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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  March 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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64-69. jayhawks tried to tie it up but ended upturning over the ball. >> happy easter. >> enjoy this sunday. inside politics starts right now. bernie sanders engineers a three state saturday sweep. >> don't let anybody tell you we can't win the nomination or win the general election. we're going to do both of those things. >> but does momentum mean any big shift in the delegates? plus the republican race goes tabloid. >> donald has demonstrated he is willing to attack anyone and everyone and truth does not matter to him. >> and the brussels terror attacks put the commander and chief question front and center. >> if mr. trump gets his way it
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will be like christmas in the kremlin. it will make america less safe and the world more dangerous. >> welcome to inside politics. thanks for sharing your sunday morning and happy easter. a rare break in the presidential primary schedule but by no means a chance for the candidates to rest. three big questions as we countdown nine days that will tell us a lot about the direction of both nominating contests. number one can bernie sanders translate his new momentum into a battleground state win? he has taken five of the last six. >> we are making significant in roads in secretary clinton's lead and we have with your support coming here in wisconsin, we have a toward
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victory. >> question two, how will an ugly descent into the gutter impact the nasty battle between donald trump and ted cruz. >> so donald when he's losing, when he's scared when republicans are uniting against him decides to pedal sleaze and slime. he should not be surprised to see people calling him sleazy donald. >> and will terror attacks rethink voter thinking of who should be commander and chief. >> we need steady wrong hands in the white house in the situation room to deal with the problems that we face around the world. >> with us this sunday morning to share their reporting and their insights.
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is bernie sanders back in the hunt for the nomination or is his big week just a speed bump? let's fast forward to today. bernie sanders won three yesterday. washington, alaska and hawaii and he won them big. he won five of the six with senator clinton winning in arizona. over the course of the week senator sanders shaved more than 90 delegates off the lead shaving more than 70 of those delegates off just yesterday. hillary clinton says the math is still in her favor and it is and momentum as we head to wisconsin and what senator sanders is saying and even hillary clinton right now, well, she should be feeling the burn. >> this is what momentum is. we have been beating donald trump by double digits. the last cnn poll had hillary clinton doing quite well. she was beating trump by 12 points. we were beating him by 20
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points. >> was it just a big day or is it a big day? he is bolder and more aggressive. thinks he has a chance. >> on the one hand it's more than a big day. it's a big week for bernie sanders because he also won two of three contest earlier in the week so he nets about 90 delegates for the whole week. that closes the gap quite a bit. on the other hand these contests could not have been more favorable to bernie sanders. they're caucuses so the most intense most liberal democrats in the base come out to those. overwhelmingly white electorates and i think the point about momentum is important because we haven't seen any candidate gain momentum in this race. when hillary clinton seems to be rolling then you have 80% of democrats in some of these other states still wanting to go out
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and vote for bernie sanders. sanders has the big win in michigan and doesn't help him in ohio for example. both of the candidates are locked into their bases within the democratic base and it doesn't look like there's going to be a rolling for bernie after this. >> he was into the end anyway. he believes he's starting a movement and believes he's doing something he should do and push her on the issues but as he gets closer and he has a chance, it might be a small chance but it's a better chance today than it was yesterday. it's a better chance today than a week ago and now we're heading back to the midwest. wisconsin has a history of progressive politics. there's a chance to win again. how much does that change the dynamic of the race? his tone will be more aggressive and she faces this challenge of how to manage this relationship. >> she keeps trying to pivot. i think fundamentally this underscores her weaknesses more than a surge for bernie sanders. she has the same weaknesses
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since the beginning and unable to close these gaps. the fundamental difference is on the one hand the dell cattic party establish is much more in charge of its own destiny and the democratic establishment wants hillary clinton tuberculosis the nominee for the next president. >> the problem in the big victories is if you're a democratic super delegate you're looking for a candidate that can put together the coalition that democrats need in a election and bernie sanders is incapable of rallying african americans. that's a voting block that democrats need to show up in large numbers. if he's trying to convince super delegates of his strength he'll have to find some way to show he can pull that coalition together and it's not happening. >> and does he have a counter argument that i'll atrack white working class men which is her weakness which could be a trump strength. >> that's absolutely right. as you were saying, this show cases what weakness has been all along.
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firing up a key aspect of the democratic base including white voters and younger voters and more liberal voters. how does she get them back particularly if the race continues into july. it's going to continually undermine her narrative that she's the candidate that can unite the party against donald trump. her only hope is trump fires up the democratic base. >> she understands senator sanders and as much as she would like him to get out he's not going to. so she was hoping to stretch her lead. as her lead shrinks he gets more aggressive every time it does. listen to him when we had the candidates earlier in the week where he starts to raise questions about his opponent. >> there's no question that we are a much stronger campaign than is hillary clinton. not many democrats will be voting for donald trump but we will do much better than hillary clinton with the millions of people who are independents.
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the millions of people that feel for whatever reason uncomfortable with hillary clinton. >> the millions of people who for whatever reason feel uncomfortable with hillary clinton. it is interesting because it flipped a little bit. recent polling and again it's march so don't put too much stock in this but both democrats are beating donald trump and the other republican con dcandidate are more competitive. so a campaign that started with her saying the socialist guy is not electable, he now, if you believe the polls today has a stronger case that he's the electable democrat. >> i think what we know is that hillary clinton and donald trump are both universally known and bernie sanders is less well-known by a general electorate. that would change as soon as he is the nominee and a lot of these weaknesses on paper would come to the fore as a negative
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campaign was run against him. i don't know whether or not that's the case but it is true that there's not a lot of people in this country that still need to figure out who hillary clinton is and there aren't a lot of people in this country that still need to figure out who donald trump is so in what now looks like the most likely case where that's your general election you have a campaign that starts from an unprecedented place of baked in negativity for both nominees. >> you're moving on to a state that's more white but it has the african american base in milwaukee. does she just do her business or does she have to get tougher on him? >> she can't ignore him but if you talk to clinton advisors they say her supporters don't like it when she goes negative on bernie because democrats like bernie sanders. so she can't ignore him completely but it doesn't do her much good to be hammering him and getting negative on him.
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she needs to pay attention to him and focus on issue but turning her attention to the general. >> if he was din wisconsin he continues to push back on the narrative he can only win white states. it is largely african american voting block in southern wisconsin and milwaukee specifically. so he can point to that. point to the victory in michigan and that will be a big talking point for him going forward. does it change the map? no but it does change the narrative and shows that bernie sanders is someone she'll have to pay attention to. >> there's a lot of stuff from bill clinton's era that doesn't work in 2016. but this one works. take one side and take the other side and find a place in the middle. bernie sanders can help her to become a better candidate if she can take the opportunity and run with it. she can appeal to his people and say bernie contributed so so much of what we're talking about this year and still go after donald trump. >> the clinton people were
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saying we could lose wisconsin but then new york. so possibility of another sanders win. at a minimum the democratic race goes on and senator sanders is more optimistic and confident. which of the remaining five candidates is best suited to combat isis? first politicians say the darndest things. >> it's wonderful to be here with all of you. >> hold on one second -- >> all right. >> you're shouting. you're too loud. you don't have to shout like that. it hurts my ears. it comes off as a little shrill for men. you're making a speech. not an arrest.
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he seized on donald trump's suggestions made before the attacks that the united states was bearing too much of the burden within the nato alliance. >> even barrack obama hasn't gone so far as arguing from with drawing from nato the way donald trump has. and the way to respond to terrorist attacks is not weakness. it is not unilateral surrender. >> both democratic candidates are on record opposing trump's call and both quickly took issue with the new cruz proposal. >> so when republican candidates like ted cruz call for treating american muslims like criminals
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and for racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods it's wrong. it's counter productive, it's dangerous. and we are not fighting. >> when we have horrific world events like this, they do immediately reverberate around the campaign and everybody reacts to them but did it change anything? >> i don't know if it changed anything but i do think that it was important in a political sense in that so much of this campaign has focused on personalities and squabbling over issues that aren't policy related and this was a real opportunity to look at these candidates and highlight the real policy differences they have. we're choosing between candidates that are are on the one hand saying that it's important to patrol muslim communities and possibly ban
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muslims from coming to this country. that's what they say would be part of their solution for fighting isis. others are saying that would be counter productive so it is an important moment for voters to be able to look at what these candidates would do. it's a problem that's going to exist well within the presidency. >> and in the republican race you have john kasich talking after cruz makes his proposal, we know where trump is. ban muslims from enters the united states on a temporary basis before we figure out what's going on. john kasich sounds more like hillary clinton and bernie sanders that his republican rivals. >> let's just talk about your friends in the muslim community. they're going to have to work with us to destroy isis. they're going to have to tell us what they're hearing in their community for people radicalized. if what we tell them is drop dead, how are we supposed to get them to work with us. >> can he sell that to the republican primary elector where
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if you look at the exit polls trumps proposal has majority support. >> overwhelming. 60 or 70% are supporting the ban on muslims and i'm sure that ted cruz proposal to patrol muslim communities similarly would have support. what john kasich is saying is totally different. i'm not sure how much it's going to play with the base or how much it's going to change the complexion of the debate. even as horrific as the bombings were. the paris attacks from november, san bernardino and this, those other issues didn't change the race. republicans were thinking there's a big national security event people are not going to take donald trump seriously but he continues to win because of proposals like that. >> people consistently viewed trump as tougher or stronger. speaking of mr. trump, pick up or go online and read this morning's new york times.
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two of the best in the business, the international affairs correspondent had 100 minutes with donald trump in which he says a number of things. too many to mention. a number of provocative things about his views on foreign policy and some of them very significant changes. if japan and south korea aren't willing to put up more resources, we'll just bring american troops home and they can have their own nuclear weapons. if saudi arabia isn't nicer to the united states and willing to do more, we can pull out and leave them alone and stop buying oil from them and the like. he says this also, he says i'm not an isolationist but i am america first. we will not be ripped off nil. we're going to be friendly with everybody but we're not going to be taken advantage of by anybody. america first was a big slogan back in the 1996 presidential c campaign. part of it is the appeal of
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trump. he does not fit anybody's orthodoxy. a lot of people say there's 10 or 12 or 15 or 20 mainstays in foreign policy that you're willing to toss out the window. >> the reason trump continues to do well is there's a lot of people that feel like the collective expertise of whatever establishment you want to talk about the foreign policy establishment action the governing establishment. all the people with all of the degrees from all the right places hasn't worked. that the best and the brighter in the ball balm administration have applied their collective expertise to these problems and look what's happening. a lot of people feel like the world is on fire and that's why donald trump i think has continued to benefit from these international crisis. like you say he's strong and forceful. his messages are very simple even if they go against the consensus of how the u.s. should conduct itself in the world. there's an appealing simplicity and strength to them and it's the politics of fear and i know
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a lot of democrats that worry if there is a big terrorist attack on our soil shortly before the general election that people will flock to trump's message because he offers the comfort of security and someone to blame. a scapegoat. >> but it's noteworthy that you haven't seen the republican national security establishment rally around trump on any level really and part of what's going on now is that with the developments in brussels you're seeing a recognition not just in europe but in the united states that we're entering a new era where terrorism is going to come in the form of you're on the metro and you're in the ball. >> you were both on the trip with president obama this past week and he faced a lot of criticism from republicans because after the brussels attacks he went to a baseball game with raul castro. a lot of people thought that was inappropriate and he looked reluctant himself but he had a
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tango moment, if you will and a lot of the republicans said this sent exactly the wrong image at this moment of gravity in the world. the president's team said it sent the right image. the terrorists are not going to rattle me and change my schedule and not going to get me to overreact and the pentagon announced while the president was doing his business we killed the number two person in isis. take that critics. >> one is just because the president is in cuba or argentina having these moments doesn't mean no one is working on foreign policy or counterer the rofi-- terrorism. there's so many moments when a president could get derailed if he decided every time there was a crisis he had to focus exclusively on that you would never get anything else done. this white house overcompensates for that and digs in and says we're definitely not going to change anything but there is this idea of being president that you have to have a proactive agenda and can't
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constantly be chasing a crisis. >> march 2012 president obama might have cut that trip short by a day and come home. >> sorry, results are what matter in the end. up next, ted cruz calls donald trump a coward as an already bizarre republican race takes a turn. zyrtallergy relief.l and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving]
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>> on tuesday trump mistakening blamed cruz for a web add that featured trump's add milania. he had a side by side picture. senator cruz understandably took offense. >> i don't get angry often, but
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you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids that will do it all the time. donald you're a sniveling howard and leave heidi alone. >> the national inquirer questioned senator cruz's character and includes notes on the record from roger stone. again, cruz took offense. >> let me be clear this national inquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> now donald trump in a statement says he has nothing to do with this. he said ted cruz's problem with the national require is his and his alone. and while they were right about o.j. simpson, john edwards and many others i certainly hope they're not right about lying
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ted cruz. where are we and why are we here? >> you tell me. well, the criticism that you hear of ted cruz's wife is what it took for him to really get upset. ton donald trump could insult everybody else in the universe and cruz looks the other way. now it gets down to his actual family and he gets annoyed. none of this stuff has seemed to fall out on donald trump so far. he's been the i'm rubber you're glue candidate. everything sticks to everybody else. at the same tie you hear from his supporters about trump's vulgarity. his willingness to, i heard from voters in the south. they didn't like him swearing and things like that. so when it gets to the level of sex scandal, there are republicans, sort of traditional republicans that sense a


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