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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 1  CNN  March 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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barrett saying he was manipulative and influenced the staff to try to get him that information that he needed. >> all right. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room. today is the day gop candidates steam roll into super tuesday. >> he knows americans are frustrated and scared and he's preying on that. he's tapping into that in a negative way. >> are you from mexico? right smack in the middle of my punch line. >> marco rubio is losing his home state of florida by 20 points. that's a real problem. you can't beat donald trump if you can't win your home state. >> cnn crews spread out across america. will super tuesday change everything? let's talk live in the cnn news room.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. it's the most critical day of the election so far. super tuesday is upon us. the polls now open. bernie sanders casting his vote a few hours ago in vermont. and former president bill clinton showing support for his wife moments ago outside of a polling place in boston. more than a third of the delegates needed are up for grabs. for republicans the stakes are higher. about half of the gop delegates needed to be dolled out today. while no one will clinch today, clinton and trump could jump out to a lead that could be almost insurmountable. we're in georgia, ohio. george, let's start with you in georgia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a busy day here.
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the rules prevent me from taking you inside to show you what happens as this building doubles as a day care. the lines are steady. 322 people have voted. some 3,000 registered voters in this polling center. it really represents cobb county in the sense it's shown. in 2012 they chose mitt romney and barack obama in the two primaries. the latest polling that donald trump is ahead of his rivals, far out ahead of them and also it shows that hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders. what we're seeing right now, a steady stream of people that continue to come to this building and people are coming out with that sticker that says that they voted and we expect the lines to get longer as the day goes on, carol. >> all right. george reporting live from georgia. let's go to ohio and check in with jim acosta.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. donald trump is looking inevitable on a roll heading into super tuesday. his rivals are showing no signs they can stop him and more top republicans are rejecting him, pointing to the fire storms ignited by his campaign and warning he'll be a disaster for the party in november. mitt romney tweeting criticism at donald trump and also top republican senators coming out up on capitol hill saying that donald trump cannot be the nominee for their party. it will be a bad sign for other republicans on the ticket heading into the fall. donald trump is rejecting all of this. he's even saying he can expand the party, bring in new voters and perhaps even beat hillary clinton in places like new york, other traditionally democratic strongholds in the general election coming up in november. here's what donald trump had to say about that earlier today on good morning america. here's what he had to say. >> i haven't even focussed on hillary clinton yet.
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the one person that hillary clinton doesn't want to run against is me and i have that on good knowledge. i'll defeat here and we'll take a lot of democrats and independents away and possibly win places like michigan, new york, states that are not even in consideration. by the way, these aren't things that have been taken advantage of in the poll. i will beat hillary clinton much more easily than anybody else. >> reporter: now, there is a latest poll that shows that donald trump does not do as well in a head to head matchup with hillary clinton as cruz and rubio do in similar matchups. now, as for super tuesday, we should point out trump's campaign manager, they are feeling very strong about what they're going to see later tonight, but he's managing expectations somewhat about the state of texas. the home state of ted cruz, he is saying it will be tough to beat cruz in his home state, comparing that to defeating the new england patriots on their
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home turf. we should point out donald trump doing something that front runners do at this stage, and that is starting to look ahead. he's got an event coming up in ohio in just the next couple of hours. that's not even voting today. that's how confident the trump campaign is right now about the prospects. >> jim reporting live from ohio, thank you. perhaps the daily news scums it best for those who fear trump. here you see it. see the headlines here. trump 49% of the vote. it's a sign of the apocalypse. senator rubio doesn't use the word apocalypse, but he does say if trump wins, republicans will lose the presidency to hillary clinton. that's not all rubio said about trump. >> as i walked in i saw a sign, and i'm going to show the sign. can i show the sign? all right. this sign, and it reminded me of this has been a tough election. can you hand me the sign for a second? all right. so this is how tough this election has gotten. it says my boyfriend prefers
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trump. i'm single now. >> seriously, though. can rubio or ted cruz stage a comeback. joining me to talk about this ted cruz supporter, tom tancrado, and also adam kinzinger who supports rubio. nice to have you here. tom, i wanted to start with you. you changed your party affiliation from republican to independent. i wondered why. >> well, because, frankly, it goes back quite some time. even when i was in congress and i recognized that the republican party generally was not the party that i thought i was in in terms of the conservative nature. it had lost it. and things got worse over a period of time, and finally during my last run here in colorado as -- for the republican party nomination for
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governor, the republican party actually under the head of the republican governor's association, a guy by the name of chris christie came into this state the last week of that primary, spent a quarter -- actually, laundered a quarter of a million dollars through a different organization against me. i thought it was a mutually beneficial thing that we leave each other. >> why are you supporting trump over cruz? >> from my point of view, i enjoy the outsider thing. i am against the establishment. it drives me crazy like so many people. but people like carly when she was still in it and dr. carson, these people are outsiders, and donald trump. they are outsiders. it's true. but it's easy for them to be an outsider. it's easy for them to criticize the establishment because they're not in it. you criticize the establishment while you're in it, you stand up on the floor of the senate and
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call the majority leader a liar, and i'm telling you, that takes guts. i appreciate that. he's a man of principle. he has a lot of courage, and there's substance behind him. so i like him a lot, and certainly i support him. >> okay. so adam, you support rubio. he's got kind of a strange strategy. he's not slated to win any states on super tuesday. that would be today. but he's waiting for his home state of there fl to pull out his first win. how can he possibly think he can beat donald trump when donald trump will probably have a number of wins under his belt? >> well, look, donald trump is definitely in the cat bird seat right now. but marco rubio is a strong second in most of the states. may win a state or two. we'll see. it'll be a strong trump night, but what's going to happen is people are going to realize donald trump cannot be the party's nominee. he's a fourth grader in terms of how he talks, how he debates,
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how he talks about people. they're going to coalesce behind rubio. cruz is probably a wonderful person but very divisive. you call the majority leader bad names and your colleagues, that's not a way to unite a party. rubio will do it. at the end of the day, donald trump will not beat hillary clinton. look at the polls. look at the people he associates with. he has a hard time disassociating himself with david duke and then blames it on an ear piece. i'm going to scream and say he's not the guy. >> on the other hand, let's talk about ted cruz. he won iowa. he's ahead in the state of texas. what if donald trump beats ted cruz in texas, tom? does that spell the end of ted cruz? >> well, probably so, frankly. i don't know how anybody really survives super tuesday if they can't win their home state.
7:10 am
i think it's pretty much over with, but here's the thing to be aware of and mindful. donald trump's major support, 29% of his actual support base comes from democrats and affiliates. okay. great. it's ironic, because during the introwhen you heard him talking, he was talking about that asing with a strength. it is in a general election, however, there are 31 states coming up, primary states, in which the primary is closed. that is to say, only republicans can vote in those primaries. and in those states where only republicans can vote, actually, believe it or not, ted cruz has an advantage or did up until a couple days ago. i haven't seen anything very recent. it's just a strange kind of anomaly in terms of the primary process. it's not over with.
7:11 am
if ted wins today in texas, oklahoma, a couple of other states, i assure you he's still in this race, and in fact, it could easily go to a brokered convention at the end of the day because of the 31 states that have closed primaries. >> and congressman kinzinger, it sounds like pie in the sky from both of you. you don't think it is? >> i think trump is in the best position. we'd rather be in his seat. at the end of the day, people are going to realize he's going to fail in the general election like many of his businesses. i think they're going to realize that he can't be our nominee and they'll see rubio in a strong position. an optimistic guy, somebody that talks about a vision. i think they'll get behind him.
7:12 am
we have a lot of time. super tuesday is a big portion of the delegates. it's proportional. you got the primaries beyond including march 15th in illinois. i think rubio will be sitting in a very strong position and be the guy that overtakes donald trump eventually. it's a lot of realize ahead. >> you're right about that. thanks to both of you for being with me this morning. >> you get. >> still to come, virginia, a critical swing state. trump and clinton leading in the polls there. it ain't over until it's over. brian todd is out talking to voters. >> reporter: carol, talking to a lot of first-time voters in northern virginia, and they're bringing a ton of energy. we'll tell you why northern virginia is critical to the primaries. just ahead.
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in a matter of hours a critical portrait of this presidential race will be painted and one of the clearest pictures may come from virginia. brian todd is with the voters there this morning. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning,
7:17 am
carol. it is a mini america here in virginia for a lot of different reasons. it's a diverse state, and political scientists in virginia will say as virginia goes, often that's how the nation votes as well. showing you people checking in at the voting station in ashburn, virginia. a steady flow of voters. we've talked to a lot of first time primary voters here today. that gives you a sense of the energy here in virginia. it's critical. whoever wins in virginia on either side of the political divide can make a case to their party that they could win in november because virginia we're going to break down the way the counties go here. most of the counties in virginia in 2012 voted republican. but president obama was able to win the state in the general election because the most p populous counties in virginia, those populous counties near
7:18 am
washington d.c. tend to lean democratic. same for the counties in and around richmond, virginia. plus the counties in the tide water area, they tend to lean democratic. in 2012 president obama was able to beat romney. in 2008 obama beat mccain. virginia a real microcosm of how the country votes. blue collar voters in the central and southern part of the state. it really is a diverse voting population here. that's why we're paying so much attention to polling stations like this one. we've seen a lot of people come through here this morning. it's going to be a pretty steady flow until the polls close. >> all right. thanks for the mini political science lesson. much appreciated it.
7:19 am
reporting live in virginia. despite the virginia governor calling the state clinton country, clinton is still working the crowds and leaving nothing to chance. virginia is a swing state. and come november, things could be different in a clinton versus trump race. let's talk about that with douglas wilder. he was also the first african american to be elected governor. welcome, sir. >> how are you this morning? >> i'm good. it's terrific you're here with me. are you confident that hillary clinton can carry your state today? >> yes, i think she will carry the state. and i will point out that my grandson will be voting for the first time at the ashburn precinct that brian todd is canvassing. >> he's a young man. you think he'll cast a vote for bernie sanders? >> i didn't ask him. and i sort of guarded that.
7:20 am
this election in my judgment will result, probably, in victory, for hillary. but she needs the sanders voters, and in my judgment, she is going to be courting them, because these are young people who have never voted before, some who have voted before, but they've been turned off by government as trump has tapped into the same thing that sanders has tapped into, hillary is going to need those people for victory in november. and i predict virginia will be a swing state. >> i know. virginia is always so interesting to watch. you know, most of the polls say that donald trump is poised to win your state too. are you surprised? >> no, i'm not. and -- because as i pointed out, it is very, very disfsatisfying to a lot of people to see what's going on with the government,
7:21 am
state, national, and local levels. people feel left out. the challenge for hillary as well as donald trump, they have to provide people with reasons to vote for them, not for party, but vote for the individuals who represent a party that's concerned with them. it's going to be a very interesting time. i predict virginia will be that bellwether state. >> it's already been an interesting time. i wanted to ask you about donald trump, david duke, and black protesters. first i'll ask you about david duke. you're the grandson of slaves, the first african american state start in the state of virginia and virginia's first african american governor. when trump said he didn't know david duke and didn't denounce him on cnn, what went through your mind? >> well, he was not owning up to the truth, and he did it for a reason. trump is not a dumb man. he's a very smart man. and he did it for some reason. did he not want to turn those
7:22 am
people off who are sympathetic with the cause of a david duke type? did he want to act as if he had not denounced him here to fore, and he said now i denounced him 100 times. why not then? and i think a lot of people will be asking not just that question but when are you going to put meat on the bones of the campaign to describe what you really want to do once you become the president of the united states? >> i think speaker paul ryan just spoke out on this issue. we're going to turn that tape as fast as we can. i also wanted to ask you about a group of valdosta university students. they were escorted out of a trump event. they weren't saying anything. one of the students tearfully described what happened from outside the venevent. listen. >> i think we got kicked out because we're a group of black people. i guess people, what's going on in america, they're afraid we're going to say or do something. we just really want to watch the rally. to get kicked out because we're
7:23 am
a group of black people shows you how racist our own school is that we can't even go to our own school conference. >> that came place at valdosta university. what do you make of that, governor? >> well, it's so bad that you still have elements of race showing its ugly head. to the extent of needing to be discussed, needing to be addressed. we're not in a post racial era. we never have really dealt with those issues to the extent of discussion. and these students, in my judgment, were there to participate in their government. let's assume they may have even violated some of the protocol. don't put them out. don't deny them. give them the opportunity to participate in what has been described as the american dream. let's not make it a dream. make it a reality. >> what do you think is really fueling the trump juggernaut?
7:24 am
i know you said people are disappointed in government, but is it in part president obama's presidency as well? >> i might be, but you have to remember he's the first african american president, and that's complicated, i imagine, in the spirit of people who are saying well, we've tried this, and it didn't work. i would say this. that the president, in my judgment, has done a good job, what it'll ultimately determine to be has to be passed upon in the judgment of the years. and i would think that people who are voting for the trump juggernaut, as you say, are not just doing that because of the president. base it on reasons. put meat on the bones of the skeleton. what are you going to do about making america great? how are you going to make it great? i'm going to hire this one person. well, what is your dream? what is the reality in, and how
7:25 am
can all of america's people believe they can benefit by your presidency, not just some, not just a few, but that judgment of people who are as lincoln described it, of, for, and by the people, all of america's people. so i don't know that the trump dream, as such, is fulfilled, but by the same token, i don't believe that they will be able to stop donald trump from becoming the next republican nomination for the presidency. the sands in the hourglass are running awfully low, and it's going to take a whole lot to stop him from the nomination. what happens after that is something different. >> all right. governor douglas wilder, thank you for stopping by. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much, carol. good to be here. >> you're welcome. still to come in the news room, donald trump looking for a lone star landslide on this super
7:26 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump causing waves within the republican establish. . as we've been telling you, mr. trump vacillated when it came to denouncing david duke and the ku klux klan. the house leadership had their weekly press gaggle. the house speaker paul ryan just spoke out about that. let's listen.
7:31 am
>> today i want to be clear about something. if a person wants to be the nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's prejudices. we appeal to their highest ideals. this is the party of lincoln. we believe all people are created equal in the eyes of god and our government. this is fundamental. and if someone wants to be our nominee, they must understand this. i hope this is the last time i need to speak out on this race. >> that was the house leadership, paul ryan, the house speaker j speaking hout about trump's comments on cnn. i want to talk more about this with ron paul. welcome, congressman. i'm glad you're here with me. >> thank you. >> your thoughts about this issue over david duke and the ku
7:32 am
klux klan? >> well, it's pretty amazing, and a campaign has a lot of involvement. it's interesting the media is able to create the issue the ku klux klan. i don't even know if there's 100 people in the country that even know about it. of course it has to be condemned, but why are people able to bring this up? no politician would want it to be brought up. so it has to be a plant by the media to instigate it and try to make accusations. to me -- >> you don't blame donald trump? >> it's part -- >> you don't blame donald trump? you blame the media? >> of course. let's blame him, and let's blame the media for tracking him. the whole thing is is why did it can come up? here, we can blame donald trump. i blame him for everything else, so blame him, but how did this become the issue of the day?
7:33 am
the first question you asked on super tuesday is the ku klux klan. this is unbelievable to me. this has been condemned, and they've been margin liezed. nobody cares about them. they're eve and monsters and yet now it's going to be the issue of the day. that, to me, should be the issue is how in the world do these things occur? why aren't we talking about the military industrial complex, the federal reserves, and all the intrusions of our liberties which are never touched. the protectionism going on and presented, is socialism versus national populism. those are the issues. today it's the ku klux klan. >> the reason i asked you is because paul ryan talked about it. that's why i asked you about it to be clear. but i hear you. >> okay, okay. >> let me ask you about issues. this election, especially on the republican side, seems to be all about emotion and anger.
7:34 am
your son tried to talk about issues, but it didn't work for him. >> well, maybe trump got more attention for the media than liberty got. if people understood the true revolution is away from obtrusive government and that there are answers on the libertarian side, but the people, the people don't understand that quite as well, but the media doesn't understand it. they understand what's the fed going to do next week, raise or lower interest rates. they don't understand this, so it's not interesting. but i find it fascinating, and i find that the college kids that i talk to, they find it fascinating too when they hear the truth about nonintervention and foreign policy and the truth about our fourth amendment, why government shouldn't be invading our privacy. they understand this, but that's not what this is about. my biggest beef is from a
7:35 am
libertarian viewpoint, there is absolutely no difference of meaningful difference between hillary clinton and donald trump. they both support the federal reserve, deficits, intitlements, invasion of our privacy. it's super nationalistic populism versus socialism, and that's -- that is so remote. from what we need to be doing. we need to be moving ourselves away from tyranny toward libber if i. >> are you endorsing anyone? are you endorsing any of the republican candidates? i know you're not endorsing trump. i can hear that in your words today. >> no, i'm not going to be endorsing any of the ones left on the stage. >> why not? >> because their positions, like i stated, from the libertarian viewpoint of limiting government, there's nothing there offered to reduce the size
7:36 am
and scope and intrusion of government. who offers any cuts in spending or protections of our liberty? i mean, some of the top candidates want a carpet bomb the world, this sort of thing. no, libertarians can't endorse the authoritarian approach. there are people who want to be the boss in economic or social or military terms, and they want to run things. we want to run our own lives. we're not looking for an authoritarian to be the boss. we want our freedoms, our liberties, and we want to be responsible for ourselves and we want to understand the free market. >> some of what you say, it really does liberate -- resonate, rather with a lot of voter who is want smaller government, and your son preached that all the time. when you stand back, i don't know, do you wish you were more involved in your son's campaign, and would you offer him advice now as to why it didn't work out
7:37 am
for him? >> no. i'd offer advice to the media to be more aware of what he was talking about. you know, when i ran, i had the largest crowds, but not once were we covered. we'd get 8,000, which is mediocre compared to today, but then it was the biggest crowds, but there was never coverage of ron paul had a big rally. when i came in second, they didn't even mention my name. it's the way things are reported. so, yes, that's where the biggest trouble is. i'm sure he would admit that he didn't run a perfect campaign or he'd be still in the race, but it has a lot to do with the people's acceptance of it. because in one way, i think it's a shame that the people aren't more with us and the media doesn't understand us. at the same time, i'm very excited and i have a very positive attitude, i'm
7:38 am
optimistic about the young people, the nucleus of people who care about ideas. we believe as libertarians that ideas are the only thing that have consequences. even though we have hillary and trump, the ideology that they follow is interventionism in our personal lives. you know, in the military thing. >> i just want to ask you this last question because i'm running out of time. so would you ever think of supporting bernie sanders? >> no. he's an authoritarian. he wants to -- he's just a variant of trump. trump wants to be the boss. even the things that i work with on bernie on some of the foreign policy, he's part of the military -- look at his vote. he was a big voter for militarism. he has one vote to brag about. he's an authoritarian of a different color. trump is a super authoritarian because he wants to be the boss. i don't want a boss, and
7:39 am
libertarians don't want a boss. most americans don't want a boss. they want to be left alone. >> i have to leave it there. congressman ron paul, thanks for stopping by. donald trump says he won't just win the nomination. we'll win the white house, but the republican front runner says he hasn't started prepping his attacks on clinton clohillary c. he seems confident considering the last poll. it shows that trump will lose by eight points in a clinton, trump matchup. with me the press secretary for hillary for america. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm still recovering. >> that was interesting. >> yes, it was. >> it's all your fault, carol. >> i know. according to an article in the new york times, hillary clinton's campaign has already started, is already prepping to wait donald trump in a general election. is that true? >> i read that report, and it mostly relies on outside democrats, many of whom are our supporters giving their thoughts on how they think a trump candidacy should be opposed in a
7:40 am
general election. we're not focussed on that. that story doesn't reflect the aim of our campaign which right now is to focussed on supertuesday. we've been fortunate to win in three of the four early states. that's only 4% of the delegates. we're looking ahead to today. one fifth of the delegates are up for grabs today. we're hoping to build on a lead we enter today with a 91 -65 lead on pledged delegates. we hope to win a majority of delegates up for grabs today. >> donald trump said this morning i have not begun my attack strategy against hillary clinton. he's going to bring up the e-mail controversy and talk about whether people want a sitting president who will be arrested in the middle of a term. that could be effective. >> we are staying focussed on our primary campaign. that's where our focus should be
7:41 am
and that's where we can afford for it to be. look at the state of the republican race right now. when you have an internal debate going on within the republican party over whether or not to disavow the kkk, i think that tells you everything about the relative position that they're in. we can afford to focus on our race and work on mobilizing our supporters, growing our party, and i think our party will be stronger because of this process where we've had a competitive primary. senator saturdnders has done a t job of raising issues. i think we'll be in a better position in the general election having gone through this competitive contest. for now our focus is placed on winning the nomination. >> thanks for stopping by. still to come in the news room, we'll go to massachusetts. hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting for that state. are some of their supporters abandoning ship altogether? we'll talk about that next. i drive a golf ball.
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you may have ibs. bloating? ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. how top election officials in the state of massachusetts are describing the move by thousands of voters to dump the democratic party and register as independents or republicans. we are live in massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right. about 20,000 democrats have essentially left the party since january 1st. 16,000 of them or so have labeled themselves as independents. the other 3,000 or so are now part of the gop. as you called it, the trump phenomenon. the belief is many of the voters pauft way rules are set in massachusetts have switched to independents or republicans in order to vote in the gop primary
7:47 am
and potentially the reason for that is that they want to elect trump so he takes the republican nomination. they see him as a more easily beatable adversary, perhaps, than rubio or cruz, some of the other candidates on the republican side. i can tell you here at this polling location, we've seen quite a few people coming in and out. there was a huge crowd about an hour ago ben bill clinton was here. this is a big state for the clinton campaign. clinton is going from polling location to polling location to try to boost the race for hillary. they're both roughly at 46 % support. it would be a huge victory for hillary if she could win here, more bernie type territory. there's 75% more white voters. in south carolina hillary trounced him. hillary is expected to do well
7:48 am
in other southern states today. if he can win here, it'll be a big blow to bernie sanders bernie sanders. we'll keep our eyes peeled. >> i want to make sure i heard this correctly. people are switching their party affiliation to vote for donald trump because they support donald trump or because they want trump to win because he's easily beatable in a general election? >> reporter: the belief is that it's split. some people, i would say a lot of independents here that we've spoken to are large supporters of trump. others are believed to be switching because they believe he's more beatable in a general election than some of the other candidates. if trump does well here, it could be a bellwether for him in the general election. there's a large number of independent voters here, especially blue collar democrats that he's hoping to attract. >> all right. still to come, we're breaking down the issues voters say are
7:49 am
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7:51 am
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comcast business. built for business. democratic and republican voters agree the economy is their main concern heading to the polls today. according to a new cn n orc poll, 47 % of voters say economy is the most important issue. if you break the numbers down among party lines, 42% of republicans feel this way. >> reporter: those are the issues that people will be thinking act as they head to the polls and they choose the all important delegates for who will be their nominee. the issues here again and again, we've seen the economy top the list. jobs, the economy, health care, the things that are pocketbook issues are the things that are
7:54 am
first in mind. gas prices today are 2 cheaper than they were last time. it's about the math, and the math favors donald trump. i want to begin with the delegates. donald trump won three big states. he has 82 delegates after the wins. super tuesday, a dozen states up for grabs. this will be the most important day, and people will be thinking about their personal economy as they make their choices. about half of the republican delegates needed to secure the nomination are at stake, and polls show donald trump as coming in with a dominating position. 49 % in our most recent poll, up eight points in just a month. here's what i want to focus on. i want to talk about the big prize. 155 delegates in texas. cruz has been campaigning hard in his state. these will be awarded proportionally.
7:55 am
cruz needs to win big here if he's going to make sure trump doesn't run up the delegate trumps. finally i want to look in georgia. all the campaigns say it's competitive. it's the second biggest haul for the night. the latest poll is favoring trump. cruz an rubio think they might have a shot there. rubio is looking for his first win. he needs to put something on the board. maybe arkansas, cruz is hoping there. virginia, maybe the 38 delegates in minnesota. incredibly important here. >> christine romans reporting on the numbers. that does it for me. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan after a break. se is appo relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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i will go anywhere to speak to anyone before i let a con artist get ahold of the republican party.
8:00 am
>> he's like a robot. you wind him up and he talks. >> they're saying don't get out. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump. >> you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states. >> there is nothing more that i would love to do than run against donald trump. >> this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher right now if he ran. >> frozen with anticipation. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. super tuesday, you are on the clock, and that means a huge chunk of the country is voting today. a huge chunk of delegates will be won today, about a quarter of all the republican delegates out there. all the dell dwaegates out ther ne


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