeah, no i was just going to explain, we saw this in iowa, and i didn't want our viewers to miss this because it could happen right in the middle of our live shot here. donald trump did this flyby in his plane in iowa. we believe he's about to do that to put on a show in bentonville, arkansas, kind of revs up the crowd and they're playing the theme, trump is refer touring t
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as trump force one. you were just talking about marco rubio and the comments that were directed at donald trump a few moments ago, saying that donald trump may want to sue the guy that does his makeup. you know, this is the exchange of insults we've heard over the last 24 hours. marco rubio has obviously made the decision to take on donald trump he has to outdo donald trump. but, you know, i want to just sort -- some sound that we heard from donald trump yelled, because he was really answering this criticism from marco rubio, sort of trading insult with insult. let's play a little bit of that. if that plane comes in here, fredric fredricka, i'll let you know. >> he's a nervous basket case. here's a guy -- you had to see him backstage. he was putting on makeup with a trowel. no. i don't want to say that.
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i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. >> out of nowhere, he goes, on live television, a response, he joked just like he did with chris. he's a joker. he joked with chris. all of a sudden, he goes like this, remember. i said, where is he? then he comes back with water. and honestly, water is fine. but it should be in a glass. he's got the label of the company here, and he's drinking -- never, honestly, i've never seen anything like it. >> here we go. >> reporter: okay, fredricka, you might be able to make this out here in our shot. maybe this is slightly ridiculous to be doing this, but we are following the trump plane as its circling the hangar here. this is part of the showmanship of the donald trump campaign.
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it does rev up the crowds. this is part of the reason why you see these big crowds showing up for donald trump at these events. we believe that the gop front-runner is going to be joined by new jersey governor chris christie, unless those travel plans have changed. just to give you a sense of the other endorsements that are coming in. mike huckabee's daughter sarah huckabee-sanders, his daughter. so donald trump is starting to line up some of the corners of the gop establishment. and some of this criticism from marco rubio appears to be touching a nerve. in the last hour or so, donald trump has been sending out tweets, sort of responding to his criticism from marco rubio saying that, you know, he didn't get $200 million from his father as marco rubio said during the cnn debate on thursday night. he said it was $1 million and he paid the money back. he also said that he is planning
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on releasing his tax returns just as soon as he gets underneath the irs audit that is apparently under way. so, even though he's been saying that the taunts from marco rubio are not affecting him, and chris christie is also saying that, donald trump does feel like he has to respond. which is something you haven't seen a whole lot of during the course of this campaign. of course, we'll keep the camera focused on the tarmac and let you know when donald trump lands, fredricka. >> jim, i know it's going to be hard to hear me because you've got the music pumped up there. this is really political theater on a whole new level. you talk about trump force one. and the threat of comedy, marco rubio who called it "hair force one." he's getting personal now. talking about the spray tan of donald trump, hair force one. and also calling him a con artist, that we've heard from now, with this kind of fly-in.
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clearly, donald trump has been tweeting. he has to respond to the new marco rubio. the marco rubio who is going for the jugular. >> reporter: he is going for the jugular. but, you know, donald trump may answer all of this on super tuesday. keep in mind, you know, if he really sweeps through the states and we should add the caveat there is some proportional allocation of delegates on super tuesday. it's not winner take all. so he won't completely put away his rivals on tuesday if he does as well as his polls are indicating. that may put a lot of this to rest. it may show once again when you attack donald trump, he attacks back. sometimes, it doesn't always work out. you saw jeb bush employ this tactic in south carolina. he sort of had it, didn't work fought for jeb bush. ted cruz has tried it as well. it did not work out for ted cruz. marco rubio is sort of -- he's doing this on steroids. and really just trading insult
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with insult with donald trump. will that ultimately work? we'll have to wait and see. it has obviously created an opportunity for marco rubio. he's getting a lot more coverage. his speechers have run gavel to gavel. donald trump saying this morning on twitter this morning he's going to release his tax returns as soon as he gets underneath his audit. that is an indication that, yes, some of what marco rubio is saying is having an effect. i will tell you, we do understand marco rubio releasing his tax returns today. we don't expect any bombshells like mitt romney saying might be working in trump's tactics. frankly, a lot of people inside of the establishment have been asking this question, why hasn't anyone gone after donald trump, opened up the opposition
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research? i guess the campaign decided well, you better do it now, now or never, fredricka. >> all right. we're going to find out if now could indeed make an impact as donald trump has done so well in the first context of this race. jim acosta. thank you so much, we'll check back with you as trump force one comes in for a landing. i kind of felt the music was getting louder and louder the more you and i were talking. now there's a bit of an impasse. so donald trump's views on immigration may have helped him become the republic front-runner. particularly with the hispanic community. fox comparing him to hitler. >> he reminds me of hitler. we saw it like in the beginning. he's going to use the power to do what he likes, without
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considering that with the republicans and democrats but he knows that he's had that, but should be for the rest of the world so he's behaving very, very, very poorly. >> all right. former mexican president vicente fox there, as you also see, to the right of the screen, trump force one, as he likes to call it, making a landing there in bentonville, arkansas. before addressing a huge crowd there for a rally in arkansas. one of the 13 super tuesday states. so, let's talk more about the entrance polls. take a look right here. entrance polls from the nevada caucuses, showing trump capturing the hispanic vote. we should note that was a very small sample of voters. let's talk more about this with rachel compose duffy, he's a international spokeswoman for a
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nonprofit aimed at helping the hip pansic community. and the author and strategist leslie sanchez. and rafael ramos also. rachel, first, let me talk to you about vicente fox's comments there, making the comparisons of donald trump with hitler. and this on the heels of what we just heard marco rubio describing donald trump as a con man. coming out very strong at this portion of the race. now, just days away from super tuesday. so, rachel, what's your reaction to what vicente fox is saying? and whether that resonates particularly among the lat 19 voters? >> so, what marco rubio is saying, caulk him a con artist, calling into question his practices versus what he says on the stump, i'm for the american worker, but then showing evidence that he's hired undocumented workers when it was
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convenient for him and his bottom line, those are effective punches that are causing republicans to take a second look at him. vicente fox is actually helping trump because, look, the hispanic voter is an american first. and doesn't like to have some foreign meter intervening or commenting on the election. moreover, all of us hispanics have a lot of empathy for people coming here searching for opportunity. we don't have as much empathy for those in political power and other latin america countries that are driving policies, corruption, all kinds of things that are actually driving these people over to our country looking for opportunity. and vicente fox knows if it was in his corner, that the mexican government is facing a lot more pressure to reform its government, get rid of corruption and introduce policies that offer opportunity and alleviate poverty.
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so he's not really an honest broker in this. so, i think he's actually helping donald trump. marco rubio's hits are landing hard, i think unfortunately, late in the game, but maybe enough time to make a difference and cause people to take a second look. >> leslie, do you see there are conflicting messages here because you have to look back sometimes before you look forward? when you look at the nevada races, you hear donald trump boasting of the fact that he captured much of the latino vote. but then you have "the washington post" polls saying it was like 8 out of 10 latinos who do not support donald trump. so, which is it? i mean, who is donald trump appealing to moving forward? particularly as it pertains to the latino vote? i know they don't vote as a monolithic, you know, support, for any particular candidate. but how do you make sense of the real contrast in conflicting
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messages here? >> sure, unraveling all of this is going to be complicated, but the bottom line, donald trump does have an effect on the latino vote in two ways. for folks who were already left of center or newer immigrant populations there is a lot more of a negative perception. and i will tell you, especially in western states. you're seeing a lot of younger, kind of gen-z, latino students in high school. this is their first political experience they're getting mobilized and associating a few words together, donald trump, racism and that's a drama the maic effect. you saw that in iowa, we had high school students who have never participated in politics get engaged to go against the gop. at the same time i have to reiterate kind of what rachel's point is and your point, there say vast amount of latino voters in this country,s swes especial
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southwest and want to see something done. sympathetic to that and treat people with respect, but they are just as frustrated and are going to split, i think in favor. and you will see some hue favor donald trump's rhetoric. >> and rafael -- >> and it's important -- >> okay. go ahead. >> i was just going to say the economic differences are different. there's a tendency to in the class to inflate undocumented hispanics with citizen hispanic. in seattle, many of those who are citizens are competing for jobs as those in the hospitality industry, so forth. there's a huge influx of hispanics that moved to nevada during the housing boom. it's a lot more complicated, i will reiterate what leslie is
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saying this has long-term implications in terms of conflating words like republican, racism and some of the things that donald trump has said that have been unhelpful in trying to move hispanics forward. >> rachel, hold it there. rafael, as leslie just described, you've got latinos in the west who may vote very differently and still are thinking about immigration in different ways. but you've got, you know, very conservative florida. you know, marco rubio, you know, representing florida. and you've got the fact that, cuban-americans may vote differently, think differently, than what i've been told by many puerto rican americans. so this appeal to latinos to donald trump is not all that simple. and it really depends on the regional dynamics as well of this country. >> yeah. and that's a very good point, fred. you said it before, i have to say it again, when it comes to a
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latino voting bloc one thing is clear, it's not -- it's not monolithic. there are americans who are republican and conservatives and there are puerto ricans who have simply moved from the island to florida voting democratic. and mexican-americans, frankly, just all over the place just to name the same subgroups. they went democrat in 2012 with 71% of the vote but george w. bush got 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004, the best showing ever for a republican. so when donald trump was talking about being number one with latinos tuesday, he was talking, fred, about a very small group of them who are registered republicans and who participated in the caucuses. about only 125 people by our own estimate, so, no, it is too early to tell that trump has solid support among latinos in the country as a whole.
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>> all right. thank you to all of you. appreciate to the right of your screen, you're seeing donald trump's plane arriving here in bentonville, arkansas. we're going to continue to monitor developments there as he emerges from the plane. rachel, leslie, out of time, appreciate it, rafael. so, arkansas, one of the 13 super tuesday states, going to keep close watch on this rally taking place, especially on the heels of the words we heard from marco rubio, calling donald trump a con man. will donald trump respondafter this. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs,
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evelyn likes to dance. harriett wants her fried shrimp as well. alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. they give me so much back. i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what they give me. welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in columbia, south carolina, we'll we're in the mitsz of a democratic primary here, candidates are stumping across the country, because we're only three days away now from super tuesday. there's bernie sanders in austin, texas, one of the super
10:25 am
tuesday states. let's listen in. >> -- shut down a factory here in texas and move to china if they could make five bucks more in doing it. the wealthy campaign donors who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to try to buy this election who have unbelievable power over the legislative direction of congress, the corporate media which determines what you see and -- >> all right, bernie sanders in austin, texas. we're not spending any anytime his camp is saying he's spending a lot of time in south carolina while the primaries are happening today. the polls up to 7:00 today. up for grabs, 53 delegates in this democratic primary.
10:26 am
hillary clinton is right now in alabama. she actually comes into south carolina with a sizable delegate lead over bernie sanders. we understand clinton will be spending the evening here in south carolina at what she's hoping to be a victory watch party in a state that she lost to barack obama back in 2008. will this be redemption for her? i want to bring in joe johns who is at a polling station for us. joe, are you no longer in lexington, south carolina? or have you changed your location, where are you? >> reporter: yeah, columbia, south carolina now, this is forest heights elementary school. they've seen well over 200 people come through here since the morning, i'm told, there was a line when they first opened up, polling started around 7:00 eastern time. state wide, the state polling commission is describing turnout as low or light to moderate. and that would encompass not
10:27 am
just columbia, but charleston, south carolina, greenville, and some of the other pockets around the state. so, we are obviously go to be wait for 7:00, when they finally get down to counts the votes. and there are also a lot of absentee votes, we're told about 52,000 which is well up from 2008. and hillary clinton, of course, depending and hoping for a big turnout here in south carolina. she's been pressing to try to get the african-american vote out here in the primary, to try to propel her into super tuesday. we'll see if all that happens. fred. >> all right, joe johns, thank you so much. just down the street here in columbia, south carolina at a polling station. appreciate that. okay, meantime, we continue to watch there out of bentonville, arkansas, and doesn't this look like now a familiar duo? we're talking about new jersey governor chris christie, and you
10:28 am
see just to his right is donald trump, let's listen in. >> i'm prepared to let you all know that i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. we got a lot of work to do between now and tuesday. we need arkansas. we need arkansas to be big and strong for donald trump. we need it to be donald trump on tuesday. are you ready? it's been great to travel with donald over the last couple of days. i'll tell you, i found it very interesting. very interesting to watch some of the things that some of donald's opponents are saying about him. yeah, well, you think you're booing now, wait till you hear this. you know, i saw senator rubio just saying -- just saying that he -- that he is going to work every minute he can to become the nominee for president.
10:29 am
well, that would be a real switch for senator rubio, since he doesn't work much at all. now, i'm not just making this stuff up. let me tell you exactly what marco rubio has done since he's been a united states senator. seems to me when you're a senator and you're on some committees, you should actually show up for work. do you have to show up for work? well, let's see what marco rubio did. he says he's got great foreign policy experience because he served on the foreign relations committee. now, he has missed, during his time in the senate, 60% of all the meetings of the foreign relations committee. hey, marco, show up for work for the american people. marco rubio says that he's going to help create jobs. the only person in this race that's created jobs is the guy standing right there, donald trump. how about this, marco rubio says
10:30 am
he's going to create jobs, and he's on the small business committee in the senate, and he's missed 85% of the meetings as senator. he's on the commerce committee to create economic activity. he's missed 80% of the meetings of the commerce committee. since he's been in the senate, he's missed 68% of all of the committee meetings he's been assigned to. let me say something clearer, this guy shows up for work every day. he works hard. he's built incredibly successful businesses. and let me tell you, one message to senator rubio, wherever you are right now, unlike the united states senate, president of the united states is not a no-show job, so you're not qualified. senator rubio says that, you know, mr. trump didn't start these businesses and create all of this wealth.
10:31 am
let me tell you something, i've known this family for 14 years, personally. and let me tell you what he did. his father who started off with a small business in brooklyn and queens, new york. not manhattan, everybody. brooklyn and queens. and he worked hard to help build a business. and he helped his son with a very small bit of help right at the beginning of his career. a $1 million loan that he expected. listen, we as parents know we lend our kids money we want it back, right? well, mr. trump's dad was no different. he lent him that money and turned a $1 million loan into a $10 billion fortune. that's the kind of guy we want as president of the united states. this is a family that has stood up and sacrificed for america when america needed to be sacrificed for. he has stood behind our veterans. he has helped people in need every time he's asked. this family has done what the
10:32 am
american dream is. and he wants to bring the american dream back to every american family, and he will. ladies and gentlemen, we don't need more professional washington politicians in the white house, do we? we want an american who knows how to work hard, how to stand up and how to speak the truth, and there's no one who speaks the truth like donald trump? and let me tell you one other thing. you've seen when the pressure has been on. when the pressure's been on, donald trump like it was thursday night in those debates, he stood up like a man. he fought back. he fought hard, and that's the way he'll fight for you. and then when the heat was on, senator rubio in those debates, you saw what happened. he melted. he melted. i had a ring side seat for one of those, didn't i? and donald trump did it again the other night when he looked at him and said i'm the only
10:33 am
person on this stage who has ever hired anyone. he's exactly right. we need a president who's not only going to make america great again, but we need a president that's going to make america proud again. proud to be americans. proud to be working hard. proud to raise our families in a place that is safe and secure. we need someone who is going to stand up to the people who are fighting against us and the rest of the world. donald trump is going to be that man to stand up for america. and, so, i'll tell you this, when terrorists attack america in the future, donald trump won't apologize for america. he'll stand up for america. i'm thrilled, so thrilled to see this packed airport hangar. now, are you ready to fight for
10:34 am
donald trump, come tuesday? you ready to show up and vote and give him a win in arkansas on tuesday? well, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to introduce to you the next president of the united states donald trump. >> well, thank you, chris. thank you very much. i really appreciate it. look at this turnout. this is incredible. there are many people outside that can't get into the hangar. the fire marshal won't let them in. oh, fire marshal, let me talk to you, please. please. but it's such an honor, you know, we've had tremendous results here. and i think we're going to do very well here. we're going to do well everywhere. i think the only place we're tied actually is texas, we're tied in texas. and i think we have a really
10:35 am
good chance of winning texas. people are so tired of these politicians, it's all talk. no action. and i've been watching it, i've dealt with them all my life. i've been watching them all my life. i got a glimpse of it coming in. i watched this lightweight rubio, total lightweight, little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing, bing. his new attack, he called me a con artist. i'm a con man, right? i built a great business. believe me, i wish my father loaned me 200 million or gave me $200 million. i wish my father had that money. borrowed a tiny amount of money, i started a business, it's worth more than $10 billion. i filed statements with the
10:36 am
ftc.and the feds were down there like a bunch of ants, they were so disappointed. some of the great assets of the world. very little debt. tremendous cash flow and it says so, first time i've done that because i'm a private company. believe me, if i didn't have a good statement i wouldn't have been able to run because i wouldn't have been able to file. and the filing is amazing. and the company is amazing. and the reason i tell you that is because that's the thinking we need. we have $19 trillion in debt. we're going up to $21 trillion as a country. our country is a mess. we're losing our business. companies are moving into mexico. they're moving to china. they're moving to ireland. pfizer just announced they're going to move to ireland. great company. they're moving to ireland. they're moving all over the world. they're leaving us. and our numbers, that 5% number you hear unemployment. total fiction. it's probably 25%, could even be
10:37 am
30%. because when somebody looks for a job and they give up like most people do, they go home and they say i can't do it anymore. they're considered statically employed. we have a really problem, folks, and we're going to get it solved. i will address little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth. he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz is a liar, but rubio is worse. i mean, he's worse. and i watched -- i must tell you, one of the reasons i love having chris. chris called me a couple days ago, he said what you have is say movement. he's a pro. he's one of the real endorsem t endorsements that i wanted. he called me. i was getting ready to call him. out of the blue chris called and said i want to endorse you and your campaign. i've never seen anything like
10:38 am
it. and many people have never seen anything like it. peggy noonan who is terrific. she writes a fantastic piece in "the wall street journal" talking about it. what's happening is amazing. "time" magazine, a cover story, the movement that we've created. but just to address, because i was in new hampshire which we won, by the way, not me, but we, we won. i saw the meltdown of a human being like i've never seen. it was rubio. and it was chris who started. and i'll tell you what, he is one prosecutor, isn't he? but he started. and he looked at rubio, and they went back and forth, all of a sudden, you have to understand, i've been in the center. i've been in the center for every single debate. center means good. i told cnn, are you going to announce i'm number one. they said no. nobody is going to know i'm number one unless you announce
10:39 am
it. they said you're in the center. i said, i don't care. but they don't do that. they never want to do anything. the media, most dishonest human beings on earth, i'm telling you. the most. and we're going to, by the way, while i'm on that subject, i am going to do everything i can if i win, they write false stories, they write nasty false stories and they know they're false, i've had some written more than i've seen in the last period of a few months. they wright false stories that you can't sue because the libel losses are nonexistent. we're going to open up the libel losses so we can sue and get down to damages. believe me. so important. you know what, it will be amazing how honest they'll become. right now, they can say anything they want to say. some day in the not too distant future if i win, they're not
10:40 am
going to get away with the stuff. don't we all feel that way? it's terrible. very, very dishonest people. but i watched chris go after this lightweight rubio. i watched it. and i'm sitting here and he's over here, somebody on my left, doesn't matter. and he's over here, and i see him starting to sweat. i have never seen anything like it. thank god has has really large ears, the biggest ears i've ever seen, because they were protecting him. it was going -- i have never seen any human being sweat like this guy. and he said the obama statement, once. that was fine. and then he said it twice. and i'm standing -- i had nothing to do with it because chris is over here. he's over here. just to my right. he said it a second time. and i said, oh, that's strange, i'm going like this.
10:41 am
then he said the same exact words. he memorizes phrases, like the con man. i saw bret baier say he said con man so many times during the interview. trump's a con man. the last thing i am, folks, is a con man. i built a great business, okay? i built a great business. by the way, think of this, then i do a television show call "the apprentice" and it becomes one of the top shows on television, tremendously successful, by the way, they wanted to renew me, i couldn't do it because i was doing this. steve burke, the head of comcast comes into my office. and he said i want to renew you. i said, steve, you can't do both. it's equal laws or whatever they call it. he said please. i said i can't do it. we chose arnold swarsen nchwarz.
10:42 am
and we'll see how he does. he came up with the impression "you're fired." it's great. ease got others ivanka and a lot of other people. my family, i'm so proud of. so we do a show, it's successful. i do books, right, i do the art of the deal. one of the most successful -- probably one of the most successful business books and books of its kind, ever written. and i did many other books. 12 other books. many best-sellers. and then i built this business is that unbelievable. some of the greatest assets, turnbury in scotland. built a city practically on the west side of manhattan. a big chunk of the avenues of
10:43 am
the americas in new york. the biggest in the world. and trump tower, so many things. then i listen to this light little nothing say trump's a con man. isn't it a disgrace? i mean, seriously. you know, it really is -- maybe it will make the libel laws also so we can sue lying politicians, you know because -- but -- but, you know, it's very insulting when you hear it. and thank goodness i have this. where i can get off and counteract it. because they say things that are so wrong. i don't know what cruz is staying but these two guys are in big trouble. it's almost like who cares, but they're in big trouble. rubio's won nothing. he couldn't get electe dog catcher in florida. they hate him in the state of florida. no-no, think of it, he's a politician, christian went over it, never votes, never anything. he couldn't right now if he ran for office in florida, he wouldn't get elected to any
10:44 am
office. they cannot stand him because florida is like a second home. they cannot stand the guy. and he abandoned them. think of it. he runs for senate. he wins, they give him their confidence. he wins. before he even runs he is looking for another position. they hate him in florida. that's why i'm up 22 points. can you imagine -- we have a sitting senator, at least with cruz, we're even. that's not so great for him either. because he's a sitting senator in texas. but in florida, we have a sitting senator, sand i'm up by a tremendous amount, every poll. because they can't stand the guy. now, here's the story. he sat and he stood, and i thought he was going down. and i said, man, i think he's choking. i love -- you know, it's called human whatever, i love whatever
10:45 am
watching whatever happens. i said i'm about to witness history. this guy's going down. this guy's going down. and i'm looking and i'm getting ready because, you know, it's like a lot of people, i'm a pretty strong guy. i'm getting ready to grab him because i thought he was out. and he starts sweating. and honestly, this is true. got a problem. i've never seen a human being sweat like he sweats. so, chris christie is grilling him. he says it twice. now, he says it a third time, now, that's not good, three times the exact same line, memorized. then a fourth and then a fifth. i'm looking like wow. but i'm getting ready to grab him, because i'm telling you, he's going down. i have never -- it looked like he jumped in a swimming pool and he came back. for the last debate, i see him with makeup and it's like he's putting it on with a trowel, okay. and then he got very aggressive
10:46 am
right at the beginning pi begin. i knew they were going to do that, they double-teamed me. i got great reviews. every single poll, drudge, slate, i think "time" magazine, every single poll had me winning that debate. which is amazing, every single poll. not all of the pundits had me winning but every single poll. many of the pundits, not all of them if i was abraham lincoln debating, he was a very good debater. a couple of them would say it wasn't a great night. a couple would say it was a great night. i thought it was a great night, right? but i was double-teamed by these two. but with rubio, just to finish off with him, i knew was going to be one of these nights because everybody was saying, they have no choice because they're getting killed. they're way ahead. they're way ahead nationally.
10:47 am
we're way ahead here and every place. we've got to win arkansas. we've got to win. we've got to win. maybe i'll start shopping permanently at walmart if we win arkansas. i'll never go anywhere else. we got to win arkansas. i love the people of arkansas. i know so many people, these are great people. but just remember this -- that's right, thank you. but just remember this, politicians are never going to get out to promised land. they're never, ever going to get to you the promised land. things were said in previous speeches and probably by cruz also but i didn't get to see cruz, which is just false, so many thing, done so well. first, they talk trump university. it's a small university, very small. but i got sued by a lawyer who sues. they sue because they want to see if they get some money back.
10:48 am
i could have settled this numerous times. i could settle it now. because i don't like settling suits. if you settle lawsuits, everybody sues you. it's a business story. i have presents they settle lawsuits and they can't understand why are they always sued. we have people at trump university that wrote most of them, they wrote the statement, i never saw this before, record cards, they do like recoport cards, where at the end of the class, at the end of period of time, they did a study, a report card on how you like it. some can film clips filming them. the person who did the suit wrote a statement saying it was fantastic. and did a film clip saying it was fantastic. and they just asked that she be taken out of the case. she doesn't want to be in the case anymore. and the reason they want is
10:49 am
because she's a terrible plaintiff because she did awl all these things about trump university. he put in a motion to take her out of the case. take her out of the case. the reason they want her out of the case she is a horrible, horrible witness. she's got in writing that she loves it. i could have settled it but when i saw her documentation, why would i give her money to settle the case? i probably should have but mentally i don't like to do that. i'd rather spend a lot more money and fight. got to. you got to. hey, it would have been much easier if hey, it would have been easier and cheaper if i settled. it would have been cheaper. it would have been much easier but just so you understand, all it is, people put up something and now they get lettered can you get the money back? yes, let's join.
10:50 am
the attorney general of new york, this is all a civil case by the way, a simple civil case, the attorney general of new york meets with barack obama in syracuse the following day, he sues me. what they don't say is i believe 15,000 or a lot of money was paid to the attorney general by the law firm in california, see i'm giving you sort of a life experience, is this more interesting than talking about trade, a trade is easy for us. this is almost like a story on success, because this is the way the world works. so the attorney general gets a campaign contribution from the law firm that's suing me. all of a sudden the attorney general, eric schneiderman, not respected in new york doing a terrible job, probably is not electable in new york but who knows, and he meets with owe bow
10:51 am
ma, gets a contribution i think it's $15,000 and all of a sudden he meets with obama in i believe syracuse and the following day or two brings a lawsuit against me. much of that lawsuit has been won, by the way. he's appealing it. it's on appeal but much of that case, it's a long time already, but much of that case we won. it's won. i don't mean we settled. we've won much of that case. they missed the statute of limitations and most of it is going away but nobody writes that. nobody wants to write that. we have a very hostile judge. the upshould have thrown the case out on summary judgment but because it was me and a hostility toward me by the judge, tremendous hostility beyond belief, i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine, he's hispanic, which is fine, and we haven't asked for recusal which we may do but a
10:52 am
judge very hostile. should have been thrown out. wasn't thrown out, and i say i'd rather go to court because when you go to court and you say why did you sign a document you love the school, et cetera, et cetera, why should you pay money for that. i just wanted to give you a little bit of the parameters. you keep hearing about trump university. it's a civil case, sleazebag law firm that does the class action cases they're routine and i will win the case in the end. i just didn't want to be forced to settle and i could have settled it before i did this and i knew somebody would try to use it for publicity but i believe i can turn it around to show you how dishonest these people are and that's the case. if i didn't have a hostile judge in california it would have ended years ago, a long time ago. okay, are you ready?
10:53 am
so that took place with rubio. rubio's going nowhere, hasn't won at all. they're fighting, now what they want to do is take trump on individually. they're all fighting. i saw this morning, we should get out, this one should get out, that one should get out, kasich should get out, a nice guy even though -- but he's tougher than you think, another one. he's very nice, oh, so terrible you're fighting, it's so terrible, so terrible. he's always on the end, you know, close to getting out. when you're on those end positions, i won't mention what i told other people but when you're on the end position that means you're close to, it's close to over. but every time these two guys were hitting me he looks like oh that's so terrible that you guys are fighting. we should have peace. it's all good but the worst ads taken against me were taken by kasich, and like he's such a nice guy and he is. he's fine but i'm in the, in new hampshire, which we won, by the way, we won in new hampshire.
10:54 am
we won in nevada. we won nevada. eye we won south carolina, so beautiful. i actually tweeted today we won south carolina. we won south carolina, what a great memory and now i'm watching bernie and hillary fighting in south carolina, and i have the victory in the republican side. [ booing ] and you know what i saw which was amazing, we had the largest turnout in the history of south carolina. i won by tremendous numbers, right, landslide, right? landslide. beyond. and don't forget that was supposed to be 100% ted cruz. that was going to be his, you couldn't beat him there, impossible to beat him. not only did i beat him we killed him by what was it like, 20 points, some unbelievable amount. i won with every single category. i won with women, with men, with evangelicals, with military, with the vets. we won with rich, we won with less than rich, we won with highly educated, we won with
10:55 am
pretty good education and we won with people that didn't so much with the education but doing well anyway, i love them, okay, i love them. i love them. they're my people. they're my people. eye we won with virtually every category and nevada was a blowout. we won with everything, and i if elt it, that was the caw kiss. i was worried with the caucus stuff because caucuses can get a little dishonest, can i say that word, dishonest? i went to one caucus, the biggest one in las vegas and i'll tell you, there was such love, they went crazy and there were probably 2,000 people in the room eye and of the 2,000 people, 100 people maybe, i don't think that, were possibly going to vote for somebody else. everybody was on our side, and i said this is a good sign. i got back to the room, it was long before 7:00 when the polls actually closed over there at 7:00 and they're already saying this thing is over, because they've all over the state it
10:56 am
was the same way and we ended up getting a tremendous victory by, it wasn't even a contest. [ cheers and applause ] again, with evangelicals and military. it's been a great experience and part of it is anger, and part of it is you're tired of the politicians. you're tired of guys -- >> yeah! >> you're tired -- you know what? i'm tired and you're tired of guys like little rubio who little mouthpiece goes like a mile a minute. we're tired of these people. they're never going to get anything done. they're never going to get -- by the way, rubio bought a house for $178,000 sold the house for $380,000, probably the only good deal he ever made, to a lobbyist, who i think was in front of them or close to, in front of them up in the senate, this was in florida, wanting something approved. now that's really dishonest. rubio stalled from the
10:57 am
republican party, but you know what happened? they said you stalled from the party. no i didn't. yes you did, you have a driveway built. no, i didn't. yes you did, oh, okay, well he reimbursed them. and for some reason he didn't get indicted? why? i guarantee you one thing chris christie would have indicted him so fast. [ cheers and applause ] how can he make that kind of a profit on a house to a lobbyist? that's a problem. people are controlled up here by lobbyists, you know that, right? we have the lobbyists and the special interests that have total control over these folks, but not ben, because ben is not controlled by them, although i don't know, is he getting money from i don't even care, ben's such a nice guy and by the way, what interests interests did to ben carson was a disgrace in iowa. that was a disgrace.
10:58 am
he said ben carsons that left the race, he was headed to florida, where he lives, ben carson has left the race and vote for us. at caucus you can take the people and walk around. i don't like caucus. i like you walk into a voting booth, you walk, you vote and you leave like what you people are going to do, okay? i don't like the caucus stuff. but they said ben carson has left the race, vote for us, and they wine him and dine him and bring him around, i bet you thousands of votes and i would have won iowa in my opinion if that happened because the extra votes went to him. and you know what? honestly, if we had a strong republican party, they would disqualify him for what he did honestly. if i were the head of the republican party, i wouldn't throw him out, maybe if canada we'll throw him out because that's a serious problem. he's being sued and i didn't sue
10:59 am
him, i'm so non-litigious it's amazing but he's being amazing, he's being sued because born in canada, lived there four years. i thought you had to be born here like on this soil, right here in arkansas. [ cheers and applause ] so we'll find out what happens. hey, i hope that's not the reason he has to get out. i hope we beat them, but you know what? ted has that problem, but if i were the head of the republican party, i would disqualify his iowa situation. he also did another thing. did you ever see that? voter violation. did you of see this? like a fraudulent document. looks like it came out of a government agency, so professional, says voter violation, and it talks about you're in violation of all these things. listen to this. essentially, this isn't exact but close enough. but if you vote for ted cruz and bring this in and vote for ted cruz, the violation is canceled. you have people that honestly sort of believe it. i looked at one of them and i said, man, that comes right out
11:00 am
of a government agency. that's a fraud. i saw lawyers talking about it on some of the crazy talk shows and they said it's a fraud. it's like a fraud. i would have disqualified him from his victory in iowa, because you can't do business like that. you just can't do it. you can't do it. then you take everybody, move them up a notch, now i won four in a row instead of three, i like that. and it doesn't matter. i got almost the same nun of kel delegates, one less, doesn't matter but you can't do that puff stp you can't do that stuff and frankly -- but cruz is intellectually smarter than rubio, but both they lie. i deal in the real estate business. i deal in a lot of different businesses. i meet some bad people. i meet much tougher people than a rubio or a cruz, much tougher but i've never met people that could lie like these guys. these guys are world class liars and i was helped in cruz's


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