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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. you look at the things that cruz did -- >> it's neck and neck right now. i'm encouraged. i think the momentum is going our direction. >> this guy is a scoundrel. >> super tuesday the sequel. >> i love sequels. >> this time it's personal. >> vote for cruz or kasich is a vote for trump in florida. >> super tuesday. >> we will, together, defeat trump. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan.
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it's super tuesday. any minute cruz will be speaking to reporters on this make or break day race for the white house. on the republican side 150 delegates up for grabs. in hawaii, idaho, michigan voters are casting ballots. will they give donald trump his mo joe back? and what about rubio? he could use some momentum heading into his home state next week. kasich is the man on the move on the midwest, polls show. >> on the democratic side, 166 delegates at stake in michigan and mississippi. you know hillary clinton wants wins in both. watching the vote near detroit. what are you seeing, jean? >> reporter: we're hearing trump voters on the republican side and kasich. that's what people are telling us. we're here in the heart of the
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midwest. this is a crucial primary in michigan, as you know. it can create the momentum into illinois and ohio. this is the polling place in warren, michigan. it is the heart of general motors. it's the largest suburb outside of detroit. i want to show you what voting has become in this area. right over here, and there's someone voting right now, this is a computererized voting machine. when they put their ballot inside, immediately it is read. immediately. it is known who they have voted for. the process begins, though, right here where you register. you absolutely do your check in here, and you go over to this table and that's where you show your picture i.d., and that is where you then can have an open ballot, meaning you can vote democratic. if you're a registered republican, or you you can go the other way. this is an open pry nimary. i spoke to a man who said what
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he was doing was he was voting for donald trump to be donald trump win in michigan. he wants him to be the republican nominee because he believes that he is the one that can be beaten by hillary clinton. so there was a motive to his madness to vote for donald trump. he said a lot of people are doing it. >> dirty tricks. thank you so much. great to have you with us zblft in politics? no. >> let's go to mississippi. we are there in jackson. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right. the decision happens almost immediately after they walk through the door at this polling location. as soon as people walk in that decision happens right away. they either go to the right to the table where the republican primary is happening or perhaps they go toward the left which is where they are registering democratic as well. they pick up the ballot, and then fill it out, and eventually take it over to one of the two
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machines which then scan the ballot and it gets registered. i have to tell you, there is an energy in the air. people are coming in before going out. it's sort of a steady trickle. it's part of the conversation happening. a little while ago we saw a woman at the republican table. her friend over to the democratic table, each cast their ballots and then they got together and went out for coffee. i think that's what we're seeing here. obviously the stakes are high with 40 republican delegates at stake here. and 36 on the democratic side. who wins? we'll find out tonight. >> coffee, that in of itself is a win in this election so far. thanks so much. >> let's bring in now new york times national political reporter, alex burns, margaret hoover, and erol lewis, and
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kelly ann conway. great to see you all. a big day. super tuesday, part two. tell me, alex, set the stage for us. what's at stake? >> i think in the big picture, this is maybe the really last good opportunity for an anti-trump candidate to emerge before the primaries in ohio and florida. john kasich has staked his campaign in ohio. he needs to have a respectful performance tonight or get written off as a one state candidate, and i think cruz has had a strong couple days. a strong performance over the weekend in the series of caucuses. if he can put up good numbers in a state like mississippi or michigan which is not seen as necessarily a natural fit for someone like cruz, then the republicans will take another look at this guy who i think even kelly ann would admit is a pretty tough sell for them to get on board with.
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>> before we do that, i want you to look at the headlines for the democrats. what does it mean today? >> it means a chance to show if bernie sanders has any kind of end roads with groups that he said he wants to reach out to. when he runs as an anti-establishment candidate, followers have to realize in a place like mississippi, you're talking about black office holders at a low level. friends of mine, others county legislators in the delta. those are folks that are not cigar smoking superpac donors. they fought the civil rights movement and brought people to the polls and worked hard in their community. same thing in detroit. is he going to make contact with voters he tried to appeal to in the last debate. seemed to not go well, but he has to make sure he doesn't get blown out. if you see more of the 75-25 outcomes for hillary clinton.
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it's going to disadvantage him with the delegates and feed to the narrative that bernie sanders is not doing well with the black vote. >> a new narrative for trump has been coming out since saturday night. that he's a little bit vulnerable, that there's some evidence that he could be fading. where do you see the evidence? what do you think it means for today? >> i don't think there's any evidence that donald trump is fading. what might be evidence is that donald trump has some softness in his numbers. that's what the pollsters like to say. i have one over here. she can confirm. we have seen that. we have seen that instead of sweeping the south like he thought we would and the polls suggested, they tightened toward the end in louisiana. even in some of the states. i think we'll have to see how it happens in michigan tonight. john kasich, also let's be clear, ran a governor campaign in michigan, got in a bus and went all over the state. he's playing to win. maybe a strong second going into the weekend and next tuesday.
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this is going to keep going slowly. the stop trump movement is essentially continuing to be marco, kasich, cruz, preventing trump from hitting the total 1237. >> you find yourself in the middle of a fire storm right now. you're running a pro ted cruz super pac. and you have ads going after rubio. we have a couple of them. we have the sugar ads. >> for years marco rubio has been making it snow for big sugar in washington. rubio has been taking your hard-earned tax dollars and giving them to pay his billionaire buddies to run big sugar. >> you get the idea. this is an ad in florida going after rubio. kelly, there are people outraged that you would think of going after rubio instead of donald trump in florida. if you beat marco rubio in
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florida, it hands the election to donald trump. >> if we beat marco rubio in florida, we become the nominee. i'm part of the pro ted cruz movement. that's the stop donald trump movement. the only way to stop trump this late in the game is through another candidate. there is no ballot in america that when you enter you vote, it says trump, cruz, kasich, rubio, hash tag never trump. if you want to stop trump, do it through another candidate, and that's cruz. a poll this morning says he's beating trump by 13 points. what else do we need to know? to margaret's points and the earlier points, it turns out trump has a plexy glass ceiling. he's not able to break through the 45% mark. he doesn't need to in a four person race.
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he does in a two person race. this ceiling is real. he has core supporters. he has core opponents who don't want him to be the nominee. >> what do you say to folks saying cruz making run for it. cruz beating rubio in florida is more of a run for trump? >> they're mistaken. where was the home state curtesy when rubio spent money in texas to get beat. rubio failed to reach the 20 % threshold and walked out of 155 delegate rich texas with none. cruz won his home state by 17 points. if rubio were ahead by 17 points in florida, we may go elsewhere. >> we know there is far more overlap between cruz voters. if you bring down rubio, it feels like you're making an opening for trump as opposed to -- i mean, if you're taking
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the conservative voters from trump for cruz, that would leave an opening for rubio. >> great. let him take the opening. >> why is he at 30% or lower in his home state? that's something he needs to think about. he's not the sitting senator. they haven't seen much of him. the rubio who won in 2010 is gone. he is the establishment-backed pi pixy dust sprinkled candidate. they can't invent enough moderate high income and post college graduate voters between now and next tuesday to help them. the base of the party, the conservative wing of the party is now the base of the party. you add up trump and cruz, you're close to 60 voters. >> it sounds like mitt romney who is placing row ro bow calls
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for rubio and kasich. he's -- >> that's nice of him. in states that he -- >> the primary in michigan, he won the caucus in idaho. i think we have a little bit of one of the calls. i want to get your take on it. >> i'm calling on behalf of marco rubio for president. tomorrow you have the opportunity to vote for a republican nominee for president. i believe these are critical times that demand a serious -- >> all right. basically he goes onto say, he doesn't endorse anyone but says vote against trump. why are you laughing. >> just bursting with energy. the enthusiasm is flowing out of mitt romney. he's part of the never trump movement. he's doing it dutifully. it lacks a certain authenticity. also, if you're going to go around endorsing multiple candidates depending on the market, it makes you wonder what he's doing. i thought the bill of
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particulars he read last week was powerful. it was very complete. he wasn't maybe the best salesman for it. i think that's what we have going on here. what he says might be true and important, but he's not really selling it well. >> i was going to say, and he called pretty explicitly last week for tactical voting. if you live in a state where kasich with beat trump, vote for kasich. now he's doing get out the vote calls for multiple candidates in the same state. he's helping turn out kasich and rubio voters in michigan. that doesn't seem to play into his master plan, if you want to call it that. >> we're out of time, but let me ask you to raise your hand. do you think tactical voting works in this state but not the other? >> not enough to swing the outcome. >> not this year when voters have so many options. they won't be told how to think. >> being told to do anything in
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this election doesn't seem to work. >> it won't swing the outcomes. >> great conversation. great to see you all. >> we have one programming note. in case you didn't notice, a big week for politics here at cnn. we have full coverage today for four contests. into the morn, hawaii, the polls close at 1:00 a.m. i'll be on tv reading the vote totals. at 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow, a democratic debate. and thursday, the republican debate in miami. cnn will broadcast that a few da days. >> what is the new game plan against donald trump? use his own words against him, it seems, f words, p words. a lot of words. >> plus moments from now, cruz is going to hold a news conference. what does he plan to say today? will he talk about marco rubio? kelly ann hopes so, or will he
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go after donald trump? a lot of focus on what cruz is doing all over the country, particularly in florida. stay with us.
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maybe slipping or at least stalling. according to a new abc news washington post poll, he has a nine point lead over cruz. that's down from 16 points in zwr january. >> let's talk about this with steven miller. thank you for coming back in. >> it's great to be here on this beautiful day in miami. >> we'll be joining you there soon in the cnn debate come thursday. a lot of folks are looking at the polls john was talking about but also other polls and trump's performance and showing there are some soft spots in his numbers. he lost in maine. he did not win by as much as expected in louisiana. is he vulnerable? how worried are you about that? >> we're not worried. we're thrilled to be in a huge delegate lead own to have --
8:20 am
today he'll have a huge delegate race in michigan. what's the biggest issue in michigan? it's trade. and donald trump has the best message and policy on trade of any of the candidates bar none. that should be, i think, a strong contest for us. >> there are people who say you have a ceiling. there are people who say if the field narrows anyone else would beat donald trump. in this new poll there's evidence of that. head to head against ted cruz in the new national poll, you are losing to ted cruz. head to head against rubio in the new national poll, you're losing. there we go. 54-41 head to head against cruz, and losing to rubio as well. >> we relish the opportunity to go head to head with ted cruz. as you know with polls, a poll
8:21 am
about the future isn't worth much. donald trump has had a huge lead in the polls at the state and national level. we would love for this to go to a head to head race and trump would win it. for that to happen, rubio presumably would have to exit the race after losing florida, and i think it's history what's happening in florida where you have a sitting senator who has basically unlimited financial resources at risk of losing his own state, having been groomed for the presidency since he was a young senator, since the day he came into the senate. that's a remarkable development. it stems from the fact that he campaigned on a pledge to defeat amnesty and then became the most proamnesty lawmaker in all of america. >> let me ask you about something that happened in florida. saturday night donald trump and his press conference after the votes that he held in florida. he was asked about his position on gay marriage.
8:22 am
he refused to answer it. for our viewers, listen to this. >> we have policy on it, and i've said it very, very strongly. and i think you know it, and it's all done. how many times do i have to say it? it's like david, it's like as an example, what is my position on 900 different things? i've said it 150 times. we're not here for discussing that, but everybody knows how i feel on it. >> what is it? >> question? david, sit down, please. david, sit down. you know my position. >> talking to a reporter for the daily mail who is asking that question. you don't see his policy on the donald trump welcomes on same sex marriage. who is donald trump's position on same sex marriage? >> well, i think he's been clear in saying that he disagrees with the supreme court reaching a ruling for all 50 states and the decision should be left up to the states. i don't think there's any mystery there at all.
8:23 am
he's been clear on that. he had a great point about being asked the same question over and over and over again. i want to, again, return to the point that what you're going to see in the days ahead in this election is the working people of this country who, let's be honest, they've been hammers. working people have been hammered economically. haven't seen a raise in decades. we're going to see working people democrats and independents, rallying behind the candidacy of donald trump, the one who disrupt the control. >> there are a lot of ads up against donald trump in florida, played -- paid for by a bunch of groups. one of them goes after your candidate on the language. we don't have time for much of it. i'm curious, donald trump, if he's worth 10 billion or however many billions, why doesn't he start spending money in the campaign? i know he's advertising a little bit, but why not go big
8:24 am
advertising in he says he's going to respond on twitter and facebook. i don't think a lot of people in florida are using twitter or facebook? >> one of the historic developments in this campaign, in addition to the failure of the prognostication class is money doesn't have the influence it used to have. voters are saying they're not influenced by special interest ad buys. you've seen that state after state, and the returns with the efficient spending is what we need for this country. spending less. we're proud of the fact that we've spent less than other campaigns and we haven't had to rely on heavy ad spending. that's a positive development, something we should be celebrating. tens of millions of dollars are pouring into florida and all across the country because special interests don't want to give up control, and what historic books will write about
8:25 am
years from now is the people stood up and said we are not going to let special interests buy your democracy anymore. >> i wonder what the history books will write about this election. steven thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, steven. big donors are telling bernie sanders, whatever you do, do not surrender. but hillary clinton is making a big request of democrats that seems like she's putting pressure on sanders to get out. plus, jitters in rubioville. rubio trailing trump in his own state. how much of a must win is florida? we'll ask one of his biggest supporters, next. unless you have allergies.utifu, then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company...
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all right. breaking news now. a major development in the case involving the officers charged in the case of freddie gray. a court ruled that one of the officers can be compelled to testify against his colleagues who are also charged in the case. i want to bring in miguel marquez who has been following this from the beginning. >> reporter: the highest courts in the state of maryland has ruled that officer porter, this is the first officer charged, the officer whose trial ended in a mistrial that he can be compelled to testify not only against the two officers that he came across that day that freddie gray was arrested, that of alicia white and cedar goodson, but also against the other officers. so all separate rulings by the court of appeals in maryland saying that he would have to basically testify against all the officers if the prosecution
8:31 am
wants it. this is something that the lawyers for officer porter had fought and the lawyers for officer goodson and white fought. separately a lower judge ruled that he could not testify against the other officers, that he really didn't have anything to do with on that date. it is not clear whether or not officer porter will testify against all of these individuals or if there -- or if this is now just another arrow in the prosecution's quiver. all right. changing the legal landscape, to be sure. back to politics and the big voting day happening today. rubio tumpistumping in florida getting home from romney with calls paid for by rub grow. >> rubio's team knows how
8:32 am
important a victory in florida is. look no further than his travel schedule this week. the most recent poll has him trailing donald trump. what does that mean? how is it going to turn it around? let's talk to a senator who endae endorsed senator. senator from idaho. thank you for being here. let's address the elephant on the campaign trail right now first. there is a cnn report that advisories to rubio were saying that rubio should get out of the race before florida to avoid an embarrassing loss there. what's your take? >> well, let me give you some breaking news on that. you just used the word plural. senior advisors. when it was broken last night by cnn that a senior advisor said this, i pressed to find out who it was, and cnn won't release that. what's happening right now on the four states voting is what happened in iowa. as you recall the cruz campaign put out this message ben carson
8:33 am
was dropping out of the campaign, don't waste your vote. that exact same thing is happening today. twitter is a buzz with people saying look, rubio is getting out of this campaign. and the foundation for the facts that they cite for that is cnn which, as i said last night, really isn't fair to be doing this. and i'm, i don't think they want to be there, but the fact is that's what's happening today in the four voting states. >> you say the bottom line is no one is advising him today. you say he's not getting out before florida. let me ask you about fl orida. >> before that, let me rebut this. this is important. i'm a senior surrogate for the campaign. i've been all over the country. kate and i saw each other, i don't remember where it was, iowa or new hampshire. >> new hampshire, i believe. >> it seems like years ago. i was with him this weekend. i spent most of sunday with him. i spent a lot of alone time with
8:34 am
the senator. we had meeting with senior policy people, planners. they're talking about florida and they're talking about states beyond. there is no discussion whatsoever about him getting out of the race, and it's really unfortunate that this report was made which is a rumor, and it has become news and is being used by the cruz campaign. >> we appreciate your perspective on that. thank you for giving it to us. let's talk about the state of florida. is it a must win for rubio? >> i never use those words. media uses it. i would say it is -- it just depends on how this goes. if you sit down and do the math, if nothing changes, it's going to be very difficult for any one of the three front-runners to amass 1237 delegate. that's what this is about. for rubio, i don't think it's as important as it is for any one of the three or equally important for all of the three to win florida.
8:35 am
there's 99 delegates there. it is very important. there is absolutely no question about it. but there's been a lot of discussion about the math going forward. >> sure is. and the math is very important. what's the calculation, do you think, of the impact of ted cruz deciding to run hard in florida opening ten campaign officers? his campaign was very happy to tell us about that saturday night after this super tuesday win -- super saturday wins. sorry. what's the impact of ted cruz in florida. >> that remains to be seen. you can argue this thing either way. whether or not that's going to drive votes to trump, to have him beat ted cruz there in florida. if that happens, then cruz has trouble. look, i'm sure the strategists got their bookards out and thei calculators. marco rubio knows how to win in florida. he was an underdog against chary kris who represented the
8:36 am
establish. . he became a united states senator. he knows how to win in florida. and believe me, he's committed. >> senator, i hope for what you pay these guys, they're using more than that. >> at least a ti 83. >> i'm not sure i got my money's worth. >> we don't have a lot of political experts on idaho which votes today. you're going to tell me rubio is going to win. i don't want to talk about that. i'm sure that's your opinion, but tell us who you think will come in second and third. >> i'm going to tell you the situation is extremely fluid. we usually cheat and use polls, but there really isn't any decent polling at this time. each of the three front runners have basis to argue for idaho. and so this remains to be seen. we did rallies there this weekend, and a lot of excitement on marco's part. the others are campaigning there. as you've noted, there's robo
8:37 am
calls going into idaho where mitt romney called on behalf of the campaign. but all the others are going robo calls too. a lot of tv ads running. a lot of ground work being done. idaho people are going to volt. we'll see how it comes out. votes will start coming in about 11:00 eastern time. >> they say the only votes that count are the ones on election day. >> no doubt about it. good to be with you. >> thank you, senator. let's talk democrats now. big delegates at stake tonight for the democrats in the state of michigan. mississippi as well. but michigan is the biggie. can she use that to effectively move toward the general election or is there a big bernie sanders surprise on the way? we are live with the former governor of michigan. >> plus ted cruz is about to speak in a news conference. wow, it's packed. just kidding.
8:38 am
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philips lifeline. with philips lifeline you get fast, easy access to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. stay in your own home and keep doing what's important to you. get a philips lifeline today. the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. the michigan primary is the big prize for republicans and democrats today. as you just heard, hillary clinton is looking past the primary season to the general and the eventual republican nominee. joining us, former governor of the state of michigan.
8:43 am
>> governor, thank you for being with us. >> you bet, john and kate snuch. >> i had not heard that language before when she said the sooner you make me the nominee, the sooner i can turn my focus to the republicans. that's a little muscle behind the words there. >> well, can you blame her? mean, the target on the other side is so large, and like any party, we don't want to be fightifigh fighting internally. we like toet the candidates. we'd like to be able to move on. i would say this, john and kate. i think that despite the polls that you've seen in michigan, michigan polling historically has been totally unreliable. i think this race is actually going to be a lot closer than people think. >> what margin do you think you're looking at then in michigan? what are you comfortable with? >> i'm just comfortable with a win. a win is a victory for hillary
8:44 am
clinton, and a win for bernie sanders is a victory for him. i think some of these polls have had insane margins, i think it's unrealistic to think the margin is double digits plus. i don't think it's the case in michigan. >> there's an article in politico today that says that many bernie sanders supporters, including both ben and jerry urging bernie sanders to stay in the race until the convention no matter what happens today or next weekend. they want him to fight until the very end. >> well, i think it's a concern if the -- those who are supporting bernie sanders are urging him to continue to attack the person who is likely to be the democratic nominee. you do not want to enter a general election with somebody who has been attacked from within. so i totally think it's important for him to continue to raise the issues that he's
8:45 am
raising, and it's a robust discussion about how best to achieve the filling in of the hallowed out middle class, how to create good jobs in america, and the discussion that's been had here in michigan about creating jobs and manufacturing and the differences of opinion regarding how to do that whether it's block all trade or have fair trade which is what hillary clinton is saying. those are important discussions but personal attacks and stuff like that, when you get to attack people and their integrity, those, i think, are not helpful for ultimately turning your ire on the true enemy which is going to be whoever is nominated on the other side. and if it's donald trump, it's going to be a big target. i'll just say that. >> governor, it's great to see you. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> a news conference speaking to the media. how will he respond to the latest from mr. trump? from the latest from rubio,
8:46 am
we're going to take it live and we'll bring it to you. >> plus john kasich. maybe with some kasich-mentun maybe surging in michigan. does he have a shot to pull off a surprise in we'll hear from governor kasich soon. he's holding an event in michigan, a state he wants to perform well in. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. a huge day in the race for president. four states vote today. it is just the beginning. there's a lot more the next seven days. we are talking the big town hall in a winner-take-all contest a week from today. let's bring back our panel to discuss. you know, let's talk about debates first of all. thursday night, republican debate in miami. marco rubio, what does he have to do? >> well he has to win it outright. it is not enough to talk about what he did years ago to win. it was an impressive fete but is
8:51 am
he the same guy. that's what people want to know. he has to figure out what to do if he loses. he will change expectations and change rationale for staying in the race. >> hawaii, do we know anything about the state? >> it is a caucus state. iowa is a primary. that is a state where ted cruz could do well but trump employs thousands of people in hawaii, he says. there's little polling in hawaii. it's hard to know how it will go. it is a momentum gain if somebody picks it up. the real battles are michigan and idaho. that will tell you if rubio has momentum or will cruz take the win. >> your article was one of the first curtain raisers that set the world on fire when it said the establishment is panicked that donald trump will get the
8:52 am
nomination and half coming to terms with it, as well. that was two weeks ago now. is that still the case? >> yes, it is. an incredible sense of alarm. what if we nominate trump. i think whats has changed in the last two weeks is there is real juice to the anti-trump effort that didn't exist. at the beginning of the month and certainly at the beginning of the primary process. real money spent against trump and rubio. there are rough stuff on trump university, his use of profanity and the question is it too late. early voting plays a big role in the process. >> next tuesday north carolina, where your friend ted cruz is. next tuesday, illinois. missouri also votes. these are delegate rich states. any way to know who should be favored in those states?
8:53 am
>> the polling is thin so far john. it really matters on debate performance, momentum. if senator rubio comes in third in different places, i think it is difficult for him to make a case anywhere outside of florida and he is stuck in florida. i think if you are at 30% of the polls, you are almost stuck there. it is marco rubio's state and hometown. he will have a great crowd for him. i think he will pull the heart strings about his father fleeing cuba but marco rubio's mistake in my view is going in with donald trump and his donors are on the record with named quotes saying don't say that, mocking trump's manhood, talking about his spray tan. that seems unsenatorial and cost
8:54 am
him votes. if he can reclaim that by not getting this tit and tat against donald trump i think he could go somewhere. for trump the debates are fought with peril. the reason the messaging has gotten better is they are starting to talk about victims of trump university, victims of trump in atlantic city. before it was conservative apost seize and now it is you built your business on the backs of the little guy. >> donald trump capable of staying above the fray. >> he wants the fray. he wants it to be chaotic so you don't focus what happened in the last debate where he makes a statement and they put up numbers that refute that statement and he has nowhere to go. that's why he will keep it at the personal insults and other distractions. >> he wants big hands, little marco. >> you can't stay above the fray when you are the fray. kelly makes a good point about rubio, trump wins when he lowers
8:55 am
other candidates to his level but he will never clear the traditional standards of what constitutes being presidential or a person imminently prepared to do the job. so he has to bring the other candidates down to a circus act politics. >> the risk for rubio today if he has another performance like saturday. >> he loses. marco rubio has to bring it home. he has to win the debate. that has to change the narrative and momentum going in. he needs to win florida plus. >> michigan and mississippi, idaho, hawaii, all of these candidates need finishes today. we will be watching in to the wee hours of the morning. thank you for being with us this morning. a lot more coming up on cnn. we are waiting for ted cruz to hold a last-minute vicinity ahead of a rally in north carolina. we were talking about north carolina. this will be a competitive state one week from now. ted cruz has been keeping a schedule, close to the vest, always surprised where he turns
8:56 am
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comcast business. built for business. . hello, everyone. i'm ash li lleigh banfield. this time voters in four states are helping to shape and maybe narrow the nominating races. while the voters do their thing, the candidates are doing their thing. republican john kasich is about to speak in michigan. the biggest delegate jackpot of the day, on the left side of the screen. ted cruz is in north ca


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