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tv   CNN Special Program  CNN  March 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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ask my friends in illinois and my beloved buckeyes to consider me on tuesday and, please, let me have your vote. god bless. >> senator rubio. >> it's great to be back in miami. my father was a bartender working in this city. and now his son stands here work for the highest in the land. each generation has the lefrt the next better off now the most has arrived for our generation to do our part. if you vote for me, when i'm
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elected president, this generation will do its part. we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our children inherit from us what we inherited from our parents, the single greatest nation in the history of all of mankind. >> senator cruz. have that the son of a bartender and the son of a mailman and the son of a dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage competing and asking for your support. in just a few months one of us is going to stand on the debate stage with hillary clinton, and the choice we are making today is who will best defend our values, who will best defend your values and fight for you? i have to tell you, i cannot wait to stand on that stage with hillary clinton and say, madam secretary, you are asking for a third term of a failed administration.
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you are asking for millions more, we can unleash jobs, defend the bill of rights, religious liberty, stand with our cops and firefighters and or soldiers and we can keep america safe. that's the choice. i will put to her this fall. >> mr. trump? >> thank you very much. the republican party has a great chance to embrace millions of people that it's never known before they're coming by the millions. we should seize that opportunity. these are great people, fantastic people. these are people that will do a
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fabulous job. if we lose this election, you're going to have three, four, maybe even five justices. >> we like to thank each of you for watching.
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>> now we are going to welcome the protagonist of this debate. first, former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. and senator bernie sanders.
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>> welcome to both of you. thank you for being here. >> but before we continue, we want to welcome sebastian de la cruz who is going to sing the national anthem. sebastian, welcome. good evening. ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪
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♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free
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♪ and the home of the brave? [ applause ]
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>> translator: thank you for being with us. the rules of the debate that the candidates have accepted. they'll have 90 seconds to answer each question when their rival mentioned them in an answer they'll have 30 seconds to answer and another 30 seconds to answer questions, follow-up questions that we ask. >> translator: we will make our questions in english and they'll be translated into spanish for viewers. each one has one minute for your initial words. we begin with secretary clinton. >> i've been looking forward to this debate. i want to thank univision, "washington post" and facebook and miami-dade college, the largest college in north america for hosting us here this evening. tonight i am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss how we knock down the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead and staying ahead.
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starting with the economic ones. my focus is on more good paying jobs with rising incomes for families. and how we prevent corporations from taking jobs out of our country by imposing an exit tax, making them pay back any tax breaks they'd gotten. but we also need to be having a positive agenda for manufacturing, for small businesses and entrepreneurs. for more clean energy jobs. and i also look forward to discussing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship that will be one of my priorities in my first 100 days as president. and i will also be talking about education, every child deserves a good teacher -- >> thank you, signature. >> so thank you for having us, and i look forward to the debate. >> thank you. senator sanders, your opening remarks. >> thank you all very much. i'm running for president of the united states because given the crises facing our country, it is
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just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. together we're going to have to overturn this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision. billionaires and wall street should not be buying elections. we've got to end this rigged economy where people are working longer hours for low wages. almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1% and, of course, we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. and here in miami -- here in miami as much as any city in america, we know that we have got to combat climate change, transform our energy system and leave this planet in a way that is healthy and habitable for our kids and grandchildren. >> thank you, senator.
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first question, secretary, you have been starting to sound like the nominee lately, but many voters are saying not so fast. where did you fail last night in michigan? >> well, look, i won one of the contests and lost another close one. i am continuing to work hard for every single vote across our country. i was pleased that i got 100,000 more votes last night than my opponent and more delegates. so this is a marathon, and it's a marathon that can only be carried out by the kind of inclusive campaign that i'm running. a campaign that reaches out to everybody. a campaign that offers real positive solutions to the problems that we face. a campaign that is based on how together we can make progress because i am a progressive who likes to get things done. so i'm excited about the upcoming contests, including right here in florida. and we'll continue to work as hard as i can to earn the vote of every single voter. >> what went wrong in michigan? what went wrong in michigan?
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what failed in michigan specifically? >> it was a very close race. we've had some of those. i've won some. i've lost some. but, you know, i was very pleased by the overall outcome last night. and now we're on to the states for next tuesday and i'm looking forward to campaigning hard in all of them. >> senator, aside from your astounding upset last night in michigan, you are still far behind secretary clinton in delegate count. she has 1,221 delegates, including superdelegates, and you have 571. what is your pathway to make up the deficit, and can you realistically catch up? >> when we began this campaign, i was 3% in the polls. i was probably 60 or 70 points behind the secretary. we have come a long way in ten months. we have won, including michigan last night, which some people considered one of the major political upsets in modern american history.
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we have won nine state primaries and caucuses. and i believe that our message of a need for people to stand up and tell corporate america and wall street that they cannot have it all is resonating across this country, and i think in the coming weeks and months, we are going to continue to do extremely well, win a number of these primaries and convince superdelegates that bernie sanders is the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. >> secretary clinton, i want to disclose once again that my daughter paula works for your campaign. and now i have a question about your e-mails. your republican opponents say those e-mails have endangered our national security. when you were secretary of state you wrote 104 e-mails in your private server that the government now says contain classified information according to "the washington post" analysis.
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that goes against a memo that you personally sent to your employees in 2011 directing all of them to use official e-mail, precisely because of the concerns. so if seems you issued one set of rules for yourself and a different set of rules for the rest of the state department. so who specifically gave you permission to operate your e-mail system as you did? was it president barack obama? and would you drop out of the race if you get indicted? >> jorge, there's a lot of questions in there. i'm going to give the same answer i've been giving for many months. it wasn't the best choice. i made a mistake. it was not prohibitive. it was not in any way disallowed. and as i have said and has now has come out, my predecessors did the same thing. and many other people in the government. but here's the cut to the chase facts. i did not send or receive any e-mails marked classified at the time. what you are talking about is retroactive classification.
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and the reason that happens is when somebody asks or when you are asked to make information public, i asked all my e-mails to be made public. then all the rest of the government gets to weigh in. and some other parts of the government were not exactly sure who, has concluded that some of the e-mails should be now retroactively classified. they've just said the same thing to former secretary colin powell. they have said we're going to retroactively classify e-mails you sent personally. now i think he was right when he said this is an absurdity. and i think that what we have got here is a case of overclassification. >> if we -- >> i am not concerned about it. i am not worried about it, and no democrat or american should be either. >> the questions were -- secretary clinton -- the questions were who gave you permission to operate? was it president obama? >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors.
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it was permitted. >> if you get indicted, are you going to drop out? >> oh, that's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> senator sanders, you have gone from saying the following, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails to claiming that it is a very serious issue. which is it? >> there is a process under way, and that process will take its course. today in america, the middle class is disappearing. we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality, climate change threatens the whole planet. 47 million people live in poverty. i'm going to focus on the issues facing the working families of this country. >> secretary clinton, you have
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known donald trump a long time. you have seen what kind of campaign he's running. secretary clinton, is donald trump a racist? >> karen, i'm going to follow my friend senator sander' model here. if i'm so fortunate enough to be the democratic nominee, there will be a lot of time to talk about him. i was the first one to call him out. i called him out when he was calling mexicans rapists, when he was engaging in rhetoric that i found deeply offensive. i said basta, and i am pleased that others -- others are also joining in making clear that his rhetoric, his demagoguery, his trafficking in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system. especially from somebody running
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for president who couldn't decide whether or not to disavow the ku klux klan and david duke. so people can draw their own conclusions about him. but i will just end by saying this. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> secretary clinton -- secretary clinton, my question was about his character. and that is one of the primary things that americans think about when they choose their next president. how would you describe the character of a person who has said the sorts of things he has about mexican immigrants, about women, and who would ban people from enter, this country based on their religion? >> i think it's un-american. i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with american values, karen. and i am going to take every opportunity to criticize him, to raise those issues.
10:23 pm
i'm not going to engage in the kind of language that he uses. i think we can make the case against him, if he is the nominee, by pointing out what he has said, what he claims to believe in. the values he's promoting, and i think that's a better way for the american people to draw their conclusions. >> senator sanders, do you think it's fair to call donald trump a racist? >> this is what i think. i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims, who insults women, who insults african-americans and let us not forget that several years ago, trump was in the middle of the so-called birther movement trying to delegitimize the president of the united states of america.
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you know, i find it very interesting, karen, my dad was born in poland. i know a little bit about the immigrant experience. nobody has ever asked me for my birth certificate. maybe it has something to do with the color of my skin. >> so what does that tell you about his character? >> and i am very pleased -- i am very pleased, that i think in the last national poll that i saw, we were running 18 points ahead of donald trump. >> on facebook, people are talking about immigration. and this map shows where in the country they are talking about it the most. >> so, secretary, i have a question for you. in 2003 you said in a radio show that you were adamantly against illegal immigrants and that people have to stop employing illegal immigrants.
10:25 pm
you your new immigration plan is you'd push for legislation that would include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. so are you flip-flopping on this issue or are you pandering to latinos, what some would call hispandering? >> in 2003, i sponsored the dreamer act. i sponsored it in every congress after that. i have been consistent and committed to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. i think our best chance was in 2007 when ted kennedy led the charge on comprehensive immigration reform. we had republican support. we had a president willing to sign it. i voted for that bill. senator sanders voted against it. just think, imagine where we would be today if we had achieved comprehensive immigration reform nine years ago. imagine how much more secure
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families would be in our country no longer fearing the deportation of a loved one, no longer fearing that they would be found out. so i am staunchly in favor of comprehensive immigration reform, and have been so over the course of my public career. >> senator sanders, in 2007, you voted against immigration reform. you now say it was because the bill had guest worker provisions which seemed semi slavery. back then, this is what you said to cnn's lou dobbs. let's listen. >> poverty is increasing. if wages are going down, i don't know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than american workers and drive wages down even lower than they are right now. >> so senator, were you concerned with working conditions for guest workers or really because you think immigrants drive down wages and
10:27 pm
take jobs from americans? >> you have guest worker programs that have been described by the southern poverty law center, one of the important institutions in this country who studies these issues. guest worker programs akin to slavery. where people came in. they were cheated. they were abused. they were humiliated. and if they stood up for their rights, they would be thrown out of the country. of course that type of effort leads to a race to the bottom for all of our people. i work very hard on that issue. of course, i supported the 2013 immigration reform bill. and what i believe right now is not only that we need comprehensive immigration reform. if the congress does not do its job, as president of the united states, i will use the executive powers of that office to do what has to be done to do what president obama did and expand on that.
10:28 pm
>> but if you are saying that you -- if you are saying that you would expand on the executive actions, how do you know they'll not end up in a legal battle like obama's executive actions? >> i should also say with regard to the 2007 immigration bill, as you may know, lulac, the major hispanic organization in this country, also opposed that bill as did many other latino organizations. but to your point, we have to do the best we can. i applaud president obama for his efforts in dapa and daca and we've got to expand those efforts. >> if i could respond, i think it's very hard to make the case that ted kennedy, barack obama, me, loraza, united farm workers, delores huerta, leaders of the community would have promoted a bill that promoted modern slavery.
10:29 pm
that was one of the many excuses used not to vote for the 2007 bill. i'll go back to what i said. if we had been able to get that passed we would be so much further along. i'm committed to defending dapa and daca and committed to going even further to get more people deferred action to go as far as i can under the law, and i am committed to introducing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days of my presidency. >> secretary sanders, senator, would you like to respond? >> when i talk about efforts to assist immigrants, secretary clinton prevailed upon the governor of new york, eliot spitzer, who wanted to do the right thing. and provide driver license to those who are undocumented. she said don't do it, and new
10:30 pm
york state still does not do it. in vermont, by the way, i worked with officials and undocumented people in vermont do have the ability to get driver's license. when we talked about immigration, the secretary will remember one of the great tragedies, human tragedies of recent years is children came from honduras where there's probably more violence than almost any place in this country, and they came into this country. and i said welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back. that's a difference. >> let me respond again because the misrepresentation can't go unanswered here. first of all, that is something that is not fair about what i said. i did say we needed to be very concerned about little children coming to this country on their own, very often, many of them
10:31 pm
not making it, and when they got here, they needed, as i have argued for, legal counsel, due process, to make a decision. we need to end private detention, we need to end family detention. and in 2006 when senator sanders was running for the senate from vermont, he voted in the house with hard-line republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. and then he sided with those republicans to stand with vigilantes known as minute men who were taking up outposts along the border to hunt down immigrants. so i think when you are running for the senate, you made it clear by your vote, senator, that you were going to stand with the republicans. when you got to the senate in 2007, one of the first things you did was vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform which he'd been working on for years before you ever arrived. >> last response.
10:32 pm
>> let me respond to that. >> go ahead. >> you know, ted kennedy was a very close friend of mine. and i served on the committee he chaired, health, education, labor committee. ted kennedy was kind enough to allow me to hold a hearing in 2008, i believe, in congress, dealing with the plight of undocumented tomato pickers in florida. and i went there on my own. wasn't an issue really for the state of vermont to expose the horrendous working conditions and the semi slavery, if you like, that those workers lived under. and the result of that hearing and the work that many, many people did was to significantly improve the wages and working conditions of those workers. >> senator, secretary, we're going to take a break and we'll continue talking about
10:33 pm
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[ speaking spanish ] >> translator: we continue here live by univision. we're measuring with this screen the following conversation -- political conversation, what you are talking of whom about our debate at home in realtime. we will start seeing what women are talking about our debate nationwide about our debate. and we see that number one topic on facebook nationwide, for women is economy, second is religion and third abortion. economic in fact coincides with
10:38 pm
most important topic for hispanic voters survey of univision. let's see what men are saying the main topic is. government ethics, racial problems and the economy. these are the most commented topics in facebook. we'll continue with the debate with jorge ramos and maria salinas. >> we're back to the democratic debate. the last time we talked about january, i asked you if you could be the next deporter in chief. you told me, no, you wouldn't be the next deporter in chief. however, you refused two times to say you would not deport children. this is what you said. >> can you promise that you won't deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record. >> i can promise that i will do everything possible to provide due process. >> will you deport children? >> let me say this.
10:39 pm
i would give every person but particularly children, due process to have their story told. and a lot of children will, of course, have very legitimate stories under our law to be able to stay. >> so secretary, you seem to be defending president obama's deportation policy. as you know he's deported more than 2.5 million immigrants. so if you really don't want to be the next deporter in chief, can you promise tonight that you won't deport children and that you won't deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record, and this time could i get a yes or no answer? >> yes, you can because the question you were asking me were about children seeking asylum. and we have laws. that was the most critical thing i said. under our laws. i would like to see those laws changed. i'd like see added to them a guaranteed counsel and other support for children. but if you are asking about everyone who is already here
10:40 pm
undocumented immigrants, the 11 million, 12 million who are living here, my priorities are to deport violent criminals, terrorists and anyone who threatens our safety. so i do not have the same policy as the current administration does. i think it's important that we move to our comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the raids, stop the round-ups, stop the deporting of people who are living here doing their lives, doing their jobs and that's my priority. >> but again, yes or no. can you promise you won't deport children who are already here? >> i will not deport children. i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either, jorge. as i said, i want to prioritize who would be deported. violent criminals, people planning terrorist attacks, anybody who threatens us. that's a relatively small universe. >> so you are telling us tonight that if you become president you won't deport children who are already here?
10:41 pm
>> i will not. >> and that you won't deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record? >> that's what i'm telling you. now i don't -- because i'm not contradicting what i told you in the interview. asylum is a particular legal process. i'd like to see it changed. i'd like to see us give more support to people who come fleeing the terrible violence that they do. but under our law, we have a process we have to go through. >> so you will stop those deportations. >> i would stop -- >> the deportations for children and those who don't have a criminal record. >> of the undocumented people living in our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. that's is exactly what i will do. >> senator sanders, would you -- can you promise us tonight that you won't deport children? >> let me just say this. i don't think that the secretary fully answered your question, and i think the proof may be in the pudding. honduras in that region of the
10:42 pm
world may be the most violent region in our hemisphere. gang lords, vicious people torturing people, doing horrible things to families. children fled that part of the world to try -- try, try, try, maybe, to meet up with their family members in this country, taking a route that was horrific, trying to start a new life. secretary clinton did not support those children coming into this country. i did. now i happen to agree with president obama on many, many issues. i think he's done a great job as president of the united states. he is wrong on this issue of deportation. i disagree with him on that. so to answer your question, no, i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> can you promise not to deport immigrants who don't have a criminal record? >> i can make that promise. >> okay.
10:43 pm
>> this is why i go back to that 2007 vote because if we had been successful then, a lot of the issues we are still discussing today would be in the rear-view mirror. i want us to be able to achieve comprehensive immigration reform if i'm so fortunate enough to be president. and we do have to take a look at asylum laws. when i was secretary of state, i work to try to support many different approaches to ending the violence in central america. i was there meeting with leaders, security leaders and others. and i think the congress should support the president's request to fund programs that would protect people and change the culture of criminality and violence in central america. helping people be able to stay safely in their homes and
10:44 pm
countries. >> let me just answer -- i want to get back to this 2007 immigration bill. it's true. ted kennedy, a good friend of mine and i think of the secretary's, did work very hard on that bill. but does anyone really believe that if that bill was all so good as the secretary is touting that lulac and other major latino organizations, the largest latino organizations in this country said no to that bill. and i worked very hard in improving the guest worker provisions so that in 2013 a bill i strongly supported, people who were in the guest worker program in america would not be treated like slaves. >> let me just conclude by saying that united farm workers considered that bill, in their words, the last best hope for farm workers and immigrants. they have proven to be right in
10:45 pm
the succeeding years. i only hope that we can put together a coalition to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the next congress. and as i said earlier, in 2006, senator sanders supported indefinite detention for people facing deportation and stood with the minute men vigilantes in their ridiculous, absurd efforts to, quote, hunt down immigrants. so, look, i think the goal here is to elect a democratic senate, elect a democratic president and get to work immediately to get comprehensive immigration reform. >> did you support the minute men? did you support the minute men? >> of course not. there was a piece of legislation supported by dozens and dozens of members of the house which codified existing legislation. what the secretary is doing tonight, and has done very often, is take large pieces of
10:46 pm
legislation and take pieces out of it. no, i did not oppose the bailout or the support of the automobile industry. no, i do not support vigilantes, and that is a horrific statement and unfair statement to make. i will stand -- my career, political career fighting for workers, fighting for the poorest people in this country. madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> well, let's do that. let's talk about that. >> secretary, you said this morning -- >> let's talk about the auto bailout because it's important for people to understand what happened. in december of 2008, we were both in the senate. there was a vote on a free-standing bill to rescue the auto industry. we both voted for it. it was the right vote.
10:47 pm
unfortunately, it did not succeed. the republicans marshaled the votes against it. a month later, in january, a new piece of legislation was offered that contained the money that would be used for the auto rescue. then president-elect obama, before he'd even been sworn in, sent word to all of us that he really hoped we would support it. he was still in the senate. i was still in the senate. i voted for it. it was a hard vote. i'll tell you. it was a hard vote. a lot of the votes you make are hard votes, but the fact is the money that rescued the auto industry was in that bill. >> secretary -- >> senator sanders voted against it. that's his perfect right to vote against it, but if everyone had voted -- >> okay, senator. >> -- we would not have rescued the auto industry.
10:48 pm
>> 20 more seconds and then we'll move to another. >> let me -- so that everybody knows the bill that secretary clinton is talking about, that is -- that was the bailout of the recklessness, irresponsibility and illegal behavior of wall street. it was the wall street bailout. and i find it interesting that when secretary clinton, who was the former senator of new york, of course, when she defended her vote she said it's going to help the big banks in new york, my constituents. then you go to detroit and suddenly this legislation helps the automobile workers. there was an article just -- >> your time sup, senator. >> senator bayh and -- >> your time, senator. >> they said, no, this wasn't the automobile bailout. it was the bailout of wall street. >> we have to move on. next question, secretary clinton, you recently said, instead of building walls we need to tear down barriers.
10:49 pm
however, last november in new hampshire, you openly said that as senator you voted numerous times to build the wall with mexico. what's the difference between what you did, voting to build the wall, and what donald trump wants to do now? >> well, i think both senator sanders and i voted numerous times to enhance border security along our border. we increased the number of border security agents. we did vote for money to build a fence, a pedestrian fence in some place, a vehicle fence in other places. and the result is that we have the most secure border we've ever had. apprehensions coming across the border are the lowest they've been in 40 years. which just strengthens my argument that now it's time to do comprehensive immigration reform. the republicans, the opponents no longer have an argument. and certainly we hear a lot coming from the republican side
10:50 pm
that is absolutely out of touch with reality. we raised money through the congressional appropriations process. we enhanced the border security. that part of the work is done. everybody that i know has looked at it said, okay, we have a secure border. there's no need for this rhetoric and demagoguery that still is carried out on the republican side. you've run out of excuses. let's move to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and i think that makes a very strong argument in favor of doing it. >> but the question is, what is the difference between the wall that you voted for and donald trump's wall? >> it's a big difference. first of all, as i understand him, he's talking about a very tall wall, right, a beautiful tall wall, the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china that would run the
10:51 pm
entire border, that he would somehow magically get the mexican government to pay for, and, you know, it's just fantasy. and in fact, if he cared to know anything about what members of congress like the senator and i have done, where it was necessary, we did support some fencing. where it was necessary, we did add border patrol agents. we have done what by any fair estimate would have to conclude is a good job, quote, securing the border. so let's get about the business of comprehensive immigration reform. >> senator -- >> let me just -- the secretary and i mostly, i think, agree on this issue. look, in this country, immigration reform is a very hot debate. it's divided the country. but i would hope very much that as we have that debate, we do
10:52 pm
not, as donald trump and others have done, resort to racism and xenophobia and bigotry. this idea of suddenly one day or maybe a night rounding up 11 million people and taking them outside of this country is a vulgar, absurd idea that i would hope very few people in america support. >> your time is up, senator. thank you. now we have a question from the audience for both of you. >> translator: we have a question from the public. [ speaking spanish ] >> i want to go to lucia an immigrant from guatemala who is here with her five children and has not seen their father since she was deported three years ago.
10:53 pm
>> translator: i would like to ask -- me and my children -- hardworking men in the -- >> senator sanders, this is a very painful and personal issue for lucia and her family. she wants to know what you would do to stop deportations and to reunite families like hers. >> well, i absolutely support that. at the heart of my immigration policy, and i should say that "the new york times" editorial board called my immigration policy the most progressive and the strongest of any candidate running. but to answer your question, the
10:54 pm
essence of what we are trying to do is to unite families, not to divide families. the idea that a mother is living here and her children are on the other side of the border is wrong and immoral. a number of months ago, i talked to a young man who was serving in the united states military and while he was serving in the military, his wife was deported. that is beyond comprehension and policies that should not be allowed to exist. so, ma'am, i will do everything that i can to unite your family, your children deserve to be with their mother. >> thank you, senator sanders. thank you, senator sanders.
10:55 pm
>> translator: secretary clinton, you also said you want to stop deportations but what's your plan to reunite families and thousands of children with their parents? >> first of all, please know how brave i think you are coming here with your children to tell your story. this is an incredible act of courage that i'm not sure many people really understand. and i want you to know that in the work that i've done and the many families that i've met, i have heard similar stories like yours, where your husband is deported, your children's father is gone, you are doing your very best to support your children, but it is time to bring families
10:56 pm
together. and i don't think there's any doubt that we must do more to let stories like yours be heard more widely so that more americans know what the human cost of these policies are. and i will do everything i can to prevent other families from facing what you are facing and i will do everything i can to pass laws that would bring families back together. and i hope that your children are all either citizens born in this country or eligible for the programs that president obama has put into place, daca and dapa, because i will defend those and i will absolutely protect your children, yourself and try to bring your family back together. >> translator: secretary clinton, thank you. they are citizens, the children are u.s. citizens. >> thank you, enrique. a "washington post" poll found
10:57 pm
only 37% of americans consider you honest and trustworthy, secretary clinton. when you've been asked about this this the past, you've said this is the result of many, many years of republican attacks upon you. but americans have also had 25, more than that, years to get to know you for themselves. is there anything in your own actions and the decisions that you yourself had made that foster this kind of mistrust? >> well, first, karen, obviously it's painful for me to hear that. and i do take responsibility. when you're in public life, even if you believe that it's not an opinion that you think is fair or founded, you do have to take responsibility and i do. and i also have, you know, very much committed to the best of my
10:58 pm
ability my energies and efforts to helping people. that's something that i care deeply about, and i will continue to do that. to demonstrate by my past actions and my present levels of commitment and plans that people can count on me. that is certainly what happened to me in new york where people got to know me, they saw me in action and they did. look, i have said before and it won't surprise anybody to hear me say it, this is not easy for me. it's not easy to do what i think is right to help people, to even the odds, to hear a story like the woman's story we just heard and to know that i can make a difference and i want to in every way possible. i am not a natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or president obama, so i have a view that i
10:59 pm
just have to do the best i can, get the results i can, make a difference in people's lives and hope that people see that i'm fighting for them and that i can improve conditions economically and other ways that will benefit them and their families. >> thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> senator sanders, you have demanded that secretary clinton release the transcripts of her paid wall street speeches. why is this important? do you have reason to believe that she says one thing in private and another in public? >> well, what i have said is that when you get i believe it is $225,000 for giving a speech, and she gave several speeches to goldman sachs, one of the wall street financial institutions whose greed and illegal behavior
11:00 pm
helped destroy our economy a number of years ago, when you get paid $225,000, that means that that speech must have been an extraordinarily wonderful speech. and i would -- >> does that mean that she should have to disclose -- >> i would think that a speech so great that you got paid so much money, you would like to share it with the american people and i think she should. as the secretary said she will do it if other people do it. i will do it. i didn't give any speeches, there is no transcript. >> do you think she said one thing in the meetings and another in public? >> that is exactly why we need the transcripts. this i do know.


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