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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  February 27, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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youtube, that you would release your tax returns. are you going back on your commitment? >> first of all, very few people listen to your radio show, which is the good thing. i want to release my tax returns but i can't while i'm under an audit. i've had it for years. i get audited. and obviously, if i'm being audited, i'm not going to release a return. as soon as the audit is done, i love it. >> senator rubio, mitt romney also called upon you to release your tax returns. your campaign said last spring that you would release your returns. when are we going to see your returns? >> tomorrow or saturday is our plan to release them and there's nothing that interesting in them and luckily i'm not being audited this year or last year for that matter. but i want to go back to this
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question you asked about it debt. it's a huge issue. in less than five years, 83% of our entire budget will be made up of social security, mead care, medicaid and inintterest the it debt. you cannot balance our budget unless you deal with that 83%, which is why i've been repeat repeatedly talking about, since my time running for the senate in florida, where there are a lot of people like my mother that depend on social security and medicare, by reforming the way they work for future generations and the longer we take to do this the closer we get to a debt crisis. and you didn't get annance ancn answanc -- answer to your question. we should not leave tonight
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until hearing a serious answer from every one of us about how we're going to bring the national debt into control once and for all. >> and being fair to all of the candidates, why haven't voters seen your 2012, 2013 and 2014 returns? >> so, i've released four years of tax returns already. we'll have two more years available tomorrow. and i'll note this is -- donald says he's being audited. if he's said something false, the voters need to know. and people across this country, we recognize our country is in crisis. the most important question is how do we win the general election in 2016? and roughly 65% of republicans think donald is not the right candidate to go against hillary clinton.
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>> 85% say -- >> he's lost to hillary on eight of them. in the last 10 polls i either tie or beat hillary. the mainstream media is laying off donald now. they're going to pick apart his taxes and his business deals. and the corruption at the clinton foundation. the fact she had ceos and foreign giving her money. and hillary would turn to donald and say, gosh you gave 100 thousand to the clinton foundation, i even went to your wedding. we can't risk another four years of these failed obama policies by nominating someone who loses to hillary clinton in november. [ applause ] >> at the beginning i said
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openly to everybody i contribute to many politicians, republican and democrat. and i have to laugh when ted make as big deal out of the fact that he's doing well in the polls poll s. i'm tied in texas, by the way, which i shouldn't be. and a new poll came out that shows me beating him so badly that i'm embarrassed to say it. i just got 36% of the vote. i just gotanother one. and he got 20 and 22 and lost in south carolina so badly. he said a year aago, i can't lose south carolina. i beat him in a land slide. last week in nevada, i beat him in a land slide. and hillary clinton, take a look at u.s.a. today, the poll and i
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beat her and badly. and i haven't even started on her. i only had one little interchange and that was four weeks ago when she said i was sexist and believe me they had a rough weekend between bill and hillary, they had a tough weekend. >> hold on, he attacked me, wolf. i get a response. >> i was about to say, senator cruz, respond. >> you know it's interesting, donald went on a tirade but he's yet to say he can release last year's tax returns, he can do it tomorrow. but they're already prepared. the only he's not releasing them is because he's afraid -- marco made reference earlier to the litigation against trump university. it's a fraud case. his lawyers have scheduled a trial for july. i want you to think about having
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the republican nominee on the stand in court being cross examined about whether he committed fraud. you don't think the mainstream media will go nuts on that? and how do we nominate someone who said she was the best secretary of state in modern times and agreed with president obama on the bailout. a >> mr. trump. -- hold on. [ applause ] >> we're talking about the polls, i'm beating him awfullyp >> but you're not beating hillary. >> if i can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you? i know you're embarrassed but swing for the fences.
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let me just tell you. the trump university case is a civil case. it's a case where people want to try and get -- it's a case that is nonsense. i could have settled many times. i could settle it right now but i don't want to out of principal. many people signed report cards saying it was fantastic, wonderful, beautiful. and believe me i'll win that case. civil case. number two. as far as the taxes are concerned. i'm being audited. it's a very routine audit and very unfair because i've been audited over 12 years because of the size of my company which is very, very large, i'm being audited. 12 years in a row at least. now, until that audit is done and i don't think anybody would blame me -- >> what about the years you're not being audited. >> four or five years. >> you don't know which years
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you're being audited for. >> we're trying to obey all of the rules you agreed to. we're going to take a break. and our coverage from the u university of houston continues in a moment.
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. welcome back to the republican presidential debate here at the university of houston. gentlemen, i want to turn our attention right now to e key issues involving foreign policy and national security, and mr. trump, i will will begin with you. >> lucky. >> and you said this about the on going conflict of israelis and palestinians and i am quoting you "let me be a sort of neutral guy. i won't say whose fault it is, because i don't believe it
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helps." this is the question, how do you remain neutral when america considers israel to be the closest a ally in the middle east. >> first of all, they don't under president obama, because he has treated israel horribly. he has treated israel horribly. i was the grand marshal down fifth avenue a number of years ago for the israel parade, and i have received the tree of life and many awards from israel, and as president, there is nothing that i would rather do than to bring peace to israel and its neighbors generally and it serves no purpose to say, you have a good guy and a bad guy. maybe i am not successful in doing it, but maybe it is the toughest e negotiation of anywhere in the world of any kind, but it does not help if i start to say, that i am very pro israe israel, and very pro, and more than anybody on the stage, but it does not do any good to start
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demeaning the neighbors, because i would love to do something with are regard to negotiating peace, finally for israel, and for their neighbors. and i can't do that as well as a negotiator and i cannot do that as well if i am taking big, big sides. with that being said, i am totally pro israel. >> senator cruz. >> well, this is another area in which donald agrees with h hillary clinton and i disagree, because donald wants to be neutral, and let me clear that if i am president america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel, and the notion of knewle tral -- neutrality isd on the issue of the left buying into the moral relativism pitched in the media. it is not equivalent when you have terrorists strapping dynamite around their chests and exploding and murdering innocent
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men and women and children, and they are not equivalent to the idf protect israel. today, iran announced they will pay $7,000 to each suicide bomber, and i would note missing from donald's answer is anything that he has done in his nearly 70 years of living defending israel. i have over and over again led the fight to defend israel to fight for israel, and this is, if you want to know who will stand with israel, we should start with who has stood with israel when the heat was on. >> mr. trump -- >> well, i can only say, look, i can only say that i have been a big contributor to israel and i have received many, many awards from israel as i have said before, and i have a great relationship with israel, and i'm going to keep it that way, and if i could bring peace, fantastic thing, and one of my greatest a achievements as president. >> governor kasich, weigh in. >> and wolf, i with news congress for 17 years and on the defense committee, and then after 9/11, the secretary of defense called me in to help out with some thing, and i have been
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a supporter of rilz and strong supporter of israel longer than anybody on the stage, and did not give as much money as donald gave, and speaking, i have been on their side, and with policy, we are not certain with who we stand with, and the allies are not sure to make of us, and enemies are moving because they are not sure what we will do, and it is an interesting development here within the last 24 hours. we said the to the south koreans that we would give them the high defense missile system, and it rattled the chinese and for first first time the chinese are starting to take action against north korea, and when we stand firm and let the world know who we stand for and bring the allies together, that is the road forward to solve the problems in the country. >> and we will get to north korea in a moment. but senator rubio, what is the matter with america being an n honest broker as donald trump
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sa said? >> well, in is the problem, and i am not sure if he misspoke, but you cannot be an honest bro broker if you are acting in bad faith. they have walked away from making peace, and generous offers with the iz rye rayleighs and the palestinians are teaching the jews to kill israels, and here is what hamas does, they launch attacks on them, and the deal between the israelis and the palestinians given the current makeup of the palestinians is not possible so the next president of the united states has to be somebody like me standing firmly on the side of israel. i am not saying that i am not on a side, becausely bon israel's side every single day, because they are the only pro american free enterprise democracy in the middle east. >> mr. trump? [ applause ]
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>> i am a negotiator, and i have done well over the years through negotiation, and it is very important that we do that. in all fairness, marco is not a ne goesh negotiator and i watched him meltdown and it is one of the worst things i have ever seen. >> he thinks that the palestinians are a real estate deal. they are not a real estate deal. >> well, a deal is deal. >> and it is not when you are dealing with the terrorists. >> and you are not a negotiator. and with your thinking, you will never bring peace, and you will never bring peace. >> and donald, you might bring condos to the palestinian areas, but it is not a real estate deal. >> and senator -- >> and he is never going to be able to the d it, and i think that i may be able to do it, but i will say this, probably the toughest deal of any kind is that particular deal. >> and let's move on the talk
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about that will threat of north korea. the commander of the american forces in south korea said that the north korean leader kim jong-un would use a wep pop of mass destruck shun if he thought that the regime was being threatened and you said that the united states should start to establish a strategy of regime change in north korea, and be clear, are you talking about getting rid of kim jong-un? >> when you talk about regime change, wolf, it means regime chang change, and that what it means. so much chaos in north korea right now, and there are reports of uncertainty and instability in that government. but look, this is what we ought to do, and like immediately and we have been kicking the can down the road on this, and i don't know, 15 years, and we should be intercepting the ships leaving north korea to not be selling this materiel or technology or giving it to
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someone else. secondly, the same goes with the aircraft, and thirdly, slap tougher sanctions on north ko a korea, because we don't have the toughest sanctions on north korea, and we should talk about arming south korea with the ballistic missile technology, and also japan with the ballistic missile technology, and because we are now taking a firm position swrex the attention of the chinese. the chinese are the best way to calm that regime down, and get them in a position to where they back off. but when i say regime change, i don't have to talk about exactly what that means. i have been involved in the national security for a long time. and you don't have to spell everything out, but what i am telling you is that you look for any means that you can if you are going to be able to solve that problem in north korea, and in the meantime, put the pressure on the chinese and what we are doing is beginning to work against them. they are the key to being able to settle this situation. >> i want to be e precise, governor kasich, because it is critically important, and there are 1 million korean troops north of the dmz, and 11 million
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troops and 28,000 u.s. troops in the dmz in between and would you risk war for regime change? >> wolf, again, it depends upon what was happening, and what the situation was. but if there was an opportunity to remove the leader of north korea and create stability. because i will tell you sh, you keep kicking the can down the road, we will face it sooner or later, and in the meantime, i am aware of the fact that there are 10 million people living in seoul. you don't run around making charges. i have put it on the table that i want to see regime change in korea, and maybe the chinese ez can actually accomplish that with the man who is currently the leader, but the fact is that we have to bring it to bear, and be firm and unite those people in that part of the world to stand firmly against north xwree y -- north korea and make sure that we have the missile ballistic technology to protect ourselves. >> one thing to add to the
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governor, and what he is saying, we are now in the position of owing $19 trillion, because of the horrible omnibus budget, it is going to be $61 trillion, and we can no longer defend all of the countries, japan, germany, south korea, and you -- >> the japanese need to do more, and the europeans need to do more, but i hate to tell
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everybody that we are the leader of the world and we should put the pressure on them to do the job. note, no question about it, but at the same time, we also have to rebuild the military. look, i have a balanced budget plan that cuts the taxes, reforms the regulations, but also builds the military and puts r $100 billion more in defense and we have to rebuild the defenses, but i must also tell you as a long time reformer of the pentagon, we must reform that building. we can't have a weapon system take 22 1/2 years. we have 800,000 bureaucrats working for d.o.d. performing burt kratic functions when we ought to be putting the resources into the strengthening the military so we can do it all. we can do it all. >> and now, how would you deal with north korea, dr. carson? >> well, first of all, people say that i whine a lot, because i don't get time. i am going to whine, because i didn't get asked about taxes, and i didn't get asked about israel, and hugh, you said that
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you would be fair to everybody, but you did not ask me about taxes, dealing. and then they said, look at the next year and the next year, and they didn't find anything, and they won't find anything, because i am a very honest person, but the fact of the matter is that the irs is not honest, and we need the get rid of them. [ applause ] as far as israel is concerned, you know, when i was there several months ago i talked to a lot of people, and i could not find a single one who didn't think that we had turned our backs on israel. you know, they are a strategic
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pa partner for us, but also recognize that we have a judeo-christian foundation, and the last thing that we need to do is to reject israel. it does not mean that we can't be fair to other people, because we can always be fair to other people, but it is like when you have a child, you know, you want to be fair to all of the children around, but you have a special attention for your own child. and now, as far as north korea is concerned, kim jong-un is an unstable person, but he does the understand strength, and i think that we have to present strength to him. we should be encouraging the alliance with japan and south korea. we should be encouraging the pla placement of the fed, the high altitude can defense, because that is disturbing not only the north koreans, but the chinese as well. and we also need to have a much more robust naval presence in that area, and i think that we
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need to be developing a strategic defense initiative, because this man is going to have long range missiles and nuclear capabilities, and we have to be able the defend ourself, and lastly, we have to make sure that he knows that if he shoots a missile at us, it is the last thing that he ever does. >> thank you, thank you. and now, we will continue with the national security. go ahead, hugh. >> thank you, wolf. mr. trump, we reless than 24 hours away from the cease-fire in syria that has been brokered between the u.s. and russia, and do you support the cease-fire? >> i really don't, because it is not working and the countries are not agreeing to it, and the the rebels are noting a e greeing and syria is not agreeing, and it is meaningless cease-fire, and i love the idea of cease-fire, and total cessation, but it is not work working. if we can do all we want with russia, and nobody else is adhering it to, so i certainly support it and i would love it, but all parties have to be a
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part of it. >> and senator cruz, your opinion on the cease-fire? >> we are hopeful that it will will cease, but but there is reason to be skeptical. russia has enhanced their position because of obama's weakness in syria, and as we are headed to november, we have to nominate a republican candidate who can lay out a clear difference of both barack obama and hillary clinton on foreign policy. with one of the real challenges with donald and senator rubio, they have agreed over and over again with both hillary clinton and barack obama, and so for example in libya, both of them agreed with the obama and clinton policy of toppling the government in libya, and that s is a disaster, and gave the country to radical terrorist, and another example is john kerry, and senator rubio voted to confirm him as secretary, and donald trump supported john can kerry against george w. bush,
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and he has been the most anti-israel secretary of state that the country has ever seen, and the diplomacy is a disaster, and if if we nominate with somebody who agreed with john kerry, and hillary clinton and president obama, then we are not in a strong position to win the election. >> and a response for you. >> and i think that i gave them both checks to be honest, and they both like me very much. >> and you called for bush to be impeach impeached. >> well, he did a terrible job and you know that. >> and you called for him to be impeached? >> no, the check came early. and syria, and he said that he was in syria, and he said that he was in favor in libya, and i never discussed subject, and i was in favor of libya, and we would be so much better off if ka gaf -- gadhafi were in charge, and we had saddam hussein in charge, and instead of terrorism all
9:29 pm
over the place, and at least they killed the terrorists, and i am not saying they were good, because they were bad and really bad, but we don't know what we are getting. looking at libya, and isis as we speak, they are taking over their oil, and as we speak, it is a mess. so we would have been better p the politicians took a day off instead of going into war. >> senator rubio? >> a couple of points on the libya question, and we did not topple gadhafi, but libya people did. and the only decision is do you do it quickly or take a long time, and i said if it takes a long time, then you will have rebel forces to take advantage of the vacuum, and that is the place where term lead from behind came, from and that is the policy that senator cruz agrees with. and yeah, everyday that john kerry was not appointed it is another day that h hillary clinton was in charge of the state department, and i didn't think they would find a person worse than her, but this
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president never ceases to amaze. and this is important of south korea, and donald trump is asking to be commander in chief, and they need to do more. and south korea contributes $8le 00 million to that effort, and japan as well, and that is why our commitment to that region is so critical, donald. if we walk away from them, japan and south korea is going to be nuclear weapons powers, and they can do it quickly, and that is what they will do if the american agreements withers away which is why we have to rebuild the military, but we can't walk away from the asia defense stat status. >> i nef said walk away. i never said walk away. i want them to pay us much more money, and we cannot afford to subsidize. i will negotiate a lot more money than you will get, and as far as john kerry has been concerned there is no tougher critic than this man, and he negotiated one of the worst deals of our country the iran deal where they get the $150 billion and all of the other things that take place, and it is a disaster for this country,
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and speaking of israel, it is a disaster for israel. i am no fan of john kerry. >> and hold on, governor, senator cruz? >> well, it is interesting, because donald said that he nef came out in favor of toppling gadhafi in libya, and he stated it on an interview that will be on our website ted cruz.or and he will see the words, and when he sees the interview, and maybe he forgot about it, and maybe donald will apologize where he says exactly that, and john kerry's foreign policy is a foreign policy for decades and that is why i voted against him when it came up, and if fact that donald trump would write him a check and support him against george w. bush shows exceptionally poor foreign policy judgment, and i will give one more in israel, when the obama administration canceled flights into israel when hamas was raining rockets down on t m them, i asked if it was an economic boycott against israel, and the next day michael bloomberg, another billionaire
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got on a commercial flight to go to israel from london the gather the heat of light on the state department so great, they lifted the ban on israel in that battle and indeed every battle on israel, and the natural question is where was donald and why has he supported politicians from jimmy carter to hillary clinton, and if you care about israel, you don't write checks to politicians who are undermining israel, and instead you stand and -- >> there is a critical point that needs to be made here. >> and there is a critical point here -- governor. he attacked mr. trump, and mr. trump has a way to respond. >> my response is simple. nobody on the stage has done more for israel than i have, nobody. you might say, you might talk and you politician all talk and no action, and i have been watching it all of my life. you are all a talk and no
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action, and what i have seen up here, and first ott of all guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar and you have a kom combination of factors and he can't do it for the obvious reason and he can't do it because he doesn't know how the tell the truth. other than that, i rest my case. >> this is the typical thing, if he can't have a policy, he goes for outrageous. >> i have a response the that. >> and i promised governor kay kich to respond. >> can somebody attack me, please? [ applause ] >> wolf, wolf. there is something -- i want to -- i want to point out something here today that is so critically important and about how the obama administration has really done such a ridiculous feckless job here in foreign policy. first of all, we should have been supporting the rebels long ago and they could have taken assad out, and because we did nothing the russians are in and
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sitting in the catbird seat, and we should have been helping them, and i'm thankful that the aid trucks are finally into syria, but the fact is that if we had acted we would have solved the problem. now talking about libya, it didn't go down because of some people revolution, and hillary clinton and samantha power and other people convinced the president to undermine a gadhafi and now they have created a cesspool in libya. and let me say to you we have isis to begin to get a foothold in libya, and we will have to deal with it. not many major cities in libya and on the coast and mostly desert, but it is a problem, and isis in syria, and isis in iraq, and because this administration has not had a strong and firm foreign policy, we are going to be inheriting one of us here is going to be inheriting a a total mess that we have to work out of it, and including the need to arm the ukrainians. and they have been ignored and we have to help them as well and assert ourselves as america. >> let us continue the question
9:35 pm
on isis. >> and wolf, you said that i got a response. >> you will have a chance and -- >> hold on. he called me a liar and you are going to say that i can't respond to being called a liar. >> go ahead, and respond. >> and we are seeing with donald is that actually the pattern of washington, and the pattern of washington dealmakers, they make promises and break their words and when anybody calls you on it, they call you a liar and that is donald's pattern over and over and he said seven months ago and this is donald speaking, i, donald trump, was a member of the establishment and a reason that harry reid thinks that he accusing somebody of being is a
9:36 pm
liar is unfair. >> i watched the lobbyists -- the lobbyists. i watched what this man did to dr. ben carson in iowa where he said that this man has left the race and he has left iowa and out of the race. i thought it was disgraceful, and he got a lot of vote fos that and took them to away from ben carson and probably took them away from me, too, but i watched it. and i also watched where he did a forum looking like it came right out of the government agency and it said voter violation and graded you and scared the hell out of people, and said the only way to the clear up the violation essentially is to go to vote for ted cruz, and i watched that fraudulent document and i said it is the worst thing i have ever seen in politic, and that is worse than what he did to ben. i know politicians, believe it or not, bet ter than you do, an
9:37 pm
it is not good. >> and oh, i believe it. i believe you know politicians much better than i do, because for 40 years, you have been funding the liberal democratic politicians -- >> i funded you. i funded him. >> you can have the check back. >> and i gave him a check. >> and he gave me $5,000 -- >> he never funded me. >> and let's be clear, donald claims to care -- >> and you know why? i didn't want to, but he sent me the book with the autograph, and mr. trump, you are doing a great job, and i have the book. >> and he is not -- >> thank you for the book. thank you for the book. >> go ahead. >> and donald, you can get back up there. >> and it is a lot of fun up here, i have to tell you. thank you for the book. i really like it. >> donald, relax. >> go ahead, i am relaxed. you are the basket case. go ahead. don't get nervous.
9:38 pm
>> gentlemen, please. >> he doesn't get to yell the whole time. >> i want to move on, and these are the rules. >> and he called me a liar. >> and he has interrupted the whole time. >> and you will have a chance -- do i not get a response? i do i not get a response -- >> you will have plenty. >> my name was mentioned. >> i want to talk about isis right now, and the federal government. how best to keep america safe from isis. there is a huge battle under way between the tech giant, apple, and the federal government who wa wants apple to unlock the phone used by that san bernardino terrorist to prevent future atta attacks. apple has refused saying that it would compromise the security of all of the customer, and just this afternoon, they went to court to block to judge's order. dana bash, pick up the questioning. >> senior rub -- senator, rubiou
9:39 pm
say it is wrong and apple should not ignore the court order -- >> no, what i said is that the fda made it very clear 48 hours ago is that the only this thing they want for apple is to use their own systems to guess the passwords of the san bernardino killer. apple came out to say, they want us to create a backdoor encryption device and that is not clear. what they want is to disable the self-destruct known the phone so that we can guess using our own systems to guess the password of the killers. that is all they want, and they are not asking apple to the create backdoor of encryption. >> just to be clear, because you said on cnn, this is a complicated issue, and apple is not necessarily wrong. >> because apple was portraying that the court order was to create an encryption device.
9:40 pm
>> to be clear, would you force the justice department to comply or not? >> and to comply to allow the fbi to be able to have the opportunity to guess the password? y yes. that phone did not belong to the killer, but the employer, and they agreed for this, and they want to disable the self-destruct mode or the erase mode on one phone, but apple does not want to do that, and their brand is not superior to the security of the national security of the united states of americ america. >> and so tim cook said it would be bad for america, where do you stand, personal privacy or national security? >> well, marco was asked this and on both sides of the fence and now he is agreeing with me, and i'm glad. because i said, yes, apple should be forced to comply, because under the 4th amendment, a search and seizure is reasonable if it has judicial
9:41 pm
probable cause. in this case, the order is not to put an order in every one's backdoor, a nd if it were, that is problematic, because it compromises security and safety for everyone, and i would agree with apple on the broad question, but on the apple says that this would -- >> to get away with things is bad for america. we have the constitution, and we have the fourth amendment, and it guards us against illegal and unreasonable search and seizure, but we have mechanism in place with the judicial system the that will allow us to gain
9:42 pm
material that is necessary to benefit the nation as a whole or the community as a whole. that is why we have fisa courts and things of that nay chu, and so absolutely i would expect apple to comply with the court order. if they do not comply with that, you are encouraging chaos in our system. >> i wanted to weigh in on this, please. i wanted to tell you that the problem is not right now between the administration and apple, and you know what the problem is, where has be the president been? you sit down in the back room and you sit down with the parties and work it out. you don't litigate this on the front page of the new york times where everybody in the the world is reading about the dirty laundry out here. the president of the the united states should be convening a meeting and should have convened a meetlinging with apple and the security forces and you know what you do when you are the president, you lock the door and you say, that you not coming out
9:43 pm
until you reach the agreement that the both gives the security people what they need and prote protects the rights of americans. this is the failure of his leadership to get this done as an executive should be doing it, and i will tell you that is with why been very vocal about securing the p mexican border, and u.s. officials have warned that it is the canadian border that is like the most significant threat. you have said that you will not be p building a wall in canada. when it comes to national security and the threat of terrorism, why does mexico need a wall, and canada doesn't? isn't that like closing the
9:44 pm
front door and leaving the back door open? >> first of all, you are talking about a border that is many, many times longer and talking about a massive border, and we have a far less problem with that border than the southern bord, and tremendous amounts. and i had the privilege of win big a landslide by the way new hampshire and if you go the new hampshire, the first thing they talk about is heroin and drugs pouring in, and you would not think that this beautiful place with the e trees and the roads a and the kcountryside, and the biggest problem is heroin. and it is such a shame to see it. they are pour iing in from the southern border. so i am talking about great security, and i'm talking about the wall that can absolutely be built, and i will build it on time and on budget and a very high wall and great budget, and it is going to be paid for by canada -- no, not canada, but maybe by the way, and by mexico, and the problem with canada is a massively long piece. it is a border that would be about four times longer, and it would be very, very hard to do, and it is not our biggest
9:45 pm
problem. i don't care what anybody says, it is not the big problem. the problem is not only people coming in, and in many cases the wrong people, but it is the tremendous amount of drugs that are coming in. >> i want to talk the you, senator rubio, about puerto rico in the verge of collapse. they are asking for bankruptcy prot protection to give puerto rico and puerto reeians who are u.s. citizen, and you know that, the tools to restructure the debt with which is the same debt that the other 50 states have, and you oppose grant iing puerto ri that bankruptcy protection, and you say that it is only last resort measure, but the government of puerto e rico has said that bankruptcy is the last resort. that is where they are now. how do you explain this very
9:46 pm
strong stance to the hundreds of thousands of puerto ricans who vote across the u.s. and particular hi in your state of florida? >> well, bankruptcy does not work unless you change the way that you are operating, and the problem with puerto rico is that they have a mass excan dus of the professionals coming to florida and elsewhere in mainland, because the economy is not growing and it is too expensive there, and the tax rate is too high, and the government regulations is too extensive and this year alone with the problems, they barely cut the budget from one year to the next and the leadership on the island has to show the willingness to get the house in order, and put in measure the economy to grow again, and if the economy in puerto rico does not generate the revenue to pay this debt or the millions of unfunded liabilities on the books that they have made promises to future jgenerations to make payments, and yes f they do all of those things, then we can explore the use of
9:47 pm
bankruptcy protection, but not as the first resort, because it is not going to the problems on the islands and you will continue to see hundreds of thousands of people leaving that place to come to the mainland and they are united states citizen, and we would welcome them, but we want to see a puerto rico growing and robust, and the leaders there now are doing a good job, and the previous governor luis fortuneo lost that election, and now they have a governor who is not helping them at all. we will still have more to come in the final pitch before the souper tuesday. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine
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welcome back to the university of houston and time for closing statements and all of you will have have 30 second s seconds. dr. carson, we will start with you. >> first of all, i want people to think about what kind of l d
9:52 pm
leader you want and what kind of person do you want your kids to emulate. think about that. and secondly, several years ago a movie was made about these hand hands. and these hands by the grace of god have saved many lives and healed many families and i'm asking you tonight in america to join hands with me
9:53 pm
there are great minds in the country to develop the expertise and kconfidence and the firmnes and the toughness to bring people together, and i hope that you will think about bringing me your vote and i would appreciate it very much ash andly tell you that we don't have to spend time figuring out what to do, and i will hit the ground running and get america moving again. thank you very much. >> senator rubio. >> well thank you for having us tonight. this campaign has come a long way. it is a few months ago that there were 15 or 11 of us on the stage, and it is narrowing and the votes are starting to count. and we have an incredible decision to make and not just the identity of america, but the identity of the conservative movement. the time for games is over. i know that you have a lot of choices to make, but now it is time to narrow it down, and i am asking you to get behind me and go on the website marco to bring an end to the silliness and the looniness and
9:54 pm
once again embrace all of the things that made america and the republican party the bearer of the conservative movement in the country. >> senator cruz? >> washington deals are bankrupting the country, and there are a lot of diehl makers on the stage, but there is one who is kconsistent standing up against the washington deals. on the first day of office, as president presidentially rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive action and i will instruct the department of justice to open up an investigation into planned parenthood and prosecute any criminal violation, and i will ask that the persecution of religious liberty ends today, and i will rip to shreds the catastrophic iranian nuclear deal and start to move the embassy in jerusalem to israel. and we will secure the border and bring back jobs.
9:55 pm
>> mr. trump. >> thank you. nobody knows politicians better than i do. they are all talk, and they are no action, and nothing gets done, and i have watched it for years, and take a look at what is happening to the country. all of the things that i have been talking about, whether it is trade, whether it is building up the depleted military or whether it is taking care of the vets, whether it is getting rid of the common core which is a disaster or knocking out obama care and coming up with something so much better, i will get it done. politicians will never ever get it done, and we will make america great again. >> thank you. >> mr. trump thank you, and thanks to each of the candidates on e behalf of everyone here at cnn and the telemundo, we also want to thank the republican national committee and the university of houston and my thanks to hugh hewitt and maria
9:56 pm
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