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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 3, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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response to mitt romney. in the meantime, to all of our viewers out there, thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. our special coverage of donald trump's rally in portland, maine, that will continue right now. all right, so we're up, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn, and you're looking at live pictures here. we've been watching and waiting for the better part of a half hour here as donald trump is supposed to stand behind that podium in front of those four american flags and speak, speak and essentially react. we're all assuming, to what we heard from mitt romney earlier today. mitt romney, the most recent republican presidential nominee hours ago just stood there at the university of utah ripping apart the man who should be considered the party's presumed nominee. this is how desperate the
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republican party has gotten now, as donald trump is poised to win even more states as the march primaries and caucuses are most definitely in full swing. as we watch and wait for mr. trump. here is just a sliver of what mitt romney had to say earlier. >> even though donald trump has offered very few specific economic plans what little he has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for american workers and for american families, but you say, wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. [ applause ] >> all right, we have more from mitt romney in just a moment. first, with me now, david gregory, former moderator of "meet the press," adrienanna cohen, boston herald, cnn national political reporter maeve resten. and curt ikenwald, columnist for
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wall street. the man knows how to create a little anticipation. david gregory, to you first, what do you think trump says? >> i think he goes out of his way to insult mitt romney as a loser, someone who didn't win in 2012, someone who didn't get the say number of votes in 2012 in massachusetts as trump just did, someone who represents all of the old tired ideas of the establishment that has fueled donald trump's rise. and kind of a symptom of the problem. i would suspect if he's smart, as he's proven to be, donald trump, that he will add on another layer, which is this is a show of weakness on the part of rubio and cruz. that they couldn't make this case against him, trump, that they needed mitt romney. someone who's not running and who has not found it within himself to endorse anyone else, not cruz and not rubio.
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so he's not confident in anybody else. but only confident in himself to try to make the case to disqualify trump from consideration. >> okay. we can loop back and see if you are right on the money there. adrianna, to you, you support donald trump. in the wake of what romney said earlier, thanks mitt romney, for the best endorsement ever. you think this whole thing is going to backfire on romney and the establishment and help your guy? >> oh, definitely. it's just going to mobilize trump supporters all across the country. because what mitt romney did is he interfered in democracy. democracy's playing out right now. and voters have had plenty of time to hear from all 17 gop candidates and they basically made their choice. it's now narrowed down to four remaining candidates and for mitt romney to interfere in that process and tell millions of americans what's best for us and how we should be voting is pure elitism. you know, donald trump has
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millions and millions of supporters in all diversities. i've been to his rallies. i've seen every ethnicity there. women, young people, blue collar, highly educated. mitt romney basically said you don't know how to vote, you're not smart enough, i need to tell you how to vote, and i found it insulting. >> here's what i'm also wondering, do you think trump comes out and says, hey, that mitt romney, the same guy four years ago who begged, lobbied, courted, my endorsement, the same guy who said i was great on the economy and i created jobs and i know how to work with china, you think he's going to point that out? >> oh, of course. and, you know, the problem here, i mean, romney is going to be like the gnat on the elephant. >> ooh. >> the last comments were absolutely correct, you know, i am not a trump supporter, but, you know, basically romney came out and said all of you are stupid. now, let me explain from, you
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know, the set party's opinion what you should really be thinking. and, you know, the reality here is i wrote a column four years ago saying if the republican party doesn't stop what it's doing, it is going to fracture and it's going to get -- i didn't say donald trump, but an individual like this. because too many of the republican voters are going to feel like they've been lied to and i think that's exactly the kind of thing trump will come out and say, that it's time to change the party, and the party brought it on itself. >> maeve, the timing here, why do you think mitt romney came out now and gave this speech? and what do you think he sees his role as in this current presidential election? >> well, i mean, he went into this presidential election saying he was going to take on the role as the party elder. he was going to try to not get involved in the primary express. but talking to people close to
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him over the last couple of weeks, they say romney has become just increasingly frustrated with trump's rhetoric, his campaign, and really felt that this was the moment at which he really needed to step in. one of the most important things that he did with that speech today was to signal to his donors who we should all remember raised $1 billion for his presidential effort in 2012, that this is the moment for them to get into the fight, pour money into these anti-trump efforts, even though he didn't actually say that. that was the signal that he was sending. and that's the signal he heard. i think that's the question, is he laid out a very fact-based policy critique of donald trump today, you know, on everything from syria to isis to domestic policy. is whether or not the voters around the country who are still undecided and, believe it or not, there are many of them who are still undecided, will hear his remarks as well as those of, you know, other anti-trump folks and actually start to think more
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about their decision as we head into these huge state contests like ohio, florida, where, you know, i don't know if it's too little, too late, but it definitely was a strong statement by the governor. >> can i just add -- >> go ahead, david. >> i'm watching the feed, too. i know you have to get to it as soon as he approaches the lectern. this is also from within romney world incredible frustration with the rest of the field for failing to make a strong coherent detailed substantive case against trump. on his record, on the merits, when rubio decided to get into the fray, he joined by his own admission the circus of insults and putdowns, which did not get to a detailed takedown. now, again, i don't think he's going to -- romney's going to affect trump voters and trump supporters here, but, you know, the empire does strike back, and this is the establishment trying to strike back. when trump is still at 35%. to say, look -- >> but why not, david, why not come out forcefully today if
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you're mitt romney, and you sort of become i don't know the de facto leader of the republican establishment now, i don't know but why not endorse one candidate forcefully and that, then, would help the party? >> well, i think that romney wants to play a role where he can stay back a little bit and perhaps negotiate if at a brokered convention they need someone to negotiate between the sides, i think he wants to play that role and i don't think he's confident enough to put his chips down on rubio, i think he'd be most likely to do it for rubio and i don't think he's prepared to do it yet. >> that's certainly true of a lot of his donors as well. all of these donors to mitt romney, talking to them over the last many months, many of them were still undecided, unsure of rubio, unsure of jeb before he got out of that race, and i think romney might be in the same position, not exactly kn knowikno knowing who's the strongest person to go against trump.
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>> this is also a problem here where in this election and in 2012, when romney was running, there wasn't an advancement of anything in particular. it wasn't here's what we're going to do as the nontrump candidates. it wasn't, you know, it was a continual let's attack, let's make noise, let's not tell you whou we're going to govern, because the republican party hasn't been governing in years. they've just been anti-obama. right now, they're shifting to anti-trump. fundamentally, unless you stand for something, unless you can project something for the future, you're certainly, you know, getting up and name call and saying you're a loser, you know, is falling into the trump trap. it's not going to persuade any trump voter. >> the trump trap,ed an tree yawn that, adrianna, we hear all
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these trump voices -- let's go, donald trump, portland, maine. >> thank you, thank you so much. what a turnout what a turnout. wow. thank you. i want to thank paul, boy, i tell you. i love tough people. you need tough people and he's a tough cookie. when we got his endorsement, we were thrilled, i tell you that, he's a great guy. you know, i was doing a little bit of a thing called a debate. [ inaudible crowd noise ] all right, get them out, please, get them out --
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[ applause ] what are they doing, right, what are they doing? well, it gets a little television time, i guess. i was going directly to the debate. i'm down in florida. we're campaigning against a guy who has the worst voting record in the history of the state of florida named rubio. i call him lightweight, he's a lightweight. got the worst record in the history of florida so i don't know, i should do well there. i love florida. i was going to detroit. and i said to my people, i have to stop in maine. i just had to stop in maine. so i wouldn't say that it's a very direct route, would you say. instead of going this way, i went this way and this way and that is good. i'm so glad and, you know, to
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put this incredible sold out crowd and thousands of people outside, to put this crowd together in a period of, what, 24 hours, is incredible. and maine is amazing, you know, maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth. people don't realize how large your mass is. i was talking to paul. as large as all of new england, when you think about it. can i buy some, please? can i buy some? so, you know, i've been watching with great interest as we get to, you know, go down the line. we've had some amazing results. with new hampshire, it was an amazing incredible thing. by the way, every single time i went to new hampshire, whenever i met with people, they'd always say number one problem, number one problem, heroin. number one problem. and i'd say, how's that possible? you look at these beautiful fields and the beautiful little roads and everything so beautiful. and it was the number one
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problem. and it comes from our southern border and we're going to close up that border and we're going to build a wall and we're going to stop the drugs from coming in, believe me. we're going to stop. and people are going to come into our country but they're going to come in legally. they're going to come in legally. but we're going to solve the problem. but, you know, i watch these pundits. when i first started, my wife and i came down the escalator, right, and i first started and it was an amazing thing, i said we have to do something. we have people that don't know what they're doing. they don't know what they're doing in running our country. and i got some of that today, you know, just in hearing some of these things. but they don't know what they're doing. we have to do it. it takes guts to run for president. i'm not a politician. i'm not a politician. all talk, no action, nothing gets done. and anyway, we're coming down and i said to myself, you know, there's so many things -- and then i watched the pundits and they said, oh, trump, i don't know, we have some great talent running. i'm trying to figure out where,
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where, what's the talent, what's the talent? you know, you come down and you do it and you start talking about trade and you see what happens with trade. trade has been such a disaster. but the pundits all said, you know, i came out at 3%, first. my wife said, you know if you run, you are going to win. but you actually have to run. even if they do poll it, people still say you're not going to run. she said, if you run, you're going to win. i said, oh, she's my pollster. i paid her less money but she's better than the -- so you know what happened. i started at 3 the first day or something, i was at 3, which i wasn't exactly thrilled about. then it went up to 6 it went up to 12, it went u.n. to 18. then it kept going up. every time it went up, the pundits would say he's plateaued, you know, plateaued. well, he's always going to get 6. then i went up to 12. well, you know, that's a solid group. then i went up to 24.
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don't forget, that's with 17. we had 17 people. that's a lot. 24 with 17 people is pretty good. so we went up to 24. and they said well, that's the max, there can't be anymore. then 28, 32. so cnn just came out with a poll, trump, 49. [ applause ] that's high. that's high. and, you know, i'm very proud of it because this is not a plateau. we have a movement going on, folks. "time" magazine did a story recently a couple of weeks ago talking about what's going on. they say actually, and i don't think i'm exaggerating, but many of the great writers, of which there are very few because the media's among the most dishonest people i ever dealt with. they said in the history of this country, there's never been anything like this, what's happening. we were in unit sville, alabama,
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huntsville, alabama, the other day, we had 35,000 people, 35,000 people. we want to arkansas, which you saw -- oh, is that another one? all right, get them out. get them out. get them out. they just don't stop. all right. get them out. thank you. bye-bye. bye-bye. incredible. now you know you can be nice. but if you're nice, they'll say oh, you were so soft. then you can be vicious, get out of here, right, and then they'll say you were too harsh. i've developed a nice -- all right, please get them out. [ cheers and applause ] it's incredible. i love you too, i love you too, i love you too. and by the way, you know, i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm putting up all my money, i'm not -- but you have to do -- i don't want your money, i just
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want one thing, your vote on saturday. get out and vote. don't forget, i did that big long turn, slightly long. did a big turn. so you can get out to vote, okay. that's the least you can. so -- thank you, thank you very much. so our country and our theme is make america great again. over the last little while, i met so many people. thousands and thousands and thousands of people. we have like this, we're only confined by the size of the room. we're packed but this is the size of room. thousands and thousands of great, great americans. i have more confidence in this country now that i ever have before. i have seen -- i mean, millions of people really. when you get 35,000, 40,000 people for rallies. we have by far the biggest rallies. bernie is second, he's second,
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but he's a distant second. i have to give him credit for that. i see by far the most people. this country has unbelievable people that love our country. just remember that. and i want to see the day in the not too distance future when apple makes their iphones in this country and not in china and all of these other places. [ applause ] now, i heard and i saw just a little bit of it, but i heard that mitt romney made a fairly long speech. and, i mean, honestly, i thought -- i'll just address it quickly because it's irrelevant. look, mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed horribly. the third -- he failed badly. that was a race, i have to say, folks, that should have been
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won. absolutely should have been won. i don't know what happened to him. he tis disappeared. i am not a fan of barack obama and that was a race that i backed mitt romney, i backed him, you can see how loyal he is. he was begging for my endorsement. i could have said, mitt, drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees, he was begging. he was begging me. and did you see -- he said, oh, i'm not big like him, he's the great business man, all that stuff. since then, i've done much better. we'll talk about that in a second. mitt was thinking about running again. he ran a horrible campaign. it was a campaign that should have never been lost. you're running against a failed president. he came up with the 47%. he demeaned 47% of the people in our country, right, the famous 47%. once that was said, i'll be
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honest, once that was said, a lot of people thought it was over for him. then the last month and a half, he disappeared. i called his people, i said, you have to do yourself a favor, obama, say what you want, he was on jay leno, he was on david letterman, he was all over the place the last three or four weeks. mitt was looking for nine-car garages in california, right? i said, what's he doing, who cares about a garage, you're running for president. mitt was a disaster as a candidate. what happened, and it was very strong and i think if the press goes back, they'll say it. when i heard he was running again, and i wasn't sure i was going to be running. but i was very, very strong. to mitt and everybody publicly. not to talk to him because i didn't even want to talk to him because i was so disappointed in him. he let us down. he let us down. it's one thing you lose and you work and you work and you go. help let us down. he should have won. something happened. he was gone. he was horrible in the third
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debate. it was a mohorrible -- somethin happened. maybe some day they'll write a book. his campaign guy was terrible. who's also on television, stewart stevens or something. he's always on television knocking everybody. the guy ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of modern politics. and mitt ran probably it was the worst run that most people have seen. most people thought that the republican candidate would win. so when mitt started raising his head a few months ago, i was very strong. i said mitt romney should not run. he's a choke artist. i said it very strongly. i wanted to keep him in. and then jeb bush actually convinced mitt not to run. can you imagine? jeb, jeb. jeb, he's a good salesman. now that he's out, i'll say jeb's a good salesman, right, he's a high energy salesman. but mitt was afraid of jeb because he was afraid that jeb
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would get the money and jeb would get the whatever and, you know. i wasn't afraid. i wasn't afraid of jeb, i can tell you that. so what happened is jeb bush convinced mitt not to run. mitt was going to run. it was going to be a third attempt it the second one being one of the great catastrophes. the second was a catastrophe. what happened is he went to see jeb and jeb had him convinced he's going to run, he's got the money, he's got this, and mitt chickened out. the real reason he chickened out, it wasn't jeb, it was me, because i said he's the -- if you remember, mitt was all set to run. i know this from people who are close to him. i think he probably still has a desire maybe at the convention to try and get some kind of thing. hillary clinton will destroy him in the election. assuming she's allowed to run, assuming she's not arrested for the e-mail situation. which is so terrible. which is so terrible. i mean so terrible. but let's assume that the
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democrats are going to protect her. let's assume that i will be running against hillary and i really want to. i would love to run against hillary. by the way, we have numerous polls that show me beating her. i haven't even started on her yet other than four weeks ago, remember. she called me sexist and i hit her with the husband and that was the last time i ever heard the word sexist. that was it. they had a rough weekend. that was a rough weekend. bill was not happy. i guarantee you, he said, don't you ever say that to him again, say it to somebody else, but not to trump. that was a rough, rough weekend they had. but mitt was going to run as sure as you're standing here. i'm sorry we didn't get you seats, too many people. but he was going to run. i was very, very angry that he was going to run. i didn't even know i was going to be doing this but i felt i wanted to, you know, nbc came to me, they wanted to extend "the
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apprentice" for two season, 28 episodes. steve burke of comcast, great guy, came up to my office with the people at nbc, please, we'd like you to run -- not run, we'd like you to do "the apprentice." the ratings after 14 seasons were still fantastic, still great. i said, steve, i think i'm going to run for president. no, no, no, you're not, you're not. no, i think i'm going to run for president. they didn't want me to. because the show does great. and ultimately i decided to run and you're not allowed by law with equal time laws, you're not allowed to do both. we chose arnold schwarzenegger. who would be better, arnold or trump? ready? arnold? trump? well, we're going to find out if arnold is quick. because if he's not quick, he's not going to look good. when you have all the other ones coming at you, you got to be quick, you got to be smart. i hope he does well. i hope arnold does really well. i was going to do that.
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i mean, they actually renewed the show with me in the upfronts. and i just said i can't do it, i'm not going to do it. i gave up a lot of deals. do this takes a lot of effort. those are the people trying to get in. can you believe it? okay, how about everybody now clearing out, we'll let a new group in, is that okay? no? so anyway, when i heard mitt was going to run, a little before this period of time, i was very tough. i said, he can't run, he can't run. he was going to run. then i said, look, we got to keep him out because he's going to lose. he's a choke artist. he's an absolute -- and i started hitting him so hard. in fact, people say, why did you hit him so hard? because we cannot take another loss. we can't take another loss. and mitt is indeed a choke artist. he choked and he choked like i've never seen anyone choke other than rubio when chris christie was grilling him. that was one of the great chokes. i know. rubio of florida. that was one of the great chokes
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i've ever seen. he was standing there shaking, sweating. i was getting ready -- i'm standing here like this. i'm getting ready to grab him because i thought he was going down. telling you. but mitt did a big, big choke. and we had to keep him out. look, a couple of things i heard he said. first of all, you know, he doesn't mention the fact i built a city on the west side of manhattan, that i built buildings all over manhattan. he didn't mention -- he was talking about a beef. he talked about a water company. which by the way i still have. i supply all my clubs with the water. numerous of those things i have, the magazine, other things. get them out of here, get them out. get them out. hey, by the way, speaking of mexico, i won the hispanic vote by far in nevada. right? we won the polls.
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then we had the big, big tuesday where we won a tremendous number. so ultimately mitt chickened out. now he sees hillary's very weak. saying, oh, i wish i tried it. ultimately, he would have gotten beatly very badly. i'll tell you what, a couple of things were mentioned that we have to discuss. first of all, when he talked about me, i wrote just a couple of them down. they don't want to talk about the bank of america building. they don't want to talk about the west side railroad yards where i built a city on west side of manhattan. tremendous city on the west side of manhattan. they don't want to talk about how wall street and all the buildings. they want to talk about water which i still have. i have a water company. they want to talk about a magazine. i have a magazine that goes to
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my clubs. little tiny thing. by the way, a school, little deal, but very, you know, i loved it when it was there, trump -- they call it trump university, trump initiative. just so you understand on the school. the school had 98% approval rating. but yet an attorney that felt, oh, maybe i can sue trump and get something, the school had a 98%. 98% of the people would took the courses, we signed report cards. you put somebody up on the stand. did you write this? the most beautiful thing. they did a commercial, they took it down. where two people were going and saying negative. then we showed then the statement they wrote. they had to take the commercial down. because 98% of the people that took the course, that took the courses, said really wonderful things. the other thing, it got an a, an a, from the better business bureau. a b-plus would be okay too. b-plus would be okay. we did better than a b-plus.
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so, so i can't -- and here's one thing i say about business. py watch these bankers and they get millions of dollars a year. $40 million, $50 million. frankly, it's ridiculous. then they'll settle with the government in they're sued by the government for $5 billion, $12 billion. i say to they, why don't you fight it? they said, well, it's the government, we don't want to fight. i say, you got to fight it because if you don't fight it, everyone's going to sue you. they settle for $2 billion, the next week they get sued again. you got to fight these things out. you have to do things. you have to do what's right. i knew i could get some bad publicity. do we agree with that, by the way? so it's a very small case. it's a civil case. it's not a big deal. i'm going to win it in court. it will cost me more money than i could settle for in my opinion. i said, oh this lousy timing. because it's too bad it wasn't a little later. but i have other suits too.
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any business man or business woman has lawsuits. people sue to get their money back. they sue for this, they sue for that. they sue for 1 million different reasons. just so you understand, 98% approval rating. we're going to win the case. mark it down. we're going to win the case. it will be forever because it takes forever. but that's the way it is. i don't like to settle cases. i don't like to do it. once you settle cases, what happens is everybody says he's a settl settler, let's sue. that's why people don't sue me because it's too hard. so one of the things that mitt brought up, which i think is so serious, he said about trade, we have to keep trade. nobody knows more about trade than me. i made so much more money than mitt. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt. it's a store. actually it was funny because i made that statement jokingly when i was in iowa. the des moines register, a paper
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that's actually a terrible paper if you want to know the truth, but they called up and said, oh, that's a terrible statement. for you to make that statement about. the people put me on. i said what are you saying? they said you have a store that's worth more than mitt. i said, what's it worth? i said $150 million. yes, the store's worth much more than him. it's on fifth avenue. gucci. the gucci store. i said, go ahead, go get a couple -- they actually went out, got three appraisers. they said, you know what that store's worth from $400 million to $1.2 billion. this isn't me talking, you can go check your local des moines register. if it's still open. i'm not sure it's still open. but anyway, but i built an amazing company. and you know one of the reasons you know it's amazing. the hottest development, the hottest development site probably in the history of the general services administration, the gsa, that's the government
11:32 am
service, is the old post office site. that's where the post office is built in washington, d.c. an entire block fronting on pennsylvania avenue. in other words, if i don't get there through the white house, i'm getting there anyway, folks. and fronting on pennsylvania avenue. one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. incredible. it's a landmark building. the gsa for many, many years has owned it. they wanted to develop it for 30, 35 years. it just sort of never worked out. big job. then it happened. they went to bid. bidding it, they had more bidders and more high level bidders i think than they ever had before. let's assume it's just about the hottest job they ever put out to bid. every hotel company wanted it. i actually got it, i'm building a super, super luxury hotel. they build it and every hotel company, everybody wanted it. so they went out to a public bid. one of the things in choosing the bidder was how strong is the bidder and how good is the
11:33 am
bidder's idea. well, they loved my idea because what we're going to do -- serious, this will be one of the great hotels of the world. it is now two years ahead of schedule. it's going to open in december. it was supposed to open up in december in two years. we're two years ahead of schedule. by the way, the gsa people are terrific people. we're under budget. the only reason we're only a little bit under budget is because i'm using marble instead of tereza. not a bad deal, right, so a lot of different things but we're going super end, the highest end. the reason i got chosen was number one my financial statement was so strong that it could guarantee completion because they didn't want to have a mess where they billed 25% and then it goes out of business. number two, we had the best idea. when i listened to this -- this isn't the obama administration in all fairness, i wouldn't say i had an advantage. in fact, said to my daughter, she was involved with that, i said, you know, maybe, maybe we're not going to get it no matter how good we do. but my financial statement is so strong. by the way, i put it in, you
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know, romney talks about taxes, right, why isn't he doing his taxes. you don't learn anything. very little do you learn from taxes. you can't learn very much. but i did file almost 100 pages of financial statements with the federal elections. and it shows that i have a net worth that could be over $10 billion. probably over. and i don't want to do that in a bragging way. i tell you because that's the kind of thinking we need. we have $19 trillion, as paul was saying, $19 trillion in debt. it's the kind of thinking we need. i have very low debt. i have tremendous cash flow. it's an unbelievable company. and i filed my financials. so when he says maybe there's something in his tax return, there's nothing. but i get audited every single year. because the company is so big, they audit, i understand, fortune 500 companies every year. because my company is so big, or some other reason, which is unfair, but because my company's so big, let's leave it at that.
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they audit me every year. i think it's very unfair they audit me every year. now, when the audit's finished, i'll release my tax returns. and nobody in this room would say you're being oaudited. and then you release the tax returns. like mitt would like to go down and go to the federal election office. you'll see almost 100 pages of financials that were filed ahead of schedule. i could have delayed it for six months. i filed them within 30 days. i had to work hard with the accountants. because i didn't want them saying, oh, he's asking for extensions. so that's really the thing. so with mitt, i just wanted to tell you he came out. was very nasty. i thought he was a better person than that. i did help him. i raised money for his campaign. the first fund-raiser was so successful that we had the second one that same day, his
11:36 am
wife was a lovely woman, by the way, a really lovely woman. she came up. we had a fund-raiser in my apartment at trump tower. it was so oversubscribed. i did a great job. they couldn't have cared less about him. a lot of them said, donald, he's a stiff, he's not going to win. i said, no, he'll be fine. i should have listened. but we had a fund-raiser. it was so big and it was raining out. i won't forget this one. really raining. it was a miserable, miserable day. the people came in, hundreds of people, phase one. and then we said, there's too many people to put them in one. so we called for another one an hour later after it ended, one hour. because everybody's shoes were so wet, i ruined my carpet. that's why i -- this carpet was wiped out. and nobody thanked me for the carpet. hey, maybe i can send mitt a bill for carpet ruined, right. but i always, you know, when you help somebody, he asked me to make robo calls. i made six for him.
11:37 am
every single place i made the robo call, he won. north carolina. there were six different places. so you help somebody. and then he turns. now, i will say this, i will say this. i will say this. he probably had a right to turn. because nobody could have been nastier than me in getting him not to run by saying he's a choke artist. i will say the reason i think that he was going to run, i love our country too much. if he would have run, even if he would have won, it would have been bad. he doesn't have what it takes to be president. that i can tell you. he doesn't have what it takes to be president. i do want to mention one thing because it works so well because his speech was long and it covered so much territory, it was ridiculous. you're right, he didn't mention many of the many buildings. over 120 jobs in the works, over 120 jobs all over the world. we just got turnberry in scotland, would be one of the
11:38 am
great places in the world. dorrell. where they're having the tournament. the world golf tournament. and i'm in maine. i'm inmen me with you. i don't know. rory and rory mcilroy, everybody's down there, and tiger's going there later. look, he's going to be better he's going to be fine. they're all there. they're all at my place. here i am making a speech at maine, okay, see. so if i don't win on saturday, i'll say, boy, was that a mistake, right? i will say this, trade. he talked about domestic. [ shouting from audience ] bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye. get him out. get them out. i love you too. [ indistinct shouting from
11:39 am
audience ] i love you too. i tell you what, do we love our police? where would we be without them? if there's one bad person, which happens, out of the whole country, and it's the biggest story in the news and the place forever. and people don't realize how great a job the police of this country do. i have to tell you. one of the things mitt was talking about was we need trade, we have to deal with china, all these people. look, last year in terms of a trade deficit, we lost with china $500 billion. okay. we lost with mexico. that's why mexico's going to pay for the wall, folks. mexico. look, the wall, we need actually -- it's 2,000 miles. we're going to pay -- we need 1,000 because we have a lot of
11:40 am
natural barriers. wall's going to cost $10 billion. it's an expensive wall. it's going to be a trump wall, bring it in under budget, ahead of schedule. i have to name it after myself because maybe, you know, like -- should i name it after myself? i don't think so. we want more than a wall. we're going to have a real wall. it's going to be a great wall. it's going to work. we're going to stop drugs from pouring into maine and new hampshire and all these places. walls work. properly done, walls work. it's going to happen. but, but, just so you understand, they come up to me and they say, but mexico will never pay. the politicians. people that are on the dais with me. but donald, first they said there's no wall, right, you can't build a wall. china built a wall that's 13,000 miles long 2,000 years ago. we can't do one that's 1,000 miles? believe me, we can. so now they realize that. the other guy, i hear this guy cruz saying, we can't build a wall. then i hear him saying, we're going to build a wall. and my wife came, darling, could you come back and listen to this. first time i heard him say that.
11:41 am
i don't know if rubio said it. i think rubio's got bigger problems than worrying about walls. but now all of a sudden they're talking about walls. here's the thing, we have, with mexico, a $58 billion trade deficit. if the wall cost $10 billion, that's a tiny fraction. if the wall costs $10 billion, i guarantee you, folks, that mexico is going to pay for the wall. just as sure as you're standing there. now, a politician wouldn't say that. and you saw this advivicente fo the previous mexican president. he threw the f-bomb. can you imagine if i did that? a big story, all over the world. he threw it out, nobody cared. then we had our vice president apologize to him. now, look, i love mexico, i love the mexican people. i have many, many, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of mexican people, thousands over the years have worked for me. the hispanics are phenomenal people. i told you, i won the poll in
11:42 am
nevada. these are phenomenal people. i won nevadaed. and i won with the hispanics which is so good, right, so good. right. look, here's the problem. their leaders are too smart for our leader. we're getting killed at the border. we're getting killed on trade. nabisco is moving in from chicago. they're cleeosing their big pla. you look at ford. ford's building a massive, massive car complex there. they're closing places in michigan. great places. michigan and other places. they're closing. they're going to mexico it can't let that happen. the other day, carrier announced air conditioners. i bir carrier air conditioners. they announced 1,400 men and women are being laid off and somebody had the cell phone going, right, a lot of you saw that. 1,400. this manager was -- well, ladies and gentlemen, we are closing our plant, we're moving to mexico, bye-bye. he was pretty tough, this was
11:43 am
not a guy with social grace, believe me. so they're going to move to mexico. here's what we have to do, folks. mitt romney said we have to keep free trade. we're not going to have any companies left at all. you people know more about nafta than anybody. because you know how you were stripped with nafta which was a disaster. but we're going to do something much different. we're going to be smart people now, okay. i built a tremendous fortune. believe me, started off with very little. they like to say my father. if my father would give me 200 million -- my sister and brother called me up, they said, don what, are they kidding, these people are such liars. i borrowed a tiny amount of money, started something, now it's worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. i will tell you something, with the carrier plant what you have to do is you have to be smart. so this is free trade. we have to have smart trade. china charges tremendous tariffs and taxes when you want to sell. i have a friend who makes great
11:44 am
product. he puts it in china, they send it back. he has to pay a tremendous tax. he says, don, you have no idea how tough it is to negotiate with china. they don't want the product and when they take the product, they charge you a tax. that's not the way -- that's not free trade. china when they sell their product to us, no tax, come on in, folks, take our jobs, everything else, no tax, no nothing. not going to work that way. mexico, the same thing. so ford i goes out. they're going to make cars trucks and parts, right. they're going to send them into our country. no tax. where is that good for us? so when i watch a guy like romney who truly is a lightweight. when you watch a guy like mitt romney. think of it. he's talking about trade. i love free trade. i am a free trader. a lot of the conservatives say trump does not like free trade. i want trade where there's at least an even balance, right. i don't want to be losing $500 billion a year. i don't want to be losing $58
11:45 am
billion a year. i want to make money or i want to break even at worst, okay? i tell people, if you had like a lightweight rubio as president, he's all controlled by the special interest, 100%. rr, i'm self-funding, they're not paying me. if you have a guy like ted cruz getting' lot of money, a lot, from oil and other places, okay, so honestly, that's the way life works. so what happens is oil, 100%. they're not going to do anything. me, it's different. here's what i'll do. tell carrier, ford, whoever wants to listen. the only way you can do it folks. the only way we're going to stop this tremendous outflow of companies is the following. by the way, pfizer, great, great massive company, pharmaceutical company, leaving, going to ireland. wonderful. that's wonderful. but you're not going to take
11:46 am
advantage of us, okay. you're not going to take advantage of us. so here's what happens. let's use carrier as an example. i know it's not presidential. my wife called just before. he said, darling, will you please react presidentially? be presidential. like you were the other night. you stood on the stage and everybody likes it. i said, yeah, but i have incoming. when you have incoming, you can't be too presidential, right, does that make -- i said, i have incoming. so here's what happens. a lot of truth to that. they said, act presidential tonight. said, i'll act presidential but if somebody hits me, i'm going to hit them back harder, right. so what happens, you know, it's one of those things. what happens is this, they will not do anything because the lobbyists will call and say you cannot do anything to care yes you cannot do anything to ford. they gave you a $2 million contributi contribution. you can't touch them. they'l go, all right. that's the end of that.
11:47 am
here's what i'd do. i'd call up. i'd like to use one of my guys. you know, kacarl icahn, he endorsed me. i'd announce them except nobody cares. these are the most important people in a sense. i will use the greatest minds. we have the greatest businesspeople, negotiators in the world. i want to sort of do it myself. but it's so unpresidential for me to be calling up carriers. i call up and i say, hi, donald trump, president of the united states, i hope you enjoy your stay in mexico. i hope you build a beautiful, beautiful factory, beautiful plant. and i really want to wish you well, but let me just tell you something, you moved out, you hurt 1,400 people. these people were devastated, by the way, i've watched it. you hurt 1,400 people. there's no free trade because it's totally imbalanced. their politicians are so much sharper and smarter and street wise than ours.
11:48 am
i said, every air conditioning unit you make and every single air conditioning unit that you make and comes across the border into the united states, we're going to charge you a 35% tax. okay. 35% tax. and that's it. now, here's what happens, okay, as sure as you're standing there. they're going to call their lobbyists. you have to talk to the president. but i didn't take any of their money so that's not going to work. here's what's going to happen. they're going to call me up within 24 hours. they'll say, mr. president, you have any second thoughts? i'll say absolutely not. they'll say, six we've decided to stay in the united states. see, very simple. now, we can be cute or we can say we're coming up with, you know, in washington they're playing around with all sorts of -- there's no formula. that's the formula. he said, he will ruin free trade. ruin free trade? if i'm losing $5 billion with
11:49 am
china, if i'm losing $58 billion a year with mexico in terms of deficits, what do i want that kind of trade for anyway? ruin it? who needs that kind of trade? seriously? who needs that kind of trade? now, mitt admitted i'm a much better businessman than i am. we will actually have better relationships with mexico. we will have better relationships with china. they'll respect us. they don't respect us now. they think we're the dumbest people on earth held by the world's dumbest people. now, look, let me just tell you something, china, in the south china sea, is building a massive military fort with runways and tremendous complex. they're not supposed to be doing that. they didn't tell us. they have no respect for our country. with me, i'll cut -- i'm going to rip up those trade deals and we're going to make really good ones. by the way, we have the cards. just so you understand. remember, i wrote "the art of
11:50 am
the deal" which is in all fairness the number one selling book of all time. but just remember this, we have the cards. we have rebuild china with the money they've taken out of our country for many years in all fairness. i call it the greatest single theft in the history of the world what china has done to our country. you go to china, they have trains that go 300 miles an hour. we have trains that go chug, chug, chug. and then they have to stop because the track split, right. they have trains that go 300 mile. they have trains, japan, china, a lot of countries. we're living, we're like third world. you go to our airports. you go to la guardia. you land and you go to dubai and you go to qatar and different places in asia and you see airports like you've never seen. then you come home, you land at kennedy, you land at l.a.x., you land at la guardia. oh, la guardia. with the potholes all over the place. okay. i mean, it's just a very sad thing what's happened. what's happened to our country is very, very, very sad.
11:51 am
so we're going to make it a lot better. and we're going to make it different. we're going to get rid of those horrible trade deals. let me tell you, at some point it's going to burst. at some point, we can't continue to lose $500 billion with individual countries. we can't continue. you add it up. whether it's india, whether it's vietnam, whether it's anybody. every single country in the world that deals with us takes advantage of the stupidity of the united states and a lot of it is because they have the right lobbyists. they hire the right people on pennsylvania avenue. we have -- they have the right people. and they're negotiating with hacks. political hacks. not our best people. almost our worst people. so we're going to make our country so strong. we're going to make it strong militarily. very, very strong. our military's very depleted. [ applause ] our military's depleted. very badly depleted. everything sort of. the whole country is depleted. we're going to make our military
11:52 am
strong. we're going to take care of our vets. our vets are treated horribly, horribly. we're going to get rid of obamacare. we're going to repeal it and replace it. we're going to bring education local. we're getting rid of common core which is a disaster. you know, in the world, in the world, educationally, of the 30 countries that they look at, we're number 30 in education. meaning we're the worst. and yet per student, cost, number one by far. number two doesn't even exist it's so far back. number one in cost, number one. and we're number 30 in terms of success. so we're ranked the worst and yet we spend the most, okay. and part of that is common core. it's terrible. part of it is a lot of other things. part of it is theft and incompetent and waste and fraud and abuse and everything else. we're going to straighten out. when i won new hampshire, they came out with a report, donald
11:53 am
trump spent $2.5 million. i won't mention names, but other people spent $45 million, okay. [ inaudible audience comment ] i don't think he likes me, do you agree? okay. but think of it. wouldn't it be nice. so i have the lowest expenditure by far. i have the biggest result. way, way, way number one. wouldn't it be nice if we could do that for our country? we're going to do that. that's what we're going to do. so -- so we are very simply we're going to make america great again. we're going to win, win, win. we're going to win so much. you're going to get so tired of winning. you're going to say, please, please, let us have a couple of losses. i'm going to say no way. we're going to make america great again and you'll say okay. thank you very much. i love you. please go and vet on saturdote . i love you.
11:54 am
thank you, thank you very much, everybody. thank you, thank you. thank you, everybody. >> all right. there you have it. 50 minutes. donald trump speaking in portland, maine there, people waiting all day to hear what it was he would say, how he would respond to mitt romney's indictment of his seeking the nomination for the presidency, for the republicans. and, wow, i mean, zigged and he zagged. he opened actually and for about five minutes talked about how great maine was. then he got to it. he got to the meat. talking about romney's speech. i have my panel back. here we go. talked about -- i believe the word was begged. mitt romney beg him to endorse him. the quote that took me back a little bit, i'm sure it did all of you. he said mitt romney would have dropped to his knees for me. let's just begin there.
11:55 am
i have david gregory back with me. ed an adrianna cohen, maev. he said he will self-fund when it comes to general election time so round robin, shall we, on what we thought. david gregory first. >> i wasn't particularly surprised. he was vulgar. he was insulting. he he was belittling. he wasn't substantive about what it is mitt romney brought up against him. i think that's true to form for trump when he takes on people who challenge him and he'll get more of that in the debate tonight. but i think in essence this was a good day for trump. he takes romney's critique, turns it back on him by saying he was a failed nominee, he rep ree represents rank and fail republican voter ps.
11:56 am
he gets wall to wall coverage all day long why someone attack him who is not in the race and will not be in the debate stage and in the process i think probably makes cruz and rubio look smaller. i think romney makes them look smaller by taking trump on. all in all, i think it's right in stride for donald trump. >>ed an rihanna, how did he do? >> he was charming, he made us laugh, and then he countered a lot of the bad attacks that mitt romney threw at him today, when, you know, mitt romney called him, alluded that donald trumps with a bad businessman, he reminded us of all his great success with his properties. he's created tens of thousands of jobs. i think he did fantastic. he did it with charm. he also looked presidential. i don't think mitt romney's, you know, scathing critique of him today is going to do anything. it's just going to mobilize supporters.
11:57 am
>> curt? >> well, that was a very typical trump speech actually, very rambling, but a lot of the same points i've heard before, using the exact same examples. he treated, you know, this is just a sign that the republican establishment does not understand what's going on. he treated romney like a gnat. he swatted him. in fact, as you can see, he used it to backfire on to the republican establishment. it's like these are what the moneyed guys say. these are what the losers say. i'm the guy who's going to win, i'm self-financing. that's exactly the kind of stuff that appeals to trump voters. so, you know, romney got trump wall to wall coverage like david said, and it was a huge favor. >> maeve? >> let's be honest, trump gets wall to wall coverage pretty much all the time, as the other
11:58 am
campaigns would complain about. i thought what was interesting is it was really trump on the defense about his business record, kind of walking through a series of attacks that romney had made, trying to, you know, put his spin and explanation on some of it. i think that's interesting also the fact that he did not answer a number of mitt romney's foreign policy critiques. one of the big frustrations with the trump campaign as we've talk many times about, brooke, is there are very few details around a lot of his policies and that's been really frustrating as the reporter, and i think that the voters out there, not the trump voters, but as he gets closer and closer to being the nominee, i think he's going to have to lay those out there -- >> let me just -- actually, let me just point out a quick tweet as we were listening to trump talk, there was a tweet from
11:59 am
mitt romney, here's the counter to the counterpunch. let's just throw the tweet up and then david, i'll come to you. if trump had said four years ago the things he says today about the kkk, muslims, mexicans, disabled, i would not have accepted his endorsement. >> i think it would have been affected for mitt romney to have p preempted that attaining ck in remarks today. let me tell you why i've changed my mind and what happens. i think maeve makes an important point, that is that donald trump is not providing details. he has not shown any kind of substantive depth. we certainly didn't hear that today. contrary to one of his supporters saying here among us. but i think what's important for donald trump to do is sit down for an hour-long interview and to be interviewed by someone who can ask a series of detailed questions and follow-ups about what he would do as president.
12:00 pm
not take swipes, but just question after question to make very clear what he believes, what he knows, what he doesn't know, what might be contradictory. that would benefit voters at this point. >> i am sure many people are try to get that entire hour with mr. trump. for now, david gregory, adrianna cohen, maeve, trust me, we have the questions. i appreciate you very much. i want to continue on. you're watching cnn. lots to talk about on this thursday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me here. listen, let's just be real. the world is witnessing a first of its kind fight in 21st century politics. so on the right side of your screen, you have the most recent republican nominee for president, former massachusetts governor mitt romney. today, you know, for 20 minutes standing there at university of utah, ripping apart the man who really should be considered the party's presumed nominee, the guy on the left side of your screen, donald trump. that is happening as trump is
12:01 pm
hours from facing his three rivals in a presidential debate. here now, the war of words that has played out over the course of the last few hours today. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. donald trump tell us that he is very, very smart. i'm afraid when it comes to foreign policy, he is very, very not smart. donald trump says he admires vladimir putp. at the same time, he's called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. then what he said on "60 minutes," did you hear this? it was about syria and isis. it has to go down as the most ridiculous and dangerous idea of the entire campaign season. let isis take out assad, he
12:02 pm
said. and then we can pec up the remnants. now, think about that. let the most dangerous terror organization the world has ever known take over an entire country? this recklessness is recklessness in the extreme. watch, by the way, how he responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences or will he attack me with every imaginable low road insult? >> i'll just address it quickly. mitt is a failed candidate. he failed. he failed badly. that was a race, i have to say, folks, that should have been won. >> when i heard mitt was going
12:03 pm
to run, little before this period of time, i was very tough. i said, he can't rub, he can't run. he was going to run. he can't run. then i started to say, look, we have to keep him out because he's going to lose. he's a choke artist. he's an absolute -- i started hitting him so hard. people say, why did you hit him so hard? because we can't take another loss. i just wanted to tell you that he cape out. it was very nasty. i thought he was a better person than that. i did help him. i raised money for his campaign. i actually had two funt raisers for him. the first fund-raiser was so successful that we had the second one that same day. his wycife, who is a lovely wom. she came up. we had a fund-raiser in my a partment at trump tower. i did a great job. they couldn't have cared less about him. a lot of them said donald, he's a stiff, he's not going to win. i said, he'll be fine. he's a stiff. i should have listened to the guy. so you help somebody and then he
12:04 pm
turns. i will say this. i will say this. i will say this. he probably had a right to turn. because nobody could have been nastier than me in getting him not to run by saying he's a choke artist, and i will say the reason i think he going to run, i love our country too much. if he would have won and even if he would have run, it would have been bad. he didn't take what it takes to be president. >> to my friend, chief political correspondent dana bash, detroit, by the way where trump will be headed to debate the other three presidential republicans on the republican side this evening. you saw romney this morning. you saw donald trump. what the heck did you think? >> where do i even start? >> i don't even know. >> first of all, let's just start with mitt romney, how extraordinary it was to have the republican -- or a republican
12:05 pm
standard bearer, the last republican presidential nominee, to come out and warn not just about party politics, not just about the fact that as you've heard from other republicans, those who are running, especially that donald trump isn't a real republican, it was bigger than that. he's saying he's dangerous for america. did it in a very kind of -- very precise romney-like way. very clearly planned out. then you had donald trump come out and, you know, also be vintage donald trump in the way he hit back. but it did seem to me aside from what you just played trump hitting back on a person level on how he thought romney was a failed candidate, he was a choke artist, he chickened out and didn't run this time because he was afraid of trump. but also it seemed as though romney did hit a nerve where he was talking about the central rational for trump's candidacy which trump would say, i'm a
12:06 pm
winner. romney was saying he's a loser when he comes to his business acumen, going through the failed ventures trump has engaged in, whether it was a magazine or the airlines or so forth. trump came ready with a lips of his accomplishments and building especially around new york. clearly, as much as he had his typical trump bravado, seemed to hit a nerve. >> do you think, you know, we heard from mitt romney and then john mccain released a statement. do you think it would have been more powerful for mitt romney to have out of the gate said, i don't want to run for president, but here is who i feel so strongly about and endorse that person and have the establishment party coalesce behind that nontrump candidate? >> it could have. but the flip side of that is it also could have potentially hurt whomover that person he endorsed
12:07 pm
is. because the fact of the matter is, there is a real animosity out there towards the quote/unquote establishment. it could potentially help one of those candidates say like here, where i am in michigan where mitt romney won very handily twice in the two times he ran. he's popular here. he grew up here in michigan. but big picture, you know, unclear. the other problem is, and we should say, and this is something that trump pointed out in very colorful language, saying that romney could have dropped to his knees if trump -- >> hello, vulgarity much. >> i know. back in 2012, but he has a point, mitt romney did endorse -- excuse me, he asked -- mitt romney did ask for trump's endorsement i should say back in 2012, and it was before as romney just said recently in a tweet just in the past hour, it was before trump's comments on the kkk or muslims or
12:08 pm
hispanic. but it was after trump had made headlines over and over again with his birther comments on barack obama. he definitely is an imperfect messenger. because of his former ties to trump. >> dana bash on point as always, thank you so much. you just teed us up to have another big discussion. joining me now, cnn political commentator and trump supporter. david kattany is back. with u.s. news and world report. and david, syndicated radio host and cruz supporter. on sort of the notion that trump said, you know, listen mitt romney begged for me to endorse him four years ago. the vulgar line, he would have
12:09 pm
dropped to his knees for me at the time. let's play the sound bite. romney then, romney now. roll it. >> even though donald trump has offered few specific economic plans what little he has said is notch to know he would be very bad for american workers and for american families. donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works to create jobs for the american people. >> david, to you first, i mean, romney had to have known that everyone will juxtapose two different romneys. do you think he should have mentioned that in the speech today? >> yeah, i do. it's funny, he mentioned it in a tweet after the speech because i think he heard all of that exact rean h reaction, hey what about 2012. there's been a lot of new that's come out about trump through this campaign but a lot of what he said, his misogynistic
12:10 pm
comments, trump university, what he said about shipping jobs overseas, things that all the mainstream republicans are attacking him for. that was all out there prior to 2012. now maybe they -- >> old news. >> but this is the problem, and this is why people see politicians as hypocritical. when mitt romney needed donald trump, he was going to do what he needed to do. but now it's coming back to haunt them. and that's why i think trump can point to romney and call him one of the typical politicians that created his constituency. >> calley what do you think, as a trump supporter? >> david's exactly right, mitt romney said in 2012 donald trump is far more successful than i am and went on to say how much trump understands the economy and understands china and now here he is trying to diminish his business credibility. if, you know, mitt romney doesn't like certain things about trump, that's fine, he's entitled to his opinion.
12:11 pm
but it is a clear mirror image flip. i think trump had the most salient point today when he said this is a guy who dismissed 47% of the electorate who said i am not worried about the 47% who are dependent on the government for health care. that is an offensive statement to dismiss half of the electorate. it's the same elitist attitude we see out of the republican establishment. it is wrong. donald trump has brought in this party ideologically and said no one's going to die on the street on my watch, i'm bringing jobs back to america. that is the message that is resonating. romney just does not understand that and it's why he lost the election. >> steve, jump in, i want to hear from you. >> well, foregive me, brooke, because i've got some background audio but i could have sworn i just heard a trump spokesperson just complaining about offensive comments. i mean, the problem with romney's speech today is venting about trump.
12:12 pm
everything romney said about trump from the fraud to the sleaze to the lies, it's all true. but you have to have an alternati alternative. there's one candidate in this race who can beat trump. he is neck and neck with him in the delegate count. that is ted cruz. so eventually if you want to vent about trump, if you don't want trump to be your nominee, you actually have to offer people an alternative and right now that alternative is clearly ted cruz. >> david you looked like you wanted to jump in there. >> the most flaring comment that romney made in my opinion in that speech is he didn't endorse but he said, if i was a voter, i would vet for rubio in florida, ohio governor kasich, and then cruz anywhere else. to me that was indication he wanted this to go to the convention and potentially be the unifying candidate. he do have easily endorsed marco rubio. that seems like where he would be most inclined to go. i think romney still wants to be president and that one line where he had everybody winning their own states to stop trump
12:13 pm
benefits mitt romney. >> isn't that precisely what trump was saying, he wanted to be in the race? at the same time, i was talking to david gregory, who i found very smart, he said, brooke, maybe there's a possibility romney wants to be that unbiased, play that role at the convention? possibility? >> yes, that's right. >> go ahead. >> that's the problem with the republican party, it's a king maker policy where it's john mccain's turn and then mitt romney and we are going to crown the next guy despite the will of the people. i absolutely believe that is why mitt romney said vote for kasich in ohio and vote for marco rubio in florida because at the end of the day, he does not care about the will of the american people. the american people are speaking loudly. they're saying they want trump. but romney and the establishment will do anything to dethrone him, even if it means this rt whatting the will of the electorate which is wrong and undemocratic at its core. >> i think if mitt romney with
12:14 pm
were sitting here, he would probably disagree. steve, actually kudos to our own sara murmurray, she first repor this, the fact that he was, you know, sort of saying, bragging that he would have enough funds or -- also from others to be able to self-fund if he were to win the party's nomination, he would be able to self-fund come general election time. what do you think about that? >> i think that's probably about as true as most of the other stuff donald trump says is not. the idea he is going to spend billions of dollars of his own money to win this thing when he has spent practically nothing up until this point, i just don't think that's credible. >> he will raise money, let me clarify, he will raise money if he wins the nomination. >> well, then, brooke, tell me why there's a lineup of people around the country willing to say, yes, i'd like to give $50 to $100 a month i don't have so a billionaire can fill out his
12:15 pm
last line of self-actualization. help a billionaire be great again. i just don't think that's going to work, brooking. >> kayleigh, you want to jump in? >> that's ridiculous, look at the turnout in all of these states, every state except vermont had record republican turnout. excitement on the republican side. democrats coming into the fold. independents coming into the fold and turnout like we've never seen before because donald trump is energizing this country with a positive message. that is his message. it's regular nasonating. it's not about him being a millionaire. >> i agree trump is doing a great job of bringing progressives into our process to hijack it. we've had two close primaries. he's lost them both. 29 contests left on this calendar are closed when actual republicans will get a chance to vote. trump is doing a great job of
12:16 pm
bringing liberal progressive voters into our process to hijack it. let's see what happens when actual republicans make the decision. >> let's keep that small tenth that has harmed the gop in the last elections. let's keep it as small as possible because that's really worked so far. >> okay, david, close us out, final thought. >> i think the point that sara murray is reporting on that trump may start to raise money is an important one because i think it undercuts one of his main themes. the first thing out of their mouths is they say they like him because he can't be bought. i think if this is true, i do think it undercuts some of that credibility he gained with new voters. >> david katanese, kayleigh,
12:17 pm
steven, thank you so much. republicans and democrats in five states, watch all day, live coverage of superstart right here live on cnn. still ahead, donald trump knows how to grab headlines here in the united states but how is he perceived overseas? cnn asked people all around the world, what do they think about this republican front-runner? we'll play the responses come up. also ahead, jeb bush may have suspended his campaign, but one haven'ter is pushing for him to get back to work, saying jeb bush may not be running for president any longer but he has some unfinished business helping stop trump from getting to the white house. renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will.
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12:21 pm
welcome back. one woman is begging jeb bush to get back to work to help bring down donald trump. he says this is no time for bush to take it easy even after suspending his presidential bid. the author of the letter to jeb bush is a political theorist at harvard.
12:22 pm
hello. a contributing columnist for "the washington post." today, in a column entitled dear jeb bush, help america stop trump, she writes this, i've read you were resting, getting some exercise and writing thank you notes. but you are a public servant and there's an epic battle rages for your country's soul. let me just have you read a little more from the letter. >> thanks, brooke. here we do. the epic team work that still awaits you is the job of st stopping donald trump. john kasich can't do that by himself. even ted cruz can't do that by himself. march 15th is the next big battle. can you help turn the tide in florida? >> all right, so on that, you know, for much of jeb bush's campaign, danielle, as you well
12:23 pm
know, bush failed to, you know, garner the support he needed with voters. why do you think a jeb bush endorsement would accomplish anything here? >> i actually think jeb bush needs to hit the road in florida. help was governor of florida. he had a great record in florida. at the point where the question is about delegate count. if rubio can take florida, if kasich can take ohio, if the three of them can take a number of states together, they will be able to deny trump the delegates he needs. there's a fight to be waged in every single state. we definitely need him in the fight. >> famously jeb bush it was widely reported that bush didn't
12:24 pm
think rubio is ready for prime time but you write that protegees are not always grateful. rubio never asked for bush's endorsement. do you think if there's any bitterness between these two could put their backing behind another candidate the way chris christie was able to with trump? >> look, don't know about the personal interactions between these two so i'm as far away from that as any other citizen. i only know this. we are actually facing i believe a constitutional crisis in the potential presidency of trump. he's shown in so many ways he doesn't respect the constitution. the idea that he should open up libel laws to push back the freedom of the press. with his condoning of unlawful violence at his rallies and things like that.
12:25 pm
for a leader of a democracy to condone unawful violence. he's called for taking out the families and children of terrorists. that's a war crime. democracy cannot survive if its most prominent leaders advocate things of that kind. he is teaching us all to forget the fundamentals of what it means to have a democracy. immigration, economic security, political divisiveness, but you don't clean house by burning it down and that's what a vote for trump would amount to. since we're in danger of having the house on fire, we need everybody here and we need governor bush in florida working as hard as he can for marco rubio. >> okay, danielle allen, thank you. at the same time, want to counterthat, people are speaking. latest cnn poll, 49% favor mr. trump, danielle, thank you very much. next, the most influential policy minds in the country ban
12:26 pm
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12:30 pm
donald trump says mitt romney would have, quote, dropped to his knees to get trump's endorsement. just like that, the saga that is the 2016 presidential race takes another uncomfortable turn, in case you were wondering, the world is indeed watching. >> donald trump is a business man, not a president. he's a business man. >> donald trump is a business man, a very successful one. >> he is a business man. >> a very, very rich man.
12:31 pm
>> very rich person. thinks he can buy the world. >> a rich man. >> an actor. >> donald trump is an actor. >> a funny man. >> not a very nice person. >> he's very nice. >> he's nice man. he's a nice man. >> donald trump is a man. >> donald trump is -- >> i think he caters to a very basic emotion. >> they're not listening to what he's saying. i think it's more about who he is. >> so they're tired of those intellectual politicians so they're looking for someon fresh. >> donald trump is something new, something not normal. and they like someone who can speak out. >> good luck. good luck for american people.
12:32 pm
and especially people who vote donald trump. >> they'll start having severe problems with other countries. much of china since he's already criticizing china. >> i think the relations between russia and the united states will be better. >> i think it's going to be horrible for the middle east. >> i think it's going to be another world war iii. >> a third world war. >> i don't thing he's somebody who i want to see with his finger on the nuclear button to be honest. >> very scared. >> i don't know. it looks a bit dire. >> he might be a good president for america. if they are not satisfied with obama, maybe it will be a good change for them. >> in all the world papers,
12:33 pm
america with donald trump will not be very different from america with donald duck. >> all around the world perspective, it is important and it is trump's world view that has more than 75 republican national security leader turnsing on the likely 2016 nominee, signing a scathing open letter that slams his foreign policy ideas and warrants a trump presidency would equal global economic disaster and endanger the united states. even senator john mccain, chairman of the senate armed services committee, noting the letter, issuing a statement that says, quote, i want republican voters to pay close attention to what our party's most respected and knowledgeable leaders and national security experts are saying about mr. trump. here is, with me, one of the signees, one of those experts, a former special adviser in the office of secretary of defense, associate professor at georgetown university and
12:34 pm
adviser on mitt romney's 2012 campaign, thanks for being here. explain this open letter that you and others sent. >> well, the most important job of the u.s. president is to be commander in chief. president shares responsibility on the economy and domestic politics with courts, with the private sector. in foreign policy, he calls the shots. so it's pretty important. trump is just unfit for the job. he hasn't articulated a clear foreign policy division. to the degree he's articulated any views on foreign policy, they don't make any sense. he would be a disaster for the republican party. that's why my colleagues and i got together to vow to energetically work to stop him from being elected. >> since i don't have a trump supporter on, just let me do this on balance. giving him the benefit of the doubt if he were to be elected and tap into some brilliant minds in foreign policy et cetera, would that ease some of your concerns? what could he say?
12:35 pm
what could donald trump say to convince you otherwise? >> yes, well, washington, d.c. is a small town. i know the other foreign experts are building serious teams. marco rubio already had a serious team in place. hillary clinton already has a serious team in place. i disagree a lot with secretary clinton but she has a serious team. i don't know anybody working for donald trump. if he was going to build a serious team, he should be doing it already. i don't think he has any intention of doing it. i'm not sure where he's getting the policy ideas. that's why they don't make any sense. again, unfit for the job, would be a disaster as the republican nominee and disaster as commander in chief. >> so if he doesn't have a team, there anyone who would quell any of your concerns? someone he could choose to help advise him? >> i think that's what this letter shows.
12:36 pm
this letter brings together many of the most influential republican foreign policy experts. former generals, academics. we are saying we won't work for trump. we'll work to stop that from happening. i think this sends a strong message, that trump is not fit for the job, he won't be able to build a foreign policy team, so he's going to continue to have these policies, like saying he's going to bomb isis's oil and take the oil, saying he's going to act as a racketeer basically and threaten japan until they pay for more their security. this isn't the kind of rhetoric we need from the leader of the free world from an american president. again, he's just unfit for the job. we need to stop him from being elected. >> okay, matt thank you. coming up next, he plays the president. sorry, spoiler alert, if you haven't watched, on "house of
12:37 pm
cards," and now he's looking back at the dirtiest political fights in u.s. history. hear what kevin spacey thinks about this year's race. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
12:38 pm
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12:41 pm
dirty, ruthless, unprecedented, yes, indeed. this race for president has been all of the above. memory is fleeting. dirty, ruthless, unprecedented. sunday, cnn teams up with kevin spacey for a new original series that revisits six of america's most controversial presidential races. cnn sat down with kevin spacey for a preview.
12:42 pm
>> so in researching all of these presidential races, which ones did you find most fascinating? >> they're actually, they're incredible, i think dukakis/bush one is interesting, because it's remarkable how events that happen in the campaign can be the thing the candidate is identified by. dukakis in the tank. which of course tanked his campaign. you look back on it now and sometimes no matter how intelligence, how many incredible policies an individual might have, these individual moments, these slipups, these, you know, it's like i think of the great moment when george h.w. bush looked at his watch in the middle of the debate as if he had somewhere better to be.
12:43 pm
of course it wasn't what he intended. but it is so fascinating how little moments like that reveal something to a public, to a press, that can then change the course of history. >> some people characterized this race as the most astonishing race ever. how do you characterize it? >> no, i think there are many parallels we can make to the 1968 race, george wallace ran a similar kind of campaign. he did exactly the same sorts of things, attack journalists, attacked integrity of other candidates. used racism. insulted people. there were feights at his rallies. at least the good news about our country is no matter how crazy it gets and no matter how much fun we have and how insane it looked, we generally get it right in the end.
12:44 pm
we generally figure it out. >> that's a hopeful take on this. >> very hopeful. >> do not miss the cnn original series "race for the white house," airs this sunday night, 10:00 eastern, only here on cnn. next, he is the son of the famous playboy founder hugh hefner and a longtime family friend of donald trump but cooper hefner says trump is full of it. he'll join me live.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
donald trump is full of -- use your imagination and fill in the blank. a direct quote from the son of playboy founder hugh hefner. calling out donald trump. he wrote in an op-ed this, here's the hard truth, it is time our generation collectively pulls our heads out of our bleeps and pays attention to something other than meme, reality television and cell phone selfies. cooper hefner, founder of hot media, joins me live, nice to have you on.
12:49 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> before the crux of your argument, let's remind everyone donald trump graced cover of playboy in 1990. can you just first tell me, you know, cameras away, what was he like? >> it's important to understand the role of the mansion just in my life. there were so many different entertainers and so many different business men and women and actors that were coming through the house that had relationships with my dad. so i had the opportunity to obviously interact with a lot of these people. and obviously when you're spending time with somebody 11, 12, 13, it's unbelievably difficult to understand what an adult's motives are, and i never really had an opinion on trump before. but obviously when you throw your hat into the presidential race, you just a character very differently. a number of the political stances that he was taking, i was absolutely detached from and it was sort of shocking to me
12:50 pm
that there were a lot of millennial voters willing to step up and say no, we like this personality. so i felt a duty to write something and speak -- whether it was one person who would have listened or 100 to say, look, there's a large part of this generation that actually does not support any of what this individual is saying and this is somebody who has a relationship with i am curious, because i've talked to a lot of people who have known donald trump for a long time and they say, brooke, he's talked about this and floated this notion of running for president for a while and i'm curious with the relationship that he had with your dad, had he ever mentioned that or were you aware of or what did your dad say when you published this piece? >> well, that's a question that i've already been asked, but my dad clearly has made a career out of sharing his opinions. so he's never been critical, even when i've gone a different route than what he would have done. he's just proud of the fact that
12:51 pm
there is an opportunity to speak your mind, regardless of what you're saying. so i actually, to tell you the truth, i haven't spoken to my dad about the piece. i'm going to see him after this and i'm sure he'll have some comments to make. >> i appreciate you chatting with me before your dad -- the whole national television thing. >> talking to my dad? yeah. >> i wanted to point out this line jumped off the page to me, cooper. you wrote truth be told, i don't believe a lot of republicans even understand what they're rooting for in a candidate like trump, making it even more important for our generation to promote diversity and display a united front against dated conservative ideology. why do you think donald trump is so appealing specifically to, let's say, your generation? >> because i think that millennials are tired of the establishment. i think that's very likely why bernie sanders is doing so well. i know i'm not saying anything that would surprise people, but i always find it interesting that when you talk to trump
12:52 pm
supporters, they frequently say he seems like a great leader, he seems strong, he's got a great personality, he's loud. i sort of take a step back and say, well, what about his policies? kevin spacey in the last segment referenced george wallace. in the piece that i wrote i did the same because i can't help but draw the comparison of saying, look, here's somebody who sits and says these things like we need to institutionalize a muslim database, we need to deport immigrants. we need to make it difficult for immigrants to come in legally. there are so many racist undertones to so many of the policies that i can't help but feel like do republicans understand that by supporting a candidate like this, you're sort of inadd vert -- inadvertently identifying yourself as a racist. >> we know how you feel about donald trump. >> that's why i said i'm not
12:53 pm
sure republicans even know the candidate an i'm not sure if republicans even understand what he actually stands for. >> do you have a favorite quickly, cooper? >> hillary clinton, but if she doesn't get the nominee, then i'll vote sanders. >> okay. cooper hefner, thanks for chatting with me before your pops. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. coming up next, speaking of hillary clinton, a hillary clinton scandal that just won't go away. the former staffer who set up her private e-mail server now granted immunity in exchange for an interview with the fbi investigators. we'll dig into what that could mean for the democratic front-runner.
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
as democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton moves ahead closer to that nomination, questions are still swirling about her private e-mail server. the latest development is this, bryan pagliano, a former staffer
12:58 pm
who helped secretary clinton set up her private e-mail server, he is the man you see with the yellow tie, you saw with the yellow tie wearing glasses. he's accepted an offer of immunity from the fbi and the doj to provide an interview to investigators. let's go to brianna keee auanei more on this. now what? >> we don't know. you have this happening on several different fronts. you have the courts and you have this, the fbi investigation into whether this server setup was cure. bryan pagliano is the former state department server who -- staffer who set up the server. back in december he took the fifth so he didn't have to testify before a house committee. now he has this offer of immunity so he can talk to the fbi, he can talk to the department of justice and the campaign says they're pretty happy about this. despite clinton's initial attempts to keep this server
12:59 pm
private, they're stressing his cooperation as well as her cooperation. >> and the point was that she was willing to answer any question, so have all of her aides been. we had wanted bryan to do the same. he decided not to but we're pleased that he's cooperating with the justice department review. we think that the more arnsnswe he can give, the more it will qualify that nothing inappropriate took place. >> you also have a number of court cases and a u.s. district court judge who has indicated that he may ask the state department to subpoena clinton or huma aberdeen about how this whole praus happened and what exactly happened. hillary clinton received a lot of e-mails from people and so a lot of those folks are under the spotlight as well. >> you are the one watching this so closely. brianna keilar, thank you so much. hillary clinton faces off
1:00 pm
against her rival, bernie sanders, this sunday night. that is the next cnn democratic debate live in flint, michigan, only here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you for being with me on this thursday. let's go to washington. "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. parents, an advisory warning if you have children at home watching tv, we are going to be talking about the republican presidential primary show on the show today, be forewarned. "the lead" starts right no. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> ouch. 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney eviscerating donald trump in a blistering takedown today and backing a contested convention. is this a game h-changer for an voters or is this the