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tv   Americas Choice 2016  CNN  March 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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absentee votes in. the problem for hillary clinton, the bernie sanders folks are overwhelming the room with bernie sanders supporters. this is something we saw here, we've seen it in other parts of the state. the officials here at this caucus said they were up to 1:00 a.m. counting because they had so many. the question is, can hillary clinton overcome bernie sanders with those absentee ballots. >> we'll see. omaha, nebraska. that one gym for bernie sanders. >> we're watching those. interesting in kansas what you were showing us. kasich is right on the bubble of 10%. he falls below that when the numbers come in he doesn't get any delegates. so gloria, i rudely interrupted you before. in the interest of news. you were making the point about how maine matters but it's not the huge shock that it may play out right now. >> 49% which is what senator
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cruz has. but what is the population there, who has won in the snaft >> i think mitt romney of course won overwhelmingly last time. almost a local boy. but you had ron paul coming in second with 35% of the vote. now, couple of things here. cruz plays to the same kind of libertarian strain in the republican party. but, this is also about organization in these caucuses. this is about really getting your voters out, identifying them, knowing who they are. right. and this is where cruz has excelled. and we saw that in iowa. and i think we may be seeing it again tonight in a state like maine. this is where trump has not excelled. >> so interesting, too, because it's been no polling coming out of maine. we don't really you know, know what to expect. the governor there, paula paige endorsed donald trump only after
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bashing donald trump and begging his fellow republican governors not to back donald trump. now paula paige like donald trump has made some racially charged comments, he is not well liked in the state of maine. so whether voters there consider the governor's endorsement a big deal and really turn out for donald trump i don't know. remains to be seen. >> governors are doing so well. >> i want you to know in terms of how the panels work you don't wait for me to look at you. you say whatever. michael has been sitting there patiently raising his hand, waiting to say something. >> ah. >> i want you to know. let him be the example as he has in many classrooms. >> civility is not working in this campaign on many -- >> finally protest to the tone of the trump campaign. well played. >> i wanted to make this observation. okay, so it looks likes we're seeing yet again that ted cruz has good game when it comes to caucuses.
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we've known this since iowa. it's thus far playing out in kansas, perhaps playing itself out in maine. it makes me all that more interested to see what happens in louisiana. but, while you've been kibbutzing i'm looking forward to what's to come. nt too many caucuses. i'm not sure where the northern marry ana islands are but on march 15, and there are big states about to unfold. michigan tuesday, we know what's going to happen. so we're reaching the end of caucus season, and this needs -- proportional. >> cruz's argument at least is getting some evidence that it is sort of working, that he might be the one to take on donald trump. >> proportional helps him a lot. there is another factor. >> quick, evangelical season. there aren't that many more states where evangelicals will be close to or majority of the voters. >> here is another thing. the numbers here we're watching them roll in, you have and what
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challenges there are in caucuses and these states for trumps. there is another challenge that rubio and cruz are playing on and the establishment which is consistency of message. we talked about this a lot, jeffrey. the new old hot point here is where he is on torture. we know where he was early on at the debate he said water boarding and much worse. yea all of his people went. he started to walk it back. well, i know we're a nation of laws. now he said something else today, not coincidentally trying to rev people up. >> as far as the water boarding is concerned, we have stay within the laws, we have to stay within the laws, i hey, who here thinks that isis who chops off heads, who drowns people in a cage, who here thinks that isis stays within the laws, right.
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we're like a bunch of babies. but, we're going to stay within the laws. but you know what we're going to do, we're going to have those laws broadened. because we're playing with two sets of rules. their rules, and our rules. and those laws are going to be broadened. >> jeffrey. >> he's talking about the geneva convention. >> basic humanity too. >> let's stick with this small level tflt geneva convention. we know what he's doing, works with the crowd. is this dangerous for him, given this new observation of where he is on policy, whether he understands what it is to be commander in chief, all of these military people getting nervous about him giving illegal orders. the right move? >> i don't think that he makes -- politically speaking he makes a mistake when he does this because he's talking to his base, he's energizing his base and all of the folks you cited, good folks i'm sure and certainly they have a point, but
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they are in this context, the establishment. they are the elite. >> the military command? >> the -- sure, leaders of the military are part of the establishment are they not? >> i don't know. that's my question. i don't think they get thrown in with politicians, big generals who say this is the wrong thing to do. >> i'm saying in terms of political pitch, right, his people understand what he's saying. and certainly there is a feeling that there are two sets of rules, right. i mean when you're dealing with enemies that are cutting people's heads off -- >> we should be just as bad as them. this is phenomenal to me. this is sort of on a moral level. you may well be right this plays to his base then shame on him for stoking that fear and anger in his base. you know what, i'm sorry, but you know, this is phenomenal that this anger i keep hearing from republican voters about this imperial president obama who doesn't -- who breaks the law supposedly in order to you know, give -- sorry not citizenship but the right to
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work and stay to immigrant kids that is an imperial president but no, donald trump should torture people. >> we got osama bin laden. did we when we went for bin laden? >> talking about someone running for the presidency of this country saying he wants to break international laws and change the law he doesn't like in order to torture human beings. >> the president of the u.s. who went in there and shot somebody in the face, right, and broke pakistan law, to do it. and you think that's fine. >> small difference going after the world's worst terrorist and torturing someone who is strapped to a table. >> you're making a moral equivalency argument here. she's saying you do it or you don't. i'm saying even by comparing it that way you're making that a legitimate basis and jeffrey's point is hey, if it's okay sometimes and don't yell at him
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now in a different context. >> in addition to this being morally reprehensible. there is the other thing that i never understand why trump supporters don't have a problem with trump clearly making promises he cannot keep. this is one example. right. he says he's going to do something really grandiose, someone probably whispers in his ear you can't do that, and so he comes out and says well, we're going to stay in the laws, but, wink, wink, i'll manically be able not only change our laws with the help of congress i presume, but also international laws. i mean, if you are an ardent trump supporter don't you want to believe that he can thrill do all of the things he says he is going to do. that doesn't bother you he will come up against congress, the supreme court, international law. it just -- i can't move these folks on the morality. and i don't know that they are
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going to care about the legality. but don't they care that he is going to fail on all of his promises? >> that was an interesting point from that quote which was he was acknowledging he would have to go to congress at the least to begin to do this. and he says -- it's an issue that exists really across the board. you want to build a wall, congress is going to have to appropriate the money. if you want to deport 12 million people that is expensive. i think the best estimates about 500,000 a year without going to congress. if paul ryan with his views about immigration going to appropriate the money for donald trump to deport 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants. right. so you have the question over and over where he talks about things that he wants to do but talks very little about the process of getting it through the political system. >> i mean i do think this is a new phase for trump and for mitt romney it was in some ways the etch-a-sketch phase. said you know, he is saying things in the primary but in terms of changing in the general
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you do like an etch-a-sketch and change. that very much hurt romney in louisiana, a state he wasn't going to win but rick santorum made a big deal out of. you see donald trump trying to be the leader of the party and in that way he's called paul ryan, changed some views on some of these very core issues. >> anything to do with cruzzen being in the lead in some states. there is a renewed examination. you captain give me anything? i can't take a nibble. >> i think we're waiting for a primary, not a caucus. >> i wanted a nibble. >> that there is rational thought going open in the minds of trump voters. sorry but you know what -- >> dangerous thing to say if you want to win an election. >> i'm going to say it.
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when you are angry -- no, when you're angry, scared, right, in that fight or flight mode, we know this from brain imaging, you don't use the thought process, you go i wonder if he could do that. >> a lot will agree with him. when you call his people -- >> i'm going to -- i'm not calling them stupid. it's very smart people who have been told to be angry and to not think about anger and that this man can turn their anger into something that magically -- >> i take him literally and i think we saw a great example of that. in the debate he was given the opportunity to say i did not say that to "the new york times." i never told "the new york times" that my position behind closed doors with them is different than what i've been saying on the campaign traileringo he must have said at the new york times don't pay attention to what i say on the stump. i think his audience knows that, they appreciate the fact he is willing to say these things that they don't think he'll implement. do you think -- >> i don't think he is winning with conservative voters.
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who would disagree with him on many things including planned parenthood for example which he says works well for women. and so, you know, that's the -- that's trael question is these conservative voters who support donald trump who says he's going to work with congress and he's flexible, so that's kind of the interesting disconnect on his supporters, so i believe it's got to be something much larger than sort of the usual political lanes we've been talking about when it comes to -- >> something larger which gives birth to an expectation that could well be something lower, which is -- >> right. >> everybody that we're listening to now on both sides of the party they have been there, done it, they say these thinged and nothing happens. donald trump is the only one to his supporters and those on the fence certainly in the gop who represents something potentially different. in their mind. >> that's what they are looking for. >> that's the thinking now how it plays out that's why we're here today, wolf zblflt good discussion, guys.
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thanks very much. we're monitoring the votes across the country right now. on this super saturday, a critical day for democrats and republicans, they are battling for their party's nominations and we could be on the verge of being able to make some projections. we already have votes out of kansas, showing ted cruz with with a sizable lead. 5:00 p.m. eastern, and all of kentucky, the kentucky caucus sites shut their doors. we could call project the race in maine, the first votes out of that state are already in. they show ted cruz ahead of the pack at least for now. at 9:00 p.m. eastern nebraska and louisiana, they take their turn in the spotlight, bernie sanders hoping for a win in nebraska. while republicans and democrats are both waging contests in the state. it's a big day we're calling it super saturday. cnn will be tracking everything throughout the evening, you won't want to miss a minute. keep it here. right here on cnn.
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is the way to whiten. we have a key race alert. take a look at kansas similarly cruz maintains a lead at 48%. trump in second with 35%. rubio down at 8.6%. john kasich in fourth with 7.4%. also want to share results of a straw poll at the conservative political action caucus. look at the cpac straw poll. ted cruz wins with 40%, rubio
2:19 pm
second with 30%, donald trump in third place with 15%, john kasich in fourth place with 8%. so that's the c pac poll, come to the washington, d.c. area for the last few days. they clearly like ted cruz more than the others. i want to go to miguel in omaha, nebraska watching a democratic caucus. i take it miguel, some results are now in from that site where you are. >> reporter: they are in. they took forever. took about two minutes for everybody to clear out once it was done. hillary clinton had 145 supporters here, and 109 absentee votes, bernie sanders had 24 absentee votes but he filled the house, 389 supporters, so crunching the numbers, we have the percentages, so in this one district, this one of 149 caucuses, sanders with 62%,
2:20 pm
hillary clinton with 38%. something we have seen in other places, clearly a lot of energy for bernie sanders. these caucuses bringing it about for him. >> thanks very much. to rosa flores at a republican caucus in wichita, kansas. i guess they are counting the votes. >> reporter: they are, so they finished counting the individual votes, now they are counting the batches of 100. but wolf, i want to show you visually who has the most votes here because we can count the boxes that they put the votes in. let me show you. the first box here is for ben carson. one box. you can see the volunteers are counting them there. now we have fiorina. one box. as well. and then we have the next box here is for marco rubio. is it one box? one box. one box for marco rubio.
2:21 pm
we come over to donald trump. donald trump has two boxes. two boxes and they are counting the stacks of 100 votes right now. we move owe strong to severe kasich, kasich also has one box. here in wichita, kansas. so one box for kasich. and you're also seeing these numbers on the screen. they are populating on the screen so you can see them. now here is the big reveal. ted cruz, you can see on the screen. 51%. check out the number of boxes that ted cruz has here. in wichita, kansas. you have two, four, six, seven volunteers counting his boxes because he has -- one, two, three, four, five boxes and donald trump of course you can see on the screen at 38%. here's the big deal, folks. all of these boxes equal votes. now you can see these piles of
2:22 pm
100. only so many fit in each box and again, ted cruz, four boxes, wolf. we'll have to see how many votes we see at the end of the day. >> one caucus site in wichita, kansas. we'll get back to you. at least at that site ted cruz doing really well. >> obviously very well. and the republican chair of -- the republican state chair there in kansas has said earlier that at the beginning when ted cruz is doing well it something to start paying attention to in this way.
2:23 pm
which is can ted cruz begin to emerge as the non-trump consolidator of the conservative movement? if he can, that is going to create slightly different dynamic. we all know we circled march 15 on our calendar. that's going to be where everything is projecting forward to now, florida and ohio. that's critical. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves yet. but these contests matter. as you build up today and then in michigan and idaho and mississippi on tuesday, these contests before those big contests matter in setting the course and ted cruz, is going to have an argument out of here. i think a stronger argument than he had thus far. >> they are starting to make it. i was texting with a senior cruz source saying you know, donald trump campaign there had this morning which he did. he didn't come to cpac in washington, he went to kansas. and marco rubio was campaigning there as well. speaking of cpac, wolf announced
2:24 pm
that the results of the straw poll from there. you and i were joking earlier that how ever many election cycles the paul family, ron and rand have been able to really kind of stack the decks and organize in a way that they did well. that's -- they are not players now but look at that we had it up again. one more time. ted cruz, 40%, marco rubio 30%, donald trump 15, john kasich 8%. to your point about cruz consolidating conservatives i was there this morning interviewing marco rubio on stage, and every time i mentioned the name donald trump it was like -- like i was mentioning the worst name in the world. the crowd, definitely not a pro trump crowd. >> anti-trump crowd. >> very. it's not a big surprise that he didn't go this morning because they knew that. >> i think it was a wise decision. obviously he knew. we should put this in context. this is a survey of 2700 or so active young conservatives i
2:25 pm
think the average age of the voter in these straw polls is in their 20s. it doesn't mir ter primary and caucus electorate we're seeing across the country. we should note that even in 2008, at the cpac straw poll, john mccain who emerged did not win that. mitt romney did. it was the day mitt romney dropped out of that race. >> i remember that. >> but so you are right to mention rand paul and ron paul, their libertarian crowd. could again ted cruz, this helps him make his argument, right, that he is emerging as the one candidate not named trump who is starting to be able to build some sort of coalition that perhaps could take on trump. we shouldn't overstate the straw poll result. >> no question. but to your point and wolf, you covered cpac for many years as well, it does provide a psychological boost, momentum boost to the person who is doing well especially when you look at the grass roots.
2:26 pm
at this moment in time when this is a straw poll but real voting and polls going on today, it's something that ted cruz can put his hat on and maybe send more fund raise appeals out. >> what you told me a lot of young people today. so that was impressive. guys, stand by. we're watching the votes coming in in kansas, coming in in maine. we're going topdate you on all of the latest. and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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we have a key race alert. first in kansas on the republican side, the republican presidential caucus, 41% of the vote is now in, ted cruz maintains his lead at 49.4%. donald trump in second place, 24.4%. marco rubio at 14.7%, john kasich 10%.
2:31 pm
cruz doing very well so far with 41% of the vote in the kansas republican caucuses. in maine, 5% of the vote is in, but cruz is doing well so far. 48% for cruz, trump second with 35%, rubio in third, 8.6%, john kasich, 7.4% in fourth place. i want to go to cnn's stephanie elam in kansas, she's watching the democratic caucuses under way now. we know they had huge turnouts. what's the latest? >> reporter: i want to show you this here, wolf. if the you turn over here you can see there are people signing papers, what's happened what they were planning to do at this caucus, they were going to separate people into groups, if you were supporting hillary, go to one side. supporting bernie, you would go to the other side. well, there were too many people at capacity and so many outside that they had to change the plan. they estimate that they had about 2200 to 2300 people here.
2:32 pm
so they are asking people to sign a form calling it a candidate statement of support. they are asking people to sign it. there is one floating around for hillary, another for bernie sanders. and saying sign this, and then as you leave we'll put a check mark on your blue band that you got saying you were a valid voter that you are really ready to caucus. and then we'll talk that as you leave. the idea being because there are many outside they said, as inside. that they are trying to get them out. so that other people can get in. they are signing and leaving. changing things instead of sectioning out into groups. >> you are also getting numbers in, right? >> reporter: yes. the problems with the numbers that we're getting here, looks like it's going to be in favor of sanders at this early point. the problem is now it's a different thing. we expect them to count people and wave the 40. right now the early tally looks
2:33 pm
like it's in favor of sanders. >> we'll see what happens. thanks very much. to brian todd in bowling green, kentucky now to the republican presidential caucus site. what's the latest there? >> reporter: wolf, a dramatic close to the polling here to the caucus here in bowling green. they just announced the close of the polls and had to turn people away at the door. they had more than twice as many people as they expected. they believe there was at least 5,000 who showed up here. a dramatically very high turnout, much more than they expe expected. now the process of counting. i take you around the room. you can hear people counting. that's an announcer who calls it. then two talliers who verify that count. what we have been told by caucus officials here, they polled 930 people in their exit poll here, according to that exit poll, caucus officials giving us these, ted cruz 35%, donald trump, 25%, marco rubio, 20% here, john kasich 19%,
2:34 pm
uncommitted for rand paul and others 1%, that's 930 people who they took, that is of course not the final count it's not the official count, it is not necessarily reflection of how the state will go. but i heard david and dana talking a moment ago about ted cruz's surprisingly strong showing elsewhere. looks like in this precinct as well according to the exit polls. >> still very early in the process in kentucky where you are. we'll stay on top of that. i want to go to john king who is taking a closer look at these. kansas, for example, right now, you got it up there, cruz doing well at least so far. >> doing well. i think close to the point we might be able to call this. we're waiting on the third congressional district in the eastern part of the state because moments ago we had no votes in. now we're up to 2%. we want to take it higher but it's tracking the rest of the state. you see ted cruz at 51% here, donald trump 23, marco rubio at 14. we were waiting because this was blank and you have kansas city, kansas, this is missouri you
2:35 pm
see. but kansas city, kansas and the suburbs, we were waiting. they are stating to come in. you see 51% in this congressional district. you move over, 47% in the topeka area. ted cruz getting 49% in this congressional district and getting bigger, 53% in this congressional district. so making sure we have votes in this center to see if they track the state. as you pull out to the statewide result that's impressive. up to 43% statewide, ted cruz at 49%, donald trump shy of 25, marco rubio shy of 15, so the results filling in looks like a good day for senator cruz. the national map, interesting you see here, cruz won texas and oklahoma last week. looks like he is about to add kansas. he won iowa. this is marco rubio in minnesota, an anti-trump line if you will right down the middle of the country. but donald trump is winning here, ted cruz leading in maine. we talked about that. waiting for brian todd in kentucky, but at the moment the
2:36 pm
one we think we're close to, wolf, ted cruz 49% of the vote in the state of kansas, adding potentially to his list as he tries to make the case that is 43% of the vote in trying to make the case he is emerging as the primary alternative to donald trump. >> john king, thanks very much. cnn is ready for its first projection of the day. cnn, ted cruz is the winner of the kansas republican presidential caucuses. ted cruz picked up another win, this is his fifth win so far, ted cruz wins kansas, he's doing really well in all of the numbers coming in. let's share those numbers. here is the vote now. 43% of the vote in, ted krutz is ahead, 49% to donald trump 24.7%. marco rubio with 14.8%, john kasich only 9.9%. but ted cruz, with almost half of the vote in, you see he is way ahead now, ted cruz, cnn
2:37 pm
projects will win the republican caucuses in the state of kansas. let's go to the ted cruz campaign in idaho right now, some point he is going to be speaking there. right? >> reporter: that's right. any moment senator cruz will come out on the stage in iowa -- idaho, excuse me. certainly feeling very good about that win in kansas. going into tonight, the cruz campaign said that they did not expect to win specifically any state, it was really all about delegates so clearly this helps going forward. a cruz campaign official telling me that this was a state, kansas, donald trump should have run away with, and he didn't. so the fact they are counting the win tonight encourages them going forward. and a cruz official says they did look at their internal numbers and see effects after the debate in detroit. they saw late breaking votes going toward cruz over donald trump. so that will be part of the message going forward leaving
2:38 pm
here tonight. the messaging tonight, an official says will be all about what we've been talking about, that ted cruz they believe can be the alternative to donald trump. so expect to hear that coming from senator cruz when he takes the stage here. just a few minutes, they want to turn this into a two-man race with donald trump for so long. they feel emboldened to push this message going forward. >> of course live coverage of the speech that senator cruz is about to deliver. dana and david, first projection of the night. for ted cruz. >> that's right. and david, i just right before that happened got a call from a senior cruz who said that their internal polling up until just before today, the last time, showed that this was a neck and neck race. >> in kansas. >> in kansas. and so, even for them it was a surprise as to how much of a swing it was. obviously the suggestion inside
2:39 pm
the campaign is that something is shifting as we've been talking about, perhaps something shifted especially after the thursday night debate. where they felt that they did better than donald trump. perhaps the cruz campaign and ted cruz is benefiting from how marco rubio is going after donald trump. having said that, that is the spin from camp krutz. it's too early to tell whether this is really kind of a thing that's happening, or whether this is just -- >> before the votes were coming in one cruz adviser told me earlier today you know, they were feeling decent about kansas and i understand what you say it might have been a tight race. they understood that was a state that did them well. maine where the governor is endorsed donald trump, there is that real rebellious element inside the maine electorate that may play into donald trump and they, they start seeing movement in maine. when they start thinking there
2:40 pm
may be something to this notion that there might be a reassessment of trump now. we have to be careful with this. we saw tens of thousands come out for him in orlando today. we know how sticky and loyal and committed his supporters are to him. so but this will be what we're watching for all night long now. is to see if indeed ted cruz specifically but more broadly if just donald trump is having a moment with republican primary and caucus voters now after that debate, after starting to take sustained attacks, if indeed there is a reassessment going on. >> obviously it's not just from his rivals, it's from finally the people in the donor class in the republican party, they are coming out and they are finally spending money on super pacs and going after donald trump so it will be interesting to see maine, wolf. the cruz source i spoke to, he also said that the -- the internal polling up to today also had neck and neck races in
2:41 pm
maine as well. >> interesting. thanks very much. we'll be hearing from the winner of the kansas republican caucuses, ted cruz, getting ready to speak. live coverage coming up. vo: across america,
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the generously appointed es... and the new, eight-passenger lx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>. >> cnn projected ted cruz the winner in kansas in the republican presidential caucuses. he's in idaho now of it they have their contest coming up next tuesday. he's getting ready to speak. let's listen in to ted cruz. his supporters obviously they are in idaho now, very excited as we await ted cruz' first projection we made of the night that ted cruz wins in kansas. doing well by the way also in maine right now. we'll see what happen there is although only 5% of the vote is in. at least ahead with 5%.
2:46 pm
>> let me say to rod and to steve, thank you for your incredible leadership. thank you for your friendship to our tremendous leadership team here, to my friend congressman raul, thank you for your support and thank you to the patriots gathered here in the great state of idaho. and while we're at it let me say god bless kansas. and god bless maine. now, it's a little bit early, we don't know time election results yet. the votes are still being counted. but as of today, the networks have called the state of kansas for us. and right now as they are counting the votes, we have
2:47 pm
roughly 50% of the votes in the state of kansas. and you know, maine it's still early, they are starting to count. right now on the count in maine, we have roughly 50% of the votes in the state of maine. and the scream you hear, the hourly th howl that comes from washington, d.c. is utter terror at what we the people are doing together. let me say the last couple of weeks have been extraordinary. the journey we've seen. you think back a year ago. a year ago, had 17 candidates in this race. it was a terrific, talented, deep field. young, inspirational, dynamic candidates. and then over the course of the
2:48 pm
year, the field narrowed. and it narrowed. and it narrowed. and then we saw on tuesday the super tuesday results that were extraordinary and then today on super saturday we seem to be seeing a continuation of that very same path. and what we're seeing is conservatives coming together. what we're seeing is republicans coming together. what we're seeing is libertarians coming together. what we're seeing is men and women who love freedom and love the constitution coming and uniting and standing as one behind this campaign. every one of us here understands that our country is in crisis. that we're bankrupting our kids and grandkids. that our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day and that america has receded
2:49 pm
from leadership in the world and it's made the world a much more dangerous place. that is exactly right. and i am here today with the word of hope and encouragement. all across idaho, all across this country, people are waking up. i believe this election will center on three key issues. jobs, freedom, and security. let's start with jobs. i want to take a minute to speak to all the single moms. who were working two or three part-time jobs, 28, 29 hours a week because you had your hours forcibly reduced because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. i want to talk to all of the
2:50 pm
truck drivers and plumbers and electricians, the men and women with callouss on your hands who have seen wages stagnate. the cost of livingstagnate. cost of living keeps going up, but the wages don't seem to keep pace with the cost of living. i want to talk to all the young people coming out of school with student loans up to your eyeballs, scared, am i going to get a job? what kind of future is there? am i going to be able to provide for my family? and the media tells us, this is as good as it gets. this is the new normal. well, let me tell you that is an utter lie. >> we're going to continue to monitor ted cruz. he's delivering a victory speech, the first projection of the night, ted cruz is the winner of the republican presidential caucuses in kansas. we're going to be hearing from
2:51 pm
all the republican and democratic candidates throughout the course of our coverage tonight. let's take a quick break. much more right after this. smas expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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our first projection of the night, ted cruz is the winner of the kansas republican presidential caucuses. i want to get some immediate reaction from jim acosta, covering the trump campaign joining us from west palm beach. any immediate reaction to the cruz win in kansas, jim? >> reporter: not just yet, wolf. sort of a reaction from the trump campaign, you know, talking about these day that's are coming up on the calendar. the trump campaign manager sent me an e-mail saying all of these dates are big, all of these elections, all these primaries and caucuses are big. maybe that's just a little bit of the early spin because obviously, you know, this is not shaping up to be a sweep, a super saturday sweep, for donald trump. but, wolf, clearly the date that
2:56 pm
is looming on the calendar that seems to be overshadowing everything right now is march 15th, the florida primary. i'm hearing from a rubio source that the rubio campaign is planning to hit donald trump hard with his associations, with charlie crist the former govern under the past was a republican, became a democrat. i'm hearing donald trump is also doing very, very well in kentucky right now. obviously the results are not in. so the trump campaign feeling positive about kentucky, but it could be a long night in some of these states. >> we'll get right back to you, jim. i want to just remind our viewers in kansas we've projected the winner p in kansa being donald trump -- excuse me. ted cruz the winner in kansas. donald trump in second place. donald trump also in second place in maine right now, ted cruz with 50% of the vote. ted cruz is ahead in maine. looks like a very good night for ted cruz, the senator from texas. much more of our coverage right after this.
2:57 pm
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