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tv   New Day  CNN  March 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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i can't explain. it looked like war. >> i hear an explosion. the ceilings are going down. >> isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> i saw many injuries. i saw people dead. >> there was another explosion at a subway station. >> everyone dropped to the ground. they were screaming. >> a massive manhunt is under way for the prime suspect. >> i feel like it's the end of the world. >> i'm also very proud to have won arizona tonight. >> the status quo is not working. >> the day after donald trump called for america weakening nato, we see brussels. >> if they can expand the laws i would do a lot more. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting, it's dangerous. this is cnn breaking news. welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "new day".
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i'm alisyn camerota live in brussels. this is where the public has come out to celebrate the memorial for the victims of yesterday's terrorist attacks. chris and michaela will have more in a few minutes. belgian authorities identifying the two suicide bombers who detonated the two powerful explosives inside the hall at the airport. a massive manhunt is under way for a third suspect. the suspect to the right of this picture in the lighter jacket. his bomb they believe failed to detonate. the u.s. state department is warning of near-term attacks throughout europe. they are set to observe a moment of silence one hour from now. senior international correspondent nima joins me with the latest. great to have you here.
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what have we learned about these brothers? >> they are believed to not only have been involved with the attack on the airport. it was their dna found in that apartment that triggered all of this last week. they were found along with a cache of weapons. they eluded capture. let me walk you through how all of this unfolded. this unidentified man, a key suspect, remains at large after coordinated terror attacks that rocked brussels on tuesday. two of his accomplices captured on airport surveillance cameras are presumed dead. a senior belgian security source tells cnn they are brothers known to police, suspected to have ties to the paris attack. the pair thought to be suicide bombers detonating two bombs inside the departure hall at the brussels airport. the horrifying moments after the
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blast captured in this cell phone video. >> we saw doors flying, glass, ceiling coming down and smoke and everything. >> the man at large left behind a third bomb concealed in a suitcase that was later detonated by the bomb squad. now investigators want to know if he traveled just a few miles away to carry out the second attack at maalbeek metro station an hour later. that blast charring a subway car. >> i felt an explosion and the train stopped? its tracks. the lights went out. the power went out. everyone dropped to the ground. they were screaming. >> the station just blocks away from a number of european union landmarks, including the european parliament. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks. the first victim to be identified was killed during the
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attack in the airport. originally from peru, she lived in belgium six years. she was in the airport with her husband and twin daughters. >> we will do our best to bring to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> the world lighting up in belgian colors, vowing never to let terrorism win. at first this is just what authorities believed they know now in the first 24 hours of the investigation, alisyn. so much is still evolving. we are waiting to hear from the prosecutor later today. >> we will talk more in a second. but first the major break in this investigation came from a taxi driver who had actually picked these men up. he recognized them in the airport surveillance picture that was released he said he took the trio to the airport and that alert led to the new raid
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in belgium. that's where we find our cnn senior correspondent fred pleitgen. he is outside the bombers's apartment. tell us the clues that were in there, fred. >> reporter: there were weapons found inside here. the apartment that i'm at right now, alisyn, was raided by the police last tuesday. in this apartment, what they thought they would find was an empty apartment. but they found three people inside who immediately opened fire at them. when they came here, they weren't expecting anybody to be here. that's why they didn't tack a s.w.a.t. team. two of the people who were inside got away. it is now believed that the two people who were in the apartment may be the brothers who conducted the attack at the airport. police were close to cornering these two people. they had them cornered.
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however, they managed to get away. what happened after the attack at the airport, the taxi driver called the police and said the three people you're showing on the tv, they are the three people you have on tv. i have them. they refused to let me carry the suitcases. when he picked them up in schaerbeek, they had way too much luggage with them and had to leave some of it behind. he notified the police. the police went to the location, they conducted a raid for seven hours. there were choppers in the air, snipers in the air. in the end, they went inside. they say they found a nail bomb in there, chemicals, isis flag as well. so it appears to the authorities that apparently the apartment that was raided last night may have been the one that was used to make the explosives used in
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the attack at least for the airport, alisyn. >> okay. fred, thank you for all that. stick around. we have more questions for you. u.s. officials are lending a hand in the manhunt for the elusive suspect behind they believe the airport bombings and any others who might be linked to these attacks. evan perez is live in washington with more. what have you learned, evan. >> good morning, alisyn. u.s. counterterrorism analysts are helping them dig into the background of multiple people believed to have a role in the attacks. they provided the names of people of interest in the last few hours. now those names are being run through data bases of expected extremists. they want to know everything, past travel, their friends, and their associates. today there is a race against time to try to find as many members as possible believed to be part of a large network connected not only though to these attacks but other plots
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including the paris massacre. u.s. intelligence officials repeatedly told me they were expecting a major attack in europe. there is a state department travel warnings in the region. officers from the new york police department are arriving in brussels this morning to help with this investigation. >> okay, evan, thanks so much for that. heightened security across the united states in the wake of the brussels terror attack. from los angeles to new york, police are guarding high-profile targets today. brynn is live at one of the busiest transit hubs in the nation. brynn, what do you see there? >> reporter: certainly it is, alisyn. we just had a candid conversation with a transit officer for amtrak. he basically said there are five agencies working in concert just
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in this building alone at penn stati station. of course as you mentioned, height especiallied measures all across the country at this point. transit hubs, airports, train stations, and maybe the most notable here in new york city where the nypd briefed cnn on all the measure it's been taking since yesterday. it bolstered its efforts of the attacks yesterday in brussels. that includes many counterterrorism teams. they are working together to make a show of force but also act as a deterrent to anything that could happen as they always had a target on its back. basically those are moving about the city, working together, heavily armed. many times they have canine units that can-can sniff out bombs that left certain areas that are vulnerable and possibly sending out vapors. but the big thing to note,
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alisyn. there is no credible threat in new york city at this point. >> okay. very good to know, brynn. thank you for all of that. let's get the latest now on the investigation and the search for the elusive suspect. we want to bring in cnn senior correspondent nima and fred pleitgen. fred is at this location where a raid was on tuesday where they found a cache of weapons. is it fair to say, as some have said, that the belgian authorities missed something? >> i think the question everyone will be asking is about these brothers, back rouxy brothers.
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we are talking about heavy crimes. if these men were on the radar so to speak and police were familiar with them and were aware of their links to certain extremist elements, why weren't they being monitored more closely? >> nima, i want to ask about the subway attack. that seems more mysterious. at least 15 people were killed there. we don't exactly know who we think was behind it. they say it might have been one of the brothers. but they might have blown themselves up at the airport. how do we know if they are looking for someone from that element of the attack. >> they have not released any imagery. we have seen that still surveillance image from the airport. that's part of the reason there is a sense of almost secrecy around this. but we know post paris
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authorities believe the information they were putting out was part of the reason salah abdeslam was able to evade capture for so long. they are being very, very careful. there are so many interlinking networks. there is evidence authorities believe to link them to the paris networks and part of this new network that salah abdeslam was supposed to be building around him to launch attacks here in brussels. you have this lattice work of extremists cells, extremist networks. it is so painstaking for authorities when they are in a race against time. >> yesterday the belgian authorities asked the media not to disclose a lot of information about where the raids were happening and about their investigation. it reminded me that after paris we watched live on television authorities raid an apartment. that's something we would never do in the united states.
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we would never have cameras trained on the raid. there again, you are in front of the apartment that the bombers appear to have repeated. and now there is a connection between paris and brussels. >> yeah. they certainly are. you're absolutely right. it is one of the things that authorities did yesterday. they told the media to refrain from filming or being present in any of these raid. when we were in paris, they were taking place in almost real-time on tv. here they were a lot more restricted. they created a large cordon. they had a chopper overhead for a long time. snipers in that chopper. but you really didn't see very much beyond that. the cordon was two and a half miles in diameter.
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it was around the main railway station there. we didn't see is the street that apartment was in. what authorities do is they make it a lot smaller very quickly. they want people to be able to go back into the area. you could see some of the forensic work going on at that apartment. it was going on all night. that is something we certainly did see. the search for salah abdeslam, so much was appearing in the media, it may have made it easier for the suspects to remain on the run. there were about 100 raids conducted in some way, shape, or form connected to the terror attacks. also looking for him. in the end he was found literally one block from where he grew up with people he had associated with since his youth. so it has been very difficult. certainly there are some who believe a lot of information that was made public made it
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easier for some of these people to evade capture. >> just so striking to hear where he was found after all of that search. we keep hearing how many people may have been radicalized. what is the focus now of investigators. >> i think the main focus is the man with the white jacket, hat, and glasses. we have seen his image of and over. that freeze frame at the airport. we know he arrived. he appeared to have an explosive device. we don't know exactly why it didn't detonate or why he didn't flee the scene. he was certainly the primary focus of this manhunt. there is a secondary focus as well. that is the so-called paris attacks bomb maker known as
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najim lash raw wii. they are desperately trying to find him as well. >> new information, breaking news just coming into my ear. they want you both to know an arrest has been made of a man they believe is connected to the brussels attacks in the anderlus. they are not saying who it is. if this is the person we see in the photo. this just tells you investigators have spread out this spider web of a dragnet. every hour there is more information. what does this tell you? >> well, the prime minister has been clear from the beginning. they are searching everywhere. some of these searches will be fruitful, and some won't. it reflects what we were just discussing how tight they are trying to keep this. they will acknowledge arrests. they will know it is in the public domain. it is a delicate balance to keep
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people calm. >> i want to talk about the victims for one second. here we are. this is the public memorial. in less than an hour there will be a moment of silence. this is where the vigil happened overnight. and you saw it. what were people doing here last night? what were some of the symbols they were leaving? >> people just drifted towards this. you saw the candlelight just illuminating as it got a little darker. overnight, there were two extraordinary ladies draped in the belgium flag watching, making sure none of the candles would go out. they said people cared enough to come here. we don't know, maybe someone who lit these candles lost someone. they almost felt it was a duty to keep the candles lit through the night. it was only after sun break they packed up, took their flags and went home. again, this is becoming a focal
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point for people here. so many of those we're speaking to felt like there was a "spectre" of the city all of these months and it happened. finally the worst you could imagine has happened. and you're still standing. thief had he been washed away because it's been raining. the messages of we love you, we're standing with you, please don't let this divide us. >> inspiring that everyone is out here and now cowered by the fear. chris, it is busy here at the square. it's not just here. we have seen people getting back to normal life. mothers pushing strollers. people are trying to get back to their normal lives here just one day of the attacks. >> all right, alisyn. back with you in just a bit. we want an update on the election last night.
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we have information coming in about the arrest in belgium. let's turn to the elections here in u.s. impressive evening for hillary clinton and donald trump. both scoring major victories in arizona. five important races in three western states. a big part of the story, voter turnout. lines stretching for a mile or more in some places. one of the places ran out of ballots. >> don't say folks aren't engaged. pressive turnout. big night for senator ted cruz claiming all 40 delegates after taking 69% of the vote.
3:24 am
just 14% of the vote. he will not receive any delegates in that state. south of utah to arizona, we see that donald trump dominated arizona 47% of the vote. he will take all 58 delegates there because it is a winner take allstate. totaling up to this hour the trump -- i'm calling him the trump now. donald trump inching closer to the number of 1,237. he has 741. cruz behind in 461. john kasich 145. he gained no new delegates. if we turn to the democrats. bernie sanders picked up two states, winning in idaho. 78% to clinton's 21%. he also took 79% of the vote in utah to clinton's 20%. clinton capturing the biggest prize in arizona. 58% of the vote there. it is worth noting while sanders
3:25 am
won two of three democratic contests, they had far fewer delegates. none of them were winner take all. so the count for the democrats delegate count right now 1,7-eleven for hillary clinton. bernie sanders, 939. that's the magic number to achieve in order to win the nomination, chris. >> important numbers. important news out of brussels. word of an arrest. we are working the details right now. as soon as we get them, we will give them to you. no question the brussels attacks did play into the western primaries in the western election. let's bring in senior editor for the atlantic ron brownstein and cnn politics executive editor mark preston. who wants the gop? which one of you wants to do the analysis from the gop?
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if you look at what's coming forward, sure, she will trade whether he will be strong in west virginia or some of the caucuses in return for new york, new jersey, california, pennsylvania. all the big states on the democratic side. with the exception of michigan, she has won all of them. his challenge remains what it has always been. they are splitting white voters evenly across the entire primary process. she is winning african-american voters 3-1 or 4-1 and questioning most latino voters in most states. that is the basic math. it does not look very promising for bernie sanders, even though he has done much better. as he or the staff expected at the beginning. >> look out for april 26th. you have connecticut, delaware, rhode island. on the other side, ted cruz's campaign, and ted cruz will join
3:30 am
us this morning, he is saying this situation in brussels changes the game. it is all about terror now. this election has not been. gentlemen, you will join me and listen to senator ted cruz as we interview him as he makes the case to the american people. as we said there is breaking information in brussels. for that, right back to alisyn in the center of it all. alisyn. chris, we have a lot of developments out of brussels. word of an arrest happening just in the past hour or so. we will bring you that. also, police identifying the two airport suicide bombers as brothers. we'll tell you their names. we will speak to an eyewitness, a man who was at the airport yesterday and witnessed the carnage. we'll tell you what we saw. we'll be back in a moment. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so...
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arrest in connection with yesterday's coordinated attacks. no word identity of the person they captured this morning. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. police are identifying two brothers as the two airport suicide bombers. one of them reportedly rented a house under a false identity. that led to a police raid last week. that led to the hunt for salah abdeslam. now a manhunt for a third person seen at the airport. one of the big breaks came from a taxi driver who drove that trio to the airport. he alerted authorities. his tip prompted a new raid a few miles from the airport where they found another bomb and an isis flag. thousands witnesses the attacks and the aftermath. still of course trying to come
3:36 am
to grips with everything they saw yesterday. i'm here with brody. he was in the airport. he landed in the airport right before the explosions happened. thank you so much for being here. how are you doing? >> i'm okay. thank you. >> you had just come back from vacation in bangkok. what did you hear? >> i just landed. i was in the baggage claim waiting for my cousin who came 15 minutes after me. i told him i would wait for him. all of a sudden i heard a loud explosion. i didn't realize what it was. i thought maybe it was a suitcase falling down. my friend called me from the airplane and said i just landed but we can't get off. they are telling us something happened inside the airport. at that point i saw policemen running around the baggage saying there was an explosion.
3:37 am
>> what did you see? >> a lot of people running around and some panic. then we went to the arrival hall. there i saw a lot of dust and smoke. i saw shattered glass, water coming through the ceiling. then they took us outside. >> at that point, did you know what had happened? >> i had no idea what happened. someone said there were renovations at the airport going on. so we didn't have a clue there was a terror attack. >> you weren't thinking terror attack? >> not at all. >> you made it out somehow to the parking garage? >> yeah. we went one down floor to the escalators that were broken. there there was more glass. i saw blood on the roads. i saw a lot of people in panic khraoeug. i saw a guy with a head wound and people with blood on their clothes. then we started realizing something terrible had happened. >> in fact, the people you saw
3:38 am
with head injuries, you had to help them. >> yeah. i saw one guy with a head wound. i gave him a handkerchief and asked if he was okay. >> when you got there, were there enough emergency crews helping them? >> i don't think there was any emergency crew yet. but there were a lot of policeman and soldiers running down and shouting. people running and crying. it was total chaos actually. >> you are a bell approximate skwrupl native. you work here in brussels. were you shocked that there was a terror attack? we keep hearing about the tension that has been here in brussels since paris. what is your take on your city here? >> well, i think we just got away in november. we just got away with it. now that salah abdeslam had been call the a couple days ago we
3:39 am
all felt relieved. we didn't think another attack was possible, but then this happened. i didn't see this coming, no. >> we keep hearing how brussels is home to many extremists. do you get the sense how you work here every day of tension. do you walk around living in fear that something might have happened? >> not at all, actually. i didn't get the sense that the people are radicalized. a work in molenbeek. >> what is that like? >> it feels like a neighborhood where something never happens. it is all peace and quiet. the stuff that happens behind the curtains, inside the buildings, behind the curtains, is where it happened. >> authorities can't infiltrate
3:40 am
there. they believe there are radicals but they can't get into it. have you ever come across it? >> to me i have never come across that. to me the neighborhood is like any other one. >> when i was witnessing all the things i was seeing. he got stuck on the airplane. they wouldn't let him off another two or three hours. eventually he got to the parking lot too and we reconnected. >> how are you going to get past what you saw yesterday? >> i'm not fully aware of what happened. it feels pretty unreal when i see the footage. i don't want to let this take me down. i want to stay positive and not start to live in fear stphrfplt thank you. thank you so much. thanks for sharing your story with us. it is is a familiar trend we continue to see in terror attacks. brothers radicalized and
3:41 am
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breaking developments in the brussels terror investigation. no identity given yet. no even definite connection whether it's about what happened in brussels or maybe in paris. police have identified the two men on your screen as brothers. the two suicide airport attackers. that's who they are. one of them reportedly renting a house under a false identity, lead to go a police raid last week. that raid led to the capture of salah abdeslam. authorities were close. president obama arriving in argentina after that historic three-day visit to cuba. he will meet with the president to reset diplomatic realizes and strength entice. obama declared an end to the
3:46 am
last remnants of the cold war in the americas >> a person arrested after jumping over a white house bike rack. secret service detained him outside the south fence. the first family of course out of the country. no immediate threat at the time of the incident. the white house and the fda taking action against opioids will now have the carry the black box warning about the risk of abuse and death. they will detail ways they can take steps to curb abuse. it is time for your money, your vote. the economy and jobs is are the most important issues. three factors right now critical to voters. first, stocks are high again.
3:47 am
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we're seeing all over the world but specifically in europe. now we have brothers going the radicalization route together. sometimes we see couples. you saw it in boston, paris. now here in brussels airport. so is there something to this? is is there something to family making this easier for recruiters? let's discuss what we know is and how we understand it in the latest in the investigation. cnn contributor michael weiss is senior editor for the daily beast and co-author of "isis, inside the army of terror." is there some type of correlation trying to get people to do these types of terrible acts and family? >> it's common. they have the brothers. a zealous jihadi.
3:53 am
the tsarnaev brothers in boston is a famous case. look, when you see these jihadis, people who have known each other for years, usually it is childhood friendships, teenage friendships. "the master" mind, abaaoud, they lived in gangsterism. they went to jail for trying to break into a garage southeast of brussels. when you look about it, who can be radicalized with you better than your family. little brother looks up to his big brother and it is easy to be brainwashed. he kidnapped his own brother from school and tried to bring him to syria. i think he actually succeeded. this is a very common phenomenon. in the middle east, for instance.
3:54 am
cousins, extended relations often wide up in the insurgency together. let's bring in co-founder and chairman of the killing foundation. what do you make of this? do you believe that family is relevant in the persuasion of terrorism? >> i think siblings and cousins are definitely relevant. it is often the case they rebel against their parents and the first generation immigrants didn't subscribe to the way the second and third generations did. it largely came through the roots of older brothers, older cousins. when i joined islamist extremist group at the age of 16, four of us joined together, myself, my brother, and two cousins. we all grew up very close to each other. there is a reason for that. that is especially in europe, the state of disintegration and on the continent in particular of european muslim communities
3:55 am
and disenfranchisement from mainstream, means their loyalty to each other is stronger. >> what's obvious curious is two are making no effort to disguise themselves. those are the two brothers. and the third is doing he can. >> he looks to be a handler of some sort. somebody who, as you say, wasn't about to blow himself is and will have to carry on overseeing these operations. he is dressed like a spy. he wants to evade being detected, facial recognition software. we just don't know. this is a problem. the network doesn't do to speak of a belgian network or french
3:56 am
network. it is more like a frank phone network. it is far more extensive than previously assumed. in the paris attack, for instance, in the months after the fact, it was thought this was a ring of actually 20, 25 guys. now they are thinking 30 to 40. >> as we learned in paris, we had too much occasion to be there. when we started these raids. you know this from following the coverage and hearing from people there, the more they went out, the more they found. the numbers were overwhelming to the french authorities how many people they could have arrested, the weapons they found, the lattice work as nima calls it. so more they look the more they're learning. that's why it was important to change the protocols in france according to the authorities. the french are quick. not right now because everybody is mourning. but they are quick to say, look, belgium is different.
3:57 am
it's different geographically. different by density. it is different than it is farther behind than even we are here in france in dealing with the homegrown terror threat. fair criticism? if so, is that why we saw what we just saw? center well, it's a fair point inasmuch as it's fair to say the british can say slightly further ahead than the french. nobody hosni room to take anything for granted at this stage. even if the brits were to say that, between 800 and 2,000 have gone to join isis. if we zoom in on it, 100 fighters have gone from brussels. the french have a higher percentage of population than any other european country. but not higher percentage per muslim population. france is high up there as well.
3:58 am
security services are absolutely inundated. there's too much to do. mantle all their siblings, cousins, neighbors and friends. imagine how many people that is just in the city of brussels to monitor. it has hit home in europe. but this was the eighth of seven other attacks in the month of march alone across the world. two in pakistan, one in nigeria, one ivory coast. it has been unprecedented. >> it is like a dimming light or shadow society in these cities. what i find is it's not just a general racial thing. it is true that people who join isis is younger because they are seen as the cool jihadi movement to join. when they are sent to syria ask trained and come back. or even before they go, they
3:59 am
have established relationships with all manner of veteran jihadies. muhammad abaaoud was modernized by an afghan soviet cleric. he was disposing cash money. these people had been living in europe for decades. now they have third and fourth generation jihadis rising. >> the question is, what to do about it. as always, thank you very much. we will continue our coverage of the brussels terror attacks ahead. we are following the election results in the u.s. including a live interview with senator ted cruz. let's get right to it. europe is on high alert after the brussels terror attack. >> i knew immediately it was a terrorist attack. >> i hit under the cinque. the second explosion went. >> people were shouting and
4:00 am
running around. >> when i go out, i see a lot of people with blood. >> i'm heartbroken for everyone who passed away and got hurt. >> the world must unite. >> this is a contest between fundamentally different views. >> this is a pivotal moment. >> look, i think we have to change our law on the waterboarding thing. >> we will utilize interrogation techniques that are effective. >> the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who in cite more fear. this is cnn breaking news. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm alisyn camerota in brussels. this is "new day". we are about to engage in a moment of silence. the people of belgium remembering the victims of the attacks with this moment of silence right now.
4:01 am
look at the scores and scores of people who have come on it, come out in public to say we will not be cowered by terror. look at the sea of people who have come to the public squares, to their government buildings, to all of these beautiful, beautiful symbols in this love city of brussels to say we stand together and are showing solidarity against the terrorists trying to bring down our city. and now applause. applause is ringing out across brussels right now, again, for the strength and solidarity that the people here of brussels are
4:02 am
showing this morning, particularly here in this public square. that a beautiful moment. you see the chalk drawings, candlelight, and a rousing round of applause for the solidarity here in brussels. here in belgium this morning, we do have some major developments in the investigation into the terror attacks to tell you about. belgian media is reporting an arrest in just the last hour in a brussels suburb somehow connected to the terror attacks. we are waiting confirmation on that suspect's identity. belgian authorities identifying two brothers who they say were suicide bombers who detonated the explosives inside the airport. there is a massive manhunt under way at this hour. just as you hear all the people
4:03 am
coming out and trying to take back the city, there are still suspects on the loose and a manhunt under way. we are covering the brussels terror attacks the only way can. nima with all the breaking details on the arrest as well as the brothers. where do we begin? >> let's start with the brothers, ibrahim and qaa le leap -- let's take a moment and listen to this. >> everyone is applauding. it's hard to see exactly what is happening in the middle of the public square. it appears people are holding up flags, belgian flags. >> there is a big sign united against hate.
4:04 am
one lady wrote i am a muslim but i stand with my country not hate. it was emotional to see her write that. >> another one says love is the tool to use now. back to the investigation. you said you learned things about the brothers. >> let's walk you through how this unfolded. this unidentified man a key suspect remains at large after coordinated terror attacks that rocked brussels on tuesday. two accomplices captured on airport surveillance cameras are presumed dead. a senior belgian security source said they are pwrers known to police, suspected to have ties to the paris attack.
4:05 am
the pair thought to be suicide bombers detonating two inside the brussels airport. horrifying moments after the blast captured in this cell phone video. >> we saw doors flying, glass, ceiling coming down, and smoke and everything. >> officials say the man at large left behind a third bomb concealed in a suitcase later detonated by the bomb squad. now investigators want to know if he traveled just a few miles away to carry out the second attack at maalbeek an hour later. that blast charing a subway car. >> i felt an explosion, and the train stopped in its tracks. the lights went out. the power went out. everyone dropped to the ground. they were screaming. >> the station just is blocks away from a number of european union landmarks, including the european parliament. isis claiming responsibility for
4:06 am
the attacks. the first victim to be identified was killed during the attack at the airport. originally from peru, she had lived in belgium for six years. she was at the airport with her husband and twin 3-year-old daughters. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> the world lighting up in belgian colors vowing never to let terrorism win. >> so, nima, as always is the case with ongoing, breaking news like this, there are often conflicting reports. you we heard of another report of someone arrested to the attacks here. what have you learned? >> well, this is the arrest in
4:07 am
anderlecht. the name being banter erred about is najim lash rou wii. they found his dna in an apartment in schaerbeek. he is believed to be involved with the making of bombs in paris. this is just what belgian media are reporting. in addition to those linked to this attack, he is one of the most sought after in belgium. >> let's hope they got him. thanks so much for all of that. u.s. officials helping now in the brussels investigation. cnn's justice reporter evan perez is live in washington with more on that angle of the story. what do you have? >> counterterrorism analysts here in the united states are helping belgian investigators
4:08 am
dig in to multiple people. the belgian authorities provide the people with names of interest. they are being run through data bases of suspected extremists. investigators want everything, including past travel, friends, associates. today there is a race against time to try to find as many members as possible believed to be part of a large network connected not only to the brussels attack but also to other terrorist plots including the paris massacre. in the past few months since paris, u.s. officials were expecting a major attack in europe. there is a travel warning for americans in the region. now they have invited bomb experts from the joint terrorism task force, including officers from the new york police department. we suspect they will be arriving later, this morning to help with the investigation.
4:09 am
evan, we know the authorities here will take all the help they can get. thousands of people who had come out to this brick square for this moment of silence and then a rousing round of applause when they all stood in solidarity and unity to get against terror. people are going back to their daily life. lots of people going to work here. they are trying to get back to hoeuf after the atrocity of what happened here yesterday. we want to go back to michaela with more news in new york. >> thanks for sharing that moment with us. an important moment. ted cruz celebrating an impressive victory. getting 69% of the vote and winning 100% of those delegates. in just moments, the texas senator will join us live here on "new day". we'll ask how he is feeling about that win. obviously to the south of utah, to arizona, donald trump
4:10 am
dominating there with 47 percent of the vote. he will take all 58 delegates. it is a winner take allstate. let's take a look at the current numbers at this hour. trump inching closer to 1,237. 741 delegates for him. cruz with 461. john kasich not getting any new delegates at 145. vermont senator sanders pigging up two states, winning in idaho by a massive margin. 78% to clinton's 21%. he took 79% of the vote in utah to clinton's nearly 20%. but clinton managed to capture her biggest price with nearly 58% of the vote. it is worth noting that while sanders won two out of three contests, they were smaller states. they had fewer delegates. none were winner take all states. as we look at the grand total, the democratic delegate count,
4:11 am
1711. for berne cancer sanders 939. in order to clinch the nomination they are looking for the magic number of 2,383. chris, over to you. well, we're sitting here with a senator who has seen all he needs to see from last night. he feels it was a big success for him. let's talk now with senator ted cruz. >> good morning, chris. >> good to see you here on "new day". you see the events in the world as pivotal in the election right now, specifically the terror attacks. but let's talk about the returns. what do you believe your campaign showed last night? >> well, last night was a terrific victory. we are hoping very much to get to 51%. we ended up with a massive victory. 69% in the state of utah. picked up another 40 delegates. and i think that's really reflective of what we are seeing across the country. utah is the 10th state we have beaten donald trump. we are seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. the only campaign that has
4:12 am
beaten donald trump over and over again. it is very encouraging to see 70% of the vote in utah. it is a powerful affirm aeubgz. >> it points to arizona. the criticism, legitimate criticism is can ted cruz build a big enough coalition to stop donald trump from 1,237. make a case. >> well, look, arizona, actually a lot of results were baked in the cake. so much of donald's win came a month ago when the race is different. what we are seeing all across the country is the momentum is with us. one of the things that shows that is this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. if you think about the last 10 days we have been endorsed by bush, mike romney, mike levine. that covers the entire spectrum
4:13 am
of the republican party. and what we are seeing is 65% to 70% of republicans nationally recognize donald trump is not right to go head to head. donald loses to hillary. chris, there was an amazing poll last night that showed if donald were the nominee, he loses utah to hillary. that is as bright red conservative state as there is in the country. if they can't carry utah it means we get clobbered in a walter mondale style landslide. that's why so many republicans are uniting behind our campaign. donald loses to hillary and we beat hillary. >> you have donald trump who is the front-runner and governor kasich who says he's not going anywhere. he believes he can build the broader coalition bigger than anybody.
4:14 am
what do you say? >> he is an honorable man. but he has no math to the nomination. it is myth mathematically
4:15 am
support. i think he would be tremendous to the administration. sit worth underscoring what's happeni happening, i got 30%. kasich was 19%. if kasich wasn't in the race, we would have beaten trump in illinois. >> how do you know? >> the vast majority go to cruz. that's what the polling numbers
4:16 am
show. the vast majority come to us. but what kasich being in the race did, is let donald win with 38%. we talked about his 40% ceiling. listen, i know he doesn't want to be aspoiler. we have to come together and unite. it's time to come together now. >> he thinks he's looking together for the convention. the best hope as you go to convention, you, with kasich's help, depending how you look at it, stop trump from getting the 1,237. he believes he has more friends than there you to. >> number one, it is mathematically impossible for him to get there. but number two, under the rules he won't even be on the ballot. rnc rules provide to be on the ballot, you have to have one eight states. only two people will meet that threshold. donald trump and me.
4:17 am
we will be the only two on the ballot. kasich can only do what he is doing now, play the role of a spoiler and help donald trump. he lost badly last night. in wisconsin, he's going to lose in two weeks. when you keep losing and losing, your money dries up. >> there is no question. momentum is money and money is momentum. no question about that. one question on style and then we will talk about terror. you have made an adjustment quicker than senator marco rubio did away from trying to outtrump trump in terms of going head to head. he is baiting you again. i know it was the super pac. but he blames you. you took the bait and told him more of a coward. do you believe that is the
4:18 am
direction you need to take. >> the tweet he was unhappy about was not even a super pac supporter. it is an independent group. i don't know them. i have never spoken to them. what donald did. you're in new york. you have seen this a lot. when donald gets scared, when he gets angry, threatened, he begins yelling, screaming, often cursing. and he begins to be a bully. last night he went directly after my wife. and i've got to tell you that, number one, heidi, my wife, she is the daughter of missionaries in africa. she is my best friend in the world. and if daughter wants to get in a character fight he is better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. but it is also -- it reveals a lot about character. it reveals a lot about class. that donald's instinct is to try to attack my wife and sully her.
4:19 am
that should be beneath donald. he got blown out of the water. he is seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. donald recognizes 65% to 70% of republicans know if we nominate donald we lose hillary. and he is very dismayeded. he wants to drag it into the gutter, into personal attacks. at the end of the day, i have no interest in that. i'm going to stay focused on solving the problems, bringing back jobs and economic growth. securing the borders, protecting our rights and protecting this country from radical islamist terror. >> let's move on. you believe that brussels is a metaphor.
4:20 am
>> we have right now a president who refuses to acknowledge what is happening as a matter of political preference. barack obama, hillary clinton and the entire obama administration refuses to utter the words islamic terrorism. we need a commander in chief who will identify the enemy and do everything necessary to defeat
4:21 am
it. >> their argument is you don't want to paint too broad a brush. that's why there is criticism about policing muslim communities. radical islamic terrorism. it is discreet. chris, a lot of folks in the media say, gosh, what difference does it make what you call it. it makes a lot of difference. when you identify the enemy you target your efforts to defeating it. because obama and hillary refuse to identify the enemy, what happens is they advocate policies. for example, both advocate bringing tens of thousands of
4:22 am
syrian muslim refugees to america, despite the fact that isis said they want to infiltrate the refugees, send jihadists here to murder americans. despite the fact that james comey who was appointed by barack obama told congress the fbi cannot vet them to ensure they are not terrorists. we need a president who won't be politically correct but whose priority will be as commander in chief and keeping america safe. >> they say radical islamism. that is something different. it paints that with a brush. if you don't let in refugees you wind up feeding the problem. >> it is a view that commands
4:23 am
adherence to wage violent jihad against infidels, who they identify as even else on convert, to forcibly convert them to sharia law. islamism is is our enemy president obama will not say that. hillary clinton will not say that. they do not identify islamism as the threat, as the problem. i'll give you another example how politically correctness how it is impacting lives. the obama administration refused to look at social media pause they didn't think it would be politically correct. >> there were legal issues also. >> there are no legal issues to monitoring public social media particularly overseas. on her visa application she put a fake address in pakistan.
4:24 am
the vetting didn't notice it was a fake address, let her in. and americans were murdered. it's been interesting in the last 24 hours when i called for proactive policing directed at radical islamist terrorism, the reaction from -- mayor di blasio blasted me, a tagging me. democrats are more concerned about political correctness than they are about keeping us safe. that's why people are so fed up. we need a commander chief whose priority is keeping america safe is and that's what i'll do. just do days ago donald trump advocated essentially withdrawing from nato. the next day the brussels attack occurred. brussels is where nato is headquartered. that would be a catastrophic mistake. it would hand eyeses a massive
4:25 am
victory. i think the foreign policy weakness, his isolationism. and frankly to his left that barack obama and hillary clinton, neither advocate walking from nato. >> absolutely. they do not. >> trump's views would make america more dangerous he said he wants to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. they are a threat. >> your point is well made. thank you very much for joining us. you're always welcome to discuss what matters. >> i appreciate it. >> i do as well. alisyn, you're in the center of it all. we're here at the public square in brussels. moments ago we saw a moment of silence. that ended. the people behind me have not left. they continue to stay here at
4:26 am
the public square and raise the flag to show strength here. actions speak louder. something we'll show you. through small things. big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪ and to help you accelerate,ast. we've created a new company. one totally focused on what's next for your business. accelerating innovation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. so you don't have to stop., tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief.
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4:29 am
it does appear that it could be that person was arrested here at this location.
4:30 am
police working there. forensic teams not sure which floor they're on on this apartment complex here. they have been going in and out quite frequently. forensic teams in full body protective suits. clearly they are taking no risks at all at the present time as they conduct searches in that area. these two men stand guard as they stand in front of the door. >> we talked how the belgian authorities told the media they didn't want us releasing any information about addresses or names because there was so much going on with raids and
4:31 am
investigations. obviously they know we are here now and comfortable with reporting on what's happening. it's a fine line. while all of these investigations are going down, trying not to play their hand to the suspects. >> it is. it's view critically. a lot of the information over the past four months has been out there in the media. some people believe perhaps people like sa is la abdeslam, the most wanted man in europe, until he was finally apprehended. he was only apprehended about a block from where he actually grew up.
4:32 am
john paul training analysis terror of switzerland. thank you so much for people here. jean paul, have you learned anything in terms of who investigators are looking for and who they may have i arrested? >> there's one thing we know for sure. it's the fact that the guy arrested is not described on most social networks is not lash
4:33 am
rouy. it is not the bomb maker. >> you live here. this is your city. what was it like when the terror attacks happened. >> i was a picking up my kid in school. it was a big, big shock from everybody. we could have foreseen the center of the institutions, so we know we are a target. >> we have heard since paris how many radicalized people from brussels. there is some sort of data that there are more isis sympathizers
4:34 am
in belgium than any other country. >> it is true. it may be true. but we are living in a city of 1 million people. maybe a couple dozen have a sick mind. it doesn't mean all of us are too. >> of course. not all of you. but there is a feeling that brussels has become a hotbed. they have gone and gotten radicalized. you play a role in government. do you not see it that way? >> no. the fighters operating in syria, coming from all around the world, not only belgium is. we have a problem here with a couple of people. they are followed by the police. they are going and coming back. we have to stop them. they are the target now. if we speak about molenbeek. >> which people believe in a hotbed of radicalization. what's your take on it? >> i go every week.
4:35 am
i'm drinking coffee there. i'm going to football there. i'm sure that the people living there, 99.9% are growing their children with the same values i am trying to raise mine. >> you feel safe there? >> i feel safe there. >> do you believe investigators missed something, that there were clues leading up to the terror attacks yesterday? in fact, there were raid. they found evidence. somehow they didn't connect the dots. >> i think the moment for investigation of what authorities missed the last week should come. not today. today is not the moment to target any responsible people. i think there are hundreds of investigators and they are trying to protect us and putting their life in danger. we should be thankful to them. now trying to find responsible people. >> jean-paul, what do you think is going on with brussels? should we see is it as a place
4:36 am
where radicalization has come home to roost and investigators have is missed it, or are we making too much of that? >> there are different apg else to consider, to answer your question. but focusing on molenbeek only is wrong. in the sense that if you search, you should not focus on belgium at all. today in switzerland they are big cities, different places where such developed that are developing at the moment. that is the first point. second, when you question investigators having missed point, people have been working night and day for month to month now on what occurred in paris
4:37 am
and trying to read these networks, different cells. so i think the amount of information they have had to go through is so big that of course they might have missed an element. but in that specific case i am not sure there is any mistake that can be addressed to the investigators in that specific case. >> yes. let's be clear. we understand they have a herculean effort and they are doing god's work trying to protect the people of all of these cities. today i think it is fair to ask the question whether something in particular is going on in brussels whether investigators are able to get to the bottom of it. thank you very much. what was it like to live through the terror attacks? more coming up on "new day" from a man who was inside the airport terminal when the bombs went off. we'll be right back. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth a little bit. like this. faster, more reliable and better coverage than ever.
4:38 am
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4:41 am
breaking news in the brussels terror investigation to bring you. there has been an arrest made in connection with yesterday's coordinated attacks. no word on the identity of the suspect. police are however, identifying the two bombers. an intense man hunt under way for the third suspect who is seen in that security still from the airport. joining us is a man who was
4:42 am
inside the manhunt when the explosions went off. thank you so much for being here. how are you doing? >> relieved personally and sorry for more than 200 people that have had serious injuries yesterday. >> you're right. more than 200 people with all range of injury. some catastrophic. let's talk about where you were. you were in the departures. you were heading to berlin. then what happened. >> 7:54 i was there. they asked me to print my ticket. 7:59 i heard the first explosion. >> what did you think happened?
4:43 am
>> two second later i realized it was a bomb. then eight second later in this rare moment the second bomber hits, which i was already oriented toward. so i saw it. >> you saw the explosion? >> yeah. >> you heard it and saw it. what did it look hike? >> a big blast. smo smoke. vaporization of smoke and all over the floor. >> you saw horrible things. you saw people with grave injuries? >> yeah. when we ran away, the ceiling went down. people looking behind afraid of bullets. on the beaches of africa we saw people with guns.
4:44 am
so we were all afraid people would gun you down. we were all running towards the military and the safety zones. those are our beacons of safety. and some people in the second explosion, which was not directed at me, it was more toward the center and the left. i was at the right of it. and the people got a nail in the hand or glass in the neck or in the leg. >> oh, my gosh. >> people, lots of people. >> i know you said you saw a young girl with bullet holes or just shrapnel holes in her hands. how is it possible that you were so close and yet unscathed, you were not injured? >> well, i think because of the direction, the range of the explosion.
4:45 am
it's not horizontal but really blasted more not in my part. that was my luck. >> thank god you are okay. but obviously you carry the vision of everything you saw yesterday. so how are you dealing with that? >> well, it was -- it is quite antagonizing that it can happen. the fact that people do it. and yesterday i was astonished by the fact that it happened. and today i'm amazed that people are so resilient. leaders in the world are giving the right example and putting people, reassuring people that
4:46 am
it will be an issue that will be overcome. >> dries, thank you for telling your story. we're sorry you lived through this but happy you survived. thank you for being with us. much more brussels coverage ahead obviously from here in brussels. back to new york with chris and michaela. >> the situation there reverberating here in the elections last night. donald trump got a big win in arizona. he is drawing more fire for what he is saying this time about terrorism. we'll talk to arizona campaign chairman about what's going on with torture. what is the latest in the state of play ahead. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪
4:47 am
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4:48 am
comcast business. built for business. donald trump taking 58 delegates in the winner take allstate of arizona on the heels of brussels attacks. crump's rhetoric front and center in the race. joining us now is jeff dewitt, campaign manager and state treasurer there. jeff, how are you doing? the topic is, yes, you got the win last night. but there is criticism about what trump said about waterboarding and know nato. a day later you have the brussels attacks. it seems to show mr. trump is
4:49 am
out of touch. >> well, thank you, chris. the voters around the country and here in arizona i think feel very comfortable that mr. trump is very much in touch with what the electorate wants. it was a huge win for the campaign, taking half of the vote. cruz at 24%. marco rubio beating john kasich, even though he is out of the race. so great win here in arizona. 58 winner take all delegates. i think he's very much in touch. when you look at how the issues poll, donald trump wins on immigration, border security, jobs, and the economy. those are the things that the voter wants. the attacks in brussels really show we need to keep our country safe. and nobody will do that better than donald trump will. >> part of that, people would argue is, being part of nato, keeping the coalition strategy and pulling it out -- pulling out of nato may have just been a
4:50 am
timing issue obviously nobody knew the brussels attacks were coming. is keeping russia in check. it is not really a fighting organization. he didn't really say pull out of nato. he's saying the other countries need to pull their own weight. we're paying the lion's share of the cost our country. so it is time for the others to step up and pay more. i think we might see proposals come up that if other countries raise defense spending by 1% a year over the next five years or something long those lines. all he wants to do is make sure our country is getting a fair deal. and right now again we're paying in enormous disproportionate amount of the cost of nato. >> the other issue is of course water boarding. is it good? it works? and he would do it if he could figure a way? ? or is it against the law against the practices of the united states and as the milt ray has
4:51 am
pointed out time and again with studies and anecdotal evidence, in effective and beneath the dignity of the united states. which is it? >> well there has been great sebelius that's been obtained without water boarding, through if you call them nice methods. >> none of them are nice. i promise you that. >> you know what i'm saying through friendlier methods and then there's been intelligence that's only been obtained through water boarding and other means. there is a lot of confusion. ted cruz believes in water boarding although he doesn't believe in torture but he does not believe water boarding is the torture. but what happens is congress needs to sit down and act and define what is torture, what is not torture and where does water boarding stand. i think it's great mr. trump has brought the issue to the forefront but now it is time for the discussion to get it on the table. >> ted cruz is just on "new day." he said i had nothing to do with
4:52 am
the ad with the picture of melania trump that upset donald trump. do you believe that? >> well he's not condemning it. and if he didn't have anything to do with it he should step up and condemn the ad. so it's a super pac set up to support ted cruz. >> it's been set up to oppose donald trump and that is a distinction with a difference, isn't it here? in terms of ted cruz having to own what they do, they are not set up for him. >> the bottom line, if he truly believes that families should not be brought into it, which is kind of one of the unspoken rules of politics, and i think americans appreciate that, then ted cruz needs to condemn those addings and call that that super pack does unt do anything long those lines and he has yet to do that. obviously then he's condoning the act. i don't think it's right. i don't think the ad is fair. and, you know, it is just dirty
4:53 am
politics 101. it is disgusting. >> all right jeff de wit let's hope that it depends there and the discussion that cruz's wife will be in play doesn't come to bear any fruit either. it should be discussed on both sides. appreciate you making the case. all right. the state department is warning of more terror attacks throughout europe. next hear what the state department has to say about vigilance at home and overseas. what are the threats here? she was shopping here.las, [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ bulk from boxed didn't only save megan $33, bulk from boxed saved megan's saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk."
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the state department putting out a warning that terror groups may try to strike again in europe in the "near future." american travelers now being urged to show vigilance as american cities increase security. joining me to discuss is state department deputy spokesperson and former spokesperson for the u.s. mission to nato here in brussels. mark, you bring a lot of expertise and great context. tell us about this ominous warning that came out of the state department that there would be near term attacks
4:56 am
throughout all of europe. >> what we issued last night here from washington is something called a travel alert. and frankly it is just looking at the prospect that there could be additional attack, terrorist attacks in europe moving forward. it is out of an abundance of caution that we do this in order that americans traveling abroad, traveling to europe and elsewhere have the latest information. and we also encourage them. when they do travel. and we do encourage them not to stop their travel plans. but when they do so, they have to remain vigilant. they have to check with the embassy and that check for the latest information. >> help us understand that. if you are not telling americans not to travel. you are telling them they can still come to brussels and other european cities. what does it mean to be vigilant
4:57 am
once we're here? >> we call it street smarts. vigilance, whatever you want to call it. everyone has to operate under that kind of reality today. we're not telling people not to travel. look at the resilience of the belgium people today. they are out and about. they are returning to their lives. we saw the same in paris after the attacks in december. unfortunately these kind of attacks we're going to -- we've seen them in the past but it is incumbent or -- that we all need to go about our live, pick up our lives in the aftermath. but to do so with a certain vjs vigilance. >> we understand there may still be some americans missing at the airport or subway station. with you give us a status report. are all americans accounted for now? >> what i say at this point in
4:58 am
time is that all americans are not accounted for. we've had reports of about a dozen or so american citizens who have been injured in the attacks but we're still trying to account for all american citizens on the ground in brussels. including mission personnel as well. u.s. mission personnel. obviously it is a very fluid situation on the ground there and we are still trying to determine exact numbers and we are still trying to determine the whereabouts of all american citizens. >> mark, how many americans are still missing at this hour? and do you know of any who were killed? >> we can't confirm any deaths of any american citizens at this point. obviously though the situation as i said is fluid. we are still getting information and still trying to seek out the whereabouts of american citizens. i'm not quite sure of the exact number of american citizens that we are trying to determine the whereabouts off. obviously brussels any given day is chock full of american
4:59 am
citizens. it is a destination for tourists and also business people and wells as we said official americans, diplomats. we have three u.s. embassies in brussels. one at nato. one at the eu and of course the bilateral mission. >> yeah. like yourself. and you yourself spent time here in brussels living here. and working here. can you give us a context of how you think brussels is in terms of the terror threat. is brussels a hot bed of radicalization as we've heard? some people we talk to hear in brussels say they do feel safe, that maybe we're over blowing that situation in what do you think about it? >> brussels is a very international city in some way likes washington d.c., it is a mixture of all nationalities. it is where the eu sits. it is where nato sits. that said, brussels, like paris, like a number of cities is
5:00 am
concerned about radicalization. you know, we have been making steady gains against isil in iraq in syria, it's lost over 40% of its territory. that said, clearly it shows the ability -- and i'm not saying it is necessarily daesh or isil who's responsible for these attacks but clearly radic radicalization remains a problem and individuals determined to carry out these kind of attacks. we have to be right and belgian authorities have to be right in stopping them 100% of the time. they only have to be right one time. >> so true. mark toner, thank you very much for all your expertise this morning. we're following a lot of news and also waiting to hear from belgium's federal prosecutor this hour on the terror attack investigation and who they may have in custody. let's get right to it. >> i can't explain. it looked like war.
5:01 am
-- captions by vitac -- good morning everyone. welcome back to your "new day." i'm alisyn camerota live in brussels. this is where the public has
5:02 am
come out for memorial of the victims from yesterday's attacks. chris and michaela are in new york with more from the u.s. presidential primary results. all of those for you in just a few minutes but here in belgium we've had major developments that have happened in just the past couple of hours. belgian media reporting an arrest in the brussels suburb approximate yet they have not told us who was arrest order how big this was. belgian authorities now identifying two brothers who they said were the suicide bombers who detonated explosives yesterday. and also there was a massive man hunt for the elusive third suspect captured on security cameras. he's in the light colored jacket along with the two in the picture. also at any moment we'll hear from blgen's federal prosecutor. this will be the first time we're hearing a press conference about where the terror investigation is now. earlier you heard this very
5:03 am
emotional moment of silence here at this public square. it was beautiful. it was quiet. and then afterwards people erupted in applause for just how many thousands of people turned out in the streets of belgium to show strength and solidarity. people are not hiding inside today. there is not a lockdown in brussels. people are getting back to life as they know it. so we're covering the brussels terror attacks the way only cnn can. so let's begin with our senior international correspondent. nima arka elbagir. >> authorities are looking into the broader network around them and the links that tie them back to salah abdeslam. but let's remind people how this all unfolded yesterday morning.
5:04 am
key suspect remains at large after terror attacks on tuesday. two of his accomplices captured on airport surveillance cameras are presumed dead. a source tells cnn they are brothers known to police, suspected to have ties to the paris attack. the pair thought to be suicide bombers detonating two bombs inside the departure hall at brussels airport. the horrifying moments after the blast captured in this cell phone video. >> we saw doors flying, glass ceiling coming down. and smoke and everything. >> reporter: officials say the man at large left behind a third bomb concealed in a suitcase that was later detonated by the d bomb squad. now investigators want to know if he then traveled just a few miles away to carry out the second attack an hour later at the metro station. that blast charring a is subway
5:05 am
car. survivors desperately fleeing in the dark. >> i felt an explosion, the train stopped in its tracts. the lights went out. power out. everyone dropped to the ground. they were screaming. >> zbloo the station blocks from a number of european landmarks including the european parliament. isis claiming responsibility. the first victim identified, originally from peru, she had lived in belgium for six years. she was at the airport with her husband and twin three-year-old daughters. >> we'll do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> the world lighting up in belgian colors, vowing never to let terrorism win. >> and alisyn, we know that raids and house searches are
5:06 am
continuing today in the brussels region. >> standby we want to bring you back in shortly but right now we do have breaking news in the brussels terror investigation. there was a bombing suspect who has just been taken into custody and fred pleitgen is at the scene. fred what did you see? >> reporter: well alisyn we saw an ongoing police operation. we got here as the police was just serging that premisis, as a lot of forensic workers was going in and out of the premises. we can zoom in to maybe where we can still see the police officers in front of the building. many wearing ski masks. there were a lot of forensic workers who went in and out carrying large brown paper bags that apparently had some form of
5:07 am
evidence. we've been speaking to people here who say it was in the early morning hours. they forced their way into the build asking they then apparently arrested somebody. we have not confirmed that with the authorities yet. whether or not this is actually the site where that alleged terror suspect was detained. however judging by the scope of the police operation and the scale here they have cleared the area a little and asked the press to move back and brought in reinforcements, additional police officers. it seems to us the actual raid part appears to be over and right now is mostly forensic work. we've seen people in full body suits go in and out and really take a lot of stuff out of the apartment inside that building. we are not sure at this point in time which floor it is on. so far the police is really
5:08 am
withholding information as far as this particular location is concerned alisyn. >> okay. fred. thanks so much for all of that information. we'll come back to you when you have more. we want to bring back nima elbagir. and paul cruickshank, you have breaking news to report. >> right. a senior counterterrorism official telling me the bakraoui brothers, who participated in the terror attacks in brussels yesterday, they used a fake identity paper to rent salah abdeslam's safe house where he hid after the paris attacks. this for the first time definitively ties the brussels and paris terrorist attacks
5:09 am
together. it definitely establishes that it is the same cell that carried out both of those attacks. these brothers were known to belgium security services and law enforcement for their links to violent crime. but they were not on the radar as suspected radicals. but for the first time the link between the paris attacks and the brussels attacks definitively established, alisyn. >> okay. paul, thank you. i want to get clarissa's take on this. so these were not isolated incidents. these were as suspected connected. >> they are connected and you have herd nima say this over and over. but essentially you are looking at overlapping networks here. you had according to the french prime minister at least 30 involved with the paris attacks and then the overlap with those involved with the brussels attack. the man of the hour who police are still searching for, they don't know if he's definitively
5:10 am
involved with these brussels attacks but he's extremely dangerous -- >> and i want to interrupt you there because the federal prosecutor has come out and who may have an update on this fugitive. let's listen. >> -- 7:58 in the departure hall. very soon afterwards 37 seconds later another explosion occurred. a photo showing the three suspects was then distributed. one of the suicide bombers was identified. of belgium nationality and of the 9th of october. another suspect was identified. a third suspect was identified and on the run.
5:11 am
his bag contained a larger explosive device, a third bag. this bag then exploded fortunately nobody was wounded thanks to professionalism of the staff. this person is still being searched for. there was no weapon belonging to the axis. 15 kilos of explosives. and 50 liters of acetone. detonators and a suitcase filled
5:12 am
with nails and containing explosive devices. two other things were identified. the investigators found a computer belonging to ibrahim to say to rush no longer be safe. i quote risk end up in a cell, end of quote. a fourth raid took place yesterday evening people were held and arrested are currently being held by the investigators. a fifth raid then took place in
5:13 am
aaren. as far as the attack at maabeek, the explosion took place in the second carriage. the suicide bomber was identified. he was identified in his fingerprints and was of belgian nationality. the two dead terrorists had strong criminal records. forensic experts accompanied by other experts have been to the different crime scenes. in the interest of the inquiry it is not desirable to give more information currently. the federal prosecutor offices
5:14 am
understands a need for information but does not give any information which is not verified and information which can a damage or not help the inquiry. in the current state of affairs 200 people wounded and 31 people have died. sadly these figures may change in the coming hours and days. all of our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. >> in the framework of the report that was opened. as a result of the attacks at the brussels airport and the metro station in brussels, we can give you the following details. with regards to the airport, brussels international. the first explosive was exploded on 22nd march at 7:59:28 at row
5:15 am
one in the departure hall. immediately afterwards at just after 8:00 there was a second explosion by a different desk. there was a photograph that was spread of suspects. the suspect in the middle and one of the other ones was able -- we were able to identify him on the basis of his fingerprint. it is ibrahim bakraoui. afterwards it turned to be out to be the heaviest load of explosions and afterwards they
5:16 am
carried out a controlled explosion. luckily nobody was hurt thanks to the professionalism of those two services. then the third unidentified suspect is still being searched at this moment. we would like to refer you to arrest warrant that was disseminated yesterday. after investigations it turned out that no weapons were found in the departure hall that belonged to the perpetrators. a taxi driver presented himself spontaneously to the police. he said he had picked up three suspects in schaerbeek at number 4 mox rose street. we did house searches of that address and that led to the discovery of 15 kilos of explosives of the tatp type.
5:17 am
150 liters of acetone, 30 liters of oxygenated water and other mechanisms we found screws and other materials for making bombs. we found fans, etc. two other house searches were done on the max rose street but those were negative. in a bin on the same street a laptop was found containing a suicide letter by ibrahim bakraoui. in that letter he describes being in the following condition. in french. >> and of no longer being security and risks being ending up in a cell. >> a fourth house was also searched in schaerbeek yesterday. one person was taken in for interview. further house searches were done
5:18 am
in arlen and another was -- >> okay. we've been listening to the belgianle from prosecutor talk about where we are in the investigation right now. there are some headlines to talk to you about. so clarissa? >> first they essentially gave us a blow by blow of exactly how things happened yesterday. starting with the airport. the first explosion went off about 7:59. some 37 seconds later, a secondary explosion. they have now identified one of the three men in that surveillance video that we've all seen many times now. he's been identified as ibrahim bakraoui. the second attacker has not been identified. and the third attacker, the one in the light jacket, the one with glasses and a hat is still at large. he's very much the focus of the man hunt now. >> wasn't the second attacker identified as his brother? >> the brother, we're now hearing was actually the attacker in the metro attack. >> i see. >> perhaps the most interesting
5:19 am
thing to come out we heard a laptop was found in a trash can. and on the laptop apparently suicide note from the airport attacker ibrahim bakraoui. so sounds like police really pulling some strings here and getting some new leads. >> there was an arrest this morning. we still don't know who was arrested. there is still the fugitive. wearing the hat in the light colored jacket. >> still very much at large. as we understand it. there's been a lot of speculation about the identity of who was actually arrested in anderlecht. but his name has not been mentioned in anyway. and i think for now what is important is this link to the paris attacks. because by know that bakraoui, that he was the one who rented that apartment where salah abdeslam was hiding and it was in that apartment where they found the detonators and the cache of weapons and helped put together the picture.
5:20 am
>> and also we talked about how it has been mysterious what happened in the subway. they hadn't mentioned until now. now we have more information are -- getting more clarity. >> clearly because the attacker is dead. so we know, we have this information from the airport because they need to put that information out there. so they need it to put the surveillance picture out. they needed to have the public involved in this. whereas in the metro it sounds like they know who carried out and they know they are part of the same broader network and they need to narrow down looking for that network and this incredibly dangerous man. >> our producers are monitoring the press conference and there are new numbers in terms of casuals that were just released. 31 now dead. 271 injured. we've heard from eye witnesses. just how grievous the injuries are. some are truly catastrophic. 271 people, you know. >> and the prosecutor did warn that death toll could continue to rise. because some of these injuries are so serious. also when talking about bombs
5:21 am
you are talking about horrendous injuries. >> paul cruickshank, what are you hearing? >> well, they found a huge amount of ta trtp and that is v significant indeed. that is high explosionive which was the same explosive used in the paris attacks in the suicide vests in the paris attacks. that is yet another indicator that this was the same cell, same network responsible for both brussels and paris attacks. two of the brothers that participated as suicide bombers had rented the hiding place of salah abdeslam after the paris attacks as we've just reported before the press conference. this being the same network behind this. it appears that this address in schaerbe schaerbeek, that the taxi driver led them to yesterday was a veritable bomb factory.
5:22 am
all sorts of chemicals and explosives and the sorts of things you are going to put into a bomb found there. shrapnel. and so the concern is, you know, where is the bomb maker? the bomb maker is presumably still at large. they will be unlikely to sacrifice the bomb maker. there's been some thought that the bomb maker could be an individual called najim gnash ra by who's dna was found in the paris attacks. who's address is in schaerbeek. just a 15 minute walk away from the area that was raided yesterday. there were suggestions he might have been arrested this morning but i'm told he is still very much being hunted and still at large. he is the most dangerous man potentially in europe right now. >> paul brings up a point. in terms of the 15 kilos of the
5:23 am
explosives. i was unclear from the first translator about whether or not that went off or if that was a controlled detonation by police. that suitcase that was left behind. did that explode? >> it was a controlled detonation. and what was interesting is that was the largest bomb of all. that was the one that was really designed to do the most damage. and what we don't know yet from the press conference, did the man run away. did the bomb just not detonate. and we'll be looking to get more information on that as the days continue. >> right. obviously small precious miracles in that that is the biggest one and -- >> and the nails inside that one. >> and they just found. thank you for your expertise. great to have you both here on site with all of your reporting. the brussels attacks trigger new concerns an security. coming up we'll are the top democrat from the house
5:24 am
intelligence committee. i got a a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learneat my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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5:27 am
what happened at brussels felt at hole and around the world. what red flags did brussels miss? how will the u.s. respond with new security measures here at home? let's bring in congressman adam schiff, ranking member of the house intelligence committee. thank you for joining us sir. >> you bet. good to be with you. >> is that a fair criticism, that belgium missed this in ways that were avoidable? >> it is a fair criticism. belgium is plet well overwhelmed not only with the foreign fighters who are returning. they have contributed more per capita to the fight in syria and iraq than any other country. but also interesting here in the press conference about talking
5:28 am
about these two brothers there was no indication that they were foreign fighters. and this points up a potentially home grown radical problem is just as significant in belgium as the problem of returning foreign fighters. but the fact that these brothers were connected to abdeslam and yet they were not found after months of searching after mounts of trying to disrupt the remaining plotters of those paris attacks that is a significant indictment of the efforts o i belgian belgs and law enforcement. >> is there a reasonable expectation for them to even get as close as they did. as you know the new reporting is they were closing in on these brother whose may or may not have been sharing an apartment with abdeslam. and they just were not close enough soon enough. they say it is a miracle they got that close given the numbers that the united states deals with but a fraction of the numbers of returning fighters, the number of radicals and
5:29 am
sympathizers and has none of the geographic disadvantages. >> well i certainly think it is true that they have an enormous challenge on their hands in many respects far greater than we do in the united states because they have so many foreign fighters that have come back because of their proximity to syria and iraq and the free flow of people throughout europe because of the mass of refuge flows that make it difficult to track people. but nonetheless here you have a situation where they knew some of the players involved in the paris plot. they knew who was unaccounted for, at least in terms of salah abdeslam and yet people connected him, were not found after months. he was also not found after months. and i think with a plot this large, with a hub of activity this big in brussels, the fact is there are many people within the community who knew about these brothers, had to though about the massive bomb making material in that search and
5:30 am
obviously they are not getting the kind of cooperation from within the community they really need to supplement their investigative efforts. >> political opponents of president obama now running for president themselves say this is a wake up call that you people on the democratic side of the ball won't even call this what it is. you know you play p.c. with this. you don't want to water board. you don't want to be tough. that is what trump says. ted cruz says you won't even call it radical islam. and until we get straight with the threat we'll always be more vulnerable than we need to be. fair criticism? >> no i don't think so at all and in fact i think the comments of cruz and trump would essentially catalyze a movement in this country to create the kind of problem they have in europe. if you put the entire muslim community under the glare of suspicion, if you ininsulate the
5:31 am
community. then you have a growing problem. we have been very fortunate to have a well integrated muslim population, that has a good relationship by and large with law enforcement. they are part of the answer, not part of the problem in the united states. but those kind of stigmatizing comments, that kind of is suspicion that cruz and trump want to place on an entire religion is exactly i think the kind of problem that europe has had and not something we ought to emulate here. >> congressman, thank you very much. appreciate you having you on "new day," as always. >> thanks chris. so what was it like to be at that brussels airport at that moment the terror struck? up next an american couple that lived to tell about it and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at it begins from the the second we're
5:32 am
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers.
5:34 am
man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems. belgium's federal prosecutor
5:35 am
came out with an update moments ago that we brought you live on the terror attacks here in brussels. he says one of the brother whose blew himself up was actually the suicide bomber at the train station. the subway station. the other the prosecutor says detonated himself at the airport. a new arrest was also made this morning but we don't have any information on the person's identity. we have learned the attackers have definitive le ivive liks t paris attacks. also we want to update you on the death toll. it's are risen to 31 now dead. 271 now injured. many more of course scarred emotionally. two of the people at the airport when all this happened are denise and andrew brandt. they are from arizona and were on a layover at the time of the attack inside the airport. they have joined us now.
5:36 am
thank you very much for being here. you were traveling from bangkok to liberia. and you had a layover and you were killing time in the duty free shop as so many do and then what did you hear? >> e with we walked out of the store and we heard and felt a loud explosion. it kind of reverberated through you are bodies. we knew immediately it was an explosion. >> so many people have said i didn't know if it was construction. how did you know immediately that it was an explosion. >> i lived and worked in afghanistan. the country director for an international ngo that works to save the lives of mothers and their families. and so having lived there for so long, i unfortunately had experienced explosioned before. >> so an true, what was the scene after that? after you knew it was an explosion then describe the scene around you. >> he had people trickling in towards us away from the explosion, crying and on their cell phones.
5:37 am
but the terminal we were in, people were just calm like any other airport. >> and how do you explain their calmness? >> i think they had no idea what was going on. even after, you know, they made a first announcements of evacuate, they made that four times. >> so you married an evacuation announcement over the loud speaker and what language was it in. >> we had time to sit down and get on the internet and send out a message that there was an explosion and we were safe. so it did take a while before that first announcement came through. >> you two are obviously world travelers. you have lived in afghanistan. traveling to and from liberia, bangkok. what do you tell yourself nowadays a you go through airports and to different countries. >> it is anywhere and any time. >> you believed this could happen anywhere, any time. >> anywhere, any time. >> you don't think it was particular to brussels. >> no not at all. >> and andrew you are a former
5:38 am
police officer from the united states. >> right. >> in ohio and arizona. how do you reconcile that. what do you do thinking it could happen anywhere any time? >> my mind set is the same, more heightened. in a sense of, you know, being in europe or anywhere in the world, you know. in this experience has made me now think united states. it is that -- it hits close to home in that aspect. >> why do you think that this is just as likely in the united states. >> they came into brussels and they are threatening everybody. and look, 9/11 and now here. it could happen anywhere. >> also i think, you know, it's happened in turkey. places in africa. attacks at mali. it is happening increasingly all around the world. so i don't think any place is immune. but tame we can't live our looifsz in fear worrying about what might happen. you have to be extra vigilant
5:39 am
and aware of your surngs but you have to live your life. and unfortunately it is the new norm. >> the new normal. that what we hear people say. and that is what we feel here out in the public square. people are not inside. they have come back out a day later people are going back to work. i've seen mothers pushing baby strollers out here. but the irony is your work and you are trying to sort of help people in crisis around the world or in poverty and at the same time there is this wave of radicalization. how do you make sense of it? >> i think we just have to continue fighting the good fight and hope that the good work that people do and the good intentions that people have will win. >> are you stuck in brussels now? >> we are. we are stuck here and it, you know, it could be much worse so i'm not going to complain. it is a little chilly. and fortunately our headquarters has been good at responding and.
5:40 am
>> do you know when you are able to go home. >> we're just waiting to find out what happens to the airport. >> it's closed today. >> we expect it to be closed tomorrow. if it is going to be too much longer we might have to find another way back but there is a wonderful direct flight out of brussels so i'm holding out more that one if possible. >> are you nervous as you stay here in brussels? >> about safety? >> um-hmm. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> not really. >> you two are intrepid world travelers. nothing scares you. but you are more aware of your surrounds. even here you are looking around. >> right. i mean, you have to be. the thing with the terrorism and anything else. like i said before it could happen any time, any where. and you just have to be aware. and that is all you can do. and my wife said you can't live in fear and i'm not constantly looking over my shoulder but i'm, you know, constantly looking.
5:41 am
you scan the area and make sure that everything is -- he's always had this crazy keen attention to detail anyway. >> that's good. i feel strangely safer with both of your here. andrew and denise thank you very much for your inspirational words. hope you get home soon. >> thank you. >> alisyn, it is not easy but it is important to hear and luckily they are there to tell you the story. and the wake of the attacks, the presidential contenders are all positioning themselves as the best to handle something that terrible if it ever hand here. how will the attacks wind up changes the race? we spoke with senator cruz about it. here from him directly, next. you know we said we'd take a look
5:42 am
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a big night for ted cruz, winning the utah caucuses and its 40 delegates. the republican senator coming out strong against terror in the wake of the belgium terror attacks. i spoke with the presidential candidate earlier on "new day." began by asking him about donald trump who made a threat on twitter that we would quote
5:46 am
spill the beans about cruz's wife heidi. >> when donald gets scared, angry, threatened, he begins yelling, screaming, often cursing, and he begins trying to be a buhly. so last night donald threatened my wife. he went direct will have amy wife. and number one, she's a daughter of missionaries in africa. she's my best friend in the world. and if he wants to get in a character fight he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. but also it reveals a lot about character, about class that donald's instinct is to try to attack my wife and sulley her. and do you know what, that should be beneath donald. but, you know, chris, the reason he's doing that is because he had a very wad night last night. he got clobbered in utah. he campaigned in utah. tried to win utah and he got blown oucht tt of the water.
5:47 am
and he is seeing republicans unite behind our campaign. donald recognizes 65 to 70% of republicans know that if we --. he wants to drag it into the personal attacks and at the end of the day i have no interest in that. i'm going stay focused on solving the problems facing this country. bringing back jobs and economic growth. raising wage, securing the borders, protecting our rights. >> i'm only asking you about it because eoresponded. i know you get that. let's move on to what matters more. you believe brussels is a metaphor. most people who around these situations do. what would you do differently to keep america safe from something like brussels happening here god finished. >> first t let me say that our prayers are with the people.
5:48 am
the terror attack in brusselss was not an isolated event. it was not a lone wolf. it is part of a broader pattern, a war waged by islamic terrorism. by isis against us. they have declared jihad. their intention to murder as many americans as they can. and we have right now a president who refuses to acknowledge what is happening. as a matter of political preference barack obama, hillary clinton and the entire obama administration refuses even to utter the words radical islamic terrorism. we need a commander in chief who will identify the enemy and do everything necessary to defeat it and -- >> your argument is use don't want to paint with two broad a brush and blame an entire faith.
5:49 am
and there is criticism -- >> nobody is blaming an entire faith. but radical islamic terrorism, jihadism is discrete, it is a real threat. and this admission is in denial. following the paris terror attacks, and san bernardino, president obama lectures americans on islam phobia. and gosh, well what difference dawes does it make when you call it? when you identify the enemy you target the efforts to defeating it. and because they refuse to identify the enemy what happens is they advocate policies, for example both obama and hillary advocate bringing tens of thousands to refuges to america. they went to -- and despite the fact that the head of the fbi
5:50 am
james comey was appointed by barack obama has told congress the fbi cannot vet those refuges to ensure they are not terrorists. we need a president who's first priority won't be political correctanceness won't be satisfying partisan correctness but first priority will be as commander in chief keeping america safe. >> they say call it radical islamism then. islamism is something different and winds up painting the faith with the brush. and you wind up feeding the problem and negating the perception of america as someone who's better than the norm. >> you are exactly right that islam simple different from islam. and i'll give you another example of how political correctness is can costing lives. the san bernardino terrorists. the female terrorists. posted publicly on social media, a call to jihad. the obama administration refused to look at social media because
5:51 am
they didn't think it would be politically correct. >> there were some legal issues i'm sure you understand. >> there are no legal barriers to monitoring public -- particularly overseas. the vetting didn't notice a fake address in pakistan, let her in and americans were murdered. >> more on the brussels terrorism investigation right after this break. stay with us. we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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5:55 am
here are the five things for you "new day." we begin with breaking news an unidentified man arrested in connection with yesterday's attacks in brussels, two brothers detonating themselves, one at the airport, one at the train station. donald trump and ted cruz, both winners on western tuesday. donald trump grabs arizona cruz in utah by a big enough margin to take all the delegates there. and democratic side, hillary clinton weighing the prize in arizona. bernie sanders winning the caucuses in utah and idaho. president obama arriving in argentina. he'll meet with the president this morning in hopes of strengthening relations and exploring further trade opportunities. >> an unidentified person arrested after hopping over a bike rack at the white house. the first family was overseas during the incident. and 55 minutes after the hour now we head back to alisyn in
5:56 am
brussels. michaela, i have to say that the scene you see behind me here in the public square the place de la bourse is not what we were expecting. we thought we are going to find a city on lockdown a quiet city. but that is not what you see here. you see all sorts of people just droves and droves of them who have turned out here to be together here in the prick square. we also saw droves of men and women commuting to work this morning. we saw parents taking their children to school this morning. mothers pushing baby carriages. people are out on the sidewalks. we've seen coffee shops filled with people on their laptops working. families inside. this does not look like a city that was attacked yesterday. this looks like a city that will prevail. we are hearing lots of strength. lots of solidarity here. and we look forward to coming back here tomorrow and telling
5:57 am
more stories here of people and how they are enduring what happened to them in brussels this week. the coverage from brussels continues on cnn all day long. carol costello will be right after this break. see you tomorrow. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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6:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. just minutes ago belgium's federal prosecutor giving us brand new information. authorities are now telling us they only know who one man is in this picture. the man in the middle, they know who he is. his name is ibrahim bakraoui. and the man on the left were the suicide bombers. they died at the airport by they are not brothers as previously believed. the man on the right in the hat with the light colored jacket is still unidentified. authorities say he is on the run and as you might expect an intense man hunt now


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