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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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disappointed and marco rubio deeply disappointed. cnn has confirmed from multiple sources that ben carson will endorsement donald trump tomorrow morning. "erin burnett outfront" picks up our coverage right now. next, our countdown to cnn's republican presidential debate tonight. the stakes could not be higher for the four remaining candidates in what could be the most crucial debate so far. sources telling cnn ben carson will endorse trump, a major moment in this campaign, a major boost for donald trump with conservatives and evangelical voters. the most sought after endorsement in this state. my guest tonight former governor rick scott. let's go "outfront." >> good evening, i'm erin burnett. welcome tonight to a very special edition of "outfront"
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live in miami. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, they will all be here in this room, the last four republicans standing, in their final debate before the winner take all florida and ohio. winner take all. crucial night. tonight the debate leading in. this is the debate stage behind me. this is a huge room. we are going to have a lot of people here tonight. we are the university of miami. the candidates have been off the trail today behind closed doors getting ready for this debate. and we are following the major breaking news at this hour. sources telling cnn dr. ben carson will endorse donald trump at a press conference tomorrow morning. he's hoping this will give him a boost among evangelicals. it is a big disappointment for ted cruz. it does come in the shadow of more violence at a trump rally. this is in north carolina. a black protester was ejected
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from the event and then sucker punched by a white man in the crowd as you can see there. a pretty shocking and stunning moment. trump has promised to tone down the rhetoric. it is a crucial night for donald trump. he needs a strong performance, a presidential performance, to deliver, to make good on his promise on what he calls a knockout punch on tuesday if he wins ohio and florida, beating kasich and rubio in their home states. is the race over? we have it all covered in this hour tonight as we count you down for that debate. my expert panel will be with me for the entire hour. i want to begin with jim acosta because we have this breaking news. last night on the show he left the door open to endorsing trump or cruz, but when i asked him specifically about whether he was upset that donald trump had likened him to a child molester, he said i'm not going to judge
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anyone for a comment made in the heat of the moment, which seems pretty indicative of where he was going. >> reporter: that's right, erin. this is outsiders uniting. there is friction between dr. ben carson and ted cruz. donald trump likes to talk about this out on the campaign trail all the time. he feels like ted cruz was pulling dirty tricks in iowa to bounce ben carson out of this race and that was to the benefit of ted cruz. so it is not i don't think a big surprise to see donald trump and ben carson joining forces. as trudonald trump is picking u this very key endorsement, these are desperate times for marco rubio in florida. but donald trump is all but labeling rubio as another piece of campaign roadkill on his path to nomination. >> they hate him in florida.
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>> reporter: trump is predicting he'll drive rubio out of the race by trouncing him in his home state. >> little marco would say -- i think he's gone. i think he's gone, but who knows. >> reporter: at a rally where a protester was sucker punched in the face, donald trump brushed off the latest from ted cruz. >> lying ted cruz came up but he said, i'm the only one who can beat donald trump. he doesn't know how to win. >> reporter: the attack ads are flying fast. from this anti-trump super pac spot featuring a man who says he worked as a salesman from trump university to this trump ad slamming rubio for his controversial florida connections. >> when marco rubio became speaker of the house, he brought his friends along for the ride. >> reporte
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>> i think it's going to be softer, but i'll be ready. i think marco is going to be a different person. >> reporter: rubio is seeing his ground game tested. his campaign lined up this football stadium last night, but drew a crowd that was far smaller for the facility's capacity. >> at the end of the day, it's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it, and if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> reporter: cruz has his own lines of attack ready for trump. he's accusing him of manipulating his supporters. >> donald gave a press conference where he said, to quote him, i love the poorly educated. i think donald is taking advantage of his voters. >> reporter: florida is hardly the only battleground. john kasich rising in the polls in his home state of ohio. >> i'm going to be the republican nominee. >> reporter: trump is suddenly attacking him. >> you have ohio where you have
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an absentee governor. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager tells me he is expecting rubio to go on attack at tonight's debate. he hopes to take out rubio in florida and kasich in ohio. trump is their nominee and it doesn't hurt for donald trump to have the endorsement of dr. ben carson. just part of the fruit salad of this campaign, erin. >> yeah. references to ben carson's last debate performance. the republicans are going to be facing off in just moments. the breaking news of course ben carson going to endorse donald trump tomorrow morning. sunland, what are you hearing? >> reporter: it's interesting. the view that we're getting from the cruz campaign is senator cruz is going to be trying to distinguish himself tonight up here on the debate stage in his
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ho tone and in his approach. cruz is preparing a big economic message tonight that he will be trying to speak directly to voters about the issues they are facing. their plan is to not get engaged in the mud slinging, try to look a little presidential on the debate stage, and really speak to the issues that voters are facing. so much has been said about marco rubio and john kasich facing high stakes, but the cruz campaign wants to stand out tonight to distinguish himself from the other candidates and to present himself as the most viable alternative to donald trump. the cruz campaign sees tonight as an opportunity to inch towards that goal. outfront now, nia henderson, gloria borger, andy dean, s.e.
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cupp, and ben henderson. a loyal group of voters. how significant is the ben carson endorsement for donald trump? >> look, i don't think it's going to bring huge numbers to donald trump because he didn't have that much support but carson's supporters were as loyal to him as trump supporters are loyal to him. it seems to me that his voters may follow. if i were donald trump, i would welcome this with open arms. it's really not a surprise that he's not going after endorsing cruz as we were saying before because they had this whole question about whether cruz played some dirty tricks on him
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in iowa. >> even though donald trump said ben carson behaved like a child mole molester. >> memories are short, i guess. >> how significant will this be here in florida? >> i don't think it's very significant. it certainly helps trump. it might have been more surprising if he endorsed cruz. carson lives in florida, but he's retiring. he's not that well known. remember when he called him a child molester? this is actually happening. what planet are we on that candidates are calling each other child molesters? >> this is a video at a trump rally yesterday. the person who punched this protester has now been booked. i want to play it again so everybody can see it. you had a protester being escorted out. the protester was black. the man who punched him in the face who has now been booked is white. that's how it happens to be.
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s.e., the issue is does donald trump need to say more? does he need to do more? this is not the first time we have seen violence at a donald trump rally. >> donald trump i think gives sort of a nod and a wink to this sort of thing when he talks at his rallies about protesters. get them out. get them out. in the good ole days we would have knocked them out. i wish i could knock them out. he'd said that. donald trump is not entirely responsible for what this lunatic guy did at a rally, but it should be up to donald trump to set the tone just as it would be up to donald trump to set the tone of an administration. his rhetoric throughout this entire campaign has set exactly that kind of tone. >> andy, what does donald trump need to do tonight though, because you have said he needs to have a new tone, he needs to be presidential? is he going to do that tonight or when someone throws the bait out, which they will, is he going to take it? >> oh, he's going to fight back,
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but we have to get to this point where we have someone protesting at a donald trump rally and he gets hit. there are 20,000 people coming to these rallies. sometimes 40,000 people to see donald trump. anytime there's 40,000 people, somebody gets punched. >> not at political rallies. >> ben, how about this though -- >> on top of having a candidate in donald trump who stands out there and says i'm not going to disavow the kkk, i wish i could punch that guy out, and then another candidate is looking and acting like a child molester, then hitting an african-american guy. you had people who enjoyed it. >> and congratulated him for it. >> he was a 78-year-old guy. it's amazing he could throw a
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punch. the violence is unacceptable. ben, calm down for a second. liberals go in at a donald trump rally. you've never seen a full hour. maybe they show ten minutes on tv. 15 to 20 times throughout that rally there's a protester. usually it's a college student who is a hippy. >> at no one else's rally. you're saying it is just a matter of numbers? >> far left liberals go in and they're more disrespectful. you don't see conservatives go to hillary clinton's rallies and go, hey, hillary. liberals go to republican rallies to try to create chaos. we can't make a determination of the skin color. we don't know what happened there. >> you're saying it happens every rally.
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then why not make sure that your supporters when you're running for president and make it clear that you're not going to advocate punching somebody in the face. >> trump says no violence. that's simple. >> but tonight how important is it for donald trump to set a tone that he is going to elevate the conversation instead of being the one that jumps at the opportunity to bring it down? >> i think that's been important throughout this entire campaign and you've seen him at times try to do that, but then he sort of gets back to the old trump who can't seem to not take the bait if it is thrown his way. he usually kind of lapses back to the trump that we know who likes to throw punches and get in the mud with other people, but it is at a different point in this campaign now. he needs to be more presidential and statesman like. i think it is important that he sets a different kind of tone.
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>> do you remember john mccain when he had somebody at a town hall say president obama is a muslim and mccain said stop, he's not. i don't want to hear that. this was a moment for mccain that was presidential. i remember at the time thinking, you know what, this person is a supporter of his. he said to this person stop. i think it's an opportunity for trump to say, you know what, i love your passion, but this is not what we do. >> that's why the stakes are so very, very high tonight. outfront next, donald trump the polls. he is polling very strongly here in florida and in some polls in ohio as well. a little tighter. why isn't he backing his own state senator marco rubio for the nomination? hillary clinton taking new shots
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welcome back. we are live tonight at the university of miami here in florida where the four remaining republican candidates will face off right behind me. podiums are all ready to go.
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breaking news on the trail tonight. sources telling cnn ben carson will endorse donald trump. this development could fuel his growing momentum. for marco rubio and john kasich this could be do or die. florida here for rubio and ohio for kasich. donald trump says he will win and it will win him the nomination. >> if i win ohio and if i win florida, you're going to be pretty much assured of doing that. >> you're going to get all the delegates? >> i really think so. i see probably getting the delegates. it's like the fighters. that's the ultimate way of doing it. >> outfront now, republican national committee chairman reince priebus. donald trump yet again going to
4:20 pm
own a news cycle no matter what happens at tonight's debate. >> that's what you guys are reporting. i don't know what the details are of that, but dr. carson has done a great job. he's a good man, but i don't know the details of it. but certainly there are a lot of endorsements going on around the country right now. if it's true, it's a big gift. >> it certainly is a big gift. >> mike lee endorsed ted cruz. there's a lot of this going on right now. >> if donald trump wins florida and ohio, you've got to admit it's going to become incredibly difficult for someone else to win the nomination, isn't it? >> i'm not in a position to really start talking about where everyone's delegate math is going. whoever gets the majority of delegates, we're going to be behind that nominee 100%. but if you have to get to 1237.
4:21 pm
>> what you just said there i want to make sure i really understand. >> sure. >> somebody could have the majority of delegates and not have 1237. are you saying if someone has the majority, but not 1237 you'll still support them? they'll be the party nominee? >> either asif you don't have t you can't be presumptive nominee. there are certain things we can do by law that were regulated by federal election commission. if i feel like supporting someone, then that's what will happen. there are laws that regulate our involvement. if we have a presumptive nominee of our party, we can join in with that presumptive nominee. we can spend money before they get formally nominated on the floor of the convention. if a person doesn't look like
4:22 pm
they're going to get to 1237, then we have to wait until we get to the convention. >> so majority you would still have to get to the convention before you would actually say, okay, you're my main at this point. >> that's right. last night, when i was talking to ben carson, he was saying he was embarrassed by the republican debate. to remind our viewers, let me play the tone we have experienced. >> she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he's [ bleep ]. that's terrible. terrible. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been lawsuits. even a race to obama she was favored to win and she got sh n
4:23 pm
schlonged. she lost. >> i'm not interested in talking about donald trump's anatomy. >> you cringe. it's mortifying. i know you have spoke to the candidates about their tone. were they receptive? are they going to change? >> if you look at what the campaigns are saying, they all agree the last debate was probably not the best picture, i think, for our debates. as i've said over the weekend and this week, i want to get a pg or a "g" rating here tonight. i'd prefer a "g," rating, but i'll take a pg. i think cnn is taking some steps to cool the temperature on the debate stage, which i think is really important. >> president obama has said he is the one to blame for what's happening. republicans.
4:24 pm
he responded to that today and here's what he said. >> i have been blamed by republicans for a lot of things, but being blamed for their primaries and who they're selecting for their party is novel. >> is the civil war that your party is going through right now his fault? >> i don't know about a civil war. i think both parties are having a pretty big debate right now about the direction of party, but no. i think people are frustrated with things not getting done in washington, d.c. people are frustrated with an economy that's not better off. he does have a lot to answer for in regard to the promises he's made and what he's delivered. he has a lot of things to answer for in his own party. you look at michigan where bernie sanders came in and he wasn't supposed to win big, diverse states in this country
4:25 pm
and he did. i think there's a lot of frustration out there, but i think there's tremendous participation. we have 70% more participation in our party than ever before in our party. that means something. we are crushing the democrats. yes, we do have to unify. we do have to come together. it's hard sometimes to come together, but we will because hillary clinton will bring this country further in the ditch. her numbers are already in the ditch. i think that we'll do well. >> reince priebus, thank you very much. big night for your candidates tonight. outfront next, you are looking at live pictures of bernie sanders about to speak to a huge crowd here in florida, in tampa as it happens to be. my guest tonight florida's governor rick scott. he says donald trump is america's friend. why isn't he endorsing him? we're counting down to tonight's gop debate. we'll be right back. can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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together, we're building a better california. welcome back from miami. we are just about an hour from the cnn republican debate. i could be a game changer in this campaign. on the democratic side, bernie
4:30 pm
sanders is speaking live attituat this moment at a rally in tampa. sanders looking to pull off another major upset while hillary clinton says she is prepared to fight all the way to the democratic convention. jeff zeleny is outfront. >> reporter: it's a democratic fight with no end in sight. >> the american people are angry and they have reason to be angry. >> i don't think you move into the future by fighting about things that happened 20 and 30 years ago. >> reporter: at least not before june when the primary calendar ends. we caught up with hillary clinton today campaigning in tampa. >> can you understand why senator sanders wants to stay in this race until the very end, until california? >> well, i stayed in the race until the very end. look, i think everyone has to run his or her own campaign. i respect that. if we go to the end, we go to the end just as i did in 08. >> reporter: the fireworks in miami some of the loudest yet
4:31 pm
between the democrat rivals signaled a rough and rocky road ahead. >> sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation and stood with the minutemen individual lvigilante absurd reasoning. >> that is an unfair statement. >> senator sanders is always criticizing the recent democratic presidents. >> i wish he would join me in criticizing former president george w. bush for recking the economy. >> reporter: they're getting under each other's skin and hitting the campaign trail hard with five more states voting in five more days. >> if you come out and your friends and family and neighbors
4:32 pm
come out, we are going to win. >> reporter: if it is trump, clinton told us his record may not be as impressive as he thinks. >> i've gotten more votes than he has. i think he has really analyzed a pretty narrow base. if he gets nominated, we're going to have a very vigorous general election if i'm the nominee. >> reporter: but many democrats are not waiting to find out. even as hillary clinton has to take on bernie sanders who is drawing big crowds today in florida, some 5,000 people outside of orlando. the clinton campaign and the democratic machine is starting to focus on donald trump who they do believe will be the republican nominee. looking at his business dealings and other things. interestingly, these primaries that are coming up now and happening now are indeed happening in general election battlegrounds. here in florida. also in ohio. also possibly illinois and
4:33 pm
michigan, if donald trump would put these states into play. that's why this next stretch here, this next five days or so, so interesting to watch on both sides of the race because they are so, so, so interconnected. >> thank you very much, jeff. joining me now nia henderson, ron brownstein, and my other guests. it is not winner take all for the democrats. how well could bernie sanders do here? >> he's way behind. this is really the first time this entire cycle he's really set foot in florida to do anything, but he has a fair amount of passionate support. if he wins 30% or 40%, it's not a blowout, but it is still a fair number of delegates. >> which is the crucial thing that keeps this alive. >> the way the democratic proportionality works, two things are true. it is hard to knock someone out completely and it is hard to catch up when you're behind.
4:34 pm
both things are true. hillary clinton's delegate lead is a fact, especially compounded by her advantage among the super delegates. bernie sanders needs a change in the fundamental dynamic to overtake her between now and the end of the line. >> i think you have to win 65% of the remaining delegates to overtake her lead and her lead is bigger than obama's ever was in 2008. i think one of the things to watch going into tuesday is how she does with white voters because she got beat by white voters in michigan. that was the big game changer. you saw bernie sanders eat into her lead, those blowout leads she had down south. it'll be interesting to see if that's something he can transfer to these different states, florida, illinois, north carolina. >> ed, when you look at the african-american population in north carolina, a vast majority
4:35 pm
of the democratic voters african-american. it is different here. it is more like michigan in that one demographic regard. >> she has a lead 72% to 16% among non-white voters. i don't see how he makes that up in any significant way. it won't happen here. it won't happen here for a lot of reasons. last night he probably damaged himself a bit with any hispanics or cuban american voters by waivering on questions about the castro regime. they played that clip of him last night defending the castro regime. they were people booing into the hall who were cheering him on for student dead abt and other issues. >> demographically similar to
4:36 pm
michigan, smaller african-american population, but also receptive to the trade message. if you look at illinois, florida, and north carolina, more diverse, more challenging. >> i think that's significant. in the south, not really a big labor movement in the south. i think that's why bernie sanders wasn't able to catch on with african-americans or white voters. >> stronghold in florida is miami-dade. some democrats love the idea of political revolution. around here that's a scary word. >> it's interesting. bernie sanders, we were just having a conversation about the supporter at a trump rally. a protester was being escorted out, a black protester, the white man sucker punched him. he said no one in america should never fear for their safety at a political rally.
4:37 pm
mr. trump should take responsibility for addressing his supporters' violent actions. will he do that tonight? >> he's done the opposite so far. he's had several comments at rallies where he's talked about in the old days they would carry him out on a stretcher. he seems to have tolerated, if not welcomed, the kind of physical response to the protest. i think it is very important to see what he says tonight. on the one hand, trump is rolling towards the nomination. on the other hand, every warning light on the dashboard is blinking red at the moment. nbc wall street journal reported today the worst favorab favorable/unfavorable they've ever tested in a presidential primary. >> particularly women. if you look at the gap he has with women voters compared to
4:38 pm
hillary clinton, he's losing women by something like 20 points. there was a politico story that says he has to get 7 in 10 white men to win this thing. they have to figure out. he has to figure out if he can broaden his base. incidents like this don't help. >> thanks very much to all of you. we've got a live picture of marco rubio outside the university of miami where we are sitting right outside this room arriving for tonight's debate. obviously this is a crucial, crucial moment for marco rubio in his home state. his wife jeannette is with him. outfront next, the man with the most coveted endorsement in the state of florida, governor rick scott will be my guest right here at the university of miami as we count you down to the republican debate. the four remaining candidates will be going head to head kicking off in less than an hour.
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welcome back. we're counting you down to tonight's cnn's crucial republican debate. it begins at 8:30 eastern right
4:43 pm
in this room with just days to go until this state's game changing winner take all primary. the states are trying to secure the endorsement of florida governor rick scott. he's outfront with me tonight. >> all these billionaires are moving here. then they spend all their money running ads. >> against donald trump, who you say it is a friend of yours. >> he's a very good friend. senator rubio is a very good friend. john kasich has been governor when i've been governor. we deal with the same issues. most of them are barack obama issues. ted cruz, i compete with his state all the time for jobs. >> marco rubio, he campaigned for you. donald trump is a friend of yours. you wrote an opposi-ed in usa t. you said there's no doubt he tweets and speaks his mind freely. i think he is capturing the
4:44 pm
frustration of many in america. dr. ben carson just endorsed him. what's holding you back? >> if you go back to my race in 2010, i was not the establishment candidate. i was a business person and outsider. the republican establishment was completely against me. they had their person. i'm going to wait and listen to the republican voters. i think it's going to be about jobs. i won in 2010 and 2014 about job creation. >> you're not going to do anything formally until after voters in florida vote. >> i'm not going to do anything until tuesday, but i think it will come down to who voters believe will get our country back to work. >> donald trump has had some violence at his rallies. there was a protester getting escorted out, african-american. got sucker punched by a white attendee at the rally. should donald trump specifically denounce this? he sort of made jokes about it.
4:45 pm
he said i used to want to carry them out on a stretcher. now i just said get them out. get them out. it's become one of his bits. >> i don't think anybody likes violence. we're almost at a 45-year low in our crime rate here. if you stop and think about it, people want to be safe. they want jobs. they want a good education system. i don't know what happened in those cases, but i know i don't want any violence to happen in our state. i don't think anybody wants any violence in this country. >> in terms of donald trump, does he need to say more, that this is not okay? >> i think that's up to donald trump. i know when i ran i didn't want anything to happen to anybody. i wanted people to come to my event events. i wanted them to feel safe. >> donald trump made some comments to cnn last night . he said he would ban non-american nemuslims from thi
4:46 pm
country. >> i think islam hates us. there's something. there's a tremendous hatred there. >> well, we're sitting in miami. i was at a funeral two years ago for a journalist who was beheaded by radical islamists. there are people who clearly hate america. there are people that love america. radical islam does not like our country. when i think about this i think about what's happened to people like steven sotloff. >> he had to be asked several times until finally anderson cooper asked him do you mean radical islam and he said yes. it's comments like those that are causing some to compare him to hitler, people who do not like him. people have compared him to hitler. vicente fox said, quote, he
4:47 pm
reminds me of hitler. it's direct. it's not an illusion. it's a direct thing. he reminds me of hitler. do they have a point? >> i can tell you what happened after the paris attacks. what i said is until the federal government can make us comfortable with our vetting process, i don't want anymore syrian refugees in my state. one of the terrorists posed as a syrian refugee. >> just to be clear, though, supporting not having refugees come into florida is different than temporarily supporting a ban on all muslims. would you support that? >> tell me how the vetting process is better than the french vetting process. i'm sure the french government wants their citizens to be safe. they couldn't tell me. i asked them will you give my
4:48 pm
law enforcement the same information you have on their backgrounds of these refugees. that's wrong. we should know what the vetting process. if they're going to send syrian refugees into our state, our law enforcement should know exactly what their background is. we're a little over 30 minutes away from the cnn republican debate. it could be the most decisive of the race so far. when we return, the keys to tonight's showdown. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under six and it should not be given to children six to seventeen.
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welcome back. we are live at the university of m miami for tonight's crucial republican debate. jake tapper getting ready to moderate. he'll be joined by dana bash, hugh hewitt and stephen dinan. my panel is back. also joining me is former communications director for ted cruz, amanda carpenter. let's go around, everybody. this is a very big night. do or die for marco rubio. crucial for kasich. crucial for donald trump because he's got to show he can deliver the statesman-like goods. crucial for ted cruz to show he can beat trump. >> trump has been in ohio, slamming kasich as the absentee governor. does he bring that tonight, and
4:53 pm
how does kasich respond? does he continue to try to rise above it, be mr. rogers, mr. nice guy or get a little down and dirty? >> john kasich's neighborhood? >> yeah. >> i think that the key tonight is whether john kasich and marco rubio in particular can make the case to their home state voters that this is the do or die moment. this is larger than about how you feel about me. this is about whether or not you want donald trump as a representative of the republican party. if he wins one or both of those states, it is going to be almost impossible to stop him. >> ted cruz needs to make everyone forget about marco rubio and john kasich and convince people it's a cruz/trump race and he say consensus conservative candidate who can win. >> i think it's not going to be so much what is said but how it's said because we've heard all this stuff before. is donald going to act presidential and classy? and when he does get attacked because we expect that to happen, can he do so in a tough way and show he's not weak but tone it down a little.
4:54 pm
>> but not be personal or vindictive in any way. >> personal to him. on tuesday, the republican nominee for becoming president of the united states. he wants everybody to come together. a little less of the personal stuff. >> i'm less on the edge of my seat about whether donald trump will be presidential tonight. i don't expect he will sound presidential and also it's a low bar for him. i expect that he will get swung at, and he'll return fire as per usual. so i am not holding out hope that this is like a different tone, like a new trump debate. but i am looking at marco rubio tonight. can he speak directly to floridians in his home state and remind them of what he means to them and how high the stakes are for florida voters in this coming election. he's got to have his best debate performance ever. i know he's capable of it. we've seen him have good nights. he just needs to -- he needs to
4:55 pm
deliver. >> i think it's going to be interesting to see specifically from ted cruz, can he show the country this is a two-man race. you are going to have two others basically saying, look at me in florida and look at me in ohio. we're still here, but ted cruz needs to walk out there and make it very clear this is a two-man race. for donald trump, will he act presidential tonight? i think the bar is so low at this point he's going to do just fine at being donald trump as long as he doesn't sucker punch anyone on stage or -- >> are we going to hear lying ted and little marco, or is he going to leave that at the door? >> we don't know. isn't there a catch-22? you want it to be a two-man race for ted cruz. if it's a two-man race in florida and ohio, ted cruz isn't going to be the winner. they need right now these candidates to stop trump from acquiring all those delegates in ohio and florida because if kasich and rubio fade, i do not see ted cruz beating donald trump in either of those states. >> if ted cruz beat kasich in
4:56 pm
michigan. >> people want to go with a winner. that's the one thing, they want to be -- they want to go for the winner. whoever emerges as a big winner tonight. next, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, about to take that stage behind me right here at the university of miami. the cnn republican presidential debate just moments away. stay with us. citing. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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5:00 pm
donald trump arriving here at the university of miami. you can see him walking inside right here where i am getting ready for the republican presidential debate. we saw marco rubio arrive with his wife jeanette. donald trump with his wife melania and also ted cruz also here. just waiting for john kasich as we count you down to the crucial debate. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening from the university of miami here in coral gables, florida. site of the 12th republican primary debate. and the stakes could not be higher. we are now just five days away from another super tuesday. winner take all tuesday in ohio and, of course, here i