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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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skin color. >> pause because it is only blacking beat up if some -- >> -- t 1968. >> the year i was born. this doesn't make any sense jeffrey. >> it makes perfect sense. >> why do you continue to raise stuff from -- >> it's history. >> jeffrey. >> something happened to your kid right now and i say well guess what, 30 years ago something else you would say you don't care about my kid. >> you do think slavery . mattered. >> absolutely it matters. >> that's all i'm trying to tell you. >> hold on a second. what i would say is i probably heard a little bit about slavery in my lifetime and if i'm sitting here telling you as an african american parent i am concerned what's happening to wlak kids today you continuing to raise stuff from 50 years
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seems like you don't care about my kids. >> your kids are being treated this way because of the conduct for your party for 2 hundred years. >> parties change over time. point of view. >> you have not stopped -- >> here is the deal. the republican party was the party of liberation and the democratic party was the party of liberty. caring more about properties then people that. began to switch over the last century. anybody with two eyes knows that. why is is this more important to you than the fear i have and so many blacks have across the country. >> this is still being used today, the same old formula. david duke was a big fan of occupy wall street. as president obama. that's today. that's not 150 years ago. >> jeffrey, are you hearing that van is saying and that he represents a large swath of people who say that they were hurt and offended by what donald trump said, okay. he said it on friday and disavoided the kk. he tweeted after it jake tapper
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but on jake tapper he seemed to be tap dancing for some reason and that offended people. do you get that. >> sure i get it because i believe this is where we've come to. when everything is about race. that is what's going to happen. that is what's going to happen. >> i think it is a misunderstanding. >> -- where was president obama at just scalia's funeral? am i supposed to take great offense at that? let's do it bynolog analogy. this is a good conversation. make everything about parties. - >> i never raised party. >> you cardioind of go back and forth about who's party change and when. if you were running for office and i asked mott thin the past said i hate -- and one time i ask you don't want me to condemn a group i don't know anything about. you would look at me like i had two heads.
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this is the analogy to. this he disa i vowed david duke. he knew who he was and he didn't pull the trigger this time. >> what i am saying to you is to suggest that. what i hear is that the undertone of all this is to paint donald trump and, what, the conservative movement, rush limbaugh, everything as a bunch of white supremacists. that is what i hear. that is what i hear. >> i don't accept that by the way. i don't accept that premise. i actually reached out to trump as soon as i could after it and said you should come on and clarify this because i haven't heard you say fliek this before. what i'm saying is what other explanation is there for backing off a position that you supposedly so strongly hold. >> chris, you are attributing the deliberateness to this. >> -- >> there is no reason for him to deliberately do it when he'd done it the other way repeatedly. >> so you think it is not deliberate. >> no. >> i've got to say something here. if you are african american and you are watching this, with regard -- i can't tell you, this
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thing trended on twitter for two hours last night. i've heard from everybody aye ever known. literally, third grade. the reason that african americans flinched not just when he kind of hedged a little bit. we were up earlier because he said i disavow. isis endorses me? i disavow. move on. hang on, there is a moment there. a leadership moment. you aggressively say i don't want this. everything you see about donald trump is passion and he will do something and it will take a whole media cycle. you are being endorsed by the equivalent of isis and all you say is i disavow. that sent the shock waves. then when he comes back and is even more hedge ji, that is when the floor fell out from under the black community and we are very concerned because this man could be the president. and if you are the president you should be leading. you shouldn't be hedging.
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you should have a chance to denounce terrorism in my own country and you don't it and you are donald trump, something's wrong. that is our feeling about it. something's wrong. >> does it ever occur to you that donald trump thinks that the clan is terrible and it's a stupid subject? >> yes. >> why is it stupid. >> >> why? >> a terrorist organization? >> yes. >> in the united states? >> i think that's exactly what he believes. >> then if it's not stupid that is the point i'm trying to make to you. that is exactly the point. this formula of racism plus progressivism is what has been going on in this country for 2 hundred plus years. and it is still being used to this day. >> jeffrey to your point though. you know donald trump very well. i know what it is like when you say something about him he doesn't agree with. he did not behave that way this time. and that raised eyebrows and you don't have to be black to feel strongly about what a hate group represents. but he didn't do it this time. you misrepresent this guy he's
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all over you like ugly on an ape. not this time. this time he was careful about it. it was uncharacteristic. and raised suspicions. she could have just come out and doubled down on it. and again he didn't. and he's had people like you come out in instead and say this is silly. you have to see that it is not consistent. i'm not saying pernicious but it is not consistent. >> everybody makes mistakes as they go along. i don't know he answered the way he did. but i'm more than comfortable with the fact that he's not a ratesist. which is the implication here. >> nobody said -- old on. >> -- i would not be here. >> and i i know he would not be here. but that is not the point. i don't think most think that donald trump himself is actually racist. we should take that off the table. is question is is he willing to play funny with racism. >> no. no. >> let me finish and then you can beat me up. is he willing to play funny with racism. is he willing on the inconsistent on this one terrorist and every other one
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for political game. i think they think he's an opportunist and not a racist. >> respond to that jeffrey. he's saying donald trump did this intentionally because for that base, that small percentage of the country that feels that way, they would rush out this droves to vote for him. >> and let me clarify. it is a little more subtle. i think it is that him being the strong white guy who's not going to get pushed around. >> strong guy. not strong white guy. >> strong white guy. who won't get pushed around by the pc stuff is a part of his brand. and i think the thing is if i back down on this one it is going to hurt me. but i think people think he's opportunistically pushing buttons to help him and hurt everybody else. >> and that is essence of the playing the race card. right there. >> me saying he's playing the race card is me playing the race card? >> yes. >> that's to meta. my brain is coming out my head.
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>> the question is whether it is not appropriate. and it takes us back to a central question. he just didn't behave here the way he usually does. this is not a guy who minces words. not a guy who's careful. sometimes he backs off after it which is a beautiful strategy of his. he goes really far to impress some people and pulls back to do others. the spigs did he do that in reverse this time? because he leaves you with an open question. why didn't he say what he always says. that doesn't mean anyone thinks he's a racist or an opportunist. it is just weird. >> but you are suggesting he's an opportunist. >> i am certainly not. >> i am. >> he is. i don't want to confuse to two of you. >> not me though. there is a legit question. regardless how you feel about his answer. and it doesn't mean you are racist by asking the question. it doesn't mean you are baiting by asking because it makes no sense. when the guy talks about immigrants you are the one to back him off.
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he's gone much farther than that many times. when he's talking about muslims he goes very far. many times and then backs up. here he did the opposite. doesn't means he's racist or opportunist. means it was weird. >> and let me say one thing about me and jeffrey. the reason we can have this conversation. i respect this guy. i don't agree but i respect this guy a lot. he came on the air when everybody at laughing a t donald trump and he took incredible brick bats. and he's turning out to have been more right than wrong. and the reason we get so hot and we go back and forth and do this for five hours is i actually respect this guy and hope he respects me. >> you have two legitimate points of view. there are a lot of people who feel for each category. >> i think the you have -- there are people who play the race card but i'm not doing that and a i don't think a lot of people were last week. >> talk and conversation is good. >> yes. on that note gentlemen, van jones, jeffrey lord we
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appreciate you both bringing the fire and your different perspectives and fight gt it ow here on air. thank you both. >> and it is a good instruction on how to do it. you should take note. >> stop beating up chris alisyn. >> i can't. it's too easy. he makes it so. >> some things are unfixable. more intractable than race. >> super tuesday coverage continues on "newsroom" with carol costello. thanks for joining us. happening now in the news ram. trump and clinton tightened their grips. >> there is nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> the rest of the republican candidates not letting go. >> there will never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to get out and rally around donald trump. >> how long until the gop field narrows? >> as long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. >> in the meantime the front
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runner's looking to november. >> i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> who's got the edge? >> we have to make america whole. >> make america great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. >> let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. super tuesday becomes surging wednesday. donald trump and hillary clinton win big bolstering that he has r their leads. trump riding a wave of voter anger and record turnout from arkansas all the way to vermont. the new york billionaire wins seven states and erases the traditional boundaries of geography. ted cruz captures his must win home state of texas. he also seizes oklahoma and alaska. making the case that he is now the only republican who can beat trump. so called establishment
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candidate marco rubio notches his first victory in minnesota. and now looks to his home state of florida. his only hope for survival may be a windfall of delegates in a winner take all state. and hillary clinton builds on her momentum. bernie sanders wins vermont and oklahoma. as expected. colorado was a surprise victory for him. across the country, a critical day for the campaign. let's begin with jim acosta, in riviera beach, florida. good morning jim. zwl good morning carol. donald trump certainly has the upper hand this morning. firmly in control for the gop battle for the white house. but he did not accomplish a clean sweep. he did not drive his rivals out of this race. allowing ted cruz and perhaps marco rubio to emerge once again as the men who could potentially stop trump.
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>> we have expanded the rn republican party. >> it was a big night for donald trump. the clear front runner now well on his way to clinching the republican nomination. >> the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. >> the billionaire businessman racked up seven state wins. including delegate-rich virginia, georgia and tennessee. >> i think we are going to be more inclusive. i think we are going to be more unified and i think we are going to win in november. >> after kays of controversy over support from white supremacists trump tried to strike a more diplomatic tone claiming he can unify the country. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that hard to believe but believe -- >> the path to beating the to unify. >> the ted cruz also called for unity asking the other three non trump candidates to drop out after he won texas, oklahoma and alaska. >> if we remain divided in all
6:14 am
looikd donald trump becomes the nominee. but i think donald has a hard ceiling of 35-40%. cruz making the case he's the gop's only hope to win the white house. >> for those who have supported other candidates we welcome you on our team. standing united as one. >> trump said the gop leader should get along with him or else. >> paul ryan i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm going to get along great and if i don't he's going have to pay a big price. >> and on trump continued the inult ises marco rubio. >> i know it was a tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night but he worked hard. he spent lot of money. he is a lightweight. >> but rubio did pull off his first win in minnesota and vowed to fight on. >> there will never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to get out and rally around donald trump. people is a saying fight as hard
6:15 am
as you can to save the party from a con artist who refuses to criticize the kkk. >> but the stop trump movement is picking up steam this morning. a republican antitrump super pack called our principals pack announcements it is hiring more staff and resources before the next critical contests for saturday and spread out over the next two weeks. they are going to quickly become winner take all conuses. so that does give people like rubio and cruz a chance to make a comeback but sometime is sirm running out for those go. ted cruz can say he won tkz but if marco rubio doesn't win florida it is going to be very difficult for him. >> jim acosta live from florida this morning. marco rubio concedes he's an underdog but he has one advantage. he's the establishment's choice to become the standard bearer and push trump and cruz back to
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the fringes. joe johns in minneapolis this morning. hi joe. >> reporter: good morning carol. marco rubio won the caucuses here in minnesota with huge turnout. ted cruz in second. donald trump in third. but if there is a path to the nomination for marco rubio it is just not clear right now. he picks up 106 delegates to the republican convention. donald trump has 300 delegates. ted cruz has around 200 delegates. rubio does say that the electoral map gets better for him after super tuesday. but if he is able to pull off florida, which is his home state, it is a big question and it looks like he'll still be running against the win. though he says he's going stay in the race. listen. >> donald trump is not someone that the republicans support is going to come after he and say hey we need everyone around the race let's rally around the
6:17 am
front runner for the good of the party. the contrary is true. the fight is to save the republican party t party of lincoln and reagan from someone who's not just a con artist but who refuses to criticize the kkk. we cannot nominate that takes those positions. someone who shares hillary's positions on planned parenthood, who says he's going to be neutral an iran. this is a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party and i will not give up this fight. i will go through all 50 states before we stop fighting to save the republican party from someone like that. >> it is the math that is the problem here. right now early polling shows donald trump with app big lead in the state of florida. and a marco rubio cannot pull off a win in his home state under these circumstances. it really raises a question about his viability as the candidate. rubio today campaigning in michigan where donald trump also holds a lead in the polls though
6:18 am
it is a lot more fluid situation there, carol. >> joe johns live from minneapolis. thank you. on the gop side it would be over in any other year. republicans would rally around the clear front runner. but not this election. not when a man named donald trump wins big. the headline in the new york daily news this morning, riffs on trump's campaign slogan proclaiming make america migrate. and clips of the chris christie's facial expressions went viral. scott reeg sl the republican lawmaker from virginia. he sent an e-mail to supporters writing quote, trump is a bully, unworth of our anonymounominati. i will not support trump in the general election. >> so let's talk about this. former republican national committee chief of staff mike
6:19 am
shields joins us. and former georgia congressman and ted cruz supporter is here as well. also mark preston joins me. welcome all of you. >> good morning. >> so mike a question. mr. trump won ten states, republican voters have spoken. if lawmakers are elected by the people, who are they to tell voters they are wrong? >> yeah the voters have spoken. if you look at the numbers, 46% of the people who voted in the republican primaries last night vote forward donald trump. 64% of those voters voted for someone else. and that is why this isn't over yet. he's certainly the front runner and amazing delegate but it is not over. and if you look at the places where he has shown a little weakness. oklahoma, minnesota. he lost. these ro not open primaries. is march 8th. you have michigan and idaho. and march 15th where you have a huge slate of winner take all states including florida. there are a lot more closed
6:20 am
primaries. republican regulators, grassroots activists working in the party for years have a much larger influence. he's shown a little bit of weakness in a closed primary as opposed to open and last night 64% of the people who voted voted for someone else. that doesn't mean he might not get new supporters as others drop out but there is a path for someone else to deny him the convention and it is real and why this race is still going on. >> but still mark it appears even the candidates running are not listening to the voters. marco rubio for example, he's won one state. 1 in 15. that is worst than the detroit lions last year. on what planet can he actually win. >> >> your beloved detroit lions. perhaps they will do better this time. here is the problem for republicans at this point. they are fighting against the clock. there are a very short period of time for a marco rubio or a ted cruz to find that path to then
6:21 am
try to eclipse donald trump when it comes to delegates. the republican establishment very frustrated. flumicsed by donald trump's support. and we have to point out that donald trump has driven out the vote in record numbers in many of these states and we saw that last night on super tuesday. so donald trump really has become this enigma for the republican party. and in july there are already talk here in washington where some people are talking about not inning going to the convention. there is also talk about trying to deny him the nomination if they are able to keep the level of delegate support under the threshold needed to become the nomination. and get this, if he does get the nominee there is even talk now of i running a third party conservative candidate against him to provide a safe haven for republican voters and more importantly, candidates, republican candidates running if are house and senate who are afraid of getting too close to donald trump if he becomes nuclear. so there is certainly a lot at
6:22 am
stake right now. >> there certainly is. ted cruz, bob, he's doing better says he can beat donald trump. but the exit polls shows ted cruz has no broad support. he just can't win a general election with evangelical support. and he's not ichb trying to woo moderates. how can he possibly win? >> his game plan is precisely what he saw in iowa and that is a very strong well organized ground game. and what we saw last evening in texas, oklahoma and early this morning in alaska when the results came in. these are all very diverse states. iowa t heart of the mid west. alaska. western, independent-minded state. his home state of texas which is southern but western. and oklahoma bordering the mid west and the south. i would argue that senator cruz's support is fairly broad.
6:23 am
and his focus right now is not on well, what is going to happen at the convention? what's going to happen two months down the road but what's going to happen tomorrow and the next day. he's out there fighting on substance each and every day. >> so let's go back to mark preston's theory. and i want to address this to you, mike. >> there are rumors that mitt romney is going to jump in the race. romney has not endorsed anyone. he's tweeting up a storm. do you think he will? >> who knows. if you are going to go to a convention where the front runner doesn't have 50% of the delegate, the delegates at that convention are going to choose who the nominee is. they are the republican party. it is their convention. and they are going to have the ability to put names into the nomination. there are some rules where you have to have won a certain number of states. so there are some things that would have to really change for someone like mitt romney to get involved. but if donald trump wins 50% of the delegates that makes a lot of this conversation different.
6:24 am
but if he doesn't and it goes to the convention with fewer than 50%, then you have a situation where the delegates are going to choose who the nominee is for the republican party and all of these conversations become much more relevant. >> i have to end it there. thanks to all of you. as for hillary clinton, super tuesday solidified her standing as the democratic front runner. clinton winning 7 of 11 states up for grabs even eking out a win in massachusetts. clinton now halfway to the number of delegates needed to clinch the anonymous. and in the aftermath of their wins, both candidates praise supporters and vowed to fight on. >> we know we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. we -- [ cheers and applause ] we have to make america whole.
6:25 am
we have to fill in. fill in what's been hollowed out. >> this campaign as i think all of you know, this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. it is about making our great count try nation that we know it has the potential to be. >> our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny joins me now with more. good morning jeff. >> good morning carol. no question hillary clinton had a very strong night on super tuesday. she won seven states as you said and more importantly amassed many more delegates than bernie sanders across those southern states.
6:26 am
winning by almost twice as much as bernie sanders in a lot of states. but bernie sanders won four states. that certainly gives him energy and ability to stay in this race. and that of course he will. but it was clear last night during the victory party rally here in miami, who hillary clinton was actually focussed on. she spent very little time on bernie sanders and instead talked about the rhetoric and the tone from the other side of the race. let's listen. >> it is clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. and those boos are what democrats hope will energize their voters here. one really important thing we've seen across the last month and a half of voting since iowa, republicans are coming out in droves compared to democrats. there are democrats who are worried about the lack of energy on their side. so the clinton campaign clearly
6:27 am
trying to tap into some of the energy of donald trump and saying hey, democrats you need to pay attention here and come out and vote. but carol interestingly just a few moments ago bernie sanders top advisors up in burlington vermont holding a press conference with reporters and they say bernie sanders is staying in this race. this is a long path to the convention here. they said integrity is a central factor the democrats should be looking at. that bernie sanders can go up against donald trump much better here. so the sanders campaign not laying down at all here. the next week is critical. the michigan primary, next tuesday. and two debates happen in the next week. one on sunday on cnn and the next on wednesday. that could be bernie sanders last shot to refive himself in this long democratic race carol. >> thank you jeff. still to come republicans might be battling out over their front runner but many gop voters agree on one thing, they are angry.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we know trump and clinton were big winners tuesday but who was voting and why? our exit polls revealing a stark difference between parties. christine romans is following that. she joins me this morning to explain. >> they really do and what you see i think most vividly in the republican direct rate is this anger. a visceral anger about the establishment and the federal government. let's take georgia and what people leaving the polls told us. of those who were angry about the federal government and it was more than half of them were angry at the federal government. more than 2:1 they chose him. he has the mad as hell
6:33 am
electorate behind him. can exit polls showed hit. massachusetts, a different kind of state from george. more moderate. moderates and conservatives both voted for him there and when asked who would you like to be president? and those who said not from the political establishment. look how far and away they went for donald trump. in moderate massachusetts, the republicans there who want someone from outside chose trump. by that kind of a margin. you go to virginia. here is something interesting. if you are looking for cracks and there are not many, but if you are looking for cracks in the donald trump dominance last night of the polls, in virginia we asked would you be satisfied if trump wins the nomination? >> 54% said no. so virginia voted for him. almost every demographic virginia, a battle ground state voted for him carol but when it came down to who he should be the nominee 54% said no. >> you hear that all the time. we're going to vote for the
6:34 am
lowest complain denominator because you got to vote for someone. >> another thing that broke the rubio, the late deciders. another little crack in the domination and it was a domination of donald trump last night. the late deciders tended to break for marco rubio. >> what about the dmok side. >> democrats really interesting. most could take hillary clinton or bernie sanders. look at virginia. satisfied if clinton would win the nomination? 80% said yes. if you asked satisfied bernie sanders, f 65%. they would take either. where i saw the difference was age and minority. in arkansas, look at that. has her home state. young people wept for bernie sanders. no matter where you looked. the older they were, they liked hillary clinton. the younger they liked bernie sanders. in terms of race, the more diverse the state, those people tended to go for hillary clinton not for bernie sanders. >> interesting. thank you. >> isn't it? >> it is really fascinating. and you are right.
6:35 am
we were talking in the break this is an election like no other in our lifetime and you are so right about that christine roams. thank you. >> so if super tuesday is any indication of what's to come this is the ultimate insider versus the ultimate outsider. one, hillary clinton who thinks america's great and one, donald trump, who thinks america is not so great. although oddly both view themselves as uniters. >> now it might be unusual as aye said before for a presidential candidate to say this but i'm going to keep saying it. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find a that little hard to believe believe me. i am a unifier. when we get all this finished i'm going after one person hillary clinton on the assumption that she's allowed to
6:36 am
run chaz big assumption. >> we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. right? first a lis of winners and losers as of march 2nd 2016 post super tuesday. so our winners, donald trump, hillary clinton and ted cruz. on the loser side. marco rubio, the gop establishment and john kasich. so let's talk about that and more. i'm joined by the daily beast editor in chief john avalon and cnn political analyst. kay coppens, senior writer for buzz feed and author of the wilderness, about the republican struggle to win the white house after the 2012 election. welcome both of you. >> good morning carol. >> i know i think we all agree who the winners were last night right? yeah. >> people who win. >> people who win were the winners. and i want to concentrate on marco rubio. he's won one state out of 15. and he thinks he still has a chance. mckay is he delusional or does he have a chance?
6:37 am
>> well i was at his rally last night here in miami and it is pretty clear he is making his florida his alamo. i don't know what the florida equivalent of the alamo is. but that is what he is staking his campaign on. that primary is in two weeksfuls he was very clear about setting the expectation jese going to win florida. he told an excited crowd of hometown fans they were going to send a message that a con artist of donald trump was not going to be able to take over the party of lincoln. marco rubio currently trails by double digits. he has a lot of ground to make up. he's going need a lot of money. his campaign. he's going to need a lot of door knockers. canvassers. it is unclear whether he's going to be able to catch up but i think they have basically made
6:38 am
the calculation the only way for them to win is to win florida. this is going to be the race to watch for him. >> let's talk about john kasich. because he also thinks that he can win. but seriously? he hasn't won anything. and in the states where he's competed, he's like -- he's in the single digits. >> well god, and you are a buckeye state native and you are just dishing on your governor like that. >> sorry, i'm a realist. >> look i mean john kasich had a strong second in new hampshire, which he blooefld would punch his ticket of the sane center right. the sane center right has been out of fashion for some time in the republican party. but the candidates, sell by date is march 15th. and winning your home state as ted cruz did last night in texas and i will add by winning the latino vote there as women which
6:39 am
is significant. that is absolutely necessary. you can't make a case about electability if the people who know you best don't pull the lever for your name. but this is going to be the intense sprint of two weeks. this is the two weeks that count more than any others. marco rubio could take some comfort he finally has one win. but an argument needs to be followed by actually showing you can win. states and swing states. so this is the crucial two weeks not. question donald trump is in the pole position as hillary clinton is on the democratic side. but this is going to be a wild march and people are going to be throwing money at trying to see if they can delay donald trump's march and probably the hail mary pass you are going to see is a brokered convention. but that is more of a fantsd than reality. >> marco rubio started to run that very negative campaign where he made -- i won't repeat what he said but you get the gist. when you look at the results from super tuesday, was that
6:40 am
effective? >> that is a good question. it remains to be seen. i think the marco rubio strategy of just constantly bashing and insulting donald trump was really threefold. what part of it was about making it look tough and casting himself it is a antitrump candidate. part of it was trying to get inside donald trump's head. there was evidence that worked. you saw donald trump spend entire days in the past week just talking about trump's university. >> size of his hands -- >> and defending himself there. and size of his hands. when he has beautiful hands. when donald trump is saying that he has beautiful hands you have a case to be made you have trolled him effectively. the third thing is marco rubio needed media. oxygen. donald trump has sucked up so much media oxygen by being the showman, rubio was hoping to get media attention. he did. it worked.
6:41 am
it only translated to one actual win. he also did not meet the 20% threshold in texas. so he got no delegates. he came close to winning virginia but i think everyone agrees john kasich was a spoiler there and lost virginia. so look, you know, it might have worked in terms of getting him media coverage but rubio going forward is going to have to find a way to win his home state and probably a few other states. i think he'll probably keep a -- >> carol. >> -- john last word. >> late deciders, ended up seem to be breaking for rubio. that indicates the strategy had some effectiveness and the reality is that in life bullies only stand up to strength and marco rubio by playing the happy warrior and taking the fight to trump not only increased earned media but showed ability to punch back. and trump prides himself as the counterpuncher but the trump dedefenders decrying the civil discourse it couldn't be more ironic they are responsible for it but one more sign of this
6:42 am
surreal circus of the president shl domain it's turn shl campai turned into a palmolive commercial. >> we all have beautiful hands? we got go. >> i have great hands right here. >> you do mckay. still to come in the "newsroom," a surge in black support boosts hillary clinton in super tuesday. but is that all the support she needs to beat donald trump? tou. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
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6:46 am
bernie sanders did notch four more wins in his bid for president but he's far behind hillary clinton when it comes to delegates. i bring you stephen colbert. >> on the democratic side while hillary looks poised for big victories tonight, bernie sanders has promised to stay in the race for all 50 states.
6:47 am
or 51 if you count the state of denial. >> ooh of the that was a big ouch. part of what prepeld hillary clinton's success last night was her appeal among african americans. in some southern states she took at least 80% of the black vote. in alabama it was even higher. 93% went to hillary clinton. in arkansas clinton trounced sarnds 1% to 9%. welcome both of you. stephen colbert just kind of slammed bernie sanders. is he in a state of denial? >> translator: at all.
6:48 am
if we look at the map moving forward we have nift states. and the democratic party wanted to design it so they would stack the conservative southern states at the front so that a more conservative candidate could move forward. the country's changed a lot since then. the yes there is a large african american vote in the south and bernie sanders undoubtedly needs to work on getting his message out to african americans. but let's not forget that hillary clinton has run several campaigns in the south. there are a known name. they have relationships with all of the party chairs and leaders and the congressional members and those things matter in the african american community which still operates in old school machine political sort of way. so voters respond to endorsements. african american voters respond to endorsements. without that vote in the south hillary clinton wouldn't have won. let's keep that in mind. fifty states moving forward. not all look the same at the south and bernie sanders will do
6:49 am
very well in those states. >> but michael, if he doesn't have african american support and i mean major league support he can't win against donald trump. he needs support of african americans badly, doesn't he? so is he in a state of denial? >> i certainly don't think that either. senator sanders has raised some very serious issues which i think overall are good for the democratic party. and it was a great night for the party. commend senator sanders for his victories and certainly was a great night for secretary clinton as well. i think what both candidates demonstrated last night is the great diversity of the united states of america. the appeal that both of them have to a variety of constituencies. and it is important to be able to speak to the broad diversity of the american public, whether in democratic primaries or in a general election. >> but michael , don't you need major support among all minority
6:50 am
groups in order to course, mino groups, majority groups, i think both the senator and secretary are trying to appeal to the broad diversity of the democratic party. secretary clinton clearly does have a long-standing relationship with african-american community, not just in the south but the breadth and width of the united states of america. that doesn't put to the side, you know, the relationships she has with white americans, latino americans. she's appealing to the entire country and a great night for the democratic party. >> see, michael, you have been very gracious. >> i know. wow. do you want to switch campaigns? >> because hillary clinton was very gracious last night. bernie sanders has a lot of money -- >> i'm a gracious guy. >> you are a gracious guy.
6:51 am
at least for now. bernie sanders has a lot of money so he can stay in the race. is the major reason he wants to stay in the race to get his message across because he can keep talking about income inequality? >> well, i think the message has been key to this campaign and that's what the majority of voters and americans are feeling right now is economic inequality. i think he's in it to win it and there's a very strong path forward. i know we like to focus on states that suit bernie sanders' support right now. so, yes, the message is key. sending that message to the dnc -- and the superdelegates, of course. as bernie sanders moves forward, this is not a guy who is losing right now. he has a clear path forward and
6:52 am
it's going to be a competitive race and that's good for democrats. >> okay, nomiki. >> oh, come on. >> i've got to leave it there. come on. >> that was pretty good. >> it was. >> first of all, this is not a new process. senator sanders has been around for a while. >> since the '80s. >> this has been the process for a while. maybe the superdelegates have committed and that's why you see the large number of superdelegates who have already committed. >> they come in in august, to be fair. >> now you guys get technical with me and i've got to end it. michael nutter, nomiki combs, thank you. breaking news off the coast of africa. new plane debris washes ashore. could it be a part of mh-370? pet moments are beautiful,
6:53 am
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all right breaking news. a piece of wreckage from a boeing 777, likely belonging to that malaysian flight has been found off the coast of mozambique. you might remember a different part of the boeing 777 was found on reunion island. cnn's rene marsh is joining me.
6:58 am
>> this piece is being taken to malaysia for further analysis. again, you mentioned it's the horizontal stabilizer. if you look at this aircraft here, this is the section of the plane that we're talking about. this would be the horizontal stabilizer. essentially, it's part of the tail of the aircraft. they believe this debris found could belong to a 777. once they do that analysis, they'll be able to confirm whether it's from a boeing 77 and whether it's from mh-370. the australians say they plan on wrapping up the search for this aircraft by the middle of this year. if this is a piece of mh-370, it will confirm what we already know, that this aircraft went down. but it still does not confirm exactly what went wrong. carol? >> so the piece of debris that was found on reunion island, was
6:59 am
that part of mh-370? remind our viewers. >> that was the flaperon, essentially a part of the plane's wing. they were able to confirm that it did belong to a boeing 777 and it was, indeed, a piece of mh-370. that was the first piece that was found. and now we're talking about a second piece. so you have two pieces of this aircraft. but again, even looking at this piece, even analyzing it does not tell investigators what happened to that aircraft on march 8th, 2014. in just a matter of days, it will be a two-year anniversary. carol? >> rene marsh, thanks so much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" is back after a break. every day you read headlines about businesses
7:00 am
being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. . happening now in the "newsroom," trump and clinton tighten their grips. >> there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> the rest of the republican
7:01 am
candidates not letting go. >> there will never come a time in this race when our supporters are asking us to support donald trump. >> meantime, the front-runners looking to november. >> i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >> who's got the edge? >> we have to make america whole. >> make america great again is going to be much better than making america whole again. >> let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. super tuesday becomes surging wednesday at least for donald trump and hillary clinton. they win big and making a november showdown seem all but
7:02 am
inevitable. record turnout from arkansas to vermont. the new york billionaire erasing the traditional bounds of geography. senator ted cruz wins the his home state of texas. he's making the case that he's now the only republican that can beat trump. so-called establishment candidate marco rubio not just his first victory by claiming minnesota. he heads to his home state of florida. his only hope is in the win or take allstate. hillary clinton builds on her momentum winning seven states, including a hard-fought battle in massachusetts. bernie sanders wins vermont and minnesota and oklahoma. colorado was a surprise victory for him. regardless, all of them are pushing ahead. >> what a super tuesday! >> we're taking from the democrats, we're taking from the independents. we have a lot more people.
7:03 am
i hope to be able to get along with everybody. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. >> it is good to be home! >> we have come a very long way in ten months! >> we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat donald trump. >> the pundits, they were underdogs, i'll accept that. we've all been underdogs. >> and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much. thank you. >> all right. we're following all of the campaigns with our team of political reporters. jim acosta is following the democrats. joe johns the republicans.
7:04 am
>> reporter: good morning, carol. it was undoubtedly a big night for donald trump, sounding like a presumptive nominee. the billionaire/businessman, racked up big wins in georgia, tennessee, arkansas and could not deliver the knockout blow he was looking for against ted cruz who won his home state of texas neighboring oklahoma and alaska. ted cruz has a new argument this morning. he's now saying he is the best hope of the republican party of keeping trump out of the white house noting he's essentially the only candidate who has beaten donald trump on multiple occasions and that is the argument he made last night here on cnn. here's what he had to say. >> if we remain divided, then in all likelihood, donald trump becomes the nominee. that result was made clear tonight. >> if he's the nominee, will you support him? >> i will support the republican nominee, period, the end. but i don't believe he's going to be the republican nominee. i think we're going to unite to
7:05 am
prevent him from being the nominee because if he's the nominee, he may be the one person on the planet that hillary clinton can beat. >> now, ted cruz is calling on marco rubio, the other contenders, to drop out of this race and get behind him. marco rubio had a disappointing night only picking up minnesota. even after launching that series of personal attacks against donald trump to no avail. but rubio is vowing to fight on. here's what he had to say. >> i'm just wondering if there's a certain amount of denial that you're in about this race. >> no, jake. look, again, we're in the win or take all phase of this. you know this is about delegate account. this is not a traditional race. usually in a race like this you'd have a front-runner and people would be saying you need to drop out and rally around the front-runner for the sake of the party. there will never come a time in this race where our supporters are going to say to drop out and
7:06 am
rally around donald trump. this is a conartist who refuses to disavow kkk. if he is nominated, it will be the end of the moderate republican party. >> reporter: now, donald trump is trying to strike a more diplomatic tone saying he could unite the republican party, unite the country. but he did in almost the same breath warn what would happen if republican leaders did not get behind him, saying to paul ryan, the speaker of the house, saying that he would pay a price if those two leaders could not get along. carol, we're living in unprecedented time when the potential gop nominee is warning the speaker to back off. carol? >> jim, thank you so much. joe johns is in minneapolis. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. bernie sanders pulled off a huge win here in the caucuses in minnesota and he did it with ground game and organization, democratic insiders tell me.
7:07 am
also picking the right state, a state with a strong tradition of picking progressives. bernie sanders is saying that he needs to continue to rack up delegates until the national convention, even though hillary clinton is winning more states than he is. listen. >> this is not a general election. it's not win or take all. if you get 52%, 48%, you roughly end up with the same amount of delegates at the end of tonight, 15 states will have voted. 35 states remain. and let me assure you, that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace for every one of those states.
7:08 am
>> reporter: but there really is not any denying that hillary clinton was the big winner last night, especially for her performance in southern states. her campaign has told me that they are looking forward to the 15th of this month and beyond hoping that they will be able to deliver that knockout punch to bernie sanders. essentially, what she's saying is right now she's focusing just a little bit lesson sanders and a little bit more on the republicans. listen. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in new york today and bernie sanders is in the state of
7:09 am
maryland. carol? >> joe, thank you. it looks like it will be an epic battle between hillary clinton and donald trump when all is said and done in the general election unless establishment voters can kick trump to the curb. it could happen. establishment republicans say they are fighting for the future of the republican party while democrats have fully embraced their liberalism. with me to talk about all of this, cnn political commentator, welcome to both of you. >> nice to see you. >> caley, the voters are spoken, at least on super tuesday. i'm wondering, who does the republican establishment party represent exactly? >> it doesn't represent anyone, as we're finding. they represent a small minority who is trying to rally behind marco rubio. the republican establishment has
7:10 am
betrayed the republican voter time and time again and vote on raising it by $1.3 trillion and promise to fund planned parenthood and then they don't. they have repeatedly lied and at the end of the day, voters will rally behind whoever the nominee is. the political class might now. but take my word, the voters will. >> i want to talk about trump's win and the breadth of his win. he won in several states. does that make it not defined by ideology or geography? >> it seems wherever there are angry voters he has a potential base. look, i think a lot of america -- i hope a lot of america is waking up in a cold sweat this morning. that once we thought was a joke and a long shot is now really a possibility and the most
7:11 am
dangerous thing at this point are people thinking that, you know f. we keep wishing it will happen, donald trump will go away. people need to pay attention now. this is not a drill anymore, folks. he could actually become president. a man who is afraid to or refuses to denounce the kkk, who has built up his campaign on hating against muslims, against mexicans, against basically anyone who isn't his fan base who are rah-rah-rahing, who question the faith of the american president. this isn't funny anymore. it's frightening. >> kayleigh, i want to talk about the minority votes. donald trump didn't attract the nonwhite voters. rubio won nonwhite voters in georgia and alabama there were so few blacks or latinos, they didn't even register in the
7:12 am
republican election. so donald trump doesn't have support, seemingly, among minorities, and many analysts say he can't win in a general election against hillary clinton if he doesn't have any minority support. >> i think he will get minority support. because here's the thing. black unemployment has never been worse in this country in the last decade. it's way worse than it has been since the beginning of the obama presidency. black unemployment is terrible. a lot of blacks, black pastors who have rallied around donald trump and support him, support him because of his message of economic growth. >> who? >> they know -- >> who? >> there have been many who -- sally kohn, i want to refute something that you said. you said donald trump refuses to avow the kkk. he disavowed them on friday and
7:13 am
in 2000 he called david duke a racist, a problem. he's repeatedly disavowed this group. it's wrong to insinuate anything less than that. it is wrong. >> you know that i'm not the only one saying it and you know that he has made some pretty wishy-washy statements. he's been given clear opportunities to denounce it. you know this wall donald trump talks about building? he's not going to be able to build a wall and make mexico pay for a wall. the wall is a metaphor. it's a metaphor for angry mostly white voters who fear this country is changing in ways that are the cause of their unsettlement. they are not going to blame republican tax policy for decades that has given more money and power to the rich and the big business and instead they are going to blame mexican immigrants. they are not going to blame any other number of things. they are going to keep finding
7:14 am
scapegoats for their problems and here comes donald trump saying, yes, i'll wall you off from all of this change. >> no. the wall is not a metaphor. the wall is not a metaphor. >> instead of which violates the values on which this country was founded. and i pray that americans are better than that. >> sally, the wall is not a metaphor. it has nothing to do with racism or bigotry. it has to do with national security. 60 isis fighters made it into europe because of lack immigration policies and killed 153 parisians. >> look, no one is building a wall against canada, kayleigh. >> okay. i have to leave it there. i think we're getting a taste of the general election to come. sally kohn and kayleigh mcenery, thank you. a high-stake abortion case
7:15 am
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7:19 am
the u.s. supreme court will take up the most important abortion case in almost a decade. it involves texas but could affect clinics across the country. this is what it looks like outside the u.s. supreme court right now. abortion activists. they opposed this texas law because it requires abortion clinics to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards. it also requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. we sat down with the co-writer of this texas law. listen. >> how does removing access to health care increase health care? >> we're not removing access. we're improving. >> reporter: so the intention of the law was not to do away with abortions? >> no. >> reporter: it was just to make
7:20 am
them impossible? >> you have to have it in a procedure where it can be healthy. >> reporter: of course. you don't cut a woman in an abortion, though. >> that is true. you do not. with me is constitutional lawyer jonathan turley. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, carol. >> this texas law, who is behind it? >> that depends on who you ask. this presents a very interesting question with the texas court. it's a careful line as to what the states can do while not making abortion which many people believe will provide final clarity to that, once the courts seem to have a majority to create a bright-line rule, we have the passing of justice scalia. so if you talk to people that are in favor of pro-choice, this is a truly devastating potential
7:21 am
case. over 50% of clinics in texas are either shut down or likely to shut down under these limitations. on the other hand, if you talk to pro-life people, they have said the court has said that we can impose reasonable limitations. these are limitations direct related to the health of the patients. you can disagree with the state but this is what the state wants for abortion providers to meet. that present as difficult question for the swing justice in these cases who is, of course, justice anthony kennedy. in 1992, 2007, kennedy was a key vote in these abortion cases. he did write the decision saying that you could outlaw a late-term abortion. so he is someone who take as middle position and where he would fall in a case like this. >> so the accents of justice
7:22 am
scalia, does that -- how does that affect the court as far as this decision is concerned? >> well, first and foremost, he obviously would have voted in favor of texas. now, the lower court did in fact support texas. it's also important to note that the seventh circuit actually struck down a wisconsin law that put limitations on clinics. there's a division among the circuits. with the passing of justice scalia, you have an eight-member court and lose that conservative vote. so all eyes will be on kennedy. if it splits 4-4, then the lower court decision stands and that will be a victory for texas legislators but will avoid what a lot of pro-choice people feared, which is a sweeping decision, embracing the right of states to impose these types of laws. >> jonathan turley, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. still to come in the
7:23 am
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we know donald trump and hillary clinton were the big winners on tuesday but who was voting and why? christy romans is tracking the exit polls this morning. hi, christine. >> hi there, carol. i've got to tell you, the depth of the anger among gop voters is quite stark. donald trump clearly dominated the night. i want to start with tennessee.
7:28 am
those voters chose donald trump as their candidate over ted cruz about two-to-one. in arkansas, they chose trump as their guy. another pervasive anger in the south, let's move north now to the more moderate massachusetts. trump is leading with conservatives and moderates and of those who say they want someone outside the establishment, an astounding 74% chose trump. let's talk about what you are seeing on the board. arkansas, the democrats here, so interesting here. among the democrats, the younger they were, the more likely they were to vote for bernie sanders. that's what they told us on their way out of the polls. when you talk about race, the more diverse the state, minorities more likely to vote for hillary clinton. let's look to virginia. these are people who decided to vote in the last few days. this is an interesting trend on the republican side of the race.
7:29 am
if you decided in the last few days, chances are you voted for marco rubio. donald trump is second there but rubio, 38%. super interesting how the late breakers were for rubio but just about everything else was for donald trump. one thing about oklahoma, another kind of crack in the foundation, maybe, ted cruz won oklahoma, his neighboring state. voters there put cruz and rubio -- put cruz and rubio ahead as the candidates who share their values. so when asked, who shares my values, that is most important to me, that was cruz and rubio, not donald trump. carol? >> christine romans reporting for us, thanks so much. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. john kasich forging ahead in his bid to be the republican presidential nominee despite not winning a single state on super tuesday. governor kasich often points to
7:30 am
his budget balancing skills as a reason voters should put him in the white house. his rival, donald trump, also touts his business credentials and says he's the one to get the economy moving, something that the obama administration says that trump has made bad deals. >> we're being killed on trade, absolutely destroyed. china is just taking advantage of us. i have nothing against china. i have great respect for china. their leaders are too smart for our leaders. our leaders don't have a clue. >> ben stein is an economist and working with the nixon presidential library. a trip to china that normalized relations with that country. ben, welcome. glad you're here. >> honored to be here. thank you very much. >> you know, it's rather ironic that you're celebrating the relations between the united
7:31 am
states and china and donald trump says china is killing our economy. are they killing our economy? >> no, he's wrong. china is selling us high-quality goods at low prices and starting a trade war is exactly the wrong thing to do. there's no such thing as a winner in a trade war. for mr. trump to be saying that he's going to start one is just plain foolish. he's not going to get u.s. jobs back. he's going to make u.s. -- u.s. goods will not be able to be exported to china. china goods will be more expensive. trade wars don't work. >> he says that china is devaluing our economy and currency. is it? >> that's not true. he can say we can flap our wings and fly. he can say anything. china is devaluing its own currency to be able to trade to the u.s. and in some ways that is not good and while not many
7:32 am
americans are competing with ch chinese for jobs, we are really blessed by them because they sell us their good-quality goods at a bargain price and invest u.s. treasury and bonds. so we really win every way you look at it. >> but here's the thing. "the new york times" is reporting that trade with china has cost americans far more jobs than anticipated. and by that they mean manufacturing jobs which have dried up over the course of 10 or 20 years. >> this is a very -- almost very unfortunate for these people and made them with lawyers and psychiatrists and it just is not true that china is hurting us in any kind of meaningful way and
7:33 am
it's not true that we're going to get jobs back by talking tough to them. china is a proud, powerful country. we can't talk down to them and they are a very big power and, as i say, they are doing us a favor. >> do you know what donald trump would say to you if they are listening? ben stein? >> what would he say? what would he say? >> what would he say? >> he would probably say you're not a billionaire like i am because you've got to know anything but the fact is that i know a billionaire named warren buffett, a and he thinks free trade is a good thing. most people who know anything about economics knows that free trade is a good thing. they should be retrained to get into competition that they are not competing with chinese workers. generally speaking, trade with china is a very big thing with the u.s. and, plus, let's remember, 600 million chinese
7:34 am
out of dire poverty and they are fellow human beings just like us. >> i'm thinking that out-of-work americans are not feeling much sympathy. not because they don't care but because they are hurting, too. >> the ability to ask not be done in a meaningful way. we're doing well to have free trade with china. >> you know, i just wondered, who are you supporting this time around? obviously it's not donald trump. who is it? >> i don't know. i went to law school with the clintons so i've always had a kind of fondness with her. she was also a very young woman in those days and i like her. i admire the fact that bernie sanders has a single-payer national health plan. when i worked for mr. nixon as a
7:35 am
speechwriter, i sent up a proposal for single-payer health plan. i would like to see it a republican. i've never voted for a democrat. i like mr. trump but i think he's dangerously misinformed. >> what about the other candidates? >> i like marco rubio because he's hanging in albatros. mr. trump did disavow the ku klux klan. to say otherwise is not true. i like ted cruz very much. if i could snap my fingers and have anyone, it would be marco rubio but i think he's been a little bit disingenuous lately. >> speaking about disingenuousness, i wanted to ask you about chris christie because a lot of republicans say he sold out. there's a picture of chris christie that's gone viral from last night. he's standing behind donald trump and has this terrible look on his face and people, of
7:36 am
course, are reading all sorts of things into that. do you read anything into chris christie's face? >> no, i don't. chris christie was and is a very, very capable governor, a very intelligent guy, extremely competent lawyer. i think he made a mistake getting on the trump bandwagon and i hope that bandwagon does not drag us out to sea like the goldwater did. i don't want to see that happen again to the republican party but i'm afraid that's what is coming down the road. >> ben stein, thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. >> my great pleasure. thank you. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom," a piece of debris has been found off the coast of africa. could it be from the missing malaysia airlines flight? ook? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette.
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available at cvs and walgreens. a bit of breaking news for the missing malaysia airlines flight. a piece of debris likely belonging to that plane has been found off the coast of moz zam beak. an aviation source telling us there is no other record of this type of plane missing. that particular part except for flight 370. remember, last year, the first confirmed debris from the missing flight was found on reunion eye land. cnn's richard quest is with me now. he's written a book called "the vanishing of flight 370." so the significance of this is find is what? >> if you look at the map again, this piece, believed to be from the horizontal stabilizer, it's exactly on the opposite side of the indian ocean from australia.
7:42 am
look where the first piece, the flaperon was found, and then you just go around madagascar to the eastern coast of africa. and what is very interesting is this is what the experts -- the oceanographers always said. this is where you were going to find. if you didn't find it in 2014, over the two years, it has drifted. we don't know where this piece came ashore. it might have came ashore months ago and only just been discovered. that's the unknown here. >> you know what my next question is. does this make it easier for them to find this plane and all of the people who went down with this plane? >> i'm sorry to say, but no. they will be able to reverse drift it and it will take them roughly back to the area where this happened off australia. but it won't tell them any more than the flaperon tells them. it won't tell them what happened at 19 minutes past 1:00 on the
7:43 am
8th of march 2014. nor will it tell them really how the plane went into the water. did it dive in? it's unlikely to tell them this far gone but they will be forensically diagnosing it. we hope it's not the fiasco that we saw with the first flaperon that was found off reunion island. let's hope that they definitively and decisively determine this is or isn't from the plane. >> that would be different. richard quest, thanks so much. don't forget to watch cnn this friday night, a special on the missing malaysian flight airs at 10:00 p.m. eastern. and billionaires calling out
7:44 am
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7:48 am
super tuesday may have been hillary clinton's night but bernie sanders isn't ready to give up the fight, even taking on the republican front-runner in his vermont victory speech. >> when we bring our people together, what we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. when we bring our people together and when we have the courage to stand up to the billionaire class and tell them they can't have it all! >> while sanders believes billionaires may be holding the country back, it may be african-american voters who block his vote to the white house. he was trounced by
7:49 am
african-american voters where clinton took the south states. welcome to both of you. welcome, marks. i will call you by your last names. i'll start with you, preston. can bernie sanders win the nomination? is there any way possible for that to happen? >> carol, it's certainly difficult, just like there's a path on the republican side to try to stop donald trump even though he has a win behind his back, there is a path for bernie sanders. a couple things that we need to keep in mind. one is the way the democratic process is set up is that hillary clinton will not officially clinch the nomination until late may, perhaps sometime in april. also, what if something were to happen to hillary clinton. there's a lot of talk about the investigation into her e-mails a he what have you. and if bernie sanders were to get out now, would that preclude him from potentially being picked as the nominee if she had
7:50 am
to leave the race? it's smart for bernie sanders to stay in the race right now. the big pressure on bernie sanders, though, is to not make it personal about hillary clinton and continue to talk about the issues. >> mark lamont hill, some say that they are glad that bernie sanders is staying in the race because it makes hillary clinton lean more left, number one, and it gives her something to fight for. >> absolutely. hillary clinton needs a good battle-tested primary. that's always been the argument and i think that's still the case. but this is about getting the issues on the table. it's an uphill climb. he can absolutely win. that's true. we can't assume that hillary clinton has to be the winner. this is about calling out wall street and forcing people to reimagine criminal justice and any battle between hillary and bernie makes that happen. the democratic side is still largely issue-base and i do think that's an incredibly important dialogue to have. >> although hillary clinton supporters have moved on to the
7:51 am
general election already, it's going to be, you know, trump versus clinton. earlier on "new day," the former secretary of state madeleine albright appeared. she's a clinton supporter. here's what she had to say. >> i think that hillary will have the turnout. the democrats will be energized in order to make sure that we have as commander-in-chief as president somebody who knows what she is doing and ready on day one and, believe me, the international situation is going to get even more complicated. >> all right. she's talking about the enthusiasm factor, mark preston. bernie sanders supporters are much more enthusiastic than the hillary clinton supporters are about her. >> if you look at the most recent cnn/orc poll, the problem
7:52 am
with that is that we are in the month of march right now. we are not in the month of november. we've also seen donald trump being able to rally an incredible amount of support to his candidacy, even though his detractors say 65% of his republicans are not backing him. however, 65% of democrats will probably back him. they have to be careful not to take trump support for granted. there is something within his message as some people find it vulgar. there is something that is connecting with voters and there is a strain of anger right now in the american electorate that wants to see some change here in washington, carol. >> mark lamont hill, when hillary is giving her victory speech last night, she talked about love and kindness. >> right now she wants to look presidential and look above the fray. the democrats are talking about
7:53 am
who has the biggest hands in such and as a result she wants to look like she's bigger than all of this. it's a very presidential turn. to some he cextent, it's trying move her into general election mode. you'll see the gloves come off. the clintons are no strangers to bare knuckle politics. let's not assume that hillary clinton has to win. anything can happen. we don't want to buy into the inevitably. certainly bernie sanders can be. >> fair enough. mark lamont hill, mark preston, let's go to the "newsroom". donald trump turns a small insult into a big spectacle. . it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks.
7:54 am
listerine(r). power to your mouth™!
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so when did the race for the republicans get to ugly? it could be when one accused the other of having tiny hands. here's cnn jeannies into. >> you hajeanne moos. >> they are such liars. the worst. >> reporter: but these expressive hands are what rival marco rubio had the nerve to call small. >> and you know what they say about man with small hands. you can't trust them. >> reporter: trust trump to pick up the gauntlet. >> i've always had people say, donald, you have the most beautiful hands. >> reporter: we tried to remain a hands-off attitude about this story but when the donald jumped in, so did we. >> he said i have small hands. they are not small, are they? i've never heard that one before. >> reporter: oh, yes, he did, says the editor of "the vanity
7:59 am
fair," who once described trump as a short fingered vulgarian. actually, quite short, the editor wrote back to trump. others have piled on. a website called post what seem to be real and photoshopped photos emphasizing trump's hands. the new republic said his tiny fingers reflect cocktail weenies and that christie's hands are even smaller than the donald. one commenter suggested russian leader vladimir putin also has short fingers, as if all tough guys have a small hand complex to make up for. but trump supporters are more interested in shape than size.
8:00 am
specifically, if they got this much exercise, jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thank you for watching. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. >> what took you so long to say so? >> i've been taking donald on directly. >> they kill people. >> don't play games with that. >> get used to


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