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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 6, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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it is the top of the hour. 4:00 p.m. eastern. we do have a key race alert for you on the republican side of the contest, puerto ricans going to the polls today voting with 7% of the vote, 8%. you see rubio on top by a wide margin. this is early going. first key race alert in the race in puerto rico. again, 72% for rubio, followed by donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich. 23 delegates up for grabs in t puerto rico. the delegate race has been intense. we will bring you the results as they continue to pour in from puerto rico. victor rodriguez is joining us
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from puerto rico victor? >> reporter: yes, the numbers we see in puerto rico. we have with us donna brazile and brian stelter. donna, first to you, what we are seeing out of puerto rico, marco rubio trying to get second w. >> oh, it's no question. puerto rico is a very important state. not only because of delegates to the convention but given the crisis in puerto rico, economic crisis, to have marco rubio, any presidential candidate visit puerto rico at this time is very, very important. let's not forget, also in maine today, on the republican side, they held their caucus yesterday, the democratic side -- >> what an important moment because of super tuesday and super saturday. ted cruise soak up so much of the oxygen in the gop race. any oxygen not taken by donald trump is taken by cruz. so a rare day for rubio. >> looking ahead it florida, the
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question is, is the party, electorate, going to sit and allow rubio to lose all weekend, into florida, and maybe he can pull off puerto rico. from what i remember, if you get beyond 50% you take over delegates in puerto rico. >> correct. also, look, marco rubio needs a victory for other reasons. he has to justify standing in a race and looking more and more like a two-person race. this is a big day for him. has delegates. i don't know if he will get enough momentum going into tuesday when mississippi and michigan and other states are participating. >> let's see what we expect to hear from bernie sanders and hillary clinton. voters from heard from politicians that they sympathize, they empathize with what people are going through here. you two were out, i was on the air, handing out water in the community. help people understand, if they don't note details of this water crisis. what you are seeing as you meet the people in flint. >> this was man-made disaster that started almost a year and
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half ago. and for months, politicians ignored it. ignored the crisis at a time when people were being poisoned. they said go back. the water is fine. they were drinking it. politicians were not drinking it. instead they ignored it. this is man-made disaster and what you have now is a community that needs help. they need not just water but they need to kind of, what i call, moral and political help that you don't see often. yes, we handed out water at the places that i attended yesterday, we also handed out food. i cannot tell you the number of people i saw looking for milk for their babies. diapers. they are organizing a food bank drive. hillary and bernie went to flint. we wanted the debate in flint.
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we need to hear from the people who need something delivered and not just the happy talk. >> as we walk over to where we are broadcasting from, on harrison street, protesters with bull horns and signs reading fix flint now. this is not something that happened in the past. it is still happening everyday here. >> when i spoke with people in flint, only here for a couple of days, people here cannot understand how the u.s. got hundreds of millions of dollars to indonesia after the tsunami. hundreds of millions of dollars to japan after the earthquake. money to haiti. but can't fix the pipes here in flint, michigan. >> it starts with the governor. i think the governor has to be held responsible. i also think that we also have to hold local officials to make sure that they get statewide officials and yes, federal government, epa is here. hhs is here. i'm using the federal acronyms.
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but we need more leadership and there is a bill now, capitol hill, hoff, who is a republican, supports it. we have another rough, mike lee, holding off on giving this community money and communities across the country that have problems with their drinking system. we need all of the people that work together -- this is not a political crisis as well -- this is not just a political crisis, it is a moral crisis. we need to help the people of flint and all across the country. we should never get to the point where we are insensitive to the needs of poor people in the country. when we hear problems, we should help them. that's what we are called to do. >> donna, brian, thank you so much. we want to good out to joe johns. a few hours from the big debate in flint. 130 delegates at state from michigan and republicans have 59 up for grabs on tuesday there is this new nbc wall street marist
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poll. let's go over to joe on the debate stage. joe, no doubt we will hear from senator sanders and secretary clinton for senator mike lee to lift that hold on the bill that could bring money to this community and communities like it across the country. >> yeah, you know, and i've talked to people with both campaigns today and they've give m yen /* given me information about not talking through the campaign trail. hillary clinton talked a bit about flint. she said in past for example that fema needs to expedite its review of the system. she sent in a couple staffers to help flint out if need be. bernie sanders on the other hand said the governor of this state needs to resign over the issue of flint.
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that line before a partisan democratic crowd in warren michigan just last night got big applause. listen. >> i have never, i don't think i have ever left a room as shattered as i was listening to the paint of what was going on this flint. and really what i felt, what i felt is i could not believe that i was listening to people who were living in the united states of america in the year 2016. i think the governor should do the right thing and resign. >> and bernie sanders also made the point that in his view, this is not just about the water in flint. it is also very much about the economy for example. he said in 1960, this is one of the richest communities but because of what has happened to the auto industry over the years and jobs going overseas for example, it's not so much that
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today. victor? >>. >> reporter: the problems in cities like flint and across this country have been going on for decades. this water issue obviously a crisis of urgent need of attention. joe johns there for us for the site of tonight's debate. we'll be right back as we countdown, fewer than four hours until tonight's democratic debate here from flint, michigan. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season
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results just now coming in from puerto rico as republican primary today. let's take a look at numbers. marco rubio has a solid lead with 11% of precincts reporting. we will pull them up for you if we can here. over 72% of the vet thus far has gone to marco rubio. key for the people over 74% now with 11% reporting. key for the people of puerto rico right now, massive debt
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crisis they are living with, dealing with everyday. puerto rico now more than $70 billion in debt. that is top of mind. again, marco rubio leading trump, cruz and kasich by a wide margin. democrats there in the primary don't go to the polls in puerto rico until june 5th. let's get back to my colleague, victor blackwell, live in flint, michigan. ahead of the big cnn debate there to flight, victor? >> it's been five months since flint, michigan were back to the flint's watt are supply bp but the people here can't drink water from their faucets. they began replacing the first pipes that brought in the contaminated water. recently tests show that homes have water with twice the amount of lead that the epa figures is toxic. with those highest at risk, with women and children there.
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mental issues potentially brut on by lead poisoning. cnn sara sidner talked to one flint resident. >> reporter: aaron stinson thought he was healthy by drinking a lot of water. >> i try to drink as much water as possible. >> reporter: but his attempt at being healthy may have ended up hurting him. he started feeling fatigued and pain. >> muscle pains, cramps in my joints. at times, dizziness. >> reporter: he decided to ask for a blood test. the doctor called with results. >> he said i'm concerned with the lead levels in your blood. they are kind of high. i said, kind of high. what does that mean? am i dieing? >> reporter: turns out, of all of the adults tested, his blood has the highest level of lead at 27 micro grams. the cdc says that's nearly three times the amount considered toxic for adults. stinson livis in flint, michigan. where officials decided to switch the city's water supply
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resulting in lead leaching into the drinking water. >> this is a scary thing. i really don't know how i'm going to be attacked from this. but it is in my body. and it will take its toll on my body at some point. >> reporter: even doctors can't determine that. >> what might that mean for him? with the level that high? >> right now, it is sort of in a zone of uncertainty for medical management. >> reporter: peter lewitt says it does less damage in adults than children but is still toxic. it can have long-term consequences, including dna. >> as worried as i would be, as something that would impact the quality of thinking, increased risk for cancer and possibly a legacy in one's children. >> reporter: a legacy that has stinson and the rest of the residents of flint fearful about the future and furious at officials who created the water crisis. and then refused to listen to
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those who warned the corrosive flint river was an unhealthy source of water. >> people knew the water would be poisoned. people knew we would get sick. people knew there would be backlash. but i guess some people would rather go after the money than throw their morals out the window. >> sarah is with us now. syria, when people are, i guess, considering they've been exposed, what are the symptoms they should look for? >> that's the hard thing. they can be absolutely nothing. you don't notice it. or there is all sorts of things that can come up because lead affects every system in your body. that's why doctors say there is no safe amount of lead in your body. but there is an amount that cdc looks at and says if you're above this amount then you need to seek medical help. but there isn't much you can do unlease you die, literally, from toxicity from lead, there is a drug they can give you but it
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takes all the lead which settles in your bones. take it out of your body and makes it go through your organs which can be really, really dangerous. there are foods they ask people to eat, like fruits an vegetables. things that can suck up the lead and it does pass through your system. but there is no answer to that. because it can be hundreds of different things that can happen to your system because lead is in there. but particularly children. if you notice that your child is having problems with hyperactivity, if they are even sluggish sometimes, if they're not responsive. doing worse in school. these may be indicators that your child has been affected by it but for adults it affects them a little less. not as strong as children but still, a poison, toxin, and that's why someone like him, who has had an elevated level has to worry for the rest of his life. it affects your dna. >> they say eat fruits and vegetables. folks in flint need a grocery store. they need someone to buy the fruits and vegetableets. >> they have to travel outside
1:18 pm
of their town to gets fresh interest fruits, except for on saturday at a market. and it is not just about the water, victor, there are so many things here with unemployment, number of houses abandoned. 1 in 14 houses are vacant here. boarded up. and so there are lots of issues that people are going to want it take to these candidates about. i'm sure it'll get heated in there. >> absolutely. sara sidner, thank you so much. been working here for some time. poppy, back to you. >> thank you so much, victor. we do have breaking news. on puerto rico's republican primary. >> again, key race alert in puerto rico's republican primary. marco rubio is projected -- cnn is projecting marco rubio is the winner in puerto rico. that projection made with 18% of precincts reporting. as you see, a wide lead there. 74%, the votes, thus far going
1:19 pm
to marco rubio. way ahead of donald trump who has come in second. ted cruz, john kasich. again, cnn projecting marco rubio has taken 23 delegates with him. massive debt crisis that the island there is $70 billion in debt. so marco rubio is the one many are casting their vote for today. cnn projecting rubio is the winner of puerto rico. we will talk over all of this with our political panel next. what does it mean? how big is this? remember in 20 contests thus far, only the second, the second that marco rubio has taken minnesota and now puerto rico. back in a moment. hi i'm kristie.
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we have breaking news on puerto rico's republican primary. cnn projecting marco rubio is the winner in puerto rico today. taking in 73.6% of the vote with 25% of the precincts reporting there. again, marco rubio with a wide lead. cnn projecting he will be the winner in puerto rico. 23 delegates up for grabs there. this is a -- everyone there went
1:24 pm
to the polles with their concern thereabout the debt crisis in puerto rico, which is more than $70 billion in the red. democratic caucus not until the 5th. brian morgansten and alex hennigan. brian, does this win matter for marco rubio? >> yeah, this is a bell weather. they have openly said we will win florida, guaranteeing victory. there are a million puerto ricans in florida. that's a lot of votes. this is as much a victory for rubio in sort of breathing more air into his campaign as it is also a bit of an indictment of the other candidates and their outreach to latinos, particularly today, puerto ricans. so the fact that marco is crushing the field this badly with this voting block could be a very strong bell weather for them headed into the march 15th primary.
1:25 pm
>> you just looked at him with a lott look of astonishment when he called you the bellwether. >> well, i'm afraid, marco, this is a little crumb. it has been rough going for marco rubio. his two main competitors have 18 of the previous 19 victories. he has a little thing to smile about. still 15 points behind in polls in florida. which is the one that really matters. the real lifeline that might actually save his campaign. but i got to tell you, over the past couple of days, things are looking far better for ted cruz than for marco rubio. >> what did you think, brian, for the strategy of not only ted cruz dropping out of the race but donald trump saying the same thing which seems sort of the psychology there doesn't add up. because what the polls show is that if rubio were to drop out of race, a lot of those votes, more of them good to cruz than trump. why would trump do that? >> yeah, i always get confused
1:26 pm
when trump talks. i don't know if he means what he is saying or the opposite of it. and sometimes it is difficult. sometimes -- yeah, exactly, it's complicated. i think the more intriguing call for rubio to get out is cruz because if cruz -- or the nontrump candidates have a path to the nomination, they have to get in trump's way, which means cruz strategically would be rooting for trump to take florida. ? can i say something? >> sure. take a shot. >> you do need two or three levels with donald. i don't think there is any chance marco will get it. he will keep running. he's got enough money. so he is calling them to get out and it makes it seem like their campaign is teetering on the edge. even though both of them understand, he is not leaving at least until florida, it kind of weakens him in his home state and polls are reflecting that at this point. >> rubio must win florida, no
1:27 pm
question. must-win for kasich is ohio. let's say that rubio takes florida, which the latest polling takes trump far ahead in florida. anything can change, though. what after florida, even if rubio takes it? >> we have a three-man race where it will be -- where they will be competing nationally. rube why was, i believe, the first candidate to have state chairs in all 50 states. his team is saying and not budging on that, we are going to the convention. i think winning a big swing state like florida adds to the argument that to strategic voters, if you want to nominate the guy in november, it's me. so florida would provide an additional argument to future states. >> ellis, is this any sort of -- you wonder if his strategy of turning to the ways of donald trump in terms of his rhetoric, about a week and half ago, if those worked. because after he did that, a lot of people laughed, but he didn't
1:28 pm
take any super tuesday states, didn't take any states yesterday, now he takes puerto rico. is this an affirmation of their strategy change? >> you have to keep looking to find it. it makes total sense on paper. marco has the right resume, right look, right tone. but voters are rejecting it. maybe puerto rico is a little exception. i'll grant you that. but the larger messages that this race is really down to two candidates of the establishment's nightmare. the donald trump they hate and senator most loathed by every single republican senator. i'm telling you, we are going into nightmare territory. >> is there a lesson to learn here among the critical hispanic latino vote, so critical that after romney lost in 2012, the rnc comes without this entire report saying we have to do better. a fascinating piece, three months ago, talking about how ted cruz and marco rubio approached their heritage so differently. arguing that rubio embraced it more than cruz. >> that's exactly right.
1:29 pm
and this today's primary in puerto rico bore that out. and that's an argument that team rubio has been bearing that out and there may be more fruit to that and this is an ongoing in the party. not only unite it, but grow it. that's the theme marco has been hitting on. but this is a two-man race and with cruz and trump trying to discredit the states. winner take all. 99 delegates in florida. >> yeah, absolutely. >> in the future, i get that. >> way too soon. >> thank you both. way too soon to call anything at this point. thank you, i appreciate it very much. well take a quick break. back with our special coverage ahead of the big debate tonight in flint. stay with us.
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thank you so much for joining us. i'm so honored to be standing next to first lady nancy reagan. thank you for having us tonight. >> delated to have you here. >> this is such an extraordinary facility. you must be proud of it. >> i am. i am. >> thank you so much for hosting us tonight. >> that was our anderson cooper interviewing the first lady back in 1998. she passed away this morning, she was 94 years old. hillary clinton tweeted last hour, quote, nancy's strength of character was -- governor john kasich released a statement saying quote, president reagan has been reunited with his wife and
1:34 pm
partner. but america and the reagan family have lost a womt of grace and strength. let's talk about her life, her legacy, and how she will be honored. cnn correspondent live at the reagan library in simi valley, california. during the reagan administration, and producer for the history channel's documentary, ronald reagan a legacy remembered and director of the school of media and public affairs at george washington university. thank you for being here. paul, let me begin with you. paul, we know she will be laid to rest, there where you are, next to her husband at the library. and you might know who may preside over the services. >> that's right, poppy. in talking to library officials, they said it was nancy's wish that john darnperth preside over her services. this is not set in stone. but they are trying to work this
1:35 pm
out as well as everything else. she will be buried to ronald reagan on the left side of the library, facing the pacific ocean. there will be an outdoor service and like her husband, for what we understand, when her body is brought up in a closed casket, just like ronald reagan, body will lay in repose in the main library and hundreds of thousands of people can come by and pay respects to her and sobering reminder and we saw a backhoe come up here and officials say yes, that's right. they still need to dig her grave site. all of them so sad to know that nancy reagan passed. but many of them reflecting on how much they enjoyed being around her when she was up here, poppy. >> absolutely. and frank, to you, you know, one of her most famous quotes is my life really began when i married my husband but for everyone who may take that the wrong way, they should know she was an absolute partner with him in the white house. she influenced him greatly on some very key foreign policy
1:36 pm
moves. she was in many ways his rock, his closest friend and a very close adviser to the president. >> and his protector in chief. you know. she did influence him. she encouraged him to do business with gorbachev, the soviet leader. encouraged him to engage in young people and others and took up her own drug program but the protector role is most remarkable. i remember that very well because i was there for that. and what struck me was after we were told that president had been informed about his own cancer, they said, he didn't have any questions about that. he was a very kind of interestingly enough, soft spoken guy. but she did and she went into overdrive to figure out what was wrong, what the treatments were going to be. i remember in 1993, some months before the letter that president wrote, telling the world that he had his alzheimer's disease,
1:37 pm
there was an event on the u intrepid in new york and i was privileged enough to be the emcee that evening. there were indications, poppy, that something was not right. the president seemed to be hesitant and she was a step in front of him introducing him down the line saying, oh, ronnie, you remember frank. oh, ronnie, you remember so and so. she had that instinctive constant ability to be running interference for him. it was just out of pure dedication and love. >> and paul, to you, i mean, you had the chance it meet her multiple times. >> i was a reporter in santa barbara county, frank may remember this, they used to put on media barbecues or events. i was fortunate enough to go up there and talk it nancy on different occasions. even though it was just a photo op, she took time-out and talked
1:38 pm
to me a little bit and said she watched the local news. i'm chuckling because nancy loved the color red and i had on a red shirt and she talked to me about that. for people who worked with her and myself there was an overarching sense of sweetness. that's the take away that many of us had, who had an encounter with her, poppy. >> she was someone that if you were in that white house and you wanted then president reagan to sit down or consider something or change his position on something, you wanted her on your side. >> you sure did. she had a sweetness, if you were on the right side and right side of her husband. but she was tough and she wielded her own power center in the white house. a lot of your viewers will not remember this because they are too young, perhaps. but for those who were around during the reagan presidency, they certainly will remember the iran contrascandal and it hurt the president very much, it hurt him personally as well.
1:39 pm
and she felt especially after the report came out that he had not been well served. especially by his chief of staff, donald reagan. and it was nancy reagan in the east wing, her wing of the white house, that was part of the process that led him to be fired very summarily and in, as far as he was concerned, undignified way. so if you didn't, you know, fall in line or certainly support the president the way she thought, she wasn't shy about weighing in because, you know, her whole world really revolved around him. not in a subservient way, but in pa partner way, that he with were talking about poppy. >> sure. and she convinced him to come out and apologize for iran contra. i have 10 seconds left. frank sesno, one word to describe the way nancy reagan was. >> totally in love and totally
1:40 pm
dedicated to ronald reagan and the life they had together. >> frank, thank you for helping us remember. a live look there at beautiful reagan library in simi valley, california where services will be held for nancy reagan. we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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welcome back. we are in flint, michigan. where the democratic debate starts in about four hours now. the wall street marist poll shows that hillary has about 57% of voters here compared to bernie sanders' 40%. both are expected to address the water crisis here tonight. here is what clinton is saying about it. >> but there's another story in flint. it's a story of a community that's been knocked down but refused to be knocked out. [ cheers and applause ] it is hundreds of union plumbers coming from across the country to help install new water fixtures. it's students raising funds for water deliveries and showing up
1:45 pm
to distribute supplies. the auto workers and general motors donating millions of dollars to help. >> we are also waiting for the results of the democratic caucuses happening right now in maine. we will of course keep an eye on that. madam chairwoman, good to have you with us. >> thanks, victor. >> so people here in flint are waiting for answers. we heard from joe johns. he says neither candidate will introduce sweeping policy proposals. what we heard from secretary clinton there, is that enough tonight for this community? >> well, i think you will hear much more than just the comments on the campaign trail that the candidates made. we made a commitment to come to flint and add this debate here because our candidates and our party firmly believe in making sure that we can not only show the people of flint that we are
1:46 pm
going to be there for them to help rebuild and help their families become whole, but that we're in the short term as well as long-term committed to making sure we can help them get through the crisis. critically, though, it's important that we demonstrate to urban cores just like flint all across the country that democrats are committed to investing in the nation's crumbling infrastructure to rebuild it. so we can create jobs and make sure that crises like we have here in flint never happen anywhere else in the country. it is on the republican administration here. governor snyder, republican legislature to step up and make sure that we can fix this crisis because they made this bed and they've got to make sure that they can help people get through this. >> congresswoman when i spoke with people who live here in flint, and i asked them about their preference, the people who are supporting secretary clinton started their answer with, i support her because she came here. and that she came days after the
1:47 pm
debate was announced. but senator sanders came here a few weeks later. i wonder if he is still having a problem with african-american democratic voters, not here, just in flint or across the state but across the country, how does he bring that demographic into his fold hp how does he have the inroads into the communities late into the season. >> victor, both of our candidates on the democratic side have significantly and consistently demonstrated their commitments to making sure that we continue to build on the six straight years of job growth we have had in the private sector. making the investments that we did with the american recovery and investment act that pulled us out of the greatest crisis since the depression. making sure we focus on tax cuts that help people retch the middle class as opposed to the republicanes who would undo all of that progress and both senator sanders and secretary clinton in each of our debates
1:48 pm
and we hear it tonight have been talking about how they would build on that progress. listen to the republicans in the most recent debate, victor, honestly i think they should have started on the screen with the parental advisory warning. because the mud and bloody mess of their debate, vulgarity, is beneath our stature as americans and certainly shed no light on their views for how they would actually move this country forward and it's understandable that, that voters are more and more frustrated and yet you are seeing strong numbers for either one of our candidates going into the general election no matter which one of them is our nominee. >> speaking of strong numbers, if you look back at the turnout for the primaries and caucuses on the record side turnouts in the contests. i wonder if you know what that is attributed to and if that concerns you as the contest moves into the general election phase.
1:49 pm
>> victor in many of the primaries and caucuses we've had nearly as big a turnout as the two candidates and when they say start it out with 11 when voting happened and we actually add larger turnout in nevada for our caucuses in colorado the republicans didn't even have a caucus. because they are in such chaos on the other side of the aisle. almost no chance that they are going to get a nominee without a brokered convention. we are watching a party in utter civil war and our candidates remain focused on trying to, you know, show voters what the differences are are on approach of the same goals, which is building on the progress, straight through with the job growth, and when the republicans would have let it go down the tubes, very important to michigan voters and voters across the rust belt making sure
1:50 pm
that we can continue to add people to the health care roles when republicans would repeal it and take it away. so the contrast couldn't be more clear. that's why ultimately our candidate will be represented next president of the united states. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. always a pleasure, victor. thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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all right, calling all
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political junkies. you will want to watch cnn tonight. not just for the democratic debate. of course you will watch that. but right after that, a new original series called race for the white house. host kevin spacey looks back at the six presidential races that changed this country. he sat down with our allison and told her that politics today looks a whole lot like it did years ago. >> all of these particular races that we have focused on throughout history, are really interesting examinations of while some things may have changed, the way in which a pl tigs gets their message out, which in earlier times was very slow, that someone's speech or ideas would get across to voters across the country. and how that's changed. and how in many ways politics hasn't changed. >> race for the white house
1:55 pm
starts tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. right after the debate. only right here on cnn. thank you all for being with us today. i'm poppy harlow if new york. >> i'm victor blackwell in flint, michigan. don't forget the democratic debate tonight at 8:00 eastern. wolf blitzer continues that coverage after a short break. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer reporting to you live tonight from flint, michigan. that's the site of the democratic debate. this is also the site after devastating toxic water crisis. residents in this host city still cannot drink what comes out of their faucets. the lead water emergency is the
2:00 pm
backdrop for tonight's presidential face-off. the stage is now set. three hours from now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go ahead to head right here on cnn. hillary clinton comes in with the significant lead over bernie sanders in the critical delegate count. sanders riding high on the morale. and they will step up on the stage tonight just as caucuses close in maine. which candidate can harness the momentum today. first we have to begin with some very sad breaking news. the death of the former first lady of the united states, nancy reagan. wife of the 40th president of the united states. she passed away today of congestive heart failure at age 94. tributes to mrs. reagan are pouring in across the country and around the world. anderson cooper is here with me. he knew the


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