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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- breaking news this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton win bing each coming closer to the nomination, one state with races still too close to be called. the race for president is far from over. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is wednesday, march 16th. 4:00 a.m. in the east. i want to welcome our friends in from the united states and all around the world. what a night it was. super tuesday. big, huge for the front runners. donald trump took three of them. he lost ohio to ohio's governor john kasich and he may end up with a fourth win in missouri. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won four states
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including ohio. ohio, illinois, missouri were all in question. now, missouri is still too close to call this morning. missouri with 100% of the precincts in, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders, but it's less than 1%. we're still waiting for supervisional and absentee ballots. the same is true on the republican side. donald trump is leading ted cruz by 1,700 votes. we're not officially calling it because it's going to take some time to get the numbers in, but he is leading there. both donald trump and hns understa understandably and deservedly celebrating their victories. >> look. this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is incredible. >> we know we will add to our delicate lead to roughly 300
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with over 2 million votes nationwide. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> all right. let's talk about this big election, jay. joining us now eric branner live for us this morning from columbus, ohio. eric, big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump, in some ways bigger than originally thought. >> absolutely, john. it was the night of the front-runner. donald trump was going for the double knockout. he didn't quite get there, but he did drive marco rubio out of the race with a massive win in florida. rubio conceded the state and donald trump called it.
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kasich won in ohio. that gives him a boost but it's nowhere close. on the democratic side hillary clinton also had a big night, bigger than expected after she lost michigan a week ago. but after the michigan loss it looks like the industrial midwest could be a problem, yet she won in ohio and illinois. by doing this, she really racked up the delegate lead, but another take away of the night is that neither of these races is going to end any time soon despite the big win from the front-runners. for trump, that's because ohio's 66 delegates going to kasich means he needs to win something closer to 66% of the remaining delegates. for clinton it's more about
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being committed. bernie sanders will go on to drive his trade and anti-quality message in the states that are likely to be more friendly to him. neither race is going to end any time soon for him but they have the lead. we have esteemed panels to break all of this down. we have chris moody and dylan buyers and senior political analyst and bloomberg columnist josh rogin. josh, i want to stay in the so-called rust belt here. what a different a week makes. put michigan behind us. when you look at the exit polls, hillary clinton did well with people who are worried about the economy, free trade, she can fix it. it's almost a flip from last week. is it her campaigning or is it a fluke? >> i think there's two things going on. one thing is winning has a
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momentum all its own, so as voters get more accustomed to the probability that clinton is going to be the nominee, they're coming around to sort of giving her a second chance, even if they're skeptical of her recent position, recent changes on the partnership and the pipeline. she's shored up people she was not being well supported by. we're talking about younger voters, more blue collar voters. the numbers don't all say they're moving in the right direction, but some of them do. her wins in ohio and illinois enforce that idea that she's at least an acceptable candidate to economically liberal to voters. >> hillary clinton, perhaps five for five, donald trump, four for
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five. the one loss was in ohio to john kasich. john kasich won his home state and he had this to say to his fans, his adoring fans of the state he loves about his victory. >> to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together, i have to say to the great people of the state of ohio, i love you. >> he loves them because they gave him his first win in this election season. there are those who say taking those delegates away was crucial, but there are just as many people saying john kasich is standing in the way of ted cruz beating donald trump. the only person he said could beat him is ted cruz.
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>> this is the paradox of the donald trump strategy. they needed john kasich to win tonight. they needed him in there so he can stop trump from getting to that magic number. close enough. now a lot of people will say they need him out, and in a way they are right. having it as a two-man race can shore up more support for ted cruz. that's a weird thing because ted cruz has made no friends, especially on capitol hill, especially among the leadership on capitol hill and now the republicans have to get behind a guy who's saying they can't stand him over the year. so this whole anti-trump movement has a plan, but it has to tie itself in knots. there's no clear absolute strategy they know will win. >> you know, dylan, when i look at the ad spending numbers, the
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numbers here, millions, half of it spent on anti-trump ads. when we talk to the state gop officials, they tell us unbelievable turnout. they have energized them. that's the story of this electi election. >> yeah. absolutely. he's created a lot like they didn't have a voice. like no one was addressing the issues that they care about. we've talked time and again how many issues we're discussing in this campaign because donald trump brought them up and if he hadn't brought them up, we wouldn't be discussing them. but, you know, this question about the enthusiasm for donald trump, that is a true phenomenon. but it also remains true that more people have voted for hillary clinton than any other candidate, republican or democratic so far in this
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campaign. and all of this question about enthusiasm turn jut, it raises really significant questions for the general election. you know, josh rogin mentioned earlier there are questions about hillary clinton's enthusiasm gap, does donald trump's broad base of support, does that give him the edge in the general election or does the fact that so many people fear a trump presidency give hillary clinton the edge. it's a fascinating question and one i think people will be exploring more as we roll toward the general election. >> eric bradner, you know, john kasich cannot get 1,237 delegates before the win. you have to win 235% of the con tifft. ted cruz believes he can but the math is not in his favor. just to be clear to put a fine point on it, the one thing we know from last night is in order to beat donald trump this will almost definitely have to go to a contention. that's an extraordinary
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development. >> it absolutely is. ted cruz is still making argument that he can reach the delegate count that he needs. it's very hard to imagine at this stage anything stopping trump but a contested convention. for kasich, that's part of the strategy. it's in cleveland, after all, his home state of ohio. the thing is he would have to cannibalize marco rubio's ballots on the second round to get even trump and cruz, and from there he's hoping his friends and families who would be surrounding all of these delegates would catapult him forward, but both candidates -- non-trump strategists are strategizing for it. it's an amazing thing. it could be a fantastic story to cover. >> all right, guys. stick with us. we're going to talk about this big night. complicates the path to the
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america needs a vibrant conservative movement, but one that's built on principles and its, not on feerks not on anger, not on preying on people's frustrations. while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever and while today my that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. well, the republican race has gone from four men to three. marco rubio suspending his campaign after a disappointing loss in his home state of florida. meanwhile john kasich is celebrating his first win in his home state of ohio. but is there enough delegates left to bead donald trump or denooid nigh him outright.
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josh, i want to talk about marco rubio, the disappointed look on his face. he has to take a beat before he can finish the sentence about dropping out of the race. he won puerto rico, he won washington, d.c., he won minnesota. and his hometown, this was not a national candidate. >> yeah. i mean it's so interesting to hear marco rubio give his own campaign autopsy in his speech tonight. he said very clearly why he thinks he lost. he identified two main things. one what he called a political tsunami. that's another way to say donald trump. and then he said we should have predicted it and no one saw it coming. the second predicament is the national tea party movement which brought him to power only six years ago failed to deliver on its promises to the republican electorate, and that's why, according to marco rubio, the republican electorate no longer has any faith in the republican establishment.
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there's one short-term and one long-term reason. i would add one more thing rubio didn't mention. he never had what we call a base. if we look at cruz's voters or trump's voters or kasich's voters, you can see who those people are. marco rubio a relatively young candidate without a lot of experience and offices held never had a real rubio establishment among the people, so the rubio supporters were just as likely to go to someone else once it became clear he was likely to look. >> you commented on the look of sadness on his face, it pales in comparison to dozens and hundreds of insiders who really looked to marco rubio as the future of the party right now. iny you asked them two months ago who would be not only nominee but president, marco rubio, and last night he dropped out of the race. it poses a question for
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republicans right now that pose as question. what do you do if donald trump is a nominee. what do you do if it's trump versus hillary clinton campaign. we asked people. there are sizeable percentages in ohio and illinois. in ohio it was 51%, illinois, 42%. again, the numbers keep going up. dylan byers, there's a concern among some of the voters. >> yes, absolutely. look, in terms of the ratings for donald trump, that's why they talk about a broker ed dea. the question is who to bet on is. it paul ryan who, of course, has not ruled out that he would step
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up and face off against donald trump at a brokered convention, but looking ahead to the general election between donald trump and hillary clinton, there's a very smart essay and it was written before donald trump ever got in the race. it highlighted this study from emory university called negative partisan ship. the theory being instead of people voting for candidates, they're voting against an america they don't want. i think if we get into a trump/clinton election, the fear among the republican establishment and certainly among the democrats and given all the hatred and vitriol from the far right, we're going to see an election that's going to turn out voters not necessarily because they love their candidate but because they really don't like what they see on the other side. >> all right. guys, a lot more to discuss coming up.
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right now a manhunt for two terrorists linked to the paris attack we've got new information on that case. we'll bring that to you next.
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a a
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breaking news this morning, north korea sentencing a 21-year-old american student to 15 years of hard labor. he was convicted of subversion in a one-hour trial earlier this morning. he was arrested in january. broke down last month at a press conference, apologizing for allegedly stealing a political banner. warmbier is one of three held right now. a manhunt. authorities are searching for
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two suspects in a raid. one suspect was killed and four officers wounded when the operation was interrupted by gunfire. now, police are not saying just how the raid was connected to the paris attacks. secretary of state john kerry is traveling to press for an end to the civil war in syria. kerry said the decision to withdraw most of the forces from syria along with the peace talks in geneva provided the best opportunity to end the conflict since it began five years ago. the secretary will leave for moscow. lawmakers asked susan hedman why she did not act forcibly after she learned last year that a crucial chemical was added to the drinking water. she said they did nothing wrong. the house oversight committee hearing continues on thursday with michigan's governor rick snyder scheduled to testify. nearly $55 million was spent
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by candidates and super pacs on tv ads in the five states that voted tuesday. more than half of it was spent on attack ads slamming donald trump. the biggest spen der, marco rubio's super pac. it unloaded 13 million among the five states including 9 million in florida alone. of all the money spent, florida topped the list on super tuesday three. florida. illinois came in next at 14.9 and then ohio and missouri. democrats have the biggest ad buy. more than $9 million by bernie sanders followed by donald trump and ted cruz. a big win for donald trump and hillary clinton. wheel cover them all from overnight next. ture built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving.
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breaking news. big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton, both moving closer to their party's nominations. the big wins in key states, but because of some big developments overnight, the race far from over. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 30 minutes past the hour. i want to welcome in our viewers from the united states and all around the world. super tuesday turns into a super night for the front-runners. donald trump took three, losing one state, ohio, to the ohio governor john kasich. trump may pick up a fourth state, missouri, where he's barely edging out ted cruz, but which is still too close for us to call this morning. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is the declared winner in four states including ohio, which had been in question. missouri, still close to call for the democrats, too, with clinton locked in an entirely tight race with bernie sanders.
1:32 am
a final declaration may be days away but that didn't stop the front winners from celebrating last night. >> look. this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is incredible. >> we know we will add to our delegate lead to roughly 300, with over 2 million more votes nationwide. we are moving closer to securing the democratic nomination and winning this election in november. >> all right. joining us now to break down the winners and the losers, senior reporter eric bradner live from columbus, ohio. i've seen the word "landslide" for both. >> that's right. it was a big night for both
1:33 am
front-runners. for donald trump, he didn't quite get the double knockout that he wanted, but he did win three states, florida, illinois, and north carolina. in florida he managed to drive marco rubio out of the race by blowing out the florida senator, who was sort of the last hope for the establishment. in ohio, john kasich managed to win on his home turf, the governor picking up all 66 of the winner t-take-all delegates. let's look at the math. trump has 640, ted cruz at 405, kasich at 107. case sick has 138. 1,237 are needed to win. on the democratic sight, hillary clinton won in florida and north carolina finishing up her sweep in the south and she also won in
1:34 am
ohio and illinois. that picks up after a loss in michigan last week and shows that clinton can compete in the industrial method despite bernie sanders really hammering her on issues like international trade some of a big night for clinton, a big night for trump, and now it looks more likely than ever that both will be their party's nominees. >> all right. eric bradner, stick around. i want to bring in the rest of our pachblt chris moody. dylan byers, and cnn political analyst josh brokegu breaux begn josh row begin. donald trump won at least three if not four out of the five states. missouri is still to be determined but hee leading there. and he picked up such delegate hauls in illinois and missouri
1:35 am
that he may have emerged fine after losing in ohio and inching closer to that nomination. >> right. i think what political insiders look at is the number that eric mentioned, which is what percentage of delegates does trump need in order to lock up the nomination outright. and that percentage actually went down last night. he actually made progress, and his chances are actually better than they were yesterday, although, far from assured. the kasich narrative has always been wait till ohio. after ohio, after i win ohio t whole race will change and money and support and media attention will come to me. well, that doesn't look likely to be the case. and as we look at the next three primaries, we're talking about arizona, utah, and wisconsin, those are really spread out. they're spread out over the next three weeks. trump has a very big lead. so even if we look forward under the best-case scenario for ted cruz or john kasich, all the
1:36 am
cards are stacked in his favor. >> let's talk about the other front-runner story. chris moody, you're there in florida. hillary clinton gave her victory speech and moved on. she's back home in new york. what was different for her this time? she did beautifully in some of these states, and in ohio, she did not have a repeat of what happened. a big disappointment for michigan. instead in ohio, exit polls, they trust her on economy, they trust her on trade. not at at all what we heard last week. >> in michigan, for bernie sanders to prove he could do it again in another similar kind of state and last night he showed that he at least this time could not do it. we saw a real shift in attitudes on the democratic side in the way they voted and what they told exit pollsters. and we saw this reflected. we saw this shift reflected in hillary clinton's speech here in
1:37 am
west palm beach last night in which while she mentioned bernie sanders briefly, the thrust of her remarks were more toward the general election and whom she thinks she might face. it was clear from her remarks it might be donald trump, and she really laid the groundwork for how she would make a contrast not between her and bernie sanders in the past but between her and donald trump in the future. >> hey, chris. let's listen to a little bit of that speech from her last night. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! you know, because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or >> dylan byers, it's interesting. bernie sanders is going to stay in as folks say he's going to stay in. hillary clinton, she stained in
1:38 am
when she was running against that guy -- what's his name -- >> president obama. >> -- barack obama. >> yeah. it's an ad comparison, but, you know, i don't think that the sanders campaign can make the same argument for staying in that she made back in 2008. you know, look. winning ohio, winning florida, doing it on the same night is a big deal. you couple that with basically stopping the momentum he had coming out of michigan, stopping him from winning states like ohio, like illinois. missouri will effectively be a tie. you know, it's really hard to see what his case is for going forward. that said, he is likely to stay in the race, and the reason that he'll do it is perhaps the reason why he got in to this contest in the first place. it's to advance his issues, advance the sort of anti-wall street message that he's been talking about since he got into the race, make that hillary
1:39 am
clinton's message, make that the democratic party's platform heading into the convention in july. look. i think there are a lo of sanders supporters coming to terms with that and, frankly, they're okay with that. he didn't have a shot when they started out. he might have thought he had a shot a few weeks ago, but now i think sanders can declare victory insofar as he has changed the tone and the discussion of the democratic primary. >> eric bradner, on the subject of coming to terms with things right now, on the republican side f you don't want donald trump to be president, it seems that republicans are coming to terms with the fact that they're going to have to take this to the convention. >> right. ted cruz has a very steep uphill battle to get the delegates required to beat donald trump before the convention. for john kasich, it seems all but impossible. so republicans are really settling in for a long slog at
1:40 am
this point. for kasich in particular, it looks like the strategy is to go to the convex in cleveland, pick up all of rubio's delegates on the second round of balloting and try to turn it into a three-way race. for ted cruz, he's still racking up delegates in rural areas, but keeping it competitive. but the anti-trump forces are going have to refocus and find a way to support cruz in certain places, kasich in other places, and try to get this to the candidate. now that their favorite candidate marco rubio is out of the race, that's going to be tough to inspire donors and hit donald trump on the airwaves, especially when we get to the bigger states, california and places like that. it's a long fight. it looks like it can only be settled at the convention. >> everyone stick with us. so much to chew over.
1:41 am
hillary clinton overnight. bernie sanders isn't going down just yet. we're going to zero in on the democrats. that's next.
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our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. engage our allies, not alienate them, defeat our adversaries, not embolden them. when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong.
1:46 am
>> all right. that's hillary clinton there talking not about bernie sanders, the person she's running against in the democratic primaries, but talking about donald trump. this comes after she won at least four if not five of the primaries last night. so is she now pivoting in this race. is she now running in a general election. what does that mean if the answer is yes. let's bring back our panel. chris, let's look ahead, shall we, because hillary clinton is certainly looking ahead right now. what does the math say about the democratic primary race right now. if bernie sanders is going to come from behind and make up the 300 plus delegates that he needs to make up right now, that's in the -- by the way, that's in the pledge delegates, not the super delegates, where does he do it on this map? >> if you take out the super
1:47 am
delegates, bernie sanders was emboldened by michigan, and that was supposed to carry him to the states we saw last night, and hntd took the wind right out of those sails. out west we're going to secaucus states where bernie sanders may do well but that's not going to do him well to seriously challenge her on the delegates. so as we get closer and closer further into the spring, it's looking more and more difficult for bernie sanders to actually pull this off just by winning delegates. there was a story in politico, just, i believe, an hour or so ago, talking about how bernie sanders strategy would pick all the super delegates formally making a pitch to them for cominger of the his side. that's going to be a really tough pitch for him to make. and if that's's wh what they're looking at, it's going to be a tough slog. >> josh rogin, i want to go to
1:48 am
some of the exit polls. ask people as they're leaving the polling place, what they're thinking about, about their ideology. we're trying to get a sense. in florida among the exit polls, among black voters, 79% broke for hillary clinton. no surprise there. you see a lot of that support throughout many of the states. when you look at latino voter, 72% of voters broke for hillary clinton. and then up in ohio, we asked if they could contin she should continue obama's policies and they said she should continue in ohio. there's the energy about young people. we know the core base here. they have been good to her. what does she have to do to get the sanders people or does she have, to josh, because when it comes down to one or the other,
1:49 am
they're going to go to her team. >> yes, she has to. she needs the sanders team. those are some positive figures for hillary clinton and there's a lot of good news in the exit polls for her campaign tonight. there's also a couple of cautionary tales. she lost heavily to bernie sanders amongst white men and against young people, right, so she's going to need all of those people to vote for her more in greater proportions than now in order for her to be successful and she knows it. another poll shows donald trump did very poorly with minorities last night. so there is a coalition that the hillary clinton campaign can build in a general election to sort of counter the coalition that trump is building but she's got to shore up the weak spots and that is, again, independe independents, white voters and some of the youngest.
1:50 am
>> dylan byers, you're bull iis when it comes to the campaign. i don't want to make you the grumpy cat. but what are the complications of h hillary clinton campaign and hillary clinton her and how she refuses to talk about bernie sanders and his campaign going forward. >> well, look. she -- josh is absolutely right when he says that she needs to win over the bernie sander coalition. let me say one of the reasons that i am sort of bearish on the bernie sanders campaign. hillary clinton -- of the states that have voted so far, she's won the six most populist state. she looks poised do very well in both of those states. so back to josh's point, yes, she needs to pick up those bernie sanders voter, yes, there are red flags in her cam pape and the sort of what we call the
1:51 am
enthusiasm gap. it's also true that once you get to a general election, that whole scenario shifts because a lot of those sanders voters will come to hillary clinton. and they won't necessarily do it because they love hillary clinton or they're enthusiastic about hillary clinton. they'll do it because they fear a donald trump presidency or because they fear a ted cruz presidency. >> all right, guys. stand by. a lot more to discuss. a lot to chew on on the race going forward, fwlu is other news. happening right now, a manhunt for two terrorists linked to a raid in belgium. we have new information on this raid next.
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back to our election coverage in just a few minutes. first, breaking news, north
1:56 am
korea sentencing an american student to 15 years of hard labor. warren warmbier was arrested. he apologized for allegedly stealing a political banner. warmbier is one of three americans being held by north koreans. a manhunt is under way in brussels. authoritying are searching for two suspects who firing back during a raid on an apartment during last year's paris attacks. one suspect was killed and four officers wounded when the raid was interrupted by gunfire yesterday afternoon. police are not saying just how the raid was connected to the paris attacks. >> secretary of state john kerry is traveling to rush neath week to press for an end in syria. he says it provides the best opportunity to end the conflicts since it began five years ago. the secretary will leave for
1:57 am
moscow after returning from a trip to cuba on tuesday. breaking overnight the city council in ferguson, missouri, voting to accept a justice department plan calling for an of your haul of its police force and court system. at first they attempted the revise the deal but they backed off when the federal government filed lawsuit that is still pending. the father michael brown attended last night. he did not speak publicly. a lot of finger-pointing over the flint water crisis on capitol hill. she insisted the agency did nothing wrong and she blamed limited enforcement options. the oversight committee hearing continues tomorrow. michigan's governor rick snyder scheduled to testify. time for an early start on your money. look at stockmarkets in europe. they're rising. asian markets finished mostly
1:58 am
lower overnight. federal reserve wraps up a two-day policy. we do not expect an interest rate hike but investors look at what they may or may not say about future hikes. the initial plan was for rate hike this year. that's probably unlikely after oil crashed and stocks sank but the rebound has suggested a rate increase later in the year is still possible. at least that's the conventional wisdom on wall street. "early start" continues right now. all right. breaking news right now. donald trump and hillary clinton with big wins after super tuesday, putting them much closer to their party's nominations, but there were some key developments, which means there is a long way to go. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> all i heard is long way to
1:59 am
go. i'm christine romans. et it's wednesday, march 16th. we welcome everyone in from the u.s. and around the world. of the four states with the final results overnight, donald trump took three of them, losing just one. ohio to its governor, john kasich. trump may pick up a fourth state in missouri where he's barely edging out ted cruz, not even 2,000 votes ahead. still far too close to call this morning. for the democrats, hillary clinton is the declared winner four states including ohio, which had been in question. missouri is still too close to call for the democrats. clinton locked in an incredibly tight race. the final results may be days away. that did not stop the front-runners from celebrating their big victories last night. >> to win the states that we won and to win by the margins, and, especially, look, this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is incredible.
2:00 am
>> we know we will add to our delegate lead to roughly 300 with over 2 million more votes nationwide. we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> all right. joining us to break down the winners and the losers. cnn political reporter eric bradner live from columbus, ohio. fair to say, the big winners, the front-runners. >> that's right. it was a great night for the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton. he did defeat marco rubio in florida, knocking rubio out of the race and dealing a big blow to the republican establishment that had pinned his hopes on rubio as the long-term sort of anti-trump candidate. he also won in illinois and north carolina, but he


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