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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thank you all for being with us. we have an important program note. melania trump is going to be here only on cnn at 8:00 eastern. >> thank you for join uks on a jam packed hour. we appreciate it. "legal view" starts now. hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." it is an all out blitz this super tuesday eve. this hour we're expecting some pretty big events to happen. and it's very live so be on your toes. donald trump, a campaign rally in radford, virginia. and in about 15 minutes hillary rad ham clinton speaking at an. event in boston. at 12:30 senator marco rubio's planning to hold a rally in atlanta. at any moment senator ted cruz is expected to speak to reporters following his campaign rally in dallas, texas.
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if anything is common in these recent days or if the rent days are an education you can expect plenty of fireworks. don't miss a beat right here on cnn, we're going to bring each and every one of them to you live, even if they're happening at the same time. i promise you. i will figure out a way to get all of this to you. in the meantime, look at this monitor first in radford, virginia, because this is where donald trump is about to appear from behind those black curtains at any moment. he will take that podium all on the heels of a cnn/orc national poll out today. he must be grinning because he is not just dominating his fellow gop candidates, he's crushing them. 49%. 49% of the republican primary vote. that is more than 30 points ahead of senator marco rubio and senator cruz. and overwhelming majority, also they say they believe he is going to be the nominee. cnn's senior white house
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correspondent jim acosta is following donald trump. he's in radford, virginia. i don't know if he's been tweeting out any of that sort of particular brand that he likes to do, especially on the heels of really good poll numbers but what are we expecting today? every day is a little different. >> well, my guess is he likes to talk about poll numbers, ashlee, so my guess is he will hear about that cnn/orc poll when donald trump takes the stage here behind me. you're right about the polls. they show him sort of juggernaut status right now. he is dominating across the board. not only nationally but a couple of state polls that have come out earlier this morning, from monmouth university, that show donald trump way out in front in alabama and oklahoma. those are two key super tuesday states and so at this point the question becomes can anybody stop donald trump after super tuesday because he is really poised at this point to really have a clean sweep or a near clean sweep. he may not win texas, across the board on super tuesday.
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and it also indicates something else, ashleigh, and that is perhaps even though it has been entertaining to watch, marco rubio's very short pointed attack on donald trump, going after trump with a taste of his own medicine, has not really been all that effective. we'll have to see the real poll that counts is on tuesday night. but at this point it does not appear to be weakening his front-runner status. marco rubio and ted cruz need to win somewhere. ted cruz may win texas. marco rubio is in search of some kind of strong second place finish in all of these states because he is really just opposition to winne of these states according to the latest polls on super tuesday. in terms of the rhetoric, marco rubio going after donald trump saying he wants to make america orange again, talking about the size of donald trump's hands. we just heard this warm-up crowd here if a few moments ago, a warm-up speaker saying -- calling marco rubio little marco. sort of setting the tone for donald trump when he gets out here in a few moments. but one interesting thin that i
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think we have to take note of, ashleigh, and that is over the weekend donald trump thought it was necessary to respond to some of these attacks from marco rubio. i was with him in arkansas. he was talking about his defense of trump university, the lawsuits that are now facing his organization because of this school that he was running to teach people the model -- the trump model of success. he felt it necessary to talk about that. also felt it was necessary to talk about the money he received from his father growing up. marco rubio says it was a $200 million inheritance. donald trump is saying, no, it was just a $1 million loan and i paid it back. those are other things you may hear during this speech. not because donald trump is worried about marco rubio of saying it again and again, it's because it is sort of setting and laying the groundwork for the general election campaign. democrats are almost guaranteed to seize on all of that should donald trump become the nominee, ashleigh. >> all right, jim acosta, thank you for that. we're going the tap into that rally just as soon as it gets under way. we're watching those black
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curtains. departing of the black curtains to see when donald trump takes to the podium in less than is a minutes from now florida senator marco rubio also set to speak at a rally of his own. it is set for atlanta. it's the second of four stops in four different states just today. our jason carroll is trying his level best to stay on it's. hop scotching from one spot to another. right now he's in atlanta for us. so give me the lay of the land where you are, jason. >> well, i can tell you if there's any indication of what we heard in texas and heard in virginia yesterday, look for more of the same, more insults, more criticisms coming from our marco rubio aimed at donald trump. this new strategy which we saw kick into gear after that debate last thursday of really going after him. that's not going to stop. at least not based on what we heard so far and what we're expected to hear here in atlanta later on today. you know you heard so much of it before, ashleigh. both personal and professional criticism lobbied against trump,
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going after the way he looks. the spray tan dmencomments. calming him a con man. the whole controversy surrounding david duke. and now the most recent criticism going after donald trump, senator marco rubio earlier today compared him to a barking dog. >> we cannot elect the dog that caught the car. get it? think about it. the dog is always barking at the car. what are you going to do when you catch that car? we can't risk it. >> question is can he insult his way to the nomination? i'm not so sure according to some rubio supporters we spoke to who said they understand the reasons for wanting to go after trump but at this point they say enough of trump, we want to hear more on the issues. ashleigh? >> all right, jason carroll live for news atlanta.
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thank you. we're going a lot of hop scotching so i want to zim over to dallas, texas, to go there for a moment where trusted is behind ted cruz. >> donald trump says there are no americans willing to work his way to the waitresses and, by the way, we're talking about at a swanky palm beach hotel where people are tipping with $100 bills. there we go. we got one job applicant right there. all you have to do is move to a foreign country and then come in as foreign worker and be willing to work for captive wages and be essentially captured by your employer. there were roughly 300 americans applied for those jobs. you know how many donald hired? 17. instead, he brought in hundreds of foreign workers.
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why? because you can pay them a lot less because they can't quit, they can't go work anywhere else, they're captive. now, listen, that's not a whole lot different what donald's doing than a whole lot of other big companies. but you don't get to abuse and take advantage of american workers and then suddenly style yourself a champion for american workers. if i'm elected president, we will secure the border. we will end illegal immigration. we will end taxpayer funding for sanctuary cities. and we will end welfare benefits for those here illegally. >> ted cruz speaking live in dallas. pretty enthusiastic supporters. any minute now there's a whole other group of enthusiastic
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supporters that follow hillary clinton. she's going to be speaking live at a get up out the vote event in boston. one of four stops for her today. nationally she's got to be smiling with the numbers. she's 17 points ahead of bernie sanders in our latest cnn/orc poll. she's a whopping 79% of democratic voters who expect her to be the nominee. our senior washington correspondent joe johns is live in minneapolis where bernie sanders is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in a little more than one hour. they are also very, very enthusiastic, joe. >> i think so, very enthusiastic. and we're seeing people stream in right now. still got an hour and a half ago. a lot of these people sort of tipify the bernie sanders team across the country, younger, appearing to be students and what have you. but, look, hillary clinton is in some ways in the driver's seat right now and her campaign is
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trying to appear as if they're not confident, they're not overconfident. they're trying to be cautious and at the same time they're trying to pose themselves as the campaign that is going to win the nomination, the democratic nomination for president. hillary clinton is also talking more about donald trump. and that's a little bit of trying to appear like a general election nominee. but i have to tell you, bernie sanders has been talking about donald trump as well on the campaign trail of late. and it's not just a reflection of who thinks they're in the lead or how well they're doing. it's simply because so many people in these democratic crowds, as you go across the country, want to talk about donald trump. and sometimes when i wade in the crowd i find trump is the first thing they want to talk about so it's still very a much a numbers game know when it comes to getting the democratic nomination. the delegates is where the
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action is. as i think jim acosta might have mentioned, hillary clinton appearing to do well up in the polls in massachusetts. bernie sanders up in the polls in oklahoma. sort of a mixed bag, if you will, right now. but bernie sanders is also going to massachusetts to try to make his case. here in minnesota right now because this is one of those states that has gone in the past for progressive candidates. and he's hoping he can do well in the caucuses tomorrow night, ashleigh. >> joe johns with his jacket up in minnesota. that is the cold assignment, my friend. glad you're inside. thank you for that. i did mention one thing. joe just mentioned that jim acosta was report og the trump event and he was and i asked him about donald trump's tweeting. and i'm not going to disappoint you. we have a tweet yet again in the last hour. this one from donald trump. he's quoting the hot magandhi. they first ignore you, laugh at you, then they fight you, then
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you win. just let that settle in for a minute, folks. that's donald trump sweetding out to the thousands and thousands and millions and millions of supporters he has. many of them right there in that arena. that's what the view ask when donald trump takes to the stage, folks. so we are watching what his view going to be here in radford, virginia, where any moment he will come through those curtains and he will address these supporters on the heels of the big poll numbers. nearly a third of the republican delegates needed for the nomination up for grabs. if it all goes the way of the polls, could it seal the deal for the man who was who is about to address these supporters? back in a moment. you both have a
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. welcome back. live pictures at the right of your screen. look at the smiles on those faces. they are excited folks. they're in radford, virginia, because they're waiting for a guy they've been waiting for for a while. time is on their side though. i got to stop with the puns. donald trump rally. we're wait any moment for him to come out and address those folks all on the heels of amazing numbers. the guy is riding high in the polls. instead of fading away. and that's what the pundits have predicted.
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didn't happen. donald trump is instead poised to have a huge super tuesday. if his supporters deliver the businessman could open up a big lead in this delegate chase. 29% of the republican delegates are supposed to be chosen tomorrow night. at the moment, donald trump is ahead in ten states. all of the states except for that big kahuna on the bottom that says 155 that's texas pand these folks are going to talk about that and more. onset with me political commentator and cnn political analyst and chief of the daily beast and his lovely better half margaret hoover, republican consultant. i still wish i could be a fly on the wall at your dinner table conversations every night. you three, i just last block read a tweet that came out in the last hour. donald trump sending out, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. and you can see he attribut tri it -- >> they misquote you.
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>> and then they misquote you. it's not gandhi. >> the gandhi quote is from a labor lawyer named nicholas kline from 1918. probably not the person he was intending to compare himself to. but on the other hand, is there anyone less like donald trump than gandhi in the entire world other than they're both mammals? >> good one. this is the story of the campaign. things like this don't matter. they never have. i'm now going on record saying none of it is going to matter. i'm not even going to bother asking if it matters. what it has become is crisis for republicans. i said that every day it seems that there's a bigger crisis, errol, and the crisis is that republicans are saying i can't nor will i vote for donald trump. >> that's right. and i don't know how long we're going to see that. by one, i think you're going see state chairs and some of the elected officials going to make some kind of a deal. there will be a handful like the senator from nebraska, who actually sit out. stand on principle, sit out the election.
9:19 am
something you really don't want to have to do if you're a party leader. there is this larger crisis of the party leadership's relationship to its base. these people didn't come out of nowhere. they're not ceiptive to trump because foreign message fell on their ears. he said in a slightly different revved up way what the party has been arcing or a portion of the party has been arguing for a generation now. >> i wonder how many people -- there's the senator from nebraska you mentioned. but what about people? what about average folk out there who may feel the same way. the polls are very telling today. let me give you a couple of numbers. for starter, here's how popular he is as the choice for republicans for their nominee. 49%. 49%. and yet 48% of them out there, those republicans who are asked say they either probably won't vote for him or definitely won't vote for him. and i wonder if those people will skit at home and what difference that will make.
9:20 am
margaret hoover, quickly, i don't want to miss what he's going to say. >> heaven forbid we miss fomoref the gad difficult ndhi attacks. do we need to do to this? >> yes. and we'll get your comment afterward. >> we're going to have a lot of fun today. we have a lot of time. a lot of time. so thank you all. this is amazing. do you know outside, i don't know if you heard what's going on. have you heard? so the room holds 3,000 people. outside they have 11,000 people trying to get in. amazing. amazing. so i don't know what we're going to do but we put the mikes out. we put the speakers outside and hopefully everybody is hearing. are you hearing us outside?
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can you believe it? so you know cnn just released a poll an hour ago. and it. even surprised me. i'll tell you. just came out. trump, 49%. just came out. oh, it's too bad. gee, that's too bad. i'm looking at little marco rubio, 16%. lying ted cruz, 15%. carson, 10 pst. kasich, 6%. this just came out a few minutes ago. trump 49%. wow. that's fantastic. and we just got the endorsement, as you know, of chris christie. we just got the endorsement of
9:22 am
senator jeb sessions, one of the great people. we have sarah palin. we have -- great. we have so many great endorsements. and i've never thought of endorsements as so much. jerry falwell jr., liberty university. great guy. sheriff joe arpaio. we have amazing endorsements. we have hundreds of people who want to endorse. the problem is they want to meet with me, want to go to dinner. i don't want to do it. i want to be with you. so there it is. okay, folks? 4 49%, 15%, 10%, 6%. looking good. pretty good. importantly the new york post, fred durks weicker.
9:23 am
he said trump could very well win new york. it's just not in play. they don't even think about it. they don't even campaign there. i will be coampaigning in new york. i love new york, okay? i will be campaigning in new york. and if we win new york, it's over. you understand. because we picked up so many delegates. we're also doing really well in michigan. so you know, from a structural standpoint republicans have a hard time because structurally you have to win pennsylvania, you have to win ohio. they have like a map of, in particular, six states. and you lose one, it's over. democratic ride is a much easier ride. if i pick up new york or if i pick up michigan, it's over, folks. it's over. it's over. we're going to do great with hispanics. people are going to be surpri d surprised. we won in nevada. we won with hispanics. people are going to be surprised. we're going to do phenomenal
9:24 am
with the african-americans. they're going to be phenomenal. we're going to have large numbers, we're going to have large numbers of people coming over. you know they used to call them -- they used to call them the reagan democrats. now i'll still -- let's keep calling them the reagan democrats. they're coming over. they're going to be with us. we have a lot of people, a lot of independents come over. so -- and i think, you know, somebody said if it's trump against hillary clinton, it's going to be -- can you believe? honestly, honestly, she should not be allowed to run. she should not be allowed to run. now, bernie sanders is over. you know he took a big beating. he took a big beating. but you look at south carolina. so they just left south carolina. she had a good victory over him. i drew and the republicans drew so much more, so many more
9:25 am
votes, like double. and they went down because there's no enthusiasm for hillary. none. we went way up because whether people like me or not there is enthusiasm. that, i can tell you. there is enthusiasm. big, big, big enthusiasm. so it's been going along well. it's been a nasty, nasty deal. you know, when i said i would run for office i deal with real estate people, i deal with people. i deal with people much tougher, much, much tougher than the people i deal with but they're more honest in a certain way. politicians are dishonest people. i've never seen so much deception. i've never seen so many lies. these are dishonest people. i hate to say it. it's sad. it's sad. i say all took no, action. i mean, i build a great business, phenomenal business. i file my papers with the federal elections commission. everybody has it. these people back there have it. they go through -- everybody's
9:26 am
impressed. a lot of people said, number one, said he would never run. then i ran. then they said he will never sign what they call form a. form a is where you literally sign your life away. i signed form a. then say they'd, he will never put in his financials because maybe he's not as rich as people think. so i put in my financials which showed that i'm much richer, the company is phenomenal. it's phenomenal. the company is like incredible. and frankly the press didn't have that much to say. the first day they said they had never seen at the federal -- never seen people looking, that many people trying to look at papers. so the papers are great. low debt, phenomenal assets. some of the great assets. big cash flow. i put them in. and the reason i tell you that is because that's the kind of thinking we need in this country. that's what we need. we have -- we have $19 trillion
9:27 am
in debt. going to $21 trillion. that's the kind of thinking. we need to make great deals. i put in my papers. people came. the press went through every inch of them. they said, wow, this is amazing. the company is much bigger, much stronger and great. and then i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say, oh, he's a con man. he's a con man. but it's so insulting. and he had no choice. i guess he had to come up with something because he's getting creamed in the polls. he's like 20 points down in florida. you know, in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher right now if he ran. think of it. he's defrauded the people of florida. he's defrauded them. he's defrauded them in a lot of ways. maybe he's defrauded the republican party building driveways with their money. he builds a driveway and other things and you're not supposed to do that. i'm allowed to. well, we caught you. oh, i used the wrong credit
9:28 am
card. i'll pay you back. pays it back. nothing happens. chris christie would take eight little bit differently than that. i was standing a few weeks ago and i watched -- i call them light waves. i watch lightweight marco rubio. standing right here. and i watched this and i saw a melt down. i said, what am i watching here? we have millions of people watching. i saw an almost complete m meltdown. in fact, i was almost prepared to catch him when he fell. they asked him a question. he gave the barack obama answer, right? and he gave an answer. and then he gave the same answer again because he's like a machine. he's like a robot. you wind him up and he talks. he's like a robot. he call him the robot. well, we call him the lightweight but we call him the lightweight robot. but he gave the answer the first time. gave it a second time. gave it a third time. gave it the fourth time. fifth time i said something is
9:29 am
wrong. i looked, he was soaking wet just like he had just got out of the swimming pool with his clothes on. and it was honestly -- i'll be honest. it was a sad thing to see. but you can't have this kind of a person negotiating with the chinese, negotiating with putin. can you imagine he's going to go and see putin. putin is a confident guy, smart guy. he's sitting down and marco walks in and marco walks in and he's soaking wet. he's exhausted, he's soaking wet. putin is going to look at him and say what in the hell is wrong with that guy? do you remember when he was answering the republicans brilliantly picked him to give the answer to obama in the state of whatever. i guess one of the speeches. by the way, a very important speech. so obama got up to this thing and now we have our response, right? and he's speaking. and you see there's something wrong with him. and he's speaking. and then he goes totally off camera during live television and he grabs bottle of watt we're the label on it. unless he had a piece of that company, i think it was a terrible thing to do.
9:30 am
if he had a piece of the company we could all understand that, right? and he starts chugging water. nobody has ever seen anything like that before. so we cannot have choke artists running our country. this guy is a choke artist. we cannot have choke artists running our country. our country is in trouble. our country ais in trouble. now, ted cruz, on the other hand, ted cruz is smarter. he's a smarter person than rubio. but he's so -- folks, it's not going to work. okay? it's not going to work. he thinks it's good. we call him lying ted. he will tell -- you know, he will listen to me say something. he'll get up someplace else and he will say the exact opposite of what i said. for instance, i'm very strong on the second amendment. he says, donald trump is totally opposed to the second amendment. the people that have been with me know for years. you know what i've been saying. i am and i have been from the beginning against obamacare. we're going to repeal it and
9:31 am
we're going to replace it. ted cruz goes on television and he goes, donald trump loves obamacare. i love obamacare. every single speech i say repeal iter it. a lot of people come to this because we have a lot of fun. but every single speech i talk about repealing, replacing. he'll just lie. i call him lying. it was interesting because little marco said the other day, he said, you're a liar, to ted. he wasn't referring to me. he said you're a liar. that's a lie. first time i've ever heard a pottician and i deal with a lot of politicians, and believe me, they are liars in many cases. there are some good ones but not too many. but marco said to ted, you're a liar. and i said, you know, now that a politician says it, you have two politicians saying it, they're screaming at each other. then they got together and they said, we have to be tough. the last debate, did you see them shaking hands, behind my back shaking hands. high fiving each other inbefore
9:32 am
the thing. i said, you know what, they're double-teaming. and yet every single poll drudge, every single poll has trump winning the bede bait. pretty amazing. right? pretty abusinemazing. most people, although some of the pundits are totally -- forget it. we're going to write a book about some of the pundits, i think. the problem is who ask going is going to buy a book like that. the press is amazingly dishonest. the press is a real problem in this country. one of the things that is important to me. no, no, i tell you what. i'm dealing with some real sleazebags up here. i think the press is worse. i'm telling you, they're worse -- >> i think he means us. i think he means us. being that we're part of the press, that is a very opportune moment. not that he just jumped in on the press the. the screen on your left, railing on marco rubio, calling him
9:33 am
little marco more than once and it just turns out that marco rubio's rally in atlanta is about to start as well. so i can only imagine the roll that marco rubio has been on lately, going after donald trump. getting in the mud, folks. this has changed markedly over the last week. marco rubio went from being a politician that uses the same lines frequently, even sometimes during the same debate, and during the same answer, to a guy who is off the cuff going for broke using every line in the book. some people said it sounded like they were both going for high school president in the way they've been campaigning. but i tell you one thing, it's unbelievable television to see these two spinning the lines they're spinning. so any moment now we're expected to hear from marco rubio in atlanta. he's at the intercontinental buck head. i don't know how many people that will hold. i don't know how enthusiastic they are. i can tell you what i've been
9:34 am
saying. want to ask our control room if we're going to go live in the marco rubio rally or wait for a bit -- yeah, he's not at the stage yet. it was hard for me to see. i don't see well anyway. when 4he does hit the stage and take to the microphone, i promise you you're going to hear what he has to say. in the meantime, jeff dewitt, arizona's state treasury and donald trump supporter. great to have you. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> so much to talk about. let's begin with this. donald trump even just said it and i think you could hear it when we were listening in live. 49%. the recent cnn/orc poll comes out with a resounding 49% of the republican vote is going to go to donald trump. if those people who are asked represent the rest of this party. if you add up all the numbers below donald trump, 16%, 15%, 10%, 6%, it does not equal 49%. you have to admit that is a remarkable number until you see
9:35 am
another poll, jeff. and that poll is a little weird. it's worrisome if you're a donald trump supporter. if he wins the nomination those supporters were asked would you definitely vote, would you probably vote? and 13% said they probably wouldn't and 35% said they definitely wouldn't. now, if you add those numbers up, it's kind of 52% for him and 48% against him and that has to be worrisome to you, jeff. >> well, the going to the first fo poll, that is the vindication and validation this is a movement happening in america. and i think one of the things to bring into this is when you look at the last state to vote, look at the nevada numbers, more people in nevada voted for donald trump than was the entire republican turnout four years earlier for mitt romney. so this is a new movement. so many more people are getting in the game, are getting off their couch and coming to vote. i don't think turnout is going to be a problem at all. and especially when the
9:36 am
primaries are always tough. the candidateses beat each other up. i'm an elected official approximately i went through a tough primary of my own. and they're always tough. when it k078comes down party ve party, the wounds get licked and everybody comes out and everybody does their job. and i think we will see the highest turnout of any general election in history this coming year because that's what donald trump brings is huge turnout and passion. >> you are right. he brings out enthusiasm. i know your former governor came out and doersendorsed him as we also brings out people who are angry and frustrated about him. let me quote for you from senator ben sass of nebraska. he says, i am frustrated and saddened as you are about what's happening in our country but i cannot support donald trump. please understand i'm not an establishment republican and i will never support hillary clinton. i'm a movement conservative who is elected over the objections
9:37 am
of the gop establishment. my current answer for who i would 1support in a hypothetica match-up between mr. trump and mrs. clinton is nooet teither o. you must be concerned about people like senator sasse who says things like that about your candidate. >> i'm not concerned at all and i don't think so anybody with the campaign is concerned. as you pointed out, i'm an elected official. i am not an establishment person either. i ran against two establishment candidates in my own state. and i saw with my own eyes in my race the passion, the passion amongst the conservative grass roots for me and other candidates like myself who are here to take our country back. and to make the right decisions. everybody is so frustrated with the direction of our country and with the $19 trillion in debt that keep on growing that everybody wants to do something different. donald trump is the answer. he's what we've been looking for so make america great again, to quote a phrase. and to take our country back. i guarantee you this will be the
9:38 am
highest turnout you will ever see in a modern election, in my election, and that is because of donald trump. as long as his name is on the ticket. and as he pointed out in a speech a few minutes ago, we could win new york. republicans can win now states that we never thought were possible to win and we haven't won in a long time. he's going to completely rewrite the political map. so it's wonderful what he's doing for the party. he's absolutely rebuilding the republican party and bringing it back. as i pointed out, with bigger numbers than i saw in 2012. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your time. i'm only going to jump in now because marco rubio is taking to the stage live. we want to give equal time to these politicians. you're seeing republican governor nikki haley south carolina introducing marco rubio at this rally in atlanta, georgia. we definitely want to catch marco rubio, but before he jumps on that microphone i want to get a quick comment from margaret hover and john avlon. this comment about new york that donald trump could win new york.
9:39 am
margaret hoover, rejust had errol said they had poll in the new yorkers in the city and that was closer to 86% hillary clinton, 14% donald trump. you can't ignore that. >> no way. take a national polls, real clear politics, poll of polls, by at least 2% hillary clinton beats donald trump. that's today. you want a republican to matchup against donald trump the real clear politics has marco rubio beating him. these notions, totally untethered to reality that donald trump is going to remake the political map in favor of a republican future in the 21st century is devoid of the facts. divorced from the changing demographics in this country, divorced from the reality of not just mainstream republicans think or tea party republicans think, but the frankly majority of republicans who still have not consolidated behind one candidate. so, you know, donald trump is on a high right now but none of the polling taksz into account the
9:40 am
last 72 hours which has been a change tactic, not just from marco rubio but on behalf of all the outside money, gop establish ch ment. are only now beginning to focus on donald trump. >> the republican governor nikki haley just said, i think she's speaking for him. she said it, he's lost his voice. this is something that happen on a campaign all the time. if you knew how grueling, exhausting, and horrifying this is on your larynx. >> this happened to bill clinton in 1992. he lost his voice in the closing days of that campaign and it can happen. rubio has been hitting his stride trying to be a happy warrior and fling a lot of insults at donald trump and yet you heard the donald earlier kind of responding to them. what's significant about when a candidate gets in the mud it's important they punch back. there's been a lot of that which has enabled it. it's like wrestling a pig. the pig likes it and they get dirty. >> can i ask you the difference
9:41 am
between getting down in the mud and sinking down to the level that so many people have accuse of donald trump of being at. this is not just about doing insults. this is using language that's uncomfortable for some people. some people can't describe some of this language to their children at the dinner table and this is daytime television. is there a difference between mud slinging in a traditional campaign and this stuff that i see on wrestle mania? >> yeah. it's a matter of niinnuendo and wrestling approach to politics that is about playing the villain and attacking the other guy in terms that are crass and crude and not simply, you know, the old time politics of suggestion and innuendo which is as old as time itself. it's about being crude and trying to appeal to the ugliest aspects of our democracy. he's dragged down the entire debate result. >> hillary rodham clinton is also speaking. i'm playing mental gymnastics and graphic gymnastics on
9:42 am
television, too. you can see the banner on the left-hand side of the screen. quick break and when we come back we're expecting hillary rodham clinton to be jumping up. . i'm guessing that balcony where that fellow is up there, i love mi american bunting. i have it all around my house. i love it. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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9:46 am
all right. so we are watching two live locations rights now. if you're just joining us, wow, it's been an hour of nonstop politic, folks. the hour opened up with donald trump flinging the insults at
9:47 am
who he calls as little marco. now, little marco, if that's what he calls him, is on the right-hand side of your screen. and he's got nikki haley who is a big deal. republican governor, introducing him at a rally where his voice is faltering and i think she's helping him out right now. but the minute he takes to the mike, if he's going to do that, there was some suggestion he might even though his voice is faltering. we're going to jump in. on the left-hand side of your screen is boston where hillary rodham clinton is at the old south meeting house and expected to be speaking shortly on the heels of sweet numbers that have just come out from a cnn/orc poll which shows she's the dem's choice for nominee by a margin of 55/38 to bernie sanders. how she frames that to her supporters you will find out shortly. something else happened today. and this show is called "legal view" and we couldn't be more thrilled when we get a headline like this. supreme court justice clarence thomas has made a huge headline
9:48 am
because for the first time in more than ten years he spoke from the bench. more than spoke, he actually murmured something a couple of years ago, but he actually asked questions. until today, this reading just as antonin scalia's funeral was the first time the public has heard his deep and rest son nvo. it not only came as surprise -- can you hear me okay? >> yes, i can. >> jeff, this only came as a surprise to all of us, this wasn't just a little question or a comment. this was a series of questions. and it comes on the heels of a big void. you know, he was seated to the side of antonin scalia for so long and antonin scalia filled that void with so many questions people wondered if this would make the difference. when antonin scalia goes, will
9:49 am
clarence thomas fill that in. is that what happened? >> certainly the timing does appear to confirm that it has something to do with justice scalia's absence. it is very surprising that he asked questions. the case was not a particularly earth shaking case. it involved whether people convicted of domestic violence could have weapons taken away from them in limited circumstances. the kind of questions he asked were exactly the kind of questions the other justices ask all the time. so there was nothing extraordinary about the questions themselves except for who asked them. ten years is a very long time not to ask questions. and the fact that he just started asking them at this point does seem related to justice scalia's death. >> jeff, there have been a number of reasons that clarence thomas has either jokingly given over the years for his to speak
9:50 am
from the bench and he said, we have a lifetime to go back in chambers and argue with each other. he's also said the lawyers only have 30 minutes to present their side and case and they should argue. that's part of the process. he's also added that he doesn't like to badger people. did you take those to mean that he would always be that way or did you take those to be, back off, i have my reasons? >> well, i think he's also given other reasons that he is uncomfortable with public speaking. haven't spoken a language called gulla as a child. he's given many different reasons for why he doesn't ask questions. i always thought he would ask questions again just because i thought it would be very frustrating to sit there day after day, year after year, and not ask questions when all of your colleagues is asking questions. also, you know, it's come to define his tenure as a supreme court justice and that's really unfair to him. he's been a significant
9:51 am
conservative voice on the court. some of his opinions have launched conservative ideas that have later become majority opinions. so it's not that his silence on the bench is the most significant thing about him, but it is true that if you ask members of the public about his tenure what almost everyone says is that he doesn't ask questions. so i think it's good that he got this monkey off his back and is started to be evaluated like the rest of them. >> can i ask you strategic questions about the change and how things work. the seat that justice scalia occupied for so long is currently draped in black and i think that's the tradition for 30 days. you wrote the book so you know a whole lot more about this. >> right, 30 days. >> so after 30 days, the justices actually physically shift, don they? they faphysically take a new position to reflect their seniority. >> they do. the chief justices always in the
9:52 am
middle seat. but then the senior most justice, associate justice, longest tenured is to the right of the chief justice. that had been justice scalia. it will now be anthony kennedy. the second most senior justice is to the left, that will be clarence thomas. then the other side. so every justice will switch seats except for the chief. and it really is disconcerting to those of us who follow the court and watch the oral arguments you're used to seeing the justices in certain places. and often many years go by without a retirement or a departure from the court. so it will be quite startling when i go in the court for the first time, i'm going to go on wednesday, big abortion rights case, and to see the vacancy where justice scalia had been for so many years and then soon
9:53 am
thereafter everybody in a new seat. >> and then soon thereafter possibly, i don't know how soon, someone else. okay. jeff, thank you for that. we still have a lot of reporting. one of my greatest frustrations and i know jeff agrees with me is jeff gets to go in and sit and watch that but you at home only get to see that photograph, that photo-op because there are no cameras at the supreme court. very frustrating. i know there are reasons against. marco rubio is speaking now. let's listen in. >> thank you. thank you. that was something else. i have a little bit of my voice back. i got my voice back just a little bit. if you ever need to be pumped up, if you ever need to be lifted up, you kalanick i can ha -- nikki haley and she will do it. she covered a lot.
9:54 am
first i want to thank the governor of south carolina for being with us today. she is a phenomenal leader. if you want to know what the republican -- what the republican party should be about, if you want to know what the conservative movement should be about, if you want to know what the party of lincoln and reagan should always be about, you should look at nikki haley. that is what our party is about. and that's an important question for us right now. it's an important question for us as conservatives, as republican, and as americans. you have a choice to make tomorrow. and you have a choice to make in november. in november you will get to choose what kind of country america is going to be in the 21th century. tomorrow you're going the get to choose what kind of party are we going to be in the 21st century.
9:55 am
in the process of politics and of government and of leadership, there are two ways to motivate people. history teaches us that. one way is to appeal to anger and fear. to go to the darkest parts of people's lives and convince them that they not only have a right to be angry but they have a right to be fearful and it is time to go out there and blame it on someone else, go out there and take the attack on someone else. it's a powerful motivator. want you to know lessons of history. there has never been a great movement in human history that has been led by anger and by fear. never. there have been movements that have taken power through anger and feear. but there has nevbeen a great ce in the history of all mankind led by anger and fear.
9:56 am
in fact, history teaches us that any movement who at its core is motivated by anger and by fear, by appealing to your anger, to your fear, to your worries as a movement that is destined not just to fail but to go great harm. history also teaches us that the great movements in human history, whether they're spiritual movements or political movements, are led by hope and dreams. are led by the belief that things can be better. that doesn't mean you ignore your problems. for you do not have to be oblivious to our challenges to be optimistic about your opportunities. you do not have to ignore people's frustrations in order to understand their dreams. and we have to choose tomorrow and we have to choose in this election what will it mean to be a conservative in the 21st century and what will it mean to be a republican? are we going to be the party that did what reagan did 36 years ago, that says to people, yes, times are difficult, yes, the world is bad, yes, there are things going wrong in your life,
9:57 am
but if we do what needs to be done it can be morning in america again. >> all right. i'm going to skip out of atlanta for a moment. i want to take you to boston where hillary clinton is just taken live to the mike. >> you know, america never stopped being great. we need to make america whole again! and way we will do that is to break down all the barriers, the barriers that stand in the way of america living up to its potential and every single american living up to his or hers. that's what my campaign is about. you know when i came to college here at welsly college back in the day, i fell in love with it and i fell in love with boston.
9:58 am
and when i left you for a little while to go to law school somewhere else, and when i graduated and i joined the children's defense fund, back i came. and i had the most extraordinary experience because, for me, knocking down barriers that stand in the way of our youngest citizens has to be our first and highest priority. so when i went to new bedford, massachusetts, i see my friend mark there, i was looking for kids who. weren't in school because they had disabilities. remember, back then there was no law which said you had to educate a child with disabilities. and so when you knocked on doors like i did and like hundreds and hundreds of people like me across america were doing, we were trying to gather the evidence to present to the
9:59 am
congress to say, this isn't right in america. and i met children. i'll never forget being on the back small porch under a grape harbor in a little house in newed board with a girl, a teenage girl in a wheelchair. she wanted more than anything to go to school. but in those days there was no accommodation for her. and thanks to the work we did right here in massachusetts, that changed and the united states became the first country in the world to say every child deserves an education and children with disabilities are no exception. and then when i became a young lawyer working again for the children's defense fund i went to south carolina, again to gather information and evidence, to bring a lawsuit against that
10:00 am
state because they were housing juveniles with adults in adult prisons. and we were successful, but it should never have happened in the first place. and then i went to alabama. i went undercover that time, to try to gather information about communities that were setting up what can be called segregated academies to avoid integrating the public schools and were looking for status to afford to do so. those are some of my earliest experiences understanding the barriers that stand in the way of our fellow men and women. and it just lit a spark in me that because i had had a good education. you know, i didn't have anything to do with


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