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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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top of the hour, 4:00 p.m. eastern. thank you so much for being with us. i'm poppy harlow live in columbia, south carolina. it's election day here. special live coverage of the south carolina democratic primary. hillary clinton is looking to try to extend her winning streak three days before the super tuesday showdown. her rival bernie sanders is not campaigning here in south carolina today. he was here last night but he moved on. hop scotching across the country focusing on states he believes he has a better chance of winning tuesday. on the republican side the bitter brawl for the future, not only of the white house but of the party gets more intense by the hour. senator marco rubio accusing donald trump of trying to high-jack the gop. trump calling him, quote, little
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rubio and mr. meltdown. ted cruz slamming crump for not releasing his tax return. >> maybe his tax return that he has been giving money to a bunch of liberal causes that in additi addition, in addition to supporting hillary clinton, and chuck schumer, and harry reid, and joe biden, and jimmy carter, and john kerry, maybe in addition to that last year he wrote a big check to planned parenthood. now i have no idea if he did or not. why, he hasn't released his taxes. >> our team following it all. brianna keilar tracking the clinton camp. standing by is van jones, former republican adviser hogan gidley, the new yorker's ryan lizza. you look at south carolina right now, democrats are making their
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choice, brianna keeler what are we hearing from the clinton camp? >> perhaps no surprise, poppy, she's talking about education. she was there at miles college, historically black college in alabama, and this is really one of the center pieces of the message she's putting out here in south carolina as well. as she looks to the southern states that we'll see voters going to the polls for super tuesday. she is talking about a fund that she will have for historically black colleges and universities, and she's also taking aim at bernie sanders because he's proposing free college, public college, and she is saying i don't want to pay for college for donald trump's kids and highlighting he doesn't have a plan for historically black colleges and universities, something that gave her her biggest applause line yesterday in orangeburg, south carolina. listen to this. >> and you know, i don't know
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who they are going to nominate and i'm hopeful i will be the nominee to take on whoever they nominate. you know. there is -- there is something to be said for all the scar tissue that i've developed over the last 25 years. but you know, it's troubling to me because they are all saying the same thing. and they want us to forget about what president obama inherited. >> so hillary clinton there today ahead of the south carolina primary taking aim at the republican field and poppy, it's interesting she took specific aim at the front-runner
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donald trump. as president you have to be careful what you say and how you say it. she talked about the leading candidate on the republican side spending half of his time insulting people. she said you have to be careful when the president talks, markets fall and rise. basically saying that she doesn't think that trump is cut out to be president. >> already looking ahead to the general indeed. thank you so much. here in columbia, south carolina, brianna will be with us. let's break it down. for the democrats the race for the white house influenced by what is going on now inside the gop, as you just heard from brianna. let's talk about it with our panel here. ryan, former senior communicationings to mike huckabee is hogan gidley and in washington commentator van jones. thank you all for being here. hogan, let me begin with you. i want to read you something from a "new york times" piece. talks about mitch mcconnell. it said while he's begun
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preparing senators for the possibility of a trump nomination if it threatened to harm them in the general election they could run negative ads about mr. trump. let's step back and think about that. that is you know, the highest ranking mitch mcconnell saying that his fellow senators can run negative ads against the party's nominee. >> right. also make the comment that we drop him like a hot rock, i think is what he said. i want to know who the we is. the establishment? they have already gut punched the american worker time and time again. they hurt the republican party time and time again, so i'm not exactly sure where he's going. i understand he is trying to protect the senate but that's what makes donald trump so popular is that he's going against what they stand for. >> hurts them more. >> absolutely and gives him a leg to stand on saying i'm the outsider. >> i have been on this bandwagon, this is in my head all week and that is, at what point are we and by we i mean
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you know, in general, what point is it disrespectful to the voter, the voter that has spoken so loudly in these races supporting trump. >> well, i think what mcconnell is saying from what i understand if donald trump is a drag on republican -- on republicans at the top of a senate campaign or perhaps the house campaign, then mcconnell who cares about making sure that republicans maintain the senate because after all they want to be able to put someone on the supreme court, he's saying we'll drop donald trump, we'll run ads against him if he's not popular. it's not exactly unprecedented for -- someone at the top of the ticket is unpopular of it it's not unpopular for candidates lower down to disassociate themselves. it happens in midterm elections. this is a little different. >> trying to get a republican nominated to the white house. i want to get van in there. van, when you look at the general election, match-up polls
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i think we can show them. you have standards beating trump by a wider margin than hillary clinton does. what's your take? >> well, first of all, you have two front-runners that are unusual in that when you're talking about trump and talking about secretary clinton they have such high negatives, such polarizing figures, so you have people really biting their nails in both parties now, a little bit of pre-buyer's remorse not sure if these are the right front-runners, at the same time sanders does have a great deal of appeal. he's however, not had the same level of attacks from republicans. hillary clinton's numbers reflect not just the past day, not the past week but the past two decades of republican attacks. one of the things that's starting to circulte on the democratic side. people beginning to look at bernie sanders as a possible better matchup against donald trump. because you can't go after him
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on personal stuff the way with hillary clinton. and because you can't get bernie off of his message and he might force donald trump to have to deal with issues. starting to see that beginning to move among democrats but at the same time i think most understand that hillary clinton the front-runner that inspires people but also inspires her opponents. >> i also have the question, hogan, how can donald trump go after hillary clinton say in a general on her e-mails if he won't release his tax returns? >> has she released her taxes? >> i'm talking about the e-mails. >> i'm with you. >> but there are documents that the public is saying they want to see. >> transparency. >> it's transparency regardless whether it's e-mails or tax returns. but look, we've already seen hillary try to attack trump. she called him a sexist. had this been romney -- >> or the transcripts of her speeches. >> had this been romney, see,
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i'm not sexist. trump says i don't think hillary clinton is the best person to be talking to me about sexism when you consider who her husband is. then the media narrative for four days was saying is this -- can we bring this up? is this going to be fair game in the election? he won that first battle going on the offensive. we've seen that. i don't know if that works in the general but it fired up everybody in the primary. >> it's a different dynamic in a primary where conservative voters matter a lot and they don't like bill clinton and think it's great to go after his record with women. in a general election, when most of the country has sort of made up their mind about the clintons and the scandals from the 90s, i don't think you're going to get a lot of traction as a republican nominee no matter who it is, relitigating that. >> young voters don't know about it. they have no clue who the clintons are or they would gravitate to them as homage.
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>> sanders is showing she has -- >> van jones. >> first of all, ryan has a point but at the same time, notice that bill clinton fell silent in some ways this is a very, very bad line of attack for republicans because it raises all of this stuff again, it's litigated. on the other hand i was surprised that when it came, bill clinton fell silent. this may be a more explosive issue than democrats assume. we have to think about that. the other thing i want to say simply is that i think that bernie sanders has kind of run into a lot of trouble in the south because even though his heart is with the civil rights movement he hasn't spent a lot of time there. and yet, when you look at some of these deeper trends, today you've got to see fine, the african-american community is for hillary clinton. but what is the turnout. what are the numbers looking like. if in fact we have a very -- i was in south carolina yesterday.
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i didn't feel the energy. i didn't feel the excitement. i didn't feel like new hampshire. so even though he may -- he may not be able to win over black voters she may not be able to fire up black voters. she may have problems we have not considered even with the black vote. >> hey, van jones, our joe johns said the same thing. before i let you go i have this question. as a democrat, "the new york times" coming out this week that endorsed secretary clinton thinks she has to show bank transcripts saying voters have every right to know what she told the groups. do you want to see clinton quickly release those transcripts of speeches? >> i think there is a double standard here. she may have made a mistake. people give speeches all the time. as a practical matter it's almost impossible. i can't tell you how many speeches, to find the trupts, so i just think she made a mistake to say she was going to do it. where she is now, i'll do what
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everybody else says it's defensible. i don't think this is the issue she is going to rise or fall on. >> van jones, thank you. hogan, ryan, thank you, both of you will be back. ahead this hour a lot of politics, live pictures now to birmingham, alabama. show you that, also we'll talk to one of his supporters who joins me live. and later we will speak with a ted cruz supporter, we'll also take you live this hour to a donald trump rally, this is cnn's special coverage of the south carolina primary. stay with us. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life.
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you're looking at live pictures of marco rubio speaking in birmingham, alabama. ahead of the critical super tuesday votes. he started his day in georgia will end with a rally in arkansas. super tuesday fast approaching. crucial delegates up for grabs and the question on a lot of
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people's minds today is, where has this senator marco rubio been? what changed on thursday night? let's take a moment and just listen in to what he's saying. >> ronald reagan defined what it meant to be a conservative. now the time has come for us to define it once again for a new generation of americans. especially now after eight years of barack obama. we get the election wrong we'll lose the conservative movement and lose the future of this country. that's why 2016 is so critical. >> i watched the other night as another candidate on the stage of that debate spent 30 seconds to 45 seconds defending planned parenthood using the same words, the exact same words donald used the same words that hillary clinton does to defend planned parenthood. i watched him use the same talking points, for example, about the issue of health care. that somehow the government
1:18 pm
doesn't run our health care system, people are going to die in the streets. i watched them also say when it comes to israel and the palestinians he doesn't want to take a side. i'm going to be on israel's side 100% every single day. so, if you watched me campaign this year you noticed that i very rarely try to attack other republicans, i don't like it. i think the democrats love when we do that. they cheer when we do that. but we've come to a point now we have no choice but to talk about some of these differences because i'm telling you what's at stake is the party of lincoln and reagan, what's at stake is the conservative movement. and i am not going to stand by and watch the conservative movement be taken over by someone who is not a conservative. by someone who is conning us. i used strong words and my parents didn't raise me that way but i used strong wefrds because
1:19 pm
i feel that passionately. there are americans being fooled by this guy. i really do. what do i mean by that? someone is upset, someone is uncertain about the future when someone is insecure what's going on you become vulnerable to people that say give me the power, give me the power and i'm going to turn your life around. that's how con jobs work. okay. that is how con jobs work. how trump university happened. he went to people looking for a better life and he convinced them, you know, sign up for this program, and i'm going to make you a successful as i am in real estate and people borrowed $36,000 to take these courses and got nothing in return. that's one small example. and the result is they got nothing but a picture with a card board cutout of donald trump. now imagine happening to a country. imagine people now being told in america look, come on board, vote for me because i'm a strong leader, i'm going to take on illegal immigration, how are you going to take on illegal immigration when you are hiring
1:20 pm
illegal immigrants to build your tower. i'm going to protect the american worker he says. he's going to protect the american worker, i live in florida where he has a hotel and he's hiring people from romania because me says he can't find americans to do that job. i can. those are the jobs my parents did. my mom was a maid. my dad worked at a hotel. 300 people in florida applied for those jobs. he says he is going to bring jobs back from china and mexico. he is taking ties and hats in china and mexico. why do i say this to you? because it proves that this is a con job. and we cannot allow the conservative movement to be taken away from us. because if it is, there's nothing left to stand up to to democrats, nothing left to stand up to the liberals. this is not just about winning or losing an election, guys, it isn't. most of these elections we're all pretty much the same. for the most part on you are issues. look, he is not here and i had
1:21 pm
my differences with ted cruz on defense stuff but ted and i are friends. ted and i get along, we know each other. in the end i understand while i may not agree on everything i never said he's not a conservative. i don't think he said that about me. but we cannot lose this election to nomination to someone that the democrats will rip apart. we cannot. and the press knows this. and the press knows this. and the press knows this. that's why they give him a pass. when is the last time you saw the press cheering for a republican to win the nomination? it doesn't happen. you know why they are doing it? because they can't wait until he gets the nomination and then they are going to shred him to pieces so they can hand it to hillary clinton or god forfwid bernie sanders who is a socialist. and we can't lose this. bernie sanders is a socialist. you say this about someone in american politics they deny it. i'm not a socialist. he says it on his commercials. he is a socialist. i said a few weeks ago he should
1:22 pm
be president of sweden. sweden got mad. i said okay, he should be president of norway. they got fired up. is anybody here from luxembourg? i can tell you if you want to be a socialist country you should move to a socialist country. we want to be the united states of america. and hillary clinton, hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. unqualified. she put classified information on her private server because she thinks she is above the law. her husband thought he was above the law. no one is. she's disqualified. on the 11 of september of 2012 four americans died in benghazi. she knew they died because of a terrorist attack.
1:23 pm
anybody who dies to the families of americans who lost their lives serving our country can never be the commander and chief of the united states of america. we cannot lose this election. because losing this election doesn't just mean we lost the election. it means we'll lose our identity as a nation and people. i know if i'm nominated i'll win. the democrats know. they attack me more than any other republican in this race. because they know that i'm the nominee we win. i'll unite the republican party. i've proven just in the last week i can bring people together from different parts of this party. i'll grow it. we're going to take the conservative movement. not by watering it down. take it and grow it taking it to people who don't vote for us now. there are millions of people in this country -- >> that is marco rubio speaking live in birmingham, alabama today. he is hitting three states today. making quite a sweep across the south ahead of super tuesday. we're going to take a break.
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welcome back. i'm poppy har low live in columbia, south carolina, the
1:28 pm
day that voters go to the polls this as the republican race for the white house heats up. you're looking at marco rubio speaking live in birmingham, alabama. as super tuesday is fast approaching he is doing a sweep of the south trying to lock in those votes, crucial delegates up for grabs and the question on a lot of people's minds today, where has this senator marco rubio been? in the last 24-36 hour, the proverbial gloves and has off been hammering front-runner donald trump on everything from his business record to his wardrobe and even according to some, that just made rubio a real contender. let's talk about it with the woman who is a big rubio backer, roseanne rodriguez, also former field director at harris county's republican party in texas. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> i want you to listen to what rubio just said.
1:29 pm
>> i had my differences with ted cruz on defense stuff but ted and i are friends. ted and i know each other personally. in the end i understand while i may not agree on everything i never said he's not a conservative. i don't think he said that about me. but we cannot lose this election to nomination to someone that the democrats will rip apart. >> roseanne, to a lot of folks that sounds like all of a sudden rubio and cruz are coming together. maybe teaming up. potentially. what do you make of that? is that the only way to defeat donald trump? >> i think what he's doing, i don't know if he is making peace or friends with senator ted cruz, but he's definitely taking on the front-runner and that's probably, i mean they all see he is a threat. i think for a long time you know, trump has kind of been this reality star, he's not a legitimate candidate, you know. this is a show. eventually once people start voting they are going to really
1:30 pm
vote with their conscience and vote for somebody who can win and should be and has the temperament to be president of the united states. now here we are four primaries in and he is a front-runner and is leading in the polls. so now is the time for them to go ahead and take him on. so i think that's more what it's about. >> so let's listen to what has transpired in the last 36 hours between rubio and trump. >> we have a con artist as the front-runner in the republican party. >> no, he is a nervous basket case. >> friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> he was putting on makeup with a trowel. i don't want to say that. i will not say that he was trying to cover up his ears. i will not say that. >> then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium went up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> it's rubio.
1:31 pm
>> back and forth. personal jabs talking about makeup, talking about wardrobe, not talking about the issues in those sort of attacks. who ultimately do you think this is good for? >> well, i don't think it's good for the american people and for a long time when trump was doing it, i was -- i didn't know what to think about it. i was like this is not a reality show, this is for a position of the most powerful position here in america of president. someone who is going to be a leader in this country. but as you can see, rubio has gone around, he's been on message, he tells people he's inspiring but that hasn't really resonated. he goes out there and he starts to tear down at the facade that trump has built, pressing him on the issues, getting him to you
1:32 pm
know, say where he stands on the issues and now you're starting to see he's getting more coverage, people are more excited. >> now he is doing just what you didn't -- he's doing what you didn't like to see donald trump do, when we talk about florida, his home state that obviously he says he'll win, wants to win, you want him to win florida, the latest quinnipiac poll shows he is trailing donald trump by 16 points in florida. your take. >> well, you know, i didn't like it when it was happening and i can't say that i agree that it should be happening on rubio's side. but he has tried to put the issues out there and it wasn't resonating with the american people. now it's not that it's too late but there's too much at stake for us to sit around and for rubio just to continue with the track he was on. i mean, at the debate he pressed him hard, he pressed trump really hard and trump wasn't
1:33 pm
able to respond. he is trailing but i think the momentum after that debate, after the debate we had so many people calling trying to volunteer, wanting to get involved with the campaign. i think it really showed that he could take trump on. and probably not the best thing for the country, this isn't a reality show, this is real politics and real america. but it looks like this is where we have to go to take him down. >> all right. roseanne rodriguez, appreciate you joining me. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. so will this new marco rubio give donald trump a run for his money? and how many more insults will trump throw at him? we're going to take you live to tennessee ahead of what is sure to be another fiery trump rally. ♪
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welcome back to our special live coverage today in columbia, south carolina. democrats are heading to the polls as the mud slinging between gop candidates marco rubio and donald trump continues. it is frankly stealing the spotlight from the rest of the republican field. as the battle that started on thursday at cnn's debate escalated. trump blasting rubio at a rally moments ago. >> but i will address you know, little rubio. this guy has a fresh mouth, he's a very nasty guy. and i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse.
1:38 pm
i mean he's worse. lightweight rubio. total lightweight. little mouth on him. bing, bing, bing. >> trump will hold his next rally in a few hours. i know one thing is guaranteed, and that is that he will go hard at rubio. what else, though? >> poppy, first of all i want to explain to you where we are right now in millington, tennessee at a local airport and i don't know if you can see the runway behind me but trump has been acting presidential recently, and one of the ways in which he has done that is to literally fly into the space where he is holding his campaign rally so everyone in the crowd can see the plane trump force one we have been calling it, see the plane actually fly in and then make this grand entrance.
1:39 pm
playing the music from the movie air force one. so this is a candidate who i think has the general election in mind and i think that just based on past campaign events where he has done this we can expect the crowd to be very excited to see the whole production. and as you were saying, trump and rubio, they are really going at each other using deeply personal attacks, we saw trump make the case against rubio just this morning in arkansas, we can expect him to do the same in tennessee. and of course, all of this coming as we are anticipating the race we're watching is the gop primary in florida, rubio's home state. we learn that trump will be spending the night of super tuesday in florida, so sending a signal maybe to marco rubio. >> probably no prize he wants more than to take rubio's home state from him.
1:40 pm
rubio guaranteeing he will win that state. we'll watch. thank you. let us know when the plane lands there ahead of the rally in tennessee tonight. much more on election day here live from columbia, south carolina. in just a minute. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country.
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ted cruz making a campaign blitz across the south today. the republican contender just wrapping up an event in georgia, now headed to alabama. it's all to try to gain crucial votes ahead of super tuesday. can he do it. steve joins me, the cruz state director for new jersey. thank you for being with me, sir. jump right into new jersey.
1:44 pm
new jersey is now big part of this campaign again because you've got the governor of your state chris christie not backing your guy, he's backing trump. what do you make of that? >> that doesn't surprise me. i don't think the governor's endorsement amounts to much. new jersey had 29% approval rating the lowest of a governor in my life time. >> really, you don't think it brings credibility and some of the establishment to trump? >> i don't think so. it's a case of a birds of a feather flock together. chris christie is a prosecutor. they will make a good pair. it's not good for the future of this country. the republican party cannot allow the trojan horse of donald trump roll in. we cannot allow donald trump's democrat policiepolicies. we can't allow donald trump's insults, donald trump's populism trump true conservative ideology and reality tv show to trump reality. this is about the future of the
1:45 pm
republican party. >> so then steve, where is your guy, where has cruz been in the last 36 hours, does he need to jump in and take his gloves off? >> i think the senator has done so. he is a gentleman, a southern gentleman and not that kind after street brawler. i think over time voters appreciate that. his character, his consistently has been steady throughout this campaign and throughout his career. ted cruz has written more legal briefs in the u.s. constitution than any presidential candidate in the last 100 years. the future of the party is going to depend very much on what happens in the next couple days. the fact that donald trump will not release his tax returns is very disturbing. i'll tell you why. i truly believe we'll find out that donald trump gave a lot of money to mike bloomberg's anti-second amendment claus, a lot to planned parenthood, maybe to pro illegal immigration
1:46 pm
groups. >> just to be very clear, we know none of those things. so i want to preface that and get your take on this. i want you to listen to trump slamming cruz in the gop debate. cruz fires back. listen. >> you don't have the endorsement of one republican senator and you work with these people. you should be ashamed of yourself. >> you know, i actually think donald is right, he is promising if he is elected he will cut deals in washington and he's right, he has supported, he has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to democrats. when you stand up to washington, you honor the promise you made to the men and women who elected you and say enough with the corruption, enough with the cronyism, let's actually stand for the working men and women of this country, washington doesn't like it and donald, if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for a president.
1:47 pm
>> so, steve, we have seen pretty much eight years especially the last four years of gridlock really shutting down a lot of president obama's agenda. how would a president cruz have a different shot at getting things through, getting his agenda through? >> because he stands on principle. while he'll compromise on certain elements he doesn't on principle. i have to laugh at donald trump's allegations. in the meantime in the last 24 hours, mitch mcconnell said if donald trump is the candidate they are going to drop him like a hot rock. he doesn't seem to have friends on the so called establishment. he does on the democrat side where he's donated millions of dollars to the democrat party. how can someone call themselves a conservative if they are acceptable and friendly with harry reid and jimmy carter. they can accept it. how can a republican be a republican when he's giving tens of thousands to jimmy carter, hillary clinton, bill clinton, barack obama, john kerry and so on. that's no republican.
1:48 pm
>> he says he was doing smart business as a business man. you give money to folks on both sides. thank you so much, steve. >> for his own business. appreciate it. >> thank you. nice to have you on. coming up next, candidates like senator ted cruz and hillary clintonsh not the only ones trying to break barriers in the tech world. african-americans forging careers in an industry not always welcoming to minorities, american opportunity on that is next. think of it as a seven seat theater... for an action packed thriller.
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technology entire countries w if they could ever catch you.
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>> in today's american opportunity every election is about opportunity, choosing the man or woman who will make your life better, that is the choice facing voters in this country. today voters on the democratic side are going to the polls here in south carolina, it's an important issue and for those denied opportunities in the past especially like african-americans barriers still exist in many, many sectors for them to break including in the technology sector. gregory learned that the hard way. he taught himself what he needed to launch a successful app and
1:53 pm
break into the tech industry. as an african-american with no formal coding education or investor relations training he never forgets the difficulties he faced starting out our own dominique sat down to discuss his journey in this week's american opportunity. >> i was growing up it was to be jerry rice, it was to be randy moss, it was never to be mark zuckerberg or some of the other influential characters in technology as they are today. >> in 2014 african-americans made up between 1 and 6% of the workforce in four of the biggest tech companies. apple, google, microsoft and facebook. only 1% of tech entrepreneurs who received venture capital money in the first half of 2010 were black. >> for minorities to create a job opportunity for themselves, the technology industry offers a
1:54 pm
great portal for that. >> lowell moved to l.a. after college and began his journey in the tech world. >> one of my neighbors was a website developer. he told me that was taking off and i need to be in that market. i didn't know how. i didn't know where to start. c plus plus, swift now. it was foreign language to me. i sat with this guy. every day. he had me creating a line of code where the ball would jump across the screen to the other side of the screen. if one line of code out of 30 lines wasn't correct, the entire thing would crash and call it an error. i saw this was something i could probably do this. >> he had to raise money for his first idea. >> you can have the greatest idea. if you don't have the capital to push it it's going to be hard for you to get that idea to the world. it was very hard in the beginning. walking into rooms and knowing that you know, i'm going to kill this but guess what, there is a
1:55 pm
whole other wall that skin color thing. >> lowe remembers looking and sounding different when he met with investors. he was approached with caution but in the end he raised around $150,000 for his first app. >> so we came up with iflip where you could press buttons and sound would come out. it would be like a deejay experience. i picked up the phone, i called my mother. mom, i want to be a voice for this industry, for people who are coming up behind me. >> lowe launched fit box, a leisure wear company and fitness app. >> all you have to do is have a great idea. now you have so many avenues you can go to. in order to create that idea and help people help you create that. as an african-american on the forefront of that, it helps me to bring up younger minorities to say you know what, you don't have to be an athlete, you don't have to be a rapper or a singer, you can enter in this industry
1:56 pm
and create a business from anything, and offer a portal through the mobile phone that people can access. >> congrats to him. lowe has plans to start a coding camp for minorities this summer. we'll follow his progress. you can see a lot more of our american opportunities stories, go to cnn coming up next, we will speak live with some of those young voters in south carolina who went to the polls for donald trump last weekend, handing him a decisive victory one week ago in south carolina. what do they say motivated them. these are folks that go to school here at the university of south carolina. stay with us for that. it takes all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. you stay up.
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top of the hour. 5:00 p.m. eastern. so glad you're with us. coming to you live this evening from the beautiful campus of the university of south carolina in columbia, we have special coverage all day of the democratic presidential primary here in south carolina, and time is running out for voters in this state to cast ballots, two hours before the polls close. will it be a decisive victory for hillary clinton? or won't it. we'll see, the polls have her ahead but anything could happen. while clinton will be in south carolina tonight to watch the


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