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tv   New Day  CNN  March 31, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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6:00 in the east. don lemon is in for crishris cu. the republican frontrunner taking three different positions on abortion within the span of three hours, first suggesting people that get them should face, quote, some sort of punishment, and then the states should decide the issue and then it's the doctors that should be punished and not the women. his democratic rivals describing him as shameful and h we have got this story covered only the way we can hear at cnn. we will start with phil mattingly live in milwaukee. good morning to you, sir.
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>> reporter: throughout this campaign season, one thing is consistent. donald trump does not back down, he is not apologizing, and he is going on offense and that all changed on wednesday. >> this is not something you dodge. >> donald trump smack in the center of another controversy, this time abortion. in a town hall with msnbc's chris matthews, the frontrunner saying women should face some sort of punishment. >> there has to be some form of punishment. that i don't know. >> the backlash, fast, furious and bipartisan. his rivals on both sides of the issue quick to pounce and reject the notion. >> i don't think that's an appropriate response and it's a
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difficult enough situation than to try and punish somebody. >> his comments were unfortunate and wrong and i strongly disagree. >> all lining up to criticize the comments. >> when he was asked whether or not women should be punished, he said yes and that's unacceptable. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond ext comprehension. >> he attempted to clarify his remarks. this issue is unclear and should be back in the states for determination. like reagan, i am pro-life with an exception, and then saying if abortion were made illegal the doctor or any other performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible not the woman, the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb, his
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son coming to his defense tweeting, be faired was asked if it was illegal, should there be punishment, and shouldn't there be consequences for breaking laws. >> and his campaign manager facing simple misdemeanor charges down in florida. trump is in wisconsin where he is trailing ted cruz by as many as ten points and maybe bigger than that. his factorability with women is 70% of the potential electorate. donald trump was asked about the numbers on msnbc, and he said didn't have an answer for it, they used to be high and he is not sure why. >> and we welcome our guests.
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jackie, i want to start with you. how could trump have been so outside the mainstream thinking on this? in his first initial response to chris matthews where he said women should be criminalized, even the most pro-life advocates do not say that? >> well, it was said that it's almost like trump was going into a parody or some type of stereotype the left puts out on the right on this issue. it didn't make any sense. and it did seem like he never thought it through and was following chris matthew's prompts there. this is one of those issues where you don't see people evolving on at all, or, you know, in a couple hours, i don't think i have seen athing like this before. >> it's interesting because it's only adding more fuel to the
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fire, his republican rivals who are saying donald trump really isn't a conservative anyway, so how would he know what conservative stances are on this particular issue? this really gives them more fuel. >> that's right. he has said that he evolved on the issue, and so he acknowledged up front he is a convert to the stance that he currently holds. on the other hand you still have to study that. as a convert you would expect him to be more -- >> he is -- >> you can watch the video and see, roe v. wade was 43 years ago. it's not like thought about this before. and what this speaks to, don, you have an outsider. yeah, he's an outsider to washington and the bad stuff and also an outsider to the whole world of policy where people developed this and outsider to the theologians and the
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philosophical discussion going on for 43 years and he caught got doing what outsiders do, making it up and not thinking it through, and he should have policy advisers to advise him what the state of the conversation and let him decide where he wants to fit into the whole thing, but when you sweep everything aside and say everybody in washington is stupid and nobody knows as much as i do and i am rich. that puts him where he was, the lights on and a nation waiting and the guy that doesn't know the issues. >> there was a big eruption on all sides and he tried to clarify what he meant and he tweeted this first to jake tapper, and he tweeted this just about at 4:00 -- this is donald trump, jr., his son, and he said
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be fair, it was asked if it was illegal should there be punishment? his son was trying to say if it was illegal. chris matthews asked how do you feel, how do you feel? really pressed him. then donald trump sent out this longer statement at 5:00 p.m. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation or any states were permitted to ban abortion understate or federal law the doctor performing this should be legally responsible, not the woman, the woman is a victim as is the life in her womb. my position has not changed. except his position did change and we saw it with our own eyes. >> he issued one at 3:45 saying
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the issue is unclear and should be back in the states for determination and he goes on saying it's ronald reagan. three different statements within the span of, what, two or three hours? >> it's like he was trying to think of the further right he could go and he's running against somebody like john kasich who defunded planned parent hood in the state of ohio. it's incomprehensible where he went with this, and that said, i don't know if this will hurt donald trump with his people and they are loyal and have not moved on any issue he seems to have missed the mark on. this might affect him with somebody who might be wavering, donald trump is not their guy, and women -- >> 75% is -- he lost women. that's not great. >> he was already in trouble with many women voters including
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women republicans so it's not going to help. >> ted cruz released a statement, and john kasich spoke on camera, and hillary clinton is interesting and she called in. >> they all want to dictate a women's health care decisions. maybe they are not quite as open about it, as donald trump was earlier today, but they also have the same position and you make abortion a crime, you make it illegal, then you make women and doctors criminals. >> not surprising she would capitalize on this particular issue, but to say that all conservatives say donald trump feels about abortion i think is a bit much. >> yeah, she sees blue sky and
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trying to capitalize on it. so she is trying to make the republican party the party of trump. she released an ad that doesn't refer to anybody but sticks donald trump into the ad. >> we're concerned about the life of the child and the mother, both of them are victims. we don't want to prosecute women for having abortions even if they become illegal >> what you just described is a nuance position, but if you have somebody that will stumble into the issue like a bull in a china shop, obviously hillary clinton will take advantage of that. >> thank you. bernie sanders hoping to keep his winning streak going in wisconsin. and sanders and hillary clinton
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are barnstorming wisconsin, and hillary clinton has a double digit lead in new york. joe johns is early in washington. good morning, joe. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders have strong ties to new york city and for now the home state advantage appears to go to hillary clinton according to the latest poll that shows hillary clinton up 12 points over bernie sanders in new york, and both the democrats and the race appear to have an edge against donald trump in the match-up with the republican frontrunner, hillary clinton leading by 20 points, and bernie sanders doing better against trump, up by 24 points, but when you take at the snapshot in the race in wisconsin, it's a different story. a marquette university poll shows bernie sanders with a narrow lead within the margin of error and wisconsin is the next big state to vote followed by
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wyoming and new york, with his huge hall of 247 delegates at the national convention. bernie sanders has been pushing hard to debate hillary clinton in new york before the primary there on april 19th, and this poll suggests he may need something before the race, and back to you. >> president obama hoping to follow-through on one of his signal foreign policy initiatives today reducing the risks of nuclear terror. the president will host his final world summit with one notable leader missing. athena jones is live at the white house with that. >> reporter: i believe you are talking about the brazilian president who won't be here, and this is a big day for the president and world leaders, topping the agenda preventing the most dangerous network's from getting a hold of the most
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dangerous weapons. take a listen to what he had so say about the importance of this summit. >> in light of recent events, this gathering takes on more meaning. around the world we have seen horrific acts of terrorism, most recently brussels as well as what happened in pakistan, innocent families, mostly women and children, christians and muslims. >> isis won't be the only topic on the president. he is having a tri-level leaders. he will meet with china's president and also france's president. russian president, vladimir putin, will not be in attendance, so he won't be at
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the working dinner tonight here at the white house. and all this comes as one of the candidates who wants to occupy the white house, gop frontrun r frontrunner, donald trump, made a lot of headlines over the last several days with making statements about nonnuclear weapons. so a lot on the agenda. >> up and adam this morning from the white house. thank you, athena, appreciate that. we are following breaking news out of india to tell you about. at least 10 people dead and more than 100 missing after a bridge under construction collapsed. this happened in a busy area, and officials tell cnn 52 people have been pulled out of the rubble with injuries and the indian army deployed to help
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with rescue operations. we will bring you more as we get it here on "new day." one tornado, seven people rushed to area hospitals and one of them in critical condition. the storms produced hail. the severe weather threat is expected to shift east affecting alabama and possibly georgia. >> the state department apologizing for questionable spring break advise. not a 10 in the u.s. and not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into expensive drinks or worse, being robbed, #springbreakingbadly. bernie sanders and hillary clinton ready to do battle. the state of wisconsin is up for grabs on tuesday with the big new york primary on the horizon. can the senator close the
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we're back. hillary clintons and bernie sanders each setting their sights on wisconsin's primary, and polls shows bernie with the narrow lead. can he pull off a win? did you guys bring your crystal balls this morning? >> not in the prediction business. >> mine broke so long ago. >> let's go to the big boards and put up some of the polling numbers. this is out of wisconsin and new york state. marquette university poll showing sanders with a four-point lead over hillary clinton, and wider than what he had in february. how does a win in wisconsin for sanders help what still appears to look like a road to the nomination? >> he's got an issue of staving off elimination.
3:21 am
we are coming down the home stretch and there's a 200-delegate lead that hillary clinton has. that's a much wider lead than obama ever had over hillary clinton back in 2008. she's on a glide path to victory. bernie sanders has to try and disrupt that and do something sudden and get a lot of delegates fairly quickly. >> he has to -- >> what he's really got to do is come up with 200 delegates and close that 200-delegate gap or come close to it, so every one he gets it has to be a blowout. if he wins wisconsin it can't be by a couple points, a lot better than four points. >> jackie, what do you think how he can pull it off? >> the other thing bernie has against him in this is that democratic -- all the primaries are proportional, so every time
3:22 am
he gets a couple delegates, hillary clinton gets delegates too and that's not super delegates. last night bernie sanders said they were trying to woo delegates. as far as the math, the math is still difficult for him. >> she's really down playing wisconsin. her camp is downplaying wisconsin and not talking about bernie sanders when she was here yesterday, talking about donald trump and not mentioning his name. >> she has not totally forgotten bernie sanders. earlier this week she had a speech about the supreme court and referenced somebody who is a one-issue candidate and donald trump. she is keeping a foot in both camps. in terms of new york, it's a
3:23 am
must-win for clinton. she was a senator and elected twice statewide -- >> it's 54-42, and you would think the lead would be bigger. >> that's what i was saying, and not only does she need to win new york, she needs to win big to deal a blow to bernie sanders. it will maybe deflate his campaign if she beats him in a big way right there. >> where are we with another big debate? bernie sanders was pushing for it and then joel beninson saying we are not going to agree unless bernie sanders changes his tone? >> to be fair to the clinton camp, they raised it in november and january and they don't like it when bernie sanders says
3:24 am
there are two ways to regulate wall street, that's an attack on clinton, and so they have put that out there. my sense is they are going to relent. what i am telling people inside the campaign, they are going to ultimately probably agree to some kind of debate in new york, and she has great debating skill -- >> it's to her advantage? >> yes and no. bernie sanders is going to make a real, for lack of a better word, a kamikaze run. he's a native new yorker and in some ways more than hillary clintons. >> it's not a big lead. >> yeah, so he's clearly going to position himself to go great guns in new york and there are -- the progressive wing of the democratic party the base supporting bernie sanders, very much at home. there's a lot of them.
3:25 am
they are not just in new york city, a lot of them in new york, upstate, and they are going to come out for bernie sanders. >> if it was hillary clinton and donald trump, i guess you could say it's her home state and her adopted home state, and she beats him 53-33%, and that's a big match-up. and sanders versus trump, 66 to 32%. donald trump not doing well in his home state. >> that's the widest margins we have seen, isn't it? >> bernie sanders is using this as a justification for contesting new york. so we will probably hear a lot of that from him and his campaign going forward saying donald trump is the likely nominee and i am beating him with a larger margin than hillary clinton. >> thank you for walking us through this this morning.
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protests in minneapolis after a prosecutor declines to charge two police officers who gun down a young black man. investigators say they acted in self defense but the 24-year-old's family says otherwise. ryan is live in minneapolis with more. >> reporter: i want to show you this is the memorial that everybody started their protests at just yet. people were angry after hearing the news about jamar clark. he was shot near this spot about four months ago, and investigators tried to figure out what was going on in the case. we did see video involve and police contend when they arrived here, jamar clark was trying to stop them from being involved with his girlfriend and there was a struggle and shots were fired and the community believes jamar clark was handcuffed and
3:31 am
we learned from police that did not happen. protesters taking to the street, as you can hear here, hundreds walked through the streets last night and everything remained peaceful, don. >> thank you, ryan young. >> that's good to hear it all remained peaceful. donald trump trying to back away from his comments about abortion. how do women feel about what he said yesterday? we'll discuss the fallout. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, is it principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment? >> for the woman? >> yeah, some form. >> ten years or -- >> i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else? >> how will female voters react to donald trump. joining me now is a national political commentator and a
3:36 am
trump surrogate, and a ted cruz supporter. how do you explain donald trump initial response to the question where he said that women should be criminalized for having an abortion? it's so far outside the mainstream even pro life thinking. where did he come up with that? >> you have to look at the context. this is a typical trap that a lot of democrats and liberal media do when they ask the question amongst a pro lifer, and it's a complicated situation because it's a complex issue. i think the fact that mr. trump realized immediately after he got off how quickly it was going to be misconstrued -- >> hold on. was it misconstrued? he said women should be punished. >> that's not what he means. he is 100% pro life and has been
3:37 am
that way since 1999, and he evolved on the issue like ronald reagan and i think in the situation he was in, this was a tough subject and i think he handled it, especially clarifying it immediately and not waiting a couple days and it was not the exactly the words he wanted to say. >> he has not been pro life in 1999, and he said in 1999 he was in favor of abortion -- >> and he evolved since 1999 -- >> he did not insolve in 1999. three times yesterday he switched his position on abortion. if you know what you believe, when you are running for the presidency, this is not an i got you liberal question, okay?
3:38 am
this is what a president deals with. this is also what a president deals with when it comes to dealing with the supreme court. >> ben, hold on, the president does not deal with this. >> let me finish. you have a presidential candidate here that literally walks out and says, i think this is what people want me to say so i will fake it and act what i know what i am talking about on pro life issues. your campaign doesn't have a stance on this. his own son was contradicting trump's campaign while they were making a statement on their first flip-flop. his own kids don't know what their dad thinks on this issue. >> it's not a hypothetical question -- the truth is the presidency does not deal with reversing supreme court decisions -- >> then you should have donald trump say that. >> it's fair to ask a presidential candidate how do you feel about abortion? it's a fair question.
3:39 am
and then chris matthews said, so then what -- >> he went into a hypothetical question without the details. >> you are running for president. >> exactly. if you want a politician or lawyer that can sit there and talk the talk, go for it. don't vote for mr. trump. if you want to look at actions and the presidential candidates that have the choice of doing something to help the pro life movement like standing up like your candidate did not do when he had a chance -- >> go ahead. >> this is the problem i have here. you are running for president and when you are asked a question -- >> a hypothetical situation -- >> hold on, ben. go ahead. >> you are running for president and then you say what is not fair is the question, and you don't know what you believe in, don't run for president. true conservatives have always said you do not punish the woman. >> they clarified that.
3:40 am
>> i want to be clear about something. it was hypothetical in only that chris matthews was following donald trump's line of reason. >> absolutely. >> he says i am pro life. >> therefore would you ban abortion? >> donald trump says, yes, i would like to see abortion banned. and then do you punish the woman? >> i don't think anybody thinks that roe v. wade -- >> donald trump would like it to be reversed. >> of course, and most pro lifers would like it to be. >> that's a fair question. >> he tried to answer it. >> here is one thing, and this is where, ben, it's easy to come back like your candidate, who i respect, the only time they were running sound bites from the candidates, it's when they are criticizing mr. trump. >> it did feel as though he had
3:41 am
not thought it through. >> of course he had not thought it through. alisyn, this is the problem -- >> he is pro life accept with exceptions, and if it's banned it becomes illegal. he clarified it in a statement, he might have misspoke -- he is not a politician. that's why americans like him. >> that's not a good enough excuse anymore. you can be an idiot on a pro-life issue, and your defense is he is not a politician, and he is a politician and he needs to start accounting like that to voters, and you don't walk out there with a moral issue on life and death issues and fake it and your excuse, he's not a politician. that's embarrassing to the issue of abortion -- >> no, it's not. that's what has gotten into this
3:42 am
situation. when given the chance to defund taxpayer planned parenthood. >> we could do this for hours, guys. so much to talk about on this topic, but we have to leave it there. tweet us on new day or post your comments on facebook on facebook.calm/newday. we would love to know what you think. just for what the doctor ordered for people in michigan. a selfless good samaritan turned her twitter handle into help. by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>> a big win for abortion rights advocates. guidelines for women taking a pill to induce abortion relaxed by the health and food administration. critics call the change politically motivating insisting the white house is wanting to win over women voters. an alarming new study suggests that sea levels could rise nearly twice as much as predicted by the end of this century if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated. it would devastate coastal communities across the globe. turning dr. pepper into a truck load of bottled water for people who live in flint,
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michigan. she signed up for facebook she chose the handle, tkr dr. pepper, and she gave up the handle in exchange for 41,000 bottles of water. > that's great. back to the update for you right now. why did belgian officials ignore the warn tprgz turkey before the brussels attacks. we have that exclusive interview for you next.
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donald trump's comments on abortion not the only one raising eyebrows. frontrunners mentioned some countries near asia need to develop nuclear weapons to protect themselves. our chief international correspondent joins me now. i want to play this now, because the president is hosting more than 50 countries, including many nato countries in a world to make the world safer from nuclear weapons, but how are donald trump comments going to play to the leader of these nations. here he is speaking to anderson
3:53 am
cooper in a town hall about nato. >> you think it's obsolete? >> yeah, it has to be changed. our single biggest threat is terror. i understand this. nato is obsolete. doesn't mean it can't be fixed or made good. >> for you, is there a financial -- >> you have countries, 28 countries, you have countries in nato that are getting a free ride and it's unfair. >> nato is going to be here and nato is obsolete and the u.s. is paying for it. >> one thing is correct, one of the big huge challenges global terrorism, and then he swings and says that. nato is a peace keeping operation and sometimes a war
3:54 am
fighting operation. what he really means is talking about beefing up security and intelligence and better intelligence sharing and that kind of comment went down incredibly badly around the nato allies when it was made earlier, and a lot of the countries are not paying for 2% of gdp into the nato budget, but now since president obama complained about some of the countries they upped their contribution to the nato forces. >> the nuclear proliferation thing, is that raising eyebrows? >> yeah, a lot of eyebrows. south korea and japan, our allies. but there's a reason they don't have nuclear programs, and so much angst and concern about the proliferation against them and
3:55 am
then suggesting some countries get them is not going down well at all. >> what is going on with european countries? do they have enough resources? are they sharing enough information? >> don, that seems to be the big issue right now. after you have had in europe after three months three mega-attacks, starting with "charlie hebdo" and then in paris and then belgium, there's concern there's a super cell in the heart of europe between france and belgium and there's a base there right now as isis has now been revealed to have had planning to send operatives to
3:56 am
europe. the resources being put into the counter operation. >> you spoke with the prime minister of turkey and they warned brussels -- >> yes, they did. once the images came out on the security cameras --
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
4:01 am
criticize the comments. >> when he was asked whether women should be punished, he said yes, and that is absolutely unacceptable. it is outrageous. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension.
4:02 am
>> trump's campaign uncharacteristically backtracking and attempting to clarify his remarks. this issue is unclear and should be put back in the states for determination. like ronald reagan i am pro life with exceptions. within a few hours, another statement, a complete reversement of the first, saying if abortion were made illegal, the doctor or any other person performing the act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. his son coming to his defense, tweeting, be fair, was asked if it was illegal should there be punishment, and shouldn't there be consequences for breaking laws? these comments come a day after donald trump's campaign manager was charged with misdemeanor simple battery for grabbing a female reporter, and donald trump facing 70% plus
4:03 am
disapproval ratings across female voters in the united states in a series of polls. these two issues are not going to help that case, and this all coming five days before the crucial wisconsin primary. the latest polling out of this state, donald trump, trailing ted cruz by nine, so a lot of ground to make up and a lot of damaging issues to try and deal with, alisyn. >> thank you for that background. and here to discuss that, cnn political communicator, and jeffrey, i want to start with you. how could donald trump have taken a position so far outside the mainstream in terms of criminalizing abortion and then criminalizing the women that get them? >> yeah, you know, number one, i think he made a mistake and i think he has corrected his mistake. you know, i do find it very fascinating, senator cruz was in iowa, i believe, in january of
4:04 am
2015, and i was just looking at this on media, and there was a clip from c-span and he is asked the same question, do you punish the women or doctors, and he dodged. he did make a good point, however, that the media is never asking president obama why he voted for the amendment when he was in the illinois state legislature that allowed doctors to take the life of a doctor born during an abortion, and he is suggesting a bias. >> it's complicated. >> yeah, we are talking about donald trump. donald trump yesterday had three different positions. first he said, yes, you have to punish the woman and then changed it and said well, it's actually for the states to decide and then he came around
4:05 am
to, well, actually, if it were banned it would be the doctors that were punished. mel, is this clarifying or making the issue cloudier? >> with all tkau respect for jeffrey, i am not surprised he is voting for donald trump, because donald trump's overwhelming support is older white men, and what about the other 30% of the woman not offended by trump, not just by this, alisyn, but this is just the jump the shark moment wherevwher wherevwhere every woman in america says, this is not just a mistake. i am glad he is not stopping and anything at this point because at some point every single woman needs to look at themselves in the mirror and say is this the kind of person i really want to be committed to for the next four years, because if a boy were talking like this i would not let my daughter date him so
4:06 am
why would i want my country to be represented by him. i don't believe this is a mistake. i believe this is exactly what he thinks. i believe the fact that he keeps using words like bimbos and fat pigs and i can go on and on and on about the disgusting thing about women, and i believe trump just killed his own campaign and what is going to stop him is the women of america. >> jeffrey? >> i am startled at the sexism on display here. what does my age or skin color have to do with this? that's a pretty startling approach to take. but that's typical -- >> you know it. >> let's not engage in attacks on each other, but to mel's point, i do want to bring up the polls. this is how all registered
4:07 am
voters feel about donald trump, 73% unfavorable. republican women, 40 something percent unfavorable. what does he do? it appears yesterday's comments won't help, so what does he do to win? >> he has a record with women. he has employed woman after woman after woman and put them in high positins and paid them sky high salaries because he treats them equally. >> those things in his own company, you think, will be big enough statements that women will overlook what he has said about abortion and other things? >> when you look at the polls and i remember this clearly from
4:08 am
this summer, abortion was way, way, way down on the list on issues important to women. >> that's true. abortion is not in the top three or five, however he is way outside of the mainstream. and in terms of whether they believe abortion should remain legal now, the majority, 82% believe it should remain legal. some believe it's in certain circumstances and some believe in all circumstances, but they feel it should remain legal. >> republicans made three exceptions for rain ape and inc and the life of the mother. >> donald trump, mel, you know, we have seen this firestorm before with donald trump. do you think that this is
4:09 am
different, mel, than in believe things he has said that has gotten attention? >> i think it's different. and jeffrey will be surprised if he looks back about everything i have written about donald trump since july of 2015, and i was the first person to say it was over and he would be the republican nominee. i have written largely explaining why he had such broad appeal, and i think systematically what has happened is his true colors are coming through over and over and over again. i agree with jeffrey on the point that i don't think this is necessarily about abortion. look, women's rights to abortion is under attack in this country where you have 28 states that require waiting periods and 14 states that require women two clinic visits that make it more expensive and harder to get daycare if you have kids. women's right to choose is under attack in this country as it is. i don't think it's the critical
4:10 am
issue. i think the critical issue is his consistent tone when he comes to women. why is he dragging heidi cruz into his catfight with ted cruz. when anderson asked him about that, his response was, well, he started it. and one lady said i wish you could be more like his sons. ladies, you are stuck with him for the next four years so listen closely to what he is saying. >> given what he initially said before he clarified it in the next few statements about banning abortion and criminalizing it, do you think it will hurt his campaign? >> i don't think it was the best thing to say, if that's what you want me to say, yeah. he is behind in wisconsin at the moment and maybe he will lose wisconsin. this is one of the media dust ups that will disappear and there are other issues along the
4:11 am
way and this is not the most important issue out there, as we know. i think he is in the mainstream here and exactly where senator cruz is and where most republicans are. >> he's not exactly where most republicans are. most republicans, as i just showed you from the polls, do not believe abortion should be outlawed and the women should be criminalized. >> he doesn't believe it either. >> i feel, alisyn, i feel a lot of the liberal media misunderstood and was out of touch with the emotions and the issues that really mattered to the base that is supporting donald trump, and that is how they missed the search. i believe there's a lot of conservatives supporting donald that are 100% out of touch with the way women expect to be spoken to, and the way they expect to be respected and they have been appalled and disgusted by the behavior they have seen
4:12 am
ramping up through the most senior ranking member of the gop that is a woman in congress. >> we have to leave it there. so much to talk about, and we will be dealing with this throughout the program. thank you for coming on to discuss this issue. there are democrats running for president, too. and the candidates focused on a bigger prize, new york. clinton has a double-digit lead, and here is joe johns live in washington for the latest. good morning, joe. >> good morning, don. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have close ties to new york, and she was the senator for new york, and the home state advantage appears to go to hillary clinton according to the latest poll, and it's important to say that both of the democrats in the race appear
4:13 am
to have an edge against donald trump, and ted cruz as well in the hypothetical match-up with the republican frontrunner, hillary clinton up and bernie sanders up even moreover trump. marquette university poll shows bernie sanders with a very narrow lead that is within the margin of error and wisconsin is the next big state to vote followed by wyoming and then new york, with its huge haul of delegates, 247 delegates to the democratic national convention. bernie sanders has been pushing hard to debate hillary clinton in new york. before the primary there on april 19th, and he may have to do something to change the dynamic before the race on that day. breaking news out of india. 14 people dead and dozens more
4:14 am
hurt after a bridge under construction collapsed. you can see the aftermath here. this happened in a busy commercial area. these are live pictures of people trying to deal with the aftermath. this is north of kul katia. the indian army deployed to help with rescue operations and we will continue to help you on the developing story. also, new details emerging about the suspect charged in the told terror plot in france. authorities uncovering a shocking find in a raid of his apartment. our senior european correspondent live with the latest. hello, jim. >> reporter: hi, don. he had keys to an apartment in a
4:15 am
suburb, and they found all kinds of things to suggest that he was planning an attack. the prosecutor said the attack could have taken place at any moment. he had a photo of somebody else, a guy who was picked up in holland and they found 6,000 rounds of ammunition for all the weaponry they had in paris. they suspect they were plotting something, and what they don't know, but it could have been put into action at anytime according to prosecutors. heart stopping video to show you out of florida. sky divers colliding midair and tumbling to the ground. and one was knocked unconscious and fell more than 14,000 feet.
4:16 am
luckily the reserve chute deployed before landing but fractured his spine in four places and is paralyzed from the waist down but he says he will walk again and jump again, and the other man survived. >> i hope he can walk again, and jump again. >> they love it. >> lucky for him. again. >> good luck to him. >> a new poll out this morning could signal republicans are headed for a contested contest. where people, technology and ideas
4:17 am
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4:20 am
we're counting down because it's five days away from the crucial primary in wisconsin and setting the stage for the next phase of the presidential race. ted cruz is leading donald trump by ten points. can he hold the lead? let's bring in now cnn politics
4:21 am
executive editor, mr. mark cranston, and also ron brownstein. mark, i will go to you first. a new poll out of wisconsin shows ted cruz holding a 10-point lead over trump. this is the important part. it has jumped from 19% support to 40% support, and if trump loses wisconsin does that tell you his momentum stalled. >> the fact is right now, don, if you look at the numbers and go deep into the numbers, you see that donald trump now has lost the lead amongst republican voters who do not have a high school or a college degree. that has been really his strongest support as we have seen through this election cycle so far. what is interesting about the
4:22 am
momentum question, we are focused on new york after wyoming, however there are two contests that occur before that, one in north carolina and one in wyoming. 13 delegates on the board in north carolina and once selected these delegates do not have to dedicate themselves to a candidate. if ted cruz does win in wyoming, can you manage the momentum he could go to try and get the commitments. cruz made a play on delegates. >> what does that say, when he says about voters that don't have a high school education, that's donald trump's core? is he saying donald trump is losing some of his base support? >> if you look inside the wisconsin poll, it's an important poll because it sketches out the coalition that could be emerging against donald trump in the latter stages of the race. if you go back to the beginning,
4:23 am
you look at the analysis done of all 20 exit polls, as mark suggested. trump has won less well among women and college graduates to begin with than he has among men and those without college degrees. what this poll shows is further deterioration among the groups. in the wisconsin poll he is winning about one-fifth of women and one-fifth of college graduates in wisconsin, and he is behind not only cruz but kasich in both groups, and 25 points behind in caollege graduates. the answer before super tuesday has taken a toll on him. whether that is enough to stop him, he is given the home-court advantage, and i think there's no doubt that resistance is hardening at a point where
4:24 am
previous front runserunnerfronty consolidating. >> the wisconsin poll shows among all registered voters, 55% would feel very uncomfortable with trump as president. that's more than any other candidate, so what does that tell you? >> exactly what ron said. what we are seeing in the primary is certainly continuing into the general election. at this point now, donald trump has to reassess his campaign and say to himself, do i need to do a 180 and do i need to be more of a populist to everybody and not just reaching out to the coalition that has gotten me to this point in the primary election. the bottom line, donald trump is still in the poll position to win the republican primary, and after that primary it's a whole new election and if he wants to win in november he has to reach out to voters, independents, those on the edges to win. don, the comments he made last night regarding women and being penalized for having an abortion
4:25 am
is certainly not going to help him. >> self awareness is very important, mark and ron, and it's very important and does he realize, if you listen to the spokesperson and listen to him, he doesn't think he had a couple bad days, he think the new york times interview was great and he thinks the information is clarified about abortion and standing by louen skousy. >> he is on the trump treadmill. a key to his success with the voters attracted to him, the idea that he will say things others will not and that's proof he will fight by whatever is necessary to reverse all the -- >> that's pressure. >> that pressures him to constantly double down and the price is the unfavorable ratings
4:26 am
among everybody else. in the wisconsin poll in the general election, looking at 80% unfavorable among women, college graduates and millennials and 80% among african-americans. trump is deepening his hold on the piece of the republican party at the price of narrowing the range of his support not only in the general electorate, but in the last cnn poll, don, two-thirds of republicans not voting for him had an unfavorable opinion of him. that's remarkable for it to be within your own party. he is looking at toxic numbers, and it is making people uncomfortable and that adds another head win to him. >> ron, mark, thank you very much. donald trump, as we have been discussing under fire from all sides for his comments on abortion, so what happened inside the headquarters of planned parenthood yesterday?
4:27 am
we will find out next. wild-caught alaskan salmon.
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president obama hosting his final security summit today. he is looking to reduce the risk of nuclear proper. leaders from more than 50 countries are converging on washington for the two-day summit. vladimir putin is not attending. here is a crazy story, jon. three first graders accused of plotting to poison a classmate in their anchorage, alaska classmate. and they were going to use the gel packs from their meals to poison the student, and they are not poisonous but the students thought they were. they are facing expulsion. >> the head of the systems
4:32 am
transit boat putting students on notice, and calling for more than $1 billion a year in additional funding, possibly from a new sales tax. a final decision on closure is expected in four to six weeks. donald trump igniting a firestorm wednesday when he said women that get abortions should be punished. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no? is it principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, some form. >> trump backtracked but not before hearing a heap of discussion. >> can you tell us what was happening inside the conference rooms there when you heard that donald trump had spoken about banning abortion and then criminalizing women that sought one? >> let me say, alisyn, a plan to
4:33 am
punish women who seek abortion in this country is not news, it's the republican party platform. donald trump just said more bluntly, as he is usual to do, that he supports the same dangerous and extreme agenda that ted cruz has voted on in the senate and john kasich has made the law of the land. >> john kasich has not made it the law of the land to send women to jail. ted cruz has not voted on that in the senate? >> donald trump said he thought women should be punished, and of course he said he backtracked. i think we saw what was really in his heart in his first comment. if you look at what has gone on in the country since 2010 led by kasichs and ted cruz, they had an agenda to punish by making them drive 500 miles to get an abortion, to come three times for an appointment to take two
4:34 am
pills. to stand outside of health tpherz and yell obscenities of doctors and women that go there and to stand up for that. i don't think saying that there's some difference between them when you look at their records. ohio is now considered second only to texas in the number of anti-abortion laws that have been passed. >> i hear you, dawn. you don't think there's a difference. you are not drawing any disti t distinction between those two? >> i believe when you look actually at their record, that the things that have been passed, the laws that have been passed that criminalize abortion activity and force clinics to close rather than provide services that would then be outside of the law and enlist
4:35 am
being sent to jail for doctors or women, there's no evidence of where these laws would stop or what these folks would do. i think the only outrage on the side of cruz and kasich and the pro-life or anti-abortion opponents is they have been outed by donald trump being kind of the it of the republican party. >> what the pro life groups and advocates say is he is far beyond the mainstream and far beyond where they are in their position on abortion. this is from march for life. they say being pro life means wanting what is best for the mother and the baby and no pro lifer would want to punish a woman who chose abortion and this is against the very nature what we are about. they see a very big difference between what donald trump said yesterday about criminalizing women who get or seek an abortion and what ted cruz and john kasich has been on these. >> i would maintain, alisyn,
4:36 am
they are horrified for being outed for what they do every day, which is punish women that seek abortion. to back laws that tell doctors they must lie to women to work to shut down clinics and ban certain procedures that doctors say are important for safety and health. that's what they do day in and day out, they punish women. they can be upset donald trump is saying it out loud and proud, if you will, but i don't draw a distinction about what the affect of their agenda is in their efforts to punish women every day. >> kasich does she a big difference of where donald trump is and his initial statement, and what kasich has done. let me say that for you. >> i do have exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother, and of course women
4:37 am
should not be punished. i think donald trump will figure out a way he didn't say it or was misquoted or whatever, and it's not an appropriate response and it's a difficult enough situation than to try to punish somebody. >> what is your response to that? >> for 18 bills in ohio that john kasich has backed that make getting an abortion safely and legally more difficult for the women of that state, he punished women every day that he was governor, and so trying to draw a distinction between what donald trump says and what kasich has actually done as governor of a major state, it's now ranked of the second worse state behind texas for women seeking reproductive health care and that's an agenda he has been proudly in favor of, and to say he has a few exceptions, and of course, the senate, ted cruz, no
4:38 am
exception. the bills that have passed, these are just real evidence of a party and candidates who are completely out of touch with women in this country. 1 in 3 women in america has had an abortion. are they going to punish them all? >> we appreciate getting the position of planned parenthood. thank you so much for being on "new day." >> absolutely, alisyn. president obama hosting world leaders at the summit. the former head of the house committee weighs in next. why do so many businesses rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service
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president obama preparing to host leaders from more than 50 nations at a nuclear security summit in washington today, the focus preventing terrorists from obtaining nuclear material. this session coming at a moment of global unease after the what happened in brussels. mike rogers joins us now. the goal is to keep terrorists from getting nuclear materials. good morning, by the way. >> good morning. >> two tons of material around the world and what needs to happen during the summit to keep this material from getting into the hands of the wrong people, and that's terrorists? >> there are hosts of things they can do, and there are nations whose security standards are not what it needs to be given the threat. pakistan comes to mind and they have a long way to go to make sure all of their nuclear materials are secure in a manner
4:43 am
that would give us a western style comfort level with their protection efforts. not having russia here is a big problem. a lot of that loose nuke material they would call it came out of russia in the years after the wall came down and the change in the posture with russia, and that's concerning as well. they can be a very important and should be a very important player. it's unfortunate they didn't show up here. tracking loose nuke materials is a big deal and an intelligence-based effort and law enforcement-based effort and we will have to ramp it all up, including cyber securities, and that's a place where belgium fell behind on their cyber security protection and their physical security. >> president obama will be participating in a trilateral
4:44 am
meeting regarding north carolina's nuclear program. listen to what donald trump said about nuclear proliferation during the town hall on tuesday. >> you don't talk about terror. our single biggest threat right now is terror. i really do understand this stuff. nato is absolute. it doesn't mean it can't be fixed and made good -- >> are you talking about a financial component? >> you have 28 countries in naoe getting a free ride and it's unfair. >> the white house press secretary called this destabilizing. how are these comments going to play at the meetings the president will be having? >> i hope they are not part of the conversation the president is having with the prime minister of japan and south
4:45 am
korea. >> you don't think they are paying attention? >> i am sure they are paying attention, but i hope the meet something more substantive than what one candidate says in an election. we have a huge problem in north korea's aggressive activities, including talking about a first strike with a nuclear weapon and they clearly demonstrated they have a nuclear weapon and many analysts believe they have multiple nuclear weapons and they don't know if they can put it on top of a missile and fire it and you don't want to find that out, and i hope the meeting centers completely on what is the way forward to continue to push back on north korea's effort to, a, get attention, and b, continue to nuclear weaponize that is really destabilizing to the korean peninsula and bad for china and clearly bad for asia and japan as well. i hope that's the focus on the
4:46 am
meeting, and on a good day donald trump name wouldn't come back in that meeting. >> this is the president's fourth and final nuclear summit and it's coming off the attack in brussels, and what does this say about -- what does the concern the state say about the president's legacy and how he is doing, the progress he is making? >> you know, i think this would go down as one of his successes on the loose nuke program and that's how this started, how do you control the availability of nuclear materials floating around in the black market so drawing attention to this as the president of the united states is a good and positive thing and could be an important way to get the standards of security of nuclear materials all around the world, and as belgium showed us, as brussels showed us, the
4:47 am
materials there may not have been impactful to a bomb, the fact that they tried to get into that area and put together a bomb shows the seriousness of the effort. i hope something comes out of this more than let's plan another one of these summits. if that happens, don, i think the president can say he moved in a direction that is important on security loose nuclear materials. this is a big concern around the world and one that now that you see so publicly, isis' interest in getting these materials, why this issue is so important. >> we will be watching to see what comes out of the summit. thank you, mike roger. all eyes on wisconsin in the republican primary case. the polls show ted cruz leading donald trump at the moment. could trump face some bumps in the road?
4:48 am
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now with our chief business correspondent cris teep romans. >> good morning. it is the last day of the first quarter and investors are excited because they are making money again. the market started the year in melt down mode. plunging 10% as oil prices crashed. then the comeback. it is now up almost 2% for the year. 80 big businesses standing up north carolina's new laws. connecticut's governor stepping in. he says it shows he state is closed minded about human rights. and he sent a letter no north carolina business leaders welcoming all of them to move to his state. >> there is a new poll out of wisconsin to tell you about. showing ted cruz leading donald trump by 10 points. how critically is wisconsin? let's ask peter, cnn political commentator. you have a lot of credentials to answer this question.
4:53 am
let's talk about wisconsin. there are 42 delegates. is it winner take all? how does it break down? >> it's winner take most. which means that if you win a majority in a individual congressional district you get all of the delegates and if you win a majority statewide you get an extra bunch of delegates. if you win you get most of the delegates. >> let's look where the race is today. donald trump far ahead at 739. so if ted cruz were to somehow win all or most of the delegates, for wisconsin, he still has 86% of the future races that he would have to win. >> no way ted cruz can get to that 1237 he needs to win on the first ballot. he just wants to keep donald trump from getting there and if he wins this 55% number starts to go up into the high 50s, so it becomes harder for donald trump to get the magic number he needs. >> i want to talk about marco rubio. marco rubio got out of the race but he's holding on to his
4:54 am
delegates. here is why. this is his rationale. it is my desire at this time that the delegates allocated to me by your rules remained bound to vote for me on or at least the first nominating ballot. here is what we are talking about. he has 173 delegates. who decides what happens to tease? >> the state parties in the states where he won delegates. the reason this is interesting is marco rubio knows if he doesn't retain those delegates, they will be divided between the other candidates. which means a bunch of them will go to donald trump. that could be enough potentially to get him over the hump to this 1237. he doesn't want them o go to donald trump. he wants to have them stay with him on the first ballot so they can help block trump. >> and is there precedent for that? can he hang on? >> no precedent whatsoever. this has not been tried. but remember this is not state law. these are state party rules. a lot of ambiguity and a lot of politics. >> when you say it is up to the state party officials.
4:55 am
he won puerto rico. so in puerto rico they will decide who -- >> they will read the state party rules in puerto rico and they will decide whether marco rubio has the right to keep his dealt es or not. >> if nobody reaches 1237, here is what happens, i believe. there is a vote taken. even if they do reach 1237, there is still a first vote. >> there is always going to be a vote. >> okay. and what happens at that vote? >> first vote, 95% of the delegates have to vote for the person they are pledged to based on how their state voted. so if donald trump needs to get very close to 1237. he only has 5% of uncommitted delegates to try to lure on the first ballot. >> so if he doesn't hit -- the scenario the people are talking about now, the so called contested convention, if he doesn't hit 1237, there is a vote and after the first vote what happens? >> there is a second vote. and the big difference here is
4:56 am
this number. 57%. which means that a lot of the delegate, almost half -- more than half of them are now unbound. they don't have to vote for the person they voted for in the first ballot. they could have voted for donald trump and then they could shift and vote for ted cruz or john kasich or anybody else and that's when the chaos begins. >> then it's a free for all. then what? if that all splinters and kasich gets a nird and cruz gets a third and trump, then what happens? >> you still need to goat 1237. if nobody gets to 1237 on the second ballot you go to a third. >> i happen to have that right here. what is this 81% then of delegates? these are such random numbers. >> what 81% means is that now more than 4 out of 5 delegates can vote for whoever they want to, pretty much. which is why the opportunities for horse trading becomes extraordinary. you can even have a scenario in which someone who wasn't running like a mitt romney or a paul
4:57 am
ryan could start to lure those delegates. and baa makes it even more interesting is that even if you are a donald trump delegate on the first ballot doesn't mean you have to be somebody who likes donald trump. the state parties choose these people. thr people they are starting to call double agent delegates. which is they are bound to vote for trump on the first ballot but they don't want trump and they will defect whenever they become unballot. they had 103 battles in '64. at that point we're in totally uncharted waters. >> thanks for explaining that. let's get over to don. >> i think michaela got off the wild ride today. just for today. and we've been teasing. oh michaela's on assignment. we've been saying this all morning. so let's check in with her. ms. michaela pereira. what are you up to? >> did you miss me boo? >> i miss you baby. >> i like secrets. i'm a double agent. i'm not going to lie to you.
4:58 am
i'm going to drag this out and build the intrigue. i know you love that. i'm going to give you couple of hints to see if you can figure where i might be. the first i traveled by plane. obviously that means that i'm not in new york. >> okay. >> all right. >> there is tremendous history here as you can see around me. >> okay. >> i'm going to keep you guessing. >> i think i know. >> -- from here. >> one of cnn's own is from there. >> okay. and the last one i'm going to give you -- well i'll give you two more. there is an accent. >> those are really good clues. listen, i actually don't know where you are but i think have i have an idea because of the panelling. i'm not going to say but i think i have an idea. >> here is one last one, when you arrive here you immediately feel like you are at home. >> did you park your car there?
4:59 am
>> -- >> we'll check back with you momentarily. >> we are following a lot of >> we are following a lot of news so let's get too it. -- captions by vitac --
5:00 am
good morning everyone. welcome to your "new day." thursday march 31, 8:00 in the east. don lemon is in for chris cuomo. we begin with donald trump under fire for his comments over abortion. -- doctors who perform the procedure who should be punished not women. >> trump's critics unloading on both sides of the aisle. planned parenthood calls his comments flat out dangerous. so will his controversial comments change the race? our coverage begins with phil mattingly live in milwaukee this morning. >> reporter: good morning don. throughout the course of donald
5:01 am
trump's the presidential campaign he has walked himself right into no shortage of political controversies and somehow managed to walk himself back out. unscathed or actually doing better in the race. none however have been more fraught with danger than what he walked himself into yesterday with his comments on abortion. and it is an issue he i peering to have recognized. backtracking for one of the first times we've seen through the entire campaign. >> donald trump, smack in the center of another controversy. this time abortion. at a town hall with msnbc's chris matthews. the front runner saying that women who get abortions should face some sort of punishment if the procedure is i tlaued. >> do you believe in punishment? >> there that some form of punishment.outlawed. >> do you believe in punishment? >> there some form of punishment. >> reporter: the backlash, fast, furious and bipartisan.
5:02 am
trumps rivals on both sides quick to pounce and reject the notion. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. i don't think that is appropriate and it is difficult enough situation then to try to punish somebody. >> donald's comments, they were unfortunate, they were wrong and i strongly disagree with him. >> anti-abortionists anded cans all lining up to. >> when he was asked whether women should be punished he said yes. and that is absolutely unacceptable. it is outrageous. >> so punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension. >> reporter: amid the fire storm, trump's campaign uncharacteristically backtracking, quickly issuing this statement attempting to clarify his remarks. quote, this issue is unclear and should be put back into the states of determination. like ronald reagan, aam pro life with exception within a few hours another statement saying if abortion were made illegal
5:03 am
the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible. not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case. as is the life in her womb. his son coming to his defense. tweeting be fair. was asked if it was illegal. should there punishment? shouldn't there be consequences for breaking laws? these comments a day after donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski was charged with a simple m.d. for grabbing a female reporter. here in wisconsin, donald trump trailing ted cruz already by 9 points br these abortion comments and more broadly. in the general electorate. female voters with a 70% plus disapproval rating for donald trump. no question still the front runner but as he goes into
5:04 am
wisconsin five days from now he has a lot of major issues to address. perhaps the most serious of his campaign up to this point. >> phil, thanks so much for all of that background. here to respond now to the backlash, the trump's campaign national spokesperson katrina pearson. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> how did donald trump get this one so wrong? how did he make that initial comment that is so far outside of the mainstream in terms of criminalizing women kbho seek abortions? >> well i think first i should probably clear up something that i heard you say earlier. in that he never called for a ban on abortion. this was a discussion. with chris mathews over a hypothetical ban. and in that discussion when talking about potential consequences about doing something illegal in this case an abortion he said yes there should be consequences. and when chris matthews said for women, he said yes. just not distinguishing the difference here, which is exactly why he clarified. no it shouldn't be the woman,
5:05 am
but the one actually performing the illegal act. >> just to clarify what you just told me. i have the transcript. he did call for a man. chris mathews, i'm asking you you say you want to ban it. >> he sksz if he would so support it. >> he would support it. you can support a lot of things but don't call for it. this is absurd. >> katrina you are mincing words here. >> this is a miss speak alisyn. there was a miss speak here and you have a presidential candidate that clarified the record. not once, but twice. and we're sitting here talking about -- >> first he said -- >> no they weren't confusing -- >> -- >> and that is correct. it should be down to the states because that is what the potential ban was talking about. >> -- that he wouldn't want to ban it. as president he would want to ban it.
5:06 am
i'm reading to it you o you here. chris matthews says so you say you want to ban it. he says i would. >> why and the clarification was that it would be a state issue. i'm not so sure what's so hard to understand about that. you can support something and understand that it is a state's rights issue. >> but he didn't say that initially. initially he said that women -- >> but that is the point of a clarification. >> but as the window in how he felt. katrina here is the situation. is he having any meetings with policy advisors? you are part of the campaign. had he thought about this issue before this interview yesterday? >> well of course he has alsz. but again when a presidential candidate says something and makes a clarification we don't see a 24 hour fall out of headlines after the clarification has been made. for example -- >> -- this inflammatory -- >> for example --
5:07 am
>> -- had talked about it and had solidified his position, why did he say that women who seek it he thought should be criminalized and punished? >> because like i said this was during a discussion with chris matthews and it was off the cuff, not scripted and when he said should there be punishment said yes. for women? he says yes. again, not kwishing the fact that it is the actual procedure that would be illegal. that is exactly why he issued the statement clarifying. donald trump is pro life. with exceptions. he does not support penalizing women for having abortions enwhen they are illegal. >> kwoo did he say that. >> my point -- because it was a miss speak. how many times do i have to say that. in 2008 when then presidential candidate barack obama was talking about his muslim faith there was no 24 hour fallout about him reversing his religion. we debate see that. what we saw. what we saw is the media come back behind him and correct the record for the candidate.
5:08 am
>> i don't know about that. i remember there being lots of conversations about the president's faith. but back to donald trump. in other words he made a mistake. that is in and out he really feels. >> absolutely. this was a complete miss speak during a conversation over a hypothetical concept. and there was a clarification issued. mr. trump is pro life with exceptions and does not support punishing women for having abortions, even if they are illegal. >> does he think that abortion should be banned. >> he does not support abortion. >> does he think roe v. wade should be overturned and should be illegal. >> absolutely. this is a state issue. that is the point here. these are states issues not a federal over reach making decisions for everybody in the whole country. >> it is fair to ask a president how he feels and that is what chris matthews was asked to do. if you follow your reasoning and donald trump's line of reasoning, if abortion is banned, if it becomes illegal,
5:09 am
then what happens to the women who get them? >> it would be the person performing the illegal procedure which would be the physician. which is again in the statement. so yes, it is fair to ask that question, alisyn. but it should also be fair that when the candidate gives the response and clarifies that we should make this a 24 hour headline when we have things like terrorism going on in the world. >> donald trump has notably not tweeted this morning. he often is very active on twitter. what's happening inside the campaign? is there a feeling that he needs to come out and just be crystal clear? since he's released three different statement, all of them a little bit different than each other. today will we hear him trying to clarify once and for all where he is on abortion. >> i think today what you are going to hear is him reiterating the statement. like i said, again, the head lines are still "donald trump wants to punish women. and that is not the case. the clarification was issued immediately and that's should be
5:10 am
what's reporting on and he's going to continue to reiterate that. >> i want to talk about how donald trump is doing with women. because this may have an impact. in the most recent poll he had a 73% unfavorable among all women. it was less. but stale significant amount among republican women. do you think going to impact him with women voters? >> no i don't. because i do think voters o on both sides of the aisle see through the media and their bias for the example i just gave. and they do know than there is a clarification on the statement. and just remember, it wasn't too long ago with senator cruz was criticizing donald trump for supporting planned parenthood for crying out loud. so obviously there was a miss speak there and the media needs to recognize that. because the campaign and the candidate himself has clarified this issue. mr. trump is pro life. with exceptions. and does not support punishing women for having abortions even if they are illegal.
5:11 am
>> and when he said that to chris matthews it was just that he misspoke and lost his train of thought. >> absolutely. absolutely. conversational. >> how duke this plays out in wisconsin? at the moment ted cruz is beating him in wisconsin. do you think that donald trump will lose wisconsin? >> at this point i don't. because i do think that people are very aware of the real issues of the day, like the economy, like terrorism, like the border. we just received the very first ever endorsement from the national border security union. and i think that is really important moving forward because we have major issues. and we know the problems happening in europe are because of the open border system. because they are not communicating across borders when it comes to terrorism. because they have an immigration system that is broken as well. and those are the important issues of the day and donald trump by far is the strongsz on those issues. >> katrina pearson, thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thanks alisyn. good to see you.
5:12 am
>> all right alisyn. thank you. president barack obama hosting his fourth and final security summit. hoping to make good on his vow to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and reduce the risk of nuclear terror. more than 50 world leaders in tendency but one key leader is a no show. athena jones live at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: that key leader, russia's president vladimir putin but it is going to be a busy day for the president and other world leaders who are in attendance today. let me read some of the whether the president wrote for the washington post. given the continued threat posed by organizations such as the terrorist group we call ice it or isis we'll also join allies to prevent the world's most dangerous networks from obtaining the world's most dangerous weapons. that is the top of the agenda.
5:13 am
but the japan will have a meeting also today to talk about north korea's provocations and efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. and meet with chinese president she jinping and francois hollande. they will talk about stuff. these are some of the issues topping the algd. at the end of the the day all of the world leader will be coming to the white house for a working dinner. one other leader, brazil's president withdrew. but that is on the agenda for this very big meeting. a big part of the president's foreign policy agenda. >> athena. thanks to much. don we want to bring people an update on the story we promised out of india. the death toll is rising to at least 15 people after that bridge that was under construction collapsed.
5:14 am
oh my gosh. there it is collapsing right there. you can see during a busy traffic time. it was caught on video. this massive structure fell light on to drivers and people on the busy street. this happened in a commercial area. it was north of kolkata in eastern india. at least 71 people are hurt. the rescues are ongoing. we have live pictures of all of the rescue crews still trying to dig people out of rubble there. it is just a terrible, terrible situation. everyone has swung into action to see if there are survivors trapped in there. >> unbelievable. and as you can see 15 dead, again. and 70 more injured. still digging but the rubble. you can see that bridge collapsing and that again just coming into cnn, the pictures are horrific here. and again all of this unfolding right now. and of course we'll be following it for you here on cnn all day. i want to turn now to
5:15 am
politics alisyn. because ted cruz out of control joking with late night host jimmy kimmel. he might run the donald over if the opportunity came up. in case you were sleeping, take a listen. >> who do you like better? obama or trump? >> i dislike obama's policies more. >> i see. >> but donald, donald is a unique individual. i will say i was watching the early part of the show. and if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the back up camera -- [ laughter ] i'm not confident which pedal i'd push. >> how many of the seven "star wars" movies have you seen? all of them. >> favorite cereal. >> serial killer or cereal? actually muslix. >> muslix. >> now that's surprising you
5:16 am
were expecting captain crunch or. >> no i was expecting that. it surprises because it didn't surprise me. >> he has a personality. >> and a lot of jokes about homicide. there were two there. >> serial killers. >> serial killers and the vehicular manslaughter. but okay. >> perfectly fine cereal. back to politics. a new poll shows bernie sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck in wisconsin. if sanders wins, will that put a dent in clinton's momentum as the race heads to the all important new york? we have insight from a top clinton supporter, next.
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
5:20 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders both campaigning in new a new cnn poll this morning shows clinton's lead leading sanders in that state. out of three weeks just before the voters go to the polls. okay but both candidates also keeping a close eye on wisconsin. new polls show the democratic rivals are neck and neck. joining me is virginia senator mark warner. a member of the senate intelligence committee and he supports hillary clinton. before we get to these poll, can we talk about this abortion issue that happened with donald trump yesterday? because your candidate called in to anderson cooper's show last night and said donald trump is
5:21 am
really speaking for how most republicans feel about this. does she actually believe the that most richies want to punish women for getting abortions if it gets illegal. >> we've seen trump and to a lesser extent cruz play on anger. play on, i think policies that would effect women's healthcare choices. i think last night was one more moment where i think the american people are going to sit up and say hey, can we actually entrust this guy with the nation and world's most important position? i think not. i think kabdedly most of us have underestimated trump. this is not somebody prepared to be commander in chief. and quite honestly many of his positions are also reflected by mr. cruz.
5:22 am
>> conservatives are saying listen, that's not our stance. we don't want to punish women. we believe in the right of the child's life and also believe in the woman. both the woman and the child are victims in this particular situation. we don't want to punish women. yet still hillary clinton is saying that is what they do. >> i this three daughters in their early 20s. what they heard last night and what they heard from trump and from cruz is they think -- [ inaudible ] >> new polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck when it comes to wisconsin. 49% to 45%. are you concerned bernie sanders could use wisconsin as momentum going into new york and the rest of the northeastern states? >> i think wisconsin is going to be close. everybody's known that for the last few weeks. bernie did very well in the west. he is tumping particularly a lot of young people. but when this contest moves back to new york, new jersey,
5:23 am
secretary clinton is going to do very well. >> wisconsin, like michigan, a loss how bad? >> hillary clinton is going to be the democratic nominee and hillary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. >> okay. but how bad would it -- >> don, i don't want to take away your prognostication job. i'm here recognizing wisconsin is going to be close. hillary is going to be very well and the nominee. >> hillary clinton has been attacking sanders healthcare plan saying it doesn't audit up because states like wisconsin won't get on board. she spoke with our erin burnett. let's listen to that. >> now what secretary clinton says is that scott walker may not go along with that. well dwrn what happens to the state of wisconsin. california will. connecticut vermont will. state s all over the country. and i young bright people will be leaving. and it will be the disaster for the future of their state.
5:24 am
because when kids leave. sometimes they don't come back. >> what do you make of those comments? >> virginia. we've got a democratic governor but a legislature that's not expanded medicaid. that's unfortunate. we've left 400 thousand virginia chbs without healthcare. makes me mad i'm paying taxes not coming back to my home state because of that recalcitrance. but i think setting up a plan the way bernie has proposed which in in effect leaves out states that don't participate is not the equal access to healthcare i think all americans ought to have. >> how do you bridge the gap with intelligence when it comes to british intelligence officials. there was a breakdown somewhere obviously. >> we've seen this o repeatedly. and what unfortunately is the case is clearly the british get it. increasingly the french get it. but what scares me, don is the fact do they have to have other 9/11 type events in each individual country. before we have the kind of
5:25 am
information sharing between security agents that took 9/11 and -- to get that coordination. when touyou have open borders y have to have better communication. and you can't end up get toeizing. donald trump taking three different spans on abortion in the span of just three hours. could the issue be his political crypt night kryptonite
5:26 am
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do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no at a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. there has to be some form. >> donald trump quickly back pedaling after that statement. trump gave three different positions in the span of three hours. so what does this mean for his campaign? let's ask cnn political commentator anna navarro and cnn political commentator and trump supporters kayleigh mcenany. kayleigh you are a trump supporters, how do you explain him making a comment so far
5:30 am
outside of the mainstream how americans feel? >> you know, it is clearly a miss speak. i think most people care about what his actual policy is. if you watch the entirety of the interview you see him asking the same question over and over. and this is what we ski happen a lot with some hosts. they will ask the same question and no matter what he says they will keep -- >> i just want to stop you for one second. i have the transcript here. part was that chris matthews was trying to get trump to answer. trump was all over the map well i don't know if -- well. i don't know. no. yes. so i think that chris matthews in this situation was really trying to pin him down on are you saying that women should be punished and after he pressed him a couple of times that is when donald trump said yes. >> donald trump is trying to answer and in the middle of his answers chris matthews is already asking another question. so it was more like an
5:31 am
inquisition than a fair interview. donald trump misspoke and i think the american people understand that when you are on tv more than any other candidate, donald trump is probably on more than they are, he misspoke. and sometimes we do on air. donald trump did but what matters is his policy. >> anna, what do you think? >> i think it is so early in the morning for us to be talking about abortion don lemon. what are you doing on tv at 7:00 in the morning? >> he's wondering the same thing. >> frank think this was not an i inquisition. that is his interview style. i think he was thinking on his feet. this is a policy he has not thought out. donald trump has not spent, you know, years as most people who have been in elected office thinking out positions, thinking out policy and thinking how to articulate them. he got caught with his foot in his mouth. said something that was awfully stupid that made no sense. the minute i heard him utter it,
5:32 am
i was like how do we punish women? how do you punish women? do you flog them in a public square? do you fine them? make them wear a scarlet letter in 2016? it was just a ridiculous statement. i am glad that for the first time i saw him turn around in a matter of hours and say, you know, let me clarify what i meant. >> let me read the clarification -- >> admit it was a mistake and -- >> here is what he said. this issue is unclear and should be put back to the states for determination like ronald reagan i am pro life with exceptions i've outlined numerous times. later he said if congress were to pass legislation -- or his campaign did. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld the legislation or any other state permitted to ban abortion, the doctor or any other person performing the act would be held legally
5:33 am
responsible. not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case and as is the life in her womb. i am pro life with exceptions. if that's three different positions in a meat of a couple of hours. as someone running for president of the united states, does one want their candidate out there having three different positions kayleigh in a matter of a couple of hours? >> i think he had one position and it was the last one that you mentioned. yes he said the opposite on chris matthews. but it was clear to me that it was a misspeak. i take donald trump at his word -- >> jeffrey lord called it a mistake this morning. >> i think it was a mistake? he misspoke. not that he didn't have his policy positions together. i think he does. but when you are hammered with question, which by the way this is why hillary clinton refrains from national interviews because this is what happens. if you go an an unfriendly
5:34 am
network and no doubt chris matthews is unfriendly to the conservative cause. when you go on an national interview you will be hammered. why hillary clinton avoids it as much as she can. and why ted cruz avoids going on the national stage. donald trump puts himself out there and i think by virtue of that you are going to have times you misspeak. >> anna, it wasn't just he said women should be criminalized. he also said that abortion should be banned. he was asked and said it very clearly. chris matthews says i'm asking you, do you want to ban it? donald trump says i would. he says what happens if you do that? donald trump rightly says well you have to go back to a position where they had people. people will perhaps go to illegal places and chris matt yeas say. and donald trump says but you have to ban it. again outside of the mainstream. that is not how most americans feel about abortion. they doan don't feel it should be band. >> on so many positions, donald trump at some point in his life has been outside of the
5:35 am
mainstream, certainly of the republican party. and what happens is that his supporters apply that measuring stick to him. they hold him accountable for his latest and most recent position and they don't mind that he has had maybe three, four, five six other positions in the course of a lifetime. mitt romney had some of the same problems and he was labeled a flip-flopper and he had to pay the piper for changing positions. donald trump as i've said does not get measured with a regular measuring stick of other elected officials. he gets measured with a measuring stick of a tv persona. of a brand that we all know. and he gets less scrutiny for it and less flak for saying, ha, i change my positions yet again. i think, you know, look, yesterday that statement he came out with. if the law was, you know -- if abortion was banned. if congress passed a law.
5:36 am
well in spanish we have a saying [speaking foreign language] if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a bicycle. the bottom line is what we're dealing with today is abortion is legal. and you cannot punish women. and he quickly realized he had made a big, big mistakes. it would be nice if he were able to utter the words "i made a mistake". >> great to talk to you beth. thank you. battle lines over north carolina's law that eliminates protections for lgbt community. we ask the lawmaker behind the measure why it's fair. big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
we're here to discuss another controversial topic this morning. a heated battle in north carolina over a new anti-discrimination law that excludes protections for the lgbt community. the fallout has been swift. governors of new york, washington and vermont have banned official travel to north carolina. and more than 80 businesses are calling for governor mcrory to repeal the law. mcrory for his part blaming the
5:41 am
media for the backlash. >> i'm clearly confident when the facts get out and when you clearly communicate the facts as opposed to some of this national propaganda which is of well coordinated political campaign that is distorting the facts of the true ordinance, then i think everything will be fine. >> so let's get both sides now. north carolina state representative dan bishop is the lead sponsor and katherine oakley for the human rights campaign. good morning. governor mcrory says facts within hb 2 being distorted by the media. how so? >> well it is a very common sense measure. good morning to you. charlotte, the city of charlotte, that i represent passed an ordinance that, among other things, eliminated rights of privacy in bathroom and shower facilities allowing people of the opposite sex to come in and people were enormously ups upset about thet
5:42 am
that. we passed a law that is common sense and clarifies the limits of local authority. >> kate how does this effect lgbt citizens directly. >> this is an tremendous piece of legislation that was pushed by extreme legislators. hb-2 was unprecedented throughout the country. it is a more extreme bill than the bill vetoed by the republican governor of south dakota just a few months ago. and this bill not only does it overturn the provisions of the charlotte non discrimination ordinance that apply to lgbt, it also institutes policies around bathroom use for both students and adults in public facilities. and that is incredibly important because it is that part of the
5:43 am
bill, the part that talks about students and bathroom use that is similar to what was in south dakota. this goes beyond that extending that also to trans gender adults that are in facilities owned by the state or state agency, including public universities and cities. and so those bathrooms are now going to be offered only in a discriminatory way to trans gender people. and it's hugely problematic. >> here is the question representative bishop. your state is now requiring students to use restroom, locker rooms based on birth gender. but this legislation is at odds with the federal title 9 law. so how do you plan to reconcile that? >> it is noted a odds. to correct slightly it is not birth gender. it is gender via the birth certificate. and that can be changed for someone who is a surgical trans sexual. with respect to -- i lost the
5:44 am
other part of your question, i'm sorry. >> how do you plan to reconcile that? you said it wasn't at odds with title nieb. >> the obama administration has a new interpretation of the title 9 they have offered saying that discrimination against sex includes not allowing students to go into the opposite gender bathroom if they are transit gender. but it is kroer to their own regulations and the only courts who have considered that argument have both rejected it. >> how do you plan to deal with businesses who are opposing this? because bank of america which is head quartered in charlotte, north carolina, announced it's leadership was joining over 80 chief executive, including timothy cook, ceo of apple. mark zuckerberg of facebook objecting to this new law. and earlier the chief executives addressed a letter to the governor saying such laws are bad for our employees and bad for business. so then how are you going to
5:45 am
deal with the possible loss of millions and millions of dollars in arrive because of people not agreeing with these actions? >> well, you know, there is a couple of polls out, about what north carolinians believe. and in both of those, as consistent with what happened in houston about a year ago. 65-70% of people say they think the provision in charlotte that sundered -- that, you know, eliminated the rights of women and children to privacy in bathrooms is unsafe and unreasonable. and so that is what we have repaired. if those businesses -- you know, north carolina is on the top four or five positions in every list of desirable places to do business in the nation. and if those businesses decide that -- if they are telling us to repeal our bill that restored those rights, those protections, then they are asking us to go
5:46 am
back and revive charlotte's orns that puts people this that tenable position. give nos credence to the privacy rise of women and children in vulnerable positions. i'm skeptical that is what they really mean. but if they do, then they are hurting themselves. north carolinians the people are who we answer to. >> i wish we had more time. i appreciate that. let's check now with cnn's michaela prayer. hello. what do you have for us? are you going to finally tell us what you are doing? >> i have -- nope. i am not. one more tease. after we come back from the break you will find out where i am. but the last tease i'm going to give you is we might have busted a u-wee on our way here.
5:47 am
5:48 am
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we have been trying to figure out all morning where michaela pereira is. she is about to reveal the big location. michaela. >> where you out girl? >> all right. so here is one thing that i think might help you guys figure out where i am. >> "norm". >> is that a hint? they all yelled norm. we're at the "cheers" replica bar in bostoni. you all probably remember from watching the show. 11 seasons this show was on during the eighties. continue to have a time everybody. don't let me rup your fun. yeah. this bar actually used to be called the bullet and finch and it was renamed the cheers bar because so many people are a fan of the show that ran for 11 seasons. it was discovered, the bar, you
5:52 am
can look around and see some of the wonderful setting of it. it was discovered by this hollywood couple back in 1981 before the show debuted. they loved it so much they took pictures of the superior and exterior, took it back to hollywood and gave it to the set designer to recreate. they did use the exterior shot of the bar for the actual broadcast. we have been having a lot of fun talking to folks about all of the fun of this place. they had a huge huge party at the season finale of the show. inside here -- >> i think i did a live shot maybe from there. i lived in boston so i went to that bar. bast has great bars. >> shelly long or kirstie allie? >> shelly long. >> and you i love kirstie alley. >> if you stick with us later i'm going to be here all day oosm going to try to learn how
5:53 am
to make one of the cocktails that debuted when kirstie debuted on the show. stay tuned for that. and let's talk the eighties, friends. >> what do you got? >> well i got a lot of of questions for the two of you. because the three of us, i think we're all roughly around the same age. and we all loved watching, movie, tv. i want confessions about some of your favorites. let's start with -- we're starting with tv, right? >> okay, go ahead. >> tv, alley, go. -- >> i was in high school and college in the eighties. so i wasn't watching a lot of tv but at night we would watch saturday "saturday night live" and that was the era of the john lovetz and yeah i'm dating morgan fair wchild, yeah all of
5:54 am
that. >> you had fashion, drama, people fighting it is none other than -- there you go. alexis carington colby, dexter -- whatever. dynasty. oh look at that. dominique devereux. >> so good. what about you michaela? >> does it not also tell us a whole lot about don? >> it does. >> we were we've allowed to pick a show that was our favorite. we all got to watch five shows. i fluctuated. i liked miami vice. eight is enough. growing pains. family ties. cosby show. >> cosby show. >> which i know is a little weird to say right now. >> i know. is also love the golden girls. >> favorite movie. quick. speed round. >> my favorite is "coming to america." >> what was my favorite? "raising arizona." look at how great this movie is.
5:55 am
give me that baby. >> my favorite song was -- >> my favorite -- >> sorry go ahead michaela. >> my favorite was summer school. watched it 15 tim as the teenager. >> rick james. super freak. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] here we go. i got to tell you about the -- i've got series coming up tonight, 9:00 p.m. it's called the eighties. it is going to be a great series. >> great to see you in my beloved town of boston. go have a bloody mary and we'll check with you throughout the day. >> the good stuff is next.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
and raised over a thousand dollars. >> when it comes to dogs that is a little different story. it is hard to raise that kind of money. at times. and it just helps outs when the community steps up. >> do you know why this is a good stuff? because she raised enough to buy the k-9 a bullet proof vest. >> that is good news. good morning. thanks so much you guys. have a great day. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --


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