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tv   Americas Choice 2016 AZ Primary ID UT Caucuses  CNN  March 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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she just scored a big win in arizona. donald trump also got a win in a state. he will add all of arizona's delegates in his tally putting more distance between himself and ted cruz and john kasich. we're standing by for the results in idaho and in utah where both democrats and republicans are caucusing. we hope to make major projections soon. i want to listen to hillary clinton right now. she's in seattle, washington speaking to her supporters. >> i want to thank attorney general bob ferguson, king county executive, state senator. i want to thank the president of the american nurses' association and the president of washington state nurses' association for endorsing me today. i am so proud to be endorsed by
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the nurses of america. and i want to thank all of the elected officials who are here with us. i particularly want to pay tribute to this great high school, a great, great high school. you know, raniar beach is not only the champion of basketball, it's the champion of the international bacularete and the great results that the students are getting. it makes me so proud to know what this school is accomplishing and i will tell you if i'm so fortunate enough to be your president, i want to be a partner with principals and teachers and students and families like the ones here at the beach.
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[cheers and applause] >> i'm also very grateful to all of our volunteers who are working to hard in this campaign across this great state and you're knocking down barriers, you're building ladders of opportunity, you're helping us make the point that this campaign is about both growing and sharing the promise of america. we are determined. we are determined that we're going to give back the hope that every american should have, that their hard work will get them ahead, will enable them to have a better future, will give their children and, yes, their grandchildren the chance to live up to their god-given potential. that's what we want for america and that's what we're doing together in this campaign. you are all --
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[ applause ] >> you are all part of something bigger than yourselves. your part of the most celection that we've had. i know that the stakes get higher by the day. i'm sorry that all the people outside could not be fit into this gym, but i saw the excitement they had while standing in line, some of them with their children, and i want them to know i'm grateful they came, sorry they couldn't get in, but they too understand what is at stake. i'm also very proud to have won arizona tonight. [cheers and applause]
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it's exciting to see that result come in because arizona, like washington, like a lot of the states that are going to be expressing their views and counting their votes in the weeks ahead, understand that this is not just a contest between different candidates. this is a contest between fundamentally different views of our country, our values and our future. now what we saw happen today in brussels, the horrible terrorist attack, reminds us of how high the stakes are. we live in a complex and dangerous world and we need a commander in chief who can provide leadership who is
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strong, smart and above all steady in taking on these threats. [cheers and applause] the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear. in the face of terror are america doesn't panic. we don't build walls or attack our allies. we can't throw out what works and what doesn't and start torturing like donald trump and ted cruz and others are suggesting. it's not only wrong, it's
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let's get to a key race alert in arizona. 61% of the republican vote now officially in. donald trump with a lead over ted cruz and john kasich. he's got 46%, ted cruz 22%, john kasich 10%. even if you add kasich and cruz together it doesn't come up with 46%. donald trump is the big winner in arizona. 58 delegates. he gets all 58 delegates in arizona. on the democratic side 71% of the vote is in. hillary clinton we've projected is the winner. look al her lead right now. she has 204,000 votes to bernie sanders 125,000 votes. she has 60.5% to bernie sanders 36.9%. an impressive win for hillary clinton over bernie sanders. let's go over to john king and see what's going on as we await the other contests in utah and idaho. >> as impressive lead for donald trump. 61% of the expected vote in
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statewide. it's worth noting he doesn't show up on our board because he dropped out of the race, but marco rubio is getting about 17% of the vote. marco rubio because of the early voting running ahead of john kasich. you have a lot of people out there saying if you them up -- >> they voted for him before he dropped out. >> right. it's not the way it works. if you didn't have early voting would those votes have gone to cruz today, that's the conversation on social media, but you play by the rules and there was early voting and this is what we have tonight. an impressive donald trump victory. 58 delegates. there's 40 more in utah. look at the numbers. you pop up the largest county in the state. the sheriff was for donald trump. the former governor for donald trump. more than two to one win in the largest county in the state.
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when you do that it helps you anyway, but donald trump is winning just about everywhere else. ted cruz winning one small county here by the narrowest of margins. we'll see if ted cruz holds that one county. donald trump winning down along the boarder, but a little bit of the vote in there. it's fascinating to watch. you look at this. you see a very impressive trump victory. if these numbers come in his vote total may pass mitt romney's big win in 2012 and the republicans say that's proof that trump is turning out more voters. it's interesting to watch, donald trump, i'll build the wall, mexico will pay for it winning the state that has been ground zero in the immigration politics for some time by an impressive margin and both democrats are to the left of the president saying they would stop deportations, that they would do more to help families stay in the country, the undocumented.
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hillary clinton winning very impressive too. very different democratic electorate in this state. bernie sanders winning in one county by a decent margin, but otherwise a very impressive victory as she runs up the vote as well. >> impressive wins for hillary clinton and donald trump in arizona. let's go ba can ck to anderson. >> let's look at where the delegate count now stands. >> we can judge winners and losers based on winning states, but it comes down to the delegates now. let's look at the republicans tonight. donald trump has picked up 58 delegates winning the state of arizona. ted cruz, john kasich both shut out not winning any tedelegates. donald trump has 741 delegates to date. ted cruz 421, john kasich 145. in order to secure the republican nomination you need
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1,237. hillary clinton has picked up 35 delegates right now to date -- for tonight. bernie sanders has picked up 18. let's move now to democrats year-to-date. hillary clinton, 1,691, bernie sanders 895 delegates. let's break that down and explain it to our viewers. hillary clinton has 1,209 pledged delegates. these are delegates that she's won inside the contests we've had so far. the 482 are super delegates. these are officials that have pledged to support her for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders 868. of those pledged delegates these are delegates that he's won in the states. only 27 are super delegates. >> the sanders supporters as you know do not like it any time you mention the super delegates saying they can essentially change their vote. >> they can change their vote and they say if he starts picking up steam that they will
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do what did in 2008. >> a lot can happen. all the candidates basically are looking to this delegate contest as a reason to stay in in this race on the republican side and the democratic side. >> absolutely. because it's all that matters right now. it's also fascinating to talk to people about all of the ideas that seem like they should come out of house of cards, but are actually being talked about. >> i haven't finished the season. don't give it away. i'm on episode six. >> but for example one discussion was that was actually pretty real was ted cruz, you take the west, john kasich you take the east and split the map and try to rack up the delegates to keep donald trump from getting those delegates.
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everybody has a common enemy, but they also are worried about themselves because it's kind of the dilemma that we've seen since day one on the republican side that everybody wants to try to pull down trump, but they're always worried about the fact that if they do something, it's going to hurt their own campaign. >> there's another problem which is the voters. the voters didn't vote for a ticket that would sort of say okay you take one side, i'll take the other side and maybe one day we'll unify and become a ticket. they voted for a candidate and if that candidate is donald trump and he winds up with the most delegates and is 100 short, how do you take that away from him? >> what does it do to the gop if you do? >> it's already so divided, it's already been such a disaster, i have to say, that it's hard to imagine it getting any more disastro disastrous, but it could if they go to the open convention or if they go to a ploy where you take
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one part of the country and i'll take another part of the country. >> we're watching for results in utah and idaho as well. our coverage continues. stick around. ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in st. croix and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time.
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bae systems. i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. welcome back. let's update you right now with a key race alert in arizona. hillary clinton on the
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democratic side. the winner of the arizona primary. she's got 60.3%. bernie sanders 37.1%. on the republicans side donald trump wins big. 63% of the vote is in. he's way ahead of ted cruz. 46.3% to 22.3%. john kasich down at 10%. arizona is a winner state all. he gets all 58 delegates in the state of arizona. i want to go over to sara murray. you have new information? what where you learning? >> reporter: that's right. arizona was a very big state for donald trump, but as we move to utah this is tougher territory and political experts tell me that trump's brand of politics does not play well in utah. when i spoke to the head of the utah republican party he was cautious about making predictions, but he felt like he
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gave the edge to ted cruz going into tonight. he said i think utahans are sensitive to a person's style and modesty goes a long way mere. this is a guy who was heckled when he visited one of trump's events last week and when donald trump was speaking about this a couple of days ago he said utah is a state he feels fine about. he's not expecting to win there. so the best they can hope going into utah is keeping ted cruz under that 50% number and getting themselves over that 15% threshold so they can pick up some delegates. >> if he keeps him under the threshold he won't gel auto the delegates. >> as we look at the results come in, does it give me more clarity on the whole never trump movement on all this money that's being poured.
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has any of that shown any sign that it's worked. >> no. i think truly -- i think that he don't know what they're doing and i don't think they know how to do what they don't know what they're doing. >> i think the problem even if looks right now that even if trump doesn't get to 1,237, even if we go to the north eastern states, he's going to be very close even if he's not there. he will be probably within 100 or certainly within 200. given that he will be that close, he will likely have the leverage to be able to reach out to uncommitted delegates probably even on the first ballot and certainly by the second ballot so the efforts to rally around him is harder and harder. >> why is donald trump able to close the deal with republican voters. why is there a third or maybe a fourth of people saying i will never vote for trump. i will leave the republican party. why is he as a front-runner
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continue to act so obnoxious. even tonight he's attacking ted cruz's wife. he's going to make a threat about spilling the beans on her. >> i think he deleted that tweet out there. >> he said it, maybe he took it back, but he is the front-runner. everyone thinks he can go to the nomination with no problem so why can't he be gracious? he's incapable of it. that's why the never trump movement has started. he does nothing to reassure republicans that he will be consistent, that there will be a certain degree of understanding of what he will do. look at today in the brussels attack. >> why would he do that? everything he's done thus far has gotten him this far and it seems to be working pretty well for him. >> just recalibrate it just a little bit. >> i think that people would be a little bit reassured, but now ted cruz -- it's 50%, but he has to continue no matter what -- >> i don't have enough resources to help with therapy sessions
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because there's some issues going on here. >> without a doubt. it is an identity crisis. >> we don't have enough of that money. at the end of the night almost 67% of the republican delegates would have been selected, on our side 53%. you don't have a lot of delegates left. what's happening with mr. cruz and mr. kasich is that they're cherry picking where they can win. mr. trump is running to win in these winner take all states. i do believe if donald trump is the nominee, i started looking at the map, we democrats might be able to run in these so-called red states. >> you're that optimistic? >> yes, i'm an optimists, but more importantly i'm looking at the results and i'm seeing for the first time look at the democrats. we're outpacing the republicans in terms of turnout. they get more attention, but
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we're doing pretty good tonight. >> trump might be able to run in some of your blue states. >> we welcome that because we'll beat him. what do what the republicans are failing to do. >> he may be competitive in states like pennsylvania. >> i don't buy that. too many of those reagan voters become republicans already and for every blue collar reagan democrat you're going to win in pennsylvania, you're going to win a middle class republican woman in pennsylvania. i think people are overstating trump's appeal. >> he's starting in some of those suburbs. >> bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton on the white male voters. >> hillary clinton, first of all, we don't have that many white male voters left within the democratic party and the ones we have we're trying to hold on to them. >> don't worry about me. >> don't worry? okay.
9:35 pm
good. can i come and grab somebody else at the table? the fact is that hillary has to try to maximize her white vote, but she has to really expand that american electorate and if she's able to get the suburb white women and single white women hillary can have a good night or bernie. i have to be neutral. bernie sanders still has an opportunity to rack up a lot of delegates over the next couple of weeks. >> we saw hillary pivot more in her speech tonight. she was pleading for her supporters to try to understand the anger that is making the drive for trump. she's making a direct appeal to try to tone things down because she doesn't want her people campaigning against trump voters. she's going to try to win the trump voters and it's a smart play. >> you were noticing that too? >> i think it's very important and i think this is very tricky for liberals.
9:36 pm
on the one hand it's very important liberals want to say we think there's some racism here. some of donald trump's proposals are shockingly bigoted. i think what hillary clinton is saying is don't brand those trump supporters as big on tots. it's important to recognize if some of this expression of economic pain, not letting in muslims, even if some the kpr esh is problematic, the sources of that are things we have to deal with as a country. >> to add to that before david left he was talking about the turnout in arizona on the democratic side and the story line so far has been that the republican turnout has been way high and for the most part the democratic turnout has been lower than 2008. in arizona the democratic turnout is higher and the
9:37 pm
question is whether or not that is the first place you're seeing the trump effect on the democratic side. democrats coming out and saying -- >> latinos especially. >> there's been a lot of talk about bernie sanders an should bernie sanders get out of the race and would that be good for the party? and they're over there saying no. i have two kids. i have a 10-year-old and 11-year-old. when they're playing in a soccer game and they're losing we don't say to them before the game's over why don't you get out? why don't you quit and walk away from it. what we see from bernie sanders right now is he is going out and holding rallies. we just saw that rally on there. he is getting a lot of people and the same thing has to be said for john kasich. there are people still supporting john kasich. so i think there's a lot of con stern nation and a lot of people saying we think that these candidates should be getting out of the race. that's really not our place to say that they should be getting out of the race. >> it's not about getting out of the race, but the water cooler
9:38 pm
talk in america and democratic circles who is going to be hillary's vp, that's where people are assuming hillary clinton has this locked up already. >> i think there are a lot of bernie sanders whose aren't. >> a lot of people are making the leap that this is going through the motion and it helps hillary clinton. >> it makes both of them frankly a better candidate. >> it's all going well for the democrats. >> it helps the party to have contests in all 50-states plus. only 53% of the delegates would have been allocated tonight. >> if you're a state that hasn't wa weighed in on the presidential contest, why should they be denied that. >> more ahead.
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let's go to jeff. he's coming in from the bernie sanders campaign. he's joining us from san diego, california. bernie sanders did not do well in arizona, but he's still hoping for a win in utah. >> he is. i was struck by how bernie sanders closed his speech tonight. it wrapped up a short time ago. he urged california voters to stick with him, vote for him.
9:43 pm
of course california is the end of the road. the end of this long primary calendar. they vote on june 7th. he had more than 10,000 people here tonight, a big overflow room that he just addressed, but he is hoping that the voters of california will rescue him. the math here is so troublesome for the sanders' campaign. they were hoping for a win in arizona. they campaigned there very aggressively several times and clearly did not pull out a win there which they needed to do. i was struck also by how his crowd acts every time his rival is mentioned by name. every time hillary clinton is mentioned at all, the crowd boos. he does nothing to stop that. what we're going to be watching until june 7th is how he continues to engage his rival and he was very tough on her tonight, very aggressive in his talk on wall street, on paid speeches, on health care and other things. so he is not giving up this fight at all.
9:44 pm
his supporters are not giving up this fight. so the rek son sill ash in the democratic party is going to be front and center in this conversation for the next couple of months or so. >> all right. thanks very much. i want to go to idaho right now. boris is watching what's going on over there. i understand there have been some problems. what are you hearing? >> reporter: wolf, there was an interesting discussion about whether or not we could actually broadcast the results of the ballot live. that has been resolved, the attorneys for the campaigns have allowed us to broadcast the results live and we're told that any minute now we're going to get a heads up as to what the results are here in the first congressional district. this is a huge part of the vote of idaho. this is about 25% of the population and as we heard earlier officials confirmed this is the largest single caucus in u.s. history. the result here could have
9:45 pm
impacts on the race for bernie sanders specifically because he needs some momentum and winning delegates here in idaho could reverse course. hillary clinton winning in arizona earlier tonight. bernie was here yesterday driving support, trying to drive enthusiasm to the polls. hillary had not visited the state. she sent a surrogate here. bernie has spent more money in advertising than hillary here. so we're about to hear the results at any moment. we are expecting a close race here from what i can see in the room there was a lot of support for bernie, but it's unclear whether or not the ballots that came in and were left may have weighed in hillary's favor so we'll have to wait and see how the vote turns out. >> we're the only network that will have live coverage of that. the results they're going to show us for the entire state of idaho or simply the largest area in the state? >> reporter: you are correct,
9:46 pm
wolf. the results that we're about to hear are for one congressional direct. the county here, ada county is split in two congressional districts. so we're only getting results for one congressional districts. the other counties are still being processed and hopefully we'll be getting them closer to 2:00 a.m. your time. >> all right. we're standing by for the democratic caucuses in idaho when we come back. a model needs vibrant hair color
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we've just been told we're about 15 minutes away from the results of the idaho democratic caucuses to be announced. stay with us for that important idaho democratic caucuses. we'll see how bernie sanders and hillary clinton are doing. let's check back with john king. it's all about delegates right now. who gets the magic number. >> you just had jeff with the sanders campaign saying california's key for them. let's start with where we are tonight. hillary clinton has won arizona. utah and idaho still voting. here is the map so far. hillary clinton has dominated across the south, dominated in
9:51 pm
the central part of the u.s. let's go forward. it's hard to do this at once. here's where we are right now. hillary clinton has won arizona. it looks like she's going to pick up six in ten. stretch out her lead. hillary clinton past the halfway mark in the number of delegates you need. these are pledged delegates. she's past the halfway mark. bernie sanders behind her by a significant margin. the clinton campaign, if you're a clinton supporter you're not going to like this. let's assume bernie sanders from this day on wins everything. that's not likely to happen, but let's say as the sanders' campaign makes its case bernie sanders wins everything from here on out by a 55% to 45% margin, what would happen? hillary clinton would lead him in the delegate count. she would have close to 2,100. if he won everything left on the
9:52 pm
board -- it's unlikely bernie sanders will win the state of kentucky. look at the neighborhoods she has won. indiana is a state she is expected to win. new york state, hillary clinton says i'm going to win that. west virginia, i think hillary clinton is probably favored there when you look at the dem g graphics of the state. i gave hillary clinton a couple. hillary clinton will win wisconsin, pennsylvania, new jersey. if bernie sanders won all of those, look where he would be and then this is the part where it gets interesting, you talk to donna about this, then the super delegates kicks in. if bernie sanders wins these, will hillary clinton lose some super delegates? maybe. but if she didn't done. she would win at the convention. would some of that change if
9:53 pm
bernie sanders started to run the board like that, of course it would. how much would it change? that's an interesting debate. you take these away and the challenge for senator sanders is he can't win these states, if he wants to change the arch of the math he has to win big so when we get to new york a month from now, when we get to some of these other states, if he's closer then he has more of case to make to the voters. i suspect and the panel lists have their own views on this, i suspect if hillary clinton keeps winning she's going to win bigger than she started tonight. if that continues i get that he has wins and has momentum and has money, but he doesn't have the math. >> unlike the republican contest, at least several of the states where winner take all, democratics are proportional.
9:54 pm
forget about super delegates that remain. >> it's difficult for her to do that, but if you say hillary clinton is going to win, let's say she not bernie sanders wins california, let's say she wins wisconsin, let's say she wins in new york and pennsylvania, you see where we're getting here, these are 55%, 45% wins. if she wins bigger, the line moves more. she would have to win delaware as well and connecticut and she would have win rhode island. she's still a little bit short at 55%, 45%. just like bernie sanders needs some big wins, she would need to add a few wins. i gave senator sanders all of this. >> what about washington state. >> it's not enough delegates to change it foundmentally. she would have to do better where bernie sanders has done very well and she would have to win some of these states by a bigger margin to do it solely on pledged delegates.
9:55 pm
if she gets this close, it's going to affect the democratic race. she would have to basket of -- >> of 400-plus super delegates. >> she's not going to lose a ton of them. she would have to run the board at big margins. the bigger question is for him to change the arch of the race he needs to start doing that. >> he wants to stay in and get his message out there so he's not going anywhere any time soon. we'll take a quick break. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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comcast business. built for business. we're going to get premise area results out of idaho. the state's democratic party about to report figures at what it says is the biggest caucus site in u.s. history. it's tuesday and this is our cnn special live coverage. we've projected two races so far. hillary clinton is the winner of the arizona democratic presidential primary. donald trump is the winner in arizona.
10:00 pm
the republican primary grabbing all the state's delegates. it was winner take all in arizona for the republicans. we have three races still outstanding right now. let's go to idaho right now. boris is on the scene for us. they're going to get ready for this announcement, right? >> reporter: yeah, it should be coming up in just a few moments. an organizer came out to tell us they have more than 10,000 ballots that they're counting, a huge number. remember, it's split into two congressional districts. in this room there were thousands of people. the single biggest caucus in u.s. history. many addrehad to go home. anyone who was thinking they weren't going to change their mind between the first and second ballot is okay to go. obviously here in idaho there's a mandatoryec


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