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tv   CNN Democratic Post- Debate Special  CNN  March 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> it's the closest election of the century with the highest turnout on record. kennedy wins with a slim majority of just 120,000 votes, to become the youngest president in american history. without the votes of millions of african-americans, kennedy would have lost the presidency. ♪ >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> it must have been a bitter moment for nixon. he'd had eight years as vice president. he had really thought that he would be sworn in that day. >> but kennedy was better at dirty tricks than nixon and
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nixon knew it. and it planted a seed with nixon that he never forgot. >> and that was the origin of watergate. good evening. i'm erin burnett. welcome to our special coverage of tonight's cnn democratic presidential debate. the 2016 race has been nasty, vulgar at times, but for those of you who have been watching cnn's series premiere "race for the white house," it made one thing very clear tonight, and that is dirty tricks and nasty debates are business as usual in american politics. and the historic kennedy/nixon debate proved the value of the
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national stage and how it can change the course of history. in tonight's debate, bernie sanders came out swinging, going directly after hillary clinton, slamming her on her ties to wall street repeatedly. and during tonight's debate we actually found out sanders won today's caucuses in maine and there was a big turnout for democrats in maine, more than we saw for republicans, significantly more. and for the numbers here in maine, a big win for bernie sanders, 64% to about 36 for hillary clinton. on saturday he won big in both kansas and nebraska. clinton's lone victory was the crucial louisiana primary. for those of you who might have missed some or tonight's debate, here's a quick look back at the biggest moments. >> i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> i agree. the governor should resign or be recalled.
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and we should support the efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that. but that is not enough. we have to focus on what must be done to help the people of flint. we're going to stop this kind of job exporting and we're going to start importing and growing jobs again. >> i'm very glad, anderson, that secretary clinton has discovered religion on this issue. but it's a little bit too late. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big difference. >> well, if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator
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sanders. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> you know what i said? i said let the billionaires themselves bail out wall street. it shouldn't be the middle class of this country. >> you're agreeing with senator ted cruz on this. why is he right and the democrats wrong? >> well, let me tell you, i don't want to break the bad n s news. democrats are not always right. democrats have often supported corporate welfare. democrats have supported disastrous trade agreements. >> and i have said and i will say again i'll be happy to release anything i have as long as everybody else does, too. because what really is behind that question, republicans and democrats, is whether i can stand up to wall street. >> is her answer enough for you that she'll release it when all the republicans and democrats release it? >> i want everybody else to release it.
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i'm your democratic opponent. i release it. here it is. there ain't nothing. >> being a white person in the united states of america, i know that i've never had the experience that so many of the people in this audience have had. >> i would say and it's similar to what the secretary said, when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. you don't know what it's like to be poor. you don't know what it's like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car. >> i think that donald trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster are not going to wear well on the american people. >> i would love to run against donald trump. and i'll tell you why. for a start, what almost -- not all, but almost every poll has shown is that sanders versus trump does a lot better than clinton versus trump. we are, if elected president,
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going to invest a lot of money into mental health. and when you watch these republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health. >> and joining me tonight our distinguished panel of political experts. we all watched the debate together and the race for the white house together. lamont hill, dana bash, david gergen, former adviser to four presidents including nixon you just were hearing about, bakari sellers, sally kohn and a donald trump supporter. it's funny when you think about what we were hearing that was 70 million people watching. that give us a whole new context that the top debate was 24 million about for the gop. but these debates still matter a lot tonight. and what was your takeaway from this one sth. >> two things. one i thought it was an incredibly aggressive exchange coming out of the gate, which is something we don't always see. bernie was very aggressive up
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front to challenge hillary on the wall street issue. at the end of the debate they both got off of their talking points when they were asked certain questions. bernie seemed flustered on the race question where he said white people don't live in ghettos. and hillary couldn't talk about faith in a way that resonated with voters. >> i thought it was obviously incredible i aggressive. just a couple of months ago when this two of them, particularly bernie sanders, wanted to just stay on message and focus on his message on income unequinequalid said he wouldn't touch hillary clinton on any issues that might be weak spots for her. well, guess what? it's march of 2016 and it's amazing how things change when things get incredibly tight. that's what happened. >> was there a winner or a loser tonight, david? >> yes, i thought the democratic party won tonight after the last republican debate. i thought it was terrific, this
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conversation was in flint. you had real people dealing with real problems and you're rooted in a reality that was much more present than people asking theoretical questions, what if kind of questions. these two are about five times more substantive than what we saw in the last republican debate. they went deeper. there were no body parts. it was civil discourse. >> literally. >> but really important. that's really important. i thought the republicans got hurt last time with all their -- it was kacater walling. i thot berns was more sis singt. i thought he left holes he didn't answer well like the automobile bailout. she is in danger of being seen as joining the elizabeth warren wing of the party. she's moved pretty far over. what's this about clawbacks from corporations that go oversea, you got to pay it all back what you got in a benefit? >> she said penalize them if
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they leave the united states. >> you can exploer that notion. but the big message for donald trump, he needs to raise his game for the fall debates. he needs to raise his game. >> what's your takeaway from tonight? >> i have to piggyback on david just slightly because the environment they were in -- i was in flint this past friday. speaking to young people. i spoke to a mother there who had a 1-year-old child who was bathing in that water who was drinking that water for an entire year. she didn't know if her kid was going to be able to achieve those dreams when he was 15 or 16 because of the disabilities that might come from drinking lead in the water. it was good to hear from those voices in the crowd. and i actually thought by comparison when you look at hillary clinton's answers and you look at bernie sanders' answers and you look at how substantive it was and compared to what we saw earlier this week, the democratic party hands down won the night. i was impressed with how far they've come on questions of race. >> we'll talk about that. don will be with us.
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>> he did an amazing job just not allowing someone to get bay with talking points but pushing those issues of race. both have come a long way. and substantive issues of our economy. one of the nights i'm proud to be a democrat. >> amen and i'm not often proud to be a democrat. this is -- look, we had two hours of the candidates talking about substance. i have to disagree. i thought they were -- i use the word aggressive here. but i thought they went after each other on substance. but they still did not take the opportunity to ding each other personally. to make these guttery snipes that we saw in the republican party. every time they get asked a substantive question they use it as a chance to make a dig. here they were going after substance and talking about the nuance and the differences that people really care about. they talked about issues of race for about a third if not more of the debate. so uttery thoroughly refreshing and such a welcome contradiction from what we're seeing on the republican side. >> it's worth pointing out when
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you're asked about substance, it's easy to talk about substance. when you're asked about someone's spray tan and spelling that were questions in the last debate that goads you in a different direction. he pointed out issues where the democrat party has been wrong. it reminded me of trump's comment on flexibility. how it's so important to be able to change your mind and be able to call out your party. ideology has really been eviscerated. it's more about this organic outsider. >> i want to talk about one of the headlines from tonight's debate. hillary clinton changing her point of view on what should happen to the governor of michigan because of the flint water crisis. flexibility is a word some might use, flip-flopping is another. let's play what she had to say about the governor. >> what i heard and what i saw literally shattered me, and it
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was beyond belief that children in flint, michigan, in the united states of america in the year 2016 are being poisoned. that is clearly not what this country should be about. as anderson indicated, there's a lot of blame to go around. one of the points that i have made is i believe the governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> i'll start by saying amen to tha that. we are here in flint. i'm very grateful that my request that we hold this debate be held here so we can continue to shine a very bright spotlight on what has happened in this city. i agree the governor should resign or be recalled.
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and we should -- support efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that. but that is not enough. we have to focus on what must be done to help the people of flint. i support 100% the efforts by your senators and members of congress to get the money from the federal government in order to begin the work that must occur to fix the infrastructure. >> all right. so the governor of michigan responded already on twitter. governor rick snyder saying i'm taking responsibility. as our values system says we should. my track record is getting things done and i want to get this done. less than an hour before hillary clinton said what we just heard her say there, governor snyder should resign or be recalled, one of her spokesmen was on with wolf blitzer saying she did not think the governor should resign. what do you make of her change?
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>> the michigan primary is in two days. sorry, was that a little bit too, too skeptical? no, look, this is a highly political time. and he is a republican governor who made some serious mistakes. and he even admitted it. for her to stand on the stage with her opponent who is calling for him to resign and for her to seem to be wishy-washy on that politically for the democratic electorate there especially, i don't think that would have played well. but it was interesting that she did -- i wonder if she did it on the fly because it was so different from her spokesman. >> an hour before her spokesman was on saying the opposite. is there a lack of communication there? >> a lot of people have been at that governor snyder should be resigned or recalled a lot sooner than hillary may have gotten there. i have to push back on dana a little bit. this is not a political issue.
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>> then why wasn't she saying it before? >> i think when you look at the moment and where they were and this is the first time that you have to answer in front of national tv to the people of flint. you have to answer to those voices, to those faces, to those mothers who are asking the question. everyone in their right mind knows that governor snyder knew, he has to be held actable. >> that's a good defense. >> no, i think, yeah, i think hillary clinton will tell you today that she should have gotten there sooner. i think we should applaud the fact that she's there and bernie sanders is there, and if bernie sanders pushed her to get there, then bravo. because that's how candidates get better. >> this shouldn't be a political issue. one thing i'm frustrated with as a republican, we've seen no republican candidate make this as a part of their platform. >> amen. >> when you have poisonous water in flint, michigan. this happens in third world count countries. this doesn't happen in the united states of america. whatever party official, you're
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out. >> that's precisely why it is a political issue. republicans haven't talked about it because it doesn't play to their base. it may hurt a republican candidate as extreme as they move to the right to talk about it in that way. and hillary's decision to say she doesn't want snyder to resign is political. >> another moment that happened was very passionate here was the discussion about the bail outs and the auto bailouts in particular which is near and dear to michigan voters. let me play that for you. >> i'll tell you something either that senator sanders was against, he was against the auto bailout. in january of 2009, president elect obama asked everybody in the congress to vote for the bailout. the money was there and had to be released in order to save the american auto industry and 4 million jobs. and to begin the restructuring.
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we just had the best year that the auto industry has had in a long time. i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think that is a pretty big difference. >> well, if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talk iing. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> your story is voting for every disastrous trade agreement and voting for corporate america. did i vote against the wall street bailout when billionaires on wall street destroyed this economy, they went to congress and they said, oh, please, we'll be good boys, bail us out. you know what i said? i said let the billionaires themselves bail out wall street.
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shouldn't be the middle class of this country. >> okay. >> wait a minute. can i finish? you'll have your turn. all right? but ultimately, if you look at our records, i stood up to corporate america time and time again. i went to mexico. i saw the lives of people who were working in american factories and making 25 cents an hour. i understood that these trade agreements were going to destroy the middle class of this country. i led the fight against that. that's one of the major differences that we have. >> let's talk about there in terms of tone as well. david gergen, i do have to say on the actual vote, true, he voted against it, but in terms of his support for the auto bailout, he did support it. he supported a bill that specifically would have done that. he didn't vote for it because he didn't want the bank bailout that went with it. >> sure. it's complicated because there were two bills. >> that's right. >> the bailout was embedded in a
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broad bill that would bail out the industry. >> he voted against that. he supported the bailout. >> he supported an auto bailout even though he didn't vote for the one on the table. >> yes. i don't think he explained it well. >> no. >> but i want to go back briefly and why this push to get the governor of the state out in flint. i think he shouldn't resign. you're captain of the ship. you're responsible for what goes on in the ship. but if you're going to say that and you want to be nonpolitical, you also want to call for the head of the epa to step down. that person has responsibility, too. why is it that the person in the obama administration gets a free pass but the republican governor does not? both of them should be treated the same. >> that's what i started to say -- >> treated the same. >> that's what i started to say that, of course, this shouldn't be political. but everything is political. and there is a republican governor, but you're exactly right. it is a federal issue, too. i mean, there's no question about it. but one thing i just want to say because i've covered congress for a long time.
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and this is often an issue and this is why it is often a problem when you have the senator or a representative in front of your name and you're running because votes are very, very complicated. and you know, bernie sanders thought he was doing the right thing when he didn't vote for the broader bailout. and it is very easy to take out specific votes and sort of hit somebody on it. and hillary clinton was a senator, too. she knows that. >> i will note for the record, for those who are curious, the gm bailout lost, the auto bailout, $9.3 billion. taxpayers bailed them out, treasury sold the shares. we the taxpayer, you out there we lost $9.3 billion on this, just to be specific, sally. but one other thing people are talking about on twitter is the tone. this excuse me, i'm talking. then wait a minute, can i finish, waving his finger around. that's not going over very well. >> no, it wasn't cool. let's just close out the bailout conversation.
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this is a matter of optics. sort of you may ultimately not think the auto bailout was a good idea but you did the bank bailout, so you want it for the voters in detroit. the tone thing, listen, bernie, if you're watching, it was bad. it didn't go well. it was awful. it just felt -- it felt rude, dismissive, condescending. there's a way to interrupt. it's a little more playful. i thought hillary did it well when she said, i will take my turn. she was trying to be a good sport about it. there's a lot of sexism in how she has to respond as well. if she took that tone -- >> he ends up facing off against her. he could fare much, much worse interrupting or excuse me, which something he says all the time. >> you're absolutely right. when you look back when rick lazio debated hillary clinton for the senate, there was this infamous moment where he lunged
8:22 pm
forward and asked her to sign a pledge. but the newspapers got that caption of him lunging at her and it was in gender dynamic of this woman looking aghast at this man shoving a paper in front of her. all he said was excuse me, but it came off as kind of condescending. >> i want to be careful, we're not suggesting in this that everybody should be so politically correct, mind their ps and qs. it was a condescending tone. for women and men they watch moments like this -- >> it sounded a lot like that barack obama, you're likable enough moment that people remember from these races. we're by no means saying bernie is sexist or this is his natural tone, but the tone of the conversation is one that could be -- >> and the tone overall and that was one of the most challenging moments, brianna keilar is in the spin room. you had a chance to talk to both
8:23 pm
campaigns about the tone and the matchup. what did they tell you? >> yeah, that's right. this was something that really dominated the spin room here this evening after this debate. i spoke with jeff weaver and i spoke with john podesta who is the chair of hillary clinton's campaign. podesta leveling that this was a disrespectful tone that bernie sanders took. >> he repeatedly said he wants to run a positive campaign. in recent days it seems a little more negative, a little more desperate. and i thought his tone tonight bordered on the disrespectful. >> disrespectful? that's a charge. >> he kept jumping in, stopping her from speaking and waving his arms as she was trying to talk. >> they don't want to talk about her bad trade record. they don't want to talk about her record of taking contributions. they don't want to talk good her
8:24 pm
support of welfare reform, the death penalty. her non-nonsupport of fracking when she as sekts supported exporting of fracking to other countries. they were really disconnected from the democratic electorate tonight. they want to talk about tone and optics instead of talking about the substance of the issues because, frankly, on those issues tonight, it was really a bad night for the clinton people. >> so the sanders campaign obviously saying they think this is a distraction, this talk of the tone. but i do think that some hillary clinton backers thing it's something that may resonate with female voters. to that point i'm hearing from bernie sanders supporters that this is really the clinton folks raising the specter of sexism. i'm sure you see that both of these sort of observations as being something that may be true in this idea of the tone from tonight. i also want to tell you, i asked these two sides, where do you think that your candidate really
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landed punches against the other? the big one for the clinton campaign was obviously on this auto bailout. a lot of muddy water where bernie sanders supported and did not support the auto bailout they feel -- a lot of people watching this debate may have come away thinking he did not support the auto bailout in any form. so the clinton campaign thinks that's a big win for them. but the sanders campaign thinks they're really resonates with voters when they talk about the trade deals she supported in the '90s and they're stressing that they've receive tighter polls internalle than what we're seeing publicly. we'll have to see if that's true come tuesday night in michigan. >> thank you very much. they did talk about the trade deal, as we've talked about it. hillary clinton supported that tpp and we counted 45 times she's now adamantly against it. more special coverage of the debate. next, he wasn't on the stage tonight but the candidate went after donald trump. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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8:31 pm
america. what do they say to you? >> well, we talked about everything, erin, from the 1994 crime bill which many in the black community believe led to the incarceration of millions of black people especially young black men. i talked to them about that. bernie sanders said back then when the crime bill was being passed when he actually voted for it, he said it led to bitterness, misery, hopelessness and drugs for millions of young people. yet he still voted for it. we spoke about everything from that to incarceration, to not really black lives matter, but what they would do to help the black community. the one question that offered an elicited the best response, i think, and i'm not sure if they actually answered the question, but i think they're going to go home and do bathe it of reflects what racial blind spots might they have growing up in america as a white person. here's what they had to say. >> being a white person in the
8:32 pm
united states of america, i know that i've never had the experience that so many of the people in this audience have had. and i think it's incumbent upon me and what i've been trying to talk about during this campaign is to urge white people to think about what it is like to have the talk with your kids, scared that your sons or daughters even could get in trouble for no good reason whatsoever like sandra bland and end up dead in a jail in texas. >> i would say and i think it's similar to what the secretary said, when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. you don't know what it's like to be poor. you don't know what it's like to be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car. >> so i think the real answer to the question was it's a question that they had never really had to think about.
8:33 pm
i think it was the first time that they had been presented a question like that so directly. the interesting thing is that as a person of color, a person of color has to think about blind spots. for me, personally, a blind spot that i have to think about is when some mishap happens or someone i feel is discriminating against me, i have to think about whether i go to race as the first thing, you know, to saturday of figure out if this person is doing that to me because of a racial issue. and sometimes it's not. sometimes it is. but as a person of color, i have to think about that question. i've had to think about that question ever since i was a young person and they've never had to. it's interesting. >> don lemon, thank you very much. it was a fantastic back and forth with questioning there. mark, during that, you were saying when bernie sanders says when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. yeah. >> and you keep every time taking a deep breath. >> it's cringeable.
8:34 pm
>> i have to assume that bernie got caught up in the moment and surely he knows that white people live in ghettos. the term ghetto arises from european americans in america. i'll give bernie a pass there. it was a bizarre comment. even not knowing what it's like to be harassed. but there's plenty of folk, lgbt, immigrants who have to deal with harassment on the street by law enforcement. so i didn't love the answer. they both essentially said, i don't know what it's like to be black and being black is really bad. >> you're takeaway was a little bit of a cringe, too, but you thought they emerged unscathed. >> i thought they both emerged unscathed. i'm one of bernie sanders' harshest critics when he talks about race because he has a hard time pivoting away from wall street. although don didn't quite go there, what you do see whether
8:35 pm
or not you like them as a group or not, the influence and role that young black activists have had on this election. black lives matter and their impact in this race cannot be denied same way as occupy wall street. these strands of organized activism in the democratic party are pushing the dialogue in the debate and it makes it healthy. for me personally i would love to see them always get better. but to have two 70-year-old white people running for president of the unite and talking about issues that directly affect me? i'm cool with it. >> it would be nice to hear the republicans not even address those questions. that would actually be entertaining. it would be nice to hear the republican candidates have to address whether they believe there even sill is racial bias in america. whether they believe it is harder on average for african-american children in the country to achieve what white children in this country can achieve. i think america would be surprised to hear their answers. >> i would like to rise to their defense. hillary clinton, i've known hillary clinton a long time. she has spent years and years
8:36 pm
caring about issues, a lot of what she cares about with women and children relates to race and bernie sanders, i don't know his full record, but he was arrested, he was involved as a young person. these people do care about race. and to suggest this is the first time they've ever thought about this, white people who care about race are struggling how to talk about it in a way that's respectful. you're walking through mine fields. so he meant to say black neighborhoods, but i think we should be charitable to people who are on the right side of the issue who are struggling to find the right language to express it. >> of course, donald trump came up. what was interesting, all of you, he didn't come off the way you would have thought. he wasn't the third debater, the elephant in the room in any way, shape or form. there was one time where bernie sanders said it's huge. a joke he uses to refer to donald trump. then they were asked about trump specifically. here's what they had to say about him. >> i am building a broad,
8:37 pm
diverse coalition across our country. i think that donald trump's bigotry, his bullying, his bluster are not going to wear well on the american people. and so i will look forward -- i will look forward to engaging him because, you know, i don't think we need to make america great again. america didn't stop being great. we have to make it whole again. we have to knock down the barriers. we have to end the deviivisived. >> i would love to run against donald trump. i'll tell you why. for a start, what almost -- not all, but almost every poll has shown is that sanders versus trump does a lot better than clinton versus trump. and the other reason i think we can beat trump is that our campaign is generating an
8:38 pm
enormous amount of excitement. >> kayleigh, that is what's exciting here. the number, the passion of people at rallies, the word "movement" used to describe a campaign, that is something that sanders and trump have in common. >> absolutely. which is why you see sanders doing so well against trump. i think that's because, believe it or not, a lot of sanders voters will strongly consider trump in the event that it's hillary clinton. he appeals to a lot of blue collar workers. he puts states like michigan into play. this is a big point. he's been against trade when hillary clinton was for nafta when her husband did it. she was for tpp. >> interesting point, sally, because when you talk about especially a trade agreement, you do have bernie sanders and donald trump very much on the same side. >> thoroughly. listen, i was excited at the beginning of this race, instead of having this left/right divide, maybe we have the
8:39 pm
populous versus elite reali realignment in the country. that's one thread that connects trump and sanders, but the problem is the opposite direction is trump voters who might say, i really like where he is on economics, i like what he says when he says he's going to raise taxes on the rich but his economic plan isn't going to do that, but hey, this sanders guy, i like what he's talking about and he doesn't have all this anti-immigrant ugly nationalist anti-muslim strain. >> having been out on the campaign trail and i've been to rallies of both of them, the common thread isn't just populism. that is certainly one of them. it is really illustrated in a state like michigan where there are so many people who are still hurting big time and they blame free trade for that. but it's also just being a regular politician and not being a regular politician. that bernie sanders and donald trump say i'm not going to be beholden to billionaires. i'm going to be able to do my
8:40 pm
own thing because i'm not going to listen to the people who really pull strings behind the scenes, the lobbyists, the donors and so on and so forth. and especially at a trump rally. the number one thing, he's not a politician. he's not going to have to listen to anybody. he's going to do his own thing. that is something that is absolutely one of the key characteristics of donald trump that make people love him and same for bernie sanders. >> and it terrifies me. because donald trump isn't bound by ideology. there's no set of core beliefs or world view that binds him. it feels like it's purely narcissism and ego. it's simply this is what works. it becomes a thermometer rather than a thermostat. one more quick thing. i wouldn't connect donald trump and bernie sanders, they both have populous economic visions but donald trump still believes in free market fundamentalism, a free market, that's the opposite of bernie sanders. >> one thing for anyone watching
8:41 pm
the race for the white house a few moments ago, how religion was so significant and kennedy's father said there's no way he could be elected as a catholic. you heard bernie sanders talk about his jewish faith and what everyone was saying was the first time we heard him talk about it in exactly this way. here's what they had to say about their faith tonight. >> i am very proud to be jewish, and being jewish is so much of what i am. look, my father's family was wiped out by hitler in the holocaust. i know about what crazy and radical and extremist politics mean. i learned that lesson as a tiny, tiny child when my mother would take me shopping and we would see people working in stores who had numbers on their arms because they were in hitler's concentration camp. i'm very proud of being jewish, and that is an essential part of who i am as a human being. >> i pray very specifically for
8:42 pm
people whom i know by name, people who either have gone through or are experiencing difficult times, illness, divorce, death, disappointment, all of the life experiences that confront most of us. i pray for the will of god to be known so that we can know it and to the best of our limited ability, try to follow it and fulfill it. i have said many times that, you know, i am a praying person, and if i hadn't been during the time i was in the white house, i would have become one because it's very hard to imagine living under that kind of pressure
8:43 pm
without being able to fall back on prayer and on my faith. >> sally. >> yes. >> bernie sanders, we were talking as someone -- dana was saying, wait, he always says that he's not religious in the way he talks. but what he said here obviously was no, being jewish is a core part of who he is. >> there's this old joke, i'm not a jew, i'm jewish. bernie sanders sort of speaks to my understanding of judaism. i've talked to young jews who feel similarly, that there's a -- historically maybe it was lieberman or the sort of more religiously conservative strain in public life but nice to see someone from the more secular wing from the jewish faith. and you know, that certainly speeb speaks to me. i'm glad he embraced it. >> donald trump supporter, you want to commend hillary clinton on her answer? >> i thought that came off very authentic and for her to talk
8:44 pm
about how personal prayer is in her life. you often hear candidates talk about this. it personalized hillary clinton for me before. i thought that was a huge moment. as a republican watching, i was silently clapping for her in that moment. >> we're going to sign her up. >> sign her up. >> more of our special coverage of tonight's democratic presidential debate. lots of numbers, claims and charges thrown around in the aggressive sparring by clinton and sanders. when we come back, we're going to separate fact from fiction. its intelligent drive is paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950.
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and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. so tom foreman went and checked them. now it is time to hold their feet to the fire, tom. >> there are so many allegations, aren't there? bernie sanders went over hillary clinton over the issue of trade and how it's affected american work workers. >> to
8:49 pm
analyze the impact of this trade deal and many others. sometimes they say it has produced hundreds of thousands of job, sometimes they say it has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. but there's no widepred agreement that hovers around this number of 800,000 jobs. for him to talk as if there is, his statement is false about that. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both were asked about gun violence. and she threw out a number that she's thrown out before.
8:50 pm
listen. >> on average, 90 people a day are killed by gun violence in our country. >> the centers for disease control say that is true. back in 2014 one of the last years we had numbers for, 92 people per day were killed that way. that adds up to about 34,000 per year. but at this point in this discussion, they were talking specifically about homicidal violence. people going and killing someone else. what she did not mention is out of this number, two-thirds of these are suicides. those are very important. they are violent. this is a serious issue. we're not diminishing this at all, but if you're talking about homicide and you don't mention it while throwing a number around like this, we're going to have to say that what she said was true but it was also misleadin misleading. if you want to find out all the many things our great reality team looked into go to
8:51 pm let's start with trade, the first fact check there. nafta numbers on jobs are all over the map. bernie sanders is against all these free trade deals. donald trump is against these free trade deals. hillary supported them. the transpacific partnership aggressively so. at least 40 times. at one time she called it the gold standard of trade agreements. it is going to hurt her that she's now so adamantly against free trade? >> to go back, there's a lot of politics in how she flipped her position on transpacific. it's clearly doing it for political reasons. and i don't know where she'll come out eventually, but i do want to go back and say one thing about nafta. i was there in the white house when we were pushing nafta. hillary was actually really opposed to it privately. she was not happy about going forward with nafta. in part she felt it was interfering with her whole effort to get health care passed, but there was a lot of internal debate and she was not
8:52 pm
happy about it. we're going to have to have a long debate over this. >> how it would affect the american worker? >> she wasn't confident about nafta at all. she went along with it because -- >> you were saying it was health care. did she have a different agenda to pursue? >> she had a different agenda, but it just wasn't why she thought they came to the white house. it wasn't part of what she was trying to push. he inherited from george h.b. bush. the bush team basically negotiated. he was the only president who could have gotten it through. >> south korea is the biggest free trade deal this country has done since nafta. that's barack obama's achievement. she said she wants to continue what barack obama has done, that makes it more difficult. >> i'm not excusing any of it but you know because you were there and you've been through this, these things are incredibly complicated. she argues now that the trade
8:53 pm
deal that she thought was going to end up being in effect or that they were going to do back when she was at the state department changed and so she doesn't support it now. but look, the bottom line is that trade is one of those issues that can join a barack obama and paul ryan who came together on this issue. oh, my goodness, they actually really did. and it can join the populous republican and the populous democrat. so it is very much not along party lines, traditional party lines. >> one final moment i want to play, which is bernie sanders perhaps most aggressive take on hillary clinton. something he's done before. but did aggressively again tonight. here he is. >> and i have said and i will say again i'll be happy to release anything i have as long as everybody else does, too. >> well, i'm your democratic opponent. i release it. here it is. there ain't nothing. i don't give speeches to wall street for hundreds of thousands of dollars. you got it. >> as a hillary clinton
8:54 pm
supporter, why? >> why? >> why not release them? >> why what? i think that the way she's framing the issue is she wants to be treated the same as every single candidate that's out there. >> who else has a bunch of speeches to wall street? >> if that stands the test of time, so be it. "the washington post" posted an article where she gave a speech talking about women in leadership. as we get through this process, what hillary clinton's point is in saying this is that wall street is not dictating my policy points. >> it seemed disingenuous. >> it seemed disingenuous until the republicans who we both concede has already released theirs. she said i won't do what donald trump does. >> if your opponent is doing it, you do it. >> and there's nobody else who gives $200,000 speeches in the
8:55 pm
race. >> me and marc are here. >> all right. >> thank you very much. thank you all very much. for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. thank you all for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. in case you missed any of cnn's democratic presidential debate, it reairs next here on cnn. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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[ cheers and applause ] and welcome to the whiting auditorium on the campus of the flint center in flint, michigan for a special cnn democratic presidential debate. i'm anderson cooper. i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight's debate will be seen on cnn, cnn international, cnn in espanol, by american soldiers and airmen on the american forces network, and nationwide on the westwood one radio network. and now we want to welcome the democratic candidates for president of the united states. please welcome senator bernie sanders of vermont.


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