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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  February 28, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PST

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hillary clinton scores a big win in south carolina. catapulting her to super tuesday. and now her focus shifts to beating the republican front runner. >> donald trump, marco rubio, a war of words. the insults are abundant this morning. >> is is the gop heading for the brokered convention? they are preparing for the possibility. your "new day" starts now. >> 6:00 a.m. on sunday and always grateful to have you company. em christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell.
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hillary clinton, a thumping victory in south carolina. a 47 point margin here. as she's hoping to win in alabama, texas, arkansas, georgia. >> already htomorrow, this camp national. we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> now today bernie sanders is campaigning in oklahoma and colorado looking forward to super tuesday himself. he concedes yeah he's down but he insists that he's not out. >> sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory.
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tuesday, over 8 hundred delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them. >> brianna keilar is following the clinton campaign and jeff zeleny is following the sanders campaign. >> reporter: the clinton campaign relishing their big win here. saying they did better than they expected they would. campaign sources have been telling us they think donald trump is going to be the republican nominee. and it was significant that in clinton's speech she outlined what her argument in a general election would be against donald trump. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america
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whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. >> publicly clinton aides are striking a cautious tone. they have 46 states ahead of them and a long way to go. but privately they are not quite as cautious. one aide telling me think think they will have wrapped up by march 15th. by mid march almost 60% of delegates will have been awarded and by then aides think it will be clear there is no pathway to the nomination for bernie sanders. brianna keilar, cnn columbia, south carolina. >> a turning point in the democratic race for the nomination as bernie sanders arrived here in minnesota with a stinging defeat in south carolina. hillary clinton beat him by a three to one margin across the board. bernie sanders still talked about building that revolution,
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changing politics as we know it. but it's becoming clear just how difficult that will be. he criticized hillary clinton throughout the course of his speech about the paid speeches he has given to wall street. about the fact he has a super pack even bringing up old iraq war vote. those ring true to a lot of supporters. the questions for bernie sanders will he be able to expand his support. march is a critical month in the race for the nomination. some 50% of the democratic delegates will be selected in the month of march. she clearly enters with big advantages. bernie sanders has some fast work to do if he's going to catch her or become a protest candidate here in the months leading up to the convention in july. >> here is something really interesting. when we look at the exit polls showing hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders, it is on all of the parameters for top candidate quality. cnn senior washington
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correspondent joe johns with us now. a big night for clinton. particularly in a couple of places where she has been criticized heavily for not being accessible. for not being trustworthy. what do these numbers first of all tell us about looking ahead to super tuesday and? >> we've been following that trustworthiness question with hillary clinton over and over again. it's dogged her partially because of her e-mail problems. and if you were to ask in some of the other early voting states about the issue of honesty. people would say they are choosing bernie sanders if that is the main thing they are looking for. if they are looking for experience, they choose hillary clinton. but here in south carolina, the exit polls show something a little bit different. by a narrow margin, when people were asked if they were looking for honesty in a candidate they chose hillary clinton by just 2
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percentage points. and if they were looking for experience she win base wide margin in the exit polls. and if you go down through some of the other values like electability and which candidate cares the most. again and again hillary clinton wins. it was a good night for her in the exit polls, christi. >> and african americans really show you had p in larger numbers in this electorate much more so than in 2008. what does that mean for the clinton campaign moving forward? >> well, it is significant i think because 2008 was the last time she ran for president. she got beat by barack obama here. and about 55% of the electorate was african american. this time 61% of african americans in this primary. and the interesting thing is of those, about 82% of african
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americans went for hillary clinton. she wanted to make a point here in south carolina. that she would bring in that minority vote. and it is important for her as we go forward into the primary states, the super tuesday states and beyond. because a lot of the southern states have a large african american population. so she made her statement and she hopes african american voters stay with her in large numbers christi. >> joe johnson, always appreciated sir thank you. >> let's look ahead to the critical vote on super tuesday and beyond. good to have both of you. starting with you jason, we heard that at least rhetorically hillary clinton seems to be looking ahead to the general election focus on donald trump. is she clear to look towards the general now? >> it makes sense. if you look at what the super tuesday states are, you have
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tennessee, you have georgia, you have a lot of southern states where there is a larger percentage of african american voters in this election than you had in 2008. those voters are likely going to go with hillary clinton. she's not being cocky or arrogant right now to start pivoting towards a general election and tailoring her message for that challenge. >> let's put up the super tuesday map again if we can. he will win vermont. his home state. should he really put any resources in the south considering the numbers that we saw to south carolina? >> well he had 10,000 people show up yesterday early morning in austin texas, so i think as you quite well know much of those elections happen by congressional district. i think what we're doing is targeting congressional districts in the austin area where bernie can do very well. and beyond super tuesday, we're
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coming up to michigan on the 15th. states like ohio and illinois. particularly will bernie can pint out -- destroyed millions of the good paying american jobs and i think workers particularly in those states like ohio are going to be paying attention to that and supporting bernie sanders over clinton. particularly on the trade issue where she's been supporting corporate trade agreements. >> after these close losses in iowa and nevada senator sanders has been able to raise a lot of money online. does he raise as much when he loses my 47 points. >> i think he has. and he continues to raise a ton of money and that's a why he's going to be competitive in all of those super tuesday states. he'll be on television wherever he needs to be. and let's keep in mind we're going into the states like michigan, illinois, ohio. where i think bernie is going to do quite well on the economic issues. on trade issues in particular.
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and in african american s --. >> jason, is there still a viable path in your opinion to senator sanders and the nomination. >> there is a possible path. i don't know if i would say it's viable. at this point the by a that you really want to plan super tuesday is it doesn't matter if you are still behind in the delegates. you just have to be northbound striking distance. so as long as bernie sanders keeps hillary clinton from running up the score, he can stay competitive. and if he can keep spending money and keep his message out there i really do think he can push this. whether he can win the nomination at this point he would have to split a lot of is it states and get a big victory himself. >> do you think the win was big enough for hillary clinton? a big enough blow to sanders that it changes fundamentally the narrative of the race moving forward. >> i don't think it changes the narrative we're going to hear but within the campaign.
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the sanders campaign they have tons of endorsements. he did worse with black voters in south carolina that be he did in nevada. i think his campaign internally is changing the message, what are we not doing to connect not wus with older black voters but younger black voters. latinos. we got to -- >> what does the sanders campaign change now? >> when bernie started out behind. he got more votes in iowa. crushed hillary clinton in new hampshire. came close in nevada where he had been 30 points behind. this has been the story of the whole campaign. it is true there is a the calendar. it's a short relatively speaking but every time bernie is able to get hi message out he does very well. in south carolina it was a big hill to climb. but i think we're moving into a lot of states and beyond where we can get a lot of delegate asks do very well. as, you know, politics can change on a dime and if hillary
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clinton continues to deny and refuse to release the speeches she gave to banks. over $2 million. 12 big banks. goldman sachs. people are going to start to question who is she supporting? >> every time he speaks to people he does very well. half the crowd expected showed up, it was smallest group he'd gotten in recent times. a that doesn't prove to be true to what we saw in south carolina. >> south carolina hillary clinton clearly did very well. but if you look at all of the states going back to iowa, new hampshire, nevada. in he closed the gap. crushed in new hampshire. far far behind. texas was one state you didn't mention. 10,000 people showed up in austin. our goal is to get as many delegates as possible in the
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super tuesday states and then move into other state likes michigan, illinois, florida. let's see what happens by the end of the month. >> jason, is this narrative about release the transcripts of wall street speeches, is that resonating? >> no. i don't think that is going to make that much of a difference. and let's be honest. any time your campaign says once you get to know me i'll do better. people already know who bernie sanders is. clearly the people who have gotten to know him, certainly incredibly important minority constituencies. they still don't like him -- >> we got to wrap it there. jonathan, jason, good to have you both. the democratic contest moves to the mid west and the next debate is live from flint, michigan.
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watch next sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on on cnn. now we have to talk about donald trump and marco rubio. there are personal attacks. some characterizing it as buhling. playground attacks. some saying there was a secret mission from within to prevent trump from becoming the nominee. also later, what i know so many of you are talking about this morning. the oscars. how chris rock will address the lack of diversity at the award ceremony tonight. hi, i'm here with some advice from the future
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marco rubio and donald trump are escalating in a big way their war of words here. traileding insults a second straight day. take a listen. >> he put out a picture of me having make up put on me at the debate. which is a amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make up. >> a little marco rubio, this guy who's going around. he's going crazy. donald trump likes to sue people. he should do that whoever did that to his fast. >> he couldn't run for dog catcher. he wouldn't be elected. >> let's talk to cnn political commentators. host of the ben ferguson show, ben ferguson and the donald trump supporters, jeffrey lord. gentlemen, thank you both for being here. the "new york times" is calling this a new front in the war of
3:19 am
playground insults. i mean there is no doubt we listened to. this we didn't hear policy. we didn't hear issues. we heard some criticisms of aesthetics. is this what it's come to? and does it really do either of them any favors? >> well i have to say christi, like it or not this is part of the american political tradition. you can look back in campaign after campaign. i won't say it on the air but john quincy adams folks called andrew jackson's wife a word that begins with w. it's very old. it's a little nonsensical but that is part of the game as it were. i don't think it is going to change. it hasn't changed for 2 hundred year. >> the republican party is working feverishly behind closed doors to try to keep trump from becoming the nominee. they said that christi's
3:20 am
endorsement was basically crippling. what is happening? are we watching a fracturing of the republican party? and could mr. trump essentially reshape what that party is? >> i don't think donald trump is going to reshape it. >> i think what you aren going to see a great divide. same we we had between republican establishment and tea party candidates. one of the reasons why donald trump has done so well. he's been able to connect with people that felt like the republican party was not listening to their concerns and/or their needs. that is a void that he has filled. there is also the other side of this, which is when it comes to pr, has donald trump recited the name or remade the name or redefined the name of what a republican is. i think that is what you see concern from the republican party. if donald trump is able to completely turn this party upside down and to turn politics
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and the insults that you just played, that is going to do damage for the brand over the long-term. trump supporters would actually cheer that by saying yes that is exactly what we're doing here. we are changing the party. we are going to take it back. we are not going to let you keep giving us bad candidate like mitt romney or whoever. there is a lot of people who are afraid to give money to the rnc are concerned to give it to the republican party because they feel like it is going to be used maybe against their own candidate they like. >> one of the problems here i think is there are a lot people at the grassroots level that people the republican establishment has been ruining the republican party. in essence if i can speak from a reagan perspective. ronald reagan handed over a party that was well on its way to being a majority. and in the intervening years now
3:22 am
the republican establishment has more or less ruined the whole thing. people are fleeing from the republican establishment like they have typhoid. so i have to say i think the republican establishment has done a class a lousy job running the party. >> i want to bring in something we haven't talked about yet. there was this moment, this moment at the trump christie rally in tennessee that a lot of people took notice of. take a listen here. >> -- get in the plane and go home. it's over there. you go home. >> he taps him on the shoulder. get in the plane and go home. some are looking, you know, he's thoughtful. some thought it was dismissive. ben what owes euro take? >> depends. if you love donald trump you are going to think this is him saying job well done. get out of here, go home. you have done your job here. others are going to say it is
3:23 am
very dismissive and shows how he treats people. we've seen him talk to people like that on stage. and he was also ripping on chris christie back in january and then in december and then in november. he was treating him the same way he's now treating marco rubio calling him a heavy guy that's a lightweight and he's on the little person stage. you know, this is an example of the bait and switch of donald trump which concerns a lot of people that are voting is who he is really? is he this nice guy or is he going to be nasty and take the party down into the allows form it will be and have these trash wars on the playground. >> with that said, who are the republicans against trump going to get behind? especially based on what we've seen from rubio, who seems to be taking some cues on how to deal are trump from trump himself.
3:24 am
>> some don't want to engage because they don't want to be in cross-hairs of donald trump. donald trump is the best trash talk ner modern political history and do you want to put money up against him and have him come after you? >> anybody in the establishment right now that is at wanted endorsement for cruz or rubio and donald trump will exploit that to say here we go again. this is the establishment trying to ruin me again. trying to take this away from us. we're not going to let it happen. it helped his campaign. i wouldn't want any of these establishment guys anywhere close to me if i was rubio or cruz right now. >> is it possible they won't let trump be the nominee. >> i certainly think they are going try and they are going to fail. their brand, to be candid, is so damaged that an endorsement from these folks is only going to hurt.
3:25 am
>> yes thank you. rubio and cruz release their tax returns. the question is donald trump follow their lead? >> state of the of the union with jake tapper at 9:00 eastern. right here on cnn. >> and coming up next. it was her first day on the job. a virginia police officer shot and killed while responding to is a call for help.
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28 minutes after the hour now. this is just a tragic story out of virginia. a police officer shot and killed just one day after being sworn in. her name is ashley ginden. she responded to a domestic violence call last night. ginden died from her injuries. the two others are in the hospital. the suspected shooter has been arrested. >> three counter protesters are stand by suspected kkk members. two members of the white supremacist group were stomped on the ground. 12 were arrested on both sides. police are still looking for this man. >> government officials in michigan knew the water in flint was dangerous a year ago. according to a newly released
3:30 am
set of e-mails from back in january 2015. they were warned not to call the drinking water safe because of an increase in legionnaire's disease. in response to the revelation, governor snyder admitted his staff let us all down and added i'm responsible for that. state officials say not everyone who got the disease was expose tods flint water though. >> and a developing story, the fbi is leading a massive search effort right now, trying to find a 4-year-old girl in montana. whatever you are doing, please take a moment and look at the screen here. macy lily, taken on friday night. the suspect is in custody but they still can't find this little girl. military and private aircraft we understand are joining the serge for her as well. >> on to super tuesday.
3:31 am
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in south carolina, overcoming the ghosts of 2008 to win the state. even taking home a larger percentage of the black vote than barack obama did eight years ago. clinton says she's ready to take her campaign nationwide and says she's zeroing in on donald trump as the target. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america hole aga whole again. instead of building walls we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we
3:36 am
do that we really are in this together. >> for more let's bring in my colleague -- good morning both of you. after listening to her victory speech last night, and it was a huge victory. does she feel like effectively once he gets past super tuesday she has this wrapped up? >> it might take a little longer than that. six of the states that vote are all southern states with similar demographics so south carolina. so she's looking to wrack up a big diligent advantage. but on the democratic side delegates are awarded proportionally. so a strong second place keeps him in the game. and he's got state he's aiming
3:37 am
for too. the real knockout blow clinton world hopes they can land comes on march 15th when five more big states vote. it is not going to be as simple as knocking sanders out within the next few days but hillary clinton is trying to big a big enough delegate advantage throughout the next two or three weeks to effectively put the race away. even though bernie sanders is going to be able to keep pace since democrats don't do what republicans do and switch at the certain point to winner take all kind of system. >> the tear remarks let me come to you and talk about the republican front runner yesterday. ted cruz kept up his attacks over donald trump's tax returns. listen. >> donald trump doesn't want to show anyone his tax returns but his defense for not releasing his tax returns he says well gosh i'm being audited. so a few months from now we may find out that you're being charged with tax fraud? maybe not. i'm not suggesting it.
3:38 am
i'm saying release the returns and let the people see. >> that might have been a suggestion because nobody up to this point has talked about tax fraud. but he slipped it in there. the question, no matter what's in there, could this hurt donald trump whether they are released, whether he doesn't release them. it seems like to some supporters he's infallible. >> well that is true. to some supporters he is infallible. which is part of the scariness of this whole trump phenomenon. i think the question about the tax returns is a valid one. mitt romney was excoriated in 2012. and there was nothing nefarious in there. but the media went after him and they talked about his tax rate and how much money he has and that became a whole narrative about how wealthy he was. well donald trump brags about how much money he has, and brags about how many organizations he gives money to and who he supports. we have no way to prove that.
3:39 am
we can only go by his word. why it when he came do a libel suit in 2011 because he sued a "new york times" reporter over what he wrote about in a book. trump didn't even release his returns then. he was uncooperative then. and not only did he not release them the judges in that new jersey case chastise him for being untrustworthy and misleading and uncooperative about his net worth and what was going on. so this whole thing about trump's tax returns, i think it is somewhat of a risky proposition for him. because it questions people -- it has people question hisser ss ras versety. >> questions over how much money he's donated to charities. >> and what charities. >> yeah. >> let me come to you erik and
3:40 am
ask about these returns. we know marco rubio has said you are going to hear a lot from these people. are we expecting there will be the rubio campaigns ads features these plaintiffs in these cases? >> it's entirely possible. the rubio campaign is showing all of a sudden that they have all sorts of opposition research to hit donald trump with. the question about all of this is whether it is too little too late. we're on the eve of super tuesday right now. and a lot of delegates are going to be awarded. ted cruz was unleashing that attack last night. but as the saturday night dominated by a democratic primary. so the question is whether any of this can hurt trump. and whether it can hurt trump at this stage in the race. had they deployed all of this stuff two months ago or six
3:41 am
perhaps it would have changed the narrative. but right now trump seems to be swatting it away. and there is so much of it. the trump university stuff, the tax return tough stuff that is the not clear any of it is going to kind the kind of traction needed. >> let's not forget also the use of illegal immigrant labor and his hiring of foreign workers over american workers. he shot out of canon talking about really tough on illegal immigration and talking about mexico and workers and all this. come to find out when it was convenient for his business he was hiring foreign workers over american workers and illegal workers. this is all public record. erik is right. where was this? i don't understand why the campaigns wait sod long and why there's been such a lack of appetite to go after trump directly because he has been conning the american people. marco rubio is absolutely right to use the term con artist
3:42 am
because that is exactly what he is. he's an imposter and he's been able to get over on the american people and create this facade that has no foundation whatsoever in his business practices or his politics. >> we'll see if there is some impact. erik had the operative phrase there. all of a sudden we're hearing this. >> yep. >> thank you both. christi. >> -- overshadowed with controversy. the oscars blasted for its lack of diversity the second year in a row. we're taking you to hollywood. we're going to see how chris rock is preparing and what he might have up his sleeve for tonight ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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well it is showtime tonight. envelopes are ready for the academy awards. any other year we'd be talking about the front runners. this year it is a little different. michaela pereira is in hollywood and i spoke to her about the main topic that seems to be on everybody's behind. >> so diversity obviously a big issue this time around. and chris rock being the host. what are the conversations you are hearing behind the scenes? >> can i tell you what's really interesting? is we came to get our credentials the other day and right behind me, part of the hotel has a big poster of oscar. and there is a big poster, a big billboard of chris rock. and i sat there and contemplated about the pressure on this man's shoulders. this is an african american comic who's known to not shy away from controversy. his comedy is piercingem some people even think that it is off
3:47 am
putting but a lot of people love him. he's been doing shows all around the world. we know he's been rehearsing his stand up here, doing shows here in l.a. fine tuning what he's doing to do on sunday. here is the other thing. he's hosted before. he knows the game. but it was back in 2005. different world, different time. not this national conversation about race. not this national conversation about the academy and its diversity going on. so the pressure is on. but i think he's kind of put the blinders from what i can tell he hasn't been doing a lot of press and really focuses on the task he's got to do sunday. >> we also know there is going to be this counter show by russell simmons. and we're wonder if a lot of african americans are going to go ahead and boycott the oscars. and he's going to be on stage thinking i want to reach everyone here. >> here is the thing.
3:48 am
there is a variety of opinions and thought within the african american community. you can't say that everybody speaks with one voice. i've had a lot of conversation with people who think that the boycott is the way to go. there are people that also say that boycotting isn't the answer because it doesn't get to the heart of the issue, which is diversifying thought and diversifying experiences within the academy and just generally in america. now there is a lot of -- you mentioned the russell simmons effort, there is other counterprogramming and events and things you can do instead of watching the oscar show. yet on the flipside, steve harvey, basically taking a rift from the stand up show that chris rock did himself, bigger blacker. he said chris, here is my call to you. go blacker. represent the 40 other -- >> thank you very much michaela.
3:49 am
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coming up on the top of the hour now. les take a look at stores making headlines. several reports of violence in syria. despite this week in cease fire. it's not clear which group is responsible here. some of the targeted air strikes went after isis controlled areas. the terror groups like isis and the al nusra front are not part of the cease fire agreement.
3:53 am
the tax collection agency says hackers stole personal data on more than 700,000 people. >> steph curry had a good night. breaking two nba records in one night. all of that after rolling his ankle in the third quarter and sitting out five minutes. >> lots of voices last night. a lot of talking going on. >> yes. >> as we head into surpz. just a couple of days away from now. we're talking live with advisors from the rubio and cruz campaign. >> and next it's hollywood's
3:54 am
biggest night. a lot of people say there is no diversity in tonight's oscars. see how russell simmons hopes to change that. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ well the oscars are now just hours away but for the second year in a row the show is being overshadowed by the so called oscar so white controversy. >> facing backlash over a lack of diversity. deaf jam records russell simmons is addressing this with his own award show. he put together the all deaf movie awards. in just ten days. i talked to him earlier.
3:58 am
>> the idea is to promote a harmony. sometimes pressure makes a diamond. and this industry is very, very segregated despite the fact that hollywood is such a compassionate and beautiful community. this is -- whenever i say something about islam phobia or antisemitism or gay rights or whenever i speak out about injustice it is always hollywood that's behind me. and more than that it's been hollywood -- every time i say these things oh there is that liberal hollywood bull. if that's what they say then we should be leaders in promoting integration and proper inclusive actions and i think we can be. and i think we needed a little nudge. i love what jada picket said. and the idea of celebrating the uncelebrated is inspiring for me. so it worked perfectly. we did it in ten days.
3:59 am
pulled the whole thing together in ten days which i this i is commendable. >> by far. and i understand there were words such as best picture, best actor, best actress. best producer. a lifetime achievement award for will smith. >> will smith, yeah he's brilliant. >> is it fair to call ate the parody of the oscars in such that there were awards such as the best black survivor in a movie and best helpful white performance award. at the end of the day i know it is a serious topic. but how do you think the comedic elements help us further the conversation. >> realize that comedy, poetry, art, expression is always the best way to approach these subjects. the poets also and the artists also reach north side themselves and find the real inspiration, which comes from inside. so i think it is great to do it in a funny way. you can say things that are more cutting, biting, inspiring,
4:00 am
uplifting through art. >> he has so much to say about this topic. you have got to hear how he says hollywood and really all of us can change if it does just one thing. very profound moments coming up here. you can hear that part of my interview with russell simmons in the next hour of "new day." and keep it here on the hours leading up to the big show for all the oscars receipt carpet coverage. starting tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> thanks so much for starting your morning with us. >> a lot coming up in the knicks hour of your "new day" starts right now. >> hillary clinton winning big in south carolina. gaining momentum ahead of super tuesday. -- captions by vitac --
4:01 am
mistakes are high for the republican candidates too. rubio and trump turn up the volume on their attacks. do either come out unscathed? your "new day" starts right now. >> you know, it is always good. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. starting with the clinton and that thumping victory in south carolina. he's hoping the win big. and let's look at the map here. >> all right her speeches are beginning to sound a little more like general election verbiage. listen. >> tomorrow this campaign goes national. we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and
4:02 am
we are not taking anyone for granted. >> now today bernie sanders by the way campaigning in oklahoma and colorado as he looks forward to super tuesday. he does concede he's done but insists he's not out. >> sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. tonight we lost. i congratulate secretary clinton on her very strong victory. tuesday over 8 hundred delegates are at stake. and we intend to win many, many of them. >> well beyond winning by 47 points the exit polls show that hillary clinton won over bernie sanders in some very specific and important categories. the parameters for top candidate quality. let's bring in cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns. big night for clinton in south carolina. but the narrative that carry her into super tuesday are really about these four categories and
4:03 am
one of them she struggled in leading up to south carolina. >> i think that's right victor. and when you look at the exit polls coming from all of those other states we've been to, particularly the earlier voting states there were big problems for her on that question of trustworthiness. the honesty question. people who were looking they said for an honest candidate tended to go for bernie sanders in a big way. people who were looking for experience would go to with hillary clinton in the earliest voting states. but here in south carolina not so much. when you look at the exit polls, it is essentially a tie really. hillary clinton ahead by two percentage points on that question of the honest candidate. so he's had problems with that partially no question because of her issues with e-mail over the past several months. still there were some other questions. two i think that would play big in the coming states. electability. she scored huge in those numbers.
4:04 am
the caring candidate she scored very well. it was all around a good night for hillary clinton in the exit polls victor. >> let's talk about african american voters because there was an acknowledgment on behalf of the sanders campaign that he had work to do. but the numbers inside the final count show that there was a larger percentage of african american whose supported or rather turned out in south carolina than they did in 2008. what's that mean for the clinton campaign moving forward? that is a fascinating dynamic. in 2008 she was running against then senator barack obama, about five in ten african american voters went to the polls in the primaries. this time six in ten african american voters go to the polls. overwhelmingly for hillary clinton. about 82%. so she pushed hard to get the african american vote to make a
4:05 am
statement here. not only in south carolina. but in many of those other southern states where there are large african american voting populations. and it definitely paid off for her. victor. >> certainly did. joe johns from the campus university columbia, south carolina. sanders issued a statement warning his grassroots political revolution has only just begun. he went on to say let me be clear on one thing tonight. this campaign is just beginning. we won a decisive victory in new hampshire. he swon a decisive victory in south carolina. seems as though hillary clinton already has her eye on donald trump and the gop. listen to what she said after last night's blowout. >> we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. but we do need to make america
4:06 am
whole again. instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. we need to show by everything we do that we really are in this together. >> we are going to talk here in a couple of seconds but i want to bring this poll back up, if we could please. in terms of what was happening in the exit polls and what was being said. there is something as you were talking about with joe that is very specific here. obviously clinton's electability and her experience is not anything that is surprising. it is that honesty. it is that caring that really takes possibly some people by surprise. she beat -- not only did she beat bernie sanders but her honesty and her empathy is something that's been heavily criticized. and what many people said would take her down. she seems to be building that
4:07 am
back up. good morning both of you. thank you for being here. tam kah, when we look at those numbers what did she do? and what is she prepared to do moving forward to keep those numbers where they are? >> well good morning. i think that secretary clinton has really gotten to the point where she's gotten in and met with voters. she has surrogates who have been meeting with voters. and, you know, if you think about south carolina we have a long history with secretary clinton from her early days at working here with the childrens defense fund. a lot of inroads she has a lot of friends here in south carolina. i think for voters here in south carolina she was a familiar candidate and i think that's trustworthiness and knowing her as the person really resonated understanding what she wants to do to break down barriers resonated.
4:08 am
and i think her empathy and goals will resonate with voters. >> simone, what does he have up his stlooef turn this around for him? >> what we have up our sleeve a message. when we talk about economic inequality. when we talk about raising the minimum wage. investing in the middle class, rebuilding the middle class. those are issues that americans care about. you win some, you lose some in this contest. last night secretary clinton did have that decisive victory in south carolina. we had one in new hampshire. and now the fight rolls on into super tuesday and beyondich this as delegate game. we are in this for the long haul can this is a contest that will definitely go well into the summer. right up into the convention. so we're not worried. momentum has not blunted us.
4:09 am
we were yesterday afternoon we were in austin texas where we had 10,000 people at our really. dallas later that afternoon we had over almost 8,000 people. so the political revolution is alive and well. we do of course, you know, we have some work to do with african american voters and that is work we are committed to doing. >> you talk about the numbers you had simone at some of the these rallies in austin yesterday. how do you secure and insure those people showing up at the rallies are also showing up at the polls? >> well, you know, you have to do the work of the ground game. and so we are proud of the campaign we ran here in south carolina. and we have a stock ground game in other states. super tuesday states all the way up through march 15th and beyond. we had state directors in each of the march 1 states early. we had organizations early. this is more than just the big rallies. the big rallies show the
4:10 am
momentum, senator sanders ability to attract a crowd. people who are interested in criminal justice reform. raising the minimum wage. people who care about education for their kids. people who want universal healthcare. but it also demonstrates we're ready to put these people to work. those folks are also out there canvassing, and phone banking and talking to voters. spreading the message and asking people to stand up and on election day vote for bernie sanders. >> tis hillary clinton writing off senator sanders all together? and how is she going to evolve to take on donald trump, as that is very -- it is proving to be a very unorthodox fight. something we've never seen before. >> well no she is not brushing off bernie sanders. i mean, we are in this for the long haul.
4:11 am
and secretary clinton is there to earn every single vote. we have momentum going into the super tuesday and we're going to continue that momentum to resonate with voters to connect with voters so with can have as many votes as we can and as the delegate game. we are in it for the long haul to make sure we secure enough delegates to get the nomination and then we're ready for no matter who the republican nominee is. secretary clinton's experience and her plan will certainly resonate with voters. as she said last night it is not about making america great again. america has always been great but it is about making america whole again. >> i think the modification of that line gives us an indication of maybe where she's going in that fight. thank you so much. and the democratic contest
4:12 am
moves to the mid west. and the next debate is live from flint, michigan. watch next sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. ahead on "new day." everybody looking towards super tuesday, the biggest day of the primary season. how will the republican candidates fair in the southern states? what are they doing to get out there? surrogates and supporters for cruz, rubio, trump campaigns all weigh in. >> and later the oscars. and we'll talk about this year's lack of diversity. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!! purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. it is about to be make or break time for the gop. right now the republican presidential contenders are sprinting across super tuesday states. look at the map. donald trump trying to hold on to his lead. marco rubio, ted cruz doing their best to take away that front runner status of course.
4:16 am
joined by senior advisors of the marco rubio campaign, jason roe. and ted cruz's foreign policy advisor, victoria coates and the donald trump supporters and political commentator, jeffrey lord. welcome all. jeffrey i want to start with you by checking twitter which this cycle brings us news occasionally. just a couple of minutes ago. actually five minutes ago, donald trump tweeted, the republican establishment has been pushing for lightweight senator marco rubio to say anything to hit trump. i signed the pledge. careful. now the pledge of course that he would run as the republican and not go third party. is he introducing again the possibility he'll run as an independent? >> well apparently he is. if you look at that. what i actually think is going on here, he's just setting up a warning signal here to the gop establishment. stay out of this. you know, let snard senator rubio and cruz and governor
4:17 am
kasich do their own thing. but to bring the establishment to bear against a potential republican presidential nominee who has the support so far of voters in new hampshire, south carolina and nevada and we'll see some more i think on tuesday. that's not a good place to be for the gop establishment. >> does donald trump have essentially the party hostage? if every time somebody says something he doesn't like he's going to threaten to revoke or renege on his pledge. >> i don't want to speak for the party. but i don't think he should be taking our directive from twitter. i this i this mr. trump signed the pledge. i think he's running as a republican and i this i that's how it's going to work out. >> there is this reporting in the "new york times" about the party establishment trying to coalesce around a single candidate, an antitrump candidate. and and be i wonder, is marco
4:18 am
rubio the establishment's choice? >> well i would start from commenting on the tweet there about him implying that maybe there is a third party candidacy at risk if the republican party opposes trump. this just goes to reinforce the whirling dervish of chaos that donald trump is. if he's the republican nominee, i think he's going to rip the party apart. and apparently if he doesn't get his way and win the nomination he's going to run at an independent candidate. i would say far if from being the establishment candidate t conservative movements and grassroots leaders around the country are recognizing the threat that trump is to our movement and our party. this is not a conservative. this is a guy facing three lawsuits right now -- >> jason let me push back on that. when you say you are not the establishment's choice. 5:38, nate silver's blog says that your candidate has more
4:19 am
endorsements from members of the congress, more senators, more governors than any other candidate. and when we look at the nevada entrance polls, 95% of the republicans are either dissatisfied or angry with the federal government. it cease like the establishment is lining up behind marco rubio. >> my point is that marco rubio is not the establishment candidate. to people within the establishment prefer him over donald trump? yes. do conservatives around the country prefer him over donald trump? yes. if you look back at marco's history. this is a guy who ran against the establishment when he ran for u.s. senate in 2010. the establishment has nointed chris. that doesn't smell like establishment to me. i think this guy's been the tip of the spear of the conservative movement of washington. and i understand the anger
4:20 am
towards washington. but that anger should be directed at the obama administration. their willingness to ignore the law. to do whatever they want by fiat. that is really where this fight needs to go is against the obama dmings. and if we nominate donald trump we are effectively continuing the obama administration in the face of hillary clinton. >> victor, let me come back to you. and of course there's been this call for donald trump to release his taxes. e heard that from ted cruz. but we heard something else. let's play that sound bite from yesterday from ted cruz. >> you know in the civil war you couldn't fight for the south and the north at the same time. it didn't work that way. they didn't make a musket with a barrel on both ends. page side.
4:21 am
>> so ted cruz invoking the imagery of the civil war right in the deep south. to make a political point of course that brings up a the meerd of the painful and associations for people. >> i don't think he was doing it in that context at all. i think he was just saying that you can't fight on both sides. and certainly to hear senator rubio portrayed as not establishment i think points to the -- >> i need to bring you back to the question. why is he invoking a civil war. >> i think he's invoking a major conflict our nation's history. >> i don't think he was invoking the civil war in i particular contest. i think he's saying this as major battle and you can't fight on both sides. so if you are going to be a conservative and you want to vote for conservative principles i think he was much more talking about mr. trump not being a
4:22 am
conservative. and if you wish to elect a conservative president in 2016, this is the moment to choose. >> it seems as if there could have been many conflicts he could have chosen. but he comes to deep south georgia and invokes the civil war in front of a crowd. >> i disagree with the premise of your question. i don't think he was doing it in kind of a broader context. i think he was simply referring to a major conflict in our nation's history. >> thank you all. we have unfortunately ran out of time. >> thanks victor. >> and by the way, state of the union with jake tapper at 9:00 eastern. he's talking with presidential candidate, donald trump, and more. >> and a day after being sworn in, a virginia police officer is shot and killed while responding to a domestic call. she's been on the job one day. also ahead. violence breaking out at a rally
4:23 am
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4:26 am
top stories this hour. in anaheim, california, three counterprotesters stand after a violent confrontation at that planned rally for kkk. 12 were arrested on both sides. police say four were released after investigation and review of the video evidence. police in anaheim are still looking for this man.
4:27 am
>> a police officer in virginia shot and killed just one day after being sworn in. her name was ashley ginden and she was responding to a domestic violence call last night. she and two others were shot. ginden died from her injuries. the other two officers are in the hospital that. suspected shooter has been arrested. >> and steph curry breaks two nba records in one night. tied the mark for most three pointers in a game. and he did all of that after rolling his ankle in the third quarter and sitting out for five minutes. >> next on "new day," back to this kbop race and the candidates taking the campaign to a new level and we're not talking about policy here. friends do not let friends vote for con artists. >> it's rubio. >> name calling, tag teaming. the water bottle tossing.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
to what are we talking about this weekend? one candidate's big ears. the other spray tan. forget policy proposals. the gop candidates are getting personal. >> really personal. marco rubio and donald trump seem to be the ones leading the way. listen. >> here is the one tweet. he put out a picture of me having make up put on me at the debate. which is amazing to me that a guy with the worst spray tan in america is attacking me for putting on make up. >> he's 22 points behind. if he ran in florida today for
4:32 am
an office he couldn't run for dag catcher he wouldn't be elected. he wouldn't be elected. >> let's talk to brian stelter, cnn senior media correspondent. >> this should be a two shot. let's get both on camera. there we go. you say the fight is made for modern media. >> tv is hard sometimes but we all know how tv works. it is based on the sound bite. based on the clever pithy comment. i think what sere eing we're se about the moments that go viral. and also share on social media. when you watch rubio and trump going back and forth it is sort of the perfect example for the modern media age of something that can go viral. not for entertainment or comedy but for news.
4:33 am
when rubio was on stage reading tweets off his cell phone it looked like something straight of jimmy kimmel. straight out of late night from when they actually read mean tweets. so you can see the candidate rts sort of learning from entertainment media. with trump there with the water bottle she's doing visual comedy. he's doing shtick the way you see at the stand up show. this is sort of the way it is, right? a lot of people say this is demeaning for the presidency. bad for politics. but it is where we are at the moment. like they are using these techniques they have learned from late night and stand up comedy and plapplying them to politics. >> one thing nobody can get around is the fact that when you hear things like that coming out of their mouths look at the reactions to the crowds. they are doing it because the crowds are eking them on essentially. >> i'm on the edge of my seat at home watching. because this is inherently entertaining and captivating.
4:34 am
it is compelling to watch and whaer the candidates are saying. at the same time this is a presidential election we're talking about. it is fine and appropriate to be acknowledging what the candidates are saying and to cover them in depth but we a do need to bring it back and remind people what the stakes are here. that is something that is always the role of the press to have reality check and we're going to explore that this morning. >> this is not the first presidential election that twitter has existed during. but this seems to be the twitter election. donald trump tweets in the morning. it makes news. because he threatens that maybe he's going to run third party. they read the tweets on stage. even mitt romney the other day, when he went after trump's taxes. >> and romney was tweeting during the debate. and romney was able to inject
4:35 am
himself into the conversation by using social media. i think six months ago people wondered is donald trump lucky or is he good? is he doing this out of luck to get his message across? is it strategic or accidental? i think we can now safely say that it is strategic. his timing is extraordinary. for example bringing chris christie up on stage the morning after the debate against marco rubio. and with his tweets also the timing very very smart. however, and this is again where i go back to the reality check by the press. this morning trump is retweeting a quote from mussolini from a dictator of the 1940s. that has to be fact checked and scrutinized. >> we are definitely seeing entertainment but we need to see some policy. we need to see something that's going educate us as well. still to come. russell simmons is responding to
4:36 am
the oscars diversity controversy saying i don't know if i like your oscars i'm just going to make my own. >> you cannot live in a segregated world and produce content for the entire world. it just doesn't work. >> the one thing he says we can all do to break some of these barriers. the one thing. that's coming up. >> hollywood stars are taking action against what some of them are calling environmental racism. the fight to get clean water to the people living in flint, michigan. and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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4:39 am
deaf jam records founder russell simmons is reacting to
4:40 am
the oscar controversy as only the media mogul can. he went out and created his own award show and in just ten days. >> the all def movie awards. this controversy sparked the #oscars so white for the second year in a row. he had a lot to say about one thick thing we could all do to make a change here. >> let's me ask you. because you say we have to do it properly. how do you think hollywood -- what do they have to do to do it properly? to progress? and what do you think really at the end of the behind closed doors, what do you think is the biggest obstacle to making that happen? >> if you are an african american, you have to ask yourself how many white people were in your wedding? and if you are white and you
4:41 am
work in hollywood and you are in charge of building out content for all of america and almost half of it is not white. you have to ask how many people of color are in your wedding? and you have to move towards a place where you have a life that is integrated in a way that reflects culturally and a real time what america is a reflection of. you cannot live in a segregated world and produce content for the entire world. it just doesn't work. it works to some degree but it can work better if you take the time to reach out beyond your comfort zone and make friends. >> was there at the all deaf movie awards one stand out moment that you take away that meant the most to you. and how did tony rock do? >> tony rock did fantastic.
4:42 am
because he's always fantastic. tony robbins got on the stage and he kept heckling tony. so tony gave him a minute to speak. will smith lifetime achievement award stood out. there were so many moments that were -- snoop dogg and mike eps did the crip walk on the stage. really fun. there was a lot of funny moments. >> tonight 7:00 p.m. on fusion it starts and then reairs. so people can kind of pick the hour and watch it. and i love your takeaway. integrate our live, and that is how we will integrate the change. thank you. he did not hold back this our conversation. you can see the full uncut interview with the media mogul.
4:43 am
and hollywood is pulling together for the people impacted by the flint water crisis. so coming up next why some actors are calling this flint water scandal environmental racism. and a navy seal will be awarded with the nation's highest military honor. plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
we're talking about government officials in michigan now who knew the water in flint was dangerous a year ago. according to newly released e-mails back in january of 2015, where they were warned not to call the drinking water "safe" because of an increase in legionnaires disease. in response to the revelation, governor rick snyder admitted his staff, quote, let us all down and added, quote, i'm responsible for that. eventually 80 were diagnosed with leagues nares. nine died. not everyone who got the disease was exposed to flint water though. film director ryan -- will not be in hollywood tonight. he's skipping the red carpet to take part in a star studied fundraiser. cnn's sara sidner takes us this. >> reporter: "creed" director ryan kug ler is not talking oscars.
4:48 am
he's talking water crisis here in flint, michigan. he and the director are talking about it but also doing something to help because he has said that he believes this is a state-sponsored human rights violation what happened here when the city decided to switch its water supply to save money and ended up poisoning its people. lead and other dangerous contaminates found in their water supply and people very drinking it for some time. they have now switched the water back. i but he says this is an example of environmental racism and he wants to shine a light on that. and so do the other actors, singers and comedians who have come to put on a free event for the residents here in flint. they are doing something where they are allowing people to talk to them. they are also going to be performing for them for free. they are also putting it out online, live streaming it so people can donate online and also enjoy the event all over the world. we should mention though they are not ignorant to the enact that this is oscar night.
4:49 am
they are not ignoring it. however it does show some of the environmental racism they see going on here in the country. in america. if you look at the statistics here, 57% of the population here in flint is black. and about 40% of the residents here across races lives under the poverty line. christi. >> all right. i'll take it sarah. thank you so much. tonight is the oscars. red carpet being rolled out. but as we heard there are many celebrities who will not be walking down the red carpet promising to boycott the awards because of lack of diversity in nominations. we're also going mark, good to have you back on the show. i want to start with what we're seeing in hollywood and those who will be there and won't be not there. and this does not begin with simply the announcement of the nominees but starts with the
4:50 am
roles that are available and those who are choosing those who will receive those nomination. >> this iscomprehensive. hollywood has a broad, longstanding problem. and i think for two years in a row, the oscared having an all-white, if you will, tableau of nominees just certainly i think hit the nerve for the final time. and i support the idea that what hollywood needs is a makeover. and it needs a makeover that reflects 21st century america from the executive suites all the way down to every position in front of and behind the camera. russell simmons is absolutely right. if you're going to make content for diverse america, the people who make that content need to reflect the experiences of a diverse america. so this, i think, is the b beginning of the elevation of a conversation about hollywood. why is this important? hollywood is big business. these are jobs. these are economic opportunities.
4:51 am
great wealth is created from the making of movies in america. great job opportunities are created. careers are created. and i think that when we're talking about jobs and income inequality in america and the wealth gap, hollywood, a multibillion-dollar enterprise, has to be on the table. >> you know, many of the actors who will not be in hollywood for the big show will be in flint, michigan, trying to bring awareness and support to the people who live there. and i think people are hearing for the first time, maybe there was some notion that it existed, but they are hearing for the first time this term of environmental racism. in fact, that this would not have happened in an affluent or a nonminority community. >> like i said a decade ago with katrina in my own hometown, this would not happen -- flint would not happen in greenwich, connecticut, or in beverly hills or even in oakland county, michigan. it would not happen. and so is it environmental
4:52 am
racism? yes. but you know what else it is? it's green eye-shade decision-making. and it's also the suppression of the truth. the idea that a year ago, public officials knew about this crisis and failed to disclose it or to take, if i can say, action toward it, borders on malfeasance. this is an incredible crisis of failed decision-making, of decision-making which put dollars and cents before human lives. and i applaud those actors and those in hollywood who are today taking a stand to assist the people of flint. we're working with the mayor to try to provide water and other cleaning supplies. and i think the nation should rally around this. there may be other possibilities, other risks of flint out there because of the deteriorating infrastructure of so many american communities. >> all right, a former new orleans mayor and head of the national urban league, thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks, victor.
4:53 am
>> and talking with us about these two important issues. christi? next, victor, a navy s.e.a.l. talks about a deadly raid that earned him the nation's highest military honor, but it cost him a fellow s.e.a.l. and a friend. do you think when you're president you'll be paid as much as if you were man, male?
4:54 am
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top stories at this hour. there's an amber alert active in montana for this missing 4-year-old girl. whatever you're doing, please do me a favor and just look at your screen. this is macy lilly. she was abducted by a 20-year-old man friday night. now, he has been taken into custody. but they can't find her. the fbi is leading this massive search effort for her now. last year's irs theft was
4:57 am
much worse, much worse than originally thought. the tax collection agency now says hackers stole personal data on more than 700,000 people. that's seven times worse than reported last may. and serious news, cessation of hostilities or cease-fire in some areas appears to be holding but there are several reports of violence there. this comes as warplanes believed to be either russian or syrian carried out several airstrikes. this is according to the syrian observatory for human rights who says some of the strikes targeted isis-controlled areas. terror groups such as isis and al nusra front are not part of this truce agreement. president obama will award the medal of honor to a navy s.e.a.l. tomorrow. >> edward byers jr. helped rescue an american hostage being held by the taliban. he talks about what happened in his own words. here's cnn's michelle kosinski. >> reporter: as a navy s.e.a.l., edward byers jr. is well acquainted with danger.
4:58 am
and the night of december 8th, 2012, brought plenty of it. >> the mission was a hostage rescue mission. so to us, that is a no-fail mission. our objective, our goal, is to bring back an american hostage alive. >> reporter: and that he and other s.e.a.l.s did. rescuing dr. dilip joseph whom the taliban in afghanistan had been holding captive for about four days. >> it was at that time that i engaged the person i was on top of and jumped off the guy i was on and onto the doctor who was about three or four maybe five feet away from me to my right. >> reporter: for his heroic effort, president obama is awarding byers america's highest military honor. >> it wasn't until he called and i got to speak to him that -- and he said, you know, congratulations. i looked at your award, and i'm approving you to receive the congressional medal of honor. that's when it was, like, okay, this is real. >> reporter: but byers is also dealing with another reality. he was the second s.e.a.l. to
4:59 am
burst into the taliban hideout to free dr. joseph, the first s.e.a.l., nicholas checque, was killed. >> he embodied the essence of what it is to be an american hero. he will forever be remembered, you know, in the pages of history for the sacrifices that he made. >> reporter: plenty of people are calling byers a hero as well, but his young daughter might not be one of them. >> my daughter knows that i'm daddy. and she loves me just for that. and if you talk to her one on one, she'll tell you the five different nicknames she has of me. and i don't think one of them includes hero. >> reporter: the magnitude of the moment isn't lost on everyone, though. especially mom. >> when i called my mom that night and told her, you know, you've got to love my mom. her first question out of her mouth was, do you think i'll be able to come to it? and i was, like, of course, mom. i'm pretty sure you're going to be allowed to come. >> reporter: michelle kosinski,
5:00 am
cnn, the white house. >> yes, you can bring your mom. to receive the medal of honor. >> thank you for your service. absolutely. and thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. ♪ is beisouth carolina is cli country. >> thank you so much, south carolina! tomorrow, this campaign goes national! >> can she now sweep the south and put bernie sanders away s? plus -- >> where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> and counterpunch. >> i am proud to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> donald trump disrupts the race again. and now looks for a super tuesday exclamation in


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