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tv   Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta  CNN  March 19, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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>>. all right. right now live pictures of fountain hills, arizona, and that sea of people right there. what we understand is, the
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majority of them are there in support of donald trump, as they a wait his arrival. he's about 30 minutes late for this rally to begin. but when it gets underway, of course, we'll take you there. but what you don't see right now is there is also a contingent, we're tad about 50 protestors. people who have come out against the dbd dnd candidaonald trump the white house and donald trump's message trying to get limb to the white house. those 50 or so protestors actually blocked major arteries so that many of the people who were going to show up in a sort of the rally were unable to get there. we've got reporters all over the map. there is also a contentious rally taking place in midtown manhattan outside of trump to you towers. and back with me, chief of staff of the rnc.
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and stephanie elam trying to make her way to the rally is on foot, because come to find out a lot of people who were trying to get to that rally in support of donald trump now have to walk to it, and jeffrey lord, a donald trump supporter, also with us now. all right. so good to see all of you. now, all of this taking place just ahead of the ashrizona primary and as wells utah caucus cnn hosting democrats and republicans in one big discussion, one big night here on cnn. chris frates to you first. i wonder how much this dynamic, is a supporters as well as the protests, will dominate discussions with donald trump on monday evening? >> well, look, fred, this dynamic has been the story for the last week or so, going all the way back to chicago where you remember protestors essentially forced donald trump to shut down a big rally there. there was some violence and this playing out the last week or so, that there are violent
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protestors at these trump rallies, and that these prote protestors are trying to be heard, continues to be the story. in fact, now they're shutting down major arteries to a trump event, stopping trump supporters from going to see their candidate. so i think this will continue to be a huge story. particularly because it's not just in arizona where trump is. now at trump properties in new york, and that dynamic, i think, continues to play out in the republican party. while you also have at the same time democrats who are competing in the same states, arizona, utah, idaho, for instance, reaching out to hispanics. bernie sanders on the border a few minutes ago saying donald trump is wrong when he talks about building a wall, it's uniphobic and that immigration is down from mexico, that is not the problem that donald trump makes it out to be. so you have both bernie sanders and hillary clinton trying to essentially make a play for the big hispanic populations and the big hispanic voters that are
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inside these 125istates, arizon for instance, 30% of the population is hispanic. hillary clinton also getting into that state saying that, you know, telling a radio host she believes that they have done a good job securing the borders. that when she was in the senate she voted to secure the borders and it's not as big of a problem. the exact opposite of what donald trump and some republicans argue nap dynamic when it comes to the general election, a huge one to watch and one republicans, frankly, pointed to as a problem area for them in 2012. they said they need to better reach out to hispanics, need to make sure that they are making in-roads with that growing voter population and why you hear a lot of gop establishment figures really concerned about donald trump's rhetoric about building a bigger wall, that it does push away hispanics and latinos from the party and that i think will continue to be these protests and particularly in these western states, that is going to be a big narrative going into the big primaries on tuesday, fred. >> hmm.
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then jeffrey, donald trump seems to relish moments like this. how does he use this to his advantage? whether he addresses it, when he eventually takes to the podium there, or perhaps even takes to the stage on monday night? . yeah. i mean, i'm sure he'll take them on. well, i'm guessing. i don't know for sure but i imagine he would take them on in some fashion verbally. i mean, this is what politicians of all kinds do when they're dealing with political oppositionists. they stand up to the opposition and challenge them. ronald reagan at one point used the words, either bloodbath, either bloodbath or appeasement i believe when he was governor of california. so, i mean, this is the kind of thing politically speaking just in those terms that only increases the popularity of candidates who are under this kind of assault. no matter whether it's donald trump, reagan or hubert humphrey
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got a lot of sympathy because he was under such virulent attack. the nicest of man campaigning on the politics of joy, and these kind of folks were in his audience going, sig heil! and disrupting it. came pretty close t. would seem, jeffrey, few candidates would find it advantageous that a divide or disruption would be able to serve them well, but it doesn't seem to -- you know, throw donald trump, know, off his footing. if anything, it seems to give him new material, and it seems to -- >> yes. >> -- help his supporters become that much more fervent? >> that's right. that's right. i mean -- i mean, let's be -- the american people, i mean, no one should be engaging in violence. i mean, that's summerly wrong, but the fact of the matter is we're dealing with human nature and dealing with a political philosophy on left that believes in this, that does this. the subject changes, all of the
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time. i mean, these things have been happening long before donald trump was on the scene but most definitely they help the target, whomever that intended target is. people eventually become very sympathetic for somebody who's under this kind of assault all the time. that's why i just -- in this day and age of 21st century media, social media and all this kind of thing, i think there's a lack of sophistication on the left. they have no idea how much they're helping donald trump and if they did, they'd stop. >> okay. we're going to take a pause right there. take a short break and come right back. the rally that is to begin momentarily, but not without some protests. we'll be right back. is a finely tuned instrument. diarrhea can throw it out of rhythm. imodium multi symptom relief combines two powerful ingredients to relieve diarrhea faster and ease gas, cramps and bloating. restore rhythm with imodium. and ease gas, cramps and bloating. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. live now, fountain hills, arizona. the stage is set for donald trump's arrival. there are a lot of people who are there. mostly in support of donald trump but in have also been a handful of people who turned out blocking traffic, very much against donald trump, and his message. our jeremy diamond is right there in the thick of it all.
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jeremy, there also seems to about great divide structurally when e were had a kind of birdseye view of the crowd gathered. there it is right there pup see like a pocket right around the stage, and then there's this great space and then a whole other slew of people. help us understand the differences here. >> reporter: that's right, fredricka. we have right here hundreds of people right around the stage. people who have been swept by the secret service, gone through security screenings and beyond that you have thousands of more people who are lined up behind barricades. people who have not been screened or gone through the secret service magnetometers's they can see the stage from where they are and hear the speakers that are very large here at the donald trump rally. >> at any moment we understand maricopa sheriff joe arpaio has the honors of introducing donald trump. we talked to him earlier.
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it might be the fifth event he has appeared with donald trump and wants to make sure that donald trump is safe and that everyone who's come out in support of and even those against are also safe. are you getting any kind of timeline as to when this might happen? if donald trump is caught up in some of that traffic? that snarl that had been caused earlier or what? >> reporter: we have not yet heard exactly why donald trump is late. again, i wouldn't necessarily say it's because of the protests. he certainly has a motorcade able to get through whatever it needs to get through. donald trump is sometimes, however, late to his events. half hour, sometimes an hour. people have been waiting here in the hot sun for than and while waiting, heard from a woman whose sonkilled by an undocumented immigration. what you hear at the donald trump rallies because of illegal immigration being a problem. and here in arizona, a border state, an issue we expect donald trump to speak to today as well
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as sheriff joe arpaio, who's planning on introducing him. >> all right. jeremy diamond. we're looking at what appears to be perhaps that motorcade making its way on that highway. a lot of the other cars pulled to the side. it's difficult for me to know exactly what the proximity of what we're seeing this motorcade is to the rally event, but maybe now they're turning on that shea boulevard, the big boulevard, you have to be on in order to get to the rally where you are. so perhaps they're just minutes away. we did talk 20 the sheriff earlier who said, while he wanted protestors to have the right to gather, that he would be asked to get off the major roadway, have their peaceful gathering so that donald trump can have his as well. a short break and perhaps when we come back we'll get closer to that event getting underway. we'll be right back.
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all right. welcome back. live pictures now to the left of your screen. presumably donald trump's motorcade making its way through traffic trying to get to what you see on the right ofof the screen. a scheduled rally. significant to show his motorcade moving because for a while no cars were able to move because of a group of anti-trump protestors blocking the major thorough fair f thoroughfare to arrive there at the rally. now it appears the sheriff's office there has made sure there are no obstacles for this motorcade and for donald trump to get to his rally. already hundreds of people, if not thousands of people, have,
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have all converged at that rally location. cnn's jeremy diamond is there in the thick of the crowd there, and, jeremy, while there were demonstrators standing in the way of a number of supporters from getting there, now you are starting to see some demonstrators who also arrived at that location or near it? >> reporter: it's unclear if those are the same 2ke78 straig demonstrators that were blocking the road. hundreds haven't been swept by security, a large group of several dozen protestors starting to walk through that area. they're carrying signs, you can't see exactly from where i'm standing what the signs say, but seeing some protestors starting to make their way into the crowd of trump supporters. unclear exactly what that will mean for the ensuing action that we see. certainly we have seen in the past sometimes scuffles erupt between protestors and supporters, hopefully those stay peaceful right now. >> hmm.
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okay. and, mike shields is also still with us, a former rnc chief of staff, as well as cnn's chris frates joining us from washington, d.c. i wonder, mike, i want to ask you, you know, donald trump, he's seldom scripted's he usually says exactly what's on his mind, responds to the current situation. what is your expectation about what he will say, what he needs to say when he takes to the podium there? knowing that there are so many protestors who, who tried to stand in the way of donald trump supporters getting to the rally? >> you know, previously, a trump supporter, jeffrey lord. no one condones violence. glad to hear that from a trump supporter. i hope the candidate says that. we've heard things like, you know in the old days guys like that would be carried out on a stretcher, or i'd like to punch that protestors in the face. if i don't get the nomination, there might be a riot at the convention. those words have meaning. i used to work for newt
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gingrich, when he was speak herb speaker, newt was the cause for the day. he believed the power of his ideas would win over voters, show a difference from those types of protestors and we would win the big public debate over there and he of course, believed in the first amendment and speech as well. i hope we see a lessening of the hotness and leadership. everyone has a right to speak. law enforcement will take care of it. i hope my folks leave them alone. i get the campaign is about strength, but there has to come a point if the you're going to be a leader -- it matters, donald trump may get to the convention with less than 50% of the delegates and the delegates decide who the nominee is and looking for somebody they think can represent the party, represent our values, can win the party together.n, and bring- so how he's acting now and what he sort of says at rallies like this when he knows there is
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protestors can have big consequences for him athnd the party down the road. >> on the screen, the motorcade has made its way into the large crowd of supporters at the main stage. you perhaps heard our jamey diamond describe earlier, there are kind of two central locations for the rally. those who are in this location, right here, where the motorcade has just pulled in. they have gone up through the security sweep, and they have all gone through magnetometers, et cetera, yet on sort of what would be to the left of that motorcade from this point of view right here is a whole other large group of people. while they're there at the rally they have not gone through security and we understand there are a number of protestors who have also kind of arrived sharing some of the same space as the supporters and we also understand there have been some protestors arrested right at that location.
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maybe as many as three protestors, according to information that cnn is learning, and there have been some vehicles that have been towed from that shea boulevard, which is the main boulevard that many people have to -- to travel in order to get to this big rally site. donald trump and his motorcade there arriving, maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, we understand, will actually do the introductions. not sure if that's still the plan. earlier when i spoke with the sheriff he said that was the plan. he would introduce. didn't know what he would say, kind of off the cover and the expectation is donald trump just might have the same approach as he usually does. usually unscripted, and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say, if anything, about the protestors that try to disrupt or stop supporters from arriving here. so jeremy diamond, hopefully you can hear me. you're there in the crowd. what are people thinking, feeling, saying right now?
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>> reporter: sorry. i can't hear you very well. there's -- the introductions have started to begin here at donald trump's rally. we've just been told he's arrived. so we have the arizona state treasure right now speaking to the crowd and we're expecting sheriff arpaio to follow and then followed by donald trump, of course. >> okay. chris frates in washington, big cnn interviews of five candidates, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper, talking to republicans, democrats, all those who remain in the fight for the white house. what donald trump says today may very well you know, be part of the follow-up questions, help shape the conversation come monday night. what's the expectation how pivotal this moment might be on monday night? >> a very interesting moment to watch are and very interested to see how does donald trump talk about these protestors?
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remember, when our anderson cooper sat down with donald trump just a week ago -- >> former governor jan brewer at the podium. >> exactly right. >> go ahead. go ahead, chris. sorry. >> reporter: yeah. no. we have jan brewer, sheriff joe arpaio, a lot of anti-immigration, hard-line immigration guest speakers who are going to talk and introduce donald trump in arizona. a place where he believes there should be this bigger wall, but getting back to this idea of, how does donald trump treat this protest? because we have protestors here in arizona where trump will be. there are some in new york outside of trump tower there, and he has taken a lot of grief, both from republican candidates and from hillary clinton and bernie sanders about how he has treated protestors who have disrupted his rallies. he likes to say, you know, get them out of here. he mocks them a little bit. go home to mommy. get a job. he always likes to kind of work the crowd a little bit. he is is a showman, of course,
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and understands always saying, wasn't this more fun than usual political ral ly? isn't this a better experience than haves this excitement? those things have turned violent in the past. the sucker punch that happened in north carolina a few weeks ago where the protestors was escorted out by police. somebody was sucker punched and he has to answer to that. this is one we have to watch. >> chris frates, thank you so much and thanks to all of my guests with me as we watched all of this playing out. large crowds there. donald trump rally there in fountain hills. donald trump to take to the stage momentarily and we look forward to hearing what he la to say about the turnout and the protests that also stood in the way of some supporters arriving there. i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks so much. our coverage picked up by poppy harlow right after this. courtyard, the official hotel of the nfl,
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all right. top of 9 hour. 3:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad you're with us, three days ahead of arizona's primary. donald trump campaigning, rhetoric tough and leading to protestors in more than one place, while bernie sanders is also speaking in arizona talking about a key subject, immigration, and as you


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