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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 10, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. live from the university of miami campus where the big gop debate will be held later tonight. now though back in washington at the white house we are awaiting the arrival of the canadian prime minister justin trudeau. he's there for a full day of events and the first official visit by a canadian prime minister in nearly two decades. we start though with a rematch. bernie sanders spring boards from his huge win in michigan and boy does he turn up the heat in florida. sanders and clinton going toe to
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toe in a debate slug fest shown here on cnn. both are now fighting for momentum and hispanic votes ahead of tuesday's all important primary in florida and beyond. one small area of agreement, bashing gop front runner donald trump. each were asked "is donald trump a racist?" >> i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists, when he was engaging in rhetoric they found deeply offensive. i said "basta". >> i they this the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mention c c -- mexican, women, and more. >> it was michigan casting a
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shadow over the events. the stunning upset victory that really cast this in a whole new light. hillary clinton has been trying to pivot to the general election. she's not trying to pivot anymore. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> a new confidence from bernie sanders in this new campaign reality. after the huge sanders upset in michigan, this could go on for a while. >> i've won some, i've lost some. >> the debate in florida sponsored by univision with sections in spanish, was full of questions on immigration and full of attempted contrasts. >> in 2007 one of the first things you did was vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> i worked very hard in improving the guest worker provisions so that in 2013 people who were in the guest worker program in america would not be treated like slaves. >> in 2006 senator sanders
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supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation. and stood with the minutemen vigilantes. >> what the secretary is doing tonight and has done very often is take large pieces of legislation and take pieces out of it. >> sanders continued to hit clinton for what he called her ties to wall street. >> there is a reason why wall street has provided $15 million just in the last reporting period to the secretary's super pack. >> i do have the toughest most comprehensive plan to go after wall street. >> clearly the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them. and that is why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> and clinton continued to hit sanders for being what she considers unrealistic.
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>> senator sanders has talked about free college for everybody. he's talked about universal single payor healthcare for everybody. and yet when you ask questions, as many of us have, and more importantly independent experts, it is very hard to get answers. and a lot of the answers say that, you know, this is going to be much more expensive than anything senator sanders is admitting to. my dad used to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> let me respond. i think if the rest of the world can do it, we can. >> though most of the focus was on each other, there was some looking beyond to donald trump. >> he's talking about a very tall wall t most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. it is just fantasy. >> and some looking within. >> i am not a natural politician in case you haven't noticed like
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my husband or president obama. so i have to do the best i can. >> there were a few softballs. clinton was asked if she could drop out of the race if indicted because of her e-mails. >> that is not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> so they were tough on each other and there were a lot of tough questions like that one right there. you have the sense that both candidates are settling into the positions that they could be taking for a long, long time. because this campaign is not about to end. and we may not see them on a debate stage together for a while, if ever. >> we might see them in another town hall. i suspect we will. so bernie sanders isn't just making his appeal to hispanics on that debate stage. he's also doing it in this new five minute documentary style ad which spotlights immigrant farm workers in florida. watch. >> how many fields or factories are there? we have to ask ourselves who benefits from this exploitation?
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and to understand that it is not only the workers who suffer but every worker in america. >> that's five minutes long, right? unusual. here now to talk about that and more, john avalon and dave reston. john, that ad is five minutes long. a documentary style ad. that is unusual, isn't it? >> it is unusual. and it is geared for the univision audience. they are trying to go for deeper engagement because bernie sanders is facing a deficit with latino voters. but he feels his message could make inroads if it is presented the right way. part of that deficit by the way is he's had a problem historically when it comes to certainly in florida i think we may see this. when it comes to being cozy and
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sentimental about castro and the san denis thats in the 19 ols. that as deficit he has to overcome at the very least with the cuban american population. >> i was a rubio rally yesterday and a lot of them were cuban americans and they do not like fidel castro. >> that was a strong moment for her in the debate last night when she was trying to paint sanders as this fringe candidate who's too far to the left. so it is a really interesting dynamic there. and also the voters in the ad that we just saw. bernie sanders campaign is really also aiming for these states coming up ahead like arizona as well. that ad will run there as well. and he's really trying to make inroads there. >> so maybe he made some inroads yesterday and perhaps hillary clinton did as well although she's doing well among hispanic voters. both candidates promised the
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audience that undocumented children will never be deported. and remember? couple of summers ago all of those children pouring over the border from mexico? that really disturbed a lot of people. those children were sent back. and some of them are being held at facilities right across the border until officials figure out what do with them. but both candidates said children like these who pour over the border and are undocumented would never be deported. is that a promise they can keep? >> look, if it is in the context of legislation, it is comprehensive immigration legislation that is going to be tough to keep. because there is going to be some horse trading. broadly what they both said last night particularly hillary clinton is in line with president obama's policy. you want to prioritize those with criminal records. what's different is saying undocumented children will be off limits. that is a shift. i think it is easy to frame as the compassionate shift. but it is, you know -- and there
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will be hard to paint as extreme but it is going to be hard to keep getting legislation through congress. >> let's move on to wall street. maeve i think one of the best moments for bernie sanders is when he talked about how much money hillary clinton was making in her speeches to wall street and he said man that must have been one great speech for her to pay $250,000. it was a good moment. >> his humor has been his strength the entire campaign. the results coming out of michigan were struck outi instr. and rolling into the illinois, missouri, ohio. where these same issues, people feel like the economy is really rigged against themselves are really going to matter and that's what he's goit going right now. >> and i think maeve is exactly right. i talked to some bernie supporters outside of the
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university, the debate hall last night and they were all about being anti wall street and anti big bank and they loved bernie sanders message on the economy and his love for everyone as they said. >> well look, it is fascinating because particularly, you know, we've seen things that have been broadly sacred cows of american foreign policy like free trade that are now coming you should real attack and questioning under on the republican side of the aisle. but as maeve said and as you well know the upcoming super tuesday states are deep in the heart of rust belt union country so it is going to be a real test for how they can connect with that element of the democratic base while still keeping a core of their convictions of the past. particularly on hillary clinton's side. she flipped on tpp but has to show she's going to continue that commitment to the union community in the white house and it is a tough line to walk for her. >> john and maeve, thanks both of you. let's go to washington d.c. where bipg things are going on right now.
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the president and first lady are now welcoming the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. this is the first official visit of a canadian prime minister in 19 years. he has captured the imagination of many here in this country because of his climate policies and also i must say because of -- oh i'll just say it because of the way he looks. we'll keep you posted. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump says this race is over if he takes florida and ohio. and with hours to go until the cnn debate, did the stakes just get higher for his rivals? hi i'm kristie. and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business.
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hi, i'm carol costello live here in beautiful miami florida. donald trump says clinching the
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gop nomination is a done deal if he wins florida and the state f ohio. that statement coming hours before tonight's cnn republican debate here at the university of miami. it will be the last time the gop rivals square off before tuesday's winner-take-all contest. mr. trump said voters should expect a softder tone on the debate stage. >> i think it is going to be much different. i may be wrong. but i am now far and away the front runner. ra. >> ready for anything. >> i think fatty acit is going softer but i'll be ready. marco is going to be a different person. marco's been mortally wounded. you know, i question whether marco will be even be there. i hope he makes the right decision. i'm not going make the decision for him. but marco's been pretty wounded. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> it certainly will. so do you think it will be a
6:17 am
softer tone in tonight's debate? >> well he is predicting a softer tone. and you have to imagine that anything will be softer than the last debate, right? when we're talking about how rowdy it was and how vulgar. but donald trump has a way of saying he's going take a softer tone and say he's going to be above the fray and then do something completely different. and that is what we saw last night. he started taking swipes at john kasich. i think woe might have some sound of that. >> as you know we have ohio, where you have an absentee governor. absentee. and we're going to have -- i think we're going to do great in ohio. we'll do great, great, great in oh ohio. >> reporter: kind of amazing to see donald trump attacking john kasich. i think it is a reflection of his rising poll numbers. >> kasich's ahead in ohio, right? >> he's ahead. so we might still see some heat on the debate stage even though trump says he's going play nice.
6:18 am
>> more marco rubio. i was at the rally for him in his home state and it was not well attended. and i asked people about, you know, him becoming the attack dog. and they wouldn't say it. but you could tell that this was something they didn't like. >> yeah. you just -- it doesn't play as well on marco rubio as it does on donald trump. but even donald trump has acknowledged this. maybe as the double standard but now even rubio is coming out and saying he regrets he has taken this harsh tone. let's take a listen to what me said last night. >> in terms of things that have to do with personal stuff. yeah at the end of the day it is not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. and if i had to do it again i wouldn't. this is a guy who's basically offended everyone for a year. literally has mocked a disabled journalist. a female journalist. every minority group imaginable. on a daily basis. s you profanity from the stage. that said i don't want to be
6:19 am
that. if that's what it takes to be president of the united states then i don't want to be president. >> and this sets the stage for tonight. it doesn't mean the candidates are not going to suddenly get along. but trying to draw a contrast with trump saying he's substance free. >> you mean they are going talk issues? >> they might actually talk issues. but i think this is rubio acknowledges that you can't really get down in the dirt like trump has done and expect to come out clean on the other side. >> unless you are donald trump. >> unless you were donald trump. >> donald trump t front runner who previously called for a ban on muslims entering the united states took aim at the religion once again. >> do you think islam at war with the west is this. >> i think islam hates us. there is something there -- there is a tremendous hatred there. we have to get to the bottom of
6:20 am
it. there is an unbelievable hatred of us. >> in islam itself? >> you're gonna have to figure that out. you will get another pulitzer. you are gonna have to figure that out. but this is a tremendous hatred. and we have to be very vigilant and careful and we can't allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the united states. and of people who are not muslim. >> i guess the question is there a war between the west and radical islam or a war between the west and islam itself? >> it is separate but it is very hard to define because you e don't know who's who. >> governor jeb bush, supporter and the jeff de wit. welcome both of you. jeff, why didn't mr. trump draw a clear distinction between the muslim faith as a religion and
6:21 am
radical islamic terrorism? >> well there is -- you know, it is the radical islamists that are the ones trying to kill us that hate america and, you know, september 11th, san bernd, all that stems from radical islam and there is a distinction and it is important to make maun. >> did we all misunderstand? >> hatred within islam. a substitute subset of the religion and wants to kill americans. we have to defend hours ourselv. the job of the government is to protect our citizens and it is a real and present threat and it must be dealt with? >> there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world who practice their
6:22 am
faith? how do you think they took donald trump's comments? >> i think most muslims are peace loving people. many serve in the united states military, defending and protect the united states. they probably didn't take those well but at the same time i think when donald trump was pressed he did indicate that he thought it was radical islamist that have the problem. >> hi told anderson cooper to try to figure out and he's win a pulitz pulitzer. >> and when anderson pressed him the third time he said he thought it was radical. i'm sure mr. trump will have opportunity to clarify later but clearly that is something most republicans and most americans don't agree with? >> next question. the former cia director and four star general michael hayden has slammed trump on his foreign policy issues. listen to another portion of anderson's interview where mr. trump. >> when you say increase the laws and do more than water boarding whereas that specifically. >> we'll work on that with the
6:23 am
generals. >> i talked with michael hayden. >> he says it is terrible we talk that way and that is why we've been fighting this war for many years. >> he says your foreign policy ideas frighten him. >> he frightens me. because we've been fighting ices for many years. and this should have been over with quickly. and that is the problem. we have these people who are frightened because i'm protecting the terrorists. >> so jeff is mr. trump saying hayden doesn't know how to fight isis? doesn't know what he's doing? what is he trying to say? >> there is still not a clear line between what is torture and what is not torture and it is apparent with other candidates. ted cruz in the debate in december said he would not allow torture in any form and then early january classified clarified saying water boarding is not torture. and he went on and say anything
6:24 am
short of the pain of removing an organ is not torture. so with ted cruz you have a flip-flop or a deep misunderstanding so what really needs to happen is that congress needs to sit down and get to work and address where do we draw the line and what is that? and what form should our government take to get the information to try to save american lives. >> i'm going to have to interrupt the interview for a second because president obama is now speaking at the white house. the prime minister after candidate is visiting for the first time in 20 years. so let's listen to some of president obama's remarks. >> -- in february. [ laughter ] in the snow. so our friends from the great white north gave me a very warm welcome. and mr. prime minister we hope to reciprocate some of that warmth today with your first official visit south of the border. we're joined today by proud
6:25 am
canadian americans. we are family. and this is also a special day for the many canadians who live and work here in america and who enrich our lives every day. we don't always realize it, but so often that neighbor that coworker that member of the white house staff, some of our favorite artists and performers, they are canadian. they sneak up on you. even as we remember what makes us unique, americans and canadians, we see ourselves in each other. we're guided by the same values, including our conviction that the blessings we cherish as free people are not gifts to be taken for granted but are precious freedoms that have to be defended anew by every nation.
6:26 am
. as nato allies we stand united against terrorism and for the rights of nations like ukraine to determine their own destiny. as leaders at the united nations, we stand up for peace and security and the human rights of all people. our shared values also guide us at home. i'm proud to be the first american president to stand with a canadian prime minister and be able to say that in both our nations healthcare is not a privilege for a few but is now a right for all. [ applause ] and as two vast and vibrant societies we reaffirm that our
6:27 am
diversity is our strength. whether your family is among the first native people to live on this land or refugees we welcomed just yesterday. whether you filetpray in a chur synagogue or temple or mosque, who matter who province or state you live in you have the freedom to marry the person that you love. [ applause ] now, i don't want to gloss over the very real differences between americans and canadians. there are some things we will probably never agree on. who's beer is better? who's better at hockey? [ awes from the crowd ] [ laughter ] >> where's the stanley cup right
6:28 am
now? i'm sorry, is it in my hometown with the chicago blackhawks? [ applause ] in case you were wondering in case you canadians were wondering, where is it? ha ha ha. and this visit is special for another reason. nearly 40 years ago another president welcomed a canadian prime minister to the white house. that day they said united states is canada's best friend and a y ally. and one of the reasons is we have a common outlook on the world. today prime minister justin trudeau carries on this work. as prime minister, your election and the first few months in office have brought a new energy and dynamism not only to canada but the relationship between our nations. we have a common outlook on the
6:29 am
world and i have to say i have never seen so many americans exciso excited about the visit of a canadian prime minister. so with this visit i believe that the united states and canada can do even more together. even more to promote the trade and economic partnerships that provide good jobs and opportunities for our people. even more to ensure the security that so many americans and canadians count on. so that they can live in safety and freedom. even more to protect our countries and our community, especially in the arctic from climate change, just as we acted together at paris to reach the most ambitious agreement in history to fight climate change. [ applause ] and guided by our values. we can do even more together to advance human development around the world. from saving a child from a preventable disease to giving a
6:30 am
student in africa electricity to study by. because as americans and canadians we believe in the inherent dignity of every human being. as always our work as nations remains rooted in the friendships of our people. and we see that every day. at the baseball diamond in alberta, if you hit a home run there is a good chance the ball will 4r57bd in sweet grass montana. and up where derby line vermont meets quebec, americans and canadians come together at the local library where the borderline literally runs right across the floor. a resident of one of these border towns once said we are two different countries but we
6:31 am
are like one big town and people are always there for you. so prime minister trudeau, justin, sophie, to all our canadian friends, we are two different countries but days like this remind us that we are like one big town and we reaffirm that americans and canadians will always be there for each. welcome to the united states and the new mesa spami. >> the first official state dinner the president of the united states is holding with the canadian prime minister in 19 years. >> still to come marco rubio is betting all of his chips on florida but there may be trouble brewing if last night's homecoming rally is any indication.
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bae systems. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. i'm live in miami at the university of miami. what a beautiful campus. the republican debate set to be held here tonight and it should be interesting. but let's talk about marco rubio. he's going to be on stage tonight. it was supposed to be a hero's welcome for senator rubio. he came back home to his home district, hialeah. just about every florida politician of cuban descent was there to greet him. but reality set in when marco rubio walked onto the stage. because in the audience only a
6:37 am
couple of hundred people. and a nearly empty football stadium. that was the reality there. i was there actually. i talked to some rather deflated rubio supporters. listen. >> definitely i think he should probably begin considering dropping out and maybe supporting ted cruz in the long run? >> would you support ted cruz. >> i would. i would. i think ted is a strong conservative who really has a heart for the country. >> ted cruz is asking rubio supporters to support him instead. are you willing to do that? >> not yet. if rubio does drop out and i will most likely support ted cruz. >> so let's talk about that. the host of radio mambi and director of the rubio supporters. i went to that really yesterday
6:38 am
and there were only a couple of hundred people there and as a rubio supporter what goes through your mind? >> first of all politics is a cruel game. but hialeah is supposed to be one of the most enthusiastic places for any politician. so i'm really surprised so few people showed up. but then we are going through this phenomenon called trump really changing the game. >> did marco rubio pay enough attention to his home state during his campaign. >> i think he's been so busy traveling all over that he thought he had florida in his pocket and it turns out that in politics you learn something new every day. and i think it must be a hard reality for him. because marco has always been a very popular politics in his hometown. especially florida. he won florida when he had like a 3% chance and he won the whole state when he become senator. >> so maybe he's thinking that
6:39 am
way again? >> well i know he is. he's saying everywhere that he will win florida and i guess the polls say different. >> should he drop -- should he risk losing florida? some say if marco rubio loses florida this will maybe hurt his political career moving forward. >> but as far as everyone is concerned he probably is losing forward. so i for his own good he probably wants to say you know i stayed in the race until i saw that i couldn't make it in florida. so i don't know. i don't think he would just jump out of race just now before the march 15th election. >> he said on msnbc yesterday that he gets getting down and dirty about donald trump. did that hurt him? he says his did. >> i think it did. i think every politician has his style. that is never been his style and when you jump into somebody else's band wagon it doesn't look good on you.
6:40 am
and i think people did not like it. i also think again there is a fphenomenon called trump that i've seen people from every walk of life say i'm tired of the establishment. i think he's saying things that make sense and i think this is a wake up call for the republican party too. >> let's talk about another antiestablishment candidate and that would be bernard own the democratic side. he was a democratic debate last night here in miami and bernie sanders, actually the moderators of the debate played a bit from long ago and it featured bernie sanders talking about fidel castro. let's listen. >> you may recall way back in 1961 nay invaded cuba and everybody was convinced that s castro was the worst guy in the world. all the people were going to rise up in rebellion. they forgot he educated the kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed a society. >> what was about was saying that the united states was wrong to try to invade cuba.
6:41 am
it would be wrong not to state that in cuba they have made some good advances in healthcare. they are sending doctors all over the world. they have made some progress in education. >> so bernie sanders wants to do well in florida. he's not doing especially well among hispanic voters. so what is that whole exchange? >> this is like an old hippy from the sixties that hasn't woken up really. frankly it is funny but it is not. because what's happened in cuba for 56 years is a lot of political prisoners, killings, repression. and i find it, you know, so absurd that someone would speak like that. yes there are doctors all over the world. it is a slave force that castro uses for promgd. and it is really not funny. and when i see students saying oh no he's saying things i like and education will be free. well listen to whatever else he's saying. and he's supporting a
6:42 am
dictatorial regime and that is not good in any way. >> thank you so much for stopping by. >> it is a pleasure. >> thank you. and i am going to enjoy miami right after this show. >> yes you should. >> still to come an intimate look at donald trump from a man who spent years as his personal butler. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena
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did you see this last night after his victories? donald trump held a press conference in florida and he proudly displayed trump water bottle, trump wine and trump steaks. held them all up. trump also announced his running mate, the sham wow guy. >> late night taking donald trump to task over what many call an infomercial. the front runner bryning out trump wines and trump steaks and touting his victory. what's up with that? i'm joined by tony senigal and
6:47 am
former long time butler to mr. trump. welcome sir. >> well thank you. >> thank you for being here. first question r you going to watch tonight's big debiate? >> of course. >> and when you watch mr. trump at these debates is he the man you know personally or is he someone else? >> no, he's the man that i know. for 20-some years we carried on that same debate. >> what same debate? >> the debate that he's having now. his interest in the american people. his patriotism. the man was born on flag day. he's a very patriotic person. and he wants what's best for
6:48 am
this country. >> and a lot of voters really do believe that other voters are puzzled when mr. trump does things like he did at the news conference when he brought out the trump water and the trump steak. why do that? >> because he was challenged on that. that it wasn't true that he didn't have the water, that he didn't have the magazine, that he didn't have the steak. it is all bull. >> you mean it's all bull when people say he's not the great businessman he passes himself off to be? >> absolutely. >> even the allegations against trump university you think aren't true? >> that is in court. let the court decide that. >> but it is fair to bring it
6:49 am
up, right? because shouldn't voters know that it is in court and why it is in court? >> sure. that's fine. i have no problem with that. >> so you know it probably will be brought up at tonight's debate because there is florida and there is ohio coming up and ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich have to make their mark. >> yeah but i think rubio is going to back off a little bit. he's been -- he's been just absolutely obnoxious. first of all he has not represented this state. i mean, as far as i'm concerned he is taking american money under false pretenses. i wouldn't this state for anything. >> donald trump says he's going to take a softer tone in tonight's debate. do you believe him? >> sure. >> what's a softer tone when you
6:50 am
say that about donald trump? >> he probably won't pick on rubio as badly as he has. he may not even call him little rubio anymore. little marco. >> can you tell my viewers something about donald trump that they don't realize? >> yeah. i'll tell you, first of all, he's an incredibly generous person. he's been generous to his employees. he's generous to strangers. he's an entirely nice guy. he's not the great, gruff person that people play him out to be. sure you attack him, he's going to fight back, but most of the time he's just a nice man. i mean, i lasted with him for 20 years. he had to be pretty good. >> i have to leave it there. tony, thank you so much for
6:51 am
joining me this morning. still to come, a backyard party in pennsylvania turns deadly. now police say they're on the hadn't for two gunmen. tment man, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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police in pennsylvania believe two gunmen are on the loose after a backyard party turns deadly. the gunmen killing five people outside of a home about 15 miles east of pittsburgh. we are following the story this
6:56 am
morning. >> reporter: good morning. it appears the shooting took place at about 11:00 in a suburb of pittsburgh. two gunmen opened fire on the backyard party. guests were so frightened that they tried to run to get into the house. the majority of the dead were found on a back porch trying to get inside. four women, one man shot at the home and killed. another died at the hospital. three others in critical condition. one of the neighbors that arrived at the scene later said they were completely surprised that this happened there. >> this street is always quiet. there's nothing but kids on this street. so to see that is new. it's probably shocking to everyone else up here. i'm shaken, so it's pretty bad. >> reporter: and it doesn't appear anyone at the party fired back. one woman became hysterical. one of those shot, the appears was a relative of hers. we're expecting a press
6:57 am
conference. we'll keep you apprised. >> all right. thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. ce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena and i make dog chow in denver, (vcolorado.e's nick one of my fondest memories of khloe is the day we got her.
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me from the university of miami campus where the gop debate will be held later tonight. it is the final face off before a crucial super tuesday. hours from now the gop candidates go head to head at the cnn republican debate right here at the university of miami. are you ready for a brawl? well, mr. trump says not so fast. >> i think this is going to be much different. i may be wrong.
7:01 am
but i am now far and away the front runner. i think it's going to be softer but i'll be ready. i think that mar doe is going to be a different person. he's been mortally wounded. questions will marco even be there? i hope he makes the right decision. i'm not going to make the decision for him, but marco has been pretty badly wounded. it'll be interesting to see what happens. >> while trump takes aim at rubio, cruz come out swinging against trump. sara murray has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. so much for being a softer, friendlier debate. we're already seeing cruz come out and essentially say the reason people are voting for trump is because they're uninformed. let's take a listen. >> you know, donald gave a press conference where he said, to quote him, i love the poorly educated. part of it is i think donald is taking advantage of his voters.
7:02 am
i understand what they're angry about, but donald, if you're angry at the corruption of washington, you won't solve it by supporting someone who has been immeshed in the washington corruption 40 years. donald does well with voters who have relatively low information, who are not that engaged and who are angry and see him as an angry voice. where we're beating him is when voters get more endpajed and they get -- when they inform themselves, they realize his record. he's what they're angry at. >> now, obviously cruz wants to turn this into a two-man race with donald trump. we know that. i think that's probably a risky way to do it. what we've seen with donald trump support is it started off with a lot of lower educated supporterers, but it's grown to include people at all different education and income levels. we'll see how that works out. >> it seems like he's disrespecting voters. >> that's the thing. you don't want to alien ate
7:03 am
another candidate's voters. >> donald trump says he's going to be softer. i don't believe that. yesterday he came out kind of swinging against kasich. >> i can't imagine why you wouldn't believe that. shortly after he said it was going to be a friendlier tone, he went out of a campaign event and had this to say about the ohio governor. >> we, as you know, we have ohio where you have an absentee governor, absentee. and we're going to have no, i think we're going to do great in ohio. we'll do great in ohio. >> we haven't really seen donald trump attack john kasich yet. i think this is a reflection of the fact that kasich's poll numbers are rising. it could mean he's going to face a little bit more heat on the debate stage. but the kasich people are throwing everything they can at it to make it in ohio. throwing out his last endorsement which is the head
7:04 am
coach of the ohio state university. >> you may laugh at that, but the coaches in ohio guy. he's a big guy. >> i wouldn't make fun, even though i'm from michigan. >> get away. >> i think it may help him. >> i think it will. let's talk about all of this. with me, kailee mcnanny, tim miller, and s.e.cupp. welcome to all of you. let's start with senator ted cruz's remarks. kailee, you kind of said trump is appealing to voters who are not so well informed and he's pulling the wool over their eyes. >> that's not a good choice to go after the supporters instead of the candidate. we've seen donald trump's national support reach nearly 49
7:05 am
%. in dismissing his voters, you're dismissing half the people you hope will support you. it's not true. as sara pointed out, he's increased his support within college educated voters. it's not a true attack. >> absolutely right. and in addition to call trump supporters disencaged, unencaged is false. he's getting first time caucus dp goers and bringing people in who stayed out previously. it's not accurate or smart. i think where he could go after this tactic is to say, look, to trump supporters, i get your anger, and i get what you like, but he simply can't do a lot of the things he's promising he can do, and that should really bother you. that should make you a little cautious. all of the promises he's making, constitutionally, with congress, internationally, he can't get a
7:06 am
lot of it done. i can. that should be, i think his argument. >> one thing that cruz is right about is voters haven't been educated about trump's real record because of the show, the b bravado has overtaken the conversation. he's been an outsourcer. he outsources all the trump things. he imported foreign workers. at mar-a-lago he used talking points saying americans don't want to do this job. at mar-a-lago? it's a resort. americans want to do that job, and he brought in foreign cheaper workers. i think the voters have to be educated about his record. i think cruz could be successful if he framed it that way. >> voters live in their own worlds and have their own problems. they listen to the candidate who appeals to their problems. they care about their own lives. that's what donald trump does well. >> he does, and i also think
7:07 am
they can see through the false attacks or unsubstantial attacks, because -- >> i don't think they've all false attacks. i just think -- >> look at the label. >> i'm referring specifically to tim's. they understand when you operate a $10 billion brand in the obama economy, you have to play by the same rules as everyone else. you'll go to the cheapest place to make your clothes because you're a businessman. you can advocate for changing the law when you have the power to do so, but you won't have a successful business if you don't play by the same rules as everyone else. >> regular people's problems particularly in places like ohio is their jobs are going overseas, and trump could have made his ties in ohio. there's no law against it. there are no rules against it. >> no. it would just cost him more, right? >> if he's worth as much as he says, he could maybe spend a little bit more on the american worker, and i think that as voters are educated about that, you're seeing donald trump
7:08 am
support start to fade. >> is that true, s.e.? is we seeing donald trump support fading? >> no. >> sure we are. >> i don't think so. i think the idea that because trump didn't win maine, somehow he's in a slump. i don't buy it. i think the wins are complete -- winds are behind donald trump. that doesn't mean cruz isn't gaining steam. he is. i think coming out of the last primaries, donald trump is looking very good, and i think poised to win the nomination. i think particularly in michigan when he won counties like oakland county, of all places. i lived in michigan. that is not a place where you would imagine donald trump to win very affluent and well-educated. if he can win there, there's not a lot of places he can't win. >> look at the head to head poll numbers. head to head, they didn't poll kasich. trump is still vulnerable.
7:09 am
>> i agree with you. when are they going to get out? not until florida or ohio. we don't get there for a while. >> most of the states that cruz plays well in have already voted. when you look ahead, cruz is not going to win california. he's not going to win new york. >> why couldn't he win california? he's winning in illinois right now. >> he has a conservative base. he does not appeal to blue collar workers and those sorts of states. he will not win in those states. >> i'm glad you're looking ahead to california. that's the point. this is going to be a long campaign. i think cruz could beat trump in california. >> let's concentrate on ohio. drur donald trump came out and said that ohio was an absentee governor in ohio. that probably means he'll throw punches tonight at the debate despite his promises of a softer tone. does that mean really we should be paying attention to kasich and not so much cruz?
7:10 am
>> look, i'm with a group called our principles pac. we went up with an ad in ohio talking about the outsourcing in ohio. that's a close race. far be it for me to predict what kasich is going to do tonight. who the heck knows what donald trump is going to do with relation to kasich. i think it's a close race. look at illinois, missouri, north carolina, you're also seeing three races close on super tuesday with cruz more likely to be in position there, and then the race against marco here in florida. >> i think kasich has been playing for veep all along. he's framed his campaign as the adult in the room. he's not taking swipes. he wants to be every candidate's first pick. i don't know that that has the staying power to last and build momentum. i don't think his sort of rust
7:11 am
belt revolution is a real thing. i would expect him to maintain that tone tonight even if donald trump starts taking swings at him. i just think that's -- he's playing to be the vp candidate. >> interesting. would mr. trump be interested? >> i think anyone would be interested in john kasich. he could bring a state like ohio which could be huge for republicans. he is a popular governor. he's had 62% approval. that's high in ohio, and he's great all around. i like the optimistic feel, and trump has said that he wants someone who has been in government and knows how to govern. he wants a political insider. i think kasich would be great. and i think s.e. is right. he's playing for that role. >> i don't know that kasich would say that. >> not publicly. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to call of you. coverage of tonight's debate begins at 8:30 p.m. eastern only on cnn. happening right now at the white
7:12 am
house, president obama is sitting down with canada's prime minister. we were allowed to get a glimpse inside the meeting. they're discussing issues that sometimes divide the allies of trade deals, climate change, and the efforts to secure the shared border. in a sign of the warm welcome tonight, the white house will host it first state dinner for a canadian leader in nearly two decades. it looks like they're having a lot of fun. still to come in the news room. >> ready, set go. oh, eating hot peppers to show they really do feel the bern. sanders' fire breathing fans and why they're rallying -- that was a hall peen owe pepper. i'll be right back. the future belongs to the fast.
7:13 am
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7:17 am
[ chanting i believe that we will win ] >> very passionate young people feeling the bern at miami dade college last night. inside supporters could feel the tension. sanders versus clinton and the candidates versus the questions. >> if you get indicted, would you -- >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> can you promise tonight that you won't deport children, children who are already here? >> i will not deport children. i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members. >> the essence of what we are trying to do is unite families, not to divide families. the idea -- the idea that a mother is living here and her children are on the other side of the border is wrong and
7:18 am
immoral. >> in 2006, senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation. and stood with the minutemen vigilante. >> the secretary is taking large pieces of legislation and taking pieces out of it. there is a reason why wall street has provided $15 million just in the last reporting period to the secretary's superpac. >> i do have the toughest most comprehensive plan to go after wall street. >> clearly the secretary's words to wall street has really intimidated them. and that is why they are giving her $15 million in campaign contributions. >> senator sanders has talked about free college for
7:19 am
everybody. he's talked about universal single payer health care for everybody. and yet when you ask questions as many of us have and more importantly, independent experts, it's very hard to get answers. and a lot of the answers say that, you know, this is going to be much more expensive than anything senator sanders is admitting to. this is going to increase -- >> thank you j secretary. >> the government dramatically. my dad used to say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> i want you all to think what secretary clinton is saying is that the united states should continue to be the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all of our people. i think that the rest of the world, if they can do it, we can. >> is donald trump a racist? >> i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists, when he was engaging in rhetoric that
7:20 am
i found deeply offensive. i said -- >> and let us not forget that several years ago trump was in the middle of a so-called bertha movement, trying to delegitimize the president of the united states of america. >> i am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or president obama. so i have a view that i just have to do the best i can. >> all right. so that's what happened inside the debate. but outside, i was talking to those protesting students. they were something else. high school students and college students. i actually talked with down of them. his name was marco. he's a high school senior. he's 18 years old who is actively campaigning for sanders. he feels the bern because of the big, bold ideas. i also asked marco if he gets the trump phenomenon. this is what he told me. >> some people compare bernie
7:21 am
sanders and donald trump because they're kind of like running a revolution of sorts but in different ways. does anything about donald trump appeal to you at all? >> yes, actually. his attitude of i don't care what anyone says about me, i will still do it. bernie has that. that's where these extreme ideas come from. the thing is with donald trump is that instead of thinking of i don't care about anyone else, i'm caring about we. he's thinking i don't care about anyone else, i'm thinking about me. >> got that? joining me to talk about that and more, ron brownstein, and mabe reston. welcome to you. wasn't that kid smart? >> i was sitting here calculating that i bet bernie sanders has won about the same share of the democratic vote as donald trump has the republican candidate. but donald trump has been running against 15 and
7:22 am
shrinking. it gives you a convergence. >> you laugh at the kids. it's easy. they're 18. idealistic. they were heating hot peppers for bernie sanders. they were raising money for him. they found a way to do it without bernie sanders having to ask. and that's valuable. >> right. that's what clinton doesn't seem to have going for her campaign is that kind of energy and willingness to eat a hot pepper or do whatever it takes to get him elected. and that's going to be the biggest challenge that she has going forward. this race obviously is going to go on for a little while. if she does win the nomination, really being able to generate the excitement, particularly among young voters. that's the biggest challenge. >> they're counting on donald trump to be the solution. he might provide more fuel than her as the nominee. >> was there any moment that stood out last night? >> i thought the exchange over cuba was striking.
7:23 am
they played the tape of bernie sanders praising what had happened in cuba under the castros and clinton jumped on it from the center or the right. and there haven't been that many moments in this campaign. he's danced like a tennis player, trying to get it. she's gone to the other side to try to credit size from the left. i thought it was the rare case where she is saying his position is too far outside of the political mainstream. here in florida, i think that's an especially resonant argument. it'll be interesting to see how that plays out next. >> they talked a lot about immigration, right? and both of them sort of split from president obama and said we're never, never going to deport undocumented children, under no circumstances. and some voters might think that's a little extreme. >> absolutely. ron was just making this point. perhaps that was going to be a bridge too far for some voters. think about how far donald trump has drawn the debate on the right, it's now we're going to come into a general election with these two sides so far
7:24 am
apart and how they would handle tun documented people in this country. it was a night where they were clearly trying to best each other on that issue. bernie sanders is clearly looking ahead to states like arizona where he thinks his campaign can do well running these five-minute ads on uni vision, focusing on his work on these issues. >> i think two notes are consistent. people are pragmatic. they don't support unrealistic ideas. the idea of rounding up 11 million people and desporting them as never had majority support, even with republicans. on the other hand, they do support the rule of law. to say we're not going to enforce the law at all, that seemed to me a big step. especially with the lee glgalit president obama's executive action hanging in the court.
7:25 am
>> if trump wins the nomination, they have mirror images, one extreme or the other. >> and most people would be in the middle. >> right. thanks to both of you. still to come in the news room, marco rubio puts it all on the line in florida and risks losing to donald trump. i'll talk with the state's republican party chair about whether it's time to get behind the front runner or move on.
7:26 am
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a man hunt is ramping up in nn minnesota for two inmates two escaped. play are described as dangerous. one is wanted for a felony assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. on the right, the man is wanted for first degree murder and attempted first degree murder. they both escaped. the massive dam in mosul is at risk of failing. they say the dam which was once controlled by isis could fail with little warning and the impacts would be catastrophic. mosul is home to 600,000 people and could flood in just four hours. a veteran convicted in a brooklyn federal court for trying to join isis in syria. the jury found the then
7:31 am
47-year-old guilty of supplying things to terrorists. it's the first time the jury has found a guilty first out of dozens of cases of citizens trying to join isis. >> on wednesday flint's mayor announced the city will stop sending utility bills to some 85,000 people until credits can be applied. the state last week approved $30 million to help flint residents with their water bills. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. i'm live at the university of miami. the site of tonight's gop debate. rubio putting it owl on the line in florida, making it a winner
7:32 am
take all. tonight is one of his last chances to convince voters he's the man who can beat donald trump. with a reception like the one last night with a stadium full of empty seats, finding that path to victory might be difficult. a new fox news poll finds rubio trailing donald trump in his home state by double digits. 43% to 20 %. let's talk about that. i'm joined by carlos korbello and blaze engolia. welcome to both of you. >> thank you, and welcome to miami university. >> we're having a good time and working hard too. carlos, you were at the rally as i was. there weren't many people there. some people said it was kind of embarrassing. >> what people have to understand is hialeah is a working class town. it was 5:00 p.m. the goal of the rally was to get people to the early voting site
7:33 am
next door. that's where rubio has been effective. we've seen in polls among people who have already voted he's up two to one on donald trump. i think rubio is doing better than people think in this state. >> blaze, you have data on that being the gop chair. share. >> what we're seeing is enthusiastic voters here. at the end of today, we'll probably see more than 1 million voters voted in this primary already, and probably north of 2 million voters by the time march 15th comes around. we're more enthusiastic than the democrats at this point. >> so while people were doing earlier voting, rubio was doing better. >> we know as to the point, the people have voted polling is suggesting that rubio is doing better on those votes already cast. >> going back to the rally. i talked to a number of rubio supporters who said they were going to throw their support to ted cruz if marco rubio decided to drop out. it was interesting.
7:34 am
marco rubio supporters do not like donald trump. let's listen. >> when donald trump calls him names like little marco, what goes through your mind? >> donald trump, forgive my language, he's a blow hard. >> it's not very nice. i mean, that's a fact. i think trump -- he is a tv guy. he does it for the publicity. >> i think he has dirty politics. if he has to go and disrespect people and call them names, it doesn't say much about his person and who he is. he's just a bad person. >> in the way that he talk, trump, i don't like. we can disagree without insulting. >> all right. so you heard the voters there. you know, they hate the kind of language and insults that trump is employing in his run for the presidency.
7:35 am
i asked them whether they thought rubio should get down in the dirt. they stuck up for him. you could tell it kind of made them uncomfortable. rubio himself said that he regrets doing that. was that a mistake? >> i think rubio was trying to destabilize donald trump, and to be honest and fair, i think it's thanks to rubio's attacks that we've seen trump really stumble. he had a tough super saturday, even though he recovered this week, things aren't going as well for trump as they had. what these voters understand is a lot of people have been saying a vote for anyone other than rubio is a vote for trump. it's actually a vote for hillary clinton, because i think what most florida republicans and most republicans around the country understand is that if donald trump is the nominee, god forbid, hillary clinton will likely be the next president of the united states. >> but still, every attack lobbed against donald trump has not worked. his numbers have only improved.
7:36 am
so you look toward tonight's debate, and you say is anybody going to attack him at all? what do you think, blaze? >> well, i think we're going to still see a continuance of what we've seen in other debates. what's going to be important to republicans to see who's going to be the nominee is we're having debates about policy. and that's what's setting us different than the democrats. if you look at the debate last night, the democrat debate, hillary clinton refused or did not choose to use the words veteran, isis, or the words national debt. and those are the things that people are really caring about during this election. so i think we, what you're going to hear tonight is more policy. hopefully we stick to a lot more policy and we get away from some of the attacks, because people in this country want seclusiool. they want answers. >> that's really where donald
7:37 am
trump that has struggled. when marco rubio got him in the corner and was trying to force him to explain his health care plan, that's really where trump was unmasked. this man has no idea what he's talking about. he has no concrete ideas for the future of the country, and when voters see that, they start running away from him. i hope the wonderful moderators at cnn will force all the candidates, but especially mr. trump to be explicit and honest about what his vision is for the future of this country. >> i'm sure jake tapper will. he's a smart guy. i'm excited to watch as i'm sure you are. >> at the very least, it's been entertaining, which is not always good. >> you're right about that. thanks to both of you. still to come in the news room, bernie sanders and donald trump say bad trade deals are killing the middle class. is that true?
7:38 am
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donald trump and bernie sanders are winning over voters with their message on trade and what they say is devastating impact on the middle class. listen to the ad sanders ran ahead of his victory in michigan. >> millions of good jobs lost. communities devastated. the jobs, moved overseas. only one candidate for president has consistently fought trade deals that ship michigan jobs overseas, bernie sanders. >> but othare the claims by the candidates accurate? christine romans has answers this morning. >> if you look at the important
7:43 am
states, voters are telling us they believe america's trade deals kills american jobs and the middle class. they've been arguing it's the trade deals that do it. let's look at the manufacturing jobs numbers. you can see that in the 1960s about 28% of america's jobs were manufacturing workers. today that's more like 8.7%, and people like donald trump and bernie sanders are directly tieing that with the trade deals. the discontent is resonating here, but is it true? on the one hand, yes, you have seen some jobs, manufacturing jobs go overseas. there are lots of different studies that show at least a million jobs to china, in particular. others to mexico. what you'll hear from the free traders is that america's standard of living has been rising during these free trade deals because of the products that americans can buy. the other part of this economy, though, the other things driving
7:44 am
the discontent, a american family the same as 1995, if you don't have a college degree, your job has probably gone overseaers. for workers without college degrees, there's a lot of unease here. also interesting, carol. a lot of the jobs in the 60s, 70s, 80s, those are factory jobs. you didn't require a college degree. now we're seeing white men dropping out of the job market. there's competition from women who have come to work and hispanics in the marketplace. for white men who used to have a solid place in the labor market, the labor market participation of white men has been declining. all of those things really resonating can folks on the campaign trail who believe that trade is killing jobs. the clinton campaign has said and other economists is that even without trade deals, you would still have globalization, that technology is the bigger driver here. as you can connect the world and
7:45 am
markets and people who cheaper labor markets, it would inevitable that jobs would leave. a big debate. they've been debating it since 1993 and before, and now it's front and center in this campaign. >> so who has the better solution? do their policies work? i'm talking about bernie sanders and trump? >> a lot of economists who talk about the donald trump solutions, he just says get me in a room and i'll fix the trade deals. a lot of folks say you're talking about a trade war. if donald trump puts 35% tariffs on individual products or companies, they will tariff american exports. in terms of bernie sanders, he's talking about an overall revolution. he wants to raise the minimum wage and give free college to everyone so the people who don't have a college degree can find a place in the economy that isn't a factory job that's been gutted. on the whole you're talking about band-aids.
7:46 am
you haven't heard how someone is going to fix undue trade deals that are legal and binding and we've spent 30 years and both parties have pursued. >> christine, thanks so much. still to come in the news room, hulk hogan gets into the ring with gawker. the latest from the $100 million sex tape battle. next. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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court is back in session this morning for hulk hogan in his six tape. gawker cited the first amendment. as you see a journalism professor there, just taking the stand. we are following this. good morning, alena. >> reporter: the jury has started day four of testimony. listening to a journalism professor from a gawker attorney. he's an expert witness for hulk hogan's team, and his testimony began yesterday afternoon after the jury was shown separate video taped depositions from
7:51 am
both the founder of gawker, nick denton, and a.j.delario who posted a portion of the sex tape in 2012. hogan claims publishing the sex tape was an invasion of his privacy. in the deposition, hogan's attorneys repeatedly pressed delario about the newsworthiness of the video. he said he found it, quote, amusing. he's part of the exchange between delario and hogan's legal team on when he would draw the line when it comes to publishing a celebrity sex tape. i want to note the exchange turned sarcastic. listen to this. >> a situation where celebrities would not be published? >> if they were a child.
7:52 am
under what age? >> four. >> and that was the end of delario's taped deposition. hogan has been in court every day. he showed little emotion while the depositions were being played. carol. >> all right. reporting live for us this morning, thank you. checking some top stories for you. police believe two gunmen are on the loose after a backyard party turns deadly in pennsylvania. the gunmen killing five people outside of a home about 15 miles east of pittsburgh last night. four others were shot. three of those victims are in critical condition this morning. investigators say it's likely both gunmen fled on foot. >> a state of emergency now in effect for northern louisiana. deadly storms triggering flood and forcing thousands to evacuate. more than a foot and a half of rain has fallen on starts of the state with another 10 to 12 inches expected. hundreds of home are now at risk
7:53 am
because of the possibility of levy failures. another top executive at volkswagen is out. leaving his post immediately marking the latest fallout from the emissions scandal. last year the epa accused them of using software in some of the diesel powered cars that altered the engine's performance appearing to make them cleaner on the road. some might say donald trump's pledge has gone to the dogs. here's a look at the pooch that didn't want to take the pledge. >> reporter: repeat after him. i pledge allegiance to the donald. >> let's do a pledge. raise your right hand. i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. raise that hand. i love you. >> reporter: but not everyone loves the pledge. all of those upraised hands remind some of a nazi salute which trumped called ridiculous,
7:54 am
though he promised to look into it because he didn't want to offend anybody. >> when i say raise your hand, everybody raises their hand. they're screaming to me to do it. they want to do it. >> but they didn't all want to do it. >> i do solemnly swear. >> reporter: look at the four legged audience member who seemed to be unwilling. >> will vote for donald j. trump. >> reporter: video of the doggy pledge resister went viral, inspiring tweets like friends don't let man's best friend vote trump. though donald also has his k 9 supporters and the dog reluctant to raise his right paw went nowhere near as viral as hillary's famous bark. the donald has a thing for dogs, at least when it comes to delivering insults. >> he couldn't be a dogcatcher.
7:55 am
i'm watching him sweating on my dog. sit down. sit down. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel tested the command on dogs. >> sit down. sit down. sit down. >> reporter: three out of four sat. sit down and pledge. >> i do solemnly swear. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> it's such a strange election season, isn't it? thanks so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan after a break. do you sign invoices likeour fathey're autographs?en, then you might be gearcentric. right now, buy two get one free
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>> excuse me. excuse me. >> did you ask me to speak? >> if you get indicted would you -- >> i'm not even answering that question. >> i think islam hates us. first of all, i'll win florida. >> it comes down to florida. i need you to come out and vote. >> we will beat donald trump going forward, and then beat hillary clinton. >> i'm going to be the republican nominee. >> we're not going to play games. we're going to make america great again. >> hello, everyone. it is christmas in march, because it is debate day in america once again. >> i'm john berman. we're live at the university of miami. the site of what could be and epic republican debate tonight right here on cnn. just hours from now,


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