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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. welcome to a special morning after super tuesday edition of morning half. >> welcoming our viewers here in the united states and around the world. super tuesday is now wednesday. but still, quite super for donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump scoring victories
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in seven states so far. alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia and vermont. we're waiting on alaska. they are counting right now. you can see ted cruz holding on to a narrow 239-vote lead. this keeps changing, folks. don't go anywhere. it could get interesting. also interesting, donald trump did not hold a big election night victory. he held a news conference in florida. with chris christie at his side. >> i'm a unifier. but i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. on the assumption she is allowed to run. i don't know if she will be allowed to run. >> donald trump, not the only winner. ted cruz picked up two victories, as well. his home state of texas. and an important win for ted cruz in alaska.
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marco rubio, his first and only victory in the race so far. he won the minnesota caucuses. >> hillary clinton winning in seven states. alabama, arkansas, georgia, tennessee, texas, and virginia. bernie sanders picks up four wins. oklahoma, california and minnesota and vermont. hillary clinton in her victory speech this evening, she took aim at donald trump's campaign theme. >> it's clear, tonight, that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the red rick we're hearing on the other side have has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. we're not going to let it work. >> let's get to cnn politics
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reporter, m.j. lee. what are the headlines as we look forward to what's next? >> super tuesday was the day that both donald trump and hillary clinton took very big steps towards the general election. and winning the nominations of each of their parties, for donald trump, i think he did as well as he could have expected. although, as you mentioned, you know, ted cruz ended up winning texas, as well as oklahoma. not everyone expected him to win anything other than texas. so, a better night for cruz than a lot of people had expected. even still, i think the party as, you know, members of the republican party, wake up this morning on wednesday. they're waking up to the political reality that donald trump is on his path to being the gop nominee. and in the coming weeks, we're going to see a flurry of activity, discussions, a loft strategizing, to see if there
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can be a last-ditch effort to stop trump's momentum. at this point, there's no concerted effort. we can't emphasize this enough. there's no effort to make this happen. i think the window between march 1st and march 15th, is really where the republican party, establishment members are looking to try to stop trump and slow him down. whether or not that's possible, we'll have to see. now, for hillary clinton, this was also an important night. and a good night for her, as well. she was able to show, after struggling a little in the early states, to keep burn sni sanders away. we all remember in iowa, as she had a difficult time. she barely won in the state of iowa, in the caucuses there. tonight was a moment of celebration for her because she was able to show he has a national coalition behind her. >> m.j., stick with us.
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let's bring in the rest of the panel. josh rogan in washington for us. dylan byers, cnn senior reporter for media and politics. and in los angeles, maeve reston, political reporter. and ron brownstein, cnn editor for "the atlantic." m.j. with us, as well. if you look at the events of today, it shows the focus where this race moves next. john kasich, he is in michigan. marco rubio, he's going to be in michigan. ted cruz, he's going to be in kansas. and bernie sanders, he is going to be in michigan, as well. so quickly, with every one of the primaries, super tuesday is over. >> you have 28 states voting. more than half of the states will be registering here. and it becomes a powerful force.
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to disrupt donald trump, one thing that can change the dynamic of the race would be the party leadership, on the brink here of we are sensing as m.j. said, the hours are dwindling. unifying in an overwhelming effort. that doesn't seem like it's going to happen. on the other side, bernie sanders, faces the reality of the democratic coalition. consolida consolidating, in a way, that makes it difficult for him, unless he can change the dynamic among african-american voters. what you have are patterns we saw initially, particularly in south carolina. and nevada, hardening as you move into the contests. and the clock clicking quickly. >> it's really interesting hearing from all of the
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campaigns next. the trump people are like, we won by a lot. how come you're not saying we're the nominee. and you have the cruise campaign saying, we barely finished second. and the rubio folks, what they say, we chipped in. we chipped away. big-time, at donald trump's leads. he underperformed all of the polls. we have all of the momentum. how do you score what happened tonight in the republican field? >> this was a dominant night for donald trump. was there was a different result, everyone can make their own argument, even if it's misleading. donald trump talked about being the unifier for the republican party. and tried to project more of a presidential err at the press conference, i guess. but it's just not clear whether or not that's going to happen. we see all of the divisions.
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and ted cruz has a difficult path ahead, even though he's highlighting his wins tonight. a firewall tonight. did not pull off the wins that people were expecting. and marco rubio is sending out an e-mail to donors, saying he wants a flood of resources for his campaign. he has a difficult argument to make over the next couple of weeks. a little for everyone to make the arguments. but donald trump's night tonight. >> i'm struck by it. we can show the video of donald trump, holding the press conference. and a lot of people were thinking, he was trying to take on his presidential tone. right over his shoulder, and the person who introduced him, chris christie. that was an amazing image to watch, dillon. >> it's an amazing image to watch. if you happen to be following with twitter, you saw there were
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many memes and videos of chris christie, some of them funny. donald trump was trying to appear presidential. the way christie introduced him. and the way he stood behind him. that's when president obama and vice president joe biden are in the briefing room together. by taking a press conference on super tuesday, rather than giving a victory speech. it strikes a presidential caste. that's what donald trump is trying to do. and hillary clinton is trying to do. they're trying to stake the claim as the nominees of the party. before becoming nominees of the party. >> hillary clinton has proven the clinton campaign says, that she can win in the south and also in the north. the massachusetts victory is the one that the clinton campaign is the most proud of because it is a state that borders vermont, as well.
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bernie sanders, picked up four states. and some serious delegates. and he wasn't really trying to win. these were a surprise. >> that's the point. they make the point. these are the states we targeted. we won the states we targeted except for massachusetts. >> the hillary clinton campaign is on a trajectory to win the nomination. that basic truth hasn't changed. but there are weaknesses in her campaign, right? young voters. first-time voters. these are big problems for her. and the fact that she is not winning by larger margins shows that she is vulnerable when the general election comes, right? you talk to insiders, they say that, the republicans are signing up new voters. the democrats are not. hillary clinton has to get them to the polls and trying to do that now.
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>> she got big margins in the states that aren't democratic states. she won those easily. >> m.j., this is your area of expertise. just the money that's flooding in. the anti-trump super pacs are firing up. >> it's march 2nd. they're firing up on march 2nd. now seems to be questionable timing on that. but there's also kind of the classic now classic trump counterintuitive argument here. throw all of the money you want in anti-trump -- the anti-trump movement. it only helps him. >> yeah. i think that's impossible for the window to start earlier, now until march 15th. how critical that window is. and how much emphasis republicans are now placing on that window. perhaps viewing it as almost the last real opportunity to stop
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trump. something interesting that kept crapping up in my reporting this week. when i talked to strategists, and aptives, about how the last week or so has gone down, the one thing they kept pointing to, was that marco rubio had a strong debate, where he really took on donald trump for the very first time. the strategists were pointing out there wasn't enough time. there was too close to super tuesday. and there wasn't enough time for there to be a movement to raise money and to get the anti-trump messaging out there. to capitalize on rubio's performance. and that is why now, we are going to see a flood of money. and this is according to several strategists i've spoken to, who track, you know, ad buying and how much money is in this election. they are expecting a flood of money to really been spent on anti-trump messaging, targeting the march 5th, march 8th and march 15th states, the states
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that have races on those three days. i think we're going to be seeing a lot of ads in just a flood of cash in the three states. >> gird your loins. >> what will donald trump be willing to send out of his own pocket to counter this? stand by, guys. the moment you've been waiting for, an alaska update. ted cruz, with 239 votes. let's go the ground. paul vercammen in anchorage. paul? >> i want to rename your show. we're going to call it "late-night hangout in alaska." most updated numbers. we have 14,417 votes in. you have 10% for cars opinion
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you have 35% for cruz. you have 4.4% for kasich. 15.9% for rubio. and 34.1% for trump. an update on the delegates and i want to thank everyone here with the republicans in alaska. suzanne, crunching the numbers. the delegate breakdown would be 12 for cruz, 11 for trump, 5 for rubio. as it stands now, this could end up being a cruz victory. but this is a massive but, if we look at the screen, what is still out there? some affluent anchorage neighborhoods and up in the matsu valley, wasilla is not in yet. neither is greater palmer. we have to wait and see on that, where will they come in? i was in wasilla earlier tonight. in fact, i talked to the best-known trump supporter in the entire area, sarah palin. i said to her, what if -- what
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if, hypothetical, it ended up being a trump/hillary race, what would happen? and here's what she had to say. >> trump. they know that the status quo has to go. and hillary has been part of the status quo. what -- thank god trump isn't a politician. these guys and gals have been part of the problem, trying to fool america into thinking they're going to be the solution. they had their chance. they've had their chance to implement solutions that we need as we face all of the tremendous challenges. national security-wise. and economically-wise. they have been perpetuating the problems. for them to say, well, give me another chance. and now, i'll do something right. no. we're not that stupid. it's time for somebody new. new energy. new blood in there. new people who are independent. and as i say, beholden only to the voters.
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>> i pressed her, if trump won, would she want to be part of the administration? she is concentrating on being a mother. and one important thing to add here. these folks are pressing me to have a refreshment. and they're crunching the numbers. i told them, of course, that would the a career-ender. i'm not going to have this thing go south. in the middle of counting numbers. >> i beg to differ. >> clearly, i say our most independent voters. >> i beg to differ on that point. never a career-ender. i think it's a careermaker. take them up on that offer. >> it's probably a relief to the members of every campaign, knowing the guys counting the votes are drinking right now. >> that's what we -- just kidding. >> good luck. good luck out there, paul. we'll check back in a little bit. >> coming up, talking about it
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all morning. big night, winning seven states. ted cruz, two states. marco rubio with his first win. we're going to talk about the fight to try to catch donald trump. is it even possible?
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you keep saying that. and you talk about virginia.
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that's another state that donald trump won. and i wonder if there's a certain amount of denial you're in, about this race. >> no, jake. we're in the winner-take-all phase of this. this is about delegate count. usually in a race like this, you would have a front-runner. and people would be saying you need to rally around the front-runner. they are saying the opposite now. there will never come a time when our supporters are rallying around donald trump. save the party from a con artist. if we nominate donald trump, it would be the end of the republican party. hillary clinton will smoke him in the general election. and the next four years will be no different than the last eight for our country. i will fight as long as it takes to save this party and the conservative movement. >> remain calm, this is how we
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planned it. winning one state out of the first 15. our panel is back with us. ron brownstein, let me put this question to you. marco rubio has gone after donald trump hard. small hands. wedding pants. you name it. is there evidence that that was able to drag down donald trump a little bit. but it didn't help marco rube crow. maybe it helped ted cruz. >> the first part of what marco rubio is true. we talked about it over the last hour and a half. if someone had posted the performance that donald trump has to this point, you would have a cry for rallying around the front-runner. particularly about to ability to win across the public divide. now, you have republicans saying he is not getting above 40% of the vote. he is facing resistance from white collar voters. if you electric at the polling
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and the exit polling in almost every state, a majority of republicans have said, undocumented immigrants should get legal status. there is a supply of institutional support and money that would not with there in the past because there is fear about donald trump. what's working against them, it's not just money. it's voters including they are wasting their vote by voting for them because someone else is going to win. that's why winning is so important. and the moral victories are coming in second and third. they are losing their value in a hurry. on march 15th, you get to the big clump, of big states. north carolina and illinois and missouri and florida and ohio. if you can't stop trump then, it becomes implausible how you're going to do it.
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they send out an e-mail after this. it says this is just the beginning. that's how they want to reframe it. looking ahead to florida, what does that look like? could that be the beginning of the end for marco rubio? that is a state for him? >> that would be the end of the end. holding his speech and press conference there. he can go hard in florida. >> right. this is a unified campaign message by the rubio team. they had a call with donors tuesday morning. lowering expectations for super tuesday. the insiders know that marco rubio, if he loses florida, he's in big trouble. that's why you saw donald trump in florida. he thinks it's a knockout punch.
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he wants to lock up florida. his rationale for becoming president, is called into question. if he doesn't win his home state, kasich is probably done. if one of them one win the home states, i think they're cooked. there are problem there's. the question is, are we going to see more small hands jokes? or with the debate comes up thursday night and with a cnn debate last week do, you think that ted cruz and marco rubio are going to have to address each other at sam point? they are pulling from each other. >> they are pulling from each other. they have to fight on all fronts. i do think that marco rubio, what he demonstrated in that debate and what he is continuing to demonstrate on the campaign
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trail, he can go hard donald trump, not back down. that's been really important, to donors waiting on the side lines. we haven't seen what the effect of that is. if there were good signs for marco rubio tonight, some of the states, the late deciders were tilting towards him. in other states, towards ted cruz. that's a big question. and i was talking to the folks involving. into attacks on donald trump. they will be making the argument that he's been a fraud. going after his business deals. going hard on the sustained attack on his electability. against hillary clinton, saying that the other candidates are much more electable. we haven't seen what that will do. and these are attacks on donald trump that haven't worked. there has to be points put
12:27 am
behind the ads to move the ball in this race. and it's not clear whether that will happen. >> kate and john, if i may. >> go ahead. we keep talking about making a concerted effort against donald trump. something they haven't done yet. what does a sustained attack look like? >> right. >> this is a guy that refused to condemn white supremacists and the kkk. and did just fine on super tuesday. this is a guy that's called for a ban on muslims in the united states. he's referred to mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists. he as defied everything. everything you're not supposed to say. an his support has only gone up. can go hard on trump.
12:28 am
if nothing has stuck to trump for the last nine months, what will stick to him over the next two weeks? >> we're going to talk about the democrats when we come back. bernie sanders picked up four states. but the night belonged to hillary clinton. what is next in the democratic race? heading into a big debate on cnn sunday night in flint, michigan. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into and delicious sweet for the kid you'll never outgrow... feed your inner kidult with frosted mini-wheats®. try new kellogg's mini-wheats harvest delights with sweet drizzle and bits made with real fruit.
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i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ cheers ] you know what? it works. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers and build -- [ cheers ] build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so every american can live up to
12:33 am
his or her potential because then, and only then, can america live up to its full potential, too. [ cheers ] >> who could hillary clinton be pushing that message at? who is she speaking to? hillary clinton, winning seven states. now, postsuper tuesday and looking forward. talk to me about the headlines of the night. a big night for hillary clinton. but bernie sanders he wracked up four states. they are moving forward. and the clinton campaign, they are happy with how things ended up. when you look at the math, they are not calling for bernie sanders to drop out. >> you saw her pivoting to the election. this was not a candidate who
12:34 am
seemed haunted by bernie sanders nipping at her heels. she was not talking about the importance of being a single-issue candidate. she was talking as a general election candidate. only mentioned bernie sanders in passing at the top of her speech, congratulating him for a job well done. and she moved on to the issues she wanted to talk about, raising middle class wages. breaking down berriers for women and the lgbt community. and going after, clearly, republican front-runner donald trump. when she is talking about building walls and, you know, divisive rhetoric. that is, without a doubt, aimed at donald trump. and she is getting ready and really pivoting to november and showing that after her good night and super tuesday, and having the wins under her belt, she is ready to take on whoever
12:35 am
the republican nominee will end up being. >> you get a sense that hillary clinton is wanting to pivot for months and months. her kickoff was about pivoting. and then, after the testifying before congress and the first debate. and the later debate, she tried to pivot. and she was never getting out. now, finally, she thinks she can do it. the coalition she is putting together, looks like the coalition that barack obama put together, in 2008. but racially speaking, dem dwrafkly speaking, you look at the african-american vote. hillary clinton crushed it. over 90% in alabama, and georgia. up over 80% there. and doing well. what does this mean going forward in the primary season? what does this do for her? a general? >> let's talk about both. >> there are no big states on the democratic side that are not
12:36 am
diverse. every state has a substantial minority population. and hillary clinton has gotten 70% in african-american voters and 80% in almost every state with an exit poll. he cannot win any big states if she can hold that kind of advantage. he can't get far enough. if you think about the general election, donald trump is a disruptive of force. he could scramble the map with his strength among blue collar, white voters. blue collar white men. i have seen polls where he is polling manage 61%, of white men with a college education. that's the anymore number ronald reagan polled. they are half of the electorate as they were in 1984. and you look in the growing
12:37 am
groups. millennia millennials, minorities. he is facing negatives above 70%. and so many republicans are nervous. not only about what he might mean for this year. but how he might brand the party with the groups that are growing and will be the center of the electorate. >> and you talk about millennials in that group. where do they go in a general, if hillary clinton is the nominee and donald trump is the nominee, let's say. that's what the youth vote is one of the big drivers of bernie sanders' campaign. >> it is. that's the big test for hillary clinton is going to be over the next couple of months here. is whether or not she can fine-tune a message that is geared to resonate with young voters. whether she can the turn them out. demonstrated a lot of problems in that area. and bernie sanders has wiped the
12:38 am
board with those voters as we've seen in many of the primaries so far. she seems to be fine-tuning that message a lot. and hasn't actually figured out what she is going to do to reach the voters. but donald trump could be a huge force in helping her do that. his rhetoric is very polarizing among young voters. you see groups in florida, for example, already registering. young latino voters on the basis of what donald trump has been saying on the campaign trail. and that may be the biggest tool in her arsenal. >> stand by. we're keeping our eye on alaska to see where the election results are coming in. also coming up for us, the discussion over super tuesday. sparking a fierce debate among voters, among political watchers. and among cnn contributors on some of the most biggest issues, facing this campaign. we'll show you this moment, that happened live on cnn. we'll discuss. need to hire fast?
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there's no doubt this primary season has had a lot of tension in this race. and the tension came to a head tonight. they were talking about donald trump and his -- his refusal to jake tapper, to disavow the kkk and david duke. they had a heated discussion about it. watch. >> the things that donald trump has done, not just in this race, are horribly offensive.
12:43 am
you can go back with this guy for a long time. i want to talk. >> i didn't say anything yet. >> you breathed. you can go back to the central jogger case. he came out and had innocent black kids -- >> innocent kids. >> just listen. hold on a second. we have a big problem at this point. i agree with you about a lot. we have taken him not seriously. we have not respected his voters. but there is a dark underside here. and he is right. he is whipping up and tapping into buttons that are frightening to me and frightening to a lot of people. number one, when he is playing funny, with the klan, that is not cool. hold on one second. i know this man, when he gets passionate about terrorism. i know how he talks about terrorism. the klan is a terrorist organization that has killed -- >> a leftist terrorist organization. >> that's your game to play. >> it's important to history. >> we're not going to play that
12:44 am
game. >> we understand history. >> you need to take a serious look at the fact that this man has -- is playing fast and loose and footsie when we talk about terrorism, he gets passionate. he says no. this is wrong. but when you talk about the klan, oh, i don't know, i don't know. that's wrong. and you came on the air and you said, this is just like when reverend wright was speaking. >> yeah. >> reverend wright never lynched anybody. reverend wright never put anybody on a post. and you guys play these word games. and it's wrong to do in america. it is wrong to do. >> it is wrong to understand that these are not leftists. they were -- >> what difference does it make if you call them leftists? they kill people. they don't play games with that. >> you're right. you don't hide and say that's not part of the base of the democratic party. they were the military arm, the terrorist arm of the democratic party, according to historians. for god sakes, read your history. >> i don't care who -- >> the attitude of by race is
12:45 am
still here. and this is how democrats do the deal. >> i don't care how they voted 50 years ago. i care about who they killed. you have stood with donald trump. and you made a case for donald trump. and you've earned the respect of a lot of people. but when you do not acknowledge that he did not answer that question with the passion, he answered with other terrorist organizations, you do yourself a disservice. >> he has made this point over and over and over again. this is a media thing. did he make a mistake? sure. but he said this many, many times. i've gone back and looked. he's well on record, over and over on this. >> it's worse than that, sir. the whole thing with the central jogger kids, he got the entire city whipped up that these kids had done nothing wrong. we all make mistakes. he never apologized to those kids. that's a stain on him. you can walk through, time after time, where he's done stuff like that. the stuff he said about native
12:46 am
americans, being criminal organizations. >> but what you're doing right here, is dividing people. we're all americans here. you are dividing people. this is what liberals do. you're dividing people by race. >> i'm not. >> this is what liberalism. >> the klan divided it by race. >> the klan kill people by race. >> and they did it to further the progressive agenda. hello? >> that is, first of all, so absurd. >> it is not absurd. >> the democratic party of the south of the old days was a racist party. they were a violent party. hold on a second. that's not the democratic party of today. what are you talking about that for? you play these games -- >> it is the democratic party of today. it divides by race. >> i have a kid. 7 years old. >> right. >> he can't even watch -- i used to say -- i don't want you watching "the kardashians." watching in nonsense in your party, he says you're a liar.
12:47 am
he doesn't know what the word means. but he brings that into our house. we have to have him watching nick jr. he can't observe civics because of what is going on in your party. the circus wing in your party. i know you. i trust you. tell donald trump he needs for my children's sake. if he's going to lead this country, he needs to be as passionate about as my community as anybody else. >> we have to be passionate, making sure this country is color blind. we have to make sure that race has no place in american life or law. that's what we have to do. we have lost that totally because the democratic party insists on dividing people by race and it's wrong. >> there you have it. that happened earlier this evening. let's bring in dylan byers on this. you see the passion here, in this discussion between van jones and jeffrey lord. do you see this as a
12:48 am
foreshadowing of the debates? the fights to come in a general election if it is donald trump versus hillary clinton or bernie sanders? >> this is a singular and wonderful moment in the 2016 campaign. we spend so much time focusing on the horse race. focusing on the day-to-day and the delegates, what have you. the best thing that presidential campaigns do is they shed a light on the country. and they shed a light on the two issues that the parties are arguing over. america has always dealt with this underlying racial tension. republican republicans believe -- many far right republicans believe that democrats are responsible for dividing the country into various groups based on identity and demographics.
12:49 am
democrats believe that far right republicans, certainly donald trump, are exploiting racial tensions and fears. and sort of using that to sort of get up support among the white working class, at some of the rural parts of the country. this is a debate that goes back to the founding of this nation. and to see it played out between these cnn contributors in a way that was passionate, personal, respectful. i thought it was an amazing moment. and i think it is a conversation that will continue to play out in the primary and general election. >> maybe not as respectful as it continues on in the election season. dylan, guys, stand by. we have some new numbers from alaska to tell you about. that's right. there is one state we have not called. the alaska caucuses. they are still counting votes there. we'll bring an update after the break.
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in you see it right there. breaking news. cnn is projecting that ted cruz is the winner of the republican talk cusses, in alaska. this is a race that we've been watching. the final race of super tuesday, is finally projected its winner.
12:54 am
ted cruz, you see right there. >> it's been neck and neck all night between donald trump and ted cruz. and as we head into 4:00 a.m. eastern, ted cruz pulls it out. >> the third state, by the way. third victory for ted cruz on the super tuesday. texas, oklahoma, and now alaska. paul vercammen live in anchorage. i have to imagine they have to be excited that we have finally called the race. >> they're excited. they're excited. they shattered the gop turnout here. we called the race. one precinct left. we'll go ahead. pet peter goldberg. you're the chairman here. tell us what the numbers are of the precinct that just came in. >> this is district 25. and the final numbers are, carson, 33. cruz, 171. kasich, 20.
12:55 am
senator rubio, 87. and mr. trump, 161. cruz is in the lead here, too. looks like cruz has the election. >> how to you feel about the record turnout here? >> it's just phenomenal. we're 50% higher than our next-highest turnout in our history for an election like this. >> congratulations. and congratulations to the ted cruz supporters. sterling, come in here. how do you feel right now? >> i'm feeling great for the primary. i just have a message that i would like to give out to everyone who supports donald trump right now. he is playing on your fear of change of immigrants, of muslims. we cannot be afraid right now. donald trump -- >> thank you for taking time out. ted cruz said some things that haven't been truthful. casey reynolds, you're a blogger here. what tilted it for cruz? we know that cruz was here, helping stump for republican
12:56 am
senator. was that a factor? >> everybody expects to meet the representatives. the u.s. senators. the state representatives. pg up here made a difference. his evangelical street credit made a difference. there's folks in alaska have those values. that did it for him. >> thank you for taking timeout. after all of the counting in alaska, it's over. ted cruz has won in alaska. back to you, kate and john. >> alaska makes it three. three states for ted cruz. alaska, texas. marco rubio with one. the big winner on the democratic side, hillary clinton. >> a big super tuesday. it says a lot about where this race goes from here. much more of our super tuesday coverage. the results from alaska just in. we have much more for you. stay with us.
12:57 am
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-- captions by vitac -- all right. breaking news this morning. the super tuesday results are in. now finally at last every single one of them, donald trump, hillary clinton, the big winners, but not the only winners. and, yes, we do have some breaking news. just moments ago we called the state of alaska. so much to talk about this morning. good morning, evan. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it's wednesday, 4:00 in the east. now it's "count the wins" wednesday. the final race finally called ted cruz has won alaska. with 95% of the vote in they're calling the race for ted cruz with 36.2% narrowly, narrowly


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