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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. we want to welcome all our viewers for this coverage. >> a big story out of michigan where bernie sanders despite what everyone said going in, all the polls showed going in, he upsets hillary clinton in the state of michigan winning that
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primary there, barely, but a big win and a psychological victory for the sanders campaign. hillary clinton took mississippi by a lot and she did win the most delegates of the night, but bernie sanders in michigan was huge. even before it was official, bernie sanders called it a fantastic night. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people's -- the revolution, the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> what does this mean for the delegate race? as we said hillary clinton won the most delegates tonight and she leads in that hunt. those numbers right there do include super delegates, but
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even without super delegates hillary clinton leads by more than 200. >> for the republicans, a very big night for donald trump. trump sweeping a victory in the michigan and mississippi primaries. dominating the republican field in those races. a good night for ted cruz, winning the primary in idaho. votes still being counted in the hawaii caucuses. you look at these early numbers in hawaii. we're watching them come in. 27% reporting here -- precincts reporting. 46.6% for donald trump. we're not ready to call this yet. trump in a news conference says his opponents tried, but failed to take him down. >> i think what this shows really more than anything else is that advertising is not as important as competence. because there has never been more money spent on hitting somebody than was spent on me.
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>> so the republican delegate count, donald trump, 447, ted cruz 346, marco rubio 154, john kasich 53. a very disappointing night for rubio finishing dead last in michigan. could this be the death knell for his campaign. we have more on the winners and losers. let's start with the republicans. an okay night for ted cruz, a great night for donald trump and rubio on his last legs? >> a very good night for donald trump really cementing his position as the republican front-runner winning two states, giving one to ted cruz who won idaho, his seventh win so far this cycle. for kasich and rubio disappointing nights. kasich did all right in michigan
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but that's a state where he campaigned hard. rubio has no victories for tonight. it doesn't seem like he's going to pull off a victory in hawaii. he's walking away with zero victories and not very many delegates. an interesting figure from an exit polling thatwead, it showed that angry voters, voters who say they are angry, tended to vote most for trump. in mississippi you see these numbers, 58% of the voters who are angry with the federal government voted for trump, 34% went to cruz, 4% for voting. >> marco rubio has zero delaw e delegates. we are still counting hawaii. he will likely end up with a delegate two or three there, but that's a big story on the republican side. let's talk democrats. an upset in michigan that
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neither the clinton or sanders or the national media saw coming. >> i think the clinton campaign is wondering what went wrong in michigan. this is it a state that the clinton campaign expected to win and ended up losing to sanders. it was not a big win by sanders and by big win i mean the margin s were not that large. bernie sanders 49.9% and hillary clinton 48.2%. hillary clinton can no longer just focus on the general election, she needs to focus on winning the primaries and caucuses before taking on donald trump saying that she is the candidate who can best beat the republican eventual nominee. >> let's bring in the rest of the panel to continue this
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discussion. we have some sound of hillary clinton tonight talking about not bernie sanders, talking about donald trump, which may be indicative of perhaps a misstep the clinton campaign made over the last several days. >> we can't be talking about building walls or turning the clock back, we have to build on what made america great in the first place, our energy and optimism, our openness and creativi creativity. nobody works harder than americans. nobody inknow vats better. nobody dreams bigger. if we workin together, i know america will out compete anybody anywhere in the world. >> so a couple of interesting things about that speech, it happened while donald trump was
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giving his victory news conference so not a lot of people saw it live and it was before michigan was official. >> i think her campaign was aware heading into tonight that she wasn't going to do nearly as well in michigan as her campaign thought and the polls thought. speaking while donald trump is speaking there's no question that the media is going to flock to donald trump. it gives her the ability to get out of tonight without the spotlight on her. it goes back to the question of hillary clinton taking this primary for granted, thinking she could pivot to the general election. both hillary clinton and donald trump are doing what front-runners do at this point in the campaign, they do pivot toward the general election, the problem is that the democratic voters aren't willing to give up on bernie sanders. they're not going to hand this to hillary clinton and then the republican establishment isn't ready to hand this over to
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donald trump. so we're seeing two candidates who should be able to pivot to the general election right now and they're not able to do so. >> we look at independents and the exit polling that showed how independents broke for bernie sanders here. hillary clinton leading in the delegate count adding to her delegates here, but psyche logically those young people going for bernie sanders. it gives him more energy going forward. >> it gives him a really stake in the future the democratic party which is what he's running for here. if he can't win he wants to shape the agenda. hillary clinton is trying to appeal to his voters. she's trying not to go too negative on him. she needs his voters. she's not talking to them yet in a way that they feel is respectful. that's what bernie sanders' mission is to make sure if and
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when he does lose to hillary clinton that his movement still gets its say in the democratic party from here on on. >> stand by. let's get an hawaii update right now because we're counting votes. still with 27% of precincts in donald trump ahead by 288 votes with 46.6%. joining us on the phone is the chair of the hawaii republican party, fritz. he joins us right now. we're looking at these numbers and donald trump leads by 288 votes. is this the type of lead you think could hold as the night goes on? >> i think he's clearly the front-runner and he's probably going to end up that way. the cruz campaign seems to be pretty strong, but it looks like trump has enough of a lead so that he probably won't get caught. >> talk to us about the turnout. have you been seeing this
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energyized turn out in a we've been seeing in caucuses across the countries. >> yes, we have. all of the polling locations have reported a healthy turnout and so we're very interested to get some of the bigger precincts in. some of the smaller ones reported first because they were able to count their ballots first so we are awaiting word from other areas. >> if there was one issue that mattered to hawaii republicans today and tonight, what would you say it is? >> i think the -- just the stature of the country is something that concerns us in hawaii on an international basis. we're out here in the middle of the pacific and we're maybe more sensitive to things that are going on in asia, north korea and places like that. so i think hawaii voters have
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always been very supportive of the military and i think that is coloring how voters are evaluating the presidential candidates. >> we're seeing pictures there of the long lines at some of these locations. we'll check in with you again very soon as you are counting these votes. thank you very much. >> alex is with us, national reporter for "the new york times." you wrote an article two weeks ago that set the political world on fire. the republican establishment especially showing fear and panic that donald trump would be the ultimate nominee. how do you think tonight's results would influence that feeling? a second place finish in idaho and maybe a victory in hawaii. >> i think the big difference you're going to see after tonight is when we wrote that article two weeks back, there was still considerable hope
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among establishment republicans that marco rubio would be able to emerge as really the consensus alternative to donald trump and he would rally everybody around his banner. tonight there's no evidence to suggest that he's capable of doing that. he has a fight for survival on his hands in florida next week and probably the best he can hope for is a win that keeps him going to the next round of contests, not something that's going to make him a unifying figure in the party. as an alternative to rallying around rubio i think you've seen big donors in the party just speaking out against donald trump directly and hoping that voters will make their own choices between the alternatives to slow this down and throw it into an open convention. >> i have to say the wins for donald trump last night have been indicative of what we've seen across the country, two very different states over weaponi welcoming going for donald trump. >> sorry.
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yeah, the bottom line here is that the rubio campaign has one chance left. he has to go to florida. trump has to hold the table to make a play against donald trump they have to have an overwhelming number of votes and it looks less likely. i think you're going to see unprecedented spending on the stop donald trump campaign. >> we'll talk more about florida and about the road ahead in the coming minutes for the republicans because things may have changed a great deal tonight. march madness continues on cnn. tonight, a huge debate. cnn will broadcast much more important now than ever before especially after the upset win by bernie sanders overnight in michigan, this debate is at 9:00 eastern time and followed by a special post debate edition. then thursday night, a cnn
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republican presidential debate also from miami. that is a huge deal, maybe a last chance for marco rubio to change anything. donald trump is going to be a guest on new day this morning. that's 6:30 a.m. eastern time. >> the results sending shock waves through the democratic party. how did bernie sanders do it and what's the state of the race now. we'll get your reaction next. ♪ i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image.
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this has been isso far a campaign focussed on the issues and i'm proud of the campaign senator sanders and i are runn we have our differences which you can see when we debate, but i'll tell you what, those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> the big story of the night may be the results in michigan where bernie sanders scored an upset, but the results we're watching right now are out of hawaii where they are still counting votes in the hawaii republican caulks. we have some new numbers. here we go, with 36% of the vote in donald trump's lead is now 34%, 31% for ted cruz and marco rubio at 13 and john kasich at
11:19 pm
9%. it's not a lot of votes, but more numbers are coming in and he's maintaining his lead there. we will keep counting. >> a good turnout there at the caucus sites. everything pointed to a hillary clinton lead in the michigan primary, but bernie sanders had an upset. >> i don't believe even you guys thought bernie sanders would win in michigan, did you? >> we knew it was close and obviously in these types of situations it's hard to know how strongly we were close. we didn't know at the end of the day if we were going to get over the hump which obviously we did. >> clearly we saw the site of what was going to be your rally. if he spoke earlier. if he thought he was going to win you would have waited for a victory speech.
11:20 pm
>> it would have been a late night for a victory speech given how late we've gone, but he spoke to many thousands of people here at miami earlier. everywhere he goes he's received by crowds of thousands and thousands of people. it certainly was the case in michigan and let me on behalf of the bernie and the campaign thank the people of michigan tore standing up to the pundits, the steemestablishments and sup pacs and wall street. >> why do you believe he won in michigan tonight? >> i think there were a few reasons. the issue of trade, senator sanders has opposed these trade deals that have been devastating these states for a number of years. hillary clinton has been a consistent supporter and people across michigan know they're state has been hurt by trade and
11:21 pm
hillary clinton supported that. i pg that was a powerful message and that message resonated across racial lines. as you know michigan once had a vibrant black middle class and it's been devastatdevastated. people we met in michigan talked about the prosperity that used to be there among the african-american community that has been lost. you see that not just in personal finances, but in places like flint, michigan and detroit. you've seen the schools there how they're falling apart that's because the tax base has been destroyed there. it's really harmed that community and so many others. >> to make a dent in terms of her delegate lead right now, you're going to have to win by bigger margins, right. >> the calendar clearly was set up in a way that benefited the secretary at the beginning with. she was the first lady in arkansas for over a decade. she had a lot of strong ties
11:22 pm
across the south, people knew her there, but as we move forward, the calendar moves very much in our favor and i think you've seen in states like kansas and main and across the north other than michigan he's won every state by double digits and that's going to allow him to pick up the delegates necessary to be the candidate. >> the debate tomorrow night in miami, what's he going to do? what's his strategy to go after hillary clinton? >> he's not going after hillary clinton. it's about laying out his agenda for america about how we're going to rebuild the middle class and deal with racial injustice and social injustice. that's the message that he took to michigan that resonated with people there and it's going to resonate with people in missouri and illinois, ohio and north carolina. >> congratulations to the senator on the win in michigan
11:23 pm
tonight. we'll continue these conversations down the road. we'll see you in miami tomorrow. cnn will televise that debate at 9:00 p.m. that's an incredibly great interview. let's get some reaction here. does hillary clinton have a chance to reset the stage for herself this week moving forward to miami. >> she does and i think the fact that florida is up next and that's a state if she were to continue winning out the various groups in the democratic party, she will win florida and she will win florida comfortably. we can talk about how this is a set back for her, the fact is that the fundamentals of this democratic race sanders has not shown he can challenge the
11:24 pm
fundamentals that point in her favor. >> that's true and the delegate math does work in her favor and she actually won more delegates tonight than bernie sanders did, but the flip side of this is had bernie sanders lost michigan and certainly had he lost by what the polls said he was going to, people would be talking about his campaign being over. >> that's absolutely right. first of all, i think it's important like alex said to take a step back and breathe for a second. hillary clinton remains the front-runner. she picked up more delegates tonight. she's certainly poised to take the democratic nomination. the map favors her in a big way. she's obviously got huge numbers going into florida and that's going to be a boon for her. you look at how this race has played out. sanders gets huge momentum after new hampshire, but then we go into nevada and south carolina. now sanders has renewed momentum, but how can he do in
11:25 pm
ohio. he's still trailing by double digits, but the polls had her trailing her in michigan. but your point is right that by winning michigan he has reset the narrative not about what he can achieve in the primary process, but about the red flags that should be going off for the hillary clinton campaign about her inability to generate ent s enthusiasm and are looking for more robust talk in terms of what that candidate is going to do. >> some of the things that really resonating with the bernie sanders voters are resonating with the donald trump voters and by that i mean trade. this feeling that somehow all these trade laws, trade agreements the united states has embarked upon have not been god
11:26 pm
for the american worker. that's resonated for donald trump in south carolina and for bernie sanders in michigan. also among independents breaking for bernie sanders, young people breaking for bernie sanders. how does hillary clinton appeal to that without changing who she is as a candidate? >> i think you've hit on it is that hillary clinton can't change who she is because she's such a known entity. she was a free trader and she pushed the trade deals. voters who are very into the trade issue don't buy that and because of hillary clinton's problems with trust worthiness they doubt her position on trade. she's really stuck on that one. for donald trump it's a different situation because he's for free trade and pro-fair trade so it's like he prefers
11:27 pm
chocolate and van ilnilla. so donald trump has got the free traders and fair traders and not explaining how he plans to do that at all. >> policy and donald trump, maybe it will come up in thursday night's debate. >> coming up, hillary clinton went big against bernie sanders on the auto bailout. did that backfire on her in michigan. we have more next.
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every single person that's attacked me has gone down. let's not mention names. they're out. they're gone. but you look at virtually every single person, we started out with 17, we're down to four, of the four they're pretty much all gone. they didn't do so well tonight folks. i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well, they didn't do
11:32 pm
well, because only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> that's donald trump with his victory news conference. we are counting votes as we speak in hawaii. let's get the latest update right now. 51% of the vote in now. donald trump at 45% ted cruz at 31%. the chair is saying he expects record turnout and he expects on what he sees donald trump will hang on to this lead. we haven't called it yet, but obviously the numbers moving in his favor and if it does continue like this this would be a third victory for donald trump tonight. let's bring back our panel. they join us now. you were watching that donald trump event. he didn't even know about hawaii then. one can only imagine what he
11:33 pm
might saw now. >> i was watching the donald trump press conference, i think trump clearly taking a victory lap tonight putting into sharp focus the fact that he is the republican front-runner and continues to be the republican front-runner and is the candidate that had the best night. i thought what was actually very striking though about his speech tonight was the fact that he sounded a little more subdued. florida is his second home, his friends were in the audience. however i noticed that he did not attack some of his critics and folks in the republican party that he is more used to taking a harsher tone against. he said i have great respect for paul ryan. his supporters started to boo when he mentioned romney's name,
11:34 pm
he said don't do that. he's a very nice man. even though he said that every single person who had attacked him has gone down, when he mentioned lindsey graham his tone didn't take the same tone. i thought this was an interesting change in tone from donald trump tonight. perhaps because a couple of days ago he talked about his -- the size of his hands and perhaps the size of his manhood and he got a lot have flack for that and i wonder if this is trump realizing he wants to take more of a presidential tone. >> let's listen to what he said last night. we can call hawaii i believe. >> we have a cnn projection right now. let's make it official. cnn does project that donald trump has won the hawaii republican caucuses. his third victory of the night. he had wins in mississippi,
11:35 pm
michigan, a second place finish in idaho and now he wins hawaii. there are 19 delegates at stake. it is proportional. he won't get all 19, but another notch on the belt for donald trump as he marches forward. >> it was a good night for donald trump. we talked to the chair of the republican party there and he said they had great turn out. 531 votes ahead with now more than half of the precincts reporting. let's talk about the tone of donald trump last night. listen to how he said he can be presidential. >> i can be more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential if i want to be. i can be more presidential than anybody. when i have 16 people coming at me from 16 different angles, you
11:36 pm
have to win, you have to beat them back, but i would say more presidential than anybody other than the great abe lincoln. he was very presidential. >> the great abe lincoln. you have written a lot about the establishment's unease with the persona of donald trump and the way he has been on the campaign trail. do you think he can flip a switch and become a presidential candidate? >> it's going to be very hard for him do it, but of course if anyone can do it it's donald trump and he sort of continues to con found all political wisdom. even the fact that the on election nights he takes questions from reporters, that sends a signal that he's trying to look presidential. when he had chris christie behind him on super tuesday it looked like a president/vice
11:37 pm
president. he's sort of hawking trump wines and trump steaks and trump magazine. >> is that presidential. >> it's absolutely not presidential and i was writing about this earlier tonight and i spoke to our colleague and he said he's trying to be presidential by holding these press conferences, but until he changes his rhetoric and where he's selling his products, it looks like a saturday night live cold open. he's trying to transition to being the general election candidate, but he's done so much over the course of the last nine months to alisten nate the left that it's going to be hard to take him seriously. but under estimating donald trump is something we spent nine months doing so i would caution against us questioning his ability to do that. >> that's trump spring water
11:38 pm
this they sell at trump resorts. that's trump wine and on the right is a plate of trump steak which may not have any relationship, but that was all there right next to him at this event tonight. alex, last word to you. hawaii, we just projected it for donald trump. three more wins for him tonight. this has to change the fdynamic tonight. >> this is trump denying a minor trophy win to marco rubio, there was a hope that maybe he could come out of tonight with some shred of momentum or dignity from a strong showing with a state with very little in the way of delegates and that did not pan out. >> we have more going on. the fallout from the hawaii caucuses, the fallout from
11:39 pm
bernie sanders huge upset in michigan. stick around.
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you can see the results for the michigan democratic primary. bernie sanders won upsetting hillary clinton there by less than 1%, but a lot of people thought hillary clinton might win by double digits.
11:43 pm
all the polls said hillary clinton would win. the only people who did not say so, the voting population of michigan. michigan is very important. te industrial midwest, a diverse state. bernie sanders notches a key victory, though hillary clinton did pick up the most delegates tonight. >> let's discuss what it all means. joining us again our panel and alex it was interesting because at the debate the last democratic debate sunday night on cnn, a lot of people thought hillary clinton might have scored points when she said that bernie sanders voted against the auto bailout. of course that vote was part of a wall street bailout which bernie sanders voted against. so it was like hillary clinton surprised everyone on stage, but as time passed after that, there was a notion there was a cheap shot and maybe it hurt her in the primary overnight. >> when you look at sort of the moments in this primary so far
11:44 pm
when clinton has looked strongest, it's not when she is really taking it to sanders directly on issues of policy. she scored some points on issues like gun control, i would point to, but it's really when she's been in places like south carolina, like nevada and delivering a really sort of expansive and affirmative message about her qualifications and she's been in this hand-to-hand combat with a candidate who is of lesser political stature that's has not panned out particularly well. >> let's listen to who said she said she would be president for. >> i want to be the president not for those who are already successful. they don't need me. i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving, for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to achieve that dream.
11:45 pm
>> when you look >> >> she did not have the overwhelming support that so many people thought even just a couple days ago she would in michigan. >> she underperformed the polls and therefore underperformed the expectations. therefore, her momentum is perceived to be going in the wrong direction. so that perception will last, at least until the debate, when she has another chance to reset the table. but as we look forward, the incentives for her and bernie sanders are opposite. bernie sanders has an inscentiv to raise the makes. for her, it's all downside. she has nothing to gain by getting into a fight by punching down to bernie sanders. so she wants to take a risk averse approach. that's a clash that will play out on cnn. >> that debate is just a few hours from now. it's today now, because today is
11:46 pm
actually wednesday. >> because yesterday became today. let's look at some of these exit polls. when asked in michigan, those people who said the top quality of a candidate who cares about people like me, bernie sanders, 55%. dilan, people feel like he's speaking directly to them, these sanders' supporters, even though his message has been so consistent from the very beginning. break up the banks, free trade is bad. hillary clinton doesn't get what it means. the top 1% get all the benefits of the expansion. >> right. when it comes to be as someone who is perceived to have ties to banks and has been in the political game, that's a no-brainer, people will feel like bernie sanders will speak for them. it goes back to -- it's like
11:47 pm
alex said. hillary clinton should not be wasting any time going after bernie sanders. her biggest challenger is not bernie sanders, it's hillary clinton. she needs to find a way to create a more compelling message that really gets people excited about her campaign, and until she's able to do that, bernie sanders is going to keep coming back as the guy who can deliver that consistent, coherent, simple message about jobs and the economy and populism and anti-wall street. that is going to resonate with people until hillary clinton can find a way to generate enthusiasm. >> we should give her a little credit where credit is due. she got a lot of criticism for using the pro-noun "i" too much. it's clear that we've seen her sort of moderate her tone a little bit, speak a little more
11:48 pm
in terms of we, talking about the country as a collective and taking a playbook from sanders, which has been working well with younger voters and lower and middle income class voters, as well. >> you have been reporting some tactical changes. we'll talk about that in a little bit. march madness continues on cnn. in just a few hours, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, they debate in florida. the univision debate will be simulcast right here on cnn. this is now so much more important than we even thought it would be. a big democratic debate after this michigan shocker. that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern, followed by "ac 360" at 11:00 p.m. eastern. thursday night also in miami, the republican presidential debate. again, talk about something that could have some serious fireworks. that comes from the university of miami. coming up later this morning,
11:49 pm
donald trump, the big winner in michigan, mississippi, and hawaii. that's at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. coming up, another disappointing night for marco rubio. the senator from florida says it's all come down to his home state now. more on the challenges for rubio, next. my office needs new laptops at a great price. well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you.
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well, i have no message to marco. i think he has to make his own -- it's been a tough night for him. but he has to make his own decision. i've actually had a good relationship with marco, believe it or not. he became hostile about two weeks ago and it didn't work. see? hostility works for some people, it doesn't work for everybody. >> marco rubio not even coming in second today. >> a third place finish it looks like in hawaii. he'll pick up a couple delegates there, but not close to the showing he wants. josh, you've got some reporting on what's going on in rubio world. >> so team rubio cannot deny that they had a very bad night. but they do have a story to tell about how they can go forward from here. here it is. what they say is, their basic strategy, what they've been telling their supporters all week long, that they have a
11:54 pm
florida focused strategy, and that if you want to stop donald trump in florida, the only person with a shot is marco rubio. that strategy hasn't changed. they know that the anti-trump movement has a lot of voters. the problem, of course, is, and their internal numbers show this, those anti-trump voters are what they call ruthlessly mobile. if the non-trump voters see cruz as the best alternative to trump, they'll move to cruz. if they see rubio as the best challenger to trump, they'll move to rubio. that's the biggest concern in rubio land right now. here are some exclusive reporting. there's going to be an emergency meeting of all the rubio power donors thursday morning in miami before the debate. that will be their pitch to these donors at these meetings. stick with us, through the florida primary. the primary goes south, there's nothing they can do. they're all betting on the candidate. the candidate has to perform at
11:55 pm
thursday night's debate. if he doesn't do that, all bets are off. >> ruthlessly mobile, i love the vocabulary inside a political organization. let's listen to something marco rubio said last night. he said he can win his home state. listen. >> i want you to know, you believed in me once, i am asking you to believe again. we can win this election and we will. i need your help next tuesday, because we're not just going to win the florida primary, we're going to win florida in november. >> what is the path forward for this candidate? >> i think that even rubio's advisers acknowledge that his path forward is winning florida, stay in the game, and to take the state's delegates off the table for donald trump. not so that rubio can suddenly vault ahead of trump in this very long race, but so that they can deny trump a majority of those delegates going into the convention, which is going to be easier to do if florida comes off the table. then you have to hope over the
11:56 pm
next two months of a protracted primary, rubio can regain some of the footing he clearly lost between iowa and new hampshire after that disastrous debate performance and sort of go back to the main stream republican electorate and the party leaders in washington, reestablish himself as the guy who is most plausible as a general election candidate. listening to that strategy, it is a long shot. >> and ted cruz has an event at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow in miami. ted cruz taking it to miami, taking it to marco rubio. we'll talk about the implications there. stay with us, everybody. so much more to get to at the tp of the hour. the hawaii results, we just called for donald trump. much more. we'll be right back.
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all right. welcome to this special morning after super tuesday part two edition of "early start." >> it is wednesday, march 9. it is 3:00 a.m. in the east. >> super tuesday, the sequel. just a really surprising plot twist. bernie sanders pretty much out of nowhere, he wins the michigan primary, upset over hillary clinton. now, hillary clinton did win mississippi by a very big margin, and as a result, she did win the most delegates overnight. but bernie sanders, in some ways the big story of the morning. and even before the result was official, bernie sanders said he knew he was having a fantastic night. >> what tonight means is that the bernie sanders'


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