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tv   New Day  CNN  March 10, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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would drop out of the race if she was indicted on the e-mail controversy. >> the gop candidates face-off tonight in the debate. this, as jeb bush meets with all of the remaining gop candidates except for trump. so we have this race covered from every angle the only way cnn can. let's go to john from the fire redebate. >> bernie sanders, a big upset win changed everything. up until this point hillary clinton has been trying to pivot to the general election, well, pivot no more. >> madam second, i will match my record against yours any day of the year. >> after the huge sanders upset in michigan, this could go on for a while.
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>> i have won some and lost some. >> the debate in florida sponsored by univision was full of attempted contrast. >> in 2007 one of the first thing you did was vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> i worked very hard in improving the guest worker provisions so in 2013 people who were in the guest worker program in america would not be treated like slaves. >> in 2006, senator sanders supported indefinite detection for people facing deportation, and stood with the minutemen vigilantes. >> what the secretary is doing tonight, taking large legislation and taking pieces out of it. there is a reason why wall
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street has provided $15 million just in the last reporting period for the secretary's super pac. >> i have the most comprehensive plan to go after wall street. >> clearly the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them, and that's why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> and clinton continued to hit sanders as being unrealistic. >> when you ask questions, as many of us have and more importantly independent experts, it's very hard to get answers. a lot of the answers say, you know, this is going to be much more expensive than anything senator sanders is admitting to. my dad used to say, if it sounds
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too good to be true, it probably is. >> i think the rest of the world can do it, and we can. >> the most of the focus was on each other and there was some looking beyond to donald trump. >> he's talking about a very tall wall. the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. it's just fantasy. >> and some looking within. >> i am not a natural politician in case you have not noticed, like my husband or president obama, and i have a view that i have to do the best i can. >> there were a few softballs. clinton was flat out asked if she would drop out of the race because of the e-mails. >> so goodness, i'm not even answering that question. >> we have our guests.
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so much substance and style to talk about from last night. what jumped out at you? >> on a number of points hillary clinton went to sanders, and they played the tape of him praising castro, and it crystallized the idea, and that was -- >> we have that moment. the moderators played a 1985 interview with bernie sanders where he spoke positively about castro. listen to this. >> way back in 1961, they invaded cuba and everybody was convinced that castro was the worst guy in the world, and they
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forgot that he educated the children and gave them welfare and totally transformed their society. >> last night when he was asked about this moment, he once again, said, you know, cuba, i was trying to say they had great advances in medicine and education, and she said, you are not answering the question, do you still feel that way about castro. >> she pounced on it from the right, right? she talked about political refreshen. it was like a boxer eer maneuv to hit him from the left and they go to the right. >> that is the fringe candidate, that seems to be one of the best straws that she has here to paint him as being way too far
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over on the left and somebody that would get destroyed by republicans in a general election, and when you talk to voters who are truly undecided that's their last reservation with bernie sanders. >> she's speaking to hispanic voters saying you can't trust this guy on immigration reform, and he voted against the reform measure she supported in 2007. she wants to make sure one of the things that happened in michigan that african-american voters turned out higher for him, and that doesn't happen here in florida or illinois -- >> let's get to the other big moment of the night. it came from the moderator, jorge ramos, asking the question about not the e-mails or investigation but the eventualality of an indictment. let's play it.
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>> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. >> if you get indicted, would you drop out? >> oh, for goodness -- that's not going to happen and i'm not answering that question. >> fair question? >> i think it was a little too heavy. i think there's no reason to suspect that she is a target -- >> but, donald trump says she will not be able to finish the race. >> but just because donald trump says it doesn't mean it's good for them to ask it. >> considering how much republicans arestantlyconstantl donald trump, and she was totally taken back by the question, and almost angry about
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it. >> but it wound up playing against the questioner, and -- she was strong when challenged. what is the plus minus on it? >> i am more here, and i think it was reasonable for her not to answer her but not unreasonable for him to ask. >> it's not going to happen is what she said. >> it gave her an opportunity to make that case, and on balance, and the hall certainly turned against the questioner. >> who won , if there is such a thing in this? >> they both had strong moments in this and you felt like sanders was coming off the michigan win with a lot of momentum, and one of the puzzling moments we were talking about in the night is how clinton double downed on her
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auto bailout, which did not work in michigan at all, and that was a questionable moment. i think she came back at him so many times, the idea that his proposals are expensive and he has not explained enough, and that's what she will have to go back to again and again. >> the auto bailout question was misrepresenting what the bill was, and i thought it exploited what a lot of voters feel about her, which is she will say anything and she is not trustworthy and he did a good job of exploiting that. >> that's a huge advantage for them, that she came under attack by so many people, and it gets at her honesty factor.
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>> if he can hold the blue collar white vote -- not that he won african-americans, and he held her to 65%, and that's a formula that with -- win ohio and missouri. >> the flag they wanted to wave the most last night was on immigration, and they wanted the community to know we will be fundamentally different than anybody on the gop side. >> yeah, and we keep talking about let's not forget how important is it about the coalition of the younger people, minorities and younger people, and she needs to get them to come out in bigger numbers, and this is all part of that, like you said, on immigration. >> thank you so much. great to get your analysis. >> again, we just have big
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moment after big moment coming at us in this election. tonight the gop turn to take the debate stage right here in miami. before they do, presidential candidate, jeb bush, will meet with all of the republican candidate, wait for it, not named trump. and sarah joins us with more. what do we know? >> this is the closing argument tonight on the debate stage before we hit the pivotal winner take all states, and the last debate was rowdy and vulgar, and this time donald trump is predicting a softer debate and ted cruz is going to come in with his own ideas and wants to turn it into a two-man fight with trump. trump has not been sounding kind lure or gentler on the campaign trail. listen to what he had to say about kasich last night. >> we have ohio, where we have a
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an absentee governor. we will be doing great, great, great in ohio. >> so far trump has avoided attacking john kasich, and i think this change in tone is because of the rise kasich has in the polls, and marco rubio expressed a little regret about the way he has been handling donald trump. >> in terms of things of the personal stuff, at the end of the day, that's not something i am totally proud of, and my kids were embarrassed by it and if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> all the candidates coming with something to prove, and a number will be meeting with jeb bush and it will be interesting to see if they -- any of them
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can get an endorsement. you need to prove to voters you are a viable candidate and they are not wasting votes on you before we get to their home states, ohio and florida. >> marco rubio, heavy with regret, and he said mostly because it didn't work. that's his big regret. tonight donald trump and his rivals facing off in the final debate before the huge states of florida and ohio. winner take all. jake tapper will moderate the cnn debate. cnn goes one-on-one with donald trump. he spells out his plans for combating radical islam, though that's not what he called it and the use of torture. this is a interview you don't want to miss right here on "new day."
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the republican frontrunner, donald trump, is predicting primary victories for himself next week in ohio and florida, and he predicts it will knock out his rivals and sum up the nomination. he spoke with cooper anderson. >> i think islam hates us. there's something there that -- a tremendous hatred there, and we have to get to the bottom of it, an unbelievable hatred of us -- >> in islam itself? >> you will have to figure that out, and you will get another pulitzer, right, but you will have to figure that out. but there's a tremendous hatred, and we have to be vigilant and careful and we can't allow
3:19 am
people to come into the country -- >> is the war in the west between radicalism or islam? >> it's hard to define and separate because you don't know who is who. >> you did talk about going after the families and reversed -- >> i didn't reverse anything. we have laws, and we have to obey the laws. >> kidnapping them? >> we have to do something, and it's the only way you will stop it. we can't water board. >> you said we have to play the game the way they play the game? >> we have to play a game at a much tougher level. >> does that mean cutting off heads? >> expand the laws. >> what does that mean? >> let me explain something.
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we are playing at this level and they don't care, and -- >> the geneva conventions, and there are rules -- >> yeah, it's interesting what happens with the geneva convention. everybody believes in the geneva convention until they start losing and they say they let's take out the bomb and they start losing. >> what you say increase the laws and -- >> i will talk to the generals. >> yeah, and i spoke with general hayden -- >> that's why he has been fighting this for four years. >> he says your foreign policy ideas frighten him? >> he frightens me, because we have been fighting isis for many years and this should have been over with quickly and that's the problem. we have the people -- they are frightened because they are protecting the terrorists. we have to get back to
3:21 am
rebuilding our country. >> are you in support of waterboarding, and i have to expand the law and people think it's not within the law because of this administration, and they are allowed to chop off heads and we are not allowed to water board and somehow we are at a big advantage. >> let's discuss donald trump and tonight's gop debate. back with us, our political commentator, matt lewis. an important interview, because he has time to be tested back and forth and that sets the stage about what we are going to hear about tonight? >> a few things that are striking. first of all, the lack of what donald trump understands about islam and radicalism in that interview, and religiously, there are fundamentalist muslims
3:22 am
that believes it should be countered and there are radical islamists that want to make religious identity and law, and that's what isis is -- >> he didn't qualify. >> there's 1.6 billion in the world -- >> he is talking about all of them. >> that's my point. he has such a lack of understanding, and that's dangerous. he is not specifying radical islamist, and they want to target the west on religious grounds. >> he would say that's pc talk. >> but it not, and it's fact based about who islamists are, and this authoritarian streak where he talks about killing family members of terrorists, and he said, no, i said we will
3:23 am
go after him. that's something that needs to be unpacked. i credit anderson in the interview for getting to what exactly he means. >> this is so much of donald trump's campaign, which, he leaves open this idea that he is just preying on peoples' fears and ignorance in this country, and about religion and fear about the terrorists attacks that we faced here, and i think that, you know, we keep seeing in a lot of these elections the late deciders going to cruz and rubio, and it's just -- it's interviews like this that underscore the fact that he has given so little specifics or general ideas of what he means, and there are undivided voters, particularly independents, and they are not going to buy that, and they are going to say what is he talking about?
3:24 am
>> what is incumbent upon the rivals tonight? their tone. are they going to go after trump and try to point some of these things out or do they tout what they can do? >> i think it's going to be a different dynamic than in the two last two debates. last two debates you had cruz and rubio teaming up to take down donald trump and that changes because this is do or die time for marco rubio, and i think rubio has a sense that this may be his last moment, and he has to have a moment, and i think he wants to either win or go out with the more positive optimistic marco rubio that we have seen in the past. >> do you think that is basically based on lack of success after attacking trump? >> yeah. you know, rubio has said that he regrets stooping down and getting down on trump's level and doing the hand and talking about the hands and all that stuff, and i don't fault him for that, because rubio felt he had
3:25 am
to do something, and trump lowered the discourse, and clearly it failed. >> it failed because he didn't follow the advice you just laid out, he didn't hate the player or give an alternative vision, and he didn't do what you need to do to counter how you feel about torture and islam, and the question is why not? >> i think to be fair, a lot of networks started taking his rallies live after he did the back and forth of donald trump and the campaign felt they had to get into that game to get some attention and oxygen in the race, and it hurt him. talking to some of the older republicans who just could not stand that tone, that was not what they expected from marco rubio, and you know, that's where he fell down. it's also odd in the last couple of days he has been constantly talking about the process issues whether he went too far there or whether a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump, and
3:26 am
it's like he is losing the argument by not talking about these real substantive policy issues. >> the point you have been making for a couple days, what is the vision? disqualifying trump is not working. they started too late and have to sustain it on substantive areas, and maybe softer supports of trump -- >> such as? business deals? >> business deals or what we have been talking about? have we been fighting isis for years? we have not. and what is his vision for why he can consolidate the party, and what trump told you, he wants a softer tone and look more presidential. >> have the attacks really sunk in on trump, and has there been enough time to sink in? >> fascinating panel tonight. >> this is a big night. for donald trump f. he comes off tonight as the one who is changing the tone in a direction
3:27 am
people want, wow. if it winds up being the man who started it winds up ending it that way, that could be a real game changer in this race, and that's why we are talking about it, because tonight is a big night and we are going to talk about the possibilities with former presidential candidate, carly fiorina. she just endorsed cruz. and we'll ask florida voters what they think straight ahead. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. half past the hour. following breaking news from pennsylvania. the search is on for multiple shooters that opened fire at a backyard party and killed at least five people outside of pittsburgh. four men and a women was fatally shot overnight, and ballistics indicate there were at least two shooters. a driver in louisiana died after his car slid off into the
3:32 am
road plunge into raging floodwaters. 14 inches of rain fell in some areas, forcing over 100 roads to close. one man was killed in texas after his kayak capsized. u.s. forces taking out a chemical weapons plant using information from an isis operative. officials tell cnn isis was using the facility to produce mustard gas. more strikes could follow. democrats in florida are breaking out their score cards. who with an last night's debate? what were the deciding factors? you will hear from voters, next. g equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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3:37 am
supporter, and we have a hillary clinton supporter, and gayle is undivided. gayle, i want to start with you and let's talk about hillary clinton. she said something interesting last night i never heard her say before and it was a different explanation for why some voters think that she is not trustworthy and honest. she basically said i am not as good politician as my husband and so let's listen to this moment and i want to get your take. >> i am not a natural politician in case you have not noticed like my husband or president obama, and i have a view i have to do the best i can and make a difference in peoples' lives and hope people see i am fighting for them and i can improve conditions economically and in other ways that will improve their families. >> thank you. >> what did you think about that
3:38 am
response? >> i think it was great she said that. when bush was running, they said he is a kind of guy you can have a beer with. i don't need to have a beer with my presidential nominee. i need to trust them and know that they are ready to do the job day one, and that they step in and they thought through about what they are going to do on various issues and they have a plan. so she's not the most likeable and she doesn't give out a lot of slogans that people easily digest and relate to. >> and you are okay with that? >> yes, i am great with it. i want to know that she is going to do the job. >> cynthia, let me talk to you about bernie sanders because you support him. immigration came up in a big way last night, and last night both hillary and bernie said that they would not deport the children of undocumented
3:39 am
immigrants here. >> children fled that part of the world to try, try, try, maybe to meet up with their family members in this country, taking a route that was horrific, trying to start a new life. secretary clinton did not support those children come into this country, and i did. i happen to agree on president obama on many issues, and he has done a great job of the united states, and he is wrong on the issue of deportation and i disagree with him on that. >> he is basically say hillary clinton has not been consistent on this, and last night she did say she was supportive of these children. what do you think of that response? >> hillary clinton often does flip-flop on this issue, and she is here in miami and miami is a heavily immigrant community, and immigration is important to me because i was once an
3:40 am
undocumented immigrants and i have friends that have come across the borders, children who have fled -- >> did you come as a child? >> i did. i did. for the idea of sending those children back to these dangerous countries, it's unthinkable. you know, she is flip-flopping again on this issue, and she has yet to produce an immigration plan. >> richard, you are still undecided? >> i am undecided. >> did you hear anything last night that swayed you one way or the other? >> when people ask me why i am undecided, i'm torn between my head and heart, and hillary clinton has my head, and bernie sanders addressed a lot of issues people in my generation really value, so he has my heart, so it comes down to which one i go with on election day. >> which way are you leaning? what you have heard that has given you some fodder for how you will make your decision? >> what gayle said before, what
3:41 am
i admire about hillary clinton, she has the ability to get the job done on day one and she comes across as a technocrat, and i don't think that's a mistake. at the same time, you know, my girlfriend went to the bernie rally and really personifies what people feel, and when you go there you feel the energy that you felt in 2008 with barack obama. >> maybe she will sway you? >> maybe she will. >> it's definitely exciting times. >> attack ads? >> yeah, pretty much. >> well, the eyes of the nation are on all of you, and how you will decide come tuesday. thank you so much for being with us and giving us a preview of how you are feeling. voters and economists don't
3:42 am
always see things the same way, as we know, and how the candidates are using that to their advantage. that's next. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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cnn money now chief money, christine romans. >> and here are the four factors feeding into the economic pop yao almost. household income back to 1995 levels, and second, fewer opportunities for americans without college degrees and they are left behind and there are fewer manufacturing jobs and those jobs left require higher skills. white men face more competition at work and their participation in the market have declined for six decades, and the top ten
3:47 am
rising. gas prices are down 25% from last year, and voters tell us again and again in these exit polls, michaela, they do not feel it and that's what is driving energy in the trump campaign and on the sanders side. >> thank you, christine. we move on to sports where there's a big move in the first nfl day of free agency. >> one of the biggest shockers of the day, brock eyes waller, not re-signing with denver but texas instead. he had been peyton's back up for 3 1/2 years and was solid when he started for denver, and now the super bowl champs without a starting qb, and look for them
3:48 am
to go after fitzpatrick. check this out, half-court buzzer beater. who is this guy? he makes the trick shots look like trick shots. this is a victory over the jazz for the warriors, 115-94. this guy is unbelievable. the warriors, 57-6 on the season. >> that is incredible. watching that guy play is magical. talk to you soon. and tonight's cnn debate is the last chance for trump's rivals to get after him on a national stage before next tuesday's big contest. how will anything they do stick? we'll look at that ahead.
3:49 am
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big, big night for the gop. donald trump looking to solidify frontrunner status at tonight's cnn debate. millions of dollars in attack ads airing here in florida and in ohio. the question, can trump withstand his biggest test yet and emerge victorious. let us discuss, we have our cnn political commentator and a trump supporter and republican strategist. shall we have a little taste of some of the ads out there. control room, please play a sample of what is being offered by the pacs. >> i know words, i have the best words. she said he's a [ bleep ]. >> we'll beat the [ bleep ] out of them. >> [ bleep ], what the hell are
3:54 am
we doing. i have the best words, and you can tell them to go and [ bleep ]. >> let's say why this is a good ad and why it's a bad ad? >> a very effective ad because what people expect of their president is not consistent with what you heard from donald trump. for any other candidate, that ad is affective and would have an impact on the race but the problem is these ads came way too late. donald trump spent six months shaping peoples' perceptions about a strong and tough leader with a great deal of clarity on what he was going to do and that had a much bigger impact on the perception of voters than an ad that is running five months too late and secondly that's what they like about donald trump.
3:55 am
>> second thing, we don't have anybody on the show that uses language like that less than you would, and you support trump. >> i don't like the profanity. in fact i hear many trump supporters say i can do without the profanity, and that's when you look at the polls, the exit polls for donald trump, he wins every category except for shares my values and people aren't looking for somebody that shares their values, but fight for their values. we believe we need a fighter in that presidency role, and we will take the rhetoric if we know they will fight for us. >> donald trump, his ability of
3:56 am
his supporters to rational what they don't like with what they do, and that's a really powerful thing that is driving a lot of his momentum. ads are not having an impact on their perceptions when they go to the polls? >> it's a reflection of how you feel about everybody else, and the idea that the language is offensive, and you believe in a certain dignity. they will say, at least i know where this guy is coming from. that's when you mean is authentic. you don't like what he is coming out of his mouth but you like what is coming out of his head? >> think of rubio thinking con man, con man, and he thought that was an affective thing to say. with donald trump you get the sense this man talks at his dinner table the same way he talks on the campaign trail, we can believe him and what he is saying because he is not testing what he says. >> what about the inconsistencies? how come they don't bother you,
3:57 am
and anderson gave a number of samples recent and past of him struggling to stay consistent on something. i would do torture and i would water board and worse. what does that mean? it could only mean torture. i will work with the generals. that's not how it works. it's okay, why? >> we know donald trump has a corset of believes, for instance, building the wall, nevertheless he is willing to change his position on the margin, and he says, i thought about it, and i will change my position on that because i think we need more visas, and he is changing things on the margins and people like that, and they see somebody saying i was wrong and i am willing to change. >> if he had an opponent with any other race, a man or woman,
3:58 am
that said we have to go after the families, and when asked about it, i didn't mean kill them i meant pursue them. >> i think donald trump his appeal, what he continues to use as his core campaign strategy, he's a political amorous, and whatever you need him to be when you need him to be that at this moment and it's about whether or not he is driving this idea that he is strong and he can be clear on some of the issues that worry people whether it's the economy or national security, and that's his core appeal. and the big mistake was you talked about how i would run a campaign, and the problem is none of the other campaigns decided to take that line of attack very early on. >> let me ask you this. we have a little bit of time left. what is the tone tonight? >> i want to see donald trump attack ted cruz substantively,
3:59 am
and this is somebody that can't work with his colleagues. >> no cheap shots? >> no cheap shots. >> pick up the tone? >> absolutely. >> donald trump will continue to do what he did, which is try to be more of a unifier and more presidential, but, look, they -- the cruz campaigns and rubio campaigns have to continue to go at trump on what the problem he would present if he was the major party nominee and how it would be a destructive force for the party and the question or not is whether that's the guiding principle that people are considering when they go to the polls on the 15th. >> the guess is the tone will be about approach, and thank you very much. this is a big night. we have the news coming into the debate and developments in the election and around the world, so let's get right to it.
4:00 am
>> i'm not even answering that question. >> if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> you heard it from me, they are lying to you. >> i think people are beginning to hear me. >> the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them. >> he's talking about a very tall wall. >> we're going to have a very, very big and powerful wall. >> better than the great wall of china? >> i probably won't ask you to pledge that you will vote for me? >> i am here to pledge my support of you. you want to do it? >> okay. >> state your name -- >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota, and michaela pereira. welcome to your new day. michaela is in new york this morning and chris and i are live at the university -- >> the u, baby. >> of miami.
4:01 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring over immigration and appealing to latino voters at their debate here in miami last night. a lot of tough questions posed to the candidates, and hillary clinton was asked whether she would drop out if she was indicted over the private e-mails and the battle intensifying with attacks on each other. >> a few hours from now, another big, big moment, really the last big chance for the gop hopefuls before the all important upcoming winner take all primaries, florida, ohio, and even more. we probably have not had a day in the race that will have as many important events on the same day of voting. question is, who will be the tone in this big debate tonight? what are going to be the angles, especially for marco rubio? it's a matter of political life and death for him. we have this race covered only the way cnn can. let's go with john berman. >> there was a storm front that
4:02 am
had blown in from michigan, right, bernie sanders, the upset victory over hillary clinton, and it was a shadow hanging over this debate and whatever hillary clinton had to pivot over the election, she is pivoting never more. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> a new confidence from bernie sanders in the new campaign reality after the huge sanders upset in michigan, this could go on for a while. >> i have won some, i've lost some? >> sections in spanish was full of questions on immigration and full of attempted contrasts? >> in 2007, one of the first things you did was vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> i worked very hard in improving the guest worker provisions so in 2013 people who were in the guest worker program in america would not be treated
4:03 am
like slaves. >> in 2006, senator sanders supported indefinite detection for people facing deportation, and stood with the minutemen vigilantes. >> what the secretary is doing tonight and has done very often is take large pieces of legislation and take pieces out of it. >> sanders continued to hit clinton for what he called her ties to wall street. >> there is a reason why wall street has provided $15 million just in the last reporting period to the secretary's super pac. >> i do have the toughest, most comprehensive plan to go after wall street. >> clearly the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them, and that is why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> clinton continued to hit
4:04 am
sanders for what she considers unrealistic. >> senator sanders talked about free college for everybody, and he's talked about universal single payer health care for everybody, and yet when you ask questions, as many of us have, and more important independent experts, it's very hard to get answers and a lot of the answers say that, you know, this is going to be much more expensive than anything senator sanders is admitting to. my dad used to say, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> i think if the rest of the world can do it, we can. >> even though the focus was on each other, there was some looking beyond to donald trump. >> he's talking about a very tall wall, the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. it's just fantasy. >> and some looking within. >> i am not a natural politician, in case you have not noticed, like my husband or
4:05 am
president obama, so i have a view that i just have to do the best i can. >> there were few softballs, and clinton was flat out asked if she would drop out of the race if indicted because of her e-mails? >> oh, for goodness -- that's not going to happen and i'm not even going to answer that question. >> it was so interesting to see, yes, there were tough questions and yes, both candidates were tough, and these candidates are now settling in for the long haul. these are the contours of what this campaign will be maybe for months, and last night it may have been the very last time they shared the debate stage. >> john berman, bob ross couldn't paint a better picture of the stakes than you just did. let's discuss. we have the mayor of miami beach, and hillary clinton supporter, philip levine, and bernie sanders supporter, and a nice look at the democratic
4:06 am
divide that we have here. big moments last night. the first one for your side is jorge ramos, though fearless, asking, would you drop out if indicted? loaded question. fair one? >> i don't think so chris. clearly we know there's going to be no indictment, because that's absurd, and he had to be bipartisan so i understand the question and clearly it's something that will never happen and democrats understand that as well. >> do you think it's a nonissue? >> that remains to be seen. well, one of the candidates supports a $15 minimum wage and one does not, and one supports medicare for all and the other does not, and one supports free higher education in public schools and the other one does not. >> how do you combat that?
4:07 am
>> one likes the system but wants to improve it, and secretary clinton is saying let's improve our health care with the affordable care act and let's make sure we take off the burden of education costs to those that can't afford it, and i live in florida and the congressman does, too, and we are not looking for a socialists revolution, and we have had one, we know what cuba and nicaragua has done, and those that had that live in florida now and it didn't work out well. we need to make sure everybody can have the american dream, and we are not going to offer as secretary clinton said, a deal that is too good to be true, a deal that is too good to be true. >> what did you make in the debate when they played bernie sanders, not senator then, but talking about fidel castro in what they suggested was a positive way? >> you are talking about something that happened 30 years ago. are they going to show my baby
4:08 am
pictures? the most important moment was at 10:23 last night, when bernie sanders said i want a $15 minimum wage, and i want everybody who is sick to see a doctor to stay healthy and alive, and i want every student to be able to go to college even if they are poor and get the education they need to succeed, that was the phaopbmagic moment. >> what is he not saying? what else is being offered that makes something better than what does sound like everything you would want if you are a democrat? >> i have to tell you, chris, one of the most magical moments i thought was the endorsement of castro in cuba -- >> he would say he didn't endorse him. >> well, i heard and so did everybody else, too. and sanders was against the auto resuscitation, and he said, well, that was because it was
4:09 am
going to include wall street, and one thing he didn't say, all that money was paid back with interests, and at the same time the government did well with that resuscitation, those loans to the auto industry, and it created jobs and maintained an industry there and that was important. secretary clinton wants to do the same thing, but we want to build on the affordable health care and not tear it down. let's build on what president obama already created. >> is the senator setting up a system that will be in a complete conflict because he is asking for other things that are achievable? >> every other country in the world has paid sick leave. every other country vacations. >> is he suggesting things that may sound good that sounds good to the party? >> he is suggesting the government should reflect the
4:10 am
popular will and not be bound by what the koch brothers want. >> how do you capture the energy that is in place in these types of arguments that has this country in a mood that is obviously carrying donald trump as well? she has not been able to match that mood yet. >> when you have been in public life for so many years, it's a positive thing and it's also something you have to deal with and she has been in the public life for 30 years and she has a plan and she is a qualified ceo to run our country, and she is incredibly resilient and a lady that we know, and she's like the timex watch. she can take a licking and keep on ticking. as her nomination becomes
4:11 am
inevitable in the future, america will wake up and women and young girls will wake up and know that history has been made, the first female candidate nominee of the united states, and that energy will start to come. >> what is the best support you can give to senator sanders as why he can get these things done? >> because we are still a functioning democracy. there's a grinding inequality in the country that only senator sanders is willing to come to grips with and change to make this country better, to make sure that we have political equality through his campaign finance reform, self done, where he has $5 million contributions from 1.5 million voters, and that's a revolution that already occurred. through economic change, through taking the money that is now stuck inside a multinational corporations and giving it back to the people, to the consumers
4:12 am
and buyers, and then social change to, eliminate the grinding equality that we see in our everyday lives. he has been fighting these fights for 30 years and winning. >> the competing messages are clear because that's why that party is in the situation it is right now, a real nip and tuck battle. tonight it's the republican's turn. the final four facing off for the last time before tuesday's pivotal primaries here in florida. we have a preview of tonight's debate. what is it going to look like, sarah. >> this is really the closing argument before these all-important winner take all states, including here in florida and ohio that vote on march 15th. look, donald trump has said he wants to see a softer debate, something different from the rowdy body debate we saw last time around. that might be hard for him to
4:13 am
do, because ted cruz is looking for a two-man fight donald trump, and take a listen what donald trump had to say about governor kasich last night. >> as you know, we have ohio where you have an absentee governor, absentee, and we are going to have -- i think we are going to do great in ohio. we will do great, great, great in ohio. >> donald trump is sort of resisted attacking john kasich until this point and i think this is a reflection of kasich's rise in poll numbers so he may feel more heat on the debate stage tonight and the other person we are watching closely, marco rubio, he has had a brutal couple of weeks, and he even is expressing regret about the tone he has been taking on the campaign trail. >> in terms of things that have to do with personal stuff, yeah, at the end of the day, that's not something i am entirely
4:14 am
proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it, and if i had to do it again i wouldn't. >> for both john kasich and marco rubio, march 15th is do or die, when their home states vote and they need to have victories there to continue and this debate is their chance to show voters they are not wasting their votes if they cast a ballot for rubio or kasich. >> it will be fascinating to watch. thank you so much. must see tv tonight. donald trump and his rivals face-off in the final debate before the primaries next week. it's at 8:30 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. next week's florida primary. you can't say enough about the stakes. it's winner take all, and it could be marco rubio's last hoorah. does it go all in on the attack
4:15 am
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tonight is the big debate and donald trump is getting ready. it's certainly a high stakes affair, but those are not the only stakes that are becoming a campaign issue. trump spoke with cnn's anderson cooper about the state of the race and about the trump steaks? >> the press conference you gave, the victory speech, obviously a few nights for you. the steaks you showed, they are not trump steaks, are they? >> i am not killing the cow. >> no, no, just so you understand. trump steaks, we sell the steaks. >> but they are not sold at sharper -- >> they are not available to the public at large? that business is not at large? >> it's the same thing. >> we buy a lot of steaks from different places.
4:20 am
i don't want to by in california steaks from new york. we sell the steaks, and largely to our hotels and clubs and things like that, and it's a small business. >> and the magazine, that's not the magazine mitt romney was talking about? >> i had many magazines. i will open a magazine -- >> people are pointing out the items you were showing last night in order to push back against mitt romney, the implication was they were trump steaks nationwide? >> i own many, many places. worldwide. >> you can't go on the internet and buy them? >> that magazine has been with me for a long time, and you morph it in. i open up many magazines when i start a business and i will keep it open for a year or two and then the business gets going and you close it up.
4:21 am
>> the debate tomorrow night, do you expect the tone and tenor to be different? >> such an interesting question. i think it's going to be much different. i am now far and away the frontrunner. i think -- here's the thing. the republican party is sitting on something so great. they are sitting on millions and millions of people that want to be part of it. the worst thing they can do is knock me out. if i don't make it, every one of those -- >> you think they will coalesce around you. >> i am the only one that can beat hillary. >> will you debate cruz if it's one-on-one? >> yeah, that's fine. i don't think he is a good debater. i think frankly, the way i look at ted, i think it's very phoney. i think ted is actually a bad talker, and pretty good debater, bad talk. i don't mind debating him at all, the problem is when i
4:22 am
debate somebody, people say you are not a nice people but won the debate? >> you are expecting a different tone but you will be ready? >> i think marco will be a different person. marco has been mortally wounded. ted is ted. we have been playing the game for a long time. the debates to me are getting very boring, if you want to know the truth. >> so much to talk about and never boring. let's bring in the lieutenant governor running for the senate seat that rubio is vacating to run for president. what are you looking for marco rubio to do tonight? what should his tactics be? >> marco should just be marco. he has a better grasp of the issues than any candidate in the field that we have seen this cycle and marco should be himself.
4:23 am
>> do you think he will go after donald trump? >> i don't think he will go after donald trump in any way unless there's an untruth that needs to be clarified or some inconsistency that needs to be clarified, and other than that, i would expect him to focus on the issues, and focus on the issues that are important to americans. >> do you think it was a tactical error for marco rubio to have poked at donald trump last week? >> you know, hindsight is 20/20. i think he exposed some things on mr. trump that others had not been able to do, and he is going to get back to the relevant issues in the race. >> you say he exposed things, but he was not going after him on policy, and he was going after him on being orange colored and things like that, and are you saying that was an effective strategy? >> i can tell you that's a
4:24 am
tactic that mr. trump has been using his he got into the race, and if one is using it, i would guess it's fair game? >> i know that was marco rubio's original thought, and he regrets it and says he embarrassed his children. >> that was a comment marco made? >> do you think that hurt him? >> no, i think marco is going to win on tuesday and going to be the nominee of the republican party. >> the polls, and i will tell you where the most recent one is, trump is winning with 43% versus rubio's 20%, and polls have been wrong as we have seen many times in this race, but what makes you think marco rubio will still win florida? >> if those polls are correct they are the polls that say donald trump loses by nearly 20 points consistently to hillary
4:25 am
clinton, and marco is the only one that beats hillary clinton in the general election. if we talk about polls, we should be talking about the general election. at the end of the day, we are talking about who is going to be the president in november, and marco is the best one for beating hillary clinton. >> the adjectives used to describe him, bright, likeable, gifted. why do you think he is not winning? >> i think he is winning. i think he is doing great. >> the delegates suggests otherwise, the math, the maps suggests otherwise. >> he has a significant number of delegates. there are candidates that have much less delegates than he does, and marco is going to win florida and that's 99 delegates and that's going to put him in a very high third or second place after the delegates are awarded. i am confident marco will win florida and be the nominee of
4:26 am
the party. >> marco sat down with jeb bush, former presidential candidate. do you know what that was about? >> i don't. only what i read in the media reports. >> if jeb bush was to endorse marco rubio, would that help or hurt? >> conventional wisdom would say it would help, but this has not been a conventional wisdom year, has it? >> no, it has defied all history. do you think marco rubio would consider being somebody's vice president? >> that's a question you will have to ask marco. i know he is running to be president of the united states. >> some of his rivals have hit him for not engaging more in his day job, that he has been on the campaign trail and he has chosen the campaign trail over votes in the senate. do you think florida voters will hold that against him? >> i think rivals are going to say whatever they think they can say to hurt their opponent, so consider the source on those attacks.
4:27 am
several senators have run as president of the united states before, and there's another senator running for the president of the united states, and i find it amaziusing the on one that gets criticism for that is senator marco rubio. >> we will watch closely what happens tonight and beyond. thank you very much. hillary clinton weighs in on benghazi and e-mails and whether or not she is a natural politician. that's when we come back.
4:28 am
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it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. i am not a natural politician, in case you have not noticed, like my husband or president obama, so i have a view that i just have to do the best i can and get the results i can and make a difference in peoples' lives and hope that people see that i am fighting for them. >> she spent years in office, but hillary clinton says she is no natural politician. that came obviously from last night's big debate. presenting herself as, i guess, vulnerable, will it resonate with voters in major contests
4:32 am
next week, and there are lots of policy distinctions that came out as well, and let's test them with the former governor of michigan and senior adviser to the pro hillary clinton super pac. what am i supposed to take from the statement, i'm not a natural politician? >> she is responding to what a lot of people say, she has more difficulty connecting to people in a big way, so she understands she has work to do on the big expression, and if you connect on her one-on-one, she is fantastic and the question is how do you project that outward. i thought that was one of the most -- i loved that recognition, and it was recognition that she knows who she is and she knows continually what to work on. >> you are acknowledging what is
4:33 am
the problem, the inability of the candidate to connect with a mood that is carrying a trump and sanders? >> i think that is different than what she was saying. she is saying that she is good at getting things done, and the issue about trust, right? who do people trust to be the most effective commander in chief? hands down it's hillary clinton. who do people trust to be able to get her agenda through, to be able to be bipartisan and work with a congress which we all acknowledge will still be controlled, at least in the house, by republicans. it is a challenge for bernie sanders on the flip side of the big ideas not being able to get through. there's the luger center at georgetown and just did an analysis of the most partisan members of congress and the two most partisan in the past ten years were bernie sanders and ted cruz. that's a problem.
4:34 am
>> his supporters say that's his conviction and passion and that's a plus and you are killing hope, governor. >> the hope is you get stuff done. it's not hopeful to -- >> killing dreams. >> i would love to be in the nba, but it's not going to happen. i want to be able to vote for somebody that can make good on their promises. >> i am supporting his argument and you are supporting hillary clinton, and at least fight for the right thing and you are selling him short out of the box? >> i am saying on that, on health care, we have an affordable care act that the president supported with 90% of americans covered and let's finish the job and get the rest covered. why not move on the things you know you can get done? she started with the issue that people, not just in florida and not just the latino community, across the country, they care
4:35 am
most about jobs, and it was her first statement and she came out of michigan knowing people care about trade and jobs and i think you are going to hear a lot more from her about that. >> she came out of michigan, your state, which you know, the frightening isn't that she just lost michigan if you are a hillary clinton supporter, michigan looks like ohio and illinois and the swing of states -- >> yeah, looks like buffalo and upstate new york. >> and she lost it. >> she lost michigan. >> yeah. >> what i am saying is she understands what it is like to represent a state that has lost jobs and her point s. you have got to be tough on trade and have an economic agenda that brings jobs to this country so we can stamp products made in america and export them, and her comprehensive agenda, her broad agenda, is one that contrasts with his, because -- >> bernie is saying raise the minimum rage? >> she is saying that, too. >> but you don't cut deals.
4:36 am
>> everybody on our side wants to raise the minimum wage, and she said go to $12 natalionally and allow locals to raise it higher. she has got a comprehensive plan on trade and on jobs, and this is what she is going to be talking about in ohio, in illinois, and in florida. >> why do you think bernie sanders is giving secretary clinton such fits? >> such fits? >> it's a tight race. >> yeah, tighter -- >> you are going to hit me over the head with the super delegate count. >> super delegate count? >> it's close. it was a surprise, michigan. >> it may be surprising to you because people were focusing on the external polls. i didn't think he would win but i thought it would be closer than what the crazy polls are showing, because i understand in michigan people are hurting by the trade agreements.
4:37 am
what drives me crazy, chris, and you understand this being the son of a governor, if your mom had come out against something that your dad was proposing when he was governor, that just wouldn't happen. for her to be blamed for nafta, it's totally unrealistic. do you think michelle obama is going to come out the agreement on iran? >> well, the risk is trying to have it both ways, own certain parts of the administration under bill and not her, and i get your question, it's something to let marinate with the voters. >> she's got a cabinet and she will carry out his agenda on the cabinet, and if somebody on my cabinet came out against me publicly -- >> that's politics. that's authenticity and it's for the voters to decide. >> what is fair is to challenge her on stuff when she is on her own, when she is voting against
4:38 am
and a ha something as a senator, give her that. it's unfair to think everything her husband did is hers. >> if my mother had run, she would still be governor. >> i believe that. we have another big guests for you this morning, carly fiorina. she did not seem when she was running to be a particular ted cruz fan, but she did endorse him. why? she's up next to explain. nothing seems to work. your hair is still thinning. you may have inactive follicles. reactivate them with women's rogaine® foam. the only once a day treatment proven to regrow new hairs up to 48% thicker. revive your va-va-voom. and save $10.
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4:42 am
too much of a fighter, won't get along, i say, you go ted. >> carly fiorina ended her presidential run a month ago and surprised many yesterday by endorsing ted cruz. she joins us live here in miami. good to have you on set. >> good to be with you. >> nice set. >> yes, pretty sweet digs. four candidates on the republican side, why did you choose ted cruz? >> i ran for president because i believe we need a conservative in the white house and i think we need somebody who will challenge the system and the status quo, and i have watched ted over time, and i said when i was running, character is revealed over time under pressure, and he is no doubt a real conservative and he challenged the system every since he arrived in washington, d.c. >> it was pointed out you have
4:43 am
not always been a fan of ted cruz and said critical things of him, and let me play those for you. >> president obama wanted this shut down and ted cruz played into his hands and i think ted cruz's tactics were wrong and there is no honor in charging a hill you can't take, only casualties, and only maybe he got money along the way. ted cruz is like any politician, he says one thing in manhattan and he says whatever he needs to get elected and then does what he pleases. >> what has changed since then? >> first, ted and i have disagreed on tactics. when the democrats were a majority in the senate, i didn't think we were going to succeed in repealing obamacare but we never disagreed on goals, and obama has to be repealed and it's not working and crushing the economy. i think ted cruz has been
4:44 am
remarkably consistent about his principles. you know, we can play this game all day long, but here is what i know, ted cruz is a principled conservative, and he absolutely is challenging the status quo which is why he made enemies in washington, and people are known not just by their friends but their enemies, and he is the only guy that can beat donald trump, and we need to beat donald trump at the ballot box. >> he has been described by his colleagues has hard to work with and isn't that hard to work with as a president? >> one of the things i learned from experience is when you challenge the status quo, which is what you have to do to lead, you are going to make enemies and do more than ruffle feathers, you are going to make enemies. >> as president wouldn't he have to work with colleagues and? >> absolutely, and he will
4:45 am
absolutely have to work, most importantly, for the american people. the system in washington is corrupt and incompetent, and it favors the wealthy and the well connected and democrats and republicans are guilty of serving that system and that system has to be challenged. >> as you know donald trump is leading in the polls and in the number of delegates. what makes you think ted cruz still stands a chance at this point? >> yes, you know, all the headlines are about donald trump, and for heavens sakes he gets more tv coverage than anybody else, and we are only 40% roughly through this contest, so we have got a lot of delegates left to gather. i do believe that donald trump has to be beaten at the ballot box. one of the things that gives me optimism is the more people see ted cruz, the more people see donald trump, the more late deciders are going for ted cruz and not donald trump. i think donald trump also is
4:46 am
being revealed over time and under pressure. he may want to talk about his steaks and vodka, and ted cruz is going to talk about the issues and what the american people need to hear. >> yet donald trump had a big day on tuesday. >> yes, he did. >> better than predicted. what do you think has to happen to stop donald trump? for instance, at tonight's debate, what is the tactic that ted cruz or anybody has to start using to stop trump? >> i don't think you win by getting down to his level and hurling personal insults about tans and body parts. i don't think that works. donald trump has to be beat on the substance of his record and principles. let me just say hillary clinton and donald trump are two sides of the same coin. hillary clinton has made millions selling access and influence from the inside, and donald trump has made billions buying off people like hillary clinton. hillary clinton and donald trump are the system.
4:47 am
they are not going to reform the system. it doesn't matter what they say. they are the system. they will preserve that system for the big and powerful and wealthy and well connected. hillary clinton is wealthy and n powerful and well connected and so is donald trump. we need somebody like ted cruz so the small and powerless have a shot and they don't today. >> you used the word horrified about donald trump, and what is it that horrifies you about him? >> donald trump is pedaling a big lie and the big lie he is pedaling is he's in it for the little guy and going to reform the system, and he's not in it for the little guy, he's in it for himself. ted cruz said in his rally, that's backwards, and ted is right. when he takes an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the united states is pledging loyalty to this nation and to its citizens.
4:48 am
donald trump is not in it for the american people, he's in it for himself, just like he's been in it for himself all his life. >> would you consider being ted cruz' running mate? >> that's such a long way from now. right now what we need to do is make sure that ted cruz wins at the ballot box so he can beat donald trump and go on to beat hillary clinton. >> do you miss the campaign trail? >> i loved the campaign trail, but when i got a month at home, that was pretty sweet, too. >> thank you so much and good to have you on "new day." donald trump making controversial comments now on islam and torture. we'll have trump's team about those comments and how they unify the party. ter for your skn than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades for more skin tones.
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4:52 am
donald trump with more controversial comments. this time islam was in his cross-hairs. listen to what he told anderson cooper. >> i think islam hates us. there is something -- there is something there -- there is a tremendous hatred there. there is a tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're gonna have to figure that out. okay? you'll get another pulitzer. but you're gonna have to figure
4:53 am
that out. >> is there a war between west and radical islam or is there a -- >> it's very hard to define. it's very hard to separate because you don't know who's who. >> let's talk about this and what's going to happen at tonight's all important debate. sam clovis. i give three guess what is the first question is and the first two don't count. it is about islam and the comments. was dump over reaching here when he was saying that islam hates us? >> no, i think not. and thanks for having me on this morning, chris. always great to talk to you. one of the things i want to mention here is what has happened is through the political correctness a lot of things. we can conflate cad ral islam and actions of jihadist with the religion aspect. radical islam is a political movement. it is about gaining territory,
4:54 am
it is about establishing a nation state. and the objective, the printed, the written -- the oral objectives of the radical islam and the eradication of the west anyone who believes in the west and any person who does not believe in islam. so one of the problems we've had is we have never been able to separate the religious aspect from the political aspect with radical islam. and i think what mr. trump is articulating, and i think he's done a relatively good job of that, is articulating the fact that radical islam about politics. it is not about religion. >> sam, i understand what you are saying. you are saying something that sounds relatively reasonable for moat people i think. you are saying not all islam. start cutting off slices. you have the radical wing of the islam-ism that we're talking about here. that is where you have the perverse notions of what the faith is and what political and
4:55 am
religious objectives there are. that is not what your candidate said. he said islam and don't you want to be careful about indicting 1.6 billion people? >> well i think this is exactly what i said in the first sentence, is that we have allowed the conflation with the political movement. today the united states has identified 58 terrorist nations in the world. 46 of them are associated with radical islam. if you've head the most recent foreign affairs magazine the articles talking about expansion. their notion is to expand and finally connect them. this is about politics. and this is the problem -- >> it is about not saying "all."
4:56 am
that is not political correctness. it is just correctness. not all. that's the point. >> trump has articulated chris is very clear that the fact that the lines are blurred. and i think that we, we, the chattering class, we the wonkish people, we in the media, we inside the beltway, all of us who supposedly elevate our intellectual levels above the rest of the humans out here we have been guilty of conflating this political and religion aspect and one of the reasons people act so aggressively when we get in these kind of discussions and we need to have this discussion. >> i agree. but my suggestion would be when conflating the to is when you blame all of islam. but let's put that to the side and i appreciate you addressing it.
4:57 am
thank you for answering the questions on that. tonight the debate. very important. the last big moment, winner take all ohio and florida. what do you expect from trump, what do you expect towards trump? >> well i think one of the things is we are going to probably see the themes that need to be talked about here, i hope, and we go through that process and i trust mr. tapper to facilitate that as to where we are going to talk about the economy which is really at the center piece. we need to talk about trade. we need to talk about tax reform, immigration, affordable care act, the impact of all of nose. and this is my guess, i think after the last two debates when everybody jumps down in the gutter and want osteoswirl around down there that doesn't benefit too many people. so we'll probably sew a little more subdued debate stage and
4:58 am
frank lay little more cordiality up there. because i think rubio and cruz have to make their case for being president of the state. and they have do it in an affirmative way not a negative way. >> sam clovis, you could not have ended on a more correct point. thank you very much for being on "new day," as always. let's get to mick in new york. [inaudible] -- yeah that's an easy one. back to you mick. one particular pledge of trump is going viral. >> repeat after him "i pledge allegiance to the donald". >> should we do the pledge? let's do a pledge. raise your right hand.
4:59 am
"i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. raise that hand. i love you. >> reporter: but not everyone likes the pledge. all the up raised hands reminded some of a nazi salute. >> everybody raises their hands. they are screaming to me to do it. they want to do it. >> but they didn't all want to do it. >> i do solemnly swear. >> look at the furry four legged audience member who seemed to be an unwilling pledge participate. >> -- will vote for donald j. trump. >> reporter: video of the doggy pledge resistor went viral inspiring tweets like friends don't like friends best man vote donald trump. nowhere near as viral as
5:00 am
hillary's famous bark. the donlds donald himself seems to have a thing for dogs, at least when it comes to delivering insults. >> he was choking like a dog. couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> remember the time he yelled at a reporter? >> sit down. sit down. >> jimmy kimmel, tested the command on actual dogs. >> sit down. sit down. sit down. >> three out of four sat. sit down and pledge. >> i do solemnly swear. -- raise your right hand. >> we're following a whole lot of news. let's get right to it.
5:01 am
-- captions by vitac -- good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is thursday march 10th, 8:00 in the east. mick is in new york. alisyn and i are live at the university of miami. it was a brawl last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders taking on immigration and other issues critical to latinos and really all voters. the candidates facing off for
5:02 am
the final time before next week's big primaries. >> so tonight the republican hopefuls take the stage in their final debate before tuesday's contest. fwha time jeb bush will have met with all of the remaining gop candidates except for trump. yes there is one notable absence, you are right. so what can we expect from those meetings and in the cnn debate? we have it covered only the way cnn can, starting with john berman on the democratic debate last night. >> it was fascinating. after what happened in michigan, the big bernie sanders upset there, there was new energy, new electric in this debate. and if hillary clinton had been trying to pivot towards the general election, she's not anymore. >> i'll match my record against yours any day of the week. >> a new comment from bernie sanders. and this could o go on for a while. >> i've won some, i've lost
5:03 am
some. >> in florida the debate sponsored by univision with sections in spanish was full of questions on immigration and full of attempted contrasts. >> in 2007 one of the first things you did was vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> i worked very hard in improving the guest worker provisions so that in 2013 people who were in the guest worker program in america would not be treated like shaifs. >> in 2006 senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation and stood with the minutemen vigilantes. >> whether tat is secretary is tonight and has done very often is take large pieces of legislation and take pieces out of it. >> her ties to wall street. >> there is a reason why wall street has provided $15 million
5:04 am
just in the last reporting period to the secretary's super pack. >> i do have the toughest most comprehensive plan to go after wall street. >> clearly the secretary's words to wall street have really intimidated them. and that is why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> and clinton continues to hit sanders for being what she considers unrealistic. >> senator sanders has talked about free college for everybody. he's talked about universal single payor healthcare for everybody. and yet when you ask questions as many of us have and more importantly independent experts it is very hard to get answers and a wlot of the answers say that, you know, this is going to be much more expensive than anything senator sanders is admitting to. my dad used to say, "if it
5:05 am
sounds too good to be true, it probably is." >> i think if the rest of the world can do it, we can. >> there was some looking beyond, to donald trump. >> he's talking about a very tall wall. the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. it is his fans. >> and some looking within. >> i am not a naturally politician, in case you haven't noticed like my husband or president obama. so i have a view that i just have do the best i can. >> there were a few softballs. clinton was asked if she would drop out of race if indicted over her e-mails. >> that is not going happen. i am not epianswering that question. >> there was a tough question. tlarp lot of tough questions and a lot of the exchanges between the two candidates. you really got the sense that they are settling into to what could be several months of tough
5:06 am
campaigning. and that could be the last debate they have. we don't know if there will be more debates after this. >> highs and lows. here to discuss is bernie sanders surrogate and author of "the essential bernie sanders: and his vision for america." >> great to be here. >> so what did you think was bernie sanders strongest moment last night. >> what he's always done, talk about free healthcare and college. and the things he's advocated about for 34 years. so to me there was no big surprise. >> one of the compelling moments when he was asked about the moderator about some comments he made that were positive about fidd fidel castro.
5:07 am
>> you way back in 1961 they invaded cuba and everybody was totally convinced that kas troe was the worst guy in the world. they forgot that he educated their kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed a society. >> what that was about was saying that the united states was wrong to try to invade cuba. it would be wrong not to state that in cuba they have made some good advances in healthcare. they are sending doctors all over the world. they have made some progress in education. >> he was deflecting a little bit there. because the moderator asked him, do you still feel that way about fidel castro. and he didn't answer that. >> well i think what he wanted to answer is what he meant to talk about in that debate, in that discussion. i was proud of bernie. and ive been very proud of to watch him over the course of the debates stick with his principles. and the fact is our attitude
5:08 am
towards cuba has been a disaster for 50 years. it's been an p embarrass. most of the world is in relations with cuba and the united states have continued to have this embargo. and i praise president obama for trying to end that before he leaves office and good for him to try to establish relations with a country just 90 miles away. >> here in miami with so many cuban refugees. >> but that is the beauty about bernie sanders. he understands the politics of it. but unlikely his opponent who will take a poll and recalibrate based on some poll, bernie sticks with his principles. and that is why people are pouring out all over the
5:09 am
country. and they lu him. >> hillary clinton did seize to comment on that last night. >> i couldn't disagree more. if you oppress people. and imprison people even kill people for expressing their opinions for expressing freedom of speech, that is not the kind of revolution of values that i ever want to see anywhere. >> so the crowd liked that response. >> yes. but what's fraudulent about this is look at more recent times. when thousands if not tens of thousands of egyptians were pouring out into the street in the arab spring trying to bring justice to their country. hillary clinton stood behind mubarak and said he's our friend and did not side with the protesters. he imprisoned people, tortured people. and hillary clinton supported him. so that was a completely fraudulent response in my opinion. >> i hear what you are saying.
5:10 am
but there is also strategy. florida is a big deal. so do you think that was wise for him to take that tact last night? >> yes. and again i want to say it is because people feel the authenticity. and had he tried to massage it, something inauthentic would come out. and that is not what he is. but what he did talk isn't is free tuition, and free healthcare like we should have like every other country. raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. those are things floridians care very much about. >> correct me if i'm wrong, i believe his very first campaign event in florida was this past tuesday. that is awfully late in the game for what's going to happen this coming tuesday. is that too johnny come lately? >> well look, bernie just started running less than ten, eleven months ago. >> sure and -- >> trying to win iowa crushed hillary in new hampshire. almost won nevada where he was
5:11 am
25 points behind five weeks out. we're campaigning every state. i think we're going to do well here. and other states i'm very confident about ohio. one of the things since we're in florida, spring training is upon us. every time he's behind the polls close and he gets close to wing. every state, clearly in michigan. i think we're going to do very well in mid west and surprise people in florida. i'm not going to predict wins or losses but i think the polls are not reflecting what the end result is going to be. and ultimately what the real issue is continuing the political revolution and talking to the american people about how we want a different kind of country. >> great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. on the democratic side it doesn't look like it is going to be ending any time soon. that may not be the case on the gop side. and that is why tonight is so important. a big debate. so let's cover what may happen with cnn politics reporter sarah
5:12 am
murray with a preview. you cannot exaggerate the stakes. >> that's right chris. this is the last chance the republicans are going to have a chance to move these voters. donald trump is predicting this is going to be a softer debate. a little different from the rowdy vulgar debate that we saw last time. but i think that is going to be hard for him to pull off. ted cruz coming into tonight looking for a two man fight looking to prove that he's the guy who can a take down donald trump. and for his part trump hasn't been sounding kind on the campaign trail. >> as you know we have ohio, where you have an absentee governor. absentee. and we're gonna -- no we're gonna have this, i think we're going to do great in ohio. we'll do great, great, great in
5:13 am
ohio. >> trump hasn't really hit kasich until now which is of course a reflection of kasich's rise in poll's and probably a preview that he's going feel a little more heat tonight. this is a make or break debate for john kasich and especially for marco rubio. marco rubio comes on stage tonight with a string of disappointing primary nights and after taking a new tactic with donald trump, going hard against him, but even marco rubio is starting to admit that that tactic may have back fired. >> in terms of things that have to do with personal stuff, yeah. you know, at the end of the day it is not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. and, you know, if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> now rubio is going to be trying to look for a moment on this debate stage to redeem himself in the eyes of voters and also to prove to them that he really has what it takes not just here in florida but to mount a real challenge to donald trump. so far he's not within able to churn out the victories.
5:14 am
he's going to be looking to turn that around tonight. >> even trump support sam clovis helping to run the campaign said tonight the tone and the substance has to be elevated. it will be important to see. and certainly the stakes could not be higher. big stakes winner take all. and jake tapper will be there to moderate, 8:30 eastern right here on cnn. the headlines, iran test firing two ballistic missiles. teheran's second test in as many days. the missiles were marked with a statement in hebrew reading israel must be wiped off the earth. the u.s. says it likely violates a u.n. resolution. >> the jungs issuing a dire
5:15 am
warning about the fate of the mosul dam in iran. it is at an unprecedented risk of catastrophe. this image shows up to 1.5 million iraqis could be at serious risk. waves up to 45 feet high could submerge mosul if the dam fails. >> a brawl breaking out on a spirit airlines flight to l.a. this brawl apparently broke out between two women when these two women refused to turn down their music, five women were met by police when they landed, however none were arrested. a little more raucous than i'd like on my flight alisyn, i don't know about you. >> oh my goodness. just when you think you have seen everything on a flight there is that. >> speaking of brawls that could happen tonight. the republicans face off again
5:16 am
in cnn's debate. and all eyes on marco rubio. can he use his home state to advantage? we have insight next. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
5:17 am
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5:19 am
the stakes could not be higher. florida and ohio coming up on tuesday. they are winner take all and they could really separate the field. no one is feeling that pressure more than marco rubio. sure he's in his home state of
5:20 am
florida but with this huge debate tonight, this could be his last best chance to make the case to stay in this race. let's discuss with florida congressman mario diaz blart. first, do you disagree with my premise that tonight is all important especially for marco rubio? >> absolutely. this is probably the most important process of the election they are going to see. we in this last debate and then winner take all florida. florida is a must win state for whoever is going to be the next president of the united states. >> for marco rubio, his biggest opponent, drnld trump, says he was mortally wounded and that is why he's now trending down in the most recent contests. >> everybody has already
5:21 am
underestimated marco rubio. marco rubio has always been an underdog. he's been a person who has worked awfully hard his entire life. nothing was ever given to him. and yet he's a humble servant. marco rubio is a humble leader. a servant. anybody whoa thinks that marco rubio is out. doesn't know his story, doesn't understand his talent and willingness to work hard and the understand the issues. >> some suggest that humility was damaged by his aggressiveness by his tactics in the last debate with donald trump. even as you know senator rubio has said he regrets some of that. who should he be tonight? how should he be? i know the stacks on is just be
5:22 am
marco. but what there that moon mean on the stage. >> humility with talent. the bottom line is look at the world right now. you have all sorts of issues, as just reported on cnn and elsewhere. the iranians now firing two more missiles. you have a very dangerous situation around the world and you have an economy where people are frankly dissatisfied. it is still a large number of people that are not working. marco rubio knows the issues and more than just knowing the issues has solutions to create jobs, to create wealth. to once again strengthen the position of the united states better than anybody. specific proposals i'm hoping he has the opportunity to talk about some of these. >> he's going to get the opportunity. that is what the cnn debate is about. the question is, do you think he'll have to tonight? do you think we're going to see a change this tone to elevate this? to raise the stakes but also
5:23 am
raise the substance. >> mr. trump was done very well by jumping on people. >> he's saying he wants a nicer tone. >> i think that will be a big part of how this goes. if in fact the moderators can keep it on the issues, that is good for the country but it is also good for marco rubio. nobody is more prepared and knows the issues better and has more specific proposals to solve the world problems and the economic problems that are facing the united states. >> he made his choice in the last debate as you well know. he decided to go personal and make the jokes and have the quips. and we know what that tactic. that was trying to beat trump at his own game. do you think we'll see that tonight? >> i have no idea. debates are fluid issues. fluid things. i don't know what's going to happen in the debate. what i do know is that if -- debates are where marco has been able to shine. when people see him unfiltered that's when he does best. >> i'd love to quote mike tyson.
5:24 am
everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the face. and what is can happen in a debate. how will he respond. you think his instinct listen to elevate and stick to what he knows best. >> this is a guy who has never had anything given to him. and he's had to work for everything he's ever had in his entire life. this is a guy who's a fighter. however he's always been humble and respectful. and i think you are going to see the marco rubio that florida knows very well. people need the emphasize and look at marco rubio. the more you look at him, the more you got goth to like him. >> the hard question that your initial candidate had to face former governor jeb bush. facing it right now. if he does not win in florida the pressure will be immense. not just from the party, the media, but his donors. do you think snooenator rubio wd have to think long and hard about cistaying in the race.
5:25 am
>> this is a math issue. florida is pivotal. 99 delegates go to whoever wins florida. so whoever wins florida is going to leave this state with a lot of momentum. >> make or break for marco rubio. >> i think it is crucially important for every single person who's going on the stage. >> i am florida centric. to me it is the center of the universe and in this debate and next week it is the center of the universe. >> thank you for this weather. >> i know, right? not a bad place to be? >> beautiful. the stakes very high on the gop side. the democratic side, hillary clinton was hit hard on a number of issues last night and she gave a lot of attacks as well. she had very strong positions. will she rebound now with wins in florida and ohio after that bruising loss in michigan? we have a top florida supporter for clinton joining us focus in. diabetes, steady is exciting.
5:26 am
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5:30 am
hillary clinton fielding a host of tough questions at last night's debate. listen to some of them. who specifically gave you permission to operate your e-mail system as you did? was it president barack obama? and would you drop out of the race if you get indicted? on the night of the attacks in benghazi, you sent an e-mail to your daughter chelsea saying the al -- [ boos ] -- secretary clinton did you lie to them? >> joining us now to discuss all of this is democratic senator bill nelson from florida, who supports hillary clinton for president. good morning senator. >> good morning. >> okay. let's just start there. let's start with where we left off and that was benghazi when she was asked, you know, why the narrative on benghazi kept changing. was it really about a video? was it an out of control protest? why did she tell chelsea one
5:31 am
thing? how do you think hillary clinton did in answering that? >> well i think she did very well because she has the truth on her side. but when you compare that to the republican debates, this is mild by comparison. on the other side they are talking about body parts and the size of hands and whether or not the condition of your pantalonis and this is mild compared to that. >> well there was substance. and it wasn't engaging in playground insults but the issue of benghazi and her e-mails do continue to dog her. and what she said last night was well the narrative kept shifting. i'm sorry, the intelligence kept shifting so the narrative kept shifting. do you think that put the issue
5:32 am
of bengz to bed? >> of course. at first the intelligence was the demonstration in cairo. and then once they learned more on the intel -- and i was a member of the intel committee at the time. you started to learn more of what was happening so that it game the full out terrorist attack on the consulate there in benghazi. >> she was also asked last night about the issue of her e-mails. and something that the republicans have been saying. they have been saying they believe the issue of sending classified information is so dire that she might actually -- the fbi investigation might actually lead to an indictment of some sort. let me play the moment she was asked about that and her response. >> if you have been indicted would you crdrop out.
5:33 am
>> oh my goodness, that is not going to happen. question. en answering that >> what did you think of that response that she said basically it is not going to happen and i'm not even going to answer it. >> well it is a stretch because the information she received over the personal computer did not have the classification on it. i have handled a lot of classification. and the first thing you know is that classified material, number one, doesn't come over a personal computer. and number two, any classified material is identified before the very first sentence of the paragraph. and so if you are receiving information that does not have that indication that is top secret or compartmented, then it is not classified. now what's happened is that different agencies of government -- after the fact --
5:34 am
have gone back and said, well that information should have been classified. but you can't blame secretary clinton on that. she was responding to what she received. >> so senator, did you hear any recalibration in secretary clinton's take or tact last night after this surprising loss in michigan? >> well remember she only lost by one point. that is not a huge loss. and in addition -- >> but it was surprising. i mean the polls hadn't predicted it. >> look at the polls. can you believe a lot of the polls? but last night i thought she was stellar on immigration. sk . and there is a flaw for bernie, who i love. bernie is a great senator. but he voted against the signature issue which was the comprehensive immigration reform
5:35 am
package. and he voted against it. hillary voted for it. you can explain it away as bernie has tried. but at the end of the day it is either yea or nay. interestingly the same vote that is bedevilling marco in the republican primary for exactly the opposite reason. >> senator nelson thanks so much. great to get your take. >> thanks. have a great day. >> you too. well he's out of the race but could jeb bush make a big impact in florida next week? the latest on his meetings with his formal rivals. what were they about? and why didn't he meet with trump? plus sacha baron cohen drops by to talk about his new film.
5:36 am
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5:39 am
big night last night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off on the all important issue of immigration. the democrats pressed hard, specifically on deportation. how will their responses play
5:40 am
out in the general against a republican? let's discuss. anna navarro, marco rubio's friend, supported jeb bush. >> nowhere to go. >> i know. you're running out of friends. democratic strategist donna brazil here as well. anna you were just saying what a debate. why did you like it so much. >> i think it is because i heard issues addressed in a way i have not until then. not a single question on cuba which has been a big issue this year. that moment where the guatemalan woman who's husband was deported asked the question about reunification of families was so poignant. nothing but emotions. it had my eyelashes falling off because i was, you know, tearing up. i think jorge athey did an exce
5:41 am
job. tough question, good follow-up. it was a wonderful debate and very policy oriented. >> in fact at one point the hosts asked hillary clinton if her positions an immigration had changed and in fact they coined an interesting phrase in the process. let me play this for you donna. >> your new immigration plan that you could expand president obama's executive actions and push for legislation that would include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. so you doing what some would call hispanderin g. >> was she hispandering they
5:42 am
wanted to know? >> she's been strong. on the dream act. helping ted kennedy in 2007. she's been strong. that's not a problem for us in the democratic party. we're not flip-flopping. we believe that we have to have strong border security but also a path to citizenship for those who want to come from the shad edos. >> what they were referring to is she hasn't always supported driver's licenses for undocumented workers and hasn't always been clear about deporting children of illegal immigrants. >> that was philadelphia. the democrats want to move forward on comprehensive immigration reform. we are not like marco rubio who, you know, was a champion just a couple years ago and now he's
5:43 am
flip flopped. >> oh girl leave him alone. he's had a tough couple of days. >> but it is a is it tark contrast. marco rubio you could argue paid the price for trying to compromise. you couldn't have more diametrically opposed positions. >> these moderates had done their homework. when they dug up that, you know, 40-year-old, 35-year-old tape of bernie sanders talking about fidel castro, talking about ortega. i can tell you that for me, somebody who fled, hearing that was a stark moment. and i think it matters in this community. latin american policy is something that i think many of us have felt was neglected. it was good to hear discussed yesterday. and on immigration they had done their homework. they knew that she has changed her positions. the hillary clinton that is speaking today about immigration is very different from the
5:44 am
hillary clinton in 2008 who in a debate moment as donna brought up could not bring herself to support driver's licenses for the undocumented. since then she's become the patron saint -- >> -- heshe's been a strong and tough supporter of immigration. >> today and tonight quickly, jeb bush has met with three of his former republican rivals. not donald trump. is jeb bush going to endorse somebody? >> what are you asking donna for? >> -- [inaudible]. >> -- front runner of the republican party. paul ryan. >> see? it's happening. >> paul ryan had a conversation with donald trump. donald trump is the front runner, period. jeb bush should meet with all of the republican candidates. >> hell no. what are you thinking this
5:45 am
morning. >> -- >> there is no reason jeb bush should be legacying donald trump. >> he is luegitimate. he's the front runner. >> he's not getting a measurement of the vote in these primaries. >> that is the new bar, then who is legitimate in the field? >> hopefully there will be somebody who comes across as the clear alternative. i will tell you today that clear alternative that is emerging is ted cruz. >> i think for jeb bush, i think for mitt romney, for people like myself, lindsey graham, so many others whomever emerges as that clear alternative to donald trump -- >> i think the republicans should stop spend all this money on antitrump ads and give to it charity. the kids. >> and hillary can do the same. >> bernie too yes. >> -- 50 cents. not like starbuck's. >> mick, save us. >> i'm going save you and watch
5:46 am
how i'm going to save you. we have a special guest here in studio. one fine looking cowboy this morning. sacha baron cohen has a new film called "the brothers grimaceby" it opens tomorrow. he's braving the stairs on the "new day" set to be here with us. we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer.
5:47 am
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5:49 am
oh yeah. that's him right there. the comedic genius behind borat
5:50 am
is back. >> the rapist. hey, nobody bothers me brother. >> that was a clip from the new comedy "the brother's gimsby." one of the few question shwe ca on cnn. sacha baron cohen is here, looking fine my dear as the cowboy this morning. >> no, this is how we dress in england. >> i'm sorry. i didn't know that. i should. i'm embarrassed. >> thaw fnk you for having me. >> full on action flick. >> yes.
5:51 am
we had a lot of the team who made star wars and the born identity and that kind of thing. but there are some outlandish and unpleasant humor as well. don't worry. >> i've read some reviews. funny. people losing their minds about the humor but also saying it is really smart. i want to go back to the action. was that fun for you? because this is exploring a very different side. we know you are very funny have a twisted humor. >> thank you very much. you know that i'm a sick man, yeah. >> a sick sense of humor make maybe. >> yeah. >> did that appeal to the you? >> i wanted to make a movie that wasn't app in spite of of a spy movie but actually could a rival to bont or jason bourn and this is kind of borat means bond. we developed a action where you approximate out go pro on the
5:52 am
stuntman's head and they do the action scenes for real. a bit like call of duty. unfortunately about five died while making the film but it was worth it. >> well somebody's going to get hurt. >> yes. >> and at least it wasn't you. >> yes. >> and it wasn't your wife. and you worked together. >> it was fantastic to work with someone during the day and then share a bed with them at night. >> and be okay with it. >> and that's why i want to they penelope cruz. amazing. >> -- he is the serious spy guy. he is the straight man to your -- i don't know how would you describe your character. >> he's kind of like -- well at its heart it is a family movie. a slightly effed up family movie but it is about two brothers. one o is this upper class spy
5:53 am
the other is this poor northern english football high school began who likes to drink a bit and do a tiny bit of heroin. >> a safe amount? >> the humor that you have been known for for years makes us laugh that uncomfortable laugh at times. every once in a while we find ourselves oh my he didn't and he did. and this time is no exception. >> well there is a scene in this that makes the bear scene in the revenant look like a disney movie. and i showed it actually on the jimmy kimmel show and -- >> that's all right. >> but i've just come back from a tour of europe and australia and people are -- it is playing like a rock concert. >> can we show some of the rooekts? do we want to set up what the premise is? >> yes. so it is basically about two brothers. one is a james bond spy and the
5:54 am
other is this northern english football high schoulgen. and they end up on the run and basically have to escape being murdered. and this might be a clip there is a fairy tale ending in which donald trump gets aids at the end. and the interesting thing has been throughout the world when we've shown that scene. >> what has the reaction been. >> people have been cheering. well here we go. >> this is overseas. >> this is overseas in america. this is when donald trump contracts hiv. people are cheering. there are standing ovations and this is 'round the world. >> this is insane. are you wondering how that scene is going to play here in the united states given the fact of what is going on right now in politics? >> i've just been in miami. i played in miami two days ago. new york last night. >> what was your reaction? >> people are cheering, there are standing ovations.
5:55 am
and, you know, i'm a comedian but i think this shows something quite pointed about what is going on. if there is that much latent hatred that when the potential future president of america contracts hiv people are standing up and cheering that means something wrong is going on. >> i do you think? ? >> yes. >> is there anything you won't touch comediwise. every comedian has their personal line right? >> yes certainly. a lot of debate. if i'm in the writers room with my mates and we do something that's on the edge we always discuss whether it's funny or whether it's actually crossing the line. we don't want to it actually conform or consolidate any racial or negative stereotypes. >> do with you all have the same line though? that is the thing about having a great group, right? you can sort of push the boundaries. >> we discuss it. i'm not a politician. i don't have an ethical duty. but, you know, at the end of the
5:56 am
day we are putting a movie out there and we want it to be a good force in the world. which is why donald trump gets aids in it. >> i saw you yesterday with our friend matt lawyuer. it was a delight to meet you. and really great you are hear. you can catch "the brothers grimsby," theaters wide tomorrow. "newsroom" begins after a quick break. omething. oh! uh, staples has low prices. okay, now you're shouting... [laughing] we can hear ya! the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. live from the university of miami campus where the big gop debate will be held later tonight. now though back in washington at the white house we are awaiting the arrival of the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. he's there for a full day of events and the first official visit by a canadian prime minister in nearly two decades. we start though with a rematch. bernie sanders spring boards from his huge win in michigan and boy does he turn up the heat in florida.


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