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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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palsy. >> you need to study together. >> jake said he hopes to be like scott one day. >> what a great man. >> you just made monday better. >> we can have limitations and do more with them. time for "news room". >> have a great day. face-off in flint. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> if you are going to talk tell the whole story. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton launch new attacks at the cnn democratic debate. >> wait a minute. can i finish? you will have your turn. >> super tuesday take two. ted cruz on a roll. marco rubio playing catch up. >> i need your help. i need to win here. i need your votes to do that.
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i don't just need your vote. i need you to find other people to vote for you. >> remembering nancy reagan. >> i can't imagine a marriage being any other way but the way that ronnie's and mine was. >> a love story that can never die. let's talk live at the cnn news room. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. time is short and tempers shorter. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders get testy at a michigan debate. sanders gaining ground and racking up weekend victories. clinton holding the lead and anxious to kill off the challenge. the candidates stuck to issues but came ready to rumble. live in detroit with more. >> good morning. this was a debate in flint, michigan. a lot of it was about the failure of government when it comes to the toxic water crisis there. michigan is also a labor
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stronghold. hillary clinton landing punches on bernie sanders. he did the same with her when it came to her trade positions from the past. he took aim at her over or she took aim at him over his auto bailout position. it was really the tone that captured so much attention. >> it is raining lead in flint and the state is derelect in not coming forward with the money required. >> reporter: contaminated water and lost jobs dominated. >> children in america should not be poisoned. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton sparring more aggressively than ever before over wall street ties and the economy. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this
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economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> let him respond. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> sanders supported a stand alone auto bailout bill that failed but voted against a larger bill that included money to bailout wall street and the auto companies. >> i said let the billionaires bailout wall street. shouldn't be the middle class of this country. wait a minute. can i finish? you will have your turn. >> clinton optimistic about growing the economy. >> we are going to stop this kind of job exporting and we are going to start importing and growing jobs again. >> only to be slammed by sanders over trade agreements she supported two decades ago. >> i am very glad that secretary clinton has discovered religion on this issue.
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but it's a little bit too late. secretary clinton supported virtually everyone of the disastrous trade agreements written by corporate america. >> reporter: and butting heads again over gun control. >> your position is there should not be any guns in america, period. can i finish, please in. >> reporter: clinton's campaign chair telling me sanders' performance was a disappointment. >> he saying he wants a positive campaign but seems a little more negative and desperate. i thought his tone bordered on disrespectful. >> reporter: sanders campaign dismissing the charge. >> they doebt want to talk about her record of taking wall street contributions. it was really a bad night for the clinton people. >> reporter: how is this race in michigan shaping up? journal poll has hillary clinton
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leading by 17 points with likely voters. that is quite the spread but i was talking to a sanders aid who says their poll shows it is tighter than that. we will see tomorrow night. this is a state that is not winner take all. it is proportional delegates. there is a lot for both of these candidates to gain. >> we'll see reporting live in detroit, michigan this morning. michigan is a must-win state for bernie sanders. he won three states over the weekend but clinton does kill when it comes to delegates. she is way ahead with 1147 to sanders 498. all states he has won are overwhelmingly white. i want you to ricin to one remark that lit up social media last night. the actual words are awkward at best. >> when you're white you don't know what it is like to be
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living in a ghetto. you don't know what it is like to be poor. you don't know what it is like the street or dragged out of a n car. >> so let's talk about that. with me now a bernie sanders supporter and former at large member of dnc council and former national co chair of gen44 and joined by arol lewis. let's start with the kind of awkward comment that bernie sanders made about the nation's poor. does he realize that most poor people in america are actually white? >> i think bernie sanders is well aware of the demographics and numbers. this is also we have to be real here for a moment. these candidates have been campaigning every day. they are going to have off moments, moments where they are caught offguard and message
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isn't 100% spot on. with all of that being said i think this is a distraction. you saw john spin the message so the media would be talking about that rather than the fact that his record for african-americans, for white americans, for racial injustice has been the strongest. hillary clinton's is about she was -- her own -- >> that may be true but african-americans by and large aren't feeling that because hillary clinton wins african-americans by a landslide. >> one reason for it is that she has a certain fluency not because of the issues or personal biography as when bernie sanders is running against the establishment, who is the democratic establishment? in certain communities it is black elected officials, civic leaders working for decades and a lot of ways they are allies
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with mrs. clinton not simply because of positions she has taken but because she has done the things that make politics work over the years, appearance, fundraiser, nice personal note when someone's mom dies. it means a lot to local politicians. they are the people who bring out the vote. voters don't just pop up and show up at the polls because they feel like it or because they like what you did 30 years ago. somebody has to tend to that and bernie sanders, the outsider running against the establishment basically has not done that. he has a lot of ground to make up. >> how can he make up that ground because he needs to win michigan 14% african-american so there are plenty of votes there. >> proportional representation in michigan. the polls are close. if it does come head to head those delegates get split up. aside from super delegates which could turn they are 200 delegates apart from each other.
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expect many super delegates to turn who are supporting establishment candidate for the reasons mentioned. when you are part of a political machine you have to play a certain game otherwise you are not going to get promoted to positions in congress. you are not going to get promoted to party positions. you is to oil the machine to keep it working. millennial african-american support is siding with bernie sanders. >> i want to talk about tone for just a second because sanders appeared frustrated by clinton at times. can i finish insured tone and approach to someone trying to become first female presidential nominee was the story of the night. >> i don't know if it was the story of the night but the minutes that surrounded it. it knocked me back watching it. you look at twitter feed and that was a common perception. it's a minefield. it is difficult. we know and it is probably in
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textbooks by now what happened when hillary clinton's first opponent was a guy who tried one of these stunts to look assertive and walked over to her and loomed over and asked her to sign a piece of paper and this stuff. the campaign was over at that point. he couldn't have done a worse thing. it is difficult for men to know how and when to be assertive because you can go to the line. bernie sanders went to the line. i don't know if he crossed it between being assertive and obnoxious. >> hillary clinton has run a presidential campaign before. this is the second time around this is a particularly nasty campaign. she does go against donald trump he is going to be nasty and i don't think that voters who don't like hillary clinton will care very much. >> i think one of the things a lot of people don't know in the audience this is a debate trick.
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anybody who has done high school and college debate knows if someone interrupts you you keep pushing back. that is also a debate trick. she got in the last word and stayed composed. bernie sanders is as unconventional as you can get. >> fun conversation. thanks so much. now to republicans and marco rubio turning his attention to florida today after notching his second win of the 2016 season in the puerto rico primary. rubio pivoting to a state he says he will win even with recent poll shows him trailing donald trump by double digits. i'm talking about florida here. jason carroll tracking the rubio campaign joins us live from tampa with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you know florida is a must-win state for rubio just like ohio is a must-win state
6:12 am
for kasich. rubio camp knows the state and feels as though they have a good ground game here. they feel they can pull out a win here. we are going to be watching to see what happens when rubio has his rally here in tampa later today to see if he continues to attack donald trump to see if he hones on that controversial issue involving trump and his stance on torture. he flip-flopped on the issue saying he would abide by u.s. laws regarding torture then later on saying that he would try to expand laws to try to change it. >> you have to play the game the way they are playing the game. you are not going to win if we're soft and they have no rules. i want to stay within the laws. i want to-do all of that but we have to increase the laws because the laws are not working. >> a number of republican security experts condemned
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trump's stance calling it inexcusable and since we have been here in the state of florida we have seen a number of anti-trump ads running on tv. you can barely turn on the tv without seeing one of those spots. trump had a response to that early this morning just about an hour ago tweeting the following. he said we cannot let the failing republican establishment who cannot stop obama twice ruin the movement with millions of dollars in false ads. so once again there is trump speaking out again. trump believing this is a two-man race between himself and ted cruz. trump will be campaigning in north carolina and mississippi today. cruz for his part will be in florida tomorrow. >> jason carroll reporting live from florida. it is a big political week on cnn. tomorrow we have complete coverage of super tuesday part two. wednesday the democrats debate in miami and thursday the
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republicans on stage for another debate in miami and you can see it all right here on cnn. still to come, devoted, passionate and loyal. how nancy reagan redefined the role of first lady and captivated the country with her presidential love story. >> i'm lonely because i don't have him. and, you know, everywhere i look there's a reminder of him which is the way i want it. what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones.
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>> not much longer. nancy reagan talking about her first date with president ronald reagan although he wasn't president then. today she was remembered for her devotion and influence on her husband's presidency. mrs. reagan died at home. she was one of history's most influential and iconic first ladies. in addition to being a fierce protector of her husband she was a mother, actress, breast cancer survivor and crusader of the just say no anti-drug campaign. >> reporter: good morning. nancy reagan and ronald reagan may have met in hollywood but she said the role that she most valued was that of being ronald reagan's wife. a country in mourning for one of the most influential first ladies of the century during a
6:20 am
kman so invoked ronald reagan's legacy the presidential candidates quick to express condolences. donald trump called mrs. reagan an amazing woman. ted cruz said she will be remembered for her deep passion for this nation and love for her husband. a moment of silence for her at the democratic debate sunday. the president and first lady say they are grateful for her life and pray she and her beloved husband are together again. born in new york city and raised in chicago nancy reagan began her career as an actress in hollywood where she met fellow actor ronald reagan in 1949. the two married in 1952 beginning one of hollywood's and washington's most enduring partnerships. >> everything fell into place with ronnie and me. we completed each other. >> reporter: nancy played a pivotal role in the rise of her husband's political career always by his side gazing adoringly. >> i don't remember thinking
6:21 am
anything except here he is and he is president. >> reporter: as california's first lady she focussed efforts on helping vietnam veterans. as america's first lady she championed the fight against drug abuse bringing national attention to the issue with her just say no campaign. she had her own special grit. president reagan's fiercest protector. later in life she nursed her husband during his battle with alzheimer's and became a leading activist raising millions for research. >> it is sad to see somebody you love and have been married for so long and you can't share memories. >> reporter: after his death in 2004 she remained committed to preserving her husband's legacy, a symbol of the republican party. >> when you balance it all out i have had a pretty fabulous life. >> reporter: it is pouring here
6:22 am
right now at the reagan library. this is where nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband. preparations are underway for a very large private memorial held here. at the same time the library is prepare frg people in the public who want to pay respects to the first lady to come here at some point and be able to do that. some people have brought flowers. but they are saying that nancy reagan's last wish was that if you wanted to bring flowers in lieu of that donate to the library instead and supporting the legacy of her husband. >> reporting live from california today. the reagan's love story overshadowed all of nancy reagan's accomplishments, a relationship everyone wants but few have. their son ron talked about that. >> she loved her husband more than anything in the world and i
6:23 am
think you can make the case that the ronald reagan that we all came to know as president would not have existed without nancy reagan. once they had bonded together they really were inseparable. it sounds cliche. i don't think they ever spent a day apart where they didn't call, speak on the phone. he wrote her letters in all her life, all his life. they were in love. they stayed in love for 52 some odd years. >> with me now carl anthony, a historian at the national first lady's library and former speech writer for nancy reagan. i'm joined by david gurgen, served as presidential adviser in the reagan white house. welcome to both of you. i want to talk about the reagan's love story.
6:24 am
we talk about nancy reagan's devotion to her husband but he adored her. tell us about that. >> well, it he was very protective of her. and you know i remember a wonderful quote of his when during the white house years when they asked him what he shared with his wife and he said i assumed she is cleared for top secret. so he really shared with her his work but what is really interesting when you break a lot of this down what are we talking about? we are talking about personalities. of course, policy is complex and budgets. but at the end of the day we are also talking about personalities. and forming friendships. i think so much of what mrs. reagan encouraged in her husband was the idea that you can have political differences but, you
6:25 am
know, you can still be friends. you can still keep a dialogue. that is something she once told me that she observed with her mother who was, by the way, to the end of her life a democrat. and her father, her step father was a republican. >> interesting. so david you knew nancy reagan. she wielded power behind the scenes. everybody knew it but she would have never admitted that. tell us about that part of nancy >> i once interviewed a prominent presidential historian and asked him what is the most important asset a president needs and he said a friend. and i have always thought of nancy reagan as not only first lady but first friend. she was there for her husband. she was his anchor. she was his refuge more than anything else at night they loved to spend evenings together
6:26 am
alone, having dinner off a tv tray and watching the news or whatever and just talking. they liked that. they liked that privacy. i think that is where he was nourished. he came to rely on her heavily for advice. she didn't bring in a long agenda. she wasn't involved in every policy issue. for the role of first lady really changed a lot with hillary clinton. nancy was much more there for her husband. she did influence him on his support of gun control, on the brady bill named after jim brady who had been shot at the same time the president was shot. she influenced on the question of trying to work through to a peaceful resolution of the cold war. because he had come in as -- he wanted to increase the defense budget. he could never find anybody to talk to in the soviet union because every few months somebody would die.
6:27 am
then we built up defenses and she persuaded him to sit down and talk to gorbachev. she thought talking was healthy. she made a lot of friends for him in washington doing that. >> in light of the election season we are having right now i feel like i have to ask this question. carl, what do you think mrs. reagan would think of the election we are having in 2016? >> you know, on the one hand appalling and on the other hand i remember talking to her about so many of the things that were said about her that were not just exaggerations but often times outright lies. you know, she was stupefied by some of that. i think it got to a point where, you know, nothing -- sometimes i think in politics nothing surprised her. in terms of her personal boundary of what was permissible
6:28 am
she would find i think all of this appalling. but i think in the game of politics she knew that some people just nothing stopped them in the grasp for the highest office. >> david, what do you think? >> i think she was used to the politics. she wanted to protect her husband from a lot of that. she took a lot of abuse for him. she wanted -- they both believed in the dignity of the office. i think one thing she would be particularly appalled about is how iveverantly the office is treated. body parts would be completely alien to her way of thinking. when ronald reagan was in the oval office he always kept his coat and tie on out of respect for dignity of the office. when he was shot and arrived at the hospital he got out of the
6:29 am
car and stood up and buttoned his coat. he was really hurting but walked across the drive way. when he was out of sight to the photographers he collapsed. he believed so much the dignity of the office. they would be really upset by the way people are treating this as sort of like anything else like so politicized. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come, super tuesday round two as ted cruz and donald trump are increasingly locked in a one-on-one battle will marco rubio soon be forced out? twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you?
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. marco rubio's quest to stop donald trump from grapping the
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gop nomination has run into a hurdle. while the florida senator throws jabs his texas counter part is racking up wins. cruz 87 delegates behind trump as rubio trails far behind. after another set of losses some of the party including cruz and trump say it is time for rubio to bow out. >> as long as the field remains divided it gives donald an advantage. if you are not able to amass enough delegates to have plausible path there comes a point where other campaigns have to reflect or consider do i have a path going forward. >> marco rubio had a very bad night and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i think it is time that he drop out. i think so. >> should he drop out of the
6:35 am
race? welcome to both of you. brian, is it time for rubio to drop out? he is not doing very well. >> what a surprise. his political opponents want him to stop running against them. nobody has 25% of what you need to get to the nomination. barn storming that state. there are lots of very effective attacks on trump. rubio has as good a chance of any of fulfilling the promise to win florida which would be 99 delegates. the race today is different from a week ago when everybody started exposing trump as a fraud. >> some analysts say that is why trump wants rubio to drop out. >> ted cruz is the guy that can beat trump not rubio. rubio is betting it all on
6:36 am
florida. ted cruz is trying to help take away that possibility from rubio by putting a little more of his campaign resources into florida. this is a big roll of the dice. this becomes the rubio campaign's waterloo. he will have suffered a major political defeat for his future. he is not going to drop out. those analysts saying there should be a rubio/cruz ticket they are correct in that if you want somebody to get ahead of donald trump, not get all dell gets to clinch the nomination ahead of the convention, but if you want somebody to get ahead it will have to be a two person race. the longer this drags out with cruz, rubio and kasich. if this goes to a broker convention all this stuff about taking it away from trump then it is disastrous for the party. people will be upset if donald
6:37 am
trump loses because of the so-called smoke filled room. >> let me read strategy for you. a conservative columnist called for unity ticket between ted cruz and marco rubio writing cruz needs rubio in an alliance. together they keep the wings of the republican party from splitting. together rubio can throw personal punches at trump and cruz can throw policy punches that show how shallow trump really is. >> i'm a republican. i like both of these guys. there is no way that rubio should be dropping out right now and joining up with anybody else because he still has a lot more to show people. he has been showing the people that trump is a fraud and the fact remains that rubio is the best candidate for uniting the party and growing the party going forward. we saw that in puerto rico where he rallied the candidates. >> it is puerto rico.
6:38 am
>> it is beautiful. >> you can't add up a bunch of bronze medal and get a gold medal. >> it is not going to happen because both of these candidates cruz and rubio have their own donors and their own egos. time is not on the side of either of those candidates. either rubio or cruz and i would be fine with either. either rubio or cruz needs to be the sole alternative to donald trump or else donald trump is going to continue to pick up enough proportional delegates. >> although i have heard that rubio supporters are largely mad at john kasich because they think he is sucking rubio's campaign for his own good and they aren't going anywhere. >> he has been clawing away and getting these 9%, 4%, whatever. there is data showing upwards of
6:39 am
60% of kasich supporters have rubio as second choice. the point about the convention, the goal of not donald trumps is to stop him from getting 1,237. in order to do that he has to be losing states. ted cruz, the others argue he is not the best position to beat donald enough to keep him from getting the nomination. these guys have to stay in it. >> so far that hasn't been the case. >> the midwest is coming up. i don't know how well ted cruz is going to do -- >> thanks to both of you. still to come the life long impacts of flint's water crisis. we will hear from the city's youngest victims next. >> this water, if i drink it i'm going to die and i don't want to die. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier
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flint, michigan and its
6:44 am
water crisis front and center. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing tough questions from people who unknowingly drank lead contaminated water for months largely focussing on distrust flint residents have twhards government. >> good morning. you know we had no idea the mental strain this is putting on the children until we sat down and talked to them. there is a physical strain but the mental strain is really strong for kids as young as 8 years old. >> because i want to serve our country. >> reporter: he is only 18 but his life long dream for the future is dead. >> my dream to go to the army and now i can't. >> reporter: the city he loves is a source of anxiety partly because of the water crisis and what has happened to his body
6:45 am
since. >> i start like getting headaches and passing out, seizure. >> reporter: his family says doctors can't pin point why he began blacking out, sometimes several times a week. it means he can't qualify for the army. he isn't allowed to drive. his blood tests show very low levels of lead convincing his mother the contaminates in flint's water are to blame. there is no medical proof. >> you said you don't know if it is the water. what do you think it is? >> it has to be the water. he just stopped passing out because i stopped cooking with the water. >> reporter: a city that is now a shell of its former self. estimates one in 14 homes has been abandoned. for three consecutive years flint has had the most violent crimes per capita and about 40% of the residents live beneath
6:46 am
the poverty line. then came the decision by government officials to save money by switching the water supply. it end up creating a major health hazard. biggest potential harm hitting future generations like this 8 year old who play like children but speak in extremes about the water. >> they have lead in it and poison in it because the pipes are dirty. >> do you know what lead does to people who drink lead? >> kill people. >> reporter: they notice the number of times they had to practice sheltering in place in case there is a shooter and the number of boarded up houses in their neighborhood. if it was up to them their future won't be in flint. >> what about you? why would you leave flint? >> this water, if i drink it i'm going to die. and i don't want to die. nobody want to die. >> from 8 to 18, many of flint's
6:47 am
children and families worry the town is dying. soft hearted young man beside himself because he believes he has no future at all. >> reporter: it was so hard seeing the 18-year-old young man with his life ahead of him break down crying because he doesn't think he has a future not here and potentially not anywhere. i want to give you some idea of what we are dealing with here because it isn't just about the water. if the water isn't causing some problems he and other children are having, it is the anxiety that it is. they can't use it to brush teeth or take showers and they are driving around the neighborhood and seeing this. you are seeing a house there, gorgeous old house abandoned. across the street another gorgeous house and that has been abandoned. this is a pretty typical street. 1 in 14 houses are vacant. in some areas 1 in 5.
6:48 am
people say their town is dying and they want someone to do something about it and are looking to presidential candidates to see what they say about it. >> we will get into what the presidential candidates said. reporting live from flint this morning. still to come, north korea threatened a nuclear strike. we'll talk about that next. ses craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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6:52 am
north korea is threatening a preemptive and offensive nuclear strike in response of the united states and south korea having joint -- the toughest sanctions
6:53 am
in years, barbara starr live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those sanctions, of course, aimed at crippling north korea's ability to develop weapons, but right now the you're right. the rhetoric is extremely high out of pyongyang. the u.s. feels it's due to regular exercises. two of them underway. they won't wind up until the end of april. we're potentially in for several weeks of hot het rick out of the north. the u.s., the exercises are aimed at demonstrating the u.s. commitment to the defense of south korea. so what's the assessment? what is kim jong-un really up to with all this talk? clearly the u.s. view is that they hope it's just talk. but there's a lot of concern. the north koreans recently conducted an underground nuclear test. they launched a satellite that
6:54 am
gave them the ability to test the equivalent on a long range missile. they're sensitive about the sanction. you have all three things coming together in the north korean regime. from the u.s. point of view, they're watching carefully right now they don't see any military moves by the north, just talk. >> all right. barbara reporting live this morning. thank you. still to come, peyton manning hanging up his helmet for good. (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now.
6:55 am
my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma.
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6:58 am
peyton manning is calling it quits after 18 seasons. he'll make it official later this afternoon. coy wire has more for us this morning. good, coy. >> reporter: good morning. he wasn't just the face of the franchises. he was the face of the entire nfl, and he's the face of what any athlete in america just
6:59 am
aspire to be. through all his success he's maintained a humility that's not often seen from athletes. as a former nfl player, it was a privilege to play against peyton manning. he was one of the rare opponents that turned you into a fan of the game during the game. his lifelong special teams player, i'd sit on the bench to catch my breath for the next snap as the opposing offense was on the field. with him, i would stand as close i would get to catch a glimpse of a master of his craft. he'll go down as one of the greatest american sorts figures of all time. at the end of his career, his body was falling apart. he was an empty shell physically after what he used to be. 18 years is a long career. three neck surgeries. he went onto become the
7:00 am
winningest quarterback in nfl history with a super bowl title. >> i think we'll see him on television, don't you? >> i want to see him in the movie. he's the next will ferrell. >> i know. he's funny. he could have his own show. coy wire, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now, face off in flint. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton launch new attacks at the cnn democratic debate. >> wait a minute. can i finish? you'll have your turn. >> and super tuesday take two, ted cruz on a roll. and marco rubio playing catch up y. >> i need your help. i need to win here, and i need your votes. >> plus, remembering nancy reagan. >> i can't imagine marriage
7:01 am
being any other way but the way ours was. >> a love story that can never die. let's talk. live at the "cnn newsroom." >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the race for the white house time is short. tempers even shorter. democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders get testy in a cnn debate in michigan maryland of tuesday's primary. sandering gaining ground, they stuck to the issues. both came ready to rumble. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story. >> let me tell my story. you tell yours. >> i will. >> wait a minute. can i finish? you'll have your turn. essentially your position is there should not with any guns
7:02 am
in america, period. >> that is like the nra position, no. >> can i finish, please? all right. >> so there you have the story of how the night went. no let's here more from joe johns who joins us from michigan. hi, joe. >> reporter: hi, carol. i guess you can say that bernie sanders came off in places as a little bit angry in this debate. he certainly interrupted hillary clinton quite a lot, and it's funny about anger in a debate. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. for example, when donald trump has done it many times in the past, it seems to have worked for him. the question is how that persona of bernie sanders works with the public. in fact, sanders talked a little bit about trump in the debate last night. listen. >> well, let me start by saying
7:03 am
that the last time i checked as of last night, donald trump had received 3.6 million votes, which is a good number of. and there's only one candidate in either party who has more votes than him, and that's me. >> i would love to run against donald trump. and i'll tell you why. for a start, what almost, not all, but almost every poll has shown is that sanders versus trump does a lot better than clinton versus trump. >> i think when you look back on the debate, there are a number of imperfect moments that bernie sanders had including one where he was talking about race, economics, and the ghetto. some have suggested he misspoke. listen. >> when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be living in a ghetto. you don't know what it's like to be poor. you don't know what it's like to
7:04 am
be hassled when you walk down the street or you get dragged out of a car. >> reporter: so, you know, what that brings up is the notion of poverty in white communities and all of us who have traveled this country know that in pockets, you think of places where there is poverty in white communities. some imperfect words for bernie sanders that could come back to haunt him, especially because the african american vote is so important. including in places like detroit which votes on tuesday. >> i know. and that comment, it made it sound like all african american are poor, which is not true either. joe johns reporting live from michigan. thank you. later in the hour i'll be talking to the flint mayor. did the democratic presidential candidates say what she wanted
7:05 am
to hear? fli fli flint, michigan finds itsz in the middle of politics. both candidates working hard to oust the michigan governor own flint's water crisis. >> if the governor stepped down tomorrow, would that make a difference in the everyday lives of people who are drinking contaminated water and can't brush their teeth? clinton is not going around defending him. she thinking he's falling down on the job. she's caring about what can make a difference for people. at the same time, bernie sanders, she was deploying staff her to flint to say what can i do? >> that interview with brian fallen took place minutes before the debate, but during the debate, and i should introduce my panelist. i'll do that since you're on the screen. john avalon is with me and emily
7:06 am
tish susman. welcome to both of you. emily, going back to the brian falllon interview which took place moments before the debate. he made no mention of hillary clinton wanting to oust the michigan governor, but during the debate, hillary clinton said, yes, he should resign. the governor should resign. what happened inbetween the interview and the debate itself? >> what they discussed, i'm not privy to, but i think it raises an important point. what is happening in flint is the same thing that's mhappenin in cleveland and cities across the country. we have a failure of government. if republicans have been trying to spin it and they did during their debate of saying this is a failure of all government as opposed to a failure of bad government. that's what's happening with the governor here. aside from what everyone is going in and talking about, i'm
7:07 am
glad they're bringing attention to the issue. the real fact of what's happening on the ground right now is that nonprofits that generally go in to help don't trust him and his administration because they caused this problem. so we need all of the pieces. we need him to step down. we need better oversight and infrastructure. these are all pieces that we desperately need, and it seems like clinton brought it up early. sanders saying he got into the community. that's greeat. i think we'll hear in the mayor later. >> one thing hillary clinton said about the epa. they were partially to blame. when asked if anyone from the epa would be fired, it's democratic and federal. she waffled on that. i thought that was a mistake. >> if there's blame around to go around for the government, it's got to go around appropriately. and it was a cascading failure of government bureaucracy.
7:08 am
while the buck stops at the governor, 69% of the residents think he handled this badly. i think simply trying to elevate the politics doesn't necessarily solve the problem. this is a great case to be made for proper funding of government, for issues of environmental and structural racism as well as not deals just with basic problems when you start cutting costs and dealing with small government. but focusing on solutions rather than political points is incumbent upon folks. democrats give a lot of heat for holding up the aid, but trying to pass the buck to the governor to score a win doesn't actually solve the underlying problem which is bigger than the governor. >> it is, emily. i know you're going to say hillary clinton had the better answer, that her first 100 days in office she would take care of all the lead pipes throughout the country. that seems an impossibility,
7:09 am
because she said she'd do that in five years. >> i think this is a problem of infrastructure and political solutions aren't just going to call for it. i think holding up the funding, the fact that the senator is doing it is really horrible to the people of flint. but we need to be talking about this. it is about correct use of government, and it's not just about the governor. yes, the governor and his administration failed here, but it is actually about when we talk about do you want to just get in there and slash? that's where the republican party has been going over the past couple of years. the idea that smaller government is better. if you can cut costs, cut costs. that's what they were doing going in without thinking about what it would do to the residents. that's a place where i think there are individual actors in which we should be placing blame, the governor, mike lee, and the administration. we need to question the big piece of it, where the republican party is going on this, and i think that was something that has been a contrast this past week between
7:10 am
the republican and democratic debates. >> you know what was the saddest moment of the debate? when and audience member, a flint resident stood up and faced the candidates and said tell me, how do i trust my government in my water is poisoned. i can't brush my teeth or bathe my children in it. how do i gain trust in the government again? >> that's a poignant moment that reflects a general crisis of confidence in our elected officials. it's brought to light on this. it reinforces the essential role of government is to secure a stable structure within which people can live their lives in the best of their ability, and having lead and sewage in water violates that trust, and hopefully we'll take it toward a serious debate about actually investing in infrastructure again, something that used to be a bipartisan priority and has lately become politicized to the point of pointlessness. this should be a crisis in confidence in our government
7:11 am
effectively working. >> i have to leave it there. john, and emily, thanks so both of you for joining me this morning. on the republican side, pressure is mounting for rubio. the florida senator earning two wins in his bid to be the republican nominee. now trump and cruz want him to drop out. both men planning to fight hard for florida which heads to the polls next week. will it be rubio's last stand. >> reporter: florida is a must win state for rubio. he has no path forward if he cannot win here. his campaign believes he can win her despite polls showing trump leading. it'll be interesting to see when rubio had his rally later today whether or not he continues to attack trump, especially on the controversial issue regarding trump's stance on torture. as you know, trump initially said he would abide by u.s. laws regarding torture, then flip-flopped on his position saying he would try to expand u.s. laws. >> you have to play the game the
7:12 am
way they're playing the game. you're not going to win if we're soft and they're -- they have no rules. now, i want to stay within the laws. i want to do all of that, but i think we have to increase the laws, because the laws are not working. >> reporter: a number of republican security experts called trump's stance, quote, inexcusable. trump not deterred by that. he's moving forward saying he does not believe that will hurt his position. he'll be campaigning today in both north carolina and mississippi. again, trump saying this is a two way race. as for cruz, he will be campaigning here in florida tomorrow. >> all right. that's jason carroll in miami, florida. thanks so much. still to come, more on the fight for florida. will attacks against donald trump give rubio the edge? or will the florida senator soon be forced out? and to help you , we've created a new company...
7:13 am
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7:17 am
ted cruz and donald trump have a simple message for marco rubio. time to call it quits. rubio posting his second win this weekend in the peurto rican primaries. they say the kath forward the narrowing. donald trump has something to worry about. the attacks on trump seem to be chipping away at him. perhaps the most effective, comparisons to adolph hitler. >> the media has been saying some pretty negative things about donald trump. but what are real americans saying? >> the guy is a winner. >> he's authentic. >> so when people ask why you support donald trump, you just tell them -- >> he's going to take our economy from here to here. and i like that. >> he's not some cautious politician. he says what i'm thinking. a message from racists for donald trump.
7:18 am
>> all right. saturday night live was not alone. glenn beck said this on abc. >> we all look at adolph hitler in 1940. we should look at adolph hitler in 1929. he was a funny kind of character that said the things people were thinking. where donald trump takes it, i have no idea. but donald trump is a dangerous man. >> all right. glenn beck also compared donald trump to adolph hitler. another says please stop it with voting for trump. ck went onto say it was funny for a little while, but the guy is hitler. we are being germany in the 30 s. let's talk to hugh hewitt. good morning, hugh. >> good morning, carol. greetings from miami where the biggest debate in primary history is probably going to happen on thursday night. i'm looking forward to being a part of it. >> i'm going to be there in person, so i'll be right on your
7:19 am
tail, trying to get some comments from you, hugh. let's talk about this hitler comparison. are these comparisons hurting donald trump? >> reporter: well, they are, but they're absurd. i think it's important for every republican to reject over the top rhetoric. we have a four-way race for the nomination. and these are not unusual in the united states. in 1940, the republicans went six ballot, and the guy who was third on the first ballot won the nomination. the guy who was number one on the first ballot, robert taft ended up with 11 votes and finished third. open conventions and multiperson races are not unusual. i don't think it helps anyone to go over the top. donald trump has a terrible two weeks. he lost two debates. he didn't denounce the kkk or david duke with jake tapper. he had a sequence of losses or narrow wins.
7:20 am
kroou cruz and rubio have momentum. it's not 1929. it's an open primary. it's a lot of fun, actually. >> here's the thing, though, hugh. like social media, you know, and it does matter. people watch social media. they read social media. social media went crazy when donald trump made his supporters raise his right hands and pledge to vote for him. i think you're seeing it right now. they called this like hitler. >> that's not like hitler. i think it's unfortunate in that donald trump needs better theatrics when he does things like that. i thought i saw bernie sanders in the last episode of downton. there are funny things that happen all the time in social media world, but i'm not going to let -- this is a serious conversation about the future of the country. rubio, cruz and trump have a serious message and passionate, devoted followers.
7:21 am
i'm switzerland. my radio show is open to them all. i hope i talk to them all this week. i think florida and ohio will determine whether there's an open convention. if either of them goes to kasich in ohio or rubio or cruz in florida, we'll have an open or contested convention. not any brokered convention, and donald trump will have a big say in who the nominee is even if he's not the nominee. we have to wait and see, and i'm one of the pundits who believes let's let the people decide and playout. marco has quite a campaign underway. i've already seen it down in florida. this is his home turf. he has an extraordinary base of support all across the state. he's in the legislature for ten years. cruz opened ten offices in florida this weekend. donald trump has great properties and is kind of a floridian, and kasich is doing well in ohio. one poll shows him ahead in michigan tomorrow. this is an all hands on deck political battle that is good for the republican party. i mean, it's very, very good for
7:22 am
conservatism. i'm happy to be a part of it. >> interesting, hugh. always interesting. thanks for stopping by. always a pleasure. it's a big political week on cnn. tomorrow we have complete coverage of super tuesday, part two. wednesday the democrats debate in miami. thursday it's the republicans on stage for another debate in miami. and you can see it all right here on cnn. still to come, the political world pauses to remember nancy reagan. how she redefined the role of first lady. >> i want you to stay just like you are. you're our hope and you're our promise for the future, and we're depend on you. muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game.
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7:27 am
checking some top stories. oil prices rally as the dow remains flat this morning. the barrel of crude above $36. it's up above 40 % from lows last month. the world still has too much oil, but u.s. energy firms did cut back on oil rigs. they're now at the lowest level since december of 2009. idaho police are looking for a man they say shot a pastor in the parking lot of his church. 30-year-old kyle andrew odom may be driving a 2004 silver honda accord. he's considered armed and dangerous. he's the suspect.
7:28 am
it comes a day after the pat or the gave the invocation at a cruz rally. there's no signs it was plitly motivated. zplnch isis is claiming responsibility for a decide attack. iraqi police officials say it happened sunday at a busy security check point south of baghdad. they say the decide attacker was driving a truck laden with explosives. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. any minute now we are expecting the white house to lower the flag to half staff in honor of nancy reagan. of course, reagan's life and legacy being remembered. she was more than just the wife of a president. she was a mother, a praes cancer survivor, an anti-drug advocate and an actress.
7:29 am
she died sunday of congestive heart failure at 94 years old. it was a classic american love story, one that began in hollywood and would last for decades. >> right away, right away, uh-huh. the it was a blind date, as you know. it was a blind date, and i knew right away. it took him a little bit longer. i can't imagine marriage being any other way but the way that ronnie 's and mine was. and i guess that's unusual. everything just fell into place with ronnie and me. we completed each other. when you balance it all out, i've had a pretty fabulous life. >> all right. you see the -- there it is. the flag at half staff now over the white house. of course, to honor nancy reagan.
7:30 am
stephanie elam live at the presidential library. >> reporter: hi, carol. when you talk about the love that nancy and ronald reagan shared, it was something that was viewed as special and rare that many americans, no matter their political affiliation, admired about the two. in fact, their son, ron reagan was on the today show talking about their relationship. take a listen to what he had to say. >> she loved her husband more than anything in the world, and i think that you can make the case that the ronald reagan that we all came to know as president would not have existed without nancy reagan. once they had bonded together, they really were inseparable. >> reporter: and when you take a look at what the position of being the first lady has become in this country, many point to
7:31 am
nancy reagan as an influential person who changed how things were done. she had the ear of her husband, as you would expect a spouse would, but she made sure the white house and everyone there supported her husband. she said anyone who wasn't there, they were out of that realm, they were taken away from that place. but when you look at her influence, even the democratic president that we have now, president obama, and first lady michelle obama putting out a statement saying that nothing prepares you for living in the white house, and that's what nancy reagan once said. they said they benefitted from her warm and generous advice. many republicans coming out and also saying what she meant to this country as an icon, and many people remembering her as they prepare to lay her to rest at the reagan presidential library. >> all right. reporting live for us this morning. the current presidential candidates taking time to reflect on nancy reagan's legacy. donald trump tweeting nancy
7:32 am
reagan was an amazing woman. she's be missed, and from cruz, nancy reagan will be remembered for her deep passion for this country and her love for her husband, ronald. and also a moment of silence last night in flint. with me, the former chief of staff for nancy reagan. he was also responsible for the implementation of her just say no drug campaign. i'm also joined by douglas brinkley, presidential historian. welcome to both of you. james, you visited with mrs. reagan late last year. tell me what that was like. >> it was very sentimental. it was on december 7th. we had a little christmas celebration. she had a little tree set up in the library next to a table which she had in the family quarters at the white house. she patted that table and said,
7:33 am
you know, jim, this is where the president received the doctor's diagnosis in 1994 from may owe clinic. i said how did the president respond, she said just the way ronnie always did. i said what was that, and she said with optimism. and i thought, if he could view something as grave as that diagnosis with optimism, and he always said that america's best days were always ahead, he was the eternal optimist. i took that to heart myself. i thought i should be looking at the world in its grave situations with optimism. the same kind of ronald reagan optimism that we all need. >> james, we always heard stories that nancy reagan was so lonely after president reagan passed away. what was her life like? >> well, you know, when you have a compact as strong as theirs, and you're with your partner for ten years and yet you're not really able to communicate with them, i think that's -- and so
7:34 am
many have gone through that. i think that's a terrifying experience, and so many of her personal friends, we talked about that when we were together this past year, and in fact, on december 7th when she saw me to the front door after our visit, she was holding onto my hand, and she said when are you coming back? when are you coming back? and i said, well, i don't know. i'll come back as soon as i can. and then she said, i don't know whether i'll be here or not. it was a very touching moment, and, of course, i said, well, of course you're going to be here. and i'm going to see you in tennis shoes running around your swimming pool. but, of course, that isn't exactly what happened. that was a sentimental journey over the many years that we spent together traveling the world and reminiscing about it. so i feel very privileged and honored to have had that last visit with her. >> oh, my goodness. that gave me goose bumps.
7:35 am
douglas, of course, we know nancy reagan loved her husband, but she was more than a wife to him, wasn't she? >> well -- >> she was everything. >> good, douglas. >> i was just going to say she was everything to ronald reagan, and people have been talking about the reagan diaries, and there's just -- i just wanted to quickly read, here's right when they're in the white house in 1981 on june 16th, here's ronald reagan writing it's lonely. nancy is in new york for the royal ballet. i don't like it here in the white house by myself. and then just a month later, nancy reagan goes to leave for london for the royal wedding, and ronald reagan writes, saw mommy off for london in the royal wedding. i worry when she's out of sight for just six minutes. how am i going to hold up for six days? the lights just don't seem as warm and bright without her.
7:36 am
that, i think, tells you everything, she was even gone for minutes or let alone a week, he was lost without her. >> i know that after he was shot from his hospital bed when he came to, the first thing he wanted to see was nancy reagan's face. and that's the first person he thought about. and i found that touching too, douglas. >> it is. and he also writes in the diary about god, that he woke up and saw the ceiling and realized i am alive. nancy reagan fell and broke her ribs but she didn't want him to know that she was in pain also because she had to make sure that he was cured, and so much of the drama inside drama of the reagan years, is nancy reagan care taking for him, making sure he's okay, worried that she was going to lose him, giving him spiritual guidance, and their marriage got even closer, if that's even possible, during
7:37 am
their white house years. i think it's remarkable, the job she did after the white house of taking care of him after that mayo clinic diagnosis. her love was unbounded. now they're going to be buried next together as it should be. >> and hopefully they'll see one another again. james, how would nancy reagan want to be remembered? >> you know, she was more interested in the president's legacy than she was in her own. but i would say that she certainly wants to be remembered as -- she is remembered as a wonderful, as doug said, caretaker for the president in his later years and support and great support during his years as a leader both in sacramento and in washington. however, i have to point out that nancy reagan was a strong, intelligent, and independent woman in her own right. she worked tirelessly on behalf
7:38 am
of the causes she was committed to, especially the issue of global drug abuse, and she worked very hard to help immunize young people against the ravages of drug abuse. she went everywhere she could. she was the first first lady to have a bilateral meeting with the pope on an issue like this, much like her husband engaged the pope to help rid the world of soviet communist. she appealed to the pope. for the first time in history, she held a global meeting for a summit for first ladies from all around the world, 100 of them, to focus on this issue together. there were a number of firsts that nancy reagan pioneered for a first lady, and i think those are the things that she wants to be remembered for as well. >> all right. i have to leave it there. james rose bush, douglas, thanks to both of you. a picture of nancy reagan there. still to come, flint's water crisis takes political center stage. the city's mayor joins me, next. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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7:43 am
conference in flint where a class action lawsuit will be announced. seven families are looking to hold a group of officials responsible for the poisoning of flint's water supply. flint was also the place of a political face off. >> what is more important than the health and the well being of the people? it is raining lead in flint, and the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required. >> you are paying three times
7:44 am
more for poisoned water than i'm paying in burlington, vermont for clean water. people are not paying a water bill for poisoned water. >> with me now is flint's mayor, karen weaver. welcome, mayor waver. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining me. both clinton and sanders called for the michigan governor's resignation. is it really that simple when there are layered of failed government responsibility? >> well, you know what? it's more than that. and we know. we're waiting to see what's going on with this. you know, i've been watching the e-mails like everybody educationaelse. if we find out he's responsible, so be it. right now, i need the governor to give us some money here in the city of flint. that's what i'm trying to do. we started removing lead lines friday, and we need to continue with this process. we want everybody from the governor on down and on up to be held accountable for wrong
7:45 am
doing. whoever they find in this investigation needs to be responsible. but i have been trying to focus on making sure we get the money we need to move this lead line removable forward. >> let's talk about the money. i know hillary clinton said last night, quote, the state is not coming forward with the money. but is there anyone else holding up funds needed to remove the lead? >> ich'm sorry. you said -- >> is there anybody else holding up the money? >> well, that's where it's being held up right now. we need that money. our senator staff have put some things forward. we're waiting on the vote for that. right now we're looking to the state to give us some money. we thought we were getting 500,000 to get this started, and they kept that, and they hired their own people. and so what we decided to do, what i decided to do is say if you're going to do the hiring and not give us the money, i'm going to give you my list of
7:46 am
homes to get started with. we had already prioritized homes that needed to get started with the lead line removable. >> so why isn't the state of michigan giving you money to fix the problem there? i mean, there are some that say they should dip into the rainy day fund. >> exactly. we say the same thing. it's raining cats and dogs in flint right now, or as hillary clinton said, it's raining lead in flinlt. that's what we've been asking for as well. we're on the same page with that. >> do you think that the federal government should fork over some money as well? >> well, you know what? yes, i do. i think we need money from the state and the federal government. and the citizens in flint had nothing to do with this decision to switch to the flint river and not have it treated. we're suffering the consequences. at some point we need people to just step up and recognize that we're american citizens and we should not have to live like
7:47 am
this. our kids and our families have been poisoned. and we need to be responsible for that. flint does not deserve to have to wait tort money to come. we've been waiting for almost two years and it's two years too long. >> here's the thing. one republican lawmaker at the federal level says this is a manmade disaster in the state of michigan and michigan should take care of this, and federal dollars should not come your way because it's not like a hurricane hit or a natural disaster. what do you say back to that lawmaker? >> you know what? i say these are semantics. we know this is a manmade disaster. it doesn't matter. our people are suffering. we have kids that have been poisoned and suffered brain damage and seniored poisoned by this, people with compromised immune systems. and the whole community that was drinking flint water, and so to split hairs that way, i think is a tragedy. we shouldn't have to deal with that. >> and how much money do you
7:48 am
need to solve the problem in your city? >> you know what? we've looked at this, and we've been asking for it for a billion dollars. are we going to get a billion? i don't know. we need some of the rainy day money to get started with removing the lead lines. we know that. just the get the fast start program started is 55 million, but those are the homes that we've identified as the priority. we know we need an entire infrastructure change in the city of flint. the infrastructure has been damaged. and so we're looking at a total rehall for that. and then we need to start looking at the human cost of this as well. >> all right. i have to leave it there. mayor karen weaver, thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me. you're welcome. still to come, the united states and south korea carrying out the largest ever joint military exercises. and north korea is vowing to retaliate.
7:49 am
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north korea says it's threatening to launch a
7:53 am
preemptive nuclear strike in response to the united states and south korea launching joint military exercises. the north is hit with some of the toughest u.s. sanctions in years. jim sciutto in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. you hit on it. two things are going on. the joint u.s. south korea military exercises, their annual north korea views this as a provocation. they believe the united states and south korea are training to invade north korea and carry out regime change. every year there's an angry response. in addition to that, there are new u.n. sanctions that are particularly tough. they follow north korea's nuclear test and the missile test, so the tensions with north korea, although always high, they're particularly high now. the white house and others view these as provocative steps by north korea, and a big test here too is that china is growing increasingly alarmed as well. the question is what's going to change north korea's behavior
7:54 am
going forward? they hope these sanctions will be a punishment and will change north korea's own calculations about building its nuclear program and missile program, but really, they've tried these steps in the past. it hasn't worked. there's real concern. it extebds nnds from washington beijing. >> still to come, peyton manning hanging up the helmet for good. . and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. wenit gave me a leafput in the names almost right away. first.
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in a few hours we'll hear from peyton manning for the first time since he made his decision to retire. coy wire is in atlanta with more. good morning, coy. >> reporter: good morning, coy. peyton ends his career as the all time leader in passing touchdowns and with one more than brett favre, the most wins. the thing i love about imas a former player, through all his
7:59 am
success, he's maintained a humility. we don't see that from athletes or celebrities. he's an inspiring role model for kids in regards to having an encourageable work ethic and being an example of how one should prepare for success. in the final months of his career, there are allegations about his legacy. first, he was one of several athletes named in a lawsuit against the university of tennessee, and he was listed in a documentary that alleged his wife received a supply of hgh back in 2011. peyton was quick to deny ever taking any of it and called the allegations garbage. it's almost a sure thing that we're going to see peyton have to answer questions regarding those two al dpaglegations at h retirement press conference. nonetheless, he's retiring today and he'll do so as the only quarterback in nfl history to
8:00 am
lead two different franchises to super bowl titles. >> amazing. coy, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. a big hour of live action on the campaign trail. just hours before super tuesday, the sequel. >> i love sequels. >> this time it's personal. >> you're looking at live pictures right now out of north carolina. donald trump getting ready to speak shortly. how will he respond to the new surge of support for ted cruz? ted cruz inching ever closer now in the delegate race. >> but first, dueling events. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, fresh from their fiery cnn debate. they're making their pitches to voters in michigan. you're


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