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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 2, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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special report, vanished the mystery of malaysia airlines flight 370, that airs this friday night here on cnn at 1:00 p.m. eastern. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room. the news continues next on cnn. and we begin here top of the hour, you are watching cnn. i'm brooke brooke. breaking news a boom shell turn of events in theepublican race for president. just as the republican party should be celebrating today, this clear front-runner with donald trump, seven-state win on super tuesday, mitt romney, folks -- mitt romney a hard core trump critic is stepping in now. here's what we know. tomorrow the 2012 republican presidential nominee will be speaking at the university of utah on the state of presidential race here in 2016. and according to mark preston
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here with us at cnn he is reporting that mitt romney is not entering the race. let's be clear. but more than likely, this republican party elder will be trying to set in on what he sees as the right course moving forward looking ahead obviously to november. romney's speech is expected to be another glaring example of how donald trump's shocking durability and dominance has led to the republican party being at crossroads. do republicans support a nominee they feel certain will do not just the -- their white house bid, but the very party itself? or do they keep fighting? what trump's voters keep showing them is a losing battle. i want you to hear from former presidential candidate senator lindy graham talking with manu raju. >> if trump gets the nomination, would you support him. >> well, ask me that after the convention. >> so meaning you are not making
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a statement one way or another on sit in. >> just ask me that after the convention. if he wins the republican nomination i'll have to reconsider that. but i don't think he is going to be a republican. >> let's chat. joining me, amy stoddard. jackie kusinic, and ryan williams, used to be spokesman for romney when he served as governor of massachusetts. welcome to all of you. ryan, let's chat about your former bo. can we talk about this speech tomorrow? tell me what you know. >> well, i don't expect governor romney make an endorsement or announce a candidacy. he has made secret that donald trump, he thinks, is an absolute disaster, somebody who would destroy the party, somebody who has been a con man throughout his career, said one thing and done another. i think he has been good about that. he has been trolling donald
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trump with suites tweets, i think you will hear it in person during the speech. >> he has been trolling him indeed on twid quitter with the tax return and other thing. but my question to you gloria borger, this speech wasn't on the books for a while. it is a sudden speech. why now? why not two weeks ago? why not two months ago ryan. >> i haven't talked to the governor? i'm not sure about the timing of the speech. governor romney cares about the future of this country. he knows hillary clinton would be a bad president, someone who would continue the failed policies of the obama administration. he want to so a conservative credible republican get our nomination who can win in november. he knows donald trump not only won't do that but will hurt our races for senate, governor and be a huge weight in the party. he doesn't want to see that. i think myth is speaking out because he cares about the future of the party and the country. >> ab, given everything ryan just said, what will he say?
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who will he be talk to? >> well, it's interesting that he is coming out not endorsing. remember after south carolina there was this flicker in the news that romney was going to endorse. of course everyone thought it would be rubio. now there was a retreat and now he is not going to. it has created tension. you look at rubio, who is clearly largely the chosen one or the antitrump republicans who are trying to stop him, jet jeb bush hasn't endorsed him. he needs all the help he can get in 13 days in florida, winner take all where trump is ahead. mitt romney is not going to endorse him. romney is going to talk about how to stop trump. and maybe even talk about the seriousness of the decorum that's required in a race like this. if you are marco rubio, there is nothing you can do that's right.
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and you are not getting endorsed or helped. and when you attack donald trump the way donald trump say tacking you, people say it's unserious. romney may have helpful ood vice for those trying to stop donald trump. maybe he will create a way for the three or four of the remain be non-trump candidatesg make a path to the convention. but it's awfully late. and it's not clear how much he will actually help. >> let me channel david chall onwho is your wise cnn political reporter. he was saying had this been any other candidate who did so well last night the republican party would have having a ticker tape parade today as it looks like this front-runner could be solidified. instead we are talking about mitt romney speaking tomorrow and the republican party refusing to answer trump. >> yeah, he is not their guy. and mitt romney is an adult in the room's party elder at this
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point. there will be people who want to hear what he says to say on this. but i would caution, marco rubio does not lack for endorsements from the establishment wing of the republican party. pretty much all of them have weighed in. i don't know what exactly a romney endorsement would get him at the end of the day other than saying to donors give him money help him out and let him hang in there so he can win a couple of states. also, this might be a signal to donors to pony up for the antitrump events that we are starting to see rising in the last couple of days. >> we talk so much about this, and there is this sort of antitrump movement but i am reminded the people are speaking. talk about the republican -- the turnout is historic. let me play some sound. this is from former candidate governor mike huckabee. >> the establishment republicans are all, you know bed wetting over there. and they don't seem to understand that we have an election. look, i just believe that at some point we need to recognize if you want oppose donald trump
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do it. but don't pretend somehow all these voters who have gone out and voted for him are stupid. they are not stupid. i tell you what they are. they are angry. they are angry at the very establishment who is going nuts because donald trump is doing so well. they don't get that they are the problem? ryan, how would a mitt romney or any other establishment republican try to take those, you know, historic turnout, republican or perhaps first-time voters who really like trump and not, you know speak down to them or disparage them, but turn them their way? >> look, i think everyone needs to respect the will of the voters certainly, but you know, more needs to be said about who donald trump is. what -- he is selling a con to the voters right now. he is a guy who is saying he is going the bring back jobs from china yet he produces a clothing line in china. he says he is going to protect american workers but employs illegal workers to help build the trump tower. this is a candidate whose message is appealing to empoochl but it's con. this is what he has done in his
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career, in business and politics. he marketed himself well but it's all an act and i think that needs to be discussed more before more people cast their ballots. >> since we don't have a trump supporter, i have to say they would say he is not a con and he has done everything he said he would. ab, rubio, he won one state, trump calls himself a unifier. here they were last night. >> i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party, and everybody, get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody -- nobody that's going to beat us. >> for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together.
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united. >> if we nominate donald trump as our nominee for the republican party it will be the end of the modern republican party. hillary clinton will smoke him in the general election and the next four years are going to be no different than the last eight for our country. i will fight as long as and as hard as it takes to save this party and the conservative movement from someone like donald trump. >> when i hear from cruz and rubio they are sort of pointing at the other guy essentially saying get out. is there one voice in the republican party that could get them on speed dial and say hey for the sake of the republican party in 2016, dude, you need to bail? >> no. there is not one voice. money is going to talk. and unity behind one of the candidates would mean something. but right now there are critics of cruz staying in the race, of rubio staying in the race and kasich and carson staying in the
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race. those guys want unity behind their candidatesies but no one person would tip thele aboutance. it would have to be a full force, everyone gets behind and coalesces behind one person effort. >> jackie, i want to hear from you, but let me ask you all to stan by. i'm being handed breaking news. magic. this is from ben carson. official state from dr. carson, quote, i have zooit decided not to sustained the fox news presidential debate tomorrow night in detroit even though i will not be in my hometown of detroit urs this. i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening's super tuesday primary results. however, the grassroots movement on behalf of we the people will continue along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for president, i remain committed to saving america for future generations. we must not depart from our
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goals to restore what god and our founders intended for this intentional nation. one more graph. i appreciate the support, financial and others from all corners of america gratefully. my campaign decisions are not constrained by finances. rather by what is in the best interests of the american people. that is the news here from the dr. carson campaign. do not see a political path forward. we will rejoin with the panel and chat about that and that affect, if anything, on this race moving forward. lots to talk about on this day after super tuesday. quick break. we're back after this.
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. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke brooke. breaking news here. back to what i have just been handed. this is from the ben carson for president camp. essentially saying, i'm quoting the doctor. dr. carson saying i do not see a political path forward. will not be attending the fox republican presidential didn't tomorrow night in detroit. let's go to david challion with what exactly does this mean? is this officially dropping
11:16 am
outer not taking it that far. >> when you say you don't see a path forward, and you are saying you are not going to attend the debate it's everything but dropping out. dr. carson says he will have more to say in a speech on friday here in the washington area. this is all but suspending his campaign. he said unlike other campaigns this is not due to financial constraints. he has been raising a lot of low dollar money throughout this race. instead, he says this is what is best for the party, for the country, going forward. so it certainly sounds like in every word there that he is not going to be an active candidate going forward from here. you have to remember, brooke, he was one time the national front-runner in this race. back this the fall there were polls out that showed him ahead of donald trump. and this was about october. so he was the one-time national front-runner in this race. and then there were questions about his biographical background that got asked that sort of started his decline.
11:17 am
and then as he himself said often when the attacks happened in paris and san bernardino, there were real questions about his ability to serve as commander in chief. again, ben carson acknowledged there were questions about that. and that was part of the cause of his decline in the polls. he never regained real traction after that. >> okay. let me just pivot and ask you about the other piece of big news today b mitt romney and his speech tomorrow at the university of utah on the state of the presidential race here. we know it is not an endorsement. what more do we know? >> cnn's mark preston and john berman have spoken to various sources very close to mitt romney. and they have learned you are not, is it not an endorsement, nor is it going to be an announcement of his own political future. again the sources close to romney are telling narc and john and others that he is going to go after trump tomorrow in his
11:18 am
speech. that is what he is aiming to do. that should come as no surprise to anybody who follows his twitter feed or anybody who sees him on television. he has not at all been supportive of trump. the last several months mitt romney was seeking in some way to play the role of adult supervision in this chaotic republican presidential field. i think now that donald trump is clearly on a march towards the nomination and romney clearly sees that as not good for the party he wants to set out a path that might take the party in a different direction. i think that's what we'll hear tomorrow. >> okay. david challion thank you. the speech is at 11:30 a.m. eastern. meantime much more on the breaking news on both fronts. on the news of dr. carson's campaign, and the news on the political speech that mitt romney will be making tomorrow. we'll speak with house majority leader tom delay next.
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world of politics. two pieces of breaking news. let me relay them to you before i bring in former house majority leader tom delay. number one we're hearing from dr. ben carson's camp he will not be answer thing the republican debate tomorrow night in data detroit. and doet quote doesn't see a political path forward. indicating he is dropping out of the race. number two, mitt romney, a man who certainly wanted to be president, he will be speaking tomorrow at the university of utah. he will be addressing the state of the presidential race. he will not be throwing his hat into the ring according to our reporting from mark preston, will not be an endorsement but
11:24 am
will be a strong message with regard to the republican party. with that said, former house majority leader tom delay is joining me now. congressman, welcome. >> thank you brooke. great to be with you. >> i'm glad we have you on such a busy day. let me just ask you about first off this news from mitt romney. listen, is this not too little too late? >> well, a lot of people are saying that, but i think a lot of people, including myself, thought that trump would implode on his own. we keep shaking our heads. >> that hasn't happened. >> and that hasn't happened. and people are now as i am very concerned that trump may be the nom knew for the republican party. and -- nominee for the republican party. so they are speaking out. i hope that's what romney is doing tomorrow. >> we know specifically, from mark preston, he will emphasize quote the choices facing the republican party and the country in this presidential election. what does that mean to you? what does he really need the say
11:25 am
to all these voters? record turnout of republican voters this primary season. >> right now, he needs, number one, to threat american people know, and particularly the republican voters know, that this race is not over, that even though many in the media are calling it over and trump has a path to the nomination, it's not even close to being over. and the people need to understand that. and number two, what kind of man trump is. and talk about the policies he is talking about. because, you know, having a trade war for instance with china, india and japan, the three major economies in the world, does not benefit us. does not make america greater. letting 11 million illegals leave the country and then come back does not benefit us. i could go on and on and on.
11:26 am
so i'm hoping romney will point all that out. because people are going to be listening to him. >> they will definitely be listening to him. let me jump to something you said, trump is now the nominee, you are going to have egg on your faces. you are correct this is not a done deal for mr. trump. going to last night, he swept the seven states. are you giving enough credit to the voters who are clearly speaking up at these polling places? >> brooke, not you, but the media for three weeks now have been telling us he's going to sweep all 12 except for texas, and he is tied there. >> let's not throw the media under the bus. forgive me. that's a sensitive. we're not saying that, that's not the truth. that's not a done deal. please continue. >> well, brooke, i think the people understand what i said. the -- what's happened, and trump ought to take pause, he
11:27 am
lost four states last night, which shows he is vulnerable. and he lost the biggest one, texas, other than california. he only has right now 300 delegates. he needs 1237. and there is 20 more states that are proportional. and there's only 12 states and 871 delegates that are winner take all. he as got run the table from now on in order to be the nominee because every time one of the other candidates take a state or comes close, he loses delegates that would give him the nomination. we could very well go to a convention. >> we could. but leader delay, i'm reminded of a quote i read this morning in the paper from governor tim poe lenty. it went something like this. he was talking about an airplane. and he said if the republican party were an airplane and you are sitting there looking out the windows you would see some piece of the surface flying off
11:28 am
and you would be wondering whether the engine or a wing is next. if, sir, if, if, if donald trump were to become the nominee, would the republican party be dead? >> i think he could do great damage to the party. he already has. the in-fighting that's going on within the party is not helpful. but when he becomes president, if he becomes president, and he starts governing, the first thing out of the box, he wants to appoint someone like his sister who is pro abortionist, to the supreme court. that would split the party right down the middle. i mean, it would just tear it to shreds. and then you go on. like i said, if he starts a trade war with the top economies of the nation, the first people that have to defend him or fight him are the republican elected officials. not just in the house and the senate, the governors and
11:29 am
otherwise. >> listen, i don't have donald trump sitting here but would it be possible that he is saying a lot of this to get people fired up? clearly he has, when you look at all the people coming out to the polls. but he also said he is a businessman, he says everything is negotiatible. is it possible he walks some of this back later and that you would sit down at the table and eventually support him? >> well then if that is the case, brooke and he doesn't mean what he is saying, he is. >> is it a possibility. >> if he is just trying to get people fired up, then he is a con man. you have got say what you believe and tell the american people what you would do so that they can make a decision not based on getting fired up, but based upon what you truly believe and where you want to take this country. and he's not doing that. >> let's move off him. we just reported the news that dr. carson won't be at the republican debate tomorrow night. he doesn't see -- what was phrase -- i don't see a political path forward all but saying that he is dropping. who else do you think needs to
11:30 am
drop now? >> i think all three have to stay in. >> you do, all three being kasich, rubio, cruz? >> yeah. especially kasich. kasich needs to win ohio. if kasich winsio dwloe then trump will not have a majority. >> won't that help trump. >> trump will not have a majority of the delegates going into the convention. >> soak you want all three to stay in. let me ask you your name, i'm sure you know this, came up at the cnn's democratic town hall last week. hillary clinton was asked a question about republicans that she has been able to fine some common ground with. and your name came up. here she was. >> when i got washington, when my husband became president, i look for opportunities to work across the aisle. i worked with tom delay, one of the most partisan republicans in the congress to reform the adoption of foster care system. we never became friends but we did something good for a lot of young kids who had better lives
11:31 am
because of it. >> did you -- you chuckled before -- you knew where i was going with that, congressman. what do you make of her response? >> well, she was very, very helpful. my wife and i were foster parents, and we were very much involved in that effort to save these children. and hillary did a lot of work to help us do that. along with a whole lot of other people. i mean it wasn't just hillary and me. it was a lot of people trying to take care of these children. >> well former house majority leader tom delay i appreciate it very very much. >> sure brooke, glad to be with you. >> thank you. straight ahead here on cnn, he is without a win, even after super tuesday. we were just talking about the ohio governor here, john kasich. a number of republicans unlike tom delay, they are telling him they would like him to get out. is he costing other candidates a chance to close in on trump?
11:32 am
a kasich supporter, montiel williams will join me next. st also more on our breaking news. mitt romney says he plans to address the state of the 2016 republican presidential race tomorrow. lots to talk about on this wednesday. we'll be right back. hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ]
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. let's continue this conversation on politics today. here longtime tv talk show host montiel williams is with me. last month endorsed john kasich for president. and ryan williams is back with us. former employee of mitt romney and john sue knew knew. montiel, i'm curious about your
11:37 am
thoughts of mitt romney giving a speech tomorrow. not throwing his hat into the ring, not endorsing a candidate. but a message for the republican party, what do you think? >> i think as a leader, a person who is recognized as a leader in this country, you could is he last week when he first started talking about the fact that this was getting out of control. i think he is being moved, moved enough to want to speak to the rest of the people in utah and the rest of the country to say look i think we need to control the rhetoric. and i think this speech is going to be different than most people believe tomorrow. i think he is going to come out and say everybody needs to ask to calm this down. >> ryan i know you said you hadn't talked to the governor. again to you. what do you think he needs to say? >> i think he needs to talk about the stakes in this race and what we have at stake here in terms of nominating the wrong person, who donald trump is. i think he should do a job unmasking donald trump as the con man he is, someone who as i mentioned says he is going to bring bring jobs back, and a
11:38 am
person who says he is a business success but has four massive bankruptcies. he needs to lay out the consequences that could come if we do nominate him. >> let's talk about john kasich. you said he is the adult on the playground. washington and the establishment. from what i'm reading that they are frustrated kasich is not getting oust way. >> he took a strong second in new hampshire, last night in vermont and massachusetts. he has a ground swell of people understanding he is the only adult in the room. romney picking on trump right now is absolutely the wrong thing to do. all you are going to do is inspire the zealots behind him to come ott en masse. if he guess out there and asking people to calm done down and calm down the rhetoric i think it allows the opportunity for those who have real ideas to rise above.
11:39 am
i still think kasich has a good chance. tom delay said he should not get out. he is going to win ohio. if kasich wins ohio, rubio doesn't win florida but kasich wins ohio. no one has yet to win unless you have both of those states. >> ryan williams, you say kasich staying in is selfish. you would disagree with montiel. tell me why. >> with all due respect there is no ground swell behind a candidate who has gone 0 for 15. kasich lost to ben carson in seven states last night. he is siphoning votes away from other candidates who could coalesce the mainstream republican vote. >> there is there to coalesce. no one there. rubio. cannot. rubio cannot coalesce. >> there is no path for kasich to get 1237 delegates. that's not possible. why he is running right now in i don't know. maybe he likes the process. maybe he wants to take his small contingent of dgtsz to the
11:40 am
convention. i don't know. there is no way he can get those delegates. at this point it is a pipe dream. the ralph nader of the republican field. >> i would actually say anybody else cannot do it either. rubio can't, cruz cannot do it. i think we are better suited. >> if how do you say someone who has not one one state. 0 for 15. >> what if he -- let's go with montiel's thinking, ryan, if he wins ohio. >> that's not enough. >> he still wibs in ohio. >> he needs 1237, he is not going to do it. >> rubio only won one state. >> it is a drop in the bucket. >> rubio has only one won state. not going to win any more. kasich if he wins one state could pick up a couple more. >> 1237 delegates. how do you get there, montiel? it's not happening. >> but how do you get there with anybody else? so we may as well have somebody in the game that at least is talking about the issues that affect america in the right way. >> obviously, this is your man.
11:41 am
you love some john kasich. we don't know. we don't know. i know the math is tricky. i appreciate your positivity. on the other hand, ryan, i'm curious, to you, i'm reminded of mitt romney, who is the strong voice in the republican party who is not in the crop of candidates who can call up, have a kasich or a rubio and cruz on speed dial and say hey your time is up, coalesce behind another candidate. do you think that romney would call up kasich and persuade him either way? >> i don't know if the governor would make that call. there is no one person that can make the candidate drop out. the only person is the candidate themselves. that comes when they run out of money finally read the handwriting on the wall or enough of their supporters come to them and nudge them. candidates usually get out of the race when they hear from not people on the outside but knows who support them financially or as a surrogate and say it's time to do the best thing and step aside. >> you get the final word.
11:42 am
>> i would say again even if right now in the current debate that we have going on we need to have a voice talking about the things that matter. because at the end of the day what the republicans do or the democrats do, whoever wins is going to have to bring this country back together again in december, in january. i see all only one person in this case that can possibly do that. that's john kasich. i'm going to back him. and i hope he continues making as much noise as he can until we get past ohio. who else is there? it is a in the going to be cruz or rubio. >> montiel williams, ryan williams, thank you both. mr. williamss. >> the williamss. >> thank you. coming up on the democratic side hillary clinton may have turned her sights to november. in the meantime she still has to debate her party rival. how this democratic front-runner needs to play this delicate balancing act moving forward. i drive a golf ball.
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more twists and turns today in the race for the white house on the republican side. ads we've been reporting moments ago we learned it appears dr. carson is nearing the end of his
11:47 am
campaign trail. he is quoted as saying he doesn't see a political path going forward. not going to the republican debate tomorrow night in detroit. he is suspending. this could mean good news for marco rubio the republican candidate who hopes to take down donald trump. manu raju joins me live from championship. we have learned about a big speech that romney is giving tomorrow on the state of the presidential race. you spoke with sneert lindsey graham who has been extraordinarily critical of mr. trump. what did he say. >> reporter: i spent the day speaking to a lot of republican senators. and really the feeling is stong. they are unified behind finding someone to go after donald trump. getting behind a consensus candidate. the problem, they don't know whether that's john kasich, marco rubio, or ted cruz. the latter camp is lindsay graham who says that kasich
11:48 am
would be the best candidate, rubio would be the second best candidate and if both of those fail maybe it's time to get behind ted cruz. >> ted and i are in the same court i believe he is a republican conservative. i hope we can nominate somebody who is the best fit. it might be that that's kasich or cubeio. but i'm not going to support somebody who i think will do damage to my party. >> that's remarkable given that cruz and graham have battled over a number of issues. in addition, graham said recently to me when i asked him about the prospect of cruz or trump. he said it would be like being poisoned. i also spoke with cory gardner,
11:49 am
a colorado senator and a marco rubio supporter. he said to me that john kasich does not have a viable path forward. he suggested it is atime for him to get out of the race. you are starting to hear the pressure build up. all because they believe the only way to beat donald trump right now is to fine an alternative. they just need to figure out who that person is. >> manu raju thank you very much for us in washington. as for the democrats, hillary clinton winning big but didn't deliver the knockout punch that's necessary against bernie sanders. she won seven states to sanders' four. senator sanders saying he is not giving up any time soon w. still several debates on the horizon including cnn's presidential debate this sunday live from flint, michigan, time could still be on sanders' side. joining me very cary sellers. he supports hillary clinton. good to see you, sir. >> thank you for having me, brooke. >> all right. still a number of debates on the
11:50 am
horizons, town halls for these two. clinton aides privately admitted they actually regret taking on these debates. do you think there is a possibility they could be a lifeline for her opponent, bernie sanders? >> i think the debates are healthy. i've always thought the debate scheduled needed to be more author and we needed to add debates in flint. when you take a step back and you are looking at the heightened level of discussion we are having on the democratic side versus the republican side we are actually talking about ideas. we are not talking about who has little fingers. we're not just castigating people with different slurs that your children can't even watch on tv. so i feel really good about how good of a candidate bernie sanders has made hillary clinton. i feel really good about bernie sanders's message. i feel good about hillary clinton's message going into flint. and i think this is going to be one time in american history where we can sit back and actually look at what kimberly
11:51 am
crenshaw has coin as intersectionality where we talk about injust in our justice system, environmentism, sexism. all the things that plague much of this country will be on full display and we'll be figuring out how to unravel these things on the stage in flipt. >> when you think of unraveling and they you think of these two on the stage on sunday and hillary clinton with the seven state win on her back how should she treat senator sanders on the stage, how should see go about sparring. >> i think both of them will continue to build contrast. but there will be a third person on the stage. that person is donald trump. the fact of the matter is the democratic party is in a much better position and we've actually learned from the republican party. that is you have to begin to define donald trump earlier and you have to take him seriously. i anticipate both bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking on the third person on that stage which is donald trump, and
11:52 am
beating back steen xenophobe yae, bigotry and talking about how we're going to move our country forward. although they are going to have contrasting positions and paths on how to get to these goals we can pif otd, begin the steps of unifying and begin to make sure that donald trump is not the next president of the united states. contrary to corey gander in and lindsay graham and all my other friends, the only person who can stop donald trump is hillary clinton. >> on trump, i'm sure you saw tafs smily's piece this morning saying black voters could get on the trump train. something tells me if donald trump is indeed the republican nominee it might be a miscalculation for democrats to assume the block voters are a lock for their nominee. as he talked to african-american friends and mr. trump. what say you? >> one of the things we've seen
11:53 am
throughout this cycle, van jones said it's somewhat of a cradling of the vote. but we're actually talking about issues that directly affect african-american voters in this country. african-american vote issers are a huge part of this decision-making process and who the nominee is. and the democratic party is obviously not taking them for granted. excuse me for excusing tafs smiley's comment, i will flippantly zbrard that statement. that said we have to take donald trump seriously, seriously on all fronts. i think you will begin to see that in flint, michigan. i usually get excited the day of a debate. but i'm genuinely excited about the atmosphere. i'm excited about the atmosphere because there are kids literally dying because of the wary they are drinking in flint, michigan and to have cnn there, this atmosphere there, i mean, i'm just glad that bernie sanders
11:54 am
and hillary clinton are shining so much light on this really bad injustice. >> agree. couldn't be better said. buy cary sellers thank you so much. to buy cary's point marine tune in. a reminder, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be debating in this next democratic forum sunday knight, 8:00 eastern live from flint michigan. tune in here on cnn. coming up next today, breaking news on two political fronts. one, mitt romney announcing he will be making sort of a surprise speech on the 2016 race. that happens tomorrow. and two, dr. ben carson announcing his plans going forward in this campaign. stay with me. busy, busy news day. ok... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair.
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11:59 am
republican race for president here. first up, we have learned from the dr. ben carson camp showing signs he may be pulling out. let's be clear. he is not saying that explicitly. we have more reporting on that not seeing a political path forward. that's number one. number two, mitt romney is now stepping in. not as a candidate. let's be clear. he will be giving a speech tomorrow at the university of utah on the state of the 2016 presidential race. the 2012 republican nominee, former massachusetts governor not expected to endorse anyone, but he is likely to as in his past events speaking out also on twitter against donald trump. trump now the clear front-runner for the nomination after his seven-state win super tuesday. as for dr. carson, he just announced he will not attend tomorrow night's republican debate in his home town of detroit. and his statement include harsh okays about his view of the future of the race.
12:00 pm
we have two analysts with you. body of you are with me. let's begin with mia. i think i have david challion. this is ainy meany mine emow situation. dr. carson, what's the scoop? >> well, it looks like he is not going to continue in this race. that's the word we got this morning. dr. ben carson released a statement to his supporters essentially saying that, laying out that he doesn't see a pathway forward. i can read you here what he had to say. he said i do not see a political path forward in light of last evening super tuesday primary results. i appreciate the support, financial and otherwise, from all corners of america. gratefully, my campaign decisions are not constrained by finances, rather by what is in the best interests of the american people. he will talk more about this apparently on friday at this conservative gathering here in washington, d.c. but this comes, really, after he has seen what was once a
12:01 pm
promising political career if you think back to october of 2015. he was leading donald trump in some of these polls, had a head of steam in iowa. and then his campaign really faced scrutiny, primarily around his biography. a lot of the reporting that we did questioning his origins. story about that tough background and upbringing he had in detroit. and then his campaign was always in turmoil. even in these last days, in talking to people surrounding this campaign, there was kind of a disagreement about what he should do. he was very much hopeful that the lord would answer his prayers and that he could continue in this race. he was looking at the cnn poll that we released recently that had him at 10% and something of a growth in polls. he saw that again as an answer to his prayers. but other people were saying listen march 1st would be d day. i understand this morning they had a meeting in baltimore where it was finally decided that he would no longer continue in this campaign. >> okay. okay.
12:02 pm
so that is the dr. ben carson news. let me bring in both david challion -- i needed you david challion. there he is in the four box. now i'm complete. david challion and dana bash. i understand we are getting more information about the speech mitt romney is giving tomorrow. what is it. >> over the last seven months you have heard that he has a desire the play some sort of role here as sort of the adult supervision in this chaotic republican field and so i think you are going to hear someone who clearly has been tweeting and talking about his opposition to donald trump, asking for his tax returns, as you were saying. but he now wants to make sure that the trump refusal to denounce the kkk on jake's show on sunday really got under his skin. and i think he wants, according to jim acosta's new reporting that just came in, i think he
12:03 pm
clearly wants to prop up marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich as sort of counterexamples to the way the direction the party should move in. again, he's not looking to jump into the race or formally make an ape endorsement. but he wants to guide the party as an elder statesman. >> if he is guiding the party, here's my question about david's point about particularly speaking out against donald trump. isn't there a possibility that would backfire. >> yeah. >> yes, of course. >> a huge possibility. i've been speaking to a lot of so-called establishment republicans, people who are apop election particular about donald trump being their party a nominee. who in one breath say that. and in the next breath say i'm not sure there is anything we can do. pick your former nominee, mitt romney, john mccain, former
12:04 pm
president, george w. bush some party elder coming out and saying, hey, guys, wake up. but the witness -- one of the reasons why there has been a lot of kinds of poo-pooing that idea is exactly your point, brooke. the people who don't want anybody expect donald trump and his core supporters, they think mitt romney is the problem. and they don't want people like mitt romney and they are not going to listen. it's pretty clear the goal of mitt romney tomorrow is to bring together all the people who are not in that camp, who are the more traditional republicans to say, let's get to it, guys. >> yep, yep, yep. and given all the points you are making, david you made an excellent point earlier today in that the headline today would be given the seven-state win from donald trump last night, headline, front-runner coalescing behind this one candidate. but instead, it's you know, the republican party versus trump still. >> uh-huh.
12:05 pm
yeah. and listen, this is donald trump's next hurdle, next battle. first he had the hurdle of proving it wasn't just a popularity contest in the polls but he could get voters. he has proven that, check that off the list. vote remembers coming out. then it was when others fell out of the field somehow that would hurt him. no. that's not the case. his now hurdle now is to take the establishment elite leadership world of the republican party and somehow get them on board with the notion that he is going to be the nominee. and if it were any other person in any other year and all the data were exactly the same and we were at this point on the morning after show, there would be a unity press conference. >> absolutely. >> every party member would be up there, balloons would be falling and they would be onto the general election. >> >> balloons yet, david challion. >> and you saw him last night, donald trump, at his press conference, no balloons falling
12:06 pm
there, where he called him a unifier, diplomatic at one point. you can see he is trying to signify my to the establishment and the voters who think he might be a divisive figure that he can unite the party. >> i'm going to get along great with kong. paul ryan i'm sure i am going to get along great with him. if i don't he is going to have to pay a big price into we'll talk about chris christie's face in an entirely separate segment. on that what stood out to me, mea, is when trump said paul ryan would pay a price if he didn't support him. >> uh-huh. yeah, it's sort of old trump and new trump right there. on the one hand i'll get along with everybody. but if they don't get along with me, too bad, so sad for them. they are still going to pay a price. it's two, three, four, five different versions of trump. in some ways that's why he is so
12:07 pm
appealing to so many different types of people and hard to beat. >> i also think it was trump trying to pull off what his goal clearly was during last night's press conference which is what he said at the beginning. i'm unifier. look at me. it's a press conference. it's not a rally. i am presidential, i have a member of the press standing behind me. but he is who he is. who can blame him. he had success with that. >> david challion, what about the look of the whole thing, the flags. what did you think? >> i thought, hey, this is somebody who has looked at white house on theics and knows how to put an event together that look like a presidential-style event. listen, i give the trump campaign a ton of credit on this kind of -- on their on ticks. i think they have held events that are just really really expertly put together. whether it's at the airport hangers with the trump plane behind him -- how they build crowds. i think the on ticks of
12:08 pm
campaigning in addition to all the victories they have been able to bank have been really really well done. >> let me add, brooke. it is not superficial. it is stage craft. perception is reality in life, but especially in politics. and ever since ronald reagan, the laid great michael debriser who began kind of doing that for ronald reagan, that has been a key, key, key part of political campaigning. he has never been a politician, but he sure is a good marketer. it's the perfect combination. >> you all are good. >> i think the others in the room can learn from them. >> go did. >> i think the others in the race can learn from them. in 2008 the candidate that won marketer of the year from add age was barack obama. there is a reason why marketing and presentation is so important to presidential politics. >> mea, malik, david, dana, you are all excellent as always. thank you very much. and just like her republican counterpaerlt part hillary clinton is riding high from her
12:09 pm
big super tuesday ins with. but the nomination is far from locked in. clinton did win big across the south last night taking seven states total. sanders won four states adding to his delegate count and keeping him in the game for now. cnn's senior political correspondent briana keeler and my dear friend is with me now. hello. >> hello there. >> with sanders, he has money. he says he's hanging in there until july. do you think he will? what's in it for him? why do that? >> his aides swear he is in it. but the truth is this -- i think this is tough for bernie sanders supporters to hear because they are so fervently in his corner he is all but done in this. you look at the the math. she is 190 delegates ahead. when you add the super delegates, the pledge delegates it's more than # 00. but let's delegates sha medical gats there. you are playing a football game, at halftime you are 35 points behind. it's possible that you could make that up, right. >> sure. >> but you have to be a completely different team in the
12:10 pm
second half if you are going to do that. and chances are you are going to lose the game. that's basic lee it. it's not as easy to come back in politics as it is in say, football or some other support. this is really rough for bernie sanders but you listen to his aides and they say no, he is in this. and if she hasn't hit the threshold of more than 2,000 and some odd delegates she needs before the convention he has a good rationale to stay in. what does it look like? i don't know. they are looking at that and don't want to make the decision until they get to some of the other contests into march 15. >> clinton keeps talking about the need for kindness, slams trump by saying, quote, america never stopped being great. is this foreshadowing to general election? >> completely. she unveiled this after south carolina. talk about love and kindness that stood out to a lot of american people. love and kindness is the new hope and change. if an election is about choices she is trying to provide a very
12:11 pm
clear one to people who may not like donald trump's causticness as her campaign would see it. so she is banking on the fact that's the majority of americans. we'll see if she is right. >> one of donald trump's biggest supporters will join me as well as a conservative strategist who is asking c pac to disinvite trump this week. it shows how big the divide is between trump and the republican party. plus, it seems impossible that somehow chris christie's face -- love the spotlight, thank you -- is getting more attention than trump's hands. why the new jersey governor is being asked to resign for jumping on the trump train. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke brooke. back in a moment. # can no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor.
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and we're back. you are watching cnn. imi'm brooke brooke. donald trump won seven super tuesday states and is even better positioned than ever to win the party's nomination with only, yes, we're counting 137 138 days until the republican convention rumors about it being brokered could become more than talk. we're being told mitt romney
12:16 pm
will address the country on the state of the republican presidential race tomorrow from the university of utah. this is from trump at his mira lago estate in palm beach. >> i am a unifier. i know a lot of people will fine that hard to believe but i'm a unifier. once this is all finished i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. as a unifier i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. when we unify there is nobody, nobody that's going to beat news joining me now, liz maier, the former online communications director for the rnc. she now runs an antidonald trump super pac called make america awesome. and a donald trump supporter, welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having me. >> glad to be here. >> good deal.
12:17 pm
liz, to you first, the annual conservative political action conference is this weekend. i know you started a petition to disinvite trump. before i get to that. let's share the photo of you in this surgical mask that you wore yesterday where you wrote the hashtag never trump. >> right. >> why did do you that? >> first of all, the surge irkcal mask is because i've actually been recovering from pneumonia. so going out to vote where lot of people were going to be, and we have at love sick people in northern virginia right now, it's important for me to wear the surgical mask. fortunately cnn stud yeast yoes are a safer environment so i don't have to. as far as the never trump, the reality is that i'm one of a huge, huge number of people who are economically conservative. more socially or culturally conservative, more concerned about national defense, foreign policy or security in this country who simply will never be able to vote for donald trump
12:18 pm
because the reality is that on virtually every issue he has the same position as hillary clinton or is to the left of her such as health care. the only difference between him and hillary clinton is he is less keen on mexicans and muslims and maybe possibly asians to a certain degree. that is the only difference. and fur somebody -- >> wow. >> who favors limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, less government interference is in the private market, you oppose things like partial birth abortion, you oppose efforts to restrict second amendment rights and you want a robust american policy that continues to treatise reel as our ally as opposed to treating it on par with palestinian terrorists, you don't want to vote for donald trump because donald trump is where hillary clinton is on all of those issues if not worse. >> that is liz's perspective. pastor, trump is your man. care to jump in and disagree? >> absolutely i agree donald
12:19 pm
trump has struck a cord. first of all, excuse my voice. i have been supporting the trump campaign as much as i can across the country streaming to the public that trump has captured the heart of americans. he has captured the hearts of the -- of those who have refused to be politically correct even more. and really as i said across this country he is saying the things publicly that millions of americans have been whispering privately. and so this is why he again has done well yesterday, super tuesday, and we expect him to be the nominee. the key at this point is for the gop to really stop bashing donald trump, making him out to be somebody who he's not, and really rally behind someone that's going to defeat hillary clinton. again, donald trump, obviously, he's not the -- your established politician. but that's why he's doing so
12:20 pm
great. again,ist he is saying publicly what millions of americans have been saying and whispering privately, even with the african-american community. it is amazing how even right now how the liberal media is doing a wonderful job in making donald trump out to be this racist bigot. and he is of course none of those things. >> it's not the liberal media. it's not the liberal media. it's donald trump's own statements. >> saying, listen, we are at a place where we definitely need jobs. we need -- listen to me. 90% -- excuse me, 9.5 of blacks have been unemployed in the last quarter of 2015 according to -- compared to the 4.5 unemployment rate for whites. we need someone that's going to come in and create jobs. that's -- >> let me let liz jump in. >> there is absolutely nothing in donald trump's record to suggest he will do that.
12:21 pm
he said on the record in a debate that he believes americans not just people on minimum wage, americans in general are wages are too high, we should get paid more like people in china so we can be competitive that's what he said. >> donald trump has -- >> he repeatedly slashed worker benefits forced people into obama care. >> middle class be that dealt a bad hand. >> doesn't matter. he is the one who has been dealing people a bad hand. >>. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i need my whistle today. hold on. >> please, one voice. >> taxiing parking lots and limousine parking lots. >> hold on pastor, let her finish. please, sir. >> okay. >> donald trump is the one who has been screwing over american workers for decades now. he is not going to create jobs. he is not going to improve their lot. anybody who is buying what he is
12:22 pm
selling is either being actively paid off by him, selling their soul, or is simply being conned the way that all of the people who bought into his massive donald trump university scam were being conned. and by the way we're going to learn more about that when he actually has to take the witness stand in an upcoming trial and talk about exactly how he made bank and other people got poorer and blew their life savings got conned out of their nun is ended up short changed. this is not anybody who in their right mind wants as president. i don't know what you did pastor to sell your soul to this guy. eye i'm going to heaven with a clean conscious. donald trump by his own words is not a -- >> let him respond to that selling his soul comment, pastor, please. pastor, go ahead. >> let me say first of all, lids i'm grateful you are not god. i'm grateful you didn't die on the across for my since. i'm grateful you are not the
12:23 pm
final judge of what's going on in high heart. it's sad that there are people like you who are saying oh, my lord you have sold your soul. >> well it's sickening and saddening to me -- >> let him finish. >> to judge and decide how i should be feeling not just as a black american but as an american. who are you to decide? i'm a father of six beautiful children. i think security is important to america. i am also an african-american who lives in the south and has seen real racism. and i understand what real racism look like. i pastor a multicultural church. and i know what real racism looks like. having dealt with it. my wife is a cajun woman having lived with it for 12 or 13 years. having you come here and saying who have i sold my soul to.
12:24 pm
i shouldn't be criticized for supporting someone who i believe holds the values i have, and as millions of americans have done joining donald trump in doing the same thing. >>s in why i wanted to make sure both of you. >> abortion through the final term -- >> both of you, thank you so much. >> welcome to the state of the presidential race. liz, thank you. liz maier, i appreciate it, pastor burns, thank you. listen, i want to hear from everyone because everybody's voices are so important. we are electing a president. thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> next for the dems, hillary clinton. hillary clinton is laser focused on the jen rags election ahead after huge wins last night in super tuesday. but has the threat from bernie sanders truly subsided? i'llic talk live to a u.s. senator backing hillary clinton. also ahead, mitt romney scheduled a surprise speech tomorrow at a critical moment for his party. what is on the former presidential nominee's mind? that is coming up.
12:25 pm
tomorrow at a critical moment
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12:29 pm
just about the bottom of the hour. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. an unusual memo from hillary clinton's campaign is sending ripples across the trail today. bottom line, they are saying there is no hope for bernie sanders. this is a part of it. quote, with a pledged delegate lead of more than 180 and momentum on our side, we anticipate building on this lead even further making it increasingly difficult and eventually mathematically impossible for senator sanders to catch up. let me bring in democratic senator tammy bald within of wisconsin.
12:30 pm
senator, great to have you on. >> it's great to join you. >> we know you have endorsed hillary clinton. >> yes. >> let me ask you straight up, is it time for your senate colleague, bernie sanders, to just drop out of the race? >> the primaries on both sides still aren't over but i thought that hillary had a huge, huge step forward last night. with the victories in multiple states on super tuesday. so it's not mathematiccly impossible for someone to catch up, but i think she had a really huge step. and we're seeing that also on the republican side as you are discussing. >> as you just were listening to in that last conversation. let me play some sound from bernie sanders. this is just from last night. >> what i have said is that this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about making a political revolution. and what that revolution is about is bringing millions of
12:31 pm
millions of people into the political process. >> senator baldwin. if he keeps hammering this message are you okay with him still doing that while still in this race? >> i have to say that the primary isn't over, as we know. and frankly i encourage anyone who brings more voters into the process. you heard from hillary last night as she gave her speech that she is now focused on november. she is focused on bringing this country together against a likely opponent who is all about division. and the big difference between our nominee and the eventual republican nominee is that we're going to come together and seek common purpose once we have a nominee. on the republican side they really face, as you are seeing, a moral test. are they going to stand by and stand with a person who has been endorsed by david duke, the
12:32 pm
former head of the klu klux klan? and right now i think the republicans are failing that moral test. >> senator, you mentioned, though, bringing voters into politics. and one stark difference between your party and the republican voert is voter turnout. donald trump is doing precisely that. people are turning out in droves for the primaries and caucuses. your turnout, we see all these red arrows downward on the screen. i'm worried how worried you are in terms this being problematic on your side looking ahead to the general election. >> well, i think that once people get the stark contrast of kmb who is all about division -- somebody who is all about division and frankly, pitting parts of america against each other, and somebody who is about bringing us together in common purpose, a candidate like donald trump who wants to build a wall versus a candidate like hillary clinton who wants to remove barriers and build ladders of opportunity -- i think you are going to see a dramatic shift.
12:33 pm
>> okay. senator tammy baldwin, thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, mitt romney wading into the muddied waters of this current race for president. will this establishment favorite be able to change his party's collision course looking ahead to november. we'll discuss that. also, new jersey governor chris christie taking heelt for his new found role endorsing donald trump. but could this cozy relationship cost him his job? always on the rise.danger is symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping.
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break news we've been covering this afternoon, the fact we've now learns that mitt romney is apparently set to speak his mine about the state of the republican race for president. the 2012 republican nominee will
12:38 pm
reveal more of his opinions about the state of the race tomorrow morning from the university of utah, 11:30 a.m. eastern. no endorsement is expected. pundits are having a field day trying to predict exactly who he will be saying. joining me now, susan del percentio, one time administration official with former nyc mayor rudy juliano. and david cattanu. welcome to all of you. david we have reporting on what romney is supposed to say, but what do you believe? >> where has he been would be my question. 15 states have voted. hundreds of thousands of votes have been cast. trump looks like the front-runner, now myth is going to come out and talk. and it looks like he is going to reputtiate trump without
12:39 pm
endorsing one of the other candidates. but this smells like too little too late. and it's all because if you are a mainstream establishment republican you didn't believe trump was real, didn't believe august or real, september was real. you thought this was a bubble that was going to burst once votes were cast. and coming in march 2nd to try to save this thing -- trump hasn't been saying anything new. he has had the same rapport. the same confrontational bombastic tone. and now mitt romney is deciding to act? this is a long hail mary pass it looks like. >> susan, let me turn to you. we were talking last week we came out and was attacking trump on the tax returns. now all of a sudden he will be speaking tomorrow. we noel be criticizing trump. to what degree we don't know. you are saying he is doing it now why? >> because like last week it's right before a debate. whatever issues he brings up, it will play in tomorrow night's debate. the second reason is he is a
12:40 pm
better messenger than some of the super pacs or former spokespeople for different campaigns. you know, he was the last person to run for president from the republican party. he is a republican figurehead. yes, he is part of the establishment. but he -- when he delivers a question on donald trump or attacks donald trump, people really listen and it gets good coverage and eats up the time. the biggest question i have is will trump take the bait. >> lisa, what do you think? obviously this has the opportunity to backfire. we have been watching the back and forth on twitter. does trump take the fwat. >> he may. does it mean anything? does it change the dynamics of the situation? >> could he get more supporters out of it? >> potentially. there has been ammunition thrown donald trump's way. but the reality is he had significant wins in new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada as well as super tuesday last night and has indicated his
12:41 pm
dominance in various regions of the united states, he won this the north, won in the south, won in the west. and he has also picked up different parts of the republican delegation along the way. what he has been doing is running this page against the machine type of campaign that's resonating with republican voters who are angry with the establishment, with people frankly like mitt romney. so i don't know if he is the right messenger at this moment for the antidonald trump rhetoric. the rgt it comes down to math. you need 1237 delegates to the convention. out of that 2472. and donald trump is well on his way. my question to mitt romney is where were you two weeks ago? where were you a month ago? and to david's point, at a point when maybe it would have made the difference. or what we've seen throughout the process so far, maybe it would have emboldened him. >> david, back to you, you know we've talk about offensely the number of delegates, the most important part. but it is also the numbers in
12:42 pm
terms of record turnout on the republican side. you look the donald trump with regard to that. i pant to play sound from form ear governor mike huckabee speaking last night. >> the republican establishment is bed wetting over this. they don't understand we have an election. i believe you need to recognize that if you want to oppose donald trump do it but don't pretend that all those voters who voted for him are stupid. they are not stupid. i tell you what they are. they are angry. they are angry at the establish men who is going nuts because donald trump is doing so well and they don't understand this they are the problem. >> how do these antidonald trump folks not disparage pro trump folks and get them on their side? >> they are in a vice. you have had one u.s. senator who has come out and said he will not vote for trump. and today a governor,
12:43 pm
massachusetts, who said he will not vote for trump. frankly you have all the statements from the speaking, to mitch mcconnell who are repudiating tactics but won't even say the dmi's flame because it is a conventional wiszdom. he is a dragon the ticket, he is going to bring the party down, look at the numbers you cited. record turnout on the republican said. if you are a senator in the senate race in colorado do you want to put your arm up to trump and repudiate him. or do you want egg he is going to bring a tail wind? i think that's why you see some of the establishment politicians walking the line. repudiating the tactic but not going so far as to say we can't vote for him. >> thank you to all. again we will be watching to see what mitt romney says tomorrow at the university of utah. next let's talk about chris christie. chris christie and the look on his face might have stolen the show from his former republican rival, who he has now endorsed,
12:44 pm
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12:48 pm
chris christie, become an internet punching bag of sorts, slash, people really simply simple thetdic toward him as they were watching him during that news conference last night with donald trump. a lot of peek joked he was being held hostage and he was asking himself what have i done? i can tell you six of his home state newspapers were calling on him to resign, calling him an embarrassment and a disgrace. joining me matt katz, who literally wrote the become on chris christie, it's called american governor, chris christie's bridge to recovery. good to have you on.
12:49 pm
>> good to be here. >> you've been covering chris christie since 2011. you saw him last night. what did you make of his face? his eyes? et cetera. >> clearly it looks strange and i'm not discounting that at all. and it was bizarre to sit there and watch what was happening. but i will say this, from somebody who has seen hmm at hundreds and hundreds of public appearances, when he stands behind somebody at a podium that's just how he looks. he has like a dower expression, his eyes are darting back and fort worth, his hands are hanging by his side. so this was not that unusual in terms of his facial exfregs and his body movements. but the fact that he stood behind trump for so long and then never said anything after introducing him and because he just dropped out of the race and this guy is the reason why he had to drop out of the race and because he is getting in so much trouble at home as you mentioned for being with trump, it was easy to laugh at this and to look into it and try to see
12:50 pm
something in there that maybe wasn't there. >> what was the hashtag on the internet, it was like tash free chris christie, somethinglike that. >> yeah, free chris christie. he look like a hostage or a servant. there are all kinds of interpretations. >> tell me about the relationship, me abouter that relationship. just going back. >> yeah. they met 14 years ago. christie was a federal prosecutor. he had a meeting with trump's sister, who is a federal judge, and trump's sister said donald wants to meet you. they went to trump tower and had a meal with donald. donald ordered for christie. then they would have periodic meetings. they had dinner with their wives where trump would talk the whole time, as christie recounts it. trump sat in when christie first became governor. they have a similar political network. on a personal level, the endorsement made sense, even if
12:51 pm
might make other sense in terms of policy or christie vis-a-vis his standing in new jersey and people upset about it. it. >> with the news in the newspapers and elsewhere the backlash that christie is facing. what do you think about that? >> i think there's two pieces. from the newspaper's previous to. this man has been out of state and there's little happening in new jersey policy wise and major problems. and the guy dropped out of the race. he was going to come home and start doing stuff in new jersey and now he's back on the road. he took a secret trip to texas to endorse trump. that's part of the reason. the other part is the bigotry that the papers and others including republicans in new jersey, including people in christie's own circle see trump as having espoused so much bigotry they don't think christie should be associating with him in this regard. they think christie, who has made inroads in communities of
12:52 pm
color through his years of governor has blown it to pieces in one single endorsement. from, like, gop legislators in new jersey to members of his own inner circle, people are upset by this. >> we'll see. we'll see how trump does and how that affects christie down the road. matt katz, thank you. coming up next the supreme court hearing the first case. couldn't be a more controversial one. in fact, hundred of protesters out the court today as the justices contemplate striking down a texas abortion law. you'll hear from both sides coming up.
12:53 pm
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the u.s. supreme court is taking up the most important
12:57 pm
abortion case in two decades. whether a texas law hampers a woman's constitutional right to the procedure. supporters argue the law facing a court challenge is meant to protect women's health. >> if we truly want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare, the safety part of it has to be provided in clinics that have minimum requirements like the physician having rights to a hospital within 30 miles. to have hallways wide enough to bring in a stretcher if something goes wrong the woman can receive the help she needs. >> on the flip side they said it's a way to end abortion. candace russell was impacted. she decided to get an abortion after her iud failed and she found out she was 13 weeks pregnant. >> there was a big impact because of the closures in the other part of the state, and the waiting time to get an
12:58 pm
appointment was two and a half weeks with everything going on in texas and, you know, with my employer if i would have missed one of those appointments i feared it would be another two and a half weeks on top of that. being 13.5 weeks pregnant that made me feel scared. my boyfriend at the time lived in california. it was as simple as calling and i could have been in and had an appointment the next day. so i ended up going to california for my abortion. >> our senior legal analyst was in the court today but let me switch gears. we're getting word from sources from the white house saying jane kelly is being considered to fill justice scalia's seat. what do you know? >> she's a judge on the eighth circuit of appeals. she's from iowa. she was a public defender. that was her career for many years. that is something that would be new on the supreme court. there's never been a full-time former public defender. she's a classmate of president
12:59 pm
obama's at harvard law school. perhaps more importantly, she has been strongly supported, at least historically, by senator chuck grassley, the republican senator from iowa who is now the chairman of judiciary committee. the question would be if the white house were to nominate this prominent iowan, would senator grassley feel obligated to hold hearings? he said he won't, but they haven't put a iowa nominee before him neither. >> so 30 seconds. in the vetting process here from the white house, how is she notified? >> because fbi agents start looking through all of your background material. they want to look at your finances, they want to look at, you know, every case that she's done previously. she was just confirmed almost unanimously for her seat on the eight circuit, so she's been through a vetting process in the last few years, but the supreme court is a whole another level of magnitude, and the would be
1:00 pm
nominee has to cooperate with that. has to provide all sorts of financial records, business records. by the way, just because someone is vetted doesn't mean they'll get the nomination. she's been someone that i and others mentioned as possibility. >> thank you so much. thank you for being with me. thanks, brooke. donald trump's domination dividing the gop. "the lead" starts now. breaking news in the race for 2016. we're told that mitt romney has something major to say about the state of his priority after donald trump had a pretty super tuesday. it could be the moment when the war against isis shifted. the pentagon's hope, anyway. american commandos on the ground capturing their first isis operative. whom could that operative be giving up.


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