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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. i max foeser, this is cnn special coverage of the terror attacks in belgium. a massive manhunt is under way at this hour for the prime suspect in the busz ls airport bombing, authorities say these men, seen in airports today are
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behind the attack. the two on the left blew themselves up, the one on the right is believed to have planted a bomb at the airport, then left. police raided the residence where a taxi driver says he picked the man up from early on tuesday. they found a nail bomb, chemicals, and an isis flag. the bombing killed ten people and injured 100 others. another bombing at a subway station an hour later killed 20 people. let's bring in our senior international correspondent, you were there yesterday, you're here today, and the whole investigation is moving on today. what do you understand to be the focus today? >> well, it has to be the manhunt. authorities, it's going to be about closing in on whatever network is potentially out there. the theory is they don't know what is planned. so you have one suspect who's on the run, but you also don't really yet know the breath of the network, the support of this attack. and we're still learning about
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their efforts to pick up those who are involved in the broader network in the paris attack four months ago. so police have stressed that the man they're looking for is dangerous. and that's in addition to separate manhunt, believed to be a key coconspirator in the paris attacks which was ins if iing in the days leading up to yesterday. there is so much at stake here. and so much authorities really need to get a handle on it quickly. >> why are we hearing so little about who might have carried out the metro attack? >> the first is authorities believe the attacker was in there, that he died when his device was debt netted. they're not yet looking for someone who escaped, and that's why they're not releasing the public information -- >> need to. >> any of the footage hasn't been released yet. >> great lead from the taxi driver yesterday when they released the picture. he took them to their apartment it seems. >> absolutely.
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it's these kinds of tips that can really change the whole direction of an investigation. there have been house raids already, but suddenly, they had a very real focus point, and when they got there, that's when they found the chemicals and the nail bomb and the isis flag. >> this man on the hundred, we're showing the image z much as possible, people need to identify him, but the longer, nearly up to 24 hours since the attack was carried out. the number we don't find them, the further he could have got, but then he could be here in brussels as well. >> people were speculating about where in the various corners of europe or back in syria he could be. then he was found a street away from his childhood neighborhood. authorities admitted at the time they were as blind sided by that as the rest of us. >> how much do we know about the paris attack network being linked to the brussels attack?
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just assuming there's a link because it was all in the same area of brussels? >> authorities are saying that that is their working assumption. at least overlapping aspects of these networks. i think it's important to remind ourselves, these are different networks. you have the paris attack network, separate network that was believed to have formed around salah abdeslam that was attempting to carry out attacks here. these are the linkages they now have to try to connect and there's just so much at stake. and we should stress that authorities are reiterating, if you see this man, do not approach him. he is dangerous, they believe. >> as you're walking through brussels, having the streets cordoned off in a major european capital, we see the street cleaner is trying to get back to normal. there's a real sense that people want to get back to normal. defiance against isis, isn't there? >> absolutely. i think yesterday was the shock. they just couldn't believe, i think, having lived with this so
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long, that had normalized, months post-paris, people were expecting this to happen. and then suddenly it did. you have the disbelief. and then this morning, just seeing the people overnighted here at the vigil, seeing the messages that are being sent out. people really want to send the message it seems to the rest of the world that we're undefeated. we're here and we will continue our lives. >> thank you very much indeed. the airport still closed at the moment also. the underground stations here are still cordoned off. still work to be done there in terms of the investigation before they could be freed up. just about two kilometers from here is the metro station. another scene, an utter horror on tuesday morning. [ screaming ] >> the sounds are just horrific, a child's agonizing scream after a bomb ripped through that subway station. the blast sent wounded people
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fleeing into the streets above. emergency responders turned to nearby hotel lobby into a makeshift tree i can't imagine area. the metro station is just blocks away from a number of key european commission buildings and the european parliament as well. maybe part of the target here. let's turn to chris burns, former cnn correspondent who lives near the metro station. and what they achieved here, the attackers, isis if we're to believe their claimed responsibility, is that they carried out major attack on a european city, but also in a very symbolic area. this represents europe in many areas. the area where you live. >> max, yes. absolutely. because that, where that bomb went off was in a metro station that is used by people who go to the european parliament. especially. and it was just one stop away from here, from the european commission and european council.
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you have the summits of european leaders of the eu, 28 countries. it was an attack on the european union. this is the first time, a terrorist attack. and today, the european parliament, at least, is shut down. they told me it's shut down at least for today, also in contact with a council and the commission to see what they will be doing today, obviously things are quite scaled down and much of the metro stations are closed today. schools will be open, but this is really a country that is very in grief. i might show you a headline of one of the newspapers when some of the victims, the faces of the victims, the people who were injured and were killed in this attack. lots of horrid stories, and this headline saying, that the war in the center, in the middle of brussels, this country is in grief. the prime minister is saying
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that the country is united in pain. they would like to come back to normal, but it's going to be a while with people in degree of today as you're seeing exhibited across this city over my shoulder, are the flags flying at half staff at the european commission. and there are three days of mourning across this country. and as well a statement given by the european union itself. that they are crying for the victims. and that they hoped that they couldpreserve, still, this peace and democracy and freedom that exists in the european union, but at the same time, they're going -- they most likely have to take some tougher measures to ensure the safety of europeans and perhaps, give more investigative powers that so far they've been very, very reluctant to do. max. >> chris, we are learning more about the victims of tuesday's attacks as well.
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state media reporting details of one of the victims we've been hearing about just over the last 24 hours since this attack happened. she was killed at brussels airport. the national was waiting to board a flight with her husband, belgium husband and their three-year-old twin daughters. her family left the boarding area moments before the blast. and they at least survived. professional basketball player sebastian bellin was injured. the next image you're about to see may be disturbing to warn you. he was standing in line in check-in, just by the counter when the blast went off. earlier cnn's anderson cooper spoke with his father. >> the blast, where he was, threw him up six feet in the air. and then he landed back and he
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got shrapnel in his left leg and his right hip. >> it actually, it actually lifted him up in the air. >> yes. >> well, bellin is currently in intensive care. we wish him the best and the other 200 plus injured. john berman is in new york, i'll hand it to him now, john. >> thanks so much for your coverage from brussels. next on cnn, election night here in the u.s., some big wins in western states for several of the candidates as voters cast their ballots in the presidential election, here we'll bring you the results. plus, a look at how those candidates are reacting to the attacks in brussels, stay with us. actions speak louder. something we'll show you. through small things. big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪
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well, we're talking about breaking news out of brussels in just a moment. first big news in the presidential race, bernie sanders wins the democratic k caucuses in the state of utah. 75% of the vote there which means he'll do well in the delegate math all proportional,
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hillary clinton doing well also. that's utah with bernie sanders. hillary clinton though won in arizona with nearly 60% of the vote. she will pick up the lion's share of delegates in that state. idaho at this point, too early to project. you're watching the returns coming from the democratic caucuses in the state of iowa pchl as for the republicans, cnn is projecting that donald trump will win arizona. that is a winner take all state. it means he gets all 58 delegates in that state. you can see, he's at 48% of the vote, impressive victory for him in arizona. utah is a different story. ted cruz leads in utah right now with 9%, he has 67% of the vote, key in utah as ted cruz gets more than 50%, he gets all the delegates in that state which would be 40 delegates, becomes winner take all. watch the math there, ted cruz stays over 50. other news in the race, hillary clinton, she was slamming her two republican rivals, two of her republican rivals during her victory speech
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on tuesday, or during a speech he gave on tuesday. she called ted cruz, and saying their response to the terror attacks in brussels, response is wrong and dangerous. cruz advocated for controls in the united states, while trump suggested waterboarding terror suspects. what are these candidates saying? >> reporter: tonight, a new commander in chief test for the 2016 candidate. >> we stand today with the people of brussels. >> today, of course is a sad day for the entire civilized world. >> reporter: many of the hopefuls expressing sympathy for victims and families, varying thousand confront the threat from isis and other terrorist groups. democrat hillary clinton calling for increased surveillance in the u.s. in an interview with wolf. >> we have to also toughen, as you say, soft targets with, you know, greater police presence.
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there is no getting around that. >> reporter: her rival bernie sanders also talking up the idea of bolstering intelligence gathering. >> we need to have significantly improved intelligence. and that intelligence cannot just be done within the united states. >> reporter: donald trump offering a typically blunt assessment. >> brussels is a disaster. they have areas in brusz also this the police won't even go into their areas they're so dangerous and radicalized. >> reporter: ted cruz repeating his calls for the u.s. to stop accepting syrian refugee, going as far as to say police need more power to quote, patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. >> we need to immediately halt the president's ill-advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. >> reporter: and trump is doubling down on his proposal to temporily ban muslims from entering the country.
11:18 pm
>> we have no choice, and you're going to make exceptions on heads of state and certain people and i'm not saying you don't do that, but we have a real problem and people don't have any idea what's going on. >> reporter: clinton today rejecting that approach. raising questions about trump's temperament. >> we need steady, strong, smart minds and hands in the white house. >> reporter: trump's rivals are also looking to draw contrasts. cruz and john kasich both touting stronger ties with nato, after trump said monday the u.s. should rethink its involvement with the alliance. >> the day after donald trump calls for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we see brussels. >> i would make every effort i could to strengthen the nato alliance. >> in the meantime, new york city's police commissioner speaking out against ted cruz.
11:19 pm
commissioner not happy with the republican candidate's calls to step up police enforcement in muslim neighborhoods. that in the wake of the brussels attacks. >> i would remind the senator, he lives in the united states of america. and the statements he made today is why he's not going to become president of this country. we don't need a president that doesn't respect the values that fall on the foundation of this country. >> during president obama's visit to cuba, he spoke about the need for people to come together in the aftermath of the terror attacks in brussels. >> and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality, or race or faith, fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> and there was criticism of president obama for not coming back to the united states after these attacks. in fact he attended a baseball game in cuba. just a short time ago, he landed in argentina for the next leg of
11:20 pm
his trip. the president has said that terrorists want to disrupt people's lives, and by sticking to his schedule, he denies them that goal. let's go back now to max foster who is in brussels right now with continuing coverage of the attacks there. >> thanks, john. the terror attacks came just days after belgian authorities arrested europe's most wanted man. they got salah abdeslam in friday on a brussels suburb. police were hunting abdeslam in connection to last year's terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people. the rest moved up the belgian attackers timeline, and we are more on the thinking around that. >> reporter: the capture of the one of the most wanted men in europe was quickly and cautiously hailed as a victory by belgian and french authorities who warned our fight is not over.
11:21 pm
26-year-old salah abdeslam, alive, but wounded in the leg. following a shootout with belgian security forces friday. he was one of ten terrorists, including older brother braheem, allegedly responsible for the november terror attacks which killed 130 people at four separate locations. authorities believe his capture and a warning that he was cooperating with police may have accelerated today's attacks, already in the works. >> salah abdeslam's lawyer said that he was speaking to the police is a direct message from salah abdeslam to his cohorts that they need to continue planning for their attacks immediately or they need to seek cover. well the message was very, very clear. that i'm in police captivity and i'm talking, therefore, whatever you're going to do, do it quickly because the reality is you could be arrested soon as well. >> reporter: abdeslam is
11:22 pm
believed to have spent three months last year driving around europe in rental cars. allegedly meeting with the paris attackers and other operatives. the day of the attacks, investigators believe abdeslam drove three of the terrorists to the soccer stadium. he then ditched his suicide vest in a trash can and fled. his brother, braheem blew himself up outside a cafe. >> he was meant to be a suicide bomber, his belt didn't go off or he chickened out, we don't know. >> reporter: he spent the next four months alluding cap clur. there was speculation he travelled to syria. authorities were shocked in belgium last week and discovered his fingerprints in an apartment containing bomb-making material. abdeslam grew up in the molenbeek neighborhood not far from where he was captured. >> the human intelligence officials can get off him is massive. >> reporter: the other brother, mohamed, still lives in the area, sat down with erin burnett
11:23 pm
after the paris attacks. >> do you still think i love my brother? >> translator: these are my brothers, i love them, that's for sure. after all they've done, do i admire what they've done? no. my family and i do not. >> reporter: two potentially key suspects remain at large, both directed linked to abdeslam. one is a child friend from molenbeek. they traveled twice to paris the week before the attacks there. cnn, new york. this is cnn breaking news. cnn now has another projection to make in the race for president right now. cnn is projecting that ted cruz will win in utah. i believe we are projecting that ted cruz will win in utah. control room, can you verify
11:24 pm
that? we are not projecting with whether ted cruz will get more than 50% of the vote there. you can see 14% of precincts are reporting. 14% are reporting, and yes, we are projecting that ted cruz will win the state, what is not known yet is whether or not he will get more than 50%, why is that important? because if he gets more than 50%, utah becomes winner take all in terms of delegates. he would get all 40 delegates in that state. which would mean it is a better day for him today. and he would have some bragging rights going ahead in this delegate race to 1237 which is what is needed at the convention. is chris moody with us right now? all right. we are awaiting more information about what's going on in utah. we will get that to you as soon as it comes in. meantime, let's go back to max foster nor brussels. >> joined here by our journalist, raid on friday, where abdeslam was captured.
11:25 pm
and this heightened tensions, security tensions within the city, and then of course we have the attacks yesterday and the feeling is the security, authorities here in brussels think there are links between the paris network of attacks and the attacks here, is that right? what are they saying to you? >> yes. surely the same group. and this happens, so, there is a link between the two. our best guess is that the guy from the paris attacks, logistical role until the paris attacks is one of the main targets now. that's only al guess. we are not sure yet. >> where is the search focussed? is it focussed on brussels or beyond? >> it's brussels and the suburbs of brussels. yesterday it was a search in a house, in an apartments.
11:26 pm
they found bombs and stuff -- >> it was a taxi driver that drew them. >> the taxi driver, yeah -- >> took suspects to the airport. >> picked up by a taxi driver. they were mad because they had five bags with them. two other bags with bombs that they were behind because the taxi driver didn't have enough room, space in his trunk. so otherwise, there would have been five bombs apparently and not three. >> and what's the theory about the third attacker who didn't -- so they found more bombs, didn't they, and anoer bomb at the airport, am i right? but the third attacker didn't use that bomb. he left. and there are more bombs at the apartment. so what's the thinking about that? >> salah abdeslam all over again. escaped in paris, he left. he was there to kill himself. suicide terrorist and this one was there to be a suicide terrorist and he didn't do it. we have a second -- >> one of the theories was that
11:27 pm
abdeslam chickened out, didn't have the confidence to go through with the attack. >> same with this guy. we don't know, the bomb he had, the third guy was the biggest bomb of the three. it must have been -- really wanted to blow it up, because they didn't do it. we don't know why. the guy is on the run. >> in terms of the metro attack, we're getting information about what happened there. is the working theory that there was a suicide attacker there, so they're not searching for anyone so they have to release the information? >> okay. we don't -- we just know less about the molenbeek attack because we don't have pictures there from perpetrators. we don't have the story like we have for the search in houses. we know less about now, the police knows less. they don't know where to search. >> okay. ongoing investigation. thank you very much for bringing
11:28 pm
us your insight on that. still very early in the investigation as well. if you think about it, because this attack happened less than 24 hours ago still. authorities believe the terror attacks happened for a couple of reasons as well. and, we can take you through that process as we get that information. we'll be back until just a moment with the very latest. ( ♪ ) man: (rapping) up fit, down fit
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this is cnn breaking news. we'll get back to brussels in just a moment. but we have more breaking news in the u.s. presidential race. western elections being held right now, primaries and caucuses, cnn now projects that bernie sanders will win the democratic caucuses in the state of idaho by a lot. i understand he got more than 75% of the vote there. it could being his biggest win in any state to date, other than
11:32 pm
his home state of vermont. he will win the vast majority of delegates there. he also won big in the state of utah today, though hillary clinton won arizona by a healthy margin, so in terms of the delegate race, it could essentially be a wash between those two candidates. on the republican side, cnn has called arizona for donald trump, in utah will be won by ted cruz, but we are still waiting to find out the margin there. want to bring in cnn's chris moody, who joins me i believe from washington, chris, let's start with the race we just called, bernie sanders wins in idaho and wins big, but is it big enough? all right. chris moody is having a hard time hearing me, let's go to boras sanchez who's in boise, idaho, boras, long, long lines in idaho. empty right now, but a whole lot of enthusiasm, enthusiasm for
11:33 pm
bernie sanders. >> reporter: yeah, john, the line wrapped around several blocks, at least a mile long. initially organizers told us to expect somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 voters. they got roughly over 9,000. ebt 9,100, and as you said, bernie sanders really outdoing hillary clinton here in idaho. the results from this race are very similar to what we saw in 2008 where barack obama took about 80% of the vote here. hillary clinton didn't really have a presence here in idaho, she didn't spend any money on advertising, bernie sanders had several visits to the state. he was here just yesterday, speaking to boise state students about 7,000 of them, challenging them to come out and represent him and vote for him here in the caucuses. he also spent about $100,000 on advertising. so clearly that effort worked out for him. the big question is whether or not this is going to be enough moving forward, as you mentioned, a win for hillary clinton in arizona with 75
11:34 pm
delegates, winner take all, a big gain compared to a state like idaho where it's about 27 delegates, and split proportionately. even though she lost, she's still take home delegates. what does he do moving forward? he reached out to voters in california today trying to appease them, trying to see if his campaign can reverse momentum and hopefully have a last stand for him that might challenge hillary clinton moving into the convention. but right now, it does appear to be hillary's race, john. >> you can see that right there. that margin, 78% of the vote in idaho. 21% for hillary clinton. bernie sanders best state other than vermont so far in this race. utah, somewhat similar. now the problem is there aren't enough states like this in the race to give bernie sanders the numbers he needs to chip away at hillary clinton's delegate lead. and she did win in arizona today. comfortably, which gives her a bit of a cushion when you look at idaho and utah as well. boras sanchez in idaho, thanks
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on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. all right. welcome back. we have breaking news in the u.s. presidential race, the western primaries. cnn has projected that bernie sanders has won the democratic caucuses in the state of idaho. sanders also wins the caucuses in utah, however for the democratic side, hillary clinton won the state of arizona. she won pretty big. we are still waiting for the final delegate numbers, but it looks like a wash on the democratic side for the republicans. cnn projects that ted cruz will
11:39 pm
win the caucuses in the state of utah. donald trump wins the primary in arizona. we are still waiting to find out the margin for ted cruz in utah, if he gets better than 50%, he wins all the dell galts there. let's bring in cnn politics, senior digital correspondent, chris moody, joins us from washington, chris, hepfully you can hear me right now, let's talk about the democrats first, big win for bernie sanders in utah, idaho, by big margins though a little bit offset by what hillary clinton did overnight in arizona. >> that's right, john, exceptionally big margins for bernie sanders in those states. although the clinton campaign we were told was really bracing for this to happen. expecting for it to happen. cnn spoke with bernie sanders' campaign manager asked him about a path forward and he said that it's still a narrow path forward, but it still exists. they've always been facing long odds since the very beginning. now the question is, from here, bernie sanders has to keep
11:40 pm
winning, but not just in these smaller states wl sparse populations. he has to win big. we saw bernie sanders in california tonight, he'll be campaigning in california tomorrow. that is going to be a huge get for him if he can pull it off and he's really going to need to if he wants to edge out clinton here before the convention. >> let's talk republicans right now. donald trump with a convincing win in the state of arizona by well over 100,000 votes. pretty close to 50% in arizona. winner take all, 58 delegates, as we sit here at 2:40 a.m. eastern time, we're waiting for an important number. we projected that ted cruz will win in utah, but we don't know by how much just yesterday. if ted cruz does better than 50%, he wins all the delegates there. with 26% of precincts, ted cruz at 70%, it looks good for ted cruz right now to beat that 50% threshold and win all 40 delegates there which would be an achievement. >> that's right. if you're a ted cruz supporter
11:41 pm
watching right now, you saw the announcement and said hey, tell me something i don't know. they expected to win that state. ted cruz was doing very well with the mormon population. donald trump was not. now if you're an avid ted cruz supporter, you are staying up much later because all that really matters here is that 50% threshold. he needs that desperately in order to really put, give a run to trump in the delegate count. and we also have results from american samoa, they will be sending delegates to the convention that are not bound to any candidate. making them very vulnerable, maybe people at the convention will be taking them out to some nice steak dinners to try to get their vote. so it's still an open contest in the republican. obviously with the win in arizona, donald trump got all of those delegates, winner take all primary states, he did well, he's getting closer to the magic number, but he's not there yet. whether ted cruz gets to that
11:42 pm
50% will be a real sign. it looks good for him now, but it'll be something that he really will need to get that bump going into the next few states. >> indeed. looks like it will be a good night for ted cruz. though donald trump will stretch his delegate lead no matter what, and i like you pointing out american samoa, nine unbound delegates heading to cleveland. future ambassadors perhaps or people who will play a lot of golf tomorrow. chris moody in washington, thank you so much. that's the latest on the elections. let's go back to brussels with breaking news there, the terror attacks, max foster is there, max. >> yeah, john, coming up to 24 hours since that attack at the airport took place. belgium in a three-day period of national mourning right now while authorities get a massive manhunt. at least 30 people were killed in the bombers at the busz ls airport and the metro station. and another 230 people were
11:43 pm
wounded in the immediate aftermath, brussels was effectively knocked down, all flights were canceled. public transportation was halted. residents were told to remain indoors. we are following the developments and reports that sources believe these attacks are connected to the same terror network that targeted paris last year. >> reporter: seconds after an explosion at brussels international airport, smoke, chaos, and screams filled the terminal. a witness describes emerging from a bathroom at the airport after a second explosion and seeing carnage everywhere. >> when i go out, i see all, a lot of people with blood. and i just go, just run out of the airport. yeah, and all the building there is like, it's like chaos there. >> reporter: the chaos captured inside in this amateur video. about an hour later, another
11:44 pm
blast rips through the metro station. in this video, a child can be heard screaming as passengers escape through a pitch black, smoke-filled tunnel. of a brussels firefighter with 45 years experience says he's never witnessed anything like the scene at the train station. >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> reporter: isis quickly claimed responsibility for the attacks. belgium police released this picture of a suspect pushing a luggage cart at the airport. they're actively looking for him. a belgian prosecutor says he's one of three men seen together in surveillance footage. the two others he says probably killed themselves in the explosions. two senior u.s. officials tell cnn, they believe the brussels attacks are timed to the same terror network at the one when launched attacks in november. u.s. law enforcement and intelligence officials tell cnn, the attacks in brussels could
11:45 pm
well have been connected to friday's capture of salah abdeslam. a chief suspect in the paris terror attacks. >> especially that word is getting out that he is cooperating. he's cooperating with the authorities. so this attack could have woken on the shelf to be done in the future, now since it's going to become known, they should go with it right now. >> reporter: analysts say western capitals should brace for more attacks from isis as it loses ground on the battlefield. >> that's going to make them more violent. more ultra violent at home to make them more in power and more inclined to carry out attacks abroad. that is their only way of being able to inflict pain upon us. they can't face us in the battlefield. >> reporter: isis said quote what is to come will be more devastating that brussels. peter king says what's particularly disturbing about the brussels attacks, belgium counterterrorism forces were on high alert already before this happened. they had been ready and conducting raids, and they still
11:46 pm
couldn't stop this. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> and we've just had an update coming into us, we don't know whether it's related to this in any way, the airport is being evacuated, that's from the airport information services department, reason behind the evacuation not made public at this time. no other information at this the time. cnn producer tim lister joins us from london. it does sort of play into the sensitivities, not just in belgium, tim, but across europe and the world. >> absolutely, max, it does. and i think in paurs last year, after the first attack, "charlie hebdo," there was a mood of defiance. this would not be allowed to stand. the second attack, felt it was almost a sense of resignation. this was the new reality about living in europe that these attacks would continue. so i think the belgians, the
11:47 pm
british, the germans, the french, it's played into a brittle political mood in europe that is showing greater support for, against immigration, more xenofhobic attitudes, it's a fractious time in europe max, yes. >> this latest attack in brussels. one of the attackers got away from an area which is littered with cctv cameras, and it busy at the best of times, and they have to get on to this within minutes if they're going to keep up with the threat. >> that's true, but then, there's a way a question here, are you going turn europe into a police state where there is massive security at every public place? or is that giving into the thought of things that isis wants? isis has a strategy here, it's not just about selling terror,
11:48 pm
there is the aim to create tension and modern tension, civilization war if you'd like between european and the muslim minority. more than two years ago, one of isis' most senior leaders was saying we want europeans to walk down the street, looking left and right and fearing muslims. this is part of the strategy. and they're able now to liberate if you will, the massive influx of migrants coming into europe to feed this paranoia. so, in a way, europe has this terrible choice, do we try to continue to live as we always have, to cherish the freedoms or do we except much more enhanced security because that is the price of preventing and stopping such attacks in the future, max. >> be requests being asked. but the immediate concern is finding the man on the run. and that's what the security services in brussels are focussed on right now.
11:49 pm
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of the terror attacks here in brussels. but we do want to bring you reports that we're getting about the airport in france being evacuated. we're not sure if this is to do with the attacks here in the belgian capital, but certainly across europe, there's a heightened state of alert. belgian authorities have released this image only of the three suspects in thursday's attack at the airport which killed at least ten people here in brian custussels. here they are searching for the man in the light jacket and that hat. it's believed to be the, it's believed the other two were actually suicide bombers. one of the bombs went off outside the security check points, and an hour later, terrorists exploded a bomb at a busy subway station killing at least 20 people there. isis has claimed responsibility for both attacks. eyewitnesss accounts of the belgian terror attacks have been
11:54 pm
pouring in from people who saw what happened at the airport and the metro station. here's a timeline for you of what happened, told in their own words. >> i hear an explosion. all the ceiling is coming down. and the second explosion went and everything is black. >> i heard an explosion. and when we came out of the elevators, on that moment, the second bomb exploded, and then we saw doors flying, glass, ceiling coming down. >> suddenly about 2 to 300 people were rushing away from the security check point. towards the gate. no one knew what was going on.
11:55 pm
>> i was on one of the trains in the metro system and apparently the one that had the explosions was the one that left just before mine. and we felt a kind of small blast of air and we heard some thudding in the distance. the metro immediately stopped. power turned off, lights turned off. >> the ceiling was coming down, people were injured. it was quite a mess. >> can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. >> and we're coming up to the
11:56 pm
mourning here in brussels which is the time yesterday when the attack on the airport took place. you're watching cnn special coverage. we end this hour with a look at how cities around the world are showing solidarity with brussels. ♪
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hello, i'm max foster in brussels. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world as we continue cnn's special coverage on the attacks here in the belgian capital. it's been about 24 hours since the first bomb exploded in the city's airport, touching off a wave of terror in the city. a massive manhunt is under way for the prime suspect in that bombing. authorities say these men


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