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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  February 27, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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cut deals in washington. and he's right, he's given hundreds of thousands to democrats. anyone who really cared about illegal immigration, wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants. they wouldn't be funding harry reed and nancy pelosi and the gang of 8. when you honor the promise you made to the men and women who elected you q say enough with the krupscorruption, let's stan the working men and washington, they don't like you in washington. and if you want to be liked in washington, that's not a good attribute for president. >> here's a man, robin hood over here. he talks about corruption. on his financial disclosure form, he didn't even put that he borrowed money from goldman sacks and he didn't talk about
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that he pays no interest and now he's goeing to protect people from the big bad banks. give me a break. >> governor kasich. the idea -- i want to quote you now. . the idea that we're going to deport all these people is ludicrous and everybody knows it. should people be allowed to break the law just because it's not feasible to stop them? >> look, we have a great president here, george bush, 41st president of the united states. he work would ronald regan to pass an effort to try to solve this problem. a path to legalization. you see that was a time when things worked. when president regan and george bush decided we needed to make the country work. look, i think there is a answer here. you complete the border. you let people know once its done you don't have a right to
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come in. if you do, we don't have an excuse, you're going back. and i think for the 11 1/2 million -- the illegal that are here, if they have not committed a crime since they've been here, make them pay a fine, maybe community service and at the end, give them a path to legalization but not a path to citizenship. i don't think we're going to grab people out of their homes. it's not practical and it doesn't reflect america. the problem with president regan is we didn't get in there and finish the border and i think it was business interests that effected it. but let's start solving problems in this country and with president regan and george bush it was a bipartisan coalition to address the issue and i will have a plan in the first 100 days to get it done and get this issue behind us.
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>> thank you, governor. dr. carson. you've been critical of mass deportation. you said back in november you don't think mr. trump's plan represents the republican party. given how well he's been doing with the republican primary voters, do you still believe that? >> i believe in liberty and justice for all. i think everything we do should by fair and i've already described how we can secure the bord border. it's not just people from south america and mexico. but there are terrorists who want to destroy us and we have to stop that. but in terms of the people here already after we stop the illegal immigration, we need to be reasonable. and i would give them a six month period in which to get registered as a guest worker, assuming they have an acceptable record. they have to pay a back tax
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penalty and taxes going forward but they don't have to live underground anymore. and i think they do not become american citizens, they do not vote. if they want to become an american citizen, they go through exactly the same process everybody else goes through. and we have other ways of utilizing our facilities and our talents as foreign aid. doing things in south america and central america and mexico that improve the economy, that would cost us less than borrowing money from china and paying interest on it. >> thank you, dr. carson. mr. trump, your campaign began with the idea of building a wall along the southern border, about 315 miles southwest of where we are right now. you said the mexican government will pay for it. the spokesman for the current president of mexico says that
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will never happen. the last two presidents of mexico say that will nev her happen. and i'm quoting i'm not going to pay for that quote f'ing wall. so, if you don't get an actual check from the mexican government for 8 or 10 or $12 billion, whatever it will cost, how areio you going to make th pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got 10 feet taller. believe me. i saw him make the statement. i can only tell you if i had used even half that word, it would have been national scan l scandal. this guy used a filthy disgusting word on televisions
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and he should apologize. we have a trade deficit and that doesn't include all drugs pouring into our country. if these guys do it, it will cost $200 billion. but the wall is 10 to 12 billion. you need amiles. the great wall of china is 13,000 miles. we need a thousand because we have a lot of natural barriers. we can do it from 10 to 12. this is a heck of a lot higher than the ceiling you're looking at. mexico will pay for it because they're not doing us any favors. they could stop all of this illegal strayed if they wanted to. it's a small portion of the kind of money that we lose and the deafsis that we have with
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mexico. >> if the mexicans don't pay for the wall, will you start a trade war with mexico? >> i don't mind trade wars when we're losing so much with mexico and china. with china we're losing $500 billion a year and people say don't we want to trade? i don't mind trading but i don't want to lose 58 billion. mexico just took maker of air conditioners. they just took ford. they're building a $200 billion plant. they just took nubiabisko out o chicago. they're taking our businesses. i don't mind. >> couple points. if he builds the wall, the way he built trump towers, he'll be using illegal immigrants to do
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it. >> nice sound bite. >> it's not a sound bite. the second thing about the trade war, i don't understand because your ties and the clothes you make are made in mexico and china. >> you know what, they devalue their currency. you don't know a thing about business. >> make them in america. >> china, mexico, everybody, they devalue their currencies to such an extent that our businesses cannot compete with him the. our workers lose their job. >> i don't know anything about bank respecting four companies. i don't know anything about starting -- a fake university. -- and they're suing him now. >> and by the way -- >> and they got to take -- a cut
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out of donald trump. that's what they got for their $36,000. >> i won most of the lawsuit. >> am i allowed to respond to this? >> you've been responding. >> no, i really haven't. >> you talked through the whole thing. >> here's a guy who buy as house for 179 thousand and then legislation is passed. you tell me about this guy. >> here's the guy who inherited $200 million. if he hadhadn't, you know where he'd be? >> that's so wrong. we'll work on that. i took one million and turned it into 10 billion. >> oh, 1 million. >> i borrowed 1 million and
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turned it into more than 10 billion. >> senator rubio, last week you said on your first day of office, you will get rid of president obama's executive action for child hood arrivals. it is a program that has protected hundreds of thousands of young people that came here when they were children brought to the u.s. by undocumented immigrants. this is the only home they know and that's a dramatic change when you said last april in spanish and i'm going to quote you. [ speaking spanish] which translates to that is going to have to end at some point but it wouldn't be fair to cancel it immediately. so, senator rubio, what changed? >> nothing changed. >> why is it now fair to cancel it on day one? >> it will have to end at some
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moment and we will eliminate the executive order. any new applicants will not be allowed to apply. and riit's not because we're no compassionate to the plight but it's unconstitutional. the president doesn't have the power to do that. and he himself admitted that. >> you went from saying it was deeply disruption to deport them on day one. >> this is not about deportation. everybody goes immediately to the issue of deportation. it's an executive order that is unconstitutional. i will cancel it on my first day of office. it means they will not be allowed to renew them and new people will not be allowed to apply to them. i am sympathetic to someone who came when they were two or three at no fault of their own. no matter how sympathetic we cannot violate the constitution
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of the united states the way this president now does on a regular basis. >> you accused senator cruz in a previous debate of lying when he said that you said one thing in spanish and another one in english. so, in what sense did he lie? >> because it's not true i'm not going to get rid of dockau. you just read out the transcript in spanish, it will have to ends. that point will be when i eliminate the executive order and the people who have the permits, they will not be allowed to renew it. and i don't think we should be taking new enrollees in the program now. when the program ix pires, they cannot reenew and it goes away but i will cancel the executive order as soon as i step foot in the oval office. >> i have to say if it he lied
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this time, he lied 100%. . . >> you lied 38 years ago. i guess there's a statute of limitation on lies. >> well, maria, i would note you made the exact same point that i made at the last debate and you're right senator rubio called me a liar for saying that. we've all seen at home when washington politicians say about an illegal or unconstitutional program it will have to end one day. that's when a candidate is not planning on ending it at all. i'm reminded that's the same position he took in iowa on ethanol substance. i took on the lobbyists, the corporate welfare and said we should have no ethanol subsudies. and his rebecause sponse was the
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same it should end some day. and i think we deserve a president willing to say it on day one. . >> that's not an accurate assessment. i said it will phase out. it is phasing out now. by 2022 that program expires and at that point it will go away. i don't agree with the mandate but i think it's unfair that these people have invested all this money in the program and we're just going to yank it away from them. i said clearly it will have end at some point. i said it will end on my first day in office as president and new applicants will not be able to apply. that is the end of it. i am sympathetic to the cause but it cannot go against the constitution which this president every day violates. >> senator cruz, you and senator
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rubio are the two candidates of hispanic descent on this stage. as a matter of fact, you're the first hispanic ever to win a caucus or primary and yet there is a perception in the latino community that instead of trying to prove to latinos who has the best plan, the best platform to help them that you two are spending the time arguing with each other trying to figure out which one is tougher in order to appeal to the majority of republicans. so, my question is aren't you missing a huge opportunity to expand the republican base? >> you are right, it is extraordinary that out of the five people standing that two of us are the children of cuban immigrants. it is an embodiment that this country provides. i would say people have a definition of hispanc that you
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can only be hispanic if your arer liberal. one of the things i was most proud of when i ran for senate here in texas, mitt romney was getting clobbered with 27% of the hispanic vote nation wide and you look at the values in the hispanic community, they're faith, family, patriotism. we've got the highest rate of military enlistment among any demographic in this country and when i campaigned and i did the same in dallas as i did in the rio grand valley, defending, telling my father's story of coming to america with $100 in his underwear, washing dishes, having hopes and dreams for the american dream and the truth is, the obama/clinton economy has done enormous damage to the hispanic community. it's not working and i'm fighting so everyone struggling
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in the hispanic community and beyond will have a fair and even shake at the american dream. >> i was mentioned in that. and i'll be brief. i do think it's amazing that there are two descentants of immigrants and an african american. we're the party of diversity, not the democratic party. andy with have to move past this idea that somehow we only care about immigration. yes, we know and love people that have been impacted by it. but the most powerful sentiment is the burning desire to leave your children better off than yourself and you can only do that for free enterprise, not socialism like bernie sanders and increasingly like hillary clinton. >> governor kasich, after the
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last presidential election, the republican party realized that in order to win the it presidency, it needed the support of latinos, guidelines on how to accomplish that were outlined in a report that concluded "if hispanic americans hear that gop doesn't want them in the united states they won't pay attention to our next sentence." so, do you think that your fellow republican candidates get it? >> well, i'm not dpgoing to tal about that. i was with a 12-year-old girl at town hall meeting and she said i don't like all this yelling and screaming that debates. my mom thinks i can't watch it anymore. i'm going to tell you what i think. my position on this whole immigration issue has been the same from the beginning. i haven't changed anything with it. my view is we need economic growth. everything starts with economic
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growth and how do you get it? common. sense regulations, and of course, a fiscal plan that balances a budget. that gives you economic growth. i did it in washington as the budget committee chairman, negotiating with democrats, surpluses, economic growth and the same in ohio. but economic growth is not an end to itself. we have to make sure that everybody has a sense that they can rise. of course, our friends in the hispanic community, the promise of america is that our system, when we follow the right formula is going to give opportunity for everyone. it's what jack kemp used to say, a rising tide lifts all votes and with me and the hispanic community, i think they like me and i appreciate that because i want them to have the same opportunity that myself and my
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children have had in this country. . it's time to solve problems. >> are you as a candidate getting it? >> i didn't hear the first part of the question. >> there was a report that recommended that in order to approach hispanics and bring them to vote for the republican party, certain things needed to happen and one was that they shouldn't feel like they're going to get kicked out of the united states otherwise they wouldn't pay attention to one more sentence from candidates. >> first of all let me just mention that last year at nelio, the national association for latino elected officials, i was one of the only of 17 candidates to go there and the reason i don't fear going there is because the message i give is the same message to every group. this is america. and we need have policies that are -- that give liberty and justice to all people. and that's the way that i have
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fashioned virtually every policy looking at that. . and i think that's the way the republican party generally thinks. we don't pick and choose winners and losers. real compassion is providing people with a ladder of opportunity to climb up from a state of dependentan andependan the fabric of america. i think when we do that, we'll attract aeeverybody. >> mr. trump, it is common knowledge that the hispanic vote is very important in this race. you keep saying that hispanics love you. >> true. >> and yes. you won the hispanic vote in nevada. >> true. >> but a brand new telemundo poll says two out of four hispanics that vote nation wide have a negatitative opinion of . they don't like you.
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wouldn't that make you unelectable in a general election? >> first of all i don't believe anything that telemundo says. number two, i currently employ thousands of hispanics and over the years 10s of thousands. they're incredible people. and the reason i won in nevada, not only the big one but subs, as an example i won with women, every single category. high income, low income. i won with ishad phispanic s be they know i'm going to bring jobs back from so many places. they get it. they're incredible workers and i've won many of the polls with hispanics and i'm going to be bringing a lut of people in who are democrats, who are independents and you're seeing that with the polls because if you look at anywhere, any of the
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elections, every single election, it's been record setting and the good news for the republican party, the democrats are getting very poor numbers in terms of bringing them in. we're getting record setting numbers. i think i have something to do with that. and i won everyone -- the three i won, i won with record setting numbers. new people are come nothing to the republican party. we are building a new republican party. a lot of new people are coming in. >> for the record, you have said publicly that you love telemundo in the past. but it is not just a telemundo poll. >> i love them. i love them. you know what, they're fine. >> just last night the washington post showed 84% of the voters have a negative view
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of you and considering the nevada victory. it was based on a tiny sample of a hundred hispanic republicans in the state of nevada. i'm making reference to hispanic voters nation wide in a general election. >> i'm just telling you i'm doing very well with hispanics and by the way, i settled my suit, as you know with univision. we're all good friends now. very happy. very good people. but i'm just telling you that i will do really well with hispanics, better than anybody on the stage. i have respect for the people on the stage but i am telling you also i'm bringing you people, democrats and independents and we're building a much bigger, much stronger republican party.
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>> mr. trump, tlahank you. i want to turn to the united states supreme court where filling the vacancy left by the late justice antonin scalia has become a major campaign issue. hugh. >> thank you, wolf. senator cruz, do you trust mrmr. mr. trump to nominate conservative justices? >> i agree with you that his passing underscores the enormous gravity of this election. he was someone i knew personally for 20 years, was privileged to be at his funeral and with his passing, we're one liberal justice away from a five justice radical, leftist majority that would undermine our religious liberty, that would undermine the right to life, and that would fundamentally erase the
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second amendment right to bare arms. and in the past, republican presidents always promise to nominate strict constitutionals. so, i'm sure if you took a survey, everyone would do that but democrats bat about a thousand. just about everyone votes exactly as they want. and republicans, more than thankful people have been a disaster. i've spent my whole life fighting to defend the bill of rights and the constitution. for those that care, they're asking the question who do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt will nominate principaled constitutionalests to the court? i give you my word. [ applause ] >> mr. trump. >> senator cruz mentioned the issue that keeps me up at night which is religious liberty.
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churches, catholic and christian colleges, all sorts of religious institutions fear that hobby lobby, if riit's repealed, theye going to have to bend their knee and provide morning after pills. will you commit to voters tonight that religious liberty will be an absolute litmus test for anyone you appoint to all courts? >> yes, i would and i've been there. very strongly. this is interesting and not anybody's fault. it's not ted's fault. justice roberts was strongly recommended and pushed by ted. justice roberts gave us obama care. two times of the supreme court justice roberts approved something he should have never raised his hand to approve and we ended up with obama care. that is a rough thing and i know ted feels badly about it and
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probably still respects the judge but that judge has been a disaster in terms of everything we stand for because there's no way, no way he should have approved obama care. with that said, these are the things that happen but ted very strongly pushed judge roberts. >> what do you make of mr. trump's criticism? >> he knows it's george w. bush who apointed him. yes, it's true i supported him. but i would have nominated my boss who was the strongest conservative on the court of appeals. and it's interesting he promises to appoint justice to defend civil liberty. but he's given money to harry
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reed, hillary clinton. nobody who supports can possibly care about having principaled constitutionalests on the court and he says he's going to cut a deal. so, he's going to look to cut a deal rather than fight and find someone who will defend it fa h faithfully. >> i watch ted and i respected it but he gets nowhere, stand on the senate floor for a day or two days and talk and talk and talk and i watch the other senators laughing and smiling and when he was exhausted, he left the senate floor and they went back to work. we have to have somebody to make deals. now, ted's been very critical. i have a sister who's a -- he's been criticizing my sister for signing a certain bill. you know who else signed that
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bill? justice samuel alido with my sister signed that bill. so, i think that maybe we should get a little bit of an apology from ted. what do you think? >> let me tell you right now, donald, i will not apologize for a minnet for defending the constitution, for defending the bill of rights and i find it amazing that your answer is on religious liberty, you can't have one of these crazy zealots who believes in it, you have to be willing to cut a deal. harry reid said who do you like the most and he said donald. and that's because he knows he can cut a deal with him. you know what, donald, i don't want a supreme court justice that you cut a deal because that same justice will erase the second amendment from the bill of rights.
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>> are you talking about you, crazy zealot? give me a break. >> you've said religious liberty will trump the ability to not provide flowers, baked goods, etc. >> i think you ask a very important question because the issue the next president has to fill this vacancy. in the history of the republic, there's never been anyone better than him that the constitution is not a living and breathing document, it is supposed to be applied as originally meant. plus, there may be two other c vacancies and he said he would but if you look at his record over the last 25 or 30 years, he has not been on our side. we're always looking for converts in the consivative
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movement. but you can't say i feel at peace he's going to be firmly on our side with these issues. and he says he's not going to take sides in the palestinians against israel. these are concerning things. so, yes, i have a doubt of whether he'll replace justice scalia with somebody just like justice scalia. >> first of all i have great respect for justice scalia. and ronald regan was a somewhat liberal democrat. he evolved into a somewhat strong conservative and is he was a great president. and i'm pro life. i'm totally against abortion. but millions of women are helped by planned parenthood. you can say what you want but they have millions of women helped greatly. i would defund it because of the
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abortion factor. i don't know what percent. they say 3%. i would defund it because i'm against it but millions of women are helped by planned parenthood. >>liberty. you said same-sex marriage is a cupcake maker. make a cupcake. >> look, i was involved in just being a pioneer in a new church. religious institutions should be able to practice the religen that they believe in. no question and no doubt about it. now, in regard to same-sex marriage. i don't favor it. i've always favored traditional marriage but the court has ruled and yrv moi've said where does ? if you're in the business of selling things if you're not going to sell to somebody you
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agree with? today i'm not going to sell to somebody who's gay and maybe tumor i'm not going to sell to somebody woho's divorced. if you don't agree, say a prayer for them. but i would fight for those religious institutions and i've appointed over 100 judges as governor, i even appointed a judge to the ohio supreme court and they're conservatives. they don't make the law, they interpret the law. that's all they do and they stick by the constitution. so, i will do that. but let's not get so narrow as to gauot you this or that. >> are their positions clear? are the positions you've heard clear about the first amendment and the first freedom? >> first of all, let me add my praise to justice scalia.
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we got an honorary degree together a long time ago. tremendous wit and intellect. one of the basic tenants of this nation and i believe that the constitution protektcts all of r rights and givs people who believe in same-sex marriage the same rights as everybody else. but what we have to remember is even though everybody has the same rights, nobody gets extra rights. so, nobody gets to redefine things for everybody else and have them have to conform to it. that's unfair. and this is the responsibility of congress to come back and correct what the supreme court has done. that's why we have divided government. and we're going to have to encourage them to act in an appropriate way or we'll lose our religious freedom and i would go through and look at what have they done in the past?
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what kind of judgments have they made? that will tell you a lot more than an interview. the fruit salad of their life is what i would look at. >> all of you want to repeal and replace obama care. so, let's talk about your specific plans to replace it. >> senator rubio, you said yesterday right here in houston that mr. trump thinks part of obama care is retie -- pretty good. >> he said he likes the individual mandate portion of it. i don't think that should remain there. we need to repeal obama care complooco comple completely and replace it with a systemal that puts americans in charge again. your employers can provide you health care money, tax free and you can use that money only for
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health care but you can use it to fund health care anyway you want. combination of health savings account or private plan and if you don't have that, then you will have a refundable tax credit that provides you money. and that's a much better approach for obama care. it's a health care law that is basically forcing companies to cut people's hours, move people to part time. it is a job killing law and i will repeal it as president and we will replace it with something substantially better for all americans. >> mr. rubio -- >> i heard what he said. i agree 100%. except preexisting condition. we're going to have something much better but preexisting conditions and i was referring to that very strongly on the show with anderson cooper erco.
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i think it's a modern age and we have to have it. >> so, let's talk about preexisting conditions. what the insurance companies say is that the only way they can cover people is to have a mandate requiring everybody purchase health insurance. are they wrong? >> i think they're wrong 1 e100. they get what they want. we should have gotten rid of the lines around each state so we can have real competition. we thought those lines were going to be gone and something happened at the last moment and all of that was thrown out the window. some of the people in the audience are insurance people and special interests. of course they're part of the problem, other than ben, in all fairness and the governor. let's just talk about these two, okay. i don't think the governor had too much to do with this.
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we should have got rid of the borders, so there's great competition. the insurance companies are making a fortune on everything they do. i'm self funding my campaign. i'm the only one in eetither pay self funding my campaign. we have to get rid of the lines so there's serious, serious c p competiti competition. and the price will be down and the insurance companies can pay. right now they're making a fortune. >> but to be specific here, what you're saying is getting rid of the barriers between states, that is going to solve the problem? >> and the insurance companies aren't going to say that. they say what they have to say to keep it the way it is. the top guys, they're friend of mine. you'll say it's terrible. i have a conflict of interest. there's some right in the audience. one was just waving to me. he's not laughing so much.
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hi. but the insurance companies are making an absolute fortune. yes, they will keep preexisting conditions. get rid of obama care but we should keep preexisting conditions. >> and i was mentioned in his response. you may not be aware of this donald but here's what happened. when they passed obama care, they put a bailout front in obama care. all the lobbyists put a bailout that would allow taxpayer money to be used to bailout companies. they're not in favor of me, they're suing to get that bailout money put back in. and what is your plan? i had understand the lines round the state, whatever that means. >> you don't know what it means. that's the problem. >> what is your plan on health care? you don't have a plan. >> the biggest problem he's got is he doesn't know.
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i watched him meltdown a couple weeks ago with chris christie. he doesn't know about the lines. the reason we have no competition is because we have lines around the state. >> but what else is part of your plan. so, your only thing is to get rid of the lines around the states. >> that blings -- excuse me. that brings in competition. when you get rid of the lines, it brings competition. so, instead of one insurance company, you'll have many, they'll compete and it will be a beautiful thing. >> so, that's the only part of the plan? >> you'll have many different plans.. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself.
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>> no, no. [ applause ] >> i don't repeat myself. here's the guy who repeats himself. >> you repeat yourself every day. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> and i wautched you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> i thought he came out of the swimming pool. >> he says five things, everyone is dumb, we're going to make america great again. we're winning in the polls, win, win, win and the lines around the state. every night. i tell the truth. >> if you just let mr. trump
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respond. if you could talk more about your plan. >> we're go having many different plans because there's going to be competition. they're going to have many, different plans. there's nothing to add. what's to add? >> thank you both. governor kasich, you've said it is quote unamerican to deny someone health insurance if they have a preexisting condition. would you leave the individual mandate in place requiring all americans to purchase insurance? >> no, i wouldn't but that doesn't matter when it comes to the issue of preexisting conditions. you don't want any american to lose their house and everything they save because they get sick. we're running significant health reform in my state. i would repeal obama care for a
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variety of reasons. i would combine it with the medicaid program and cover the people who are currently the working poor. and then we're driving towards total transparenciy. if any of you ever get a hospital bill, it's easier to interpret the dead sea scrolls than the understand it. we need transparenciy with hospitals and the providers p.. and i'll tell you what we will do. we're going to make payments to physicians and hospitals who actually deliver health care with great quality at low prices. we're going to make the market work. >> let me go back the question about the individual mandate. you proposed a plan requiring an individual mandate. so, what changed? >> the heritage foundation had this position as well. and when i look at it, i don't think it's tenable.. again, i'm telling you we have a
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proposal. a plan we're enacting now that says if you're a hospital or a doctor and you're providing below the midpoint. some charge high, some low. if you're below the midpoint, we're going to give you a financial award that allow you to give quality at lower prices. and that's how we're going to damp down the rising costs of health care. if you think about your deductibles, they're going higher, higher, higher. our plan will work. it uses the market, transpare y transparency, the patient in the middle and we're actually doing it in my state and if this will go flagsnational, you'll know w going on, we'll pay for quality, lower prices and we'll with gin to see health care become aff d affordable in america and people will have health insurance even
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if they have a preexisting condition. we don't want people in the cold and not have the health insurance. this is not a theory. this is what we actually doing in our state. we will begin payments next year based on episodes that we have in our lives. if our primary care physicians keep us healthy for a year with really high quality, they will get a financial reward. they need help, support, we're losing them. this will allow them -- >> governor kasich, thank you. >> dr. carson, how would you change obama care but maintain that coverage? >> first of all, health care is not a right but i do believe it is a responsibility for a responsible society and we are that. we spend almost twice per capita
8:47 pm
on health care as many other nations who have actually much better access than we do. i propose a system where we use health empowerment from birth to death. we give people the ability to shift money within their health account within their family. so, if dad's $500 short, mom can give it to him or son or uncle. it makes you your own insurance carrier with no middle man and if uncle joe is smoking like a chimney, they're going to hide his cigarettes because they're interested in what's going on there. and your catastrophic health care is going to cost a lot less money because the only thing coming out is catastrophic health care. it's like a home owner's policy with a large deductible, versus
8:48 pm
one where you want every scratch covered. you can buy the $1500 one. that would take care of 75% of the people. the people indigent. how do we take care of them now? medicaid. almost $500 billion. almost 80 million people participate. but do the math, over $5,000 for each, man, woman and child. and they will have a lot more flexibility. you could still have thousands of dollars left over and i don't get to talk that much so let me finish. you have the money that's left over to buy your catastrophic insurance but most importantly we give them a menu just like on medicare part c and they have the choices that will allow them not only to have catastrophic
8:49 pm
health care but drug care and everything else. it will be such a good program nobody will want obama care itself, but if they still did, i would defund it. >> does everyone get to address obama care but me? >> i want to move on. >> it's kind of a history i have a long history with. >> all right. go ahead. >> how do you get that extra time, cruz? >> this is another issue on which donald and i have sharp disagreements. on planned parent hood, he thinks they're wonderful. i would instruct the department of justice to investigate them and prosecute any violations. i want to end obama care because it's killed millions of jobs. donald wants to end it because
8:50 pm
he says it doesn't go nearly far enough. for decades, he has been abdicating socialized health care. let me tell you if you're a small business owner, donald trump's socialized medicine, putting the government in charge of your health care would kill more jobs than obama care and the results of socialized medicine and every country on earth has been the government saying no you don't get that hip replacement, you don't get that knee replacement. the government is in charge of your health care. as president i will repeal every word of obama care. >> thank you. mr. trump. >> i do not want socialized medicine. just so you under. i do agree with him that it's going to be a disaster, obama
8:51 pm
care, for the economy. in 2017, it's going to be impossible for us to pay for it. it has to be repealed. number one, it doesn't work. number two, you look at premiums going up 25, 35, even 45% and more. it is going to destroy our economy completely. it's not doing well. it is going to destroy our economy greatly and on that i agree. >> you've never said the government should pay for everyone's health care? >> it works in some places. >> if it you don't support socialized health care you have no heart. >> excuse me, let me talk. >> explain your plan, please. >> we're going to have private
8:52 pm
health care. but i will not allow people to die on the sidewalks and the streets of our country if i'm president. you may let it and you may be fine with it, i'm not fine with it. >> just answer the question. >> excuse me. we're going to take those people and they're going to be serviced by doctors and hospitals. we're going to make great deals but we're not going to let them die in the streets. >> i want to clarify something. this is a republican debate, right? because that attack of many people die in the streets if -- >> senator cruz -- >> call it what you want. people are not go toing in going in the sidewalks. mr. trump, you want to cut taxes more than president george w. bush did. the independent tax foundation
8:53 pm
says the cost to the country would be about $10 trillion and that takeinize to account the economic growth that would emerge from you proposed tax cuts. how would you cut $10 trillion but make sure the country isn't saddle withed with oeven more debt? >> because it will become a dine aurmic economy. we have the highest taxes anywhere in the world. we have trillions of dollars outside that we can't get in. we will do my tax plan and it will be great. we will have a dynamic ekaconom again. we're going to make many cuts in business. we're going to get rid of so many different things. department of education, have to go local.
8:54 pm
common core is out. environmental protex l pral pro. we waist all of that money. we're going to bring that back to the states. we're going to cut many of the agencies. we will balance our budget and be dynamic again. >> mr. trump, if you eliminate completely the department of education, that's about $68 billion, if you eliminate the environmental protection agency, about $76 billion for those two agencies, the current deficit this year is $544 billion. where where are you coming up with the money? >> waist, fraud and abuse all over the place. you look at what's happening with social security. look at what a is happening with every agency, waist, fraud and abuse. we will cut so much your head will spin. >> governor kasich. you were chairman of the budget
8:55 pm
committee, you helped craft the last balanced budget that we had. do you think his plan could work? >> we cgot the budget balanced. you have to grow the economy and restrain the spending. and when i was chairman, we cut that capital gains tax and instituted a significant program to get the balance. we had a balanced budget four years in a row. had to take on every interest group in washington and we paid down a half trillion of the national debt. if you don't have regulatory reform, commonsense regulations, reasonable tax cuts, which i have and a fiscal plan, you won't get there. you will never be able to do it. i inherited an $8 billion hole in ohio. and we have a fiscal plan. and it's not always cutting.
8:56 pm
we have a $2 billion surplus, our credit is strong, our pensions are strong and i have a plan to take to washington and i will have it there in the first hyundais and it will include shipping, welfare, transportati transportation, medicate back to us so we can begin in the states the laboratories of invasion. i've did it in washington. nobody can believe it happened. i've done it in ohio. and i will go back to washington and do it again for the american people. within the first hundred people we will have the plan to get this done. >> thank you, governor. speaking of taxes. -- >> and i'm a big fan of the governor but they also struck oil, so that helped ohio a lot. >> let me talk about that because i know donald believes
8:57 pm
the energy industry is important but of the 400,000 jobs, maybe 15,000 are connected to this industry because it's early stage. what a president needs do is have a cabinet and whole operation that's jobs friendly. we've diversified our economy. we have it, we just got amazon. their cloud computing in the midwe midwest. you know why it's happening, we're balanced budgeds and if we have a president that does that, we will get the economic growth and that's what this country needs. jobs, job, and jobs, period. >> mitt romney called on you to
8:58 pm
are elys release your tax returns. that you haven't been giving the money to veterans or disabled people or don't have as much money as you say. are any of those accusations true? >> i was the first to sign a financial disclosure form. you don't learn about someone's wealth from a tax return. you learn it from statements. i built a great company with very little debt. the people in the back, the reporters were shocked when they went down. and i didn't ask for five 45 day extensions, which i was entitled to. and that's where you find out what kind of a company, not from a tax return. mitt romney looked like a fool when he delayed and delayed and mitt romney didn't file his
8:59 pm
return until september 21st of 2012. about a month 1/2 before the election. and it cost him big. as far as my return. i want to file it except for many years i've been audited every year. 12 years or something like that. every year they audit me, audit me, audit me. i have friends that are very wealthy people they never get audited. i will absolutely give me return but i'm being audited for two or three years and i can't do it until the audit is finished. and i would think people would understand that. are you going to ask anybody else a question? every single question comes to me. i know i'm good for the ratings but it's a little ridiculous. >> a year ago you told me on my radio show the audio in the transcript are out, they're on
9:00 pm
youtube, that you would release your tax returns. are you going back on your commitment? >> first of all, very few people listen to your radio show, which is the good thing. i want to release my tax returns but i can't while i'm under an audit. i've had it for years. i get audited. and obviously, if i'm being audited, i'm not going to release a return. as soon as the audit is done, i love it. >> senator rubio, mitt romney also called upon you to release your tax returns. your campaign said last spring that you would release your returns. when are we going to see your returns? >> tomorrow or saturday is our plan to release them and there's nothing that interesting in them and luckily i'm not being audited this year or last year for that


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