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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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chase. >> why does he need to protective ie wear. >> i guess so he doesn't get hit with anything. >> or maybe the fumes from the planes. >> snowy alls. they are no joke. >> no joke. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. good morning darlin'. >> you know what i was talking to jeff zucker who was bothering me right before i went on the air. >> he'll do that. >> send the dog after him. [ laughter ] >> good idea. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom." romney ready to rip into donald trump. >> we're speaking for the 65% of the people who didn't vote for donald trump. >> he thinks this is going to send a message. >> this is the moment to pull out all the stops. >> it is too little and too stupid to bring out mitt romney. >> can the party's 2012 pick stop trump's march to the nomination? let's talk live in the cnn
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"newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. hours before mitt romney is set to unleash on donald trump's presidential bid the billionaire candidate launches a preemptive strike tweeting quote, failed candidate mitt romney who ran one of the worst races in presidential history is working with the establishment to bury a big r win and also tweeting i have brought millions into the republican party while the dems are going down. establishment wants to kill this movement. mitt romney was set to bludgeon trump as if phony and fraud and urge voters to vote for any other gop candidate. he'll say trump is playing the american public for suckers. a theme echoed in new stop trump ads now airing in upcoming primary states "how much do we really know on donald trump on healthcare".
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>> i am going to take care of everybody -- we're covering all the angles this morning. let's begin with cnn's sunlen surfati in overland park, kansas. >> reporter: romney is set to really unload completely on donald trump. mitt romney will call trump a phony a fraud and someone who is just playing the american voters as suckers. >> the 2012 republican nominee speaking out today against the 2016 front runner donald trump. romney releasing part of his prepared remarks this morning, planning to slam trump, calling him a phony and fraud and putting his support squarely behind ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. >> go out and get him. you can do it. >> trump, who want -- tweeting last night looks like two time
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field candidate mitt romney is going to be telling republicans how to get elected. not a good messenger. and his campaign releasing this pained ad questioning romney's conservative leadership. >> we have expanded the republican party. >> reporter: if feud coming as the front runner gets the cold shoulder from gop leaders. >> people saying i was pleased. everyone get together so we can keep this up frommer from winning. >> reporter: lindsey graham suggesting he's so against trump he'd now even support ted cruz. >> ted and i are in the same party. trump i don't trust him. >> trump argues he's the one to unify the part. >> when you are dealing in congress we have get them all into a room and we have to say fellas let's go fatty acid for the good of the people. >> and tonight only four face off. ben carson pulling out after tuesday's results and ted cruz admits his campaign would have
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met the same fate. >> if we had lost texas, that would have been the end of the road. i don't think a candidate has a viable path forward if you can't win your home state. >> cruz trying to make carson's loss his kbgain, extending an invitation to supporters of other gop hopefuls. >> if you have been supporting an gop candidate we welcome you on our team. if you have been supporting donald trump we really welcome you on our team. >> reporter: and donald trump has already been out all morning giving something of a prebuttal of romney's speech today calling him a stiff on twitter. also saying ai am not mitt romney who doesn't know how to win. hillary wants no part of trump. >> sunlen, thanks so much. but here is the thing. america is a democracy. the people choose who they want,
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no matter who that is. donald trump is the person they want. he's inspiring people in a way establishment republicans, including mitt romney are not. so let's talk about this. mark preston is the executive editor for cnn poll licks. larry sabado the director if of the university of virginia center for politics and margaret hoover. larry, mitt romney will say in a few hours, you heard it. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. promises as worthless as the degree from trump university. he's playing the american public more suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all with e gwe get is lousy hat. if he feels this strongly why doesn't he run himself? >> good question. and of course a lot of of people have been asking that question for some time and who knows. the way this crazy year is going, maybe he will. it is awfully late. better late than never. but it is awfully late for him to be saying these things. and carol, i'm old enough.
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i think i'm the only one old enough on this panel, including the anchor to remember well what happened the last time this happened in 1964, where you had an insurgent candidate barry gold water who was unlikely to win the general election and all the party leadership, and mitt romney's father and governor scranton of pennsylvania. they all came out and said grassroots don't you dare nominate this loser. and what happened? the grassroots redoubled efforts and nominated barry gold water with 38. this may gol vance the trump movement but may also galvanize the antitrump movement. >> it is a full-court press at this time. romney speaks in just two and a half hours.
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over 50 republican national security leaders, including the former homeland security secretary wrote an open letter calling trump's positions dangerous to our national security. quote, trump would use the authority of his office to act in ways that make america less safe and which would diminish our standing in the world. margaret, i also interviewed ben stein, the conservative economist. he told me trump is dangerously misinformed. listen. >> i just wond erds who are your supporting this time around. obviously it is not donald trump but who is it? >> well i don't know. i went to law school with mrs.nmrs. clinton. i've always had a kind of fo fondnefon fondness for her. i admire the fact that bernie sanders has a single payor national health plan. when i worked for mr. nixon as the speech writer i wrote the proposal for single payor health plan but i would like to see it
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be a republican. i've never voted for a democrat. but mr. trump i think is dangerously misinformed. i like him but he's dangerously misinformed. >> ooh so could ben stein vote for hillary clinton? he certainly inmated that. but like i said before, if all of these republicans were so against trump, why didn't they as republicans like to say man up sooner? >> look, what we know carol is that nobody thought it was going to get this far. and donald trump wasn't at the precipice of receiving the nomination until recently. yes it was probably irresponsible for republican outside money to wait so long to do the opposition research in order to show primary voters the real truth of donald trump's history. only 27% of primary voters when they went to the polls on super tuesday knew about the failure of donald trump to denounce the kkk and david duke, knew about the details of trump university. so now i think in the next 11 days you are going to see a real time for choosing. and that is what mitt romney is
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going to talk about today and what all republicans are going to talk about. the 11th, hour, the panic button. there are late deciders. people haven't made up their minds yet. so people are going to go to the polls on super tuesday who are still thinking about it. people who are going to vote for trump aren't going to listen to romney. but there are a lot of republicans, call them establishment, call them -- they don't think of themselves as establishment. they are ordinary folks. maybe votes for romney last name. maybe somebody else but they will listen to what the standard bearer of the republican party and you will see an escalation of focus on trump's real record. which you have not seen until this point in the election. >> let's talk about romney who is the voice of the i guess establishment republicans at the moment anyway. there is just like a hint of hypocrisy here. because remember back in the day in 2012 when romney was asking donald trump more his endorsement and he got it? let's look. >> there are some things you
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just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. i'm so hon skperd pleased to have his endorsement. >> so mark, donald trump doesn't play this game sf he plays his own game. and i think we should all just stop and think about where we are in this time in history. donald trump world health organization has swept the south, who has won three of the four early states. if he had a different last name we would all be cornating him and we'd be thinking about how he would take on the democratic nominee in november. but because it is donald trump and how he's gotten there there
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is this incredible effort at the 11th hour to try to stop him. but this is a moment in time and that was a moment in time back in 2012 when mitt romney received donald trump's endorsement there in las vegas just so happened to be in his hotel. but this is a moment in time right now where mitt romney thinks that he needs now to try to stop donald trump. and that's what he's going to do. there hasn't been a unifying voice right how up to this point who doesn't have skin in the game to try to stop donald trump. we've seen each of the individual candidates try. they have all failed. but there hasn't been one voice and mitt romney is trying to be that voice and we'll hear from in him in a couple of hours. >> i'm going to ask we've one of you if you think trump will be the nominee and we have to keep it short i have to move on unfortunately because i'm enjoying this conversation. mark will trump be the republican nominee? >> probably. if you had money i would put money on it. >> larry? >> he is the current favorite
6:12 am
but not yet the prohibitive favorite. >> margaret. >> i am not going to second guess the will of the voters. i'm going to let the voters decide. it is not about the commentator on cnn making a decision. >> margaret -- >> you and i both know that i can't decide and i can't guess. >> couple of programming notes for you. next week is march madness right here on cnn. starting on sunday with the next democratic debate in flint, michigan and the new cnn series race to the white house. next tuesday another super tuesday. and wednesday a democratic debate in miami and thursday a republican debate, also in miami. a a week of political events right here on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom" a former staffer for hillary clinton telling all? why the feds may soon learn all they need to know about that private e-mail server.
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any minute now bernie sanders will address reporters in lansing michigan. . there he is standing off to the side to your left. of course we'll monitor this and bring you any developments. he could have all the answers to the questions surrounding hillary clinton's e-mail server and after previously invoke his fifth amendment right and refusing to respond to congressional inquiries, he is now set to cooperate with the fbi and justice department. joe johns has more on this. hi joe. >> reporter: good morning, republican critics are calling this ominous. but it can also be seen as the step towards injecting transparence into the e-mails of the private server of the the former secretary state once and for all getting answers for the e-mails that have been dogging hillary clinton and her campaign. brian pag la know has been
6:18 am
forced to envoik his fifth amendment right. common practice for lawyers to advise clients to shut up in situations like this until an arrangement is made. now free to talk to prosecutors without prosecution as long as he sticks to the truth. he's a former clinton staffer who helped her set up her e-mail server. investigators found clinton received information that wasn't marked ads classified but should have been kept inside the government's secure system. now federal investigators have secured his cooperation and can make progress in the investigation to determine whether there were any laws broken. a major question in investigations like this is whether anybody involved knew they were transmitting classified information. the clinton campaign has been saying all of this needs to get out in the open. that was a message on wednesday. brian fallon, the clinton spokesman releasing a statement saying secretary clinton has been cooperating with the justice department's security inquiry, including offering in august to meet with with them to
6:19 am
assist their efforts if needed. fallon also tweeted the campaign disagreed with its decision not to answer questions from the benghazi committee. he says they are pleased. he's now cooperating. republican presidential candidate ted cruz on fox said and suggests hillary clinton will be wounded as a candidate as a result of this, carol. >> all right. joe johns live for us this morning. let's talk more about what this immunity deal means for hillary clinton. i want to bring in our legal analyst mel robbins. >> good morning. how are you. >> i'm fine. i want you to put this in perspective for us. pag pagliano. because he's invoked his fifth amendment rights does that necessarily mean he has something to say? >> not really. and when you have congress and a
6:20 am
federal investigation, you better believe he's represented by lawyers and those lawyers are saying you are not going talk to anybody until there is some kind of deal on the table. now, another question here is what exactly do they want to talk to him about? this is a guy that worked on her campaign in 2008. and he was part of the team that was responsible for setting up that private e-mail server in her home in new york in 2009. what do they want to know? well they want to know why did hillary clinton want to use a primary -- a private e-mail server. they are going to ask questions about what did she say about why? what was his understanding about why it was important for her to have this set up? if for example he knew she wanted to have classified information access coming through her home that would be terrible both for him and for her because it would show knowledge and it would show intent. >> they are also going to ask
6:21 am
carol about whether or not he knew whether there was going to be classified or whether there was classified information that was sent. so that is going to be the nature of the questions and the type of things they are going to be interested in asking this guy about. >> so we often hear hillary clinton's republican opponents say that soon she'll be led away in handcuffs. right? how likely -- i mean could happen? >> could? i mean, there are a lot of republican pundits that are now kind of walking back on the fact that said it could never happened that donald trump would be the republican nominee? so could it? i suppose if there is some sort of smoking gun. but it is highly unlikely. les look at the case many people remember with petraeus. he gave notebooks that had classified information in it to his mistress as she was writing a book about him. that case is a little different than the clinton case. first of all there was absolutely no question that the
6:22 am
information that he gave was classified. in this particular instance it is not clear that the information that clinton had on her server was actually classified. because it became classified retroactively. secondly, petraeus lied to the fbi during the investigation and that really made people angry, people inside the fbi, which is why they also went after him with a vengeance. he was eventually found cl liable for both classified information and lying. is clinton going to be led away in handcuffs? i highly, highly doubt it. while they do have interview they can certainly interview this former staffer helping set up the e-mail server. they are going to get information about what was clinton talking about and his understanding why they set it up but it is really not clear whether the information was classified at all carol. wisconsin governor and former presidential candidate
6:23 am
scott walker speaking now at cpac the group is kicking off its annual conference today. president candidate john kasich will be on the stage tomorrow as will ben carson who has you know has bowed out of tonight's republican debate. and donald trump will appear on saturday morning. of course we'll follow the speeches for any developments. still to come in the "newsroom," choosing replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia. we know what republicans want. what about the rest of america? what about all americans? a new poll focus in. er anti-wrim in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair.
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together, we're building a better california. might be one of the biggest issues looming over the presidential race. should president baobama or the next president nominate a replacement finish antonin
6:28 am
scalia. in our recent survey 58 percent of americans say it is the current office holder that would be president obama, who should name a potential successor. but politics still loom large in such critical decision. we're joined live from washington with more on this poll. good morning. >> it's been about three weeks since the sunday death of justice scalia. and the fire storm is continuing over his replacement. cnn's come out with new pole and says that 58% of the americans want a nominee. want obama to put forward somebody. but that number jumps up to 66% who actually want a hearing. it goes down to 48% that say that if the senators do put forward somebody, they do have a hearing and they oppose it, they can still prevent the vote. and this is all coming as cnn has confirmed that there is a judge under consideration. one on the short list, that is
6:29 am
jane kelly out of the 8th circuit. she spent her life as the public defender before taking the bench. she was unanimously confirmed and what's interesting about kelly is she has the o support -- or she had the support of senator grassley the first time around. that will be very interesting to see how that plays out. >> well let's talk about judge kelly for a moment. she has such an interesting back story. she was victim of a brutal crime. she recovered. she worked years as an attorney and as you said she seemingly has support of even conservatives. but still how likely is it she'll be sitting in that senate chamber answering questions? >> so far the senate republicans are saying they are not going to have a hearing. that is not going stop obama. he says he's going to do so. and it puts grassley in an interesting position. he did support her. he has connections with her and he really praised her the first time around. so he'll have to face that this time around if there does end up
6:30 am
being a hearing. ariane despace vog vogue. thanks so much. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. just two hours from now former presidenti presidential nominee mitt romney is going to attempt to knock out the front runner, donald trump, off his path to the presidency. and maybe even out of the race. mr. romney is expected to slam trump as the phony who's domestic policies would lead to recession and whose foreign policies would make the world and america less safe. one man who will probably be watching is dave yost, yost says trump is only motivated by claiming power for himself and he will not support the candidate on his facebook page he wrote, this stand will be
6:31 am
personally costly. if mr. trump becomes the gop nominee. i won't be welcome in cleveland this summer. if he wins the presidency, trump will be certain to use his power to punish those he views as his enemy, end quote. so let's talk about this. i'm joined by the ohio auditor of state dave yost. good morning. >> good morning. >> you are willing to sacrifice your political career and come out against donald trump? >> well i started my public life as the prosecuting attorney. and i'm used to standing up and taking the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. i've been criticized before and taken risks before. >> so what specifically is it about donald trump that you object to? >> it seems like the only thing he believes in is power. and donald trump. my experience as the prosecutor
6:32 am
and as auditor of state working on public integrity is that somebody like that who has no core principles that they are unwilling to compromise ultimately is not the kind of person that you can afford to trust public power to. and somebody who -- go ahead, i'm sorry. >> i was just going to ask you. but haven't the voters spoken? shouldn't you support anyone that republican voters support? because donald trump is won ten states so far. >> two things. number one is i didn't sign away my rights as a united states citizen to have an opinion and make my own choices just because i became a member of the republican party on elected official. but more importantly the american people haven't spoken. 70% of all the delegates still remain to be chosen. and if you look at the third to 40% of the republican voters that mr. trump has amassed so
6:33 am
far, the republican electorate only represents about a third of americans. so a third of a third is maybe a ninth. i think the jury is still out. people are just starting to tune in. >> the latest quinnipiac poll has donald trump leading your state, he's five points ahead of the ohio governor john kasich. why do you think that is? >> you know, he's got a lot of name recognition. he's been sucking up all of the oxygen in the room. and mostly the folks who are not named donald trump have been talking about each other for the last six months. that's starting to change now. and as we we've seen i think that mr. trump, well he did well on tuesday did not do as well as expected. people are starting to see that donald trump is willing to change his positions to gain power. to try to appeal to the masses. not because of what he believes in his heart. >> and you truly believe that if
6:34 am
donald trump becomes the next president of the united states that he'll retaliate against you because of the position you have taken against him? >> oh i don't think he has any idea who dave yost is. but i think his organization will take on his character. and he's shown that he's a very receipt but receiptry buttive kind of person. retribution type of person. his first reaction is i'm going the sue you and he wants to get in and use the power of the presidency to somehow trump the first amendment. if he can close down and intimidate the "new york times" with federal power he could also or somebody else could do that to fox news or --. that's why is the constitution there to be a limit. but a man who believes in nothing will stop at nothing. the conservative, i want a government that stops at the limits of the constitution.
6:35 am
>> so just my final question. if donald trump becomes president of the united states, what is the country in for? well, i still believe that he will not . >> well i still believe he will not be the president of the united states. we have 70% of all the vote, delegates yet to be chosen but we all have free choice and woo seal the choices he makes. i have to say based on past performance, his love for power and a large activist federal government, i'm not -- i'm not saying about the future and mr. trump as president. >> dave yost, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> you are welcome. still to come in the "newsroom" a mission to find the truth. top democrats heading to flint, michigan. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! got it. we slow, we die. what about cashing out?
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sekera. >> reporter: behind me you are seeing the flint river. and the residents finding out lead was leeching into their drinking water. that has parents furious because they know that lead tends to effect children more than anything. but one mother is now questioning whether it was the lead that took her unborn children. >> okay. i'll help you out. put that one i on and.
6:41 am
>> she moved to flint in 2014, just as the city changed to a different water supply. wakes eventually became pregnant with twins and was using the tap water like everyone else. >> i noticed every time i took a shower or took a bath i would have breakouts. >> and at five weeks pregnant she miscarried one of the twin babies but the other survived. >> i was like, you know, this is going to be my miracle child. >> then at 13 weeks, she miscared again. her sorrow turned to rage when she returned from the hospital. >> i come home and look at my mailbox and i see something from the city of flint saying that pregnant women and people 55 and over should not be drinking this water. and i'm like are you serious? and i'm just coming home to losing my babies and now this could have been the water that did this? >> residents still had no idea lead was leeching into their tap
6:42 am
water. when wakes finally did hear about the lead she had her children tested. both had lead in their bloodstream. then she found out lead in pregnant women can can cause miscarriages. no one knows for sure if that is what happened to wakes. state officials are now investigating whether the water crisis had had any effect on the number of miscarriages in flint. so far it is too early to tell. in the meantime the fury of residents is only growing. with the recent e-mails released by the governor's office. even before led was discovered in the water supply. one exchange reveals some of his top aides warned there were problems with the water supply. and that it should be switched back asap. >> in 2014 the governor's deputy council and senior policy advisor e-mails his chief and staff and several others saying they should stop using the flint raifr r river as the water source due to health concerns. i see this as an urgent matter
6:43 am
to fix she writes. >> minutes later the government's legal council responds by saying my mom is a city resident. the notion that i would be getting my drinking water from the flint river is downright scary. but it took a full year before officials made the switch back to the original safer water supply. >> what should happen to the people responsible? >> i really feel like they should be incarcerated or resign is really like a slap in the face to me. >> put in jail. >> yes. i think they should be put in jail. >> and we are hearing that from resident after resident after resident. they cannot believe that the government was responsible for this and they all feel like the government was responsible for poisoning them and their children. the governor has taken responsibility for his staff. he says he polgsz and that this situation will be fixed. everyone here wants to know just when that will happen, carol. >> sara sidner life from flint,
6:44 am
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6:48 am
new reports this morning that north korea fired six short range projectiles overnight. just less than 4 hours after the u.n. approved sanctions went into effect in that country. south korean officials say the projectiles flew about 60-90 miles off the korean peninsula. and south korea is now
6:49 am
investigating. new images too this morning of a piece of airplane wreckage off mozambique in africa. this could be part of doomed malaysia airlines flight 370. that flight vanished almost two years ago now. the man who found the debris now speaking out. >> what went through my mind when i found it is this is something that could be part of an airplane and could be part of that airplane. >> cnn's david mckenzie is in mozambique with more. hi daddy. >> reporter: hey carol. yeah i spoke to blain gibson in his first on camera interest. he's the american tourist and also an enthusiast on the mh 370 flight that vanished almost exactly two years ago in a couple of days and in fact he said he was in the mozambique channel behind me on vacation with a captain on a boat.
6:50 am
and they found this piece of debris on a sandback. it is being taken seriously enough that they want to investigate it. and he said it is important to take everything seriously for the families. the families. >> anything that can help lead to the truth of what happened and give the families the answers that they long for and deserve no matter what they are, whatever the truth is, anything that leads to that is very good. >> reporter: certainly we saw the piece of debris. the head of the aviation committee said it didn't look necessarily from a larger plane like a triple 7. it didn't have any wear and tear. there were no animal life growing on it like we saw in the large piece of metal debris which washed up in reunion
6:51 am
island last year that was confirmed to be from that plane. anything really needs to be checked out with this issue of mh 370, but there is skepticism about whether this is from the plane. certainly the families from malaysia are wanting any kind of firm proof so they can move on. >> all right. david reporting live from mozambique this morning. still to come, shocking video from where a school officer slaps a teenager and kicks him. actions. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things. spur of the moment things. changes you'll notice. wherever you are in the world. sheraton.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
i'm about to show you disturbing video of a teenager being slapped and kicked by a school police officer. the incident now part of a criminal investigation. it happened on tuesday on the steps outside of a baltimore high school. the baltimore school police chief and two officers were
6:56 am
placed onned a administrative leave after the pictures surfaced. watch. >> [ bleep ]. >> all right. the cell phone video shows the officer slapping the teenager. i want to bring in cnn miguel marqu marquez. >> reporter: good morning. this video is only a few seconds long. s the -- it is causing shock waves throughout baltimore. this is a community grappling with the police and the community who doesn't trust it. a criminal investigation underway this morning after the release of this disturbing cell phone video captured on a baltimore high school campus. in the five-second clip you can see a school officer yelling promanties while slapping a young man and kicking him while he walked away. one slap striking him so hard you can hear it.
6:57 am
>> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled. the video is certainly something you never want to see anyone treated like that. >> the attorney for the teenage youth says he's a 10th grader enrolled at the public high school and just trying to attend class. >> based on the evidence that we have in hand, we are certain he was a student at that school that bloelongs at that school. >> reporter: the acting school police chief has a different story. >> we were called because of an intruder, and this happened after they escorted the two unknown citizens outside of the territory. >> reporter: they're told the teenager did not attend the school and that the young man became belligerent and angry after the officer repeatedly asked him to leave. >> as a former building principal, as a father, as a
6:58 am
man, i was totally appalled by what i saw. >> reporter: the baltimore city police and the state's attorneys office is investigating this. to be clear, the baltimore city police and the school police are two separate entities. but it is interesting to note how quickly the city jumped on this, how fast this investigation is moving. clearly, lessons learned in baltimore. >> all right. many thanks. checking some other top stories. the texas state trooper who arrested sandra bland has been offici officially fired. the officer was indicted on a perjury charge after a grand jury didn't believe his story that he removed bland from her car to conduct a safer traffic violation. blands family said she shouldn't have been arrested in the first place and she was treated differently because she was
6:59 am
african american. a police officer is fighting murder charges after shooting and killing an unarmed man. police say aaron smith stopped a suspicious man walking around at 3:00 in the morning. they struggled for a block before smith shot and killed him. the man is gregory gunn. gunn's family says he was walking home from his dpoif's house and he was targeted because he was black, they say. despite the sentiment, gunn's mother has invited smith to her son's funeral. there he is. scott kelley returns to cheers and hugs in houston this morning. he was greeted with beer and apple high from the wife of the vice president. kelley spent 340 days in space. a record for a u.s. straupt. the weightlessness allowed him to grow two inches, but gravity
7:00 am
will return him to his premission flight. an 11-year-old boy stuns tiger woods. he hit a hole in one. he's credited with having the first ace to be recorded at the playgrounds, as it's called, and it happened on his first swing. he got a hug from tiger woods and a mention on twitter, and he beat tiger woods by three shots. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now, romney ready to rip into donald trump. >> we're speaking for the 65% of the people who didn't vote for donald trump. >> he thinks this is going to send a message to conservatives. >> this is the moment to pull out the stops. >> it's too little and too stupid to bring out romney. >> can the pick stop trump's
7:01 am
march to the nomination? let's talk, live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. next hour mild mannered mitt romney is expected to unleash on donald trump's presidential bid, bludgeoning him as a failure and a fraud. he's part of the anti-trump revolt. they want voters to nominate anyone, saying nominating trump would guarantee the democrats hold onto the white house. trump launching a strike with an ad mocking romney on his 2012 bid on the morning shows. >> he begged me for my endorsement four years ago, and he's a failed candidate. frankly, i backed him. he failed. he was a horrible candidate. he didn't know what he was doing. he disappeared in the last month before the election. mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. he fails twice, and really
7:02 am
failed last time. >> so here's a glimpse of happier times between the two men. you remember back when in 2012 when donald trump right there endorsed mitt romney, and romney seemed to be a happy camper about that. >> there are some things that you just can't imagine happening in your life. this is one of them. being in donald trump's magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight. i'm so honored and pleased to have his endorsement. >> we are covering all angles of this growing khasm. let's go to sun lynn. >> reporter: those happier times no longer. today will be a different scene than that scene in 2012 with both of them standing together. mitt romney is going to completely unload on donald trump today when he speaks in utah in a little over an hour.
7:03 am
according to an early look at his speech, mitt romney will plan to say, quote, here's what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he is playing the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. so some pretty tough words from mitt romney there. this also comes at a time when anti-superpac group running some big ads against trump, really unleashing a big amount of money on the air waves, flooding the air waves with anti-trump ads like this one debuting this week. >> how much do we really know about donald trump on health care. >> everybody has to be covered. >> universal health care? >> i'm going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? >> the government is going to pay for it. >> an president obama's stimulus. >> he did a great job tonight. he's a strong guy who knows what he wants and this is what we
7:04 am
need. >> reporter: an this anti-trump push sets the stage for the debate in detroit. a lot of candidates feeling the urgency of the moment. critical time to change this trajectory going forward if they're going to do so. >> we'll see. reporting live from kansas this morning. as we said it's a full court press against donald trump. the billionaire is tweeting up a storm this morning. this from donald trump. failed candidate mitt romney who ran one of the worst races in presidential history is working with the establishment to bury a big r win. and this tweet, i'm the only one that can beat hillary clinton. i'm not a mitt romney who doesn't know how to win. hillary wants no part of trump. mr. trump is also cleaning up his own mess. disavowing the former grand wizard of the kkk, david duke, one more time on the today show. >> i don't know him from the standpoint i never met him, but i certainly would not have anything to do with him or the
7:05 am
kkk. and everybody knows that. and i say how many times do i have to disavow. and right after this, i tweeted that i disavow any endorsement or anything of david duke. who would endorse david duke? >> with me now to talk about trump versus romney, a boston herald columnist, radio host and trump supporter. also joined by a republican strategist and former rnc campaign director, and a cnn politics editor. >> great to have you all here. in an hour and a half, mitt romney will call trump a phony and a fraud. do you think mr. trump will be watching? >> absolutely. everyone will be watching. here's the deal. i have a column out today in the boston herald. it's on the front page of the paper. mitt romney needs to go home. he should not be interfering in democracy. the will of the people, we have the right to vote. all the voters have spoken, and
7:06 am
if donald trump is the front runner right now, that's where he belongs. all 17 gop candidates have had virtually a year to make their case, and if they haven't done it by now, and if the people haven't voted for them, then that's it. mitt romney should not be interloping and interfering with the will of the people. >> liz, doesn't adrianna have a point? the people have spoken in ten states? >> no. first of all, we have freedom of speech. that applies just as much to romney as to trump, me, her, you, anybody. he's entitled to speak his mind about anything. you can have a discussion about whether that is politically well advised, but it is absolutely ridiculous to be suggesting that romney shouldn't get to state his opinion on something. i know that donald trump wants to extend libel laws so we can sue anybody for writing anything negative, and a lot of trump supporters have a problem with
7:07 am
saying anything critical of him. the amendments protect romney. he's entitled to do it. at the end of the day, we have not had all 50 states vote. we need to have all 50 states plus the territories vote as part of the nomination process. when you've only had a hand full of them vote so far, at the end of the day, donald trump hasn't amassed the delegates he needs to win. treating him as if he is the obvious nominee when that hasn't been fully completed is a little bit early. i certainly admit that it is likely at this point that donald trump will be the nominee, but he's not the nominee yet, and we do have a first amendment, and romney is entitled to say whatever he thinks about this. it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it. it's the constitution. >> mitt romney will say his peace in a little bit. mark, i'll pose this question to you. most people expect mitt romney to not say i'm going to jump in myself. could that happen? >> those who are close to
7:08 am
romney, and he has a small circle of advisors. from what i'm told from those close to him is he has no intention of getting in. in fact, people have tried to draft him to run whether it would be to run as a republican or potentially to launch this third party candidacy. we basically know what mitt romney is going to say in an hour and a half. they put out the excerpts. certainly the key ones. the big thing to watch is how does it play out in the next few hours and days. i think how mitt romney reacts to the reaction to his speech is really going to be telling about what role he's going to play in his own personal life and politics and also how he'll play in this fight for the republican presidential nomination. >> i was going to ask adrianna, two questions, actually. one, will trump supporters care what mitt romney says or accomplishment republicans or anyone, and two, how will mr. trump respond in tonight's
7:09 am
debate? >> well, first off, trump supporters don't care what mitt romney has to say. it goes beyond trump supporters. what mitt romney and the establishment are missing is that this isn't just about trump this race. this is about a movement. this is about millions of americans who are frustrated with the dysfunctional failings of washington establishment. they keep failing our country. and so republicans all over this country want change. that's why donald trump is succeeding. he's an outsider. he would act as a change agent, and disrupt the status quo. that's what's needed in washington. we know washington with is broken. the last thing we should be doing is sending more politicians down there and nothing will change. i think that's one of the main reasons why so many republicans are voting for donald trump, and let's say this. it's not just republicans. democrats are voting for him, and independents, and we saw that in massachusetts. just since january 1st of this
7:10 am
year, massachusetts, 20,000 democrats quit their party and 16,000 of them became independents. why? so they can vote for donald trump. and he even won here in massachusetts. and so mitt romney -- >> it's not clear all of them quit the party to vote for trump. i will say, liz, that adrianna has a point. i mean, i'm reading through mitt romney's speech, and i see a lot of slams against donald trump, but i don't see anything that inspires hope. you know, you might not agree with mr. trump, but he's inspiring something. he's inspirational to a lot of people voting for him. so mitt romney -- >> i think he's seizing on a lot of anger that exists out there, and anger does exist out there, but i think it's ludicrous to suggest that the answer of the problems that we're having with governance in this country is to double down on a failed big government, left leading approach. if you look at donald trump's issue positions, that's exactly
7:11 am
where he is on the issues. he is not conservative. it's absolutely no surprise that a huge, huge chunk of his voting base comes from the democratic party from moderate and more economically liberal voters who have decided to affiliate as republicans. the guy is a big government liberal. he's not a conservative. that's a matter of fact. >> the establishment should be happy he's expanding the party. >> i'm not happy about -- no. expanding the party in order to deliver democratic big government liberal policy wins is not something that anybody who actually cares about conservative policy can get behind. you're mistaking conservatives and libertarians -- >> where has he said he's going to grow government? >> everywhere. >> conservatives want to reduce government. >> he doesn't. he said he will not do anything to reinform entitlement. he's for green energy mandates. he wants to raise taxes.
7:12 am
this is a guy who wants to institute a single payer health care scheme in his own words, he has been saying this for 30 years and he continues to say it now. in what respect is that small government? the only difference between donald trump and hillary clinton is that donald trump is a little less keen on mexican that hillary clinton is. >> i disagree with that totally. there are distinct differences between him and hillary clinton. >> okay, okay. i'm going to stop you ladies right now. wait. stop. stop. i want to ask mark -- >> another difference, hillary clinton hasn't been endorsed by the kkk and david duke and her kid isn't going out and doing shows with white supremacists. >> stop. mr. trump disavowed david duke on the today show. let's leave it there. let's stop right there. mark, i'll ask you the last question. usually when we talk about conventions, they're yawners
7:13 am
because all is said and done. this one most assuredly will not be decided, right? >> here's the thing. the establishment right now is looking at different paths right now to try to stop donald trump. one of them is to try to deny him the delegates needed for the nomination. you try to keep the remaining candidates in the race, john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz, try to keep them in, have them win states throughout. donald trump doesn't get the number of delegates and then they deny him the nomination in cleveland. the second thing is have the third party run. the fact is can you do somebody -- run somebody as a quote, unquote, true conservative, becomes a safe haven for those who don't want to associate themselves with trump to associate themselves with that candidate then. but when it does come to cleveland, if donald trump is the nominee, and we've heard this from members of congress, you'll have a chance of people who don't show up. here's the one thing.
7:14 am
the one unifying factor. even though there's a civil war in the republican party, a smart person said this to me the other night, the bonding glue that could bring the republican party back together is the supreme court. there's a justice up. they have to fill the scalia seat and republicans at some point have to make a choice, do they want hillary clinton if she's the nominee and the winner in november to fill that slot, or do they want a republican? and that's a big, big question that they have to ask themselves. >> i have to leave it there. thanks so all of you. still to come, why a man who worked for hillary clinton has reversed course. ♪
7:15 am
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does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. wanted to talk to bryan pagliano. he helped hillary clinton set up a private e-mail server. they may get their chance. here joe johns, our senior washington correspondent. >> reporter: this is problematic for hillary clinton. any time we're talking about this, we're not talking about
7:19 am
her message she's pushing. calling this an ominous development. it can be seen as a step toward injecting transparency about the private server on the former secretary of state. could they get answers to questions? bryan pagliano was forced to invoke his right against self-incrimination in this case, and no small part due to an investigation. a common practice for lawyers to advise clients to shut up in situations like this until some arrangement is made. now that he's gotten immunity, he's free to talk to investigators without the threat of prosecution as long as he sticks to the truth. investigations have found clinton received information in those e-mails that wasn't marked as classified but should have been kept inside the government's secure system. now the federal investigators have secured bryan pagliano's
7:20 am
cooperation, major questions in this is whether anybody knew they were transmitting classified information. the clinton campaign has been saying this information needs to get out in the open. that was the message on wednesday. the clinton spokesman releasing a statement saying secretary clinton has been cooperating with the justice department's security inquiry, including offering in august to meet with them and assist in their efforts if needed. ted cruz on fox suggests hillary clinton could be badly wounded as a candidate as a result of this. >> joe johns reporting live in washington. even without the e-mail controversy, the picture isn't rosy for clinton's campaign. her biggest competition comes from donald trump, really. and from the size of his rallies, you'll see them soon, i guess, anyway, you hear how excited and enthusiastic donald trump's crowds.
7:21 am
hillary clinton's doesn't have quite the same enthusiasm, let's say. in an interview, a rural democratic strategist says trump could beat clinton like a tied up billy goat. with me, the senior advisor with the correct the record. >> he is just so -- just such rich language. >> i know. very colorful. the question is is he right? >> well, if you just even look at super tuesday, donald trump got 3.3 million votes and hillary clinton got 4 .1 million votes. it's not how many people show up at your rallies. it's how many people show up in the polling booth. and she is going to work every single day to make sure every one of her voters that come from a very broad coalition are showing up on election day. >> but still, even during the primaries and caucuses, more republicans showed up to
7:22 am
participate than democrats. democrats are worried saying democrats aren't really excited about the election this time around. >> yeah. there is no doubt that the party that holds the white house historically has had lower turnout in the primaries. but it is not an indicator of who will turn out in the general election. it is historically true that the more candidates you have, the greater the turnout will be. but ultimately, if their nominee is donald trump, and who knows what's going to happen between now and their convention, but if their nominee is donald trump, you can believe that a lot of the turnout on the republican side might have been an anti-donald trump turnout as well. that is an opportunity for hillary clinton. >> okay. so trump, although, trump is attracting working class white male voters in a way that hillary clinton is not, and she needs some of the voters to support her if she's to win the presidency. why is she not attracting that
7:23 am
particular block of voters? >> she's certainly going to work on attracting every vote she can, but particularly those left behind in this economy. and the kicker is, carol, that donald trump is saying, yeah, i'm for you. i'm for the little guy. i'm telling it like it is, but every day we are seeing new and more and more information about how he's not there for the little guy, that he's actually in it for donald trump and donald trump alone. do we really want this guy who lodges insults the minute anybody attacks him with his fingers on the nuclear codes? what if there's an enemy outside of the u.s. that insults him? do we really want somebody without presidential temperament to have this, somebody who is going to fight for himself and somebody who has, believe me, volumes of opposition research that's been generated about him? it's about time the republicans start showing those voters who have signed up for him that they are really having the wool
7:24 am
pulled over their eyes. he is not about them. >> here's the other thing. donald trump himself has already said i have my arsenal ready to go at hillary clinton. we've gotten a few hints about which way he's going to go. he's going to talk about her e-mail controversy and say the fbi is investigating her and attack hillary clinton about his sex sandal, and attack hillary clinton for diszing some of the women accusing bill clinton for sexual misbehavior. >> for her, she's not going to get into the mud with the pig. she is going to tell people how she's going to fight for them, and believe me, there is enough information. democrats are plot goinot going back to wait to punch donald trump in the nose the minute he becomes the nominee. they'll punch and punch hard, and there's lots of material to
7:25 am
demonstrate he's on the people's side and donald trump is not. this will be an interesting election, a colorful election, probably, if it is donald trump that is the nominee. >> yes, it will be colorful, indeed. jennifer, always a pleasure. thanks so much. >> thanks. a programming note. next week kicks off sunday's democratic debate in flint, michigan at 8:00 p.m. eastern followed by the premier of race for the white house, then it's super tuesday round two. on wednesday the democrats take the debate stage in miami followed by the republicans on wednesday. that's right here on cnn. still to come, in about an hour mitt romney is expected to attack the front runner, donald trump, saying, quote, donald trump gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is this lousy hat. i wonder if trump will be watching. unless you have allerg. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
7:26 am
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7:30 am
and good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a debate tonight against the backdrop of a mitt romney anti-trump tirade and this time magazine cover. you can see the boxes checked off here, bully, showman, party crasher, demagogue, but 45 th president of the united states left open. that title still to be determined. voters have spoken up in 10 states. they want trump as their nominee and they don't care with mitt romney or other establishment
7:31 am
republicans have to say about the candidate. with me now, a former communications director on capitol hill, and a trump supporter. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> all right. i was expecting dana bash to pop up. that's why i was a little confused. is dana bash here? there you are. >> i am. hi, carol. >> reporter: hi from motor city. >> hi right back at you from new york city. let's talk about the debate before i get to tara and scot e scottie. there's going to be a big debate tonight. megyn kelly will be one of the moderators. it should be interesting. >> it should be extremely interesting, especially given the fact that what's going to be driving the discussion, the narrative, the whole news cycle leading up to tonight is the republican nominee from last time around as you were just talking about, mitt romney is in
7:32 am
salt lake city getting ready to give a speech saying anybody but donald trump. so it will be fascinating to see how and if the remaining trump opponents use that or at least try to do so on the stage. my hunch is that if they are reading the electorate the way maybe they should be, they won't, because the argument that trump is making on twitter, on tv this morning, and elsewhere is that romney doesn't get it, that he's not understanding the anger out there and the way that trump is harnessing the anger. you know, i'm told by people who are familiar with romney's thinking, carol, that he feels like as the last nominee of the party, he feels a responsibility to get up and stand up and say this is not the guy for us. >> well, it should be, especially in the debate as well, because only four candidates will be on stage because ben carson has chosen not to participate.
7:33 am
>> reporter: that's right. there will only be four candidates. given where we started where we all had to have two debates because there were so many candidates on stage, it's hard to imagine that this is gone down this far to just four candidates. and, look, donald trump is -- has been already at center stage, but there is no avoiding the fact that both ted cruz and marco rubio and to a lesser extent because he has a different style, john kasich know that the only path to the nomination for them is through donald trump, and so they're going to, no question, try to come up with new ways to make that happen. we saw at cnn's debate last week, marco rubio try a different tactic. it's hard to imagine him escalating for it more. it's my understanding they'll try to do more with substantive arguments about why they don't believe donald trump should be the nominee. let me point out that on that
7:34 am
subject, donald trump has understandably been saying and tweeting that mitt romney who, again, is going to come out against him today, endorsed him four years ago. that isn't something that we should forget. he did so with a lot of fanfare in las vegas. >> yes. they did. dana bash reporting live from detroit. thanks so much. donald trump is on the attack because in about an hour mitt romney will appear before many reporters and call donald trump a fraud and a phony. as i said, donald trump already on the attack, tweeting up a storm and explaining on the morning news shows why he has to be such an attack dog. let's listen. >> if you take a look at what's going on, i can't act overly presidential, because i'm going to have people attacking me from every side, a very good man, ben carson is not there any longer. now we're going to have more time for the fighting.
7:35 am
i can't stand there and act presidential. >> why not? why can't you say i'm above this? >> because when people are hitting you from different angles, from all different angles, unfortunately, matt, you have to hit back. i would have a very, very presidential demeanor when i win. but until such time, you have to hit back. when you hit back, you're no longer presidential. >> all right. let's bring back in tara and sot scottie. welcome back, ladies. scottie, i'll start with you. will tonight's debate be especially nasty because of mitt romney? >> well, i hope not, but i don't think mitt romney really brings that much to the table. it's not shocking that he's out against mr. trump. what would be shocking is that he actually went for more trump considering mr. trump's popularity is because of everything romney has stood for. it's the establishment status quo rusty republicans that
7:36 am
continue to sit there and say let's talk more to the beltway and not necessarily main street. >> so, tara, i've been saying the voters have spoken. they seem to like mr. trump. he's won in ten states. first of all, should mitt romney be speaking out against him, and secondly, is it too late? >> well, only some of the voters have spoken. like one-third of the third of voters have spoken. we have 70% of the process still to go as far as delegates. i don't think that the republican party and real conservatives and real republicans should be held hostage to an imposter, and an insurgent like donald trump in trying a hostile takeover to the republican party. as far as mitt romney is concerned, i think -- i don't know how helpful it will be. it's true. mitt romney is the epitome of the republican establishment. he represents everything everybody is upset about and everything that's wrong with the establishment in washington and
7:37 am
the status quo. that doesn't mean that what he says isn't valid. i don't know if he's the best messenger to do it. if he was so upset about donald trump, and felt as though he needs to come out and say something, why wasn't this done months ago? all the accusations against donald trump and they're valid, pointing out his failed business record, his political chameleon changing opinions on things, those things have been on the record way before now or the last week. it was there when he first declared. so why have people waited so long to come out now troubles me. i think they were afraid that they didn't want to alienate trump voters. i don't know that it's too late two weeks until the winner take all all states of florida and ohio, et cetera, that's a long time. we have debates. we have two weeks, and that's a long time to finally expose donald trump's record in a way that has not been done yet until
7:38 am
now. >> right. and scottscottie, it's not just romney speaking out. dozens of security officials have said trump could make the u.s. less safe, and that includes the u.s. homeland security officer. there are more than 50 of them who penned this open letter saying donald trump would make the country less safe. >> well, talk about a hostile takeover. i mean, they're saying that the other guest said mr. trump is going to do a hostile takeover of the republican party. it's those who have held this party hostage away from the people. i think i would rather take somebody who endorsed mr. trump since he's on the ground in arizona dealing with security issues every day over someone who might have actually advised a few years and hasn't necessarily served on the board or been boots on the ground sitting there advising people how to handle their lives and
7:39 am
votes. >> so, tara, would you take the arizona endorsement over secreta secretary chertoff. >> he's a local sheriff. being plt of the united states is a larger job. if people who are familiar with the ins and outs of national security, what it takes to keep this country safe, all those things, we're discounting them now? if they're concerned and we're not talking one or two. it's 50 plus. and i'm glad to see those with credibility that you can't say are career politicians. these are people who have spent their lives protecting this country. for them to come out and say we're concerned, this guy's foreign policy is dangerous. it will not keep america safe, it's unworkable. people need to pay attention to that. it's valid.
7:40 am
we have not seen a thorough getting of donald trump's record or positions or things he's actually said, how many times he's changed his mind, the consequences of some of the crazy things he's said like using libel laws to write stories who criticize him. things are concerning to us who are lifelong republicans. these are concerning and valid for someone like that. >> scottie, last one. >> and also look at who these 50 are. are we dealing with sour lemons because their guy got knocked out. why would we put these kinds of folks back in control of the government? >> it's not always about a tit for tat or playground of i'm winning, you're losing. >> this name calling immaturity is ridiculous. donald trump presents a threat to the national security of this
7:41 am
country moving forward. maybe it's a little later than it should have been, but they're speaking about it now and we shouldn't discredit people who are professionals in this area because you want to play a tit for tat childish game. >> i have to end it there. thank you to you both. still to come, this disturbing video at the center of a criminal investigation, an officer caught on camera repeatedly slapping a student. r! in the last year we've doubled our lte coverage. our new extended-range lte now reaches twice as far... ...and is 4 times better in buildings. see for yourself at slash coverage. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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you may have ibs. bloating? ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs and walgreens. three baltimore school police officers now onned a min traitive leave after a video shows one of them slapping a teenage boy and kicking him. >> [ bleep ].
7:46 am
[ bleep ]. >> all right. this happened outside of a high school. >> reporter: good morning. it is short, the video. s the -- it is disturbing. this is a profanity laced video. three times this officer slaps this young man and then kicks him. the incident was at the reach partnership school. the young man is said to be 16 years old according to his attorney. his attorney also says the young man went to the school. that's something the school says he did not. they are responding to a report of an intruder in the school when this incident occurred. the video is clearly driving the investigation into all of this. here is how baltimore's mayor responded to seeing that video. >> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was appalled. the video is certainly something you never want to see anyone treated like that.
7:47 am
>> reporter: baltimore city police and the state's attorneys office are investigating this matter. baltimore city police and the baltimore school police, two separate entities here. but it is worth noting how quickly baltimore city has jumped on this. clearly a city still grappling with the concerns over freddie gray. >> what happened after wards? did the school police officer call baltimore city police to have him arrested? what happened? >> the details of all this are unclear. the young man how has a lawyer. they are -- baltimore has a long history of being sued and paying out. that is probably underway at this time. it is not clear whether or not baltimore police ever got involved in this incident. the video, according to the lawyer, was shot by his friend and then released. now you have this reaction and the investigation. >> interesting. miguel marquez, thank you so much. still to come, an up close look at debris that could be from the missing malaysian airliner.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
debris that could be from the missing malaysia airlines
7:52 am
flight 370 is on its way to australia. this is new images giving us a closeup view of the wreckage found off the coast of mozambique, africa. david mackenzie is in mozambique. he has more for us. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. we speak to the american tourist who is an enthusist, a hobby of his is look for mh 370. he said he was here when he found a piece of the plane, he thinks, which was on the sand bank. we got to look at that piece up close with an official from the mozambique and civil aviation authority. he questioned a lot of what you see, whether it looks like it's been in the sea long enough, whether it's a large enough piece to fit with the triple 7. it's important to be skeptical. i put it to blaine gibson that just a few days before the second anniversary of the
7:53 am
missing plane, it seems highly unlikely that someone would find this. here's what he said. >> nature works in mysterious ways. why does the do what it does? i don't know. maybe this is part of that plane. maybe this is part of another. it's small and the it's very light, so maybe it's just from some light aircraft. it would just be so unbelievable if it actually is from 370. >> reporter: well, certainly he's also saying the it's important that it's invest fwated properly. and it's being taken seriously enough that the australian officials searching for the plane will take it to australia. they've also had u.s. officials saying it possibly is a triple 7. we don't know for sure at this point. i think skepticism is important in this case. >> all right. reporting live from mozambique. still to come, hugs and a hero's
7:54 am
welcome. scott kelley back home with a record in hand. hear what he missed most during his entire year in outer space. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation.
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7:58 am
hero's welcome. >> am pie, gifts from joe biden, the wife of the president. he spent 340 days in space. that's a record for a u.s. astronaut. his return is bittersweet. >> the cold air was amazing. the fresh air is -- you know, the air is -- i don't mean to say it's not fresh on the space station, but it's -- there's
7:59 am
nothing like new, cold air coming into the capsule. leaving the space station was bittersweet. i've been there a long time so i look forward to leaving, but it's a magnificent place and i'm going to miss it. i have mixed emotions. >> the weightlessness of space allowed him to grow two inches. changes will be measured along his twin brother, also an astronaut. it's perfect because they're twinning. checking some other top stories, major u.s. airlines are signing up to offer flights to cuba. ten daily round trips to other cuban cities with international airports. the nfl player's association
8:00 am
and the nfl will argue weather roger goodell had the right to suspend braley. he suspended him for four games after he was accused of using deflated footballs. a judge overturned the suspension. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. >> it's my honor and privilege to endorse mitt romney. >> having his endorsement is an honor and privilege. >> it's a great guy. he has a great personality. >> we're expecting to go hard against donald trump. >> there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. >> he brings it up because he lost. he's trying to remain relevant. mitt romney is a stiff who failed twice. this is cnn


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