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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  February 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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like april with the highest prices on holiday weekends. thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everybody. >> a lot going on this hour with less than 24 hours to go until the biggest day in the campaign, super tuesday. we're waiting to hear from donald trump. will he address his refusal to disavow former kkk david. he did before and after. also any minute now, a break from politics were something that really should bring us all together. >> absolutely. president obama's presents the nation's highest award for valor in come watt, the metal of honor. the man is believed to be the first member of s.e.a.l. team
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six to receive the honor. it involves a story to rescue a doctor from the taliban. until then, campaign controversy and a lot of it. donald trump took to the air waves to blame his ear piece during the interview with jake tapper for his failure to condemn the hate group own the former leader. moments ago rubio says he isn't buying it. >> he blamed it on a bad ear piece that he couldn't hear the question. i don't care how bad the ear piece is, klu klux klan comes through pretty clearly. >> a brand new poll showing nationally donald trump and hillary clinton are on their way to locking in the presidential nomination. donald trump is nominating the republican field with 49%. more republicans choosiing trum
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than all his challengers combined. >> all of this on super tuesday eve. more delegates at stake tomorrow than any single day in the entire nominating process. we want to bring in david challion. this poll raised a lot of eyebrows this morning. essentially what it shows is that the idea that there's a ceiling for donald trump, that is not so. the idea that consolidation will get in the way of him winning the nomination, that doesn't appear to be so either. >> more things we thought were true about donald trump that we should toss out in the garbage. it just doesn't hold water. this flies in the face of people who thought when other folks would drop out that somehow as the race got more narrow that donald trump would somehow fall. no. he's clearly winning some of the support from folks that already dropped out of the race. if you add up all the
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competitors together, he's ahead of them. his dominance is huge. take a look at two important factors that i look at inside the poll. one, take a look at the enthusiasm among his supporters. 78 % of donald trump voters are sw enthusiastic about voting. that's hugely important to a candidate. that's golden politics to have that kind of loyalty and commitment to the candidate you're support. that's something every candidate looks for. and look across the board at all the candidate qualities. he's winning them all. he wins trust to be commander in chief. he wins solving the country's problems. he wins honest and trustworthiness, and it's not by small margins. >> you can see that all right there. take a look at the democratic side for us. hillary clinton building on her lead nationally. this poll was conducted before south carolina. how do you think south carolina
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in her huge win there could impact the numbers going forward? >> reporter: you're looking at the difference there the difference between january and now. she is building up a sizable national lead here. that is a big deal. well over that key 50% majority mark among democrats. sanders not moving up. that's critical to watch. she had a really big victory on saturday night. that puts her on course to being nearly unstoppable. listen, the big test for bernie sanders tomorrow is whether or not he can put enough wins on the board to show that this is still a viable race going forward. this is one warning sign i want to point out. we've seen lower participation and turnout on the democratic side, much lower than 2008. while republican turnout is breaking records in each of the four early states. we asked in the poll what about voter enthusiasm overall. take a look at this. the republicans have a slight edge among voter enthusiasm. 58% of republicans say they're
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extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president compared to 52 % of democrats. this enthusiasm gap that's a deficit for the democrats is going to be one of the key things that if hillary clinton does emerge here as the nominee as is likely, that she's going to have to solve right away. the democrats will tell you having donald trump has the republican nominee will help take care of that. nonetheless, donald trump is clearly part of what is bringing the enthusiasm to the republican side. so that's one big area that hillary clinton and the democrats are going to have to work on in the days and weeks ahead. >> real quick, john brought up an important point. it's super tuesday eve. do you leave out milk and cookies? >> yes, i believe that's what happens on super tuesday. we call it ariv super tuesday. that's another thing. >> he's like why is kate talking
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right now? let's continue the discussion with alex burns, scottie nelhuse, katie packer, and bruce hanks. it is great to see you guys on this super tuesday eve. alex, you have done some amazing reporting out of the weekend. really explosive, about the implosion within the republican party in the face of this trump rise. explain what you're seeing. >> well, what we've seen for months and months is this conviction on the republican side that the donald trump issue was largely going to solve itself. you had some people kind of trying to raise the alarm, katie packer among them, who were underfunded, did not get the buy in from the party leaders they
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would have needed to slow him down. over the last week, a real sense that we've reached for the republican establishment, a desperate point. unless they can do something fast to get john kasich or cruz out of this race and rally behind rubio, that trump may become a run away train. >> you can see it in the poll. trump is at 49%. if any of them drop out, you figure trump will get to 50. bruce, i want to dress you up. you're part of the establishment because you're wearing a suit and tie. do you get the sense that based on what alex was reporting is there is a sense of panic, that the trump phenomenon is upon you, and at this point it's virtually unstoppable? >> i think there is in the establishment of the republican party, a sense of panic. the problem is everyone is running for about eight different doors. there's no real set point of
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rallying around a strategy of those who feel like the donald trump -- and it's important to understand the reason for that panic is what kind of justices would he put on the supreme court? how would he affect members of congress who are running for reelection, these kinds of things that are the core of not just what's going to happen with the executive branch but the other branches as well. there's no real set strategy. each set of choices has a following onset of consequences that aren't really good for the party. it's a tough situation right now if you're a member of the republican party establishment. >> scottie, in the midst of all of this, what has happened overnight with regard to your man, mr. trump? first he did, then he didn't, then he did, then maybe he didn't disavow the kkk and david duke. now he is blaming all of it on the fact that he had a faulty or bad ear piece for the interview with cnn.
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listen here. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad ear piece that they gave me, and you could hardly hear what he was saying. i heard various groups. i disavowed david duke and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. >> blaming it on an ear piece. where this has gone. are you okay with this? >> i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. we've all had an issue this. i think what he did point out is he did disavow david duke on friday. we have yet to figure out why we're having this controversy right now? it looks like a hit job based on the popular numbers. >> because david duke endorsed him, and then he had the answer and blames it on an ear piece. he heard all the other questions during the interview and continued to use the ear piece for all the other interviews. >> david did not endorse him on august or friday and did not
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enor dors him yesterday. that is a fact. go i don't want to drive traffic to his website. trust me. i suffered through the first minute of his video saying i did not endorse mr. trump. why is this controversy stirring up if it wasn't a slander campaign to try to paint mr. trump with the false idea of being racist. the good news is people are seeing through it. it's a campaign that is more about action, bigger than words. there's no more diverse of people out there speaking on behalf of a candidate than what you're seeing for mr. trump right now. i think it's going to fall on deaf ears. it's a hit job by those getting desperate. >> katie, i think that loosely, though not naming you by name, i think you're included in the broader group of people right now trying to bring down donald trump. i doubt that scottie's answer satisfies you. what do you make of it, and do you think you have enough time right now? the cnn poll that just came out, 49 %.
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it's two days before election day. 49 % for donald trump. do you have him where you want him? >> with all respect to the poll, it's a national poll, not a super tuesday poll. i think tomorrow will be important. i expect that mr. trump will do well in many of those states tomorrow. the reality is there hasn't been a sustained campaign against this guy. most of the places where this poll took place, there hasn't been one ad exposing donald trump for his business failures or racist history. it's not just his refusal to disavow the kkk. there's a history there. it's hiding his business dealings. he hasn't released his tax returns so we can call him out on all kinds of problems that he has in terms of failed businesses, failed instances where he's put his name on things and working people have been left holding the bag. that has started. there are several organizations now just in the last several days that are beginning a sustained and aggressive campaign to expose trump for
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what he is. i think we'll see it have some impact. >> i guess one of questions is why does this bug you all, donald trump, and everything he's done over the last six days where it didn't seem to bother the other candidates for months and months? it didn't bother romney when he traveled here to new york to ask for trump's endorsement. if he was okay then, why is he not okay now? >> there's a huge difference between having a businessman support your campaign and endorsing that person to be the leader of the free world. i think people are concerned because think think he's dangerous, and this is somebody that will be sending our troops in harm's way and somebody that's going to have access to the nuclear codes, and he's a dangerous, unpredictable guy. he's also not a conservative. he has taken positions that are out of line with conservative republicans on everything from government-run health care which he supports to the stimulus plan
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which he supported to the second amendment which he has been on every side of to abortion, to taxes. virtually every issue that republicans have held dear for several decades, he has been on the wrong side of. i think there's real concern he's not going to be the kind of conservative that should be our standard bearer, and he's going to lose big to hillary because of the outrageous things he does that distance him from hispanic and african american voters and women voter who is are turned off by him which is why you tend to see a gender gap in general election polls. >> scottie, what argument do you make to that? if he makes it to the general, and it looks like he's turning off huge segments of the general election voting population? that there's no way he's really going to win against hillary clinton? >> i completely disagree. you've never seen more diversity in endorsements. >> but you are hearing those
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same concerns from high-ranking republican lawmakers. that's some of alex's reporting is just about that, how mitch mcconnell is saying privately, go ahead and run against him if he's going to hurt your candidacy to senators. >> they've done so well with congress so far considering $19 trillion of debt. >> we do hold majorities in both houses. >> for what good has it done? now you've got people like sessions who is one of the most conservative on immigration senators we have, governor january brewer, chris christie, you have sarah palin and pierce morgan actually agreeing on a candidate on a few issues. we have a whole diversity of candidates with opinions that agree on mr. trump. and these red light -- at this point, there are more evangelical conservative leaders behind mr. trump than any other candidate. it's the truth. >> alex, you want to jump? this is based on your reporting.
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>> sure. the idea that trump changes the perception of him with a giant swath of the american public and thumps hillary clinton, this is among republican leaders, perceived as a fantasy. people say, well, people underestimated him in the primary too, and that's true, but if you look at the stuff that lost mitt romney hispanic voters, it is nothing compared to the stuff donald trump has been saying. if you look at the margins that republican traditionally have among women, the deficit among women, that's before the democrats run the ads of trump talking about women and in crude ways. the burden is really on trump to persuade the rest of the american party that's reluctant to embrace him. i think the point scottie makes that i would agree with is the endorsements from christie and sessions go a long way in
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projecting this idea across the conservative base of the republican party that he's not a rogue agent, that he is making ends roads when that's not entirely the case. >> and to the point to the people you mentioned weigh in on this, bruce, when you have chris christie and jeff sessions endorsing, that is -- we can all agree, a broad spectrum of the republican party that is backing donald trump now. that's a positive for donald trump. what does that say? >> well, it's good for him and his campaign that he's getting these endorsements. i would quibble that's a stretch to say that's a broad spectrum of the republican party. >> really? >> those are two endorsements. let's look at marco rubio. he has more. a lot of the endorsements for donald trump, the way the establishment looks at this is they see this is a battle for taking the republican to the past or to the future. the endorsements like those of senator sessions, he's deeply
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respected. he's another old white guy. you look at what rubio had on the stage the night of the primary in south carolina -- >> guys, i hate to interrupt right now. we want to go to the white house right now. >> this is the only portion we're interrupting for. >> president obama just entered the east room awarding the metal of honor. a remarkable story. let's listen. >> heavenly father be with us today as we gather to see senior chief edward buyers receive our country's highest military honor from the hands of the president. we offer you our thanks for the integri integrity, generosity of spirit, and valor that mark senior chief buyer's life in service to our country. we offer you our thanks for the rescue of dr. joseph, and we thank you for restoring both of them safely to the embrace of those who love them. at the same time, our hearts go out to nicholas czech and to his
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family and friends. may a grateful america always remember and honor his service and his sacrifice. amen. >> amen. please be seated. good morning, everyone. welcome to the white house. the ethos, the creed that guides every navy s.e.a.l. says this. i do not advertise the nature of my work for seek recognition for my actions. which is another way of saying that standing here today in front of the entire nation is not senior chief ed buyers' idea of a good time. like so many of our special operators, ed is defined by a deep sense of humility.
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he doesn't seek the spotlight. in fact, he shuns it. he's the consummate quiet professional. i imagine there are a lot of other places he'd rather be than in front of all these cameras. back in covfor another hell wee holding his breath under dark, frigid water, spending months being cold, wet, and sandy. i'm sure there are other things he'd rather be doing. but the metal of honor is our nation's highest military decoration, and today's ceremony is truly unique, a rare opportunity for the american people to get a glimpse of a special breed of warrior that so often serves in the shadows. we're a nation of more than 300 million americans. of these, less than 1% wear the uniform of our armed forces.
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of these, just a small fraction serve in our special operations forces. among those who train to become a sal.e.a.l., only a select few tern right to wear the triten. in the entire history of the na navy s.e.a.l.s, just five have been awarded the metal of honor. their names have become legend. norris, carey, thorton, murphy, monsier, and now buyers. we are especially honored by the presence of tommy norris and mike thorton today.
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given the nature of ed's service, there's a lot that we cannot say today. many of the operational details of his mission remain classified. many of his teammates cannot be mentioned, and this is as it should be. their success demands secrecy, and that secrecy saves lives. there are, however, many distinguished guests that we can acknowledge, including members of congress, leaders from across the military, including the navy. in fact, this may be the largest gathering of special ops in the history of the white house. among them we have from special operations command, general joe votel and vice admiral shaun pibis. from joint special operations command, admiral tim semansky,
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and admiral brian lorsey and force master chief derek. it's wonderful to have them here. we welcome ed's wonderful family. his wife madison who has kept their family strong back home while ed has been deployed. their daughter, hannah, who is a competitive figure skater and looks the part. ed likes to jump out of planes with a parachute and when he's not sky diving, he's driving his 1976 harley. when he's not out riding, he's staying in shape with hannah who is apparently his workout partner. it's good when your trainer is a navy s.e.a.l. we also welcome ed's mom, peggy,
8:23 am
who i understand had one question when he told her about the ceremony. do you think i can come? [ laughter ] that's so sweet. yes, mom, you're allowed to come when your son gets the metal of honor. ed's brothers and sisters are here as are about 50 cousins from all across the country. and dozens of friends. many who served alongside ed, some who have traveled from around the world to be here today. that's the brotherhood. the depth of loyalty to service and to mission that binds these teams. looking back, it seems ed buyers was destined to serve. his father served in the navy during world war ii and now rests in arlington. as a boy growing up in ohio, ed would be in the woods in camouflage in his words, playing military. and i suspect the other kids did
8:24 am
not stand a chance. a boy scout who loved adventure. ed saw a movie about the navy s.e.a.l.s and fell in love with the idea of deploying by sea, air and land. i believe that man will not merely endure, he will prevail. because he has a soul, a spirit, capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. even if he had never performed the actions for which he's been recognized here today, he would be long remembered for his cam passion, his sacrifice, and his endurance. 11 overseas deployments. nine combat tours. recipient of the purple heart twice. a bronze star with valor five times. about three years ago our nation called on that spirit once again. in afghanistan, an american doctor, a husband and a father of four children who was working
8:25 am
to bring health care to the afghan people, was driving down a rural road. gunmen surrounded his car and took him hostage. they tied his hands and marched him into the mountains. the days went by. in a remote valley in a small single room building, surrounded by taliban, he lost all hope. i was certain he thought i was about to die. his captored told him, the americans are not coming for you. well, they were wrong. whenever americans are taken hostage in the world, we move heaven and earth to bring them home safe. we send some thunder and some lightning, our special operator forces, folks like ed buyers. they're carefully selected for their character, their integr y integrity, and their judgment. they're highly trained with skills honed by years of
8:26 am
experience. they willingly volunteer for missions of extraordinary risk like this one. in this case there was reason to believe that a taliban commander was on his way to take custody of hostage. time was of the essence. ed geared up and launched. once on the ground, they moved under the cover of darkness on that cold december night through the mountains, down trails for hours. they found their target and moved in, quickly and quietly. then when they were less than 100 feet from the building a guard came out and the bullets started flying. our s.e.a.l.s rushed to the doorway which was covered by a layer of blankets. ed started ripping them down, exposing himself to enemy fire. a teammate, pushed in and was hit. fully aware of the danger, head
8:27 am
went in next. an enemy guard aimed his rifle right at him. ed fired. someone moved across the floor, perhaps the hostage, perhaps another guard plunging for a weapon. the struggle was hand to hand. ed straddled him, pinning him down. ed adjusted his night vision goggles. things came into focus, and he was on top of a guard. the american hostage later described the scene. the darkroom suddenly filled with men and the sound of exploding gunfire. narrow beams of light shot in every direction. voices called out his name. he answered i'm right here. hearing english, ed leapt across the room and flew himself on the hostage using his own body to shield him from the bullets. another enemy fighter appeared and with his body, ed kept shielding the hostage. with his bare hands he pinned the fighter to the wall and held him until his teammates took
8:28 am
action. it was over almost as soon as it began. in minutes by going after the guards, ed saved the lives of several teammates and that hostage. you're safe, the s.e.a.l.s told the doctor. you are with american forces. and that hostage came home to be reunited with his wife and his children. a success that came with a price. that first s.e.a.l. through the door, ed's friend, nick, was grievously wounded. ed is a medic, he said with nick helping to perform cpr the entire flight, 40 minutes long. today we salute chief petty officer, nicholas check. back in pennsylvania, they remembered him as the driven kid, the football player and wrestler who always wanted to be a s.e.a.l.
8:29 am
for his valor on this mission, he was awarded the cross. he made the ultimate sacrifice. enduring love of nick's family and all those who admired him remind us of the immense sacrifices that our remarkable cold st gold star families have made and our obligation to stand with them always. today we pay tribute to a community across our entire military. special operators, aviators, engineers, technicians, analysts, countless enablers, and their devoted families. in these hard years since 9/11, our nation has called on this community like never before. small in number, they have bjore
8:30 am
a heavy load. they continue to volunteer mission after mission, year after year. few americans ever see it. i am truly privileged and humbled that as commander in chief i do get to see it. i've given the orders sending you into harm's day. i see the difference you make every day. the partners you train, the relationships you forge, the other hostages that you've brought home. the terrorists that you take out. i've waited like many of you in those minutes that seem like hours when the margin between success and failure is razor thin, for word that the team is out safe. i've grieved with you and stood with you to welcome our heros on their final journey home. it is a strategic national asset. they teach us that humans are more important than hardware.
8:31 am
today is a reminder that our nation has to keep investing in this ir relaceable asset which means repldeploying the special operators wisely, making sure they stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. i'll end where i started, with the s.e.a.l. ethos. in times of war or uncertainty, there's a special breed of warrior ready to answer our nation's call. a common man with uncommon desire to succeed. formed by adversity, he stands alongside america's finest special operations forces to serve his country, the american people, and protect their way of life. senior chief, edward buyers junior, is such a man. chief petty officer nicholas check was that man.
8:32 am
every navy s.e.a.l. and special operator who serves with honor in his chosen profession is that man. the american people may not always see them. we may not always hear of their success, but they are there in the thick of the fight, in the dark of night, achieving their mission. we thank god they're there. we sleep more peacefully in our beds tonight because patriots like these stand ready to answer our nation's call and protect our way of life now and forever. and as we prepare for the reading of the sayaticitation, you to join me in recognizing ed buyers and all our secret
8:33 am
professionals. [ applause ] [ silence ] >> the president of the united states in the name of the congress, takes pleasure in presenting the metal of honor to chief special warfare operator to chief edward buyers for the rick of his life above and beyond the call of duty as hostage rescue team member in afghanistan in 2012.
8:34 am
as rescue force approached, the target building, they were detected. the century reemerged and the lead assaulter attempted to neutralize him. chief buyers with his team sprinted to the door of the building. he stood in the doorway fully exposed to enemy fire while ripping down blankets to clear a path for the rescue force. the first assaulter pushed his way through the blankets and was mortally wounded from within. chief buyers, completely aware of the threat rushed into the room and engaged in enemy guard aiming a gun at him. he attacked another adult male who darted toward the corner of the room. he confirmed the man was not the hostage and engaged him. as the other rescue team members called out to the hostage, chief
8:35 am
buyers heard a voice respond in english and raced toward it. he jumped atop the american hostage and shielded him from the fire within the small room. while covering the hostage with his body, chief buyers immobilized another guard with his bare hands and restrained the guard until a teammate should eliminate him. his bold and decisive actions saved the lives of others. by his courage and fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty, he reflected great credit upon himself and up held the highest traditions of the united states naval service.
8:36 am
[ applause ] [ applause ] >> let us pray. lord of earth and sea and sky, as we conclude this moving and beautiful ceremony, we offer you our prayers for the country we serve. you have blessed america with
8:37 am
riches and with strength. may we use them to make this world of yours more just, peaceable, and humane. you have blessed america also with the tradition of heros like that of senior chief buyers and his brethren in arms. may we treasure that history and may it inspire all of us to serve bravely, generously, and faithfully. amen. >> that concludes the ceremony, but we actually throw a pretty good party here, and i've been told the food is pretty good. we welcome all of you to join us in the reception. ed and i will take a few more pictures before he joins you, but we're so grateful to him. we're grateful to his wonderful
8:38 am
family. mom, i'm glad that you could come. we are grateful for our other metal of honor recipients who are here, and to all the special forces who are here, we are extraordinarily grateful to you. this is, obviously, an award for individual heroism, but i'm glad we're able to make the broader point. we are so grateful for your service to our nation. thank you very much, everybody. god bless. god bless america. >> an important moment. a heart felt moment. a moment when the nation can come together to honor, frankly, heroism. awarded the highest military honor in the land, the congressional metal of honor. a lovely ceremony. the president used points beyond the heroism and valor shown by
8:39 am
this one navy s.e.a.l. i want to bring in jim sciutto and barbara starr. first off, barbara, what an amazing story this 36-year-old navy s.e.a.l. has. this rescue operation blows the mind. >> reporter: it really does, john. and i guarantee you, if you spoke to the senior chief, he would say he was just doing his job. you know, after the last 15 years of war, that's pretty much what they all say, and when we read about it, we are just taken aback at this raw courage of these people. this is what special operations forces do. s.e.a.l. team six. the army delta force, they go into the worst possible circumstances, often on hostage rescue missions, in very hostile territory, and put themselves in front of the line of fire, put themselves in front of the bullets. we even see in this case, of course, one navy s.e.a.l. did not make it back.
8:40 am
he, too, is remembered today. but it's worth noting as we all stand here and reflect on this, there are special operations forces out there right now in iraq, in afghanistan, in syria, working to possibly prepare to go into libya. these are young men right now, maybe women some day, that mainly young men who really go into harm's day. it's not just a cliche. it's what they do. >> and the president made the point to say, we're talking about a s.e.a.l. proerpoperatio, that many of the details about the rescue mission are still classified. his teammates still classified. they couldn't talk about that. the president made the point, and barbara hit on it, not only to honor this man but also he took the opportunity to honor all special ops, saying this is likely the largest gathering of
8:41 am
special apps ops at the white house ever. >> they are employed in some places. they're going to be going to more, including possibly syria, barbara's own reporting more so in the iraq. a couple of points. it's the s.e.a.l. combination of bravery aquick thinking and training. they go into the raid. the man in front of him is shot and killed. he continues going forward into the line of fire. he jumps on top of someone who he's not sure whether he's a gunman or the hostage. changes his night vision goggles, discovered he's a hostage taker, kills him. finds the hostage. protects him with his own body while holding another hostage taker with his hand to be killed by a teammate. it sounds like it's out of holy
8:42 am
kwo wood, but this is what they do. more than 200 metals of honor were awarded during the vietnam war. fewer than 20 since then. even fewer awarded to living members of the armed forces. that's rare to see, and this, as the president noted, only the fifth navy s.e.a.l. to be awarded this metal of honor. what we just witnessed there is a very rare event to see the man who did this living to accept that honor, and that's gratifying to see. >> at a moment when politics seem to only divide our country more and more, this is a moment that everyone can focus on come together around heroism and everyone can and should take a moment to honor, respect, and thank his service. navy senior chief edward buyers, junior. honored the metal of honor today. >> and to thank all the quiet professiona professionals. what an amazing thought there. >> jim, barbara, thank you for taking the moment.
8:43 am
we'll continue to talk about that. but also turn our focus back to the politics at hand. in moments donald trump will address a crowd of supporters at a rally. this is as the controversy continues to wrap around him. this time it's over trump's kkk stumble, if you want to call it. how will he respond now as he's set to take the stage in virginia to speak to supporters? >> moments ago inside the supreme court, something that has not happened in ten years. this is really remarkable. this is historic. justice clarence thomas asked a question from the fwenbench. it's been a decade since that last happened. learn what he asked. ♪ to thrive under pressure. ♪
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breaking news from the supreme court at this hour. justi justice clarence thomas asked a question during oral arguments. he has not asked a question in ten years. >> again, it's been a decade since he asked a question from the bench. what did he ask in why did he ask a question now? pamela brown joins us with more.
8:48 am
>> this is just the second week of arguments since his friend justice antonin scalia died, and today justice thomas spoke up and asked a question. last week marked the ten year anniversary of him not speaking during oral arguments. needless to say, it was a huge surprise to the reporters in the room today. it happened near the end of this under the radar criminal case about whether domestic abusers should lose gun rights. according to huffing ton post, he asked the attorney can you give me an area of law where a misdemeanor law suspends a constitutional law. from there he engaged in tough questions. this is interesting. while thomas and scalia who sat next to each other on the bench shared the same conservative views in many ways, they had
8:49 am
radically different styles during oral documents. some court watchers believe it's possible with justice scalia's voice absent, justice thomas felt the need to step in and fill the void. >> you wonder if this is a sign of things to come. if maybe the decade of silence is over. pamela, thank you so much. >> any moment now, donald trump is going to be holding a rally in virginia. rallying up the crowd right there in virginia. we'll take you there as soon as it happens to see what donald trump has to say amid growing controversy and other controversy that he's dealing with. we'll be back. .
8:50 am
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looking right now at live pictures of radford, virginia, where donald trump is getting ready to take the stage for a rally there. let's get there, senior white house correspondent jim acosta is standing by. we heard someone really firing up the crowd before the break. jim, what do we expect to hear from donald trump? >> reporter: i think more of the same. he is in a war of words with marco rubio right now that we have not seen in this republican campaign for president. last night marco rubio was talking about the size of donald trump's hands. so if that's any indication of where we are right now, i think you're bog to hear more of the same from donald trump in just a few moments. it's almost a race to the bottom from a rhetorical standpoint in the republican party right now. i can at the time you this is one fired up crowd here. when we were walking into this event here on the campus of radford university there was a line that stretched back at least a mile, mile and a half.
8:55 am
and that was to get inside what is already a packed arena. so donald trump is doing what he's done throughout this campaign. he goes from large capacity crowd arenas to the next. he's going to be doing that over the next couple of days, going from here to lexington, kentucky, columbus, ohio. he's going to be spending the night of super tuesday in florida. marco rubio's home state of florida. i could imagine we're just going to be hearing more of the same as this clash of rhetoric between marco rubio and donald trump could not be any more superheated at this point. in just a few moments ago we heard one of the speakers warming up the crowd here refer to the florida senator as little marco. this is part of the language you're hearing at these crowds. it is basically at a fever pitch ha heading into super tuesday. >> we will get back to the event as soon as it begins. donald trump due to speak at any moment. let's bring our panel back. joining us again, bruce hanes, scottie, katie packer. bruce, to you.
8:56 am
we have breaking poll news. tomorrow is super tuesday. we just got some polling from two of the super tuesday states alabama and oklahoma. in alabama, donald trump with 42% leading marco rubio with 19%. ted cruz is 16%. donald trump also leading in oklahoma, 35%, 22% for rubio, cruz ahead of rubio slightly at 23%. bruce, i had to cut you off before we went to the medal of honor ceremony. i'm going to ask you first, flat out, in your gut what does your gut tell you? does your gut tell you that donald trump is about to walk away with this. >> it certainly is beginning to feel like it, isn't it, john? you said i was the establishment, to some degree i guess i am. but this is something the establishment has brought upon itself. we haven't been able to deliver for people who are feeling agrieved by the economics in their communities, by the changes in the culture that they see and they want the republican party to respond to some of
8:57 am
these things. you know, the point i was trying to make earlier was i thought and i just continue to feel that the rubio campaign is doing the best job of the alternatives to trump of presenting a vision for the future that more people can see themselves in. the kind of campaign that can grow and win elections. but right now in the primary process there's no question that we are seeing a lot of growth in the trump vote and the rubio campaign is going to continue to have to fight to respond to it. >> katie, as someone -- you've kind of laid out, mapped out what you think the right strategy is to take down trump. what do you think of how marco rubio, what marco rubio's strategy is that at least since the debate last week? talking about donald trump -- taking on donald trump into donald trump way, talking about his spray tan, talk about the fact that he believes he has small hands. suggesting last week he had wet his pants. is this the right way, do you think? >> this isn't being donald trump. donald trump is a bully. a bully takes on weeklings.
8:58 am
marco rubio is the guy taking on the bully. and so i do think that he's been sort of forced into this situation and the fact of the matter is your network, msnbc, fox news, they're all of a sudden running marco rubio's rallies live. and so you know, it is a situation that has presented an opportunity. but the true reality of this is still two things have to happen. one, the field has to narrow. i expect that ben carson is probably going to drop out after tomorrow night. i think john kasich should. i think if ted cruz doesn't win significantly across these sec states which were supposed to be his firewall, he needs to win texas big and he really needs to win a lot of there states to show he has a path moving forward. if that doesn't happen, people do need to rally behind one candidate and now we have a campaign going after trump for the first time ever. those two things together are going to be what can stop donald trump which has to be done. >> we have about 80 seconds left. i want to give both alex and scottie a chance to weigh in.
8:59 am
alex, you heard katie say that marco rubio is crawling his way bab. ben carson and ben kasich should drop out. >> i think actually ted cruz may be the biggest problem of all. this is a guy very likely to win texas on tuesday so he will have won at least two states which is more than anyone else in the field except for trump can say. he's been so ostracized by the national republican party they don't have any leverage to wield over him. there's nothing he has that they can take away. >> scottie? i love all of you. just throwing out names at will. scottie, how many states is donald trump going to win tomorrow? >> i think he's going to win at least ten, possibly. i think texas is going to be ted cruz. the key thing about all of this is does it really matter with numbers like that? the only way rubio has a chance to continue this divide and make us have a brokered convention in august, which is totally a disappointment. >> i think he's going to do that p. >> it's going to be a broker convention. one thing we can all agree on right now and you just made the
9:00 am
rnc headquarters shake. thank you all for being with us. we have an important program note. melania trump is going to be here only on cnn at 8:00 eastern. >> thank you for join uks on a jam packed hour. we appreciate it. "legal view" starts now. hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it is an all out blitz this super tuesday eve. this hour we're expecting some pretty big events to happen. and it's very live so be on your toes. donald trump, a campaign rally in radford, virginia. and in about 15 minutes hillary rad ham clinton speaking at an. event in boston. at 12:30 senator marco rubio's planning to hold a rally in atlanta. at any moment senator ted cruz is expected to speak to reporters following his campaign rally in


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