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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the world. i'm wolf blitzer in the cnn election center with our special live coverage. i want to go to brianna keilar over at clinton headquarters. >> reporter: her campaign is relishing this moment, wolf. that is certainly no understatement. hillary clinton's communications director talking to reporters a short time ago and she said that they did better than they expected here in south carolina. she did noticeably strike a cautious tone. she said there's still a long way to go, there's still 46 states. she did say if african-american turnout for hillary clinton here in south carolina is indicative of what we will see in the southern states, they feel they're very well-positioned to pull ahead considerably from bernie sanders. now, privately, wolf, this is the more interesting part. sources with the campaign not so cautious. one of them, in fact, saying
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that they think that this race is going to be over mid march, march 15th. there's another series of contests on that day. that's just two weeks from wednesday. that tells you something. they have a lot of work to put in. but they think ultimately by mid march hillary clinton will have pulled far ahead of bernie sanders. almost 60% of the dell gegates l have been awarded. jeff zeleny is over at bernie sanders headquarters in rechst rochester tonight. is he there on the ground getting ready to address the crowd behind you? >> reporter: he has landed just moments ago at the rochester airport. you can see the crowd behind me is gathered, several hundred people are here, are clearly true bernie sanders supporters.
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they have been waiting for a couple hours for him to come address the crowd. he was here just yesterday in the state as well in the minneapolis area. he is clearly focusing on minnesota as one of the states where he wants to rebound his candidacy. one of the things we're going to be talking about as this becomes a delegate fight are how hillary clinton is doing compared to how she did last time. in 2008 she lost the minnesota caucuses 66-32% to barack obama. that is something that her campaign is obviously looking at. they think she'll do much better here this time. that is one of the metrics we're going to be using here in the weeks and maybe months to come. is she going to do better than she did? south carolina exhibit a of that, her commanding win there tonight. bernie sanders, i'm told, is going to congratulate her on her
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victo victory. then he's going to get back to his message. he really is talking about building that political re lu . revolution. he's going to talk about wall street speeches. he's going to talk about the iraq war. the question is how long he'll be able to do that before some democrats begin to weigh in publicly, worrying about how this may hurt her if she ultimately becomes the democratic nominee. >> we go back to jake and dana and david. i guess he's going to make it clear he's not going anywhere. >> that's right. as has been said by our panelists, there's no reason for him to. this is still a competitive race. it does look like secretary clinton will likely be on the path to the nomination, but it's still very competitive. he will win states on super tuesday in all likelihood. it is still much more competitive for instance than the republicans. the republicans, it is entirely
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possible with the possible exception of texas and senator cruz, it's possible that donald trump will sweep on super tuesday. >> that's right. and of course the big difference in terms of how republicans and democrats elect their nominees, especially this year is that it is still proportional in each contest state for democrats through the entire -- >> right. >> for republicans this time around, that stops march 15th. everybody on the republican side who wins a state march 15th and on is winning that state's entire delegate. >> just to step backwards, why did the republicans make it that way? >> because they didn't want to have a fight that went on for months and months and months when there could be -- they w t wanted to have a presumptive nominee. >> likely an establishment candidate. >> yeah. the ability to have them win and not be bloodied the way mitt romney was four years ago and john mccain was, maybe to a
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lesser extent, four years before that. they want to be able to focus on the general election. anyway, back to the democrats reince priebus led the way. >> they wanted to circle the wagons around the establishment candidate, whether it was going to be chris christie or mitt romney or jeb bush or whomever, it didn't work out that way. back to the democrats, as jeff just alluded to, there will likely be, as long as the same basic trends continue where hillary clinton is ahead of bernie and even if he wins a few states, she remains ahead because of the proportional representation and aths allso b she still continues to dominate, there will ultimately be calls increasingly for him to suspend his campaign. i think we're way far away from that, but that will ultimately
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likely happen. >> once again we're waiting for bernie sanders to see what he says. he's going to make it clear he's not going anywhere. almost 90% of this vote is now in and that impressive lead, almost 50 points in the south carolina democratic presidential primary continues. >> right. and to jake's point, three states for hillary clinton, one for bernie sanders. too early to say, hey senator sanders, start thinking about that. but clearly hillary clinton is happy to win it by a lopsided margin, three to one essentially. we've got 91% of the vote on. it's just a sweep. not one county. hillary clinton did one one county in 2008. senator obama changed the race. hillary clinton hopes that it changed tonight in 2016 and that she puts bernie sanders back into the message candidate, not the insurgency.
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we'll see how that plays out. remember, the race is starting to go south. throughout the month of march we're going to go below this line. this is what the clinton campaign is happy with tonight. this is the african-american population. let me stretch it out a little bit. turn that off and stretch this out a little bit. if you look down here the african-american concentration in south carolina, sometimes the map takes off on you. the african-american concentration in south carolina, where you have a very similar demographic as we move across the south, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, tennessee. texas has ala te latino and african-american population. what senator sanders hopes happens to continue as the race goes on is to open up a delegate lead. this is what she's hoping for. again, proportional rules in the democratic party.
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bernie sanders will still goat proportional delegates out of south carolina. she starts to pull ahead. this is the big hope that after super tuesday. we'll give vermont to the sanders campaign. we give minnesota to bernie sanders for the hypothetical. let's just give them colorado for the sake of the hypothetical.sanders wins his top four targets, what she hopes to do is start to pull away. let's assume after super tuesday it looks roughly like this. remember, she has 445 super delegates. he still has just shy of 20. her math is better than this looks. this map gives you only pledge delegates. so she hopes to be well out here again to send a message to
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senator sanders. he's been saying release the transcripts of your paid speeches. his rhetoric has been tougher of late. >> as people have suggested even by staying in the race, he pushes her towards his positions, the most important issues he's been pushing and that's one of the reasons he might stay in a lot longer than the delegate count might suggest. >> when you hear the clinton campaign hoping senator sanders tones it down, does that seem, a, likely and, b, possible? >> our indication will be at the cnn debate on sunday. i'm going to go far in this organization. but i actually do think that's going to be an interesting event, because it's the last one. the last time they're going to see each other face to face before this march 15th, before
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michigan. i think tuesday is going to be tough for him. but if he's going to come back -- whether he chooses to go hard after her there -- and that's going to be an interesting indication of where he thinks this race is. he has gotten sharper in the last few weeks. will he continue down that road or pull back? >> he can't go that much sharper because then he wouldn't be bernie sanders. bernie sanders says i'm going to talk about the issues, i'm into contrasts. you and the press try and get me to attack hillary clinton. i'm not going to attack hillary clinton. he has gotten a little tougher on her, where are the transcripts of your speeches, et cetera, et cetera. but he gets up to a wall and he can't really cross it -- >> you get emotionally invested in it. you can hear when you talk to the two campaigns now, you can
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hear where they're really getting nasty now. both sides. you get so emotionally invested that sometimes those c calculations aren't entirely clinical. >> compared to the debate going on in the republican party right now, this is nothing. >> but if bernie sanders has to tone himself down or is requested to tone himself down, that's not what his supporters want. >> listen, this is a trouncing. there's no word for it. people said there's a firewall. this is like a burning ocean. this is horrible. so if you're a -- >> it's kind of great actually. >> it depends who you're supporting clearly. >> we need hyperbole hotlines
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here. >> there are a lot of people who didn't vote in south carolina and who still have a very deep since of disquiet with hillary clinton. they are not confident she can go well against trump, because trump loves to talk mess. trump loves to bring up scandal. trump loves to do all these kind of things. and hillary clinton is not like donald, who's sort of this teflon guy. she's more like a velcro person. if you throw something at her, it sticks to her emotionally and it shows. >> i agree. but believe me, even if trump isn't the nominee, any republican nominee st goiis goi bring up her scandals. >> sure. >> some sanders' watchers have been saying for a while now he should be going harder against hillary clinton. he's facing the same challenge
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. welcome back. we're waiting for bernie sanders. he's about to speak in rochester, minnesota. minnesota has a big primary coming up. this tuesday, super tuesday, he really needs to do well in minnesota after a crushing set back in south carolina today. look at the numbers, the official numbers now in south carolina. hillary clinton is the big winner. she's got 73.5% to 26% for bernie sanders. 92 -- 97% of the vote is in and she's winning by a bigger margin
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in south carolina than senator barack obama won eight years ago over hillary clinton. let's go over to jake and dana and david. minnesota is an important state for bernie sanders. the primary there is this coming tuesday. that's why he's there tonight. >> that's right. there are about 15 states coming up in the first week of march for the democrats. and hillary clinton will compete hard in all of them, as will bernie sanders. he might actually win more states, but the clinton people say it's likely that she'll win more delegates, just because of where she's competing and the proportional allotment. let's talk more about south carolina and the historic victory that she has this evening and why the voters went for her in such astounding numbers. >> we talked a little bit earlier as we had the first wave of numbers about the candidate qualities. and we talked a little bit about how some of those qualities were flipped on their heads compared to iowa, new hampshire, nevada and how those democrats were
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viewing these candidates. what are they showing us now? >> you were saying before how it's sort of a splitting in half. in you are a honest and trust worthy voter you were a sanders voter. in south carolina hillary clinton wins all four categories. take a look at this. if you were looking for the right experience, clinton wins 94% to 6%. if you're looking for can win in november, electability, hillary clinton wins 82% to 18%. if you're looking for compares about people like me, this was a bernie sanders strength in the first three states, 67% to 31%s. and here is the number that may make hillary clinton happy tonight. if you were looking for an honest and trust wort ththy candidate, hillary clinton 59 to
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49%. we see her winning slus. >> this is an area where she has struggled with democratic voters. also this is an area where she's really struggled with independent voters. and should she get the nomination, that is going to be something she needs to turn around. she needs to convince independent voters. she needs to convince liberal republicans for that matter that she is honest and trust worthy and that attacks on her a lot of the stories that have been written about her are unfair and not true. she's going to have to start doing that pretty soon. >> absolutely. the fact of the matter is in the earlier states -- i don't have the exact numbers on me, but it was to incredibly lopsided. he crushed her on the question. >> it was a huge margin that he had in that category. listen, part of this is because the state is just so strong for
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her, so it's going to be strong across the board. it's as, as jake was just saying, they're keenly aware this is an achilles heel. she's been working on it. you've seen her in interviews this week being asked about it and dealing with this head on, saying it doesn't feel great to have this and let me explain why i can be trusted. on this topic in particular, it will be something interesting to watch going forward to watch if she has corrected this permanently for the cycle. >> last night she was on state of the union and i asked her about that, about the fact that she does have so much work to do when it comes to that issue, whether this nevada or with independent voters. we've all known and covered her for decades. she said one of the most candid things i've ever heard her say, which was people fundamentally
6:21 pm
out there do have this question in the back of their minds is she in this for me or is she in this for herself and i need to satisfy their questions on this. and i was taken aback. it was an acknowledgment of the problem and actually a fairly astute diagnosis. >> and just in talking to people who are close to her, who are wants her to win, who have been close to her for a very long time, and always the people who say you know what the real hillary clinton is like behind the scenes, she doesn't seem to be the kind of person who is out there with voters. that was until recently when she has been trying to do this. people have been trying to encourage her to do exactly what she said to you on sunday, to show her humanity, her human side. maybe that's one of the reasons she's trouncing bernie sanders in south carolina. >> as david points out, though, this is a state, the democratic voters love her this evening.
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>> i think fwoback to the night were all here, i think it was after new hampshire, after bernie sanders did so well. and there are a lot of folks, clinton supporters and others, who were saying she's got to row thi rethink her campaign. and just chill, wait until she gets to south carolina. you're going to see her trounce bernie sanders. it's going to be a completely different narrative. that is exactly what we've seen. >> thank you. i would have never guessed it would be this kind of victory. i thought 20 points would be a landslide. she has made important changes. that's not the sort of thing she could have said a year ago or six months ago. i think it's this -- if you've ever been to a burn ward, the worst thing they do is scrape the scar tissue off. this is what this campaign is doing for her. it's not easy, it's painful.
6:23 pm
but you scrape all that scar tissue off, all the barriers between her private self and the public person she has to be when she runs. it's making her better. a whole lot of it is people that she's meeting, i'm telling you, those people's stories may move her heart. >> the strategy that goes into building an organization that can go out there and harness your momentum and get them to the voting booth, or even rick wade back from the obama days to come out. she had an organization that just went in and they just kept tightening the screws and then they got clyburn on top of it. there was no breathing room left. there was no pathway left for bernie sanders in south carolina. >> how much of this do you think
6:24 pm
is african-american voters wanting to repay a sense of loyalty, a sense that when she was called on by the obamas, she answered the call? is that a factor here or no? >> i think that's a huge factor. go back to denver in 2008 when hillary clinton got up -- and there was still a lot of tension in the democratic party. we did not stop the campaign in june. it went all the way to the conventi convention. she got up and said i'm going to throw my support behind him. >> it was a big moment. >> it was a huge moment. i think black voters remember that. this was a woman who's done her homework. this was a candidate who left nevada, did not go to sleep, flew straight to texas. i'm going to change my game and i'm going to compete. bernie sanders, it's not over. we have 52 more contests on the democratic side. and we reward you for showing up. >> a lot of nights for us as well here. let's go back to wolf.
6:25 pm
>> we're waiting for bernie sanders. he's about to speak in rochester, minnesota. . jeff zeleny is on the scene for us. looks as if the crowd is anticipating any moment now he'll walk in behind you. he has arrived. he did already make a brief statement, right? >> reporter: he did indeed, wolf. he did make a brief statement. his message to minnesota right when he arrived here, let's listen. >> on a given night sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her victory tuesday. over 800 delegates are at stake and we plan to win many of them. >> reporter: you heard senator sanders talking about some nights you win, some nights you lose. very gracious in his defeat.
6:26 pm
of course, as he was flying here from texas, the size and scope of this defeat became so clear to him. but you can see that several hundred people are gathered here at the mayo civic center waiting for senator sanders to take stage. he's going to do it in just a moment, i'm told. he is really going to give a forward-looking speech, saying secretary clinton had a good night. also trying to put this race in a bit of perspective, i'm told. one of his advisors said it wasn't so many weeks ago that nobody took him seriously at all. there's no question, wolf, this is the biggest defeat, you know that he was expecting. and across the board, secretary clinton won in south carolina and bernie sanders was expecting to do so much better there. but you can hear the crowd firing up here as one of the supporters here tries to get a
6:27 pm
little noise out of this crowd here. it's been a bit of a dull moment here. these supporters have been waiting for him for hours and they're not quite sure where the campaign is going to go from here so they definitely are eager to hear from bernie sanders. >> the super tuesday contest tuesday is in minnesota. what does it look like? i know both of the democratic senators from minnesota, they have endorsed hillary clinton. they're not going to be at this rally tonight. what do the polls, the pundits, the experts in minnesota suggest? >> reporter: wolf, i can tell you most every establishment democrat is with hillary clinton. not entirely. he has the endorsement of congressman keith ellison. you can see this crowd behind me. it is regular democrats who are fed up at the establishment. they're tired of the status quo. and they really are resonating with his call for a new type of
6:28 pm
politics. we definitely see a lot of young supporters out here. that is the hallmark of his crowd. it's also not a very diverse crowd as we've seen from exit polls in south carolina and other states he has stronger support from white supporters and that's what this crowd largely looks like tonight here in rochester, minnesota. he definitely is appealing to the anger that exists in this electorate on the democratic side of the race as well. of course it is driving the republican side of this race with trump. but bernie sanders is calling for that revolution, asking people to believe again, to believe in something. so he's going to take a little bit of inspiration from barack obama in 2008 and ask these voters to belief agaive again. you can hear the person behind me now. she's already taken a shot at hillary clinton. this is one thing we're watching tonight, wolf, is how
6:29 pm
aggressively bernie sanders is going to go after hillary clinton. is he going to continue what he's been doing earlier in texas today hitting her hard, or is he going to back up a little bit? i think he's going to go straight ahead withdres i -- >> tomorrow i understand he heads off to oklahoma and colorado, two more states where he thinks he could do well on this coming super tuesday. >> reporter: he does indeed, wolf. he's going to fort collins, colorado, i believe. and then onto oklahoma. he really has a bit of a western strategy, i think, and certainly a caucus strategy. minnesota, colorado, the caucuses are of course much like we remember the iowa caucuses, much more of a party affair, much more of a liberal activist affair. he's also going to fly to massachusetts. he believes that the liberals in massachusetts, the northeast set
6:30 pm
of liberals not far from his home state of vermont will also give him some good support. but the reality here is the sanders campaign is also looking at the caucuses toward the end of the week, the nebraska, the kansas caucuses. maine is voting over that weekend as well. so they believe as the week goes on he will actually start wracking up some victories. a challenge is most of the places he is strong are in small states. this becomes a delegate fight. this becomes a time when math matters. hillary clinton is much stronger in bigger states. keep an eye on michigan. march 8th, i believe. michigan will be a central place to see if bernie sanders' message can resonate there with the working class democrats. some of those reagan democrats who are still the life blood of this democratic party here. so the sanders campaign has been campaigning aggressively in michigan. he was in flint, michigan just a couple of days ago.
6:31 pm
our central debate just a week from tomorrow will be a highlight of this contest between secretary clinton and bernie sanders. >> stand by, jeff. we're going to get back to you. he's still being introduced. >> we'll obviously bring you his comments as soon as they occur. what do you expect to hear from sanders tonight? does he try to tailor his speech? does he begin to try to change or shift? >> the young people say he ain't got no chill. there's not going to be any back down from bernie sanders. this is -- a normal candidate might be chasened, might be thrown off. you're talking about somebody who's been an outsider his whole life, somebody who sees himself as having fought the establishment his whole life. like he said, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. you may see some real contrast,
6:32 pm
but you're not going to see any backdown. >> bernie sanders has just been introduced, taking the stage there. let's take a look. ♪ keep on rocking in the free world ♪ ♪ >> thank you, rochester. thank you. and representative tina liebling, thank you so much for that introduction. what this campaign is about is not just electing a president. yeah, that's pretty important.
6:33 pm
but there's something that is more important. and as tina just said, it is about transforming america. it is about thinking big and the kind of country we want to become. it is understanding something that the media will not tell you or talk about much, is that in the last 30 years there has been a massive redistribution of wealth. the problem is that redistribution has gone in the wrong direction. yes, thank you, president obama. we are better off today than we were seven years ago. that's for sure. you know, it's amazing to me
6:34 pm
that our republican friends suffer from a very, very serious illness which seems to be all pervasive among republicans. and that is short-term amnesia. how they could go forward with a straight face and talk about the problems we have today while ignoring what world bush left us in when he left office. so we are going to make sure that our republican friends do not forget that when president bush left office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. unbelievab unbelievable. our deficit was a record breaking 1.4 trillion. and by the way, the world's financial system was on the verge of collapse.
6:35 pm
other than that, we were doing really good. so to hear republicans talk about, you know, where we are today without putting it into that context is somewhat of an outrage. but here is another truth. yes, we are better today than we were seven years ago. but the reality is that for the last 30 years you shouunder rep leadership, under democratic leadership, the middle class of this country has been shrinking and almost all income and wealth has been going to the top 1%. now, the reason i think our campaign has been doing so well and why we're bringing out huge crowds. we just came from texas. we had 10,000 people out in
6:36 pm
austin. we had 8,000 people out in dallas. and this is a pretty good turnout tonight. thank you very much, rochester. and the reason is that we're doing something very unusual. we're talking truth to the american people. and sometimes, you know, truth is not pleasant. you know, it's like you go to the doctor and you're not feeling well, even if the news is bad, you've got to know what's going on before you can get better. that's kind of what it is with our country today. we have to face some very unpleasant truths. let me give you a few. number one, you are living under, as tina mentioned, a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining american
6:37 pm
democracy. i wish i could describe it in more pleasant terms, but i can't. when you have billionaires and wall street and corporate america pouring hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the political process, that is not democracy. that is oligarchy. and together we are going to stop that oligarchy. you know what democracy is about -- and i really do love
6:38 pm
democracy -- is one person, one vote. it is you disagree with me, that's fine. you got a better idea than me, fight for it. that's a beautiful thing. but what democracy is not about is a handful of billionaires buying elections. and i'll tell you something else that democracy is not about. it is not about cowardly republican governors trying to suppress the vote. you know, i've been in politics for a while. it has never occurred to me to figure out a way to make it harder for people to vote because they might be voting against me. so i say to those republican governors and legislatures who
6:39 pm
are trying to make it harder for poor people or old people or people of color to vote, if you are afraid of participating in a free and fair election, get out of politics, get another job. today in america, we have one of the lowest voter turnout rates. i want to see us revitalize american democracy. i want to see us have one of the highest voter turnout rates. and in my view, we're going to make this very simple and tell
6:40 pm
the republican governors, either through a constitutional amendment or through legislation, that if somebody is 18 years of age and a citizen of this country, they have the right to vote, end of discussion. now, i think the reason that our campaign is doing so well across the country is that we are listening to the pain and the needs of ordinary people and not to the needs of billionaire campaign contributors. and that is a real difference. and when we listen to people, what we hear is people coming up to me and saying, bernie, i can't make it on $9 or $10 an hour. that is a wage that i can't live on and certainly my family
6:41 pm
cannot live on. truth is that the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage. the truth is that millions of people in this country are working 40 or 50 hours a week. and they are still not earning enough money to take care of their families. truth is that people working full-time sometimes end up at the emergency food shelf because they need food despite their 40 or 50 hours of work to take care of their families. and that is why this this country, together, we're going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, $15 an hour.
6:42 pm
now, what this campaign is about -- and it's not easy -- is trying to force discussion on issues that congress chooses not to talk about and media chooses not to talk about. reality, but it's reality that's kind of swept under the rug. let me give you another example of that. all over this country, in minnesota, vermont, all over this country, you have senior citizens and disabled veterans who are trying to get by on $11,000-12,000 a year social security. nobody can get buy on 11 or $12,000 a year social security. and it's important for a moment, it is important for a moment to
6:43 pm
try to put ourselves into the life of somebody who is 80 or 90 years of age, needs healthcare, needs priescription drugs, need to keep their home warm in the winter, needs food, and they can't do it. many republicans are running all over this country. they want to cut social security. well, i've got bad news for them. we are not going to cut social security. we're going to expand social security. you know, you measure the greatness of a country not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it has. but by how it treats the weakest
6:44 pm
and most vulnerable amongst us. we will not turn our backs on our parents and our grandparents and on disabled veterans. we will stand with them. we are listening to workers. we are listening to seniors. but we are also listening to young people. and what young people -- and what young people are telling me is, bernie, why does it have to be that i end up 50, $100,000 in debt? what what crime? because i wanted to get a higher
6:45 pm
education? that makes no sense. so what this campaign is about is asking people to go beyond the status quo. don't think small. ask yourself a simple question. what kind of world do we live in? what kind of craziness exists when we are severely punishing millions of people for what crime? the crime of trying to get a good education. that is nuts. and we're going to change that. and this campaign is listening
6:46 pm
to women. and what the woman are saying is, why does it happen that when we go to work and we're working alongside of some guy doing the same job, why are we getting 79 cents on the dollar compared to that guy? and the answer, in my view, is that what we are looking at is nothing more than old-fashioned sexism. and together we're going to change that. this campaign is listening to the african-american community.
6:47 pm
they are asking how does it happen in this country, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, how does it happen that we have more people in jail than any other country on earth? china, four times our size, has fewer people in jail than we do. how does that happen? and the people in jail, as you know, are disproportionately african-american, latino and native american. so together we are going to take on and fight institutional racism and a broken criminal justice system.
6:48 pm
we spend $80 billion a year of taxpayer money locking up fellow americans. there are a lot better ways to spend money than locking up fellow americans. this campaign is listening to our brothers and sisters in the latino community. and they are telling me that they are tired of being exploited, tired of living in
6:49 pm
the shadows, tired of seeing a family member being deported and families being separated. and what they want and what i want is comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. now, this campaign is different than other campaigns in a whole lot of ways. it's not just that we have the most progressive agenda. it's something more profound than that. it is me telling you what no other candidate for president will tell you.
6:50 pm
and that is that no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can make the changes this country desperately needs alone. can't do it alone. snow no president, no matter how well intentioned, how hard working, no matter how smart, no president can take on the power of wall street, corporate america, corporate media, and these huge campaign contributors alone and that is why i'm going to be asking for your vote on tuesday but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election because i can't do it alone. [ applause ]
6:51 pm
[ crowd chanting bernie] >> what the political revolution is about is revitalizing american democracy and making sure that every american understands that yes, football is a spectator sport, democracy is not a spectator sport. [ applause ] every person in this room is extremely powerful if you choose to use your power. and what i will tell you -- because i am in the united states senate -- and see how things get done. there are people up there who have incredible wealth and power and what they want is for americans not to vote, not to be
6:52 pm
thinking about politics, not to get involved in the shape ogof the future of america. what they want is low voter turnouts, low public consciousness so the lobbyist and big money interests can control the future of this country. and our job is to take them on and to say that men and women fought and died for american democracy and we are going to revitalize american democracy, we are going to have a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of campaign contributors. [ applause ]
6:53 pm
i want to take a brief moment just to mention to you the differences on some key issues between secretary clinton and myself. number one, maybe most importantly. when we began this campaign we had to make a very important decision and that was do we have a super pack or do we not have a super pack? we concluded at the end of about one second that given the fact that we don't represent wall street, we don't represent the billionaire class, we will not have a super pack. [ applause ] and here is what is absolutely extraordinarily -- extraordinary and something i would not have
6:54 pm
believed i would be able to tell you nine/ten months ago. we have now in our campaign received over 4 million individual contributions. [ applause ] that is more contributions, more contributions than any candidate in the history of this country up until this point. [ applause ] and do you know what that average contribution is? with such a brilliant audience here, there's no way we're going to lose minnesota. i can see that. [ applause ]
6:55 pm
you are just too smart. i can see that. it is $27 and to paraphrase abraham lincoln at getiesbering, this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people and i'm proud of that. now, secretary clinton has chosen another path to raise money. she has several super packs. recently. one of her super packs reported raising 25 million in a filing period. 15 million from wall street. now, every candidate, democrat or republican throughout history has always said yes, i receive
6:56 pm
millions and millions of dollars from wall street, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, doesn't impact me. doesn't impact me. they just give me that money for the fun of it. they just throw that money around. doesn't impact me and then on top of that, secretary clinton, as you may know, gave some speeches to goldman sacks for $225,000 a speech. now, i think, if you get $225,000 for a speech, it must be a really excellent, wonderful speech and therefore you should be very proud to release the transcript of that speech. [ applause ] >> let's take a quick break. much more right after this.
6:57 pm
i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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the breaking news, a run away victory for hillary clinton in south carolina. she wins the democratic primary by a near lee 3 to 1 margin. that makes back to back wins for hillary clinton, making her the presidential frontrunner among the democrats, going into the crucial super tuesday contest. and bernie sanders is in minnesota and he plans to win quote many, many delegates on super tuesday. as the make or break super tuesday contest s draw near, marco rubio goes toe to toe with donald trump. ted cruz is piling on, desperately needing a win himself super tues


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