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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- all right. breaking news this morning. the super tuesday results are in. now finally at last every single one of them, donald trump, hillary clinton, the big winners, but not the only winners. and, yes, we do have some breaking news. just moments ago we called the state of alaska. so much to talk about this morning. good morning, evan. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it's wednesday, 4:00 in the east. now it's "count the wins" wednesday. the final race finally called ted cruz has won alaska. with 95% of the vote in they're calling the race for ted cruz with 36.2% narrowly, narrowly edging out donald trump with
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33.6%. overall big nights for the front-runners. that's the headlines, folks. trump won many states. his rivals picking up four states between them. on the democratic side, hillary clinton also adding seven states to her win column overnight while bernie sanders picked up four. both candidates giving fiery victory speeches last night. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher, and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. [ booing ] >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that a little hard to believe, but i am a unifier. once we get all this finished,
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i'm going after hillary clinton on one assumption, that she's going to be allowed to run. that's a big assumption. i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run. >> the nomination contest, folks, is far from over. bernie sanders, ted cruz, and marco rubio all winning states, all collecting delegates, and all vowing to stay in this race. joining us live from washington to help break it all down is cnn politics reporter eric bradley. what a night. the front-runners get exactly what they want. i don't know. everyone this morning says they're going to stay in. >> yeah. so absolutely. it was the night of the front-runners, no doubt about that. donald trump and hillary clinton each picking up seven states but neither landing any knockout blows. donald trump demonstrated he could win with working class white moderates in the north, picking up massachusetts in a blowout, and he showed he could win among evangelicals in the
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bible belt winning states like alabama, georgia, tennessee. he also picked up arkansas and vermont and virginia. so it was a good night for donald trump. he even struck a conciliatory tone saying he wants tobe a unifier and sort of dialing back the rhetoric a little bit. but ted cruz won three states. that sort of bolstered his argument he's the republican best gieable to go against trum and marco rubio finally won his first state in minnesota, just enough to keep going himself. so neither candidate is going to drop out of the race. they're both looking at march 15th, which is another big date, starting as a winner-take-all process, taking on more delegates. it went basically as we thought it would. the big tossup was
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massachusetts. that was a big state for "headline news." you see alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia, all big stating sort of mirroring south carolina. bernie sanders won the states he had been talking about, vermont, oklahoma, colorado, and minnesota. despite bringing in $42 million in february alone and while the path gets narrower for him, the the there's no reason for him to drop out any time soon. >> eric bradner, thank you so much. we have breaking news just moments ago. we called the race in alaska. the republican caucuses there, now that the votes have been counted, ted cruz is the winner
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in alaska. ted cruz with a 577-vote lead, a 577-vote lead. look, there aren't tons of votes in alaska. 577, enough to call the race. >> they all matter. >> they all matter a lot. paul cameron, he's live in anchorage. paul, you ev've been calling th votes all night. >> i have, john and kate. if you look behind me, this is a proportional distribution of delegates and at last calculation, the winner, cruz will get 12, trump will get 11, and rubio will get 5. by the way, you say it's not a lot, alaska gets rewardeding if being staunchly red. alaska has two senators and only one congressman.
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again 28 delegates and the way they're dividing it up, it looks like trump is going to get 12, cru cruz, 11, and rubio, 5, and that could change. they truly did burn the midnight oil in the alaskan sun. >> good pun. thanks so much, paul. josh rogan, dylan buyers and maeve reston and senior editor for the atlantic ron brownstein. we're lucky to have you all with us at this early hour. just moments ago we did call alaska for ted cruz. that makes three states for ted cruz. not a bad haul, ron brownstein for cruz. but on the front side, the big winner is donald trump. >> your analysis is true.
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i think on both sides what we've seen tonight are the patterns that have developed on each side, hardening for the candidates chasing the front-runners. on the republican side we saw donald trump do something mitt romney and john mccain could not do. >> thank you. >> he won on both sides of the geographic divide. he won arkansas and alabama and on the other vermont and massachusetts. in a normal year you would be hearing cries for the parties to unite. donald trump still scares an enormous amount of republicans both in the direction he would steer the party but also what he might mean for the general election. a cnn national poll out tonight, a reality check. you saw, again, the pattern we saw in nevada and south carolina hardening where hillary clinton has commanded a seemingly
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unbreakable demand among african-american voters and bernie sanders simply has not been able to win over enough white voters. she's now won white voters in eight of them. what that means virtually going forward is every major large state that is coming on the calendar for the democrats is a heavily diverse state and unless sanders can significantly change the number of african-americans and there's no reason she can't yet, this is hillary clinton's race. >> hillary clinton needs do some work with young voters. bernie sanders, if he wants to keep going, needs to do some work with minority voters. hillary clinton wants to bring people together. let's listen to what she said last night. >> whether you like it or not, we're all in this together, my friends, and we all have to do our part. but unfortunately too many of those with the most wealth and the most power in this country
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today seem to have forgotten that basic truth about america. >> sounds, josh rogan, like she is looking ahead, really looking ahead with a little bit of a leftward attack because of what she's been seeing as enthusiasm for bernie sanders on the campaign trail. >> one, it projects confidence. she's no longer talking on bernie sanders' terms, and, two, she's actually pivoting. she's getting this thing wrapped up. it seems like a good thing do. you saw her in florida today. that's a hot spot. there's another thing going on. hillary clinton needs the bernie sanders voters, right? one of the demographics, is first-time voters. the other is young voters. so it's not enough for her to beat bernie sanders. she has to bring him into the fold. that's why you see her trying to
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bring him in, toning down comments about him. she cuts across moderates and independents, et cetera. even rubio does okay. so hillary has to shore up her left leg. >> on the one segment, he won in one state. in a glass half full, he won a state which he hasn't done in a while and didn't like he was going to do tonight. >> not a big republican state. >> no. cruz won three states overnight. what are you hearing the not just from rubio but the establishment, all the anti-trump vehements. it's really back marco rubio. >> absolutely. what i heard in talking to strategists over the last couple of days and those operatives
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involved in taking down trump over the next few weeks is to sis stain the attack on trump's electability and also go over aspects of his record, failed businesses, trump university, a lot of these things that the other candidates have been bringing up this whole time, but they're saying if they can get real resources behind it, they think it can make a difference for marco rubio. i think it's a tough night for him tonight. ted cruz was expected to do much better in a lot of these southern states but at least he pulled off some wins even though it was an uneven night for him. marco rubio who's already sending out e-mails to his donors saying he's the underdog and way behind in the polls in florida behind donald trump, it's a really tough argument for him going forward and he's really got to bring up his numbers in florida, some of these other states, and really hope that that money finally makes a difference for him in
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the next couple of weeks. >> that anti-trump coalition, we want to go over all the backgrounds of his business to she he's not just an uber business success. trump university has three lawsuits against it. there was a trump airlines, trump wine and spirits. defunct trump endeavors to try and go forward showing he's not the big businessman he's made himself out to be. >> all right, guys. stick around. as we said, the results just in from alaska. ted cruz won there. despite that, donald trump still the front-runner of the republican side, hillary clinton the front-runner on the democratic side. we're going to talk next about what was behind those victories and what opportunities might there be for their competitors.
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ngo to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to it is the morning after super tuesday which makes it wicked wednesday or "count your wins" wednesday. >> or your win if you're marco rubio. >> there is a new win for ted cruz. he just picked up alaska. we just called the race for ted cruz in alaska. that means three states for cruze last night. donald trump picked up seven. hillary clinton also won seven states to bernie sanders' four. the question is who did turn out to vote. what were the keys to these victories. our exit polls show among
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republicans it was angry voters dissatisfied with the government. the other side said they would be happy with either hns illary clinton or bernie sanders. we always talk about anger. we asked them about their feelings of the government. 4 41% say they're angry, 42% say they're dissatisfied. it was largely the same across many of the states we polled last night. >> this is a theme we seven-day forecast throughout. we saw it in south carolina and nevada. we talked about alaska, waiting for those results to come in. for me what's important about alaska is not how much was voted
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but how many turned out to vote. you're talking about a turnout that was 50% higher than any they had in their history. donald trump, like it or not, has really galvanized republican voters. i think ted cruz has done the same. and you're seeing record turnouts for the republican parties and i think the democratic parties are looking at it. can they generate as much enthusiasm as barack obama did eight years ago? can she bring as many people to vote come the general election if she's running against a candidate like trump. i think the hope would be she can't not because of her but fears of donald trump and what his presidency would mean for democrats. >> you know, dylan, it's interesting. they talked about how dissatisfied and angry they are
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except in texas where ted cruz did well. then you talk about top candidate quality and electability and suddenly the tables turn a little bit. when you look at georgia, it was marco rubio who won. so they're angry at the government, they're angry at their party. they want donald trump, except when they talk about who can win, the story changes. >> now, look. we are seeing, christine, a historic shift of power inside the republican party. the core of donald trump support from the beginning has been the growing number of white working class republicans as we've lived through this realignment over the last 40 years in politics. the white working class who used to be part of the democratic party are voting republican and this year for the first time, i think, are driving the republican. you think of john mccain, mitt romney. they were primarily candidates of white collar, mainstream voters. donald trump is winning 50% or more in many of these states
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among non-college republicans. in fact, i think every state, he's lagged but those voters are fragmented and those voters driving the train are the blue collar republicans who feel economically marginalized and eclipsed and it pokes at the racial anxieties and anxieties about the changing nature of the country that we saw expressed so, you know, in such a fiery manner tonight by van jones and jeffrey. make no miss take. if donald trump is the nominee, we're seeing a trump that's going to have lasting implications beyond this one election. >> maeve, if you look, many have been about minority voters. if you look at the state of texas and you break down her vote there, the black vote she won with more than 80%.
1:21 am
the latino vote she won with more than 70% of the vote. in texas, she also did win the white vote which is interesting as well. but this minority coalition is one that hillary clinton has banked on to this date and probably can continue to bank on as she moves forward in this race. >> absolutely. this really bolsters her argument that she is the candidate who can, you know, bring together the traditional democratic coalition. we've seen limitations in sanders' support in a lot of these states around the country. you know, there was kind of a question after the nevada results there because the exit polls were showing that bernie sanders had led among latino voters -- obviously the sample size was very small and people were pushing really hard on that. tonight she posted a big win as you mentioned among latinos in texas. that's really an important part of he electability argument going forward and that's the
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biggest gain for her tonight, that she with really point to these strengths all across the board and say i am the more electable candidate to go up against donald trump or whoever the republican nominee is. >> maeve, thanks. everyone stick with us. we're following the breaking news for the presidency. night has turned into morning. first cruz taking on a high-profile abortion case as president obama meets with congress on how to fill the court's vacancy. i've got that next.
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the supreme court takes on a court case. a new court law could shut down three-quarters of the abortion clinics in the state. other states will be watching the outcome very closely. the top senate republicans remain in a standoff over filling the vacancy in the nation's top highest court. the president met. no progress to report. the measure was backed by
1:27 am
conservative lawmakers. governor dennis dugard deciding the law would have invited federal lawsuits if he approved it. he said local schools, they're best equipped to address this issue when it arises. six new jersey newspapers call on governor chris christie to resign, that in the wake of his endorsing donald trump. each with a joint editorial saying they're fed up with his arrogance and hypocrisy. he spent 201 days out of the state last year. they're calling for a recall if he does not step down. gains for the three major averages, the dow soaring 348 points. that's more than 2%. that's the second best gain of the year. nasdaq jumping nearly 3%. the s&p 500 also higher. a big jump in oil prices one reason. but investors were also encouraged by solid auto sales. dow futures point slightly
1:28 am
higher. oil is falling so we'll see if stocks can open higher. stockmarkets in europe arising in a big rally in asian stocks overnight. >> right. donald trump and hillary clinton, big wins on super tuesday. cnn breaks town what you need to know in the latest news next.
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donald trump and hillary clinton sew lid fig their lead on super tuesday, picking up big states and plenty of delegates, f but the race for president, it's far from over. >> we do have breaking news this morning, the final race finally called. the winner in alaska, ted cruz. you can see it right there with about 97% of the vote with ted cruz at 36.4%, donald trump at 33.5%. they're separated by 627 votes. record turnout in alaska. overcaall, super tuesday, a big night for him. on the democratic side hillary clinton added seven states to the win column, bernie sanders with a winner of four. both candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton, they gave
1:33 am
fiery victory speeches overnight. >> america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. and we know we've got work to do, but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being a great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. fill in what's been hollowed out. >> our country is going to hell and people don't understand that. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she's talking about -- i mean one of the things that has really bothered me, one of the reasons i have such a great support is people -- you take a look. people in the middle income groups are making less money today, less money than they made 12 years ago. in her speech she's saying it.
1:34 am
she's been with obama for a long period of time. why hasn't she done anything about it. >> bernie sanders won four straights, ted cruz picked up three and marco rubio with his first state victory of the entire election and everyone in this entire campaign on both sides vowing to stay in. joining us live to discuss cnn politics, eric bradner. good morning, eric bradner. >> good morning, john. it was an excellent night for the front-runners. donald trump and hntd both won seven states. donald trump started talking about being a unifier. he won in the north winning massachusetts, a state with working-class reagan democrats. he won in the south, the bible belt where social conservatives dominate picking up georgia, alabama, tennessee. he picked up arkansas and
1:35 am
shattered virginia. ted cruz didn't see his southern strategy go to win. he did pick up his home state of texas with a bunch of delegates. marco rubio who's still waiting for the cavalry to come won his first race in minnesota. so don't expect either of those two to drop out any time soon. on the democratic side, hillary clinton really dominated the night by winning the six states across the south that have big minority populations and sort of continued her fire wall of sorts. she picked up as you see alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, and texas. but the one that stands out is massachusetts. by winning there clinton shows
1:36 am
she can expand her appeal to a broader chunk of the democratic electorate. but bernie sanders won a few states too. he picked up colorado, minnesota, and oklahoma, three states he had really targeted and he also won his home state of vermonting of course, in a blowout. now, when you combine those wins with the $42 million that bernie sanders hauled in in february alone, you can see why he's not planning to drop out any time soon either, especially with more democratic debates coming up, more opportunities to chip into hillary clinton's lead or change the story. >> there's a lot ahead here for all of these candidates. edward brad never, you have a fantastic piece. anybody who wants more on that. thanks, eric. it was a big night for the front-runners. donald trump, hillary clinton, not enough to drop the others
1:37 am
off the board. josh rogin, byers, maeve. they say, look, this guy has a following and he's going to move forward and get the nomination, but when you talk about electability -- first talk about how solid his lead was and then talk about the solidness of the exit polls. >> it was really interesting to follow those trends tonight. this really is a dominant win across the board for donald trump. but you did see some of the late deciders in this race going toward marco rubio in some states and then going toward ted cruz in other states and that's maybe a sign of weakness for donald trump going forward that perhaps he is not wearing as well on some of these undecided voters over time.
1:38 am
we know that the people who have been with him since the beginning are really loyal supporters. one republican strategist was saying to me yesterday that you can't peel him off with a crowbar. but there are these other republicans who are not sure about him and what it showed tonight is he also has some high unfavorables even in states that he won that really points to his ceiling, his ability to glow the party. he got out and talked about being able to unite the republican party. there's not a ton of evidence of that yet. theechb he had dominant wins there are still those out there saying they will not support donald trump under any circumstances so that's his biggest challenge. >> so they're saying we'll take a plurality or early deciders over late deciders. ron brownstein, speaking of the
1:39 am
finish line, hillary clinton crossed it seven times. bernie sanders thought where they won, they won big, bigger than expected. >> you know, in the old days as we've talked about before, you used to be forced out of the race by a lack of money. now money is almost infinite with the ability to raise money over the internet and the number of people who will donate. what really, though -- the challenge you face is once the mold gets cut, it's hard to break it. and bernie sanders is facing a situation where a dynamic is hardened that hillary clinton has established an overwhelming advantage among african-american voters and what that means is when you get out of places like minnesota and vermont and new hampshire that are essentially all white, it's hard to make those numbers up. as i said, when you get to the big states, whether it's california, north carolina, ohio, michigan, that are coming
1:40 am
up, much less georgia and florida, you can't make it add up as a democrat unless you are able to perform reasonably well with the minority voters who are going to be somewhere between 35% and 45% of the total vote in those states and right now we have not seen that from bernie sanders. they say african-american voters may be more open in the midwest than the south. we'll know soon enough whether there's anything to that claim. >> josh, speaking about money, there is going to be people going after this anti-trump coalition and it looks like it's going to be solidified around marco rubio, maybe not the name marco rubio but attacking donald trump. how is that going to work? >> there's going to be a campaign. they're going to throw millions of dollars into the anti-trump effort. they've hired on jeb bush's form former spokesperson. what they promise is an
1:41 am
appledump like we have never seen. trump towers, item p states, trump ties made in china. everything. all states, you name it. the gloves are coming off. now, the trump people say, oh, that has. worked yet. no, we haven't seen that affect trump's numbers but the rubio people are telling you they think it has worked. they point to the difference between the poll numbers in virginia and alaska with the results, although that might be upended now due to the momentum trump gets from winning states but they also say, bottom line, this is a notable election. trump is so destabilizing, so unnorm unnormal, that all of the normal guesses about what money will do and won't do makes no sense. you have to try it. they've got two weeks. >> dylan, i want your opinion on something. marco rubio has been going big and mean in several states and won one state in minnesota. ted cruz won three.
1:42 am
is there evidence that, maybe, yes, marco rubio was able to bruise donald trump. the beneficiary wasn't marco rubio. it was ted cruz. >> yeah, there's absolutely an argument to be made. if you look at the states, the delegates, look at the amount of support that turned out tonight for ted cruz over marco rubio, that's certainly the case you can make. as ron brown steen has been saying throughout our conversation, this isn't a normal election year. ted cruz like donald trump is an anti-establishment candidate who happens to be not as good of an anti-establishment as donald trump. the establishment is really only left with one candidate barring some sort of late, you know, surge by john kasich, which i don't see happening. and that candidate is marco rubio. so they have to throw everything behind him. now, you know, you talk about this concerted attack on donald trump over the next two weeks. it's very hard for me to see exactly what those attacks could do that could hurt trump because
1:43 am
trump has proven to be invincible for the last nine months but the next few weeks are key. the fact is we have two republican debates between now and march 15th. those two debates are going to be the chance for rubio to really shine, and shining means he has to perform very well because just winning minnesota isn't enough to cut it if he wants to win ohio and florida. >> maeve, when you look at cruz, what is the path forward? you look ahead to march 15th. where's the opportunity for him. is there no opportunity for him? >> well, i think it was a really mixed night for ted cruz in the sense that this was supposed to be his southern fire wall, he was suppose dodd well in the states that donald trump won outright. at the same time, he did pull off this win in alaska, you know, and then in oklahoma tonight. so you're seeing like signs of the sort of spottiness of ted cruz's organization. he's very organized in certain
1:44 am
states but he just can't pull it off with the kind of breadth to take on donald trump. he's hoping to go into some of these other states. he's headed to kansas next and also other states like mississippi and louisiana coming up, hoping that conservatives will finally rally around him. that's the argument we heard him make tonight. but it's really unclear whether that's going to happen. in some ways looking ahead on the map, it looks like a dead end. >> maeve, ron, dylan, josh, thank you. it's been a big night. their competitors competing. we take a look at the front-runners next.
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it is the morning after super tuchltz it's "count your wins" wednesday. it's a happy day for donald trump, a really happy day. hi took seven of 11 states. a happy day for hillary clinton. she won seven states to bernie sanders' four. so who turned out? it was angry voters dissatisfied with the government. on the democratic side they said they would be happy with either hillary clinton or bernie sanders. i want to bring everybody back in.
1:49 am
dylan, those exit polls where we asked people why did you come today and what were you thinking? who did you vote for and why? really telling. these voters are really mad at their republican establishment and the government. >> that's right. they're mad and they're distrustful. they don't believe that washington is working or that washington is working in their best interests. you know, this is sort of a talking point that we've long had. there's a large swath of the population that doesn't trust the government. we talk about how congress's approval rating is hitting all-time lows, how the media approval ratings is hitting all-time lows. when you go out to some of these rallies, trump rallies, cruz rallies, even rubio rallies, and you look at the voters in iowa, new hampshire, these different states, there's deep-seated anger.
1:50 am
i think, you know, when this crazy election process is done and when we finally get to november and we look back on everything that's transpired, that's going to be the key story of this race is this broad deep-seated frustration with washington and it extends to all sorts of different groups and demographics in this country. >> you know, ron, i'm looking at some of the demographics here in oklahoma. when you're dealing with the issue of age. it's interesting to see. it's completely inverted when you look at bernie sanders and hillary clinton and the ages of people who voted for them. 18 to 29. bernie sanders, 82%, hillary clinton, 17%. but as you keep going up, his numbers keep on getting worse and her numbers keep on getting better. it's completely inverted so that hillary clinton's best group is 65 and up. you know, is this acceptable for her? has she just settled into this
1:51 am
and that's the way it's going to be for her in the campaign or does she try to fight for the younger voters, and, likewise, can bernie sanders make any inroads for the seniors? >> as i said, i this i the mold has been cut. there's a move for the patterns around the edges. for hillary clinton it's a trade she can live with in the primary. in 2008. 60% came from voters older than 456789 if you had to pick one side of that equation to live with, you'd pick the older side. the issue would be more the general election if she gets there. as maeve said several hours ago, several time zones ago. are tl best hope she has is donald trump and the cnn poll out today, his unfavorable among millennials is approaching 75%. it's approaching 75% with minorities. it's two-thirds among women, two-thirds among college graduates. there are real issues with
1:52 am
donald trump's competitiveness in the general election. yes, he may scramble the map and force democrats to defend places like michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, more thain have in the past. but one of the reasons you're seeing anxiety among republicans is he's most toxic precisely with the group. >> and, maeve, those are minority voters who hillary clinton did very, very well with, not just the south but across the country and there's really no surprise there. i mean the clinton good will, the years of clinton good will to minorities clearly shining through in these numbers. when you look at the general election, though, for the republicans, if that nominee is donald trump, republicans have got to be worried. >> absolutely. you know, that's what a lot of these folks who are supporting other candidates like marco rubio are saying. look at the demographics of where this race is going. you know, donald trump has
1:53 am
really high unfavorables among hispanic voters nationwide, among latinos. you know, he's got a lot of issues with women voters, not necessarily within the republican parties but more broadly. and so i think that he has a lot of work to do in showing that he's the strongest general election nominee here. we've seen some matchups recently where rubio and cruz were looking a lot stronger than donald trump, and that may give some of these late deciding republican voters pause as they try to figure out who's the most electable candidate up against hillary clinton. that's the best hope that rubio and cruz have. >> all right, guys. stand by. a lot more to talk about. chris christie, you may have seen him last night while donald trump was speaking. right there. he's been by donald trump's side for much of the campaign since friday. a little bit of an uncomfortable situation for him in new jersey. a lot of newspapers say he
1:54 am
should quit.
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welcome back. the supreme court takes on a high-stakes abortion case today. they'll hear about a restrictive new texas law that could shut down three-quarters of the abortion clinics in the state. critics say it violates roe v. wade. meanwhile the white house and top senate republicans remain in standoff over filling the vacancy in the nation's highest court. the president met with the senate. no progress reported. the south dakota governor vetoed a bill that would allow for gender bathrooms. he says local schools are best to address the issue when it
1:58 am
arises. six new jersey newspapers are calling on governor chris christie to resign in the wake of his endorsement of donald trump. each of the papers published a joint editorial saying they're fed up with what they call christie's arrogance, opportunism, and hypocrisy. they point out he spent all or part of 261 day out of the state last year and calls for a recall effort if he does not step down. a former cab driver accused of killing two college students is expected to enter a plea deal this afternoon. jesse matthew is charged with abducting and murdering two. prosecutors confirm matthew has taken a plea agreement resolving both cases but they're not revealing the details. >> new gripping details in the case of sportscaster erin andrews. she detailed how stalkers peepholed video while she was
1:59 am
naked in her hotel room caused irreparable damage. the defense grilled her on tuesday. they suggest that the video has actually helped her career. they will continue presenting her case this morning. the presidential candidates poured money into the super tuesday primaries. more than 20 million was spent in the states that voted yesterday. that's according to the tracking firm canter media. 3 million spent in colorado, massachusetts, oklahoma. bernie sanders spent more than any candidate. more than $7 million. hillary clinton spent $5.6 million. on the republican side donald trump spent 3.4 million, the super pac aligned with him spent another $4.7 million supporting him. >> those people are going to spend a lot more.
2:00 am
it will be interesting to see if donald trump opens up his wallet donald trump opens up his wallet more than he has. -- captions by vitac -- all right, the break news this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton won big but the race for president, a long way to go. we're going to break down who won what, when, where, and how and what it means going forward. good morning, everybody. i'm john berman. >> nice to see you bright and early. i'm chris romance. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. that right. last night is now this morning and the baracking news this morning, super tuesday, a night of big wins. trump won seven states, some narrowly, but some by a pretty wide margin. on the democratic side,il


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