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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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like yourselves. these were people that want to make america great again. that's all it is. [ cheers and applause ] it's very simple. and they were pouring into the arena, good arena, everything nice and all of a sudden aplanned attack, just came out of nowhere printed by -- and it was printed by people that were professional people. if you look at the posters, they're all printed, they have a mark on them who made them. all done by a group. all very professionally done, a days grace if you want to know the truth. we can not let our first amendment -- we just can't. we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us, folks, we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. [ cheers and applause ] we have a right to speak. we are law-abiding people, we're people that work very hard. we're people that have built this country and made this country great. and we want to get along with everybody but when they have
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organized professionally-staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. we've got to fight back. >> all right, you can hear the crowd there very fired up about donald trump but also in the crowd we were able to see right there it appears that something was thrown at donald trump. his security hustling over to try to protect him. phil mattingly and mark preston were there at that hanger earlier as well and describing there were other disruption, there were some protesters, some who simply got noisy and were escorted out but as far as we no, no other incidents but you just saw that moment right there, something apparently thrown. we don't know what. and you see his security very quickly getting to his side to protect him for the unknown. let's bring in reporters phil mattingly following the trump campaign and jeff zeleny talking with trump protesters last night
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in chicago. phil, there were a few disruptions, if there's a good way of putting it. there were people who were escorted out. what do we know about the moment of what appeared to be something thrown at donald trump. >> reporter: there was a jarring moment. it wasn't just something that might have been thrown at him. there was actually a person that headed towards the stage, rushed towards donald trump that's when you saw secret service collapsed around donald trump as they're trained to do. kind of a jarring moment for somebody who covered the white house or political candidates. that's something you don't see very often on the trail. what was most interesting is that was the opposite for what we saw for the major of tity of rally. there were a few pockets of protests who were quietly led away with little disruption but there was one moment where it looked like somebody was in the process of rushing the stage that caused that reaction by trump's security. trump gave a thumb's up afterwards and joked around he could have taken the person himself but it was easier to just let the cops do it. so overall a different tone and
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tenor at this rally save for that one moment towards the end which was jarring for everybody watching. >> but donald trump not at all backing off of any of the rhetoric. his composure still very confident there in vandalia. so last night in chicago a very different scene. donald trump never even made it to the stage there. that event had to be postponed because of the supporters who gathered for donald trump and then being met by demonstrators or protesters and in some cases the videotape has shown there was some violence, fists flying and people having words, choice words with one another. so jeff in your view, while donald trump said it was very organized, the protests seemed very professional, he said it was also a disgrace, he talked about the signs, professionally printed. there were signs that we saw said liberation not deportation, "we are not rapists," "trump equals hate." what were the majority of the
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demonstrators? >> well, fredricka, there's no question some of the organizers, some of the protesters were organized. this is the city of chicago where you see protests on a variety of things all the time. so, yes, some were definitely organized. moveon.o, the liberal group, was claiming responsibility for getting a lot of its supporters out at the rally outside the rally last evening, but fredricka, i was struck by the number of families that were outside this rally protesting. these weren't the people inside throwing punches and things, but this was very close to the pilsen neighborhood of chicago which is one of the largest mexican american neighborhoods in this very diverse city of chicago here. i was struck by the number of mothers and fathers and children who were on their parents' shoulders walking through here and i talked to one man who said he left his house and walked over to this rally because the city of chicago, he said, is strong enough and tough enough to stand up to what he called a
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bigot, a bully and he called donald trump a racist thug. so he said that he believes that their speaking out will embolden the country to speak out more against what they believe are racist comments. so yes thereere organized protests inside. yes there were some violent episodes. but that was not the majority of it at all. what we saw yesterday was definitely the beginning and the continuance of people rising up. and fredricka, i think the worrisome point about this for everyone going forward is what this summer will look like on a campaign trail. should he become the republican nominee, this is an ugly episode, an ugly chapter of politics, there's one person who can change the tone of that, and that's donald trump. i think he has to say something, if he keeps doubling down on this, this is only going to escalate. >> let me go back to you, phil. what more do we know? i understand there may be additional reporting about the object thrown to donald trump in vandalia, ohio. >> yeah, it was an object, i
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wasn't totally sure what it was. it looked like a hat or something along those lines, not totally sure about what the actual object is. i think an interesting point, fredricka, just quickly off what jeff said. what we saw today, last night there was some talk maybe this is the moment that donald trump kind of has that moment where he rises above and becomes presidential, has a conversation about race. that didn't happen today. as jeff said, he doubled down. if i talk to his supporters, that's what they want. they want what donald trump did today, not the alternative. one other thing i recognized today, i was talking to law enforcement officials before the rally, also to jeff's point, just shook their heads. they know that last night probably wasn't the end, it was more likely the beginning and w their profession. let's talk more about what happened last night in chicago. i want to bring in tony fitzpatrick, he was protesting at the rally. he is also a bernie sanders supporter, you heard donald trump moments ago say that many of the people in the audience
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there disrupting what was to be his rally were sanders supporters. so, tony, thanks so much for being with us. how organized was this that you and perhaps other bernie sanders supporters would go to this donald trump rally? what was the plan? >> ma'am, i went there with my daughter and i didn't punch anyone, i didn't yell at anyone in fact, when a trump supporter in a wheelchair with a confederate flag in his lap came through, he came through unmolested. i mean, i was there to basically exercise my right to dissent and tell mr. trump that i do not b subscribe to his politics of exclusion and bigotry. this is a man who wants to turn americans against each other,
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our muslim brothers and sisters, our mexican brothers and sisters. i find his politics appalling. and he's nothing new. we've seen him before. we have seen the lester maddoxs. we've seen the george wallaces. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but when you went to the event, was it your intention to express that? your sentiment? or was it your intention to go, as you said you were there with your daughter, to simply observe and see a support rally unfold for donald trump? >> i was there to protest, ma'am. as is my first amendment right. as is the right to dissent. >> and how did you protest? what did you do? >> i held a poster up that said "no walls with mexico." and i chanted and i actually talked to a bunch of trump supporters and i asked them to please reconsider their vote. that his kind of america would be hardest on them.
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>> dis it a disappointment to you, quickly, tony, that any kind of message of donald trump would become violent? does it undermine what you're saying? >> i think the skirmishes are loudly overstate. for as many people that were there. >> i'm going to leave it right there. >> the person who can control this is donald trump himself. he is the one encouraging to sock people in the head and knock the hell out of him and throw them out in the cold without a jacket. >> tony fitzpatrick, thank you so much, i'm only cutting you off because as we continue to look for the pictures there in chicago we also now want to go to an event in missouri, where ted cruz is speaking right now. let's listen in. >> the alphabet soup of federal agencies that have descended like locusts on small businesses killing jobs all across this country.
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[ cheers and applause ] and we're going to stop amnesty, secure the borders, end sanctuary cities and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. [ cheers and applause ] and the effect of all of that is going to be millions of high-paying jobs. is going to be wages rising for everybody. is going to be young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers. it will be morning in america again. [ cheers and applause ] the second critical issue is freedom. you know, just a few weeks ago the passing of justice scalia underscored the stakeof this
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election. we are one liberal justice away from a radical five wing leftist majority the likes of which this country has never seen. it's not just one branch of government but two that hang in the balance. we are one liberal justice away from the united states supreme court stripping away the religious liberty of every american. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court effectively erasing the second amendment from the bill of rights. we are one liberal justice away from the supreme court making us subject to the world court and the united nations and giving away sovereignty. now, you know, a couple of debates ago we were asked a question about the supreme court
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and religious liberty. and donald trump turned to me and he said "ted, i've known a lot more politicians than you have." well, in that he's right. he's been supporting left wing democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. [ applause ] but trump continues, he said, ted, you've got to learn when it comes to religious liberty, when it comes to the supreme court, you have to learn to compromise. [ boos ] you've got to learn to cut a deal and make a deal with the democrats. well, let me be very, very clear to the men and women here, i will not compromise away your
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religious liberty. [ cheers and applause ] and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. donald trump has told us he's prepared to go toe to toe with chuck schumer and harry reid and the democrats to agree on antonin scalia's replacement. [ cheers and applause ] any judge he signs off on will be a left wing judicial activist who will undermine our rights. i give you my solemn commitment that every justice i put on the supreme court will be a principled constitutionalist, faith to feel the law who will ferociously protect the bill of
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rights. >> ted cruz there in baldwin mo, missouri. we'll continue to monitor his comments as he continues to try to drum up support ahead of this week's primaries coming up. we'll have much more straight ahead. the lexus command performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ america, let's take a break from politics this month. let's have a few bud lights and focus on what unites us all.
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more live pictures there of ted cruz talking in ballwin, missouri, trying to donald trump up support ahead of this week's primaries in key state, among them florida and ohio. in fact, as it pertains to florida, a cnn/orc poll showing it's donald trump in the lead over florida senator marco rubio. let's bring in jeffrey lord, a cnn commentator and trump supporter, he's also written the book "what america needs, the case for trump." good to see you, jeffrey. >> hey, fredricka, how are you. >> how confidently should donald trump be going into florida? >> oh, i think pretty confident. i mean, it is senator rubio's home state. one of the interesting things about senator rubio, senator cruz, and governor kasich is they there's sort of this double-edge sword. if they win their home state they get credit for carrying their home state that made them a senator or governor and if they lose it everybody says you can't carry it so it's a
9:19 am
problem. senator cruz won his texas primary but one should not be shocked at that. frankly, you have to say so what, he's the senator from florida and ditto this goes with governor kasich in ohio. >> why do you suppose that is? what is the trump's campaign's explanation as to why donald trump's should be doing so well in florida and going into ohio thinking he may be confident there? >> well, in terms of florida, that's his second home. he does have the maro lago place down there. he spends a lot of time in florida so i think he's got friends in florida. in a broader sense when you look at these exit polls of people who volt sod far in these primaries and caucus, he's got a pretty broad appeal across these
9:20 am
areas and i think that applies in florida and ohio as well. >> how potentially might it harm donald trump or his momentum that there was this disruption last night in chicago and that donald trump would tweet out that, you know, these were thugs or today he would say it was disgraceful. >> yeah, i mean clearly they were thugs. i mean, i have minute extensively about -- i'm a big, if you will, first amendment freak. i believe in this totally. i do not believe that anybody quote/unquote in donald trump's case that something he says incites people. i think that's the political equivalent of the short skirt business that -- you know, if a woman wears a short skirt -- >> what is the best defense. how is it his language, his rhetoric does not incite, especially when you hear from protesters who say that's th springboard that brought them those events. >> because this is what the american left has always done long before donald trump was on the scene.
9:21 am
they were doing this to hubert humphrey at the democratic national convention in 1968. they did in the people's park in california when ronald reagan was governor and they tried to blame ronald reagan. >> so just out of nowhere people are protesting and have problems with -- the language or the promise of deportation or you heard from some of the protesters who are now putting the trump name, an equals sign and hate? >> yeah, i mean, they are the haters. they are the bigots. and this has gone on throughout the history of the american left. this is what occupy wall street was about, smashing windows, vandalizing places, black lives matters took over a microphone from bernie sanders and said "unless you let us speak right this minute your rally comes to a halt right now." they are thugs. this is what they do. it could be donald trump, it could be anybody else. it just happens to be his turn in the chamber at the moment. >> jeffrey lord, thank you so much, good to see you. >> thanks, fredricka.
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in my business i cbailing me out my i.all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at welcome back. three days before the florida republican primary and marco rubio spoke earlier today, not sounding that confident about whether he will become the republican nominee. listen. >> i still that the moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee. but it's getting harder everyday. >> and tough for him to decide who to throw his support toward if he doesn't do so well in florida. let's talk about that with rachel compos duffy, a rubio supporter. >> i've not endorsed anyone.
9:27 am
i have not endorsed anyone. >> you're not a marco rubio supporter? >> no. well, i think marco is a great candidate. i have not endorsed marco rubio and i work for a nonprofit that's non-partisan. >> all right, we will keep it there then. so as you try to evaluate marco rubio and his chances and three days away from the republican primary his home state, that marco rubio tha we just saw looked defeated, did he not? >> a little. i think what he's eluding to with the statement is that he's very much wanting to have a contested convention situation and realizes that might be his best shot. >> and i wonder how devastating in your view it might be for him if he doesn't do well in florida since that really is the next contest for him. >> there are a lot of delegate vote there is, it will be devastating, no question. >> how soon thereafter if he does not do well since the recent polling shows it's dald
9:28 am
trump who has businesses from doral, maro lago, that according to polling he's doing much better. how soon after a possible defeat for marco rubio -- i hate to put it that way. but his folks have to be talking about the road ahead. what are the plan "a," plan "b" and plan "c" look like. what do those discussions look like? >> well, i think, again, he's hoping he can get to the convention. i think kasich is hoping the same thing and, frankly, so is cruz. and it will be very interesting to see based on the events of this weekend and how trump is now dominating the media once again with the events that have just happened how that will affect the numbers and just will trump win and if he does by how much? if this is a blowout, i think you're going to have to see
9:29 am
people decide between the two top front-runners. i think plan "a" for them is to get to the convention and so we'll see what happens. but this weekend and the events of this weekend i think will prove to be very, very critical. because it will affect -- it could possibly affect the numbers. i mean, this is a very interesting development because it puts somebody like cruz, who is a -- has really staked his political career on -- and this political campaign on his love of the constitution and suddenly he's taking the side of black lives matters and billionaires and many on the left against people who are exercising their free right to speech at a trump rally. so i think it puts trump -- it puts cruz in an interesting position and sounds a little bit like somebody i know at the white house, another constitutional scholar, who seems to love the constitution until it's not politically
9:30 am
expedient for him. >> you use the word "interesting." but some might say all this is very baffling, too. rachel campos duffy, good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> just a reminder, cnn is hosting the next democratic town hall. we'll be live from columbus tomorrow ahead of the event. catch the town hall live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. during the lexus command performance sales event... [sportscaster vo] there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most powerful performance line ever. including the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event.
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welcome black, i'm fredricka whitfield. president obama is slamming the rhetoric coming from donald trump's campaign and he's mocking establishment republicans who are now trying to prevent trump from securing the party's presidential n nomination. take a listen. >> they're shocked that somebody could be loose with the facts. [ laughter ] our distort someone's record.
9:35 am
shocked. how can you be shocked? [ laughter ] this is the guy, remember, who was sure that i was born in kenya. [ laughter and applause ] >> all right, let's discuss this with cnn commentator bill press who is a bernie sanders supporter, also with us is cnn political commentator maria cardona, a hillary clinton supporter. maria's firm does work for a pro-clinton super pac and she is a super delegate and former republican congressman bob barr also with us. he's a supporter of senator ted cruz. good to see all of you. >> good morning, i guess good afternoon, fred. >> that's true. good afternoon. representative barr, what do you hear when you see the president is making fun of the republican party that it is acting as though it didn't really know the candidates at hand. is the party in trouble in your view? >> the party is in trouble, not because of anything that obama
9:36 am
says, that's utterly irrelevant at this point but what is troubling is you have, for example, the head of the rnc, reince priebus, essentially admitting the other night that the party means nothing when he goes out and says whoever the nominee is, implying even if it's a candidate who's never been a republican, who's given money to democrats almost his whole professional life and has changed positions on virtually every pox there is to change is just as good as a candidate such as a republican senator who has given their life for the republican party. that's the danger here. there does not seem to be at the top of the republican party any concept of what the party means anymore. >> interesting. is there a greater concerted effort amongst establishment republicans who say you know at this point we're throwing our hands up. there's nothing we can do at this point. what can we do to try to harness
9:37 am
better support of someone who is a better representation of the republican party? >> the answer rests not with reince priebus, he's almost irrelevant at this point but with the people who support candidates. ted cruz is running hard, rubio, john kasich h still in the fight but that will answer the question. there needs to be leadership from somewhere. it's not coming from the top of the rnc certainly. not coming from donald trump it has to come from candidates that stand for something positive. >> bill, i'd love to hear your reaction on that. the lack of leadership what we're hearing the representative say. that's sizable. >> i always get nervous when i find myself agreeing with my friend bob barr. but that's the case today. where has been the leadership? it was nice to hear paul ryan -- first of all, there is a concerted everyday, fredricka, to get to your point, as we all know with these ads being run, with people saying now you have
9:38 am
to vote against -- in this state or whatever you vote for anybody but don't vote for donald trump. but where have these people been? it's nice to hear it from paul ryan last week. >> what's the explanation of the silence? >> i think they underestimated or misunderestimated donald trump. on day one when he came down that escalator and started his campaign, which has been a campaign of hate from the beginning and talking about calling illegal immigrants rapists or criminals or whatever, they should have stood up and said this guy does not represent our party, we will not support him, we do not want him to be the nominee. instead they thought he would disappear. guess what? here he is. they made their bed, they're going to have to sleep in it. >> maria, how does this help the democrats? you heard from the president there, he's making fun but it's a very serious issue. it's a serious job here. but how do these democratic candidates use this moment to their benefit? >> well, i think it's obvious
9:39 am
the huge contrast between the parties right now. and as passionate and as competitive as the democratic primary has become and i love it, i think it's terrific for the party, great for the in addition it's a tremendous contrast between what a civil conversation looks like and what an all out civil war looks like on the republican side. and the dangerousness of -- the taker of what's going on on the republican side is that they have been operating in this fact-free demagoguery zone for so long and they have been letting it fester and bill is right. when trump came out and called undocumented immigrants and people coming over from mexico criminals and rapists, the republican party leadership should have said from that moment on "that is not appropriate, that is not acceptable rhetoric in our party." and it took them more than a month to come out. so that has consequences.
9:40 am
>> so is that moment happening right now is the party reflecting saying there is we went wrong, this is how we salvage. or this is what we can do next go round. pwhat are these conversations right now? >> you can't do that in the middle of a very active primary campaign. it should have been done before. now it will have to be done after if there's any pieces to be picked up by the republican party. >> so what is happening right now? >> it's not all the republicans. you look at the rhetoric of a debbie wasserman schultz, the head of the dccc. you look at the rhetoric of chuck schumer, the senior member of the party, look at the the rhetoric of bernie sanders, there's plenty of anger to go around on both sides. it's not just the republicans that have poisoned the environment and yet you look at the republican candidates like the candidate that i support, ted cruz, and he's trying to talk about real substantive issues and yet the media keeps pulling away from that to focus on donald trump's bullying and
9:41 am
bombastic rhetoric. >> oh, please, can i just -- >> i'd love to hear from you. >> well, please. comparing what bernie sanders is talking about to this ugly hate-filled rhetoric from donald trump. >> i was even going to jump in and defend bernie. that's ridiculous. there's no comparison. >> whatever chuck schumer is saying or the last thing i heard him is say is we ought to have a nominee to the supreme court. that's his opinion. there's no hate coming from the democratic side at all. >> i hate to interrupt but let's go to hillary clinton who's addressing this in st. louis, missouri. let's listen in. >> and the encouragement he has give on the violence and aggression is not only wrong it's dangerous, my friends. [ cheers and applause ] >> if you play with matches, you can start a fire you can't control.
9:42 am
that is not leadership, it's political arson. the test of leadership and citizenship is the opposite in our country. if you see bigotry, you should oppose it. if you see violence you should condemn it and if you see a bully you should stand up to him. [ cheers and applause ] now, look, i know it's no secret many people are angry on both the left and the right. and for good reason. many people haven't recovered from the great recession. many people have gotten a raw deal for a long time. our economy and politics have failed to deliver the results the way we should expect.
9:43 am
but i believe with all my heart we can only fix what's broken if we stand together against the forces of division and discrimination that are trying to divide america between us and them. and so what does that mean? ? that means finding common ground wherever we can and holding our ground wherever we must. that means working for real solutions to our problems, not making promises we can't keep or proposal that don't add up. we are here in a union facility and i know carpenters understand and members of the labor movement understand. you built this country. you built the american middle-class and as nathan said
9:44 am
we look out for each other. so we have to stick together and resist wherever anyone comes along who tries to divide and conquer. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great in the first place. [ cheers and applause ] i believe that we have work to because our values, our diversity, our openness, those are strengths, not weaknesses. so we're not here to erect more walls except when they hold up a
9:45 am
house or a commercial building. [ laughter ] we are here to break down all the barriers that are holding people back and to build those lat ladders of opportunity and empowerment, so every american, especially our young american have the chance to live up to their god given potential because then and only then can america live up to its potential you know, my opponent in the primary has decided to close this election by attacking me and misrepresenting my record and his own. now, that's his choice. but i believe strongly that i'm the only one in this campaign on either side who has a plan to
9:46 am
create good-paying jobs and raise incomes so people can get ahead and stay ahead. that is my goal. [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary clinton there in st. louis trying to talk about the counter message to donald trump saying that divisions do not heal this country and you heard her talking about a great nation and how what donald trump is proposing would be the opposite of what makes this nation great. we'll talk more about this with my guest bob barr, maria cardona as well as bill press. we'll be right back. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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>> nine-year-old stellia loves to dance. >> i can't just pick her up. i want to continue to work but have -- give her all the opportunities that she is. >> then mendez found hop skip drive, a ride-sharing service for kids founded by three working moms in los angeles. >> we have eight kids between us. . it gets the busy kids to their activities. >> unlike uber and lift that don't offer rides to unaccompanied miners, this
9:52 am
service is designed for kids ages seven and up. >> we think of ourselves not as a transportation service but caregivers on wheels. >> and safety is their number one priority. >> it starts with our driver certification process, how we vet the drivers, the fact that they are fully background checked, fingerprinted and have five years of minimum child care experience. >> drivers wear bright orange t-shirts, have flags on their cars and must know the child's secret code. >> in addition to the parent being able to track the ride in the app, we also have a team that monitors every ride in realtime. >> the founder s started the company in 2014 and have plans to expand. >> we like to say that it takes a village. we're providing an extended villag village. >> welcome back, his is talking about donald trump and his rhetoric and accusing him of inciting discourse and saying that's not leadership but
9:53 am
political ar zorn. former congressman bear, i'd like to pick your brain on whether the action or lack thereof from a donald trump as hillary clinton spelled out, does it damage the brand of the party? >> donald trump did not incite people to riot, he's not directly responsible. >> she said he's using incendiary language and doesn't come out and claim responsibility for that. >> i think the more appropriate and measured response is what ted cruz said last evening. he said certainly there's never an excuse for people to commit violent acts whether they're on the right or left or somewhere else.
9:54 am
the way the candidate comports himself, some of the words he uses clearly increase the chances for that sort of thing to happen and in that respect the candidate himself, that is donald trump, has to assume responsibility for creating and fostering the environment in which these sorts of things happen? >> all of these questions about dissecting or trying to understand the message of donald trump, how it's influencing everybody else's candidacy, how much that undermines the value, the process of one of the most, if not the most, important job in this country? >> well, it's an appalling turn of events but picking up on what bob just said, there's only one person responsible for that what's going on and that's donald trump. i would lightly disagree. he does incite violence. i've heard donald trump say that "i remember the good old days when protesters -- people in the
9:55 am
crowd beat up the protesters. i'd like to punch them in the face myself. i'd like to see them carried out on a stretcher." i'm sorry, words do matter and people hear that and act out. this is not happening at marco rubio rallies or ted cruz rallies or john kasich or hillary clinton or bernie sanders. it's donald trump. he's responsible and only he can fix it. >> and quickly, maria? >> and i think this does have a huge impact on the whole republican party's brand because even now -- even right now they're desperate to get rid of donald trump. it took them, what? seven months to realize this was somebody doing damage to their brand? he is somebody who speaks to the darker devils of our psyche and not a real leader who is supposed to speak to the better angels of our nature and that's the problem. >> we'll leave it there. maria cardona, bob barr and bill press. cnn is hosting the next democratic town hall and we will be live from columbus tomorrow
9:56 am
at 2:00 eastern time ahead of the event. the town hall live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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hello again, thanks for joining, i'm fredricka whitfield. tensions are high and security concerns higher at donald trump rallies in ohio. a jarring moment at a rally near dayton. a protester attempted to rush the stage and then trump ducking. a secret service agency surrounded him as you see right there. pretty unnerving moment. this comes one day after violent clashes broke out inside and outside a trump rally at the university of chicago. the rally was canceled before trump actually


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