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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 23, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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hello, i'm max foster in brussels. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world as we continue cnn's special coverage on the attacks here in the belgian capital. it's been about 24 hours since the first bomb exploded in the city's airport, touching off a wave of terror in the city. a massive manhunt is under way for the prime suspect in that bombing. authorities say these men seen
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in the airport surveillance video are in on the attack. the two on the right were believed to have planted the bomb then left. the taxi driver says he picked the men up on tuesday. they found a mail bomb, chemicals and an isis flag. people have been laying candles and laying flowers at a makeshift memorial. the authorities have declared three days of national mourning. now, the state department has warned americans traveling in the area to be extra vigilant and the netherlands is advising people not to travel to brussels at all. right now we get word that the airport in in toulouse, advance is because evacuated. we'll get you the information as we learn it. this certainly plays into the information happening today. and in brussels, sources tell cnn they believe tuesday's bombings are tied to the same
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network that was behind the paris attacks. and cnn's anderson cooper has more now on how things unfolded. >> reporter: 8:00 a.m. local time, busy hour, brussels airport. the attacks begin. an explosion near the ticket check-in area. moments later, another explosion. >> and the second explosion went, and then everything is black. and i see -- when i go out i see a lot of people with blood. and i just go -- just run out of the airport. i feel like it's the end of the world. >> reporter: at least ten are killed and 100 wounded. >> we saw doors flying, glass ceiling coming down. and smoke and everything. >> reporter: but it could have been even worse.
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a third device undetonated and left at the scene was later set off by authorities. this image was soon released. three men believed responsible for the deadly airport attack. the two on the left most likely killed in the explosions. the one on the right on the run an now one of the most wanted men in europe. the scene of chaos and carnage the terrorists wrought just the beginning. within the hour, another explosion. this time in the heart of the city at the maalbeek metro station. >> it looked like war, i saw many people dead, i saw everything broken. it's just -- terrible. >> reporter: at least 20 killed here and 130 wounded.
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those fortunate enough to evacuate on foot were forced to brave terror underground in the dark. later in the day, isis claims responsibility for the attacks. brussels, not just a symbol of the west as a european capital but also a hub for the european union and the headquarters for nato. as night falls, a helicopter hovers over brussels, while investigations continue below. an isis flag and chemicals were found below. cnn u.s. officials were told they believed the attacks were tied to the deadly paris attacks last year. and like paris, another european city is now shaken to its core, its people defiant in the face of terror, while the manhunt continues.
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anderson cooper, cnn. >> we'll bring in our correspondent live here in brussels with breaking news. >> the state broadcaster here, rtbf says they have a name for the two men believed to have carried out the attack. the brothers were -- and this is the really damning bit here, they were already known to authorities but for petty crimes rather than as part of an organized network. but this is a pattern we're seeing again and again, the salah abdeslam brothers were part of a network. they also reported a house was rented in the name of one of the brothers in the same district where abdeslam was found. it reinforces the authorities' working assumption that this is
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>> and so now that we know their names and knew apparently where they were living, because the taxi driver had picked them up, they're getting closer to the trail? >> yes, at the had an identity, who they knew to be the associates, and you start to look at who would be, or who could be supporting them. >> who could be hiding them out in brussels, that is where abdeslam was, and they thought he went back to israel. >> and they thought that the attacker, abdeslam was able to travel back into belgium. they are looking at every single belgium border points. >> in terms of what you know about the metro station, it happened literally yesterday where the airport was being carried out.
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the metro station, we know very little about that. what is your thinking about that? >> well, the sense is that if police were still searching for someone, many of the attackers had fled that scene or survived the attack then police would be putting similar information in the public domain. the consensus is the working theory is that nobody survived the attack. no one sought directly linked to that attack in terms of having carried out it. but of course, the broader network of who they believe carried out the attacks is the same. >> okay, thank you, the maalbeek station there is still closed nearly 24 hours after the attack which killed at least 20 people. terrorists exploded a bomb just before the end of the morning rush hour. two metro lines have reopened but only with very limited service, it's pretty chaotic in terms of travel.
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our cnn correspondent is near the maalbeek metro station. i mean, there is a real will to get things going again because they don't want to succumb to isis more than they need to. >> stand by. sorry -- i'm just pointing out -- there is a real sense of defiance, isn't there, in the city that they want to get things going again, things like the metro line. they don't want isis -- >> yes, max. yes, absolutely, max. this is a country, a city in mourning, in shock. but also determined to get things back to normal, although we are seeing increasing stories here in the press the reports are that war is in the meanwhile of brussels. pictures of some of the victims, those who died, those who were injured, some of those who were
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missing. three days of mourning, over my shoulder you can see the flags of the european union, the commission, at half staff. this is the heart of the european union, and just three blocks away is where the bomb went off for the metro station. but if you can pan over and see the traffic here the city is trying to come back to normal. as you said the two subway lines are partially reopened. and schools are staying opened today. but it is a huge traffic snarl because there are a lot of streets and main avenues that are still shut down as police maintain certain controls and try to track down those who committed these attacks. also we saw overnight, max, that at the -- at the maalbeek metro station there were more forensics -- more forensics
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investigators arriving overnight to continue trying to pick through what was left of those -- of that bomb to see the ingredients. who possibly could be linked to it. it's a painstaking operation and it will take quite sometime. but the prime minister of belgium saying we are united in pain but we would like to get things back to normal as soon as we can. max? >> absolutely, chris. thank you very much. i know that you live near the station yourself. the journalist was on the scene right after the metro attack. he saw the aftermath firsthand, he is an eu correspondent for the british newspaper, the sunday times. what was it like?
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what was it like after the attack on the metro? >> it was terrible, basically i arrived a few moments after the blast went off. people were pouring in, some were wounded, bleeding. there were already two -- it has to be said the emergency services reacted very promptly. so there were already two ambulances at the scene. and one was there and arrived as i came in. and they were tending to the wounded, to the most seriously wounded people on the street, on the floor, on the pavement. people were lying in a pool of blood. it was really a dreadful scene, akin to a war zone. and the trouble was that so many people were wounded, seriously wounded. i think there were over 200 people who were wounded. and they have to bring in dozens and dozens of ambulances. and of course, many people died, as well. so it was really remarkable. and extremely -- to see it in
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this part of town which was the seat of the european union, as you know the institutions of the european union are all based just a stone's throw from that station. it was really awful. >> obviously, your report on the european institutions seen as the capital of europe. yesterday all the meetings were cancelled, with very limited access to the buildings at all. is there a sense of defiance within the european union to try to get things back on track as soon as possible? >> well, there certainly is. they declared yesterday they would hold the daily press conference, they called the mid-day briefing which they placed every single day on the working week. they held them to a kind of attendance. certainly it did happen, and it was a symbol of defiance, things should go on as usual. we should live as ever.
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i don't know how much it's working, i don't know about the spirits within the institutions but i imagine many people will have been affected by this metro station -- i think police already assumed it was targeted because it was the seat of the square that is filmed in the european institutions. so i imagine a lot of people would have been affected either by having friends being on the tra train. you know, this is a very busy metro. people take it to go to work. it's really close to home. i think it's a very traumatic experience both for the diplomatic stuff in this city and of course for belgium itself. >> in terms of the backlash on the authorities here, there always is one, isn't there? you know, whether or not they should have acted sooner. we've just heard this afternoon the two brothers suspected of carrying out the attack at the airport according to state
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media, were known to police, but for petty crimes. but there is so much pressure, isn't there, on the authorities and security services to monitor so many people and they just can't afford to do it to the extent that they want to do it. >> well, i suppose in this terrible hour it's too early to kind of criticize authorities but i think that conversation must be had in the public domain. you said i have to correct you, they were not criminals. they were serious hardened criminals. one of them were in jail for shooting at police with the kalashnikov rifle. the other was also armed. their names are khalid and brahbrah
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brahim. they are also linked to salah abdeslam. so they were looking for these two people, the brothers and they found by accident salah abdeslam. so yes, you're right. questions will be asked. we all knew this would happen. brussels was at the level of security -- level three in this country. and at the end of the day we all knew this would happen. authorities were warned and yet, now only now they discover to there was a whole network behind abdeslam that they did not know anything about. and as you said this is a network of criminals who had turned jihadi, which in most cases of these terrorists from belgium is true, also for salah abdeslam, the key suspect who was arrested last week. he was a petty criminal, he was
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indeed a petty criminal, not like these guys. and then he turned to jihadism. so -- >> thank you. there are some questions being asked, we're asking them of the guests we're speaking to. thank you for joining us, coming up, breaking news out of the united states and a big win for white house hopeful trying to stop trump from winning the republican nomination. details just ahead. this is
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we'll have much more on the terror attacks in brussels in just a moment including the possible identification on two of the suicide attackers. but first, the latest from the election results in the united states. out west, ted cruz has won the republican caucuses in the state of utah. and that is not all. cnn now projects that he will win more than 50% of the votes there, essentially becoming a winner take all, 40 delegates going to ted cruz in the state of utah. donald trump won in arizona, and won big, arizona is a winner take all state. donald trump will win 58
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delegates in arizona. for the democrats, bernie sanders wins in utah. won big with over 70% of the vote there. he also won in idaho with over 75% of the vote. he will win the lion's share of the votes in those states. but hillary clinton won in arizona, won handily, which could essentially be a wash for the democrats today. let's bring in the cnn correspondent, chris moody, the latest, cnn is now projecting even though they're still counting votes in utah, that ted cruz won over 50% of the votes, which means he won 100% of the delegates. >> you could have bet that donald trump would win arizona, and ted cruz would win utah. the question is would he get the 50% threshold, which he did, had -- he will have the full amount
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of delegates in that state. that is excellent news for ted cruz, it means that donald trump has only netted 18 delegates for the night against ted cruz. that is the good news for him. extraordinarily good news. the bad news is the calendar is looking good for trump, ted cruz has done well in caucus states, especially rural ones, where the primaries are, donald trump has traditionally done better. there is also the john kasich factor, after he won ohio a number of republicans were calling for him ironically to drop out because he potentially could hurt ted cruz's chances of catching up with donald trump in the delegate race. tonight in arizona, john kasich came in fourth in a three-man race because arizona allows early voting and lots and lots of people voted for marco rubio, so marco rubio has come in third in front of john kasich even though he dropped out of the
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race last week. i think it will be interesting to see if republicans call for john kasich to drop out to try to make it a two-man race. >> i think there will be republicans that will continue that call and make it even louder. but john kasich thinks his best states are ahead of him, well, best states besides ohio which he won already. big win for bernie sanders in utah, big, perhaps but not necessarily sufficient. >> perhaps not. it keeps him in the race and shows he still has that kind of strength. but these were races that they were expecting to lose. the clinton campaign won big in arizona and obviously needed that. they were not actually telling anyone they planned to win the other states. so that was not necessarily the huge state for bernie sanders and his supporters. the big one will come next in states like california, which will certainly be something he needs to win to prove that he
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can win in states that are not just rural and have caucuses. in a way he kind of has a similar problem that ted cruz has in that he does well in these types of caucuses. cnn spoke to the bernie sanders campaign manager earlier today and he said they still have a tough fight going into the nomination. but they said they have always had ha tough fight. so to them their spin has never really changed. we know this race will continue on, but each night it does look better and better for the clinton campaign. >> all right, thank you so much. let's go to brussels for the breaking news following the terror attacks. max foster is there. max? >> reporter: john, belgian state media have reported that police have identified the suicide bombers. the two brothers, khalid and
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ibrahim el bakraoui were identified for criminal activities, this is a key development in the processme. they are clearly confident enough in the investigation to reveal the names of the two brothers. several countries are advising meanwhile, against any travel here to brussels. so do check with your own governments. the australian prime minister is condemning the attacks even as he criticizes europe's security. he said quote, it's a sad state of affairs in europe. they have allowed their security measures to slip. this is a lesson for us to absolutely keep your guard up at all times. controversial comments from him. and france is deploying an additional 1600 police officers
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around the country. cnn correspondent jim bittermann has more. >> reporter: definitely, i see a sense of alert, max, but you know we have been under a state of emergency in france since the november attacks. which the state of emergency allows police to do all sorts of fairly draconian things, such as put people under house arrest, monitor phone calls and stop people without any reason or warning. so there is quite a bit of heightened security here anyway. but certainly the belgium attacks have rattled people. the airports were evacuated. it has been reopened again. we saw yesterday the train station in paris, which links to brussels. that was closed and evacuated and again reopened. people are really nervous. and when they see any type of package they report it to
12:27 am
authorities. so now, the authorities are forced to take measures. we are seeing at some points like for example guarding the train station that they are actually screening people to go into the public areas of the training station, not on a totally systematic basis, but nonetheless they are sporadically screening people. the interior minister said yesterday he wants to implement controls outside the airports where the security can inspect people and ask to see an id card and ticket. well, that will be a very complicated procedure and something difficult the implement. but nonetheless, max, they want to try to implement that. >> meanwhile, we have this man on the run from the airport, one of the attackers and there is a desperation to find him. the longer it takes to find him the further he could have gone.
12:28 am
he may well be in france. the authorities as you know are working together better than they were immediately after the paris attacks. huge amount of criticism there was not the necessary coordination between the european security services. >> well, it is very true. there was a lot of criticism. after the paris attacks there was more criticism in the papers this morning. this morning we've seen some of the criticism that has gone on between france and belgium, whether there is enough criticism. but there are pains to figure out what type of suggestions they can make, other than to say you need better cooperation on a european level. well, people have been saying that for a long time. there will be a meeting perhaps of security chiefs from across europe trying to tighten up this coopera
12:29 am
cooperation. but still, people are frustrated and people that the intelligence services are the answer but we're not seeing much in the way of cooperation among them. so that is something that will be discussed i think at a very high level here, max. >> okay, thank you very much indeed, jim. not just in paris, either, washington as well after the brussels attacks the u.s. is also on high alert. up next, how the country is setting up its security measures for so-called soft targets. it's us, mom! hi, grandma. hi, honey. go finish your homewk before practice, okay? yup, okay ... groceries ... prescription ... and your books are back at the library. i don't know how you do all this for me with everything you have on your plate. mom, just because you can't drive these days doesn't mean you've stopped needing things. please know how much i appreciate it. i know, mom, and it's okay. look, i know how much of a burden i've become- you're not a burden, mom! -well, i just want to do something to make sure
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the globe. this is cnn special coverage of the terror attacks here in brussels, where it's about 8:30 a.m. in the morning. i'm max foster. it has been just over 24 hours since the bombings rocked the european capital. the state has identified the two brothers as the suicide bombers, at least at the airport. the men in black. police say they are khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui, the man wearing the light jacket, they say he planted a bomb. but then he left. at least 30 people were killed and another 230 people were wounded. the airport remains closed. and limited subway services have resumed. investigators got help from the taxi driver who brought the attackers to the airport. based on his information police raided a house in a brussels neighborhood and found a mail
12:34 am
bomb, chemicals and an isis flag. belgium is in a three-day period of national mourning as they try to make sense of what happened. more from london, we have an expert in terrorist ideology and a fellow consultant at the royal united services institute. and i know you and other academics under the security services are sitting there trying to work out how this latest attack plays into the pattern of attacks we've seen in recent years here in europe. do you think it's different or part of the process here, with isis expanding the way of the attacks, the western ideology? >> i don't think there is any huge difference, as we know. this is really the as you suggest, a process that is evolving, where these people are looking for soft targets whenever they can find them to try and create as much mayhem as
12:35 am
possible. but primarily to try to capture the news agenda. to have people like you and me discuss this day after day to try and create this situation of fear and disruption in europe, to try to make an impact in the lives of innocent europeans. and indeed, americans, whenever they get the opportunity. >> there is obviously a crossover between the network that carried out the brussels attacks. so are we finding that the networks become more established over time? >> it's hard to say until we get much more information on this particular network. these networks, the two that we are talking about or indeed one is much larger than most terrorist networks. the 777 bombers were mostly half
12:36 am
of the numbers we are talking about here. so there does seem to be a network. but i would caution against destroying trends with these one or two incidents. this may just be a unique characteristic of the particular attacks we're talking about the link between the paris and brussels attack. >> one of the issues we seem to have here in brussels, the concern that people feel slightly defenseless in the sense that we knew that brussels was a potential target and we knew the transit system was a potential target and they have gone for both and achieved both. >> well, i think that is something that is a very important question that you ask. and we should ask ourselves where the feeling comes from. they come from two sources. one is the terrorists want people to feel defenseless. they want to have the initiative, to have the sort of ability to attack us and make us
12:37 am
feel insecure. the other reason is that i any our discussion for the news agenda, throughout every channel works on the assumption to somehow if we got the intelligence or the surveillance right, or that police action would have been any better than we could have stopped this. of course lessons must be learned and we should do more. but bombers will always get through. eventually somebody will be able to get through. and i think we should not allow the agenda to be driven by these people. we should think very carefully what we can do to eliminate the problem and what week do to eliminate the source. and the source in this case is not in europe. it's in syria and in iraq. the inspiration behind these actions is what we should be tackling so that we don't have to spend billions and start blaming ourselves for failures and working on the assumption that somehow if we did things better the problem will go away.
12:38 am
it will not until it is tackled. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. an image you can see there full screen right behind me. the makeshift memorial which is gradually growing as the day progresses. you can see people standing there coming along looking at it trying to make sense of what happened yesterday. a lot of people feeling very helpless. and somehow it makes sense to come here and look at the messages that you see there among the candles and in chalk on the road on which they stand. other countries have serious concerns in the wake of the brussels attacks and the u.s. authorities are deploying teams towards soft targets and increasing the surveillance at airports. more on the story. >> reporter: u.s. cities nationwide are on heightened alert. new york city is stepping up its
12:39 am
police and national guard presence. high visibility, anti-terrorist patrols can be seen in the subway system where officers are checking bags for explosives. signs at new york penn state alerts travellers on checks. and the airports have heightened security, as well. >> expect to see extraordinary nypd presence out in the coming days as our sign of our readiness to protect people at all times. >> reporter: airports across the city including atlanta, boston, chicago and los angeles are also ramping up their security presence. police chief patrick gannon oversees l.a.x., one of the busiest airports in the world. >> we never want to be predictable. we always feel if you're predictable you're vulnerable. >> reporter: so-called soft targets like airports and train stations have long been a security concern.
12:40 am
areas like passenger dropoff and ticket counters are all areas that are potentially susceptible. >> we employ our own intel analysts that provide us with airport security and transportation specific information that helps us in our daily deployment of our officers. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, bomb-sniffing dogs and s.w.a.t. can be seen on patrol. >> the k-9s that are stationed here at the train are the best. >> reporter: amtrak trains are checking bags, an ongoing force in the country. rene marsh, cnn. we'll update you here in brussels and will update you as well after the break. and breaking news coming up.
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well, much more on the breaking news from brussels. the aftermath of the terror
12:44 am
attacks there in just a moment including a possible identification of two of the suicide attackers. but first, the latest from the election results in the united states. they were voting out west, and ted cruz has won the republican caucuses in the estate of utah. most importantly, he got over 50% of the vote there which means he wins all the delegates, 40 delegates in the column for ted cruz. now, donald trump earlier won arizona. that state was winner take all. so donald trump wins 58 delegates from arizona. as for the democrats, bernie sanders picked up wins in utah. the democratic caucuses there he also won in idaho. hillary clinton won in arizona by a hefty margin. right now looks like bernie sanders with the edge in the delegates from the voting that took place on tuesday but hillary clinton still the overall leader by a fairly wide margin. let's bring in senior politics
12:45 am
chris moody. let's start with the republicans, chris, because that is the most recent result and that result being that ted cruz got over 50% of the vote in utah which means he wins over 100% of the delegates. >> that is right, donald trump had a good night tonight, but certainly not a great night. he would have if he had been able to keep ted cruz under 50%. that allow s him a little bit o momentum to keep moving forward. because of that donald trump needs to get just over 50% of the remaining delegates. there are about 500 he will need to get to that magic number of 1237 in order to win. so keep watch of the delegate cou count in the future. if he continues to get over 50% it will look better and better for him. >> as for bernie sanders, he had
12:46 am
his best state since his home state of vermont, just huge wins in idaho and utah. but partially offset by hillary clinton's big win tonight. >> let's look at the numbers in general. the cnn estimate has hillary clinton with 1229 pledged delegates. and bernie sanders with 912. both striving to reach 2383. now of course, there is the issue of the super delegates which appear to be in clinton's corner for now. so bernie sanders still has a lot of room to make up here of the hillary clinton is still in the lead. but it has to be said that for all that was said about hillary clinton for the nominee, somebody who was untouchable, who could go into the democratic convention and just take it, it has not been necessarily so. bernie sanders spoke about this in his remarks. he has not been some kind of fringe candidate off for the
12:47 am
wilds. he has been nipping on her heels for this entire race and we're heading into the spring, trying to get into crunch time. i think hillary clinton wants to close the door on this race but it doesn't look like she will be able to at least in the immediate future. bernie sanders has vowed to take this all the way to the convention. he will have to start winning in states, states that are larger with bigger populations and don't just have caucuses if he wants to see it all the way to the convention. >> it could prove to be a difficulty for bernie sanders. chris moody in washington, thank you so much. we'll have more from max foster in brussels, the breaking news there including the identification possibly of two of the suicide attackers. that will be right after the break. and i'll be back with more at the top of the hour and from the primaries in the u.s. stay with us. ♪
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the second explosion blew out the windows and a lot of smoke, and there was some panic. people were on the floor, people were injured. it was quite a mess. >> 2 to 300 people went rushing away from the security
12:54 am
checkpoint towards the gate. and honestly, no one knew what was going on, with only 25 minutes later we got confirmation from the police that the bomb explosion and the death in the main airport building -- >> i was close to the exit doors, so then people started to run all over and running out of the building. and then at first, i was trying to help a few people there who were injured in the building. and by the time the security and the army was there, they requested us to leave the building. >> after the attacks here in brussels, the famous landmark around the world were lit up. the black, yellow and red -- with a show of solidarity.
12:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, people are trying to come to terms with what happened here in brussels around the world. but also here with the makeshift memorial, people are just standing, staring at flowers and
12:56 am
the candles. we learned this hour that two brothers carried out the suicide attack at the airport, the major landmark and a major european city and sadly the bombers have attacked. the security is trying to understand. that does it for me this hour. max foster reporting from belgium. the latest on the terror attacks and the latest also on the u.s. presidential election continues with john berman and christine romans, live from new york.
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manhunt for the surviving brussels airport attacker as police reveal the identities of the suicide bombers there. coordinated attacks killing dozens, wounding hundreds. bringing the city to a standstill and putting the world on high alert. >> more breaking news, this in the race for president. new election results. four candidates winning states overnight. this as they go after each other on terror and what happened in brussels. good morning. welcome to "early start." >> it is wednesday, march 23


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