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tv   New Day  CNN  March 1, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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why the difference? that includes superdelegates where clinton has the advantage is. that's more than a third needed to clinch the nomination. both democrats beating the gop rivals. >> there is an interesting trounce in the numbers. rubio and cruz do better against hillary clinton. all the candidates making a final push on this high stakes election day. will trump and clinton sweep most of the contests as they are predicted to do by the polls? could this be the last stand for any of the candidates? we have it covered from every angle. jim acosta is live in columbus, ohio on the republican race. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has all the momentum heading into super tuesday. nearest rivals are showing no
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signs they can stop him. more top republicans are rejecting him. the daily firestorms and warning he will be a disaster come november. >> trump, 49%. little lightweight marco rubio, 16%. lying ted cruz, 15%. >> reporter: donald trump is poised for a sweeping super tuesday amid a swirling campaign kopcontroversy over race. protesters disrupted the rally. just moments before a violent encounter. a secret service agent slammed a protester to the ground. >> we will not lose conservatism to a con artist. >> in all likelihood, hillary
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clinton wins. we lose the future. >> pouncing on the gop front-runner after he refused to disavow support from david duke in a cnn interview. >> there is no place for bigotry, prejudice, for hatred for david duke or the ku klux klan in the conservative movement or the republican party. >> he blamed it on a bad earpiece. but mitt romney isn't buying it. saying trump's response is disqualifying and disgusting. even though ohio governor john kasich is still in last place he said he will continue to refrain from mudslinging. >> i would rather not win than lower the bar. i don't think you beat donald trump by attacking him personally. >> reporter: failure could put ted cruz's campaign on thin ice.
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>> we will have a whole bunch of delegat delegates. and thereby a big drop off between us and even else in the field. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager said it will be tough to beat cruz in texas. it will be like beating the new england patriots on their home turf. they are looking ahead beyond super tuesday with a rally later this morning. and his watch party in florida where he hopes to beat marco rubio later this month. that's the tragedy to put those contenders away. >> super tuesday voting is just getting under way. the time for talk is over. hillary clinton is hoping to win big tonight, pull away from bernie sanders. she is now focusing her attacks on trump and the rest of the republican field. let's get to brianna keilar live in burlington, vermont, where
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senator sanders will vote this morning. what do we know? >> reporter: chris, good morning. it's significant. bernie sanders last night in his final event taking aim at hillary clinton but also donald trump. hillary clinton notably laid off bernie sanders in her stump speech, both of them now positioning themselves as the alternative to donald trump. this is hillary clinton. >> at some point you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to the president of the united states of america. people around the world actually listen to what people running for president actually say. >> reporter: pay attention to where the candidates are not. florida not a super tuesday state, signally she is looking ahead. bernie sanders here in vermont.
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he certainly wants the back drop in what is expected to be an uphill battle. hillary clinton leading in the polls certainly in a number of more states than bernie sanders is, alisyn. it is something to note. >> that is interesting. we will be looking at the numbers all morning long. brianna, thank you very much. it is considered a battleground state. that's where we find brian todd in ashburn. >> reporter: the precinct chief just called out hear ye, hear u. that was our cue to come in and take a sampling of the voters who have shown up. nearly a dozen showed up at the early bell. they are checking in here. we're at the dominion trails elementary school in ashburn, vermont. marco rubio and ted cruz came
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through here not long ago campaigning. this is going to be one of the places they do it. this is where voters are check anything here. everything is as simple as can be. this is a sample ballot. 13 republican candidates. of course we are paying attention to the top three here. trump, cruz, rubio. we will see how they do. people check here and they go and vote behind the partitions in the voting stations. then they are scanned in here with the ballot scanner. we talk about turnout. we expect heavy turnout. it will be a charged atmosphere all day for about 13 hours. >> brian todd, making me busy, work every corner of that room. we'll check back with you in that room. the big question is how big will trump win today? is it going to be a sweep of super tuesday. david gregory, author and
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journalist of "meet the press" fame. cnn political commentator and matt lewis, and cnn national reporter maeve reston. all right, my brother, david gregory. when we look at the map, this is trump's big day. this is his chance to really spread it out. victory is often defined. what is victory for trump today? >> i think it is breadth. on a big day for voting, he is running the table. and i think he has a real opportunity to do that. we will look at a state like texas to see if cruz hosni life left. this is where we start to count the numbers. he is in a position to start wrapping up the totals. the republican party changed the rules allows for trump to start racking up delegate numbers quickly. if he can come out with a dominant position moving into the winner take all. >> texas looms large but that's
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not a winner take allstate. >> right. it's proportional. we did the math recently here on the big board. getting up to as high as 45%. he can run up a total lead in the delegate count that can be daunting if you're rubio trying to coalesce the rest of the party around him. >> let's talk about that, maeve. what if donald trump wins everything except texas. then what happens tomorrow? >> well, i think that allows for the other guys to go forward maybe for a few week potentially. that's sort of the scenario a lot of party elders were laying out for me. marco rubio is looking to put up a bunch of strong second place finishes tonight. so this race actually could go on a little while. obviously the game plan for all the other candidates is to try
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to win their home states and make it a one-on-one race with trump. we will see how successful they are in that tonight. obviously trying to stack up the delegate count. if trump blows it out, a lot of folks saying this whole thing could be over tomorrow. >> what are you hearing from the party faithful inside? are they seeing this about growth still, or is this a war of attrition? how close are they to say trump is the guy? >> you talk to people had private, in green rooms, on the phone talking to sources, there is really acceptance. people are basically starting to say donald trump will be the nominee. they are still holding out a sliver of hope especially when they talk publicly. but more and more there is a sense he will be the nominee. certainly after tonight that could even go to another level where it is all over basically but the details.
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maybe there's the hope of preventing him from getting the 1,237. >> in terms of the five stages of grief, i don't know they're yet at is acceptance. some are still at anger. some are still at denial. with donald trump's refusal to reject kkk and david duke, republicans have come out to criticize donald trump about this. so let's listen to what they said yesterday. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. that is not a part of our party. that's not who we want as president. we will not allow that in our country. >> to me that would not be an acceptable answer. i think that should have been an easy answer for him to give. >> this is a vicious anti-american organization. by him not denouncing it, it is
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a reflection on him. either he's dumb or a liar. if we get branded as a supporter of the ku klux klan, we're destroyed. >> that is the word of the day. >> well, it is. it is disqualifying for a legitimate reason. at the very most generous you can be the donald trump is playing foots is ie with white supremacists. these are big issues. these people in the establishment, nikki haley, other senators say i'm not going to vote for donald trump is the nominee, that only strengthenings his support right now. we look at all the polls, the exit polls, people who are the party faithful feel betrayed by the republican party elders. that's who they are mad at.
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>> this feels like a smear on some level. the idea that he doesn't come out and say i don't want anything to do with the kkk is almost zero. did jake do a professional job in giving an opening to give a different answer? yes. he botched it. he did. i wonder how much that issue is going to resonate. people who support him don't think he supports the kkk. >> did he disavow it when the duke thing come out last friday. there was no reason to botch this answer. if there is any kind of support, i don't want it. he chose not to do that. >> romney saying it is disqualifying. >> another point about the numbers that we look at. if you're marco rubio, you want to keep the gap close enough so if you can win ohio, if you can win florida you have a chance to
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narrow that. that's what matt lewis was talking about. as you think about perhaps a brokered convention. >> here's what's interesting about the numbers made. if we go further past super tuesday and look at the general election in a head-to-head matchup, marco rubio and ted cruz beats hillary clinton. trump does not. 52% to 44%. narrowly they beat her. but what is so interesting is that he's winning every state, yet in the general he can't win.
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>> they are looking at electability numbers. it might give a lot of republicans pause. because what we are seeing here is the effect of his rhetoric, the divisive rhetoric. looking at whether or not voters will turn out actually to vote against him as opposed to marco rubio or cruz. so i actually think that could knock his support down a notch. it gives ted cruz and marco rubio good argument going forward the next couple of weeks if they can hang on tonight. >> matt lewis, so how much of these poll numbers do you think are a function of their strength versus just the state factor. when you have more negatives on the way clinton does, remember bernie sanders did better than she did against the gop rivals also, how much of it is about the state being known and having negatives? >> i think it's the sting. people have strong feelings
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about donald trump. they love him or hate him. they're going to vote against him no matter what. the problem is i think a few things are playing into trump's favor. he is arguing that because i'm beating you, marco rubio, errgo, i have a better chance to beat hillary clinton. to use a football metaphor the redskins beat the patriots and the they beat the patriots, therefore the redskins will always beat the patriots. to make the perception that hillary clinton is weak and therefore we don't need to worry about electability. so i think trump has been a master at playing this chess game. >> you can't use football in the same sentence. >> he snuck in latin, ergo.
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look at the numbers for super tuesday there. and you'll hear from donald trump's wife about her husband's unconventional campaign. hear what she has to say later this hour. >> all right. our comprehensive coverage of super tuesday is just getting started. we'll have the latest throughout the day. special coverage begins tonight at 6:00. we're going to have all the analysis. what happened, what didn't happen and what it means going forward. can bernie sanders win a state tonight? how does he plan to beat trump in november look? we look at all that had we come right back. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. >> that was hillary clinton looking to pull way ahead of berne where sanders in the delegate count after tonight. targeting trump in the gop. what are her prospects tonight. let's bring back david gregory, matt lewis and maeve reston. working together, respect, love, kindness. her words make no sense to me in this election. she has really shifted her tone to draw a contrast. >> are you cynical. >> yes. we haven't heard these words. >> she has very high negatives. she is talking about love, compassion in the public square, talking core values of public life. what a contrast to what we are hearing from donald trump. she wants to show that and project that. but she makes it clear she will drop a hammer on him, much
3:22 am
harder than any of his republican opponents. if she can do both at the same time, maybe she can drop her negatives and bring up his negatives. but she has to show her party faithful. and people who might be wavering about her. even if people in the republican party don't love her, don't totally trust her, they have to be worried about the nominee. >> let's show how people feel about her. clinton and sanders favorable and unfavorable. here you have it right here. now, maeve reston, what you look at these numbers, how much is earned versus simply reputation. there is a theory hillary has been around so long, so many scandals, she's been involved in so much, this is residue for her being responsible for these numbers. what's your take? >> i think that's hard to say. in the end, does it really matter? when the voters out there have these trust issues, as david was just talking about, that's a big problem she's going to have to
3:23 am
overcome. it has caused a lot of issues with her with an enthusiasm gap with sanders. obviously we are seeing so many young voters flock to his campaign. if she ultimately does win the nomination, she has a lot of problems to address there that we are seeing in her polling. you know, she's going to have a strong turnout tonight. but certainly talking about the love and all the happy things we were just talking about is maybe something that she is trying to come to a more refined message than she's had. because what she's been doing the last couple of months hasn't been working as well as her campaign would like. >> matt, let's look at the numbers for tonight on the democratic side. a lot at stake. the numbers add up quickly. it adds up to 1,015 delegates. >> with superdelegates. >> with superdelegates at stake here. where can-can bernie sanders peel some away?
3:24 am
>> well, the key to understanding bernie sanders is and his viability is race, i believe. if you look at states that are more white, if you're a white liberal, you probably like bernie sanders. that's why everybody said after, you know, iowa and after new hampshire, once we go to places like south carolina, bernie sanders is in trouble. that seems to be the predictor. bernie needs to go to obviously vermont. and then minnesota and colorado are where he has to hang his coat tonight. that's the key to understanding this race. >> 116. >> so it's at the top echelon. they are worried about low turnout. the secretary of state saying what they are seeing there is they think it will be low turnout. why does it matter in terms of pushing sanders to stay in this race? >> well, again, that's a state
3:25 am
that you think would naturally favor him with a number of liberals in a wider state. if you're a white liberal, you tend to favor him. you have to be pretty progressive even on that democratic scale to support him. and to overcome this fear that i say, again, what are you worried about? you may distrust hillary clinton, you may like his passion against wall street even more. but if you start thinking about electability, how you do against trump, that seeps into the democratic electorate. even after losing nevada, the idea that he was viable lost a lot of ground. >> something really interesting is also at play. nearly 20,000 massachusetts voters have shifted from democrat to other parties. 3,500 have shifted to republican. and the rest have shifted to independent. what's that? is that the trump factor? >> well, i mean, it could be the trump factor.
3:26 am
you know, massachusetts is such an interesting state because they are so plugged in to the presidential race with neighboring new hampshire. but, i mean, i think those northeast states are really a big test for bernie sanders tonight. obviously we have seen him lose a lot of his momentum. you see hillary clinton more comfortable on the trail, pivoting to trump, as you mentioned, alisyn. it is a big test tonight. can he pull out a strong finish in states like colorado, minnesota, where he has really organized his people? will he be able to turn out latinos in texas. the entrance polls in nevada show he led hillary clinton latino voters. but there are a lot of tests tonight of bernie sanders's viability. i think he has lost so much steam. >> working class democrats could be trump supporters in the fall
3:27 am
or they want to be in a race that's more interesting than the democratic race. >> got to watch oklahoma also. it's only 42 delegates. the big gift they got, the democrats going into today is this trump schedule about what he said with the kkk. a great launch for her to go positive, for sanders to go positive. >> maeve, matt, david, thank you. appreciate it. other big news, we have been following this trial of erin andrews. is she was in tears on the witness stand reliving the moments when she learned a stalker, secretly taped her inside a hotel room. what espn forced her to do once this story went public.
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3:32 am
tell us about this trial, paul. >> erin andrews's moment shows this emotional roller coaster she has been on the last several years. yesterday she smiled and occasional lip laughed when she talked about her childhood and love for sideline reporting. then things took a turn. >> it is embarrassing. that was my private time. >> court monday, she described the distress from the nude video. >> i wanted to be the girl next door in sports and now i'm the girl in the sports skopb dahcan.
3:33 am
>> he recorded her undressing through a peep hole. >> they could have just called me and said we are putting this man requesting being next to you. is this okay. and i would have called the cops. >> how the video is reviewed by someone as a publicity stunt. >> the front page of the new york post and espn, fox news and cbs, everybody put up that i was doing it for publicity and attention. and that ripped me apart. >> barrett was convicted in 2010 and spent over two years in prison. still, andrews said the damage has been done. and now the hotel is to pay. >> you can't get it down. that's all i was so worried about. you have to get it off. you have to get it off. and we're never going to get it off. >> andrews told jurors yesterday
3:34 am
that in order for her to actually make it back on the air, the process of espn required her to do a sitdown interview. she turned to oprah winfrey to do that. the management company insists they put the blame squarely on michael barrett, saying he was able to manipulate the hotel staff to get what he wanted. we will be watching very closely as erin andrews heads back to the stand later today. >> he is in favor of torturing prisoners. he thinks that it works if you kill the family of terrorists. military officials disagree. it also happens to be illegal. what does this mean for his prospects at commander in chief, next.
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both are also what donald trump is saying he would do as commander in chief. what does this mean for his prospects? let's bridge in former cia director. let's discuss with retired u.s. navy commander kirk libold. good to have you on the show. >> good morning, chris. just to be clear so people don't think i'm making it up. here's donald trump saying how he feels about torture. >> torture works, okay, folks. believe me it works. and waterboarding is your minor form. people say it is not torture. let's assume it is. what do you think of waterboarding? absolutely fine. but we should go much stronger than waterboarding. that's the way i feel. >> his feelings, say they qualify him as an expert from
3:40 am
the sake of this discussion. i have heard reports come out saying they don't think torture works and they don't think killing the families of terrorists would help. what's your take? >> i would have to agree with general hayden. it is against u.s. law. it is against international law. and the united states does not need to put ourselves in that position. we have a whole range of interrogation techniques that are available, obviously, that we could use. i was on the joint staff interrogation techniques working group for guantanamo bay. we decide odd a very narrow range in keeping with the army field manual. when donald trump says things like this, it is once again an indicator that the american people want with a commander in chief that truly exercises the temperament and judgment necessary to be the president and reflect our values as a society. >> well, trump's argument would
3:41 am
be, one, it being illegal doesn't mean it's really law. just that the laws are soft. and americans want a tough guy who will say tough things and do tough things. what is missing in that analysis? >> well, i think what donald trump fails to realize is that we have laws passed that are a reflection of who we are as a society as our representatives, signed into law by the president of the united states. the fact may find them inconvenient, he can try to get them changed and see what the american people have to say about that. if he wants tougher laws or in a time of war, if he wants to use certain interrogation techniques, there may be some held at the commander and chief level. if he feels for the nation's safety and security, they're his level. he can live with the risk and responsibility of doing so. but for him to make these off-the-cuff remarks, again, temperament and judgment. it may sound good that we want
3:42 am
to go after the terrorists. we may want to use everything available. but in the long run, we have toll look at how it has impacted as as a nation so far. >> general michael hayden, as you were referring to, you said something eye opening about what happens if you just tell the military to do things because it sounds good but contravenes law. >> the american armed forces would refuse to act. >> what? that's quite a statement, sir. i thought the whole thing was you have to follow orders. >> you are not required -- in fact, you are required not to follow an unlawful order. that would be a violation is of all the international laws regarding conflict. >> can you imagine bring out the whole menu of torture. water boarding is just an
3:43 am
appetizer. can you imagine if the joint is chief said we're not going to do that. >> given that donald trump likes to say things off the cuff. words start wars. if he were to say something like that, the military leadership does have the option of saying that order is illegal under law and we are not required to obey it. they hold to a higher standard. the military is the guardian of our society. it is not just a tool for the commander in chief to use. and the flip side, it is not just the torture debate. when you look at the fact that donald trump is also going to be the confirmation code for the release of nuclear weapons based upon the military giving that response, you have to be very careful that whether or not he possesses, again, that temperament and judgment. if words start wars, what if he says something off the cuff in russia, china, escalate and go into a nuclear stance.
3:44 am
do we back down? he's not the kind of person who stands down. on the debate of torture, handling nuclear weapons, there are bigger issues the american people should take into account as they walk in for super tuesday and cast their ballots. >> commander, thank you very much. appreciate you being on "new day". alisyn. >> okay, chris. she does not always agree with her husband. milania says she lets him know what she disagrees. khloe's a big influence on the family. she loved lincoln from the start. she's his little protector. i trust dog chow to keep khloe healthy because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. the standards that we follow are top notch. i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at with attempted murder, assault, and making terrorist threats after opening fire inside his ohio school cafeteria. sheriff's deputies say i shot two teenage boys. another boy and girl hit by shrapnel. all victims are expected to make a full recovery. no word on a motive for the attack. apple's general counsel and the director of the fbi squaring
3:49 am
off before the house judiciary committee over encryption of iphones after the tech giant scores a major victory ruling apple did not have to unlock a phone in a drug case. they call it a limited request scott astronaut scott kelly returns home tonight after spending one year on the international space station. that is an american record. he is scheduled to touchdown in kazakhstan. kelly's 340-day mission will allow researchers to study the effects of space on the human body. the data will be used to help prepare for future missions to mars. a decent indication that donald trump is tasting the taste of victory. he's rolling out the potential next first lady. melania trump opening up to the media talking to cnn about her husband. how does she feel about some of
3:50 am
his language on the campaign trail and being first lady. that's next. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote.
3:53 am
well, you certainly heard plenty about donald trump. what about the woman by his side. our anderson cooper spoke with melania trump to talk about the tone of her husband's campaign and why he is resonating with voters and the kkk controversy. here it is. >> when you first came down the
3:54 am
escalator when your husband first announced, what was going through your mind? were you excited? >> yes, i was excited. we were excited. i didn't know the speech. it is an exciting time actually. it is a lot of on guts to do that kind of stuff. >> i read an enter is view you did i think back in 1999. you said politics is a business. has your opinion changed in the last couple of months? >> oh, yes, of course. i follow it from a to z. i know exactly what's going on. and of course it changes. it is many, many years ago. 20 years ago almost. so, yes, it changed a lot. >> what do you think of the campaign so far? in the last couple of takes,
3:55 am
there has been all these fights between rubio saying all of these things about your husband. what do you think is the tone of it? >> i think it is a more desperate tone because my husband is leading in the polls. so he wants to attack in a low manner way. we expect that. >> you expected that? >> yes. i have a thick skin. it doesn't bother me. it is very nasty. but i have a thick skin. i can handle it. >> your husband has been criticized for sometimes his tone on the campaign trail. one of the things he said to me is as president campaigning is one thing. as president, he would have a different tone if he was actually in the white house. do you think he can have a different tone? >> yes. yes, he can have a different tone. really he can have a different tone. to build an empire and the business that he built, you cannot always use that kind of a tone.
3:56 am
and he can really change. i know him. he could really change the words and the tone. but he is who he is. people agree with him because they are tired of washington and politicians in washington. they don't do much. he is a doer. he does things. he's not just talking it. he will have things done for the states, for the american people. >> you watch a lot of news. >> yes. >> he watches a lot of news too. >> yes. >> he must be up late at night tweeting and watching television. do you get bothered by that? >> i don't get bothered by that. we are both independent. >> i don't try to change him.m? he knows the consequences. i let him be who he is.
3:57 am
i give my opinions many, many times. >> you do? >> yes. and i don't agree with everything that he says. that is normal. i'm my own pepper. i tell him what i think. i'm standing very strong on the ground, on my two feet. and i'm my own person. and i think that's very important in the relationship. >> can you say something where you disagreed with him on? >> oh, many things. some language of course. >> language? >> yes. some language. >> language you hear him using on the campaign trail? >> in new hampshire when the woman was shouting out the inappropriate word. i was there. i'm thinking in my head, don't repeat it. just don't say it. the next day, all media talk is about that. he repeat it. he goes with the momentum and goes with the flow and he goes with the people. they having fun. everybody were cheering. he said it. the next day. he repeated the word.
3:58 am
that was not his word. >> he heard from you about that? >> yeah. i told him that, yes. >> "the wall street journal", the reporter kind of followed him around. he seems to make a lot of decisions from his gut, from his instinct. >> he does. he is is who he is. he speaks from the heart. and i think it's very important. he doesn't lie. he is who he is. he doesn't hide anything. and people, they are connecting to that. they really connect with him. they know what he will do for the country. he's self-founding. he is his own person. donors, lobbyists, nobody can buy him.
3:59 am
american people got smart and know that he will work for him. >> you watch interviews he does. even if you're not with him, i assume you watch interviews. do you give him comments about what you think of the interviews? >> yes. afterwards we always talk. we talk many times a day. yes, i do. >> there was an interview where jake tacker was asking about david duke and disavowing him and the kkk. he didn't disavow. he he did it previously. >> but he disavowed many times. he disavowed press conference on friday. so i don't know why media needs to ask him so many times because he disavowed. >> when you saw that interview, did you think that was going to be a problem? >> i don't think so. because they were asking him about the groups. and he said i don't know about the groups, what you are talking about the groups. so he disavowed many, many
4:00 am
times. so the media just bringing up, bringing up all the time. >> tough spot for her to be in. it is always tough for any spouse to defend the candidate. >> she's cool and collected. it is interesting to get to know her. a new poll shows how few people think they know anything about the possible future first ladier. 27% favorable at the moment. unfavorable, 30%. unsure, which is much bigger, 43%. >> all right. we have a lot of coverage for you. this is super tuesday, my friends. we'll give you the stakes and the state of play. let's get to it. little marco rubio. i call him lightweight.
4:01 am
>> all lives matter. >> we will defeat mr. trump. love trumps hatred. >> you can't say whatever pops into your head. people around the world actually listen. >> you don't want to listen to it four years. your country will be torn apart. >> friends don't let friends vote for con artists. >> donald trump is not the right candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. >> this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. welcome to your super edition of "new day". it is super tuesday with voting contests in a dozen states. and the stakes could not be higher. nearly half the rendell gatz needed to clinch the republican nomination get awarded today. if the polls prove true, donald trump could be so dominant after today the gop race could be over. democrats awarding 1,015
4:02 am
delegates and superdelegates. more than third to clinch their nomination. both beating trump in a head-to-head matchup. bernie sanders beats by 55% to 43%. >> clinton faces a tougher challenge from the second tier republicans. marco rubio and ted cruz. so will trump and clinton each cement their front-runner status today? could this be the end of the line for some of the other candidates? we have it all coughed for you. let's begin with jim acosta he is in all important columbus, ohio. >> reporter: good morning, chris. donald trump has all the momentum. his nearest rivals showing no signs to stop him. pointing to the daily firestorms that seem to be ignited by his campaign and warning he will be a stkafpdisaster for the party
4:03 am
november. >> trump, 49%. little lightweight marco rubio, 16%. lying ted cruz, 15%. >> reporter: donald trump is poised for a sweeping super tuesday victory amid a swirling controversy over race. >> are you from mexico? protesters disrupted the rally. just moments before a violent encounter. a secret service agent slammed a protester to the ground. they blasted trump in a last ditch effort to gain ground over super tuesday. >> we will not lose conservatism to a con artist. >> if we nominate trump, in all likelihood, hillary clinton wins. we lose the future. >> pouncing on the gop front-runner after he refused to disavow support from david duke in a cnn interview. >> there is no place for bigotry, prejudice, for hatred
4:04 am
for david duke or the ku klux klan in the conservative movement or the republican party. >> trump later rejected that support blaming the matter on i bad earpiece. but mitt romney isn't buying it. saying trump's response is disqualifying and disgusting. two republican senators are voicing their concerns over trump as the nominee. even though ohio governor john kasich is still in last place he said he will continue to refrain from mudslinging. >> i would rather not win than lower the bar. i don't think you beat donald trump by attacking him personally. >> reporter: while cruz is worried about winning his 155 he needs in his home state don't, failure could put his campaign on thin ice. >> we will have a whole bunch of delegates. and thereby a big drop off between us and even else in the field. >> reporter: trump's campaign
4:05 am
manager said it will be tough to beat cruz in texas. it will be like beating the new england patriots on their home turf. as they are looking ahead beyond super tuesday with a rally later this morning. and his watch party in florida where he hopes to beat marco rubio later this month. chris, if donald trump rolls to a big victory tonight, the math is just going to be harder and harder to solve for ted cruz and marco rubio. >> well said, jim acosta. thank you very much. we'll check back with you in a little bit. let's look at the democrat side. hillary clinton looking past bernie sanders. the question for her, will she dominate today, or are we in for a sanders surprise? let's take a look at the state of play. we have brianna keilar live from sanders's home state of
4:06 am
burlington, vermont. >> reporter: it is of course his home state. he hasn't been looking past hillary clinton. he took her on in the final push over super tuesday over her wall street ties. but hillary clinton has been laying off bernie sanders. that's no accident. that is part of her strategy. both candidates have been treating donald trump as the presumptive republican nominee. here's what bernie sanders said, sort of describing himself as an alternative to trump. >> he thought wages in america are too high. when you're a billionaire, you don't know what goes on in the real world. wages are not too high. they're too low. >> reporter: so this is going to be a back drop of victory we expect for bernie sanders in his
4:07 am
home state of vermont. he is expected to get a big win. hillary clinton is leading in more polls in more of these super tuesday states. but just sort of a sign that he's not going anywhere, today his campaign touting his fund-raising for february. he raised $42 million, they say. and highlighting $6 million raised yesterday alone. that leap day, the final day of the month is akin to what he raised after his new hampshire win. a sign that he is not going to be stepping down nip time soon. even if today doesn't quite go his way. >> brianna, fascinating. polls opening in more states at this hour, including georgia. one of 12 states taking part this super tuesday. george howell is live in marietta at a polling location. how is it looking, george? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the polls opened just a few
4:08 am
minutes ago. the polling manager is expect to go see lines well outside the door. we haven't quite seen that yet. we have seen people, as you see there, people going in to make their choices. you hear supporters for donald trump. i want to show you the video. the people who have shown up, even bringing out a dog with donald trump sign. the dog won't get a vote in this. 3,000 registered voters at this particular polling center. this is representative in the sense that the polls show donald trump well ahead of his rivals in georgia. hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders. and, you know, we have seen these candidates in this state over the last weekend. hillary clinton, marco rubio, ted cruz over the weekend. and donald trump at valdosta the other night drawing a crowd of 7,500 people. it is 76 delegates for republicans and 117 that are on the line for the democrat.
4:09 am
>> the numbers are flying, george. virginia we have to focus on. one of the first super tuesday states to start voting. it will award 109 delegates. it is considered a battleground state. cnn is there. brian todd in ashburn. brian, what's it like? >> reporter: chris, the early read here is voter energy. a lot of voters have turned out in the early going here. we're a little over an hour into the vote here in the dominion trails precinct in ashburn, virginia. voters checking in here. that takes just a few seconds. over here you vote on the paper ballots. you vote behind these partitions. then it goes into a tabulator. the scanner will put it in right here. a printout comes out at the end of the day. a thumb drives comes out with the electronic version. we can show you how he is doing
4:10 am
it. what we've learned here, chris, the dynamic is such we polled about 14 people coming in just a moment ago. half of them were first time primary voters. that tells you about the energy here. they have super motivation coming in today. we are seeing that. a lot of first time primary voters. a lot have gone for rubio. a couple for cruz. we will see how it turns out. rubio does do well with late deciders. we will see if that is a consistent theme here. back to you, alisyn. >> brian, thanks so much for that. joining us now is sam clovis, policy adviser for the trump campaign. good morning, sam. >> good morning. how are you? what a great pleasure to look you guys eyeball to eyeball. >> none of that pesky satellite stuff. >> what's up? >> let's talk about the numbers. >> sure. >> what's up for grabs with the delegates on the gop side.
4:11 am
big numbers. they add up to 595. is donald trump going to win every one of these states. >> i think we have an opportunity. 9 of the 11 primary states where we are going to be able to pick up delegates. we're within the margin of error in the other two. if we have large turnout, we will do extremely well. we have a possibility of winning all the states. >> the biggest piece of the pie is texas. >> texas. >> ted cruz this time last night had a lead. 39% to trump's 26%. what makes you think the gap has closed? >> a lot of it is what we have been seeing on the ground. we sense we are doing much better than what the polls indicate. >> we can get into a lot of these numbers. i think if we come out with close in delegates, what that means is ted cruz cannot close the gap as we start to build our
4:12 am
delegate count. it becomes a math problem for the other candidates. >> not to rain on your parade, but if we move forward to the general election, donald trump is the only candidate according to the polls that have just been released that loses to both the democratic candidates. donald trump loses. this is against hillary. 52%, she gets. 44%, he gets. >> what's the date the today? >> you're making the point it's too far away? >> way too far away. and the other factor, we're looking at what has been in the news cycle. we are looking at a lot of these issues here. ronald reagan was 40 points behind jimmy carter. so i really don't put much stock in that right now. what's going to count is what the people do today. we will start to be able to see.
4:13 am
if we have a big day today and we pick up a huge block of delegates, it will be important for anybody to stop us. >> let's talk about the dust up with kkk and david duke. mitt romney has tweeted this as a result. he says a disqualifying and disgusting response by donald trump to the kkk. he's coldsing and repugnant bigotry -- >> mitt romney lost two elections for president. the fact of what we are seeing here is they are clinging and jumping on every little thing that comes out. >> it is not a little thing. >> this is not a little thing. >> alisyn, i'm not down playing the fact -- if you want to look at how this came about. there was confusion over the issues. i have not listened to any of this. i've been on the road and
4:14 am
haven't been able to listen to any of it. there is an issue that has to be dealt with. i think our campaign is doing well with that. >> republicans are coming out and saying he botched this one so badly. >> that is their opinion. and here's the issue. the people today will tell us whether it had an effect or not. let me finish. one of the things we're seeing here one of the questions i've been asked often is where are we with the party and why is the party so adamantly against donald trump? and i think the reason that the party is so adamantly against donald trump is because they are losing control of the republican party. we can go back and look at the history of this party hourbgs it evolved, how it developed. go back to the 1850s and see what happened then. >> not too get too wopbgy.
4:15 am
>> you asked the question. you deserve an answer. what we are really seeing here, we are seeing the establishment of the republican party, the ruling elite of the republican party are seeing an existential threat to their power and their ability to control the american peop people. >> sam, isn't the kkk in a different category. >> i thought he disavowed. >> jake tapper asked him three times. that's what we call a softball. that should have been hit out of the park. but he didn't do it. why didn't he do it? >> i haven't watched a second of that. >> all right. let me play it for you. we have him on sunday with jake tapper in which he was given three opportunities. let's hear it. >> i don't know anything about david duke, okay. i don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white
4:16 am
supremacist ises. >> david duke, bigot, racist, a problem. this is not exactly the people you want in your party. >> in 2000 he got it right. sunday, he didn't get it right. how do you explain? >> i don't have an explanation for that. i don't know if there was confusion what the question was. i don't know if there was any technical issues that were there. i do know that he answered the question as directly as he could. ? would you say, like mitt romney, it is disqualifying for a president who doesn't disavow -- >> he disavowed him, didn't he? >> on friday. not on sunday. >> he was moving on to the next topic. he didn't want to talk about that anymore. and i think that's where we are. >> one more thing. >> sure. >> there were reports there was this off-the-record meeting at
4:17 am
the "new york times". >> off the record? >> yes. >> do we need to go any further? >> something was leaked. >> i wonder who that would have been. off-the-record meeting with the editorial board. what a standard they have established in journalism. >> let's talk about the substance of what has leaked. that was apparently in this meeting donald trump said don't worry about the things i have said on immigration policy because once i'm elected president, i wouldn't be as extreme. you don't have to worry. those things would change. as his policy adviser, can you guarantee for us he would stick to what he said about immigration or would he move to the middle if he were elected president? >> we have a plan. we're working on the plan. and if we're fortunate enough to become -- if he is fortunate enough to get elected in november, we will roll out the plan. >> that plan is to deport all
4:18 am
12,000 illegal immigrants. >> to enforce the law of this country. >> including deporting everyone. >> if they are here illegally, they will be charged and removed from the country. that's enforcing the law, isn't it? that's a rule of law. >> that's what donald trump has promised to do. >> that's why people are voting for him. that's the rule of law. you know, of all the values in america, polls since the 1890s, the one value treasured above all others in america is the rule of law. that's because people view the rule of law as the place where true equity take place, where all people are equal before the law. >> sam clovis, thank you for being on "new day". >> as always. and more with donald trump's wife melania and super tuesday is just getting started. we have the latest throughout the day. and special coverage beginning at 6:00 tonight as the votes are
4:19 am
counted. of course tomorrow tomorrow we'll be on early to analyze it on "new day". a critical day for president obama and his battle to forth a supreme court nominee. that day is today. he will meet with two republican leaders who are refusing to schedule hearings. this comes a day after the supreme court got a jolt from justice clarence thomas. he is known for really not speaking during oral argument. by not really i mean never. he spoke for the first time in 10 years. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown live in washington with more. channeling scalia, some say. >> that is the speculation right now. it really just stunned reporters, chris, listening to the oral arguments in this under-the-radar case about whether abusers should lose their gun rights. during the exchange he asked the government attorney about the second amendment saying this is
4:20 am
a misdemeanor violation. it is a constitutional right. can you give me another area where it suspends a constitutional right. at that point everybody leaned in. this cannot be ignored. they believe its is possible they felt justice thomas needed to step in and fill the void. it continues at 1 11:30 this morning.
4:21 am
should be a very interesting meeting at the white house today. alisyn. >> indeed. we know you'll be keeping an eye on it for us. thank you so much for that. the numbers are in. hillary clinton could face trouble if she has to face a republican not nailed donald trump in the fall. we are talk to go a member of team hillary about it all next. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video."
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4:25 am
super for hillary clinton? what would that mean? she is beating donald trump by more than she was in the last polling cycle. hypothetical. but looking more likely as the november matchup. right? clinton versus trump, if we just judge by the primary polls. she is in close place with marco rubio and ted cruz.
4:26 am
karen finney. hello, finney. >> hello, cuomo. >> good to have you here. >> when you look at the list of what's in play, what do you think the outcome is? how many states do you think you win? >> i'm not going to predict -- >> you must. >> no, i don't. here's what i'm going to say, though. i think we'll do well. we have great ground games. we have great people getting on out our voters. i did a thing facebook, here's how you find out where your polling location is, all of that. here's what i think comes out of today. that is something we have seen in south carolina, nevada. hillary's message resonating. it is resonating across the country in different parts of the electorate. when you are talking about breaking down barriers, increasing incomes.
4:27 am
when you talk about equal pay for income, criminal justice reform, investing in the african-american community. but these are messages that this is what they want to hear about. solutions and your record. if you have a one-note message, it's not going to work because we are not a one-note country. that's what i think we will see. >> what do you define as victory today? is it just getting one more delegate count than bernie sanders? or do you have to see that you win a plurality of the states, you get an 8-3, 7-4? what do you see as victory? >> i see it as people coming out to vote in big numbers. we saw great numbers in south carolina in terms of turnout. so that's a big thing that we are looking for. >> do you think they can close the door on it on super tuesday or not? >> i don't like to make those kind of predictions. >> you are hear to make the case with your candidate.
4:28 am
she is doing well against sanders. she's doing well against trump. i'm talking polling. however, how do you reconcile the fact that she beats trump by more than she does against rubio and sanders, rubio and cruz. compared to sanders, sanders does better against rubio and cruz than clinton does. why? >> because it's a hypothetical matchup at this point. i think it is far different -- these hypotheticals i'm sort of never buying into. until it's very real, you are standing there in the booth. and it is this person or this person. >> why would sanders do better than clinton? >> because it's a hypothetical. they are not saying here's what's at stake right now, right here. if you're fortunate enough to be the nominee, i think it's take different conversation. it is so obvious in terms of where the republicans are, the things they are talking about and the way they want to strip
4:29 am
everything away that he has done. >> he voted before hillary clinton did. has hillary clinton voted yet? >> i don't think she has. but the new york primary -- there's a little time, you know. >> i was trying to box you in. >> you see how i danced right out of it? >> you did very well. >> one thing that i find interesting is massachusetts is an interesting state. if you go by the sanders argument, he should be up quite a bit more than he is. that's one state i'm curious to see how that shakes out. hillary is doing well in massachusetts. bodes well for today. her message is resonating and it is resonating all over this country. >> when you look at what is going to be working going forward now, do you believe today is a big day in determining how long it takes for her to lock up the
4:30 am
nomination? it can become a very big lead today. not as much on the gop side. but if it doesn't get done today, this could be long. >> absolutely. we have always been prepared for that. we have been prepared that it wasn't going to be about the first early four states, although they are very important. it would give us information about where voters are and what messages are resonating. now that we are super tuesday, we always knew it would be about not just is today but the whole month approximate possibly much further. i have been in this game long enough to remember. sometimes it goes very long like we saw in 2007 and 2008. in 2004, right after iowa, things seemed to wrap up quickly. so you have to be prepared for the long game. that has always been our strategy. >> karen finney, good look today. >> thank you so much. >> apple and fbi. the leader of the house compete
4:31 am
leading today's hearing. that's next. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that.
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the showdown between apple and the fbi takes center stage on capitol hill today. apple rebuffed a federal court order to unlock the cell phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, alisyn. >> congressman, where do you stand on this issue? should apple have to comply with the fbi request to unlock the cell phone in this terror investigation? >> well, we are focused on the overall encryption issue. this is a very important issue that goes beyond this particular case in terms of whether or not government can order a company
4:36 am
to create something that lessens the security not just of the particular phone that's in question here. the question is if they create this key where is that going to be stored? who is going to have access to it. will it jeopardize millions of perhaps even a billion apple phones and what precedent will set for all communications technology. encryption is a good thing. we need to be promoting stronger and stronger encryption. it not only protects privacy but prevents enormous amounts on of crime. when government agencies, banks, retailers are all being hacked and information about millions of consumers and tax payers is being stolen, we're not doing enough in this area. it's not a question of too little. we need to be doing more encryption, not less. >> congressman, it sounds like
4:37 am
you are following along the side of apple. the argument you're making is the same argument they and their lawyers have made. let me play what the apple lawyer and apple ceo has said about this. >> we have to do everything possible to defeat terrorism, to defeat and capture and punish people like sama bin laden and so forth. we can't do it by breaking our constitution. >> the only way we know is to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. it is bad news to write. we have never written it. that is what's at stake here. >> congressman, that's what they say is at stake. of course the fbi and the department of justice says national security may be at stake. there might be something on that cell phone that would help them prevent a future terror attack. >> absolutely. and technology companies and others should cooperate with law
4:38 am
enforce. to be able to find ways to get access to that information. but relying upon a more than 200-year law that now yesterday a new york u.s. magistrate came down with a different ruling than occurred in the california court, u.s. court. it means that the solution that the fbi is offering? this case has to be examined very, very carefully. this is on not new. we have had an age-old effort to balance national security and protecting people's constitutional civil liberties. what's important to recognize in this debate about encryption is that encryption both in security and protect civil liberties. that has to be taken into account as we work through this. we definitely need to look for solutions to law enforcement's problems. we can do it in congress. not 100-year-old laws that never
4:39 am
contemplated this technology or these kinds of questions. we should do it not with a commission but through the committees of jurisdiction in the congress. >> how are you going to figure that out in congress? >> well, we have been working on this a long type. we are going to bring to light many of these important questions. we'll have the opportunity to ask both the fbi director james comey, who is well respected and a strong advocate for keeping people safe with effective law enforcement tools. and hearing from bruce sewell and other experts on this issue in terms of what needs to be done to protect people and their privacy and civil liberties at the same time. it can be done. it needs to be done with caution and protection of our constitutional liberties as well as looking at the needs of law enforcement. >> congressman, we will be watching closely that hearing and what happens. it literally affects 6th person in this country and beyond.
4:40 am
thanks for explaining it to us on "new day". >> thank you. >> bernie sanders just voting in vermont. gave a little bit of a press briefing after it. what is his path to victory today? big fund-raising news for him. and an interesting question about it. we speak to his campaign manager next. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things. spur of the moment things. changes you'll notice. wherever you are in the world. sheraton.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
back for social justice, environmental. i am skfd that there is a large voter turnout today across this country we are going to the well. >> senator bernie sanders speaking out in sunny vermont. many are expecting lower than expected turnout. seems like a mixed bag. let's discuss the path ahead with his campaign manager jeff weaver. good to be with you. good luck today. >> thanks, chris. thank you. >> we're showing the map to the audience right now. >> sure. >> what did you see as your best chances today? which states stick out to you? what do you call success after today? >> well, chris, we're competing across the country obviously. there's delegate to be one in every state. even if you don't win the state, you pick up a substantial number
4:45 am
of delegates. the senator has been in massachusetts, colorado, oklahoma, texas. we have been all over the map, frankly. >> let's put up the monmouth poll. oklahoma is the only state that we have him winning right now. why do you think he's winning in oklahoma? and why do you think he is not winning in any other state? >> well, i wouldn't say he's not winning. the real poll is today, chris when voters go to the bowls in primary caucus states all over this country. polls are one thing. i think we will do much better than that all across the country. he is doing well in oklahoma. >> what did you find there? >> well, the congressman speaks the truth. i think they appreciate someone who speaks it like it is. >> we did the matchups between clinton is and sanders against trump, be rubio, cruz.
4:46 am
sanders does better against trump. but also against rubio and cruz. where clinton actually loses. what do you see? what is the virtue for you. >> if democrats want to nominate a candidate who can win, this is not the only poll that shows this. poll after poll shows bernie sanders is much stronger against republicans, including donald trump, than hillary clinton is. it would be a tragedy to have a republican in the white house. bernie sanders does well with democrats. he can put together a coalition we need to win. secretary clinton has shown she cannot do that. >> one good headline, one troubling question. you raised a lot of money. tell me about the $40 million. why does it stand out to you? >> it is an incredible amount of money when you raise money the way senator is sanders does,
4:47 am
revolutionizing the way we raise money in politics. i think the average contribution was under $30. so we have people all across the country, hundreds is and hundreds of thousands of people who are stepping up to support this campaign with small dollar contributions. this stands in stark contrast. a lot of big money from wall street, into superpacs. it is flooding digital and radio vibes across the country. it's a real contrast. when he wins he will owe it to the people not the special interests and the elites. >> what about the warning letter sent on february 25th. 3,500 impermissible contributions. this is the second letter you have gotten like that this month. the last was about 1,300 contributions that raised similar flags. what's going on there? >> well, that's a standard letter that gets sent out based on name matching they do. most get cleared up as
4:48 am
administrative issues once they are gone through. when you receive literally millions and millions of small dollar donations they have similar names. you have to go through them by hand once you get the letters and demonstrate it's not the same person. we did that last time, and we'll do it again. >> the sense coming out of south carolina is that the campaign, the sanders campaign has lowered expectations for this big day today. why? >> well, i don't think that's an accurate representation. look, this campaign is growing. we tied in iowa. we won quite handedly by 22 points in new hampshire. we came very close in nevada. a state we were behind by 25 points only weeks before the election. we came within five points of winning. south carolina was obviously a disappointment. the campaign is growing. the people are there. people are standing behind his message of transforming america. they are doing it at the voting booth and their wallets. this campaign is going all the
4:49 am
way to the convention, chris. >> let's put up the delegate count. >> sure. >> do you believe after today the percentage in the race will be different? right now obviously she's got 551 to 81. a lot of those superdelegates. >> yeah, a lot are superdelegates. >> do you believe the ratio will be better after today? >> i don't know if the ratio will be better. the ratio might be better i would think. the case is the way it is set up it is front loaded with states that the secretary is stronger in. once we get past super tuesday, there are 35 states more to come. the district of columbia. democrats are now voting, as you may have noted. the ones in new zealand 3-1 voted senator sanders. there is a long way states the industrial mid west. we're going to do quite well. >> jeff weaver. thanks so much as always. >> my pleasure, chris.
4:50 am
>> donald trump's swief a proud immigrant often talking about her trip to america. she speaks next. ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. every auto insurance policy has a number.
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4:54 am
more now of anderson cooper's interview with melania trump. immigration is a hot button issue in this campaign and one that is very personal to melania. she opens up about that issue and what kind of first lady she would be. also what role she plays in her husband's campaign. >> when you hear people saying he's racist. hearing him saying he's antiimmigrant. whether do you think? >> no he's not. he's not racist. he's not antiimmigrant. he wants to keep america safe. he wants to have illegal immigrants taken care of that they will not be in the country, that they don't pay taxes that they are criminals and so that they are not good for america. he want, he was talking about the illegal immigration.
4:55 am
not about everybody. >> as an immigrant yourself, you have talked about that a little blit from slovenia. what was it about america that drew you here? that made you want to come to america. >> i live in slovenia even when i was a child and i went to milan and paris for modelling career and i had very successful modelling career. and i came to united states to new york in 1996. and just the energy of new york, the opportunities, different world, different culture. it really attracted me. and i did very well here. and i stayed here. >> as somebody who came to this country sort of, you know, wanting to be part of america obviously and ultimately become a citizen, do you understand the drive that brings other immigrants here legally and illegal? >> i understand. but i came here legally. i came here on visa. i flew to slovenia every few
4:56 am
months to stamp it. and came back. i apply for green card and then after few years for citizenship. i obeyed the law. i did it the right way. i didn't just sneak in and stay here. so i think that is what people should do. >> if your husband is elected president, i think he would be the second foreign born first lady i think. john quince adams wife. hasn't happened in a long time. >> long time ago. >> yeah. born overseas, yeah. have you thought about being a first lady what it would mean? >> we are in 21st century. i would be me. i will be different than any other first ladies. i will -- i will help women, i will help children. they are our future. they need our guidance and help. and also i'm evolving many many
4:57 am
charities already. so i will choose one or two that are very dear to me and work on that. >> when you say help women and children, do you have a sense of how or in with what way? >> well i don't have. i have little ideas i have but let's see what happens. i take it day by day. we don't know what will happen. and we will see. so then we could talk. >> i saw at the interview you did in 2000 when your husband was thinking about running with this reform party. you said you would be a traditional first lady. you named betty ford. jaqueline kennedy. is that sort of the model you are still thinking of? >> well they -- i see around they compare me to jackie kennedy. it is an honor. but of course we are in 21st century. and i will be different. and she had a great style and she dade lot of good stuff. but this is different time now. we have a different problems that we need to take care of. and we will focus on that.
4:58 am
>> being part of this campaign, running for president, is it a lot different than you thought it was going to be? >> i didn't -- i take it day by day. i didn't think much about it. and i support my husband hundred percent. but i'm not on the campaign because we have a nine-year-old son at home and i'm raising him. he needs the parent at home. i'm teaching him morals and values. and preparing him for his life to be an adult. >> is there something in particular you are looking forward to about being in the white house? >> i take it day by day and enjoying life and i live meaningful life. and i think we need to bring america together. we need compassion. we feed kindness. we need jobs, of course. that is my husband's job to do. and he will do very well. he's a great leader.
4:59 am
great communicator. he gets along with people. and great negotiator. >> do you think this campaign is going to go on for a long time? or do you think things are going to become pretty clear very soon? >> we will see. he's working hard. he's connecting with american people. he will work for them. and we will see what happens. but, you know, he's -- he's here till the end. >> do you see yourself playing a larger role moving forward on the campaign trail? or do you see yourself sort of continuing as it has been? >> maybe a little bit more interviews. but as traveling, i need to be a parent to my child. and i am with my husband traveling when i can. i was in iowa, new hampshire. i go for the debates. and when i can, i'm there. >> any speech-making if your future? >> we don't know yet. not thinking about that yet.
5:00 am
>> always fascinating to hear from the spouses. that is a different window into what, you know, the candidate is like. >> and she's going to surprise a lot of people. people know her mainly for her beauty and being married to trump. she has a lot going on in her own life. i've been around for her a long time. so i think that people will be pleasantly surprised. especially by what she's saying there about what the world needs right now. >> absolutely. so we'll play for of that and also more super tuesday coverage ahead let's get o right to it. >> i will never allow a con artist to take control of the party of lijen and reagan. >> this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher right now. >> you can't be a president of the united states and insulting all of our neighbors. >> are you from mexico. >> we're not electing class president or class clown. >> they have been after me for 25 years, and i'm still
5:01 am
standing. >> we don't want the general election to be two rich new york liberals. >> ted cruz has never done anything for the people of texas. >> what he's trying to carry out is a scam to take control of the presidency of the united states. >> they are never going to get you to the promised land folks. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. and what a morning it is. welcome to your "new day." tuesday march 1st, 8:00 in the east and today is no ordinary tuesday. it is super tuesday. polls open in all but two of the 12 states that are up for grabs. fates could be decided in the gop and the race could change on the democratic side as well. why is more at stake on the gop side? because they are awarding more delegates. nearly half of those needed to be the nominee. democrats are awarding enough delegates and super delegates combined to account for more than a third of the those needed. in the meantime we have cnn orc poll showing both bernie sanders
5:02 am
and hillary clinton beating trump in head to head. clinton 52-44. sanders by an even wider margin. >> clinton would take a tougher challenge from marco rubio and ted cruz. i all of the candidates making a big final push on this super tuesday. so will trump and clinton have the big day that many expect? or are there surprises in store? we have it covered from every angle. jim acosta in columbus ohio on the republican race. how's it looking jim. alisyn, donald trump is on a roll. no signs that he cob stoppan be. >> trump, 49%. little lightweight marco rubio,
5:03 am
16%. lying ted cruz, 15%. >> donald trump is poised for a sweeping super tuesday victory tonight amid a swirling campaign controversy over the issue of race. >> are you from mexico? >> chaos erupted at this virginia event as protesters disrupted the rally. just moments before a violent encounter. a secret service agent choke slammed a photographer to the ground. the incident as marco rubio and ted cruz blasted trump in a last ditch effort to gain ground before super tuesday. >> we will not lose conservatism to a con artist. >> if we nominate donald trump in all likely hood hillary clinton wins. we lose the future -- >> pointsing on the gop front runner after he refused to disavow support from a clan leader. >> there is no place for bigotry, hatred, david duke or
5:04 am
the ku klux klan in the republican party or the conservative movement. >> trump later rejected it blaming the matter on a bad ear piece. but mitt romney isn't buying it. two republican senators are voicing their concerns over trump as the nominee. even though ohio governor john kasich is still in last place he says he'll continue to refrain from mud slinging. >> i would rather not win than lower the bar. i don't think that you beat donald trump by attacking him personally. >> while cruz optimistic about winning the 155 delegates in his home state of texas tonight, failure could put hit campaign on thin ice. >> donald trump will have a whole bunch of delegate, that we will have a whole bunch of delegates and that there will be a big, big drop off between us and everybody else in the field. >> trump's campaign manager is managing expectations just a little in texas telling me thereby tough to beat cruz in
5:05 am
the lone star state. saying that would be like defeating the new england patriots on their home turf. the gop front runner already looking beyond super tuesday. he's got to rally here in columbus ohio later today. the home of governor john kasich, of course and his watch party is tonight in florida where he hopes to beat marco rubio later this month. and alisyn as the elections come and go these primaries come and go. if the other rivals can't defeat trump somewhere the math is just going to become insurmountable for the non trump contenders. >> absolutely. soo we'll see how it shakes out jim. democratic front runner hillary clinton also already looking ahead to the general election and focusing her attacks on potential republican opponents. is she underestimating bernie sanders? cnn's political correspondent brianna keeler is live from burlington vermont where moments ago bernie sanders voted, we assume for himself. hi brianna. >> yes hi alisyn. he admitted as much. he said he knows he has a vote
5:06 am
here in vermont and he is still though working on jane. that would be his wife. we do presume she is going to be voting for him. the truth is while bernie sanders is here in vermont with what we expect will be a backdrop of victory by a considerable marge, he knows he has an uphill climb. hillary clinton is leading in machine polls in more super tuesday states but even so bernie sanders just moment moments ago down playing the negative impact even more states he may lose today. stressing haes going to win delegates even in states he may lose. here is what he said. we don't have sound but bernie sanders was certainly emphasizing the fact that this is proportional rengs when it comes to dealtdelegates. and it is really a sign he's going to be pushing ahead. even if he does have some
5:07 am
disappointment today, that he's going to be looking really towards past super tuesday in fact and to that point, his campaign stressing today just his big fundraising numbers in the month of february. $42 million. that is a lot. a lot of those, most of those small donors so they can also continue to give in months to come. and also his campaign stressing that he raised 6 million dollars just yesterday. that is akin to what he raised in the day after his win in new hampshire. that is a sign. he's saying look, i have the must be. i'm going for the long run here. >> lots of donors. will me get lots of voters? brianna keilar. thank you very much. so polls are now open in texas. that is the super tuesday state with the highest stakes of delegates. senator cruz leading the polls in his home state. that is the only state where he's believed to be up right now. can he clinch a win there tonight? cnn's ed lavandera live in allen texas with more. what is the state of play ed?
5:08 am
>> reporter: good morning chris. polls just opened a short while ago at this polling location here in allen, texas in colin county which is one of those counties full of large sprawling suburbs. very conservative. this is the kind of place where ted cruz launched his bid into the u.s. senate and the kind of place also where ted cruz needs to do very well today. he's been campaigning throughout the state. polls show him with a significant lead over donald trump. the question is will all of that hold. turnout expected to be incredibly large throughout the state. at this polling location the lines already out the door. here in colin county the republican party chairman says there is a kneel for the first time and as long as anyone can remember that texas republican primary voters actually have a say in the outcome of the election. the date has been moved up giving the state of texas a much more significant role in the super tuesday. in fact the turnout has been so large the republican party chairman here says they have already seen a high record
5:09 am
turnout. never in the history of this county has there been higher voter turnout in the republican primary. all of that just going on during the early voting process. we haven't even hit election day here. >> and i'll take it. thanks so much for all after that. lits shift now to massachusetts. boris sanchez is live in west roxbury with a look at the early turnout there. how's it looking boris. >> good morning alisyn. we've seen a steady stream of voters coming into the holy named parish hall here in massachusetts. earlier it was relatively empty but we've seen a few dozen voters come in. i spoke a couple of them. there are a lot of o independent votes here in massachusetts. many of them tell me they are supporting donald trump. also a lot of hillary clinton supporters here. the two big story lines in massachusetts, the donald dominating. he had about 50% support and likely primary goers in a pole last yeek. he's expected to potentially triple marco rubio's supporters in second place right now.
5:10 am
and on the democratic side a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the two of them going head to head a virtual tie between them in a pole last week. what we're expecting is both candidates to have a very tight race here and we'll hope any see who wins by 8:00 p.m. when the polls close here. >> appreciate the reporting. we'll check back in a little bit. let's talk about the gop side, specifically with senator marco rubio. this is a big day for him. with us the man on your screen, tom coburn. former republican senator who respected oklahoma. he has endorsed senator marco rubio. senator, always a pleasure to speak with you. let's talk about marco rubio. let's put up the map of the states at play today. where do you see rubio winning? and if he doesn't win anywhere today, do eostill believe that he can be the nominee? >> 23irs of all i don't know
5:11 am
where he's win and where he won't. and i think stays in, sure. because he is the voice. of the -- of really the conservative movement that has a heart. and the americans see that. he causes people to aspire to a greater height rather than takes advantage of their fears. so i think he has a great opportunity. not just today. but in the kays coming forward to still have a voice out there. chris, i think the other thing that is going to happen is if donald trump is the nominee of our party, that you will see a third party develop. >> what would that third party be? >> that will be somebody independently running to counter the effect of donald trump. rp r donald trump hasn't answered one specific question yet. and nobody knows what he believes or stands for. and marco is right.
5:12 am
there is a lot of obfuscation to what he believes and his answers. what he here hear are inter sberltives. supertives. and when you do that what you are is a bully. and he acts like a bully and most bullies are cowards. what i see -- >> senator. >> -- i understand there is a lot of people but the reason they are voting for him is they are so disgusted with the government we have. >> he wins against every category. >> but he's not the anecdote that he claims to be. >> wins against every category of voters. conservatives have been voting for him more than rubio and cruz, sometimes combined and when you talk about the tone, no question trump is decidedly negative in tone. but so is rubio been. >> no -- >> in the last couple of days he called trump a scan artist, a con artist.
5:13 am
that e has small hands. that he's doing spray tan on his face. this is the unity candidate? this is the guy who speaks to your better lights? >> i think what marco has decided to do. what you have to do stand up to bullies and there is no question donald trump's tactics are to demean anybody around him. and the only way you can get back at that is you have to fight back. you have to use his same tools. i'm not for that. i would just tell you that but i'm not disgusted about that because i've heard enough. what i'd like to see is somebody talking about how we solve the problems of our country and marco rubio is talking about that. i was with him last night. and heard a wonderful speech about why we can all aspire to have a great america. and take advantage of what this country provides. rather than talking about all of the negatives. >> i -- >> and he's wrong with all of the candidates that oppose him. >> i understand your point and essentially you like to keep it o above board when you were ins of but let's play what he was
5:14 am
saying sunday night and something he's been repeating a lot. >> he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spray tan that he uses. he's -- donald is not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange. he's always calling me little marco. and he's tallinger than me. he's like 62. which is why i don't understand why his hands are like someone who's 5'2". and you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> look, this might work in a bar with the fellas. but it is hard to say, i certainly never would have a heard a senator coburn talk about an opponent like this. what do you believe the virtue is in that?
5:15 am
you think he has to be as lo i as he is? >> i don't. and i don't think marco does. you have to raise the level of which you are being attacked and you have to give some of that back to bullies. and that's what he's done. if you listen to marco a complete speech what you will shear a vision for america that lifts everybody. doesn't leave anybody out. restores what our founders believed, restores the success we saw in the 20th century. yeah i understand the media pays attention to that but the fact is there is going to be a call to make us what we need to be and to have everybody participate that and the person to do that is marco rubio. and i don't believe that donald trump is the person to do that. you know, i -- at times i tell you what, i'm embarrassed for our country about some of the things that he says. and as you speak, you know, it actually identifies your heart. and what's great about marco is nobody else on the other side
5:16 am
can beat him. and they know that. and they know that we may not be smart enough to elect a person that can beat anybody they put up. >> senator rubio has his work cut out for him. senator coburn always a pleasure. >> cnn's comprehensive coverage of super tuesday just getting started. all but one or two of the polls are open now and throughout the day, cnn will have special coverage. and then at 6:00 tonight the votes start to be counted and we will be there. tomorrow morning we'll have all the returns and what they mean for the path forward. alisyn. >> chris, the more bizarre, the republican rhetoric the more fodder for late night comedians. >> over the weekend donald trump made fun of marco rubio's big ears and rubio made fun of trump's small hands. so finally thomas jefferson's stream for america has come
5:17 am
true. that is the country he envisioned. >> marco rubio seems like he's trying to beat donald trump at his own game. he said on a rally on saturday that donald trump has the worst spray tan in america. which led to the first time donald trump ever said he shouldn't judge people based on the color of their skin. little rude. you're a little rude. little bit. >> these are exactly the things you were just talking about. >> well look it is true. and sometimes that makes it even more funny. you know what bothers me is look how big her hand is compared to mine. what dawes that mean. i watched her palm a basketball with three fingers the other day. lebronesque. >> i've often been compared to lebron. >> anyway, none of that is true. hillary clinton may be the odds on favorite for super tuesday but the latest poll numbers show that bernie sanders may be the tougher foe for the gop. why? why the difference? we'll break down the numbers next. craig wilson a ready foru alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
5:18 am
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5:21 am
a new cnn poll paints ab
5:22 am
interesting picture for the democrats. hillary clinton beating donald trump but not ted cruz and marco rubio. but let's look at bernie sanders. with big leads over all top three republicans in the field. here to discuss this and so much more, cnn political commentators. sally is leaning towards bernie sanders we should let everyone know. hi ladies. great to see both of you. >> sally, i'm neutral. stay in the middle. >> ha ha ha. you know, i'm in l.a. i would do anything for donna brazil except for maybe vote for hillary clinton. we'll see. i don't know yet. >> let's talk about that. if there is one place sal's never been it's in the middle. first super tuesday. let me pull up the list of states. a lot of delegates at stake because super delegates are included. totaling 1015.
5:23 am
where do you think bernie sanders can win? >> listen, this is the interesting thing about the sanders campaign so far. he has managed to ignite people the, defy the polls and defy the expectations. and as hi campaign's been pointing out it is proportional. if he picks up, you know, i think he has a good shot in some states but if he picks up even close to half. if he makes some of these really tight ties he continues the fight going. so it is -- look, one might have thought his momentum was dying after south carolina by he just raised $40 manager in average donations of 35 bucks from his supporters. you know, that is what makes today really exciting focus. >> it does. how do you see it playing out? >> there are a lot of degts at stake today and the key thing is both candidates have gone out there they are not trying to win states they are trying to win delegates. hillary clinton's strategy clearly is to continue the momentum that she achieved in south carolina. she target states are that rich in diversity so he can run up her delegate totals.
5:24 am
i understand that people are focused on super delegates but the key things right no is the pledge delegates. more domestic than super delegates. >> seems clinton has turned her attention from sanders and looking more towards the generally election. her tone shifted, her language. yesterday we hear heard her going more after her republican rivals than bernie sanders. so let he play a piece of this from the campaign trail. >> i haven't even focused on hillary clinton yet. and i can tell you the one person that hillary clinton doesn't want to run against is me. >> that's hillary clinton doing her best donald trump impersonation. >> i thought i mean i know that's not hillary clinton. >> we do i believe have hillary clinton talking about donald trump. and some of the language that he has been using on the campaign trail. let's attempt to listen -- okay i'll just tell you. she has been talking about how
5:25 am
the language and the vitriole on the republican side doesn't match the democratic side and she's using words like love and kindness f and respect. now does thissing suggest that she thinks she has the nomination locked up. >> what she said is donald trump is campaigning to make america great again. america is great of course. but he wants to make maerk whole again. break down barriers and make sure every american has a ladder up. that is what she's saying. i may not look like hillary clinton but i believe that is her comment. i don't believe she's what i call pivoting yet. what she's trying to do is ensure she gets the kind of turnout. you know if you want to know what motivates democrats? it is the notion of a president donald trump. so i think that is the strategy focusing on the general election. >> and as we jus saw in the polls it is bernie sanders who does better against the republican rivals that were hillary clinton does. she beats trump in the general election. these are now cnn polls.
5:26 am
she beats trump but she does not beat cruz or marco rubio. whereas sanders beats all three handily. >> here is where i throw a bone to the friends in the hillary camp. hillary has reached a ceiling on her negatives. she's been in public long enough. people know all the reasons you have not to like her. you already know them and the other candidates on both sides of the i'll have yet to be vetted nationally. i do however think the other important lesson, whatever happens on super tuesday and i think hillary's team if they do win will take away is the durability of bernie sanders idea ideas. what he represents and the fact that the democrats who have traditionally played for national elections by playing it safe by trying to go down the middle road, triangulation and sen terrorism and all of that
5:27 am
stuff. suici that is having a real durability with the general electorate and not just left wing democrats. >> although something interesting the happening at least in massachusetts where 116 delegates are at stake. and the secretary of state there has said they have seen this wave of democrats leaving the party to become either republicans or independents. he says almost 20,000 of them have, 35 hundred of them now pledging to be republicans. so for the general election does that suggest that there is enthusiasm away from the democrats? >> well there is a wave in american politics that's been going on where more americans are choosing to become middle of the road. they are unaffiliated. in massachusetts there is a trend right now towards going with the republican party. have a republican governor. so i'm not surprised that we see
5:28 am
a little bit more voter regist as well as an up tick in the number of people leave to go unaffiliated. i would be surprised come this fall if they stay in that lane. >> thanks so much for being here on "new day." so that's what's going on on the democratic side. on the gop side this isn't a race about just who survives. it is about whether the party survives. does the hostile takeover of the gop by donald trump begin today? we test a republican senator ahead. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market.
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it is happening. super tuesday under way in 11 of the 12 super tuesday states. voting already going on. alaska starts later tonight. many suggesting the republicans will rally around marco rubio as soon as an anecdote to donald trump. what if rubio comes up empty again? can he press on? what does this mean for the party? big questions. here to answer them republican senator jeff flaky. a rubio supporter. a member of the judiciary committee and recently returned to a trip from africa to examine animal poaching. senator, when you look at the map of what's going on today on super tuesday, many of the polls show that marco rubio is not at the top of any of them. if he doesn't win any state today. is he still a viable choice for nominee in your estimation?
5:33 am
>> what the pollsters stay is it is still a snar but it becomes difficult if he doesn't win something tonight. i hope people realizing the latest cnn poll shows donald trump does poorly against hillary clinton and the general and that more republicans will take that seriously as women. >> there is no question that in our latest cnn orc poll rubio and cruz both overperform donald trump against hillary clinton. so doesn't that speak to what's really going on here. it isn't just trump versus rubio and cruz. it is this party. this party is in a race against itself right now. a sitting nebraska senator who says i can't vote for donald trump. he's a republican. tom could burn on saying i thin there is going to third party if trump wins.
5:34 am
what is going on within the gop? is this a fight for itself? >> well i think a lot of us who have watched this campaign unfold and have seen mr. trump say the things that he said and basically offend just about every group out there, just realize how impanel it seals feedback him to win a general and would you want him to win a general? it just -- it is beyond belief in my view. and so a lot of us have had this problem of seeing him to the end. >> you know who hasn't been having the problem? your voters. conservative, moderate, self described centrists are all going for trump again and again. and today we'll see the biggest test. if he wins 10 of the 11 states what does that mean about the future of the gop? >> we have a lot of delegates yet to award. about 95% of them in fact. it starts tonight. and i'm just hopeful that we aren't faced with a possibility of having mr. trump as our nominee. >> would you support him?
5:35 am
>> i think we have a long way to go before that. and i'm holding out hope that i don't have to. >> you're holding out hope you don't have to. but a third of the delegates are going to be awarded today. he could be far down that road. you are going to have to make that decision of whether or not if he's the nominee how do you not back him? >> like i say we have a long way to go and i think as we get closer voters become more serious. >> i don't know if it is going to be more serious. they seem pretty serious this their intentions so far. >> there is probably no better demonstration than the trouble within the gop right now is when a respected republican senator like yourself is literally getting chased by elephants t mascot of the gop. i want to go to that video of what happened when senator flake was in africa recently. here are our elephants. you are seen running for your life -- >> we've introduced legislation called the end wildlife trafficking act. the countries particularly in
5:36 am
southern africa need our help to save these iconic creatures. the elephant and the rhino in particular. so we were looking at ways that we can help these countries. we were in mozambique. and in the gorangosa national park and these elephants took exception to us getting too close and they came after us. it was a pretty tense 25 seconds. >> is it true that the elephants over heard you with their big ears saying disparaging things about trump and then charged? >> that could have been. i just don't know. elephants are long memories and probably pretty astute as well. >> this is a very serious issue when it comes to saving the wildlife over there. i know you take it very seriously. that is why you maid the commitment. how much do you think the u.s. can help and how dire is the situation? >> we are helping. usa id has programs in in mozambique and zimbabwe and bats what that to help these country.
5:37 am
botswana has about 200,000 elephants still left. about this about 40% of the elephants left on the continent. they are going need more of our help. and i just think when we see sights like this that our kids and grand kids doerve see these kind of sights as well. they ought to roam wild at least somewhere. >> one last election question. recently senator rubio has been returning fire to donald trump. making fun of his spray tan. small hands. all that type of stuff. do you recommend that style of campaigning for marco rubio. >> well i hate to see it get to this. you have to respond in some fashion i suppose. but if you look at 99% of what marco rubio is talking about, it is serious subjects. and substance. and so that's why i'm pleased to
5:38 am
support him. he's a good candidate. >> what duke about holding hearings on the replacements or justice antonin scalia. do you think there should be a hearing? >> it's been more than a century since the minority party in the white house different from the majority from the majority in the senate had nominated a candidate and had that approved. so the precedent to wait. >> do you think any amount of pressure will change that is this. >> i don't think so. >> senator flaky. thank you very much for raising our awareness of what's going on with endangered specious in africa and making the case for snoob. good luck with your decision if trump is the nominee. >> plummeting gas prices are good news for drivers. how could think impact the 2016 race? that's next
5:39 am
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. welcome back. cnn money now.
5:43 am
and christine romans is in the money center. >> happy super tuesday. the key to winning the presidential election? gas prices. moody's analytics says low gas prices favor the democrats right now. why? americans are safing every time they fill up. that has drivers feeling good about their personal economy. moody says prices in swing states are critical. close to the national average. and get this. ghas prices today is two dollars cheaper than the last presidential election year. the advantage swings to republicans if wages, jobs or housing sours in the months ahead. >> christine, thank you very much. and tie everything to gas prices but i respect it. >> now we continue to report on flint, michigan for on obvious reason. the people there are still in crisis. long-term concerns for children now include lead poisoning. that is part of their reality.
5:44 am
so in our latest impact our world we look at how one organization is mobilizing to get help and hope to that michigan community. while her three-year-old daughter plays, she worries about the consequences of the lead in flint, michigan's water supply will have on her child. >> can you drink that water though? >> hm-uhm. >> who knows to think she could come down with a deficit later in life. >> for kids there is no level of lead exposure that is safe. >> it's been called a silent epidemic it. effects your brain and cognition and behavior. so it actually drops your iq. we won't see the symptoms for years to come. it is a problem of tomorrow. >> the fund is focussing on the fund. helping families get aid and resources.
5:45 am
>> it spans many domains. education is huge. universal preschools. >> getting great nutrition access right now. boosting up their levels of iron and vitamin c and callus. all of these -- calcium. >> for her and her daughter the fun is providing hope. >> a lot of people have posed the question is it as bad as it seems? it is worst than you could imagine and just keep the support coming and keep the prayers coming. >> prayers and a lot more. the reality is going to be bad in flint for a long time. is for more ways that you can support the families that are being impacted by that crisis in flint go to >> donald trump may sweep most states on this super tuesday but new polls show he faced a tough time against a democrat in november. next we ask some trump supporters why they think he's the best republican to re-take the white house.
5:46 am
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all polls point to a big super tuesday for donald trump. but that could cost republicans in november. a new cnn poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton by 8
5:50 am
points in a hypothetical match up. bernie sanders also beats donald trump. so is trump the strongest candidate to take on the democrats? we have randy powell, and packs heart and tara grant joining us. first let's just look at super tuesday. while we're here let's look at the delegates up for grabs on super tuesday because there are a lot. 595. do you think that donald trump is going to win every one of these red states on our screen right now? >> well there is three that marco rubio is leading in. four that ted cruz is leading in. >> close. >> very close. i think it is kind of a shoe in that donald trump is going to sweep up the delegates today. >> tara, what about what we just said. you look at the polls and these are out less than three hours ago that he stul is not in that
5:51 am
strong a position to beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the general. >> i think it is early in the game as far as really deciding all of that. and there is that margin of error. so yes i was listening to the statistics this morning and the polls. does it give us worry? absolutely. however, do i think that he would be able to beat either hillary or bernie at the end of this? absolutely. i do. >> randy, what do you make of what happened over this weekend with donald trump and the questions about david duke, white supremacists and the kkk in which our own jake tapper asked him about it and he wasn't willing to disavow the politics of david duke and the policies of the kkk. he had previously done so but for whatever reason on sunday he wasn't willing to. so let me just play for you what he said back in 2000 and what he said this week and get your response. listen to this. >> i don't know anything about
5:52 am
david duke. okay? i don't know anything about what you are even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. >> you have david duke just joined. a bigot, a racist. a problem. this is not exactly the people you want in your party. >> randy what do you make of that shift. in 2000 he said he wouldn't want him in his party and this weekend he wasn't willing to go that far. >> i don't make anything of it. first in the rally in fourth worth he was asked the question and [inaudible] . secondly it is amusing to me that every presidential candidate david duke has brought up supposedly endorsing the republican candidate. this election is no different than any other time and when i google it can't find the actual endorsement of david duke. i just hear allegations of it. . i don't see it anywhere on google could i find where david duke specifically endorsed donald trump this week anywhere. i don't make anything of it. >> if it is such a softball. if it comes up time and again
5:53 am
and it is so toes hit that one out of the parks, why didn't he? >> i don't have an answer for that. there are so many things at play here. i don't have an answer for that. i don't speak for donald trump. i speak for myself. >> do you think it hurts him in the general election? >> i think what we saw is something as conservatives we see this over and over and over again. we are put into this thing with choice a and choice b. if you don't choose the choice we're going to give you we're going to call you a racist. republican candidates deal with this constantly. and i this i the mngt of the american voters see that. racism has just become this way of character assassination. >> same question i asked randy. if that is that consistent and happens all the time why not just say it. plainly. i reject it outright. >> he did -- >> he did. >> he said it on friday. and then he tweeted it ours
5:54 am
after. he didn't say it on sunday. >> but right after sunday david duke released a statement that said i never endorsed donald donald trump. >> isn't the larger issue whether or not you can just out of hand reject racism, reject white supremacy, reject the kkk. >> how many times does he have do that. >> always. forever. >> he's done it. why are you bring. >> why do you keep asking him? >> only because there was that hick up on sunday. i hear what you are saying. you are all tired of. this tired of this topic. but tara do you think this is a residual effect on the party? let's face it, the tone, the language on the gop side, more than the democratic side, has been really inflamed. do you feel that it has an effect? >> i think according to the debates the other night i think they all look like a bunch of monkeys. me personally i don't think
5:55 am
that -- i don't think we let the gop. i think the republican party left us. i think that is why we had trump supporters, we fall in line with his ideology, with what he thinks. the way he expresses himself. i think that is why we fall into line with that. because alisyn at the end of the day e day, we go to the polls and cast our votes. we want these guys to go to washington and do what they promise. and at the end of the day whew these guys are doing is going to washington and the lobbyists get ahoild oaf them and then big money and then our candidates we voted for, they disappear. so donald trump, regardless of if you like him or not, he stands by what he says. if he said one day, hey, you know, i support planned parenthood or i support hillary clinton and then he wakes up the next day and he says, hey listen. the vail has come off my eyes and now i'm running for
5:56 am
republican. or i went through life situations that caused me to change the way i think about it. isn't that what americans -- that is the joys of being american. is that we can do that alisyn. and at the end of the day, you know, yes. i personally, if i thought that donald trump in the slightest was a racist, i would not vote for him. i mean, i think he loves america. i know that he loves america. and he wants to make america great again. i do think that. and he believes in the american dream. that is why we support him. >> gotcha. i don't care that randy or packs could build on that any better than you just have. great to talk to you and we'll talk about again after super tuesday. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1
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