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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." polls are open we have live ballot cam shots from charlotte, north carolina and st. louis, missouri. 691 democratic delegates are up for grabs in five big bellwether states. three of which happen to be the home state of the people who appear on the ballots. for republicans, they are fighting over 358 delegates. two of their contests, florida and ohio, are win take all. that's music to the ears of republican candidates not named trump, who at the moment has a 100 delegate lead over ted cruz. for hillary clinton's sake, she's got more than twice the delegates as her competitor bernie sanders.
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dan simon is watching the voting in ohio just outside of cleveland and kim is in miami. i know the weather is good but it could be tumultuous in other areas. >> certainly tumultuous. we have new data before we are getting. we are hearing from the secretary of state that turn out across the state this morning has been high. we are also hearing from the secretary of state they can confirm that early voting in this year, 2016 surpassed that of early voting in 2012. there's a lot of voter engagement. a lot of energy in the state. certainly a lot of interest and a lot of people heading to the polls today. >> if i can switch to dan for a moment. ohio is such a big deal and earlier today we saw kasich voting taking to the microphone, as well.
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he's feeling confident but the polls have him in a statistical dead heat. give me the lay of the land. >> well, voter turnout here seems to be strong. the secretary of state saying no major issues thus far. we are in the most popular county here in the state turnout. it has been strong at this polling location. i want to show you something critical ashleigh and speaks to john kasich and how well he hopes to do here. when you come to the desk, you can pull a republican or democratic ballot. if you are a democrat and you want to vote for donald trump or if you want to vote for kasich, you can do so. that crossover vote, from the kasich campaign, they believe it will be significant. i spoke to a retired teacher a short time ago. she taught spanish for many years. she's a life-long democrat but today she chose a republican ballot and voted for john kasich
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because she wants to support her governor. ashleigh. >> thank you. we will check in with you early and often. by this time tomorrow, donald trump could have the gop nomination all but sewn up, or the fight could get even messier than it has been up until now and that is saying a lot. trump's spokesman is joining me from dallas and you got the memo about wearing hot pink on the show today. i just noticed in the preview shot we were dressed almost the same. appreciate this. since there is a new ad and since we are two women on the air, about to watch a couple of other fellow sisters doing something none too pleasing for your campaign. they are reading your candidate's own words about women and it is very powerful. >> it doesn't matter what they
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write as long as you have a young and beautiful piece of blp. >> must be a pretty picture. you dropping to your knees. >> there was blood coming out of her eyes, out of her wherever. >> that is a part of it, katrina. i know you as a woman don't like to hear those things. i they lot of women don't like to hear those things. but the question is will this matter? >> you know, ashleigh, no. i don't think so. >> why not. >> only liberals think that women are one-trick ponies. women care about their future, their children's education, their jobs, their husband's jobs. mr. trump wins hands down on those issues. a lot of the things in the commercial were pulled from his television appearances that is entertainment. i don't think this will matter at all. people know that he is not a shaufist or racist for that matter. these are attacks usually from the left and now from the right.
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>> i will give you that and tell you you are right. women are not one-trick ponies. i didn't love hearing that but i can forgive all sorts of things. but when you get to flip flopping that is an additional problem. with this ad, mr. trump was asked on two morning shows if he had seen the ad. here's what's odd. he taped an interview with good morning america in which he answered george stephanopoulos saying i have seen it and then went live after that with "the today show" and said i have not seen it. which is it? >> well, that's because there are so many ads it's hard to keep them. >> they were talking about that strong with women's ad, very clear. they outlined. >> there are several. there are several ads out there on-line. hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on ads. he probably wasn't sure which ad he was talking about. >> he said, yes, i have seen it and it was a romney deal and later on he said i have heard
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about the ad but not seen the ad. he did answer those two questions that he knew of the ad but he first said he had seen it and then he later said he had not seen it. that's flip flopping to voters. >> it could be flip flopping, but when you have hundreds of millions of dollars in a attack ads it is easy to get them mixed up. we don't know which are coming from the left or right at this time. this is someone from the right. if we played an ad where mr. trump is talking about his male colleagues, you would hear the same things. that's the point i'm trying to make. mr. trump treats everyone equally. that is important. we shouldn't categorize people at this point. we need to bring people together. >> they want to be brought together and treated equally and ask -- answered those questions about honesty. they are hard on hillary clinton about honesty. i want to ask you about your
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candidate donald trump when it comes to honesty. he has said over and over again, speech after speech there's been no violence -- no injuries, i beg your pardon, no injuries when he is asked about the violence at his rallies. there's a picture of a police officer from friday, the rally in chicago, whose bleeding profusely from the top of his head. i don't know if off monitor in your studio but i'm showing it to the audience right now. that's without a question an injury. michelle fields, the right wing website has resigned after filing a complaint that the campaign manager hurt her physically when he grabbed her. i know you have seen the picture of the sucker punch. one of the supporters at a trump rally went in and sucker punched and has been charged with it. those are clearly injuries. why is it your candidate continues to say over and over there have been no injuries? >> i think from the beginning
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mr. trump has always said these are people that come to the rallies by tens of thousands to see mr. trump because they love mr. trump and he loves them. they are love fests we don't hear about the protesters that come in to the events and they are the ones that throw and assault people on the ground but the media never shows it. when we see things that happen in chicago, for example, the police officer you are talking about, these were not trump people. these were protesters. bill ayers on the scene on social media promoting this. >> these happened at the rallies. >> this is outside of the rallies. >> the sucker punch happened in the rally and michelle field said she was trying to get a better perspective when she was bruised. it happened at the rally. it's an injury at the rally. >> there's going to always be
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allegations and in the next few days we will see it cleared up as well. >> please, there's video of a man sucker punched in the face. >> i'm trying to get to that. >> let's not ignore it so it is important that we get the facts straight in this video. >> it is. a lot of times mr. trump will say because you have protesters ripping things out of people's hands and getting in their hands and pushing them they do fight back. we don't know what happened prior to that engagement and i'm not going to criticize an 80-year-old man until we have those facts. >> i hope he continues to say there have been injuries, maybe not as many as he feels are made out but there have been some. have to acknowledge it is happening in the arena. let me ask you about the instances that the 78-year-old who did the sucker punch, donald trump was asked on good morning america by george stephanopoulos this morning if paying legal fees for him would condone the violence. and trump answered no, no, i
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didn't say that. i haven't looked at it yet and nobody's asked me to pay the fees and somebody asked me a question and i haven't seen it. so i never said i was going to pay for fees, but in february he said, i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. i promise. on sunday of this week he said i'll look in to paying the legal fees of mr. macgraw. that's completely inconsistent. >> it is inconsistent because these are all separate events we are talking about. the initial statement was made when another disrupter was at the rally trying to cause harm and injury. >> let's be clear. he said if anyone sees anyone, i'm going to paraphrase a bit here, about to throw a tomato, i want you to knock the crap out of them. he went on to say i will pay your legal fees, i'll knock the crap out of them, would you, sisters youly, knock the hell -- i promise youly pay for the legal fees. i promise, i promise.
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>> that's about anything that might happen. >> he's always talked about self defense. if he goes to the beginning of the rally the message is clear. there's to be no violence at the hands of the protesters. the sucker punch was in self defense. >> let's go back to that again. he said i'm not going to question what is going on with an 80-year-old man so we will have to wait and see what happens with that. when he was asked about macgraw no one knows what happened with that and we will have to wait and find out. >> china global times today newspaper is bizarre. they are saying mussolini and hitler came to power through election. from the rise of narcissistic candidate to the violence that surrounded trump's planned rally in chicago. this newspaper is saying it is shocking it could happen in a country that boasts one of the most developed, mature election systems in the world. this is china making fun of us and our democracy because of
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your candidate. do you think your candidate bears some responsibility for a country's national newspaper making fun of us? >> not at all. in fact, mr. trump, one of his biggest talking points is the whole world is making fun of america and how weak we've become as a nation and people. where people actually get offended because of what somebody says for crying out loud and it didn't used to be that way. that's the difference mr. trump has made on his campaign trail. the fact they are using the chicago incident as a reference, that has nothing to do with mr. trump. that was the organized left, the paid chaos from the militant left, not anyone on the republican side or mr. trump. >> to be clear, donald trump has said i love china. people say oh, you don't like china. no, i love them but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders and we can't sustain ourselves. >> i like to talk to you because you are a straight shooter.
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will you come back. >> yes. >> i will send you a memo on the outfit. >> thanks. first look at the pictures in charlotte, north carolina, hillary clinton showing up, i believe at one of the polling places. clearly a lot of supporters. you can see secret service around her. this is one of those days where maybe there aren't big rallies but certainly polling place visits for a lot of these candidates. north carolina polling well for secretary clinton. polls have been wrong before. such a nail biter. back in just a moment. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. numbers tell the story for today's make-or-break contest. vote ners five states are on their way to the polls, if not now shortly after work. gop 358 delegates up for grabs and for dems, 691. to break it down christine romans will take us through the math, the fallout. >> math is fun today. really fun. this is delegate rich ohio,
9:18 am
florida, north carolina, illinois, missouri, those five states, more than 1,000 up for grabs. the jobs rate 4.9%, home prices rising, stock market up 200%. in these states voting the focus son stagnant wages, declining opportunity for anyone without a degree. front runners want to run up their lead and wrap it up. opoempbts want to narrow the surplus of clinton and trump. for the gop, donald trump added nine delegates of the islands. he wants to make it a two-man race. these are winner-take-all races for the gop. north carolina, 72 delegates up for grabs. look at this. these are manufacturers jobs lost in north carolina. this will drive voters heading in to a similar picture in ohio. kasich is the governor. he needs a win there for any remote route to a contested convention, manufacturing and jobs loss there.
9:19 am
narrow wins. but if sanders were to pull out a michigan-style victory, clinton still leads but under pressure politically. >> job losses, we hear the jobless rate was 4.9% but donald trump says 42%. >> he said something this weekend and changed it and said everybody who is not looking for a job is considered employed. that's not true. unemployment rate is 4.9%. the under employment rate 9.7%. if you count people working part time, stopped working. the way you get to donald trump's number and you can't get to it that way, 30% of people aren't working, my grandma, your mom, probably. >> get them back to work. >> people who are retired, people who dropped out, people who are college students, stay-at-home moms and dads. >> melania trump?
9:20 am
>> people who have not found their way back to the labor market from the condoleeza ricecy but ricecy. >> -- labor laws 53% of people aren't works in this country. those brats. thank you for that math. hope they are watching. children, stay in school. thank you, christine. straight ahead, ohio, ohio, ohio, get used to hearing it a lot. today it is important. in the general it is critical. john kasich the governor there could make a path to change donald trump on the democratic side, can you upset hillary like in michigan? man, this is tight. is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served
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earlier, i told you secretary of state was in charlotte. my bad. she is actually in raleigh, north carolina. let's listen in. >> there's possibility that trump could lock up the nomination, is that a problem for your party? >> well, where we stand right now, as of now, before obviously we get the results tonight, i've gotten more votes than anyone, including donald trump. 600,000 more. i think i'm ready to take him on if he's in that position. obviously, i will continue to build the number of delegates who support me.
9:26 am
i absolutely respect senator sanders. he has a right to run his campaign in any way he chooses. i'm proud of the campaign he and i have run because we have focused on the issues. that's what it has been about, not inassaults and we share a lot of the same goals but have different solutions how to fix the problems facing us. i will keep doing what i am doing and build a broad base of voters and work until i do. >> would it help his campaign to move on to the general election tomorrow? it would help your campaign to move on the the general election tomorrow? >> you know, dan, that's not my choice. we are building up, and i hope it is added to, as long as people come out and vote and nobody thinks it is done, i think the numbers are adding up in my favor. i think the number of delegates will continue to increase.
9:27 am
i'm going to keep working as hard as i can. i think it is important that we really do focus on the dangerous path that donald trump laid out here. the kind of bluster and bigotry and bullying he's kpemply fieing on the campaign trail is disturbing i think to the majority of americans. >>. [ inaudible ] >> hundreds of thousands of voters are saying he's my person. how do you put it in a historical perspective? these are people you are going to try to appeal to yourself in the general. >> let's look at where we are right now. he's gotten a minority, perhaps a plurality but a minority of
9:28 am
those who chose to vote in the republican primaries and caucuses. like i said i have more votes than he has already. i don't think he represents the vast majority of americans, who are more interested in solving our problems than venting disappointment or anger. is it going to be challenging, of course it will be. that's clearly a general election and we will work as hard as we can to be as focused as possible. that's what we are trying to do. >> i honestly do not know how the candidates are able to keep their voices. they talk all day to voters, to reporters. they hold these rallies. it's one of the hardest things to do and all of that on no sleep. this is what the day is like on voting day in a particularly important state like north carolina and there are four other important states, too. and hillary clinton is leading the delegate count in the race
9:29 am
against bernie sanders right now. she will likely keep the momentum in the two southern contests today, florida and but what about the rust belt, thanks to sanders surprise win in michigan, hillary clinton's chances of winning, missouri and illinois are not 100% certain at this time. the deputy communications director for hillary for america. thank you for being here today. >> i was watching you, intimately watching is your candidate okay, healthy, managing. >> she is struggling with her voice but they are working to earn every sgloet as they all are. grueling stuff. there's a reason why the candidates say i don't want to do it again. listen, john kasich in ohio, the governor there, who was looking to potentially get a win there has said democrats, he's a republican, he's said that democrats are moving over in that open primary because they are allowed to to vote for him. now, that maybe terrific for him, but that very well could
9:30 am
affect hillary clinton. >> we certainly hope that's not going to happen today because as we saw with trump talking today, he hopes to win ohio and florida. if he does, he's ready to attack hillary. we know how high the stakes are here. we need voters to come out and support hillary today. >> what are her chances in ohio today? it is squeaky there. >> it is all about delegates and we feel strong in the most delegate rich contest of today, which is florida, we feel good about north carolina and we are running competitive races in the other three states. hillary has been there making her case that she's the strongest candidate to grow jobs and raise wages and the only candidate that put out a manufacturing plan and we hope it resonates in ohio. >> that's what the rust belt folks want to hear about. they hate the trade business and bernie sanders has been working that against her. at the same time, she won ohio in 2008. it's what gave her viability
9:31 am
going forward against barack obama. ultimately didn't work out but it kept her going in to june, august. forever an ever in 2008. could you not use that same logic for bernie sanders. if he wins ohio does he get the hillary bounce and move forward? >> we feel confident that out of tonight we're going to build on our lead in delegates which is the most important. that will come up tonight. >> you are good at your job. >> does he get to enjoy the same benefit if he wins ohio as hillary did in 2008 when it propelled her further. >> we are fighting hard in ohio. we saw it on cnn, sherrod brown was talking about one of the reasons he supports hillary because he believes she will be the strongest candidate to grow jobs and the best candidate on trade. >> here's a strategy, trade aside, a show released this because a candidate is going to
9:32 am
appear on the show tomorrow. look at it. >> former leaning column, sort of talk about big stuff going on, domestic, international. ♪ >> holy! [ laughter ] >> sorry, we were just so excited. >> just take your time. >> this spoke to millennials. number one it is a racy show. do you think that could affect her image in a negative way and does she get that reaction with young girls. >> yes. she does well and people like you and me and our age but
9:33 am
she -- >> i actually travel with hillary and we see women of all ages have that reaction to her. this was a fun show. they came to us a few months ago and said they wanted to do a show about one of the characters being an intern in her office, working on her campaign and as you saw the clip was the excitement of her getting to meet her. >> it airs tomorrow. >> on comedy central. >> thank you. maybe you will come back and we will have a different conversation tomorrow. >> yes. >> thank you. a big state for bernie sanders today, illinois. 156 delegates there. he is hoping to win over middle-class voters there. he seemed optimistic about it. >> i think if will is a large voter turnout we're going to do just great here in illinois, missouri and ohio and hopefully in north carolina and florida.
9:34 am
i think that in the states that are coming down the pike we have great opportunities to win many of them. we are feeling really good. >> he said he is feeling good. coming up next hour, wolf blitzer will interview bernie sanders live and in person. actually the campaign manager because bernie sanders is doing more hits at the ballot cam places. president obama weighing on the presidential campaign and he has words for how the race is being run. we will show you what he has to say up next. ou think about succ, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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breaking news. moments ago, president obama made some comments at an early st. patrick's day luncheon held on capitol hill.
9:39 am
his thoughts were on the race currently underway to succeed him but his mood was something else. definitely not festive. have a listen. >> i know i'm not the only one in this room who maybe more than a little dismayed about what is happening on the campaign trail lately. we have heard vulgar and divisive rhetoric aimed a at women and minorities, at americans who don't look like us or pray like us or vote like we do. we have seen misguided attempts to shut down that speech. however offensive it may be, we live in a country where free speech is one of the most important rights that we hold. in response to those attempts, we've seen actual violence. and we have heard silence from too many of our leaders. too often, we've accepted this as somehow this new normal.
9:40 am
it's worth asking ourselves what each of us may have done to contribute to this kind of vicious atmosphere in our politics. i suspect all of us can recall some intemperate words that we regret. certainly i can. while some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, all of us are responsible for reversing it. for it is a cycle that is not an accurate reflection of america. it has to stop. i say that not because it's a matter of political correctness, it's about the way the corrosive behavior can undermine 0 our democracy and our society and even our economy. >> few words moments ago from president obama regarding the tenor of the election so far. some of the things you have been seeing playing out on news and
9:41 am
in your newspapers. today the state of ohio is a winner-take-all contest for candidates and we are getting information in about turnout in this battleground state. going to speak to the man in charge of the elections in the tamil nadu state of ohio. that's coming up after this. your body is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief is the only product that combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster than any other otc medicine. it also eases gas, cramps, and bloating. imodium multi symptom relief. restore rhythm to your digestive system.
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comcast business. built for business. the great state of ohio there are 143 delegates at state and 63 for republicans. a crucial state for the gop as well. and a must win for ohio's governor candidate john kasich. this morning here he is, not that long ago, casting his ballot for himself in westerville, ohio. voters across the state are heading to the polls for this critical round of super tuesday. they keep getting more super. check in with john houston, the ohio secretary of state and i presume, like all secretaries of state you certify election results and it's a big job and
9:46 am
you watch over what is happening. i want to ask you about one of these interesting dynamics i'm hearing about in your state. in fact your governor said it on tv this morning that democrats, because they are allowed to in an open primary, are crossing over and voting in the republican primary for john kasich. a, because they might like him and b, because they want to stop trump. is that how you are seeing it play out today? >> the governor is correct there are democrats, particularly in northeast ohio who are crossing over and votingprimary. it remains to be seen if they are crossover votes for donald trump or people who like john kasich for the work he's done in ohio and saying we like kasich. >> so you are saying they are democrats for donald trump and john kasich switching. >> it is a crazy environment.
9:47 am
i talked to a cruz delegate on saturday who voted for rubio and changed their mind and campaigning for kasich to help him win. that tells you the changing dynamics in ohio. >> definitely an unusual time. i want to ask you a couple of things about your state and the significance of it. why is your governor not a shoe in at this point? he is polling well but not a certainty and yet so popular in your state. why isn't ate definite? >> i think there's an element of the republican party right now that is frustrated with washington. likes the idea of an outsider that's promising strength and simple solutions to the problem. but don't get that wrong. john kasich, in this
9:48 am
anti-establishment kind of conversation going on, the fact that he's leading in the polls and perhaps favored to win today shows the strength of his candidacy in the state and i believe his message has the ability to resonate beyond ohio as the field continues to narrow down. we'll see, after 7:30 tonight, we will know what the results are and the world will change like it always does in election results. >> it may take longer, too. i'm hearing turnout is higher than 2012. are you heading towards the record of 2008? >> well, i believe we are going to see strong turnout. that's what the early voting numbers indicate. that's what the early results that we are seeing today show in terms of participation. but i don't believe it is going to be a record. so strong turnout, not record turnout. the political implications for donald trump, bernie sanders for example, i think the prognosticators will love to
9:49 am
chime in on, but i will tell you that, you know, we're going to see good turnout. i just don't think record turnout. >> you are not going to sleep tonight. you have a lot ahead of you. thank you for being on the show today. appreciate it. >> thank you. critical votes cast as we speak right now. 2016 race, busy, busy. a live look from 0 our charlotte, north carolina cam where people are hitting the ballot box. we will look at the implications that today's vote could have on all of the campaigns moving forward. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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it'ss a tale of two parties. a super tuesday party three kicks in to high gear today. the dems, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battiling it out. john kasich is hoping that ohio
9:54 am
will give him a win there. rubio is hoping for the same thing in florida. no at governor but a senator there. however, some recent ad buys in his home state could spell trouble because it seems that super pac supporting him decided not to put money ahead for tv ads after today's primary. guess they are waiting to see what happens n. the meantime, senator cruz's campaign doubled down on the ad buys. in four states voting today and the campaign is looking ahead as they purchase ad time in arizona, which is ahead. i want to talk about this with cnn political commentators. hello to the three of you. i will start with you if i can. a hat tip to the washington examiner for this line. is this good-bye rubio tuesday? >> well, i mean short of a miracle in florida, i think that may be the case. i think there are a lot of people who will be sadded to see
9:55 am
rubio leave the race given there was so much promise for h campaign. many folks thought he was the future of the republican party. and very different from the tone and tenor in our front runner donald trump. but, yeah, i really don't see how marco rubio moves forward if he loses florida. there's even polling that has marco rubio coming in third in florida which would be more disastrous for him and impossible for him to move forward. you never know. the polls were wrong in illinois for -- i'm sorry, in michigan for hillary clinton. they said she was going to win by 20 and she ended up losing. who knows. i think that unfortunately for marco rubio his campaign made mistakes that have been mortal wounds and he's been unable to recover and people want to back a winner. in florida people feel as though he doesn't have momentum moving forward that will probably hurt him.
9:56 am
>> florida is important. 99 up for grabs. ohio critical as well. 66 up for the republicans in ohio. i want to talk to you about what the secretary of state said in ohio. dems are crossing over in the open primary. he said there are two reasons, they may want to vote for the governor because they like him or stop donald trump because they don't like him or may like trump and vote for him and that sounds logical. >> i'm skeptical that people voting strategically like that can have a big influence. we have seen previous primaries. remember in 2008, rush limbaugh announced operation chaos and encouraged conservatives to vote. in the democratic primaries to make the obama hillary clinton race go on longer. it haven't much of an impact. i take it with a grain of salt. >> it is close between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. if they are siphoning off democratic votes, are they
9:57 am
siphoning them equally. >> if you are a hard-core bernie sanders voter, his average, his typical voter is a 24-year-old male. that's hi base. i'd be surprised if that person was going and voting against trump rather than supporting bernie. i want to jump in on the rubio question. there's one explanation for marco rubio's decline in this race and that is immigration. he took a bet after 2012 elections that immigration reform was the path forward for the republican party. it was the consensus in the republican party. to his credit he worked hard to fashion a bipartisan bill and that effort is his down fall in the republican party, mostly because donald trump has used that issue so effectively against him. >> i want to get mark in here.
9:58 am
progressive sleeders are calling for massive mobilization against donald trump, 22 leaders of the national progressive organization group signing a letter calling for massive nonviolent mobilization to stand up against donald trump's bigotry and incitement. could this lead to chaos? >> i don't think it will lead to chaos. i think it will be principled resistance. my caveat would be i hope we have the same if ted cruz is the nominee. in many ways donald trump is largely looming figure that makes us think other candidates are more normal or reasonable in their policy. ted cruz is just as extreme, as xenophobic and draconian in his policies. i don't want any of them to have an unchallenged run. that said, principle resist tan and call for nonvooins violence resistance is necessary but not just in the primary.
9:59 am
hillary clinton was right, donald trump is winning with a plurality, only a minority of voters support him. i think in the general election you will see most americans don't support donald trump or see his vision and likely won't back him. if there is chaos it is from republicans trying to figure out what to do to get a away from donald trump. not from the left offering principled resistance. >> we saw chaos friday night. that was from the left. in fairness to ted cruz. >> got to wrap it. >> secure the border and follow the constitution is there is nothing xenophobic about that. >> i wasn't suggesting it was. >> thank you. >> i'm only cutting you off because wolf blitzer is a really nice guy. he's coming up next. >> we can all agree on that. >> thank you to the three of you. i know you will be business sz ail day today. look, folks, it says so on your tv. it is super tuesday and we have coverage of the action. keep it here. we have ballot cams up.
10:00 am
don't forget, if there is only two at the top of the mind, florida and ohio could make all the difference in the world. thank you for watching. nice to have you. an ohio voter, wolf blitzer is up next. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is noon in st. louis. 1:00 p.m. in washington. 7 p.m. in damascus, syria. wherever you are watching, thank you for joining us. we start with voters going to the polls in five states right now for what we call super tuesday number three. here's what is at stake. more than 1,000 delegates are up for grabs on both sides, which could have a profound impact on the race for the white house. we're watching polling stations in florida, ohio, illinois, missouri and north carolina. on the republican side, donald trump leads the


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