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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 29, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. a hijacker seizes an airliner and the drama ends peacefully on live television. this is one of the last hostages escaping through a cockpit window and scaling down the side of the airplane. minutes later the hijacker surrenders. that is reportedly him in the white shirt. the man you see being led away there. officials say this was not an act of terrorism but a man upset over his ex-wife. the flight was supposed to be a short hop to hicairo.
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cnn's ian lee is in cairo with more. >> reporter: what we're hearing from officials is that this man was very much disturbed. that he had a list of demands. nothing very consistent. and after they were able to successfully arrest him, they were found out that the bomb he claimed he had wasn't in fact real. this brings a very terrifying moment for a lot of people, especially the hostages on board that plane. there was a lot of dramatic footage coming out of that. talking to one of the passengers who was on the plane saying that they didn't really know something was wrong until they were flying over the mediterranean, not on the flight path to cairo. and that the stewardsesses told the passengers that there was a
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hijacking. they collected the passports of the people. a really terrifying moment. because nowadays you don't have these sort of incidents and peacefully end the way they do. from what we're seeing right now from whether officials are telling what both cypress and egyptian are saying that this is a man who's disturbed. someone who has issues. and going forward the question is what kind of motivations are behind it? and what can they figure out about security going forward? >> ian lee reporting life from cypress this morning. i want to bring in peter goals, former managing director of the national transportation safety board. welcome sir. >> good morning carol. >> good morning. so early on officials publicly doubted the hienger really had
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an explosive belt on. does it worry you at all that terrorists are also watching this play out that they realize they can commandeer an airliner with just a bluff? >> well i think that is a growing concern. i think the egyptians handled this as well as they could. and i think the cypress did the same. the question is did this guy even have a fake bomb that cleared security. and then there is a question of security at the check points. but if he got on board and simply side i've got a bomb, then that's a challenge. but it does raise the question, anybody can do it. >> absolutely. i just want to ask another question about egyptian authorities. they held a news conference early on. released the wrong name to the public. egyptian president even laughed at the hijackers possible motive.
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watch. >> in any case it is not something which has to do with terrorism. always there is a woman in the room. [ laughter ] >> all right. that was the cypress's president. but still it was a strange moment because the hostage drama was ongoing at that time. >> it was a very unusual moment. and inappropriate to be honest. and the issue is have the egyptians learned anything over the past year and a half after the aircraft was blown up after ground personnel put the bomb on board. are the egyptians taking this seriously? and you would think a much more serious approach, even to these kind of events. >> just a question from a person who flies a lot. and i am that person who flies a lot.
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how should passengers have reacted to this mentally unstable man claiming he had a bomb? >> well, you know, that is a very difficult question. you know, ever since the heros that the shanksville tragedy where they tried to take over the plane, and since then passengers have taken thing into their own hands. but when you have someone who says they have a bomb, i think for a while you have to figure out whether that's true and what his motives were. and that he was flying to cypress seemed to indicate that this was not an act of terrorism. but boy, that is a very difficult question. and each of us has to answer that god forbid if we're ever put in that position. >> peter goelz. thank you as always. >> thank you carol. >> on to politics now. three candidate, one stage. hours from now, donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich make their pitch to voters during cnn's town hall in milwaukee.
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vying for support ahead of next week's critical wisconsin primary all as the grand old party is looking like a big old brawl. >> reporter: good morning carol. no shortage of issues for the three candidates to delve into tonight and no doubt that they certainly will. whether it is personal attack, whether it is their wives. donald trump's foreign policy, which really over the last couple of days has been flushed out in a way we haven't seen before. all of that is on the table and no time like now. only seven days before the next crucial primary. all three gop candidates converging on the battle ground state, wisconsin for tonight's cnn town hall a week before voters head to the polls in the high stakes primary. republican front runner donald trump receiving a hostile reception monday, protesters demanding trump cancel a rally later today, saying to, quote,
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keep hate out of our state. popular wisconsin radiohost also giving trump the cold shoulder. >> did you know that i'm a #never trump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> 42 delegates at stake and a strong anti-trump movement. >> here we value things like civility, decency and actual conservative principles. so let's possibly make some news. >> trump continuing to defend his campaign's attacks on ted cruz and his wife heidi. again blaming cruz for a super pac ad in utah that featured trump's wife. >> he owes me an apology. he sent out a picture to people in utah. >> he didn't. you know it was a super pac. >> i know he knew about it. >> in an interview with cnn sunland surfati, cruz laying down another challenge to trump. >> we heard you wanted to beat donald trump one on one.
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>> yeah. >> why? . >> cnn has two town halls back-to-back. we should make it a two hour debate and combine our events. >> and ohio governor john kasich attacking both opponents on their foreign policy positions. >> one guy saying we should patrol muslim neighborhoods and the other one saying we should have a religious test. it is not good policy. >> all while trump a threatens to sue over delegates in louisiana. a state trump won that cruise could walk away with more delegates. >> who cares. he can threaten whoever he likes. >> now carol, donald trump taking to twitter to reject ted cruz's challenge to a one-on-one debate but really does have an extensive public schedule in the state over the next couple of days. this after a week of not having any public vents a at all. really underscore he has work to
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do to win wisconsin. ted cruz with very good numbers. john kasich zeroing in on a number of congressional delegates -- congressional districts where delegates will be allocated from. there is a lot of ground to move in this state for the three candidates, just kind of making clear that tonight is a very important event in advance of the wisconsin primary carol. >> phil mattingly live from milwaukee. thank you. still to come in you thought trump's interview with the never-trump host was awkward. wait till you hear what trump said about heidi cruz during that call. hey, you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, try some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! oh. right here girl, boom lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort
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governor john kasich's respectful tone is winning over voters but not nearly enough of them. his campaign is apparently pulling his radio ads in wisconsin so it can target surgeon districts in the state. that means kasich is going for delegates, not a win. he's also targeting rivals on hot button issues like foreign
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policy. >> this is just the voice of inexperience. amateur hour. it is what it is. it is time for grown up leadership. >> oh but the clock has not run out on amateur hour. before the break you heard a bit of what went down on milwaukee radio when mr. trump called into the charlie sikes radio show. sikes said he's a never trump guy and he was relentless in the war with the wives which began with a anti-trump super pack ad facing a racy photo of trump. >> he knew all about this that. if he didn't that would be a totally different things. but it was done by people who he knows very well. >> it was ted cruz or his campaign. >> i'm just telling you hi knew. he news these people did it. >> is it a standard if a supporter of another candidate not the candidate itself that it is okay for you pernally a
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candidate for president of the united states to behave in the same way? i expect that from a 12-year-old bully on the playground. >> well i did a retweet and it was a retweet by somebody else because i have a lot of support. a tremendous amount of fervent supporters and they were angry about what they did in sending out this photograph, which was frankly fine. it was an artistic picture actually. it was a cover of gq which is not a big deal. >> your wife is a beautiful, classy woman. why can't you say the same about ted cruz's wife. >> i don't know ted cruz's wife. i'm sure she's excellent. i just don't know her. but all this was was a response to what he did. >> okay. so let's talk about this. cnn political commentator and radio host ben ferguson. i'm also joined by trump supporter and arizona strait treasurer jeff de wit. ben, many of wisconsin's conservatives reacted strongly
6:16 am
to that tweet. i'll read a few. "props to charlie sikes for pressing donald trump. that's real journalism." never ceases to amaze me how much donald trump sounds like a whiny little kid when pressed. but i always taste vomit in my mouth. so ben, why did so many wisconsin conservatives react to that interview with charlie sikes that way? >> i think it is because they saw that you had a talk show host asking questions of a presidential candidate about what does it mean to be presidential. and you can see in the response from donald trump that he's not willing to act presidential. he is willing to act like a 12-year-old boy on the school playground who got his feelings hurt. but it also comes down to a bigger issue. and that is the issue of lying that we see from donald trump. donald trump has been saying over the last 48 hours that somebody connected, you know,
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with the trump campaign, deliberately purchased this picture, at this campaign. and then gave to it a super pac. that is an absolute and utter pathological lie. no one in the cruz campaign. and there is no proof that anyone in the cruz campaign purchased a picture from gq and then gave it to a super pac. which by the way would be against the law. but this is a pattern of what trump does when he is challenged on the absurdity of what he says. then he says well i just know that ted cruz knew about it. there is no proof that anyone bought any picture from anybody. it is an actual lie. and he got busted by a local talk show host who asked him a real question. and this is what donald trump does. he comes in, throws a bunch of stuff out there in the world and runs away from it. it is not me. i didn't tweet it. i retweeted it. i didn't say it. someone else did and i just retweeted them. and this is a pattern. >> here is the thing. and i'm just going to put aside who's right and o wrong in this argument, jeff.
6:18 am
but it is the state of wisconsin. and that is a mid western state. i am from the mid western state. we like civility in a mid western state. donald trump doesn't practice that often. do you think that will hurt him in the state of wisconsin? >> well that is a very big mischaracterization of donald trump and especially how that charlie sikes interview went. what you have with charlie sikes is a self admitted trump hater who was surprised that donald trump had even agreed to do the show. and it was a 17 minute character assassination attempt by charlie. >> i think it was ab accident that donald trump did the show because he himself admitted he didn't know. >> oh yeah. he had -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's correct that he did not know. but then to have charlie sikes go and be as rude and condescending as he was the entire time to the leading presidential candidate and to hear how presidential donald trump sounded.
6:19 am
he didn't lose his cool. he said couple and collected and answered the questions. even though charlie was very much trying to rattle him. ask gotcha questions and be condescending the entire time. there is the proof more ben right there that he is being. you have a talk show host that asked blunt questions about lies that have been put out by the trump campaign. and that is not an i gotcha question. this is what concerns me about donald trump and his campaign. if something doesn't go his way. either slanders you and then does it through someone else's tweet or he says i'm going to sue you. >> so ben are you say -- >> let me finish this. >> -- because that sounds like -- >> let me -- i'll explain exactly what i'm accusing him off. donald trump was whatever he thinks will get him out of a situation including lying about the picture being sold that was never sold to anyone -- >> how do you know that?
6:20 am
you sound like you know. how do you know? >> donald trump said verbatim. and the campaign said verbatim that there was a picture bought by the cruz campaign and given to a super pac. there is n proof of that. it is an absolute utter lie. >> you don't have proof. >> let me stop you both right here. because it doesn't really matter what's true and what's false. it is what donald trump is saying about heidi cruz that upsets the majority of republican women. 73% have a negative view of donald trump and it is because of stuff like this, jeff. so isn't it time that donald trump rose above it? whoever is right, it doesn't really matter. doesn't he have the obligation to please half of the american population, and that would be women, and say that, you know, attacking someone -- a woman's looks is just wrong. >> again, he did not attack anybody. he retweeted someone else which
6:21 am
is the internet equivalent of saying hey check out what that guy said. >> oh come on. >> what happened first is donald trump's wife was attacked in an ad targeted to mormon women using a the gq picture from a long time ago. and donald trump gave ted cruz the opportunity to disavow that. ted cruz refused to disavow thatted a. >> that's another lie. he did disavow it. >> he did. >> this is the pathological lying of donald trump and his supporters. ted cruz came out and condemned that and said he had nothing to do with it. and it was absolutely wrong immediately when it hatched. why? because that is is what you do when you are running for president against someone who's classless. this is again the pathological lying of trump supporters. when you guys get busted doing something or saying not true. >> now i'm lying -- >> -- out and make up stuff.
6:22 am
it is called lying. commit y admit you made a mistake but you just keep putting the lies out there. >> got to go. >> -- one of the biggest trump haters out there. so all it is a way for trump haters to attack the lead presidential candidate because they are part of the establishment. a lead that is afraid of the businessman who's going to revamp washington and make america great again. >> your sound bite. >> got to leave it there. thanks for being with me. the cnn town hall is live tonight, moderated by anderson cooper, staurts at 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. hillary clinton and bernard are also in wisconsin today. crisscrossing that state in a bid to win over voters. a set of rallies for sanders on the agenda, while clinton kicks off her day with a community forum in milwaukee. clintons focus? gun violence. zef zeleny has more from
6:23 am
milwaukee. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. an equally contested race on the democratic side but the conversation is so different than what you are hearing on the republican side. just listening to that argument going on quite different indeed. we're here in milwaukee, wisconsin. hillary clinton is trying to make her appeal to voters here in milwaukee, to african american voters to other core democratic base voters. she knows she has a real fight on her hand with bernie sanders. bernie sanders is trying to make wisconsin not his last stand but a good stand to keep this energy going along here. of course wisconsin has a liberal roots or progressive roots. he's hoping to tap into some of that. important to remember barack obama won by some 18 points in 2008. so what is the the clinton campaign is up against. yesterday she was campaigning she didn't mention bernie sanders at all. instead she talked about the supreme court. >> as scary as it might be, ask yourselves, what kind of justice
6:24 am
would a president trump appoint? or for that matter, what kind of attorney general? what kind of lower court judges? as you know he believes muslims should be band from enterined f this country because of their faith. >> so clearly hillary clinton are trying to make the case of the stakes of this election. that the consequences are so high. she is engaging the sanders campaign but certainly not to the degree she had been. the reality is the sanders campaign is fighting on and making a gain in delegates but still so far behind mathematically speaking at least. but carol, finish tor the next e center is here in wisconsin. >> jeff zeleny live from milwaukee. thank you. senator sanders will be a guest on aaron burnett out front tonight, 7:00 eastern only on cnn. still to come we need a grown up, not a three-year-old
6:25 am
in the white house. that is how one republican congressman describes donald trump. he joins me live next. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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as the man hunt continues for at least eight suspects including the apparent third airport bomber who's identity is still unknown e. investigators looking into whether two gloves found could provide any clues. nick peyton walsh. >> reporter: they have shipped hard drives to the united states
6:30 am
for further analysis by the fbi here. the language suggesting this must be encrypted or something they can't get into it. these laptop phobes seized during the number of raids it seems every night sints the attacks. but the key issue at this point is who was the man in white from the surveillance video from the attacks. there had ban brief moment in the respite from brussels they may have caught their man. there were suggestions in the media. faycal c could have been that individual. it turns out faycal c. is innocent. they simply don't have the evidence to continue holding him so the man in white is still at large. as the mote row bomber. that being khalid al bakraoui. and the number of clues are growing. we ourselves spoke to neighbors of the flat, the apartment where the bakraoui brothers prepared
6:31 am
the chemicals that were part of the bombs. they described how a leak was so clumsily done that in fact the chemicals seeped down to the floor below. that is how many they actually spilled. how the key isis bomb maker visited the apartment too. so much that seems to have been on the surface before the attacks. and now after the attacks, those two key individuals still on the run. and i don't think really until they are in custody or that cell is beginning to be more unravelled will people in belgium feel more relaxed about date to day life. >>. and the cnn town hall
6:32 am
tonight. each man reason interviewed separately by anderson cooper and wisconsin voters. sure topics, the economy and wives. both topics surfaced in a big way on wisconsin conservative talk radio. some conservatives not e namered with trump hit him hard. in fact trump hung up on milwaukee's vick my mckenna. >> how about wives and cruise off limits. >> that's okay. all you have to do is tell that to cruise. bettsst best of luck to you vick. >> i appreciate the time today donald trump. it was actually really fun. he just hung up on me. he gave me 25 minutes. that was fun. it is hard not to like him. >> it was a very contentious 27 minute interview however. joining me now to talk about that and more republican congressman reed rible, good
6:33 am
morning. >> good morning. >> nice to have you here. you have been in the never trump camp. are you still? >> i am. and the more -- the longer this goes on, the more convinced i am that the position i took really last september is still the correct one in relationship to mr. trump's ability to be president and his qualification to be president of the united states. >> can you expound on that? why do you think that mr. trump would be a poor president? >> well he certainly doesn't have the right temperament for it. we just see this kind of silly spat that is going on about the wives and everything. all of these things distract from getting at the real policies that are necessary. and when you do the deep dive on the policies that mr. trump is promoting, i don't believe they represent america's conservative positions. i think they would be greatly damaging to the u.s. economy. some of o his trade polls are
6:34 am
similar to what herbert hoover tried in 1930 that led to 25% unemployment in this country in the great depression. i don't think trump is right on the policies and certainly not right on the diskourls. so i've got lots of problems with him. >> are you throwing your support to any other republican candidate? >> i've been asked that a bunch of times carroll and i haven'ted a this point landed on either senator cruz or governor kasich. because i think both of them would totally be capable of being president. i think both would do a good job. so now it comes down to me at least a question of tactics. there are things i like a lot about governor kasich. for example, he's winning in almost every poll in a head to head against hillary clinton. and his tone and civility have been right. he's been right on the idea for the most part and he's electable. cruz appeals more to my
6:35 am
conservative side. and i think he's actually better on policies than governor kasich. but he's not as strong on electability. so i'm still representing myself with this decision. >> is it possible you will sit this one out? >> no. i will be voting in the primary. and i will be voting in the fall. however i have been clear that if mr. trump is the republican nominee, that i would end up having to look down ballot. i believe hillary clinton has disqualified herself for other reasons. so if it came down to secretary clinton or donald trump, i would have to be looking down ballot. not really dissimilar to what senator ben sasse has been saying. and i happen to agree with the senator in that regard. >> are we headed to a contended convention? >> it looks that way to me. depends a lot on how wisconsin
6:36 am
goes. clearly on the ground senator cruz has a good ground game. he's gaining support in my district. and both him and governor kasich are really starting to make things happen up here in northeast wisconsin. if one of those two wins wisconsin outright, i think they would deny donald trump the nomination. and we would likely have a contested convention in july where the delegates will have to decide. >> and a final question for you. how would you describe the state of the republican party right now? >> well, it certainly is a bit in disarray but the party has always been good about debating ideas and issues and we shouldn't be aflad of those debates. we need to have the debates. what we don't need is the pettiness and name calling and lack of civility. whether we need is substantive debates on ideas, issues and policies and that's what the republicans have been known for and i'm hoping to help redirect them back to that and then we'll be fine. >> congressman reid ribble,
6:37 am
thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you carol. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom." trump uses words like bim bow, dog and fat pig to describe women. so why are his female reporters sticking with him? >> i just find what you see is what you get with this man. and that is what i want. he loves people. he really has a respect for women. e♪ ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in st. croix and return with a lifetime of experiences. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice
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remember this ad? >> bimbo, dog, fat big. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. >> a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hearse. look at that face. would anyone vote for that is this. >> all right. but that is not turning off all
6:42 am
women. savidge talked so only supporters who love trump? >> is for trump in this field? >> i'm for trump. >> i'm for trump. yep. >> i'm in tus withcson with a gf conservative women. they meet every month to talk about politics. and they all support donald trump. >> so why? >> i just find that what you see is what you get with this man. and what is that i want. >> he's not afraid to say what he thinks. he is a strong man with a strong personality. he really does love his country. he loves people. he really has a respect for women. >> to non trump supporters that may seem ridiculous given some of the things trump ha said and done. for example the weekday twitter fight between ted cruz and trump over haze wives. >> so you have all seen this.
6:43 am
this is a retweet by donald trump. have we crossed some sort of line here? >> this tweeting is quite ridiculous. we need to focus on the issues t hand and what's going on in our country around the world and the problems. >> this latest incident involving the wives does not change your support? >> this kind of thing is mud slinging isn't knew to politics. it is not nice. >> he's unfiltered. not politically correct. that is something these women love, even if they don't always love how he says things. >> i've cringed maybe on occasion when he's said a certain thing. i've wondered why he said a certain thing. but that's his personality. he's just -- he just lets it roll. >> and nowhere has trump perhaps let it roll more than with his feud with fox anchor megyn kelly. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dog, slobs and
6:44 am
disgusting animals. >> he's been baited. he's been baited my megyn kelly. >> you really think? >> come on. the first question that was asked by her at that first debate was to bait donald trump and to get him in a position where he would react. >> what about his reaction to that. >> you could see there was blood coming out 06 her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. >> he did it. but you don't know what his connotation was. i didn't take it that way. >> i would have thought that really gets upset. >> not necessarily. because he upsets men as well. and because he does that i can't be upset that he's insulting the women. >> their personal values of honesty respect and decency weren't compromised by supporting someone who seems to go against those principles. >> how do you ambulance that with your support of a man who seems to violate every aspect of what you believe?
6:45 am
>>balance that with your support of a man who seems to violate every aspect of what you believe? >>. >> because the other side is worse. >> is there anything donald trump would do to make your change your support? >> just going back on the issues and policies. >> cnn's town hall with donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich airs live from milwaukee tonight. moderated by anderson cooper, starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern. precipitation drug abuse is killing more than 40 people every single day. what the obama administration plans to do about it. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
6:46 am
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a man is in custody after a walk down at the capitol. larry russell dawson appeared to be pulling out a weapon when he set off a metal detector. that's when an officer shot him. a female bystander was. he shouted he was a prophet of god back in 2015 and husband arrested. today the obama administration is rolling out new initiatives to combat the opioid problem in the country. according to the cdc, victims are dying at a rate of more than 40 people per day. later this afternoon cnn's sanjay gupta will moderate a discussion panel with president obama. he's here to tell us more about
6:51 am
it. >> good morning. for the reasons you just mentioned, that's why it's got the president's attention and so many other's attention. this manmade epidemic as it is described by many within the community, the idea of someone dying about every 19 minutes from an accidental drug overdose, that's going to be the topic of discussion, and more to the point, what can be done about it. so we're hearing that there's going to be a billion dollars additionally earmarks for this particular issue. doing things like expanding community centers, increasing the number of doctors who can treat these patients with addiction and also a lot of funding for medication you may have heard of known as narkan. it's essentially a medication that can reverse a drug overdose. we've seen it in action. someone who is not breathing anymore, it can revive them. they want to make this drug more available to cut down on deaths. that's a lot of what we'll talk about today along with people who have gone through a lot of
6:52 am
these issues. >> how were you chosen as a moderator? >> reporter: i think it was my tap dancing routine, carol. no -- >> i'm sure it wasn't that. >> reporter: we've been reporting on this issue for a long time, both the prescription op opioid overdoses as well as heroin. they've chosen the panelists but we came up with the questions to ask the president and the panelists. >> in your estimation what should the federal government be doing to help people with this kind of addiction? >> reporter: 80% of the world's pain prescriptions are right here in the united states. we are 5% of the world's population. we take 80% of the world's pain pills. this is a manmade epidemic. curtailing how many pain pills are prescribed could make a huge difference. this has been happening for decades it's gotten to this
6:53 am
point. there are certainly people who are listening to this who say i have chronic pain. i'm going to get left out in the cold with the new regulations. that's a concern. we need to cut down on the pain pills and also still offer different types of pain strategies to people who actually suffer. other countries do this well. they don't suffer from these sorts of numbers where it's someone dying every 19 minutes in this way. this is a fixable problem. i think that's what a lot of the discussion will be around. >> are doctors partially to blame? >> reporter: i think so. they overprescribe companies. they have been pushing medications. patients have been accustomed to get and ask for the medications. it is the culture in which we live. medical establishments are robust and other places and don't have these problems.
6:54 am
it can be done. >> thank you so much. the doj is dropping its suit against apple. why it says it no longer needs the company's help to break into a terrorist's iphone. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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6:58 am
it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. checking top stories at 58 minutes past. this morning on capitol hill, merrick garland will meet with a republican senator. mark kirk of illinois is the first to sit down with the federal appeals court judge to discuss his nomination. a few other senate republicans say they are open to meeting with garland. the fbi says it's been able to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. that's because of this. it's ending its fight against apple. they used a third party to get around the encryption.
6:59 am
security advocates now want the government to explain how it got into the phone to protect other iphone users. zblrvett we're hearing from some of the jurors in the hulk hogan sex tape case. they said it was an invasion of privacy. the jury deliberated for four hours and two of them said it boiled down to one anything, whether anyone had permission to release the tape. >> well, the fact that there was no evidence showing that they gave gawker the rights to show the video. and that's really what the crux of the decision was about and a large part of what this case was about. they didn't have their permission to show it. >> it was clear it was an invasion of privacy and that he did not want the tape to be put out to the public. and so that was the evidence that was absolutely 100% clear
7:00 am
to all of us. >> gawker founder, nick denton says he's looking forward to winning the case on appeal. his lawyer said the jury wasn't allowed access to evidence that would have told the other side of the story. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> good morning. the clock is ticking and the stage is set. hours from now trump, cruz, and kasich will make their pitches to voters during cnn ease town hall in milwaukee. ted cruz hitting the campaign trail. these are live pictures out of brookfield, wisconsin where cruz is getting ready to hold a rally. plus scott walker is expected to announce his presidential endorsement. all of this setting the scene for next week's critical primary. phil mattingly has more. >> reporter: 42 delegates at
7:01 am
stake. all three candidates making their way into wisconsin if they're not already here. you saw ted cruz. kasich in the state for a couple of days. trump with a couple of up to halls set up. there are a couple big issues tonight that need to be addressed. whether it might be delegate lawsuits, but before anybody got to that, donald trump got a somewhat rude welcoming from a radio host in wisconsin yesterday. listen. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you show that i'm a hash tag never trump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> i thought it was interesting and people thought was donald trump know what i have said about him in the past. i would give you credit either way but i was wondering. >> i understand. >> that was charlee siykes who will be the host of the show
7:02 am
where scott walker will make his endorsement. when you talk to gop operatives they point to him as really kind of a driving force behind a real antitrump movement in this state. donald trump has very good numbers in this state and is still resonating in certain portions of the state. when you look at what cruz and kasich are trying to do, what you'll hear from them tonight is because they feel like there is an opportunity in wisconsin to really start to get in the way of that momentum that has been leading donald trump up to this point and potentially to the 1237 delegates he needs to move forward. you talk about scott walker's endorsement. obviously a conservative almost icon when it comes to what he's done as governor. donald trump really not that impressed with where scott walker is probably going to go tweeting out a little bit, after the way i beat governor scott walker and jeb and rand and all others, no way he would endorse me, and scott walker has confirmed he's not planning on
7:03 am
endorsing donald trump. but donald trump doesn't seem to be too upset by it. >> no surprise there. as phil said, we don't know exactly who scott walker will endorse. but we'll go back to the radio host's studio where governor scott walker is expected to make his endorsement when it happens. in the meantime, president obama is blaming the media for enabling donald trump. >> when our elected officials and our political campaigns become entirely untethered to reason and analysis, when it doesn't matter what's true and what's not, that makes it all
7:04 am
but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations. a job well done is about more than just handing som a microphone. it's to probe and question and dig deeper and demand more. the electorate would be better served if that happened. >> well, that's what's going to happen at cnn's town hall tonight. with me to talk about that, kailee macninny and mary katherine hamm. welcome to both of you. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> scott walker is not expected to endorse donald trump. will it matter? >> i don't think so. scott walker is a great governor. he has a 40 % approval rating in his state. what ted cruz needs to do is expand his base. this is not going to do that.
7:05 am
cruz is popular among very conservative people. here's the thing. donald trump is exceedingly popular among blue collar workers and union workers. those factions are not happy with walker. this does nothing in the way of expanding cruz's base. look at the other endorsements. as much as i admire scott walker, i don't think this is going to matter. >> mary katherine do you think john kasich will have any effect on who wins wisconsin whether it's cruz or trump? >> well, yes, and actually governor walker has talked a bit about kasich as if he's a spoiler which gives you a clue as to where he might go today. we're not sure but he's talked about that in that way. i do think it makes a difference. and he's right about governor walker. he's a good governor but his numbers aren't great. here's where i differ.
7:06 am
scott walker is a symbol of actually having been on the ground and done battle with the left and come out on the other side. he's done it many times in wisconsin. his people have tons of contacts on the ground. that state because of the many elections and recalls and what have you has been dissected within an inch of his life. having that apparatus available to someone and having the contacts with them i think is important. >> and i think that civility is very important to the voters of wisconsin, and many say donald trump isn't so civil, but john kasich is. >> but here's the thing. drurch is right on policy, and i think at the end of the day when voters go to the polls, they're thinking how can i make sure my husband has a job or i have a job if i'm a woman or how can i make sure my kids are safe when they go to school and aren't going to be the next victim of an attack. that is what voters care about. the tone is one thing. i don't think when most voters go to the poll, they think who
7:07 am
has the best tone. they think who is going to ensure economic success and protect my family. i think the issues will win out. >> mary katherine, it doesn't matter to voters how a president speaks to his constituents or country? >> sometimes it does and others it doesn't. i think in wisconsin it can be more important. there's sort of a midwestern sensibility there. and here's the thing. i think trump is often all about tone. that's much of his appeal. he's very proud of it. so i don't think that it's more about policy than tone all the time with him. and here's the other thing. when you have cruz in the race, he can easily make the argument as well that he is doing all the things that she just listed and actually has experience coming up with plans to do those things. so there is a difference here. >> so kailee, donald trump, i mean, there's going to be a question about the wives things, right? there's just going to be questions about that in tonight's town hall. how do you wish that donald
7:08 am
trump would answer those questions? >> i wish he'd say let's move on. i think that is what he'll say. we've been through this for a few days. i think he's going to say let's talk about new york times interview where i laid out the trump doctrine and foreign policy and my interview with the washington post. i think he's going to say let's move on. i'm a candidate for women own the only one on the stage willing to say planned parenthood saves women's lives by precancer screenings and recognizes the good they do rather than just the horrific things that need to be stopped. i think he's going to pith back to the issues and will have a successful night in this town hall. >> mary katherine, do you agree? >> i think the other accounts would be happy for him to talk act "the new york times" interview. whether that makes a difference in the primaries is another issue. here's one indicator i think you see that wisconsin might be different from other primary
7:09 am
states. it is that when you saw that interview with trump, you have this contingent in conservative media -- >> i have to stop you now. scott walker is giving out his endorsement. let's listen. >> after all the years of obama clinton failures, it's time we elect a strong new leader, and i've chosen to endorse ted cruz to be the next president of the united states for three simple reasons. one, i just fundamentally believe that he is a constitutional conservative. that's important because i know as a governor and talking to over governors across the country we need a leader in washington who understands that our founders intended for the power really to be in the states and most importantly in the hands of the people, not concentrated in washington fw. t cruz has shown he's willing to act on that. secondly, i think some really important in wisconsin, we've shown that we know how to take on the big government special interests and really put the
7:10 am
power back in the hands of the hard working taxpayers. that's something, again, that ted cruz has not only talked about in this campaign. i think probably more than just about anybody out there in washington, he has shown he is not afraid to take on the big government special interests even sometimes when they're aligned with our own party. he's not afraid to take on those interests. that's what we need for president as well. and then third, a very practical point, and that is i just fundamentally believe if you look at the facts and the numbers, that ted cruz is the best position by far to both win the nomination of the republican party and to then go on and defeat hillary clinton in the fall this year, and that's the key. we want people who are principled, common sense conservatives who are people who do what they say, who stick to their guns but also people who can both win the nomination and go onto defeat hillary clinton in the fall, an for that reason i'm proud to endorse ted cruz, and i just want to add one other
7:11 am
quick thing. i'm sure you have plenty of questions, but i want to make sure that i was supporting something, not against something or someone but rather being for sometimes. i want to be more something, and after a lot of time looking at the speeches and looking at the records and looking at what the candidates say and what they have done in the past, it was an easy call for me to support ted cruz. >> i'm really struck by the -- your endorsement in the sense that i expected that you were going to make an endorsement in order to block donald trump from winning in wisconsin. but you sound like you're all in on ted cruz? >> absolutely. to me, i've said it on the campaign trail for governor. i've said it last july when i threw my hat in for a while for president, and i said i think americans want to know what you're for, not just what you're against, and for me, i spent a lot of time and a lot of prayer and thought about this and really just fundamentally looked
7:12 am
at this. i had to make a decision first whether i wanted to endorse or not. having been in this fight before, and secondly, whether or not, if i did, who that would be, and for me just looking at all these facts. but just on a personal 4re6leven a way i don't think a lot of americans have seen, i got a chance. i didn't know cruz well before the campaign this past year. i got to see him and know him at a lot of events not just at debates but we'd bump into each other at events across the country, and i think the media doesn't give him all the benefit of what i found personally interacting with him, and that is he is a decent man. he loves his family. he loves his wife. he adores his children. he loves his country. he and i are both preacher's kids, so i certainly can appreciate and feel strongly about the impact that his father had on him as a minister.
7:13 am
i think for the two of us having grown up -- we're both in our 40s. he's a couple years younger than i am, but we're both in our 40s, but as a sense as i did and others, we all came of age. we weren't political forces. we literally came of age under president ronald reagan, and i just see someone who is willing to uphold those same principles. that's why i'm proud to endorse him. >> do you anticipate campaigning with senator cruz? >> absolutely. we reached out yesterday. in fact, one of the folks we were happy to work with who has worked with us in the past, and we'll be campaigning with him on a number of stops. we haven't finalized the schedule, but i'll be out through the weekend through early next week on monday up until tuesday's election, so to me i'm all in. this is not a default. i'm only going to do it if i feel strongly. i feel strongly for the reasons laid out. not to mention, if you look at
7:14 am
the facts, he has an excellent tax plan. the number of the people who worked with me in the past in defense and military issues have been working with him. he's got a strong record like reagan did in terms of a plan to rebuild our military at a time when we need to show power in the world again. this is someone who has got a well thought out plan. not only to win the party's nomination but i think when you pair him up with hillary clinton who has been fortunate that most of the national media's attention has been on the republican presidential contest -- >> we're going to step away but you get the gist of this. governor scott walker of wisconsin has endorsed ted cruz for the president of the united states. we thought there was slim chance he would go john kasich's way. he does not. he does call john kasich a friend but he went with ted cruz because ted cruz is a constitutional conservative, he says. he can take on big government and special interests and ted
7:15 am
cruz, he says, can beat hillary clinton in a general election. shall we go back to the panel for a minute? let's do that. mary katherine, i know what kailee thinks about this, but do you think this endorsement matters? >> you see the divide on the national level. you had people trump positive or curious. in wisconsin you see a different things. folks are against him. i think you see in scott walker's tone which is different than donald trump's, the style of wisconsin voters. he says people want to know what you're for, not against. he has a more positive vibe going on. i think that's what matters in wisconsin. i think there's a possibility that scott walker support opens up some wisdom and avenues to apparatus on the ground from all of the elections he's been through in that state. they know their stuff there. >> and the cruz campaign is playing this up. in fact, charlie's radio show is being broadcast to a cruz rally
7:16 am
that's about to take place in wisconsin. i'll ask you again, even though i know the answer. did donald trump in any way want scott walker's endorsement? >> look, i think you always want any endorsement you can get, but i think voters can see through this. i think when scott walker just talked about common sense conservativi conservativism, he made the case for donald trump. that means recognizing conservative shortcomings and recognizing when free trade deals which is a conservative principle hurts the american worker and makes them lose jobs. recognizing when foreign policy costs our men and women abroad their lives this. and you have to ask why did they die abroad when isis is taking over. maybe that wasn't the best move. i think common sense conservatism is what donald trump stands for, not cruz. cruz is litmus test conservative. the only people welcome are far right voters. that's what he represents. i think the case he made was for donald trump.
7:17 am
>> there are many conservative leaders in wisconsin who do not agree that trump is common sense conservative at all. that's the difference. >> all right. i got to leave it there. we're keeping an eye on the cruz event because something surprising may happen and you probably can guess what that is. but if that does happen, we'll bring you back to wisconsin. the cnn town hall, by the way, is live from milwaukee tonight. it will be moderated by anderson cooper 8:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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none of this works. come on in. to the news of a hijacked airliner and wondered if it was related to an act of terrorism. it was not. this is one of the last hostages escaping and scaling down the side of the plane. minutes later the hijacker vunders without a fight. that's the hijacker, the man in
7:22 am
the white shirt. officials say the man was psychologically unstable and upset over his ex-wife. the flight from alexandria egypt was supposed to be a short hop to cairo. instead he said he had an explosive belt on and ordered the flight to cypress. ian lee is in cairo with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is what we know as of now. this flight taking off from alexandria at 6:30 local time. it was bound for cairo about an hour into flight. that's when passengers started to suspect something wasn't right, especially because they were not over land. they were over the mediterranean which isn't on the flight path. there was a concern also because this flight is normally 45 minutes, it was only then that the flight crew told the passengers that a hijacking had taken place. i was able to talk to one of the
7:23 am
passengers w passengers. take a listen. >> the cabin crew told us that we are hijacked. we are being hijacked, so, yeah, and that was it. and then there was a lot of panic in the plane on the plane, and yeah. they didn't tell us anything more. didn't say what they want or where we are heading, nothing. we were just kidnapped. that's it. >> so -- >> he didn't say if he has any bombs or anything with him, nothing. didn't say anything about that. >> reporter: did you see him? >> i saw him from very far. i was sitting in the front of the plane, and he was in the very back. and most of the time he was behind the curtain. >> reporter: carol, as you can imagine, this is a very terrifying moment. the passenger told me that when the people found out that the plane had been hijacked that a
7:24 am
lot of people burst into tears. there was a bit of chaos but that the flight crew professionally kept order and kept everyone calm for the most part, were able to deal with the hijacker. he was in the back of the plane. they were able to get this plane on the ground. initially the hijacker wanted to go somewhere in europe, but that's when once on the ground they were able to get some of these hostages off the plane. at egyptia egyptians. they whittled it down to seven with the remaining hostages, and as we saw in the very dramatic video where you have one of the people on the plane escaping out of the window of the cockpit before security forces were able to move in and arrest him, and we're also learning about this bomb that the hijacker said that he had on the plane. officials and egyptian officials are saying that bomb was fake saying that this man was mentally disturbed not only
7:25 am
demanding relations to his ex-wife, but also we're hearing that he wanted to have possibly female prisoners in egypt released. he did, in fact, talk to his life during the negotiation process we're hearing, but everyone is happy this is over and everyone is safe. >> all right. ian lee reporting live from cairo egypt this afternoon. thank you. a wit of breaking news from the u.s. supreme court. it's a victory for public unions. we are joined to explain it. and the unions, they thought they were going to lose this case. >> reporter: well, this is an unexpected victory for the public sector unions. the supreme court has just announced it's gone 4-4 in this case. that means it's evenly divided and the lower court opinion that went in favor of the unions is affirmed. this was about public sector
7:26 am
unions and whether nonmembers had to pay collective bargaining fees. a group of teachers backed by a conservative group said they brought a first amendment challenge here and said they didn't want to have to pay for speech that they didn't approve of. and here's what's interesting. this is the impact of scalia on the court. because during oral arguments, the court seemed poised to overturn pres dent. it looked like there were five votes that would have been a severe blow to the public sector unions. instead, scalia is obviously no longer on the bench, and now the court is 4-4, and the unions find themselves in the winning position. it really is one of the first big indicators of the effect of scalia's death on this court. >> all right. reporting live from the supreme court this morning. still to come in the news room, hillary clinton heads to wisconsin to get out the vote before next week's key primary. we'll be live in milwaukee, next.
7:27 am
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and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. gun violence takes center stage today in the democrat's battle for the white house where hillary clinton could hold a forum on the issue live from milwaukee. her campaign thinks this could be a weak spot for her rival, bernie sanders. jeff zeleny is there and joins me live. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the clinton campaign is doing what we've seen them do.
7:32 am
focusing on gun violence. it's something that secretary clinton did with great effect in states like south carolina and others. bringing together advocates from the community and mothers of victims of gun violence. she'll be doing the same in milwaukee. you can see the set up behind me at this community church here in milwaukee. it's a sense that this democratic race is still going on. by this time the clinton campaign hoped to move into the general election phase, but they're operating on a dual track strategy. bernie sanders is fighting aggressively in wisconsin with some reason to believe he can do well. this is a state that barack obama won by 18 points in 2008. the clinton campaign still remembers that defeat very well. but yesterday as hillary clinton was out campaigning at a speech in madison, she was not focusing on bernie sanders. she's still trying to make the electability argument by talking about how she's the stronger candidate against republicans. >> now, every day another republican bemoans the rise of
7:33 am
donald trump. they say a trump nomination will set their party back decades. i agree. it will set the republican party back if donald trump is their standard bearer. but donald trump didn't come out of nowhere. what the republicans have sewn with their extremist tactics they are now reaping with donald trump's candidacy. >> reporter: so that clearly is a sense that the clinton campaign is focusing more on donald trump talking about him, but i can tell you the whole reason there's a gun violence seminar going on here in a few minutes is they're still focussed on bernie sanders, trying to get the democratic voters out here. wisconsin is a hunting state. the gun issue is slightly more complicated politically speaking. >> which way do you think wisconsin will go for the democrats, jeff? >> reporter: well, it's going to be interesting to watch this
7:34 am
campaign over the next week. i mean, the sanders supporters really believe this is a good state for him. remember the big rallies he started holding last year across the country in one of his first ones was in madison, some 10,000 people showed up. this is a state where a proud progressive tradition that fits his politics well here. the clinton campaign is not expecting a big win. in fact, a lot of their supporters here on the ground believe they may lose this state, but still, it's a race for delegates. what they' hoping is not a big loss, but a lot of time over the next week we're going to see president clinton back campaigning and hillary clinton campaigning more as well here. we'll find out how the next seven days go here. but the republican race also plays into this. you can vote on either side here. the next week all eyes on both sides, are wisely on wisconsin. >> all right. jeff zeleny reporting live from milwaukee this morning. for bernie sanders, a victory next week in wisconsin could not only extend his
7:35 am
winning streak but give him hope for superdelegates. he says some could switch sides. the sanders campaign is saying there's still time to feel the bern. one of his aids comparing superdell ga superdelegates to football recruits saying until the line is signed, they're up for grabs. he has a long way to catch up to clinton when it comes to delegates and super delegates. here to talk more about that is maria kardona. she's a superdelegate. welcome, maria. >> thank you. >> i want to talk about the superdelegate thing. it's so confusing, and i think people are intrigued by it, especially this year. so first of all, how do you get to be a superdelegate? >> you a superdelegate. by the way, the party prefers to call them unpledged delegates,
7:36 am
because the name of super delegates gives them on outsized power which they don't have. unpledged delegates are the party leaders, and that means they're all of the members of congress, dnc committee members, former presidents, former vice presidents, governors, se essentially the party leadership around the country. those are the ones with this title of unpledged delegates, and the reason they were created was because the party wanted the participation of these party leaders, but at the same time, they did not want to push aside the participation of real grass roots party activists. so they gave the majority of the delegate slates, the pledged delegates, over 85% of them are pledged delegates and the ones that are allocated by votes to the party activists so they could run without having to compete with other members of congress who normally would win every time. that's why we have such a
7:37 am
diverse delegate process and delegation at the democratic national convention. >> here's the thing. a lot of people believe that it's really not very democratic to have superdelegates or unpledged delegates or delegates of any kind in why not let people vote and whoever gets the most votes wins? >> well, essentially, that's exactly what is happening. and i guess i'll say two things. there has never been a scenario where the unpledged delegates has overturned the will of the people. what that means is the democratic party nominee has always been the person who has allocated the most pledged kel g -- delegates. what you've seen in the past is even when the unpledged delegates have committed to a candidate, if they see the will of the people is turning and there is the other candidate that is getting more pledged delegates, they switch, and at the end of the day, the person who ends up with the democratic
7:38 am
party nomination is the person with the most pledged delegates, in other words, the person chosen by the will of the people. >> we all know you're behind hillary clinton. you actively campaign for hillary clinton, your firm does, right? so still, though, some bernie sanders sanders want you to change your position. they want you to feel the bern. what's that been like for you day after day? do they call you up or tweet you? how do they contact you? >> they do all the above. they send me e-mails. some are gracious and some are nasty, to be honest. but, look, what the sanders campaign is saying is kind of true. >> tell us what that's like to have somebody lobby you every single day to change your position. what kinds of things do they say to you? >> well, they say things to me like what does it feel like to be an undemocratically elected
7:39 am
delegate, and aren't you ashamed to be thwarting the will of the people? these are the nastier ones, and we are a group of people who are supporting a -- who they believe is the nominee who representsing the will of the people, and then they say very nasty things about hillary clinton, and so what i do with those, carol, is essentially i ignore them, but i also reply by saying if you are asking me to support the candidate who is representing the will of the people, that candidate right now is actually hillary clinton who has 2.5 million more votes and more pledged delegates than your candidate, bernie sanders. if that changes, then let's talk. >> all right. maria, thanks for filling us in. it's fascinating. senator bernie sanders will be a guest on the erin burn et out front know tonight. i want to bring you back to
7:40 am
wisconsin. as you can see, carly fiorina is on stage. this is obviously a ted cruz event. she is stumping for him. he just got the endorsement of the wisconsin governor, scott walker. let's listen to carly fiorina. >> a simple flat tax that i'm rolling out, a 10 % flat tax for everyone -- >> well, then, she just finished up. i apologize for that. what you're hearing right now is cruz's voice. he's on a video monitor. scott walker kocould be on the stage. if he does appear there, we'll bring you back there live. i'll be right back. ou think boy? we could do tacos. we could do some thai. ooo... how 'bout sushi, eh? (dog yawns) no, we're not having barbecue... again. (dog groans) why? because you're on four legs, and i'm on two... and i'm driving. that's why. (dog whines) sushi it is.
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all right. back to wisconsin. you see senator ted cruz rallying his supporters after a big endorsement from scott walker. let's listen. >> scott walker is a strong, principled conservative. governor walker with the help of the men and women gathered here today and all across this state, won an election, and then another election, and then another election. and then scott stood up to the union bosses, when scott saw death threats and attacks and protests and anger and yells, millions of men and women all across the state of wisconsin stood with governor scott
7:46 am
walker. and your heroic stand inspires millions across the country and me. it showed that when we the people stand up together, we can beat the special interests that are bankrupting our kids and grand kids. let me tell you. i am humbled to be in the presence of patriots who we are all fighting for this country we love so much. and the courage, the principle that was demonstrated and is demonstrated every day by scott walker, by the men and women of wisconsin, we need that courage, we need that principle in
7:47 am
washington d.c. taking on the special interests. and i'm honored to be with patriots fighting for men and women of wisconsin each and every day. and how about carly? isn't she fantastic? such an incredible business leader. rose to the pinnacle of business. she's strong. she's inspirational, and let me tell you, that woman gives hillary clinton nightmares. i can just picture hillary
7:48 am
thinking about carly and tossing and turning and tossing and turning in her jail cell. you know, all of us are here today because our country is in crisis. because we're bankrupting our kids and grand kids. our constitutional rights are under assault. america has receded from leadership in the world, and yet i'm here this morning with a word of hope and encouragement. all across wisconsin, all across this country, people are waking up and help is on the way. this election is going to come
7:49 am
down to three critical issues. jobs, freedom, and security. let's talk jobs. let me take a minute to talk to all the single moms who are here. those working two or three part time jobs. who have had your hours forcefully reduced to 28 or 29 hours a week because obama care kicks in at 30 hours a week. let me talk to all the truck drivers, all the plumbers and electricians and mechanics, all steel workers and union members with callouss on your hand, who have seen your wages stagnating year after year. the cost of living keeps going up. but somehow your paycheck doesn't seem to keep pace. let me talk to all the young people. coming out of school. student loans up to your
7:50 am
eyeballs. >> all right. we're going to step away from the cruz event celebrating in part his big endorsement from the wisconsin governor, scott walker. wisconsin will cast their votes on april 5th. that's the day. that's when they'll cast their votes. we'll have more politics in a minute. we have to get to breaking news. new video of the man accused of hijacking an egypt air flight this morning. this is surveillance tape of him going through security in egypt. once the flight took off with some 80 people on board, you see him going through the metal detector. no sign of anything wrong. later on the plane he said he had an explosive belt. he ordered the plain to cypress. the stand off lasted for hours. this is one of the last hostages. you'll see them right here. there you go. you see one of the last hostages escaping through a cockpit window and scaling down the side
7:51 am
of the plane. minutes later the hijacker surrendered without a fight. they say he was a mentally unstable man upset about his ex-wife. i wand to bring in an expert in aviation accident and terrorist litigation. welcome, jim. >> thank you, carol. >> so supposedly this man was wearing some type of fake-looking explosive built while aboard the airplane made made of iphone cases or something like that. so he did make the passengers and crew believe that he had an on an explosive device. what do you do? >> you have to have good security. watching the video, it reminds me of pan am 10 3 where the bomb suitcase was sent through an x-ray machine and because the screeners weren't well trained and told the risks, it passed. here if you have good security, someone can't walk through a scanning machine with the device and have there be a chance that
7:52 am
it contains an explosive device. >> yeah, but by all estimation authorities say there were no explosives. it was just maybe a bunch of empty cell phone cases. i mean, should they have detected something like that? >> well, we don't know. if there was an explosive device, it should have been dete detected. if there wasn't and you have good security, you know it's a fake threat. and then the response, of course, is very different. >> so this man held those people hostage, at least some of them in that plane for hours and hours. i guess he wanted to talk to his ex-wife. from all that you've heard, did egyptian authorities or security handle this in a proper way? >> well, i don't know. certainly if you know that it's a fake threat, the passengers should not have been exposed to what they were exposed to. if the threat may have been credible, it's only because security isn't great.
7:53 am
so at this point, i don't think we know. but obviously you should have a good security system and confidence in the security system so that these kind of threats have no credence. >> well, an interesting thing happened during the news conference early this morning. the president of cypress was speaking and talking about this, and at one point he kind of laughed when he asked if a woman was involved. he kind of laughed and said, isn't it always a woman? and it just seems to inappropriate to me. >> yeah, it is. who knows what's in his mind. the egypt air 990 crashed when a pilot committed suicide because of family problems, an embarrassment that he was going to be exposed for being a peeping tom in new york city, bizarre personal things can lead to tragedietragedies. here, fortunately, no one is killed. but -- >> so last question. if you're a passenger on board
7:54 am
that plane and you know that there's a hijacking going on and a man appears to be wearing some kind of belt and you deponent know what it is, how should you react somebody. >> obviously it's a pretty terrifying prospect, and people went through an ordeal. should passengers try and do something like the passengers did on 9/11? i don't know. you know, apparently there was the equivalent of an air marshal or security official on board, and i don't know what if anything that person did yet. >> yeah, we have to -- so many questions, not many answers right now. i'm sure people, thank you for stopping by. up next, the feds dropped their case against apple. why they say they don't need the giant tech's help anymore. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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checking some top stories at 58 minutes past the hour. the fbi says it's been able to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. it's because of this it's ending the fight against apple. they used a third party to get around apple's encryption.
7:59 am
security advocates want the government to explain how they got into the phone to protect other iphone users. zblnc the president of pakistan is cancelling a trip to the united states to deal with a terrorist attack. they wanted to target christians. 15 christians were killed along with 5 2 muslims. a convicted murder who escaped in ohio is back in custody. he escaped sunday. he was caught monday night in the same town where the prison is located. thanks so a new fossil find, scientists are rethinking how long ago the siberian unicorn roamed the earth. it shows the animal was still around 29,000 years old. it's not quite like your cartoon
8:00 am
unicorn. it looks more like a shaggy rhino. fascinating. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john is off. on wisconsin and so it is. every candidate running for president in that state today ahead of the primary exactly one week out. we're hours also away from a critical stop from the republican candidates. all three will take the stage in milwaukee tonight and face the voters in a live cnn town hall. ted cruz picking up a key endorsement a short time ago from scott walker. listen here. >> we want people who are principled, common sense conservatives who are people who do whathe


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