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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> she started by selling candy and raised over a thousand dollars. >> when it comes to dogs that is a little different story. it is hard to raise that kind of money. at times. and it just helps outs when the community steps up. >> do you know why this is a good stuff? because she raised enough to buy the k-9 a bullet proof vest. >> that is good news. good morning. thanks so much you guys. have a great day. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the donald trump political machine may have a reverse gear after all. igniting a fire storm angering both sides of the abortion debate. in an interview on msnbc trump said if abortion were outlawed any woman who violates the bab should be punished. she lat >> this was during a discussion with chris matthews. and it was off the cuff. not scripted and when he said should there be punishment he said yes. chris matthews said for women he says yes. again not distinguishing the fact it is the actual procedure that would be illegal. that is exactly why he issued the statement clarifying. donald trump is pro life with exceptions. he does not support penalizing
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women for having abortions en -- >> then why did he say that. >> my point because it was a miss speak. how many times do i have to say that. >> cnn's phil mattingly life in milwaukee, wisconsin. five days for that state's primary. with more on this. good morning phil. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump's campaign up to this point, very successful campaign to this point are, has been defined by his ability to walk into dangerous political situations and walk out somehow unscathed or even higher in the polls. now he may be confronting something that doesn't actually allow that to happen. >> this is not something you can dodge. >> reporter: donald trump smack in the middle of another controversy -- abortion. this time the front runner stating that women who get abortions should face, quote, some fornl of punishment if the
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procedure were outlawed. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. >> -- >> you take positions on everything else? >> i do. it is a very complicated position. >> how do you ban abortion without o a sanction? then the very tricky question of a sanction. a fine on human life which you call murder? a fine? imprint for young woman who finds herself pregnant. >> it will have to be determined and it hasn't been determined. >> -- responsible under the law for these abortions or is he not responsible -- >> different feelings, different people. i would say no. >> the backlash, fast, furious and bipartisan. trumps rivals on both sides quick to pounce and reject the notion. >> i don't think it is an appropriate response and difficult enough situation than to try to punish somebody.
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>> donald's comments, they were unfortunate. they were wrong and i strongly disagree with them. >> ain't abortion groups and democratic presidential candidates all lining up to criticize the comments. >> when he was asked whether women should be punished he said yes. and that is outrageous. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension. >> a i mid the fire storm, trump's campaign uncharacteristically backtracking, quickly issuing this statement attempting to clarify his remarks. quote, this issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determines. like ronald reagan i am pro life within exceptions. within another few hours another statement, complete rervetsal of the first. saying if abortion were made illegal. quote, the doctor or any other person performing the illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible. not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case. as is the life in her womb. his son coming to his defense,
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tweeting be fair. was asked if it was illegal. should there be punishment? shouldn't there be consequences for breaking laws? >> now carol, one of the most interesting elements of the last kind of 12-16 hours dealing with this has been watching the pro life groups. not only did they distance themselves immediately from donald trump's comments but in talking to the individuals from the groups over the last day or so, they have been pointing to a series of kind of tells in how donald trump has spoken about this. that make them very weary of his knowledge of the subject matter. also something ted cruz pointed out in his statement saying donald trump simply didn't know what he was talking about. donald trump is facing these issues the day after his campaign manager was charged with a misdemeanor for simple battery for grabbing a female reporter and now part of a pattern donald trump's opponents are pointing to. his unfavorability rating repeatedly showing above 70%.
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so this is an issue that donald trump has to deal with. not only on the micro level but also macro. and as you mentioned just five days away from wisconsin and he's trailing ted cruz in the poll here's. >> phil mattingly, thank you. mr. trump's 24 hours of mayhem is more than just a bump on the campaign trail. you heard what phil said. trump's support among women is now abysmal in the all important state of wisconsin. take a look. a new poll found 76% of republican women in wisconsin have an unfavorable view of mr. trump. and that does not escape senator cruz who campaigned in madison yesterday. an event he declared a swrags of women. he took to the stage with his wife, his mother and carly fiorina. after that he flew into the jimmy kimmel show to bash trump. >> donald is a unique individual. i will say i was watching the early part of the show. and if i were in my car and
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getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the back up camera -- [ laughter ] i'm not confident which pedal i'd push. >> all right. let's talk about this and more. i want to bring in two of our cnn political commenters. kayleigh mac nip -- mcenany and ben ferguson. some say trump changed his tune three times in one day because he's not a real republican. he doesn't understand the platform. listen to what dr. ben carson told my colleague erin burnett. >> bear in mind, i don't believe that he was warned that that question was coming. and i don't think he really had a chance to really think about it. >> abortion is a complicated personal issue. and mr. trump didn't have time to think about it, kayleigh?
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>> i think in the interview, as he was answering question, when you are in the middle of an answer and a host interrupts you to press you further as you are trying to develop your thoughts, it is understandable you are going to be thrown off. and there are some hosts, some reporters out there in the media who are foaming at the mouth to try to get donald trump to misspeak. they want a sound bite. they want a 15 second piece in a long interview, a long town hall so they can play it over and over and over and try to topple donald trump. that's not everyone's goal but certainly was chris matthews goal last night to get donald trump to stumble or falter and he did. he succeeded. so we're talking about a misspeak over and over and over. >> kayleigh is blaming the media. is that fair? >> this is as simple as asking somebody their name or their date of birth. you should be able to answer a question when you are republican running for the presidency about
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abortion and not say it is an i gotcha question or the media is picking on me. this is donald trump the fraud exposed. he doesn't know what he believes on abortion because he's had to change his position to what he thinks people want to hear. if you truly have a corset of values as a republican presidential candidate, you know why you believe what you believe first off an abortion and you certainly know how to explain it when you are running for the white house. donald trump was not picked on yesterday. abortion has never been an i gotcha question when you are running for the presidency. you know it is going to be asked. if for no other reason because of how it relates to the supreme court and roe v. wade. donald trump was in favor of partial birth abortion as late as 2000. now he's trying to act as if he's a conservative when he doesn't understand the issue. he was attacked because he doesn't know whether he's talking about on b abortion.
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this is not an i gotcha question. this is a fair question and if you are running for president you should be able to answer this without flip-flopping three times in three hours. let me also say this. his own son was contradicting the campaign when they were fixing this problem. if your own son doesn't know how you feel on abortion, i think it is pretty clear that donald trump doesn't know how he feels on abortion because his own son couldn't even follow him and couldn't explain it away and was contradicting the campaign of donald trump. this is pathetic and donald trump does not know what he thinks on abortion. >> let me ask you the question this way. women voters seem to have the upper hand now. 76% of women in the state of wisconsin have an unfavorable view of mr. trump. so as a woman, as a republican woman, whether do you hope mr. trump will say to heal the wounds? >> i think he did what he needed to do. he came out and he clarified. and look, it is a misnomer that
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women in this country walk around thinking about abortion all day. it is an important issue, of course it is. but most -- >> but more -- that poll is taking into account many things mr. trump said about women that they don't like. 76% is an incredibly high unfavorable finding in a poll, don't you think? >> sure. but we also have the fact that of the 16 states cnn has done exit polls in donald trump has won woman in --. >> carol. >> -- >> and also the latest poll showed that he is ahead of ted cruz by 14 points with women. so there is contradictory data to suggest he has done well among women and in fact the best in the race. >> carol -- >> ben go ahead. >> carol, this literally summarizes the insanity of donald trump's last 24 hours. he came out as a conservative or claiming he's a conservative and
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said we should punish women for having an abortion. he also says that planned parenthood does great work. the only reason -- the only reason why you can explain these two extreme positions by donald trump is, he has no idea what his own believes are on abortion. or he realized it doesn't fit the republican platform and the process here. you cannot punish women and conservatives evangelical christians and every other candidate in the republican field understands you don't punish a woman for having abortion ever, period. if you want to punish a doctor for doing an illegal procedure, if abortion was illegal, that is something you can say. but donald trump didn't say that. this is not a misspeak and i'm tired of people acting like this is just a misspeak here. >> you don't know that. -- i'm glad you have access to donald trump's mind, ben. >> -- [inaudible]. >> let kayleigh have her say.
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last word for you. >> you were saying categorically that this was not a misspeak. i'm glad ben ferguson you have access to donald trump's mind. none of us do -- >> -- [inaudible]. >> i take him at his word. and if you take at his word. >> and he switched the policy three times in three hours. >> i have to leave it there. still to come in the "newsroom" a lot at stake in new york state and don't democrats know it? both candidates hitting the big apple today. start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. wisconsin is the next big battle ground in the presidential race with that state's primary next tuesday, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are too close to call when you factor in the margin of error. he is hoping for another big win in the upper mid west. and sanders needs it. he lags behind clinton in the
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delegate count. so today both are stumping in new york where some 250 delegates are up for grabs next month. joe johns is in washington with more. >> the campaign for new york with its huge haul of delegates is about to hit stride. the sanders camp starting some buzz on social media about ab event in the bronx. hillary clinton got it going with her kickoff in harlem. both candidates have new york ties. though the latest poll suggests hillary clinton currently holded a 12 point home state advantage over sanders and a wide lead in the hypothetical match up of donald trump and ted cruz. secretary clinton was out slamming the republicans just yesterday. >> and the republicans side, what we're hearing is truly scary. when donald trump talks casually about using torture, and allowing more countries to get
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nuclear weapons, or when ted cruz calls for treating american muslims like criminals and racially profilie ining predomiy muslim neighborhood, that doesn't make them sound strong. i makes them sound in over their heads. >> bernie sanders is just a few ticks ahead in a neck and neck race in wisconsin. and once again he is hoping his appeal for high turnout puts him over the top in a state that can be progressive friendly. >> i'm a little prejudiced about this. we have won 6 out of the 7 last caucuses being held. and we seem to always do well when the voter turnout is high. we don't when the voter turnout is low. i myself am prejudice. i like to see a large voter turnout. >> the sanders campaign hoping to make a big splash with a
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bronx event that is supposed to feature spike lee, harry belafonte and actress rosario dawson. joe johns live from washington thank you. team clinton is preparing for a new york sized battle against bernie sanders preparing to spend more money than planned in a bid to win the state's primary. some 247 delegates are at stake. 10% of the total needed for that democratic nomination. and during a rally at harlem's apollo theater. clinton had this to say about her democratic rival. >> any candidate comes before you, that candidate owes it to you. to be clear about how we're actually going to deliver. now my opponent and i share many of the same goals. but some of his ideas for how to get there won't pass. others just won't work. because the numbers don't add up. and that means people aren't going to get the help they need
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and deserve. >> so you can see hillary clinton is talking trash against bernie sanders. joining know discuss the democrat's battle for the big apple is chris smith. thanks for stopping by. i think it is amazing. you know most of the country has a negative view of new york and new york city. yet three of the top candidates are new yorkers. bernie sanders, hillary clinton and donald trump. >> it is weird, isn't it? >> it is. >> but i'll push back a little bit. after september 11, there was a vogue of people saying we are all new yorkers now. and it goes beyond that. look at new york's tourism numbers. we set records every year. that is domestic as well as international. >> -- come here and visit and -- >> -- live here -- okay. but if you go even a little further, you know, the country broadly looks more like new york all the time. we're more racially and ethnically diverse. the country has as a whole
6:22 am
become somewhat more liberal over time. new york is still out in front on both of those angles. but new york is not so much different than the rest of the country likes to think of itself. and then when you get into politics, you know, you look at bernie sanders, certainly new york roots. grew up in brooklyn. but left in 1960 and has been a national socialist, liberal ever since. he's got family here but he's been out of new york forever. >> he still has the brooklyn accent though right? and you would think that would be a turn off to some voters out there but young people seem to love that about him. >> certainly because he's tapped into issues that cut across geographic roots. he has tapped into the anti-establishment populous, anti-wall street crowd. hillary moved here only in 2000. some at the time called her a carpet bagger and whether she
6:23 am
really lives here completely can be argued as well but she's bhn a national figure a long time. >> can bernie sanders catch up? >> it's interesting. showed that poll this morning. it looks like a big lead. 12 points. that is actually down from what earlier polls showed where hillary was up 20 and 0 poi30 p. if sanders twor win wisconsin next week it gives him momentum. new york, people forget has a very large college age, particularly in the city, population. you know, those are folks who have been sanders voters who have been passionate. hillary is out there working hard. bill clinton i think is doing four rallies today with african american and latino voters. so they would like to put it away. they would also like it not as closes as it seemts to be? >> donald trump, ted cruz has accused him of having new york values, right? i think when people look at mr. trump they see new york. which is the real new york?
6:24 am
is it mr. trump? hillary clinton? bernie sanders? >> there is a lot of new york that would like to disown trump? he's lived here his entire life. but, you know, calling him the most authentic new yorker has always graded on people. he again has been a national figure for a very long time through his tv shows. and, you know, he reflects an older white new york that has a lot, you know, of anger about how the lower middle class t middle class is fading, not just in the city but national. he has certainly tapped into that. you know he should win easily over cruz and kasich. but, you know, the republican population in new york is a tiny thing. >> in new york city because when you -- i think -- quinnipiac did a poll recently and if you pit hillary clinton against donald trump in new york city she has
6:25 am
68% -- anyway, beats her by a whopping double digits. but when you include the entire state of new york the margin is much smaller. she's only like 3 points ahead or something like that. >> and trump has tapped into genuine anxieties. not just in new york but nationally about economic opportunities about terrorism. those are things new yorkers care about. you know, his garishness, his bo boar issueness, his misogyny i think people have been worried with for a very long time. and maybe a subplot here is how new yorkers particularly in the media couldn't believe that the rest of the country would take trump seriously given our 40 years of kpmexposure to him. >> thanks for stopping by. still to come, president obama says the united states can't go it alone when it comes to keeping nucleus away from
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. president obama is calling on world powers to help keep nuclear weapons out of hands of terrorists. 250d he welcomes more than fifty leaders to the nation's capitol. the president setting the tone with a new on op ed this morning in the washington post, "achieving the security and peace of the world without nuclear weapons will not happen quickly perhaps not in my lifetime but we have begun. as the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons the united states has a moral obligation to continue to lead the way in eliminating them. still no one nation could realize this vision alone. it must be work of the world."
6:31 am
let's bring in cnn's athena jones at the white house with more. >> reporter: a busy day ahead for the president. also an important day. nuclear security has been one of his top foreign policy agenda items from the beginning of his administration. take a listen to some of what he had to say about the importance of this summit. >> in light of recent events, this gathering takes on more meaning. around the world we have seen horrific acts of terrorism. most recently brussels, as well as what happened in pakistan. innocent families, mostly women and children. christians and muslims. >> reporter: but keeping nuclear weapons out of hands of terror groups isn't the only thing these nations will be discussed. the president has a trilateral meeting with japan's prime minister and south korea's president to talk about north korea's provocations and also efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula.
6:32 am
he'll meet with china's president xi jinping and francois hollande today of france. they will discuss the progress of the iran deal, iran nuclear deal and also efforts to stop more terrorist attacks. end of the day the world leaders will come here to the white house for a working dinner. and this is all coming of course as one of the candidates who hopes to occupy the white house by this time next year, gop front runner donald trump, has been making some big headlines over the last several days about nuclear issues. starting on tuesday at the cnn town hall when he said he'd be open to japan and south korea having nuclear weapons. that of course flies in the face of decades of efforts at non proliferation. he also said later on msnbc he wouldn't rule out using a nuke in europe. so interesting times, carol. >> to say the least. thank you.
6:33 am
it is a busy day for democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders. any minute now we are expecting sanders to hold a news conference. live pictures out of pittsburgh where sanders is getting ready to speak. after that he's scheduled to hold a rally with voters. we'll continue to monitor this for you throughout the morning. >> completely unacceptable. that is how the white house is describing the behavior of a top trump aide after that now infamous scuffle with a female reporter. the calls to fire corey lewandowski now getting louder. more than a dozen female conservatives are speaking out, demanding lewandowski be fired. they write in an open letter, never in this line of work is it acceptable to respond to reasonable and legitimate questioning with use of physical force. the photographs, audio, videos and witness accounts documenting the treatment of michelle fields by corey lewandowski are inexcusable and unprofessional. despite the growing fire storm trump refused to ditch his top
6:34 am
aide, who is facing a misdemeanor charge of simple battery. so who is corey lewandowski. cnn correspondent drew griffin has the answer. >> reporter: the candidate may be a novice to politics. >> corey, good job corey. >> his candidate is someone d.c. types call a long time political operative. who says on message. and corey lewandowski's message is to stick to the trump script. lewandowski just 42 years old has been around politics, controversy and even arrests his entire political life. including one of the biggest political scandals of the new century. it involved jack abrahmamofpabr. one of the the politicians he bribed.
6:35 am
congress of ohio. corey had previously been congress nee's right handman. and when congressman nay was to be sentenced to prison, corey lewandowski wrote this letter to the judge about his old boss, calling the convicted congressman a surrogate father. it was during his time as an aide to bob nay that lewandowski also had his first brush with the law. in august 1999 the then congressional staffer was heading to work at the long worth house office building on capitol hill. they found a loaded pistol. three magazines and a holster in his overnight bag. he was arrested for carrying a gun without a license. the charge, quickly dropped. lewandowski sued the federal government trying to get his own gun back but lost and appealed. lewandowski never got the gun back.
6:36 am
in 2001, senator bob smith of new hampshire, a sitting senator was in a heated ballot with john sununu. he was trounced. from there lewandowski took jobs as a real estate agent with a pr firm and even worked as the tray nooe in state patrol but eventually worked his way back into politics through lobbying. through the last eight years he had worked as lobbiest anded a viersz for a conservative pack finding by one of the koch brothers. drew griffin. cnn atlanta. still to come in the "newsroom." outrage in minneapolis. police say it was self defense. protesters say, no way.
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hundreds protests minneapolis overnight after two officers are not charged in the shooting death of an african american man. protesters marching for jamar clark who they say was murdered by two white police officers. officials ruling the officers acted in self defense though. ryan young live in minneapolis this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. we've covered this story since the very beginning. when we first arrived here several months ago people in the community said they saw something completely different than what police say happened here. you can see the memorial that's grown for jamar clark. that is the area where he was shot. hundreds of protesters hit the streets over night as they were walking through to talk about jamar clark. they wanted the public to know
6:42 am
they are not giving up this fight. they are hoping the federal government steps in and does something with this investigation. they believe these two officers shot and killed jamar clark in the middle of the street. and we saw hundreds of them protesting for several hours. i remained peaceful but the police department was ready if it took a turn for the worse. >> we do pride ourselves in ensuring that we'll protect and provide safe spaces for people to express their feelings and their thoughts. but we will also ensure public safety for everyone. that includes protesters. bystanders and police officers. >> reporter: protesters made the point they weren't going to do anything last night because they wanted to prove a point but the police also released this video to show the struggle that happened just outside of the ambulance. what we're told is jamar clark was trying to talk to his
6:43 am
girlfriend as she was being removed from the scene after a fight between the two of them. and apparently after that fight there were shots fired when officers arrived because they said he was grabbing for the officer's gun. police say dna proves this. because his hand print was on the back of that officer's gun. people in the community still don't believe the story and they want more to happen. carol i just want to show you something. they went so far to make sure the public understood what was gong on here. in the paper they have a shot of jamar clark's hand here in the paper to show there are no marks from handcuffs because so many people in the community thought there were handcuffs on him when he was shot. the police department feels they had no other choice but to shoot him after he grabbed the gun. i can honestly tell you this is a wound that is going to take quite some time to heal, carol. still to come in the "newsroom," they are young, well
6:44 am
educated and more than ready to vote. what the women and hillary clinton's alma mater think about donald trump, women's issue and this bizarre election season. >> if you were to ping one word to describe the election season what would it be is this. >> disappointing. >> tense. >> it's very tense. >> i would say anti-establishment. >> i would say unprecedented. start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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college where hillary clinton entered as a republican and graduated a democrat. i talked with five current
6:49 am
students about their trail braising alumna and their thoughts about the 2016 race. i'd like to talk about women's issues since we're at this university. how do you think that women have been talked about by the candidates? >> i support hillary clinton for a variety of reasons, but -- and i particularly think we hold her to a higher standard than other candidates because she's a woman, and i find gender to be a very strong issue in this campaign. i can't tell you how many times someone has commented on an article i'll post about hillary and said this could be a man or woman. you're just voting with your vagina. >> do you agree with that? is she being held to a higher standard? >> i do generally think there are a lot of stereo types about women that voters and people i've talked to have obtained and applied to her that they wouldn't apply to bernie as an
6:50 am
old white man like the idea that she's untrustworthy. i've heard people call her a harpy. i've heard her call them specifically gendered bad names. >> we're holding her to the higher standard because she's been in the public eye for so long and she's changed position on some things. that happens some times, but sometimes it seems like it's more because it's politically advantageous and because of the scandals surrounder her. that's not gender. >> even if she wasn't hillary clinton, i think that same person would be as heavily scrutinized, and i'm only speaking for myself. what's happened with her stance on certain economic policies, her certain diplomatic stances toward countries we have troubles with and other reasons, i find that's the reason why she's being scrutinized. >> are you aware of the most recent thing with the reporter from breitbart and corey
6:51 am
lewandowski grabbing her arm. donald trump said that didn't happen. >> i'm not so sure that trump's comments are because she's a woman. i'm sure if he had assaulted a man, he'd still be denying it for his campaign manager. but i think women haven't necessarily been brought up too much on the republican side. obviously people do ask about the pro life stance and such. and we did have carly fiorina who i thought was a great role model. >> i'm getting the sense that none of you would consider voting for donald trump. do you think he would be dangerous for the country if he became president? >> dangerous? to some degree, yes. i feel like a lot of people, honestly, through his candidacy and if he were to become president have already felt more marginalized. i think people would feel like america was no longer there, if the american citizens were to vote him into office. >> those students also opened up
6:52 am
about the political environment on their campus and beyond. >> reporter: you're idealistic now, but once you get out, maybe you're be cynical? >> perhaps. i think there are generational forces that effect groups of young people of various ages. i think this is perhaps one moment in history where we are so limited to our own ways of thinking that we've seen government be completely ineffective and completely gridlocked that maybe we will understand the importance of moving a little bit on various issues by deal making which is what politics is to advance issues that we all care about. >> do you think that's possible, emily? >> i don't know the political climate, if it's going to get any better in the future. i have experienced a lot of animosity just here. that kind of makes me a little
6:53 am
cynical already. >> what kind of animosity have you experienced just because you say you're a republican? >> people tend to dismiss my views automatically. i think 2012 scared everybody, and it's gotten a lot more tolerant in a way here, but back then people didn't want republicans on campus, and they told us to go back to rural mississippi where we belong. >> pretty tough, but they also told me they're proud of the open nature of the wellesley campus. they feel they can talk to one another no matter their political views, and i'd like to thank them for allowing me to come in and talk to them and sharing their thoughts on one strange political season. still to come, new concerns the zika virus may be more harmful to babies than previously thought.
6:54 am
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u.s. scientists are in a race against time as more evidence shows zika may cause more development babies marn thought. a pregnant woman from missouri has contracted the virus. 273 people now sick with zika across 39 states. with us now, dr. sanjay gupta. he has more. >> reporter: good morning. there's new evidence now about a particular case of a woman who had traveled down to an area where zika was spreading. she was three months pregnant. came back, was having ultra sounds and subsequent ultra sounds about four or five months into her pregnancy showed the fetus not only had microcephaly but also other an normalities. this has been suspected for a time. that it also causes an
6:59 am
normalities within the brain. this shows the association. we don't know for 100% that zika virus is causing the problems informal i'll tell you after months of this, it's starting to look awfully suspicious that these two things are related and it leads to more than just the microrecei microcephaly. >> i know scientists are working on a vaccine. any movement on that? >> there's movement. there's a lot of interest, obviously. but these take time. not only does it take time to develop the videocassette teen but to test the vac teen cine t if it's effective. some people get it and some don't. it takes a while. they did it with eebola, but it took some time. >> thank you so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> happening now in the news
7:00 am
room, abortion uproar. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> trump now backtracking. his rivals pouncing. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. >> the democratic response even more brutal. >> the risk of nuclear terrorism is real. >> president obama meeting the world leaders this morning. why a goal is taking on extra urgency. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. donald trump has steam rolled the republican race and flattened the pundits who got in his way, but today he's fumbling for the reverse gear. the republican front runner igniting a fire storm that's angered both sides of the abortion debate. here's what he said on an interview on msnbc.
7:01 am
>> do you believe in punishment for abortion as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. some form. >> what? >> that, i don't know. >> why not? you take positions on everything else? >> i do. it's a complicated position. >> how do you ban abortion with some kind of sanction? then you get into the tricky question of a sanction. a fine on human life which you call murder? >> it'll -- >> imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregnant? >> it will have to be determined. >> what about the man who got her pregnant? is he responsible or not? >> it hasn't -- different feelings, different people. i would say no. >> trump's campaign leader saying he misspoke. chris moody in washington with a closer look. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump pulled off a remarkable feat yesterday. he took three positions on abortion in about three hours. he also did something i've never
7:02 am
seen before somehow. that's finding common ground between pro abortion rights and people who oppose abortion rights. activities against everything he was saying. the main point of criticism was the doctor for the people who oppose the abortion rights say the doctors should face sanctions, never the woman. on the campaign trail as well, let's listen to what the republicans said in response. >> that comment was wrong. and it really, it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about the serious issues facing this country. i am pro life. being pro life means standing and defending the unborn, but it also means defending moms, defending women, and defending the incredible gift women have to bring life into the world. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say it or was misquoted,
7:03 am
but i don't think that's an appropriate response. >> reporter: the democratic response was even stronger. you'd better believe that the comments that donald trump said will end up, if he's the republican nominee, will end up in ads in the general election. here's what the democratic candidates said about what trump said about abortion. >> it's very clear that donald trump wants to repeal that fundamental right just like all the other republican candidates. and when he was asked whether women should be punished he said yes, and that is absolutely unacceptable. it is outrageous. >> so punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehensi comprehension. one would say what is in donald trump's mind except we're tired of saying that? i don't know what world this person lives in. >> so as you can see, these are the building blocks of what we'll see in presidential
7:04 am
campaign ads that democrats will run if donald trump is the nominee. >> all right. chris moody reporting live for us this morning. thank you. you heard it. donald trump had one cat laclysc day. he backtracked twice. donald trump's abortion comments come on the heels of his chain director being charged with salt charges. and mr. trump would not rule out newsing nukes in europe, and he says the geneva conventions are getting in the way of fighting isis. >> we can't water board but they can drown 50 people in a cage. and we can't water board. i think we need to make some adjustments. the problem is we have the
7:05 am
geneva convention and rules and regulations. our soldiers are afraid to fight. they don't want to go to jail because they're fighting the enemy. >> let me introduce a panel, steves malberg, and sabrina schieffer. i'll start with steve. donald trump's approval ratings are dismal. an abc news poll finds him the most disliked major party nominee in 32 years. is it time he stop talking off the cuff? >> i thought the most impressive speech he's given was at apac when he was reading from a prompter. i thought he did it well and made his points and he stayed on target. but, look, here's one of the appeals of donald trump. he is not a politician. and when he's sitting with chris matthews -- i'm not saying we should feel sorry for him or he
7:06 am
was badgered. he should be able to handle himself, but when you're talking about abortion. he's pro life. most people if asked if it's against the law should the woman who goes to have the abortion against the law be punished, he said yes. that's not the pro life position. he found that out. he took it back. they want to punish the doctors. and rightfully so. i think this is way overblown. as far as sound bites, let's be real here. republicans have run away from abortion in presidential races for year. sanders and clinton support abortion on demand until birth. let's say sound bites and see who wins. >> i don't understand why donald trump -- this is an explosive issue and emotional. why wouldn't you have your thoughts in order because you know you're going to be asked about the abortion issue when you run for president of the
7:07 am
united states, especially if you're on the republican side of the equation. >> right. you should have your thoughts in order because it's an important order. i have spent the last four years as the head of a women's organization focussed on educating women about liberty and limited government. a day like yesterday undermines of what we do to talk to women about how they should increase ownership over their health care and in the workplace and marketplace. all of that is pushed aside when we have inflammatory comments the way donald trump made yesterday. what i would like to see is this hopefully conservatives and some of the pro life groups can push back. it reinforces the idea that there's a war on women, that conservatives don't like women and somehow society is hostile toward women when we've worked so hard to say it's not the case. >> mr. trump has a woman problem right now. in wisconsin more than 70% of women don't like mr. trump.
7:08 am
this is in the washington post this morning. normally when you're in a hole, the best advice is to stop digging. that doesn't appear to be mr. trump's inclination. it's like taking a wagon of nitroglycerin across the mountains. it's great if you get to the mountains and blow them up for gold but it's pretty unp unpredictab unpredictable. is it time for mr. trump to stop talking off the cuff? >> that's like asking a bird not to fly. i think he's constitutionally unable to do what donald trump needs to do, and so i think there's the problem. you asked should he have had his thoughts together on the abortion question? i don't think donald trump has any thoughts on the abortion question. and that was very clear from the answer that he gave to chris matthews. it's a question. it's an issue that a lot of people have been working on for decades from the conservative
7:09 am
side, and yes, i believe donald trump has completely blown that up. if he's the republican nominee, certainly if he becomes the president of the united states, all of the gains that the pro life movement has made over the last several decades is starting to win even millennials on this issue j is really undone, and i think that it demonstrates you dangerous donald trump even as the republican nominee is. >> steve, you're laughing. why? >> this is insanity. he didn't stand up there and give a policy speech and say women must be punished. he was asked a question. he responded. he immediately corrected himself. and all of a sudden -- >> there's a much larger problem here. >> dexcuse me. this is the biggest gap in the history of policy and it's going to set back things forever? give me a break. >> it will set back the republican movement. while abortion is an important issue, there are lots of other policies that conserve tiffs are
7:10 am
trying to advance, and all this does is mute all of that. we're not talking about repealing and replacing obama care or giving people freedom and control in education. now we're only talking about this horrifying comment. and so it does plague the conservative movement and the republican party. there's a lot more republicans than donald trump out there. >> steve, i will say donald trump was -- maybe he was like, you know, i don't know, me andering his way through an answer and said it, but when chris matthews asked him if men should be punished he said no. he didn't have to think twice about that. that's what really resonated with many women. >> i'd love to know that. because that's the most bizarre thing i heard. a man should be punished for impregnating a woman in a legal manner? >> no. what if he participated in the abortion. >> that wasn't the question. >> what if he brought the woman?
7:11 am
>> that wasn't a question. there's a lot of men who think there should be a law against an abortion if the father doesn't want it. women are outraged at that. i don't understand how the man fits into this if it wasn't rape and it was legal and the woman goes and has an abortion. how is the guy involved? if he brings her there, that's a different story. again, donald trump misspoke. as far as the geneva convention what he says resonates. we're fighting people who chop off heads and blow up children, and we can't stick their head under water. so when he phrases it that the geneva convention is doing us harm in our fight against isis, that resonates. >> michael, i want to make it clear to the viewers with the geneva convention -- let me read it. the geneva convention prohibitings the targeted killing of civilians and
7:12 am
prohibits torture. it also prohibits taking the oil from iraq because that would be an act of war or plundering. that's the geneva convention. that's what mr. trump says -- i'm not even clear, does he want to get rid of it, michael? is that what he said? >> i don't know. steve says trump misspoke on the abortion question. that implies he even knows what he's talking about or has a core position on these issues. i think what's clear from both of these instances, very different issues is that donald trump doesn't actually know what he believes. you can see him searching for an answer on the abortion question. he kind of sputtered off about how the geneva conventions are holding us back or that america needs to be involved in torture. a lot of people argued that water boarding is different than
7:13 am
torture. donald trump comes in with his lack of knowledge or core principles on the issues and blows up a lot of what republicans and conservatives and smart people who have been thinking about these issues for a long time have been working toward. >> you mean the establishment. >> the establishment? that's nonsense. mike makes an important point. too often trump is making statements. sometimes you agree. sometimes you don't. the bottom line is there's no consistent policy. in foreign policy he supports israel but doesn't want to pick sides. he wants us to fight isis and everyone else. he wants them to fight themselves but we should man muslims. this undermines the hard work that many people have been doing in this town. enbooks everybody is not corrupt or self-interested. i think it's going to put a lot of american lives in danger. >> all right -- >> now you're sounding like obama. i mean, really, give me a break. >> steve, i like you but this is
7:14 am
ridiculous. >> thank you to all of you. still to come, president obama calls on world leaders to help fight the threat on nuclear terrorism. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. take care of whatealthy makes aveeno® daily moisturizing body wash and lotion with active naturals® oat. used together, they provide 2x the nourishment for beautiful healthier looking skin. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®
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today the threat of nuclear terrorism will be front and center as president obama welcomes more than 50 leaders of the nation's capital. he's getting ready to host the final nuclear summit of his president. the goal to keep nukes away from terrorist groups like isis. athena jones has more. >> reporter: nuclear security has been a top agenda items throughout barack obama's administration. even more urgent in the face of attacks from terrorist attacks. he said achieving the security and peace of a world without nuclear weapons will not happen quickly. perhaps not in my lifetime but we have begun. as the only nation ever to use nuclear weapons, the united
7:19 am
states has a moral obligation to continue to lead the way in eliminating them. still, no one nation can realize this vision alone. it must be the work of the world. and that's why he's gathered together leaders for more than 50 organizations, nearly 60 organizations and countries from around the world to talk about these issues like keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of groups like isis. but also to talk about north kra's provocations and to talk about improvements in the nuclear deal with iran. he'll be meeting with japan's prime minister and south korea's president and chinese president and also the president of france. and, of course, all this comes at a time when one of the candidates who hopes to occupy the white house, donald trump, has been making headlines over the last several days with several provocative comments about nuclear issues, starting on tuesday at the town hall when he said he'd be open to having japan and south korea having
7:20 am
nuclear weapons which goes against nuclear nonproliferation efforts and later saying he wouldn't rule out using a nuclear weapon in europe. this event comes at an interesting type. a lot to cover today. >> thank you, athena. the president of turkey says europe has failed and allowed isis to spread. in an exclusive interview with cnn, turkey's president criticizes belgium. he says they missed critical red flags about one of the womaners. >> why do you think they didn't pick up your intelligence, and particularly the dutch say that your government did not alert them to the fact that he had jihadi tendencies. >> translator: of course both the netherlands and belgium. first they need to know what
7:21 am
jihadty intention means. you have to identify whether these are foreign fighters or jihadists. the netherlands for the belgiums seem to understood what it stood for. we've been calling for a common sense against terrorism, and many of the european member states seem to have failed to attach the significance that this call for action deserves. >> the turkish president says his country is committed to fighting terrorism. still to come, they both have roots in new york but which one will voters embrace in the presidential primary? big stakes in new york state.
7:22 am
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more tornadoes possible today as severe weather moves east through mississippi and alabama. this is what it looked like as a funnel cloud touched down near tulsa, oklahoma. >> look at that. it's going to hit the zoo. >> that's right over the zoo. >> the powerful storm snapped trees and brought down power lines. seven people taken to the hospital. one person listed in critical season. the tornado took at least one resident by surprise. >> the winds started pushing, and things started flying. we heard a big noise, sounded like a train. this is the first time i ever experienced this. this is something i expect to happen in other neighborhoods, not here in north tulsa. >> chad is with us. >> never heard it sound like a
7:27 am
choo choo train, carol. but they do sound like a train, just a bigger roar than i think he was maybe making the noise. six tornado reports yesterday. although four of those tornado reports were the same tornado. just a very large tornado north of tulsa. it was a lot bigger than that picture showed eventually as it moved north of tulsa. right now a new tornado south for the south, mobile also way down to pensacola and around the boarder. there will be more tornadoes later today from east of shreveport down to montgomery and through the birmingham area. there's now. what has to happen? the storms from yesterday have to move away. then we have to get sun shine. that will happen around 2:00 or 3:00. that sun shine will heat the earth. the earth will heat the air and the air will go up. when air goes up, we get storms. more storms today a lot like yesterday. there may be more tornadoes today than yesterday.
7:28 am
i'm not really concerned a lot about the f 4, f 5 tornadoes. i'm concerned that some of the storms could go after dark. those are always the most dangerous. down here in what we call dixie alley. >> folks should be careful. chad myers, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. just five more days until the next big test in the presidential race. voting gets underway in the wisconsin primary. according to new poll from the marquette university law poll, the democrats are too close to call can. there's a virtual tie when you factor in the margin of error. sanders is hoping for a win like his upset victory in michigan. he's lagging behind in the delegate count. both candidates are stumping in
7:29 am
new york city where 250 delegates are up for grabs next month. >> reporter: both of these candidates have new york ties. the latest poll suggests that hillary clinton, a former senator from new york currently holds a advantage over sanders and a wide lead against republican front runner donald trump and cruz. secretary clinton was out slamming the republicans in new york just yesterday. >> on the republican side what we're hearing is truly scary. when donald trump talks casually about using torture, and allowing more countries to get nuclear weapons, or when ted cruz calls for treating american muslims like criminals and racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods, that doesn't make them sound strong. it makes them sound in over
7:30 am
their heads. >> reporter: bernie sanders a few ticks ahead in wisconsin, once again his appeal for higher turnout will put him over the top in a state that is sometimes progressive friendly. >> i'm a little prejudice about this. we have won six out of the seven last caucuses being held, and we seem to always do well with the voter turnout when it's high. we don't do so well when the voter turnout is low, so i'm prejudice. i like to see a large voter turnout. >> reporter: bernie sanders campaign hoping to make a big slash with the event that is supposed to feature spike lee, harry belfonte and ro sayre owe dawson. >> susan sarandon has ignited a fire storm because she appeared to say if sanders doesn't get the nod she would vote for
7:31 am
donald trump. >> in an election about choices, i think a lot of people think to themselves if it's donald trump and hillary clinton, and i think bernie sanders, probably would think this. >> i think bernie could encourage people because he doesn't have any ego in this thing. i think a lot of people are sorry. i can't bring myself to do that. >> how about you personally? >> i don't know. i'm going to see what happens. >> really? >> really. i can't believe as you're watching -- >> you know, some people feel donald trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in and things will really -- >> you're saying the model of the contradictions? >> yeah. some people feel that. >> for her part, she tweeted she would never support trump for any reason. still, her comments highlight a potential challenge for a democratic party hoping to unite before the general election. charles wrote about this in his new york times column today titled bernie or bust is
7:32 am
bonkers. it reads while there are meaningful differences, either is a far better choice for president than any of the remaining republican contenders. assisting or allowing trump's asen dancely electoral an city answer the to force a revolution is heretica. thank you for being here, both of you. charles, what did susan vasarann mean? >> i have no clue. what she said was that some people think that if trump were elected that it would kind of bring the revolution immediately and there would be some sort of explosion. i don't know what either one of those things mean. how it could possibly -- and saying it kind of coyly, wistfully, even and smiling while you say it, i don't know
7:33 am
what that means. if the revolution means that you bring so much pain to people that they are -- have no choice but to end to your political pepectives, that's cry azy to me. there's no parallel between either of the democratic accounts and what any of these republican candidates are saying. so it just does not make sense to me. >> well, peter, i would suppose that sarandon is saying if trump is elected, the people will become so angry they'll rise out and there will be a revolution. >> well, you know, perhaps, but we have no way of knowing that would be the case, and revolutions are dangerous things. donald trump represents a kind of form of american fascism that we're in the early part of twentieth century, people in places like germany and italy on
7:34 am
the far left who thought that fascism was good because the fascists would be overwhelmed by the communist. it didn't turn out well. this is too serious a kind of thing to play around with in the kind of glib way that she talked about, and the good news is that it's actually most americans don't want donald trump to be president. his unfavorability ratings are at 66 president. he can be beaten by a candidate that thanks to bernie sanders, hillary clinton is running significantly to the left of even where barack obama ran in 2008. she should see that as a sign of success. >> and clinton has high unfavorability ratings as well. >> 50%, not 67%. >> okay. i just want to get that out there in fairness. charles, something else you noted, a new poll indicates
7:35 am
one-third of senator sanders supporters cannot see themselves voting for hillary clinton in november. why is that? >> well, i mean, part of this is just kind of middle of the battle hyperbole. more people will say it when you're actually faced with the idea of the alternative. so it does boil down to a choice. you do -- it is whoever is up at that particular time and you have to make a kind of reasonable choice based on where you sit politically and ideologically about who would be better for what you believe in and also for the country, and i think that most people are reasonable at that point, and they will actually come around to that. i believe that's a really high number. and this idea of bernie or bust is actually not really smart. it is self-em knimulating.
7:36 am
and bernie says hillary on her worst day is better than the republicans on their worst day that are remaining. he's smarter about it than some of the people answering the poll. you have to think about down ballot. even if you think a revolution will come and people will get upset, think about down ballot. what happens is on state level, i think something like 21 states have enacted even stricter voting restrictions. it actually works against more people coming out to vote when you don't actually show up at the polls to vote. >> so obviously, peter, hillary clinton is a little worried about this. you can see her adopting some of bernie sanders language. >> right. that's been a big story of this campaign from the very beginning. i think one of the reasons hillary clinton is winning this election is she got out in front of the sanders revolution and starting moving to the left on issues like criminal justice and
7:37 am
wall street back last summer in a way that the republicans didn't do by the way of donald trump. yes, bernie sanders has changed the terms of the debate. the democratic party is more left leaning than in the 90s or even when it elected barack obama. the bernie sanders people should see that as a sign of success and try to hold clinton's feet to the fire if she becomes the presidential nominee. i agree with charles. no to suggest they're not going to support her would be self-defeating. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come, he's the most wanted man in the world. now the ex-wife of isis leader al baghdadi is speaking out. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
7:38 am
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terror raids in belgium linked to a foiled attack plot. according to one official the raid took place about an hour west of brussels. no arrests made but police are searching for evidence. in the meantime, the lawyer for the paris attack salah abdeslam says his client now wants to cooperate with authorities. abdeslam was captured after triggering an international man hunt. he's the leader of one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world, al baghdadi. his ex-wife is speaking out about what it's like to be married to the leader of isis. let's get to nick robertson. >> reporter: in a word, kind of loveless. this is how she describes their relationship. her father, she says, and she comes from an iraqi upper class
7:43 am
conservative religiously conservative family, married her off to baghdadi before he ever became the leader of isis, but she said she was sharing the family home with another one of his wives. didn't feel loved. decided to run away when she became pregnant. the last time she saw him was in 2008. he became the head of isis in 2010. but what's interesting here is she says, she says she had no idea that he was going to be a terrorist leader. she drie she describes him as a good father. >> translator: i married a normal person, a university lecturer. it wasn't until after that i found out he was active. i didn't notice he was active at all. he was great. he was the children's ideal father. the way he was with children, he was a teacher. you know how teachers are. he knew how to deal with children better than how to deal with the mother.
7:44 am
>> reporter: she's remarried and lives in lebanon. she wants to move to europe. she's afraid baghdadi is going to come and kidnap back their seven-year-old daughter. there's interesting clues. there's something almost kind of game of thrones about her father. her first husband was one of saddam hussein's body guards. now, we don't know this for sure, but it seems likely in this setup that the father married her off first time around to the man in power. the father then potentially marries her off to the next guy who is going to be considerably powerful. and the father at this time, interestingly, left iraq, went to syria. he's in damascus, but he's in jail in damascus because of his connections with al qaeda in syria. one other small detail here as well that's really telling. she was in -- this ex-wife was in jail in lebanon until a recent prisoner swap of lebanese
7:45 am
soldiers for al qaeda prisoners. you get a picture here that she's somehow valuable to al qaeda as well. >> so why is she speaking out? >> reporter: she's speaking out because she feels that she's the one that's lost out. she doesn't believe in all this isis and al qaeda. she thinks what happened in brussels recently, for example, is terrorism. she doesn't want that life for her children. she wants to get them out of there. she wants education for her daughter. baghdadi's daughter. she doesn't want any of that life that he espoused. right now she's out of jail where she was being held by the lebanese until this prisoner deal happened recently. and now she wants the leave. she wants to put the arab world behind her and go live in europe because it's a better place. >> nick robertson reporting live for us this morning. thank you. i'll be right back. at's why youe with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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all right. let's go all the way back to the 1980s when my heart belonged to no one else but nick nolte.
7:50 am
he was cute back in the day. he was a leading man back in 1982 ease 48 hours. he starred with eddie murphy. dreamy actors aside, the 80s were chocked full of pioneers, including in cable news. >> a special segment tonight, the network news. the first in a two-part series on the profound changes taking place in television news. changes being brought about by business, competition, and technology. >> there are a variety of reasons why people who worked at the broadcast networks were freaked out in the 1980s. one of them was cnn and the rise of cable. another was being taken over by foreign entities in corporate america. >> it looks to antiquated. my show team back in atlanta is really pumped for this series, especially when it raises a glass to this cult classic. >> a new tavern opened at --
7:51 am
>> never forget it. the streets. a. >> probably because you're sitting on it. >> cnn's makayla perrer a is with norm. >> we're having a drink. i've always wanted to buy him a drink. can you believe where i am? >> i am in boston at the cheers bar. everybody knows your name because that's the line from that hit show in the 80s. and look. ev ev ev even frasier has a spot. they have all sorts of memorabilia on the walls. pictures of cast. long time favorites over here, you can see some behind the scenes pictures. it's great. but if you're like me, if you're
7:52 am
like me, carol, and you want to take a little something of cheers back, well, you come into this spot. this is where you can find every little bit of cheers memorabilia a girl could want in life. i don't want you to think i didn't find something for your boo. do you think your hubby would like those? >> tim would love those. >> don't you think? >> he never watched a single episodes of cheers. he's so out of the cultural norm. >> you're kidding me? >> no. who is tim ? how did he not watch any episodes. it was thursday night at 8 9:00 p.m. something i didn't realize about this show. originally in the first season it almost got cancelled. isn't that crazy? >> that is crazy. it turned out -- it lasted for what, 400 years? >> reporter: cult classic. absolutely. >> wait. you have to share your crush.
7:53 am
i shared mine and it was embarrassingly nick nolte. >> if you're embarrassed, i can embarrass myself. i had a mad crush on theo huxtable. he was my jam. i even wrote my own little episode writing me into the show as his girlfriend. what kind of 15-year-old was i? >> a stalker. >> that was my 80s crush. i'm going to go back to bar tending here at the bar. >> have a beer on me. thanks so much. the 80s series kicks off tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. i'll be right back. thope to see you again soon..
7:54 am
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donald trump appears to have broken his own record for saying excuse me. cnn's genie moez shows us how. >> reporter: when a trump interview gets intense, you have to excuse the donald for excusing himself. >> excuse me. you would say that. >> you're running for -- >> excuse me. >> reporter: he may sometimes sound like a little kid. >> i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> with all due respect, that's the argument of a five-year-old. >> reporter: but a naive-year-onaivfive-year-old with manners. >> you said excuse me. you used good manners. >> reporter: if this sounds familiar, it's because we first focussed on his favorite verbal weapon last summer making this -- >> excuse me -- >> the se kwal.
7:59 am
we thought it deserved a sequel when we counted 18 excuse mes in a cnn town hall. >> excuse me. excuse me. i didn't suggest. >> reporter: two, three. >> excuse me. >> reporter: hour. >> excuse me. >> reporter: five, six. >> we're supporting japan. excuse me. excuse me. >> reporter: actually, when you add them up, 18 was an undercount. 20. sort of makes bernie sanders lonely single interjection. >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> reporter: seem like a poor excuse for an excuse me compared to trump's 20. maybe the donald could add a little variety. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> excuse me. >> reporter: break down the cultural walls. even when he interrupts himself, his own story, the donald excuses himself. >> when he said we had a big day, we won utah, excuse me, i won arizona.
8:00 am
>> reporter: mr. trump, you are excused. >> excuse me. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> excuse me. excuse me. i didn't suggest. >> thanks for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. safe to say donald trump has had a terrible, no good, 24 hours, and it's scaring the now know what out of his party. his campaign in full damage control mode amid the fierce backlash over his stunning statement that women who get abortions should be punished if boorgs were illegal. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no, as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some


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