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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 16, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. good morning, everyone. welcome to a special post-super duper tuesday edition of "early start." it is now wednesday. i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. we welcome all of our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. >> what a night it was. donald trump and hillary clinton the two front-runners right now. they were the big winners on this election day. donald trump continues his march toward the republican convention at least, almost certainly going to get there with the most delegates. he won at least three states, illinois, north carolina, and
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florida, big. he may still win a fourth. look at missouri right now. less than 2,000 votes separate donald trump and ted cruz. they have suspended counting for the night. they're going to look at the absentee and provisional ballots tomorrow, but donald trump leading there right now. the cruz campaign, by the way, could request a recount if it wanted to, but the cruz campaign tells our sunlen serfaty they have no plans to do so at this point. so if this holds, donald trump will win four out of five states on this super tuesday. donald trump told supporters overnight that his movement will not be stopped. >> we have a great opportunity, and the people that are voting, our democrats are coming in of the independents are coming in, and very importantly, people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. we're going to go forward, and we're going to win. but more importantly, we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. we're going to have great victories for our country. thank you very much, everybody.
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>> donald trump did not run the table last night. why? ohio and john kasich. john kasich now on the board in the 2016 republican primaries. he won his home state, the first state that he has won. but it's a big state, 66 delegates. his campaign still very much alive. the same cannot be said for marco rubio. the florida senator lost badly in his home state to donald trump, and he has now suspended his campaign. right now the republican delegate count looks like this. donald trump with 640. this number will grow. there are a lot of delegates from missouri and illinois that he will win that we have not allocated yet. ted cruz in second at 405. marco rubio at 170. his campaign now suspended. john kasich in fourth place at 138 but still very much in the race. >> the front-runners had a very good night on the democratic side. nearly a clean sweep for hillary clinton, winning in ohio, florida, north carolina and illinois. missouri, as we said, too close to call for the democrats. clinton taking a giant step toward being the party nominee.
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>> we know we will add to our delegate lead to roughly 300 with over 2 million more votes nationwide. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> all right. the democratic delegate count now, hillary clinton 1,568. sanders, 797. mere to help us break down the results, mj lee. the front-runners had a good night. rubio is out. kasich is alive. >> that's right. a big, big night for donald trump and hillary clinton. the two parties' front-runners. donald trump getting the win that he really wanted to get, and this was his prize possession and win that he had been talking about for weeks and weeks, florida, where 99 delegates were at stake. he defeated marco rubio in his home state, adding 99 delegates
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again to his already growing pile of delegates. he also won the states of illinois and north carolina, and we are still waiting for results to come in in missouri. this is also a win for trump coming as an anti-trump campaign has very much been gaining steam. a lot of money spent over the last week to try to stop trump's momentum. clearly not successful tonight. this was also a big night for john kasich. as we mentioned, he won his home state of ohio, notching his very first victory of the 2016 cycle, making the republican race now a three-man race between donald trump, ted cruz, and john kasich. now, on the democratic side, a good night for hillary clinton as well. she has won the states of florida, ohio, illinois, and north carolina. again, on that side as well, we're waiting to get the results from missouri. but in her election speech, it was clear that she is now
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pivoting to the general election. she's very confident seeing the results from tonight, and clearly delivering a message that was aimed at donald trump. now, with trump winning florida, this did lead to marco rubio conceding defeat, taking himself out of the white house campaign. so the gop race has really been shaken up tonight, and this is going to be a three-man race going forward. >> mj, thank you for that. stick with us. i want to reintroduce our panel as well. josh rogin, in l.a, dylan byers, chris moody, senior correspondent for cnn and alex burns, national political reporter for "the new york times," all with us. great analysis and insight for you. dylan, i want to start with you. there was a moment last night in trump's press conference that wasn't a press conference. he had said -- the press said he was going to have a press conference but he did not take questions from the press. in fact, i think he had some choice words for the press in
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that conference. but then he said something about his right-hand man, cory lewandowski. let's listen. >> sit down, everybody. this is mara la go. good job, corey. >> an endorsement of corey who has embroiled in some of the controversy on the tactics of the campaign. that was a pointed moment of support for corey. >> yeah. it was a moment of support. it was an effectively an endorsement of his campaign manager, who has been embroiled in controversy, and it was a thumb in the eye of reporters. and frankly, especially, female reporters, who feel like this whole scandal involving cory lewandowski and michelle fields, a reporter from breitbart news who has accused him of assaulting her after a rally last week, look, there's a lot
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of dispute over exactly what happened in that moment. but the response from the trump campaign, from corey lewandowski, from trump, from their spokesperson, has been to try and throw into question the credibility of the reporter and really question her integrity as a reporter. and that's really rubbed a lot of members of the press the wrong way. to have corey up there, to have trump turn to him and say, you know, good job, corey, and then to get off the stage without taking any questions, it's just the latest in a long line of incidents where trump has stuck his thumb in the eye of the media and really said, hey, look, i don't care about you. i'm going to run the campaign i want to run, and i'm not going to play by your rules. of course on the same night, a reporter from politico was barred from even attending the event because he had written a critical piece about corey lewandowski. so the trump campaign's treatment of the press as a whole is really terrible,
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frankly, and it's something that you're starting to see reporters sort of push back against. >> alex burns, you know how much this seems to have hurt him so far? >> none. >> about zero, right? i mean despite all of that, despite the controversy over the violence on his campaign rallies, despite the fights that broke out in chicago on friday night, all of these things were yet more things that could have been a problem for donald trump. yet he won at least three out of the five states last night, maybe four out of the five states last night. and this morning, appears to be in a better position in the republican race than he was yesterday. >> well, john, it really breaks down as sort of a short game versus long game for donald trump. yes, it's true that he continues to win despite this series of controversies. the violence at the rallies, all the stuff with his campaign manager. i would add to that the flap around the endorsement by david duke several weeks ago. but he is pay ago i price over the longer term with mainstream
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republican voters that he would need in a general election and other voters, independents, and even moderate democrats in a general election. really striking in the exit polls tuesday night. in none of the five states that voted did a majority of republican primary voters, republican primary voters, say that donald trump was honest and trustworthy. on that score, he was worse off with republicans than hillary clinton was with democrats, and that was supposed to be her area of greatest weakness. also in the exit polls, in every state that voted except for florida, at least two in five republican primary voters said they'd consider a third-party candidate. so while this is not slowing down trump in the near term, he is taking on water in a meaningful way that has republicans outside his campaign really deeply concerned about a general election. >> chris moody, you're there -- >> go ahead. >> can i just add one more point to what alex just said? he's also day by day by day providing more fodder to the anti-trump effort that hillary clinton will inevitably make
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against him in the general election. i mean he's just giving them fuel for attack ads, and the republicans haven't been successful in turning his, you know, what he's done into attack ads, but certainly the hillary clinton campaign is going to make a concerted effort to do so in the general election should they run against donald trump. >> chris moody, let's talk about the hillary clinton campaign. you're there in boynton beach, florida. she gave her speech in west palm beach, and then she's back on her way to new york tonight, looking ahead very clearly. is hillary clinton, do you think, going to start to pivot toward that general election and try to keep bernie sanders on her left flank? >> she's certainly looking at both sides at the same time because bernie sanders is not going away today or tomorrow. but she is looking ahead, and she's calling donald trump out by name, and i think we're going to see a lot more of that, laying the foundation for the kind of attacks we're going to see in the general election. and, trust me, there will be many. and we're seeing what those will look like not necessarily from democrats at this point, but
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from republicans. remember, the never trump movement is conservatives. it is republicans, and they are finally putting money behind ads. we saw an ad from a group just the other day having women quote things that donald trump has said that can be construed as anti-women. boy, oh boy, you better believe you're going to see some of that in the general election. you're going to see a lot of that in donald trump is the nominee. remember he spent a lot of time before being a politician as a bit of an entertainer, a playboy, and of course as the multi billionaire entrepreneur. he had a mouth, and he used it in public. and those quotes about women or about minorities were on camera, were on tape, and we're going to be hearing them over and over in the general. that's what a lot of republicans are terrified about. >> but the republicans were already running against him, and he won florida, and he won illinois and is leading in missouri. so, josh, that's a perfect segue into where is the stop trump
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movement or the never trump movement this morning? because this last tuesday, yesterday was supposed to be their big stand. >> well, i think they're nursing their wounds this morning and preparing for the next day. the next three contests, arizona, utah, and wisconsin, that's what they're focused on. arizona is probably going to go trump. utah and wisconsin, they feel trump is vulnerable, but the problem for the never trump movement is that the schedule gets elongated. there's big delays now between each of these primaries, so it makes it a lot harder to build anti-trump momentum. the other problem from the anti-trump movement, and some people call it a sort of a frame of mind, it's not necessarily a group of people although there are a bunch of organizations. so now that the rubio money is going to drop out, they're looking at the cruz donors. will the cruz donors step up and fill the gap? i mean it seems to be in his interest. is that the tack that the cruz donors are going to take? there's a feeling that they have to keep going with this even,
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but there's not exactly sure what to do. >> there was huge overlap between the pro rubio and the never trump movement. now that the pro rubio movement is never more. how much of it will shift is an open question. >> so. more to get to this morning. donald trump reinforcing his status as gop front-runner. north carolina one of his super tuesday prizes. we are going to talk to the state gop chair. that's next. dee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths.
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we're going to make our country rich again. we're going to make our country great again, and we need the rich in order to make the great, i'm sorry to tell you. >> all right. one of the states that donald trump won last night, north carolina, edging out ted cruz there. proportional delegate allocations so they both leave with delegates, but yet another state in donald trump's pocket. joining us now from raleigh is dallas woodhouse. he's the executive director of the north carolina republican party. first of all, mr. woodhouse, thanks for staying up. great to have you here with us live this morning. really appreciate it. your state was close, but donald trump did win as he has won so many other places. what's going on? >> well, i think the real story we saw tonight in north carolina is the incredible amount of people that voted republican in the state. we actually had more people vote
12:18 am
republican in north carolina than the democrats did by 10,000, 11,000 votes. there are 700,000 more registered democrats in the state of north carolina than there are republicans. the democrats are down about 400,000 votes from their last contested primary election in 2008. our side is up 500,000. you're talking a net swing of 900,000 for republicans. also republicans are up 155,000 since 2012. so mr. cruz and mr. trump both campaigned in north carolina. trump campaigned a lot. he did pull out the victory. both are going to win a significant amount of delegates. but what we're seeing now is just incredible amount of enthusiasm for republicans, and we saw that at the polls with real live people showing up to vote. >> so what's driving that enthusiasm? when we look at the exit polling
12:19 am
across the board, it's the economy and jobs that are the most pressing issue for people. when we look at exit polling in north carolina in particular, it looks like almost seven out of ten north carolina voters said that they support a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states. that is a signature trump issue. is it trump's issues like that that are drawing these new voters in? >> well, i think there's a couple things. i think we have a broad selection of candidates, ones that are still in the race, and i think republicans generally like their candidates. and i think one of the important things to note tonight is that so many of the unaffiliated pulled the republican ballot. they can pick which one to vote in, and they decided to vote republican because those candidates are more interesting. i think people think the republican will win in november. and if you're on the democrat side, you have hillary clinton, who's been around forever, and bernie sanders, who is an utter socialist. so i think our side is simply more attractive, and i think it bodes very well for republicans
12:20 am
in north carolina, which will be a swing state again. it was the closest state in the last two presidential cycles. it bodes very well that we had a higher proportion of unaffiliates vote for us on our side tonight. >> all right. you are a party official in north carolina. party officials are going to be very, very important over the next several months leading into the convention in cleveland. if it is a contested convention, which is the only way that john kasich will end up with the nomination, maybe the only way that ted cruz at this point ends up with the nomination. so a contested convention very much in play right now. as a party official in north carolina, how do the delegate rules work in your state? a lot of us -- you may not even know. it's hard to know. it's state by state rules. will they be bound? how many ballots are they bound in cleveland, and do you think as a party official that it's fair that it go to a contested convention? >> well, i support the rules that were adopted by the
12:21 am
republican national committee. they are debated by a broad section of republican party activists and delegates across the country, and we have rules for a reason. ultimately i trust the voters and delegates to figure this out. and i think we'll come out with a strong nominee out of cleveland, and i think we'll be unified. >> i'm interested, mr. woodhouse, in your thoughts just looking back over the past nine months or a year. i mean you couldn't have predicted back then where we would be today. you're a veteran of politics. this has been such an interesting -- the rule book has been thrown out, hasn't it? >> you know, it really has. i've done a lot of different things. i've worked as a television reporter covering campaigns years ago. i've worked in political nonprofits, and it is an exciting time. you know, it is live television drama every night.
12:22 am
it's unscripted. the voters are sending messages, but they're not all sending the same messages. what i would say is i do believe that it is good on our side that we have people coming to our side to vote. and here's a little interesting tidbit about north carolina. 40 years ago, we had a primary roughly about this same time where ronald reagan won north carolina to save his political career. see, we normally have our primaries in may. we're in march this time. so i think voters in our state, unique to us, are particularly excited about being able to weigh in on the presidential race in an early, important time because a lot of times by the time it's gotten to us, it's been over. so i think that's one reason we're seeing the enthusiasm. and our people have just enthusiastically embraced the
12:23 am
early primary and have just come out in droves, just extremely high percentage of voters. you just got to think that the democrats are down 400,000 from 2008 in a state that is growing by leaps and bounds. i mean the fact we outvoted them tonight is really incredile. it's just unprecedented. they have a 700,000 registration advantage on us. it's just unbelievable. >> we heard the same thing from florida. we were talking to the chairman down there. a lot of credit from the chairman of florida went to donald trump for exciting the voters, winning north carolina. dallas woodhouse, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for getting up early, or staying up late. let's bring our panel back in and talk about this a bit. josh rogin, i want to talk about north carolina in particular. when you look at these exit polls, again i mentioned it just now to the executive director of the gop there. but you look at the exit polls there. you clearly see that the ban on muslims, the temporary ban on
12:24 am
muslims, the exit poll we never would have ever asked under any way, shape, or form, but now brought up by donald trump. huge support for that among trump supporters. we're hearing again and again that so much of this energy and so much of the turnout is because of the donald trump effect. >> right. i think you said two important things here. one is that is a truism. trump has brought out lots of new voters. the other one, what the poll shows is that trump's policies are actually influencing the thinking of these voters, and that is something that the republican party, especially republican leadership in washington, is taking very seriously. you know, i have some exclusive reporting for you right now. this morning, paul ryan, the house speaker, spoke to his caucus, and they were talking about the prospect that trump would become the nominee. and he said, and i quote from a source in the room, we are the last line of defense. what he's saying there is that if trump tries to bring the party away from what it considers to be its core values and do things like institute a
12:25 am
ban on muslims, which paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have expressly come out against, there will be a battle between that republican leadership and the trump campaign. and it's not clear which side most republican primary voters will end up on. you know, you have all of these down ticket races, all of these candidates all over the republican primary trying to decide, do we go with our leadership and our conservative movement such as it is? do we break that off into a third party? or do we sign up and get on the trump train, wherever that leads? and i think those north carolina exit polls speak to that crisis really that's going on. >> donald trump actually talked a little bit about paul ryan tonight. donald trump and paul ryan have spoken on the phone. donald trump has actually spoken to mitch mcconnell as well. this is what donald trump talked about, his outreach with the party leadership. >> paul ryan called me the other day. tremendous call. i spoke with mitch mcconnell today. we had a great conversation. the fact is we have to bring our
12:26 am
party together. we have to bring it together. we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> all right. mj lee, that was what donald trump said about paul ryan. paul ryan, though, overnight said something very interesting, or he didn't say something very interesting. he refused to rule out being called to run at the convention if his name somehow ends up in nomination and all the delegates rise up and support him. he refused to categorically rule out. he didn't look too fondly upon it but didn't make a statement, and a lot of people say, paul ryan sometimes denies wanting a job and ultimately takes it to begin with. what's the likelihood at this point right now of the contested convention, and how hard are these campaigns working toward that end? >> well, first of all, i think it's really fascinating how
12:27 am
often now donald trump is name-dropping paul ryan of all people in his speeches, saying that he's spoken to paul ryan. he also said he has spoken to mitch mcconnell, which i asked trump at mara la go just a few days ago, have you spoken to the senate majority leader? and he said no. so this is certainly a new development. he's clearly saying this because he now wants to show the party that he wants to unify the party. he's not just a, you know, flame thrower, that he can work with party leadership. but as we have talked about, there are going to be so many bitter pills for the party and party leaders to swallow if, in fact, they do want to work together on donald trump as they try to progress their own agenda and the party's agenda going forward. and i think the contested convention, as you mentioned, that's a big part of this consideration, right? is the party actually willing to accept that donald trump is leading by a lot now in the
12:28 am
delegate race, or do they really want to take it to the convention this summer and try to stop him at all costs? and i think the second option comes with a lot of risks. >> mj, trump surrogates have been saying forever, this is still just the foot-dragging, the establishment has accepting that donald trump is it. all the convoluted remote routes to a contested convention, just give it up. that's what they say. thanks, everybody. stick there because we've got more to talk about. then there were three in the gop. marco rubio is out. john kasich is live. where does he go from here? we'll look at that next.
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defying all expectations, beating all the odds, the governor of ohio won the state of ohio. no, john kasich, look, it was a big deal. the first state he has won in this race so far. it means he is staying in this race. he gets 66 delegates in the winner take all state, and john kasich just after it became official spoke to wolf blitzer.
12:33 am
>> john kasich, the governor of ohio, the winner of the ohio republican presidential primary. he's joining us on the phone right now. governor, congratulations on your very important win in your home state of ohio. i know you're going to be speaking to your supporters soon, but give us your reaction. how excited are you? >> well, we're all very, very happy, wolf. we've run a positive campaign and one that, you know, shows the record of balancing budges and cutting taxes and most important, growing jobs and leaving no one behind. i'm just so appreciative of the people of ohio. that's my third straight statewide win, and we got one more to go. we'll have one more to go this fall when we beat hillary clinton here because i'm in the best position to beat her, and we're going to get a lot of momentum. we have a lot of people now joining us who they were on the sidelines. they want to come now. i heard jake tapper saying, well, he doesn't have any money. i mean tell jake i'll have all
12:34 am
the money we need, okay? we also are lining up great political support, and, look, i look at these people, how happy they are. you know what it is? what it is, is it's a real election for somebody that knows how to fix the country, the economy. that's what this is about. and we're fired up. i'm going to philadelphia tomorrow. i think we'll have a great event in philadelphia, and we're just all thrilled. my wife and my kids are here and my sister in law, the whole family and many, many volunteers. >> let's talk about your path forward right now. you got all 66 delegates in your home state of ohio, but walk us through. there's still an enormous number you need to capture the republican presidential nomination. >> yeah. well, there's over 1,000 delegates yet to be selected, and we're going to be working all across this country. like i say, we're in pennsylvania tomorrow. we'll be heading to the eastern seaboard. i'm going to get in the covered wagon and hope for a big breeze. we're going to head out to the
12:35 am
west, out to colorado, and we're going to go to maryland down on the eastern shore. we'll be out in california, where i think we'll be very competitive. so, look, this is the little engine that can. people said we wouldn't be at this place. they said we were not going to be able to make it. so for those people who like the underdog, for that person in the march madness that can go from the bottom seed all the way up now, there's three of us left. it's pretty cool. so we're excited, wolf. >> you think you're going to be able to go all the way to the convention and see what happens if the convention? if no one gets that 1237, that magic number needed to capture the nomination? >> oh, yeah. look, i may go to the convention before this is over with more delegates than anybody else. there's 1,000 yet to pick. look, we've only been paid attention to for about the last two or three weeks. i've had more attention in the last three weeks than i had in the last six months. so people are finally starting to hear the message of success in washington, balancing the
12:36 am
budget, job growth in ohio turning it around, job growth, and, wolf, at the same time all that has happened, we've left no one behind. we've helped the mentally ill, the working poor. we're proud of what we've done. we want to bring this country together and not divide this country anymore. that's why this was such a big victory. it says, you want to go and divide them? okay. you came to ohio. you threw everything you had at me, and guess what? it didn't work because we know that we need to unite this country and be americans and not spend our time dividing people in this country. >> governor kasich, congratulations. 66 delegates in ohio. you captured them all. it's a winner take all state. congratulations. we'll see you out there on the campaign trail. >> well, we'll see you tonight. i'm going to be out there tonight to make a speech pretty soon to all the supporters and the people of ohio, i love you. i love you. i'll fight for you every day. >> governor john kasich finally on the board. he's got a state, his own state. but, you know, ted cruz is the one who is number two for
12:37 am
delegates behind donald trump. and ted cruz is the one who says, look, this is not a three-man race. this is still a two-man race. listen. >> starting tomorrow morning, every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination, ours and donald trump's. nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. [ cheers and applause ] >> there we go, guys. alex, from "the new york times," is it a two-man race? is it just find the ointment for the kasich win last night for ted cruz. >> what cruz is saying is absolutely right. the only two people with a path to a majority of delegates are trump and cruz and probably
12:38 am
really only trump. the other two guys are banking on a convention to varying degrees. if you look at what kasich has pulled off in this race, he said in that interview with wolf, they said it couldn't be done. everybody doubted us. i don't think anybody doubted kasich had a strong chance of winning his home state. the real challenge for him is can he project his strength anywhere else in the country? and if you look at the map from tuesday night, so far the answer is no, that he was seen as a candidate with appeal across the midwest. he came in third in michigan last week. he came in third in several of the other states that voted last night and really a distant third in missouri. so you're not looking at a guy who has shown that he has broad appeal anywhere within the republican party. that doesn't mean that he's not a factor in the race. he's a significant obstacle for ted cruz and some of these more mad rat states coming up like washington state and wisconsin. >> chris moody, i spend way too much time looking at the math and looking at the calendar, trying to figure out what states are voting when and where. look at that right there. you have new york. you have pennsylvania, new
12:39 am
jersey, connecticut, rhode island. you have the northwest as well, not to mention california. the kasich people say these are places where we can compete. in fact, they say these are places where we're, you know -- we have more strength than perhaps ted cruz. ted cruz doesn't run well in the north, maine aside. so is kasich a better anti-trump candidate in those places? >> i think the ambition of the establishment is a little convoluted here. they needed kasich to be in the race now so he could be sure to beat donald trump and hold him from getting to that magic number. but i've heard many people say tonight that they need him to get out in order to make it a two-man race between cruz and trump, to help the never trump or the anti-trump forces. so certainly in the northeast, kasich can do better, not certainly but possibly can do better than cruz although he hasn't proven it in the past
12:40 am
contests. this is the first time he's won. and in the next few states, he's going to have to -- he better prove that he can do it again, or else you're going to hear from a guy named ted cruz again and again, saying, hey, this is a two-man race. it's me and trump, and kasich being in there certainly does not help cruz although tonight he certainly did put in his effort to make sure that this could possibly go to a contested convention. >> we know kasich told wolf blitzer he's got plenty of money. he's going to stay in. >> but ted cruz told me overnight a few choice things about john kasich. i had a chance to interview him. that interview is embargoed. we can't play it until new day at 5:30. trust me, there's some new stuff in there on his feelings in the race and whether or not there should be a third candidate. stay tuned for that. plus coming up, hillary clinton winning at least four states, perhaps going five for five. i got to say after what happened in michigan, this was an unexpected outcome for a lot of
12:41 am
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all right. the democratic race last night, hillary clinton won at least four states, florida big, north carolina big, ohio bigger than people thought. illinois as well, and in missouri right now, she is leading by 1,500 votes. cnn is not going to call this race tonight. it's actually 100% of the
12:45 am
precincts reporting. they've reported everywhere around the state but we're waiting for the provisional and absentee ballots. but hillary clinton leads there, and it could be five for five for her, which means it could be, josh rogin, 0-5 for bernie sanders, which is a disappointing night for the campaign, particularly after what happened in michigan. they wanted a victory tonight, perhaps another upset in ohio in those midwestern states to prove they are viable and they have staying power. >> right. the greatest achievement tonight for hillary clinton is that she gets to change the narrative whereas the narrative after last super tuesday was, oh, bernie is still hanging in there and winning states. now the narrative is that her nomination is all but secured. but as we get a little bit deeper into the numbers, we can still see some interesting things about how the clinton campaign is faring as the sanders campaign. for example, the sanders campaign lost two to one amongst democrats. you can't win the democratic primary if you're not winning
12:46 am
democrats. at the same time, the clinton campaign lost two to one with independents. so it shows hillary clinton is still not reaching a lot of people who are not traditional members of the party. a really positive note for hillary clinton last night, and i'm looking at the ohio exit polls here, is that she was up 61-36 over bernie sanders with women voters, and that's an improvement over the discussion that we all were having just a couple of weeks ago, when there was a lot of discussion about whether or not women would really feel obligated to vote for hillary clinton. so, you know, overall it's all good news for hillary clinton, but there are still some vulnerabilities in her campaign. she does have an enthusiasm gap, a problem with independents, and a problem with younger voters. these are the things she has to address going forward. >> but even when you look within those ohio exit polls, you can see that hillary clinton won on the economy, on the trade issue even. that was something that many people after, mj, after michigan last week, what a difference a week makes. everyone looked at that michigan victory for bernie sanders and that was going to por tend badly for some of these former rust
12:47 am
belt states, and like north carolina where they lost a lot of manufacturing jobs. it didn't hurt her. >> i thought that reversal was pretty striking too. i noticed that from our exit polls. remember last week among the voters who believe that international trade costs american jobs, sanders actually performed better than clinton just seven days ago. but today we saw those numbers had flipped. so it's, you know, maybe because clinton campaigned harder or, you know, leaned a little more into that message. but whatever happened, it showed that that populist message that really carried sanders from a week ago, the same thing just simply did not transpire seven days later. i also just wanted to share some interesti interesting reporting from our wonderful sanders -- she spoke to jeff weaver just a little while ago, and he is spinning the results of tonight in an interesting way, actually saying that they didn't have to win
12:48 am
even a single state, that they weren't necessarily expecting it, and that they actually think that they did better than they had expected. he pointed to the fact that they tied in missouri. they tied in illinois. and he also said, we outperformed substantially in north carolina, much better than any other southern state. so already the sanders campaign after a disappointing night, spinning the results to say, look, we're still in the game and we had a better night than we could have expected. >> one thing on that ohio reversal from michigan to ohio that was interesting, others in ohio this week were pointing out quite rightly that there are all these factories in ohio that because of american trade laws have been protected from anti-dumping and the like and they were pointing to hillary clinton for that. so they were trying to go out there and show, wait a minute, some of these factories that are still humming are because of american trade agreements. >> we heard from hillary clinton last night as she gave a speech, a victory speech, and she was
12:49 am
clearly very enthusiastic about what happened. how could she not be excited by the results last night? she seemed to be trying to pivot once again toward the general election. let's listen to hillary clinton. >> every candidate, every candidate makes promises like this. but every candidate owes it to you to be clear and direct about what our plans will cost and how we're going to make them work. that's the difference between running for president and being president. >> that bit right there sort of being a back reference to bernie sanders a little bit about being realistic. but chris moody, she spoke just as much about the rhetoric coming from the republican side, though she never mentioned donald trump by name. you did get the sense that hillary clinton going forward is going to put most of her attention there. >> right. the comments she mentioned there speaks to her strength, as somebody who in the senate did -- was able to accomplish a lot.
12:50 am
i think states like ohio, they're always important in a general election. but if clinton is the nominee and if trump is the nominee, it's going to be especially fascinating because a lot of voters in ohio, even though he lost tonight, trump has been able to pull in a lot of the kind of working class democrats or independent voters from the so-called rust belt in a way republicans have not been able to do in past general election presidential cycles. so i think you're really going to see quite a battleground there if it is clinton versus trump. ohio always interesting, but i think going to be really good in 2016 if that's the case. >> ron brownstein made this interesting point earlier in the night. when you look at how donald trump has consolidated support among blue collar men, among men who do not have a college degree, it's unbelievable the kind of consistent support he has gotten from that group. >> but he needs to do better with that group than anyone has ever done before to make up for whatever minority votes he may
12:51 am
lose going forward. all right. after the big election results last night, what does it mean for hillary clinton? what does it mean for donald trump? what are the big takeaways? we will ask our esteemed panel for the biggest points they would take away from this night. that's next. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and...
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12:54 am
hillary clinton and donald trump the big winners last night. what are the big takeaways from
12:55 am
this final super tuesday. lightning round. about 15 seconds. your top thought, mj. >> my top takeaway is that the anti-trump campaign did not work no matter how much money they threw out there, the opposition research, the ads did not stop trump from winning three if not four states. i think this is going to be a moment of reckoning for the republican party. >> let's go to josh rogin. >> i would agree with that and say that what we found out tonight is that no matter who wins, trump or cruz, the gop in washington has officially lost control. it's a historic moment for this party where they no longer are able to exert their will on their own people. >> alice, aka dylan byers. >> democratic side, hillary clinton is sewing up her party's nomination, and i think at this point bernie sanders stays in to try and influence the democratic party platform. on the republican side, the republican establishment has to come to terms with whether or not it wants to throw its weight behind ted cruz, an unpalatable
12:56 am
option, or prepare for probably the most chaotic brokered convention possibly in the party's history. >> chris? >> i want people to look at the florida republican primary map that happened tonight. sitting senator marco rubio only won one county in the entire map. it's all trump country. that's what total anighlation looks like, and that is some momentum that is going to really, i think, take him quite far in this race. that was really something. >> first of all, guys, thank you all so much for being with us over these two hours. second of all, if you were listening to how they all wrapped this up in the stakes, they could not be higher here and the impact of what happened last night, you know, not being hyperb hyperbollic, it is major. thanks so much, guys. so much more to discuss coming up. "early start" right after the break.
12:57 am
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-- captions by vitac -- breaking news this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton win bing each coming closer to the nomination, one state with races still too close to be called. the race for president is far from over. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is wednesday, march 16th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. i want to welcome our friends in from the united states and all around the world. what a night it was. super tuesday. big, huge for the front runners. donald trump took three of them. he lost ohio to ohio's governor john kasich and he may end up with a fourth win in missouri. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won four ss


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